Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai caught the attention of the women's division

Bayley, Sky and Kai made a big impression after the group debuted at SummerSlam (Author: Gardener)

BayleyRaw arrived in Houston Monday night for the first episode of WWE programming since last Saturday's SummerSlam, and the show featured plenty of great wrestling action. The most impressive group of the night, however, was the newly formed team of Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai. The trio debuted as a group at SummerSlam, confronting Bianca Belair after Belair's victory over Becky Lynch to retain the Raw Women's Championship. On Monday night, they again targeted Belair and Lynch, first attacking an already injured Lynch and then turning their attention to other members of the Raw women's division as they declared their intention to dominate the roster. Opening the show with an in-ring promo, Becky Lynch came to the ring with one arm in a sling after reportedly suffering a legitimate shoulder detachment in her SummerSlam match with Bianca Belair. Lynch clipped a babyface promo and built on her move after showing respect to Belair after the match. After Lynch left and Belair spoke, the cameras cut backstage where Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota attacked Kai Lynch's already injured arm before fleeing Belair's arrival to save. Later that night, Bayley, Sky and Kai said the attack wasn't about Lynch or Belair, it was just about themselves, and vowed to show how later. Alexa Bliss ended up without a contest when Bayley, Sky and Kai attacked both women. Belair ran in to save and later that night demanded a match with one of the women. Bianca Belair vs. Iyo Sky ended in a no contest when Bayley and Kai started brawling with Bliss and Asuka in the ring. Bliss and Asuka came to ringside in the middle of the match to level Belair's chances and the inevitable brawl broke out to stop the match before it could finish. While clean finishes are always desirable, a no contest is acceptable if not overused and serves to advance a story. Bayley's group wanted to make a statement that they were banding together to take power, regardless of who they needed to attack to achieve their goals. Belair couldn't really get there without either crippling Sky before fully establishing herself on the main roster, or going past the Raw Champion and effectively outshining Bayley. In the interests of advancing the story that would lead to a Six Women's Day Match, it was all perfectly fine. * Defeated AJ Styles. Mustafa Ali and The Miz via pinfall after a Styles Clash on Ali. The first of two triple threat matches, which saw the winners vie for a USA title shot, ended with an amazing finish that saw Ali hit Miz with a 450 splash, but Styles caught Ali on the follow through and converted it in a Styles Clash for the win. Montez Ford via a pinfall after a stomp. Interrupting a Rollins promo about his intention to pursue Roman Reigns, the Street Profits played rock, paper, scissors over who would face Rollins, with Ford grabbing a referee and running to the ring to cheat Angelo Dawkins of the opportunity . Dawkins still saved Ford after the match by preventing Rollins from continuing his attack. Chad Gable & Dolph Ziggler via pinfall to take on AJ Styles to win the US Title. AJ Styles via pinfall with the Fairy Tale ending. Miz interfered several times, allowing Ciampa to earn the win and secure a shot against Bobby Lashley for the US Championship on next week's episode of Raw. * Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship – The Usos (c) def. The Mysterios via pinfall to retain the titles after hitting Dominik Mysterio with the 1-D. After the match, The Judgment Day attacked The Mysterios until Edge's music started and he ran to the ring to fight Finn Balor and Damian Priest.


Winners, Messages and Notes

WWE Raw results with episodes from WWE SummerSlam 2022. (Author: Gardener)

NotesWWE Raw promoted episodes of SummerSlam 2022 as the Mysterios challenged the Usos for the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships. Raw also bid two triple threat matches for the right to fight Bobby Lashley for the WWE United States Championship. Dolph Ziggler, Tommaso Ciampa and Chad Gable competed in one Triple Threat Match while Mustafa Ali, The Miz and AJ Styles competed in the other. With news of Sasha Banks and Naomi's imminent return to WWE, and a possible teaser of a "statement" show, the pair did not return to WWE Raw. Last week's WWE Raw continued its winning streak with 1.901 million viewers at the start of the Triple H era. Becky Lynch opened WWE Raw in a sling following reports that she sustained a shoulder injury during her match against Bianca Belair. Becky Lynch, who confirmed she separated her shoulder, said she's finally remembered who the heck she is and solidified a long-awaited babyface twist, a year ago, into a flat heel run. Not only did Lynch say we're starting a new era, she even confirmed The Man's return. Becky Lynch was attacked backstage, prompting a possible return for Sasha Banks and Naomi to face Bayley's new faction. If Mustafa Ali were to win this match it would be another indication of a new era in WWE, but unfortunately Ali could be a damaged asset in WWE at this point and I'm not holding my breath. This match had an incredible ending when Mustafa connected Ali with a 450 Splash only to be immediately caught in a Styles Clash. While pleased to take down Riddle, Seth Rollins said now is the time to turn his attention to Roman Reigns and the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. Rollins suggested that the Street Profits disband while WWE continues to tease exactly that for the longtime tag team. In deciding which of the Street Profits Seth Rollins should face, Montez cheated Ford during a game of R0 sham-bo by sprinting to the ring with a referee. Corey Graves spent much of this match suggesting that Alexa Bliss and Asuka are shells of themselves. He said Alexa Bliss wasn't even the same Bliss the last time she was champion and that Asuka is a "semblance of tomorrow's empress". Bliss and Asuka were jumped by Bayley, Iyo Shirai, and Dakota Kai, suggesting that Bliss and Asuka will be their tag team partners in a possible trio match. Chad Gale delivered another solid promo on his way to the ring where he shot at the Houston Astros and took massive heat. A disagreement broke out between Tommaso Ciampa and Chad Gable when Ciampa told Gable to say "shoosh." Ciampa, who got to cut a backstage promo, received new theme music and a win in another very good Triple Threat match. Edge walked out to his vintage theme music and entrance and it felt so right. Edge kept this promo relatively short and sweet, vowing to "kill what he made" and end Judgment Day. Io Sky has been known to use the 619, but with Bianca Belair on the ropes - and Rey Mysterio wrestling later in the evening - she switched it to flying knees backwards. Unfortunately, but predictably, this match ended in disqualification as Asuka, Alexa Bliss, and Bianca Belair tussled with Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Io Sky. During Tommaso Ciampa's backstage promo, The Miz noted that Ciampa "didn't help him beat Logan Paul," and teased a possible split between Miz and Ciampa. This up-and-down crowd came alive to chant "Little Balls!" at The Miz. Booker T appeared as a commentator for this match and received one of the biggest ovations of the night from a mostly pretty dead crowd. The camera continuously cuts to Booker T as he makes a comment. Tommaso Ciampa beat AJ Styles after receiving help from The Miz, and Tommaso Ciampa's jab was the big story coming out of a fairly uneventful Raw. In front of a weak audience with very little credibility for the Mysterios and all the credibility in the Usos corner, few people seemed to believe the Mysterios stood a chance. The finish to this match was excellent as Jey Uso tagged blind and Dominik Mysterios countered 619 with a 1D. Edge came down to save for the Mysterios and despite it being his second appearance, he received a huge reaction.


WWE Raw Results (08/01) – Undisputed tag team match, #1 contender for the US title

These are the official results from Wrestling INC. for "Raw" on August 1, 2022, with an Undisputed Tag a Team Championship Match! (Author: Gardener)

Raw ResultsBecky Lynch's music hits and she comes to the ring with her arm in a sling. We go to a video of the match between Lynch and Belair for the "Raw" Women's Championship and the events that took place afterward. Lynch says she gives everything she does and she's happy to say she's finally remembered who she was at Summerslam. Lynch confirms she separated her shoulder at Summerslam and says she had two choices: she could either give up or continue. She says that while the 20 minutes in the game was very painful, she says it wasn't that painful to face who she has become. She says she did her best and doesn't let any man define her. Belair comes to the ring. Lynch tells Belair to hold the fort and she exits the ring as the crowd cheers her on. She says she never wanted anything handed out and says Lynch did her job to keep her title. Belair says she remains ready, including Bayley and her friends. We go backstage to Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky who attack Lynch with a chair. Belair runs back to check on her while Bayley, Kai, and Sky retreat. We're then presented with a slideshow of images from Summerslam, followed by a video showcasing the US Championship's legacy. AJ Styles comes out followed by Mustafa Ali and The Miz. We get a video recap of the match between The Miz and Logan Paul. We then receive a video that Logan Paul posted on social media today, in which he says he feels he has found his calling and is excited to be with the company. The Miz, AJ Styles and Mustafa Ali for a shot at a #1 Contenders match for the United States Championship. The bell rings and Styles charges at Miz. Miz rolls out of the ring. Ali and Styles do it in the ring before Miz yanks Styles out of the ring and sends him headfirst into the commentary box. Ali brings Miz down with a crossbody through the middle rope and then throws Miz back in the ring. Miz sends Ali face first into the middle turning buckle. Styles gets back in the ring and Miz does the same to him. Miz hits Styles with some kicks, followed by some chops and a running knee. Styles throws his right hand at Miz but Miz whips him in the corner. Styles puts Miz on the top turn buckle before delivering a chop. Miz fights off Styles but Ali comes flying in and gives Ali a forearm. Styles suplexes Ali, but Miz kicks Styles in the face. Miz hits Ali with a DDT and goes for a pin, but Miz kicks out. Miz delivers the it kicks but Styles comes back with an insiguri. Ali and Styles attack with their forearms. He wants to attack both men, but both kick out. Ali climbs to the top turn buckle and looks for the 450, but Miz moves out of the way and Styles hits a kick. Styles then hits the Miz with a Pele kick. Styles looks for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Miz pulls it off the apron. Styles sends Miz to the announce table before Ali delivers a Tornado DDT to Styles on the outside of the top rope. Ali sends Miz in the ring and as he follows, Miz delivers the Skull Crushing Finale. He crawls over to Ali to get a pin, but Ali steps out. Ali climbs to the top rope and delivers the 450 to Miz, but Styles catches it and delivers the Styles Clash to Miz for the win. Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky are approached by Sarah Schreiber, who asks her why she attacked Lynch. Bayley says it wasn't about Lynch or Belair, it was about them. The Usos say they feel great after their Summerslam match and will beat the Mysterios. Back at ringside, Seth "Freakin" Rollins comes to the ring and we get a video packet of his match with Riddle last week and their brawl at Summerslam. Rollins welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Rollins and says it's a night of celebration because they don't need to see or hear Riddle. Rollins says he can now turn his attention to Roman Reigns and the Undisputed WWE Champions. The Street Profit music hits and they come to the ring. Dawkins tells Rollins they beat him for the "Raw" Tag Team Champions and Ford says Cody Rhodes beat him with "just a fool". They play rock-paper-scissors to determine who faces Rollins, but Ford grabs the referee and runs down to the ring. The bell rings and Ford Clotheslines Rollins out of the ring. Ford slaps him in the face and then sends him face first against the barricade. Rollins tosses Ford in the ring and then superkicks. Ford climbs the top rope but Rollins rolls outward. He looks for a pedigree, but Ford counters with a back body drop. Rollins drives Ford into the ribs of the ring post first before they return to the ring. Rollins delivers a chop to Ford, then corners him and delivers another. Ford fires back with some of his own before Rollins delivers a couple of knees to the midsection. He delivers a gut buster, then goes for a pin, but Ford steps out. He wants a pin but Rollins steps out. He wants a pin but Rollins steps out. Rollins and Ford exchange forearms before Ford gains the upper hand with a spinning fist. Ford kicks Rollins midsection, followed by an insiguri and a back drop. He hits a standing moonsault and then attempts a pin, but Rollins kicks out. Ford delivers a standing blockbuster, then goes for the pin, but Rollins kicks out. Ford hits Rollins with some right hands, but Rollins hits an insiguri. He superkicks and then attempts a pin, but Ford kicks out. Ford moves out of the way, but Rollins hits a rolling forearm. Rollins goes for a Buckle Bomb but Ford counters it with a Tornado DDT. He goes for a pin but Rollins gets his foot on the bottom rope to break it. Rollins manages to hit the Buckle Bomb followed by a Falcon Arrow. He wants a pin, but Ford kicks out. Rollins looks for a frog splash off the top rope, but Rollins moves out of the way. Ford searches for one himself, but Rollins gets on his knees. After the match, Rollins tries to beat up Ford, but Dawkins slides into the ring to save him. Back at ringside, Alexa Bliss comes out with Lilly. Asuka hits Bliss in the jaw with a forearm, but Bliss fires back with a dropkick. Asuka hits a shoulder tackle, but Bliss knees back. Bliss hits a knee, followed by a forearm and another knee. She wants another pin, but Asuka kicks out. She wants another pin, but Asuka kicks out. Bliss trips Asuka and then hits a double knee. Asuka delivers a suplex, followed by a hip attack and a knee to Bliss' face. Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky come to the ring and knock out Bliss and Asuka. Kai knees Asuka in the corner while Bayley barks orders at them. Kai gives Sky a chair as she climbs to the top rope, but Belair parries. Belair grabs the mic and says she wants a match with one of them. Back from the first commercial break of the night, the comments announce that Belair will face Sky in a match tonight. Dolph Ziggler comes out followed by Ciampa and Chad Gable. Ciampa, Dolph Ziggler and Chad Gable for a shot in a #1 contender US Championship match. The bell rings and Ziggler hits Ciampa with a dropkick. He hits Gable with one and then attempts a pin but Ciampa cancels it. Gable and Ciampa beat up Ziggler and then go after his legs. They hit Ziggler with a double back elbow and Gable goes for a pin but Ciampa pulls him away and they start arguing. Gable slams Ciampa to the mat, but out of nowhere, Ziggler hits the Zig Zag. He wants a pin but Gable steps out. Gable manages to lock in an ankle lock but Ciampa interrupts and attempts a pin on Gable. Ciampa delivers a chop, then Ziggler bets on the upper turning buckle. Ciampa delivers the white noise from the middle rope and then goes for a pin but Gable cuts him off. Ciampa and Gable trade chops before Ziggler hits the Zig Zag while Gable is about to deliver a suplex to Ciampa. He wants a pin but Gable steps out. Ciampa sends Gable out before Ziggler hits Ciampa with a super kick. Gable steals the pin but Ziggler pulls it on Ciampa. Gable backslides Ciampa, but Ciampa kicks out. Ciampa manages to hit the Fairytale Ending on Gable for the win. We then get a video summarizing the events surrounding Judgment Day. Back off the break, Edge comes in with a massive pop. Rey says that Judgment Day is in their rear view mirror and now they have to deal with Edge. They say their focus is on defeating the Usos and becoming the new Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. Back from the break we get a video showing the WWE tryouts from Summerslam weekend. We then go to Sarah Schreiber, Dakota Kai, Bayley and Iyo Sky. She says women have been on a downward spiral since she left and she dumped two of the world's most underrated women. Back at ringside, Iyo Sky comes out followed by Bianca Belair. The bell rings and Belair sends Sky straight to the corner. Belair brings Sky to the center with several shoulders, followed by a dropkick. She jumps up but Sky makes her jump off the top rope. Sky delivers a moonsault off the ropes to Belair on the outside and we head to the commercial. Back from the break, Belair has the upper hand and hits a body slam. She delivers a forearm to Sky followed by a kick. Sky sends her on the ropes and then double knees Belair. Sky hits another double knee in the corner, then attempts a pin but Belair kicks out. Sky counters Belair with a cross face but Belair escapes and Sky hits a leg sweep. Sky flies off the top rope but Belair hits a fallaway slam. She delivers a face buster and then flies off the ropes. Belair bodyslams Sky and then climbs to the top turning buckle. Bayley and Dakota Kai come to the ring and allow Sky to climb to the top and deliver a fast Hurricanrana. She wants a pin but Belair steps out. She wants a pin but Belair steps out. Belair manages to hit a vertical suplex, then lifts Sky onto her shoulders. Sky escapes and sends Belair onto the apron. Sky sends Belair down and then flies, but Be.air catches her and sends her face first into the ring. She goes to throw Sky back in the ring, but Bayley and Kai sit on the apron to block her. Alexa Bliss and Asuka come to the ring as we head into a commercial break. Back off the break, Belair delivered a superplex to Sky followed by a standing moonsault. She wants a pin, but Sky kicks out. She wants a pin, but Sky kicks out. Sky fires back with a double stomp and double knees Belair in the corner. Belair hits a spine buster on Sky and then looks for a standing moonsault, but Sky gets his knees up in time. Belair delivers a forearm to Sky, but Sky manages to use her feet to roll her up the ropes. Bayley and Kai kick Bliss in the face and Asuka joins her. We're going backstage to the Miz and Ciampa. Kevin Patrick approaches them and says things haven't been going the way they want them to since Summerslam. Miz says he was cheated out of his match tonight and that he only lost at Summerslam because AJ Styles attacked Ciampa ringside. Ciampa says Styles will realize he chose the wrong side at Summerslam after deciding to endorse a social media influencer. He says it will be all the more satisfying if he beats him tonight. Miz says the crowd is looking to the next United States Champion and says he will do whatever it takes to help him. Houston's own Booker T joins in commentary for the upcoming game between AJ Styles and Ciampa. Ciampa and Miz wait in the ring and Styles comes to the ring. Ciampa for a #1 Contender at the United States Championship They trade submissions before Ciampa gains the upper hand with a shoulder tackle. Ciampa kicks Styles in the corner before Styles hits a back breaker. Ciampa sends Styles under the under rope into the ring post. He hits Styles in the head with a running knee and then attempts a pin but Styles kicks out. Styles and Ciampa exchange forearms before Styles hits a back breaker face buster combo. Ciampa slips out of the ring while Miz checks on him. Styles chases him back into the ring and hits a dropkick. Ciampa rolls out of the ring again and forearms over the top rope. Back from the break, Styles has the upper hand with some combo attacks. Styles hits a back breaker followed by a face buster. He wants a pin, but Ciampa kicks out. The crowd cheers at the Miz "Tiny Balls" as Ciampa hits Styles with some offense. He exposes his knee and then looks for the running knee, but Styles brings him up for the Styles fight. Ciampa escapes, but Styles corners him with a suplex. Styles hits Ciampa with a forearm, then looks for the Phenomenal Forearn. Ciampa counters with a knee, followed by a powerbomb backstabber combo. He wants a pin, but Styles steps out. Ciampa hits Styles with several chops followed by a forearm. Both men climb the top rope while Ciampa searches for the air raid crash. Styles counters with a Styles Clash and attempts a pin near the ropes, but the Miz gets Ciampa's foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. Styles takes out the Miz on the outside before sending Styles into the ring post and barricade. The Miz grabs Styles' ankle, but Styles beats the count. Ciampa reaches the Fairytale ending and becomes the new #1 contender for the United States Championship. The comment reveals that Ciampa will face Bobby Lashley for the US title. Lashley says he will defend the title every week on Raw if he has to. He says that while Ciampa is dangerous, he likes to give him a reality check by including the Hurt Lock. Back from the break, The Mysterios come in followed by The Usos. WWE Undisputed Tag Team Match: The Usos (c) vs. The bell rings and Jey sends Rey out under the bottom rope. He kicks Jey in the chin and tags in Dominik. He takes out Jey with a crossbody off the top rope as we head to a commercial break. Back from the break, Rey and Jimmy are in the ring. Jimmy sends Rey sternum first into the top pivot buckle and locks a chin latch. Rey escapes and Jey switches inside. Jey drags Rey to her corner of the ring and then hits a back breaker. He wants a pin, but Jey kicks out. Jey brings a right hand to Rey's head, followed by a hip toss. Jimmy tags in and delivers some right hands. Rey sends Jimmy face first into the ring post and makes the hot day with Dimonik. Dominik hits a crossbody from the top rope and equalizes Jey. He wants a pin, but Jimmy kicks out. Jimmy hits Dominik, but Dominik hits a kick and a modified bulldog. Jimmy slides out and Dominik flies away, but Jimmy catches him and slams him into the ring post. Back from the break Jimmy and Dominik seesaw on the top rope. Dominik manages to hit a Tornado DDT, then both men switch partners. Rey takes Jey to the ground and shoves a shoulder at him, followed by an insiguri. Rey hits a senton, but Jey fires back with a super kick. He wants a pin but Rey kicks out. He wants a pin but Rey kicks out. Jimmy tags in and Rey kicks him in the head sending him off the ropes. He wants a pin, but Jey breaks the pin. Dominik climbs to the top turning buckle and Jimmy follows him. Dominik sends Jimmy off before delivering a dropkick into the ropes. Dominik looks for the 619, but Jey makes a blind tag. After the match, the Mysterios ambush Judgment Day. Edge's music hits and he runs to the ring. He goes straight for Priest and throws him out of the ring with a clothesline. Medical staff comes to the ring to tend to Dominik as the show goes off the air.


WWE Raw Live Scores

The new WWE era continues with the first Raw since SummerSlam. (Author: Gardener)

RawRaw's fallout from SummerSlam takes place tonight at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. We'll find out what's next for Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair after successfully defending her title against Becky Lynch. Belair was faced with the returning Bayley, Dakota Kai and Io Shirai - now IYO SKY - but was backed by Lynch. Theory failed to regain the US Championship after losing to Bobby Lashley and failed to cash in the bank during the Main Event after being attacked by both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Reigns successfully defended his Universal Championship against Lesnar in the Last Man Standing Match. The Usos remain the undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions after beating The Street Profits at SummerSlam. They will put the titles on the line against Rey & Dominik Mysterio tonight. Winners advance to the match of a number one US title contender. Becky Lynch started Raw. She entered with an arm sling and they edited to a video package of Bianca Belair's win followed by the post-game perspective. Lynch has spoken in the past of hitting rock bottom and not knowing who she was without the championship, but at SummerSlam she finally remembered who the hell she was. Not only did she do it for herself, but she wanted to create the biggest women's section they've ever had for all the women in the background who bust their ass off every week. But she wasn't defined by a game or the title, she defined the title. She said she wasn't defined by the man, she defined "the man". She planned to make the greatest comeback of all time. She called Belair. Belair told Lynch that she didn't just define "the man," "you are the man." Lynch told her, "Hold it — see you soon." The crowd sang to Lynch as she left. Belair had nothing but respect for Lynch. She hasn't forgotten the sneaky things Lynch did, but she didn't want to be handed anything and Lynch made her work for it. She shook hands with SummerSlam because they respected each other and being respected by Lynch meant something. Belair was always ready for her next challenger - whether it was Bayley or her friends. They cut to the back where Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky Lynch attack. Bayley appeared to attack Lynch's arm/shoulder with a steel chair. Bayley and her friends were gone when Belair sprinted backwards. Officials checked Lynch. There are no commercial breaks for the first hour, but they add variety with video packages. There was a nice video pack from JBL that emphasized the importance of the US title and highlighted some of the previous winners including Harley Race, Sgt Slaughter, Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, JBL, Scott Hall, Bret Hall, John Cena , Ricky Steamboat, Booker T, Kofi Kingston, Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect, Edge, Miz, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins and now Bobby Lashley. He didn't know when he would be back, but it would be soon and he couldn't wait. There were some cool spots in the match including Ali hitting Styles with a hyper speed Tornado DDT from the apron. As Ali entered the ring, Miz caught him with a skull crushing finale, but it took him too long to hide and Ali exited. Ali hit Miz with a 450 splash, but his momentum sent him straight into the arms of AJ, who hit a Styles Clash on Miz for the pinfall win (Styles pinned Ali). The crowd loved the unique finish. Sarah Schreiber reached out to Bayley and company for comment. Bayley said it wasn't about Lynch, it was about her, and everyone would find out more soon enough. Schreiber asked the Usos if they had to face Rey and Dominik Mysterio just days into their stint as Street Profits. Rollins called a celebration tonight because we didn't need to see or hear the original idiot riddle. Rollins said Riddle wanted to be like Randy so badly that he's now on the shelf. With Riddle out of the picture, Rollins wanted to turn his attention to Roman Reigns and the Universal title. The crowd cheered. Rollins didn't want to share airspace with WWE's Biggest Losers, and he wondered how many times they lost to the Usos. Angelo Dawkins reminded Rollins that they beat him to become tag champions. Montez Ford recalled that Rollins was the guy who lost to Cody Rhodes by just one fool. Rollins got angry and threatened to trample her, but he was smart enough not to take on both at once. Dawkins asked the crowd if they would like to see one of them beat up Rollins tonight. Dawkins suggested a rock-paper-scissors to see who would face Rollins, so they brought out a referee to officiate their game. As they started rock-paper-scissors, Ford grabbed the referee and sprinted to the ring so he could start the match. Ford got plenty of insult and a couple of near misses - including after hitting a Tornado DDT and only counting two because Rollins broke his rope. Rollins followed up with a buckle bomb and a hawk dart for a nearfall. Ford dodged a frog splash and went for one himself, but Rollins lifted his knees and hit a curb stomp for the pinfall win. (Good match that should get you watching Ford get another shot at Rollins.) Rollins braced for another stomp, but Dawkins ran down to scare him off. There was a Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar video pack, a plugin for Reigns vs. They had a back and forth match when Bayley, Kai and Sky attacked for the DQ/no contest. It seemed like Sky was preparing a moonsault with a steel chair, but Belair ran down to chase them away. Belair requested a match with one of them. Belair vs. Sky has been announced for tonight. Chad Gable cut a promo on his way to the ring saying he was going to win this match, beat that ignoramus AJ Styles, and take this country back on his back. They went into the break two and a half minutes into the game. After the break, Gable applied an ankle lock to Ziggler as Ciampa threw in a cross. Gable stepped aside from Ciampa, but Ciampa ended the situation by giving Gable a leg lariat. Ciampa hit Ziggler with an air raid crash off the middle rope, but Gable headbutted the cover off. When Gable missed a German suplex on Ciampa, Ziggler brought Gable down with a zig-zag for a near fall. They all traded weighs and counterattacks until Ciampa hit Gable with a knee kick and Fairy Tale ending for the pinfall win. (Pretty good match, but the crowd was pretty quiet with Ziggler as the only babyface.) Ciampa meets Styles tonight and the winner meets Lashley for the US title. Edge walked in to a huge ovation and thanked them for it. Edge said, "To be fair, I've been a bit of an asshole the past few months. Edge thought maybe he could pass on his 30-year knowledge to Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley. Rey said they were done with Judgment Day and now had to deal with Edge. He called the Edge family after they won the tag titles together. Tonight it was all about one thing - beating the Usos and becoming champions in Houston. Schreiber interviewed Bayley and her buddies. Bayley said those jerks had been on a downward spiral since she left, so she reached out to two women who had waited far too long for their moment. Dakota Kai said they know how to play the game. Sky said she would see Belair in the ring. Untitled match: Bianca Belair vs. IYO SKY ended in a no contest (17:16). Sky hit an Asai Moonsault and they went a minute into the match to rest. Belair was in control after the break but Bayley and Kai sauntered out and the slight distraction allowed Sky to knock them off the top with a hurricanrana. Sky slipped out of a KOD and attempted a jump off the apron, but Belair caught her and swung her into the barricade. Belair tried to throw Sky back in the ring, but Bayley and Kai sat on the apron to block her path as the referee just stood there and yelled. Asuka and Bliss marched out to even the odds as they went into another break. Belair hit a superplex and a standing moonsault for two. Sky fought back in the corner with a double foot stomp and a running knee strike. Belair bought her down with a spinebuster, but Sky got her knees up on Belair's handspring moonsault attempt. Bayley brings Belair down as Sky distracts the referee and Sky tries to cover with her feet on the rope, but Bliss knocks her out. Bliss and Asuka jumped in the ring to brawl with Kai and Bayley, leading to another no-contest/double-DQ finish. The faces and heels brawled until officers broke things up as the crowd chanted "Let Them Fight."


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AmazonReady for a break? Shopping Amazon deals during your downtime is the perfect way to slip into the weekend. That's why our team scoured the mega site to bring you a quick and dirty list of today's top deals. So what are the best Amazon deals today? How about mega-popular Crocs that also happen to be almost 50% off? You can also get new Bose earphones at a deep discount. Or maybe you're going to the beach for a vacation - there's sunscreen with a saving of almost 30%. Let's take a closer look at these standout Amazon deals, shall we? Crocs are quite simply the epitome of foot-loving footwear. First of all, these unisex shoes are lightweight and breathable; In fact, they're even perforated for airflow. But it's their soft rubber construction and arch supportive, shock absorbing sole that really make them superior. "BABYYYYY my feet are in heaven," exclaimed one Five Star fan. “I have arch issues and I usually wear arch supports in my shoes so I can walk better and my feet don't hurt. "The support I felt, the cushion I felt, the [spiky] things in the shoe massaging my feet... These weather- and sweat-proof, noise-cancelling earbuds are made for an active lifestyle. In addition to blocking out ambient noise, they come with three sizes of soft silicone ear tips for a comfortable, secure fit, and simple touch controls allow you to play music, take calls, or adjust the volume. More than 18,000 five-star reviewers have already experienced the delight of these buds. One buyer called these earbuds life changing. "My husband spoke to me as I set them up and I couldn't hear a word he said. He had to scream for me to hear him! These are really going to change how I listen to the world.” A new smart TV for 40% off? As a Fire TV Edition, this model lets you stream 4K movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, YouTube, Disney+, Prime Video, SlingTV, Paramount+, Peacock and more without a separate streaming box or stick. "What a great TV," says one five-star reviewer. For the last beach vacation of 2022, get some shade with a pop-up sunshade. Not only does this tent give you a break from the glaring sun, but it is also treated with UPF50+ to give you and the family extra protection from harmful rays. "Just used my tent for a week on a Florida Gulf Coast beach," wrote one of more than 4,000 Five Star fans. “First of all, this tent is almost indestructible having hauled away the debris of FOUR separate pop up tents after sudden gusts of wind were misread/overlooked. Afternoon storms approached and destroyed pop-up tents around us on two separate days. Sun Ninja just laughed. Nothing breaks. I'm looking at another dead popup from my balcony right now. Don't buy pop-up tents for the beach. Buy a Sun Ninja." Clarks is known for their super comfortable shoes and their Breeze Sea flip flops are no exception. These cute sandals feature an Ortholite footbed for extra cushioning and an EVA outsole for durability. They're also lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day."I love this footbed!" said one five-star reviewer. "In July I sprained my foot so badly that two doctors wanted to x-ray it to make sure it was." not broken. I had bought a pair of Clarks flip flops from a shoe store and tried many shoes on my injured foot but the only shoe I could wear without pain was the Clarks. I like them so much that I bought four more colors of Clarks flip flops. Of course, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here. (And btw, get the non-prime ones still free shipping on orders $25 or more.) The reviews cited above reflect the latest versions at the time of publication. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for non-stop inspiration, delivered fresh to your feed every day. Want daily pop culture news delivered to your inbox? Sign up for the Yahoo Entertainment & Life newsletter here.


Anand Mahindra's Monday Motivation post is all about India's 'Gold Rush' at the 2022 Commonwealth Games

Anand Mahindra shared the winning moments of weightlifters Mirabai Chanu, Achinta Sheuli and Jeremy Lalrinunga. All three athletes won gold medals in the weightlifting category and received a lot of praise from netizens. (Author: Gardener)

Anand Mahindra'sIndustrialist Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to praise athletes competing in the 2022 Commonwealth Games. He thanked three weightlifters who brought medals to the country from the prestigious competition. As part of his motivational post on Monday, Mahindra also shared a revealing caption featuring images of the athletes. Mahindra shared the winning moments of weightlifters Mirabai Chanu, Achinta Sheuli and Jeremy Lalrinunga. All three athletes won gold medals in the weightlifting category and received a lot of praise from netizens. 3 athletes who showed us how to turn the 'weight' we carry into gold," Mahindra captioned the post. The post was liked over 8.5,000 times and received many reactions. People couldn't stop showering best wishes to the athletes Hopefully others will continue on from the good start these legends gave us - Shubham Shukla, IAS 2021 (@ShubhamShukla43) August 1, 2022 Aptly put, “transform our burdens /Weights in gold.” — jennifer james (@jenjamjan) August 1, 2022 carries the weight of most medals — Dr Charuhas #Wanderlust (@charuhasmujumd1) August 1, 2022 19-year-old Jeremy Lalrinnunga won a gold medal in the 67kg men's weightlifting, while 27-year-old Mirabai Chanu took the gold medal in the women's 49kg category and finally, 20-year-old weightlifter Achinta Sheuli won the gold medal in the men's 73kg final at the Commonwealth Games 2022. What do you think of this amazing post?


Shanahan praises the "inspirational" Samuel who signs a new three-year deal with the 49ers

Deebo Samuel has pledged his future to the San Francisco 49ers, ending an uncertain period for both parties. (Author: Gardener)

49ersKyle Shanahan said Deebo Samuel "inspired" him when the San Francisco 49ers confirmed the All-Pro wide receiver signed a three-year extension. Reports on Sunday suggested that Samuel, entering the final season of his rookie deal, would be guaranteed $58.1 million in a deal potentially worth $73.5 million. In the 2021 season, Samuel became just the second player to score six or more rushing and touchdowns and rush for over 1,000 receiving yards in a single NFL campaign after former 49ers running back Roger Craig in 1985 was first. Samuel also set an NFL season record for a wide receiver with eight rushing touchdowns. The 26-year-old led the league in yards per reception (18.2) last season among players with at least 35 catches, while his 1,770 yards from scrimmage was ranked the third-highest in the league and the second-highest total by a wide receiver in franchise history, trailing only Hall of Famer Jerry Rice's 1,884 in 1995. At a media conference Monday shortly before official confirmation, head coach Shanahan said, "My favorite thing about Deebo is how much he inspires people. He inspires me more than almost any other player I've watched on a field. "The way he runs the ball when you give it to him or throw it to him when he catches it with a kick and those not things you have to coax him into doing. He usually persuades you to do them because Deebo just loves to play soccer. “He loves helping us win and I think everyone sees that on Sunday when you see him on TV. Following the deal's confirmation, 49ers general manager John Lynch also referenced the player's inspirational qualities, saying: "We are delighted to have him join forces with Deebo to keep him with the 49ers for years to come. “Deebo has the rare ability not only to play at a unique level, but also to inspire his teammates with his style of play.


Devin McCourty describes how he draws "inspiration and motivation" from Bill Russell

Devin McCourty is one of the more socially and politically active New England Patriots players of the past decade, with the certainty that it takes time to show support for a reorganization of Massachusetts' youth system and to join and organize the Players Coalition. (Author: Gardener)

Devin McCourtyDevin McCourty is one of the more socially and politically active New England Patriots players in the last decade, with the security taking some time to show support for a reorganization of Massachusetts' youth system and to join and organize the Players Coalition, a group by NFL players focused on tackling systemic inequality. And so it was fitting to see McCourty ask if he could speak to the media on Monday, just a day after the death of Bill Russell, who was as much an advocate for the black community as he was for the Boston Celtics. McCourty explained what Russell meant to him. "Just his willingness and vulnerability to be very open about what he went through and what he wanted to change," McCourty said. "I think as an athlete and player in this field, I drew a lot of inspiration and motivation from his point of view. I think the way he paved the way for black athletes to be successful in this city -- in sports in general." McCourty added, "I think all of us here aspire to be like Bill Russell. McCourty was hardly the only player Russell influenced. "It's really hard to put into words what a man like Bill Russell has obviously meant to not only this city, but professional sports, black athletes and just the progress that we've seen in this country. ... When I think of Bill Russell I don't necessarily think of the championships or the Celtics and the win - which I think is a legacy that speaks for itself. I think of what he did for black athletes and I am a beneficiary of the actions of men and women like Bill Russell who were willing to step up and speak up for black athletes and black Americans and really up Push for change and push for equality. The reality is that he wasn't even considered a full citizen in this country when he started his life - so really think about it. ... When I think of Bill Russell, I celebrate that part of his legacy more than anything else."


One for the money, two for the show

Henrik Stenson and Tony Finau both won on Sunday, but each had distinctly different meanings. (Author: Gardener)

Henrik StensonTony Finau's reign of terror continues, Henrik Stenson plays like a victorious captain, the PGA Tour regular season comes to an end, and more in this week's Monday Scramble: As his close and near misses and sour Sundays piled up, Finau seemed to be the only one , who was not worried about the winless drought. That in one of those weeks, as he continued to position himself, it would all come together. I've always been like that," he said. "I've always had hope and belief that if I just keep working hard and going for it, things will turn out." - PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) July 31, 2022 With the chance , winning for consecutive weeks on Sunday, Finau put on another clinical performance, blowing wide at the Rocket Mortgage Classic to convert the first 54-hole lead of his career. He is the first since Brendon Todd in 2019 to win events in consecutive weeks in the regular season. He is the first since Justin Thomas in 2017 to win by three or more shots in consecutive weeks. This is the version of Finau we always knew was possible: ride it on a rope, hit iron shots, roll putts, strut all over the property. Now, after years of being so close, he's starting to see it too. In the last two weeks, Finau has doubled his overall wins at the Tour (from two to four). Was it an unfortunate timing that this hot streak came after the main season ended? The 32-year-old plays the best golf of his life. Those two weeks have propelled him from 30th to 7th in the FedExCup; With the way the postseason format is structured, his current form will line him up for a massive payday (to go along with the more than $2.5 million he just raked in). On Sunday night, as Finau reflected on his productive but ultimately winless years, he dropped a line that reminded us why he's so special. "They say a winner is a loser who just keeps trying and that's me to the tee," he said. But I'm not giving up and I'm only here as a winner because I decided not to give up and just kept going.” As we weren't there at Trump Bedminster last week, we point you in the direction of those who ( here and here) were. Based on that coverage, the third LIV event looked, sounded and seemed like a political spectacle with a bit of golf. Despite all the din, despite all the promises of disruption, despite a tide of signings that are reportedly now approaching $1 billion, it's still too early to tell if LIV is a success or failure as a legitimate golf product. A better reflection of what the rival tour will truly be - fixed 48-man fields, 12 sponsored teams of four players - is coming in 2023. There were more player reveals last week (Bubba Watson), and there's plenty more to be rumored to be soon . In delicious irony, Henrik Stenson, who has come down at world No. 173 and without a top 10 on the Tour in three years, won the 54-hole event just a week after being stripped of his European Ryder Cup captaincy. He was well compensated for that victory: $4 million for first place, in addition to the $375,000 for being on the second-place team, on top of the juicy signing bonus that seemed tempting enough to be willing give up his career dream of leading Team Europe. "Maybe there was a little extra motivation this week," Stenson said afterwards. “If we have that as players, I think we can bring out the good stuff. I definitely did that this week. "I think that's been a bit of an issue throughout my career, I think when I really want something, I manage to dig a little bit deeper, and a lot of times we manage to make it happen." Stenson's week-long yield was almost double as high as the one Finau brought home for two trophies, but in doing so the 46-year-old Swede gave up a title that has no price tag. The rationale for each LIV defector is different, and Stenson preferred money to one of the greatest honors bestowed on a player. Stenson continues to argue about how his brief Ryder Cup tenure ended. He said he had not resigned from the captaincy; it was taken from him. He said he worked it out with LIV Golf to continue playing both roles; The Ryder Cup Europe clearly had different ideas. Because he was so evasive on some of the finer details surrounding his decision to accept the role in March, it leaves the impression that the former Open champion had used the captaincy to strike a sweeter deal with the Saudis. If yes: Ik. Luke Donald officially replaces Henrik Stenson as captain of the European Ryder Cup 2023 The Ryder Cup Europe has found its (new) man anyway: Luke Donald, who was named Stenson's successor on Monday. The posh Englishman was in the mix this spring but was ultimately passed over for Stenson, a move that reportedly left him steaming since Stenson was known to be locked in intense talks with the Saudis when the league, at least in early March , seemed more rumor than reality. There was always a chance he could be lured back - especially if his profile was to be raised. He is respected and liked by his colleagues. He has contact with today's top players. He will know what a successful cup team looks like as he has only played for them throughout his career. And in the culture war of golf, he will be firmly in favor of the DP World Tour. He said last week that LIV had contacted him about joining the league - not as a player but as a broadcaster. "I would keep my word and go through with it, let me put it this way," he told Golfweek last week before firing at his former teammate. A PGA Tour regular season like no other has come to an end. The Wyndham Championship is the 44th and final week on the regular tour schedule. It is also the final season where No. 125 will be the borderline for status in the Regular Season Finals. Starting next year, in a significant change, the FedExCup Playoffs will only be available to the top 70 players. These 70 will be fully liberated for the following season; Anyone outside of that number can improve their status in the fall, after which the top 125 will be completely stripped for 2024. Here are some players who are at or near the bubble number this week (note: rankings listed are from the eligibility list). : It's the third year in a row that Hadley is on his way to the regular-season finals in this position, so at least he won't be alien to the stage. Last year he jumped from 132nd to 125th with a 62nd place finish in the finals at the Wyndham. Rickie Fowler (123): For the second time in a row, the fan favorite threatens to miss the tour postseason. The Rocket Mortgage Ambassador was unraveled in the second round in Detroit, carding a 74 to end his hopes of a late playoff push. With Saturday being free, he was spotted on the range working on his game. Fowler is still exempt through 2022-23 because of his victory at the 2019 Phoenix Open, which added to his exemption from winning the 2015 Players and subsequent wins. Austin Smotherman (125): He's the man on the cutting line thanks to a stunning season in which he had just a single top-10 in 24 starts. That happened last month at the counterfield event in Tahoe. He went 74-73 in rounds in Detroit last week to miss another opportunity to pick up some much-needed points. His Masters exemption expires after this season. Francesco Molinari (133): The 2018 Open champion will miss the playoffs after retiring from the Wyndham field before the start of tournament week. It's been another lost year: a top-10 in 17 events, his world rankings now plummeting outside the top 150. He's still suspended in the 2024-25 season, but his window may have closed. Harry Higgs (138): He hasn't been able to build on his breakout year and has only beaten 69 once since mid-April. Fans will be looking to push this popular player across the finish line this week. Zach Johnson (142): The captain of next year's Ryder Cup will need to summon some of his ancient magic to make the playoffs. He was inside the top 20 in Detroit with a lap to go, but he hit a backflip with a Sunday 75 that dropped him to T-49. He has no top 10 finishes this season and will not be fully exempted next season unless he uses some of his career exceptions. He's going to need a huge week and hasn't had a top 20 result since the Valero in early April. Like Johnson, he's not fully exempt next season either. Harris English (182): Not a big surprise after missing a significant portion of the season following hip surgery. He's fully free for next season but it's still a shame he couldn't capitalize on his career best from 2021. The 22-year-old Japanese, seven-time JLPGA winner, landed her first LPGA title in an unlikely manner, carding a tournament and course record 62 in the final round to skip proven LPGA talents Lydia Ko and Celine Boutier to join Dundonald Left to get a three-shot victory. This will set her up well for this week's Women's Open, the (sigh) last major of the year on any tour. Flat Weekend: Lydia Ko. Just when it looked like the former teenage phenom was in overdrive, carding consecutive rounds of 65 to take a halfway lead, Ko couldn't get anything going over the weekend. Despite having just one win to her name, her 2022 campaign was excellent - and now she has five top-five finishes in her last six starts at Muirfield. Not much has gone wrong in the career of this 22-year-old major champion, but Patty T was in the middle of a rough patch, missing her last five cuts from April. When she finally played her way into the weekend at the Scottish Open, emotions got the best of her. Good for her to show how much it means to get off the hook - she's far too talented to be held down for long. "When golf isn't going well and your personal life isn't going well, it just adds up emotionally. @Patty_MPT after making her first cut in 5 starts. #TGWSO @LPGA - Trust Golf Women's Scottish Open (@Womens_Scottish ) July 29, 2022 Style Points: Tom Kim. Well, that's one way to secure your PGA Tour card. Kim, who accepted temporary special membership after his impressive result at the Scottish Open last month, took another deep dive at Rocket Mortgage. With a course record of 63 in the finals, Captain Immelman secured full member status for the following season. With four picks at his disposal, Captain Immelman could be doing worse than stalking Kim for next month's Presidents Cup. So Close It Hurts: Cameron Young. With another second place finish at Rocket Mortgage, Young became the seventh player in the past 40 years to have five or more second place finishes in a single season. After all, he bagged the honor of Rookie of the Year? the highest ranking juniors in the field, and they met in the finals - rare stuff! Ding, a member of Arizona State, built an 8 lead in the scheduled 36-hole final and, significantly, became the first Chinese player to win the boys' amateur tournament. Surratt, who will play together in Tennessee, has impressed all summer and has never finished below ninth in his last nine amateur starts, although he will certainly be disappointed with the final result at the biggest junior event of the year. The moody left-hander, who has long been rumored to be freaking out, was the last to sign up for LIV Golf, which he announced over the weekend, although he won't compete until early 2023 as he recovers from surgery on his right knee recovered. (He will serve as non-playing captain for the remainder of this year.) Watson is winless since 2018 and has rarely factored in in recent years, but he remains a name most golf fans will be familiar with. He ranked 10th in the Player Impact Program rankings last year, despite another underperforming season on the ropes, largely due to his notoriety and (seriously) TikTok skill. At 43 he is well past his prime but Watson, who has served as assistant/volunteer captain at the Ryder and Solheim Cups in recent years, actually seems a good fit for LIV as he focuses more on the team aspect . In the same week that Forbes listed 51-year-old Mickelson as the highest-paid athlete in 2022 (while using some reported estimates and approximations in relation to his nine-figure signing bonus), he showed just how much he fleeced the Saudis. Fresh from vacation after The Open, Mickelson finished 35th in the tenuous 48-man field and continued his terrible game since returning from his self-imposed hiatus. He's a whopping 42 over par in three LIV appearances. He's the richest member of the rival league - and unfortunately also one of the worst players. The NBA Hall of Famer, one of the sports media's biggest figures, flirted with joining LIV Golf as a broadcaster, but chose to stick with his current gig on TNT (although it was unclear if LIV would ever actually accept an offer by Barkley's March 28 deadline). July had extended). Although Barkley ultimately didn't jump on board, his brief dalliance and strong support of the rival tour was all the PR they could hope for. A former Southern Cal hotshot, Crocker has taken the unconventional route to this point, crossing the pond (a la young Brooks Koepka) to professionally cut his teeth. It hasn't been an easy journey for the American, with missing cuts in 34% of his starts, but the payoff was immense at Sunday's Hero Open, where he clinched his first DP World Tour title - a win that put him on the 133rd place brought in the world. After walking the long road, it's clear how much this one meant to him. Win your first Tour title in St Andrews 🏴wandernڠڠڠڠڠA moment that will live with Sean Crocker for a lifetime.#HeroOpen— DP World Tour (@DPWorldTour) July 31st 2022 the Twitter Likes: Eddie Pepperell. Everyone's favorite twitterer for his clever takes and self-deprecating style, Pepperell has been open about his recent struggles, so it was satisfying to see him fight deep into the hero's last round, ending up with only one at 65 Point behind Crocker was Marks. This was a player who ended 2018 ranked No. 35 in the world but almost fell out of the top 600 last month. We hope the upward trend continues - the game gets better when this colorful character plays a role. Apparently I'm playing really well again... it feels good. Blown Fantasy Pick of the Week: Kevin Kisner. Almost all the big names have scored, so this is a bit deep, but there was cause for optimism at Kiz last week. Over the past month he had completed a surprisingly poor streak with consecutive top 25 finishes including his most recent start at The Open. He also put on a solid record at Detroit Golf Club, with an under-69 scoring average and consecutive top-10 finishes. That wasn't enough to get over a slow start, his laps of 72-71 leaving him a few short of the cut line. He will try again this week at another lucky hunting ground in Wyndham. This may have been on your social feeds last week, but the longtime USA Today/Golfweek writer was recently diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer that has spread to his liver. Chemotherapy is scheduled to start next week. DiMegs has a long way to go, but he has the entire golf community behind him. Send some positive vibes his way.


Cheryl Hickey shares inspirational messages with fans

On Monday, the ET Canada host took to Instagram to share a photo of herself jumping off a dock. (Author: Gardener)

Cheryl HickeyChery Hickey is giving fans the 'Monday Motivation' they need. On Monday, the ET Canada host took to Instagram to share a photo of herself jumping off a dock in a neon yellow swimsuit. She paired the photo with an inspirational message that encouraged her followers to figuratively "take the plunge" more often. "If you don't jump, you won't know. Take a hit today to try something different," she wrote to her more than 90,000 followers. Send this to a friend who needs it.” Hickey's post was met with messages of support from fans, along with praise for her motivation. We all need to take the leap in life more. Fear only holds us back," one person commented. Another added, "Love this!" Love your positivity," one person added. Earlier this month, Hickey shared a selfie with another inspirational message about how she treats her failures as a "gift," and urged her fans to do the same. "I've failed many times," she wrote. Hickey explained that being rejected repeatedly made her feel like she was failing. "I had a lot more 'no' and 'it's not you' or 'you're not what we're looking for'. I had big plans that failed in front of everyone," she wrote, adding, "I really thought these failures meant I failed." It took the 46-year-old "so many years to understand that." . Perceived failures "were such a gift" and without them she wouldn't be where she is today. "So if you lick your wounds about failure, try to change how you feel about it today. You are in control of how you Let us know what you think by commenting below and tweeting @YahooStyleCA!Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.