The 3 zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

Be so committed to your dreams, nothing can stop you. (Author: Gardener)

Tuesday, May 24th, 2022Your top 3 zodiac signs with the best horoscopes are here with an astrological forecast for Tuesday May 24th, 2022. This is the energy of Mars in Aries. Mars is the planet that rules passion, sex, ambition and even motivation. Mars is bold, fearless, motivated and determined to make things happen at any cost. Today, this planet is moving into its home zodiac sign, Aries, the first sign of the zodiac that represents both beginnings and the eternal fire within you that urges you to never give up. Fear and doubt are often the biggest thieves of happiness, but as Mars turns into Aries today, all of this will be pushed aside as confidence becomes your compass forward. Asteroid Vesta amplifies that connection between you and what you desire most, transitioning into Pisces today. It also affects how you view your home and family life and whether or not it supports this essential part of you. Pisces and Aries represent a complete circle, both the beginnings and the endings that you must go through in life. RELATED: The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Crush Will Be Revealed This Summer 2022 During Sun Sextile Mars Something that will change the rest of your life and this time, nothing will stop you from achieving it, not even yourself. You've got yourself in Haven't been feeling like yourself lately, but all of that should be reversed now as Mars turns into Aries. Mars is your ruling planet and as it traversed the deep waters of Pisces you may have felt emotionally heavy and even confused about where you are in your life and what to do with it. It's an uncomfortable thing for you to really feel your emotions and then use them as fuel to make plans and arrangements for your future. Trusting your feelings can be challenging because they change often. However, as Mars prepares to switch signs, this aspect of you should feel different. This puts you in the best position to make the most of Mars in Aries because now you are truly ready to move forward in your life. Mars in Aries is a fantastic creation of energy. At home in your sign, the first of the zodiac indicates that this is the time when you are guaranteed to start something new. This is a huge benefit for you as you start to detach from what feels more like commitments and drains your energy. RELATED: How the 2022 "Intuitive" Gemini Season Affects Your Zodiac Sign's Horoscope May 21 - June 20, 2022 You are entering a time of extreme change in your home and family. Not only does Vesta move in your sign, bringing more reflection and awareness to this area, but Aries rules this part of your life. This is a double focus on what family means to you, who you consider family and how that affects the people you share your personal life with. Jupiter is also in Aries right now, bringing greater abundance and expanding this area of ​​your life, which literally means it will get bigger. Whether it's reconnecting you with distant family members, marriage, or even children, Jupiter will work its magic in this area of ​​your life. As Mars and Vesta move into Pisces and Aries, the signs that represent the end and beginning in astrology, the Moon does the same. The Moon starts the day in Pisces and then changes into Aries, which not only means emotions kick into action, but also represents the end that must always come to make room for a new beginning. Look for that energy today and be open to what comes your way. The thing about Aries energy is that while it rules your personal life, it's also a quick-acting sign. This means that the changes in this area of ​​your life may be coming faster than you expect or you may feel that you have time to process them. In these moments, remember how long you have been sowing the seeds for the beginning of this new chapter, and trust that the universe has always conspired to bring you exactly what you are ready for, no matter how it turns out feels like it's going fast. RELATED: Each Zodiac Sign's Horoscope for the Week of May 23-29, 2022 Your season is feeling very different than years past, and that may take some getting used to. You are more grounded in who you are and at peace with yourself, which means the choices and choices you have made are more in line with who you are. For you, this Gemini season is all about taking actions that are part of the life you truly want to create. While you are never fully finished learning in this lifetime, there comes a time when you will finish learning and heal the things you encountered when you were younger. There's an acceptance of everything you've been through that means you're at peace instead of trying to overcompensate. Your community reflects what you think about yourself, and over the year it has evolved into healthier choices. But it's never just one area of ​​your life that changes, it's like a ripple effect throughout your life. Look for career opportunities that are available today that are all about not only providing you with the awards or compensation you need, but also reflecting all of the growth you've gone through. Being at peace with your life doesn't mean everything is perfect, it just means accepting what is and what will be. RELATED: Zodiac signs who always keep their promises, ranked from most likely to unlikely


Chicago Fire season 11 possible release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know

Chicago Fire Season 11 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know (Author: Gardener)

Chicago FireSeason 11 of Chicago Fire has been confirmed since NBC renewed the series for a ninth, tenth and eleventh season in February 2020, along with three more seasons from Chicago PD and Chicago Med. Now that the season 10 finale of Dick Wolfs Chicago episode has officially aired, you can rest assured that the next season is already on the way. Here's everything you need to know about Season 11. Season 9 of Chicago Fire kicked off a little later than usual, in November, as opposed to the usual September/October schedule we've grown accustomed to since Season 1 first aired in 2012. However, season 10 of the show returned to its regular schedule in September, and while no exact release date has been announced, NBC has confirmed that season 11 will return in fall 2022. So if tradition holds, we can expect them again this September. Fans were heartbroken when Jesse Spencer left the show in October after his character Captain Matthew Casey made the decision to move to Oregon and raise the boys of his late best friend Andy Darden. Since then, Captain Casey has returned for the season 10 finale to see his best friend tie the knot. This is also when Casey and Sylvie Brett discuss their future plans, with Casey admitting that he wishes Sylvie could stay with him in Portland forever. However, she does point out that he's where he's supposed to be, a father fighting wildfires while her life is still in Chicago. So it seems that Sylvie will return to Firehouse 51 forever. As for Spencer's character, it's unlikely that he'll return as a series regular in Season 11. However, the final appearance gives us a small glimmer of hope that he might make more cameos in future episodes. Fingers crossed. The shocking news of Spencer leaving the show has since had viewers concerned that fellow OG Taylor Kinney, who plays Kelly Severide, may also be leaving. While the speculation hasn't been confirmed or denied, we're hoping the intense cliffhanger between Severide and Stella in the season 10 finale means it's almost certain that Kinney will reprise the role, as will Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd. As for the rest of the cast, here's what we'd expect (and hope) everyone will return: The Chicago Fire season 10 finale aired on May 25, setting the next season up for another dramatic run. We wouldn't expect less. Fans were thrilled when Severide and Stella officially got married in the episode, but of course that doesn't mean it wasn't without problems. The first was short lived thanks to Severide's best friend Casey as when the venue for the wedding was unavailable at short notice he found a solution and found a ship's captain who married the couple on a boat. The big cliffhanger came when several trucks arrived at the cabin where the newlyweds spent their first night together, most likely the dangerous drug dealers who had a vendetta against Severide. We'll have to wait and see what happens when the show returns for Season 11, but it's possible that it'll either pick up right where Season 10 left off, showing Stellaride taking on the situation, or with the aftermath of whatever always starts happening there. If the series sticks to its usual schedule and premieres sometime in September, we expect the trailer to arrive in either July or August. Of course, once it has landed you can see it here, so keep an eye on this space for the latest news and information. Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med air on NBC and Peacock in the US and on Sky Witness in the UK.


Vasilevskiy and Shesterkin highlight the matchup between Lightning and Rangers

The Russian goalies will face off in New York on Wednesday night when the Eastern Conference finals begin. (Author: Gardener)

ShesterkinThe Russian goalies will face off in New York on Wednesday night when the Eastern Conference finals begin. Andrei Vasilevskiy has won a Vezina Trophy and two Stanley Cups with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Igor Shesterkin is a finalist for the Vezina this year as he leads the New York Rangers in their quest for their first championship since 1994 and their second in 82 years. Russia goalies will take center stage as two-time defending champions Lightning and the Never-Sag-Die-Rangers meet in the Eastern Conference Finals, which begins Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden. "I think it's unanimous that they're the top two goalies in the league," said Rangers forward Barclay Goodrow, who has played for the Lightning during his championship runs for the past two years. Tampa Bay captain Steven Stamkos knows the attention that goes into the series will be on the men in goal. "We know what we have in our man," Stamkos said. “(Shesterkin) had a great year in New York. Great regular season and he's on a really good run right now. But I think for us, no matter what goalkeeper we've played in recent years, it's not the main focus, we have to go out there and do our best. When asked who he thinks is better between the two goalies, Goodrow simply said, "I take Shesty all day." Vasilevskiy has the league's best 188 wins over the past five seasons, including a 39-18-5 mark this season with an average of 2.49 goals conceded and 0.916 percent saves. He's 8-3 in these playoffs, allowing just four goals on 185 shots in his last five games, and his 57 career playoff wins tie him with Tuukka Rask for 17th on the all-time list. "He's the best goalkeeper in the world right now," Shesterkin said. The 26-year-old Shesterkin, in his third season in the NHL, was 36-13-4 with a 2.07 GAA and a .935 save percentage -- both league-leading. "Great keeper, obviously great season, great regular season for him," Vasilevskiy said. "A big challenge for us and our team, but it's not about one man on the other side. It's about the whole team, they're pretty consistent, pretty complete team - attacking, defending, good goalkeeper. When asked how it feels to face off against a young Russian goaltender, Vasilevskiy - who is ending his eighth season in the NHL - noted the narrow age gap. "I'm still a young man," said Vasilevskiy, who will turn 28 in July. "He's like, what, only two years younger than me, so there's not a huge difference. ... Obviously I just have to get up and show him my best game." Both teams survived a seven-game matchup in the first round -- Tampa Bay passed Toronto and the Rangers rallied from a 3-1 hole straight to beat Pittsburgh . The Lightning then swept across Florida while Rangers went through seven games again - from 0-2 and 2-2 in the series - to outlast Carolina to get to this matchup. DEVILS: The New Jersey Devils have Dr. Angus Mugford as their Senior Vice President of Player Development and Performance and promoted former Olympian Meghan Duggan to Director of Player Development. Mugford spent the last seven years with the Toronto Blue Jays. He led the establishment and growth of one of Major League Baseball's premier sports science departments and integrated a team of medical specialists into Toronto's player development system. Duggan joined the Devils last year as manager of player development. Duggan won 11 medals for USA ice hockey, including 2018 Olympic gold when she was captain. BLUES: Goaltender Jordan Binnington admitted he threw an empty water bottle at Colorado Avalanche forward Nazem Kadri after Game 3 of the second-round series between the Western Conference rivals. Binnington injured his left knee in a collision with Kadri and teammate Calle Rosen on May 21, leaving the ice and not returning for the remainder of the series, which Colorado won in six games. The 2019 Stanley Cup winner addressed reporters in St. Louis after conducting exit interviews at the end of the season and admitted his role in the incident. "I'm walking down the hall, couldn't find a trash can on my way down the hall, and just before I went into the dressing room, I saw him there kind of doing an interview, smiling, laughing, and I'm doing it there in a knee brace that limping down the hall, and I just felt like it was a God-given opportunity," Binnington said. Kadri said on TNT at the time, "I'm not sure if he just threw a water bottle at me or not." Binnington said the empty bottle landed "about two feet from" Kadri. "It is what it is," Binnington said. It's a competitive game.” The NHL investigated the water bottle toss and decided not to penalize Binnington, who could have been fined. Kadri has been the subject of racist threats on social media following Binnington's injury, which drew the attention of the league and St. Louis Police Department and was condemned by Avalanche and Blues. HURRICANES: The Carolina Hurricanes face the challenge of building a perennial Stanley Cup contender. A second-round elimination to the New York Rangers underscored the need for more postseason goals and better play from the special teams. "Every year when this ends, it's always difficult," Carolina coach Rod Brind'Amour said after Monday's Game 7 loss to Rangers. "Harder maybe because I felt like we were in a different place this year. The goal has gone from being relevant after a nine-year post-season drought to being elite in its current four-year run. But the past two seasons have ended with familiar setbacks for the Hurricanes: they fell in a series with home field advantage in their building, lost the special teams battle and were handicapped by an elite goaltender. Last year it was Tampa Bay and Andrei Vasilevskiy on their way to a second straight trophy, with the Lightning beating the Hurricanes in a five-game streak in the second round. This time it was Rangers and Igor Shesterkin who defeated a team that had won their first seven home games of the season but failed to win an away playoff game. Brind'Amour said last year there was "a next step that we need to find". It seems Carolina is still looking for it.


A buffalo man was shot dead in the Leroy neighborhood early Friday morning

The victim was taken to Erie County Medical Center. Police said his condition was stable. (Author: Gardener)

LeroySign up for our newsletter to continue reading. You are the owner of this item. You have permission to edit this article. The victim was taken to Erie County Medical Center. Police said he was in stable condition. Police asked anyone with information about the shooting to call the Buffalo Police Department confidential hotline at 716-847-2255. Sign up for our Crime & Courts newsletter. Sign up for our Crime & Courts newsletter. Get the latest local public safety news with this weekly email. Get the latest local public safety news with this weekly email. * I understand and agree that registering on or using this website constitutes acceptance of their User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I've worked at The Buffalo News since 2005. Your notification has been saved. There was a problem saving your notification. Email notifications are only sent once a day and only when there are new matching items. Please log in to use this feature. Sign up But Noonan's actions on one of those trips and on campus - including allegations that he repeatedly sexually molested female students - are now the focus of a federal lawsuit against the college. Authorities are investigating whether a retired federal agent knew in advance of plans for a mass shooting in Buffalo Officials are investigating whether a retired federal agent had about 30 minutes advance notice of a white supremacist's plans to murder black people at a Buffalo supermarket. Lawyers for accused Tops killer seek court order to silence prosecutors Defense attorneys for the man accused of killing 10 people at Tops Markets earlier this month want a judge to hear Erie County District Attorney John Flynn , instructing him to stop making public statements on the case. "My parents know something is wrong": But the accused Tops killer lied to deceive them For months, the 18-year-old wrote, he repeatedly lied, hid and deceived in order to support his plan to commit mass murder to keep secret. Hochul Nominates 3 Erie County Judges for the State Court of Claims The judges nominated include the Erie County government's chief attorney, a judge of the Buffalo City Court and a senior clerk of a judge. Vice President Kamala Harris says "enough is enough" as Buffalo buries last of 10 victims of Tops massacre Harris and her husband were among several officials who attended Ruth Whitfield's funeral at Buffalo's Mount Olive Baptist Church. 911 caller responds to allegations that she hung up on a Tops worker during the mass shooting The caller said she does not want to be judged until more facts emerge at her hearing. Ten people were shot dead at a Buffalo convenience store on Saturday in a horrific mass shooting that officials were quick to describe as "pure evil" and racially motivated. You have no notifications. Get the latest news straight to your device.


How are the Tampa Bay Lightning doing this?

Her amazing storyline feels impossible. (Author: Gardener)

the Tampa Bay LightningNikita Kucherov with his teammates after scoring against the Florida Panthers in the third period of Game 3 of the second round of the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay. Nathan Ray Seebeck/USA Today Sports The Tampa Bay Lightning may be at the end of their fuel tanks. It's not because they've won the last two Stanley Cups, at least not exactly. It's because they've played so, so, so many games to win those championships - so many more than anyone else. In the past three regular and postseasons, they've played 267 games, 19 more than any other team in hockey and 30 more than anyone else in the Eastern Conference playoffs. In those three years, the Lightning played more hockey than anyone else for a quarter season. Not every player has played every game in those two years (star winger Nikita Kucherov missed the entire 2020-21 regular season before returning to the playoffs), but still, the Lightning have played a lot of hockey and put a lot of tread on their tires. There aren't many cases like Tampa Bay, but a team is looking to catch up. After back-to-back streaks in 2016 and 2017, the Pittsburgh Penguins pushed into the second round in 2018 against the Washington Capitals, who had beaten them in the previous two playoffs. The penguins had also played far more games than anyone else. Washington beat them in overtime to win a six-game streak and end Pittsburgh's three-peat bid. Or maybe the luck it takes for any team to win a Stanley Cup has just run out. Something - maybe dead legs, maybe luck with the puck - is supposed to catch up with the lightning eventually. They should get tired from playing so many damn games. Something should trip them up, because it's hard to make the game the way you want it to be for three years in a row. In a seven-game first-round win over the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Lightning were at death's door before the Leafs did what they always do. The Lightning won Game 6 with a counter-attack after the Leafs' best player fell down the middle while looking for a pass, then they earned an away win in Game 7 thanks to two goals from Nick Paul. The Lightning then played their local rivals, the Florida Panthers, who had won the Presidents' Trophy in the regular season with 122 points. The Panthers looked a little off in their own first-round win over the Capitals, but the blitz that swept Florida out of the playoffs in four games was still a tour de force. Tampa Bay didn't look like a team making a last stand, even though the Panthers spent most of the series controlling the puck. They need eight wins to stay on top of the mountain, and whoever they play next (either the Carolina Hurricanes or the New York Rangers) is locked in a second-round streak that will continue for at least a few days. There just isn't much time left for things to hit the lightning bolt in a way they haven't in three years, although of course they could. Or the Lightning could be such a special team that they just never get tired of all that hockey. Either way, they're making an amazing run at something that has been elusive in the modern NHL. Sure, they were basically battling the Leafs to a tie (Toronto scored 24 goals in seven games versus Tampa Bay's 23), and it takes luck to be the team to win a seven-a-side by any means. But what the lightning did to the panthers was something more gruesome. Florida basically controlled the puck throughout the series, using a furious forecheck and lots of skill to snatch the small piece of rubber and play the keepaway. To counter them, the Blitz did a brilliant job of keeping the Panthers away from Andrei Vasilevskiy, the keeper who stopped each of the last two Cup winners. Though the Panthers controlled 58 percent of shot attempts in the even-strength series, they had just 47 percent of "highest danger" scoring chances, as defined by analytics tracking site Natural Stat Trick. When pucks got through, Vasilevskiy was almost impenetrable, as is usual at the time. He has led the NHL in each of the last two playoffs with goals kept above expectations, a measure of goaltender performance based on where opposing chances are coming from. He's doing it again this year: In 11 playoff games, he's stopped 11 more shots than the numbers a typical goalie would expect, per money puck. On the one hand, the Lightning has just been crushed by the best team in the league for four games and possessed by the puck. On the other hand, they deliberately wanted to push this team away from their goalkeeper, who happens to be the best goalkeeper in the world. Goalie is a wild card in the playoffs, and fans and media often use a goalie's performance as a data point to measure a team's "luck" (when a team scores an outside shot and wins) or "bad luck" (when a team controls the puck). suggest and lose). But it's not lucky if your goalkeeper is Vasilevskiy. He's a playoff Terminator, and the Lightning knew what they were getting when they gave him a mega extension after 2019, before he'd won his first Stanley Cup but right after he'd won the Vezina Trophy. Vasilevskiy's brilliance doesn't explain why the team in front of him isn't burning out after the last two long runs. Here's a theory it could, though: In addition to their seemingly superior stamina, the Lightning have adopted a streamlined playstyle that's probably a little easier on their legs. The 2020 and 21 Cup winners played some beautiful free-running hockey that involved steaming up their best forwards (Kucherov, Steven Stamkos and Brayden Point) and letting them carry the puck. A good example of this was their Game 1 win over the Panthers in last year's playoffs. It was a 5-4 Barnburner who scored a breakaway goal from Point, who blasted out of his defensive zone while the puck was still there and caught a long pass before putting the puck down in the back of the net. This year, the Lightning deploy a more stifling style, at least in my mind. They blocked 187 shots in 11 games, the highest rate per game in the playoffs. Point missed four games. Kucherov and Stamkos have four goals each, but it was Lightning's third and fourth rows who did the best job of controlling the puck and keeping it away from Vasilevskiy. The Lightning have been pounding ugly goals after ugly ones, and the good thing for them is that these count as well as nice ones. In the deciding Game 4 against Florida, when the Lightning were overtaken 39-18, Panthers goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky misplayed a long shot. The Flash tumbled into the net until the puck was in to go 1-0. The Panthers never scored. Of course, the Lightning can still make globetrotters and score beauties in a hurry. Some of the goals Stamkos and Kucherov scored against the Panthers were incredibly picturesque. Vintage Steven Stamkos with the go-ahead goal set up by Nikita Kucherov 🔥— Shayna (@hayyyshayyy) May 22, 2022 So it's best not to exaggerate what the Lightning have changed: they are still the Lightning, and they still have some of the most experienced players in the world. They may not have the legs right now to put on an all-night skill workout, but they certainly have the energy to protect Vasilevskiy, swarming through the net like jackals and countering with high-end scoring talent on occasion. It's hockey wisdom that a team must "learn how to win" before they can hit a deep run. Perhaps the only thing more impressive than learning how to win is relearning it when circumstances dictate a change in approach.


Is Luka Magic enough or do the Dallas Mavericks need Doncic to secure another star?

After Dallas lost to the Golden State Warriors in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals on Thursday, the Mavericks need to find another star to pair up... (Author: Gardener)

Luka MagicWith Dallas losing in Game 5 of Thursday's Western Conference Finals to the Golden State Warriors, do the Mavericks need to find another star to pair with franchise player Luka Doncic? Or can the team match a single All-Star after a Final Four appearance this season? The danger in finding another superstar is destroying the depth and chemistry that's there -- similar to the difficult years the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets struggled through last season. The Mavericks are already looking at a big jump in the payroll, with Doncic's extension coming in at around $36.6 million next season. Flexibility for the future will decrease, particularly on the Jalen Brunson question. The Atlanta Hawks, who will always be tied to the Mavericks through Doncic's 2018 draft-day trade for Trae Young, faced a similar situation last year after an impressive conference finale. The team opted to pay John Collins big bucks and kept the heart of their roster together, but fell back significantly last season. If the Mavericks feel too complacent with their recent success, they could fall behind like the Hawks. That doesn't mean the Mavericks shouldn't pay Brunson. But cutting their depth for a single star can be a disaster, especially with a ball-dominant guy like Doncic. It could be counterproductive to chase after a name like Bradley Beal when Dallas loses depth. The Mavericks should learn from their recent attempt at the two-star model. The dumping of Kristaps Porzingis in the roleplaying trade with the Washington Wizards in Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans made Dallas a better team. The Mavericks have taken a huge step forward this season. In July, Brunson will be an unrestricted free agent after averaging over 22 points per game for the Mavericks in the playoffs. The hard part is re-signing him when he could be looking for Fred VanVleet money ($85 million over four years, signed ahead of the 2020-21 season). The good news for the Mavs is that very few teams will have the cap to pay out salaries starting at $20 million this offseason. The Indiana Pacers are, too, but could go after Brunson if they're willing to trade to thin out their backcourt (Malcolm Brogdon and TJ McConnell in particular). The Detroit Pistons could be Brunson's biggest threat to Dallas, given the means and the need. The rest of the league will have no more than the mid-level non-taxpayer exception, which is expected to start at $10.3 million. The Hawks paid Collins $125 million over five years last summer. If he was "a mistake," he's still an asset that Atlanta can trade for as they retool their roster this offseason. Similarly, an investment in Brunson will keep Doncic's most reliable offensive teammate in Dallas and give the franchise a trading chip if needed. The Mavericks struggled to score in key playoff stretches without Doncic and Brunson. The Mavericks should re-sign Brunson and find the right combination of shooters and defenders to round out the tandem. That's easier said than done, especially with the Mavericks books starring Brunson Back to a Big Salary. After penciling in Brunson, the Mavericks may already have a full roster of 15 for 2022-23. Assuming seldom-used guard Trey Burke opts for his $3.3 million senior year. The team should also keep its two non-guaranteed players in Maxi Kleber (a big key rotation) and Frank Ntilikina (an inexpensive young defender). Hardaway is a capable goalscorer, marksman and defender, although his performance is down through 42 games this season. The Mavericks also have the 26th pick in the June draft, but a late first-round rookie is unlikely to crack a playoff rotation. Dallas may agree to trade the pre-draft pick, but cannot execute it until after the pick is made (due to Stepien's rule). With the projected list of 15, Dallas' payroll should grow to $175 million with a $68 million luxury tax bill. That's a huge jump from the current untaxed playoff roster of around $123 million. The budget shouldn't result in Brunson's departure, but Dallas won't have much flexibility with such a hefty payroll. His only notable spending instrument will be the mid-level taxpayer exemption at around $6.3 million. The team also has a $10.9 million trade exemption (TPE) for Josh Richardson, which expires June 27, ahead of free agency in July. Dallas cannot use the TPE to sign a player, but can acquire one making up to $10,965,962 through trading. That extra salary could mean a staggering $51 million increase in the luxury tax — it's not a given that the franchise will be willing to use the TPE without finding ways to slash the salary significantly. The Mavericks could try to sign Brunson and act, but that won't be easy because of the complicated collective bargaining agreement. Assuming Brunson's next contract starts at $20 million, a massive increase from his current $1.8 million salary, his ending trade value for Dallas would be $10 million. The new team would need to have the funds to face Brunson for $20 million. With Detroit's leeway for caps, the Mavericks could potentially strike a $20 million deal with Brunson. Dallas would then have to pay at least another $7 million in salary to earn Grant's $21 million. But if the Pistons can sign Brunson direct, why give Grant away? Dallas owes the New York Knicks a protected first-round pick for Porzingis in 2023, but could reasonably offer two distant firsts (perhaps in 2027 and 2029). While Dallas can trade the number 26, negotiating a deal with Brunson with a sign-and-trade in June is illegal. Last summer, the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls were fined for arranging sign-and-trades ahead of the July moratorium. If Dallas keeps Brunson, it could also try to rip Rudy Gobert away from the Utah Jazz and bring in a defensive anchor. He's also an expensive pick, due nearly $170 million over the next four seasons. The Mavericks have several players on short or reasonable contracts such as Maxi Kleber, Reggie Bullock, Dwight Powell, Boban Marjanovic, Josh Green, Sterling Brown, Marquese Chriss, Burke and Ntilikina. Dinwiddie has a team-friendly deal that will net him $20.2 million next season, with $21 million partially guaranteed in 2023-24. Hardaway may have reduced commercial value following an injury. Dorian Finney-Smith should be a goaltender for the Mavericks (and cannot be traded until August 12 following a recent overtime). Dallas' flexibility going forward will be limited with a sizeable payroll. That may mean sacrificing draft picks (#26, future pick) and paying the luxury tax, but the bigger question is how the Mavericks intend to use their resources. If next year's roster consists of Doncic, Brunson, Dinwiddie, Finney-Smith, Hardaway, Bullock and Kleber, the team might just need one starting center to replace Powell -- preferably one that can protect the rim and clear the ground. Finding a generational talent like Doncic is the hardest step in the NBA. Instead of chasing names, the Mavericks need to get the job done and find the right pieces alongside their young superstar.


How the 'Merchant of Death' Might Make Brittney Griner's Return Difficult

How the 'Merchant of Death' Might Make Brittney Griner's Return Difficult (Author: Gardener)

After adeptly evading law enforcement for more than a decade, the world's most notorious arms dealer made a reckless mistake. Viktor Bout risked venturing outside of Russia, the only place where his close ties to senior government and military officials offered him tacit protection, the only place where he could feel safe from arrest and extradition. On March 5, 2008, Bout flew from Moscow to Bangkok to meet with representatives of a Colombian guerrilla group intent on overthrowing the country's democratically elected government. Bout came to secure a lucrative deal to ship millions of dollars worth of military-grade weapons from Eastern European warehouses to jungle outposts in Colombia. What Bout didn't know when he checked into his five-star Bangkok hotel was that he had fallen into a trap. The two alleged Colombian rebels sitting opposite Bout's hotel conference table the next afternoon were actually U. When undercover agents asked Bout about missiles that could shoot down American planes and weapons that could kill American forces, Bout explained himself Bout agreed to provide these and reportedly declared, "We have the same enemy." Just minutes later, Thai police stormed the room. S. government, it was a great victory,” Michael Braun, the DEA's former chief of operations, told Yahoo Sports. "When he was arrested, he was arguably the largest and most sophisticated arms dealer in the world. He was the guy who could certainly deliver anything to any bad actor anywhere in the world. "Merchant of Death" and the inspiration for the 2005 Nicolas Cage film "Lord of War" seems Russia's prime target in a potential prisoner swap to be against American basketball star Brittney Griner.On May 13, Russia handcuffed Griner through a Moscow courtroom and extended her pre-trial detention by a month, an ad some experts interpreted as an attempt to increase pressure within the U. On the same day Several state Russian news outlets reported that Russia was willing to swap Bout for her Griner: While Griner's loved ones have urged the Biden administration to do whatever it takes to bring the two-time Olympic champion home, Russia's seemingly one-sided asking price complicates negotiations. They have military ones Guns to rogue leaders and insurgents cal groups across Africa and beyond, escalating conflicts from machetes and one-shot rifles to grenade launchers and AK-47s. Russia claims Griner flew to Moscow on February 17 with vape cartridges containing hash oil in her luggage. S. should consider bringing Bout back to Russia in exchange for Griner and other wrongly imprisoned American prisoners. Among them is the federal judge who sentenced Bout to 25 years in prison but says she wishes she could have been more lenient. "To me it's unfair that he was tarred with that moniker 'Merchant of Death,'" Shira Scheindlin told Yahoo Sports. "I don't think he's as bad as he was made to look." Viktor Bout, also known as the "dealer of death," shows a victory sign after a Bangkok court initially rejected a US extradition request. How bad is Viktor Bout? Russian state media call him a "businessman" and an "entrepreneur". His previous website said he was a "born salesman with an undying love of aviation". A longtime DEA agent once described him as "one of the most dangerous men on earth." Born in the Soviet outpost of Tajikistan to Russian parents, Bout, 55, showed an early aptitude for mastering languages. He is reportedly fluent in more than half a dozen languages, including English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Uzbek. Having his degree recognized by the prestigious Military Institute of Foreign Languages, Bout then worked as a Soviet military translator in Africa in the late 1980s. The military language school was known as a training ground for the Soviet Foreign Intelligence Directorate known as the GRU. Military planes were abandoned on Soviet airstrips because there was no money for maintenance or fuel and nobody flew them. Drawing on his military and intelligence connections, Bout acquired several Antonov cargo planes, known for their high airlift capacity and ability to land in treacherous terrain. These became the starting point for a private fleet of more than 50 Soviet cargo planes and a network of air cargo companies that transported goods to and from distant conflict zones. Bout's planes reportedly transported everything from freshly cut flowers to frozen food to UN peacekeeping forces, but authorities say he made most of his profits supplying weapons and ammunition from old Soviet stockpiles. At the height of Bout, according to the US Treasury Department, it had "the capacity to ship tons of tanks, helicopters and weapons to virtually any point in the world." The ability to deliver this type of firepower quickly and with pinpoint accuracy helped Bout build a client list that included some of the world's most notorious executives. He made $50 million providing military equipment to the Taliban, the US said. Angola was a country where Bout was allegedly opposed to UN and US anti-arms trade sanctions By the late 1990s, Bout was selling Soviet-era arms to both sides of Angola's civil war – the Marxist government and UNITA rebels, who tried to overthrow her. "He has undermined our efforts to bring peace to Angola," the former State Department source said. Bout stayed one step ahead of international investigators by repeatedly registering and re-registering his planes in far-flung countries, which allowed him to avoid inspection and oversight. It also helped that Bout's alleged gun deals often fell into a legal gray area, making it difficult to arrest or prosecute him. In the final years of the Clinton administration, as civil war, bloodshed and ethnic strife ravaged parts of Africa, the National Security Council authorized surveillance of government and rebel leaders in war zones like Liberia, Sierra Leone and Congo. NSC officials eventually found that every conflict had a common thread: Bout provided the guns. The NSC's efforts to apprehend Bout eventually foundered when he could neither find an American law that applied to him nor persuade an African ally to issue a warrant for his arrest. In a 2000 letter to the NSC's Director of African Affairs, Gayle Smith, a South African official stated: "It is not clear from the information provided whether [Bout] committed an act which was criminalized under South African law and was South Africa's jurisdiction falls." S. attempted to build a case against Bout, the Pentagon reportedly hired him as a valued contractor. According to Douglas Farah and Stephen Braun, co-authors of the 2007 book Merchant of Death, Bout received Millions of dollars to ship goods and equipment to American troops in Iraq N. also investigated Bout and accused him of supplying arms across Africa A UN report said Bout had "at least five passports" and "at least five aliases" A subsequent UN report claimed that Bout supplied arms to the heinous regime of Liberian warlord Charles Taylor to "gain illegal access to." to get diamonds". N. reports had no legal weight, they shed light on the work that Bout had long done in the shadows. Mounting pressure uprooted Bout and his wife from their home in the United Arab Emirates, prompting him to retire to Moscow. The Russian government's protection made him virtually untouchable there...unless someone could lure him out. Viktor Bout (C) lands after arriving at Westchester County Airport November 16, 2010 in White Plains, New York. Bout was extradited from Thailand to the United States. (US Department of Justice via Getty Images) Juan Zarate had just witnessed DEA agents capture Syrian arms dealer Monzer al-Kassar via an elaborate covert operation abroad. Now Zarate wondered if Braun's special operations branch could come up with a similar plan to take out Bout. "Every other three-letter and four-letter agency shot at him," Braun recalls, as Zarate told him. "Could you try to bring him to court?" Over the next few months, the DEA worked out its plan to have agents passed off as members of the FARC, a violent Colombian rebel faction funded by drug trafficking and other criminal activities. S. had already classified them as a terrorist group and because the Colombian guerrillas were probably on the market for the same weapons that Bout had previously supplied to other groups. In November 2007, the DEA initiated Operation Relentless with the help of an informant who was a friend of Bout and his associate Andrew Smulian. At the DEA's request, the whistleblower emailed Smulian announcing that he had a potential deal for Bout. After assessing Bout's interest, Smulian replied to the whistleblower, "He may be able to get his hands on items you need." The covert operation culminated in March 2008 when the DEA successfully bailed Bout into his Russian safe haven to leave and fly to Bangkok to complete the deal DEA agents chose Bangkok because they had good relationships with the Thai police and because they felt Bout would not be suspicious of traveling to a city that had so many Time zones away from the U Pressed against a wall with his hands raised, DEA Regional Director Tom Pasquarello entered the hotel's conference room. What struck the agent was how calm Bout was with his life on fire and a dozen guns aimed at him. Do you have anything to say?" Pasquarello asked Bout. "Game over," the arms dealer replied coolly. Posing himself as a pawn in an American conspiracy, Bout testified in a Thai criminal court that he ran a Legi air cargo business and that he had traveled to Bangkok to relax and try to strike a deal to sell cargo planes. Either Russia was eager to protect a citizen arrested abroad, or aware of what intelligence secrets Bout might reveal if extradited, Russia also attempted to intervene on his behalf. Not only has the Kremlin publicly condemned the charges against Bout, American officials have also become aware of underhanded Russian attempts to prevent his extradition to the U. "Putin and other senior government officials were really trying to move heaven and earth and bring him back to Russia," Braun said. After a two-and-a-half year legal tug-of-war, Thailand finally agreed to hand over Bout to the US. For Pasquarello, it meant a few anxious days , to ensure Russia neither freed Bout from his maximum-security Thai prison nor arranged for him to "meet a mysterious death". On the day Bout was due to leave Thailand, the DEA took no chances. A decoy squad of police vehicles left prison and drove to an airport in Bangkok. Minutes later, a second convoy drove to another airport, this time with Bout as part of the journey. When Bout's flight landed at Westchester County Airport in New York, two DEA agents escorted him off the plane .First time the Merchant of Death was on American soil.WNBA star and two-time e Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner leaves a courtroom after a hearing in Khimki, just outside Moscow, May 13, 2022. Griner, a two-time Olympic gold medalist, was arrested at Moscow airport in February after vape cartridges found in her luggage containing cannabis-derived oil, which could carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Viktor Bout's most unexpected American ally turned out to be the federal judge presiding over his case. For years, Scheindlin has publicly questioned whether Bout is as villainous as his menacing nickname and cartoonish reputation suggest. After a federal jury convicted Bout on all four charges, including conspiring to kill Americans, Scheindlin denied the government's motion to sentence him to life in prison. Scheindlin instead gave Bout the minimum possible sentence of 25 years, calling it "fundamentally unfair to this defendant" that she wasn't given an opportunity to be more lenient. When reached by phone from Yahoo Sports last week, Scheindlin said her stance hadn't changed. Echoing her arguments from Bout's 2012 indictment hearing, Scheindlin pointed out that prior to his arrest, Bout had not committed a crime that could be charged in an American court and that there was no reason to believe that the DEA would not have targeted him with their covert operation. "I found the sentence too long, but I didn't have flexibility," said Scheindlin. Since his conviction in 2012, Bout has been at the top of the Kremlin's wish list for prisoner exchanges. Russia has repeatedly signaled its willingness to host a possible exchange for jailed Americans, but so far US experts speaking to Yahoo Sports agreed that securing Bout's release was due to his high-level ties to the government and military intelligence for Russia has priority. They said that Bout operated under state protection throughout his career as an arms dealer and that he often served the government's foreign policy interests after Vladimir Putin came to power and reconsolidated Russia's fragmented intelligence services. For Farah, co-author of the authoritative book on Bout, Russia's efforts to get Bout back serve to reward him for arming his allies, staying loyal after his arrest and never agreeing, as a source for defectors to serve. Blank, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia, drives Russia's interest in Bout out of fear of the secrets he might reveal if he were forced to tell US authorities about Russia's secret arms deals. "This is a guy who knows an awful lot about Russian arms smuggling," Blank said. “He sat at the center of a whole network of Russian arms deals, all of which traced back to Putin. Since a prisoner swap is Bout's only possible route back to Russia for the next 11 years, his New York attorney says he had "a guideline" when he took over as lead attorney. Steve Zissou openly admits that he is trying to "change the narrative" about Bouts to "get away from the 'dealer of death' or 'notorious arms dealer'" and make a trade more palatable to the American public and the US Bouts reputation, Zissou promptly answers calls from reporters, leaves comments under articles he finds biased, and writes letters to the editor, which often remain unpublished. Zissou's message is simple: This bout "committed no crimes punishable in a US court" until the DEA targeted him. "He was retired and living in Moscow minding his own business," Zissou said. He had never expressed any ill intentions toward the US, and then the US government spent millions of dollars creating a fictional crime that didn't exist.” One factor in Bout's favor is the time since his arrest passed in 2008. After 14 years, it would be very difficult for Bout to reintegrate into an industry that is changing as rapidly as the gun trade. "You have to know the actors and the terrain and have access," Farah said. S. Magen trading a notorious arms dealer for a WNBA player allegedly caught carrying vape cartridges of marijuana oil? What if the trade was for Griner and former Marine Paul Whelan, who is serving a 16-year sentence on espionage charges the US believes wrong? Scheindlin, the federal judge who convicted Bout, says she doesn't think "there would be a huge injustice to get rid of this guy and let him go back to where he came from in exchange for American citizens, who we really want back." "Given the lack of equality between him and Brittney, I think it would be fairer if the Russians were willing to release two Americans," Scheindlin said. Pasquarello, the former DEA agent who helped bring down Bout, sees things differently. He argued that it was the government's responsibility to find another way to bring Griner and Whelan home that doesn't encourage Russia and other rogue states to continue seizing Americans as trade bait. "You look at Viktor's background and how many deaths are linked to his actions and you want to trade that person?" Paquarello said. All of this gives governments an incentive to keep high-quality Americans going forward.”


Nets urge to trade Kyrie Irving for Timberwolves star in Proposed Blockbuster

The Nets are called upon to bring home a traded All-Star Guardian in a monster trade proposal. (Author: Gardener)

Kyrie IrvingBefore making it out of the play-in tournament this year's postseason, the Minnesota Timberwolves had not made the playoffs since the 2017-18 season. That year, despite being the bottom seed, they gave the runner-up Memphis Grizzlies everything they could handle in the playoffs. The Timberwolves have a good core with players like All-Star Karl Anthony Towns and a rising star in Anthony Edwards. NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller says Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving could be the player to fill that void. Russell, of course, used to play for the Nets before being sent to Golden State as part of Kevin Durant's sign-and-trade," Miller wrote, per NBC Sports Washington. "Russell would work well in Brooklyn alongside Durant and Ben Simmons, while the Timberwolves could move up in the Western Conference with another star like Irving. Some issues Minnesota should consider would be 1) they are already better on offense than defense, 2) Irving is a higher stakes player than Russell and 3) he has some overlap with Anthony Edwards as an offensive guard. Another team Miller says could be in the running for Irving if he becomes available this summer are the Sacramento Kings. The Kings have proven they are willing to give up assets for players who can help them win now after trading their former young star Tyrese Haliburton to the Indiana Pacers for big All-Star man Domantas Sabonis. That could bode well for a Nets team that already has a solid group of young players, in addition to the Sixers' first-round pick for use either this year or next. If they can somehow persuade the Kings to ditch their #4 pick in this year's NBA draft, they'd have a good collection of assets that could earn them a third star alongside Durant and Simmons. "Sacramento is experiencing the longest postseason drought in NBA history at 16, so long that the last time they made the playoffs they had Peja Stojakovic and Bonzi Wells on the team. It's a desperate situation and they have fourth overall pick as well as a decent group of young players to contend with,” Miller continues. Every time Irving has had the chance to pick his next team, he's always looked for a chance to win a title despite already having a ring. The Kings would probably make the playoffs with him, but he's not going to make them contenders.” The Nets are already charted as one of the top contenders for next year's NBA title as they are sure to defeat Kevin next season Durant and Ben Simmons will be on the roster and Joe Harris will be returning from injury. If Kyrie decides to enter the final year of his contract, her title chances will increase even more. But Sean Marks and the Nets' front office have also assembled a decent squad of young talent, as rookies like Cam Thomas, Kessler Edwards and Day'Ron Sharpe all played significant minutes for the Nets last season. While the Nets have consistently reiterated that they are in win-now mode, Brooklyn's current squad of young players will certainly play a role in potential deals for Irving. If the Nets don't secure a title during the Kyrie and KD eras, they could try again with next-gen depending on how their rookies fare. READ MORE: Zach LaVine picking Lakers could result in blockbuster trade for Nets Star: report


He'll make whatever money he gets

Callie Caplan: Luka Doncic on Jalen Brunson's upcoming freelance agency: "In all the conversations around him, he stayed focused. The step - the big leap - he's made this year has been incredible, and he's going to make all the money he... (Author: Gardener)

Callie CaplanCallie Caplan: Luka Doncic on Jalen Brunson's Upcoming Free Agency: "In all the conversations around him, he stayed focused. Source: Twitter @CallieCaplan Luka Doncic's not-so-great offseason plans: More input on Mavs roster moves & much more basketball… - 6:12pm Signing Jalen Brunson is top priority for Mavericks this offseason , said general manager Nico Harrison on Friday.… - 5:56pm Luka Doncic on Jalen Brunson's forthcoming free agency: “All the conversations around him he stayed focused. He wanted to win. He wanted to win. The step - the big leap - he's made this year has been incredible and he's going to make all the money he gets." - 5:17pm The step - the big leap - he's made this year has been incredible and he'll make whatever money he gets." - 5:17 p.m. Jalen Brunson was one of the breakout stars of the 2022 NBA playoffs. While it's possible he'll re-sign with the Dallas Mavericks, @BryanFonsecaNY investigated several other landing spots that make sense for the 25-year-old:… - 4:53pm What Jason Kidd said to Luka Doncic after Game 5: "We're going to get better from that and we're going to learn from it. failure is okay. Don't feel like you've come up short. The greats always failed and found a way to improve to win a championship.” – 4:32pm @Malika Andrews joined to speak with Dallas Bobby Marks on how the Mavericks are feeling about Luka Doncic | NBA Today via @YouTube - 4:14pm Jalen Brunson got all his teammates to sign one of his jerseys as a memento of this Mavs season: "Love playing with these guys." pic - 4:09pm Nico Harrison said the Mavs Conference Finals run exceeded his expectations: "Not only did we get there, we got there in style and class." Said signing of Jalen Brunson is "No. 1 priority" and he will travel this off-season to visit all players at home, not just Luka Doncic. - 4:08pm Latest @BleacherReport Is Luka magical enough or do the Dallas Mavericks need Doncic to land another star?… - my view (and suggestions) on direction for a team that's made a big step forward - 4:05pm Luka Doncic's exit interview: two-way conversations with me, Nico, Fin and J.” About Jalen Brunson's Free Agency: “He's going to make whatever money he gets.” Favorite moment this season? "I do not know." – until he was reminded of Game 7. - 4pm Michael Scotto @MikeAScotto Mavericks GM Nico Harrison on Jalen Brunson's Free Agency: “This is a top priority. We need to find out. Of course we don't have any control over that, but he's definitely a priority. We want to sign him again. We want him back. He's going to be a big part of our future.” – 3:18pm Getting tired that Luka isn't already attempting some defensive narrative. Basically, he showed significant defensive improvement for the season, to the point that he was solid more often than not. He sucked for one half and people act like he never tried. Sights and sounds from a familiar and unfamiliar scene: The Warriors advance to the finals... at the Chase Center, @TheAthletic Nintendo Klay, "Trophy Hunting" Steph, Luka Longview and a Chet Holmgren chat about his time with Dirk.… - 12:03 p.m. NBA best of May 26: Thompson: 32 pts, 3rd best, +18 Doncic: 28 pts, 9th reb, 6th best .Dinwiddie: 26 pts, 4th best, 2 blk Wiggins: 18 pts, 10 reb, 2 branch Green: 17 pts, 6 reb, 9 branch Poole: 16 pts, 6 reb, 6 branch Looney: 10 pts, 18 Reb, 4 Ast – 11:20 Luka Doncic feeling comfortable The Mavs are on a “great, great path” after their final in the West. The big question now: does Dallas have to find a way to get a co-star to take the next step, or can Luka plus quality complements that fit well work?… - 10:44am Mavericks offseason preview: Jalen Brunson's free agency, trade market options and more.… - 10:43 am Luka Playoffs Career: He is the first player ever to average 30/5/5 in each of his first 3 playoffs. - 10:33am TNT's Inside the NBA crew calls Mavs playoff run 'a stroke of luck' says Luka Doncic needs to improve - 10:25am Luka Doncic in 2022 NBA Playoffs: Doncic has averaged at least 30p/5r/5a in each of the last three postseasons. The only other player in NBA history to have reached that mark in at least three consecutive postseasons is Michael Jordan (1989-1993). - 9:41am Mark Cuban hints at big offer from Jalen Brunson: 'We can pay him more than anyone else' - 9:31am Luka Doncic last night : ✅ 28 PTS ✅ 9 REB ✅ 6 AST It's the 10th time Doncic has led the Mavericks (either straight or a tie) in points, rebounds and assists this postseason. That breaks a tie with LeBron James (2013) for the most games of its kind in a single postseason in NBA history. - 9:31am What's next for Mavericks? Kidd challenges Doncic, team - 9:15 am How do the Mavs take the next step? The ideal teammates for Luka Doncic:… - 8:05am Luka: 'I played terrible' but proud of Mavs run id... - 3:26 am Mark Cuban Q&A: Summer needs; What's next for Luka Doncic? and Jason Kidd's brilliance - 1:36 am Luka Doncic's stats in 80 games for 2021-22, regular season and playoffs: 29.0 points, 9.25 rebounds, 8.3 assists, 1, 3 steals; 45.6% FG, 35.1% 3FG, 75% FT in 35.7 minutes per game. Mavs overall record: 59-41 – 1:27 a.m. Luka Doncic and Dallas couldn't do much against the Golden State Warriors, who are back forever… – 1:16 a.m. An @ESPNStatsInfo Check out Luka Doncic's playoff track record: - 1:00 AM In his first year under Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic, Mavs surpassed expectations, made a "huge step" ... - 12:50 am Only 2 players in NBA history have averaged 30 points in each of their first 3 career postseasons per @ESPNStatsInfo: Luka Doncic, with a mischievous grin: "I'll probably take a week off basketball." He is aware of the conditioning issues but notes that he has been playing almost non-stop since the start of the 2020-21 season. Luka Doncic's assessment of Mavs' future championship potential: “Great. Honestly great. I think this year we took a huge, huge step. Maybe a few steps. I think we're on a great path.” – 12:13 am Luka Doncic: “I don't like to lose, especially like this. I played terribly.” He adds: “I'm really proud of this team.” - 12:10am Jalen Brunson: "We had a lot of fun proving people wrong." - 12:07am - Steph Curry MVP - Looney New Junkyard Dog - Luka Doncic's Year 4 Report Card - Mavs Outlook - Game 5 Klay Defense! - Wiggins X-Factor - Survivor/Better Call Saul season finale… - 00:00 Bjelica was Otto Porter tonight. 22 minutes, 6 rebounds, 3 assists and a big down-the-stretch 3-pointer, no turnovers. Doncic also had to be careful. Couldn't ask for much more from a guy who only played over 19 minutes in the first four games and didn't play at all in two games. Steve Kerr opens his press conference praising Dallas, saying Luka Doncic is 'impossible to guard' and how Jason Kidd has coached a great streak. Kerr said it was "tiring, stressful, emotional" coming back here for the finals. After the game, Luka Doncic meets with his closest crew - Dirk, Goran Dragic, Papa Sasa, Agent Bill Duffy, Mark Cuban, his girlfriend. - 11:48pm Chet Holmgren to Luka Doncic: "See you out there next year." - 11:46pm Bobby Marks @BobbyMarks42 Bobby Marks @BobbyMarks42 The off-season in Dallas 💰Free agency and Jalen Brunson's expense 13 players earn between $2m and $19.6m - 11:29pm Luka Doncic had a post-series conversation with Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Steph Curry, Jordan Poole, Andrew Wiggins, Steve Kerr, and Mike Brown. Here's a look at his path through the Warriors - 11:25pm Luka these playoffs: - 3 40 point games - Kick 1st seed - 23: 24h Most PPG in Eliminations: 35.0 - Luka Doncic 35.0 - Luka Doncic 33.5 - LeBron James 31.3 - Michael Jordan Salute to Luka. - 11:20pm At what point does Doncic say "no mas"? Not yet. What a player. Lukas heats up! - 10:52 p.m. A 15-0 blitz gave the Mavericks a heartbeat. They follow 94-84 and go into fourth. Luka had a 15-point third quarter after a zero-point second quarter. Luka in Q3 👀 - 10:49pm END OF Q3: Warriors up 94-84. Doncic has come alive and suddenly Golden State's 25-point lead has dropped to 10. I have to start the 4th with Luka. It doesn't matter how gassed he is. Steph sits to start the 4th, go with Luka and see if they can continue that run. GSW is really making a concerted effort to ride when Luka ends up being the low man in charge of protecting the rim. Poole just laid a straight line there - 10:48 p.m. 94-84, Mavs don't give up. Luka with a quick master class while the warriors were joking around. Klay at 27. Not many guys, now or in a long time, who can control a game offensively like Luka did in the final minutes of that third quarter. Seems the bodysnatchers have been destroyed and Luka has returned - 10:46pm. The lead was once 25, now it's dropped to 11. Luka is up – 10:44 p.m. Doncic just hit his first 3-pointer of the night late in the third quarter. Once again, Wiggins was absolutely brilliant defensively. He should have had more consideration for the all-defensive team. Congratulations to the Warriors for chasing Luka Doncic into the first all-around bad game of his NBA playoff career. Less congratulations to the rest of the Western Conference next season if Luka Doncic decides to spend the offseason stewing this season. Wiggin's full court pressure + ball refusal on Luka was really impressive. Tonight Game 6 vs Warriors in 07 is very important. Mavs were blown out at Oracle 111-86. Dirk's MVP season ended with 8 points-10 rebs on a 2-13 shooting. Dirk has become OK. If Luka had a migraine today I'd say he had an elimination game like Pippen - 10:32pm James Edwards III @JLEdwardsIII Luka is just Hedo Turkoglu with half a sleeve - 10:31pm Luka Doncic has scored 40 more points in 28 .5% of his playoff games (8 out of 28). I don't want to hear any slander tonight. Taking the Mavericks this far was an achievement in itself. Another bucket because Luka went back to D after the miss. It just looks like gas. Barkley sees things no one else sees, but it's not like anyone at the Peanut Gallery is going to correct their inattentive ass!! He claimed Luka came out and threw up trees. Only lasted after 4 minutes in the game. Lasted 2d with 3 min left, 3d at 0:57 mark!! Fwiw, however i get on luka tonight it's a night down. This game is only happening because he's on this team. But can be disappointed and emotional for one night. Charles Barkley on Luka Doncic's first half: "I'm very disappointed in Luka. He doesn't play with energy, goes through the moves and doesn't go back on defense. He doesn't compete.” – 10:18 pm If Luka doesn't come out of the half quite differently, I expect the lead to go to 30+ pretty quickly. Steph = 5 points @ halftime. But hey, when I pointed out if Luka didn't throw himself into defence, I kept hearing "he'll learn" or that I was being fussy. Bad habits come back to bite you at the worst of times. He paid big to play AND lead – 10:13pm Can't say I disagree with Barkley's comments on Luka tonight. Luka is 1-7 in suit. And these have almost all turned into Warriors Fast Breaks when he complains. Luka Doncic is ready to end the season. Klay Thompson: 19 points in 18 minutes of the first half. Had not scored more than 19 goals in a game of this series. Luka Doncic: 2-of-12 shooting with three turnovers. Warriors at 17. Mavericks have a lot of work to do in the second half which they will start at 69-52. Klay Thompson with 19 points, Steph Curry with seven assists. Luka 2-of-12, looking quite frustrated that he can't buy a call. Less than ideal for Luka to have the worst playoff half of his career. J. Michael Falgoust @ThisIsJMichael J. Michael Falgoust @ThisIsJMichael For anyone who enjoys reciting a box score to imply someone did their job, check out Luka after a miss. As SVG said, and I've said this repeatedly, if the best player/leader checks mentally and doesn't rush, others will too. Luka finna books this private jet to Slovenia halfway through so it will be ready by last summer. (Psst: There's no one willing to help Luka on Poole because they're too busy guarding Steph and Klay) - 9:58pm This might be the worst half of basketball I've ever seen play doncic They were in cold blood for leaving Luka in space on Poole – 21:56 Doncic rubs his right kneecap. Might make a joke about warriors covering the knees of Mavs, but I'll leave it at that. Luka was the worst Mav on the pitch tonight. Didn't think that would ever be the case. Warriors grabbed seven quick points for their biggest lead of the game, 45-32. Mavericks can't play long from that far behind. Gotta get their own run. Luka is likely to be back after this break. For the first time in the series, the Mavs lost minutes without Luka in the 2nd quarter. Unfortunately, the game 1 looks very similar. Warriors shoot 53%, Mavs can't buy a 3pt shot - 9:42 p.m. Klay with a Steph shimmy after this three-pointer. Dubs to 13 and win the non-Steph & Luka stretch which killed her on Tuesday. Big 3-pointers late in the first from Spencer Dinwiddie put Mavs within 28-23 of the second. Reason for concern: Luka took 10 shots, only made two. Steph Curry has only fired two shots, made one and provided five assists. Mavs is lucky to only have lost 5 points. Only 4 paint points despite Luke's best efforts to get in. 12-color GS - 9:31 p.m. Luka, LeBron & Magic are the only three people in NBA history with the combination of skill, size, strength and vision to make *that* specific pass. James Boyd @RomeovilleKid That pass and shot from Luka and Dinwiddie is basketball at its finest. Elite stuff right there!! Luka played poorly in this quarter, but Dirk's shot + that absolutely *insane* cross-court pass at the end of the quarter makes it okay. Spencer Dinwiddie, two threes in the last 20 seconds of the first quarter, kept Mavs at bay. Luka, 14:00 – 21:29 Luka, 14:00 – 21:29 Luka, 14:00 – 21:29 Damn Dinwiddie three-pointer and an even better pass from Doncic. The worst Luka has looked in a long time...or since Game 1. Monte Poole @MontePooleNBCS Luka got away with his first hip check. Gets caught doing it - 9:26pm. I'm not even sure if my mother helped me when I fell when I was a kid, that's how many times Draymond checked Luka Doncic in this series. Sorry, it's taking me about an hour to process Luka posting Golden State center and casually initiating a Dirk fadeaway over him. Michael Dugat @mdug Michael Dugat @mdug Michael Dugat @mdug Michael Dugat @mdug Michael Dugat @mdug Michael Dugat @mdug Michael Dugat @mdug Michael Dugat @mdug Luka is gone and the Mavs are not blown out. Doncic is 2-8, 0-3 on 3 pointers. He doesn't even miss those 3s narrowly. Steph Curry limped up after Luka Doncic split a doubles team. During the downtime, he gets some attention from Warriors staff. Appears to be a problem with the right foot/ankle. He seems to be staying in the game. Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe Marcus Thompson @ThompsonScribe Curry limped up on this double from Luka. I can't tell if it was the ankle or if he hit his knee. He was working on it, trying to push it away and was obviously unhappy about it – 9:08pm Luka is slapped in the face on the driveway and no call… and then Powell gets a tricky turn via referee recall 40 yards away? Warriors attack Doncic – and the Mavs: 9-2. Another night we can watch Luka Dončić play playoff basketball. Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Callie Caplan @CallieCaplan Luka Doncic and his live-shooting Latvian frontcourt counterpart warm up for Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals...just like the Mavs and fans all hoped and dreamed of in January 2019. pic.twitter. com/2az8EEx0cE - 8:03pm IMO THE 2 main mavericks tonight, Finney-Smith and Kleber, assuming Doncic has typical Doncic play. Finney-Smith wears earplugs so the guys from the TNT studio can talk to him during the warm-up. - 7:51pm Brad Townsend: Nico Harrison says signing Jalen Brunson is "absolutely" the top priority this offseason, - via Twitter @townbrad / May 27, 2022 Bally Sports Southwest: "We can pay him more than anyone...I think he wants to stay and that's the most important thing." @mcuban talks to @TheSteinLine about the Mavericks' chances of re-signing @jalenbrunson1 this offseason. -via Twitter / May 27, 2022 Callie Caplan: Jalen Brunson, future free agent: “When it happens, it happens. I'm not worried about that now. Honestly at this point how I feel I'm really happy that I got to play with these guys and the things we've done this year that's all I'm really focused on right now." via Twitter @CallieCaplan / May 27, 2022


Kamala Harris' embarrassing moments, a non-exhaustive list

President Joe Biden is known for his verbal missteps, but Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden's heir presumptive, is providing just as much fodder for Republican activists ahead of the 2022 midterm elections and a possible second White House campaign. (Author: Gardener)

Kamala Harris'President Joe Biden is known for his verbal missteps, but Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden's heir presumptive, is providing just as much fodder for Republican activists ahead of the 2022 midterm elections and a possible second White House campaign. BIDEN AND DEMOCRATS TRY TO STOP ASIAN AMERICANS FROM GOP ENTRY BEFORE MIRONELECTIONS “When we talk about our children — I know for this group, we all believe that when we talk about the children of the community, they children of the community are,” she said Monday during a mental health and wellness event at Children's National Hospital. Earlier this month, Harris addressed delegates from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations at the State Department. She told the Southeast Asia-focused conference that she and the United States "share a common belief that our world is increasingly interconnected and interdependent." “That is especially true in relation to the climate crisis, which is why we are and will continue to work together to address these issues, to address these challenges and to work together in our continued work and to work based on the new norms, rules and agreements that we are coming together on to work together to stimulate global action," she said. "This is a matter of urgent priority for all of us, and I know we will work on it together." Harris' ASEAN appearance resembled an interview with NBC News in January, when asked if Biden should adjust his COVID-19 pandemic strategy, "It's time for us to do what we've done, and that time is every day," she said during a Traveling to the Sunset Community Center in Louisiana in March, Harris campaigned for funding from the Biden administration to improve high-speed Internet access and affordability u improve but was open about the timeline for the projects. "We all got a tour of the library here and talked about the importance of the passage of time," she told the crowd. The meaning of the passage of time." The meaning of the passage of time." "So when you think about it, the passage of time has a lot of meaning in terms of what we have to do to run these wires, what we have to do to create these jobs," Harris continued. "And it's so important that time flies when we think about a day in the lives of our children and what that means for the future of our nation as they have the resources they need to reach their God." — talent given." A month later, Harris told MSNBC host Joy Reid that there is "a community in the Mississippi Delta that has a long history as a part of American history." Prior to Harris' southward swing, she visited Poland and Romania during the peak of the Russian attack on Ukraine to demonstrate U. "I'm standing here on the northern flank, on the eastern flank and I'm talking about what we have in relation to the eastern flank and our NATO allies and what's at stake right now" , Harris corrected himself alongside Polish President Andrzej Duda. She added: "What is at stake at this moment are some of the guiding principles of the NATO alliance and in particular the issue and importance of defending sovereignty and territorial integrity, in this case Ukraine." Later that week, the protocol corrected at its winter session of the Democratic National Committee to underline that Ukraine is not a member of NATO. "So I will say what I know we all say, and I will say again and again: The United States stands firmly on the side of the Ukrainian people [and] in defense of the NATO alliance," it said. Harris' trip followed her defense of not having traveled to the southern border despite her portfolio of causes of illegal migration by claiming to NBC News that she had not flown to Europe either.