AEW Dynamite Results (3/22) - CM Punk in Action, Adam Cole Vs. Jey Lethal, More

At tonight's AEW Dynamite, CM Punk will return to the ring for the first time since AEW Revolution, while Adam Cole will also compete. (Author: Gardener)

AEW Dynamite ResultsWelcome to our live AWW Dynamite viewing party. The two men lock up immediately and go into the corner to break things up. Dash Harwood then manages to drop CM Punk with a shoulder tackle, but he responds with some great arm drags. Harwood next fires back with a sharp knee attack, followed by a suplex and an instant leg drop. Harwood continues his attack with a chop in the corner but is then deflected by Gunn Club who are in the crowd. This allows Punk to fire back with punches of his own, only for Punk to go into an elbow attack after bouncing off the ropes. Punk then tries to go to the top rope, but Harwood cuts him off, only for Punk to throw him back with a counter. He then goes back upstairs and this time hits with the headbutt, but Punk kicks! But back in the ring, CM Punk hits a Diving Crossbody and this time it's Harwood who has to step out. Punk immediately locks in the Anaconda Vice, but he backs up and tries to set the Sharpshooter. Punk kicks him out and Dash's head slams against the bottom turnbuckle, prompting a few back and forth pinfall attempts. Punk corners with the Running Knee, but Harwood blocks the classic Running Bulldog by latching onto him, nailing a Slingshot Powerbomb and he gets a near fall. Harwood then undoes a GTS attempt and this time he locks in the Sharpshooter! Punk flips and then switches back into the Anaconda Vice, and this time he wins. - The Jericho Appreciation Society speaks to Chris backstage about the picture John Silver shared with him as a child. Daniel Garcia says they will beat up professional wrestlers and show them they can't hang. Jericho says they'll try to do that in the future. Darby Allin leaps out to hit her opponents as they arrive, while Sting then lunges at her from the top corner as well. Jeff Hardy and The Blade battle up the stairs as Sting hits a big splash at ringside. In the ring, Matt Hardy uses his Delete Attack in the corner. This allows The Butcher to throw Allin down the stairs! Back in the ring, Matt hits Kassidy with the side effect, but then Marq Quen comes up from behind and rocks him in the head with a trash can. Jeff brawls with Blade and Butcher in the hall while Private Party hits a double suplex on the ramp to Matt. They fight their way to the entrance tunnel, but Matt is able to take control and dump Quen onto the ramp. He tries to send Kassidy ott off the ramp but his partner saves him but Matt blows deep. Private Party then works together and they both throw Matt off the ramp, all three crashing into the table on the floor. Meanwhile, in the hall, Darby and Sting have put Butcher and Blade on tables. Private Party puts Matt Hardy in the ring, but he gets knocked out. Sting then appears and starts arguing, but Kennedy rocks him in a chair. However, he fires up the Stinger and he begins to dominate, hitting Stinger Splashes in the corners. He goes missing and Isaih follows with a kick. They search for Gin and Juice but Sting counters, he hits a Scorpion Deathdrop while Hardy nails Twist Of Fate for them to claim victory. But he says then the Ass Boys think they have respect for their father, but it's not. Dax then says he can't stand a spoiled brat, and if they think they can just take their place, that's a problem. Harwood says they're the best team in the business, and he refuses to call them Ass Boys. All four men immediately fight when Julia Hart just sits on the stairs and doesn't watch. Meanwhile, in the ring, Bryan Danielson kicks Brian Pillman Jr. Jon Moxley comes in and continues the attack, but Pillman turns him around and then leads to Griff Garrison, who comes in. After a splash in the corner, however, Jon hits a German suplex and Danielson then comes in with a big kick to the chest. Bryan sets up Griff with a submission on the surfboard when Moxley comes in and throws a big kick to the chest while the move is locked. Jon throws his opponent onto the top rope, and as he reaches there, Bryan falls in with a diver's knee. Garrison counters with a back body drop and he strikes in at Danielson and Pillman wins with a running elbow strike. Bryan kicks out of the pinfall attempt, but when Pillman tries to jump in the ring, Bryan throws a kick. This leads to a King Kong lariat into a German suplex, but Griff breaks it up. Garrison then throws Bryan out of the ring and he starts fighting Jon only to eat a giant forearm. However, the blondes then meet up with a lovely doubles team only to kick Moxley out. Danielson returns to Griff with the Psycho Knee while Brian experiences a paradigm shift. They don't end things there though, they both stomp their opponents down and hit double submissions for victory. - Moxley then sits down at the mic and says he's been fortunate to compete against and learn from the best. He says his seal of approval is a badge of honor, but he's earned it through pain, blood and dislocated joints. Moxley says they were forged in battle, and if anyone wants to step into the ring with them, best step up or step on them. Jon then says if anyone thinks they can ride with the three most sadistic people, they don't give out free tickets. He says if people want a Badge of Honor from the Blackpool Combat Club, they've got to earn it...the hard way. - MJF says he meant what he said about Wardlow being able to retain the TNT title so it's a shame he didn't win. MJF tells CM Punk he let him beat Revolution so he cheated to win. MJF Tells Fans They Like Wardlow Because They're Inbred MJF says if it wasn't for him no one would know who Wardlow was. MJF says he repays him by costing him his biggest match and then asking for a contract release. MJF says he's going to make life hell for Piggy. He claims that if he wants to throw Wardlow's mother out of her house, Wardlow won't say anything. This causes the big man to come down and immediately obliterate MJF's security, but then all AEWs must reach him. MJF tells Wardlow he doesn't work for AEW, he works for MJF and he doesn't want him around anymore. He says The Pinnacle is over and has never been better. Starting next week they're moving up, as Shawn Spears says, if you're in The Pinnacle you're always on top. – Backstage, Trent says he never liked Wheeler Yuta, but he let him in because the rest did. Yuta says he loves these guys, but he didn't like Trent either. The two men wrestle in the corner, resulting in a cheap shot from Adam Cole. Cole then rocks him with a kick of his own, but Jay hits a backbreaker and right after that slams Cole down with a nice combination. Lethal misses with the springboard dropkick, but Cole takes too long to pose and Lethal hits a dropkick to the back of his head. This results in Jay hitting two Tope Suicidas, and while dodging the third, it's not long before Jay dives off the top turnbuckle to attack him again. reDRagon will then appear at the entrance and distract Cole, allowing him to send Lethal up the stairs. In the ring, Cole sends Lethal face first into the turnbuckle several times. However, the former ROH star fires back with some punches of his own and then looks for a figure four, but Cole stops him with a pinfall attempt. However, he tries again and this time it's locked in, but Adam reaches the ropes. Cole then grabs the ring skirt, which distracts the officer, allowing Bobby Fish to distract Lethal. However, Cole then reverses the Lethal Injection with a mid-air superkick and then hits the Panama Sunrise, but Lethal kicks out! Jay is then able to opt for lethal injection again, but reDRagon distracts the officer. Cole hits a low blow and then boom for a win. – Cole then says that nobody on the planet deserves the AEW World Title more than he does. He says Hangman stole the win from him, and he's won in two of the last three games they've had. Last week, he saw fear in Page's eyes, and Cole says the champion caught lightning in a bottle on Revolution. Cole says Hangman is a coward who doesn't have the guts to come out...of course the champion is here now. He starts attacking all three men with a belt, but another low blow is enough and the trio knocks the champion down. This causes the tag champions and Christian to chase them away. He says they can't change what happened to the TNT title, but he hasn't lost his love for the ring, and he will always do things that make people stand up and chant "holy shit." he'll pay for it, it'll be worth it because what the fans are giving him is all he's wanted...until now. Tay Conti says now they want to pay it back. She says Paige VanZant is going to get her ass kicked like she's done her whole career. This causes Dan Lambert to appear. He claims Paige has performed in places like Texas, but you can subscribe to her Only Fans and see why Orange Cassidy always has his hands in his pockets. Lambert says they can say goodbye to the match. Dan kisses the belt and says if he knew what they were doing while wearing that belt he would know they live in his mouth. Leyla Hirsch immediately attacks her opponent and sends her off the apron during her performance, leading to a brawl in the ring area. Once they step into the ring, Leyla regains control with a gut key, but that's not enough to get the job done. She continues the attack and stomps away on Red in the corner. Leyla works her opponent's back and locks in a body scissor submission. Velvet tries to fight back by jumping back, but Leyla catches her and hits a German suplex. Leyla tries to go to the top rope but Velvet stops it and pulls her onto the mat over her. Red Velvet hits the corkscrew kick but Hirsch rolls away. She grabs two turnbuckles and the officer takes one from her. However, she has another one in her gear and she attacks Velvet with it to claim victory. After the match, Leyla continues to attack, but this causes Kris to attack Statlander to make the save. Before she says a word, Vickie Guerrero appears and yells, "Sorry." She gives Thunder some credit for showing up for practice. Nyle Rose then appears from behind and attacks Rosa, laying her down. Chris Jericho and John Silver face off first, with Jericho punching his opponent until the smaller wrestler unleashes punches and running attacks. Chris then runs towards him but Silver counters with an arm drag as Alex Reynolds comes in and they take him to the ground and then do stereo drop kicks. Jericho then escapes to the outside, but Silver follows, dropping the veteran with a kick. He then hits a Brainbuster while Reynolds dives into him from the ring and connects at the same time. Meanwhile, The Dark Order works together again in the ring to take out Garcia. However, Chris is clever and kicks the stairs and then pretends he's been attacked. This results in Aubrey Edwards sending the rest of the group to the back. The Jericho Appreciation Society then takes control, with Chris distracting the officer while the rest of the group attack Reynolds. Jericho then tries to jump off the top rope, but Reynolds matches with a dropkick to catch him in mid-air. However, Garcia comes in to stop the day and shows aggression in the corner. Reynolds keeps fighting, but Jericho drops him with a shoulder tackle only to miss with the lionsault. Silver eventually switches and begins tripping Chris, launching Garcia as well. Jericho looks for a springboard in Silver, but he blocks it, hitting a cannonball at Garcia and then charging into all the other faction members. He obliterates Jericho again, this time from the top rope, but he kicks out. Silver keeps attacking, only to be rocked by a codebreaker, but the star of The Dark Order kicks out. Garcia comes in but they send Jericho out of the ring. Reynolds makes a blind tag and they then pull off some incredible double team moves only for Garcia to just fold. The group then all climb onto the ring apron, causing Silver to attack them until he gets a spinebuster from Hager. Reynolds tries to attack, but Garcia distracts the officer. This allows Jericho to hit Reynolds with a baseball bat. Garcia then uses the Scorpion Deathlock to gain the victory.


What's next? Colts still have big needs to fill Matt Ryan

Based on General Manager Chris Ballard's own words, the Colts still have holes to fill at wide receiver, tight end, both lines and secondary. (Author: Gardener)

Matt RyanINDIANAPOLIS — The big move the Colts had to make this offseason has finally happened. The Colts traded a third-round pick to Atlanta on Monday to land Matt Ryan, improve passing play and build a bridge giving Indianapolis time to find its next franchise passer. But the question now is what the Colts will do to build around Ryan. Indianapolis still has needs to fill, trouble spots the Colts have highlighted themselves this offseason -- particularly on the offensive side of the ball -- and there are too many needs to be filled with the seven picks Indianapolis currently has in the NFL draft holds. For the most part, Colts general manager Chris Ballard has stayed true to his typical free agency modus operandi and largely sat out the market when big bucks flew through the NFL last week. Indianapolis made a big move to fill a critical need, trading cornerback rock Ya-Sin to Las Vegas to land defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, a proven speed-rusher from the edge who immediately addressed the defense's greatest weakness , but opened another need, partially but he incompletely filled the need with the team's lone outside contract, former Chargers and Raiders cornerback Brandon Facyson. Traditionally, Ballard begins investing in the market during the second week of free agency -- a week that began with Monday's Ryan trade. J. Carrie and Chris Reed, among others, happened after the end of the first week of free agency. More: Doyel: Colts need to win now and Matt Ryan is a QB who can pull it off. More: Colts land Matt Ryan by trading third-round pick No. 82 to Falcons. Indianapolis still has a salary cap of about $15 million in available space — exactly how much depends on how the Colts have structured the changes they've made to Ryan's contract, but Indianapolis has plenty of room to work with — and Ballard has always said that a team can find good football players at any stage of the off-season. And he's the one who made it clear this offseason that the Colts need to fill. Ballard has become known for downplaying the importance of the wide receiver position — the Indianapolis general manager believes in building from the lines — but he outlined the Colts' need there at the NFL scouting combine while discussing the Fourth-year recipient Parris Campbell spoke. Does that mean we sit here and count on him being our 2 or 3 right away?” Ballard said. Michael Pittman Jr. is one of the NFL's burgeoning receivers, having caught 88 passes for 1,082 yards and six touchdowns last season, but the rest of the wide-receiver core is made up of young, untried players with little game time . The Colts still need a No. 2 and a No. 3, and Indianapolis head coach Frank Reich has said many times that it's difficult for rookie receivers to realize their potential right away given the jump from the College game leads to them the detailed reads they need to do in the NFL. The bad news is that the top of the wide receiver market has already signed deals elsewhere. What's left is a combination of 30-year-olds hit by injuries (Hilton, longtime Ryan associate Julio Jones, A. But that's the nature of week two of the free hand. A team has to be able to see past the negatives and finding diamonds in the rough, and while Indianapolis has struggled to do so under Ballard at wide receiver, the need for the position cannot be ignored. Indianapolis has shown interest - a league source told IndyStar the Colts have tentatively stated interest in Valdes scantling - but Ryan needs some help. "Tight end position needs work," Ballard said at his postseason press conference in January, before retiring Jack Doyle, who played 57.7% of offensive players last season Team snaps played Indianapolis brought back Mo Alie-Cox (54.8%) at "Y" tight end (tight end makes everything who lines up next to tackle), and the Colts still like Kylen Granson out of the fourth round as an F-Tight (mainly a receiver), but the loss from Doyle leaves a big hole at the Y to fill. Most of the bottlenecks that the college game produces are reception types that weren't asked to block much. According to sources, the Colts have expressed preliminary interest in some players in the tight end market, but many of the tight end options have already signed. One who is still available is former Titans tight end Anthony Firkser, who is just 27 and played in a run-blocking offensive in Tennessee. Veterans like 32-year-old Kyle Rudolph, a Y tight end, or 34-year-old Jared Cook, an F, would be short-term fixes for a quarterback like Ryan, who's always excelled at finding the tight end in the passing game. Left tackle Eric Fisher will not be coming back, and right guard Mark Glowinski has signed with the New York Giants. Indianapolis has options on the roster to fill both spots — the Colts brought back swing tackle Matt Pryor on a one-year deal for a whopping $5.5 million, and third-year center Danny Pinter can also play guard — but at least the depth has been significantly compromised. "We're going to see who we can put back in charge bypassing Braden (Smith), Quenton (Nelson) and Ryan Kelly," Ballard said at the Scouting Combine. The good news on the offensive line is that there are still plenty of options on the free hand if the Colts want to make a move for a left tackle starter, a right guard starter, or a contest at both places. Veteran Chris Reed, who played 523 snaps as a guard for Indianapolis last season, is still available among many other guards, and there are still experienced left tackles, led by longtime Texan and Seahawk Duane Brown, who appear to be waiting for one Decision by Saints Pro Bowler Terron Armstead. A young secondary school in Indianapolis is characterized by depth and experience. If the season started today, Colts starters Facyson and Isaiah Rodgers would be safe on the outside, Pro Bowler Kenny Moore in the slot and the young tandem of Khari Willis and Julian Blackmon. There is little proven depth left on the Colts' roster at either position. Rhodes and Carrie both remain free agents after spending the last two seasons at Indianapolis, and former backup safety George Odum signed a three-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers. The good news is that there are plenty of veterans available at both positions and Indianapolis has historically been able to get good performance from overlooked veterans at this position, particularly Carrie and Pierre Desir. When the Colts traded for Ngakoue, Indianapolis added a top-notch pass rusher to a defensive line that boasts an established inner tandem (DeForest Buckner, Grover Stewart), promising young defensive ends (Kwity Paye, Dayo Odeyingbo) and a key rotation player, the Indianapolis likes Los (Tyquan Lewis). That's six defenders Indianapolis would probably like to play a significant amount. The thing is, that's not enough for the standards Ballard has been setting since stepping into Indianapolis. "We have to work," Ballard said at the combine. At least one of those players will likely need to be a backup for Stewart on 1 technique defensive tackle (center shoulder order). Indianapolis allowed last year's backup Taylor Stallworth to test the open market but remains interested in the possibility of getting him back. There's still plenty of depth available on the defensive line in the free hand, leaving the Colts with a long list of players if they want to make another outside addition to fulfill Ballard's vision.


The big news from Apple's event

And a bulls vs. bears debate on block. (Author: Gardener)

AppleThe Big News from Apple's Event Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) recent hour-long event gave the company a chance to highlight several upgrades to its devices, but some were more notable than others. In this podcast, Motley Fool analyst Tim Beyers discusses: * How the new iPhone SE shows Apple isn't ready to cede market share to anyone. He's also looked at Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), which takes a never-say-never approach to ads on its platform. Motley Fool Podcast Producer Rickey Mulvey hosts a "Bull vs. Bear" debate between Motley Fool contributor Matt Frankel and Motley Fool analyst Jason Moser about Block (NYSE: SQ), the company formerly known as the known as the Square. For full episodes of all of The Motley Fool's free podcasts, visit our Podcast Center. 10 Stocks We Like Better Than Block, Inc. When our award-winning team of analysts have a stock pick, it might be worth listening. After all, the newsletter they've been running for over a decade, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, has tripled the market.* They just unveiled the top ten stocks investors should be buying right now... and Block, Inc. wasn't one of them! That's right -- they think these 10 stocks are even better buys. Chris Hill owns Apple, Block, Inc., PayPal Holdings, Under Armor (A shares), Under Armor (C shares) and Walt Disney. Jason Moser owns Apple, Block, Inc., PayPal Holdings, Under Armor (A shares), Under Armor (C shares) and Walt Disney. Matthew Frankel, CFP® owns Block, Inc. and Walt Disney and has the following options: Short January 2024 $200 calls on Block, Inc. Ricky Mulvey owns Netflix, PayPal Holdings and Walt Disney. Tim Beyers owns Apple, Netflix and Walt Disney. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Apple, Bitcoin, Block, Inc., Netflix, PayPal Holdings, Twitter, Under Armor (C shares), and Walt Disney. The Motley Fool recommends Under Armor (A shares) and recommends the following options: long January 2024 $145 calls on Walt Disney, long March 2023 $120 calls on Apple, short January 2024 $155 calls on Walt Disney, and short March 2023 $130 calls on Apple . The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy. Chris Hill: Today on Motley Fool Money, we're going to help you make sense of all the headlines from Apple's big event. I'm Chris Hill, along with Motley Fool senior analyst Tim Beyers. Tim Beyers: Thanks for inviting me Chris! Chris Hill: Apple had their event yesterday and as is usual and a lot if not most of what we heard wasn't new products but incremental upgrades but a few headlines on the product front, the iPhone SE, which I think is now the low-end version of the $429 iPhone, and the Max Studio desktop, which seems to be aimed at professionals. I say based on the price points I mean this is a new desktop with a 27 inch monitor and depending on how many bells and whistles you want you could very easily drop $6,000 for this thing, both will get you . But of the two, one is more important to you in terms of Apple's business and bottom line, and what it means for shareholders. Tim Beyers: With the iPhone SE, Apple is throwing its weight around saying just in case you thought we were seeing some smartphone market share? We don't, and here's the thing, Chris, the iPhone SE 3, I'm really thinking about the iPhone SE lineup, and you could make a strong argument against it, so I'll make that argument. I consider this to be the mainline iPhone. I don't think it's because of the larger models. I think it is because it's a reasonable size, not too bulky, but it's very powerful, very compact, much cheaper, has a really great camera, it needs all the same apps, it's an amazing product. Every few years they do a small refresh and this I think is well timed, well priced and feature rich. This is what I think is really important for Apple's business because the iPhone is still a massive profit driver for Apple as a company, it's going to be for a very long time and create a very accessible iPhone that everyone can get behind and can keep their iPhone for many years. I think it's core to Apple's business, so while it's an upgrade like you said Chris, I'd say that's a pretty big win. I'm pausing here because I have a few things to say about the Baking Studio. Chris Hill: Let's talk about it. The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern is probably the best when it comes to consumer technology, and she put together a great five-minute recap video of the event. I have to confess when I was looking at it I had to pause it to look at that desktop to really understand what this device was. The 27-inch monitor costs $1,600, and if you want a high-end version, it's $2,000. Tim Beyers: They thought it was for pros, I'll just say super villains. Because this thing was supposed to come with a volcanic layer. Apple really flexed their muscles in chip design, so the M1 Ultra chip is, I mean, Tom's Guide calls it a new superchip. I think it's right to call it that, 20-core CPU, 64-core GPU hooked up to this new 32-core reel engine. This will be for people who want to do really fancy things with their Max if there aren't going to be a ton of people buying this. But I think there is such a thing as a statement product in tech. Again, just like the iPhone SE 3 just in case you thought we were letting others invade our market share? No. The Max Studio is just in case you thought there were some others out there who can make really blisteringly fast chips and create a faster, more functional desktop than we can? But this one will be right up there with them. It's a statement product for Apple and I think what it's supposed to do, Chris, is get people to remark, wow, OK, maybe I need to look at the new Max set, maybe it's about time for me Update. It's a bit like, you don't go to a car show, it's not like, yo, yeah, I'm going to buy the new concept GT. But are you thinking of Ford? Chris Hill: Before we get into the sporting aspect of this, and I want to spend a minute just looking at everything else at the event, did anything surprise you? Tim Beyers: I would say the Mark studio surprised me just by the scope of the statement they are making here. Apple is really trying to establish itself as the dominant designer of chips and is trying to get people to understand that because of the sheer power of the M1 family and the bionic family in the iPhone, there are real benefits because it's self-contained and incredibly powerful. I really shouldn't be surprised at how much Apple throws its weight around, but to be honest I was a bit surprised. The only thing I want to say is that the new iPad Air is just another one that will just quietly do a lot of things that are incredibly impressive in a fairly small format. I think Apple is just trying to remind people that we make some of the best hardware in the world, and since we decided to make it ourselves, our hardware has gotten better. You could argue that, but I think that's the argument Apple is trying to make. Chris Hill: Almost as an afterthought, Apple dropped that they were getting into live esports. Chris Hill: Now they're doing it with streaming Major League Baseball games on Friday nights. This would be even better if Major League Baseball owners hadn't locked out players and were playing true spring training games right now, but by and large we're finally there. That was one of my thoughts as I read through this stuff. I thought we were finally getting to the point that has been theorized for at least five years and probably more like 8-10 years of Apple getting into live esports. Tim Beyers: Yeah, and I'd be more excited at first if there was baseball right now, so that's number one, but number two, I'd be more excited if it wasn't baseball, which sounds awful because it isn't is that I don't like baseball, but I think Major League Baseball's ratings and appeal has gone down a bit, and some of that has to do with what the nature of the game is, I don't think how the going games are like we had just last season, we had the whole thing around what is legal stuff to throw on the mountain for a picture and there was just a whole bunch of controversy and a lot of madness and nobody really had a clear one idea answers. That crowd within Major League Baseball makes it an interesting, but really strange, time for Apple to spend big bucks on it. I think it's a bigger deal, I'll tell you, let's say the NFL is off the table, but if it's like college football or the NHL or even Major League Soccer. I think that would be a little bit more interesting because then you grab a niche audience and then do tests and allow yourself to build on that, but I'm saying this Chris, I mean we don't see the end of it. Many companies will be watching very closely how Apple fares with a live sports streaming deal since that has traditionally been the purview of over-the-top or cable, and are the streaming providers starting to own those deals? But I think a lot of people will be watching. Chris Hill: Speaking of video streaming, late last week Disney announced, or rather confirmed, that they would be offering an ad-supported tier of Disney Plus later this year, and now Netflix isn't rolling it out. He was asked if the company would ever change its position on ad-free and he said: "Never say never. It's not in our plan right now, but never say never.” If you are a shareholder, would you like them to offer this? Tim Beyers: No, I haven't. For those who don't know this quote, it was the Pittsburgh Steeler quote when asked if he would take the USC job or not, he said, "Never say never, but ever." It was like, I like that it was the Tomlin answer. I think there's good reason for him to be skeptical and not try to over-feed the beast here. His additional comments were that it's a bit difficult for us to see others that way, but essentially the points he made were that we're not going to rush things, and I'm glad to hear that because I think so that there is a better model for Netflix that fits their culture. Instead of an ads model where essentially everything is the same, all you have is a lower price and you still get everything from Netflix but have to watch some ads. If you want to best manage this and have cheaper tiers, create lower tiers of content that fit those price tiers where you can start experimenting with what you know about me as a consumer and allow me what you know about me Options to subscribe at different price points. Without introducing ads, you just keep ads off the platform, but you just create other ways for me to interact with Netflix. They only set a price point for simplicity and then tinker with it globally, but they could tinker with a lot more Chris before deciding on an advertising model. I think that would be better for her. Chris Hill: Tim Beyers, great to talk to as always, thanks for being here. Chris Hill: Back by popular demand, it's bull versus bear. Discussion of the company formerly known as Square. Ricky Mulvey starts here. Ricky Mulvey: Thank you Chris. This is Bull versus Bear, where you hear the bull case and the bear case for a stock and decide who made the better argument. Stay the stock is block analysts, Jason Moser and Matt Frankel. Matt Frankel: Yes, I found this shortly after the IPO. Ricky Mulvey: Jason, feels a little pressure to do the bear case then. Jason Moser: It's a bit of pressure. Look, I appreciate the kind of coin tossing, but yeah, I mean, we gotta do it again. Ricky Mulvey: When you buy a stock, you also want to know why someone is selling it to you, so it's important to understand the bull and bear sides of it. Ricky Mulvey: We're getting started. Matt Frankel has the cop case. Matt Frankel: I'm more excited for the bear case because I always say if you don't know about the bear case you haven't done enough research. But let me list the reasons I own Square. There are companies that are doing what Square is doing bit by bit. For example, there are other companies that offer low-cost payment processing hardware. There are companies that offer person-to-person payment apps. There are companies that allow you to buy bitcoin. There are companies that enable projects on the blockchain networks and things like that. There aren't that many companies that have an ecosystem field for the whole. Square has the Cash app ecosystem with 44 million active users and features like bitcoin purchases, brokerage. You can now buy shares through the Cash App. You can have a Link debit card, which Square has used to monetize the Cash app. There are many future financial products that are likely to be on the horizon. Block recently became a bank itself. They open Square Financial Services, the company's commercial bank. We could see more financial products coming out. The economics of the Cash App business are fantastic. With an average customer acquisition cost of $10, the average active Cash App user had gross profits of $47 last quarter. The seller ecosystem, which is still called Square, the Square name hasn't quite died, has over $170 billion in annual payments volume from which it generates fee income. It's a big lending business called Square Capital, but it's now part of the bank I just mentioned. This might just be the starting point. It's estimated that the total global payment volume is about $185 trillion when you factor in things like person-to-person and business-to-business payments. It's not just the seller in the Cash App ecosystem. I mentioned Bitcoin, Block recently acquired Tidal, the music platform, which it can leverage in a variety of ways with its two ecosystems. It has a blockchain business with a really complicated name that's escaping me right now. It just acquired Afterpay, the big-buy-now-pay-later service, where it added over 16 million customers and 100,000 retailers to its ecosystem, many in Australia, one of Square's expanding markets. Because it was bought on an all-stock deal once the block stock price fell, it actually got a better deal on Afterpay, which I like. It's running at a net loss right now, but that doesn't matter with growth like this. Jack Dorsey recently stepped down as CEO of Twitter so he is now solely focused on Block and has a great leadership team on board. It's a really impressive company. Ricky Mulvey: Jason, the bear case, or some of the risks to the company if you will. Jason Moser: Some of the risks, the bear case, however you want to put it, I'll focus on three points here. Like a lot of what Matt said, I think that first and foremost with leadership, I think leadership and Jack Dorsey, you have to be aware of the founding leader? Jack Dorsey still owns about 8.5 percent of the shares, co-founder of the company, CEO, as Matt said. He's retired from Twitter, so now his only attention is Square, Block, which I like. But Dorsey is a bit of a joker at times, I mean, he sees himself more as a talent scout and empowering executives to run the company, and then he's into infidelities. He has a bit of a unique world view. Do you remember him talking about moving to Africa for a year sometime? I mean, how is this affecting the company? I mean, you know the old saying, out of sight, out of mind. We're seeing this push and pull from Big Tech looking to get back into the office. His successor on Twitter sees things differently. The bottom line is that Dorsey isn't arguing the bear, but there's an unpredictability inherent in him that could tip things in that direction. He was a big part of the bull case and a big part of the bear case too. I think Jack Dorsey, he's taking on the same role here with Block. In terms of the business itself, the second thing I just want to address is diversification. The old Peter Lynch adage when a company starts going in all directions and not really focusing on its core competencies. I loved the Square and Cash app side of the store. But then you see the Tidals and the Spirals and the TBD, all that crypto and bitcoin focused stuff. I mean, is just focusing on bitcoin the way to go, or does bitcoin make this business look better than it really is? I mean if you just look at last quarter bitcoin revenue of $1.96 billion that was up 12 percent but bitcoin gross profit was only $46 million so just two percent of the coin revenue. If you are a crypto skeptic, keep this in mind. Finally, I think regulatory risks should be kept in mind. It's a completely different company than it was five years ago. As Matt noted, there are a lot of moving parts now, but you have Square Financial Services, so they're essentially governed by banking regulations now. They operated Cash App as a broker or dealer, they are SEC and FINRA regulated. It's just a little different company today than it was five years ago. That regulatory risk has increased a bit. Ricky Mulvey: Matt, is there anything you'd like to follow up on that you heard about the bear case? Matt Frankel: Yes, and I know I went through it last time, so I'll be quick. I've already said that succeeding Jack Dorsey with bitcoin and cryptocurrency is my least favorite part of investing in Square. Not saying anything about cryptocurrency or bitcoin, I just think the other companies are very promising in and of themselves as far as Jason goes for diversification. I consider the blockchain-bitcoin focus, all of that as a bonus. Business is fed up with something coming out of the bitcoin and blockchain space, great. But if not, I still think it's a great deal. Jason raised some very valid concerns, but I still like the business. Ricky Mulvey: Jason, do you want to follow up on anything you heard in the cop case? Jason Moser: Yes. I mean, the only thing that really comes to mind, I think I can thank PayPal for bringing it to the fore here with their latest earnings report recently. I wonder if at some point Block will stop talking about the quality of users in their cash app ecosystem. I mean, that was something that PayPal addressed. Essentially, the majority of revenue is tied to a third of the user base, and as such they are more focused on higher-value users, which makes sense for PayPal. I wonder if we won't see the same dynamic game for Cash App at some point. I checked myself, personally I have Cash App on my phone and honestly I think I have about $20 in Cash App balance, but I also haven't used Cash App for probably two years. I guess technically I'm a user but by no means am I a quality user and so I'm wondering if we won't see the same dynamic game with Cash App, that would just be something we'd keep an eye on in the next few observe a few quarters. Ricky Mulvey: Question to both of you, as a user do you prefer to use the Cash App or Venmo? We'll start with Jason. Jason Moser: I was a Venmo family. My wife, my kids, myself, we are Venmo or PayPal. We tried the Square Cash app, I mean we did, only Venmo stuck at the end, and I think part of that has to do with the fact that so many of my kids' friends use Venmo. It was just a little more like filming your UI. Ricky Mulvey: I have a network effect. Matt Frankel: I didn't adopt either of them until about a year ago. But I use Venmo more than I use Cash App, I will say that much. Ricky Mulvey: @MotleyFoolMoney on Twitter. Matt, Jason, you're both shareholders in Block, right? Chris Hill: Like Ricky said, let us know what you think. But tomorrow comes a closer look at the industry that's in everyone's spotlight right now, oil. As always, people on the show might be interested in the stocks they're talking about, and The Motley Fool may have formal recommendations for or against it, so don't buy stocks based solely on what you hear. I'm Chris Hill. Thanks for listening.


Eat Right Tuesday: Saints Patty with Grilled Onions

As we gear up for St. Patrick's Day, Theo Mitchell and our Saints Live Well crew bring some happiness to the Delgado kitchen and cook up some Saints Patties with grilled onions and cheese, courtesy of HelloFresh. (Author: Gardener)

TuesdayWith the Saints taking on the New York Jets in Week 14, we're offering a recipe to take your road trip tailgate to the next level. This week Theo Mitchell and our Saints Live Well crew are in the kitchen preparing New Jersey Salmon courtesy of HelloFresh.


Demon baseball players have a bling-driven motivation

You've seen The U's envelope chain and probably heard of the various rip-offs like the Kennesaw State envelope plank, Florida State's envelope backpack, or even the San Diego Padres' booty chain (Author: Gardener)

UPlease purchase a subscription to read our premium content. If you have a subscription, please log in or create an account on our website to continue. Please log in or register for a new account to continue reading. We hope you enjoy our free content. Thank you for reading! Thank you for reading! Thank you for reading! Thank you for reading! Thank you for reading! On your next view, you'll be prompted to sign in to your subscriber account or create an account and subscribe to continue reading. On your next view, you'll be prompted to sign in to your subscriber account or create an account and subscribe to continue reading. Thank you for signing up! We hope you continue to enjoy our free content. We hope you continue to enjoy our free content. You have permission to edit this article. The Santa Fe High baseball team created a swag chain for the most valuable player in each game. Your notification has been saved. Your notification has been saved. There was a problem saving your notification. There was a problem saving your notification. Email notifications are only sent once a day and only when there are new matching items. Email notifications are only sent once a day and only when there are new matching items. Please log in to use this feature. Please log in to use this feature. You have no notifications. Get the latest news straight to your device.


today's front row Friday message from Paris

Jump in ice cold water, do a cleanse, or take three weeks off and sign up for an immersion course in Paris! I'm only partially joking. (Author: Gardener)

ParisIf you need to boost your motivation, there are a few things you can do. Jump in ice cold water, do a cleanse, or take three weeks off and sign up for an immersion course in Paris! If you saw my last Front Row Friday video, you know I'm checking something off my bucket list and enrolling in an immersion school in Paris for three weeks. I've been here for a week and there are unexpected insights from this experience that may be of some help if you want a dose of motivation and inspiration. When was the last time you checked your bucket list? The one I let go was, "I could never take three weeks off my speaking schedule to come to France." Well, if you plan accordingly, make arrangements, do tasks with delegation, you too can have a lifelong dream come true . That lesson was obvious, you know how important it is to have dreams and write them down and make sure of them. What surprised me was that this dream was so big for so long when I finally did the research on immersion schools, paid my tuition and booked a flight to Paris... I was excited! I really did, and the excitement was new. 2. Tell people what you're up to. There are people in your world who support you, encourage you, are optimistic, and are inspired by your choices. tell these people Don't share your dreams with the naysayers, the naysayers, and the people who don't understand you. Most of the people I told that I was going to Paris alone for three weeks were very supportive, encouraging and admittedly jealous. Yes, people in the front row in your life and you know who they are are privy to your dreams. Balcony people can just stay on the balcony. That was the biggest a-ha for me in terms of the side benefit of fulfilling your dreams. I have been a professional business speaker for 27 years. I'm still learning new ideas, strategies, etc. But I'll never be a new speaker again. Enrolling in a French course...when was the last time I did that...45 years ago? It's been a long time since I've relied on other people, teachers, other students, advisors to help me learn a new language. By the way, this school had 21 students starting on Monday and we all bonded at orientation. I've met people from all over the world, which is fascinating. But then again, I rarely saw this group as we were all spread out in running classes. This school runs all year, there are no semesters. New students come every Monday. You can stay from 2 weeks to a whole year. This means that when you start your first grade, your classmates have been with you for much longer - at least in my case. I felt lost for most of that first week. But going from being lost and frustrated and feeling absolutely stupid at times made learning something new amazing! It was only this Tuesday that we were given the task of developing a campaign to present to the class. Each group had to choose a cause, create a slogan, come up with three big ideas, and ask people to vote. Then today each group presented their campaign. Alexi and I presented today (for some reason the others in our group skipped school today) in tandem. It's usually easy to give a presentation... but not in a new language, and not on the third day of school! But I did it (with Alexis' help) and the joy I felt afterwards was overwhelming. When people kept telling me, "Wow, what courage do you have for that!" I really didn't understand what they meant. It takes courage to say I don't know and need help and being willing to be a new student in a school where I don't know anyone and daring to ask questions. So that's what I learned in my first week of immersion school. I hope you get inspired to learn something new so you can boost your motivation.


Undergraduate Young Trustee finalists share backgrounds and intentions at a meeting with Duke students Tuesday

They discussed topics ranging from the importance of education in their lives to Duke's history and what they would like to highlight at Duke's centenary celebrations in 2024. (Author: Gardener)

DukeThe three Undergraduate Young Trustee finalists had the opportunity to share their motivations and hopes for the undergraduate position in an open meeting on Tuesday evening. The role was originally created by former Duke President Terry Sanford in 1972 because he "felt that the board could benefit from the voice of people who are closer in age to the student experience and trustees of the time," Epps said. She clarified that Young Trustees act as trustees and not as representatives of a specific group of students. An extensive process that began with the Young Trustee Nominating Committee's selection in the fall resulted in the selection of these three finalists: Seniors Kacia Anderson, Shrey Majmudar and Priya Parkash. Junior Alexis Williamson, Chair of the Young Trustee Nominating Committee, moderated a series of questions for all three finalists to answer. In their first presentation, the finalists emphasized the family importance of education. She remembers her paternal grandmother there always saying, "Silver and gold may fade, but education shall never fade." As instilled by her family from a young age, education was a priority for Anderson, which fueled her passion for it, continue to serve Duke. My time [at Duke] has been spent creating a foundation that emphasizes both community service and intellectual inquiry,” Anderson said, noting her STEM research, involvement in the social sciences, experience as an assistant and her role as Executive Vice President of Duke University Association. He recalls a childhood memory of being his grandmother's teaching assistant, "That was the first time [he] really began to understand the transformative power of education, when all these students from very different backgrounds and walks of life came together to learn .” As his family preached, “Invest in your education as it invests in you.” Majmudar found the best way to do this by becoming involved in student government, which he has demonstrated through his various Duke Student Government initiatives , such as The third finalist, Parkash, originally from Pakistan, first came to the United States at age 15 to "improve post-9/11 relations between Muslim-majority countries and the American people and to speak out against Islamophobia." This diplomatic experience reinforced the lessons her parents taught "that I must be of service in any way I can, that I must raise the voices of unheard groups, and always do the right thing, even when it seems detrimental to myself." To the question , as her close friends would describe her, Parkash focused on her curiosity as well as her diversity and inclusion efforts. Majmudar said he was perceptive, goofy and curious; and Anderson emphasized her compassion and hardworking nature. Majmudar believes Duke's efforts have gained momentum but that we must "put our money where we are" by creating action plans. He believes Duke needs to improve the Durham community, as he mentioned when explaining his work with former Durham Mayor Steve Schewel. Anderson emphasized "bridging the gap" between the students' lived experiences and Duke's actions. The next two questions asked finalists to consider what they would highlight in celebration of Duke's centenary in 2024 and how they would build the Duke brand in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The finalists had similar responses, highlighting the weaknesses of Duke's history and the strength of Duke's medical system, its global expansion, a growing connection to Durham, academic prowess and a dedicated student body. Finally, they explained how they would balance their careers after graduation while maintaining a connection and vision for Duke. Majmudar will go into college counseling which he believes will help him as a Young Trustee. As for his vision for Duke, he sees it evolving over time as an alumnus, but really "it's the same vision I've always had, which is to make Duke a more accessible place, a place that's fairer, and one that's shared by all." serves, be it the faculty, staff, student areas or the surrounding community,” said Majmudar. Duke is a commitment I have made for life and will continue to have regardless of Young Trustee," he continued. Anderson also went into post-graduation counseling, saying that "the undergraduate experience prepares you to balance work and life." To maintain her connection with Duke, Anderson plans to continue reading The Chronicle as much as she already does, which she joked, "Probably way too much for the average unrelated student, but I love it." it's learning more about what Duke does.” She also plans to maintain her close friendships with undergraduates. Parkash voiced a similar plan: With her "20 newsletters that [she] reads every morning" and her "close relationships with undergrads who could potentially be [her] resource for Duke when [she] graduates," Step keep. Parkash also mentioned how she balanced ongoing projects at Duke with her previous 100-hour workweek summer job, so she's not worried about finding a work-life balance if she could handle that job. "I owe a debt of gratitude for the difference Duke has made in my life," said Parkash. All three finalists shared that becoming a Young Trustee would be a way of giving back to Duke. Students who attended the session may provide feedback on the finalists for the nominating committee to consider in making their recommendation to President Vincent Price through a poll due March 21. Students who were unable to attend can view a recording of the session which will be made available on the Board of Trustees website.


Kevin Owens gets big props for impersonating Steve Austin in WWE RAW

Certainly one of WWE's top Superstars, Kevin Owens has taken a long time to reach his current position on the main roster. He perfected (Author: Gardener)

Kevin OwensCertainly one of WWE's top Superstars, Kevin Owens has taken a long time to reach his current position on the main roster. Mick Foley also recently gave Kevin Owens huge props. In recent weeks, Kevin Owens has been recording extensively in Texas, the home state of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. It has gotten to the point where even other Texas residents have reacted to what Owens said. As seen on this week's episode of Monday Night RAW, Kevin Owens gave fans a big troll when he posed as Steve Austin. He then used Austin's catchphrases, including "Gimme a hell yeah!" and what?" before discussing how he plans to embarrass Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38. Owens did a lot more things, including a beer bath with one of the cameramen to end his segment. Mick Foley took to Twitter and gave Kevin Owens massive props for his superb portrayal of Steve Austin. The segment Steve Austin and Kevin Owens is also scheduled for the main event WrestleMania 38 Night 1. Austin is also scheduled to lead his segment be in incredible shape, we need to see how fans take the segment.


Seth Rollins' search for a spot at WrestleMania continues

With just under two weeks between now and the big show, Seth Rollins' search for a match at WrestleMania 38 continued last night on WWE Raw (Author: Gardener)

Seth Rollins'You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter email. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter email. Seth "Freakin" Rollins' Last Chance at WWE WrestleMania Derailed by Edge, The Miz unmasked Rey Mysterio as RK-Bro, Alpha Academy and The Street Profits brawl and more. With a WrestleMania match against The Miz & Logan Paul looming, Rey & Dominik Mysterio were looking for a big win against The Dirty Dawgs. Perfect teamwork from the family tandem resulted in a Frog Splash victory for Dominik, but Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode immediately launched a sneak attack. Omos smashed everything in his path at The Road to WrestleMania, and Apollo Crews & Commander Azeez couldn't climb a man's mountain. Chaos continued to encircle the Women's Tag Team cover as Rhea Ripley & Liv Morgan took on Shayna Baszler & Natalya. The Queen of Spades & The BOAT worked Morgan in tandem attack to claim the win, but animosity intensified the match. Queen Zelina attacked The Nightmare with her scepter while Carmella wreaked havoc outside, and the Women's Tag Team Champions shocked the WWE Universe with a surprise hug at The Road to WrestleMania. Big Time Becks laid out what's at stake for The EST of WWE in their showdown for the Raw Women's Championship at WrestleMania. Austin Theory was opportunistic on The Road to WrestleMania, but Pat McAfee has a few tricks up his sleeve. Theory took his eyes off the prize as McAfee's dance moves opened the door for the US Champion to curl up the antagonistic Superstar for victory. Earlier in the day, the Raw Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania was announced as a Triple Threat match between RK-Bro, Alpha Academy and The Street Profits. Randy Orton & Riddle showed they are not ready to part with the gold as a bro Derek propelled the champions to victory. The celebration didn't last long as Otis flattened The Original Bro and The Street Profits stormed in to present their competition. The Tornado Tag Team Match between Dana Brooke & Reggie and Tamina & Akira Tozawa brought even more chaos than the WWE Universe could have anticipated. The painful moment allowed Reggie to score the roll up win and make Tozawa chase after the love of Tamina. Seth "Freakin" Rollins was coming last on his WrestleMania crusade, and AJ Styles wanted to make sure his fight with Edge stayed on schedule. As Styles lined up for a Phenomenal Forearm, Edge hit him in the back with a chair to give Rollins a disqualification loss. The shocking attack secured Styles his WrestleMania ticket and sent Rollins into an epic tirade. You can watch WWE Raw live here in the UK on BT Sport every week.


Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar make an appearance on WWE Raw next week

Both world champions will face off in a go-home show prior to WrestleMania 38. (Author: Gardener)

Roman ReignsIn case you didn't miss it, WWE Raw was without its world champion for the past month. That ends next week when Raw will host both world champions in the pre-WrestleMania 38 go-home episode. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns were announced for next week's program Monday night as the feud between the two exists almost exclusively on SmackDown Switch to Raw. It is also the first time since February 21 that the WWE Championship, which was intended to be the sole property of Raw, will be featured on the show. Lesnar won the Royal Rumble in January and chose to face Reigns at WrestleMania for his WWE Universal Championship. Then at Elimination Chamber, Brock won the WWE Championship, ending Bobby Lashley's reign of the title. Lesnar appeared on the following episode of Raw with the title, but has since appeared exclusively on SmackDown as part of his feud with Roman and their unification match. With several wrestlers switching brands over the past few weeks, it only makes sense to move this top-level feud to Raw for the final week to try to boost ratings and generate interest. Or heck, maybe Brock will try to murder Roman with a forklift again.