The WWE draft delay will ultimately bolster SmackDown and Raw Rosters amid rumors

Since 2019, the fall season has traditionally been the annual WWE Draft, and this year's edition seemed to be no exception. It seemed like it was going to take place... (Author: Gardener)

SmackDown(Photo credit: Since 2019, the annual WWE draft has traditionally been held during the fall season, and this year's edition seemed to be no exception. It seemed like it would take place immediately after Clash at the Castle on September 3, with SmackDown Superstars scheduled to appear on the post-event edition of Raw and vice versa. However, since nothing was officially announced, fans began to doubt that it was soon after. In fact, a new report from Fightful Select (featuring's Andrew Ravens) surfaced this week indicating that a draft may not be imminent, with USA Network sources being given the impression it will take place around WrestleMania's season instead of. WWE's Triple H era has already seen many positive changes. Giving him free rein in squads and putting everyone where he wants them is exciting in theory, but there should be no rush to have a draft at the moment. From bolstering the Survivor Series season to simply more ideal timing, Raw and SmackDown will benefit greatly as WWE waits until a few more months to shake up both brands' landscapes. Brand Loyalty Means More in Survivor Series SeasonBased on the latest promotional poster released for this year's Survivor Series pay-per-view, it appears WWE isn't doing away with the theme of brand supremacy, despite the fact that it's been used by the was mostly received negatively by fans. On paper, fans should enjoy pitting the best of Raw and SmackDown against each other. Aliyah is a recent example. The slogan that it's the one night of the year when superstars from SmackDown and Raw collide was proven wrong many years ago. What didn't help was that the draft was only a month before the PPV. There's no brand loyalty if someone changes shows just beforehand, and there are no missions worth fighting for (which should also be fixed this year). They need to be established well before Survivor Series so audiences can associate them with the brand they're on. If Triple H is determined to make Survivor Series a success on November 26th (and it can be the case with the correct booking), he must keep all exclusive to their own shows, except for those who own uniform titles that can travel across brands. What's interesting about WWE's staging of their October draft over the past several years is that it hasn't always been like this. The company originally had the right idea of ​​holding the inaugural installment (after forming the brand extension) in the spring just after WrestleMania 2002. That lasted until 2007 when for some reason it was pushed back to the summer before returning to April in 2009. When WWE reintroduced brand extension in 2016, he was a draft that summer, the Superstar Shake-up was introduced in April 2017. The ill-defined Superstar shake-up was always poorly executed compared to the draft, but his timing right after 'Mania was ideal. WWE should stick to that from 2023 onwards. The post-WrestleMania season means change. The WWE draft can achieve this, along with the calling of stars from NXT provided they continue to be involved. WWE has boasted about Raw and SmackDown "season premieres" for the past few years, and that's most likely why the draft was an October staple for a couple of years. In reality, the night after WrestleMania Sunday is WWE's true season premiere and should be treated as such with the draft. It's a blast following the weekly WWE product and not knowing what's going to happen next. Certain surprises have been speculated in advance or have come out of nowhere, but either way, every debuting and returning Superstar on SmackDown and Raw has given viewers the vibe that anything can happen at any time. That's exactly the feeling All Elite Wrestling captured last year with Dynamite. Of course, Triple H can't count on Returns forever to keep WWE shows interesting, but they effectively shake up the rosters without a formal draft being required. Since SummerSlam, fans have been treated to the return of Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky, Karrion Kross, Dexter Lumis, Hit Row and Johnny Gargano. WWE has been losing star power over the past two years after so many rounds of release, and these well-known NXT faces will add significant roster depth. However, there is no reason for everyone else to switch shows any time soon, if they do now I have new people to work with. The influx of talent should be enough to capture the sense of change for the foreseeable future. Deviating from the norm and approaching the draft differently If Triple H isn't mad at the idea of ​​a brand split, he should try to make the SmackDown and Raw rosters as important and balanced as possible. Most of the time, that wasn't the case in the draft or Superstar shake-up. One brand usually looks stronger than the other, but the new creative director needs to avoid that with the next installment. Doing things differently than Vince McMahon would have done is why audiences are optimistic with The Game at the creative helm. In addition to the timing of the draft, the overall execution should be tweaked to give it a real sense of legitimacy, just like other sports do. As previously mentioned, the approach WWE took with the Superstar Shake-up was lazy. The draft was booked a little better, but there were always inconsistencies in the way it was handled and certain stars that didn't get drafted. Delaying the draft until April would give Triple H more time to decide how to proceed. It should be built as a highly anticipated event and not given away on a whim after Clash at the Castle just to send the message that changes are coming. Also, The Game can do a lot more with the current rosters before they're all uprooted. Figuring Out How World Titles Will Be Split First The biggest problem the company is currently facing is how it will split the WWE Championship and Universal Championship back into their own separate entities. They were united at WrestleMania 38 when Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar for both belts, but WWE hasn't quite figured out what it wants to do with the top titles just yet. Reigns has played his heel role exceptionally well over the past two years, but with the expansion of the squad, a part-time world champion who only shows getting up occasionally isn't ideal. The end of his run with the titles was near, or at least one of them. Given how long The Tribal Chief has held the universal belt, assigning the WWE title to Raw makes more sense, but either way, Raw and SmackDown need their own world champions. The belts will be undone by WrestleMania 39 April, allowing each brand to pick a world champion to draft after the event. They won't be united until Clash at the Castle at the earliest, but then WWE will have to seriously think about how they're going to explain everything in the draft and how this new era will start with a bang. Graham Mirmina, aka Graham "GSM" Matthews, has specialized in sports and entertainment writing since 2010.


Tennessee's abortion ban goes into effect Thursday. Why these women are now giving up the state

On Thursday, Tennessee will ban abortion from the moment of conception, stripping the state's women of a right they had on Wednesday. (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayLaura Brown was born, raised and educated in Tennessee. The 34-year-old Chief Marketing Officer grew up in Brentwood and holds degrees from the University of Tennessee, Middle Tennessee State University and Vanderbilt University. Brown bought a condo in East Nashville last year. At the end of September she will leave her home country. Wade triggering Tennessee's abortion ban — which makes no exception for rape or incest — she believes she has no choice. "I just have this feeling of absolute clarity that I can't continue to live in a state that doesn't respect my right to make my own medical decisions," Brown said. On Thursday, Tennessee will ban abortion from the moment of conception, stripping the state's women of a right they had on Wednesday. This shift has left some women wrestling with the question of whether they are willing to give up some control over their bodies to live in Tennessee. There's Brown leaving the state. Jennifer Rader, 50, is preparing to move to Europe with her 10-year-old daughter. And Sandra O'Connor, 40, turned down her dream job in Memphis after Roe was ousted. It's unclear how many people will make similar decisions or if the law will affect migration to and from Tennessee. Several large companies and trade associations in the state told The Tennessean that they were not aware of any change in their ability to attract workers since the decision. And, of course, those who oppose abortion have announced the court ruling and the new Tennessee law that they believe will expand the rights of the unborn child. For them, the country is still an attractive place to live, work and start a family. In the hours after the court ruling, Tennessee Right to Life counsel said the new laws were based on the "fundamental interest of the state in human life." But for women like Brown, leaving Tennessee because of the abortion ban is a regular issue, she said. "The women I know in Tennessee who have the freedom and flexibility to do it are thinking about it," Brown said. We replied: What questions do you have about access to abortion in Tennessee after Roe's reversal? All three said they are fortunate to have the resources and freedom to choose where they live and work. But Tennessee's abortion ban will most likely hit those who don't have a choice about where to live, said Cherisse Scott, founder and CEO of SisterReach, a nonprofit reproductive justice organization, "There will be a disproportionate impact on pregnant people and families who can't relocate," Scott State said, but I think more often than not, people will be stuck with Tennessee's abortion ban makes performing or attempting to perform a post-fertilization abortion a Class C felony, punishable by three to 15 years imprisonment and fines of up to $10,000. That means it's up to the doctor who performed the performs an abortion, the burden of proving the risk of death or "significant and irreversible impairment ung of an essential bodily function” of the woman. Typically, the onus is on prosecutors to prove a crime, not on the defense to prove it didn't happen.Related: Lee says abortion law protects doctors in serious cases.Exceptional push: Proponents plan a push to Amending Tennessee's abortion law with no exceptions In other states with similar laws, pregnant women with complications or nonviable fetuses were forced to bear until their condition became dangerous enough to qualify for vaguely written maternal health exceptions. Jennifer Rader lives in Franklin with her 10-year-old daughter and doesn't want her to grow up in a place where abortion isn't an option. Rader doesn't believe abortion should be used as a birth control method and supports some level of regulation around the procedure. But she finds it unacceptable that Tennessee is now denying an abortion option to a child made pregnant as a result of sexual assault. "I can't raise a kid where that's happening," Rader said. In 2019, the most recent year for which data are available, 14 abortions were performed on pregnant girls between the ages of 10 and 14 in Tennessee. Ever since a friend moved to Portugal six years ago, Rader, who is originally from Los Angeles but has lived in Tennessee since 2000, has dreamed of moving to the country. But after Dobbs' decision, those daydreams became immediate goals. Rader runs her own recruitment agency and is able to work remotely. Her plan is to move to Portugal by the summer of 2024 with her daughter and her ex-husband, who can also work remotely. In October, Rader and her family will travel across the Atlantic to explore the village of Burgau on Portugal's south coast. In Portugal, abortion before 10 weeks is legal, but there are exceptions for rape, incest, fetal malformation and maternal health. For Rader, it's not just the current Tennessee laws that are making her move, but what she thinks could be next. "I need a safe haven for my daughter and nieces," Rader said. "It's a whole different world now." Due to the Dobbs and Tennessee trigger law, attorney Sandra O'Connor quit her dream job, which would have required a move from her native Michigan to Memphis. O'Connor, 40, lives with her husband just outside of Detroit. She is a private bankruptcy attorney and works on cases for a Chapter 7 panel trustee, or private individual who authorizes the federal government to oversee bankruptcy proceedings. For someone in bankruptcy law like O'Connor, a panel trustee position is at the top of the field and a coveted job. There are fewer than 750 across the United States. O'Connor hasn't seen a job in her home state of Michigan since she began practicing law more than a decade ago, she said. But late last year, a panel trustee position opened up in Memphis, and O'Connor applied. After several interviews, she was offered the position on May 19. "I had achieved my dream," O'Connor said in an interview. In early June, O'Connor and her husband traveled to Memphis to look at neighborhoods and homes. "I thought we could integrate well," O'Connor said. Supreme Court reversed Roe v. on. Supreme Court reversed Roe v. on. Related: 'Pro-Baby and Pro-Mom': After Supreme Court victory, anti-abortion activists across the South debate next steps. O'Connor had read the draft decision when it was leaked in early May. But as an attorney, she understood that the court spoke through its final opinions, not drafts. "I think I took the approach that if the Supreme Court actually makes its decision, I would be concerned," she said. In the process, she realized she didn't know how Tennessee law dealt with abortion rights. So she read about the state's six-week abortion ban that went into effect after the repeal of Roe v. Wade went into effect immediately, as well as the trigger bill passed in 2019 that would ban all abortions 30 days after the ruling. O'Connor recognized that her new position would give the U full legal power. But when it came to some of her own medical decisions, Tennessee didn't trust her judgment at all. "I think, 'I'm going to move to a state that doesn't see me as a full citizen with the ability to make decisions about my own medical care,'" she said. After a few days of thinking and talking to friends and family, she sat down to write an email rejecting the job. She felt that she owed the people who had offered her the job an honest explanation as to why she was turning down a prestigious position. "My ability to receive proper medical care will likely be severely reduced or even eliminated if I were to move to Tennessee. It is unthinkable that I would have to travel abroad to receive routine or even emergency medical care based on gender," she wrote. "I'm 40 years old. And although she didn't tell any of her co-workers about the job she almost took, she shared her email with a friend who encouraged her to post it online. She ended up posting it on Reddit, minus some identifying details, where it garnered nearly 14,000 upvotes and drew hundreds of comments, many of which came from people saying they were leaving states or trying to find a way to go that implemented abortion bans. O'Connor said she's "happy. She likes her job and life in Michigan. But she still regularly checks the Trustee Positions website in case a trustee job appears in a place where laws affect her physical respect autonomy.


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from August 24th

World Champion CM Punk fought interim champion Jon Moxley in the biggest match in AEW Dynamite history on Wednesday, a pay-per-view quality match at free... (Author: Gardener)

August 24thWorld Champion CM Punk fought Interim Champion Jon Moxley Wednesday in the biggest match in AEW Dynamite history, a pay-per-view quality match on free-to-air TV just as All Out on September 4 approaches. This monumental encounter, arguably the greatest in Dynamite history, headlined a program that also featured the final quarterfinal match of the World Trios Championship tournament and a head-to-head confrontation between Daniel Garcia and Chris Jericho. Find out who was crowned the undisputed champion and what else happened with this recap of the August 24 TBS broadcast. AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: Death Triangle (Pac, Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fenix) vs. Will Ospreay and Aussie OpenAfter tensions between Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia peaked last week, the members of the Jericho Appreciation Society opened the show on Wednesday with a face-to-face in-ring. Jericho tried to get Garcia to apologize for popping up on him last week, prompting the young star to lash out at his mentor for ruining a special moment between him and his idol, Bryan Danielson. American Dragon walked to the ring and tension mounted as Garcia refused to choose between a professional wrestler and a sports entertainer, then shoved Jericho. A verbal exchange between Danielson and Jericho culminated in a challenge for a match between them at All Out on September 4. This was an interesting opening segment for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Garcia came off as repetitive and tried too hard to convey his uncertainty, to the point where it became distracting. The Jericho Danielson stuff was okay but also felt forced, an excuse to bring two greats together on All Out and bolster what will already be a star-studded show. While the result might be great, it was just "OK." The arena erupted in a chant of "You're a wrestler" in support of Garcia. "You knew how special this moment was for me. You know how special it was to share the ring with my hero, Bryan Danielson," Garcia told Jericho. "I didn't care if people called me a wrestler or a sports entertainer below, you know you're a sports entertainer and I just want to hear you say it." I agree with all these people that you're a wrestler," Danielson told Garcia, the joy on Danielson's face was that of an antagonist. "You know what pisses me off, Danielson? That I've heard for the last 15 years that you're the best wrestler in the world and I was near you the whole time and never saw it once," Jericho said. As Ring of Honor, AAA and IWGP Tag Team Champions, FTR prepares to partner with TNT Champion Wardlow to fight Jay Lethal and two unknowns as a partner at All Out, Dax Harwood fought Lethal in singles. Lethal controlled the pace during the commercial break and later aimed for Harwood's left knee. Counters and reversals gave way to the sneaky Lethal, who secured the spoiled win with a rollup and a handful of tights. Harwood doesn't have bad games at this point. He's as consistent a wrestler as he is in sports, whether in tag team or individual competition. That being said, this felt a bit disjointed at times. If the idea was for Lethal to win, why not just go home when Dutt intervened? Things took a bit longer than necessary and it hurt the overall quality. The revelation that Lethal is working with the Motor City Machine Guns of Impact Wrestling is another example of the commercial partnership between the two and should result in a stellar match. Hopefully it opens up the possibility of an FTR MCMG match in the future. Jim Ross suggested Lethal pick up the pace to capitalize on his clear speed advantage, rather than go shot-to-shot with Harwood. After the match, Dutt announced that Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, The Motor City Machine Guns, would join Lethal at All Out. A hesitant Billy Gunn, accompanied to the ring by The Acclaimed's Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, fought son Colten in one-on-one action. Second-generation Heel and brother Austin benefited from interference from Stokely Hathaway, a distraction that allowed Colten to hit a low punch and pinfall his father. After the match, Hathaway presented the Gunn Club with a business card and then watched as they punched down her father and The Acclaimed. This brought out AEW World Tag Team Champions Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee for save. Caster and Bowens aside, there wasn't much to love about this story over the past month. Now that it appears that Colten and Austin are headed for a tag team title match with Strickland and Lee, for the champions who won the titles in a great match against top tag team contenders, it feels woefully underwhelming. No undercard tandem that hasn't won nearly enough to even sniff the tag cover scene. If The Acclaimed is involved, so be it, but even then it's difficult to point to a single match won by Caster and Bowens that suggests they would be worthy contenders at this point. This feels more like something thrown together to give everyone involved something to do rather than the result of any real storyline. It feels like there's more of that going into this All Out card and AEW as a whole in 2022 than any other year. Prior to the match, Thunder Rosa announced that she would be stepping down as AEW Women's Champion due to injury, with an interim champion to be determined at All Out. Toni Storm was a contestant named Toni Storm while the other three were a mystery. Hathaway, who recruited the Gunn Club after handing out some of his business cards lately, begs the question: will he manage the undercard folks who have been creatively neglected? In this back-and-forth match, King impressed as she usually does before falling short of her goal of defeating the loudmouthed, selfish Heel when she succumbed to Lockjaw. After the match, Baker cut a promo for Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm, pulling the latter out. So on September 4th, AEW had its four competitors for the interim world championship title. As for why AEW suddenly has this infatuation with interim champions only Tony Khan knows, but it really wouldn't have hurt if Rosa had just given up the title and vowed to come back better than ever to reclaim it. It looks like we're going to be crowning a new temporary champion to hold down the proverbial fortress until Rosa comes back from her undisclosed injury on the damn wrist, because that's what a champion does!" Baker said, one punch to Thunder Rosa, because she couldn't compete at All Out Backstage, a promo featuring Strickland, Lee, and The Acclaimed led to a challenge for the AEW Tag Team Championships at All Out, although it's also thrown together, between two teams that need momentum and really don't have one can afford a high-profile loss, it's a heck of a lot better option than anything involving the Gunn Club Billed as one of the most significant matches in AEW history, the undisputed AEW World Championship match between CM Punk and Jon Moxley was a one-sided Squash match that raised more questions than answers Was that an instruction from Tony Khan, an amends for the controversial en promo punk cut on the Hangman Page last week? It could also be long-term storytelling, continuing the narrative that punk was unhealthy and if he had been, he would have beaten Moxley. An out, if you will. Anyway, the execution was great and social media behind it. If there was one downside, it's that the much-vaunted match that this show was built around ended in just a matter of minutes and was hardly the competitive match most expected of its contenders. That sort of finish will work this time, but must be used intermittently or risk angering the hardcore fans who have put their trust in management to do what is right for them. It was a remarkable finish that immediately got fans talking about its significance. B, for execution and surprise of all Punk was either really hurt by that kick or did a damn good job of selling that he was. After the match, Ricky Starks clipped a heated promo in which he recalled staring Powerhouse Hobbs from the background of the Britt Baker segments. He challenged All Out. Christian Cage accepted Jungle Boy's challenge for a match at All Out during a backstage promo. Moxley interrupted a promo backstage and claimed he was a pro wrestler. "My time is really g*****n now!"Trio's Title Tournament Match: Death Triangle vs. Will Ospreay and Aussie OpenIn an international dream match, Pac, Rey Fenix ​​and Penta El, the All-Atlantic Death Triangle Champion, Versus Zero Miedo fought IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay and Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) in the Quarterfinals of the AEW World Trios Championship Tournament. The death triangle controlled early and wore down Ospreay when the announcement team questioned if the Brit had sprawled too thin over the last month by accepting 18 different games in that time. Fletcher and Davis worked together to attack Fenix ​​while Ospreay obliterated Penta and Pac to help the heels gain the upper hand. A hot day on Pac sparked a late comeback culminating in a beautiful double Poison Rana spot that cleared the ring and pitted The Bastard and Ospreay against each other. Ospreay delivered the Oscutter and Pac responded moments later with an avalanche brainbuster obliterating Fletcher and Davis ringside, but Ospreay raised his knees and countered the Black Arrow. Pac recovered and delivered a picture-perfect moonsault off the ring post, then got distracted by what he thought was Kip Sabian, only to be tackled from behind by the box-carrying Enigma. With Pac down and Penta on the mat, the heel trio brutalized Fenix ​​and finished him off with an assisted oscutter. This was exactly the sporting spectacle one would expect given the talent involved. Pac and Ospreay in particular had strong chemistry that helped form the basis of the match. It was a largely unpredictable match, as either trio could have won, but the game plan, based on Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks performing while the show was going off-the-air, has likely always been to have Omega and Ospreay for getting the same match in the same ring. This is sort of a dream match that will spark discussion and excitement among die-hard fans on social media, but the fact that it's only the semi-final round match neutralizes it somewhat. It should be damn good and an interesting reintroduction to Sabian if nothing else. Excalibur questioned whether Ospreay, who works 18 matches in 30 days, would cause attrition that would ultimately cost him. Don Callis transcribed the storyline that Ospreay Kenny adores Omega and has tried to emulate him for years. Penta delivered Fletcher a nasty crucifix bomb that Taz said "blew him to pieces." The entire tone of the game changed when Pac made the hot day late. Pac and Ospreay each delivered a double Poison Rana that had both men staring at each other.


Ex-A pitcher Luzardo is motivated to take on his old team on Wednesday

"I felt like they gave up on me," the former left-hander from Oakland says of last year's trade. (Author: Gardener)

LuzardoFormer A's pitcher Jesús Luzardo will bring a little more than his electric left arm to the mound when he takes on his old team at the Coliseum on Wednesday afternoon. He's been an inspired man since Oakland dealt a struggling Luzardo to his hometown Miami Marlins last July. "I certainly had mixed feelings," Luzardo told reporters Monday about the trade that sent him home for star outfielder Starling Marte. "(I) was kind of happy to go home, a team I grew up on... Big fan since I was a kid growing up in South Florida. But I think at the end of the day it probably helped me and kind of helped me get it going at full speed. Since returning from a left forearm strain that sidelined him for three months this season, Luzardo has certainly kicked things into gear. He will take on A's left-hander Cole Irvin this afternoon after pitching 23.1 innings with a 2.70 ERA and a .90 WHIP with just five walks and 24 strikeouts in four starts since Aug. 1 Has. For the year, Luzardo's numbers are solid: 3-5 with a 3.44 ERA and a sparkling 1.05 WHIP. Those are certainly numbers a recovery team like the A's -- or any team for that matter -- would covet, especially considering he's under team control for four more seasons. If Luzardo had served like that last July, he'd probably be in Oakland this week anyway, just not making his first career start against the A's. But his struggles as a helper with the A's last year were deep enough to make it easier for the team to part with a 98mph left-hander, but no guarantee he'd figure things out in the majors. His last five relief appearances for the A's produced multiple runs allowed in all but one as he gave up 11 hits and 11 earned runs for a 16.50 ERA. Luzardo didn't help either when he broke his throwing hand playing video games early last season. Marte's standout play in Oakland -- a .316/.359/.466 slash and 25 stolen bases in 56 games -- didn't help the A's snag a postseason berth, but it did earn him a four-year, $78 million contract with the Mets . "It's not easy to trade a player like Jesús," said David Forst, general manager of A, after the deal last July. "I think that's the bottom line, but ultimately we've always said if the team performs in this clubhouse and gets themselves into the playoffs, we have to do everything we can to try to help them." Luzardo has enough incentives by now gotten since leaving Oakland that he's changed his habits on the Hill a bit. While he still has 97-99 mph in his arsenal, he's not the type to rely on blowing fastballs past hitters anymore. He's using his sweep slider more and more often, throwing it 33 percent of the time. He also has a change 22 percent of the time, a little more than usual. "I'm trying not to really focus on (speed) anymore," Luzardo told reporters after returning from an injury earlier this month. "I think the move is more of a big deal for me now than it used to be. But in terms of sliders, fastball, changeup - being able to fill the zone, just attacking guys - I felt comfortable with everyone." Add the fact that Luzardo is looking for a little revenge on the A's organization , and it could be an awkward day for Oakland's sluggers.


"Motivation and leadership are important in warfare"

Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24 ordered forces to invade neighboring Ukraine, expecting to easily wipe out any resistance on the road to overthrowing the current government in the capital, Kyiv, within days or weeks. The United States expected the same thing, but it didn't happen. (Author: Gardener)

RussianRussian President Vladimir Putin on February 24 ordered forces to invade neighboring Ukraine, expecting to easily wipe out any resistance on the road to overthrowing the current government in the capital, Kyiv, within days or weeks. Six months after Putin made that decision - a year ago on Wednesday, which coincided with Ukraine's Independence Day - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is still in power. He remains in Kyiv, which is not currently under any immediate threat because the Ukrainian resistance was able to withstand the initial Russian push until Moscow was forced to refocus its attack line. "The first lesson, and it's more of a reminder, is that motivation and leadership are important in warfare, and there is perhaps no greater motivating factor to fight than defending one's village, family, city or country." , says Luke Coffey, a foreign policy expert at the Hudson Foundation, told the Washington Examiner in an interview. "Many underestimated President Zelenskyy's leadership, his willingness to lead the nation's defense from the heart of the capital, even as people like President Biden tried to persuade them to go for his own safety." John Hardie, an analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said the US needed to "downgrade" its assessments of the Russian military's capabilities, but also warned that "taking the first phase [of the war] at face value will likely be a mistake, too." He also argued that Russia didn't show its "best leg" in its initial attack because decisions were based on "wrong assumptions and prejudice and prejudice against Ukraine." After the Russians withdrew their forces from the outskirts of the capital, they concentrated They redirected their efforts to conquering territories in Donbass, the eastern part of Ukraine, where pro-Russian struggles t forces have been fighting for almost a decade. Russia was able to gain territory in the region, although at a slow, gradual pace disproportionate to the amount of resources spent and lives lost. "I expect over the next few months we're going to see a continuation of Russia making very little progress in the East at a disproportionately high labor cost," Coffey added. "I think we're seeing the initial stages of a Ukrainian offensive in southern Ukraine around Kherson." “I would say that on the battlefield you see a complete and utter lack of progress by the Russians. So in that sense we're in a different phase than we were - where we were even a few months ago," a senior defense official told reporters last week. "You see that the Russians are still paying a high price with Ukrainian attacks. They bear these costs and cannot advance." S., have dramatically altered Ukraine's ability to hold back Russian forces while planning counter-offensives in the south in recent weeks as Russia has attempted to thwart that maneuver. The US is expected to announce its largest-ever aid package of an estimated $3 billion on Wednesday, coinciding with the anniversary. In addition to the war on the front lines, Russia has continued to target civilian infrastructure and Ukrainian civilians in general, which has raised concerns about war crimes and violations of international law. According to the United Nations, more than 13,000 Ukrainian civilians were killed or injured in the war, although the agency warns their estimate is likely much lower than the actual total. More than 140,000 residential buildings were destroyed or damaged, leaving more than 3.5 million Ukrainians homeless, Ukraine's Defense Ministry said in early August. General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the supreme commander of Ukraine's armed forces, said earlier this week that about 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the war, a small fraction of the Russian casualties. A Pentagon official said earlier this month he believes Russia has killed between 70,000 and 80,000 troops in action. Original location: "Motivation and leadership are important in warfare": Lessons from the war in Ukraine


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from August 19th

Welcome to the Bleacher Report coverage and roundup of AEW Rampage on August 19th. This week's show featured two major title fights and a match that featured a... (Author: Gardener)

August 19thThis week's show featured two major title fights and a match that will have implications for a future championship. Hook defended his FTW title against Realty TV star Zack Clayton, Swerve in our Glory defended the AEW Tag Team Championships against Private Party, and Best Friends took on The Trustbusters in a quarterfinal match for the Trios Championship Tournament. We also heard about Claudio Castagnoli and saw Penelope Ford fight Athena. Let's take a look at Friday's Rampage. Swerve in Our Glory vs. Private Party (AEW Tag Titles) Swerve in Our Glory and Private Party (Credit: AEW) Rampage opened as Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta came to the ring for a promotion . The ROH World Champion made a challenge and Dustin Rhodes was the man who answered the call. It looks like we're going to get a title match between them at next week's Rampage. The first match of the night was for the AEW Tag Titles. Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee jeopardized the belts against Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy. This match was a lot of fun, which probably won't surprise anyone. Kassidy, Quen and Swerve were having tons of fun and soaring while Lee focused more on his ability to toss everyone around with the greatest of ease. Despite losing, Private Party came out of this match looking like a competitive team that might be able to eventually win those belts. AEW has been waiting for a long time to give them a big boost, but if they keep improving, they will soon be champions. It was nice that Kassidy countered Lee's big throw as that was the first move Lee hit him with as Lee debuted Bit of Storytelling. That Lee still scored later in the match was the icing on the cake. Quen looks better with the hair and gear he has now. Hook brought Clayton his 15 seconds of pro wrestling fame this week when he gambled the FTW title against the reality TV star. As soon as Clayton made a punch, Hook ducked and locked him in Red Rum for the win. It was over in seconds. While a match that ends faster than it took for either entrance is rarely ideal, it was satisfying to see someone associated with The Jersey Shore lose so quickly. This match will get a very low mark since it was hardly anything to call a match, but it was still kind of entertaining. Since these two matches were fast squashes, it seemed appropriate to put them on the same side. While Serpentico may have struggled a little more than Clayton, he suffered the same fate when Matthews defeated him in less than two minutes. While it's great to see Matthews get a chance to stand out from himself for once in this match, it felt unnecessary. What came next was crucial. Miro came and threw Malakai Black's mask onto the ramp to signal that he had turned down his offer, so he and Matthews immediately started arguing. The Bulgarian powerhouse stood tall after sending the 33-year-old member of the House of Black out of the ring. Athena looked to continue her unbeaten streak in singles this week when she faced Ford in the fourth fight of the night. The former Ember Moon quickly took control, but the 29-year-old didn't make it easy for her. Ford turned things around and pulled off some nice offensive moves. Athena scored the win shortly after a commercial break. She was almost immediately attacked by The Baddies while Jade Cargill smashed her special entrance jacket onstage with a sledgehammer. The match itself was fine for what it was, although too much of it took place on pause rather than full screen. Post-game stuff kept the feud going, but the Athena-Cargill game has to happen soon. The announcers rarely acknowledge Kip Sabian in the crowd during TV taping, so the fact that he was shown and talked about on camera bodes well that he'll be back soon. Ford is one of AEW's most underrated competitors. Trustbusters and Best Friends (Credit: AEW) Ari Daivari, Parker Bourdeaux and Slim J faced Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta in the main event to see which team would advance in the Trios Championship tournament. The Trustbusters tried to use some classic heel tag team moves to take control early on, but veteran Taylor was prepared for his tricks and kept the upper hand until Boudreaux came into play. This quarterfinal match remained hard fought, but when Cassidy came on he started taking it against Daivari and Slim J. It took a triple dropkick from all three best friends to take Boudreaux out of the equation. Sonny Kiss eventually got involved and pushed Cassidy off the top rope, but OC managed to hold on in the match. Danhausen showed up to curse Slim J just before all three best friends defeated him with a unique triple team finisher. The majority of this match was relatively tame, but it picked up towards the end and produced some memorable moments Excited about Cassidy's performance music was hilarious. The 23-year-old could have a great career if booked properly. Slim J has been wrestling since 2001 and his style hasn't changed since then.


It wasn't normal Monday traffic along the Orange Line. Here's what riders experienced.

Our reporters have fanned out across the region to follow how commuters fared on the first Monday without the Orange Line. Here's a look at how it went. (Author: Gardener)

the Orange LineA commuter boards a shuttle bus at Wellington Station instead of the Orange Line service. Monday was the first day of the week that commuters navigated the MBTA through the shutdown of the entire Orange Line. The T closed the line for 30 days until the morning of September 19 to complete much-needed repairs to its tracks and promised to complete five years' worth of weekend and evening work in just a month. Our reporters fanned out across the region to follow how commuters fared on the first day of the workweek without the vital Jamaica Plain to Malden subway line. 'Hope it's worth it': While things appear to be going smoothly, some commuters are still upset - 6:05pm At the Forest Hills train station on Jamaica Plain, shuttle buses zipped in and out of the station quickly, while the stairs and escalators welcomed steady but small streams of commuters making the connection between bus and commuter rail or shuttle and manufacture bus . "Everything we had planned is happening," said Boston City Councilman Brian Worrell while handing out CharlieCards to commuters. He estimated that he gave out 30 to 40 in half an hour and gave people a free ride on the S-Bahn if needed. The first day, he said, seemed to go smoothly. Jordan Goffigan, 22, of Roslindale, said his shuttle was from Mass. Ave took 35 minutes, about twice as long as his usual Orange Line train. The closure also meant he rode the S-Bahn in the mornings, a complete change from his routine of getting out the door at 6am. He said he usually leaves home at 7:30 a.m. to go to his community service job. And from work the T says the shutdown allows it? The Jamaica Plain resident said the 21 bus he took to Forest Hills struggled through more traffic than usual and he was preparing for the same fate to befall the shuttle bus he boarded. "A lot of people are angry and upset," Jackson said of the mood. He said he takes the T or the bus to visit friends, but he drives too. Jackson said a month of commuters having to navigate the streets with more giant buses will not end well. "I don't think it's going to go well," he said. Shuttles added about 25 minutes to a Malden resident's commute - 5:10 p.m. Just after 4:30 a.m. Monday, Johnnie Chambers disembarked from an Orange Line shuttle at the Malden Center in the wet afternoon weather. Chambers, 64, works in maintenance and usually commutes to State on the Orange Line. The shuttles added about 25 minutes to the Malden resident's commute, he said, but he found the shuttles worked well and his trips were "pretty smooth". Portions of the Orange Line were replaced by shuttles in 2018 and 2019, Chambers says he's used to. Joanne Trinh, 25, works for a downtown non-profit and has to be present in person on Mondays. Trinh said she expected her commute time to double, but the morning commute took an hour, three times the usual. The way back took about 45 minutes, she said at around 5 p.m. at Malden Center station. “It's not terrible; it's just a waste of time," Trinh said. Trinh said she feels worse for her friends who live in Chinatown and have fewer opportunities. T-Boss is "cautiously optimistic" construction project is off to a good start - 4:17 p.m. MBTA general manager Steve Poftak said Monday afternoon at a news conference at Sullivan Square Station that the major Orange Line construction project is off to a good start and have "not reported any major problems with the shuttle to date" The transit system operates more than 150 shuttle buses on the Boston Metro. "We're cautiously optimistic things are going relatively smoothly," Poftak said. He urged motorists to keep the roads off to reduce traffic during the shutdown. Construction is progressing well and officials still expect it to be completed within the 30-day deadline, Poftak said. Poftak said 2,400 feet of rails have already been replaced so far and highlighted a number of projects that are completed or ongoing. Notably, crews have already replaced the southbound stretch between Downtown Crossing and State Street, one of six slow zones the MBTA plans to address during the shutdown. "We have an active work zone up and down the Orange Line and we're taking full advantage of these 30 days of unrestricted access," Poftak said. Watch as MBTA drivers rush to board the Orange Line shuttle buses during their commutes - 3:55pm. Instead of boarding their usual Orange Line trains, MBTA riders rushed Monday morning to catch the shuttle buses that have replaced the subway line. Coaches marked "Orange Line Shuttle Bus" lined up at the Forest Hills train station on Monday morning -- the first day of the week without the Orange Line -- as people arrived to board them. An early afternoon shuttle bus on Oak Grove's south route slowed to a crawl between Community College Station and North Station as cars flooded the bus-only lane. The red sidewalk and bus lane signage weren't enough to deter a long line of cars. The journey from Oak Grove to the Government Center stations took just over an hour. Those who switched to the Green Line at Government Center found a crowded platform. Watching the Orange Line shut down, some drivers decide to skip the Boston - 1:30 p.m. trip. Newburyport's Ed Cameron doesn't travel on the Orange Line, and he hasn't taken the S-Bahn to get to his job at the Pine Street Inn since the pandemic began. But he woke up Monday anyway, debating whether to take the more than hour drive to Boston or take advantage of the few remote work days he can manage. Still, he opted to work from home as he was wary of testing the likely "ripple effects" of the shutdown. I don't know if that's a success or if people have chosen to wait it out," said Cameron, who is also a Newburyport City Councilman. A grassroots effort is emerging to assist drivers with confusion and Orange Line delay - 1:00pm. Leading a convoy of cyclists. After the Orange Line and part of the Green Line were out of service for a month, a grassroots initiative has emerged to help drivers with the confusion and delay, with people volunteering in a variety of creative ways. "Anybody who's relying on the T in Boston feels like we're in this together," said Alex Cox, who revised an MBTA map of alternative routes after noting that people found it "extremely difficult to interpret " found. "We want to help each other pull this through and hopefully bring out a better transportation system on the other side," he said. Bluebikes, Greater Boston's bike-share program, announced its highest ridership weekend ever during the first weekend of the Orange Line's August 20-21 closure with 36,664 rides. Bluebikes is offering free monthly passes that allow users unlimited 45-minute rides during the Orange Line shutdown from any of the system's 400 stations in 11 communities. Boston Mayor Michelle Wu said during an interview Monday morning on WBUR's Radio Boston that officials have seen "a higher usage of Blue Bikes than at any time in the history of the system." "The silver lining to some of this Orange Line stuff is that people are trying different methods," Wu added. Through the window of the shuttle bus, drivers see old Orange Line trains near Wellington station - 12:10 p.m. A 10:53 a.m. Orange Line shuttle bus from Government Center took 45 minutes to arrive at Oak Grove station, the last Line stop to arrive. Last Monday, when trains were still running, the similar journey from Haymarket station to Oak Grove station took about 20 minutes, according to a travel time tracker from TransitMatters, a public transport advocacy group. The shuttle bus driver announced all stops along the route, but still answered questions from some passengers about where the bus was going. Through the window of the shuttle bus near Wellington Station, passengers could see some of the Orange Line's oldest trains. Three shuttle buses were waiting in Oak Grove to take travelers to Boston. Boston's Ed Flynn: Shuttle Service Not Working for Chinatown Residents - 11:41 am Boston City Council President Ed Flynn said the T's options in place of the Orange Line are not working for Chinatown residents. In a statement, Flynn, whose Chinatown council district is part of, said he spoke to residents at 5 a.m. and sought feedback on the Orange Line shutdown. "Although MBTA has added an additional shuttle service to better serve our Chinatown community, both the route and schedule of the new shuttle service are still not working for our residents," Flynn said. Flynn said the shuttle service is currently scheduled to run between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. for Chinatown residents and again from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. These hours, Flynn says, "do not serve the community well because many residents travel outside of these hours for work, school, appointments and other destinations." opening hours to be extended to allow students and workers to get to their schools and workplaces in the morning and older people and people with disabilities to get to their appointments during the day. he said. Chinatown was initially excluded from the planned shuttle bus route, which will replace the Orange Line service for 30 days. But the T eventually provided a separate neighborhood shuttle bus route, running every 30 minutes from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. between stops near the Chinatown and Tufts Medical Center T stations and the government center until 1 a.m. In his statement, Flynn said the T "needs to reach out broadly to our Chinatown and immigrant communities and ensure language access at that." Working with materials and announcements in multiple languages ​​is a priority.” According to MBTA, MBTA already has 277 A-frame signs in English/Spanish and English/Chinese, at least 149 information signs on Orange Line station doors in English, and digital signs on 452 Screens created in stations in 10 languages ​​Mayor of Somerville tests shuttle bus system m with four trips before 9:00 a.m. – 11:19 a.m. Somerville Mayor Katjana Ballantyne stood in the middle of a shuttle bus aisle, grabbed a grab bar and craned her neck for a better view out the bus's front window. The mayor was trying to figure out which lanes were marked "Bus Only" in white paint at the intersection of the Fellsway and Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford. As cars and buses jostled for position at the intersection, disregarding what was painted on the road, it was hard to tell. When the first commutes began after the Orange Line closed, the region's mayors, like Ballantyne, were given a new role: troubleshooting the transit system. It's not a job they wanted to do, but many of them have practically tumbled full-time in the two weeks since the governor announced the closure. At 8:45 a.m. Monday, Ballantyne was on her fourth shuttle ride of the day. She started the day with a shuttle from Union Square, then took an Orange Line shuttle to Assembly and, after a press conference, traveled from Assembly to Wellington Station in neighboring Medford and back. A shuttle bus without announcements. – 10:50 a.m. A 9:38 am Orange Line shuttle bus from Forest Hills Station arrived at Back Bay Station at 10:04 am. That's twice as long as last Monday when trains were still running, according to a travel time tracker from TransitMatters, a public transport advocacy group. Passengers boarded at all six intermediate stops except Green Street. At times there were about 30 people on board. The bus driver didn't announce any of the stops, which confused the drivers. Ruby Acevedo, 47, practiced her commute from Roslindale to Chelsea on Sunday but without Monday's station announcements she wasn't sure where to get off. Shuttle bus stops are not always directly in front of Orange Line stops. With the help of other passengers, she made her way to Copley Station, where she boarded a Green Line train bound for Government Center. She then walked to Haymarket station to board the 111 bus to Chelsea. Hair salon owner says closure is already hurting business - 10:46 am At the tiny Elegance of Asia Hair Salon in Chinatown, shopkeeper Michelle Tang already knows the impact the closure of the Orange Line will have on her business. She lives in Roslindale and drove to a friend's house this morning, which she said is a 40 minute walk from her salon. One hour from Malden to Government Center via shuttle bus - 10:41am. In the throes of a morning commute, it took a shuttle bus an hour to travel from Oak Grove in Malden to the Government Center in downtown Boston. At one point, there were more than two dozen riders on the bus, but when it rolled to the curb just after 9 a.m. at its terminus near City Hall, about half that number remained. In some ways, the ride resembled a typical public transit ride as it crawled through Malden, Medford, Somerville, Charlestown, and finally downtown Boston. A few people took business calls, but most drivers silently played with their phones, looked out the window with headphones, or tried to take a nap. Nicholas Ventura, a 32-year-old Melrose resident, was among those who disembarked at the Government Center. He still had 15 to 20 minutes to walk to the office where he works as a job training manager near Tufts Medical Center. His trip on the Orange Line normally takes 45 minutes, which means Monday's trip was at least half an hour longer than usual. "There really isn't much you can do," he said of the shutdown. "Nobody knows what that will look like," he said. Another driver, Mohammad, who declined to give his last name, estimated the shutdown would take a half hour to commute from Oak Grove to Boston's Chinatown, where he works as a research scientist. The Commuter Rail, he said, goes to North Station, which is about a 20-minute walk from his work, so he tried his luck with the shuttle bus. "I understand they need to do some maintenance, but it's frustrating," he said of the shutdown. Wu says her commute was pretty smooth — 10:34 a.m. Mayor Michelle Wu said Monday morning that her commute to City Hall went "pretty smoothly" despite the closure. "It was a bit longer than usual, but there were no real bottlenecks or traffic on the way, buses and trains came very short at each stop," Wu said at a press conference in front of City Hall. One problem Wu identified: inadequate signage at certain stops, including in Forest Hills, where there was no sign indicating how commuters could get from their bus routes to the Orange Line shuttle buses. "There are still some places where we need better signage and signage in multiple languages," she said. But she said she heard positive feedback from the commuters she spoke to Monday morning. Normally, Wu is driven to the Forest Hills T station and takes the Orange Line to work. On Monday, she took the 34 bus to Forest Hills, then the Orange Line shuttle to the Green Line, arriving at the Government Center T stop around 9:30 a.m. She estimated it took her 35 minutes to get from Forest Hills to Government Center. The closure prompts Chinatown's fry boss to go to shift early - 10:30am. In a Chinatown saloon, Liming He, 60, was waiting to start his shift as a fryer at a nearby restaurant. He lives in Malden and was worried about the long commute. He took a bus and a train, leaving hours early to make sure he wasn't late for work. He will make this ride 12 times before the end of the week. "Today was the first day and I was worried about the traffic," he said through an interpreter. Zhang, who lives in the South End, said she wasn't as affected by the closure but said the past two business days have been much slower at the salon. At Ruggles Station, commuters loaded onto shuttle buses headed toward Forest Hills and Back Bay with relative ease. The buses were lined up back to back at the station's various shuttle loading zones. Only signs announcing the month-long closure in English lined the T station. On a normal T-day, George said he would take the Commuter Rail from Norwood Central to Back Bay Station and change to the Orange Line. "Well, it's like you'd be better off getting a job on the Red Line," George said. Although he didn't use the Monday morning shuttle service, George said the buses would be part of his commute that afternoon. He said T shutdowns, like the current one, have been factored into his ongoing job hunt. "I don't want to have to deal with this [stuff] every day," George said. Passenger enjoys the characteristics of the shuttle bus - 9:57 am. A shuttle bus bound for Forest Hills had no passengers when it stopped at Columbus Avenue near Ruggles Station at 8:30 a.m. On board, Katie Clare, 21, basked in the features of the touring vehicle, which featured padded seats and charging sockets. The Fenway resident typically travels to Forest Hills from Massachusetts Avenue Station. Instead, she said she was having trouble finding the shuttle stop, which is a few minutes away from her home. "Now I have to take into account the slightly distant stop," Clare said. When Clare first found out about the T-shutdown, she said she first thought, "How do I get to work?" Clare estimated that she would be a few minutes late for work on Monday morning. "As much as I hate the Orange Line, I love it in a weird way" - 9:28 am On the Forest Hills Commuter Rail platform at about 7:45 am, passengers crouched to read the small print of the train schedules to be read on A-frame signs posted. The MBTA is urging Orange Line riders to take the S-Bahn while the subway line is closed for 30 days. The service is free to those presenting a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket to conductors at stations in and around Boston. Shannon Clark, 45, who works in the public works department at Boston City Hall, practiced riding the commuter train to South Station last week. "It wasn't that bad, it was a direct shot," she said. "I feel bad for people deeper in the Orange Line." She grew up on the Orange Line, and despite all her troubles, most recently a fire in July, Clark said she will miss her for a month. "As much as I hate the Orange Line, I love them in a weird, horrible way," she said. "I missed the commute noise, the people-watching, and kind of the craziness, so that's really weird." Melissa Ramos, 32, bought an electric scooter a month ago before she knew her ride on the Orange Line to Back Bay would be turned upside down. Ramos said she hoped Orange Line trains would run more frequently once the shutdown was over. MBTA reduced service on the Orange, Red and Blue lines by more than 20% in June due to a dispatcher shortage. In Chinatown, long commutes increase stress - 9:06 am. At the Jia Ho supermarket in Chinatown, some employees had a short commute on the Green Line, while others braved a two-bus commute from Malden Center that took over an hour. Rong Zhao, 50, who put vegetables in a vegetable refrigerator, will commute six days a week. "I just have to go early," she said through an interpreter. Another employee, who asked to use only her last name, Wang, also commutes to work from Malden six days a week. "It's definitely getting harder," Wang, 55, said through an interpreter. He usually bikes around the neighborhood since he lives in Chinatown, but friends and family who rely on the Orange Line are stressed by the closure. He, who is a chef, said he also hopes the closure doesn't deter potential customers from coming to the neighborhood. "Some are complaining that it's completely closed," he said through an interpreter. Cars added to Commuter Rail for shutdown, conductor tells passengers - 8:57am There were more passengers than usual on Monday morning's 7:12 Commuter Rail train from Franklin to South Station, but the cars weren't crowded. A conductor informed passengers that more cars had been added to the train due to the Orange Line shutdown. MBTA reported on its S-Bahn Twitter account that the train was delayed 5 to 15 minutes due to train traffic. In Norfolk, the main car park was full when the train arrived at 7:26 am and a large group of passengers boarded. At Ruggles station, which is also a stop on the Orange Line, the train began to empty as usual and a conductor made a familiar announcement. Station is Ruggles. Change to the Orange Line here,” he said. Shuttle buses have replaced train service on much of the Orange Line, although the conductor didn't mention it. Commuters sit on a shuttle bus and brace themselves for a long commute to work - 8:30am. Some people who missed the S-Bahn braved the shuttle bus. Several drivers on board a bus expressed confusion about exactly where the bus would end up and said they planned to figure out the rest of their commute once they were in downtown Boston. Brendan Conley, a 38-year-old resident of Melrose, was directed to Braintree, where he works as a video editor. He normally takes the Orange Line to Downtown Crossing, where he changes to the Red Line. He reckoned his drive on Monday morning would take 2.5 hours. Remote work is not an option for him, he said. Although the bus in Oak Grove had only a handful of riders just after 8 a.m., he expected seats to fill up as he headed toward Boston. He wished there was an express option for the shuttle buses. "One bus that goes straight into town from Malden and another that stops at all the stops," he said. "So far, so good," said MassDOT Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver in a phone interview around 7:50 a.m. "It's very difficult to draw many conclusions from today," he said. Gulliver said motorway traffic seemed less than usual for a Monday morning in August. Gulliver also said the shuttle buses now deployed would generally avoid getting caught in traffic jams. He said officers are monitoring road and highway conditions in real time through a network of traffic cameras and if they spot a problem, police will be dispatched to the scene. A commute from one end to the other Orange Line takes longer - 8:10 am. Brooke Cooper, a 42-year-old social worker from Malden, typically traverses the entire Orange Line and climbs up Forest Hills, a journey that can take an hour and 15 minutes. She said she had a conversation with her boss, the main point being that she would try to be on time, with the caveat that she didn't know how long the drive would take. Her commute to work is long enough anyway, she said, and she's disappointed that the shutdown is making it even more complicated. "It's incredibly frustrating," she said. “Why couldn't they do that during the pandemic?” – 8:00 a.m. By 7:30 a.m., more commuters at Malden's Oak Grove station appeared to prefer the S-Bahn to shuttle buses. About 30 people were waiting on a platform at the northern terminus of the Orange Line for the S-Bahn. People also boarded the buses that were lined up in the parking lot. There was a mixture of acceptance and frustration from commuters, who found that the S-Bahn could get them into the city as quickly as the Orange Line, despite arriving less frequently. “Why couldn't they do that during the pandemic?” asked Scott Landry, a 63-year-old Melrose resident who works at a Boston law firm. Some said they preferred to work remotely but had responsibilities that required them to be in the office. Some thought the shuttle buses were useless. "It is what it is," said Catherine Bailey, a 31-year-old Nurse from Saugus who commutes to Massachusetts General Hospital. T-Boss says no long lines for shuttle buses yet in Jamaica Plain - 7:50 am. Steve Poftak, T's General Manager, walked people to the Orange Line shuttle buses at Forest Hills Station at 7:30 a.m. He said there hadn't been long lines for the buses yet. At times there were more journalists than drivers near the boarding area. "I think a significant number of people are either working from home or taking another mode," he said. The T made changes to the shuttle bus route over the weekend, such as adding signage near stops like black-and-white flags directing drivers to the boarding area, he said. Even so, Monday morning drivers were sometimes frustrated and confused, Poftak said. "They're still trying to figure out what's the best route for them to travel," he said. No "steady stream of scrubs" today - 7:40 a.m. Jonathan Morely, Tufts Medical Center's emergency management manager, walked up and down Washington Street in a black vest that read "Frontline Strong" and spoke to commuters and patients, when they arrived . Looking at the crosswalk connecting the closed ward to the hospital, Morely said he was used to seeing "a steady stream of scrubs." "I don't see that, so I'm a little nervous," he said. "I don't know what our staff will be like today." The hospital hired a shuttle bus company to shuttle staff from parking garages to the hospital and from the hospital to North Station, which was no easy task since MBTA "serves every shuttle east of the Mississippi." hired The city is also not allowing the seven shuttles to travel on the roads that have been closed to MBTA shuttles, Morely said, leaving the Tufts shuttle buses exposed to traffic expected as a result of the closures. However, the shuttles are for staff only, and Morely, who has guided the hospital through the COVID-19 pandemic, is concerned the inconvenience will cause patients to delay treatment or cancel appointments. Many appointments have been switched to telemedicine, he said, and front desk staff have been trained to help people looking for transit information. There were no red-shirted MBTA ambassadors at the closed stop, which Morely said he was frustrated to see. An Oak Grove shuttle was lost in downtown Boston - 7:20 a.m. A shuttle bus leaving Oak Grove around 5:40 a.m. was lost in downtown Boston after the driver missed a turn for North Station. The bus made a large loop around the Government Center garage onto Rose Kennedy Greenway as passengers began steering the shuttle back to North Station, prompting the driver to reverse briefly on North Washington Street. „Halten Sie alle die Luft an“, sagte die Fahrerin, als sie den Bus durch die schmale Medford Street steuerte. Nach der Haltestelle North Station ging die Verwirrung weiter, als die Passagiere dem Fahrer falsche Anweisungen gaben, wie sie zum Government Center gelangen, was zu einer weiteren Schleife um die Innenstadt führte. „Es war ein Albtraum“, sagte Passagier John Keefe, nachdem ein Busangestellter der Yankee Line den verlorenen Bus in der Nähe der Kreuzung der Straßen Sudbury und Cambridge angehalten und alle aussteigen ließ. Keefe schaute auf seine Uhr, als er um 6:30 Uhr in Richtung Cambridge Street ging, und sagte, die Fahrt habe 45 Minuten von seinem Einstieg im Malden Center gedauert, 25 Minuten länger als gewöhnlich. „Wenn sie nicht auf diesen Fahrgast gehört hätte, wäre es ihr gut gegangen“, sagte Jodi Baptiste, ein weiterer Fahrgast im Bus. „Wir hätten von der North Station zu Fuß gehen können und es wäre schneller gegangen“, sagte Keefe verärgert, als die Passagiere entlang der Cambridge Street zum Government Centre marschierten. Baptiste, eine unerschütterliche Apothekenmanagerin in den Fünfzigern, die von Malden nach Dorchester pendelt, weigerte sich, den unerwarteten Umweg zu ihr zuzulassen, und sagte, die Erfahrung sei insgesamt gut. „Es war nicht schlecht, wenn man bedenkt, was es hätte sein können“, sagte sie. Außerdem war der Fahrer nett und entschuldigte sich, sagte Baptiste. Die überwiegende Mehrheit der anderen Busse schien ohne Probleme am Regierungszentrum anzukommen. Mit Warnweste zeigte er den Pendlern den Weg zu den Shuttles. Eine weiße Limousine anstelle der U-Bahn – 6:50 Uhr morgens Auf der Washington Street stiegen Pendler aus Autos aus, als sie vor dem Tufts Medical Center hielten. Auf der anderen Straßenseite tummelten sich Arbeiter in Warnwesten und Schutzhelmen an der Haltestelle der Orange Line. Er wird sich darauf verlassen, dass sie morgens von ihrer Heimat Jamaica Plain zur Arbeit kommt, wo die Fahrt mit der Orange Line von der Green Street Station normalerweise „super einfach“ ist. Der Heimweg nach seiner 12-Stunden-Schicht wird eine weitere Herausforderung darstellen. Kurzer Umweg zum Zug – 6:43 Uhr. Als sie kurz nach 5:30 Uhr am Bahnhof Oak Grove in Malden ankam, bewegte sich Heidi Abendroth, 51, schnell. Sie und ein anderer Pendler waren wie üblich auf der Westseite des Bahnhofs erschienen, stellten jedoch fest, dass sie keinen Zugang zur Commuter Rail hatten und den ganzen Weg über eine nahe gelegene Straßenbrücke wandern mussten. Der Mangel an Schildern war „ein bisschen viel an einem Montagmorgen, wenn die Leute [bereits] mit einem längeren Arbeitsweg rechnen“, sagte sie. Abendroth, eine Krankenschwester am Boston Children’s Hospital, sagte, sie sei besorgt über die neue Anordnung. „Ich bin heute ein bisschen früher gekommen, weil ich nicht wusste, was mich erwartet“ – 6:32 Uhr Bob Walsh, 73, ist bereits ein Frühaufsteher, ging aber zur Orange Line, bevor er es normalerweise am Montagmorgen tut. „Ich bin heute etwas früher gekommen, weil ich nicht wusste, was mich erwartet“, sagte er, nachdem er pünktlich um 5 Uhr morgens an der Oak Grove Station in Malden angekommen war. Walsh aus Melrose wurde von Mitarbeitern des Shuttlebusses in Hemden und Krawatten begrüßt. Was empfehlen sie, fragte er sich laut, S-Bahn oder Shuttle-Bus? Die Shuttlebusse könnten selbst auf den klaren Straßen am frühen Morgen 40 Minuten brauchen, sagten ihm die Mitarbeiter. Die S-Bahn würde nur 10 brauchen. Walsh, der normalerweise an der Orange Line in State aussteigt, traf die einfache Wahl. „Bei all dem Zeug wird die S-Bahn wahrscheinlich schneller sein“, sagte er, als er zum Bahnsteig ging. Ein schnelles Tempo, um im Tufts Medical Center zur Arbeit zu kommen – 6:20 Uhr Im Tufts Medical Center in der Innenstadt von Boston machten sich Mitarbeiter des Gesundheitswesens in blauen OP-Kitteln und andere Mitarbeiter am frühen Montagmorgen auf den Weg zur Arbeit, einige von ihnen liefen im Eiltempo zu einer 6 morgens Startzeit von einer verspäteten Pendelfahrt. H., rannte fast von Downtown Crossing, um es rechtzeitig zu schaffen. Sie verließ ihr Haus um 3:30 Uhr morgens, um zum Bahnhof Alewife in Cambridge zu fahren, wo sie in einen Zug der Red Line in die Innenstadt stieg. Normalerweise fährt sie gegen 4:30 Uhr morgens los, um nach Wellington zu fahren, wo sie einen Zug der Orange Line direkt nach Tufts nimmt. She said her employer has given staff plenty of communication on how to chart alternative paths to work and how to access vouchers for Boston Blue Bike subscriptions. Final FTA report on T safety looms as agency gets to work on repairs — 5:15 a.m. With subway service suspended on the Orange Line until Sept. 19, the MBTA says it is hard at work making long overdue repairs and upgrades to tracks along the route. The FTA found that the T is desperately behind on maintaining its tracks, especially on the Orange Line where trains have been forced for years to travel at reduced speeds due to track defects. The Orange Line is also facing safety issues with its cars, which were put into service between 1979 and 1981. One caught fire July 21 when a side panel fell off and touched the electrified third rail, causing 200 passengers to flee while the train was on a bridge over the Mystic River. T General Manager Steve Poftak said that when Orange Line service resumes on Sept. 19, riders will find deep-cleaned stations and board mostly new trains. Within five to ten days of the scheduled reopening, Poftak said six slow zones will be eliminated, allowing for faster, more reliable service. First weekday of Orange Line shutdown begins — 5:00 a.m. Shuttle buses were set to begin transporting Orange Line riders at 5 a.m. Monday, kicking off the first full weekday of the MBTA’s unprecedented shutdown of an entire subway line. After a weekend where riders said they were pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and frequency of the shuttle buses that began replacing Orange Line subway service Friday evening, Monday is a big test of the replacement service. Cities along the Orange Line had just over two weeks to prepare for the unprecedented shutdown, which will lengthen the commutes of people taking about 100,000 daily trips and clog streets with as many as 200 shuttle buses. The T has told riders to take the Commuter Rail, the Green Line, and shuttle buses as alternatives to the subway which runs from Jamaica Plain to Malden. Transit officials say the shutdown will allow the beleaguered transportation system to finish badly needed fixes on its train tracks, promising five year’s worth of weekend and evening work in just one month. Monday also marks the first day of the shutdown of Green Line service between Government Center Station and the newly opened Union Square Station in Somerville. Shuttle buses will replace Green Line service at stations along that stretch until Sept. The Union Square branch of the Green Line was the first new subway branch to open in the Boston area since 1987 when it debuted to much fanfare in March. The MBTA reopened Green Line E branch service between Heath Street and Copley stations ahead of schedule on Sunday after more than two weeks of closure. By Laura Crimaldi, Camille Caldera and Kate Selig Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent Greater Boston woke up Saturday to a closed Orange Line, the first full day of the 30-day subway shutdown for a high-stakes repair blitz that is expected to cause delays and inconvenience while coinciding with the return to school, and for some workers, to the office. From the Roslindale Village commuter rail station, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu urged people to consider taking the commuter rail, which will be free to ride at all stops in Zone 1A, 1, and 2 by flashing a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket. She warned people to plan ahead for Monday, the first full workday during the shutdown. On Monday, Wu was planning to commute by shuttle bus, and try other options later in the week, including biking, commuter rail, and the Route 39 bus. Officials warned the Orange Line shutdown will cause ‘severe’ traffic congestion throughout the region Governor Charlie Baker and other officials warned last week that “traffic congestion will be severe” on city streets and state highways during the Orange Line shutdown, as shuttle buses are deployed across Greater Boston to carry tens of thousands of daily MBTA passengers. “We expect to see more traffic congestion on various highways, intersections, and routes...for drivers, bikers, and pedestrians as MassDOT and especially the city of Boston make roadway changes to accommodate these buses,” Baker said at a recent press conference about the impending shutdown. Shuttle routes, schedules, and more: Your guide to the MBTA’s Orange Line shutdown Cities and the MBTA hope people will consider taking other forms of public transit, including Bluebikes and the commuter rail, which will be essentially free for those with MBTA passes or tickets at stations in and around Boston. Here’s your complete guide to the closures, with information on shuttle bus routes, maps, and schedules. ‘It’s really funny knowing this is the last one for the month.’ Orange Line riders catch the last train. Travelers took their last ride on the Orange Line for awhile Friday night, expressing a mix of nostalgia and resignation as the subway line is shut down until Sept. The subway line closed at 9 p.m. and is being replaced by as many as 200 shuttle buses that will provide service from Malden to Jamaica Plain for the next 30 days.


Salma Hayek is 'ready for the week' in a black bikini.

'House of Gucci' actress Salma Hayek leaves little to the imagination as she rocks a black bikini aged 55! (Author: Gardener)

Salma HayekActress Salma Hayek has a lot to share with her 21.6 million Instagram followers this week! On Sunday, the House of Gucci star showed off her natural beauty in a makeup-free selfie while wearing a pink bikini. On Monday, she gave her followers a dose of Monday motivation as she posed in a black bikini, showing off her toned physique at the age of 55! In the Instagram snap shared by the "Frida" actress on Monday, Salma can be seen rocking a black bikini top that showcases her busty assets, along with matching black bikini bottoms. She has a striped cover-up draped around her shoulders to protect her sun-kissed skin from the sun, as well as square sunglasses and a dark wide-brimmed hat. It looks like she just went swimming as her brown hair falls in loose waves around her shoulders. It definitely seems like a quiet place to start the week. As Salma captioned the snap: "Ready for the week. Lista para la semana.” She finished her caption with the hashtag #Monday. Fans went wild for the snap, with one fan calling her "very beautiful". Another follower wrote, "Wow you look so beautiful and hot ❤️❤️❤️." A third follower added, "Happy Monday Beautiful 🌞💛." Another fan commented, "Stunning amazing sexy bold figure 🔥🔥 🔥🔥😍😮 te amo😍😍.” Another follower described the photo as pure “awesomeness 👏👏👏👏”. On Sunday, the Mexican-American actress and producer shared a makeup-free selfie on her Instagram page. Her curly brown hair falls beneath a sun hat while indoors she sits in a similar cover-up draped over her shoulders. Fans can spot the fabric of her bright pink bikini against her sun-kissed skin as she poses for the selfie. In the caption, she wrote: "Happy Sunday!!! 😘.” She also added the hashtags #sundayvibes and #nomakeup. Nigerian actress Oghenekaro Itene reiterated, "Happy Sunday ❤️❤️❤️." Other fans also wished her Happy Sunday, with one fan writing, "Thank you and the same for you! 🙂😘." Another wrote, "Happy Funday Sunday !!!❤️," while another fan commented, "Have a wonderful Sunday Salma 😍." Salma has been a fixture in the entertainment industry for decades. The "From Dusk til Dawn" star told Savannah Guthrie on the TODAY show that while she skews the numbers a bit when it comes to her weight, she actually assumes her age. "I don't lie about my age," she said last year. "I like being 54. Salma, who turned 54 on September 2, 2020, celebrated her birthday on Instagram by sharing a photo of herself in a yellow dress with the caption, "I am very grateful and proud for each and every one of my 54 years." She added : "Thank you for all the birthday wishes, especially to my fans who made a special account for my birthday. During her appearance on the TODAY show, Salma said that yoga and meditation are her two secrets to living a stress-free life "I can meditate for a minute or meditate for an hour and a half." She also teased a daily 5-minute exercise routine that works the whole body, but gave no specifics on what type of exercises she does. "It's restorative Yoga," she told Marie Clarie, describing how it works, "tones [my muscles] without cramping them. Whatever she's doing, it's definitely working!"


The Republican senator from the state of Colorado changes parties and cites voters as a motivation for a change

On Monday, a Colorado state senator announced his intention to change his party registration from Republican to Democrat. In a two-page letter posted on Twitter, Senator Kevin Priola explains the reason for the move, including the 2020 vote-resisters. (Author: Gardener)

Colorado(KRDO) – On Monday, a Colorado state senator announced his intention to change his party registration from Republican to Democrat. In a two-page letter posted to Twitter, Sen. Kevin Priola explains the reasons for the move, including the 2020 voter's conscientious objector. In the letter, Sen. Priola explains that he first became a Republican after Ronald Reagan in 1990. He explained that he hasn't changed in the last 30 years, but his party has. He went on to say he was not surprised that former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election and said voters had expressed "deep concerns and dissatisfaction with him and his political theatre." Sen. Priola brought up the January 6 attacks on the US. In the letter, Sen. Priola said: “I clearly felt that this would be the final straw and that my party would finally distance itself from Donald Trump and the political environment he created. To my dismay, brave and honorable Republicans like Mike Pence, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and Adam Kinzinger have fought to defend the Constitution and the rule of law only to meet ridicule and threats. I can no longer be part of a political party that is comfortable with a violent attempt to overthrow a free and fair election and continues to peddle claims that the 2020 election was stolen." He accused the Republican Party of orchestrating the attack on “ignoring our democratic system.” Senator Priola said the Republican Party, which he joined decades ago, created national parks, protected states and protected wildlife, but today he said his Republican counterparts would “rather deny the existence of the dated Deny man-made climate change than take action." He continued, "With a nearly year-round wildfire season here in Colorado and a seemingly never-ending drought, Colorado residents are already feeling the effects of climate change, and I believe it's immoral that the next generation of Colorado residents with even worse implications. Yet my fellow Republicans are consistently and proudly trying to prevent progress on sensible climate action that legislatures have taken — and I cannot, in good conscience, remain silent about it.” Senator Priola said these are the reasons why he decided to give up his party registration change. He said he will start negotiating with the Democrats instead of the Republicans. However, he said he will not change the way he votes on legislation. He ended the letter by saying, “Put simply, we need Democrats at the top because our planet and our democracy depend on it. To read his full letter, click here.


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from August 17th

Daniel Garcia scored the biggest win of his young career by defeating Bryan Danielson via referee stoppage on the July 27 episode of AEW Dynamite. (Author: Gardener)

August 17thDaniel Garcia scored the biggest win of his young career by defeating Bryan Danielson via referee stoppage on the July 27 episode of AEW Dynamite. On Wednesday, the self-proclaimed "Dragon Slayer" attempted to go 2-0 up against the veteran as they battled it out in a 2-of-3-falls main event. Would The American Dragon avenge the humiliating defeat, or would Garcia gain momentum for both himself and the Jericho Appreciation Society when it all comes out on September 4th? Find out with this recap of the August 17 episode, including grades, reactions and analysis from the entire night. Best 2 of 3 Falls Match: Bryan Danielson vs. AEW World Trios Championship Tournament Quarterfinals: The Young Bucks and Mystery Partner vs. Rush, Andrade El Idolo and Dragon Lee In June, AEW World Champion CM Punk addressed the fans and wasted little time popping the pipe bombs for which he has become synonymous throughout his career. He targeted "Hangman" Adam Page before turning his attention to interim world champion Jon Moxley. Punk pulled over his rival's story as a third of The Shield, insulting his friend Eddie Kingston and insinuating that he was the All Elite Wrestling winner and not Mox. resulting in a brawl that required numerous security guards and AEW trainer Ace Steel to break it up. This was a red-hot opening segment that saw Punk pick up right where he left off with his tweener-style promos that targeted top babyfaces while remaining hugely popular with fans. During Wednesday's promo, he announced that he will compete with Moxley at All Out in Chicago. This match will be one of the most anticipated fights of the year if the contestants can keep up the heat shown here. Throw in some great, physical ring work and you have every reason to believe this personal main event will be on the shortlist of match-of-the-year candidates. It will be interesting to see if punk also makes a full reversal in the near future, especially with the likes of Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Eddie Kingston and Kenny Omega poised to make up at the top of the babyface list. "There's someone from around here and I'd like to challenge him to a rematch right here, right now," Punk said before calling Page. The former champion didn't show up, however, which drew boos. "Everyone wants to be the champion until it's time to make champion! Punk said as fans chanted his name. "Jon Moxley is the third best guy in his own group and to me that sounds like a recurring theme in his career." "His best friend is the third best Eddie I've ever been in the ring with. Definitely not number 1 there." Moxley said, "You think you're the best wrestler in the world. I'll be the dollars and cents," Punk replied. "We both know you ran out of fighting spirit a long time ago." , Moxley told Punk."If I touch you now, I'm afraid you'll bleed all over me," Punk said, poking fun at the interim champ's penchant for wearing the crimson mask. The 23-year-old then shocked in on Wednesday Charleston, West Virginia, the AEW fans by defeating his rival cleanly with a Dragon Sleeper Garcia leading a fall to none A bloodied Danielson evened the score, overcoming his overzealous opponent and scoring a quick pinfall victory out of nowhere .Danielson won two falls to one.After the match, the competitors exchanged a sign of mutual respect before Chris Jericho left the commentator position and attacked the winner.Garcia stopped him, hitting i hm pointed the finger away and stood tall while fans chanted, "You're a wrestler!" to him in his young career. Sure, joining the Jericho Appreciation Society earned him considerable television exposure, but he never fitted in as a so-called "sports entertainer," given his penchant for hard-hitting technical wrestling. The Blackpool Combat Club, on the other hand, seemed to be a better and better fit. Could an alliance with Danielson be the "in" this faction needs for Garcia to take the next step in his AEW career? Given his performance here and the fact that his strength lies in the technical style on mats, it certainly seems that way. B+, with the only thing keeping it from a higher grade being the commercial breaks that spoiled the flow of the flattened out fight Danielson with a piledriver aimed at his head and neck, then sat him out to take the first fall with to win a Dragon Sleeper. Speaking of, given the promotion's connection with HBO's House of the Dragon. Garcia DDT's Danielson to the exposed concrete floor... right in front of guest timer Ricky Steamboat, who famously performed the same move at the hands of Jake "The Snake" Roberts. The fighters delivered a strong countout tease, with Danielson narrowly beating the referee's countout in the square circle. Garcia used his opponent's running knee against him while Excalibur passed him off as a student of the game who studies opponents and uses their own arsenals against them. "No one's banging their legs," Jim Ross said of comments on saltier chicken-flavored ramen. In lightning quick succession, Moxley called out punk and another pull-apart followed, Steamboat confronted the Jericho Appreciation Society and suggested Danielson was a better mentor for Garcia, and Gunn Club crushed varsity blonds in seconds. After the match, Billy congratulated sons Colten and Austin after their dominant win over Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison, only to be crushed by his own children after the appearance of Stokely Hathaway. The celebrant made the save, chasing the second generation stars out of the ring and reuniting with the WWE Hall of Famer at the end. The brawl continued the heated program between world and interim champions, albeit short-lived. Planting the seed for Danielson as Garcia's mentor, Steamboat was a nice move and used his star more effectively than just as a timer. The Gunn Club stuff was fine, and Anthony Bowens and Max Caster "scissoring Daddy Ass" was a fun call from the commentary team, but The Acclaimed are better than all that and need to climb the ranks quickly to maintain their popularity at this point exploit. A for the Moxley punk brawl; B for the steamboat vignette; C- for the "match" and episodes Steamboat recalled his feud with Jericho and added some backstory and heaviness to the confrontation. "Scissor me daddy ass!" Bowens said, drawing a huge pop from the fans in the payoff on an otherwise disappointing segment. The feud between Jungle Boy and Christian Cage wrote its final chapter this week, with the former Captain officially challenging Charisma to a match at All Out.Cage. a disingenuous heel of the worst kind, tried to talk his way out of the match by suggesting a reunion with his former protégé. It did not work. Jungle Boy took the life out of the former WWE and impact wrestling champion, repeatedly smashing his skull in the steel stairs before doctors broke the caning. This was cleverly booked, mainly because it supported what Cage claimed in his promo. The grey-haired veteran is light years ahead of the younger competitor and will use his experience to push him as far ahead as possible. The storyline has been one of the best in all of AEW for months, and it doesn't seem like that's going to change any time soon. Cage, telling Jungle Boy that young babyface went too far and made things too personal, was a great thing from a heel making the most of this run with one of AEW's young pillars. Backstage, TNT Champion Wardlow and Ring of Honor and AAA World Tag Team Champions FTR challenged Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt to a six-man tag. Toni Storm looked to continue her march toward an AEW Women's Championship match against Thunder Rosa by defeating KiLynn King in singles, which King controlled throughout the commercial break, only for Storm to come back after attempting a top rope side suplex into a crossbody had countered. The Antipodean used her signature corner hip checks and knocked King out with Storm Zero for the hard-fought win. Storm seems like the surest route to beating Rosa for the title, but this program was underwhelming, to say the least. And a win over King, who hasn't been seen on AEW TV in over a year, is hardly the right way to build anticipation for the championship fight at All Out. That being said, King is a strong wrestler who probably should have been signed by the company during their last run there. Hopefully this match opened some eyes to the fact that she can be a player in the company's most heterogeneously booked division and the #1 contender as someone willing to challenge Rosa for the grand prize in the division. The whole world knew that with the introduction of the AEW World Trios Championships, it was only a matter of time before Kenny Omega returned to the square circle and joined The Young Bucks in pursuit. The former AEW World Champion did just that this Wednesday night, joining Matt and Nick Jackson in the fight against La Faccion Ingobernable's Andrade El Idolo and Rush and debutant Dragon Lee. There was little in the way of celebration for Omega as he quickly found himself on the defensive, beaten down and cut off from his partners. A day of desperation sparked a comeback for The Elite, but their opposition, forming a team for the first time, turned the tide in their favor once again. Omega came on to wow the crowd and sparked a second comeback attempt, and while he was momentarily successful, the comment team noted he's still not fully healthy. He certainly didn't look it when he was wiped out ringside by a torpedo-like Dragon Lee. However, Omega recovered, rocking the Masked Luchador with the V-Trigger and pinning it away with the One-Winged Angel to earn the win. And just like that, the march to All Out has increased significantly. Omega may not be at full fitness, or he may be expertly selling the idea that he isn't, but his presence has been met with overwhelming positivity by fans. Although it was great to see him again, it is his health that will be the story of the game and the upcoming semi-final match of the tournament. He wore braces, maintained his shoulder and barely executed his finisher to win on Wednesday. Is he fully recovered from injury or is this just part of a larger narrative that will culminate in Omega rediscovering his confidence and health to go gold with his friends? It's the most prominent and interesting story of a tournament that feels like a foregone conclusion. This was a great main event enhanced by the Bucks' ability to show up and show themselves no matter the situation. While they will always have their critics, their consistent ability to deliver in key situations is second to none, and they helped improve a Wednesday match that, with the omega injuries, was more story-heavy than some might have anticipated . Omega was wearing a black shirt and was supposed to be exerting himself, which dispels the idea that he's not 100 percent healthy. After announcing that CM Punk and Jon Moxley will battle it out on free TV next week to determine the undisputed AEW World Champion, Excalibur added context by revealing Tony Khan knows there will be no control until All Out, so they will sort things out next week. Great dialogue from the main announcer. While Rush and Jose held Omega in the guardrail, Lee delivered a Tope Suicida that sent both him and The Cleaner to the stands. Omega executed an ugly one-winged angel, sold the shoulder injury and the story of a not-quite-healthy former champion making his way to the trios titles in support of the Bucks.