Seth Rollins rolls over Cody Rhodes with a brutal attack

The attack on Rhodes gives him some time to have surgery and recover from his recent injury (Author: Gardener)

Seth RollinsThe night after the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view brought WWE Raw to Green Bay, Wisconsin. It was quite a loaded show in terms of big developments as the build up to the Money in the Bank event began in July. The headline from the event is Cody Rhodes written off TV after brutal attack by Seth Rollins. Rhodes suffered a legitimate rupture of a chest tendon and will require surgery to repair the injury. Therefore, it was necessary to start a story so that he could be out for an indefinite period. CBS Sports was with you all night with recaps and highlights of all the action from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Rhodes opened the show with an in-ring promo following a video pack covering his match with Rollins in Hell in a Cell. Rhodes then cut an emotional promo about his love for what he does and his willingness to wrestle through his torn chest tendon at the event. Rhodes said that he was "a little broken" but suggested he might try to get back to the ring in time for Money in the Bank. Rollins then interrupted Rhodes' promo saying that while he doesn't like Rhodes he respects him and even shook hands with Rhodes before leaving the ring, though not before telling Rhodes that Dusty Rhodes would be proud of his little boy . Then, like a true heel, Rollins attacked Rhodes from behind as Rhodes was walking up the entry ramp. After hitting Rhodes with a sledgehammer, Rollins ripped off his rival's shirt before stomping on his injured chest. Rhodes was offered a stretcher to the rear, but he declined and walked away. It's a bit odd that Rhodes was offered a stretcher after his already injured chest was attacked and had no effect on his ability to walk. WWE pulled off two good dodges that day with this segment and The Judgment Day forcibly ejected Edge from their group (see below). Instead of positively sending Rhodes to surgery as suggested, they allowed Rollins to gain some momentum that he can use when WWE is trying to deal with a very thin top end of their roster. For the success of this angle and the Judgment Day segment, this was a pretty strong episode of Raw in terms of pure storytelling. * 24/7 Championship - Dana Brooke (c) defeated. Becky Lynch via pinfall with an assist from Asuka. Lynch yelled at Reggie and Akira Tozawa before the match, saying that their matches would no longer involve outside interference. * Riddle def. The Miz via pinfall with an RKO. After Ciampa attacked Riddle, Miz quickly agreed to the match, only to lose after Riddle stripped him of the tuxedo that Miz wore to celebrate his reality show's season debut. * The Street Profits def. The lengthy match came to an end after both teams jumped wide following a series of jumps, allowing the Profits to slam the Usos back in the ring for the win. * Veer Mahan defeated. * Finn Balor joined The Judgment Day before the group turned on Edge. Balor said he spoke to Damian Priest after the six-person day at Hell in a Cell and saw the light. Balor, Priest, and Rhea Ripley then brutally attacked Edge, using chairs, tables, and large moves to unveil the legend. * Omos def. Cedric Alexander via pinfall after a chokebomb just a few seconds into the match. * Ezekiel def. Otis via pinfall with crucifix. After the match, Ezekiel challenged Owens to a rematch of their fight from Hell in a Cell. He is, he said, Ezekiel, not Elijah. * Defeated Rhea Ripley. Victory in the main event gives Ripley a shot at Bianca Belair and the Raw Women's Championship at Money in the Bank


Winners, news and notes as WWE announces the return of John Cena

WWE Raw results with Cody Rhodes' pectoral injury, John Cena's return this month. (Author: Gardener)

WWEWWE announced John Cena's return for WWE Raw in Laredo, Texas on June 27 as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations. Cena has instigated a possible feud with Theory, who Vince McMahon reportedly sees as the next John Cena. John Cena recently posted a photo of Kevin Owens stomping the US Championship, which was another thinly veiled reference to Theory, the current US Championship. Theory," Cena said in a recent Q&A on TikTok. WWE Raw promoted the fallout of WWE Hell in a Cell following Cody Rhodes' instantly classic performance with a ripped chest. Rhodes was written off television during an injury angle when Seth Rollins knocked him out with a sledgehammer. Raw also promoted a new member of Judgment Day, which turned out to be The only positive about Cody Rhodes' long absence has been the millions of dollars Pyro will save WWE. Cody Rhodes was treated like the gladiator he emerged from last night. After being booed for setting himself on fire in AEW, Cody must feel good to be recognized for his brave recent performance. Cody Rhodes gave fans a glimmer of hope by teasing he could be back in four weeks to attend Money in the Bank. Unfortunately, after praising Rhodes, Seth Rollins returned with a sledgehammer and laid out the American Nightmare. Although Cody Rhodes was able to run away under his own steam to a thunderous ovation, that angle will likely be used to write him off television for now. When Becky Lynch entered the main event of WrestleMania 35, no one with a pulse could have predicted that she would lose a match for the 24/7 Championship at any point in her career. Similar to his feud with Damian Priest, The Miz wrestled in street clothes and stripped off his underwear. Luckily he didn't hit Riddle in his underwear like Priest did. Of course, with Miz stripped down to her underwear, fans chanted "little balls!" WWE refuses to beat the Usos, but they don't beat them over half the time either, so the Usos have become the kings of DQ victory . Street Profits Feud feels like more of the same, but at least they have good matches. WWE is clearly intent on pushing Bobby Lashley into a world championship feud, but the fact that they seem willing to feed Lashley theory tells you they mean business. It will be interesting to see how much WWE protects Theory in an inevitable loss to Lashley, especially with a potential match against John Cena on the horizon. This week's countdown timer counted down to the newest member of The Judgment Days, which was 20 minutes away at the time. This wasn't the squash match that seemed inevitable on paper. Poor Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley both endured "what" chants, which were a theme throughout the doomsday run. Finn Balor faked Judgment Day. I actually thought he was a great candidate to be a legitimate new member, but when he was exposed as the newest member in this way, I knew immediately it was going to be a dodge. It was an evasive maneuver, except the evasive maneuvers were on Edge, who was being attacked by The Judgment Day and his new leader, Finn Balor. The Dirty Dawgz announced their return on Monday Night Raw when I didn't even know they were gone. The Dirty Dawgz are clearly heading towards a feud with Omos and MVP, which tells me WWE happened to babyface Omos. Ezekiel took off his armband for this game, so maybe he's being taken more seriously? Otis awkwardly rolled out of the ring right after his defeat instead of attacking Ezekiel like a real heel. Kevin Owens accepted Ezekiel's challenge, but only if Ezekiel would admit he was Elias. Ezekiel admitted he was Elijah, making the game official, only to say he lied. This match immediately sparked a "powerhouse" showdown between Liv Morgan and Doudrop. Rhea Ripley suffered a very scary bruise early on but recovered immediately with no sign of injury. Rhea Ripley met Riptide on Doudrop and finally set up a long-awaited feud between Ripley and Belair.


Hell in a Cell fallout

Follow this week's episode of Raw, which includes all episodes of the events of Hell in a Cell. (Author: Gardener)

CellWWE Monday Night Raw returns to our lives tonight (June 6, 2022) from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with all the episodes of the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) that just went down recently is night just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Announced for tonight: There's a lot to find out after Hell in a Cell, which is the fact that Cody Rhodes has sustained a serious injury and word is he'll be there to talk about what that means going forward . Meanwhile, Seth Rollins lost to Rhodes and we'll see what comes next for him. Bianca Belair is still your Raw Women's Champion, Bobby Lashley may be coming for the WWE Undisputed Championship, and more! Come back here right at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show begins on USA Network. The show begins with a recap of Cody Rhodes' chest tear and his grueling and chilling but excellent defeat of Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell. Cody Rhodes makes his entrance and sits down at the microphone. He says stuff like this fills his heart and he loves it, but it's a privilege to do what he does. He admits that having his pectoral tendon completely ripped off the bone is demoralizing, but he doesn't want to feel sad or melancholy or down. When she's old enough he wants her to watch his match last night and know that during the darkest of times for what could have been the absolute worst night he wasn't cynical or jaded but stood up to one of the best wrestlers around and fought in the history of our company. The chapter is written, the book is closed, he's officially done with Seth Rollins. With that in mind, he wants to talk about what's above him, the Money in the Bank briefcases. He says he still doesn't like Cody, but what he went through last night has earned him his respect. An obviously distressed Cody Rhodes exits the ring...HE REARS OFF CODY'S SHIRT WHILE THE REFEREES SWEAR! Curtis Axel stands and does nothing as we go on break. Back from the commercial, paramedics attend to Cody Rhodes, who insists on getting up under his own power. Lynch is in control, but lo and behold: 24/7 champion Akira Tozawa runs to the ground, cover scene chases him, Dana picks him up... Becky Lynch grabs the mic mid-match and says she has the title at stake wants! Dana is in and we're going on break. Lynch is in control and tosses her around with relative ease when Asuka comes in to distract her. Brooke with a schoolboy for a close two, Becky destroys her with a lasso, dodges the attack, kick, dropkick, forearms, handspring-back-elbows into a bulldog... Dana Brooke wins by pinfall with a jackknife pin, um to keep the WWE 24. 7 championship. After the game, Becky Lynch is understandably speechless at her loss. We're getting a video pack that celebrates 20 years since John Cena's debut and promises his return on Raw on June 27th! The Miz makes his entrance, flanked by Maryse, to send us to the break. Back from the commercial, the Miz welcomes us to MizTV. He herds his beautiful wife Maryse up and talks about Miz and Mrs for a moment before passing the baton to Maryse, who is complaining about the town they are in. He babbles and then Miz speaks slowly to tell him that Randy Orton's career is over and Riddle exists only to be beaten up by the Bloodline every week. Matt tells him to shut up and that he's tired of fighting Roman's goon every week and wants to fight The Big Dog himself and take the title from him. He mocks Miz for having tiny balls, but Maryse defends him, saying his balls are average. They fight over balls, it becomes a challenge for a match, Miz immediately wants to fight and then Tommaso attacks Ciampa Riddle! Miz says the match is on and we're going on break. Riddle takes control early, Miz goes down, Maryse saves him and Matt ends up ripping his pants off! Maryse on apron for distraction, Miz grabs her purse and tries to hit Riddle, Matt ducks... Matt Riddle wins by pinfall with the RKO. Dawkins & Jimmy start, Angelo with a close near fall and the Usos regroup on the floor as referee Danilo Anfibio counts. Back inside, Jey with Montez, Uso slams him into the post, back and forth, Usos hit the ground again and another count ensues. Wins bounce back, fight to the bottom and we go on break. Back from the commercial, the Usos isolated Dawkins, worked him over, choked him on the ropes, punched him in the corner and we go to the break. Back from the commercial, Jey with a nearfall on Montez, Uso gets knocked down, Plancha gets him out! Jimmy off the ropes, suicide bombing, Dawkins lines up... Down, Jey fits him to the post and throws him into the barricade, but Montez ducks a kick and throws it over the barricade while the referee counts. .. We get a recap of Seth Rollins' brutal assault from earlier in the show. Bobby Lashley enters and we go on break. Back from the commercial, Bobby Lashley is in the ring and on the mic. He says things didn't have to end like this between him and Montel Vontavious Porter. He felt MVP was his family and at Hell in a Cell they had every advantage against him and he still beat them. He says Lashley got out of here and stole his spotlight and Bobby is only out here because someone helped him with his match but he won all by himself so with all due respect get out of his ring. Bob challenges him to a match, but first Austin wants him to check his biceps. Lashley leans over him and challenges him to fight for the title. The theory goes that Bob has beaten a lot of guys, but he's never beaten Austin. The Mysterios enter and we take a break. Back from the ad, we get a social media synopsis covering a tweet from Seth Rollins after the attack. Veer Mahaan gets an inserted promo about how he'll enjoy crushing Dominik Mysterio while his father watches. Mysterio with a go-behind, standing switch, waistlock takedown, down, Mahaan chases him around, Dom runs fast, Veer furious, Baseball Slide catches him! Dom Throwing Hands, Gallon Throw to the Apron, Mysterio with Front Kicks, Slingshot Dropkick, Guillotine Leg Drop, Off the Ropes, Flying Body Press Connects! Throw Mysterio into his father and we'll go on break. Back from the commercial, Mahaan has the trapeze claw in, Mysterio slides out, dodging the corner body avalanche, another, Veer lands a back elbow but Dom dodges an attack and Mahaan goes hard on the post! Corner 619, Tornado DDT blocked and Veer hits the giant lasso! Rey Mysterio, the big seated senton, has enough and comes in with a dropkick... After a video packet of their match last night, Judgment Day kick in and we go on break.


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from June 6th

Welcome to the Bleacher Report coverage and recap of WWE Raw on June 6th. Hell in a Cell on Sunday delivered another hilarious pay-per-view that allowed WWE's Superstars to show the world... (Author: Gardener)

June 6thHell in a Cell on Sunday delivered another hilarious pay-per-view that allowed WWE's Superstars to show the world what they're capable of, but the main story of the event was how Cody Rhodes worked his match with a torn pec . Here's a full rundown of the PPV results: With HIAC now on the books, it's time for WWE to start building Money in the Bank on July 2nd. Monday's Raw covered all of this weekend's episodes and more. Let's take a look at what happened on this week's show. The American Nightmare opened the show to address the WWE Universe. Coming to the ring, he only used his left arm to shake hands with fans. He received a standing ovation and was a little smothered when the crowd started chanting his name. He said he saw all the kind words on social media but he does it because it's his privilege. He said his feud with Rollins was over. After Rhodes had talked for a few minutes, The Visionary made his way to the ring looking a little shaken too. He said he still doesn't like Rhodes, but after what he went through at HIAC, he's earned Rollins' respect. He told Cody that Dusty Rhodes would be proud of his little boy now and Cody burst into tears a bit. They shook hands and Rollins left Rhodes in the ring for another pop from the crowd. As The American Nightmare turned back to wave at the crowd, Rollins ran back and attacked him with a sledgehammer. Several officers tried to stop him, but the damage was done before they could intervene. This segment was fantastic because most of it was really emotional, but the ending kept Rollins' heel character from evoking any babyface reactions. When Rhodes returns he will be one of the most cocky babyfaces in pro wrestling. As he walked to the ring, his right arm was just kind of hanging there. Rollins reaching out his left arm to shake Cody's hand as his right arm was injured was a nice touch. After Cody left the arena, Becky Lynch emerged looking sad at how things had gone on Sunday. Dana Brooke was already in the ring. When they started, the entire 24/7 division ran through the ring causing chaos. Brooke pinned him as he stepped into the ring to regain the 24/7 championship. Lynch grabbed a mic and said that no one but her could win a title in her matches. The game started after the break. Everyone else had left the ring area, so only the champion and Big Time Becks were fighting for the belt. After Lynch took a few moves, Asuka's music hit and she danced her way down to the ring. As Brooke countered the manhandle slam, Asuka caught Lynch's foot so Brooke could go for the pin. It's great to see Asuka and Lynch continue their feud because they're going to have great matches, but this segment wasn't a great way to get people interested. The 24/7 division used to be one of the funnest parts of any WWE show. but the segments just feel forced now. WWE needs to get rid of that title or find a way to make it actually mean something. Lynch threatening multiple people at once was a cool moment because a bunch of people around ringside looked like they believed her. Asuka has perhaps the best ring jackets in all of professional wrestling. Brooke isn't as bad in the ring as some people might claim, but when you see her in the ring with someone as skillful as Lynch you can see just how far Brooke has got to go. It hurt a little bit to give something with Lynch a D. They bagged the new season of their reality show and played up their heel personalities a little before Riddle decided to make an unscheduled appearance. This led to The Miz facing off against Riddle in a match. Riddle easily took control as we came back from the commercial break and attempted to hit the RKO before The Miz rolled out of the ring. Riddle hit the RKO for the win. The crowd reacted positively to it, but it wasn't something people will talk about until next week. Acting like you thought a foreign person would sneeze when speaking their native language isn't funny and hasn't been since Rodney Dangerfield stopped making that joke. It wasn't even that funny back then. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins were first out of this championship contender match, which basically means they may or may not earn a title shot if they win. Dawkins started against Jimmy Uso, but both men made substitutions after their initial exchange ended with Jimmy trying to recover ringside. The first few minutes of this game were a bit slower than you would expect from these two teams. Although they've fought several times before, it seemed like they were taking the time to grope each other. The action started just as the show went on hiatus. This was a decent game but in the end it wasn't as good as we know these teams can be together. They had plenty of time and were able to pace themselves well, but lacked some of the excitement we've come to expect from both duos. Most of the best spots happened after the second commercial break. Ford eventually sent Jey into the timer's area as the fight exited the ring. The Street Profits eventually won when Ford knocked the Count back into the ring. The crowd comes alive as Ford starts to pick up steam. He can be such a big star if WWE books him right. Speaking of Ford, he continues to pack on the muscles. The Usos seemed to stray from a stage for a few minutes, but eventually found their groove. It's a lot of fun watching Dawkins do a big jump over the top rope. Then Theory's music came on and he cut him off to tell Lashley he deserved this time in his place. Theory said he didn't deserve a title shot but tried to take a selfie with him anyway. Lashley knocked him out of the ring to end the segment. In the next match, Veer and Dominik Mysterio added another chapter to the story they started a few months ago. Predictably, the powerhouse tried to ground Dom while the high flyer tried to use his speed and agility to dodge him. He let Veer chase him in and out of the ring before the big man finally got his hands on him. This match lasted much longer than their previous encounters and spanned a commercial break. Dom was able to hit a 619 and a frog splash, but Veer kicked one. Rey ended up getting his son disqualified when he attacked Veer to stop him from hurting Dom. It was kind of nice to see Veer get a little more time to work. In terms of quality, the match was pretty much in the middle. It sounded like WWE cut in a lot of boos for Theory, so it's hard to tell how the live audience actually felt about him. Lashley is decent on the mic but having MVP was a big help. Judgment Day came into the ring to deliver a promo on how they defeated Styles, Balor and Morgan on Sunday. Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley both spoke before Edge took over. The prince joined them in the ring and said he finally saw things clearly. He thanked Ripley and Priest for helping him open his eyes to the truth. Then Priest said the last thing holding her back was Edge. He proceeded to mic the Rated-R superstar before all three members of Judgment Day punched him. Balor hit the coup de grace before they sent him through the commentary box. It feels like WWE Edge also wanted to write from TV for a while, which is an odd choice unless he's injured. The segment went well, but what comes next will be the most important part. They got everyone talking about who the new member would be to distract us from the fact that one was leaving. They really did a number on Edge, with the chair shot at the end and the table point.


Rangers' struggles against the field were a fatal mistake

"He can hit the baseball and hit a fastball," Woodward said. It was a double-edged review, highlighting both one of Duran's assets and one of the Rangers' biggest mistakes at this point in the season. Wasn't it Casey Stengel who once talked about the ... (Author: Gardener)

RangersCLEVELAND — When Rangers called Ezequiel Duran over the weekend, manager Chris Woodward's initial assessment was short and sweet. "He can hit the baseball and hit a fastball," Woodward said. It was a double-edged review, highlighting both one of Duran's assets and one of the Rangers' biggest mistakes at this point in the season. Wasn't it Casey Stengel who once said of the hapless 120-loss Amazin' Mets, "Can nobody hit the fastball here?" Or something like that? Anyway, yes, Duran can hit a fastball. His first major league homer on Sunday came from Seattle's Andres Muñoz with a 99.5 mph fastball. It was the hardest pitch thrown by a Ranger for a home run this season. As for the Rangers, they'll be going through the third mark of the season and still be struggling to hit baseball's most common field, fastball. They'll officially hit that mark when they finish the first game of a double-header Tuesday against the Cleveland Guardians. According to MLB's Statcast system, the Rangers entered the week batting .239 against fastballs, the third-worst in the majors. Overall, the league beats .260 against the field. The Rangers' on-base weighted average of .317 was marginally better at No. 23. It's hard to get into the majors if you can't handle a fastball. "We're in the process of building the league for the last four months," Woodward joked briefly before acknowledging the results. "I think it was more individual than team-wide and these guys are trying to figure it out on their own. There are certain people who might struggle with it more in their careers and have more work to do, but there aren't really any red flags that guys can't [hit it]. "I think it's more of a mentality," Woodward said. I think it's more about finding the right timing. For Woodward, the teams' batting average is somewhat skewed by some extreme instances of individual struggles. Willie Calhoun, Nick Solak, Andy Ibáñez and Zak Reks combined for .185 against fastballs. Even if they are taken out of the mix, the team average is .249, which would mean 21st place. It's more than a few guys. Most notably, Marcus Semien, who entered the season as a career .277 hitter against fastballs and a .298 hitter a year ago, hits .173 against the pitch. Though his overall batting average is up a bit and he's hit all three of his homers in the past two weeks, he continues to struggle with fastballs. The percentage of fastballs that the Rangers see is getting higher and higher. Until Rangers can prove otherwise, it's likely a trend. Cleveland throws the second highest percentage of fastballs in the AL. Averaging 99.7 MPH, he leads the majors in fastball speed. "We're not going to shy away from that," Woodward said. But pretty much every major league hitter has demonstrated the ability to hit a fastball to get to this point. It's just that we're more consistent.” Rangers are close to breaking the one-third mark of the season. No time like the present for some permanence.


Nadal's French victory was muted by a foot injury

PARIS -- Rafael Nadal's painful left foot was numbed by multiple injections into two nerves during the French Open. The only way he's found to deal with a chronic condition is putting his tennis future in question. (Author: Gardener)

FrenchPARIS -- Rafael Nadal's painful left foot was numbed by multiple injections into two nerves during the French Open. The only way he's found to deal with a chronic condition is putting his tennis future in question. At no other tournament, Nadal said, had he not survived what he called "extreme conditions." But five simple words uttered after stringing together the last 11 games of a 6-3, 6-3, 6-0 win over an overpowered Casper Ruud in Sunday's final that was intriguing for a handful of minutes for Philippe Chatrier explained Nadal's mindset: "Roland Garros is Roland Garros." Here's what hasn't changed en route to his 22 total Grand Slam titles, another record, in addition to his mannerisms between points and meticulous attention paid to water bottle and towel placement: The left uppercut one with Topspin's slick, high-bouncing forehand still finds the target far more often than it misses, confusing opponents. This never-allowing attitude propels Nadal from side to side, forward and backward, accelerating and deflecting balls off an opponent's racquet seemingly destined to be out of reach. Nadal is nothing if not relentless, as he was at the start of the tournament with back-to-back victories lasting more than four hours - including against Novak Djokovic, the defending champion and No. 1 seed - and again this afternoon, even while fighting on a callous one Foot. "If you play defensively against Rafa on clay," said Ruud, a 23-year-old Norwegian playing in his first major final, "he'll eat you alive." Nadal said afterwards that he would try other methods to help his foot over the next week - including an opportunity to "burn the nerve a bit" to see if that could allow him to enter Wimbledon, where he is has won two of his 22 men's Grand Slam titles. If these new treatments don't work, Nadal said he will have to consider what he calls major surgery - and eventually a "decision on what the next step in my future is." "It's obvious that under the circumstances I'm playing in," said Nadal, "I can't and don't want to continue." During the trophy ceremony, Nadal thanked his family and support team, including a doctor who accompanied him to Paris, for helping him otherwise he "would have had to retire much sooner". "I don't know what can happen in the future," Nadal told the crowd, "but I will keep fighting to go on." Playing so crisp and clean on Sunday, he amassed more than twice as many winners as Ruud, 37 to 16. Nadal also made fewer unforced errors, making just 16 to Ruud's 26. After trailing 3-1 in the second set, Nadal didn't surrender to another game. "After that moment," said Nadal, "everything went very smoothly." "I'm just one of the victims," ​​said Ruud, "that he destroyed on this court." One of the most indelible memories Ruud will take away from that day was the announcer recounting the long list of years Nadal had previously won the French Open: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 , 2014, 2017 , 2018, 2019 and 2020. "Never stops it seems," said Ruud. Nadal is 14-0 in the final at Roland Garros, 112-3 overall. When that one ended with a down-the-line backhand from Nadal, he threw his racquet onto the red clay he loves so much, covering his face with the taped fingers on both hands. No man or woman has ever won the individual trophy at a major event more than his 14 in Paris. And nobody has won more Grand Slam titles than Nadal. He is two ahead of Roger Federer, who has not played for almost a year after a series of knee surgeries, and Djokovic, who missed the Australian Open in January because he is not vaccinated against Covid-19. Despite what he has already achieved, Nadal has now achieved something he has never achieved before: thanks to titles at the Australian Open and the French Open in the same season, he is halfway to a Grand Slam in the calendar year. But if he can't play at Wimbledon, which he's won twice, it doesn't matter much. Ruud considers Nadal his idol. He recalls watching all of Nadal's past finals in Paris on TV. He has trained at Nadal's tennis academy in Mallorca. Nadal usually won these and Ruud joked the other day for trying to be a polite guest. The two had never faced each other in a real match up until Sunday, where championship, money, ranking points, prestige and a piece of history were at stake. And Nadal demonstrated, as he has done so many times, why he is known as the King of Clay - and one of the game's greatest of all time. "It's something I certainly never believed in - to be here at 36, to be competitive again, to play the most favorite seat of my career, in the finals all over again," Nadal said. "It means a lot to me. Means everything."


Guardian Rained Monday vs. Texas Rangers; shifted as a double header by 3

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Stop us if you've heard this before. Storms washed away another Guardians home game on Monday when the scheduled start of the series against the Texas Rangers was postponed due to inclement weather. It's the seventh rainout at the ballpark this... (Author: Gardener)

MondayStorms washed away another Guardians home game on Monday when the scheduled start of the series against the Texas Rangers was postponed due to inclement weather. The game will be rescheduled on Tuesday afternoon as part of a traditional double header at 3:10 p.m. first pitch at progressive field. The gates open at 2:00 p.m. for the makeup game. Only fans with tickets to Tuesday's competition can enter. Fans who hold tickets for Monday's game can exchange into one of 13 game options, including Tuesday's doubleheader. Fans who hold tickets for the game originally scheduled for June 7 and wish to attend both games of the doubleheader can do so and will have the same seat for both games. Fans can use the full value of their June 6 tickets in their My Tickets account when redeeming into the specified matches (additional fees may apply). Tickets must be exchanged by Friday, July 15, 5 p.m. ET. After enjoying three days of nice weather in Cleveland while the Guardians played Baltimore, manager Terry Francona said he gave up playing amateur meteorologist. "I'm so tired of people telling me, 'When you were gone, it was wonderful,'" Francona said. I just don't know how to do the weather, man, especially here." Monday's postponement marks the seventh home game played in Major League Baseball for the Guardians, who have played the fewest home games (16) of any team been suspended this season due to rain or cold weather. One street game was postponed due to weather and one due to a COVID-19 outbreak. Beyond Tuesday's twinbill, the club has five more upcoming doubleheaders: Last season, the club rescheduled six home dates and rescheduled two other road dates because of weather. Cleveland has already played three doubleheaders at home this year and has three more planned, along with two more on the road. Francona said it will be a challenge to face so many games in a short space of time but he is optimistic the pitching will happen if injured starter Aaron Civale can return soon. "I don't know if I've ever been in a situation where we lost one in the losing column, but you're five or six games behind," Francona said. The only thing that should hopefully help us and so we're trying to make sure we get Civale back appropriately because that gives us Pilkington and almost the way we see it we could almost have a guy throwing all (five) double heads. Well, the weather could change all that, but we've been looking at that.” Guardians right-hander Cal Quantrill will play Rangers right-hander Jon Gray in Tuesday's opener, while left-hander Konnor Pilkington will take on left-hander Taylor in the nightcap Hearn of Texas will compete. Austin Hedges gets another rest day: Guardians grabs Guardians twist and turn but hangs for a win at Camden Yards Guardians lose to Orioles, 5-4 on Sunday; McKenzie falls victim to long ball Twins still lead AL Central, Guardians on the rise: The Week in Baseball Will Guardians promote a reliever to an opener? Understand what the quarter pole sentinels are doing


Rangers aim to compete against Lightning at a higher level in Game 4

The New York Rangers missed out on the Eastern Conference Finals because they naively underestimated the challenge of knocking out the two-time Stanley Cup champions. (Author: Gardener)

Game 4TAMPA — The New York Rangers failed to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals by naively underestimating the challenge of knocking out the two-time Stanley Cup champions. TAMPA — The New York Rangers failed to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals by naively underestimating the challenge of knocking out the two-time Stanley Cup champions. Now they know how big the task will be. The Rangers won Games 1 and 2 at home to the Tampa Bay Lightning but were outplayed in Game 3 at the Amalie Arena on Sunday and lost 3-2. They lead the best-of-7 series 2-1 ahead of Game 4 here on Tuesday (8 p.m. ET; ESPN, ESPN+, CBC, SN, TVAS). "We know they won't give you anything for free," said manager Gerard Gallant on Monday. We have to be a really good team. The Rangers' experience as the back team in the first two rounds gave them an idea of ​​how much pressure the Lightning would push in Game 3. But they weren't ready to match it. The Lightning overtook the Rangers 52-30, including 19-6 in the third period. Rangers built a 2-0 lead midway through the second period with power-play goals from Mika Zibanejad and Chris Kreider, but that only angered the Lightning further. Tampa Bay leveled the game with power-play goals from Nikita Kucherov and Steven Stamkos, winning it 19-18 in the third period through an Ondrej Palat goal. "I just think they were willing to compete a little harder than us," Gallant said. “That was the difference in the game of hockey. You can say matchups, you can say different things, but overall I think their level of competition was a bit higher than ours. Again, the Rangers should know exactly what to expect from Lightning in Game 4, because in that position they were down 1-3 to the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round of the Eastern Conference and 0-2 to the Carolinas in the second round Hurricanes behind "We have to keep up, we have to fight, we have to play a little bit harder than before," said Gallant. To make it 3-1, Rangers can do it. Rangers controlled the entire Game 1 and won 6-2 by having the puck and forcing turnovers when they didn't. They at least controlled the first half of Game 2 for the same reasons. The Lightning started to control the pace and puck possession, Mana was also doing much better midway through the second half of Game 2, but the Rangers scored a goal from Zibanejad 1 :21 in the third half to forge a 3-1 lead they didn't give up, eventually winning 3-2. But the Blitz never stopped attacking in Game 3, pushing Rangers back. New York's 2-0 lead lasted a full 66 seconds as Kucherov scored at 10:50 of the second period. Rangers' 2-1 lead didn't go past 1:22 of the third period when Stamkos scored. It was 2-2 for the next 17:56, but it felt like the Lightning were dominating. Rangers couldn't do much offensively, even when they had a power play in the third. "Because they were early on the power play, we couldn't switch back to offensive hockey like we normally do," said Rangers forward Andrew Copp. "I don't know if we tried to come out and play defensively. We know that third goal is going to be as important as it was in Game 2, but when they got the goal [decidedly] we just couldn't go north and attack." They knew that from the start of Game 4. They did that to come back against the Penguins and Hurricanes and if they do it again they will put themselves in a position to stay one win away from reaching the Stanley Cup Finals here with a chance of making it in Game 5 at Madison Square Garden, where they have won eight straight playoff games.But this is the Lightning, the two-time defending Stanley Cup champion.Capturing them and preventing them from coming back could be the Rangers' biggest challenge yet , maybe even greater than being eliminated five times in the first two rounds."You don't want to give a team like this room to breathe," forward Ryan Reaves said of the Lightning.


Edmonton Oilers vs. Colorado Avalanche, Game 4

Game 4 is scheduled to start tonight at Rogers Place. Puck drop is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. This evening. We're without Evander Kane tonight, who is suspended for one game after beating Nazem Kadri in the boards in Game 3. We were also without Kailer Yamamoto in Game 3 due to concussion symptoms... (Author: Gardener)

Edmonton OilersEdmonton Oilers fans arrive for Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals against the Colorado Avalanche at Rogers Place in Edmonton on Saturday, June 4, 2022. Game 4 is scheduled to start tonight at Rogers Place. Puck drop is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. This evening. Oilers must win this one or face elimination. We're without Evander Kane tonight, who is suspended for one game after beating Nazem Kadri in the boards in Game 3. We were also without Kailer Yamamoto in Game 3 as he was showing concussion symptoms after scoring in Game 2 with the action featuring Postmedia Edmonton Digital Editor Trevor Robb and a team of Postmedia journalists when the Edmonton Oilers in Game 4 of the finals of the Western Conference of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Colorado Avalanche. The live blog link will be added about an hour before the puck is dropped. Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid (97) battles against the Colorado Avalanche in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals at Rogers Place in Edmonton on Saturday, June 4, 2022. As if they could play two? Any team trailing 3-0 in a best-of-seven spreads the cliché of "game at a time" followed by "shift at a time," and of course the Edmonton Oilers tell that story the way they do do it prepare for what may be the last game of the season with the hands of the Colorado Avalanche on Monday. "So we can roll our eyes at that line from game to game, but how does it make you feel as a hockey player when you're not looking at the bigger picture?" asked an Oilers availability reporter Monday morning. “We are the ones playing the game. You guys can roll your eyes all you want. I'm going to have my meal before the game like I do every game," said Oiler defenseman Tyson Barrie. "You don't play three in a row. You just play one at a time. It's murky when you look at the details, but the only way to do it is one game at a time. The Oilers dug in first-round eliminations against Los Angeles for Games 6 and 7 and defeated Calgary in the second round, but three games later they are yet to play their A game. "I don't think we've seen our best. We've had games throughout the playoffs, and during the season that we've been feeling good, we've played the full 60 minutes. That's what we need to find tonight," Barrie said. They will be without two of their top six forwards, Evander Kane and Kailer Yamamoto. Kane is handed a one-game suspension for breaking Nazem Kadri's thumb early in the third game. Yamamoto was hit by Gabe Landeskog in Game 2 in the first period and is out with symptoms of a concussion. When asked what he thought of Kane's suspension, Oiler coach Jay Woodcroft said, "What I think is immaterial." He's right. Kadri is outside longer; maybe for the rest of the playoffs. The Oilers had an optional skate Monday, so there were no line rushes. We don't know how Woodcroft will reconfigure his top 6. In Game 3, Zack Kassian got a look at right wing with Connor McDavid. In Game 3, Leon Draisaitl centered his own line to start the game, but by the third period he was back on the wing with McDavid. Woodcroft deflected questions about Dylan Holloway over whether Oiler's best forward will be dressing for his first NHL game, let alone the playoffs. "He's one of our healthy and available players," Woodcroft said. If you're a bettor, he's 60-40 to play because the Oilers need his speed and offensive shots. The Oilers went 11-7 in Game 3, with Kris Russell disguised as the seventh defenseman. They dressed seven as cover for Darnell Nurse and played with a suspected core muscle issue during the playoffs. Mike Smith will be back on the net starting his 16th straight game. The Avs could play Mikko Rantanen in the middle as the second line center in the absence of Kadri. Rantanen, one of the NHL's top wingers, had time there when Kadri and Nate MacKinnon were injured during the regular season. With Rantanen playing center, J.T. Compher, who took over as 2C when Kadri was injured in Game 3 and won the game, would return to his usual third-row center spot. Connor McDavid's old junior teammate Andre Burakovsky, who stopped an Evan Bouchard shot in Game 1 and has missed the last two games, could be ready to play wing. Darcy Kuemper, who left Game 1 after being hit to the mask by a Cody Ceci shot, is making shots but they are expected to return with Pavel Francouz as a substitute for a third straight start. He has given up just two goals in his last two starts, a 4-0 win at Denver and a 4-2 win at Rogers Place in Game 3. Edmonton Oilers hockey fan reacts to critical play. * Mike Smith will start in goal for the Oilers tonight * Kailer Yamamoto is unavailable tonight, Oilers head coach Jay Woodcroft said * Woodcroft said Dylan Holloway is healthy and available for tonight, but gave no indication if he the rookie will add to the lineup tonight. Hearing Dylan Holloway is scheduled to make his #NHL debut in Game 4 for #LetsGoOilers tonight as they attempt to fend off a sweep from #GoAvsGo. Holloway was the 14th overall pick of the 2020 NHL Draft.#StanleyCup - Frank Seravalli (@frank_seravalli) June 6, 2022 The band, famous for the song La Bamba, shows their support for the Edmonton Oilers. Edmonton Oilers playoff ambassador Ben Stelter coined the phrase "Play La Bamba, Baby" after the Oilers won the first round against the Los Angeles Kings. It has since become a celebration of an Oilers playoff win. Los Lobos has said if the Oilers win the cup they will come and play La Bamba live for the Edmonton Oilers and their fans. Oilers fever seems to be spreading! The Western Conference 50/50 Finals is in honor of Edmonton icon Joey Moss, who supports Special Olympics, the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society and the Winnifred Stewart Association. The staff and residents of Discovery Place Seniors Living Community in Devon have cheered for the Oilers from the start. They light candles, dress in Oilers apparel, and do their best to show their love for Oil County. Resident Al Wilson dons his Oilers suit for every game and helps keep everyone happy and in good spirits. Staff say this playoff run "given purpose to everyone." #LetsGoOilers Discovery Place resident Al Wilson dresses in his Oilers suit for every playoff game. Residents and staff at Discovery Place celebrate the Oilers' playoff run. Residents and staff at Discovery Place celebrate the Oilers' playoff run. Also, we beat the Flames😏 #LetsGoOilers – x-Christy LaBOOMba (@Christyrose760) June 5, 2022 Looking forward to cheering loud and proud at the game tonight with the boychild and girlchild. #LetsGoOilers - Let's just score more goals than the other team. Edmonton Oilers left wing Evander Kane (91) controls the puck in the first half against the Colorado Avalanche in game two of the Western Conference Finals of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Ball Arena. Everyone's always on board in the NHL playoffs, but we won't see Evander Kane or Nazem Kadri in Game 4 on Monday. Edmonton Oilers winger Kane was suspended for the game after shoving Kadri into the end ties a minute into Game 3. He received a large penalty at the time, but NHL player safety took the hit with greater harshness than umpires Wes McCauley and Eric Furlatt. He had a hearing on Sunday and they decided he had to sit out Game 4. Considering Kane, who has been suspended three times by the NHL, has scored 13 goals, and sixth wingmate Kailer Yamamoto (concussion) is also out after Game 2 Gabriel Landeskog hit; a double whammy. Kadri may have a broken right thumb after putting his hand up to try and slow his swing into the endboards. Kadri, who set up the Avalanche's first three goals in Game 2 in Denver, left Rogers Place with a soft cast and when he'll be back is anyone's guess. Certainly not for the rest of the series against the Oilers. The Avs can play Mikko Rantanen at center in Game 4 after he was deployed there when Nathan MacKinnon and Kadri were injured during the season. "This is not a situation where Kadri puts himself in a vulnerable position where he turns a legal hit into an illegal one," said player protection. “Unfortunately Nazem got injured. So let's start with that," said Oilers coach Jay Woodcroft. We've seen this game, this type of hockey game happens during the playoffs. Unfortunately, he lost his balance and Nazem was injured. Compher #37 of the Colorado Avalanche celebrates a goal in the third period against the Edmonton Oilers in game three of the Western Conference Finals of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Rogers Place on Saturday, June 4, 2022. The Edmonton Oilers are doing their best to say everything right , but after giving their all and missing out on Saturday night, it's only a matter of time before their determined push into the third round comes to an end. A streak that went down to the last shot in two of three games — 8-6 with an empty neter in Game 1 and 4-2 with an empty neter in Game 3 — has gotten in Colorado's way every night, and the damage is irreversible now. When the Western Conference Finals ends, either Monday in Edmonton, Wednesday in Colorado, or even sometime after that, if the Oilers somehow find a way to prolong the fight, it won't be Edmonton who wins it. The entire hockey world knows that. In NHL history, teams that fall 3-0 down in a playoff series are 4:198. The Oilers don't quite see it that way, of course. In a murky and hopeless situation like the one they find themselves in against the mighty Colorado Avalanche, they all morph into Bluto Blutarsky, whose famous pep talk will forever be a part of inspirational film history in Animal House: And Until One Final CCM driven stake into their own beating hearts, the Oilers refuse to even discuss the possibility of this series being over. "Everybody's counting us out, so there's no pressure from our side," said Oilers winger Zach Hyman. “All the pressure is going to Colorado – they are expected to win 3-0 now. We're a team that's faced adversity - we've talked about it all year. Edmonton Oilers fans await the start of Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals against the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday, June 4, 2022 at Rogers Place in Edmonton. The way it usually works is that the two teams line up and take part in the wonderful hockey tradition of battle-hardened players shaking hands. Considering the Colorado Avalanche is a team yet to lose a playoff game this Stanley Cup season, perhaps Edmonton should be prepared to deal with the likelihood of it happening here on Monday. If the Oilers, the Pacific Division champions, can't extend that by a few days and the aforementioned scenes happen at Rogers Place, Edmonton hockey fans should be prepared to punctuate those two events with a very special scene. When the Oilers leave the ice for the last time after Game 4, the word here is that they deserve to be cheered on by the fans like they were cheered on as they took to the ice for every game and not sent off into the offseason fans will turn their backs on them and go to the parking lots. Oilers fans have taken their already tried and tested past playoff performances to new heights and have been the widely recognized flag bearers for the entire NHL in restoring playoff environments to what they were in the past. And the Oilers did their part to make it unforgettable. Connor McDavid (97) of the Edmonton Oilers looks for the puck against J. T. Compher (37) of the Colorado Avalanche during Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs at the Ball Arena on May 31, 2022 in Denver. The Colorado Avalanche lost their second center Nazem Kadri in his first shift of Game 3, who was gone for at least the rest of the series with a possible broken arm, but his replacement, J.T. Compher, continued his hot playoff run Saturday. Compher, who didn't score in his first nine games after the season, showed how deep Colorado is - not just Nate MacKinnon, Mikko Rantanen or Gabe Landeskog - with his fifth goal in his last four. Shortly after leaving the box for a foul on Leon Draisaitl, Compher fended off defenseman Evan Bouchard, who took the wrong path to the puck carrier and was shoved into the gang. His 20-footer hopeful passed Mike Smith, who had made 38 stops up to that point. Now the Avs have a firm grip on the Oilers, winning three games after winning the Western Conference Finals 4-2 and beating the Oilers 8-2 in the last 120 minutes. They saved the Oilers' best shot and are one win away from reaching the Stanley Cup Finals. And it's pretty much all for one, not one for all so far in this series. We're going to need him to make a difference going forward like he is," MacKinnon said of Compher. “It's not just scoring goals, it's his game all over the ice. He's such a consistent two-way player and he's been with us for seven or eight years now and it's great to see him achieve this. We need him to keep winning ties and being a nuisance out there.” More News, Less Ads, Faster Loads:  Get unlimited ad-lite access to Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, National Post and 13 other Canadian news sites for only $14/month or $140/year.


Hidden Secret fuels Warriors' success in winning Game 2

Highlighted by a half-field rainbow whizzing through the net, there was a hidden secret behind the Warriors' success in their 107-88 win over the Boston Celtics Sunday night at the Chase Center. (Author: Gardener)

Hidden SecretSAN FRANCISCO — Highlighted by a half-field rainbow sweeping through the net, there was a hidden secret to the Warriors' success in their 107-88 win over the Boston Celtics Sunday night at the Chase Center in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. They finished each of the first three quarters on a high note, with momentum and a 23-point lead before going into the fourth quarter in what was essentially a game to win. The same can't quite be said for the way they completed quarters in their collapse in Game 1. In that loss two nights earlier, their desire to carry energy into the next period started strong when Steph Curry hit a 26ft 3 pointer to give the Warriors a 32-28 lead with 26 seconds remaining. He then double-dived in the final three seconds with a steal from a misguided pass from Derrick White, and the Warriors rode high from Curry's 21-point first quarter. The end of the second quarter on Thursday night was not so smooth. Instead, Curry was called for an offensive foul and an Al Horford countered with a 3-pointer to put the Celtics ahead. Andrew Wiggins countered with a floater to level, but moments later a curry foul sent Jayson Tatum down the line, giving the Celtics the two-point lead they had before halftime. The final minute of the first half saw a turnover from Otto Porter Jr., who kicked out of bounds, and a final possession that ended with a 30-foot stepback from Poole, which bounced off the top of the backboard. Yes, the Warriors did what they do in the third quarter and scored 38 points to go into the fourth 12 points clear, but some head-scratches in the final minute and a half did them no favors. Poole was inexplicably nicked by Tatum as he attempted to put the ball on court, cutting a 15-point lead to 13. And while Andre Iguodala hit a big 3-pointer with 6.3 seconds left in the quarter, he fouled White in the last two seconds and the Celtic guard hit both free throws. The Celtics started the fourth quarter on a 9-0 run, eventually had a 17-0 run, and historically outscored the Warriors by 24 points in the final frame. In the final two-plus minutes of Sunday night's first quarter, the Warriors forced three turnovers and made three 3-pointers. The quarter was capped by a steal from Otto Porter Jr. and a two-point bench shot from Curry. Wiggins gave the Warriors a 50-48 lead with just over a minute left in the first half before a dispute between Brown and Draymond Green at the charity strip turned into two points for Boston and tied him before both teams traded misses. Curry tried to put the Warriors ahead with a 25-foot shot and they had just 14 seconds left, but Wiggins springed into action, snagging the offensive rebound and bringing it back to give a two-point lead , which the Warriors held at half-time after a strong defensive footing with final possession. The first-time All-Star, who had seven points remaining in the second quarter with four rebounds, made a big difference for Golden State. Then, of course, came the last-minute Poole Party – plus another dominant third quarter from the Warriors. Poole struggled a lot in the first half after a tough performance in Game 1. In the first two quarters he scored three points and went 1:5 off the field. It looked like the Night of the Rising Star might be over until Steve Kerr turned to him and Tatum at the line at the 1:19 mark. Poole took his chance and didn't look back. In the first six quarters, he failed to penetrate Boston's defense, which was swallowing up offensive players in droves. After watching from the touchline, he attacked in control the first time he got his hands on the ball, forcing the defense to react before hitting Kevon Looney with a perfectly placed bounce pass for an easy two points . The Warriors then brought the Celtics to a shot clock violation, and Poole responded with a 3-pointer corner eight seconds later. "It's kind of funny, we're talking about how we end quarters and how that momentum translates," Curry said after the win. From the moment Poole came into play at the end of the third quarter, the Warriors beat the Celtics 8-0, scoring six points and assisting on the other two points. Poole's game immediately turned around completely. His buzzer-beater covered 39 feet, good for the second-longest shot in Finals history. Curry and Poole joked in practice the other day that they knew someone was going to hit a shot from the logo or even further. Now Poole has the lead in the Warriors team friendly bet. "He's capable of that," Curry said of Poole's excitement. “We shoot half-field shots in every practice session, shoot around. Three cases down, and this time the fourth quarter went smoothly. The Warriors opened the fourth quarter on a 6-0 run, giving them their biggest lead of the night, 29 points. Internally, ending the quarter on a strong note is an even bigger focus than Curry shared externally. They ticked all the boxes there and never gave the Celtics the momentum they were desperately looking for. It doesn't show up on the score box, but the impact at the end of the quarter was felt on the court and throughout the Chase Center in the Warriors' Game 2 win.