Avalanche was still stuck in Round 2 after the collapse of Game 5. Will the Game 7 Demons show up if Colorado can't finish the Blues on Friday?

The disappointment in Wednesday's Game 5 at Ball Arena was a reminder of how the Avalanche are quite capable of hitting back with a road win - this one to win the series. (Author: Gardener)

AvalancheIn an attempt to put behind a cosmic Game 5 collapse, the Avalanche has at least one thing in store: The Avs go into a potential close-out Game 6 against the St. Louis Blues at the Enterprise Center on Friday night and are a perfect one 4-0 on the road this postseason. Of course, none of those victories were preceded by a historic meltdown that saw a trip to the Western Conference Finals at stake - a 5-4 loss in overtime that revived the ghosts of failed second-round series of the past. But Colorado coach Jared Bednar remained confident his team can regroup, just as they did prior to Game 3 at The Enterprise Center. The Avs won both games in St. Louis after a poor performance in Game 2 at Ball Arena, which tied the Western Conference Semifinals 1-1. But St. Louis delivered a solid punch Wednesday night when the Avs lost after leading 3-0 in a playoff game for the first time since moving to Colorado. The Blues limited Colorado to just 11 shots in the second and third periods after the Avs had 18 in the opening frame. “We were done with ourselves after Game 2. We had to go to St. Louis and do our best and be resilient and mentally tough and get back to our game and we did it," Bednar told reporters at Denver International Airport on Thursday. "And now we're obviously unhappy with last night's game, especially with the ending. We need to regroup and do what we did in games 3 and 4 there. If that doesn't happen, Game 7 is Sunday night at the Ball Arena. The Avs have lost five straight games 7 -- one of the reasons they haven't reached the Western Conference Finals in 20 years. After squandering the 3-0 lead, the Avs were on the verge of victory thanks to a sensational end-to-end play from Nathan MacKinnon that gave Colorado a 4-3 lead into the final minute of regular time. Colorado was clearly the better team in the first half of the game and St. Louis dominated the final third. MacKinnon, who had three goals and a hand on all four goals, couldn't single-handedly beat the Blues, who rallied to cut Colorado's series lead to 3-2. "I don't have any different thoughts this morning about last night's game than last night," Bednar said. I didn't think we handled it well. We had opportunities to pull out pucks, didn't stay alert and stayed confident and followed them enough and it seemed like whatever could go wrong, went wrong for us. Bednar expects his side to play with confidence on Friday. "It's the best-of-seven series. If you're sulking or living in the past or not staying in the moment, then you're done," he said. Avs defender Cale Makar had no trouble sleeping after Game 5. You learn from it,” he told DIA before boarding a chartered flight to St. Louis. "I think that's a valuable team experience that we took from this game and there's not much more to say about it. We're still in line. We have an opportunity to end it again now, so you just can't take these opportunities to end a team's season for granted.” This is his ninth postseason run with 91 playoff games. "You can't get too frustrated or down when things aren't going well because there's still a lot to do," he said. “We need some positive energy to get through this series. We have a good team and we have to trust each other and play hard and not worry about the results and just focus on what we have to do to win."


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from May 20th

The undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions were determined on Friday night's SmackDown as Raw champions RK-Bro took on SmackDown champions The Usos in a high-stakes, pay-per-view quality Main Event... (Author: Gardener)

May 20thWWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reactions and Highlights from May 20th WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reactions and Highlights from May 20th Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions were determined on Friday night's SmackDown, as Raw Champions RK-Bro took on SmackDown titlists The Usos in a high-stakes, pay-per-view quality Main Event. The highly-anticipated fight, originally scheduled for the WrestleMania Backlash premium live event, not only made history but also ushered in an episode covering the latest New Day vs Fight Night rivalry, as well as a Showdown between former intercontinental champions as Shinsuke Nakamura fought Sami Zayn. Find out what happened on Fox on Friday with this recap of the show, complete with grades, analysis and top moments from the night's action. The stakes for The Usos were made abundantly clear in the night's opening promo. They were silent but absorbed the words of Undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns and Special Counsel Paul Heyman. Heyman shared the history of the Samoan dynasty and The Bloodline's place in it before revealing that if Jimmy and Jey are unsuccessful in the night's Winners Take All, Tag Team Championship Unification Match, they will no longer be on the Island of Relevancy.Reigns will be welcome Forebodingly, he warned his cousins ​​that because of his love for them, expectations are high. This was a great promo that boosted what was already a high stakes match later in the show. Some will argue that including this particular condition in the match was crucial for WWE Creative, and perhaps it was. What it definitely did was add even more intrigue to a big match that probably should have happened at WrestleMania Backlash Heel, and Heyman is an all-timer from a performance and promo perspective. "Welcome to the biggest singles night in tag team wrestling history," Paul Heyman said, highlighting the importance of the night's Winners Take All main event. Heyman lined up the Usos as descendants of the Wild Samoans, emphasizing that not even Afa and Sika have achieved what Jimmy and Jey have the opportunity to do in the main event. "The Usos will come home as the undisputed tag team champions or win them." I'm not coming home to the Island of Relevance at all," Heyman said, upping the ante of the fight with RK-Bro, still delusional depicting The Bloodline as some sort of extended member, battling his former Intercontinental Champion in the night's opening contest Shinsuke Nakamura. After a particularly nasty fall from the top rope to the floor by Nakamura, Zayn controlled the match. The Great Liberator made it back into the ring but charged straight into Kinshasa as the Babyface took the big win. The match, like most between these contenders, was great fun and got the fans in Grand Rapids biting at near falls. including the two counts. Nakamura's victory made sense given the lofty creative plans in place for him, while the loss continued to cast Zayn into someone who tried to defend The Bloodline's honor but repeatedly failed. Where this story goes remains to be seen, but it feels safe to say that Nakamura will likely be next for the tribal chief, which should be one hell of a match if nothing else. A match between them has been teased yet again. Nakamura's fall before the commercial was scary and looked all sorts of awkward. The countout teases were great and played out the cowardly element of Zayn's character. Happy Corbin cut a sizzling promo for Madcap Moss, very proud of his actions a week ago that landed his former associate in an ambulance. He destroyed the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy to put an exclamation mark on the segment. A week after Drew Gulak suffered a nasty punch to the chest, Drew Gulak made the unwise decision to take a shot at "The Ring General" Gunther for a second time. Ricochet parried when Gunther launched a post-match Boston crab, sparking a feud between the NXT exports. If that's the direction the SmackDown writing team is taking the Intercontinental Championship, fans should be excited. Gambling the bat against the high flyer with one of the most legendary championships in WWE history is a great decision and one that should produce several really strong matches. Corbin broke the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy in apparent disrespect. Michael Cole rightly pointed out that the same trophy that destroyed Corbin was instrumental in getting him into the main roster. A backstage argument between Shotzi and Aliyah led to former fighter Raquel Rodriguez describing her as "weak" and "a collar". Rodriguez silenced her opponent, shrugging off an attack with his heel and knocking her away with a corkscrew squirt down the middle rope and a one-handed powerbomb for the win. This was an extended squash with Rodriguez heating up again after last week's loss to Ronda Rousey. She impressed a week ago and will try to continue to do so as she remains at the helm of the SmackDown women's division. It's disappointing that those in power continue to let down Shotzi, who gave her a marketable, unique, and fun character, only to see him replaced with an unimpressive heel personality that did little to cement her spot on the map improve .Shotzi is a star, and she should be doing something far more meaningful than participating in matches like this that aim to make others look good. The Corkscrew Splash into an Elbow Drop is a fresh and impressive twist on the old Vader Bomb. With Xavier Woods unaccompanied by Kofi Kingston, Butch decided to go it alone, leaving his Brawling Brutes teammates Sheamus and Ridge Holland backstage as he attempted to avenge his first SmackDown loss to Woods a few weeks ago. In another competitive game, Butch systematically dominated to pick apart Woods only to see his tenacity work against him as Woods scored a second straight win over him with Backwoods. There's a wealth of talent between New Day and the Brawling Brutes, including a couple of future Hall of Famers. The same competitors wrestle each other every week, sometimes with a special gimmick, before coming back and doing it again the next week. Woods promised Kingston's return next week and a special mystery partner for a six-man tag team match against Sheamus and company, and while that's likely to be a perfect wrestling match, it doesn't add to the excitement, if only by itself this is because we have seen the feud being crushed week after week to the point where it has lost all effectiveness. Pat McAfee referred to Butch, Sheamus and Holland as Fight Night and apparently didn't get the note about the new (definitely less awesome) name Brawling Brutes. Heels spiked to close the segment.Winners Take All Match: RK-Bro vs. The UsosThe Usos made history in Friday night's SmackDown Main Event by defeating RK-Bro and becoming undisputed WWE Tag- Becoming team champions. A dramatic match - compounded by Riddle's apparent hip injury - saw Randy Orton explode into the ring late and erupt on Jimmy and Jey Uso. It would be The Original Bro and WWE workhorse who would hold the fate of RK-Bro in his hands in the final moments of the match. As Riddle tried to get a top rope RKO, Roman Reigns appeared out of nowhere and helped Jey inside avoid the move. Seconds later, Uso jumped off the top rope and used a splash to claim the win and both the Raw and SmackDown Tag Titles. Bloodline re-established dominance by dumping both Orton and Riddle to end the show. There were seriously high expectations that had to be met in this game. WWE's tag title fight hype was next level, but both teams managed to deliver. On a premium live event stage with no commercials to interfere with the flow, this would likely have made it a contender for Match of the Year. As it was, it was still a phenomenal pro wrestling match, with the right team passing before the rivalry escalated with Orton and Riddle via post-match beatdown. The issues are far from resolved, and after the events of this show, Reigns seems to be on a collision course with one (or both). If Riddle and Orton can muster the same energy in individual actions that they do together, then either of these prospective matches would be welcome. A hard bump in the corner left Riddle with a hip injury and the ringside doctor chimed in ahead of the commercial. The hot day at Orton was phenomenal and got the crowd going. Roman Reigns interfered late, allowing him to dodge a top rope and earn the expected spoiled win. jumped off the top rope and propelled Riddle through the commentary table before Reigns applied the guillotine choke to Orton.


Abbott cancels NRA appearance and provides video commentary

More details about the horror that unfolded at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, have emerged days after the school shooting killed 21 people (Author: Gardener)

AbbottDetails about the horror unfolding began to emerge after a gunman opened fire at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday. The shooting -- the deadliest school shooting in Texas history -- killed 19 students and two teachers after an 18-year-old man barricaded himself in their classroom. Police officers eventually forced entry into the classroom and police killed the shooter. "It's a small classroom that seats between 25 and 30 students, plus two teachers were there ... a typical classroom environment where large groups of kids are all in that classroom together with nowhere to go," Lt. Chris Olivarez, spokesman for the Texas Department for Public Safety, in a television interview. We also now know the shooter legally purchased two AR rifles in the past two weeks, according to a state and federal officials briefing provided to Texas officials. As the hours went by, more victims were identified and the community learned more about the lives lost Tuesday. Follow us for live updates from the Uvalde, Texas school shooting and its aftermath Thursday. Gov. Greg Abbott canceled a personal appearance at a National Rifle Association convention in Houston on Friday and will instead be in Uvalde to speak about state resources for people affected by a mass shooting in the south Texas city this week . Abbott will appear at the convention via videotape, his spokeswoman Renae Eze said. Earlier this week, the NRA again committed to holding its annual weekend gathering after a gunman entered Robb Elementary School and killed 21 people, the deadliest school shooting in the United States in a decade. Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he would attend the convention as scheduled. When two Major League Baseball teams faced off Thursday night, the teams' official Twitter accounts shared facts about gun violence rather than posting updates about the game. "In lieu of game coverage and in cooperation with the Tampa Bay Rays, we will use our channels to offer facts about the effects of gun violence," the New York Yankees tweeted. "The devastating events that have taken place in Uvalde, Buffalo and countless other communities across our country are unbearable tragedies." The Tampa Bay Rays tweeted the same statement. Along with quotes, the teams tweeted that "each day, more than 110 Americans are killed with guns and more than 200 are shot and injured," as well as that "guns were the leading cause of death for American children and youth in America in 2020." The Twitter accounts of others MLB teams were still covering their games Thursday. David Hogg, one of the founders of the student-led March For Our Lives, which supports gun control legislation, shared the Yankees' tweet Thursday night. "I'm telling you," Hogg tweeted, "This time will be different." Javier Cazares, the father of 9-year-old Jackie, who was among 19 students killed in the Uvalde school shooting, told the American-Statesman that he was rushing to the school , after hearing about the shooting, and arriving around noon Tuesday, said several parents shouted to officers to go inside the building to confront the shooter and when officers failed to do so, the parents threatened to enter themselves. He said it appeared there were no police in the building while he was waiting outside. The account echoes several others that have emerged from parents and other viewers outside of the school. Victor Escalon, a regional director for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said Thursday the gunman was at the school for about an hour before he was shot by a Border Patrol officer. Escalon did not answer questions at a press conference about why Uvalde police had not stopped the gunman. Instead, he said they would evacuate students and staff from other classrooms. He said investigators were still pieceing together exactly what happened. Cazares said he did not speak to investigators, but that a federal agent stopped by his home when he was not there. They're everywhere," he said. Victor Escalon, regional director for the South Texas Department of Public Safety, said the gunman who fired "numerous rounds" and killed 19 children and two teachers had been at the school for about an hour. During a news conference Thursday, Escalon said the Shooter arrived at the school around 11:30 a.m. and fired at two nearby witnesses, but was not confronted by police before entering the school about 10 minutes later through a door in the west entrance that appeared to be unlocked . Escalon said there was no armed school official at the school who exchanged gunfire with the gunman, contrary to initial reports from DPS officials. Officers from Uvalde Police Department and Uvalde School District Police arrived about four minutes later and were initially unable to enter due to an exchange of gunfire. He said the majority of the shooting was at the start of the shooting. While the officer s were there, he said he, they called for additional resources and helped evacuate children and teachers. About an hour later, Escalon said U.S. Border Patrol tactical teams arrived, got in, and killed the gunman. Escalon did not answer questions about why Uvalde police officers did not kill the gunman during the hour he was at the school. We ache for the parishioners in Uvalde, Texas," Escalon said. The victims, the family members, we feel for them.” Escalon stressed that it would take hours or days to recreate the scene and find out exactly what happened. Daniel Rodriguez, chief of the Uvalde Police Department, said officers, along with Uvalde's CISD officers, responded to the school shooting within minutes. UPD officers sustained gunshot wounds from the gunman but no life-threatening injuries. He said there was an ongoing investigation by the Texas Rangers. I know answers will not come fast enough at this difficult time, but rest assured that once the full investigation is complete, I will be able to answer any questions that we can," Rodriguez said in a statement. Joe Garcia had just laid flowers at the memorial of his high school sweetheart Irma Garcia — his 24-year-old wife and mother of their four children — Thursday morning. Irma Garcia was one of two fourth-year teachers and 19 children who died in a hail of bullets at Robb Primary School in Uvalde on Tuesday. “What happened was my Uncle Joe wanted to bring flowers to my Tia (Aunt) Irma, his wife, and when he came back he sat down at the kitchen table with his whole family and after 3 minutes he just fell over. I know my little brother was there," nephew John Martinez of San Marcos, Texas, told the Detroit Free Press. Now the four Garcia children -- ages 23, 19, 15 and 13 -- are planning two funerals, Martinez said. President Biden travels to Texas to comfort families of victims of Uvalde school shooting President Joe Biden will travel to Uvalde on Sunday to meet with the families of victims of a mass shooting at an elementary school. The White House said in a statement that the president and first lady would visit Texas to "mourn with the community who lost twenty-one lives in the horrific elementary school shooting." "I think as a nation we all have to be there for them," Biden said at the White House earlier this week. Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-San Antonio, is calling for a federal probe into law enforcement's response to the Robb Elementary School shooting amid conflicting reports from state officials about what happened Tuesday. In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wrap Thursday, Castro said state officials are providing conflicting accounts of the shooting that "conflict with those from witnesses." "The people of Uvalde, Texas and the nation deserve an accurate account of what happened," he wrote, before urging the federal agency to "use their maximum authority to thoroughly investigate the timeline of events and law enforcement response." and to provide a full, timely and transparent report of your findings." Castro said officers failed to consider every moment between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. Tuesday when the shooting allegedly took place. He raised Also, conflicting reports from officials emerged as to whether a school security officer shot the gunman before he entered the school. he wrote.The letter was published shortly after a press conference in Uvalde, where officials gave details of z rescinded prior to reported shootings. The League of United Latin American Citizens has launched a fundraiser to support the community of Uvalde, Texas. "Where 90 percent of Robb Elementary School students identify as Hispanic and more than four-fifths are economically disadvantaged, this community needs our united prayers, help and support," LULAC said in a news release. More: How you can help those affected by the Texas school shooting in Uvalde The United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County have established a United with Uvalde fund to support the families of the victims and survivors of the shooting. They shouldn't have to face these unimaginable circumstances alone," United Way of San Antonio said in a press release. Two performers who were scheduled to perform at the National Rifle Association Convention in Houston this week have left Uvalde in response to the school shooting withdrawn.In a statement, Larry Gatlin said he could not act "in good conscience". He said he agrees with most of the NRA's positions but believes background checks are a "step in the right direction" to avoid tragic events such as preventing the Uvalde shooting is disrespectful," Don McLean said in a statement, saying that he felt it was disrespectful to speak up "in light of recent events in Texas. After all, we are all Americans," McLean said. The Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District announced in a tweet that Uvalde High School's graduation ceremony would be postponed. "Uvalde Community, out of deepest respect for the families affected and our community. The tragedy that we have witnessed, Uvalde High School's graduation ceremony has been postponed," the district said. Texas officials are reviewing law enforcement's response to initial reports that A gunman broke into a primary school in Uvalde on Tuesday to determine if officers didn't act quickly enough before the attacker killed 19 children and two teachers. Authorities are focused on an early timeline for law enforcement's approach to the rob Elementary School, as some community members asked that officers storm the building where the 18-year-old gunman had barricaded himself in a fourth-grade classroom where most of the victims died, sources close to the inquest said reviewing the law are cement actions routine after a major incident, but in this case they have each other exacerbated due to differing accounts from neighbors and witnesses as to what the police did and when. More: Texas officials are investigating whether police acted quickly enough to stop the Uvalde school shooter Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, visited Uvalde on Thursday to pay tribute to the victims. The spokeswoman said it was important for her to make the trip and offer her condolences and support to the Texas community. Markle was pictured at the memorial Thursday looking at a somber row of headstones. Two major Austin hotel and restaurant groups have announced their intention to donate money to the relief effort in Uvalde following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School. Via 313 is donating 10% of all sales from its Texas locations Thursday to a selection of verified GoFundMe campaigns set up to support families in Uvalde. The New Waterloo Hospitality Group, which operates nearly a dozen hotels and restaurants in Austin and iSanta Fe, New Mexico, announced it would donate 15% of food and beverage sales at its Austin properties to a fundraiser run by the support group Los Verdes Austin FC was launched. More: Austin restaurants on Thursday donate a portion of sales to Uvalde shooting relief efforts by exploiting the tragedy. “Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the school shooting (on Tuesday). At GoFundMe, we work around the clock to ensure families have the support they need," GoFundMe said in a written statement. GoFundMe has a dedicated, promoted central hub for verified fundraisers related to the Robb Elementary school shooting that is updated as new fundraisers are verified. It can be found at More: GoFundMe Launches Hub for Verified Fundraisers for Uvalde Shooting to Prevent Fraud University Health, a San Antonio hospital, reported in a tweet that the conditions of the four patients in their care from the Uvalde shooting remain unchanged. A fourth grader at Robb Elementary School told KEN5, a San Antonio television station, about his experience of surviving the school shooting in Uvalde. According to KEN5, the student and four others hid under a table covered with a tablecloth during the shooting and came out of the table when the shooting stopped. "When the cops came, the cop said, 'Shout if you need help!' And one of the people in my class said, "Help." The guy overheard and came in and shot her,” the boy said. And the cops started shooting.” He said Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles — his teachers — saved their lives. "They were nice teachers," he said. The mother of the gunman who shot dead 19 children and two adults at a primary school in Uvalde told ABC News her son was "not a monster" but could "be aggressive". Up to?” Adriana Reyes told ABC News. The gunman — identified as Salvador Ramos, an 18-year-old resident of Uvalde — legally bought two AR rifles over the past two weeks before killing 21 people. According to ABC , Reyes Little did she know her son was buying the guns. She also expressed her sympathy for the children who were killed and for their families. "These children...I have no words," Reyes said. "I don't know what to say about these poor kids." Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker responded to comments by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Twitter Wednesday afternoon during a news conference discussing gun violence in Chicago went: At Uvalde High School, Abbott said there were "real" gun laws in Chicago, but "there are more people who get shot every weekend in Chicago than in schools in Texas." "We need to recognize that people who are thinking, 'Well, maybe if we just introduce tougher gun laws, it will be solved.' Chicago, L.A. and New York refute that thesis," Abbott said. More: Gov. Greg Abbott Says Tougher Gun Laws 'Not Real Solution' to End Mass Shootings Pritzker said Abbott lied about Chicago and 'what actually perpetuates gun violence'. Pritzker said the majority of guns used in Chicago shootings come from states "with lax gun laws." "Don't feed the false narrative about Chicago and Illinois - it's an excuse politicians like you are hiding behind to stop the federal legislation we need to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people," Pritzker tweeted have 19 children and two teachers who deserve our best.” As he has done after several previous school shootings, Frank DeAngelis, the former principal of Columbine High School, expresses his support for the Uvalde community and the victims. DeAngelis told Denver television station KUSA that he left a message for the principal at Robb Elementary School, and that he could go to Uvalde if necessary, although he would also respect her place. In 1999, two gunmen killed 12 students and a teacher at Columbine High School. According to the Washington Post, more than 311,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine. DeAngelis previously helped set up the Principal Recovery Network, a group of principals who hope to offer support to fellow principals following school shootings. The network is now poised to support the principal at Robb Elementary School, he told CNN regardless of whether they live in Texas, Colorado. These senseless deaths just have to stop," he told KUSA. "You know what feels really important is that early on I was asked, 'What are you going to do?' I said, 'What are we going to do?' because they are all our children and as a society we need to stand up and say enough is enough and we need to stop it.” Lillian Liao, medical director of pediatric trauma at University Hospital San Antonio, said the hospital treats three children and, according to CNN the gunman's grandmother.All four patients are in critical but stable condition and will continue to be cared for over the next few days to weeks, she said.Liao tearfully said the hardest part about responding to the hospital shooting was the shooting knowing that many of the victims are probably already dead." I think that's what hit us the most, not the patients we received and we're honored to treat them, but the patients we don't receive have," she said. "Our job as a trauma center is to focus on treating the patients we've received, and we will do today," she added. NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson urged Gov. Greg Abbott to skip the National Rifle Association conference scheduled to begin Friday after the Uvalde shooting. In a statement, Johnson said Abbott's attendance at the event after a gunman shot dead 19 children would send a message that "guns matter more than the life you represent." He begged Abbott to "not attend" and "make the right decision." "You say you don't know the answer to the endless, senseless school shootings. We have the answer: gun regulations," Johnson said. By skipping the National Rifle Association conference this week." More: Texas NRA annual meeting still scheduled despite Uvalde shooting During the shooting, bystanders urged police officers to move faster and attack the Uvalde elementary school, where a gunman was 19, according to the Associated Press had shot children and two teachers. Juan Carranza, who saw the scene from outside his home, said nearby women asked officers, "Get in there! Javier Cazares, who arrived at Robb Elementary School while police were outside, reportedly suggested that other bystanders storm into the school. The AP reported that the gunman shot dead Cazare's fourth-grade daughter. "Let's just rush in because the cops aren't doing anything like they should," Cazares said, according to the AP. More: Bystanders report urging police to break into Uvalde, Texas school in 2022. The newspaper ran an article about the shooting, headlined "City's Soul Crushed," and photos of police officers escorting children outside the school. Families and friends mourn the 21 victims of the Uvalde school shooting. According to reporters from American-Statesman, the list of confirmed victims currently includes the following: More: 'He was our baby': Families share stories of those who died in the Uvalde school shootings In Texas school districts, officials were stepping up the Law enforcement presence on some campuses following Tuesday's deadly shooting at a primary school in Uvalde. Several districts, such as Austin, Hays, Leander, and Pflugerville, increased the number of officers at some locations and for graduation ceremonies. Some counties, including Leander, held graduation ceremonies on Wednesday. Officers serving at Austin School District high schools are being transferred to elementary and middle schools, district spokesman Jason Stanford said. What You Need to Know Thursday: School shooting in Uvalde, Texas * Such was the news on Wednesday as the victims were identified and Beto O'Rourke confronted Gov. Abbott at a news conference. * 19 primary school students died in the shooting at Uvalde school. * Blood Donations, GoFundMe page, fundraising fund established for Texas school shooting victims. * How to talk to your children about the Uvalde school shooting


Floyd is not an icon, not an impressive student, education vs. indoctrination

One article said George Floyd "wanted to be someone" but failed to pass his high school exams. He shouldn't be seen as an icon. (Author: Gardener)

FloydGeorge Floyd Was Not an "Icon" Referring to the May 22 article "How Floyd Became an Icon for All Americans": First of all, I'm not a racist and it has nothing to do with race. I wouldn't care if George Floyd was white, brown, black, yellow or purple. The article said Floyd "wants to be someone," such as a Supreme Court Justice. However, Floyd had a criminal record and he was certainly not an icon. This was a delightful and compelling article by student guest columnist Victoria Kishoiyian published on May 22 (“Black State of Emergency and Exclusion in Pine View”). In recent days, some students at Pine View School have become known for their energetic eloquence on issues of community inclusion and acceptance. And perhaps Pine View himself might ponder the question of critical race theory—to be or not to be? As a guest columnist, Victoria Kishoiyian revealed the lack of support she received in her earlier years as a student at Pine View School and bemoaned the fact that as a black student she felt compelled to achieve academic superiority in order to belong (“Black Exceptionalism and Exclusion at Pine View,” May 22). She went on to say that teachers at Pine View should encourage students who are failing academically as they may eventually achieve what she has. She admits that in her earlier years at school, she didn't get the grades that would eventually land her in Ivy League schools or continue at Pine View, leading to teachers suggesting Pine View wasn't for her . To her credit, Victoria took that criticism and turned it into motivation, leading to her remarkable success. How many Pine View students who are commended by faculty haven't had anywhere near the success she has? Unbridled encouragement where unwarranted does not produce successful results and offers an acceptance of mediocrity. Victoria is proof of that. Her May 21 page one article proves that the Florida Department of Education is all wrong and doesn't know the difference between education and indoctrination ("State Targets CRT, Social Justice Topics in School Textbooks"). As the article notes, a 29-page document released by the FDOE states: “Critical race theory, social justice, culturally appropriate instruction, social and emotional learning, and all other unsolicited theories that can lead to student indoctrination are Prohibited.” The indoctrinators are with FDOE, which, at the governor's behest, dictates what can and cannot be taught in the classroom, restricting the rights of teachers to teach and students to learn. They postpone this state with their own version of the replacement theory. I am deeply and sadly concerned about what America's children are being taught in our schools about our own history. How about we teach them the truth? Our truth is that slavery was legal in America hundreds of years ago. Many people, both black and white, fought to change the law. There are many true stories from our past that tell of how black people fought slavery. Harriet Tubman, a black woman who was also a nurse, ran the Underground Railroad, taking black people out of states where slavery was legal. There were also whites like Laura Smith Haviland who helped black slaves escape to freedom. In telling our story, we don't need to portray all whites as oppressors and all blacks as victims. CORRECTION: A May 23 letter titled "Do not allow R-rated circus in East Manatee" misidentified the name of the circus production approved by the Manatee County Planning Commission. The Commission recently granted approval for the Paranormal Cirque production. This article originally appeared in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Floyd a criminal, not an "icon," a formidable Pine View columnist


Baby zebra born in Florida safari park

A healthy baby zebra is the newest resident of Florida's Lion Country Safari, park officials said via social media. (Author: Gardener)

FloridaMAY 12 (UPI) -- A healthy baby zebra is the newest resident of Florida's Lion Country Safari, park officials announced via social media. The male zebra foal was born at the park in Palm Beach County, Florida last week. Say hello to this little baby! You can see him and his mother in the Hwange section of the safari," the park wrote in a statement. Established in 1967, the cageless drive-through, safari-style park has over 900 animals roaming the grounds. "It's so fluffy !" Say hello to this little baby! This male zebra foal was born on a safari last week! This male zebra foal was born on a safari last week! You can see him and his mother in the Hwange area of ​​the safari.


10 stunning photos taken by skygazers

Skygazers took to social media to share photos of the launch using the hashtags #SpaceX and #SpaceXLaunch. Here are some of our favourites. (Author: Gardener)

10SpaceX: What You Need To Know (NCD) SpaceX: What You Need To Know (NCD) -- SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying more than 50 Starlink satellites from Kennedy Space Center in Florida early Wednesday, according to WFTV. Skygazers took to social media to share photos of the launch using the hashtags #SpaceX and #SpaceXLaunch. SPACE X IN SPACE - FEBRUARY 8: In this Handout photo provided by SpaceX, a Tesla Roadster launched from the Falcon Heavy rocket with a dummy driver named "Starman" heads for Mars. (Photo by SpaceX via Getty Images) (Handout/Getty Images)


[Film Room] How the Celtics brought Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown to victory in the second half of Game 5

In the first half of the Celtics' 93-80 win over the Heat in Game 5, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown combined on 3/16 shooting for ten points and six turnovers. The pairing yielded 37 points, five assists and just three... (Author: Gardener)

Jaylen BrownIn the first half of the Celtics' 93-80 win over the Heat in Game 5, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown combined on 3/16 shooting for ten points and six turnovers. With both teams emptying their benches at 1:32 in the game, Tatum and Brown had outplayed Miami 37-34 in the second half. Not to dent the Heat's zone defenses, which got in the way of the Celtics finding their rhythm in the first two quarters, but Tatum had plenty of good looks that he didn't capitalize on while suffering from the lingering effects of the worked Stinger he in Game 3 in his right shoulder. From four points and a 1/9 shot in the first half, not getting his first field goal until 8:07 of the second quarter, to 18 points and 6 hits/11 tries after halftime certainly ticks the box to find out. In the following play, Jimmy Butler lands flat-footed with his right leg bent in as Tatum snaps through the ball and goes past him. Reaching the edge of the paint, he slams on the brakes and takes off, dodging away from Butler to take a pull-up jump shot that zooms through the net. And with Boston's defense wearing down the Heat and the Celtics going from ten turnovers in the first half to five in the second, they forced Miami to play against a set defense almost exclusively. As the NBA's top-ranking unit lined up the stops, it created opportunities for Tatum and Brown to attack in transition. Tatum's bucket down early in the fourth quarter is an example of a trait he's capitalized on more this season than in previous years. The new All-NBA First Team member is guarded by Max Strus, one of Tatum's favorite targets to hunt on the Heat. Caleb Martin is on the nail to help against penetration down the middle, but he starts shading on Derrick White as Tatum comes downhill. As the game unfolds, it looks like Tatum could get to the rim or launch a swimmer from inside the paint. Instead, he picks up his dribbling and kicks the ball to Al Horford. When that happens, Horford attacks in the middle, Tatum switches to the left corner, Horford sends it back to him and he buries a three. These post-move shots are usually clean, rhythmic, high-impact looks. In Boston's subsequent possession, Tatum once again has Strus with him. He gets him to the center of the post where he uses his height advantage, spinning and jumping to the right creating a clean look which he scores three yards from the basket. Brown went into halftime with six points and four turnovers. After a freebie late in the first frame, Ime Udoka pulled him, telling Brown, "Be strong with the ball. In the second half, Brown didn't have any turnovers. He stopped forcing the issue and he was faster at shooting than dribbling. The clip below shows that when he gets the ball from Derrick White and doesn't drive into Bam Adebayo, he steps on the gas and settles in with a dribble between the legs to create a breakup with Gabe Vincent. He then rises for a clean look at a jump shot, which he fires from his right elbow. Brown dribbles between his legs instead of going over and placing the ball in front of Vincent. Now able to capitalize on his size and power advantages, Vincent turns into a foul line jumper as Vincent, trying to recover, plays the drive and turns him into a spectator as Brown buries the shot. Brown then put on a pair of exclamation points to cap the Celtics' win and took control of the Eastern Conference Finals.. First, k Now that the Heat is about to double Team Tatum, White slips the screen and goes to the foul- Line that pulls Butler towards him, thinking he might get a steal. Instead, Tatum goes over P.J. Tucker, skips the ball to Brown on the opposite wing, and as the shot clock ticks down, he drills his third straight three-pointer. A few minutes later after Miami reduced their deficit to 16, Brown builds momentum as he heads downhill, coming off a screen from Horford, which Duncan Robinson misplays. Robinson tries to get at Brown from inside, but Brown punches past him and Robinson blocks Butler, taking him out of the equation. As Brown explodes to the brim, Adebayo gets out of the way and delivers a thunderous one-handed jam. Brown was stronger with the ball and wiser in his approach, resulting in him scoring 19 of his powerful 25 points in the second half, shooting 8/12 from field and 3/5 from beyond the arc. If the Celtics take care of the ball in Game 6 and limit the Heat's opportunities to score points in the transition, they will put themselves in a prime position to end Friday's series and advance to the NBA Finals. Celtics focused on Eastern Conference, not NBA Finals: “They don't want any feeling of regret; We have a chance to do something special.” At halftime in Game 5, the Celtics asked, “How much does it mean to us?” He then took control of the game and the series that stood out in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals: Celtics Blow By Heat in Second Half to Take a 3-2 Lead Jayson Tatum Points to Victory, Growth as Playmaker for All-NBA First Team Selection What caught the eye in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals: Celtics deliver in a must -Win game over


The Celtics defense is currently in full shutdown mode

The Celtics defense has been dirty this postseason. Shutdown level dirty. (Author: Gardener)

BOSTON — The Celtics ran away with Game 5 Wednesday night when their star players began throwing the ball in the basket. The Boston offense occasionally missed that streak that gave the Heat two wins in the Eastern Conference Finals. What's been consistent throughout the series - and all season for that matter - is that the Celtics' defense is downright dirty. It's that defense that still gave the Celtics a good feeling about their chances of winning Game 5 on Wednesday night, despite the team scoring just 37 points in the first half. That defense kept the Heat at 42 points through the first 24 minutes, and most of Miami's offensive performance came because Boston's offense either turned the ball over or the Celtics let Miami clean up on the offensive glass. Of those 42 points Miami brought to the board in the first half, 28 were products of a turnover in Boston or a second chance through the Heat. Even after a frustrating first half, the Celtics felt confident because their defense was so deadlocked. She remained stuck, and as expected, the offense found its way because of the defense. The Celtics broke out with 32 points in the third quarter while holding the Heat just 16 points down on 4-for-24 shooting. That was par for the course for Wednesday night's Heat, as Miami scored just 31.9 percent overall (30 to 94) and a miserable 7 to 45 from downtown. It didn't matter if the Celtics gave up additional holdings; Their defense forced Miami to miss almost every shot they fired. We know that our offensive will pick up again at some point,” said Ime Udoka after holding the heat to just 82 points. Every night we give our defense a chance," said Jaylen Brown, who turned his game around in the fourth quarter to end it with a game-high 25 points. "We didn't play great in the first half but we gave up just 42 points and stayed in the game. We were five behind, settled in in the second half and then the game opened up and it was over there. "Our defense is what keeps us winning games," Brown added. The Boston defense is a beast that just crushes its opponents. If it's not a transition shot or a simple look for an offensive rebound, the Celtics go to Brown and Jayson Tatum continue to play strong defense but the unit will be anchored by Al Horford and Robert Williams Horford, 35, will hit with any body, and Williams' versatility to block both the paint or the leap to round a corner blocking three (which he did three times Wednesday night) had Miami searching for answers and seeing ghosts.He poured down 41 points in Game 1 and followed up with 31 points in Game 2 but had nothing to offer offensively in the last three games, but with the Celtics grabbing the lack joke h plus defenders like Horford and Williams getting on the edge isn't a very appealing move for anyone."I think the mental S tress and the strain we put on some teams with our defense worked and got us through the playoffs," Udoka said Wednesday night. "You saw on the Brooklyn series that the boys were slacking off. Miami's struggles weren't just limited to Butler. Heat's backcourt of Kyle Lowry and Max Strus tied for 0-15 Wednesday night. Bam Adebayo was 18 points short of 8-for-15 shooting but was nowhere near the impact player he was in Game 3. He's a different guy when Rob Williams speaks for Boston. The Celtics defense has been choking opponents all postseason. They exhausted Brooklyn's star duo in the first round, exhausted the league's best player in the second, and have now done the same with a Miami offense that was among the NBA's best in the regular season. The Heat was now held at 82 and 80 points. in each of the last two games. Boston will try to put the finishing touches on the series on Friday and snag a ticket to the NBA Finals. Miami will throw everything at the Celtics to try and force a Game 7, but there doesn't seem to be much left in the tank Games against the NBA's best defense will do that to a team.


The mentality remains the same for Celtics

The Celtics don't think about the NBA Finals. You know there's still work to be done to finish the Miami Heat. (Author: Gardener)

the NBA FinalsBOSTON -- It's closing time for the Boston Celtics. They're just one win away from the NBA Finals and can secure their ticket to the championship round with a win in Game 6 Friday night at TD Garden. Mind business on Friday night and earn some much-needed rest ahead of the finals. The heat seems to be over and the Celtics need to put the final nail in the coffin and secure the franchise's first trip to the Finals since 2010. Last time out, the Celtics were one of the last two teams in the NBA, with most of the current roster preparing to enter their teenage years. He was in his third NBA season.) But Boston's core group has come this close to the finals before. And the agony of that defeat will fuel that core on Friday night. That happened back in 2018 when the Celtics surprisingly made it into the Eastern Conference Finals. That team lost Kyrie Irving a few weeks before the postseason, but with a young roster led by a rookie Jayson Tatum, sophomore Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier, the Celtics found themselves 3-2 to LeBron James and the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Then LeBron did his thing and led the Cavs to a home win in Game 6 and then stunned the Celtics with a Game 7 win at TD Garden. It was a game that saw Tatum throw a thunderous dunk over LeBron in the fourth quarter and one that Boston was able to win before James took over in the closing minutes. Smart is now the team's starting point guard and the bulldog on defense. And Horford is here after dipping into the Fountain of Youth to provide superb two-way play and a veteran lead. The Celtics have been the best team in the NBA since January and the best defense in the league all season. The tough times of five years ago, coupled with a loss to the Heat in the East Finals in the NBA bubble in 2020, prepared this Celtics team to handle the mental gymnastics of a Friday night final. We have to go home like we're down 3-2, with a sense of urgency that it's a game you absolutely must win and not relax because we're up," Tatum said after the game win 5 Wednesday night in Miami In the long and illustrious history of Celtics basketball, the team is 40-4 in a series in which they led 3-2. Some are already proclaiming this year's Celtics champions of the east and booking flights to San Francisco just went to Milwaukee and won a very big Game 6. The Celtics know they haven't won anything at the moment and are aware that the fourth and last win of a series is the hardest to secure." Nothing changes," head coach Ime Udoka said of the team's approach to Game 6. "For our boys, it's just another step to keep working on it." At their core, reaching the final is a hurdle they still have to overcome. And it's not one that they take lightly and let go like the previous two. Leave everything on the ground," said Jaylen Braun. We had the opportunity to do something special with this group, so let's not take that for granted. "Let's come out on our home floor on Friday and play the best version of basketball we've played all season. This is a big game for us," Brown continued. "At the same time, you know, just breathe, relax. We know how important these moments are. But just come out and play our game and we'll be fine.” While Udoka is in his rookie season as head coach, he's also been here before. While on the Spurs coaching staff, he made it to two NBA Finals and played in a Western Conference Finals with San Antonio as a player. Udoka said Thursday morning that no one at the Celtics was troubled by the moment ahead. The motivation of not making it, falling short a few times, it's not really talked about, but you can feel that inner drive to take the next step," Udoka said. "So these young people were in that position before "There's a calm about them going through this situation. Nothing was said about reaching the final or anything like that. It's really the task at hand and since they've been here before they're ready for the moment. It's not too big for this young group of guys."I think our guys who've been through this before but also want to take the next step in their careers and progression, it all matters," he added.The Celtics have two Back-to-back wins that have seen their defense throw the heat in a freezer. Miami looks battered and out of gas, while Boston's offense has done what it had to do to secure victories. But the Celtics had a lot of problems in the first half of Game 5 and that's what they'll be focusing on going into Game 6. These Celtics just need one more win to reach a pasture they've yet to experience. They have no desire to return to Miami for a Game 7 and will play like they have their backs to the wall at TD Garden on Friday night.


3 things we learned from Game 5 of Wednesday's Heat-Celtics Eastern Conference Finals

The Boston Celtics defeated the Miami Heat 93-80 away in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals Wednesday and took a 3-2 series lead, one win away from the NBA Finals. (Author: Gardener)

Game 5 of Wednesday'sThe Boston Celtics defeated the Miami Heat 93-80 away in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals Wednesday and took a 3-2 series lead, one win away from the NBA Finals. Blowout wins have defined this year's Eastern Conference Finals as the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat are locked in a battle over who can take a 20-point lead first! After that streak ended 2-2 in Miami on Wednesday night, both teams felt the pressure to pull off a massive win that put them closer to the NBA Finals. The Miami Heat led by five points at halftime and looked like they had the upper hand after only holding Boston to 37 points in the first half, but then the Celtics came out hot in the third quarter, beating Miami by 32: 16 and grabbed an 11-point lead into the fourth quarter. The second half of Game 5 was all about Boston as the Celtics beat Miami 56-38 to win the game 93-80 and take a 3-2 lead in the series into Boston for Game 6 on Friday take. The Celtics' performance was very impressive, not only because they came from behind to win with their offense, but because this is now the second straight game they've held the Heat to 82 points or fewer. Now, just one win away from the NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics could finish first place in the Eastern Conference on their home field. Coming back to Game 4 in Boston, it's very clear to see that the Celtics are ahead of the pack in this series at the moment because of their defensive performance. Miami had plenty of success in pick and roll sets on offense in Game 1 of this series and Jimmy Butler prevailed to get every point on the floor. The Celtics are an elite defensive team and the adjustments they've made at that end of the ground have allowed them to win three of the last four games in this series of Eastern Conference Finals. Perhaps the biggest adjustment Boston has made to defense is not allowing Max Strus and other perimeter players to feel comfortable. Grant Williams and Jaylen Brown both deserve credit for their defensive ends, but one of the most effective on-ball defenders for the Celtics was Derrick White from the bench. The Heat's guards have never had room to operate outside the perimeter in recent games, and in Game 5, Miami was never able to get the shots they wanted because Boston was more physical than them defensively. Other than Jimmy Butler, no one on Miami's roster has been able to get going offensively, and that's directly due to the adjustments the Celtics have made to defense over the course of this series. Since Game 1, the Heat haven't really had any success against Boston at the offensive end of the floor. Jimmy Butler was their only real goalscorer, and with him not looking right due to an ongoing knee problem, the Heat's offense was dead at times. They've averaged 82 points or fewer in each of their last two games against the Celtics, and there's a real reason to worry if you are a fan of the heat because no one climbs. Bam Adebayo has been kept in check, Kyle Lowry is suffering from a hamstring injury, Tyler Herro has missed the last two games with a groin injury and Jimmy Butler cannot do everything for this team. With Adebayo and Lowry not affecting the outcome of the game, the only heats left are Victor Oladipo, Max Strus and Gabe Vincent to turn to. These three guys can't compete with the likes of Jayson Tayum and Jaylen Brown, which is why the Heat find themselves in a 3-2 hole on this series. Perhaps the best we can take away from this streak right now is that while Miami are a great defensive team and definitely a championship contender, they're still some way from actually winning a title. This character is another elite scoring option alongside Butler, and while Bam Adebayo might be that type of player, he's proven in these playoffs that his offensive performance can be so-so. In the offseason, Adebayo really needs to work on his offensive game and get more aggressive in color, otherwise Miami will have to look elsewhere and on the trade block for another All-Star to pair with Butler in hopes of winning a title. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are top scorers for the Celtics, Al Horford was great for the Cs and Derrick White has really come off the bench in this series. The Celtics' most important player, however, is Robert Williams III, and his tenacity on the defensive end of the field makes Boston a true championship contender. While he sometimes hobbled throughout the series due to knee pain, Williams has consistently shown throughout the course of this series why he is one of the best rim protectors in the league, and he had a massive impact in Game 5 on Wednesday night. With 6 points, 10 rebounds, 1 steal, and 3 blocks, Robert Williams finished his fourth game of the series with at least 2 blocks. All night Miami tried to attack the color against Boston, but they were either turned down by Williams or sent back the other way due to his ability to deny a shot. He may not be a huge influence on offense, but Robert Williams III is the Celtics' defensive anchor and his ability to take every shot around the edge really changes his opponent's approach on offense. In this series, the Heat has made it difficult to get into the paint, especially in the center of Bam Adebayo and a lot of credit has to be given to Williams. At just 24, Williams has quickly become an influential defensive center in the NBA. * Kyle Lowry's BOLD Post Game 5 Quote: Kyle Lowry met with the media after the Miami Heat lost Game 5 of the Eastern Conference to the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are now leading the series 3-2. * Jimmy Butler's brave quote about knee injuries after Game 5: Jimmy Butler met with the media after the Miami Heat lost Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals to the Boston Celtics.