Toni Storm Makes AEW Debut on "Dynamite"

Toni Storm is the latest wrestler to make the leap from WWE to AEW. (Author: Gardener)

WWEToni Storm is the latest wrestler to make the leap from WWE to AEW. Toni Storm is the latest wrestler to make the leap from WWE to AEW. Storm, 26, made his debut for AEW on Wednesday's episode of Dynamite, defeating The Bunny in a qualifier for the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament. Storm has signed with AEW and is now part of the women's division of the promotion. Last December, Storm was fired from WWE after asking to be released from the company. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that wrestlers in WWE were under the impression that "professional burnout" was the reason Storm asked for their release. Storm's final match for WWE was on December 28 at a house show against SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks. Storm was involved in a story with flair on WWE television before petitioning for her release. Storm is a former NXT UK Women's Champion in WWE and was also the company's 2018 Mae Young Classic winner. She wrestled across Europe and Japan before signing with WWE in 2018. The finals of the inaugural Owen Hart Foundation tournaments for women and men will take place on Sunday, May 29 at AEW's Double or Nothing pay-per-view in Las Vegas.


Former WWE Champion debuts on AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan promised a big signing to AEW Dynamite would debut in the first game of the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Qualifier tonight and he wasn't lying. After The Bunny found her way to the ring, a new music hit saw none other than Toni Storm making her AEW debut. [...] (Author: Gardener)

AEW DynamiteTony Khan promised a big signing to AEW Dynamite would debut in the first game of the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament Qualifier tonight and he wasn't lying. After The Bunny found her way to the ring, a new music hit saw none other than Toni Storm making her AEW debut. Bunny tried to throw a punch to get things going, but Storm caught him and immediately sent him back. Storm then hit a suplex and staggered Bunny, and then she dodged another attack that cornered Bunny. They traded punches and Storm took a smack to the chest and then a knee, but she grabbed a side headlock and then slammed a dropkick in Bunny's face, but Bunny kicked. The Bunny soon got some momentum, but after a while Storm came back full force, hitting a fishermen's suplex and going for a cover, but Bunny kicked out. Then Bunny came back and rammed Storm down for a pin, but Storm kicked out. Storm tried to pick Bunny up, but she held on to the ropes. Storm will now move on to the tournament and it seems that Storm's AEW career is already off to a great start. Are you excited for Storm's debut with All Elite Wrestling?


AEW confirms the signing of Toni Storm

All elite wrestling fans were in for a big surprise during tonight's Dynamite when it was revealed that AEW's mysterious signing for the women's division was none other than Toni Storm. Storm ended her 90-day WWE ban from competing on Tuesday, and many were hoping Tony Khan's mystery newcomer to the roster [...] (Author: Gardener)

AEWAll elite wrestling fans were in for a big surprise during tonight's Dynamite when it was revealed that AEW's mysterious signing for the women's division was none other than Toni Storm. Storm ended her 90-day WWE ban from competing on Tuesday, and many were hoping Tony Khan's mystery addition to the roster would be her. They got their wish during today's match with The Bunny, and after adding her first win to the AEW win column in the Owen Hart Foundation tournament, Khan confirmed with the official chart, which you can see below, that Storm is indeed All Elite is. Khan couldn't have been more excited about the reveal, tweeting "It's TONI STORM!" during the event. Then Khan tweeted the traditional all-elite graphic with the caption "Welcome to the team..." As for when and where, I suggest you watch Rampage tonight for more info. As far as rhymes or spellings or anything else I can't tell you, but what I can tell you is that I will have more information on when and where you might see a new female wrestling star debut in AEW I'll give you more info on that tonight on Rampage." That was a mysterious silhouette who, in retrospect, bears some resemblance to Storm, and now we know she's likely one of the people Serena Deeb talked about has spoken for the past few months. Storm is immediately making the women's division better and more electrifying, so hopefully we'll see her jump into the main event scene sooner rather than later. Britt Bakker was already jumping into the Storm conversation when she was following the reveal shared a picture of her, and Storm vs Baker is definitely a feud fans want to see.Meanwhile, there's also new AEW Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa and TBS Champio n Jade Cargill, as well as names like Hikaru Shida, Ruby Soho, Tay Conti, Anna Jay and more for them with who do you want to storm face first? Let us know in the comments or as always you can join me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB to chat about all things wrestling!


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from March 30th

Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly made life miserable for AEW World Champion Hangman Page and tag team champions Jurassic Express and on Wednesday on Dynamite the trio known as the Undisputed Elite had a title celebration... (Author: Gardener)

March 30thAdam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly made life miserable for AEW World Champion Hangman Page and tag team champions Jurassic Express, and Wednesday on Dynamite the trio known as the Undisputed Elite had a title celebration. What happened to the combustible elements in the game and which side would leave the night with momentum on their side as a showdown approaches?Darby Allin fought Andrade and the Owen Hart Foundation tournament began with the arrival of a new signee for the women of the company's division.Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifier: The Bunny vs. a New AEW Acquisition CM Punk continued his recent trend of teaming up with tag team competitors in singles matches when he faced Max Caster of The Acclaimed in the night's opening match . Caster shone and got his fair share of insults at punk, but in the end it was the grizzled veteran who pulled off an old-school pile driver and finished off the rapper with the Anaconda Vise. Backstage, FTR told MJF that there may be issues between him and Wardlow, but they are both friends. He didn't wait too long, did he?" Tony Schiavone said in reference to said rap. Jim Ross slammed the AEW stars for not looking for pins often enough in an interesting call. Punk channeled Ric Flair but overdid it the top rope as opposed to legendary competitor who actually supplies the double ax handle "Before my time at AEW is up I'll be world champion!" exclaimed Punk, sending a loud and clear message to Hangman Page and Adam Cole after his win, sly facial expressions from MJF predicted a villain ready to stab his closest friends in the back.A sizzling crowd greeted Jay Lethal and Jon Moxley, representing Blackpool Combat Club, as the two babyfaces went head to head.Lethal surprisingly controlled this Pace throughout the event The commercial features a physical and hard-hitting match between two guys that fans at University etc f South Carolina wanted to celebrate, Moxley hit back and secured victory with the Paradigm layer despite a very tough opponent. The game was fantastic. Moxley and Lethal beat the hell out of each other and managed to work on some great in-ring psychology on the side. One hell of a match and one of the best on Dynamite this year. Moxley played mind games with Lethal by putting his hands behind his back and daring him to put a forearm in his face. The psychology surrounding Moxley's injured knee was spot on and made for some great callbacks throughout. The fake finish, with Lethal countering the rear-naked choke, was awesome, leading fans to believe the former Ring of Honor Champion could pull off the surprise. Austin and Colten Gunn were hoping to contend for the tag team title in a win over FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler on Wednesday night, but beating the company's best tag team proved far more difficult than they could have imagined can imagine. This despite the fact that they controlled a large part of the game. FTR fought from below and, despite repeated interference from Billy Gunn, Harwood and Wheeler delivered the big rig to earn the pinfall win. The match itself was highly competitive, with an elite team working alongside a young tandem to help them grow and develop. Billy's interference hurt, and the arrival of Wardlow and all that came with it overshadowed the match to some degree or there away from decay. FTR is clearly poised for a babyface turn, and the team should find incredible success in that role considering the fans already respect and love them. MJF disingenuously standing on FTR from the commentator position was a great touch for a heel character who clearly only cares about himself and his own best interests Exploding into the arena, providing security and getting dangerously close to MJF, before being cut off by more guards was a great angle and the crowd was huge. A backstage promo by the Jericho Appreciation Society resulted in an explosive brawl between the heel faction and returning Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz. As they battled their way into the arena, the Babyfaces were on top until the numbers game proved to be too much. The heels knock down their rivals, punishing them and leaving them in a heap before standing upright to the disapproval of fans Nothing in Las Vegas is going to be one hell of a brawl. This was a great hit and further cemented the heels' dominance. Jericho, who billed himself as "the revolutionary force in sports entertainment," was a great nod to WWE TV's old opening. Kingston's sale of the flogging he received from Jericho's belt was probably very real, but he excelled at overcoming the agony of punishment from the JAS. The heat for the JAS was off the charts, proof that the new faction is working. Wheeler Yuta remained determined to prove himself to William Regal and the Blackpool Combat Club when he faced Bryan Danielson in a match that put him one step closer to being the next breakout star in AEW. The South Carolina crowd gave their all to Yuta as he battled the best wrestler in the world, unafraid of the challenge he presented. Eventually, Danielson's ferocity proved too much, but Yuta emerged stronger than he ever was at AEW. The young star is growing in popularity with each passing week and opportunities to have appearances like this against the masterful Danielson will only help him where management believes he can go faster. William Regal took offense at the commentary team, who dubbed Danielson "one" of the greatest, showing the loyalty and admiration he has for The American Dragon to a standing ovation from the crowd. A defiant Yuta spat in Danielson's face, a great image that preceded a vicious stomping on his opponent's face. Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly held a championship celebration for titles they didn't actually win. Hangman Page, Jurassic Express and Christian Cage broke and cleared heels from the ring before recapturing their missing titles. The segment was mostly uneventful and didn't really move things forward in any measurable way. The babyfaces have had their revenge, but we know it's only a matter of time before heels overwhelm them to bring things back to the status quo. It's a feud that, despite the reactions to the individual acts up to this point, doesn't work out as well as one might have imagined. Next, AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa joined Tony Schiavone at the front of the stage for a promo in which she said she wanted to be the face of all women's wrestling and sent a message to Nyla Rose. The Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament began with The Bunny taking on Toni Storm, the newest signee from AEW. The Aussie entered to a thunderous ovation but was quickly faced with the very real challenge of an experienced opponent tired of being overlooked. Storm shrugged off Bunny's offense, including two superkicks that nearly knocked her out of the tournament early to deliver Storm Zero for the pinfall win. The newcomer looked like a star, was treated like one and fans reacted to her like a major newcomer. You couldn't wish for a better, more effective first appearance. The look on Storm's face as fans showered her with cheers suggested a woman overwhelmed by the positive reaction and ready to wrestle at a high level again. Storm's emotional "thank you" to ringside fans reflected a woman who needed this reception to remind them that she was still an important player in a sport she may have lost some passion for under her previous employer .


The new signing competes in the Owen Cup qualifiers

AEW's newest free-agent addition will take on The Bunny, along with CM Punk, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson in action on tonight's show. (Author: Gardener)

AEWThe company's most recent signee will meet The Bunny in the first qualifier for the Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament. CM Punk will be in action on the show, taking on The Acclaimed's Max Caster in a one-on-one match. After weeks of interaction between Wheeler Yuta and the Wiliam Regal-led faction of Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson, Danielson will face Yuta in a singles match tonight. Moxley will also be in action on the show, taking on Jay Lethal. Darby Allin, with Sting in his corner, meets Andrade El Idolo who will have Jose the assistant in his corner. FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler will face off against Gunn Club's Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn. A Jericho Appreciation Society promo as well as a "Championship Celebration" by Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly were also announced for the show. Caster's shoulder was taped and Punk took aim early on until Caster caught a crossbody and hit a backbreaker. Punk eventually came back with a snap suplex. He thought of the GTS, but Caster fought and hit a Fisherman's Buster for two. A top rope Frankensteiner from Punk took Caster down, followed by the rising knee, in a bulldog for two. With the official's back, Bowens spun Punk over the top rope and Caster landed a coast-to-coast dropkick for two. He went for the mic drop, but Punk rolled out of the way and hit a straight piledriver. - After the match, Punk pointed to the belt and asked, "What does that mean?" He said he didn't know who would become champion, whether it would be Hangman Page or Adam Cole, but before his time at AEW was over he would World Champion. MJF, FTR and Mark Sterling were backstage. MJF was asked why there were Wardlow posters everywhere, but he left them out to talk about FTR and Shawn Spears' upcoming games. Dax said Wardlow was still her boyfriend, so MJF accused Wardlow of talking shit about her behind her back. MJF said, "The pinnacle is always on top," and FTR reluctantly agreed. Lethal messed around with Moxley early on, so Moxley punched him in the face, resulting in a forearm swap. Moxley defeated Lethal with a shoulder tackle and a German suplex. He landed ten shots in the corner, but Lethal pushed Moxley away and pushed him over the top rope. Lethal followed up with a Tope Suicida before the commercial. On return, a mid-air collision with both men aiming for a crossbody resulted in them falling. They had a quick counter switch that resulted in Moxley landing a giant lasso. They traded reversals again, with Lethal fighting out of the Paradigm Shift, Moxley countering Lethal's injection into a bulldog choke, and Lethal countering from it and hitting a brainbuster. He followed up with a top rope elbow drop for a good near fall. Lethal chose the figure four, but Moxley weighed him in for two. Moxley then hit the paradigm shift for the win. – After the match, the two shook hands. A video package aired for former WWE NXT wrestler Marina Shafir showing her AEW Dark highlights. The Gunn Club got cocky early on until Cash defeated Austin with some arm drags and Colten with a chop. With the official distracted, Billy brought Cash to the outside and allowed the Gunn Club to take control before the break. Once back, Cash hit a back suplex but Colten prevented him from getting Dax for the day. He eventually made it to Dax, who came in and destroyed the Gunn Club with right hands. A short-arm clothesline from Dax got two. The Gunn Club worked together to counter a suplex, but then backstage cameras cut out. He walked down the steps to the ring but was eventually overpowered by about a dozen security guards. Back in the ring, Billy was involved in a complicated counter sequence, but FTR was able to hit the big rig for the win. – After the match, FTR was confused by what was going on during the match but MJF came in and calmed her down. Chris Jericho and his Appreciation Society were backstage. Garcia said that they were "aiming for the future" with the Dark Order and would take out Santana, Ortiz and Eddie Kingston forever. Kingston dragged Jericho to the stage area and then to the ring. Garcia locked Kingston in a Scorpion Deathlock when Jericho hit him with a club. Jericho whipped Kingston with his belt, hitting the Judas Effect. Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling were backstage. They picked Jade's 30th opponent and Sterling brought out Leva Bates but Jade said she was a joke. Sterling said the other option was Marina Shafir, but he wasn't sure. This was YUTA's best performance in AEW by far. Danielson had the upper hand, but YUTA suited him move after move. He applied kicks, but YUTA fired a running dropkick, putting Danielson in a bridging deathlock. Danielson was forced to grab the ropes leading to the commercial. Back from the break they had a reverse exchange which YUTA defeated by hitting a German suplex bridge for two. Danielson came back with a dragon suplex bridge for two of his own. He went into Ground and Pound and rolled over into Cattle Mutilation, but YUTA turned it into elbows and then into a seat belt harness for a big near fall. Danielson countered YUTA's next move and balanced it with the Busaiku Knee. He spat in YUTA's face, kicked his head in and hit a Gotch-style piledriver before applying a nasty LeBell lock to victory. A video promo hyping Darby Allin against Adam Cole and reDRagon came out with the championship belts they stole last week. Cole said Hangman Page, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are not here tonight because they are ashamed. He said their belts don't get stolen because they belong to them. Fish said they were the three worst guys in the company. Cole was about to stop the celebration but Pages music played and he pulled up in a Tesla with bull horns before taking out all three men in the ring. He finished off O'Reilly and Fish before hitting Cole with the fallaway slam. Page prepared for the buckshot, but reDRagon pulled Cole out of the ring to save him. They retreated up the ramp, but Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Christian Cage attacked them and put them back in the ring. Cole avoided the buckshot but was banned to reDRagon from the outside. AEW Women's World Champion Thunder Pink was produced by Tony Schiavone. She said it was a shame her celebration was cut short last week, but she is the first Mexican-born world champion in history. She fought and fought her way to the top to be the face of the division and now she wants to be the face of all women's wrestling. Rosa challenged Nyla Rose to say things with words or fight in the ring. FTR were backstage. Cash said they would win the ROH tag titles on Friday and then the AEW tag titles on the rose. Dax said they were tired of the wait and challenged the Young Bucks to determine the best tag team of all time. They struggled to get started until a misdirection allowed Storm to hit a low dropkick for two. Bunny avoided a shoulder tackle and kicked Storm through the ropes before hitting a clothesline on the ground, leading to a commercial. When he got back, Storm came back with a lasso. She caught a thrust kick and hit her signature headbutt, followed by a hip attack and a big boot. A fisherman's suplex bridge has two. Bunny came back with a power slam for two. She landed a thrust burst and then a second for two more. Storm came back and hit Storm Zero to win and qualify. Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero were backstage. Rose said she was "day one" at this company and more deserving of the title. * Tables Match: Hardys vs. Andrade attacked in front of the bell, dropping Darby face first onto the timekeeper's table. He sent Darby up the stairs and then dropped him into the ring area. Back in the ring, the official checked Darby, but he defiantly demanded the match begin. Andrade landed in the corner with a double knee, but Darby grabbed the ropes to break the count. Andrade continued to dominate until the break. Back from the commercial, a Code Red by Darby gave him some space. He fired with palm strikes, which Andrade returned. Darby eventually got to his feet and hit the float-over stunner for two. Andrade returned fire with a backbreaker for two. They fought on the top rope where Darby hit a ridiculous crucifix bomb. Jose the Assistant came down but was immediately caught by Sting. Butcher and Blade attack Sting, but Darby takes them out with a dive. Back inside, Andrade hit a buckle spinebuster and El Idolo for the win. – After the game, A.H.F.O. proceeded to punch down Darby and Sting.


Luka Doncic, Mavs, beats Lakers and continues to show defensive dominance at home

In Hollywood, you would call script flipping. To be sure, Mavericks 128, Lakers 110 on Tuesday in... (Author: Gardener)

Luka DoncicSure, Mavericks 128, Lakers 110 Tuesday at the American Airlines Center wasn't what TNT bean counters had in mind when they planned this for the national showing. With Los Angeles stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis out injured, the result itself wasn't surprising, but the thoroughness of the beating ahead of a meaningless garbage-time mini-rally had to come as a shock to the Lakers' proud system. Luka Doncic racked up a triple-double in three quarters with 34 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists. The 82 points Dallas scored in the first half was the most by a Lakers team in a half since the franchise moved from Minneapolis to Los Angeles in 1960. "I thought the guys were focused and understood who was playing and who wasn't. said Mavericks coach Jason Kidd. The Mavericks (47-29) moved to third place from Golden State in the Western Conference in one game. Later Tuesday night, the Clippers' 25-point comeback win over Utah increased Dallas' lead over the fifth-seeded Jazz to two games with six games remaining. The 31-44 Lakers, on the other hand, fell to 11th place, for now a place in the play-in tournament in places 7-10. Play-in matters little, if anything, to Dallas, its magic number for one Place in the top six is ​​a combination of two wins or two losses in Minnesota. With a 113-84 lead through three quarters, Kidd was able to rest the starters in the fourth quarter, a welcome development as Dallas embarked on a four-game road trip in Cleveland Wednesday night. And while national television audiences are watching -- at least for a while -- Doncic earned perhaps some MVP recognition with his 10th triple-double of the season and 21st 30-point triple-double of his career, tying up Wilt Chamberlain fifth place -most in history. What does it mean for 23-year-old Doncic to hear and see his name so often among the greats of the sport? "I just hope for many more," he said with a smile. I never thought I would have that impact, but I just have to keep working and hopefully win the championship one day.” For Lakers coach Frank Vogel, being a member of the Mavericks organization should be a ban on a postseason award, too if his name hasn't received much mention nationwide: Kidd. "I think he should be coach of the year," Vogel said. Kidd spent two seasons at Vogel's, including the 2019-20 championship season in Los Angeles. Kidd, defensive coordinator Sean Sweeney and assistant coach Greg St. Jean implemented the Lakers' defensive schemes in Dallas. Dallas is second in the NBA in goal defense (104.1) and has suspended opponents mostly at home. With Tuesday's win, the Mavericks improved to 27-12 at home. That includes 19 wins in their last 23 home games, in which they have limited opponents to 100.6 points and 29.8% 3-point shooting. "We're very comfortable the way we played at home," Kidd said. "To be able to defend home in the playoffs, we've been in that position before (0-3 last year) and understand how that helps you achieve your goal, which is to win a championship." The last time when the Lakers were here on Dec. 15, Los Angeles clinched a 107-104 win in overtime after a last-second 3-pointer from rookie Austin Reeves. Doncic did not play that night as Dallas fell to 14-14 and the Lakers improved to 16-13. Dallas raced to 43 points in the first quarter on Tuesday and took a 63-33 lead in the second quarter with 6:58 remaining. Doncic scored 15 of the Mavericks' first 23 points and had 25 points at halftime. "It's one of the most productive offenses in the league," Vogel said. "Luka Doncic's pick-and-roll is as difficult to set up and slow as anyone else in the league." Dallas' 82-56 halftime lead was the highest scoring this season and the third-biggest in a first half in the franchise history, behind the record 85. The Mavericks picked up 17 points from Reggie Bullock and 14 from the bench by Davis Bertans. It hardly mattered that Dallas was beaten 26-15 in the last quarter. "The way they defend, the way they play team basketball, he's always been -- as a player and as a head coach -- really someone who preaches the extra pass," Vogel said of Kidd. “And the way these guys play together is a big part of their success so far this season. Burke in protocols: For the fourth time this season, Mavericks guard Trey Burke entered the NBA's health and safety protocols, joining swingman Sterling Brown. The difference is that Brown tested positive for COVID-19. In Burke's case, it's because he missed the test window. Of the four times he has been in minutes, three have been for missing a test. Burke is unvaccinated, meaning he needs to be tested more frequently than players and staff who are vaccinated. When asked if he was worried about Burke's continued missed tests, coach Jason Kidd said, "No, I'm not worried. In news no doubt related specifically to Brown's status, the Mavericks signed guard Brandon Knight to a second 10-game contract Tuesday as part of the league's COVID-19 hardship allowance. Knight signed his first 10-day contract on December 23. With the Mavericks missing several players with COVID-19, Knight played in three games for Dallas before entering health and safety logs himself. He averaged 10.0 points, 2.3 rebounds and 2.7 assists in 18.2 minutes per game. That included an 18-point performance that helped lead Dallas to a 132-117 win over Portland on December 27. For more Mavericks coverage from The Dallas Morning News, click here.


Former Purdue HHS Extension Program Improves Strength and Balance to Reverse Effects of Aging - News

Participation in the Cass County Extension Homemakers Club led Sara Walthey to a fountain of youth. While not a true well, the Stay Strong/Stay Healthy program, originally brought to the county by Penny Troutman, a former Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) educator, has a significant one difference in Walthery's overall health. (Author: Gardener)

WaltheryWhile not a true well, the Stay Strong/Stay Healthy program, originally brought to the county by Penny Troutman, a former Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) educator, has a significant one difference in Walthery's overall health. As someone who enjoys playing the Celtic harp and gardening, Walthery credits the program with helping her keep doing the things she loves. "I was in my early to mid 60s when I started the program and now I'll be 74 on my next birthday and I'm in better physical shape than I was 10 years ago, which I don't think many people my age can do say,” said Walther. Troutman discovered the Stay Strong/Stay Healthy program, based on a Duke University study, at a conference and brought it to the county as a rotating program. When Troutman retired in 2013, the women who had attended the program, led by Walthery and Megan McDonald, decided to continue the program. Jane Horner, the current Cass County HHS Extension educator, said that although the program is no longer part of the HHS Extension program schedule, she continues to offer the program as best she can. This includes providing the Cloverleaf Complex for the program's one-hour meetings twice a week, printing materials for new program participants, and promotional information about the program in the Extension Homemakers Newsletter. "Our mission with Purdue Extension is to be your lifelong educational partner," said Horner. This was an out-of-state program that Penny Troutman must have thought women in our country could really benefit from.” While the original program had set start and end dates, the group decided they didn't want long breaks. "I recently tripped over my cat and went down, and I'm 85, so I'm thinking about what could have happened — a broken shoulder bone or whatever — but it didn't," McDonald said. Not only are the women in the group reaping the health benefits of the program — they have also developed a support system of friends. Once a month, the women in the program meet for breakfast outside of their practice sessions. "I think camaraderie is one of the benefits of the program — the fact that we're doing it together," McDonald said. "I think when you get to hang out with the same group of people on a regular basis over a long period of time, you know what's going on in their lives," Walthery said. "It's really good to have that kind of support group, and that's kind of a perk of the mental health program." However, Walthery and McDonald both hope the program will continue to grow as the older members take a step back and newer ones come in members join. "This program has endured because it has been so beneficial to the people who participated in it," Walthery said. For Horner, this program illustrates the importance of the Purdue HHS Extension programs and the difference they make in helping people lead healthier, happier lives. "I just think it's a cool program," Horner said. "While I'm not the one who brought it to the county that I was somehow helping these women keep it going, I was just impressed. This is a program that has made a huge difference to these women and their health.” The Stay Strong/Stay Healthy program is open to the public and those interested are encouraged to attend the Cloverleaf Complex on the Cass Mondays and Thursdays at 9am County Fairgrounds to show up.


Rain is likely today, but snow is likely throughout Wisconsin tonight and Thursday morning

The gloomy weather continues across the state on Wednesday. Rain likely ahead of a cold front but snow behind as our temperatures drop again. Watch in the rain and snow (Author: Gardener)

todayYou are the owner of this item. You have permission to edit this article. Watch now: Rain likely today, but snow likely across Wisconsin tonight and Thursday morning Here's your weather update for Wednesday, March 30 from Chief Meteorologist Matt Holiner. Matt Holiner covers the weather and climate of the Midwest. Matt has eight years of professional meteorology experience and has forecast every type of weather for cities across the country. Get the daily forecast and severe weather alerts in your inbox! Get the daily forecast and severe weather alerts in your inbox! Your notification has been saved. There was a problem saving your notification. Email notifications are only sent once a day and only when there are new matching items. Please log in to be able to use this function. Register Register today Meteorologists are forecasting rapid bursts of moderate to heavy snowfall and a sudden drop in visibility through 7pm this afternoon. Watch Now: Very windy with scattered rain and snow showers over Wisconsin Friday Rain and snow are still in the forecast for today, but winds will be much stronger for the state as a whole. Find out if it will continue to rain and snow this weekend in our updated forecast. Watch now: Rain returns this afternoon and will continue through Wednesday. Snow forecast for Thursday Cloudy weather is making a comeback in Wisconsin today and is here to stay. See our updated forecast when it's most likely to rain and eventually snow across the state. Watch Now: Rain and Snow Today and Tomorrow, but Much Stronger Winds for Friday The rain-snow mix will briefly leave Wisconsin tonight, but will be right back on Friday along with very strong winds. See your most likely times for rain and snow and when the winds will be at their strongest. The National Weather Service's office in Norman, Oklahoma, issued the most warnings with 9,103, including 6,926 severe thunderstorm warnings and 667 tornado warnings. Watch now: Dry but still cold Monday across Wisconsin. Rain and some snow are possible again Tuesday Windy conditions and a mix of rain and snow will return to the state tomorrow. Get all the details in our updated forecast. 15 degrees is today's low. Here is today's weather forecast for March 28, 2022 in Madison, WI. Here is today's weather forecast for March 28, 2022 in Madison, WI. Temperatures will be just above freezing in Madison today. A 25 degree low is forecast. Tornadoes, climate change and why Dixie is the new Tornado Alley You have no notifications. Receive breaking news straight to your device.


Playing Saint Peter on National Peacock Day is a sign from the basketball gods

The Saint Peter's Peacocks, playing National Peacock Day, is a good reason to bet your 401,000 on Doug Edert and the boys to make it in Philadelphia against the Purdue Boilermakers at the Sweet 16. Fate would have it that National Peacock Day coincides with Saint Peter's Day Peacocks... (Author: Gardener)

The Saint Peter's PeacocksThe Saint Peter's Peacocks, playing National Peacock Day, is a good reason to bet your 401,000 on Doug Edert and the boys to make it in Philadelphia against the Purdue Boilermakers at the Sweet 16. Fate would have it that National Peacock Day coincides with the Saint Peter's Peacocks' Sweet 16 game against the Purdue Boilermakers on Friday night. While you can gamble your savings against Doug Edert and the boys to play Spoilermaker, just know that the basketball gods are firmly on the side of every newly formed New Jersey basketball school. If Eli Manning is an avid enthusiast of your work on the hardwood, gamble with the epitome of house money. Saint Peter's Athletics knows what day it is (not hump day, Mike). And Peacock is giving out premium subscriptions to St. Peter's students in three different locations because they are birds of their word and bird is the word, y'all. In Purdue, when the Peacocks make their grand entrance in the house Allen Iverson's crossover built, they can see Pete's cold, dead eyes and tell him it's not his day. That's okay because he keeps waking up and not feeling anything, but today the Peacocks are going to fly like Terry Hoitz. I'm not saying there will be an influx of little boys named Douglas making their way to the tri-state area over the next nine months, but brace yourself for the influx of Doug. Tonight, the biggest thing will happen to the Peacocks since NBC signed the Notre Dame football contract. While Jaden Ivey and the Boilermakers may be too much for Edert and the gang, no one has struggled through March Madness quite like Saint Peter's. They're the biggest number 15 since Andy Enfield showed everything that was great in terms of Dunk City. The same goes for Jersey City and these Jersey Boys. There may be Four Seasons in the world, but March is firmly in the Peacocks.


Zodiac signs of the 'RHONJ' cast are a recipe for a war of astro worlds

In honor of the start of Aries season, ruled by Mars, the planet of action and named after the god of war himself, we bring you zodiac astrology descended from the stars of Bravo cast Real Housewives of New Jersey is. (Author: Gardener)

RHONJIn honor of the start of the Aries season, ruled by Mars, the planet of action and named after the god of war himself, we bring you a zodiac of the stars from Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The show, now in its twelfth season, is something of an anthropological investigation of a rotating cast of women vying for power in the privileged wilderness of the Garden State, where macro-aggression, mega-mansions, and unabashed camps and rampant anger run amok. In his seminal work Beyond Good and Evil, Waage told Friedrich Nietzche, "Under peaceful conditions the warlike man attacks himself." If we hold this belief to be true, then perhaps it is the distraction from conflict that these women propose saved from self-destruction. From turning the table to slamming doors, verbal abuse, hair pulling, parking lot fights and/or baby baptisms, nobody throws or insults quite like this crew. With a jumble of confrontational Aries energy and lots of square aspects. Special thanks to Danica Daniel, Danny Murphy and Evan Real for shedding light on the astrological energy between these feuding women. Confrontation is oxygen for an Aries and there is plenty of hot air among these women, with the densest concentration of housewives falling under the sign of Aries. Margaret Josephs, born April 9, 1967, double Aries (Sun and Moon), shows the fire signs' cardinal propensity for exclamation and stirring. In fact, a ram on the warpath is not unlike a dog with a bone. Aries, like Marg, view their insertion, persistence, goading, public appearances less as interference and more as a righteous campaign of discovery. I'm brutally honest about my feelings and I only say things in people's best interests, unless I genuinely hate you and I don't hate Teresa at all.” Truly, Aries' arson is very rarely about one personal attack and mostly an instinctive need to react and correct. For all her firepower, Aries is short-tempered but just as quick to put out, as Margaret revealed during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live: "I hold everyone accountable, even my husband. I say what I'm feeling at the moment and then assume from that.” Straight on Marg, you keep walking and the rest of us will stand on the scorched earth you threw. Another Aries in the cast who doesn't hesitate to say how he's feeling right now? Running and unrepentant Aries Tiki Barber, born April 7, 1975. Dual Aries (Sun and Moon) Jennifer Aydin was born on April 16, 1977 and her approach to conflict is absolutely outrageous. As fellow Aries Melissa Gorga and her wrist attest, "She's got violence in her and she's becoming a little gangster." Luckily, her outbursts sometimes spawn catchphrases like "Little Bitch Boy," a real boon to the English lexicon. Hot-headed Aries like Aydin are reactionary, easily provoked, and almost unable to keep their cool. Melissa Gorga was born on March 21, 1979 making her a crazy Aries with a calculating Capricorn moon. As Melissa admitted to ET Online after her cheeseboard showdown with Teresa, "I'm not really aggressive, but I just wanted to throw something. It sat there and I don't know what happened.” Allow an Aries to make a vow not to resist the urge to hurl things, but to refrain from hurling them at others. The bull is symbolized by the bull and the natives run the risk of leading with their horns. lovers of pleasure; beautiful people, gout-causing food, and a lavish environment, they can be annoyingly self-righteous. Queen Teresa Giudice, born May 18, 1972, is a stubborn AF Taurus Sun with a drama-hungry Leo Moon. I believe it is precisely this sun/moon combination that lies at the heart of the iconic table flip from season one. As a steadfast sign, Taurus holds onto toxic relationships, canned food, and most importantly, their pent-up resentment. The cops struggle to deliver or accept an apology, encapsulated in Tre's "I don't want your damn goody bag" response to Marg's snubbed post-brunch olive branch. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Bulls can be shockingly shallow and downright wild when it comes to judging the aesthetics of others. In fact, Tre is the cast member most likely to be voted to fat disgrace. Tauruses love fine fabrics, carbohydrates and show their taste by throwing fabulous parties. We see this double standard in Teresa, who demands absolute loyalty and absolute discretion from her loved ones regarding rumors about her, but is unable to respond in kind. Marg calls this avoidance behavior Teresa "lying to yourself," but it's actually a defensive strategy that evolves from a need to feel in control and empowered for others. Much has been said about Teresa's slow reaction time to shocking or flying cheese platters, this delay is another defensive strategy that allows this solid earth sign to process her experiences fully. Taurus knows their own propensity for destruction, so it's better for everyone involved to take that time. Especially considering the alternative looks like Teresa showering Jackie with a chorus of c**ts after her discussion of baseless rumors. Taurus won't quit, even and especially when they probably should, a trait that's responsible for Tre being one of the longest-lasting cast members in Housewives history. Teresa's fiancee Luis Ruelas was born on April 23, 1975 and is a Taurus, just like his lover. In keeping with the Venusian preoccupation with aesthetics and possessions, Luis Teresa constantly compliments her looks and lavishes her with gifts such as a 100,000 Christmas car, a jubilee scroll detailing his love for her and a Greek engagement with matching outfits and a seriously stunning ring . It also shows that two bulls would quickly move in together as maintaining a nice and comfortable home is essential for the bull herd. Because Taurus really gets involved when it comes to love, standing by and going through thick and thin, I have a feeling these two are in it for the long haul and a lifetime commitment. Naysayers be damned and Marg shut up, we hope these two crazy kids continue to bask in their common pasture and in the sunshine of their love. Gemini, symbolized by the twins, has a reputation for duplicity, and by the looks of it, all of the confirmed womanizers in the cast fall under the stars of Gemini. Gemini rule the 3rd house of communication and mental processing and need plenty of mental stimulation and distraction to feed their hungry minds. Born on May 28th of an unknown year, Frank Catania certainly places the gem in Gemini. The conundrum of his age typifies this mutable air sign, which prefers to keep people in the dark. Gemini gets a bad rap for being scaly, and with his careless approach to ex-wife Dolores' renovations, our boy doesn't do much to help matters. But who could hate Frank when he looks like Woody Harrelson's younger brother? Given his devotion to his ex, Dolores, and the fact that he wouldn't stop eating during a cat fight, I'm willing to bet Big Frank has a cozy, potato-loving Taurus moon. Born on June 2, 1978, Jennifer Aydin's husband Bill is a Gemini Sun. A mutable sign, Gemini are naturally flexible, with a wide range of interests and an openness to change and forward movement. This sign favors avoidance over intervention and observation over action, preferences that explain why Bill would distance himself from Jennifer's engagement with Melissa. It's entirely understandable that a cardinal, action-oriented sign like Jennifer would see this avoidance as a weakness and call Bill a "f-king p-y" for not defending her in the wrist fight. Bill is happy to put the trauma behind him, while Jennifer feels Bill didn't have enough active healing and intention to forgive and forget. Teresa's ex-husband Joe Giudice, born May 22, 1972, is a polarizing Gemini Sun. Evidence of Joe's twin nature abounds, including but not limited to his erratic behavior on camera and his duplicitous dealings. Yet at his best, Joe demonstrates the twins' penchant for duality and crowd control. Though undeniably a terrible husband, Joe has proven to be a tender and devoted father. Joe's stint in prison, demonstrating the Gemini superpower of adaptability, has given him a fit new body and a new life that he hopes can help others experiencing similar setbacks. Can't say we don't love a redemption arc, especially when it includes well wishes for his ex and her new husband. Born on August 21, 1979, Joe Gorga is a true Lion King with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in the sign of Leo. Family oriented, warm and sociable, Joe is a devoted father and the leader of the crew known as the "Wolf Pack". Short-tempered and downright lecherous with a high-speed pension and a flirtation with disasters, it's not surprising that a Leo like Joe would proudly admit to watching porn during his afternoon commute. But in the savannas of Instagram, Joe is his Leo self. His account is a veritable echo chamber of inspirational quotes, target hashtags, selfies, and cryptic warnings about loyalty, authenticity, and haters. Evan Goldshneider, born August 8, 1974, is a slightly quieter Leo than Joe, but just as affable and a total family man. Evan proved to be as majestic as his mark wished to be, and graciously forgave Teresa for spreading rumors of his infidelity at his birthday party. Jackie Goldenschneider, born October 2, 1976, is a harmony-seeking Libra. Since Libra is symbolized by the Scales of Justice, it is entirely fitting that Jackie is a trained lawyer. Libra rules the 7th house of partnership, and those who fall under the sign tend to go to great lengths to secure and maintain their unions, including but not limited to catered birthday parties and promised blowjobs. Alternating between a conflict-averse doormat and a well-meaning diplomat, Libra always tries to restore harmony. Reflecting on the dumpster fire in Season 11, Jackie offered a typically peace-building, marriage-worshipping response: "We dealt with it, we handled it, we stood together, and in the end we all forgave each other and moved forward reconciled." And I don't think there's anything better." We've seen this strategy absolutely backfire when Jackie tried to draw parallels between claims of Evan's infidelity and rumors of Gia's drug use. As Jackie can attest, Hell doesn't have anger like Teresa Giudice on defense and Libra doesn't stand a chance against a raging bull. Libra forms a square with Capricorn, a challenging angle that creates tension and anger with the relevant signs. This is certainly the case for Libra Jackie and Capricorn Dolores Catania, who routinely face each other. As Goldenschneider admits, “We have a love-hate relationship. And when we get into a heated moment with each other, the friendship falls to the ground and we just really get in each other's face.” That square vibe is rough for reconciliation and blessed gold for reality television. Born on September 30, 1986, Traci is a Libra Sun with a Leo Moon. Opposites attract and both Traci's husband Tiki and best friend Melissa Gorga are Aries, the sign opposite Libra on the zodiac wheel. Like Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Aesthetically inclined, Libras like Traci prefer beautiful spaces, minimal warfare, and graceful people. A former model and advocate for autism awareness, Traci showcases the higher expressions of Venus. What makes Traci one to watch when it comes to conflict is her Mars in Capricorn. The planet of war and will is exalted in cardinal earth sign where action meets strategy, people watch and see. Margaret Joseph's husband, Joe Benigno, was born on November 12, 1955, making him a shade-loving Scorpio. In terms of the physical body, Scorpio rules the gut and reproductive organs, making plumbing a perfectly fitting vocation for Benigno. Always fascinated by power and the mechanics of power struggles, Scorpios like Benigno are drawn rather than intimidated by wild, riotous women like Marg. Scorpios are at home in the shadows and comfortable away from the limelight, a nice compliment for a front and center personality like Margaret. Scorpions is also very much about a secret affair, so Marg and Jo met while he was working on her house, cleaning her pipes and fell in love while she was married to her first husband. Born on December 28, 1970, Dolores Catania is a ride-or-die Capricorn. Chilling 'til they aren't, Capricorns are symbolized by the goat, animals that never waver on their way up regardless of the terrain. Capricorns are always on the rise and strive for improvement, be it self-improvement or financial advancement. We see this reflected in Dolores' full-body makeover, ambitious home renovation, and continued expansion of her fitness empire Powerhouse. Outside and inside business, Capricorn invests in people, an ROI that has paid off handsomely in the form of Frank Catania, his ex-husband, self-confessed soul mate and business partner. Leave it to a buck not to get in the way of dedication or enterprise. Reserved and powerful, Dolores' Capricorn nature can be found in her season 12 catchphrase: "I'm not starting the drama, but I'll finish the show." If you're right, you're right, Dolo. The first daughter of Teresa and Joe Giudice, born January 8, 2001, Gia is an aspiring Capricron sun. Luckily for our girl, life for sea goats gets easier as they get older, things fall into place and they can finally indulge in the carefree lifestyles that were denied them when they were young. Milania Giudice, born February 2, 2006, is a rebellious space cowboy Aquarius. As a solid sign, Aquarius is a little steadfast when it comes to their beliefs, opinions, and hurts. Add to that the fact that Milania has a hell of a middle finger to the Aries world moon, and we can begin to understand why even Teresa seems reticent about this diminutive warlord. As Milania says, with the authority typical of this solid sign, "You're not forcing me, so stop." Much respect M, fight the good fight. Astrologer Reda Wigle irreverently explores and reports on planetary configurations and their impact on each zodiac sign.