President Joe Biden tests positive again for COVID-19 in a rebound infection

President Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID-19 again, just over three days after receiving clearance to leave coronavirus isolation. (Author: Gardener)

Joe BidenPresident Joe Biden removes his face mask as he arrives to address the economy during a meeting with CEOs in the South Court Auditorium in the White House complex in Washington Thursday, July 28, 2022. President Joe Biden removes his face mask as he arrives to address the economy during a meeting with CEOs in the South Court Auditorium in the White House complex in Washington Thursday, July 28, 2022. President Joe Biden tested positive again for COVID-19 on Saturday, just over three days after he was cleared to leave coronavirus isolation, the White House said, in a rare case of "rebound" after being treated with an antiviral drug. The White House doctor, Dr. Kevin O'Connor said in a letter that Biden "has not experienced any recurrence of symptoms and remains feeling reasonably well." O'Connor said, "There is no reason to resume treatment at this time." In accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, Biden will return to isolation for at least five days. He is being isolated in the White House until he tests negative. The agency says most rebound cases remain mild and that no serious illness has been reported during this period. Just as Biden tested positive for the first time, the White House was trying to show that he was still working. The president tweeted a picture of himself masked and tieless, showing him signing a statement adding individual assistance to Kentucky flood survivors. The President then tweeted a 12-second video of him on a White House balcony with his dog, Commander. The president also took time out Saturday to FaceTime with people camping outside the US Capitol seeking health benefits for military veterans exposed to toxic substances from burn pits while on duty, according to the White House chief of staff , Ron Klain. News of Biden's positive test -- he had been negative Friday morning -- came just two hours after the White House announced a presidential visit to Michigan next Tuesday to highlight the passage of legislation to boost domestic high-tech manufacturing. Biden was also scheduled to visit his home in Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday morning, where First Lady Jill Biden was staying while the president was positive. Biden, 79, was treated with the antiviral drug Paxlovid after he first tested positive on July 21. He tested negative for the virus last Tuesday and Wednesday. He was subsequently granted permission to leave isolation while wearing a mask indoors. His positive tests put him among the minority of those who were prescribed the drug to experience a rebound case of the virus. White House COVID-19 Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha told reporters Monday that the data "suggests that between 5 and 8 percent of people have experienced a rebound after Paxlovid treatment." "Recognizing the potential for so-called 'rebound' COVID-positivity seen in a small percentage of patients treated with Paxlovid, the President increased his tested cadence to protect those around him and to provide early detection of a return of the ensure virus replication," O' Connor wrote in his letter. O'Connor cited negative tests for Biden on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning and Friday morning before Saturday morning's positive antigen test result. According to the CDC, people with rebound COVID should be isolated for at least five days until the fever resolves without medication for 24 hours and symptoms improve. The patient “should wear a mask for a total of 10 days after the onset of rebound symptoms. Some people continue to test positive after day 10, but are significantly less likely to shed infectious viruses.” Both the Food and Drug Administration and Pfizer note that 1% to 2% of people in Pfizer's original study Paxlovid experienced an increase in their virus levels after 10 days. The rate was about the same in people taking the drug or dummy pills, "so it's unclear at this point if this is related to drug treatment," according to the FDA. While Biden tested negative, he returned to in-person indoor events and meetings with White House staffers and wore a mask, per CDC guidelines. But the president removed his mask indoors while making remarks on Thursday and during a meeting with CEOs at the White House complex. When asked why Biden appears to be violating CDC protocols, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, "They were social distancing. Regulators are still investigating the prevalence and virulence of rebound cases, but the CDC warned doctors in May that it reportedly occurs within two to eight days of first testing negative for the virus. “Limited information currently available from case reports suggests that individuals treated with Paxlovid who experience a COVID-19 rebound had mild illness; There are no reports of serious illnesses," the agency said at the time. When Biden was first released from isolation on Wednesday, O'Connor said the president would "increase his testing cadence" to detect a potential relapse of the virus. Paxlovid has been shown to significantly reduce serious illness and death in those most affected by COVID-19. Health authorities have encouraged those who have tested positive to consult their doctor or pharmacist to see if they should be prescribed the treatment despite the risk of rebound. While patients who recovered from previous variants of COVID-19 tended to maintain high levels of immunity against future reinfection for 90 days, Jha said the BA.5 subvariant that infected Biden proved to be more "immune evasive." have. "We've seen many people get reinfected within 90 days," he said, adding that officials don't yet have data on how long those who recovered from the BA.5 strain took before being reinfected are protected.


Madison County. Fire department coordinator describes the explosion on Friday morning

The cause of the incident is under investigation. (Author: Gardener)

Madison CountyMultiple agencies responded to an explosion in Madison County Friday morning. MADISON CO., Ms. (WLBT) – At least six people were injured after suffering severe burns after an oil blast in Madison County on Friday morning. Madison County fire coordinator Minor Norman said the victims suffered burns on at least 50 percent of their bodies, with one person burned from head to toe. Two people were flown to the University of Mississippi Medical Center for treatment. "There was a huge fireball and they got caught in it," he said. The explosion happened before 8 a.m. The Madison County Sheriff's Department received a call around 7:50 a.m. "It was one of the victims of the blast who made the call," Norman said. Norman said the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality went to the site to assess the situation. There were four storage tank facilities to store products from oil wells. They [the workers] were in the process of replacing two tanks with new fiberglass tanks. They were getting ready to go into service when the older tank exploded,” Norman said. Because it was a huge fireball, six workers were severely burned.” The workers were flown to receive medical attention, Madison County spokesman Heath Hall said. Minor said the explosion occurred in the Kearney Park Fire Department's deployment area, but the Glückstadt Fire Department was the first on the scene. "In fact, when I came here, Glückstadt came here with an engine," he said. When firefighters arrived, they noticed that one storage tank had been blown off its foundation while another had had its lid blown off. The tank was found in the forest behind the construction site, while the lid to the other was still missing. “The fire blew up this tank. We don't know how high it went, but it went higher than the trees," he said. The tanks each hold between 600 and 700 barrels of oil, or about 29,400 gallons. The remaining tank had visible flames and heavy smoke billowing out. “We kept the tank cool and established what type of product we were dealing with and how much product. When we got someone from the oil company to come over here, we found there wasn't much product in the tanks.” Firefighters worked to keep the tank cool until the fire burned out on its own. Authorities also flew a drone over the tank to ensure the fire was extinguished. We contacted the Bentonia offices and were told they had officers on site assessing the situation but had no additional information.


July 29 - The future is now

The weekend is in sight. Whether you're in the office or at the tools, put the engine in cruise control and roll across the finish line. You'll Also Love: Feel-Good Friday: July 22nd - Beers & […] (Author: Gardener)

July 29 -If you've seen Kingsman then you know Manners Maketh Man, so it's no wonder all good gentlemen keep their elbows off the table and their drinks on coasters. Australian bespoke tailoring company InStitchu has just released a range of coasters made from 100% Woolmark certified Australian Merino wool fabrics and framed in a 3D printed perspex outer shell for protection. Best of all, each coaster includes a QR code that connects customers to the InStitchu fabric range, so they can start designing a custom, bespoke garment right away on their phone, from the exact fabric underneath their drink. “We love the idea of ​​putting a really beautiful fabric in the hands of a potential customer in a setting they wouldn't expect,” said Rob O'Reilly, Marketing Director at InStitchu. “As you walk past busy bars around town in the afternoon you will see many well-dressed men and women waiting for their friends or colleagues to have a drink – an opportunity to showcase our huge selection of fabrics for suits, in sight -window panes and capturing pinstripes and textured colors – is a truly surprising and exciting prospect for this captivating, relevant audience.” You'll find the new range of coasters in some of Australia's most popular bars and restaurants. To find out more click on the link below. To give fans a chance to get themselves some The Gray Man-inspired facial fluff, Netflix is ​​launching the Good Guy Goatee/Bad Bro Mo Barber Shop. Located in the ultra beard-friendly Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, the Good Guy Goatee/Bad Bro Mo Barber Shop is only open for a weekend (29-31 July). Better still, all participants can choose a side; Good Guy Goatees or Bad Bro Mos. They then hop in the barber chair for a complimentary shave to polish off either good man Ryan Gosling's rough stubbly beard or villain Chris Evans' iconic trash beard. Check the details below for more information. However, Toyota and the AFL are teaming up to do just that. As part of the new initiative, Toyota pledged to plant a native tree for every point scored from Round 17 to Round 19 of the Toyota AFL Premiership season - 27 games total. Over the three rounds (Round 19 through Sunday July 24), teams accumulated a total of 4,488 points. To further support the Footy Forest initiative, Toyota announced it will DOUBLE the number of seedlings donated, bringing the total to nearly 9,000 seedlings (8,976 to be exact). Toyota's Footy Forest initiative was created in partnership with the AFL to support Planet Ark's July 31st National Tree Day. All of the trees that are "scored" during the three rounds are planted across the country, with the plantings being provided by Planet Ark's Seedling Bank program. Enjoy a range of free activities and live entertainment with your furry friends and socialize with other pet parents. There will also be free wellness checks from Southern Cross Vets, professional training advice and food trucks. The Star is teaming up with comedy superstar Joel Creasey to give local rising LGBTQIA+ stand-up stars their time in the spotlight by launching a casting call for a camp comedy show taking place in early 2023. On Wednesday 3rd August and Thursday 4th August , Bars at The Star Sydney and The Star Gold Coast transform into a one night only open mic experience, inviting amateur comedians from across the country to vie for a spot on Joel Creasey's camp comedy lineup. Bookings are now available for Joel Creasey's Camp Comedy Casting Call in the Atrium Bar at the Star Gold Coast on Wednesday 3rd August. To secure a complimentary ticket to Joel Creasey's Camp Comedy Casting Call at Rock Lily at The Star Sydney on Thursday 4th August click here. Did you know that Sunday, July 31st is National Avocado Day? And Guzman y Gomez is giving one lucky Aussie a chance to win FREE guac all year long to celebrate! To be entered into the prize draw… all you have to do is place an order through the new GYG app or scan your GOMEX barcode when you place an order at your next GYG on Sunday 31st July and YOU could enjoy guac for the rest of your days. Please see the link below for more information. Ever wanted to step inside Macca's HQ and be the first to try exciting new products before they hit the restaurants? All you have to do is post a video of unpacking your McDelivery order on Tik Tok or Instagram between July 26th and August 8th, use #maccasnightinfluencer and tag @mcdonaldsau and three friends pm AEST on Sunday 7 August. Say hello to a new Australian partnership! Allen's Team brings together Aussie party icons with the NEW Allen's Inspired by Kirk's Lollipops. Whether you're craving the subtle lemonade sweetness, the tangy passion fruit punch of Pasito, or the smoothness of creaming soda, this delicious new lolly combo has a flavor everyone can enjoy. The Allen's Inspired by Kirks range will be available from mid-August 2022 in a 170 gram pack for an RRP of $3.60 at all major supermarkets and convenience retailers nationwide. On Saturday 30 July, Australian families across the country will pitch a tent or set up a sleeping bag in their bedroom, living room, garden or on the go - to raise funds and support children with cancer. Camp Quality's Camp In is a fun, national camping event with an important purpose; If you sleep out of your bed that night, Australian children going through the toughest stages of the cancer experience will be given a bed at a Camp Quality Retreat. It is estimated that in 2021 in Australia around 900 children aged 0-14 will be diagnosed with cancer and more than 16,000 children aged up to 15 will have cancer in a parent or primary caregiver. The incidence rate of childhood cancer in Australia increased by 35 per cent between 1983 and 2014 and is expected to increase by a further 7 per cent over the next 20 years. To register, go to the Camp In website.


Alison Fraser excitingly reinvents the cat on a hot tin roof in Big Mama

Fraser is a popular stage actor, best known for being a witty actor in musicals (Off-Broadway in "March Of The Falsettos", on Broadway in "Romance", "Romance", "The Secret Garden" and "Gypsy") courageous strength to make a figure, masked by the studied elegance of her figure. (Author: Gardener)

Alison FraserThe great lesbian love of Eve Adams in Irondale. Letters You Won't Get: Women's Voices from the Great War in Irondale. Last performance of the On Women Festival today at 5 p.m. ($30, students/seniors/working artists $15). To be continued as an American Opera Project production August 4-7, all tickets $30. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Theater at St. Clemens through August 14 (tickets from $39). Love Quirks at the AMT Theater through September 2 (tickets from $49). Down To Eartha at the Gene Frankel Theater 18-21 August ($25, students/seniors $20) Dierdra McDowell's excellent solo about Eartha Kitt, blacklisted after her anti-war comments during a White House luncheon. A Viper Vaudeville, a HERE production at La MaMa. Closing performance today at 4:00 ($35). Fun and educational festival of song, dance and spoken word promoting legal medical and recreational cannabis use. Mom On Skype in Irondale, August 13 & 14 ($30, students/seniors/working artists $15). A company of Ukrainian children was flown to America to perform a play they had created and premiered in a bomb shelter. Another theater in New York received its first call last night. At the half-hour mark, Rori Nogee, who was planning to spend the performance of Seth Bisen-Hersh and Mark Childers' Broadway World Award-winning musical comedy Love Quirks in the dressing room reading a book and sipping on her matcha latte, received received this urgent message: "You had no bra, no makeup, no hair tools and half the costumes I wore to my only dress rehearsal were mine from home." The kicker came after the show, when a Viewers asked Rori to sign his original cast recording of Love Quirks... It's only summer, but when the New York Theater Awards season starts up again next spring... ...I'll definitely be seeing Alison Fraser's superb performance as Big Mama in Joe Rosarios Have Contemporary - Set revival of Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer-winning Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. A popular stage actor best known for his quirky comedy in musicals (Off-Broadway in March Of The Falsettos, on Broadway in Romance, Romance, The Secret Garden and Gypsy), Fraser reinvents a classic role and delivers a performance who amazes with her bold strength masked by the studied elegance of her character. Shimmering in gold and black from hair to shoes in Xandra Smith's designs, Fraser resembles a literal trophy wife incarnate, as her soft, purring voice and reservedly correct demeanor yield contented devotion to Christian Jules Le Blanc's arrogantly strutting Big in the first two acts express dad. But in the final act, as Big Mama's role is revealed to evolve from family patriarch's wife to family matriarch, she becomes a defiantly territorial tigress who will use her right to control the family fortune against the elder son's ambitious plans Gooper and his defending wife Mae (Spencer Scott and Tiffan Borelli, both excellent). The confrontation of the three as Fraser gets Big Mama to ditch her charming facade to keep the younger generation engaged is the evening's dramatic climax. With three quarters of the four-performance run canceled due to COVID... ...there was an enthusiastic sell-out party atmosphere ahead of the opening and closing of Paige Esterly's The Great Lesbian Love of Eve Adams, the second main stage, last Sunday House entry at Irondale's On Women Festival. When director Jenny Lester told the audience how much rehearsal and technique time needed to be cut, everyone seemed even more excited to cheer on the actors. With a tale based on one of the great immigrant/activist stories of early 20th-century New York, Lily Lester gave a stirring, humorous and loving performance in the title role; a Jewish lesbian who came to Ellis Island from Poland in 1912 as Eva Kotchever, and who rose to fame as a gay activist who published a private publication of collected short stories entitled Lesbian Love, and as the owner of the lesbian hangout Eve's Hangout at 129 MacDougal Street known for his sign reading "Men admitted but not welcome." (The address is now the location of La Lanterna di Vittorio, which bears no such sign.) With subtle supporting twists from Princess Victome, Morgan Meadows, Michael Abber and Loren Lester, the play shows how life's innocent celebrations at Eve Hangout and the publication of Lesbian Love was determined by a Vice Square undercover agent to be promoting obscenity, leading to Adams' deportation to Poland in 1927, a move that would prove to be a death sentence. But the play's upbeat ending showed how the spirit of her activism lives on to this day. Given the rush of production, it's to be expected that some aspects of the play have yet to be fully developed, but director Lester assured audiences that plans are in the works to bring "Lesbian Love Between Eve Adams" back to the stage soon. While tonight at 5pm is the last chance to snag $15 student/senior/working artist tickets to... ...composer Kirsten Volness and librettists Kate Holland and Susan Werber's beautifully realized chamber musical Letters That You Will Not Get: Women's Voices From The Great War, the warm and poignant play - sung, acted, directed and created entirely by women - that opened as the final entry of Irondale's On Women Festival will be staged August 4-7 as a Production continued by The American Opera Project All tickets $30. The text is based on a collection of letters, poems and other writings by women from different parts of the world, on different sides of the conflict during what we now call the First World War. The ravishing vocal ensemble of operatic voices (Maria Maxfield, Jessica Sandidge, Sarah Beckham-Turner, Caitlin McKechney, Tesia Kwarteng, Tharanga Goonetilleke) are scores conducted by Mila Henry, who conducts a string quintet playing Volness's exquisitely somber and meditative score. Without following linear story with characters, the music and narrative take us from the peaceful beauty of the pre-war landscape through four years of unimaginable destruction to the promise of the country's ability to heal itself. Stage director Kate Bergstrom and designers Sara Brown (set), An-lin Dauber (set/costumes), Masha Tsimring (lighting), Krista Smith (lighting) and Stefania Bulbarella (projections) reinforce these themes with a collage of intriguing imagery. Having been spending a lot of time in the theater district of Fort Greene, Brooklyn lately,... ...Schwarzwald, the German beer garden with a healthy selection of beers and a hearty wurst and spaetzle menu, is quickly becoming my favorite Go-to place for pre and post theater while visiting attractions like BAM, Irondale, Polonsky Shakespeare Center or A.R.T./New York Theaters. So please ask for a jasmine gin martini in the Black Forest and tell them Michael Dale sent you on Sunday morning.


Madhuri Dixit shares an adorable throwback PIC with her husband Shriram Nene; Look here

Madhuri Dixit, the Dhak Dhak girl of Bollywood, needs no introduction. She is one of the most beautiful celebs of Bollywood. Over the years she has amazed us with her extraordinary talents. She really is an all-rounder. Whether singing, dancing or acting, Madhuri has mastered it all. Now Madhuri is also the queen of Instagram and she always blesses our feeds with her adorable posts. (Author: Gardener)

Madhuri DixitYou are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Madhuri Dixit shares an adorable throwback PIC with her husband Shriram Nene; See here Madhuri Dixit, Bollywood's Dhak Dhak girl needs no introduction. Over the years she has amazed us with her extraordinary talents. Now Madhuri is also the queen of Instagram and she always blesses our feeds with her adorable posts. Privately she is with Dr. married to Shriram Madhav Nene. Madhuri also often shares photos with her main man on Instagram. Speaking of which, a few hours ago she shared a souvenir photo with her husband when she missed him. While sharing the picture, she wrote: "Hello great partner unforgettable memories #Sunday #SundayVibes #SundayScenes #Throwback". On the professional front, Madhuri was last seen on the Karan Johar produced web show The Fame Game alongside Sanjay Kapoor and Manav Kaul. On the other hand, she also released her single "Tu Hai Mera" in May. Meanwhile her next Marathi production Panchak is ready for release. "We'll have to see which way we want to go, but this will be my next release as a producer. The film is slated to come out sometime before the end of this year. We're done filming," Madhuri shared with us. ALSO READ: 20 Years of Devdas: Madhuri Dixit Shares 5 Cases Where Her Character Chandramukhi Stole the Show


BSE's Ashish Kumar Chahuan selected as NSE's next MD & CEO

Confirming the news from CNBC-TV18, Chauhan will replace Vikram Limaye, whose tenure as MD and CEO of NSE was due to end on July 16, 2022. The Association of National Exchange Members of India (ANMI) congratulates Chauhan on his appointment... (Author: Gardener)

NSEAshish Kumar Chahuan, the current Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), has been elected the next MD and CEO of the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Confirming the news from CNBC-TV18, Chauhan will replace Vikram Limaye, whose tenure as MD and CEO of NSE was due to end on July 16, 2022. The Association of National Exchange Members of India (ANMI) congratulated Chauhan on his appointment in a tweet, "As a member of the core team that established NSE in 1993, we are confident you will take the exchange to new heights." NSE invited applications for the position of next MD & CEO on March 4, 2022. Many market participants had expected Limaye to reapply for the position as regulations would allow him another five-year tenure at the helm of NSE. Chauhan was MD & CEO of BSE for 10 years and will end his tenure in November of this year. Under SEBI regulations, Chauhan may not serve another term at BSE. He was instrumental in building India's first fully automated screen-based trading system and the first commercial satellite communications network. Also Read | Sula Vineyards goes public and files IPO papers with market regulator Sebi From 2000 to 2009, Chauhan served as President and Chief Information Officer of Reliance Group and was also CEO of the Mumbai Indians cricket team in the early years. Chauhan also served in additional roles as head of corporate communications for Reliance Group from 2005-2006.


Examine good liabilities in debt management

WE all know how things that are clearly bad can harm us. Still, there are certain ambiguous elements of life that are much more difficult to assess. (Author: Gardener)

WE all know how things that are clearly bad can harm us. We generally measure our economic success by our personal wealth. However, when calculating net worth, we should keep two considerations in mind: 1. We should never confuse our net worth – be it large or small, positive or negative – with our basic self-worth or human worth; and Firstly, our net worth should never be equated with our self worth as money is not the most important thing in life. But money seems to affect every other aspect of life that is more important than mere material possessions; Consider our health, fitness, education, culture or breadth of intellect. In my previous Money Thoughts column, titled "Economic Recovery Through Wealth," I wrote, "If you long to climb the (socioeconomic)...ladder, do three things: 1. Build your monthly cash flow surplus by working harder and smarter 2. Use your surplus for savings and investments that will make you wealthier over time and If you want to read the whole column, do so at: sunday-vibes/2022/07/816006/money-thoughts-economic-uplift-through-net-worth-enhancement. If our goal is to incrementally get richer, then we must increase our net worth over the coming decades. If we wisely choose to "attack the loans that are dragging us down," we will not only make scheduled payments on our loans, but we will also seek to add additional payments to accelerate the repayment of each loan in our debt portfolio. Note: In this context, "portfolio" means collection.For example, I have a sizable portfolio of comics dating back to the 1980s when I was working in Silicon Valley in Northern California and shared a house in San Jose with a terrific group of guys , one of whom ran a comic book business.(Good times!) Similarly, some people higher up the socioeconomic ladder than I have portfolios of fine arts, while many more of us at different rungs of that ladder have portfolios of savings, Investment and Debt Instruments When we have our debt portfolio (or collection) of liabilities scrutinize them, we will see that they fall into two categories: 1. Loans we take out to buy items or engage in activities that end up making us poorer; Many years ago I learned about good and bad assets from several books in the extensive Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. Kiyosaki taught his millions of readers that good assets make us richer by putting money in our pockets, and bad assets make us poorer by taking money out of those pockets. The same applies to good liabilities and bad liabilities. Common examples of good liabilities would be a loan taken out to build a profitable business and a mortgage on a piece of brick and mortar investment property. Bad liability can be a personal loan taken out to indulge in post-pandemic shopping therapy, or unpaid credit card balances piled up to pay for luxuries like fancy meals and vacations that we can't really afford. The cost of bad debt, in terms of annualized percentages or APR, is typically higher than that of good debt. This usually makes it a breeze for us to settle any bad debts first. In doing so, we free up allocated cash flows for other purposes. For example, we might upgrade our lifestyle by using money that was previously funneled to a stubborn credit card balance that eventually went down to zero (whoops!) for fun activities like extra dates with our spouse or significant other - paid for by the extra cash . But may I point out a truth that most of us forget until we get into the maw of the next economic maelstrom? A so-called good debt, such as A loan, say, a mortgage on shop property leased to a restaurant, could become a bad debt, sucking the cash out of you if another pandemic hits and the government reimposes a draconian movement control order, or if this unrelenting season of staff shortages hits your tenant forced to close their shop. When good things happen, we smile, get used to it, and assume great times will continue. The best way to protect ourselves from such economic tsunamis, tremors (earthquakes), and typhoons is to use the available economic boost to quickly pay off as much good debt as possible to strengthen our finances. We don't know what the next big economic crisis will be. What we do know for sure is that it will come. Read his free articles at www.; He may be connected on LinkedIn at or via [email protected]


Robin Roberts is "grateful" for the time she had to "charge" after Amber Laign completed radiation treatment

Last week, the Good Morning America host shared a video of Amber Laign ringing a bell to announce the end of her radiation treatment for breast cancer (Author: Gardener)

Amber LaignNEW YORK, NY - APRIL 14: Amber Laign and Robin Roberts celebrate Robin Roberts' 20th 'GMA' Anniversary outside of 'Good Morning America' on April 14, 2022 in New York City. NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 14: Amber Laign and Robin Roberts celebrate Robin Roberts' 20th 'GMA' Anniversary outside of 'Good Morning America' on April 14, 2022 in New York City. The 61-year-old news anchor returned to Good Morning America Monday morning after celebrating the end of her partner Amber Laign's radiation treatment for breast cancer. On Sunday night, Roberts posted a picture of her dog LuKas, a Tibetan Spaniel Papillion mix, to Instagram and wrote, "It's time to leave our happy place and as you can see @lil_man_lukas isn't too happy about it." Adding: "Sweet Amber and I are grateful for the time we've had to reflect, recharge and rejoice! See you Monday morning on @gma.#sundayvibes ❤️." RELATED: Robin Roberts on Faith, Love and the Power of Visibility: "We Can All Be Random, Random Activists" Roberts began Monday morning with another post featuring her "glam fam," as she dropped some words of wisdom. "We feel like we're being left out and we need to make a difference. Some people feel like they have to compromise themselves to maintain a relationship or get a position.” “What God has given your name goes to no one else,” added Roberts. She captioned the video: "Good morning! Bridgerton graduate Regé-Jean Page appeared alongside Roberts on Monday's GMA episode to talk about his latest project 'The Gray Man' in which he stars with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Julia Butters, among other things. The news anchor announced in February that she would "stay away from GMA from time to time" while her long-term partner was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. RELATED VIDEOS: Robin Roberts on the support she received when she became public: "I'm so happy I did it"


Robin Roberts & wife Amber Laign 'reflect' and 'recharge' after radiation treatment

Robin Roberts returned to Good Morning America Monday morning after her partner Amber Laign's radiation treatment ended (Author: Gardener)

Robin Roberts & wifeRobin Roberts has returned to her seat! The 61-year-old returned to Good Morning America Monday morning after her partner Amber Laign's radiation treatment for breast cancer ended. On Sunday, July 24, Roberts posted to Instagram a cute photo of her dog, LuKas, sticking out his pink tongue while staring intensely at the camera. The television personality used the image tagged Key West, Florida, to reveal they were leaving their "happy place," much to LuKas' disappointment. She continued, "Sweet Amber and I are grateful for the time we've had to reflect, recharge and rejoice!" Roberts finished the caption with, "See you Monday morning on @gma. Happy fans quickly flooded the comments section with excitement and anticipation for Monday's show. One person exclaimed that they were "so happy" that Roberts and loved ones are doing well, and another expressed delight at her return to GMA. A third fan wrote: "Glad you and Amber were able to rest, relax and recharge. But I'm glad to see you back at GMA. Upon her return, Roberts filmed a video with her "glam fam" in the dressing room and uploaded it to Instagram. In the clip, the Walter Cronkite Award winner shared some words of wisdom with fans, saying: "Part of the reason we rush and make bad decisions is because we think we're falling behind. We feel left out and need to make a difference. Some people feel like they have to compromise themselves to maintain a relationship or get a position." The "Danger!" innkeeper added, "What God has given your name goes to no one else." Roberts explained that what belonged to one person would not go to another. Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page joined Roberts in Monday's episode to discuss his latest film project, The Gray Man. Roberts' prolonged absence from GMA came years after a string of sick leave following her breast cancer diagnosis in 2007. Earlier this month, The Blast reported that Roberts and Laign have remained strong despite the latter's breast cancer battle. It was with joy and a sign of relief, therefore, that they received the news that Laign's radiation had ended. Roberts announced the completion of her partner's treatment with a short clip of Laign ringing the ceremonial cancer bell at the hospital. In the video uploaded to Instagram, the massage therapist wore a chic off-duty outfit that included a black tank top, baggy black-and-white striped pants, and a white hat that was intricately designed with brown detailing. Laign stood in front of a plaque on the hospital wall, next to the ceremonial bell, and read, "My treatment is complete, the course is complete and I'm on my way." She then rang the bell three times before removing her hat for a celebratory dance, waving her hands excitedly to the sounds of people in the background cheering and clapping. Roberts told fans in the caption that finishing radiation was "a very important phase" of "Sweet Amber's" treatment. She thanked her fans for the "well wishes and prayers" they were sending to her and her lover at this challenging time. The former ESPN sports reporter mentioned how proud she is of Laign and "all the other Thrivers" for their "courage and grace at a challenging time." This is indeed my #MondayMotivation [praying hands emoji].”


A few showers and storms on Sunday, but no washout

Meteorologist Daniel Johnson has the latest forecast. (Author: Gardener)

SundayYou are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Top political issues among Millennials and Gen Z voters Andrew Yang and colleagues are preparing to launch the political party Forward Democrats are working to get a new climate deal across the finish line to help prepare JCPS students for the new school year Nationale Organization helping mothers who lost children to violence or addiction comes to Louisville Downtown Louisville business slump caught on video; LMPD tries to identify suspect Louisville doctors and urges people to dress up as CVOID-19 levels rise Wall of water floods Arizona streets Floods hit St. Louis area for 2nd time in a week Fair weather for Sports across the country on Friday Fair weather for many sporting events across the country on July 28 Another body found in Lake Mead as water levels continue to fall 'Harbingers of Doom': Anchor slams weather forecasters in over heatwave reports Heatwaves threaten transportation, food sources and lives around the world Above-average temperatures for the Central Plains and storms for the Midwest Heat remains in the South while severe storms hit the Northeast. A severe risk of storms persists in the south and west. Warming in Sou Mai as storms develop for parts of the Ohio Valley. Severe storm risk and sweltering heat for much of the central and eastern US. Heavy rain in parts of the South as Atlantic tropics intensify. Heat continues to dominate the Southeast while severe storms are a possibility for the Plains CNN Climate crisis correspondent Bill Weir is in New Orleans, where extreme heat of over 100 degrees has been felt