Chris Brown just publicly congratulated Rihanna on her baby - he "didn't feel comfortable" reaching out in person

He didn't want to start "drama" with ASAP Rocky. (Author: Gardener)

Chris BrownChris Brown congratulated Rhianna's baby on Instagram. The Breezy singer posted to his Instagram story on May 19, 2022, right after TMZ reported that the Barbados singer had given birth to a baby boy. Chris posted a story containing only text and emojis that appeared to be addressed to his ex-girlfriend. "Congratulations," said the story with a pregnant woman emoji and heart and prayer hands emojis. The now-deleted story left fans speculating as to what Rihanna and Chris' relationship is like now. An insider close to Chris revealed to HollywoodLife on May 20, 2022 that Chris just wanted to wish Rihanna and her current partner A$AP Rocky the best with their newborn baby. "Posting in his story is his way of reaching out while still being respectful," the insider shared. "He knows she'll hear about it and he's sure she'll be happy because he's letting her and the world know he's sending nothing but good vibes and yes, Chris is really happy for her. There was a time when he would have had a hard time dealing with Rihanna having a baby with another man, but now he's all grown up, all the baggage is behind him. Now it's nothing but love and respect.” Chris knows his boundaries with Rihanna following their public breakup. The insider continued, "Becoming a parent has been the greatest gift Chris has ever experienced and he knows Rihanna will experience the same feelings. He didn't feel comfortable texting her, so he thought it appropriate to take to social media to congratulate her and Rocky. He's not trying to step on her toes, he's genuinely happy for her and just wanted to do his best.” The two reunited briefly in 2012 but split permanently in 2013. Rihanna called Chris the "love of her life" in a conversation with Oprah Winfrey on Oprah's Supersoul Conversation in 2019. "He's in a relationship of his own," Rihanna said. It hasn't been easy.” Chris has since given birth to three children of her own, Royalty, 7, Aeko Catori, 2, and Lovely Symphani, born in 2022. Rihanna announced her pregnancy with current boyfriend A$AP Rocky in January 2022 with a photoshoot in Harlem. According to TMZ, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy on May 19, 2022.


Rihanna welcomes first baby with A$AP Rocky

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky first revealed their pregnancy news in January (Author: Gardener)

RihannaIt's time for Rihanna to bow out as a new mom! The "Diamonds" singer, 34, and boyfriend A$AP Rocky have welcomed their first baby, PEOPLE can confirm. A source close to the couple says they are home in Los Angeles with the baby. Rihanna is already a wonderful mom," says the source. RELATED: Pregnant Rihanna says she's in her third trimester and will be "mental" when it comes to protecting her baby After she was photographed debuting her baby bump in New York City, a source told PEOPLE Rihanna is "excited to be a mom" and "couldn't be happier." "Everything Rihanna does, she does in her own way on her own schedule, and having a baby is no different," the source said, adding Adding Rihanna and Rocky were over the moon with their baby on the way: "They're just like any other expectant couple. Yes, they happen to be famous, but they're just the cutest, giddy young couple expecting." In a March interview with Elle, the Fenty Beauty founder opened up about her future life as a protective mom. For more on Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's baby news, listen to our daily PEOPLE Every Day podcast below. The anti-artist said that as a fan of The Real Housewives franchise, she believes her parenting style will be similar to that of Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice. “Teresa from Jersey doesn't play with her kids. And that appeals to me a lot because I feel like that's the kind of mom I'm going to be," Rihanna told the outlet. The singer then quipped that she'll actually be "worse" than Giudice, adding, "You're talking about my kids, it's over." Throughout her pregnancy, Rihanna showcased iconic maternity wear that flaunted her naked baby often to challenge , "playing with fashion while she's pregnant. I enjoy it," she said at the time. "I enjoy not having to worry about covering my stomach," added the We Found Love singer. "If I'm feeling a little chubby, it's like whatever! It's a baby!" The mom-to-be also opened up about how fashion and beauty helped her feel confident. "Right now when you're pregnant, some days you're just like, 'Ugh, I just want to lay here on this couch all day,'" she explained.


Chris Brown seemingly congratulated his ex Rihanna on the birth of their baby with A$AP Rocky and fans are not happy

"After what he's done to her in the past, I don't know if she's okay with receiving congratulations from him." (Author: Gardener)

Chris BrownChris Brown seemingly congratulated his ex Rihanna on the birth of their baby with A$AP Rocky and fans are not happy. According to TMZ, which broke the news, Rihanna welcomed the baby boy to LA on May 13 — about four months after she and A$AP, real name Rakim Mayers, announced they were expecting a surprise photoshoot from fans The couple was quick to congratulate the new parents on social media, with Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's names trending on Twitter. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky just welcomed their first child together, a baby boy. Happy birthday to Rihanna and A$AP Rocky on the birth of their baby boy!❤️🤩 Happy birthday to her and her partner A$AP Rocky ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Chris, who dated Rihanna in the late '00s and notoriously pleaded guilty to physically assaulting her in 2009, wrote "CONGRATULATIONS" on his Instagram Story alongside a few emojis, including praying hands, a red heart and a pregnant person. While Chris didn't specifically mention Rihanna and A$AP, it was quickly surmised among fans that he congratulated the couple, prompting a negative reaction given his violent history with the mogul. The public assault came after Chris and Rihanna engaged in a verbal argument in February 2009, according to police files, after leaving Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammys party. Chris reportedly banged Rihanna's head against the window of his car as he tried unsuccessfully to force her out of the vehicle before hitting her multiple times and eventually putting her in a headlock - leaving her with multiple cuts and bruises on her face and body as well as numerous bruises. Chris pleaded guilty to the crime and accepted a plea deal of 180 days of community service, five years of formal probation and domestic violence counseling. Three years later, in 2012, Chris and Rihanna briefly got back together. However, they broke up for good a few months later, with Rihanna finally admitting that she felt overly "protective" about him. More recently, there have been several instances where Chris has apparently publicly expressed an interest in Rihanna by commenting on suggestive emojis on her Instagram photos, which has consistently drawn backlash online. He also wished her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" with a dedicated Instagram post in 2018, even tweeting about his apparent hopes of touring with her, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. A CRAZY WORLD TOUR would be BEYONCE, RIHANNA, BRUNO MARS, CHRIS BROWN. And if you decide to do it without me... This has infuriated several netizens who felt Chris had no place to express an interest in Rihanna - friendship or otherwise. However, in 2020, the Fenty Beauty founder opened up about how she'd been working to move on from the past, revealing that she and Chris had "rebuild trust" and were "very, very close friends." "We've worked on our friendship again and are very, very close friends now," she told Oprah Winfrey during a guest appearance on her Super Soul podcast. "I'm single but we've maintained a very close friendship since the restraining order was lifted. But while Rihanna has made peace with the past, many of her fans over the years have remained hostile to Chris given his past treatment of her, which she acknowledged in her interview with Oprah. "It happened to me," Rihanna said of the attack. You have a right to be angry because it wasn't a good thing... Well, as Rihanna might have predicted, several fans have now vented their anger towards Chris after his apparent congratulatory message was posted to Instagram — which quickly resonated so much Steam he trended via Twitter. "Chris Brown can keep his congratulations on Rihanna's birth to himself. Rihanna doesn't want to be reminded he exists, Chris Brown has nerves," wrote one user. Chris Brown keeps his congratulations on Rihanna's birth to himself. She just gave birth to your asshole, the last thing she wants is a text from her old domestic abuser who beat her up 8 years ago. She just gave birth to your asshole, the last thing she wants is a text from her old domestic abuser who beat her up 8 years ago. Rihanna doesn't want to be reminded that he exists, Chris Brown has nerves. "After what he's done to her in the past I don't know if she's okay with receiving congratulations from him," tweeted another. @TMZ After what he's done to her in the past, I don't know if she's okay with receiving congratulations from him... "Did everyone just totally forget that Chris Brown totally banged Rihanna? Every time I see his name trending, I feel like I lived in a parallel universe where he nearly beat her to death, and in that universe that just didn't happen?” echoed someone else. Did everyone just completely forget that Chris Brown beat Rihanna up the absolute shit? Every time I see his name trending I feel like I'm living in a parallel universe where he almost beat her to death and in this universe that just didn't happen? Others thought Chris' message was a nice touch, as Rihanna was vocal about their "very, very close" friendship. "Y'all need to remember that Chris and Rihanna don't hate each other," one person wrote. Y'all need to remember that Chris and Rihanna don't hate each other. "Rihanna and Chris Brown said they put their past behind them and are friends," added another. Rihanna and Chris Brown said they've moved and put their past behind them and are friends. But the e_inlaws are still stuck in that past.


Record heat on Friday

WLKY meteorologist Matt Milosevich has the latest record heat in the forecast. (Author: Gardener)

FridayPlease use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Detroit Lions have no primetime games scheduled in 2022 Police seek suspects after woman shot in face in Oklahoma City Meta told staff not to discuss abortion in groups larger than 5 Police: More questions about the death of a boy who was found in suitcase La Grange gets new downtown ice cream shop Cases of monkeypox have been identified in at least 5 countries, including the U. The foundation gives "Green Hope" around the world flies to this state twice a month to perform abortions because no other doctor CNN10: Today's Big Stories, Explained in 10 Minutes Five days before the primary, there are new warning signs for the Trump-backed candidate Georgia Governor's House lawmakers grill FDA commissioner over ongoing baby food shortage Afghanistan is a silent nation again," says Kabul Academy of Music founder Watch and Listen: Documentary "The Police Around the World" Die 'Two Personalities' by Ian Curtis: Joy Division marks the anniversary of a bandmate's death Dick, Sweet and Delicious: How Italians Serve Skillet Pizza Why the Baby Formula Shortage Is Hitting These Moms Hardest Your Own New Brand Is Different It's Amazing': Tucci's Wife is stunned by this pasta dish It's amazing': Tucci's wife is stunned by this Pasta Geri cht 'I want to leave an old, very tattooed corpse' 'I want to leave an old, very tattooed corpse' 'What are these strengths?': Chef tastes classic African dishes 'What are these strengths?': Chef tastes classic African dishes Monkeypox cases identified in at least 5 countries including the U.S. Foundation, Give Global 'Green Hope' In Afghanistan, 'our worst fears are coming true', says US Inspector General I Always s Cry At Least You Tried Artist creates giant bee mural to raise awareness of UK's National Bee Day Artist created giant bee mural to raise awareness for National Bee Day in the UK Things to clear from your work computer before you leave Your job She was born with legs bent the wrong way; Now check out this giraffe How to save money on a family vacation Old medicines are saving Americans a lot more than you might think Moving video shows a three-toed sloth reuniting with her baby Lettuce is a regular part of their diet Help for heroes who are no longer with Prince Harry's Invictus games Recovering giant pandas in the wild filmed in China Not all Americans feel like adults at 18 Are they dealing with post-pandemic burnout? Her best parental recovery for 'empty nest syndrome' Pope Francis jokes about needing tequila for his injured knee Queen Elizabeth makes a surprise appearance to mark the opening of a new subway line How a dentist helped a koala get a new foot! Rare auction of Michael Jordan's sneakers and trading truck expected to hit $4 million Americans like to watch TV to relax This little 'queen' honors Her Majesty Wedding guest behavior experts say they see the Interview process demystified to increase your hiring potential. The Queen's 'best friend' has moved to Windsor Castle Stations to deliver an important message Lion rescued after being imprisoned to amuse restaurant-goers How to save money on printer ink How to clean and care for non-stick pans The best way Cooking chicken wings at home What NOT to cook in an air fryer How to clean and care for pillows How to find the best ergonomic mouse How to holiday dinner in an air fryer How to deep clean an air fryer Camping tip: How to fold an air mattress How to properly detap a toilet


Ross Stores shares fall as lower-income shoppers feel the pressure of inflation

Ross Stores shares fell after a profit slip, with lower-income consumers at the off-price retailer falling amid inflation (Author: Gardener)

Ross StoresRoss Stores shares fall as low-income shoppers feel the pressure of inflation Analysts note that Ross Stores, which offers a conservative forecast, had a rare failure, sending shares down more than 21%, Ross Stores says its customers, who are on the lower end of the household income spectrum, have been squeezed by inflation. Feeling the pressure of inflation, Ross Stores Inc.'s lower-income customers are pulling back their purchases from the off-price retailer, resulting in a first-quarter profit and lost sales and shipments led the stock down more than 21% on Friday. Chief Operating Officer Michael Hartshorn says the average Ross customer has a household income of $60,000 to $65,000, while the average dd's Discounts customer's household income is in the $40,000 to $45,000 range. Ross Stores portfolio includes dd discounts. As Chief Executive Barbara Rentler said on the conference call, "dd's performance underperformed Ross's in the first quarter as the significant benefit of last year's stimulus and escalating inflationary pressures had a greater impact on lower-income households," according to FactSet . Hartshorn added that "the inflationary environment was much stronger than we anticipated at the beginning of the year." Executives noted last year's government stimulus and pent-up demand that made it difficult to predict this year. "Just three months after investors were surprised with a better-than-feared initial outlook for 2022, Ross Stores reported one of the most surprising/disappointing prints we've seen from them in more than 10 years," said Wells Fargo. Analysts there rate Ross Stores as even weight with a price target of $80 versus $90. Ross Stores' share decline also dragged Burlington Stores Inc. down. Burlington is expected to report first quarter results on May 26th. Read: If you thought Walmart and Target had disappointing results, these retailers fared so much worse and TJX Cos. TJX, TJX reported a profit hit but a loss of sales on Wednesday. “TJX inventory is up +37% year-on-year (vs. sales +13%), US same-store sales forecast to rise 4%-5% in H2 ((from -1 % to -3% in Q2), and raising its margin guidance for the year tells us that this company is poised to bring great value to consumers (just when household budgets are under pressure). the right type of inventory to start increasing margins while accelerating sales," analysts led by Michael Binetti wrote in a note from TJX: "We believe the stage for big stock gains for TJX and the off-price group in 2H and beyond." Credit Suisse rates TJX as an above-average long-term stock buyer with a price target of $75, but also recognizes a very high near-term hurdle for owning consumer discretionary," schri just analysts led by Simeon Siegel. BMO rates Ross Stores as above average with a price target of $99 versus $116. Ross Stores shares are down 36.5% for the year to date. TJX is down 22.4% over this period. And Burlington is down 46.7% for 2,022 till date. I'm 33 and I make $120,000. I partially support my partner, unfortunately due to his failed business. Stocks rise after China rate cut, Dow heads for 8th straight week of losses My wife and I enrolled our terrier, Spencer, in doggy day school. Enrollments at universities are declining.


Back to the spring feeling on Friday

Back to the spring feeling on Friday (Author: Gardener)

FridayYou are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Oklahoma passes the most restrictive abortion law in the US. North Carolina Man's New House on Outer Banks Will After Sea Uber, Lyft drivers receiving requests to take kids to school, Subway drivers go to great lengths to find lower gas prices. Council Bluffs uses goats as Inexpensive way to 'mow' Tom Hanafan vegetation NDCS shares insight into new reception and treatment centers CHI, partners raise $1 million to help at-risk mothers and babies Five days before primary election, there are new ones Warning sign for Trump-backed candidate in Georgia gubernatorial race House lawmakers are grilling the FDA commissioner over the ongoing baby formula shortage. "Afghanistan is once again a silent nation," says the founder of the Kabul Academy of Music How Italians serve pan pizza Why baby food shortages are hitting these moms hardest Your own new brand is different It's amazing : Tucci's wife is stunned by this pasta dish : Tucci's wife is stunned by this pasta dish 'I want to leave behind an old, very tattooed corpse' "I want to leave behind an old, very tattooed corpse" "What are these starches?": Chef tastes classic African dishes "What is this starch?": Chef tastes classic African dishes Monkeypox cases identified in at least 5 countries, including the US Foundation gives 'Green Hope' around the world Monkeypox cases identified in at least 5 countries including US Foundation gives 'Green Hope' around the world In Afghanistan: 'Our worst fears are coming true,' says US Inspector General of Bronx Zoo elephants have human rights Some border residents fear the end of Title 42 Some border residents fear the end of Title 42 That's why I always cry at weddings At least you've tried old drugs Is something Americans will save a lot more than you could think, moving video shows reunion between a three-fingered sloth and her baby People happily sleep with their pets Americans consider salad an integral part of their diet Help for heroes No longer linked to Prince Harry's Invictus games Have with post-pandemic cooking burnout to fight? Her Best Parental Recovery for 'Empty Nest Syndrome' Queen Elizabeth makes surprise appearance to mark the opening of a new subway line How a Dentist Helped a Koala Get a New Foot! Rare auction of Michael Jordan's sneakers and trading wagon expected to hit $4 million Americans like to watch TV to relax This little 'queen' honors Her Majesty Wedding guest behavior experts say they watch all the time, that the Queen's "best friend" has moved into Windsor Castle. Many royal watchers are actually comparing Kate Middleton to that particular royal Prince William and Kate Middleton interrupting UK radio stations to deliver an important message Rising airfares in almost 60 years A new way to the nose you want Is that forever when forever? How to save money on printer ink How to clean and care for non-stick pans The best way to cook chicken wings at home What NOT to cook in an air fryer How to clean and care for pillows How to find the best ergonomic mouse How to make holiday dinners in an air fryer How to deep clean an air fryer Camping tip: How to fold an air mattress How to properly de-tap a toilet


Rihanna, A$AP Rocky welcome first child after internet-shattering pregnancy

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky's baby boy is reportedly here. The two announced the pregnancy in January with a photoshoot that broke the internet. (Author: Gardener)

RihannaFans couldn't contain their excitement on the last day of January when Rihanna and A$AP Rocky announced they were expecting their first child together, with photos showing the 34-year-old singer's baby bump. About five months later the baby is here. The couple welcomed a baby boy in Los Angeles, reports People and Entertainment Tonight. TMZ, the first outlet to break the news, reports that Rihanna gave birth to a child on Friday. Get all the news you need in your inbox every morning. Ahead of the birth of her baby, Rihanna graced the cover of Vogue magazine's May issue, where she spoke about how Rocky went out of the "friend zone" when she and the rapper "became my family" and how she found out she was pregnant was. "People don't get out of the friend zone with me that easily," she said in the cover story published on April 12. Rihanna said the rapper "became my family" during the 2020 quarantine. The two musical artists left much of luxury behind to take a road trip from Los Angeles to New York together. "I cooked our meal on this little junky grill I bought at Walmart," the Forbes billionaire said. "I love the simple things but I also love the big adventures... I just feel like I can handle every part of life by his side." Rihanna and her baby bump grace the cover of Vogue's May issue in a red lace bodysuit. The humble journey for the multihyphenate preceded their debut on the Forbes billionaires list. The outlet described Rihanna as the "richest female musician" after hitting billionaire status in 2021, with an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion. In her Vogue cover story, Rihanna revealed that the couple's latest adventure in parenthood wasn't something they had planned, but they weren't opposed to the idea either. In January, the couple posed for photos as they walked hand-in-hand in New York City on a weekend when temperatures plummeted below freezing, but Rihanna wore a long pink coat that was unbuttoned to show off her growing belly, adorned by long body chains that cascaded down her stomach. Rihanna confirmed the news of her pregnancy two days later, in case the cool photo reveal wasn't enough proof. Taking to Instagram, the singer posted the New York landscape photos along with a new photo of herself gazing at her pregnant belly. Announcing the pregnancy was just the beginning of the maternity fashion storm that Rihanna would later inundate fans with, as she hit many runway shows and red carpets, flaunting her baby bump in epic style. READ THE ORIGINAL STORY: Rihanna confirms she's expecting her first child with A$AP Rocky Rihanna and Rocky, 33, have largely kept quiet about their relationship, though rumors surfaced back in 2013 when the rapper was opening for Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour. She revealed that she dated Hassan Jameel in 2019 but later attended the 2021 Met Gala with Rocky. RIHANNA ON HAVING CHILDREN: Singer wants "three or four" kids with or without a partner, talks about her own childhood "better" being in a relationship. "So much better if you have the one," he added. Rocky also said, He said he was "absolutely" open to having kids "if it's my destiny." Rihanna's maternity fashion is epic: Check out photos of her baby bump style. He added, "I think I'd be an incredible, remarkable." , overall amazing father.Rihanna announced in March 2020 that she wants to have children within the next 10 three or four years: "I know I want to live differently," she told British Vogue about how she sees her future.Last On November 10, Rihanna was named Barbados' 11th national hero by Prime Minister Mia Mottley as the country celebrated becoming a republic for the first time in history.The "Umbrella" singer took the honor in an orange floor-length dress by Bottega Veneta and wore her hair in several large braids. "May you continue to shine like a diamond and bring glory to your nation," Prime Minister Mottley added, using lyrics from the singer's 2012 single "Diamonds." This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Rihanna, A$AP Rocky welcome first child after internet-shattering pregnancy: reports


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from May 13th

Welcome to the Bleacher Report coverage and recap of AEW Rampage on May 13th. For the second straight week, All Elite Wrestling has had to move the timeslots from its usual 10:00 p.m. ET start until 5:30 p.m.... (Author: Gardener)

May 13thFor the second straight week, All Elite Wrestling has had to move the timeslots from its usual 10:00 p.m. ET Starts at 5:30 p.m. With the NBA Playoffs airing on TNT, many fans will likely need to catch up on this episode on their DVR. The Owen Hart Foundation tournament is in full swing as AEW has started broadcasting first round matches. This week, Ruby Soho and Riho fought for a place in the semifinals. Scorpio Sky defended the TNT Championship in the night's only title match against former SCU teammate Frankie Kazarian. We also saw Shawn Spears take on Bear Boulder, and Death Triangle fought The Butcher, The Blade, and Marq Quen in a trio match. Let's take a look at everything that happened in this week's episode of Rampage. As usual, Rampage started with the competitors from the first match in the ring and was ready to go as soon as the show started. Four of the men in this fight are known for their high flights, so this fight had a lot of fast moves that got the crowd on their feet. The exchange between Quen and Rey Fenix ​​was particularly rapid. As fun as this match was, it felt too much like a series of quick spots and sequences planned in advance. That's one of the problems with six-man tag matches. It's hard to get every time in the ring without sacrificing a bit of logic. Pac scored the win for his team with his Black Arrow Finisher. After the match, the lights went out and when they came back on, House of Black was standing on the apron. The Butcher has been working hard over the past year to get himself in better shape. He looks better than ever. The Blade looks a lot less intimidating without his beard. Quen's 450 splash looked amazing, but his jump from the top turnbuckle to the floor was his biggest highlight of the match. Boulder immediately picked Spears up in a gorilla press to silence Spears after talking some trash, but the chairman avoided him in the corner and started pounding on him with hard left hands. Spears showed some power, lifting Boulder onto his shoulders and hitting his finisher for the win. This was a short match, but it was effective for what it was. Spears continued to attack his opponent with a chair after the game ended. Spears has a cool performance. Spears, who set Boulder up for his finisher, was really impressive because he walked around with him and held him for a few seconds before slamming him down. We have a quarterfinal game at the women's Owen Hart Foundation tournament this week when Soho faced Riho in the third game of the night. It's not often that Soho sheds a few pounds on her opponent, so she used that advantage to control the tempo and throw Riho off balance. The former AEW Women's Champion was in control for most of the break, but The Runaway was able to grab her in a submission to ground her for a while. You could tell these two hadn't worked together much before, but they still did a good job so this felt like a competition, especially after the commercial break. After a series of close decisions, Soho achieved victory and advanced to the semifinals. They also announced that Hikaru Shida will not be able to participate in their upcoming tournament match due to an injury, so she will be replaced by Kris Statlander. Riho stuck her fingers in her ears to avoid listening to Soho's music was kind of funny. It was barely noticeable because it was so fast, but once you see it, it's hard not to notice. The modified half crab submission that Riho used was really cool. It looked like it would cause real pain to whoever was on the receiver end. During the pre-game interviews it was clear that Sky was trying to do things the honorable way while Ethan Page and Dan Lambert wanted to take the low road, so the champion told them to take the night off. The First AEW Tag Team Champions Fighting for a singles title felt like a big deal and the crowd gave them both a warm welcome to their performances. This was the most balanced competition of the evening. It never went longer than a minute that one man was in control before the other found a way to counter him. It feels like he's been booked inconsistently since SCU disbanded, which is a shame because he's a fantastic wrestler who could really help the younger members of the roster in so many ways. Lambert ran to the ring to create a distraction so Page could finish a submission to save Sky. This allowed Sky to bounce back and win the match by a TKO to retain his title. Sky didn't seem to know what happened and when he tried to shake Kaz's hand, Kaz told him that they cheated. Sky kicked Page in the face and it looked like they were going to fight, but then he turned and beat Kaz with the TNT title. The crowd got behind both guys from the moment this match started. Anyone would have agreed that one of the guys ended up winning because they were just happy to see this match. Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti were shown in the crowd with their AAA mixed tag titles, so it's clear he still wants the TNT title. Lambert just had to take an insult at Conti's expense, right? Well, so much for Sky's face.


GGWCup East Africa 2020: Women get sporty on their day

A day of fun punctuated by a kaleidoscopic aura in Lugogo provided the perfect picture of activity as Uganda hosted the Global Goals World Cup East Africa 2020 as the world celebrated the women. (Author: Gardener)

East AfricaGGWCup East Africa 2020: Women get sporty on their day Picture of activities as Uganda hosted the Global Goals World Cup East Africa 2020 as the world celebrated the women. KAMPALA - Forget the gladiator aura of football games as we traditionally know them, with a winner, the ultimate object of passionate sport. Think of the Global Goals World Cup a little differently. The women-only five-a-side tournament, whose East Africa 2020 edition was successfully hosted by Uganda on Sunday, needed adjustments to fit into the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). integrate that aim to change the world. And as the world celebrated International Women's Day, the teams that turned up at StarTimes Stadium in Lugogo in Uganda's capital, Kampala, offered the perfect blend of diversity, creativity, older spirit and youthful promise that contributed to both the global celebration and vision of the Tournament fit global citizenship to merge with football. Yes, I may have mentioned that everyone's a winner, but at the end of a packed Sunday, one team stood out from the rest to claim the highest honor by being crowned the winner of the competition: Hearts-Vision! And for their performance, they will represent East Africa at the Global Goals Finals in New York, USA. Hearts vision crowned as the champions wrapped up a day that had begun with promises of fine weather, making attendees all the more excited. By 8am Lugogo was already buzzing with anticipation and anticipation hung over the stadium, home of local Premier League champions KCCA FC. Indeed, the weather was kind as groups of women in creative, colorful team jerseys walked the stadium's artificial turf. Their presence helped create a kaleidoscopic atmosphere for the event, with each team's ingenuity and style showcased in their uniform attire. This ubiquitous presence of women of all ages and from across East Africa made for interesting observations. To qualify for the Global Goals World Cup East Africa 2020, teams had to select one of the 17 SDGs and take action accordingly. We are talking here about areas such as gender equality, education, poverty, climate protection, decent work and health. You could say that Team Abigail's grandmaz got a lot of attention that day. This group of older women exuded admirable enthusiasm both on and off the pitch. Choosing to play for Goal 8, which aligns with decent work and economic growth, this team of grandmothers and mothers want to "turn their frustration into energy and action for the next generation." On the pitch, they showed themselves flawless in the six-minute duels against their younger opponents. Another special group worth mentioning was the team Deaf Startlets FC who, as their name suggests, are true rising stars. Your choice for goal 5 – on gender equality – aims for inclusion, especially for people with disabilities, such as B. Hearing impairments, just like them. Her team motto "We deserve a better life" speaks astronomical volumes and her participation in the tournament was a refreshing reminder that everyone certainly deserves a better life. I'll walk you through this selection of images captured from the tournament on Sunday: The stage was set for the Global Goals World Cup East Africa 2020 sporting event in progress. They flaunted a wide array of style and fashion, and some extended that creativity to their beautiful faces. Team Abigail's Grandmaz, who plays for SDG 8, added a distinctive touch to their uniform - and just like the other teams, they kept their spirits up. On a warm Sunday morning, Mariam Mpaata, the tournament's local host, addressed the teams. The daily routine started with the registration of the team at 8am, followed by an Entrepreneurship Space Open and the games. National Council of Sports Chairman Donald Rukare and Uganda Tourism Board Chief Executive Lilly Ajarova were also in Lugogo. The local football association FUFA was well represented – with one team. By the way, Ajarova was Team Silverback Divas' goalkeeper and she did well to prevent those goals! If you are interested in African football, you should already know what an impressive force Uganda is in regional football (CECAFA). With 15 titles, Uganda is the most successful team in the CECAFA Cup, Uganda's oldest football tournament. Therefore, for the regional powerhouse, hosting the Global Goals World Cup in East Africa meant that mothers, sisters and grandmothers had the opportunity to experience the unifying factor of football and hopefully use that experience to interest the younger generations. The fans did their part to liven up the atmosphere in Lugogo with bright colors and costumes. Uganda joined the illustrious cast of five African nations to host the Global Goals World Cup. Immediate neighbors Kenya hosted the tournament in 2017 and South Africa in 2018. Team UMWCI Futsal Club (white veils) played for Global Goal 5, which focuses on gender equality. The Uganda Muslim Women Civilization Initiative (UMWCI) is a non-profit organization focused on empowering women to be self-sustaining. The Global Goals World Cup is an amateur soccer tournament open to all women over the age of 18. Eligible players may come from women's groups, corporations, sports organizations or federations, and a group of friends. Typically, a team consists of eight players, five of whom are playing on the field at any given time. Previous editions of the tournament have been held in several other cities around the world, including Copenhagen (Denmark), New York (USA), Bangkok (Thailand), Dubai (UAE), Mumbai (India) and Prague (Czech Republic). . Hosting the tournament provided Uganda with a perfect platform to raise its voice on such global issues as included in the SDGs. Ahead of the event, Mariam Mpaata spoke about the host country's desire to use the tournament to show what the Pearl of Africa is made of. “As a country, we have a lot to show the rest of the world – our beautiful, diverse culture, natural resources and our passion for sport. We want to create a world-class event that our visitors and the world will admire, our organizational skills and our passion for women's football," she said in an interview. The teams turned on their style game. As mentioned, each team chose a global goal it wanted to play for. For example, Team Poverty Alleviation Warriors chose Goal 1, which is about ending poverty in all its forms everywhere. The team attended the Nairobi (2017) edition and said: " Zero poverty is the ideal situation It's the Uganda we want – it's the world we want". Uganda was well represented in Lugogo. Kenya, Uganda's neighbor to the east, was also well represented. And that Kenyan supporter brought took his loyalty a step further by sporting a painting of his nation's flag all over his face, and then it was time for some serious football action. Team Hearts-Vision played for Goal 4, which is about quality education. According to her profile, the team's motto is "In school - not on the street!". They educate youth and provide awareness and counseling on the many challenges children face, forcing them to leave their homes and join the street life in Kampala's slum areas. This is how the team showed up in Lugogo on Sunday. It was a muggy day and the action on the pitch was as intense as the weather itself. Team Abigail's Grandmaz put on a good showing on Lugogo's synthetic surface, with their goalkeeper repeating some goalkeeping moves we usually hear from the Manuel Neuers of traditional football see. Team Centenary Bank Ladies, looking neat in their blue, red and white jerseys (reminds me of the 1998 World Cup in France), played for Gate 1 (No Poverty). According to their profile, this group chose this goal because they want to empower each of their customers and the entire community to fight poverty. Her team motto: “No one deserves to live below the poverty line. The teams came from a wide variety of backgrounds, including the medical world. Before their duels, the teams had the proverbial encouragement to finalize their respective game plans. The women of the Century Bottling Company team were in a great mood and were happy about a group photo. Maybe a signal of your footballing strength to your opponents? Perfect conditions for interactions, football action and photo shoots! Uganda's leading multimedia company Vision Group was also represented. And when it came to the real action, Team Abakazzi Ssi Mere showed they're tough enough to outsmart and overtake any opponent on this pitch. They played for Global Goal 10, which aims to reduce inequality. They entered the tournament to show the world that we are all equal because we all deserve to be looked at in the same way. Tears and tents lined the edge of the pitch as spectators and players alike enjoyed every second, minute and hour of the all-day event. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, everyone's a winner in the Global Goals World Cup! At the end of the one-day tournament, the unifying factor football was clear. A successful tournament!


Edie Falco is set to star in Pete Davidson's Bupkis series

Edie Falco is known for her excellence in any film or TV show in which she is the lead, with some of her best work in Nurse Jackie and... (Author: Gardener)

Edie FalcoEdie Falco is known for her outstanding performance in any film or TV show in which she is the lead, with some of her best work appearing in Nurse Jackie and The Sopranos. Now she's landed a starring role in comedian Pete Davidson's live-action comedy series, which explores a fictionalized version of his life. Known as an "Emmy magnet," Falco will play the role of Davidson's mother on the series. This is just one of the many roles she will play and fans are excited to see her talent return to screens given that this is a comedy role and somewhat similar to her role in The Sopranos. Davidson and Falco made the announcement together, and the comedian made some jokes about how the series will be streamed on Peacock, for which he made up his own nickname. Falco and Davidson revealed their casting during the NBCUniversal Upfront presentation (Via Deadline), which took place on May 16th. Peacock had already picked up "Bupkis" as a direct series in April, and the show's official description is an "elevated, fictionalized version of Davidson's real life." Speaking during the presentation, Falco said: "I'm so excited to play your mother on this show, Pete. Finally, I get to play an overwhelmed mother of two who lives in a world of corruption. Her statement was a hilarious reference to one of her most famous roles as Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos. Davidson also made some jokes about his celebrity status, saying, "I'm here, so the media will finally start paying attention to me." According to Peacock, "Bupkis" is a combination of "down-to-earth storytelling with absurd elements from the unfiltered and." original world view". This is a storytelling format that Davidson is already known for from his comedy sketches and its predecessor "The King of Staten Island". The 28-year-old SNL star also co-wrote the series, which he co-wrote with longtime friend Dave Sirus and Judah Miller. Fans are already comparing "Bupkis" to Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," but with Davidson's real-life celebrity and the fact that the series will be uncompromisingly R-rated, there's an expectation it'll get better. During the NBCUniversal Upfront presentation, Davidson made several jokes about Peacock being the streaming service for the series and shared his new R-rated nickname for the platform. "Bupkis" will be Davidson's first regular TV position since joining the cast of "Saturday Night Live," where he has starred since 2014. If "Bupkis" becomes a huge hit as fans expect, then his time at SNL may be limited. Falco's fans are firmly behind her and have shared their support that she will excel in Davidson's series. Fans and film critics applauded her performance in both projects. Falco also proved just how versatile she can be when she portrayed Hillary Clinton in the Ryan Murphy-produced limited series Impeachment.