Rams bring home Bobby Wagner on 5-year deal

The six-time All-Pro linebacker and former Colony High star scores a reported $50 million deal to return to his hometown of Los Angeles. (Author: Gardener)

RamsLOS ANGELES — Linebacker Bobby Wagner on Thursday agreed to a five-year deal to join his hometown Los Angeles Rams. The Super Bowl champion outmaneuvered several suitors for Wagner, one of the NFL's top inside linebackers after his decade with the Seattle Seahawks. A little over three weeks later, Wagner agreed to join Seattle's NFC West rivals to provide the inside linebacker power the Rams have lacked for several seasons. Wagner joins receiver Allen Robinson as the most prominent offseason signing for the Rams, who have once again proven their adeptness at casting stars below the salary cap. The Rams lost a handful of starters and key contributors to free agency, retirement and a trade last month, but also managed to retain two key offensive linemen while adding Wagner and Robinson as veteran playmakers. Though Wagner has a markedly different role as a linebacker, his arrival will ease the Rams' disappointment at the midseason loss of Von Miller, who accepted a slightly higher offer from the Buffalo Bills rather than handing it back in Los Angeles. Selected for the last eight straight Pro Bowls, Wagner has amassed a total of 1,383 tackles -- the most by any active player. He set a career high with 170 tackles for the struggling Seattle last season. The only active player with more first-team All-Pro selections than Wagner is Aaron Donald, Wagner's new teammate. Wagner was fired by the rebuilding Seahawks for costing them $20.6 million against this year's salary cap in the final season of his contract. But Wagner had no shortage of teams keen to pick him up after he left Seattle. The Baltimore Ravens were the most prominent among the other teams eagerly pursuing Wagner in the free hand, but the Rams closed the deal a week after Wagner visited the team's training complex in Thousand Oaks. Wagner should step in immediately to help a defense that has combined two stellar years despite not having a versatile, hard-hitting linebacker in the middle of their scheme. A linebacker hasn't led the Rams in tackles since 2019, when Cory Littleton turned his breakout play into a free-agent deal with the Raiders. The Rams used unsung Troy Reeder and rookie Ernest Jones as inside linebackers for most of last season. Jones, whose late-season improvements were punctuated by injury, is likely to line up alongside Wagner in the middle of the 3-4 scheme under defensive coordinator Raheem Morris this fall. Rams general manager Les Snead has admired Wagner since the linebacker's college career at Utah State. Snead still regrets passing Wagner on in the 2012 draft when he opted to trade for more picks rather than picking a player he knew would be a star. The Rams' offseason deal also included a new contract for quarterback Matthew Stafford, and the team have confirmed they are working on a new deal for Donald.


NBABets 4 best bets for Thursday night

See how analysts at Action Network are betting on Thursday's NBA standings, including 76ers vs. Hawks. (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayWe have a short NBA list on Thursday with some very big games. Our crew of betting analysts delve deep into the prop market to find their favorite bets on the board across three games: 76ers-Pistons, Cavaliers-Hawks, and Bucks-Nets. Additionally, we pay attention to the spread in Cavs-Hawks, which is a crucial game for Eastern Conference play-in standings. Check out their in-depth analysis and best bets for Thursday night. Brandon Anderson: Don't look now, but Cade Cunningham is making a late-season push for Rookie of the Year. Cunningham started the year slowly. The Pistons also still ran much of the offense through Killian Hayes, maybe they were trying to salvage a previous lottery pick investment, or maybe they were just trying to get Cade into things. But Cunningham has really taken a big step forward since his strong showing at All-Star Weekend. Just look at the production of the last 10 games. He has 23.1 points, 5.0 assists and 7.9 assists per game! These aren't just potential Rookie of the Year numbers. Those numbers would make you an All-Star, maybe even a possible All-NBA contender. Of course, they would only do that over a full season, not just a 10-game span. Cunningham's scoring is up but still somewhat inconsistent, but it's his assists that really stand out. He's had at least six assists in each of those last 10 games. Cunningham actually ranks in the top 10 in the entire NBA for potential assists in the last 10 games, per NBA Advanced Stats, at 14.6 per game. We don't even need him to convert half of it to top that. I love this on any plus number, but would play to -120 if needed. Matt Moore: The Cavaliers have the second-most pick-and-roll coverage of any team in the league. This means they put two defenders on an equal footing to try to get the ball out of the ball carrier's hands and chop the snake's head off. The spread bets that hit the Sharps Thursday night Young is averaging 9.7 assists per game against the top five teams in coverage at this level this season, and with Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen sidelined, the Cavs' defense isn't was the right thing. I bet Young is amassing double-digit assists on this one, and I like it when he has a double-double. While they weathered the storm with the losses of Collin Sexton and Ricky Rubio, Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley are irreplaceable for a Cavaliers team that builds on their defense. The presence of Allen and Mobley on the inside propelled the Cavs to 5th place defensively (109.2) in their non-garbage time minutes per cleaning of the glass. Nonetheless, it's no surprise that this defense fell off a cliff and ranks 20th in defensive ratings, dropping 117.4 points per 100 possessions over the past two weeks. They conceded a 120-112 loss to the Mavericks, giving up 1.27 points per possession, and now face Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks, one of the best offenses in the league. The Hawks are top 10 in eFG% (54.4), fourth in field goal percentage behind the arc (37.6%) and have averaged 119.5 points per 100 possessions over the past two weeks. While the Hawks have struggled defensively for most of the year, they've improved in recent weeks and as they make their postseason push, they've won and put back three straight games and three of their last four. These are two teams going in completely different directions since the All-Star Break, with the Hawks playing 11-7 with a +2.6 net rating and the Cavs playing 7-11 with a -3.7 net rating. The Cavs have lost and failed to cover four of their last five games. Their only win came against the Orlando Magic, who benched all of their starters throughout the fourth quarter as they attempted to develop younger talent and position themselves for a higher draft pick. With both teams playing back-to-back this isn't an ideal pitch for either, but the Hawks are home and my model makes them 7-point favorites here. I'll be splitting the points with the Hawks as they should pick up another win to keep pace in the Eastern Conference playoff race. Kenny Ducey: Believe it or not, the Nets aren't one of the best rebound teams in the NBA just because they brought in Andre Drummond. Since the All-Star break, Brooklyn is only 16th in rebound rate and grabbing 49.8% of available boards, and against a very long team like the Milwaukee Bucks they will have a challenge. Milwaukee is second in rebound since the break, and nobody has had more success on the glass than Giannis Antetokounmpo. He's averaged 13.1 boards in those 13 games and he's exceeded 13.5 rebounds a total of seven times. Antetokounmpo scored 14 on opening night against the Nets, and while he only had seven rebounds against Brooklyn in early January, it lasted 26 minutes. The webs are incredibly vulnerable, and I'm going to support Antetokounmpo to take advantage of that.


Daily horoscope for Thursday, March 31st

Moon Alert After 5:45 am EDT (2:45 am PDT) today, there are no restrictions on shopping or making important decisions. The new moon is in Aries at 11:24 p.m. PDT. Aries (March 21 - April 19) This New Moon is in Aries, which is the best time of year for you to take a realistic look in the mirror and ask yourself how you can improve the impression you are giving leave your world. How can you improve your looks? (Author: Gardener)

Thursday, March 31stAfter 5:45 am EDT today (2:45 am PDT) there are no restrictions on shopping or making important decisions. The new moon is in Aries at 11:24 p.m. PDT. This New Moon is in Aries, which is the best time of year for you to take a realistic look in the mirror and ask yourself how you can improve the impression you are making on your world. How can you improve your looks? Today's new moon is in a hidden part of your chart, which means you will have an increased interest in the hidden meanings of things and mysterious subjects such as the occult, paranormal activity, spiritual exploration and things that happen at night. Each new moon is an opportunity to make resolutions. This new moon is all about friendships for your sign. are you a good friend to others Do you want to have you as a friend? If you want more friends - be friendly! Hang out with good people because your friends will influence your future. Once a year, the new moon occurs at the top of your horoscope. It's the perfect opportunity to seriously consider your long-term direction in life. Are you on your way to where you want to go? Would you like to go somewhere else? This New Moon is your perfect opportunity to think about what training you can get to improve your job prospects or your zest for life. Also think about how you could travel and explore more of the world to enrich your life. This current New Moon is a great opportunity to clean up loose details and paperwork related to taxes, debt, inheritance and insurance matters. This is the only new moon opposite your sign all year, meaning it's the best time to think about improving your relationships with a spouse, business associate, or close friend. For your own benefit, you need to be as good for your partner as he or she is for you. This New Moon is a great opportunity to reflect on how you can become more organized and efficient in everything you do - at work, your job, your hobbies, your home and your pursuit of knowledge. Once a year, the new moon is in a playful part of your horoscope, urging you to create a healthy balance between work and play in your life. Discover your creative talents. Each new moon is an opportunity to make resolutions. This New Moon is your opportunity to reflect on ways to improve your home and community, and your family relationships. This is the perfect day to find out how you can improve your daily communication with others. This is the opportunity that the new moon brings you. Today's new moon is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your values ​​and what is really important in life. This is important to know so you don't risk your money on the wrong horse. You need to know what is important to you.


COVID spending helps UK economy grow in late 2021

COVID spending helps UK economy grow in late 2021 (Author: Gardener)

late 2021LONDON (Reuters) - The UK economy grew faster than previously thought at the end of 2021, but the surge was largely due to COVID-related activity in the healthcare sector, which masked the impact of inflation on household incomes and a bleak picture for the private sector. Gross domestic product in the world's fifth-largest economy rose 1.3% in the fourth quarter as the Omicron wave of coronavirus cases mounted, official data showed on Thursday. Paul Dales, an economist at consultancy Capital Economics, said the upward revision in GDP was not as encouraging as it first looked. Households drew on their lockdown savings to fund their spending. The savings rate fell to 6.8% of disposable income from 7.5% in the third quarter, getting closer to its 6.0% level just before the pandemic. While the fourth-quarter growth acceleration represented an acceleration in economic growth from 0.9% in the third quarter, it was well below the 5.6% growth seen in the April-June period as it recovered from the COVID-19 lockdowns. Investors expect the recovery to slow in 2022 as inflation hits nearly 9% and households deal with the biggest drop in living standards since at least the 1950s, according to forecasts by the government's tax regulator. Data on Thursday showed household disposable income, adjusted for inflation, falling 0.2% in the July-September period, revised down from an initially reported 0.5% rise, and again by 0.0% in the fourth quarter. 1% has fallen. The decline in the third quarter reflected the increasing impact of inflation on household budgets and a downward revision of pension contributions, the Office for National Statistics said. Household income as a percentage of all income in the UK economy, including business and government income, fell to 72.2%, the lowest level since records began in 1987. Household real disposable expenditure rose by 0.5% in the fourth quarter , weaker than an original estimate of 1.2% growth. Samuel Tombs, an economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said the data showed companies were struggling too. White Britain's economic output at the end of 2021 was just 0.1% below where it was at the end of 2019, excluding government spending and investment it was 2.9% below pre-pandemic levels, he said. Britain's balance of payments deficit narrowed to 7.3 billion pounds ($9.59 billion) in the fourth quarter, helped by the first surplus since 2011 in the balance of UK investment income abroad and foreign investment income in the country. Economists polled by Reuters had expected a deficit of £17.6 billion. The ONS said the investment account surplus was due to higher earnings from UK assets in the oil sector abroad and a change in the timing of dividend payments domestically. As a share of GDP, the overall current account deficit narrowed to 1.2% from 4.9% in the third quarter.


Market thoughts on Thursday - Post Fed

I don't know what everyone is so excited about. Yes, Powell said he felt the economy was strong, but that was related to his saying he wants rates close to 2% by the end of the year, which is almost 10 TIMES higher than 0, 25% we started the year with! Just because Powell says he doesn't think it will do much damage to the economy doesn't mean it's true, does it? (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayYes, Powell said he felt the economy was strong, but that was related to his saying he wants rates close to 2% by the end of the year, which is almost 10 TIMES higher than 0, 25% we started the year with! Just because Powell says he doesn't think it will do much damage to the economy doesn't mean it's true, does it? US GDP has been downgraded 30% from 4% growth to 2.8% growth for 2022 and inflation has risen over 50% this year from 2.6% to 4.3%, AFTER more than DOUBLING the target increase in Fed funds from 0.9% to 1.9%. Of course, they really aren't that excited as the S&P 500 (/ES) is barely at the strong bounce line at 4,320 and needs to hold two consecutive closes without breaking the course of the day for us to count it as clear. Oil shot back to $100 this morning and we were so caught up in Fed nonsense in our live trading webinar yesterday that we didn't get to the petroleum status report and what we were looking for was if the 4.3mb Cultivation of oil was caused by a release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, but only 2MB was released, and what's really interesting, despite all the whining we hear about the need to produce more oil - the United States is currently EXPORTING 3 .3 MB/day of petroleum products - that's 23 MILLION barrels per week, which is a FULL DAY of US "consumption" (21 Mb/d) and, more importantly, it's as much as ALL the oil that we import (3.36 Mb/d)! Does anyone in Congress understand this stuff? Let them call me (seriously) and I'll explain how oil production and consumption actually work in the US and the world at large. In short, this EIA report clearly indicates that the US does not need to import oil at all - we simply use imports for the benefit of the refiners, who convert the oil into other products and ship them back out of the country. There is no crisis in the US – as Robert Reich keeps saying, it is a hoax generated by the oil companies to wring additional profits from US consumers. Russian oil accounts for just 7.9% of our imports - just 266,000 barrels per day of our consumption of 21,044,000 barrels per day. The vast majority of our imported oil comes from Canada. Does anyone at Fox News even get that? So yes, we can live without Russian oil and neither do we have to let the oil companies dig up your backyard to do that... On a global scale, Russia is a huge oil exporter - exporting 8 million barrels a day to other countries . Not much goes to us, but if they stopped supplying all the other oil we buy would run out. Of course, $8M x 365 x 85 is $248B or 20% of the Russian economy, so it's not at all likely that they will stop exporting oil, or they will stop their economy as well. We are in week 4 of the war and possible peace talks also boosted markets yesterday but then Russia bombed a shelter housing hundreds of women and children so we'll see how that plays out. We're sending guns and money to Ukraine, so Putin is going to need that $1 billion a day in oil money to buy more tanks if we keep blowing them up. If the war ends soon, great, maybe we can get back to normal, but Jeff Gundlach sees a recession next year and the Fed has begun a precarious balancing act trying to contain high inflation while avoiding a severe economic slowdown (recession ). Whether the economy can withstand rising interest rates at a time of geopolitical turmoil and an ongoing pandemic is a question with no immediate answer. "I think the risk of a recession is very high," said David Rosenberg, chief economist at his own Toronto-based firm Rosenberg Research. “The Fed is trapped in a homemade box for not raising rates fast enough. One key thing Powelll said in response to a reporter's question yesterday was, "Obviously" the Fed should have started tightening rates sooner -- before inflation got so high. In the table above, you'll notice that the Fed still hasn't accepted the reality of inflation in 2023 and 2024 -- and is acting like what they're doing in 2022 will be enough to fix everything .


Caught double dipping

These castaways from Season 42 are already in self-preservation mode, resulting in fragile relationships that crumble easily under pressure. (Author: Gardener)

Season 42I'm not sure there's been a season of Survivor with so many broken alliances so early in the game. It's essentially become the de facto theme of the season - Survivor 42: Fickle Friends. Maybe it's the accelerated 26-day gameplay and the small tribes that have nowhere to hide without a trade in sight. These castaways from Season 42 are already in self-preservation mode, resulting in fragile relationships that are easily broken under pressure from the tribal council. After last week's messy breakup between Chanelle and Daniel, it's Swati and Tori's turn this time to attend a relationship counseling session with Jeff Probst. The two women had previously planned to bring down Drea, an idea suggested by Swati who feared Drea would have an extra vote. In this episode, Swati continues down this path, looking for a way to secure a position of power in a tribe she feels at the bottom of. Of course, former pageant queen Tori is clinging to the plan like it's a Miss Universe crown. Tori was already on the chopping block, so she's eager for any move that takes her aim away, even if it means following Swati's suggestion to work with Rocksroy, the tribe's resident bossyboots. Despite Tori's reservations about Rocksroy and what she describes as "narcissistic tendencies," she extends an olive branch by revealing to him that Drea has an extra voice. This is new to Rocksroy, but it does little to move him towards Tori. You see Rocksroy is a very old fashioned player - you could put him next to B. His narrow focus of the game is working hard in camp, winning challenges and voting out the sneaky people. And as far as Rocksroy is concerned, Tori is the sneakiest player on Ika Beach and needs to be stopped sooner rather than later. So he tells Drea about Tori's secret plan, blowing up Swati's plan in the process. However, after Ika loses her second immunity challenge, the reality of the situation begins to surface. While Rocksroy wants to keep things simple and vote Tori out, a new target emerges after Drea, Tori, and Romeo compare their notes. What follows is a fun montage of Swati individually promising Romeo, Drea and Tori that they will be their "number one". Seriously, Swati handed out number one like she was Billboard and her tribemates are Mariah Carey. "She's not just some innocent 20-year-old who's here for the adventure," says Romeo, realizing that the shy and reserved Swati is the real cause of the camp's chaos. She talks to Drea and tries to pin all the blame on Tori, a tactic she carries through to the tribal council. "I think the headline has changed," Swati tells Jeff as she details how Tori was the one who planned the coup against Drea, but now she's suddenly the one in the line of fire. This once seemingly close pair now find themselves in a tense game of he said/she said, finger pointing at each other as the rest of their fellow tribesmen try to make sense of the situation. Unfortunately for Swati, her conflicting promises catch up with her and she is voted out three to one after futilely playing out her shot in the dark advantage. Rocksroy sighs and bows his head, disappointed that his fellow tribesmen didn't take the chance to vote Tori out as he suggested. As for Tori, she lives to fight another day and is proving to be quite a scrappy Survivor player. Over at Dad Camp, the tribe is cleaning up after their turbulent tribal council. That doesn't sit well with Chanelle, who was the target of Daniel's erratic meltdown last week. She is confused as to why her supposed number one ally threw her under the bus, although she privately admits that the plan to vote Lydia out was her own. "You weren't my number one," Daniel tells Mike defensively. Enough with promising people, they are your number one! If Ika and Daddy are the broken, bickering families that keep the neighborhood up all night, then Taku is the harmonious family living in the big house on top of the hill with the trimmed hedges and the white picket fence—the kind of family who wears matching outfits to church. Or in other words, Ika and Daddy are the Gallaghers and Taku are the Waltons. This sense of healthy camaraderie between the Taku Fours is evident in the challenges they easily achieve victory in, both in terms of reward and immunity. They are so close that Jonathan openly speaks of their bond in front of the other two tribes, which raises some eyebrows. So it's ironic that Jonathan's talk of tribal unity could be the reason for the first cracks in Taku. Maryanne tells Omar that she is annoyed that Jonathan blurted out tribal information publicly as it makes a bigger target for the taku players when trading or merging. Jonathan is well aware of his faux pas, however, and admits he angered himself over what he said at the challenge. He has to watch out for things like that, since his challenge performance alone makes him an attractive target. But, hey, at least he hasn't promised anyone yet that they're his number one! It's more like Holy crrapbayaa.” • While Maryanne may be frustrated that the other tribes are lax when it comes to reciting their Idolphrases, I appreciate the lack of idols and perks in this episode. The more time focused on the players and their relationships, the better.


Todd Bowles is on the road to success with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bruce Arians wanted to make sure the Bucs' new coach was in a good place when he got his chance to lead a team again. (Author: Gardener)

Todd Bowles-- In one of the most shocking moves of arguably the wildest NFL offseason in recent memory, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced Wednesday that coach Bruce Arians is transitioning from a head coaching role to a front-office role, with defensive coordinator Todd Bowles joining the head coach ascended. Did Tom Brady push Arians out? Arians had already committed to returning in 2022 - even in a text to ESPN on Jan. 30 saying he would return "completely" even after Brady announced he was retiring. He visited the NFL combine earlier this month and attended NFL owners' gatherings this week before departing a day early and not speaking to the media for so-called "personal reasons." But a source told ESPN that shortly after his return announcement, Arians informed Brady that he was stepping down, meaning Brady was actively recruiting players to join Tampa Bay with the full knowledge that Arians would not be the coach. It's also interesting that Arians Bowles gave an update on his decision on Monday, a source told ESPN, after getting clarity on a hiring rule at owners' meetings. What you need to know about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Most who were close to Arians believed that at 69 he would only have a few more years of training. Still, his staff were shocked when Arians broke them the news on Wednesday before it was made public. Bowles' promotion provides continuity on defense and gives Brady and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich even more offensive ownership. Bowles has long been considered Arians' successor if he had not been hired elsewhere. He applied for head coaching vacancies with the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears this offseason, but was passed over for both. But Tampa Bay has always been a place for Bowles to thrive. Unlike his days as New York Jets coach, Bowles doesn't need to shine on the podium to earn fan and media favor. Bowles' rise comes at a critical time in the NFL, a league that has been struggling to find answers to its hiring struggles for diversity, to the point that the league just passed a new rule this week requiring all teams to have one Must add minority offensive coaches for the 2022 season and extended the Rooney rule to women. Though Bowles isn't on the offensive side of the ball, which is where many head coaches are currently hired, his presence is certainly impactful. He becomes the sixth minority head coach in the NFL and the third hired this year, alongside Lovie Smith (Houston Texans) and Mike McDaniel (Miami Dolphins). Bowles also becomes the fourth black head coach in Buccaneers history -- two more than any other team. Bowles might only get one shot with Brady out of contract after the 2022 season, but could that keep Brady in Tampa longer if things go well? Or will Bowles be responsible for bringing in a new quarterback and taking on the growing pains that come with it? It's also fair to ask how Bowles will handle this expanded role given he's had just one successful season with the Jets (10-6 in 2015) in his four-year tenure, although many would also argue that there's a synergy within the Jets organization was lacking and Bowles was doomed while Arian tried the opposite. "I wanted to make sure Todd Bowles had the best chance of succeeding if I went away," Arians said in a statement. "So many head coaches come into doomed situations and I didn't want that for Todd. Tom's decision to come back, along with Jason and his staff who are doing another great job of keeping the core of this team intact during the free hand, reassured me that it was the right time to pass the torch to Todd."


The MAFS couple will split upon reunion

Three seemingly married couples decided last week to continue their relationships in the outside world at final vows, but a romance won't last the distance when the reunion episode airs on Monday. (Author: Gardener)

MAFSOnly three MAFS couples stayed together after final vows, but one couple will call it quits when the reunion airs on Monday. Only three MAFS couples stayed together after final vows, but one couple will call it quits when the reunion airs on Monday. Here's what we know. Here's what we know. Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar, Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie, and Selina Chhaur and Cody Bromley all decided to stick with final vows, while fellow contestants Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud, and Tamara Djordjevic and Brent Vitiello went their separate ways. Weeks later, all of the participants — including those who left the experiment early — returned to film the dinner party reunion, which will air Sunday, and the celebratory reunion, which will air Monday. And judging by a juicy teaser, a couple at the reunion ceremony will reveal they've called it quits. Here's what we know: In an interesting twist, Domenica and Jack were spotted arriving separately to film the final reunion episode, in images obtained by the Daily Mail. The couple were photographed arriving in different cars, with Jack seen without his wedding ring, fueling rumors they may have ended it after the experiment and before reuniting. The show's most controversial couple were spotted holding hands at the dinner party and have also spoken candidly about their blossoming relationship in various media interviews. However, judging by a teaser for the reunion ceremony, they experience some turmoil as all attendees watch footage of the experiment, which will inevitably cast Olivia in a bad light. Although it could be the result of some tricky editing, the teaser leads viewers to believe that Jackson and Olivia might call it quits during the reunion. In the clip, a panicked Olivia sits on the couch in front of the experts, next to a weary-looking Jackson, who tells Olivia to "break the big news." After deciding to continue their relationship on final vows, there are unconfirmed rumors that Selina and Cody are actually the couple who are "breaking up" on the reunion. Nonetheless, the pair were photographed arriving at the dinner party together and appeared happy in each other's company. Not much is known about whether their relationship was successful in the months after filming wrapped, so check out this space. Tamara and Brent both decided last week to call it quits on final vows. At the reunion dinner party, Brent reveals that Tamara "was trying to pick up Ella's TV "husband" Mitch. "Tamara, you tried to pick up Mitch when we got out of the experiment and he rejected you! Speaking about it Wednesday morning on Mike E & Emma, ​​Ella revealed that Tamara had actually reached out to Mitch "before the final vows." "She was going to have dinner with him and another mutual friend, and Mitchell told me and Brent, but the intentions behind it are all pretty gray, to be honest," Ella added. While there were reports that Brent began dating Ella off-world, both have since denied it, saying they were "just friends." While they went their separate ways on final vows, with Ella wanting to continue their romance but Mitch deciding to leave, the couple reportedly rekindled their relationship to the outside world shortly after, before reuniting. The pair were spotted holding hands at the reunion dinner party and appeared to be in love. It is unknown what happened after filming the final episodes, but Ella has not been positive about Mitch in recent interviews. "When you're outside of the experiment and you look back at everything, you see things from a different perspective and things become as bright as day," she said.


Toni Storm Makes AEW Debut on "Dynamite"

Toni Storm is the latest wrestler to make the leap from WWE to AEW. (Author: Gardener)

WWEToni Storm is the latest wrestler to make the leap from WWE to AEW. Toni Storm is the latest wrestler to make the leap from WWE to AEW. Storm, 26, made his debut for AEW on Wednesday's episode of Dynamite, defeating The Bunny in a qualifier for the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament. Storm has signed with AEW and is now part of the women's division of the promotion. Last December, Storm was fired from WWE after asking to be released from the company. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that wrestlers in WWE were under the impression that "professional burnout" was the reason Storm asked for their release. Storm's final match for WWE was on December 28 at a house show against SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. Storm was involved in a story with flair on WWE television before petitioning for her release. Storm is a former NXT UK Women's Champion in WWE and was also the company's 2018 Mae Young Classic winner. She wrestled across Europe and Japan before signing with WWE in 2018. The finals of the inaugural Owen Hart Foundation tournaments for women and men will take place on Sunday, May 29 at AEW's Double or Nothing pay-per-view in Las Vegas.


Former WWE Champion debuts on AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan promised a big signing to AEW Dynamite would debut in the first game of the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Qualifier tonight and he wasn't lying. After The Bunny found her way to the ring, a new music hit saw none other than Toni Storm making her AEW debut. [...] (Author: Gardener)

AEW DynamiteTony Khan promised a big signing to AEW Dynamite would debut in the first game of the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Qualifier tonight and he wasn't lying. After The Bunny found her way to the ring, a new music hit saw none other than Toni Storm making her AEW debut. Bunny tried to throw a punch to get things going, but Storm caught him and immediately sent him back. Storm then hit a suplex and staggered Bunny, and then she dodged another attack that cornered Bunny. They traded punches and Storm took a smack to the chest and then a knee, but she grabbed a side headlock and then slammed a dropkick in Bunny's face, but Bunny kicked. The Bunny soon got some momentum, but after a while Storm came back full force, hitting a fishermen's suplex and going for a cover, but Bunny kicked out. Then Bunny came back and rammed Storm down for a pin, but Storm kicked out. Storm tried to pick Bunny up, but she held on to the ropes. Storm will now move on to the tournament and it seems that Storm's AEW career is already off to a great start. Are you excited for Storm's debut with All Elite Wrestling?