"Sign of the Times" by Harry Styles gets a string arrangement for "Bridgerton" - How the cover came about

Music supervisor Justin Kamps reveals how a string arrangement of Harry Styles' Sign of the Times ended in Bridgerton season two. (Author: Gardener)

TimesHarry Styles just announced he's releasing an album in May, but superfans might not have to wait that long to hear a new version of Sign of the Times. A string arrangement of Styles' debut single, originally released in 2017, appears in the bubbly historical drama Bridgerton, which celebrates its second season on Netflix this Friday (March 25). "The recording has a couple of short pauses before it morphs into this beautiful big swell of strings at the end," reveals Justin Kamps, music supervisor for Bridgerton. "Sometimes it helps our editors to have stops and starts in the song to really land those dramatic revelations. All the waves and swirling chords are very conscious and building on that perfect moment.” The moment was a major coup for boutique publisher and record label Angry Mob Music, whose co-founder/executive producer/senior director of creative, Sean Harrison, along with Debra Delshad, Senior Director of Licensing and Dubbing, and composer and performer Steve Horner, worked closely to create the perfect dubbing for Bridgerton. The Angry Mob team was already in the process of creating a selection of instrumental covers when the first season of Bridgerton premiered - performed by the Los Angeles-based Vitamin String Quartet, these covers racked up over a billion streams in a matter of weeks. Hearing renditions of contemporary pop songs spurred Angry Mob into action, with Delshad and Kamps having pointed conversations about the Season 2 scenes of the series. "A lot of dancing, proms, parties, weddings," Delshad says of what Kamps has been able to share with her about the upcoming season. Delshad's proposals are based in no small part on the likelihood of the songs getting approved, taking into account the number of writers involved with the song, the publisher, and whether those involved are forward-thinking or lowest-dollar driven. "I also don't want to take anything away from an artist who has a song on the charts right now," she says. I had a feeling the Harry Styles camp would agree. If I had to yell and yell or beg and plead for a song, I wanted to do it for this one.” For his part, Harrison viewed the covers as an album project for which he believed continuity was key, and chose Horner as sole composer. Harrison, who comes from a musical background himself, is a natural communicator for what Delshad said was necessary, bringing selection to Horner and bridging the gap between creativity and synchronization. The result is the album "Parallel Lines" with eight tracks and cover versions for strings. For each potential cover, Horner first listens to the original's melody and imagines it being played on the cello. Horner says, "I think the cello is the leading role because it's such a rich instrument and it can have such a wide range. I could imagine the melody being played quite simply on a cello. If it felt awkward, I would pull up a cello sound, play it, and see how it sounded. We pick really iconic, big pop songs. We need to be able to feel the song with strings and no lyrics." For his cover of Sign of the Times, Horner used a combination of shorter sampled and longer played strings, played with a breath controller, so to speak, " blowing the notes instead of bowing them out". This is an organic and expressive way of creating the string versions in the box that have a lot of character. It goes perfectly with the Regency tones of "Bridgerton". “I always get sent over piece by piece when the songs are done so I can hear direction and say yes or no,” says Delshad. I want to get it in the mix early.' It felt like it had all the elements of what Justin needed." Kamps' initial reaction to the uncompleted version of Horner's "Sign of the Times" was, "Oh my God! I have to put that on the show.” A different song was used when the scene was filmed. But by the time it hit the post, showrunner Chris Van Dusen had heard the cover of "Sign of the Times" and loved it for that scene. Kamps: “It really is a dazzling arrangement. I was immediately drawn to the original Harry Styles song. When I heard how we use it on the show, that moment went through a lot of permutations, and I'm glad they ended up on this one. It ended up being a perfect song for the moment it's in.”


The coming days could feel more like winter in the Chicago area, with snow and cold temperatures possible

While the Chicago area has a few days of spring, the next few days may feel more like winter, with isolated snow showers a possibility on Friday and freezing temperatures expected over the weekend. (Author: Gardener)

ChicagoA strong wind warning has been issued for the city as winds of between 40 and 45 miles per hour are expected to cause 20 to 25 foot waves along sections of the lake shore. While the Chicago area has a few days of spring, the next few days may feel more like winter, with isolated snow showers a possibility on Friday and freezing temperatures expected over the weekend. Late Thursday and through Friday, isolated rains that have fallen over the area will gradually subside, resulting in mostly dry overnight conditions, according to NBC 5 Storm Team meteorologist Paul Deanno. This weather pattern will continue through Friday, although cold temperatures and gusty winds are expected throughout the day. Another round of scattered showers is possible Friday afternoon, with a weather system expected to race through the area. The weekend should be dry, but well below average temperatures are expected on both Saturday and Sunday. Windy conditions will prevail on Saturday and temperatures will struggle to get above the 30s, with northern areas peaking in the upper 30's and other locations possibly peaking in the low 40's. Winds are expected to ease on Sunday but temperatures remain on the cold side, with highs again in the upper 30s and low 40s.


Pachinko premieres on Apple TV Plus

Friday March 25, 2022 | Bridgerton returns for Season 2 on Netflix. (Author: Gardener)

Apple TV PlusWeCrashed (Apple TV Plus) As Adam rises in fame and WeWork rises, Rebekah feels left out at home and pursues a new friendship. The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray (Apple TV Plus) Ptolemy hatches a plan after discovering forgotten treasure and gains insight from a friend of Reggie's. Severance (Apple TV Plus) Mark and the team face Cobel's new security measures. Handmaid (Apple TV Plus) In an act of desperation, Dorothy hatches a final plan. RuPaul's Drag Race (VH1 at 8) The drag queens head to Gay Paree, and singer Andra Day is a guest judge and actor Leslie Jordan stars. Charmed (The CW at 8) Mel is haunted by her breakup with Ruby; Maggie's demon hunt tests her relationship with Jordan, and a new nemesis begins wreaking havoc in the wizarding world. Dynasty (The CW at 9) As Sam tries to improve his work-life balance, a guest at La Mirage gets him thinking; Fallon and Liam begin work on their new plan. Dateline NBC (NBC at 9) detectives pursue a decades-long search for answers about the mysterious death of Phoenix resident Norman "Lee" Radder following a family reunion. 20/20 (ABC at 9) When a military hero is killed in Texas, his vet wife faces charges. Love After Lockup (WeTV at 9) At Tiffany's release, Kevin is shocked to discover he's not the only man there; Rick worries someone is toying with him; Harry has problems after being stopped. Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO at 10) A discussion of current events with a diverse group of guests. American Justice (A&E at 10) A professional football player is accused of killing his friend. Hoffman Family Gold (Discovery at 10) Todd Hoffman returns to Alaska and with his father Jack and son Hunter in tow, they try to save a ailing gold mine. Ready to Love (OWN at 11) Friends Rate Top Guys Picks; DaKiya realizes that she could win both Clifton and Paul's hearts; Tory gets a shocking admission from Ace. Pachinko (Apple TV Plus) Based on the novel by Min Jin Lee, an epic drama following four generations of a Korean immigrant family. Ibiza Weekender (Discovery Plus) Representatives from high-end hotels navigate party hotspots and take care of their guests during a dramatic summer. No Woman No Try (Amazon Prime) Filmed during the 2020-21 rugby season, a look at gender and racial inequality in women's rugby. Olivia Rodrigo: Driving Home 2 U (a Sour film) (Disney Plus) Taking road trips from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo shares memories of the making of her debut album, Sour.


Evaluation of the big steps, the X-dilemma, what now with Parker and/or Gesicki and more

Tackling various issues on the minds of Miami Dolphins fans, from what led to the big transfers involving Terron Armstead and Tyreek Hill, to the players who may be on the way (Author: Gardener)

the X-dilemmaHe tackles various issues bothering Miami Dolphins fans, from what led to the big moves with Terron Armstead and Tyreek Hill, to the players who may be on the way From what I recall, Tua is "Lil Girl's Poor" tag unfortunately still our QB. Hey Alvaro, man, that's how you start! First off, I think your assessment is obviously harsh, and if Hill ends up catching screens and 7-yard slants, there's nothing wrong with that, as he's shown throughout his NFL career to routinely take these and make them big can make plays. Also, let's not pretend he didn't intercept a lot of short passes from Patrick Mahomes and turn them into big wins. So I don't buy the idea that bringing Hill in because Tua isn't a great deep passer is a waste. On the contrary, I would suggest that Hill is a perfect wide receiver for Tua -- any quarterback, really. I need your actual reaction to Armstead and Hill's signing. Hello, are you saying that I'm not always honest? I love every step in what he could do for the team in 2022 and I love it in relation to the team tackling it. At the same time, I also recognize that it's a lot of money for someone Armstead's age and injury history, and the guaranteed money for Hill was insane. So overall I like the moves with a certain restraint. In the short term, they were both absolute hits. With all the money Miami is throwing into new free-agent deals, how will it be able to accommodate Xavien Howard's request for a bigger slice of the pie? Can he still do that or is he on the trading bloc now? Hey Dixon, that's the $64,000 question, isn't it? And it worries me because the moves with Hill and Armstead were clear signs that a team is now trying anything that would make losing your best defensive player hard to swallow because you can't afford him. Howard will be on the trading bloc when the Dolphins reach a point where they don't think they can make it financially or hit an impasse with Howard's agent. Do you think the dolphins will wear throwbacks this year? Hey Chris, I see absolutely no reason why they wouldn't given how popular they are with fans. Who will be the first to apologize to Chris Grier? Hey Tuddle, well the first person to apologize should of course be the first to criticize Grier (but only if it's done unfairly), and I don't know who that would be. I wasn't because I've consistently said that criticism of Grier should always include the caveat that it's never been clearly established who the final decision maker (if there was one) for the Dolphins was since Grier officially became GM in 2016. Love following you and your opinion on the dolphins, thanks! Armstead and trade by T.Hill (plus expansion), who gets cut/restructured/traded etc to add cap space? Hey Little B, we've already seen a movement in that direction when Jesse Davis and Allen Hurns were both cut, and I still think you need to look at what happens to DeVante Parker and possibly Eric Rowe at some point. Clayton Fejedelem and/or Cethan Carter and I would also consider a trade with Mike Gesicki. Finally, there is always a chance that the Dolphins will trade Xavien Howard if his contract situation cannot be resolved. We also have the 49er selection in 2023. Crush 49ers, we're getting top 5 picks in 2023. I'm thinking outside the box too. Hey Keith, the Dolphins already landed the original Deebo with the trade for Tyreek Hill, so while I like the way of thinking, it's not happening and the 49ers aren't giving up on him. But then again, who would have thought two weeks ago that Chiefs Hill would act? I feel like these big steps were taken by Grier because he knows if it doesn't work out this year, he's done. Hey Cliffy, the moves certainly look like they were made with the idea of ​​winning big now, so your theory absolutely has some merit. I'd rather think more than Grier want to make a splash in 2022. Hi Alain, do you think the Dolphins could make more trades before or during the draft? (Trade Parker or Gesicki i.e.). Hey J, I'd take your "might" a step further and suggest it's almost likely. And Parker and Gesicki are two good trading figures that they could use to recoup some of the draft equity they lost trading Tyreek Hill while also making some room for the cap. And given the pace-and-more-speed approach the team seems to have taken on their offense, Parker isn't necessarily a very good fit and Gesicki's blocking issues are well-documented. How would you envision Boyer defending against the new look and speed of offense? Hey Lance, I don't think Boyer would deviate from what has worked so well for the Dolphins the past two seasons, which means he would be throwing a lot of flashes or flash looks at Tua Tagovailoa and looking for the DBs he is Could come up with takeaway. We address Dolphins' largest needs (C, ILB, DI) with little cap space remaining, choosing 102, 125, and 158 in the draft. Who will they cut/swap to generate cap space? The list of players who tend to get cut to make Cap space has already been listed and it includes the likes of Eric Rowe, Adam Butler, Clayton Fejedelem and Cethan Carter, and trading opportunities would certainly include Mike Gesicki and DeVante Parker include. I'd actually be surprised if the Dolphins didn't take steps to regain a draft pick in one of the first two rounds.


Thursday thoughts with TJ

Opinion column: What can - and should - we do when we see racist comments online? Editor TJ Kremer III has some suggestions. (Author: Gardener)

ThursdaySome of our neighbors are terrible at being neighborly and there are too many people in this area who are comfortable with racism. ILLINOIS -- There's no nice and easy way to start this conversation, so let's just go ahead and rip the bandage off: Some of our neighbors are terrible at being neighborly, and there are too many people in this area who take issue with racism feel good . We have freedom of expression. I've lived and covered the Lincoln Way area for five years. I have seen some blatantly racist files during this time and have done my best to shed light on these files through my reporting. You'd think I'd be a bit desensitized by now, that I could shrug off the racist comments I see on a daily basis and just get on with my life. And I suspect that's not the majority of you either, dear readers. Some of these comments I read are so disgusting, so lazy, so vile that it baffles me that there are still people in this world - and in our neighborhood no less - whose lives are so filled with hate, ignorance and sadness . As much as I loathe these comments, there's a tiny part of me that feels sorry for those who make them. What an unfulfilling life it must be to be so obsessed with the color of people's skin. To be clear: hateful comments aimed at other people, rather than comments meant to encourage a conversation in which people are free to disagree and discuss each other's positions, will not be tolerated and should not be accepted as appropriate by anyone in political discourse. Patch has a team of moderators who do their best to identify and quickly remove these types of comments when they are posted to our site. Occasionally some of these racist comments come through. Every editor at Patch does their best to look out for these comments and get rid of them immediately. We understand that these comments do nothing to foster a conversation and quite frankly discourage our readers from coming to our articles and engaging with each other. Racist comments slip through there much more often. We editors struggle with catching and removing Facebook comments because that would be a full-time job in itself and then there would be no time to report the actual news that interests you, dear reader. Please believe me when I tell you that we want to get better and we need your help to do it. Which brings us back to the First Amendment and freedom of speech. Freedoms are not absolute. Freedom comes with responsibility. So can people post any comments? Private companies, including Patch and Facebook, have the right to restrict the posting of content on their sites. And again, please believe me when I tell you that at Patch we are committed to ensuring that those who use their voice to abuse others have no place in the comments section of our articles. I've come to believe that there are too many people here who wouldn't be at all disappointed if people of color just got up and left the Lincoln Way area. Some people don't seem to understand or care that including many voices from people from many backgrounds is what makes our country great. Some people just want to hear ideas from people who look like them. They just want our kids to go to school with people who look like them. They only want to do business with people who look like them. It's up to us - me, you and the rest of society - to confront these people when we see their hateful, ignorant comments. It's up to us to let them know that these comments are not okay, that they do not represent the opinion of the majority of people, and that they will not be tolerated. So I ask you, dear readers, to flag/report these comments when you see them. Please don't be afraid to use your voice as a tool for good. Please do not allow a small group of people to dominate conversations that would benefit greatly from the inclusion of more rational voices. I'm a journalist, someone who holds up a mirror and asks others to look closely at what they see. I am a voice for the voiceless, for the countless people who have had their voices taken away by those in power and by a few in the minority. We all have that power, dear reader. I believe we can do better.


A major point won for USMNT but wasted opportunity as Azteca's Mystique wears off

A point scored in Mexico is satisfying, but given the circumstances, USA feel a World Cup qualifier draw was a "positive disappointment". (Author: Gardener)

AztecaMEXICO CITY — If this really was the last World Cup qualifier between the US and Mexico at the famed and terrifying Estadio Azteca, then the arena that had been a trust-robbing American graveyard for so many decades went out with a lost whimper. Almost everything else felt and sounded different than the mythical details from tales told by those who forged the region's most passionate rivalry. Far from convincing in Concacaf's World Cup qualifying competition, Mexico entered Thursday's showdown after losing a record three straight games to the young American men. The organized Mexican fan groups that usually bring so much ferocity and color to the action were muted or absent. Mexico!" over the Azteca speaker, hoping to create some atmosphere. Previous games at the Azteca had been played in front of more than 100,000 partisans in the hazy midday heat. This one, in a smaller, refurbished Azteca with a more corporate character, was in the evening - Cool and relatively even, S. had perhaps his last best chance of winning an official game on Mexican soil while also making a big step towards the Qatar World Cup, but Christian Pulisic and Jordan Pefok missed narrow sitters on either side of the half , let El Tri off the hook and helped seal a 0-0 draw S. is down 1-9-4 at Azteca (the win came from a 2012 friendly) with their last three World Cup qualifiers being a draw Visitors were confident they could capitalize on the doldrums in the Mexico national team - and at their national stadium - and achieve an unprecedented result could. And for the most part they played like that. It wasn't the performance that previous US teams demanded here at this stunning venue where Mexico had lost just two qualifiers in 50 years. So it was both a point gained and a few given away, keeping the Americans (6-2-4) in second place in the Concacaf Octagonal, three points behind the surprising Canadians and ahead of El Tri on goal difference. The top three will book passage to the World Cup from November to December, and the fourth-placed team will play a one-game playoff against the Oceania representative in June. S. can secure one of those three automatic spots on Sunday night in Orlando with a win over fifth-placed Panama (5-4-3) and a loss or a draw against Costa Rica in El Salvador, or a draw against Panama and a defeat of Costa Rica . The USA and Los Ticos then meet next Wednesday in their Octagonal Finals. “This is a positive disappointment. S. coach Gregg Berhalter commented on Thursday's performance and result. It was a good performance. We wanted to be the first team to beat Mexico at Azteca [in the official competition] and we fell a bit short. We know we're going home. To use so much energy at this altitude is phenomenal.” S., Mexico and Canada are co-hosting the 2026 World Cup and therefore automatically qualify. The Concacaf preliminary round will almost certainly change after that, as the expanded 48-team final will accommodate six or more participants from North and Central America and the Caribbean. Any format is unlikely to put the USA and Mexico in the same grouping, leading many to assume Thursday's qualifier will be the last of its kind. Amid the great tension of the octagonal course run, Berhalter, a former US player with multiple rivalry games on his resume, still appreciated the importance of Thursday's meeting. He said Wednesday that the US was "happy and proud" to compete on this sacred ground, home to so much history and so many legends. The Mexican sports newspaper Récord called the game "CLÁSICO DEL MILENIO" on its matchday front page on Thursday. Much of the discussion over the past few days has revolved around Berhalter's actions and whether he would risk fatigue or suspension at Azteca with just 72 hours to go in the crucial home game against Panama. He answered that question emphatically, deploying a first-choice XI that matched his reverence for the rivalry and suited the occasion. They don't send a B-Team for what may be the last World Cup qualifier between old foes. "Ultimately, this team has high demands on their performance," said Berhalter. "We wanted to field a team, a group, that we thought could win the game in Azteca. So we will recover. There is plenty of time to recover. Winger Tim Weah and right-back DeAndre Yedlin have been cautioned and will miss the Panama game due to the accumulation of yellow cards. With right-back Reggie Cannon already ruled out after testing positive for COVID-19, Shaq Moore flew from Tenerife to Orlando on Thursday. The 25-year-old has appeared in two qualifiers so far and was part of the squad that won the Concacaf Gold Cup last summer. Midfield anchor Tyler Adams escaped a yellow card that would have ruled him out in Orlando and joined forces with Kellyn Acosta and Yunus Musah to make the Mexicans work hard and keep the game even. Although El Tri occasionally found ways around the midfield trio and hit some dangerous crosses, the end product was lacking. But the same could be said of the Americans. The guests had by far the best chances of the game. In the 35th minute, Pulisic skilfully ran through the middle of the penalty area to fend off a Weah cross at the right time. In the 72nd minute, substitute winger Gio Reyna found back-up striker Jordan Pefok alone in front of the Mexico goal. Like Pulisic, Pefok has been brilliant in Europe, scoring at will for Swiss champions Young Boys. But whatever ghosts the Azteca had left behind, Pefok seemed to throw himself off balance at the worst moment, and his six-yard shot missed far more than the right. Berhalter's team would be much closer to Qatar if they had someone with a similar polish. "We had chances to win the game and we didn't convert," said Pulisic, who scored twice against Mexico in 2021. "I'm disappointed. I missed a chance and would have liked to win the game. … I thought we had the better chances in the game. We were in control of big pushes of the game. But I think it's a game that could have gone either way.” Mexico had the better game late on – the spectators even got into the game a bit – but couldn't find the winner as Berhalter went into a five-man defence, to salvage the tie and the point. The highlight of the second half, however, was Reyna's brave 1-on-7 run through the Mexican midfield that seemed to go on forever but still fell well short of a scoring chance. S. Youth, which has tilted this rivalry north. It also sparked a memory of what the Azteca used to be. "Mexico hosted the 1986 World Cup where Maradona scored his wonderful goal [against England] and I had visions of that while Gio was dribbling," said Berhalter. S. Coach would have been in middle school when Diego Maradona set fire to Mexico, and Reyna was many years from birth. But that is the power of this stadium, which has already hosted two World Cup finals, marked millions of memories and for decades provided tangible proof of Mexico's regional dominance. That power being channeled to the feet of a young American seemed a poignant way to close that chapter. "I don't know," Reyna said, a little embarrassed when she heard about Berhalter's comparison. "But it was a nice run." And it was a nice run for the Azteca. Now it has to catch its breath, recover and turn the page. "When I think about every single player leaving their little bit of energy out there on the field, it was an extremely good performance from the group. That gave us a valuable point on the track, which puts us well in the overall standings,” said Berhalter. … We look forward to coming back home and putting in a good performance.”


Torch Club students take inspiration from the mayor

The mayor is (so to speak) responsible for what goes on in the city. (Author: Gardener)

Torch ClubAnd the mayor can participate in all of the city's recreational activities, such as parades and holiday events, Jefferson City Mayor Carrie Tergin told 25 students from the Boys & Girls Club on Wednesday afternoon. However, she also works with the City Council to set rules and policies. "Anybody know how I became mayor?" she asked the Torch Club students in second through fifth grade. “Yeah, people need to come out and vote. Most people voted for me," she said. Cherrie Golden, a staffer at Boys & Girls Club, said the Torch Club is a leadership program within the club. "The program is simply designed to help kids learn what leadership is," Golden said. Club chairman Wade Middaugh said Torch Club came about as part of the Boys & Girls Club's social and emotional learning program through a grant from the United Way of Central Missouri. Each month, students go to the community to work on community projects, Middaugh said. “You learn that feeling — that it feels good for you — but it also feels good to do things for other people. We started the We Care program for United Way last fall," he said. "We loved it so much and the kids took away so much from it that we wanted to go ahead and expand it." Now all the local Boys & Girls Club sites in Jefferson City have the Torch Club. Golden said that March, as Women's History Month, seemed a good time to highlight the mayor of Jefferson City, who is only the second female mayor in the capital since its inception in 1825. It seems like a long time, but I've only been mayor for eight years," Tergin told her audience. I don't want her on the council.” She thought she was done with city politics, but people around her said the timing was perfect — that she should run for mayor, on our team, who might see something in me, that even I didn't see recognize or recognize," Tergin said. "A year later, after I lost, I became mayor." It's always important to find people who encourage you to do what you really want to do "So often you get back everything you spend," Tergin told the kids. "If you walk into a room and frown and you're not really happy, others will too," Tergin said. "Try to do it, and work They team up with other people to be positive and work with others and have people on my team who want to work together like a mayor and illustrate it as something they could understand The lessons for Torch Club members r was about self-esteem and working with others. Students recognize that we share some core values ​​while we also have things that are individual about us, Golden said. "The things that we share really help unite us as we try to work toward goals," she continued away. "I thought [Tergin would be] very inspirational to the kids," Golden said. "Like she said, it doesn't matter what your background is. If you have a goal and support a good group or team around you, you can achieve anything you are interested in."


Kyrie Irving gave his best no-shot and won

With Kyrie Irving joining full-time, the Nets can fight for a title. (Author: Gardener)

Kyrie IrvingThe Nets' Kyrie Irving #11 reacts after scoring in the second half against the Orlando Magic at the Amway Center on March 15, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. The Nets' Kyrie Irving #11 reacts after scoring in the second half against the Orlando Magic at the Amway Center on March 15, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. He's outclassed them all - the Nets' front office, two mayors and almost every public health official on the planet. Five months after his decision not to take the COVID-19 vaccine resulted in his temporary ban from the Nets, and almost three months after the Nets relented and reinstated him as a straight street player, the still unvaccinated Irving will be his first Performing on Barclays Center Court Sunday night with the blessing of New York City Mayor Eric Adams. No matter how you feel about the mayor's announcement on Thursday -- and I suspect you don't feel too well if you're an unvaccinated firefighter or police officer or some other worker who lost his job -- the whole way, how the public vaccination mandate was handled is more than confusing. The question is what's in store for them, if the Nets can deliver on the promise they made earlier in the season when almost everyone was predicting that the Big 3 — remember the Big 3? With Irving on full-time, the Nets can fight for a title. That's how good the combination of Irving and Kevin Durant is. They'll need to pick up some big points from sniper Seth Curry, who's creepy enough when he gets hot to spread out the defense and take some pressure off the two Superstars. Other complementary players - Bruce Brown, Patty Mills, etc. - must have occasional big nights. And they need to play at least some defense. Things sure looked ugly Wednesday night in the Nets' 132-120 loss in Memphis. However, it's difficult to use that game as a yardstick considering reports emerged 90 minutes before the tip that the mayor would reverse his decision and let Irving play at home. The return of Ben Simmons would definitely help a lot here, but it doesn't sound good. Since the Nets traded the hapless James Harden to Simmons, he's gone from a player who just needed to boot up and get in game shape, to a guy with a back ache, to a guy who seems to have had back problems before, to a guy who who had to have an epidural. Backs are the toughest injuries, and it seems risky to bet on Simmons being a major factor in the playoffs. Sure, it would be a great storyline if he went to court for a postseason series against the 76ers and Harden. But this is a team that doesn't lack for storylines. Can the Nets become the first team to survive an 11-game losing streak and advance deep into the playoffs? Can Irving and Durant be so spectacular night after night that it really doesn't matter that the Nets can't stop other teams from racking up a bunch of points? Can an eighth-place play-in team — and with nine games remaining, it seems the Nets likely will be one — push through an incredibly tough Eastern Conference and reach the NBA Finals? The best story, of course, might be whether the nets can ever be the best story in New York. Can they advance in the playoffs to establish a whole new generation of fans? But nothing else with the Nets this season either. Say what you will about Irving, but he is a stubborn and determined guy/unruly guy. He preferred the Nets to the Knicks in hopes of building something big in Brooklyn.


NY Knicks vs. Miami Heat Tips, Predictions, Odds

The New York Knicks travel to South Beach where they take on the Miami Heat. Here's who will win this Eastern Conference matchup. (Author: Gardener)

NY KnicksThe New York Knicks continue their road trip, heading to South Beach on Friday night to take on the Miami Heat. New York pulls off an impressive 121-106 win without Julius Randle over the Hornets in Charlotte on Wednesday night. Miami will try to rebound after a 118-104 loss to the Golden State Warriors without Steph Curry and Klay Thompson on Wednesday at FTX Arena. Here are my picks on the spread, over/under, and who will win this crucial Eastern Conference matchup. Odds powered by Tipico Sportsbook. He's missed the last two games for the Knicks with a sore right quadriceps tendon, resulting in a 1-1 record. Though they haven't always led to wins, New York has closed the spread in seven straight games against tough Western Conference teams like the Phoenix Suns, Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Clippers. The Heat have failed to cover their last five games overall, including their last four games on their home court at FTX Arena. Despite being 2-8 against the Knicks against the spread, including 1-4 ATS in their last five encounters in Miami, I'm in New York to keep up the trend of covering games outside of Madison Square Garden. The over has scored in five of the most recent encounters between these two Eastern Conference opponents. Both teams rank outside the top-16 in terms of points per game and field goal percentage this season. The Knicks and Heat are also playing under that total, as only one of their last five matchups has surpassed 215 total points. I don't see this one going against the trend either, as both are strong defensively and rank in the top 10 for opposing points per game this season. Take the under as early as possible as it may be closer to game time. Miami has owned this matchup for the past several years. The Heat have won nine of their last 10 meetings, with the Knicks' lone win returning in January 2020. In fact, New York hasn't won in South Beach since March 31, 2017. If the Knicks can't win Randle back in this one, I just don't see them leading the way in this one. Miami has only lost one straight home game all season, and that was in late November/early December. I think New York will keep it tight, but the Heat will win against the Knicks at home for the seventh year in a row. Visit the Tipico sports betting site for the latest odds and prices for NBA games. Tipico has no control over, nor is such revenue in any way dependent on or connected to the newsrooms or reporting.


Duke beats Texas Tech 78-73 sending Coach K to Elite 8

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is just one win short of a record-breaking 13th appearance in the Final Four in his final season on the bench (Author: Gardener)

DukeNCAA Texas Tech Duke Basketball Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski points to players during the second half of his team's college basketball game against Texas Tech in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament in San Francisco on Thursday, March 24, 2022. (AP Photo/ Marcio Jose Sanchez) (Marcio Jose Sanchez) SAN FRANCISCO -- (AP) -- Mike Krzyzewski has spent more than four decades at Duke telling his players what to do, with championship-level results. With his Hall of Famer career in danger of coming to an end, Krzyzewski let his players dictate the closing defensive strategy, switching from an uncharacteristic zone defense to Duke's famous man-to-man. Key defense stops and two late baskets by Jeremy Roach put Krzyzewski in his farewell season with a 78-73 win over Texas Tech on Thursday night to a win on his record-breaking 13th trip to the Final Four boys' choir," unanimously called for the move to the man who led to three stops in a row and turned the game in Duke's favor. "With this team they are so young and still growing," said Krzyzewski. When they said that, I felt like they would own it. So that's how I saw it.” Roach finished the rest with two jumpers during a 7-0 run when the stable runner-up came through in the clutch for a second game in a row to send second-place Duke (31-6) in one Elite Eight matchup vs. fourth-place Arkansas. Paolo Banchero led Duke with 22 points, Mark Williams scored 16 and Roach added 15 as the Blue Devils made their final eight shots from the field to hold off third-place Texas Tech (27-10). and give Coach K his 100th NCAA tournament win. "I would say throughout the year we have always improved in the biggest moments and there is no greater moment than this," said Banchero. "I don't know about these guys, but I've never played in a basketball game like this." As compelling as the on-court action was in this thrilling West Region semifinal, the history of that Blue Devils run has surrounded their Hall's farewell tour of Fame trainers. Krzyzewski announced last June that he would step down after this season. After missing last year's tournament, Duke was back with a roster full of NBA prospects and poised to give Krzyzewski his sixth title. Duke played from behind for most of the first half but was much sharper offensively in the second half. Williams got free for three easy baskets early in the half to get the Blue Devils rolling. Griffin leveled the game with his third 3-pointer at 47 and Banchero followed with a knight that gave Duke the lead stayed close as Duke used the zone to negate Texas Tech's strength advantage. "They have a Hall of Fame coach in Coach K over there and he was trying to find a way to slow us down because we were scoring," said guard Adonis Arms. But it was a great switch from Coach K.” Kevin McCullar and Banchero traded 3 seconds with Banchero's long-range shot that gave Duke a 69-68 lead in under three minutes. Then Duke switched back to man defense. Roach made two jumps and the defense did the rest, with Krzyzewski even throwing in a patented Duke floor slap for good measure. Bryson Williams had blocked a shot from Mark Williams, made a turnover and shot an airball. "The hitting the ground, what the hell? Why not?" said Krzyzewski. You can now say they did." Griffin's two free throws with 12.9 seconds left gave Duke a 77-73 lead. Arms then missed a 3-pointer and Krzyzewski delivered an emphatic punch to celebrate his 17th trip to the Elite Eight. Bryson Williams scored 21 points to lead Texas Tech and McCullar added 17. Kevin Obanor had 10 points and 10 rebounds for his sixth double-double in six career tournament games. Texas Tech: Coach Mark Adams' first season was a notable one, earning four senior transfers after taking on a thinned-out roster following Chris Beard's departure to Texas.The Red Raiders made it to their third sweet in the last four tournaments 16. "I thought it was an incredible year," Adams said. "It's just a team that has reached all sorts of heights that nobody ever thought possible." Duke: The Blue Devils wear egg ne big responsibility as they tried to cap Krzyzewski's last season with a championship. The youngsters showed nervousness early on, missing four of five shots and losing three possessions, leading to a quick time-out from Krzyzewski. They quickly stabilized things and got back into the game straight away, but struggled to generate consistent offense until the second half. There was a light-hearted moment in the first half when Roach came up with a loose ball and tried to put it on the court in exchange. Roach stepped to the sidelines and then ran into an official before falling right next to Duke's bench. The official decided the ball should go back to Texas Tech, but Krzyzewski jokingly signaled to block the referee instead. Duke will play Arkansas on Saturday for a place in the Final Four. The only previous tournament meeting between the schools came in the 1994 title game, which Arkansas won 76-72. For more AP coverage of March Madness: and and 2022 The Associated Press.