Why and how the Steelers' offense will be better in 2022 without Ben Roethlisberger

Why and how the Steelers' offense will be better in 2022 without Ben Roethlisberger (Author: Gardener)

Ben RoethlisbergerTo get this straight at the beginning of this article, Ben Roethlisberger wasn't a bad quarterback. But to make it even clearer: In 2022, Ben Roethlisberger was not a good quarterback. The Steelers' passing offense in 2021 was about as ​​mid-road as mid-road. It was 15th in the league at about 221 yards per game, but Roethlisberger had the second lowest intended air yards in the NFL. In fact, he and Jared Goff -- the lowest -- were the only quarterbacks under seven yards per attempt last season. Roethlisberger had 6.7 intended air yards while Goff was at 6.6. The Steelers alleviated their problems in the passing game by finishing 12th in the NFL in yards after the catch with 2,099. They were 21st in the league in points, 23rd in yards and 16th in sacks allowed. Less than two weeks later, Röthlisberger's inevitable resignation video came. The Sporting News breaks down what the Steelers' offense will look like in a new era: Mike Tomlin has a few options as a quarterback for the Steelers. There's free-agent pickup Mitchell Trubisky, first-round rookie Kenny Pickett, and familiar face Mason Rudolph. Trubisky thinks he should get the starting job. "It was a limited rehearsal, but I think I did a lot of great things in practice and a lot of good throws in the game," Trubisky said Wednesday, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "I've done a lot of great things so far and I'm very comfortable with where I stand and throwing the football and learning the playbook." Pickett, meanwhile, has spoken like a rookie following the role. "It's a great experience," Pickett said last week, also per the Post-Gazette. "You can't do without game representatives. Trubisky may never have achieved draft status, but he was dealt a bad hand in Chicago. After trading for him in the 2017 draft, Trubisky played four seasons with the Bears, completing 64 percent of his passing for 64 touchdowns and 37 interceptions. While accuracy was often an issue for Trubisky, arm strength certainly wasn't an issue. More importantly, though, he can bring back what Roethlisberger was doing long before old age caught up with him: lengthening plays and jumping into secondary routes that Tomlin has long encouraged. He has arm strength and can throw on the run, which should make him a good fit for offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Where Trubisky needs to be better is in his consistency. The Steelers failed to throw the ball deep last season, and that was reflected in the fact that they barely tried. With Trubisky at the helm, the offense gets better because it's familiar. The Steelers don't have to reinvent the wheel — they'll just hide from Father Time and trade Roethlisberger for a new model. Pickett would bring a whole new look to the Steelers' offense, and he might finally be able to brush up on Pittsburgh a bit. With Tomlin and Canada training around their players and putting their plan aside, they can get back to basics with Pickett. Pickett is a pure pocket passer, and he can start timing the Steelers offense. That's not to say Pickett can't make a broken game look good. The second game in this clip is a good example. As he breaks, he corners his receiver and hits him with a perfect shot in the end zone. These are the plays Steelers fans have come to know, and expect to see a lot more of them in 2022 with Pickett at the helm. Put simply, it was time to move away from Röthlisberger. He was a hindrance to offense at times last season, and with Diontae Johnson and Najee Harris ushering in a new era for the Steelers, the quarterback had to be next. Whether it's Trubisky's bootleg skills or Pickett's composure, the Steelers should see an improvement in passing in 2022. How Tomlin and his staff use that remains to be seen, but don't expect the Steelers to reinvent the insult to everyone who walks in.


15 tips for a good night's sleep

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween celebration with family and friends. We were lucky enough to spend the weekend with friends back home in LA and had a blast!… (Author: Gardener)

a good night'sPlease use a supported version for the best MSN experience. We were lucky enough to spend the weekend with friends back home in LA and had such a great time! I'm listening to Christmas classics as I write this lol! Who likes to celebrate Christmas as long as possible?! Last week I was home alone in LA for the week and had quite a bit of trouble sleeping the first few nights. Whenever Matt is gone, I find my sleep disrupted by my nervousness. I went to Snapchat and asked what some of your favorite sleep hacks are and got some great answers. Today we're going to dive into tips for getting a good night's sleep. Tips for a good night's sleep Girl Talk Tuesday Angela Lanter hello beautiful Tips for a good night's sleep Girl Talk Tuesday Angela Lanter hello beautiful I'm the kind of person who can fall asleep pretty much anywhere. But I definitely need my solid 8 hours. When I get less, I run on E most of the day. When I don't get enough sleep, I get naughty. It's basically the sleepy version of Hunger. We don't work at our best when we're tired, and sometimes we can barely function when we're exhausted. Our bodies were designed to need rest to recharge, but sometimes we're busy and put that need on the back burner. If I were to ask my regular readers about their sleep habits, I'd bet good money that the majority of us would say that we feel: A) regularly tired and B) not getting enough rest. My question is, why aren't we doing anything about it? Overall, what is more important to you? For me, it's definitely my health. Here's the thing... Studies show that those of us who sleep more live longer. In fact, I've read that people who sleep less than 5 hours a night are more likely to suffer from serious illnesses. don't believe me Sleep is vital for our body. Here are some tips and tricks to help me relax and get a good nights sleep. Take a long, hot bath. If you read last week's post on dealing with menstrual cramps, you know that baths are my cure for almost everything. There's something so relaxing about a hot bath before bed. If you have a hot tub, that may be enough (minus the bubble bath). My inability to fall asleep is often due to a stressful day or situation, so being able to soak in the tub and relax can help melt away the worries of the day. Here is my favorite bubble bath. I'm a big advocate of essential oils. I'm not very knowledgeable about all the different brands, types, blends, or uses, but one oil I'm very familiar with is lavender. We use this by sprinkling a few drops on our pillow before bed, adding it to our bath water, or placing several drops in the palms of our hands and inhaling deeply. I feel like this calming scent really helps me relax. Or do you have a shaky sleep schedule because of work? If that's the case, investing in a quality blackout curtain set can help you get a better night's sleep. sleep mask. I started sleeping with a sleep mask on a few years ago and now there's no turning back. It helps me sleep through longer by keeping the light out of my peepers. It also keeps me from checking the clock or my phone all night. I love this sleep mask from Slip and I am currently using and loving this sleep mask from This Works. Sip hot tea. I am not a tea drinker but my husband is. There are certain blends that I drink occasionally, but this is one thing that comes highly recommended for restless sleepers. The most popular options are Sleepy Time Tea and Chamomile for use before bed. Engage in a sleep schedule. I can easily stay up after 2am every night just browsing the internet, reading, working or watching TV. One of the most recommended tips for those who are struggling to sleep well is to have a regular bedtime and wake-up time. I'm dying to make that happen, but with Matt's schedule being all messed up every day... it's almost impossible. Maybe one day I'll hang up my night owl ways and practice better sleep discipline! Creating a quiet, comfortable sleeping environment. This one is so important and the most personal. I say it's personal because what is peaceful and comforting to me may not be the same to you. First of all, your bedroom should be a place of relaxation. That means your walls should be a calming and most likely neutral color. I'm a big believer in quality bedding. You spend more time in your bed than probably anywhere else any day of the week, so it should be luxurious! To me, luxury means sleeping in a big, white, super-soft, cloud-like bed. It also means investing in a quality mattress that will meet all of your needs. Candles in my bedroom really help create a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere, which I love. Once you are married this becomes a problem if one of you likes to sleep in the cold and the other doesn't. I hate being cold at night, but I also hate waking up in the middle of the night with a hot flash because the temperature is too high. Finding the perfect sleeping temperature is important for a peaceful sleep. For me, I know that if I want to go to bed at a decent time, I shouldn't be drinking coffee after 6 or 7 p.m. Drinking too much water too close to bedtime. I hate waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom! Don't eat too late. You won't sleep well if you're feeling full from a large meal. In fact, there's a good chance you'll get indigestion if you overeat before bed. Keep an eye on the time you eat dinner so you have enough time to digest before your head hits the pillow. I usually sleep best when I'm physically tired. Exercise helps keep your body in a better sleep pattern. Create a bedtime routine. I find that doing a routine every night before bed prepares my brain to close my eyes. It's like reminding my mind to switch off as soon as I start my nightly routine. Avoid eye strain before bedtime. It's a lot harder to turn off your brain and relax your eyes when you're lying in your pitch-dark room staring at your lit-up laptop screen or cell phone for 30 minutes. Do you really need to read another political Facebook post that only annoys you? Go to bed social media will be there tomorrow morning along with all your facebook friends the dirty laundry. If you're worrying about something while you're haymaking, chances are you won't be able to get the restful sleep you so desperately need. Check your stress at the door if possible. Listen to an audio book, spa music or a sound machine. When I listen to peaceful music or an audio book, I'm usually blown away in less than 5 minutes. It's not something I need unless I'm on a plane or in a noisy hotel. Some people need solid help to fall asleep. Check out sound machines on Amazon or even a small fan to create white noise. Or if noise is a distraction, consider teaching yourself to sleep with earplugs. I've read mostly negative information about afternoon naps. I'm a big napper. I personally think that napping should be a part of our normal day, but I'm clearly not in the majority on that lol! What tips, tricks, and hacks do you have and use to get a solid night's sleep?


I tried to make my cat an influencer. Things got weird pretty quickly

I tried to make my cat an influencer. Things got weird pretty quickly - From heated debates about 'cat's voice' to Ukrainian cats being signed by designer labels, I quickly realized I was up against stiff and aggressive competition. And that was before the MAGA accounts started following me (Author: Gardener)

UkrainianOn an uneventful day in 2021, during what was still a sort of pandemic lockdown, my husband turned to me and said, "If you want a cat, get a cat." I still don't have one idea where this impulse came from – especially since he is allergic. But suddenly the door to keeping cats was open. Then along came Brewskie, a rescuer found a new home by a couple who could no longer keep him. It didn't take long to fall in love, even if the cat peed on our sheets and furniture. Surgery was averted, but it became clear that caring for this cat wasn't going to come cheap. The solution, I thought, was to unleash him on social media and turn him into a feline influencer: a catfluencer. Brewskie has some exceptional traits that put him squarely in the exotic anomaly social media category. He has what his followers like to call "Shrek ears," meaning they curve backwards instead of pointing up. He's a polydactyl cat with big thumbs. And he's got a Manx-like floppy tail, dubbed #bunnybutt online. He is also a blue-eyed cat with unusually expressive features. In addition, Brewskie has a distinctive trait. Upon exiting or entering our backyard, Brewskie bursts through the mesh with a jump reminiscent of the finest Olympic high jumpers. It's a bizarre and compelling sight, and no matter how many bursts I post, the fan feedback is, "This never gets old." This is where the social media journey began. I videotaped the #BrewskieBurst in slow motion and normal speed and posted those circus act moments on Facebook, much to the delight of my friends. I had to turn off notifications as thousands of views came in and Brewskie's follower count grew. A still photo of the cat on a piano keyboard with the caption "Meowzart" had 115,000 views and over 8,000 engagements. It was shared by Catsynth magazine, which featured Brewskie on the cover. It felt like Brewskie was on his way to stardom. But it quickly became clear that gaining followers meant a never-ending need for fresh content. That meant following my cat for hours with a camera and being ready to record a video at any time. It also meant virtually following other cats, which I was happy to do for Brewskie. At first, I paid little to no attention to who these cats were, what they stood for, or the conversations they had. The simple act of increasing Brewskie's follower count triggered an addictive sense of achievement, as if a slot machine had landed on all cherries and the bells kept ringing as the payout amount kept growing. Who had to waste time examining cats? The followers started talking to Brewskie, and so Brewskie responded in an odd Cyrano way. Therefore, thinking his Twitter account should reflect Brewskie's date of birth and not mine, I banned him from Twitter for being too young. To get his account back, Twitter had to be explained that a two-year-old wasn't on Twitter, just a Boomer cat owner who didn't know the rules. By then, Brewskie had over 1,000 followers, some of whom had become Brewskie fans and friends. Concerned that they would be concerned about Brewskie's sudden disappearance, I contacted some of them on my own Twitter account to put their minds at ease. Brewskie hadn't disappeared. The first heated controversy I encountered in this online cat world was a debate about the cat's voice, which borrows from some sort of baby talk. The first successful catfluencers created words like Meowmy, Sisfur and Fwenz for mom, sister and friends. This has been picked up by devotees and has created online cat jargon all of its own. A disgruntled cat named Olly defended his friend Nacho during one such debate by saying in the highest feline voice, "If they don't pollygize to Nacho, I'll spank them." Then there were incidents that could be classified as cat-related hate speech . One Twitter account became notorious for shaming fat cats, aka "chonks," and accusing their owners of neglect. The same account also trolled owners whose outdoor cats died tragic deaths. Indoor-only cat advocates were piling up. I was sure that Brewskie and I could be targeted. Aside from flaunting my cat's outdoor lifestyle with the #BrewskieBurst, I had Brewskie join an online outdoor cat group called #Hedgewatch. And then I realized Brewskie was being followed by proud MAGA loyalists and NRA members like the all-in-caps "BIG KING MAGA". My first impulse was to get this account to unfollow my cat or just block the guy. This was Brewskie's world, and Brewskie didn't want politics to get in the way of a friendship. At least I didn't follow "BIG KING MAGA" back. I admit I'm jealous but happy for Stepan the Ukrainian cat. With over a million followers, he got a shout-out from Britney Spears and a deal with luxury brand Valentino. Pictures and videos showing his laid-back demeanor at his Kharkiv home captivated the world, including the Russian internet - and while he was safe in France from the Ukrainian war, the news made the Washington Post. I also admire Jorts and Jean, the pro-union catfluencers whose activism on Twitter is central to their popularity. Attracting over 200,000 followers, they tweet about unionizing and farmworker issues. A single tweet reminding workers they have the right to share their salary information with colleagues garnered Jorts (and Jean) over 59,000 likes. I want Brewskie to stand for something too — but I'm also way too concerned about what his followers think of him. My fear must be a by-product of my need to please people, because I'm pretty sure feline favors aren't a thing. Even something as simple as the designated daily cat hashtags made me feel inadequate at first. Everyone seemed to know her except Brewskie, and that was on me. I'll be honest: the more obsessed I am with achieving catfluencer status, the less fun this online journey has become. The cat doesn't notice when I pause, especially if I keep following her with the camera. And I'm sure Brewskie's followers will survive. You'll move on to the next purring cat and the behind-the-scenes purr posting on that cat's behalf. As Brewskie's guardian, I have to put on my proverbial oxygen mask first.


Here's why Veeva Systems stock shrunk Thursday morning

Solid gains were trumped by a tepid forecast. (Author: Gardener)

Veeva SystemsWhy Veeva Systems Stock Smashed Thursday Morning Shares in Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) plummeted Thursday morning, falling as much as 16.5%. The cloud provider serving the life sciences industry reported financial results that were broadly in line with expectations, but its lackluster guidance spooked investors. This resulted in non-GAAP earnings per share (EPS) of $1.03, a 10% increase. Analyst consensus estimates called for revenue of $530.7 million and earnings per share of $1.01, giving Veeva a beating on both counts. Management said the company has made progress with both established and newly launched products. "We are early on in a major and growing opportunity," said CEO Peter Gassner, "and look forward to expanding our position as a strategic technology partner to the life sciences industry." Management lowered its full-year outlook, which likely triggered today's sell-off. Veeva now forecasts revenue of about $2.14 billion at the midpoint of its guidance, which would represent about 16% year-over-year growth compared to its previous guidance of 17% growth. The company left its earnings guidance largely unchanged, as Veeva expects adjusted earnings per share to come in at $4.17, up 12%. Veeva is an industry leader and well positioned for future growth. Additionally, while the stock has never been cheap, it's currently trading at just 10 times next year's sales, a valuation not seen since 2016. For investors with the appropriate investment horizon, Veeva stock is still a buy. 10 Stocks We Like Better Than Veeva Systems After all, the newsletter they've been putting out for over a decade, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, has tripled the market.* They just announced the top 10 stocks they think investors are buying right now be able. .. and Veeva Systems was not one of them! That's right -- they think these 10 stocks are even better buys. Danny Vena has positions at Veeva Systems. The Motley Fool has positions in and recommends Veeva Systems.


Am I gay or am I just American?

i kissed a girl And yes, I liked it. But I'm not ready to be the cover girl for a company that needs another month-long gay spokesperson to top their pride. (Author: Gardener)

Americani kissed a girl See, I'm an American and I grew up on a healthy diet watching old rich men walk red carpets with young and beautiful women. Viewing deodorant ads in which the company expresses the quality of the fragrance it sells, with women becoming sex-crazed in its presence. Of listening to music where the rapper establishes his status only by describing the bodies of the women around him and the ease with which he has sex with them. So of course I liked it - not taking pleasure in kissing a beautiful woman would just be unpatriotic. In fact, we love sexualizing women so much that the line between my own sexuality and my cultivated desires seems incredibly thin. I say “we” because regardless of your sexuality, gender identity, or race, American culture is all about desiring women. This phenomenon is colloquially known as the "male gaze," and as an American, I grew up looking for a haven from his unyielding gaze, where I could see and evaluate myself without his judgment. And honestly, I feel like I've done a good job of developing an understanding of myself that goes beyond how men might perceive me. But this relationship with myself doesn't protect me from the barrage of beautiful women working to convince the consumer (which is aimed at men with money but also includes me) that proximity to that rarest and most coveted prize (the beautiful woman) makes one more powerful and valuable and worthy. So while I can look in the mirror and see my own eyes staring back at me, I worry that if I cast it at the women around me, my vision might be distorted by the ax body spray-scented, grating ball, bikini- Babe loving American brother in me. Now, when I say I kissed a girl, I mean we made out epic in a deserted alleyway. I touched her the way men have always touched me. That is, I slid my hands down her back, grabbed her butt, which filled up her leather skirt quite a bit, and held her against me. When I kiss men and have their hands roam my body, contouring the curves of my waist and cupping my breasts and buttocks, I usually keep my hands in her hair or near her neck - always tightly over her chest. It felt good to know her body. The doubt that plagues many of my other sexual encounters with men about the best way to touch them and tell them what I want is gone. There was no pause in swing like I've experienced with men when I finally have to tell them their frantic, aimless rubbing isn't doing what they think it is. My concern for how to read their bodies and make my own readable to them was overruled by my confidence in my own desire and ability to transfer this to their bodies. I could consume her the way men have consumed me, but this time her lust was linked to my and our sexual gratification in a way that was new to me. This was a positive experience and I would like to repeat it. Perhaps a rainbow halo of sorts would appear when I looked into a woman's eyes to indicate that the feeling I'm experiencing is attraction, and yes, it's the romantic kind. Certainly, the fact that I like a Woman kissed mean something, but I wonder how much of my attraction I get from idolizing the people who own beautiful women, and maybe this suggests I just want a piece of that power. After so many of my own sexual experiences being flattened by unskilled but overly confident men relentlessly smashing my clit like they were 12 year olds smashing the like button in the latest Jake Paul video, I was enjoying the intimacy of being with someone who could navigate my body without my constant supervision. However, any consistent partner can gain this knowledge of my body as long as I invest the time in teaching that person. So, as I exist in this realm of questioning my attraction to women, I wonder what determines our attraction to other people in the first place. I'm not sure how I could even separate my own sexualization of women from the media's sexualization, let alone how to accurately differentiate my romantic pleasure from the intimacy gained through intimacy and trust. We often think of college as a time for young people to experiment sexually, but now that I've done the experiment I have no idea how to draw any conclusions. Instead, I continue to struggle to go beyond this normalized American lens of sexualization and objectification to understand what it means to me to see and love women.


Finding meaning in a time of ambiguity

Intended to read naval veteran Phil Klay's writing that tells both a compelling story and a moral truth, it is essential reading for executives. (Author: Gardener)

Phil KlayYou don't just read Phil Klay; one experiences his writing deeply. Whether fiction or non-fiction, Klay's writing evokes a visceral response. He writes about what it's like to be in a war zone and how that experience shapes everything that happens next. A Marine who served in Iraq, Klay is a writer equally at home with both fiction and non-fiction. Klay's latest work is Uneven Ground: Citizenship in an Era of Endless, Invisible War. The essays it contains trace his thoughts and feelings about what the war and its aftermath had on the nation he had served. In a review for The New York Times, James Fallows, an author and longtime commentator on national defense issues, writes that "the book is compelling and important, and I hope readers will start with the longest parts first." In the long parts , as in Klay's fiction, we feel the power of his story and the truths he tells. In an interview, Klay told me, "Entering the military takes you out of your bubble... You meet every type of person in the military, which is one of the great things about it. "If the veterans sometimes have difficult experiences in order to fool the civilian world, it is assumed that this is due to negative things that they experience in the military." As true as that may be, says Klay: "It is also important to note that that there are a lot of positive things about life in the military," such as a sense of connection, trust, and "a sense of a broader purpose and mission." Klay admits: “Of course war makes you feel like what you're doing is extremely important because it's a matter of life and death. Klay offers advice for the families of combat veterans who have experienced some type of trauma. The people he loved and why he went in.” It's important, says Klay, to get the context, the whole of the experience beyond the bad experiences. “While it is the bonds between people and the love between people, the richness of life that is destroyed in war. You must first understand this richness of life for any of the bad things to have any meaning.” War, Klay explains, can teach diplomacy. He learned that lesson while witnessing Special Forces Major Ian Fishback's reaction to the loss of two soldiers. It would have been acceptable for him to retaliate with more power, but Fishback chose a different course. And so he went with the political solution not knowing how it would turn out, whether it would end up being a good thing." Klay adds: "We often substitute a simple problem, that is, can I kill this guy, through a difficult problem, that is, can I operate in this region in a way that leads to a more stable settlement in the long term that is in everyone's interest.” Unfortunately, such diplomacy does not serve the Afghans who have worked with Americans and continue to do so in Afghanistan are. "In the wars we have fought, where much has been asked of a very small number of people, we have not kept even the promises we made to those who helped us." Such a policy reveals "a lack Willingness to deal seriously with the aftermath of this [war]". The stories Klay tells resonate with humanity, none more powerful than the story of Chaplain Patrick McLaughlin. In addition to offering support to Marines, the chaplain comforted the children, particularly the mortally wounded. "Chaps," McLaughlin would cradle her in his arms as they died. Klay writes that Chaps "watched the embers rising skyward around, as he put it, 'the children they once held in my arms'". In doing so, he examines the impact of the war on his generation and the nation he served. There is an urgency to Klay's voice that compels us to listen and listen to the issues faced not only by those with direct experience of war, but also by their families and the psyche of the nation that sent them there. Note: Check out my full LinkedIn Live interview with Phil Klay here.


Tomas Soucek saves a draw for West Ham to stun Tottenham's momentum

Tomas Soucek secured West Ham a 1-1 home draw with Tottenham after a second-half equalizer in the Premier League (Author: Gardener)

TottenhamMargins are usually tight when these two great rivals meet and Antonio Conte was grateful for a point after Tomas Soucek's second-half strike canceled out Thilo Kehrer's own goal for a resurgent West Ham. Things could have gone even better for the Hammers if Lucas Paquetá or Jarrod Bowen, who have a club-record £50m. Tottenham were relieved to be unbeaten after five games and still in contact with Arsenal and Manchester City even if Conte conceded they need to improve after a performance showed his side is far from done. But after suffering three early-season defeats on the back of heroics over the past two seasons, the West Ham manager watched as his side largely created as many chances as their vaunted neighbours. "I can see we're starting to find a rhythm," Moyes said. West Ham were without new £30m striker Gianluca Scamacca due to illness, but the second-half cameo of Brazil international Paquetá, who was paraded on the pitch before kick-off after signing from Lyon this week was enough to whet the appetites of the home fans and his new manager. "His arrival has given the team a bit of a boost," said Moyes. Yves Bissouma endured a busy evening in Tottenham midfield after earning his first Premier League start since arriving from Brighton in the summer. The Malian midfielder found himself right in the action as West Ham - buoyed by their first win of the season against Aston Villa on Sunday - went into attack. Pablo Fornals forced Hugo Lloris to make the first save after Bowen missed an early opportunity but it was the Tottenham fans who thought they had something to celebrate as referee Peter Bankes pointed to the spot after ruling that Aaron Creswell had handled Harry Kane's header. Nearly five minutes later and as the crowd grew increasingly restless, the decision was overturned, to Creswell's relief and Conte's annoyance. "In England they have a lot more to learn to use VAR properly," he said afterwards. After Bissouma was cautioned for throwing the ball, Declan Rice tested Lloris again with a volley before Michail Antonio's superb curling shot was unlucky to hit the outside of a Tottenham post. Paquetá's arrival has taken West Ham's spending to almost £180million this summer, although for various reasons Kehrer was the only new face to appear from the start. The Paris Saint-Germain-signed Germany international will rightly argue that Son Heung-min would have been waiting to strike from behind him had he not converted Kane's cross into his own net after the England captain combined with Dejan Kulusevski. But Kehrer's bad luck 11 minutes before half-time was celebrated boisterously by Conte. Tottenham advanced deeper into their own territory early in the second half and had to pay 10 minutes. Antonio's skillful flick down Soucek's run after a quick throw-in from Vladimir Coufal was absolute perfection and the Czech midfielder homed his goal at the near post. The sight of Paquetá called off the bench lifted the atmosphere yet again as West Ham smelled blood and nearly made Bowen Lloris pay for carelessly giving the ball away in his own area. Paquetá's first touches exuded class, but Son made a timely reminder of the threat Spurs posed at the break when his try was deflected wide. While Angelo Ogbonna also made a welcome return for West Ham after 10 months, Conte turned to his new Brazilian Richarlison for late inspiration. Kane came closest to winning for Spurs when his volley was saved from the edge of the box by Lukasz Fabanski. Paquetá's big chance came in the final minute of regular time but he was only able to evaporate after being deflected by Emerson Palmieri with a gaping goal before Bowen's late shot trickled harmlessly wide of the target.


Team owner Jeanie Buss dishes on the Hulu documentary And Troubled Times

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss reflected on some emotional years for the franchise and her work to preserve her father's legacy. (Author: Gardener)

Jeanie BussAs Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss sits at the team's headquarters in El Segundo, Calif. with multiple Larry O'Brien trophies in the background, as one of the few women in the sports industry to operate a franchise, she feels every step consciously she does – whether tacitly or officially – it will be talked about. So she pondered why she shouldn't tell her family's story on her terms, which sparked a 10-part documentary titled Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers, which is currently streaming on Hulu. It's also approaching the 10th anniversary of the death of her father, Jerry Buss, the Lakers' longtime flamboyant owner, who died in February 2013. From NFL games to college sports scores, all the top sports news you need to know every day. "In conversations over the last few years and realizing that he has brought many innovations to the industry, a new generation of Lakers fans may not have known or heard of Jerry Buss," Jeanie Buss told USA TODAY Sports in a wide-ranging interview. “So it became clear that we wanted to tell our story. So that was seven years in the making. NEWSLETTER: Subscribe to get the latest sports news and stories delivered to your inbox. Directed by Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day", "The Equalizer", "What's My Name: Muhammad Ali"), the story begins when Buss bought the team in 1979 and immediately set about bringing the Lakers back to a championship for control of the team, Jerry Buss' relationship with Magic Johnson, and his near-acquisition of the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. (His playboy lifestyle has been blamed for not buying the team before Jerry Jones eventually did.) family aspect says Jeanie Buss. "We're a family that's well known in the media. Buss says there aren't many surprises in the documentary that hardcore fans don't already know. "Everyone knows the wins and losses. Everyone knows the trades and free agent signings. I think people were interested in understanding the conflict I had with my brother. I think people loved the relationship I have with Linda Rambis (a longtime friend and Be rater), or obviously didn't understand my very high profile relationship with (former head coach) Phil Jackson No "Winning Time," an HBO-directed series based on the book "Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s" by Jeff Pearlman. Buss had no issues with "Legacy" since she was one of the project's many executive producers. When Buss is asked about the last three years of her life, she pauses. There was the thrill when the franchise suffered a 17 loss from Kobe Bryant during the pandemic. "What I learned through the adversity, when we faced the loss of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, was the question, 'How are we going to play basketball?' We come together and we grieve together. That's what Lakers Nation does. And that's the power of sport in our society.” For Buss, 60, the future of the Lakers is about winning – and not settling for less. "That really caused the conflict between my brother and me," she says. Buss fired her brother Jim from his post as the team's head of basketball operations in 2017 after losing several seasons, saying he was "completely unfit" to manage the Lakers. "The way he has led the team has given us a nice home at the bottom of the standings year after year," she said. (Jerry) Buss created. Nobody has the formula to win a championship, but you always stay relevant and join the conversation and give yourself a chance to win." Left to right, Lakers stars LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook react in the second Halftime against the Warriors at the Arena, then called the Staples Center, in Los Angeles on October 19, 2021. Last year's Lakers finished 33-49 and did not make the playoffs despite being tied with LeBron James and Russell Westbrook recurring All-Stars and Anthony Davis, leading to the firing of coach Frank Vogel and the hiring of Darvin Ham, who spent 11 seasons as an assistant with the Lakers (2011-13), Atlanta Hawks (2013-18) and Milwaukee Bucks (2018-22).The Lakers roster is also on the move, with Westbrook's status and salary of $44 million for 2022-23 undecided.James signed a two-year extension $97.1 million and the team acquired veteran guard Patrick Beverley this offseason. I'm not going to sit here and promise we'll be in the conversation, but that's the expectation," Buss said. "And that's what we should all expect, because that's the brand that's been built." Despite being basketball through and through, Buss isn't quite sure what her own legacy will be, and she admits that when she does she wasn't going to be a basketball executive, in real estate, or become a dog rescuer. Thinking back to the team's last title triumph in 2020 and being the first female owner to win an NBA championship, all she can think about is who will be the next woman to follow her. This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Lakers, Legacies, and Losses: Team Owner Jeanie Buss Dishes on Hulu Documentary and Tough Times


News summary on Sunday morning

For Sunday due to... (Author: Gardener)

SundayA Bay Area Air Quality Management District spokesman said an air quality advisory will be issued for the San Francisco Bay Area on Sunday due to wildfire smoke. Smoke from the Rum Creek fire burning in southwest Oregon is expected to hit the Bay Area on Sunday. Isolated areas of elevated air pollution are possible, but pollution is not expected to exceed the national 24-hour standard. A spare-the-air warning does not apply to Sunday. Air quality is not expected to be unhealthy. The Santa Clara Valley Water District hosted a summit Friday morning in Santa Clara, bringing together elected officials and organizations from across the Bay Area to discuss solutions to statewide water issues as California experiences its third straight year of a severe drought emergency. The 2022 Water Summit focused on both short- and long-term solutions and mitigation of water scarcity. Aaron Baker, chief operating officer for water supplies at Valley Water, said such solutions are needed to help the region through the current drought. The Water District offers discounts for scrapping lawns in favor of low water use and eco-friendly options, as well as discounts for those who irrigate with greywater diverted from the laundry. A man found shot dead by Oakland police officers Saturday morning died at the scene. An Oakland Police Department spokesman said the incident happened on Sycamore Street near Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Police responded to the neighborhood around 9:30 a.m. The shooting happened near another incident that occurred Friday night that left three people dead after a shooting and vehicular crash. A 20-year-old King City man will serve the next six years in state prison after pleading guilty to a single charge of indecent assault on a child under 14. The Monterey County District Attorney's Office announced the conviction of Christopher Garduno, who also admitted to having previously been convicted of a felony. A state grand jury in San Francisco has found a prominent real estate agent and investor guilty of misrepresentation to a bank and bank fraud related to fraudulent misrepresentation on a mortgage loan application. Can't find an Everywhere bum bag? Try this Lululemon bag... Makras, 64, of San Francisco, was charged in a substitute indictment filed May 31. One person was killed and at least one other injured in a three-vehicle crash on Cherry Street near Mowry Avenue in Newark, police said early Saturday. According to police, the accident happened around 2:30 a.m. The National Weather Service forecast for Sunday for the greater San Francisco Bay Area is calling for another day of sunny skies with highs in the 60s along the coast to the 70s and low 80s around the bay and the 80s and 90s in the inland valleys. Sunday morning overnight lows are mostly in the 50s with fog and low cloud, particularly along the coast, burning off by mid-morning. Sunday night calls for clear skies in San Francisco with some cloud around Napa County and the East Bay with lows in the mid 50's around the Bay Area. Copyright © 2022 Bay City News, Inc. Republication, retransmission, or redistribution is prohibited without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. Bay City News is a 24/7 news service covering the greater Bay Area. Copyright © 2022 by Bay City News, Inc. Republication, redistribution, or other reuse without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. is prohibited.


O'Neill: 'Travesty' if Stormont isn't restored before the 25th anniversary of the GFA

The comments from Sinn Féin's vice president come as the Stormont Assembly called a special session to pay tribute to David Trimble. | UTV News (Author: Gardener)

StormontIt would be a farce if the devolved institutions weren't restored before the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement next year, Michelle O'Neill said. The Sinn Féin vice president's comments come as the Stormont Assembly was called into a special session to pay tribute to David Trimble, one of the chief architects of the devolved institutions in Belfast. The Nobel Peace Prize winner and former leader of the Ulster Unionist Party died last week at the age of 77 of complications from illness. The power-sharing structures that Lord Trimble helped shape in the landmark 1998 Good Friday Agreement are currently in limbo as the DUP blocks the creation of a governing executive in protest at Brexit's Northern Ireland protocol. The DUP's refusal to agree to the nomination of a new speaker has also prevented the reconstitution of the Legislative Assembly following the May election. Despite the impasse, party leaders agreed to hold a special gathering in the Chamber of Parliament on Tuesday to pay tribute to Lord Trimble. Current UUP leader Doug Beattie said it could be difficult for the current generation of MLAs to fully understand the unionized statesman's influence on Northern Ireland politics. Stormont's First Minister was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize with the late SDLP leader John Hume in recognition of their efforts to end the unrest and establish a power-sharing system with decentralized governance in the region. Mr Beattie said that unionists and nationalists would not be seen together in the same room before 1998, 'it doesn't matter to share a handshake or form a government of shared responsibility'. "At David's humble and dignified funeral, handshakes and pats on the back were offered from every political corner with warm words of condolences - that's progress," he said. During the session, MLAs on opposite sides of the protocol debate referenced Lord Trimble's legacy as they stressed a desire for a return of power-sharing. Sinn Fein Vice President Michelle O'Neill said it would be a "travesty" if institutions are not restored before the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement next year. "History will be kind to David Trimble because of the huge role he played, but it will be unforgiving to those of you who hinder progress or refuse to show leadership," she said. “What David Trimble has achieved together with the leaders of nationalism and republicanism, the Irish and British governments, the United States and the EU cannot be underestimated. “The Good Friday Agreement is a gift to today's generation and its promise must be fully realised. “I stand here today as the leader of the Good Friday Agreement generation, and I want to lead and work with all of you and those you represent. However, DUP veteran Edwin Poots highlighted Lord Trimble's opposition to the protocol and how he claimed it was inconsistent with the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. He quoted from a newspaper article in which the former UUP leader claimed the protocol was tearing apart the Good Friday Agreement. "I think we would do well to listen to what David Trimble has to say over the next few weeks," Mr Poots told the gathering. “And I trust that we will get this executive up and running, I trust that we will ensure that the peace that has prevailed in Northern Ireland for the last 25 years lasts for many years to come and that we will give political leadership in the process.” Outgoing Stormont spokesman Alex Maskey said it was only right that MLAs were recalled to pay tribute to Lord Trimble. "There is no doubt that David Trimble took risks and made decisions often against stiff opposition when it would have been easier personally not to," he said. "The Good Friday Agreement and this assembly exist because of him." Mr Maskey also pointed to the deaths of many significant political leaders in recent years, including former DUP leader Ian Paisley, SDLP leader Mr Hume and Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness. "I would therefore like to close by saying that many of you in this Chamber today may not have met them, the legacy of realizing the potential of this Assembly and the hard-won agreements now falls upon you," he said. Alliance Party MLA Andrew Muir described Lord Trimble as a "complex character" and said that while he would have disagreed with him on some issues, he said he had made a "significant, substantial and positive contribution". “The price of a truly reconciled people, a place where everyone can be proud to call home, and fully functioning institutions has unfortunately yet to be achieved. “In the SDLP we feel acute sadness at the death of David Trimble, Partner in Peace and co-Nobel Laureate, as he was with John Hume, then serving in the Office of the First Minister alongside Seamus Mallon and then Mark Durkan. At the conclusion of the tributes, the MLAs observed a minute's silence for the late colleague in the Chamber before proceeding to the Great Hall of Parliament Buildings to sign a book of condolence. Mr Maskey was the first to sign, followed by Mr Beattie and then Mrs O'Neill. A picture of Lord Trimble with a floral tribute was placed on a table in the hall. MLAs formed a long line stretching out of the chamber as they waited to add their signatures.