Jennifer Lopez sends message to Britney Spears to 'stay strong' amid Kevin Federline's public feud.

Jennifer Lopez took to social media to send Britney Spears a message of strength amid the pop star's public feud with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. (Author: Gardener)

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez sends a message of strength to Britney Spears via social media. Spears shared a video of herself showing off her outfits to her 2001 song "Boys" on Instagram on Friday, August 12. In the caption, she wrote a message of independence less than a year after ending her conservatory. "In a world where you have the right to use your feet...heart...mouth...eyes...and express yourself however you want!!!" She wrote, adding, "DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE...for equality and Equal rights !!! "As Jennifer Lopez once said, 'You're looking right into this camera and you're telling every little girl in the world to get loud and never bring light to injustice ever again'!!!" Spears added. On her Instagram Stories, Lopez posted a screenshot of Spears' caption. Alongside the news, Lopez shared a commemorative photo of her posing with Spears at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards. She added several stickers to the post, including a pink heart, pink stars and one that reads "Stay Strong" next to a bending arm emoji. Spears has been embroiled in a public fight with her ex-husband Kevin Federline after speaking out about the pop singer in an interview with ITV. Federline spoke to the outlet about her strained relationship with her two sons, Sean, 16, and Jayden, 15. "The boys have decided not to see her now," he said, adding that "a few months had passed since they had seen their mother and it was their decision not to attend their wedding to Sam Asghari on June 9 to participate. Federline added, "This whole thing was hard to watch, harder to live through, harder to watch my boys go through than anything else." During the interview, the 44-year-old claimed that Spears' fight with her sons took to her Instagram due, adding: "It was tough. On Saturday, August 6, Spears, 40, addressed Federline's allegations on Instagram Stories, writing in part, "I am saddened to hear that my ex-husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children. "As we all know raising teenage boys isn't easy for anyone," she added, "it worries me the reason is based on my Instagram...he said were taken by his sons when they were 11 and 12." years old. On Thursday, August 11, Spears attorney Mathew Rosengart released a lengthy statement about her relationship with their two children, in which he denounced Federline's statements and decisions to publish, "Britney Spears is a brilliantly talented, extremely hard-working icon, which is rightfully loved and respected by millions of people around the world," said Rosengart. "The same unfortunately cannot be said of Mr. Federline who, for reasons that are inexplicable, decided to give a gratuitous interview that hurt the mother of his children." The testimony continued, with Rosengart writing that the pop star " faithfully supported her children" and that Federline "violated the privacy and dignity" of Spears and "undermined his own children." Rosengart added: "His ITV interview aside, Mr Federline's unwise decision to release an old video of his 11 and 12 year old children was cruel, bottom of the barrel."


AAA Mixed Tag Team Title Match Danielson Promo

Both Orange Cassidy and Danhausen will also be in action. (Author: Gardener)

Danielson PromoFriday's AEW Rampage from Minneapolis, Minnesota will feature four matches and three promos. For the first time on AEW TV, the AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles will be defended as champions Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti defend against recent rivals Dante Martin & Skye Blue. Bryan Danielson will be on hand to do an in-ring promo for the first time since his loss to Daniel Garcia. Ahead of their clash in the first Trios Title Tournament, Best Friends' Orange Cassidy will face off against the Trustbusters' Ari Daivari. The new unit will also send Parker Boudreaux into action against AEW mainstay Sonny Kiss tonight. Best Friends partner Danhausen will team up with the returning Erick Redbeard (Bearhausen) to take on Gunn Club in their first game since losing a Dumpster match against The Acclaimed on Dynamite. In addition to the Danielson promo, fans will also hear from AEW Tag Team Champions Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland alongside FTW Champion Hook. Schiavone asked Danielson in the ring if Daniel Garcia called himself "Dragon Slayer". Danielson said he may never be 100% again but nothing makes him feel more alive than being in that ring and he will never stop wrestling. Garcia cut him off and said Danielson was his hero, but it sounds like his hero is making excuses. Danielson said he couldn't take this "sports entertainment bullsh*t." He saw Garcia wrestle on the indies, so he asks Garcia, "Do you want to be the best technical sports entertainer in the world or the best technical wrestler?" As things calmed down, Tay protected Sammy from an attack by Dante, resulting in the two women ending up in the field. Skye came in with a Diving Crossbody and the two exchanged slaps before Tay tied her up. Skye fought and returned fire with kicks, but Sammy tripped her, allowing Tay's team to take control before the commercial. Arriving back, Skye reached out to Dante for the hot day. A series of dropkicks allowed Dante to land a suicide dive on Sammy. The two women knocked out the two men before Tay hit the Tay-KO to victory. Penta said they aren't done with Andrade El Ídolo and Rush, but in the meantime, Death Triangle will become the first AEW World Trios Champions. Sonny fired but was immediately cut off with a big back suplex for the squash win. Andrade said they would win the AEW World Trios Championships and Kassidy kicked him in the face. Excalibur said in the comment that Private Party was targeting the tag titles, but you couldn't get that just by watching the segment. Redbeard shrugged off attacks from both Gunn Club members. He was brought on by Danhausen, who went for a curse but was cut off by Colten. After a commercial, Redbeard got the tag and ran away at the Gunn Club. Gunn Club attempted to overpower Redbeard with the numbers advantage, but Redbeard overpowered her to hit a double suplex. Danhausen came on and called for a double team, but Billy pulled down the ropes, sending Redbeard out and allowing Austin to hit the fame-asser for the win. – After the match, Billy said the Gunn Club needed to get tougher and they have another match on Dynamite next week to make that happen. Swerve in our Glory were backstage asking if Private Party would come for the tag titles. Swerve said Private Party aren't even in the top 5 so they'll give them a break. In the ring, Schiavone asked if the FTW Championship was always an open challenge. HOOK simply replied "Yup." Someone named Zack Clayton came out and challenged him, but he wanted the match on Rampage next week. * AEW World Tag Team Championships: Swerve in our Glory (c) vs. Mark Henry began the pre-main event interview by asking Ari Daivari about the Trustbusters. Ari said he's trying to build the best unit in AEW. Orange Cassidy started saying, "It looks like enough has been said," but that's Henry's line. As the match began, Ari offered Orange a chance to join the Trustbusters as long as he lay down. Orange obeyed, but when Ari went for cover, he rolled out of the way. Ari returned fire with a neckbreaker over the ropes to take control before the commercial. Back from the break, Orange fought his way out of a sleeper, resulting in the two men hitting a clothesline at the same time. Orange climbed the ropes and countered an iconoclasm, landing a diving crossbody. Ari came back with a neckbreaker, but another counterattack from Orange resulted in a double down. Ari turned the Orange Punch into a Uranage for two. Orange fired a Tornado DDT, then a diving DDT got two. Slim J hopped onto the apron, Chuck Taylor stopped him, and then Orange defeated Boudreaux with a suicide jump. Ari hit the iconoclasm for a near miss. Avoiding a push shot, Orange hit the Orange Punch for the win. - After the match, the Best Friends dispatched Slim J, but then Boudreaux single-handedly destroyed the Best Friends. He and Orange faced each other, but then Sonny Kiss went out to support him. It was a swerve, however, as Sonny missed Orange with a low blow and Boudreaux was able to smash him with a power slam.


Big Drama-Free Energy: What Makes Pete Davidson the Ultimate Rebound Boy?

He doesn't seem like the type of man who would stun some of the world's most famous women — but there's clearly something compelling about it (Author: Gardener)

Pete DavidsonEverything I ever found out about Pete Davidson was against my will. Ever since the Saturday Night Live star and standup comedian was briefly engaged to singer Ariana Grande in 2018, the world has become obsessed with the 28-year-old's extremely active love life, and a steady drip of information about Davidson's dalliances has seeped into my brain. People are always interested in who celebs are banging, of course, but the fascination with Davidson stems from the fact that he's a slightly unorthodox lothario. And then there's the fact that being a Staten Islander is an important part of his personal brand; There isn't a sexier place on earth than maybe Scunthorpe. Until recently, Davidson also lived in the basement of his mother's house, which doesn't usually give one sex symbol status. Despite all of this, there's clearly something compelling about Davidson. After splitting from Grande, the comedian dated Kate Beckinsale, then Bridgerton's Phoebe Dynevor. Most recently, Davidson was in a relationship with Kim Kardashian West: a woman who would never come within 10 feet of someone who wouldn't bolster her brand. Meeting Davidson - the current "It" guy - guaranteed that she was in the headlines daily and gave her new relevance. The couple ended things last week and people are already speculating which celebrity Davidson could end up with next: Gigi Hadid? The man has cornered the market as the perfect celebrity rebound boyfriend. I'll be honest here — while I've dabbled in heterosexuality in the past, I'm no expert on what makes straight men attractive to women, so I spoke to someone who is: Cindy Gallop. Advertiser and sex tech pioneer Gallop has made a name for herself as a woman who dates much younger men and once hosted a TED talk about the preference. "Pete Davidson is a classic case of 'success breeds success,'" Gallop told me over email. In fact, I'm amazed we haven't seen the onslaught of posts on LinkedIn that read "What Business Leaders Can Learn From Pete Davidson's Dating Success." I'm sure Pete is a very nice guy and I hope he's great in bed, but now his personal charms are inseparable from 'his reputation precedes him'.” How did Davidson get that reputation in the first place? I contacted another expert on the mysterious ways of straight people: Jaime Bronstein, a Los Angeles-based relationship therapist and coach, to ask for her perspective on the subject. "Pete is fine with being vulnerable, which is an attractive trait, and he has a close bond with his mother," Bronstein said. "Women look to Pete as someone to help them heal and get away from their ex." He's a big softie at heart. After all, one cannot talk about the comedian without mentioning three words that are inseparable from him: Big Dick Energy. In 2018, there was quite intense speculation, fueled by comments from Grande, that Davidson's je ne sais quoi might have been due to him exuding "BDE" - defined as a carefree kind of charisma; a self-confidence that immediately makes other people feel good. Ultimately, though, what might really be the key to Davidson's appeal as the ultimate rebound guy is that he understands his role perfectly. He runs into new relationships at top speed and confidently throws himself into the role of the good celebrity friend. He's going to get a tattoo to commemorate your relationship! (He has at least four tattoos honoring Kardashian West.) He'll be hanging out with your kids! He invites you to dinner at his favorite spot on Staten Island. He will provide plenty of photo ops for your PR people! And then, when the relationship ends, he retires without drama. He will calmly remove the tattoos. He will continue without poison. The real key to Davidson's BDE seems to be knowing when to retire.


The battle between Liverpool and Manchester to host Eurovision

The two cities have a fierce rivalry, now they are fighting to be the host city for next year's Eurovision Song Contest | ITV News Granada (Author: Gardener)

LiverpoolKnown for their fierce rivalry and musical legacy, Liverpool and Manchester are now fighting to host the Eurovision Song Contest. Both cities are celebrating being shortlisted in the UK to host the event, watched by millions around the world. Twenty cities submitted an "expression of interest" to host it, but only seven were selected by the BBC and the European Broadcasting Union. Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield have reached this stage of the selection process but are now due to play in the finals. "When we heard the sad announcement that Ukraine would not be able to host, Liverpool stepped up and offered to host the event in solidarity with and in tribute to this amazing country and its people. There are a number of complexities in staging a show of this magnitude but we have one of the best events teams in the world and one of the best cities in the world to act as a backdrop for Eurovision 2023 - let's do that Liverpool! Claire McColgan CBE, Director of Culture Liverpool, said: "We are delighted to be shortlisted and now we have the chance to showcase this city's cultural credentials, our enviable creativity, and our passion and know-how to be fully demonstrated when staging major events. We are a music city and a champion of social justice, so in this unique situation for Eurovision we feel there is no better place than Liverpool to host Eurovision 2023." Manchester City Council leader Bev Craig said : "We are thrilled to have reached the next step in becoming the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023." Manchester is poised to host the biggest party in the UK at the city's AO Arena, a place in Eurovision's unique history . “We have a large and proud Ukrainian community in Manchester. Sacha Lord, the city's nightly business adviser and co-founder of Parklife festival, added: "I'm absolutely thrilled that Manchester has been shortlisted to host Eurovision 2023." Manchester is famous for its music and musical legacy and has hosted some of the most famous gigs in history. I have no doubt that when Eurovision comes to town next year we will put on a show like no other." Cheryl Baker, who won the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with Bucks Fizz, had originally backed Cardiff as the host but says now, it would be great if Liverpool won because of its "beautiful heritage" and so did Birmingham because "it's right in the middle of the country". She said of the song contest: "It's grown year by year, the love for it, especially because of this year with Sam Ryder making it absolutely so massive and being so nice to Ukraine and saying, 'It's your party but we've got them at our house,' I think it's going to be the best year." Ukrainian entrant Kalush Orchestra triumphed at this year's competition in Turin, Italy, but the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which produces the annual event, decided the event could not take place in the war-torn country following the Russian invasion. Britain was given the chance to host Eurovision for the ninth time, more than any other country, after Sam Ryder took second place. The winner requires a large function space, suitable accommodation and international transport connections for the participating countries and their delegations. Ukraine automatically qualifies for the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest along with the so-called Big Five nations - Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain - who each receive a free ticket for their financial contributions to the event. UK-based think tank and charity British Future called for Ukrainian refugees and their British host families to be given "priority tickets" to Eurovision 2023.


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights

As All Out approaches on September 4th, All Elite Wrestling rolled through Minneapolis for a special "Quake By The Lake" episode of Dynamite, hosted by a... (Author: Gardener)

September 4thAEW Dynamite Quake by the Lake Results: Winners, Grades, Reactions, and Highlights AEW Dynamite Quake by the Lake Results: Winners, Grades, Reactions, and Highlights Being All Out on the 4″ episode of Dynamite, which featured a star-studded main Event was signed for the AEW Interim World Championship when Jon Moxley defended against Chris Jericho. Would Jericho be able to channel his Lionheart persona into a second reign as top dog at AEW, or would Moxley continue his second run with the gold? Find out now with this recap of TBS' August 10 broadcast. The intense rivalry between Brody King and Darby Allin came to a head in the night's opening bout, a rare coffin match. The smaller of the contenders, Allin, attacked from the opening bell and smashed his opponent with a tack-filled skateboard. The Babyface's overzealousness proved costly, however, as he failed to move King's considerable bodyweight, and the big man took control of the match. When Allin tried to capitalize on a failed splash through his opponent's table, The House of Black made their presence felt, complete with Julia Hart tripping him up. Sting eventually saved, emerging from the coffin to beatdown Buddy Murphy and then confronting Malakai Black. After the sides equalized, Allin used King's own chain to choke him and heel fell straight into the coffin, earning the enigmatic Anti-Hero of AEW, another Quality win. This was an energetic and tough way to open the show. It was messy and bloody, the perfect conclusion to a deepening rivalry between the fighters. The arrival of Sting and his head-to-head encounter with Black was the most intriguing moment of the competition, but it was the speaking of endings, as Allin defeated his defeated opponent in the same manner he had been defeated by heavyweight, capping this off perfectly. AEW relies a lot more on these hardcore fights than it should, watering them down to the point that they mean less and less, but this was one of its better offerings and an improvement over the Barbed Wire match we're showing seen a few weeks. Allin attacked before the bell, trying to negate his opponent's size and power advantage. Allin delivered an avalanche of Code Red that drew "Holy s--t" chants from fans in Minneapolis. King missed a big splash through a ringside table and the commentary team questioned the decision as he could have won by throwing Allin in coffin. Matthews opened the coffin and Sting came out before snuffing it out. Sting tossed the bat to Black, but the heel refused to use it. Tornado Tag Match: Lucha Bros vs. Rush and Andrade El Idolo; Luchasaurus in Action After weeks of unmasking the Lucha Bros, Andrade El Idolo and Rush won a hotly contested Tornado tag team match against Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix, ironically after Penta unmasked late in the contest. With his mask tied to the ropes, the older brother sacrificed it to break a pin and momentarily retain victory. Rush and El Idolo sent him to the ground, leaving Fenix ​​to endure the former's Bull's Horns and the latter's Hammerlock DDT as the heels claimed the win. As with the opener, this was non-stop action from start to finish. La Faccion Ingobernable have been red hot lately and given their role in Round 1 of the Trios Championship tournament against The Young Bucks and a mystery partner next week, heating them up with victory here was the right call. Not only that, but it played on established history by having the mask once again prove the babyfaces' weakness. This was good stuff that moved a story forward, made for strong action in the ring, and heated up the heels. After a pause, Luchasaurus crushed Anthony Henry in a short improvement pass. Afterwards, Jungle Boy attacked Christian Cage backstage but was quickly overpowered by security guards as a reminder of this ongoing program. Excalibur unseated Penta El Zero Miedo, who returned to his Lucha Libre background specifically for this match against La Faccion Ingobernable after months as Penta Oscura. Fenix ​​threw himself off his brother's shoulders and splashed Rush. All four competitors unleashed their finishers in a sequence that ended in a quadruple down. The heels tied Penta's mask to the ropes and, while the outcome was in the balance, he unmasked to save his partner. Backstage, The Young Bucks asked "Hangman" Adam Page to be their partner in the Trios Championship tournament, but he revealed he will be in the Dark Order corner instead. Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt slammed to the ring, with the latter cutting a promo on the beatdown through the heel trio that outplayed TNT Champion Wardlow. The War Dog paused and was endorsed by Ring of Honor, IWGP and AAA Tag Team Champions FTR. The Babyfaces cleared their heels out of the ring and stood upright. While the trio of Wardlow, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler is appealing and intriguing, this feud still feels like a step backwards for all three, even as the Heels have increased their TV time and stature in recent weeks. Back in the square circle, Ricky Starks accepted QT Marshall's invitation to join The Factory by fighting Aaron Solow. Solow was competitive, but this was a showcase for Starks, who achieved the win with the Rochambeau Spear. After the match, Nick attacked Comoroto but ate a large Spinebuster. The Heels attempted a beatdown, but Starks escaped through the crowd. Starks continues to trend upwards, a young and charismatic star whose future is as bright as any. SolowThe pop for FTR was otherworldly, reflecting a tag team as broken as any other act at AEW right now. Backstage, an angry powerhouse Hobbs ripped a television off the wall upon seeing Starks' success. After 17 years as a pro, Madison Rayne attempted to do what no woman before her could: defeat TBS Champion Jade Cargill. The phenomenon rode an impressive 35-game unbeaten streak into their final title defense, with Stokely Hathaway and Kiera Hogan joining them to the square circle. Cargill weathered an early attack from the new women's division coach and dominated the entire commercial break. Rayne was slightly offended, but Cargill otherwise controlled the competition and scored a decisive victory. The injury suffered by Statlander was undisclosed, allowing Athena to slip to the top competitor spot to shoot at Cargill, while Toni Storm on the AEW women's cover A rivalry that died down a few weeks ago. Backstage, Storm expressed her intention to continue gaining momentum and set up a match with World Champion Thunder Rosa in the near future. Coming out of the dressing room under his Lionheart persona, Chris Jericho hit the ring for a chance to become a two-time AEW champion when he challenged Jon Moxley for the interim title in Wednesday's main event. An electrifying atmosphere awaited the c Ombatanten, and fans in Minneapolis looked forward to witnessing the industry giants battle it out for the grand prize of promotion. Moxley was defiant in the face of his challenger, but a torn earring and a bloody forehead put him on the defensive. The Blackpool Combat Club member fought his way back into the match with an armbar, but Jericho escaped and used a submission from his side. The action intensified with every passing moment as fans chanted "Fight Forever," the result of the drama and excitement surrounding Moxley's breaking the Judas Effect. The champion applied the bulldog choke, but the challenger escaped and applied the liontamer. Jericho's own face cracked open upon contact with the exposed turnbuckle. Moxley took advantage, escaping the submission and knocking out the challenger with the rear naked choke of the ring.Punk and Moxley faced each other in a tense stare in the ring before the latter knocked out the returning competitor and walked out. Punk stood up to finish the show. The match was a bout between two grizzled veterans who could easily have gone the hardcore route but instead had a more traditional fight that only got slightly off the rails when Sammy Guevara intervened towards the end. Moxley feeling over felt like a foregone conclusion, but the match's layout allowed for some strong false finishes, most notably the Judas Effect spot. The post-match was what will get everyone talking, with AEW appearing poised to deliver, with Punk vs. It's a real blockbuster, a legitimate main event that the company All Out can (and should) build around. The show's ending suggests that this year is unclear, but a showdown with Castagnoli shouldn't be ruled out. Moxley engaged Jericho in an exchange of blows and turned him over despite the challenger. Jericho ripped the earring from the champion's ear. Jim Ross named BS on the "provisional" portion of the championship designation. The challenger responded with the Walls of Jericho. Moxley brought down a double ax handle off the top rope and then smashed his opponent's face. Moxley stepped out of the Judas Effect, becoming the first to comment on Ross. Guevara threw a gun at Jericho, who used it to his advantage in a near fall. The pop for punk was thunderous and the crowd chanted "Cult of Personality" to end the broadcast.


Barcelona's summer signings, problems explained

Economic levers, players signed but not registered in LaLiga this summer: what's the latest on Barcelona's spending? Who can and can't play yet? (Author: Gardener)

BarcelonaThis summer, Barcelona have had player presentations almost every week. July started with the unveiling ceremony of Franck Kessie and Andreas Christensen, two free transfer players. Then came Leeds United's Raphinha, Bayern Munich's Robert Lewandowski and Sevilla's Jules Kounde for a combined €150m in transfer fees. Sources have told ESPN that more signings could follow. - Hunter: Why signing Kounde is a coup for Barca Laporta himself described Barca as 'clinically dead' last year with gross debt totaling 1.3 billion euros. Less than a month later, he signed Lewandowski for 45 million euros and declared the club "out of the hospital", causing Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann to wonder out loud: "The only club that has no money, but every player buys whoever he wants The source of Barca's spending is not difficult to understand: by selling 25% of their domestic TV rights to investment firm Sixth Street for 25 years and 24.5% of their Barca Studios, their in-house production company, to Socios. com, they have raised over 600 million euros, recently signed a new sponsorship deal with Spotify and last year the club took out a 500 million euro loan from Goldman Sachs to spread out its debt repayments if this is in the form of reduced revenue in of the future and growing long-term debt, raising the money wasn't Barca's biggest problem this summer. As in the case the departure of Lionel Messi last year, the problem resurfaces players within the finance department of LaLiga f air game rules. With the new season kicking off on Saturday, none of Barca's Spanish Liga signings have been signed yet. LaLiga's financial regulations are perhaps the strictest of Europe's top five leagues. Each Spanish team is given a spending cap that indicates the maximum amount they can spend on the first team in terms of players and coaching staff, a number that includes wages and transfer fees. For example, Lewandowski's cost on the books would be his salary plus €12.5m as his fee is amortized over the length of his four-year contract. Reduced to the simplest of terms, the limit is essentially a calculation of what the club can afford based on revenue versus expenses and debt. It is also applied before signings, so if a club does not meet the criteria set by the league, they cannot register new players. Here Barca find themselves just days before their season opener, a home game with Rayo Vallecano. Spending caps are constantly shifting, but at the end of last season Barca's cap was -€144m (it was around €600m before the pandemic), the only negative limit in Spain, offset by losses in the previous season of over EUR 400 million was caused. Barca's payroll, meanwhile, stands at around €500m including depreciation. While they're outside their limit, the league only allows them to spend a fraction of their savings on salaries, whether from cuts or player departures, and on fees. The ratio has been 1 to 2, 1 to 3, and 1 to 4 at various times over the past year, with the most common being 1 to 4, meaning they can spend or save 25% of their income. Barca hoped that the sale of TV rights and a stake in Barca Studios would increase their limit enough for them to work on a 1-to-1 ratio and register all their signings. LaLiga informed them last week that they are not there yet and therefore cannot register all the signings just yet. A league source told ESPN that doesn't mean they can't register some of them, although who would depend on the cost and combination of players. (For example, less salary space is required to register Christensen than Lewandowski.) Barca would rather not go down the route of prioritizing registrations if they can avoid it. Just days before Barca welcome Rayo Vallecano at the Camp Nou in their first game of the season, none of the five summer signings - Lewandowski, Raphinha, Christensen, Kounde or Kessie - have been registered in the league. The Blaugrana haven't registered Ousmane Dembele's or Sergi Roberto's new deals either. Therefore, these seven players are currently ineligible for Barca even though they were present last season. The sale of the television rights (giving up an estimated 5% of the club's annual revenue of around €40m according to the latest figures) was carried out in two packages, each described by Laporta as a "financial leverage". Selling 24.5% of Barca Studios was the third lever. Now, league and club sources have confirmed to ESPN that a fourth lever is needed to allow all seven players to register, which is expected to come this week in the form of a further 24.5% of Barca Studios. However, some sources suggest that this still will not be enough and the club will still be tight in terms of registering everyone. So the club continue to work on spending - Samuel Umtiti, Martin Braithwaite and Memphis Depay have all been advised to find new clubs - and pay cuts. The club have also said publicly that midfielder Frenkie de Jong, who is the subject of interest from Manchester United and Chelsea, will have his salary cut if he doesn't leave the club. Getting €85m in transfer fees for the Dutch midfielder would solve a lot of their problems but sources say he remains determined to stay there. This is all also a repeat of last summer when Pique, Busquets and Jordi Alba adjusted their salaries to allow for the registrations of Memphis, Eric Garcia and Sergio Aguero. Pique's adjustment allowed Barcelona to register Garcia and Memphis on Saturday, August 14 - just 24 hours before their first game of the season, which was a 4-2 win over Real Sociedad. However, it took until the end of the summer transfer window for Alba and Busquet's cuts to take effect for the club to confirm Aguero's registration for the league. Technically, Barca have until the end of the transfer window (31 August) to register players at LaLiga, but Saturday's first game of the season is a red-marked date. All five signings have played active roles along with Dembele and Sergi Roberto in pre-season. Barca need the papers for the fourth financial lever, which isn't official yet, as soon as possible but players can be registered up to the day of a match. Barca have to register by the end of the transfer window but they could have some unsatisfied players and agents if things aren't sorted out by then. Furthermore, it is uncertain what has been included in each player's contract in terms of possible escape clauses. Given that Barca's financial woes are well documented, a football industry source says it would have been irresponsible if the agents involved hadn't negotiated clauses for the scenario where their client remains unregistered. Additionally, ESPN reported on Wednesday that free agency players Kessie and Christensen could introduce a contract clause that would allow them to find new clubs if they don't show up in time for this weekend's opener against Rayo Vallecano to be registered. Sources say that no one plans to implement this clause in their contracts at this time. It should be emphasized that Laporta continues to exude confidence that everyone will be registered, but if not there are various options such as exercising possible escape clauses, going on loan or spending the next five months in the stands until January window opens.


India's hockey girls dance to Bollywood

Anand Mahindra said, "The whole nation dances with them." (Author: Gardener)

IndiaAnand Mahindra posted a Monday motivational video on Twitter. Anand Mahindra posted a Monday motivational video on Twitter. The billionaire businessman shared the Indian women's hockey team dancing to Bollywood songs. The billionaire businessman shared the Indian women's hockey team dancing to Bollywood songs. They make the whole nation dance. They make the whole nation dance. The girls jumped and danced to the beats of the patriotic song and couldn't contain their joy. The video garnered admiration from people across the country and went viral on the internet. Also Read: This man has been on unpaid leave for 3 years to coach his daughter, India's golden girl Nitu Ghanghas. The Indian women's ice hockey team made history at the 2022 Commonwealth Games on August 7 when they won the bronze medal. After 16 years, the women's team finally won a medal at the competition. To win the bronze medal, the team defeated New Zealand 2-1 on penalties. Aside from that victory, the Indian women's team's boisterous and spirited celebration of their bronze medal won hearts. In one popular video, the team could be seen dancing happily in the dressing room to the tune of "Suno Gaur Se Duniya Walon" and rejoicing. Also read: Nikhat Zareen signs PM Modi's autograph on boxing gloves After her team's bronze medal win in the women's hockey competition at the ongoing 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, India captain and goalkeeper Savita Punia said the team knew they had to recover from timer errors in the semifinals against Australia and a good performance against a strong New Zealand side. The Indian women's ice hockey team took the bronze medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games after a superb win over New Zealand on penalties in Birmingham. Also Read: 'Cricket and India Are Inseparable': PM Modi Praises CWG Medals Winners But we knew we had to recover, motivate ourselves and not come back empty-handed," Punia told ANI. The skipper said she was happy with her "There's nothing like seeing your team benefit from your performance," she added.


Two Ind. officers suspended after arresting a man believed to be anti-police

Brookville Police Chief Terry Mitchum and investigating officer Ryan Geiser were suspended from the force of nine by the city council in exchange for pay. (Author: Gardener)

Ind.Two Indiana officers were suspended after a stunning courtroom revelation that police thought a potential city council candidate was anti-police and arrested him, barring him from running for office. During a July 19 hearing, Franklin County District Attorney Chris Huerkamp dropped the drug possession charges against Trevin Thalheimer after an officer and witness recounted how Brookville police spoke about Thalheimer. Huerkamp, ​​who was also not pursuing rape allegations that police had investigated, said he was "unutterably disturbed" by the police's alleged behavior and reported the incident to the Indiana State Police, which opened a criminal investigation. Brookville Police Chief Terry Mitchum and investigating officer Ryan Geiser were suspended from the force of nine on pay Thursday by the city council, who ordered them to stay away from other officers and city property. The council installed an interim chief in a brief emergency meeting and said it would begin searching for a permanent replacement. Thalheimer said he decided not to compete in the May 3 city council primary because the arrest had rocked his hometown of 2,500 and consumed his life. He said he felt he had been "devastated" by the criminal charges, which made his depression and anxiety worse. City Council President Curtis Ward said no wrongdoing had been found and pointed to the presumption of innocence in criminal cases. The controversy comes after Brookville police failed to wear body cameras, which the city council could require. Hurkamp said they are the only full-time agency in the jurisdiction without recording equipment. The news also coincides with federal prosecutors framing cops who shot Breonna Taylor with fake information and drawing attention to previous cases in which police misled judges who signed search warrants. After his arrest, it was months before the hearing that dismissed Thalheimer's charges. During the hearing, Elise Whittamore, a friend of Thalheimer's, testified that Geiser called to ask her to run for the seat herself. Mentioning Thalheimer's interest in the race, he said, "We don't want him on the city council because he hates cops." Three days later, Thalheimer was arrested. "I was upset," Whittamore said after reading on local news that Geiser had arrested Thalheimer. Shortly after calling Whittamore, Geiser said he had investigated a report from Thalheimer's neighbors that items in his home were stolen and that Thalheimer was supposed to be guarding the home. He returned Jan. 30 with a search warrant and arrested Thalheimer on alleged drugs found there, but also on a months-long rape allegation that a prosecutor could not prove. Geiser testified that another officer told him there was new DNA evidence, but Geiser didn't know what it was and he was not an officer in the investigation. He also said he didn't recall mentioning Thalheimer to Whittamore, but said he thought Thalheimer didn't like the police and the police chief was "not a huge supporter" of Thalheimer. The chief of police ordered Thalheimer's arrest, Geiser said. "From what I've heard in the law enforcement community, he wasn't a fan of law enforcement," Geiser said of Thalheimer. Huerkamp questioned Geiser and asked him how he came to the "unusual" step of filing a rape complaint without seeing DNA evidence or consulting anyone in the prosecutor's office. "Did you feel uncomfortable that your department - I mean, wasn't this case a little too close for you considering what was going on?" the prosecutor asked. And yet a lot of it is coming to the surface today, isn't it?” asked Hürkamp. Indiana State Police spokesman Stephen Wheeles declined to comment further on the criminal investigation, saying it was "in the early stages." If the state police determine that Brookville Police Department employees have committed a criminal offense, indictments would be filed with the Franklin County Attorney's Office or a special prosecutor could be appointed. Thalheimer said he is considering a civil rights lawsuit against police, at a time when the Supreme Court has made it easier to sue police for wrongful arrests. Thalheimer said he never referred to himself as anti-police before this experience. He said he and his criminal defense attorney, Judson McMillin, wondered if police were concerned that he would have been in favor of requiring officers to wear body cameras. McMillin said Thalheimer is not the only client facing false or exaggerated allegations. Still, he said it was highly unusual for the prosecutor to step in to stop the case, as Huerkamp did, in a legal maneuver that McMillin said he had only seen him twice in 20 years. Hurkamp said this is the first time he has joined a defense motion to suppress charges.


Bigg Boss Marathi 3's Adish Vaidya completes 7 years in the industry; shares a heartfelt note saying, "Life has been a roller coaster ride"

Marathi TV actor Adish Vaidya, who stole the hearts of audiences with his incredible performances in Ratris Khel Chale and Bigg Boss Marathi 3, recently won ca (Author: Gardener)

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The actor posted a heartfelt note on social media thanking everyone for the opportunities and support. Adish also mentioned in his post that he left his job at the company and started his journey as an actor from scratch, and it has been a "roller coaster ride" for him indeed. Adish wrote in his post: "I can't believe it's been 7 years as an actor now. From being a cricketer, to finding corporate jobs, getting one, leaving everything behind and starting over as an actor, life has been a rollercoaster ride. But finding what you "really love" and knowing what you're good at is a blessing indeed. Every day is a new day and there is so much more to learn and love. And if you can't help yourself, no one can! :) Adish also shared a video of his trip so far on Instagram. The video featured images from his college, cricket days, his Marathi TV debut with Ratris Khel Chale, his Bigg Boss Marathi 3 memories, his Hindi show debut and more Adish is also poised to be soon to make Bollywood debut with Rohit Shetty's upcoming film. He is currently playing a major role in Hindi TV show Pushpa Impossible. Also read Exclusive-Shanmukh Jaswanth on meeting Tamil superstar Suriya and how their interaction helped him recover from depression Right Arrow 9 Captivating Thrillers You Should Be Reading Now 9 Amala Paul Looks That Wrote Audiences Get Get a weekly dose of all the major events in the TV world straight to your inbox every Friday. 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Iyo Sky, Dakota Kai Will Win Tag Titles, Great Dexter Lumis Tease, More WWE Raw Takes

Triple H continues to present a fresh WWE with intriguing angles that build throughout each episode. The August 8 edition of Monday Night Raw was even... (Author: Gardener)

Iyo SkyTriple H continues to present intriguing angles that build throughout each episode of WWE Raw, and the August 8 edition was even more unpredictable. The night began with the unveiling of the bracket for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai were the first team to advance to the semifinals by beating Tamina and Dana Brooke and go on to advance. A story surfaced in the background of the show that ended with security guards removing Dexter Lumis, possibly related to a car accident in the arena garage. Kevin Owens embraced his former violent side and viciously killed Ezekiel with an apron powerbomb that sent him to the hospital. But The All Mighty managed to retain their US title despite interference from The Miz. It was a busy night that continues to show a new side of Raw. The stories build and unique talents emerge. When Sasha Banks and Naomi left the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship in May, she left with no established teams. Asuka and Alexa Bliss started tagging a month ago and that's still better than most teams including Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah and the odd NXT shot of Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark. However, WWE has fielded a tandem that immediately feels like a team. Bayley returned to take over WWE at SummerSlam with Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai, and the pairing of the latter two names is intriguing. While Asuka and Bliss have more pedigree and Natalya and Sonya Deville have more history than any other team, there is a special story behind Sky and Kai. It's rare to start a new team with so much hype right off the bat, and that's why it's so important that they win the championship quickly. It would give the women's tag team division the boost it needs, especially with Sasha Banks and Naomi making their return. He started NXT in 2014 as a dominant heel who could take out anyone with a single powerbomb. The 38-year-old attempted to maintain that momentum when he joined Raw a year later, but each push was inconsistent. However, crushing Ezekiel on Monday night was a statement that took him away from a story that had mostly turned him into a joke figure. Owens now has a chance to redefine himself. He's one of the most charismatic performers in WWE, and his violent side will make it easy to believe he can take on anyone. Raw needs top stars and the Canadian will fit right in, especially when the brand has their own unique world champion again. Bobby Lashley, Ciampa (and Triple H) restored the prestige of the US title and have brought everything to this competition hoping to show exactly what they can do. The Blackheart worked like he was on an NXT TakeOver while Lashley defended his gold like he was world champion. While Ciampa was losing, The All Mighty told a story that sold him as a true contender. The Miz kept him in the fight long enough to be close to victory. The US title is currently Raw's top championship, with Roman Reigns mostly on SmackDown as a two-time world title holder. But the US belt deserves some serious spotlight, starting with a match like Lashley vs. Ciampa, both of whom sold how much it meant to them to be a champion in WWE. Hopefully this is just beginning as Triple H builds the credibility of the other titles outside of the Worlds. Dexter Lumis appears to be the latest NXT star to join Raw, and he's enjoyed the most unique main roster debut in a long time. As the show progressed, something unfolded backstage. A car accident in the arena garage remained unexplained throughout the show, leading to Lumis being removed from the crowd by security guards after AJ Styles' victory over The Miz. WWE rarely did anything behind the scenes, and that made that feel special. Nothing was explained throughout the night, everything was treated as a real situation beyond the script. Lumis is the kind of star who makes the most of his angles. That should make him a regular on Raw, especially with stories like this that make him feel more real and darker. Lumis may not be an outright serial killer, but he is a one-of-a-kind star who can bring some interesting stories to WWE.