What Juwan Howard said after Michigan Basketball's win over Tennessee

Everything Michigan head basketball coach Juwan Howard said after the Wolverines' upset win over the Tennessee Vols (Author: Gardener)

Juwan HowardIt was a back and forth game in Indianapolis as Michigan Basketball took an early lead against the 3-Seed and Tennessee Volunteers before the Vols seemed to have control midway through the second half. However, as head coach Juwan Howard often says, basketball is a running game, and the corn and blue went off on their own while establishing themselves on the defensive side of the court. Thanks to big plays from Hunter Dickinson, Eli Brooks and others, the Wolverines beat UT 76-68 in a stunning upset against the SEC tournament champions and one of the hottest teams in the nation. Juwan Howard spoke about the game, his post-game celebration with Chris Webber and Ray Jackson, and comforted Kennedy Chandler after the game. Juwan Howard then shared his thoughts with the media. I just want to say that I want to tip my hat to Coach Rick Barnes and Tennessee. It was a well-played, very competitive game, as you can see. They have so much balance on the floor of shooting, depth, rebounding and also one of the best coaches in college basketball. I really appreciate how our staff put in a quick turnaround, all hands on deck, and helped me prepare. I admired how the players came out and competed from start to finish after being down at half time. All in all, it was an absolute team effort. Kennedy is an elite player and one of the best guards in the country. I met Kenny when my youngest son Jett and Kennedy were playing in AAU and they were winning the LeBron James tournament in Ohio. We recruited him, unfortunately we weren't that lucky, but to see the output, dedication, growth and ability to be able to produce on the ground and how he led his team in a special way. As a coach, you appreciate that. It was a nice moment to be here and see guys that I was in the trenches with, Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Ray Jackson, and then see my big brother Mark Hughes, a guy who helped me to come here to the University of Michigan. Mark told me back when I was in high school that my years in Michigan would be years that would shape me into a man; that I would have a lot of success and become a champion if I continued to stay here and grow. To see him out here supporting this team and taking time off their schedule away from their families means a lot. I will never forget this day and am grateful for all the support. They've been in my corner behind the scenes from day one. It definitely helped keep both Kennedy Chandler and Zeigler out of trouble. As I mentioned earlier, they are very smart, smart, and quick guards who are very good at getting in the paint and playing on the edge. And give credit to the bigs too, they do a good job of sealing to keep our bigs on their backs. But Moussa, Hunter, there were moments where they fought for the edge, made some winning plays, whether it was a block shot or some shots changed. One of the best Wardens we've encountered all year. They've done a great job raising some fine young men who trust, who believe in leadership, whether it's myself or the other staff. There's never been a moment where either of our guys have been one foot in and one foot out. And I have always given credit to parents for doing an amazing job of raising good young men. Yes, that's one of the things about identifying recruiting as a character. I've always said that Xavier Simpson was one of the best leaders to ever don a Michigan uniform. He's everything when it comes to being a Michigan man, what he's done on the ground, what he's done off the ground, with his development, grown as a man, able to adapt to different cultures, Coach Beilein and now me. We've been together for three years and this young man has earned the right to be a captain at the University of Michigan because that's how I saw him and his development. It's going to be difficult to replace a guy like that. He is irreplaceable. And if he ever wants a job, wants to join my coaching staff, if he ever wants to get into coaching, I would really hire him because he's a smart player and he knows how to play. I was told by my coach at half time that he can't go in the second half and that's all I can tell you. Help is everything to us. It hurt to see that he couldn't come back in the second half because this kid he wanted to be a part of was living for that moment when he was in the NCAA tournament for the first time. But what he did in the first half was also pretty impressive, not having any practice then coming out and giving everything he could. And I recruited him; i know what he can do They're different guards, but both add something completely different, which I think puts a lot of pressure on our opponents. Well, he's so humble when he talks to you guys but sometimes when you see him on the floor you might think he's arrogant. But he plays with a lot of feeling. One thing you didn't say is that Hunter works hard, man. He's behind the scenes. He puts in the work. And how do I know that, because he and I work individually on player development, before training, sometimes after training, on days off when we, as coaches, are allowed to work with our boys. So if you put your mind to it, you will get good results. It doesn't surprise me how he was able to produce for two years here at the University of Michigan. To get out there and compete like he did today, I told him we were going inside with you. You are the backbone of our team and be ready. Thanks guys, appreciate it.


Michigan basketball stuns Tennessee to reach NCAA tournament sweet 16

The men's basketball team played in the second round on Saturday night. (Author: Gardener)

MichiganINDIANAPOLIS — Michigan picked the perfect time to finally win straight games. The Wolverines stunned Tennessee 76-68 on Saturday night to move up to the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16. With 7.5 minutes left, the Wolverines were six points down and rallied for the upset. Michigan, an 11-seed, advances to a regional semifinals for the fifth straight NCAA tournament. Hunter Dickinson led all players with 27 points and 11 rebounds. Terrance Williams II made some huge baskets on the track to finish with nine points in 14 minutes off the bench. The Wolverines travel to San Antonio and will play at the Sweet 16 on Thursday. Michigan point guard DeVante' Jones returned to the starting lineup after missing Thursday's first-round game -- a comeback win over Colorado State -- with a concussion and has only played 12 minutes on Saturday, all in the first half. He stayed in the dressing room during half-time and never returned to the bench, although his problem wasn't clear during the game. Caleb Houston, Michigan shooting guard, remained scoreless and went 4-0 over 32 minutes. And yet Michigan got enough production elsewhere, playing exceptional defense late on to rally against an Orange opponent late on. Tennessee had won 13 of their last 14 games and beat their first-round opponent, albeit 14-seeded Longwood, by 32 points. Tennessee went from within 3-point range on only 2 of 18 despite their roster of capable shooters. Freshman guard Kennedy Chandler led the volunteers with 19 points and led all players with nine assists. A zone defense helped slow Tennessee's attack in the second half. Moussa Diabaté provided Michigan with 13 points and six rebounds. Head coach Juwan Howard dropped Brooks and Dickinson with freshman point guard Frankie Collins - who also filled in for Jones on Thursday - and split forward spots between Diabaté, Williams and Houston. Michigan produced a respectable 6-for-16 as a team from the deep. Normally reserved for one home game a year against Michigan State, the Wolverines pulled them out again with the upcoming season. Although Michigan played poorly at the end of the first half and returned to the dressing room five minutes later, Michigan didn't panic. A strong start to the second half ended the game in five minutes. After the teams traded shots, Michigan finally took the lead with a Brooks and-One with 3:21 to go. The fifth grader played 39 of the 40 minutes on Saturday. Dickinson played 38. Michigan beat Tennessee for the fourth straight game, the last three coming in the NCAA tournament. Saturday's game was similar to the 2014 tournament matchup in that it was contested to the end. As the second half was about to begin, former Wolverine Ray Jackson stood up, clapped and encouraged Dickinson. They can't guard you!” It was reminiscent of another Fab Five member, Jalen Rose, who inspired the Wolverines at halftime on Thursday. Dickinson scored Michigan's first nine points of the half. A Brooks 3 in transition -- "Boom!" The fifth-grader yelled as the ball ripped the net -- catching Michigan within a few minutes. Diabaté's free throw equalized at 15:03. A minute later, Dickinson rattled in a 3 that gave Michigan a 50-49 lead. He then dived for a loose ball and joined teammate Brandon Johns Jr. on the floor, who was driving the Michigan bench — players and coaches — crazy. From there, the game went back and forth looking exactly like the NCAA tournament high-level matchup that it was. Michigan went down to the left with a layup by Brooks at 11:29 before Tennessee broke with three straight layups and a free throw to make it 60-54. Michigan ended the run and its own drought of more than four minutes on Brooks' jumper after a handover. The second made it 62-all with 4:01 left. Brooks pointed to the player on the floor in the toll-free circle, "And one, baby!" His free throw made it 65-62 with a 3:21 lead. Dickinson made contact and shared a pair of free throws. Michigan forced two misses at the other end, with Williams imprisoning the second and drawing a foul. He went to the line for a one-and-one and did both to put Michigan 68-64 ahead with 2:09 left. U-M forced a shot clock violation on the other end - Zakai Zeigler's make was a split second too late. But a turnover in the inbounds resulted in a Tennessee basket. Don't worry: Brooks pulled a running hook shot from his tool bag to send the small but vocal Michigan contingent into hysteria. After John Fulkerson's absurd putback cut it down to four, Diabaté made two free throws. Dickinson grabbed a rebound at the other end and was fouled. Dickinson trashed a Tennessee cheerleader before going back on defense. In the last five minutes of the first half, Tennessee used five Michigan turnovers to turn a five-point deficit into a six-point half-time lead. The Wolverines started the game hot. Brooks and Dickinson lost 3 seconds on Michigan's opening possession, Jones and Diabaté scored inside and Michigan went 10-2 three minutes later. Jones substituted on the first media timeout and left the bench area, apparently with a wrist injury. He returned to the half at the next timeout with 11:57 left with his right wrist taped. After a brief surge in Tennessee, Dickinson's second 3 made it to 15-10 in Michigan. Brooks had a pass that was intercepted by Chandler, who took it for a dunk the other way that gave Tennessee their first lead, 18-17, with a 9:36 at the half. Terrance Williams II brought the 3 corner straight back. Diabaté had consecutive strong inside finishes, the second from a foul. He missed the free throw, but Michigan still led 30-24 with 4:50 to go. Then things got shaky for Michigan, with turnovers and misses at one end and some scrambling at the other, resulting in a run in Tennessee. Brooks, then Diabaté, both had a layup roll off the rim just before the final media timeout of the half. Chandler gave Tennessee the lead with another midrange jump from the dribble. Dickinson ended Michigan's mini-drought with a foul line jumper, but the Vols went on. Santiago Vescovi, whose outside shooting involved Michigan, got clear for his first basket, a 3. Uros Plavsic dove through a foul and glared at Houston and the Michigan bench before plunging with a free throw to make it 37-32 with 39 seconds left at the half . Michigan called time off to design a play but committed its ninth turnover. Tennessee missed a wide-open 3 just before the buzzer but still closed the half on a 13-2 run. Michigan trailed even more (seven) against Colorado State on Thursday, but strengthened in the second half. The same was true on Saturday, and Michigan is still dancing as a result.


Rick Barnes recaps Vol's round of 32 loss to Michigan

Tennessee basketball head coach Rick Barnes met with the media following the Vols' loss to Michigan in March Madness. (Author: Gardener)

Rick BarnesTennessee basketball head coach Rick Barnes met with the media following the Vols' loss to Michigan in March Madness. INDIANAPOLIS — Following Tennessee's loss to 11-seed Michigan in the second round of the NCAA tournament, Vols head coach Rick Barnes caught up with the media to talk about the loss and the season his team had put together as a whole. Barnes reflected on the frustrations of the loss but realized how grateful he was for his team to make it to the Round of 32 and drove home confident that no one in the Tennessee dressing room would be disappointed with the effort should they have this season . Barnes' full transcript from the post-game press conference is below. What are you saying to the fans who have supported you and your team, who have come here and followed you and have been a great team support throughout the season? Barnes: "I'd say what I learned seven years ago when I came to Knoxville and played in a non-league game earlier in the season against an in-state team that was -- Christmas Eve and they're rescheduling the game because of it had to do some bowl, something with SEC football at the time, and we had 16,000 people in the stands, and since that time I realized what I didn't know growing up two and a half, three hours from Knoxville, this love people in Tennessee have for our great state and for our university. I think this university deserves a chance to continue to thrive and show people exactly what makes them special. And seven years ago I wasn't sure about a lot of things, but looking back I think God had a great plan for me. Rick, for a large part of that game, seemed like Michigan really controlled the tempo and style of play. It seemed like it had been a long time since that had happened. Why do you think your boys didn't handle that? Barnes: "You know, I don't know she controlled the pace. We knew it and we kept trying to slow down the pace. As someone asked about a zone, we were glad when they went into the zone because we knew they wouldn't stay in it. We knew if we rode it a few times they would switch from man to man. What we couldn't do was exploit it early on inside because sometimes there are discrepancies there. The difference in the game was the second chance points. Those two offensive rebounds that we gave up were huge back then. And throughout that stretch we had - and we knew it again - everyone we've played against all year was concerned about the three-point line. But we missed three, four looks that we would have liked - I don't think we could have done better, but some days it works, some days it doesn't. But if you'd told me, looking at the stat sheet, that we flipped them 15 times, 16 times, we only had 7 points in the suit, we would have beaten them. But the second one - Fast Break Points, 19 to 5, Bench Points, 18 to 11, Second Chance Points 13 to 7, and those two big offensive rebounds came after we got them to take two pretty difficult shots. We don't - Kennedy did a great job. They really didn't have an answer for him with his speed going downhill and we knew we could get him into some ball sieves at times. I would have liked us to do a bit more inside and put more pressure on Hunter Dickinson. We knew we were going to do this with Ball Screen Offense. We knew we would put him on guard. They ended up making the plays there, and those two active rebounds off offense were big plays in the game. "Coach, I know you beat them in color, but you get so much of that from your guards. "I'm not thinking about it yet, but when you look at this team, you're struck by the lack of reliable points worried throughout the season? Barnes: "Yes, because I think in college you have to have someone, and regardless of size, you have to have someone to come in when you have days like this when you can't seem to find the bottom of the bucket. You have to be able to throw it in there and get fouled, put pressure on people and I'm also proud of the way - today again we had a lot of freshmen out there at times New experience for - I think we had just three guys to play in an NCAA tournament game but Jonas, Brandon, those guys, Uros has gotten better, Fulky has been with us for a long time, it came mostly from our guards getting into that area and playing there - Barnes : "It's very frustrating, but I'll tell you this, and I'm really frustrated — I'm blessed to be here, and some teams came here that people probably didn't think were going to come here, and egg Quite a few teams that we expected to come here and didn't fare the way we wanted. But I can tell you from experience if you lose day one, lose day two like we did today, or lose in the semifinals, it's the same feeling. People can say what they want - it's not always a matter of course to come here. Especially when you play in a league that is very, very competitive. I think most leagues are, I do. I think most leagues are really competitive. I've often been frustrated in my career, but I'm also very grateful that I could be here. One of our coaches said in a dressing room that he played in a great program for four years and never felt it. As I told our boys, in life you don't always get what you want when you want it; but the fact is that you have to go to the arena and fight for it. You will lose something, you will, but the key is that you try to get back up and walk again. These guys have learned a lot about many different things this year. If you'd been in our locker room, you would have known that this is a very special group of young men because they let their emotions out and — but it hurts, and if not, it's time to stop." Coach, talk about how hard it is guarding Hunter Dickinson when he's shooting like he is today. Barnes: "We were glad he shot from out there. We would have given him anything he wanted, we really did, because we – all around. But when he hurt us the most is when they did exactly what we thought they were going to come after halftime, they were going to try and establish them there on the block. And again, did we think we could rule him out? We didn't do it because we - but we too - had two stops where we couldn't bounce the ball and that was a really crucial time for us. He's a difficult player to protect. And two years in a row we've gone up against the big, burly postal players that hurt us. Again, I thought Uros played as hard as he could today. I thought he fought there and John. I thought our post guys really did. But we had three - two newcomers who hadn't played much until this year and they've been starting to do it lately. And Uros fought as hard as he could.” How different do you think this one is when one of the shots is fired? Barnes: “Think about it, we have a great look at the end of the half, great execution. Santi had one in the corner, Zakai had one, Josiah - we had - and again they did a good job. I don't want to take anything away from Michigan, they did. Santi came over and said to me coach they don't guard me nearly as hard as I was guarded because most teams try to take him out. But they are a good basketball team. You're playing this time of year, you're a good basketball team. I really liked their guard game. And certainly they have a post player that is unique and does a lot of good things. He's a tough guy - if you want to double him, he passes the ball well. He knows where he wants the ball. They know well where to put the ball for him. At the beginning of the game we didn't do a good job with our ball protection defense. We knew they were going to come out and try to negate our pressure on defense and they chose to do that by trying to split our doubles teams, which they did. Then we changed a bit here, came out in the second half, doubled, tried to unbalance them there. But I found their guards to have done a good overall job of getting down the trail with it. Even in a game like this, it's a possession game. It goes down like I said, two huge possessions were those offensive rebounds - were huge possessions and I would have liked to see some of them - I mean the shots we took but that's part of it I know Kennedy isn't wanted to talk about his future but how do you see his development over the season and his willingness to potentially leave at this point? Barnes: "Well, as we stand in college basketball today, you can sit here and ask every player on the team that -- with what -- every player on the team will have a choice if they want, with the transfer portal, what it is to go abroad to play. I can come up with many different things. I don't think he ever pretended I was a one-and-off player. I don't think so. He came in to win. I think if you did - you probably saw his emotions. It was a lot more than that in the dressing room because this is a group of guys who are very close. But he got so much better and I think a lot of that had to do with his teammates. I think Zakai and Santi had a lot to do with it. The competition they played with in practice every day and then, you know, he was ready to listen earlier in the year. I told him early on that I thought he had some success - coming back to the Villanova game, I knew he was a guy who wanted to be really good because he was locked in for that game and at first time only two really bad calls got three, four minutes of this game that changed that game for us where he got called for a charge and a block which he really - I mean it was a tough - two tough games for him and then he came back and he played great against Colorado. I told him I think you think every night it's going to be that easy and it's not going to be that easy and you have to be willing to know that you have to grow. you have to grow; not just offensive. You're going to have to learn to guard the basketball and learn how to guard the ball screen cover and all that, and from that perspective it took a little longer, but once he made up his mind - and got back into it, he has. But going back I think Santi and Zakai and Josiah had a lot to do with him growing the way he has." Barnes and the Vols are now targeting November for the start of the 2022-2023 season as their 2021- Look 2022 ended in defeat to the Wolverines.Despite the loss, Tennessee's season was a feat not achieved by a UT team in 43 years when the Vols won the SEC Tournament Championship in Tampa earlier this month.Did you know Already, Volunteer Country on?SI does podcasts?Check out one of the links to make sure you don't miss coverage of your favorite Tennessee teams!Want the latest on national football and basketball recruiting, including Vols goals?


Stallions should avoid Baker Mayfield. Here's why

The disgruntled quarterback wants to take his talents from Cleveland to Indianapolis. Here's why Chris Ballard and the Colts shouldn't sign. (Author: Gardener)

Baker Mayfield2018 NFL draft pick Baker Mayfield wants a fresh start with a new organization after his Cleveland Browns won Friday's Deshaun Watson sweepstakes. Mayfield requested a trade earlier in the week after it became apparent the Browns were looking for an upgrade at quarterback position. The Browns denied this request after Watson informed them he would not be coming to Cleveland. When Watson made a U-turn and chose the Browns, the franchise changed its mind and did not seek a commercial partner. It has been reported by multiple outlets that Mayfield has announced that his preferred target is the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts continue to search for an answer to their quarterback mystery after selling Carson Wentz to the Commanders. Numerous names have been linked to the Colts as quarterback options, but general manager Chris Ballard has yet to pull the trigger on one of them. If the Colts had to play a game today, starting quarterback would be Sam Ehlinger. There are conflicting reports as to whether the Colts have already discussed a trade for Mayfield with the Browns. While Mayfield wants to put the horseshoe on in 2022, do the Colts want that to happen? The Colts were already firing at a contested starting quarterback looking for a second chance. The Colts traded first- and third-round picks to acquire Wentz from the Philadelphia Eagles last spring. It resulted in an inconsistent season and a missed playoff berth, although Indy led the league with seven Pro Bowlers. The team would be in the same situation with Mayfield. If you take on an inconsistent quarterback to lead a team that has big playoff ambitions, chances are they'll fail again. Like Wentz, Mayfield has a knack for making mistakes at crucial moments. It's hard to believe the Colts would want to risk that happening again. When discussing Mayfield's chances of success with Indianapolis, it has been argued that he will have a better support system with the Colts. The Browns had more guns on the outside during Mayfield's time with Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry than the Colts had with Michael Pittman Jr., and that's about it. Cleveland's offensive line is arguably the best in the league and objectively better than the Colts unit judging by last year's performance. With an offense that at least matches that of the Colts, Mayfield has led his team to more than six wins just once in four seasons. The Colts are looking for a quarterback that can take them to the next level, not one to defy. Teammates have dubbed Mayfield a fearless leader who gives everything he's got, which every team loves to hear. During his tenure in Cleveland, his maturity and ability to handle controversy were questioned numerous times. That comes with playing the quarterback position in the NFL. The reports of a lack of mental toughness, as well as a Browns source who said they want "a grown-up" quarterback, are alarming. Finally we come to what it takes to acquire Mayfield. The Browns have been reported to be asking for a Day 2 draft pick in exchange for the quarterback. The Colts would be stupid to pick Mayfield in the second or third round. The Colts already don't have a first-round pick from the Wentz trade this year. While they were able to regain some assets by trading Wentz to Washington, it would be wise for the Colts to keep those assets if they want to trade this year's draft for a rookie quarterback they really like (Desmond Ridder, anyone?) Mayfield has a chance of getting a lease, even for a year. He has just one year left on his $18.85 million rookie deal and will become a full free agent after the season. The Colts have already given up draft capital on a year-long lease at Wentz and are unlikely to do so again. While a third-round pick may not be valuable to some, the Colts have had success finding third-round talent. Under Ballard, the Colts' third-round picks were Bobby Okereke (2019) and Julian Blackmon (2020), two very talented defenders who are poised to be starters in this defense for years to come. It all culminates in the final point: Mayfield doesn't move the needle for the Indianapolis Colts. A team that's on the cusp of a fight needs a quarterback who can get there and take that team to the next level. Mayfield never proved he could do that in the NFL, and the Colts don't have time to wait and see if he can. The Colts need to find a solution at quarterback. The solution is not Baker Mayfield. Thinking if the Colts should take over Baker Mayfield? Pre-order our Indy Draft Guide!


Princeton upset No. 6-seeded Kentucky and recorded the program's second NCAA tournament win in history

This was Princeton's first trip to the NCAA since 2019 after the 2020 tournament was canceled by the coronavirus pandemic and the Ivy League opted not to play sports last year. (Author: Gardener)

NCAAPrinceton guard Julia Cunningham and her teammates had plenty to celebrate after stunning Kentucky in the first round of Saturday's NCAA tournament. Abby Meyers set a career-high 29 points and led No. 11 Princeton on Saturday in Baton Rouge, La -4) have won 18 straight games and have never fallen behind after the first quarter. They led three times in the fourth quarter by up to nine points. However, it was a grueling struggle to knock out the Wildcats (19-12), who made ten straight tournament winners - and the last three against teams ranked in the AP Top 25. This was Princeton's first trip to the NCAA since 2019 after the 2020 tournament was canceled by the coronavirus pandemic and the Ivy League opted not to play sports last year. The Tigers won their other NCAA game in 2015, going into the tournament undefeated. They lost to Maryland in the second round of that year. The Tigers held on despite missing seven of their last eight shots and going without a bucket for the final 4:37. Three-time All-American Rhyne Howard led Kentucky by 17 points. She also scored just three goals in the first half and that was a 3-pointer at the end of the half to make it a 32-26 game at halftime. Dre'una Edwards added 16 points and 12 rebounds, but the redshirt junior only made 6 of 15 shots. Kentucky only shot 35.7%. Maddy Siegrist scored 25 points and the 11th-seeded Villanova rallied to beat the 6th-seeded BYU 61-57 in the first round of the women's NCAA tournament in Ann Arbor, Mich. Kaitlyn Oriehl added 10 points and Lucy Olsen had nine for the Wildcats. who finished second in the Big East. "Just a tremendous effort from start to finish," said Villanova coach Denise Dillon. I spoke to the team about building the possession game and they did just that and found a way to win big. The Wildcats meet the winner of third-seeded Michigan and the No. 14 American on Monday. Alexus Dye scored 18 points and snatched 11 rebounds as fourth-seeded Tennessee Lady Vols fended off No. 13-seeded Buffalo 80-67, to remain perfect in the NCAA tournament on their own parquet. Tennessee (24-8) improved to 24-0 at home in the first round, although the Lady Vols' first game here since 2018 was a lot closer than the orange-clad fans would have liked. The Lady Vols will play either No. 5 Oregon or No. 12 Belmont in Monday's second round for a berth in the Wichita Region semifinals. Senior Rae Burrell scored 15 goals after halftime, including nine in the third quarter, giving Tennessee a 57-51 lead in the final quarter. Then the Lady Vols sealed the win, beating Buffalo 12-3 to open the fourth, including 10 in a row. Auburn coach Bruce Pearl said he fully supports Stanford women's coach Tara VanDerveer's initiative to help those in need in Ukraine. VanDerveer had pledged $10 for every 3-pointer scored in the women's NCAA tournament to support humanitarian efforts for those affected by the Russian invasion. "If Tara VanDerveer wants money for 3-pointers, I'll raise whatever they offer," Pearl said. VanDerveer urged other coaches to make similar commitments. Georgia Tech trainer Nell Fortner was among those who joined VanDerveer's efforts to raise funds. Pearl and the Tigers meet Miami in a second-round game in the Midwest region Sunday night. "I'm all in," Pearl said. South Carolina women's coach Dawn Staley was also asked if she could accept VanDerveer's challenge. Staley supported it, but then asked if VanDerveer, her 1996 Olympic coach, would pledge money for every tournament rebound to help inner-city communities in places like Columbia, South Carolina, or Staley's hometown of Philadelphia. "There are a lot of homeless people here," Staley said. That's how we can get two challenges going, both to help far and near.” Brittney Smith came off the bench, posted a career-high 26 points and led the UCF No. 7 in the first round of the NCAA tournament in Storrs, Connecticut, 69-52 past rival Florida. Diamond Battles added 18 points and Masseny Kaba had 14 for the Knights (26-3). Jacy Sheldon had 25 points and five steals, and No. 6-seeded Ohio State overcame an early double-digit deficit to beat 11th-seeded Missouri State 63-56 in the first round of the NCAA tournament at Baton Rouge. la Sheldon also made 10 of 12 free throws for the Buckeyes (24-6), who didn't take the definitive lead until Taylor Mikesell made a 3-pointer from the left corner to make it 54-52 at 3:10. Calip scored 15 points, Ifunanya Nwachukwu grabbed 17 rebounds and Abigayle Jackson scored 11 points for Missouri State, which made it into the opening round in the Spokane area by beating Florida State in a play-in Thursday night.


Browns Collect $15M From Amari Cooper's Re-Do; are attempting to re-sign Jarvis Landry and Jadeveon Clowney, sources say

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Browns could soon welcome two of their Pro Bowl players back to the group in receiver Jarvis Landry and defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. On Saturday, they restructured receiver Amari Cooper's contract to free up about $15 million in cap space, giving them more leeway to try and land Landry, a five-time Pro Bowler, and Clowney, a three-time Pro Bowler. to recommit. League Sources... (Author: Gardener)

Jarvis LandryCleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry is congratulated after a touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals. CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Browns could soon welcome two of their Pro Bowl players back to the group in receiver Jarvis Landry and defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. On Saturday, they restructured receiver Amari Cooper's contract to free up about $15 million in cap space, giving them more room to try and land Landry, a five-time Pro Bowler, and Clowney, a three-time Pro Bowler. to recommit. League sources told The Browns, who are trying everything to win a Super Bowl this season, would love to have both players back, and that's a lot more likely now. The Browns parted ways with Landry last week to save about $15 million on the salary cap after giving him permission to seek a trade. But Landry wanted nothing more than to win a Super Bowl here, and he's motivated to return now that Deshaun Watson and Cooper are here and the Browns have a real chance. Clowney, who played with Watson in Houston, is more likely to return now that his old teammate is on board and the Browns are immediate Super Bowl contenders. The Browns have spoken to both players' agents and will attempt to do business with them shortly. The Browns converted most of Cooper's $20 million salary into a signing bonus and added two contestable years, saving them $15 million on the 2022 cap. Watson's cap number for this season is only about $10 million - despite his five-year, $230 million contract, which is fully guaranteed - meaning the two new offensive hotshots combined are just $15 million will count on the cap. It allows the Browns to add more pieces around them in an attempt to lift the Lombardi Trophy this season. When Landry comes back, Watson will have him, Cooper, Donovan Peoples-Jones and Anthony Schwartz in the receiver room. The Browns are also likely to draft a receiver with one of their five picks in Rounds 2-4 of the draft. It's a strong receiver class, and they can get a starter in the second round. The Browns never wanted to part ways with Landry, 29, but his $16,379 cap hit made him unaffordable. Landry buttoned his lips for most of the stressful 2021 season, and on Feb. 22, he let loose on Twitter when it emerged the Browns might let him go. “The reality behind all of this is I came back to play in the best shape of my life. I was injured in week 2 with a high grade MCL sprain, partial quadriceps and bone contusion," he said in a series of tweets posted to his account on Tuesday morning. “Then I came back way too early and stayed injured all season. His only media appearance after that was during his Thanksgiving Food Giveaway in Parma on November 16, during which he noted, among other things, that his production was tied to not getting many opportunities, not to tapping the rust off his injury. He also made it clear that the receivers were doing their best with Baker Mayfield playing with a torn labrum in his left shoulder. “My media availability wasn't there either because I was concentrating on coming onto the field as healthy as possible during the week and after games. I put the ball on the CLE court by telling them I'd like to stay but if not then then. '' He stressed that he wanted to be back with the Browns for a fifth season, but that he understood the reality of the business. He turns 30 in November and has a 2022 cap hit of $16.379 million, and his dead money is just $1.5 million if the Browns release him. "I put the ball on the CLE court by telling them I'd like to stay but if not then I'm confident enough to be a healthier me this year and move on to do my part in winning a to contribute championship elsewhere. He also tweeted, "Before this year I missed 0 games. With Baker Mayfield struggling for most of the season after tearing his labrum in Week 2, all receivers lacked production — and none had more than three TD receptions. Landry led the club with 52 catches for 570 yards, but both were career lows. But Landry missed five games, and his 7.25 goals per game would have totaled 123 over 17 games. As for Clowney, he notched nine sacks last season, down from just three in his previous nine games. Watson's presence and the additional cap room could speed up the deal. The Browns could also soon be eyeing an extension for Denzel Ward with the cap relief. Mayfield has asked the Browns to trade him, and they tell his agents they will not honor his request. Browns threw caution to the wind in their pursuit of Deshaun Watson and now they have to deal with the consequences of missing Browns should be relieved not to get Deshaun Watson. Browns announced they were eliminated from the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes; could try to trade for Derek Carr, Matt Ryan and other QBs. Amari Cooper dials his new Browns number, and it's not 19 or 89


16-year-old killed and others injured in Mt. Airy crash on Saturday morning

The back seat passenger, a 16-year-old man, suffered fatal injuries in the crash and was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. (Author: Gardener)

16-year-oldAccording to the Cincinnati Police Department, a 16-year-old was killed and three others injured in an accident on Saturday morning. Police were called to the area of ​​2370 West North Bend Road to investigate a traffic accident that resulted in fatal injuries at around 5:20 a.m. Investigators said an 18-year-old driver was traveling north on West North Bend Road in a Kia Optima when he lost control of the car, crossed the center line and struck a Honda Accord. The driver of the Optima was taken to University Hospital Medical Center for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Police said there were two teenage passengers on the Optima. A 13-year-old man in the passenger seat was transported to Children's Hospital Medical Center for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. The back seat passenger, a 16-year-old man, suffered fatal injuries in the crash and was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. The driver of the Honda Accord was taken to the UCMC for treatment of his non-life threatening injuries. Police said both drivers were wearing seat belts, but the teenage passengers were not wearing seat belts. This article originally appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer: 16-Year-Old Killed, Others Injured in Mt. Airy Crash Saturday Morning


The Batman star Zoë Kravitz witnesses the opening monologue being crashed by several catwomen, a cat lady and Katt Williams

Movie, The Batman. "In the movie I play Catwoman - sorry, the Catwoman," Kravitz joked. "To prepare for the role, I watched the movie musical Cats every day for a year, which was actually […] (Author: Gardener)

BatmanZoë Kravitz made her first appearance as an SNL host tonight and discussed her new Warner Bros. in her opening monologue. "In the movie, I play Catwoman—sorry, the Catwoman," Kravitz joked. "To prepare for the role, I watched the movie musical 'Cats' every day for a year. That's how I heard Joaquin Phoenix getting ready to play the Joker.” “Anyone out here talking about cats?” asked Kate McKinnon, approaching the stage in a leather femdom suit with pointy cat ears. "Hi, I just delivered my monologue. You're Catwoman too?” Kravitz asked. "Yeah, I'm Catwoman from the 90's, the one with the whip. You know how cats did it,” McKinnon said deadly. You want to know mine?” “Okay, I fell out a window onto a cat poo. They brought me back to life and now I dress like Sandy from a porn version of Grease," McKinnon explained. "It's still called Grease." It's great to have some support from Catwoman," Kravitz said, trying to get back into her monologue. "Wait, we need to activate the cat signal," McKinnon called. "Yes, for every time you need a Catwoman," McKinnon explained. We then cut to a shot of a cat signal glowing in the sky, casting light on 30 Rock. "Oh, I love that!" Kravitz said. "It's a noble feline ready to throw itself off a ledge." "Or it does its business in the litter box," suggested McKinnon. Another Catwoman, played by Ego Nwodim, then appeared. She had seen the cat signal and imagined that someone must be in danger. "No doubt," confirmed Nwodim. “I was the first Black Catwoman. "Right, yes," Kravitz said. "Yeah, people called it cheesy," Nwodim said, "but it turned out to be just super gay." After keeping McKinnon and Nwodim happy for a moment, Kravitz tried one more time to get back to her monologue. But just as she was about to turn off the cat signal, an old woman appeared pushing a shopping cart with a white cat inside. "Yeah yeah. More of a cat lady I guess," said the character, played by Aidy Bryant. "This is my husband - sorry, cat - and we're here to meet [musical guest] Rosalía. "I don't think so I can do that right now," Kravitz said. "I have to host the show." "Oh yeah. I see," Bryant said. "You know, I've hosted the show dozens of times — in my mind where it's called Saturday Night Cat." I really didn't expect to meet so many cat people," Kravitz said. "Even if the next one is Doja Cat?" asked Nwodim. "Oh my god, is she here?" Kravitz asked. Then Katt Williams (Chris Redd) appeared in the audience. "Oh come on. You're not even a woman," said an angry Kravitz. Meow," Redd said. "And if I wanted to meet Rosalía..." The sketch ends with all cat (or katt) people rolled into one jump into a gorgeous still and Kravitz exclaims, "We've got a great show." Check out her opening monologue above.


Saturday morning news summary

The California Water Usage Administration estimated Friday that the state will only be able to... (Author: Gardener)

SaturdayCalifornia's water use regulator on Friday estimated the state can meet just 5 percent of this year's requested allocations from the state's main water storage and supply system. After what the state Department of Water Resources called a "historically dry" January and February, the agency said it was able to fulfill only 5 percent of requests, instead of the previous estimate of 15 percent. Businesses in the Martin Avenue area of ​​Rohnert Park were forced to seek temporary shelter Friday morning after a chemical spill at the Strauss Family Creamery at 655 Park Court, according to the city's Department of Public Safety. The department issued an alert about the spill just before 9:25 am, which was first reported to the Public Safety Coordination Center at 8:50 am delivered to the company and was damaged by a forklift while being unloaded from a truck. About 250 gallons of product were spilled in the parking lot, officials said. The existing shelter was ordered and crews, including hazardous materials specialists from the county, helped contain the spill. Officials determined the chemicals could be safely diluted and flushed away with fire hoses, they said. Strauss has a filtered cistern system that prevents hazardous waste from entering the storm drains, the Public Safety Department said. The shelter-in-place order was lifted at 1022. The chemicals are used by the dairy to clean and disinfect collection tanks and transfer lines. A former Apple Inc. employee is accused of defrauding the computer giant of millions of dollars, the Department of Justice for the Northern District of California said on Friday. Dhirendra Prasad, 52, is accused of money laundering and tax evasion. He worked for Apple from 2008 to 2018 and was a buyer in the company's global supply chain and was responsible for purchasing parts and services from vendors on Apple's behalf, the DOJ said. Prasad was charged with five crimes on Thursday. The first charge alleges that he was involved in a conspiracy to commit wire transfer and mail fraud from 2013 to 2018. In the second and third counts, Prasad is charged with separate conspiracy to launder fraud proceeds. The fourth count charges him with conspiracy to evade a co-conspirator's tax debts for several years. And the fifth count accuses Prasad of evading his own income tax debt. Prasad allegedly took kickbacks, stole parts and made Apple pay $10 million for services it never received. Prasad is also accused of evading taxes on the proceeds, which he also allegedly laundered. If found guilty on all charges, Prasad faces a maximum of 70 years in prison, the DOJ reported. An adult and two youths were arrested on suspicion of armed robbery at CVS stores in Petaluma and Santa Rosa, police said Friday. Police received an emergency call around 6:33 p.m. on Thursday for a robbery that had just taken place at the CVS on North McDowell Boulevard in Petaluma. Staff reported that one of the suspects displayed a pistol in his waistband. Two of the suspects entered the pharmacy staff area and demanded prescription pills from behind the counter, police said. The suspects were unable to obtain property from CVS during the robbery and eventually fled in a car, witnesses said. Petaluma Police searched for the car and the people described in the robbery and caught on CCTV but were unable to locate them. However, Santa Rosa police responded to a similar robbery at another CVS store at around 7:23 p.m. where the suspects "matched the description" of those in the Petaluma robbery, police said. The Santa Rosa suspects also fled in a car matching the same description. Santa Rosa Police found a vehicle that appeared to match the description at both CVS locations and a "high-risk traffic stop" was initiated, they said. Both police departments have questioned the suspects and claim that all three were responsible for the attempted robberies. They were sent to prison on suspicion of robbery and conspiracy. A Campbell fire that broke out at a vacant commercial building Friday morning has been largely reduced, but crews will work throughout the weekend to achieve a complete extinguishing, according to the Santa Clara County Fire Department. The four-alarm fire was reported at 10:05 a.m. on Knowles Drive near Dell Avenue, sending up large amounts of smoke that could be seen from much of the South Bay. On Friday night, County Fire Capt. Justin Stockman said the structure remained extremely unstable and the immediate area was exceptionally dangerous, so public access remained closed. Captain Stockman said there have been no reports of injuries or deaths, but that crews are working diligently to prevent runoff from entering Los Gatos Creek. Vallejo police are investigating a shooting Friday night that killed one person. The shooting took place around 7 p.m. in the 300 block of Pepper Drive, police said. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital, police said. There will be showers on Saturday. Southwest winds will blow 5 to 10 mph before switching to westerly winds of 10 to 20 mph in the afternoon. Northwest winds will be 10 to 20 miles per hour. The highs will be in the mid 50's to low 60's. Northwest winds will be 5 to 10 mph, increasing to 10 to 20 mph in the afternoon. Copyright © 2022 Bay City News, Inc. Republication, retransmission, or redistribution is prohibited without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. Bay City News is a 24/7 news service covering the greater Bay Area. Copyright © 2022 by Bay City News, Inc. Republication, redistribution, or other reuse without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. is prohibited.


Alabama women's basketball beats Troy at WNIT

Alabama women's basketball weathers the early storm to beat Troy 82-79 in the first round of the WNIT. Jada Rice led with 15 points and 15 rebounds. (Author: Gardener)

WNITAlabama women's basketball survived a late run by Troy to earn an 82-79 win in Thursday's first round of the WNIT at Troy's Trojan Arena. Troy took a double-digit lead in the first quarter before struggling to find shots when Alabama came back at halftime to take the lead. Alabama held onto its lead for most of the second half. On the stretch, Alabama struggled to score as Troy brought the game back to a three-point lead. The Crimson Tide (18-13) was led by Jada Rice with 15 points and 15 rebounds. Megan Abrams had 24 points, Brittany Davis added 17 points and JaMya Mingo-Young scored 16 points. The Trojans (24-9) were led by Tina Stephens with 13 points and Felmas Koranga with 10 points and 12 rebounds. They tweeted 'We Want Bama' and all that," Alabama coach Kristy Curry said of Troy. Alabama will play the second round in Tulane at 6:30 p.m. CT Monday. Alabama didn't start off the field quickly, going 3 for 15 shooting while allowing Troy a 15-3 run in the first quarter.The Crimson Tide was down 10 late in the first quarter but turned it around and beat the Trojans 21-10 in the second quarter what Abrams and Davis are bringing this postseason. In the SEC tournament, the duo had a combined 90 points in two wins while Davis had four in loss. Davis added eight steals, a season high. Troy leads the nation in total Rebounds, offensive and defensive rebounds per game, while Alabama's rebounding average ranked 141. Alabama lost the rebound fight 53-41 but got enough to keep the Trojans at bay in Rice's high rebounding season helped Alabama keep up on the boards Alabama had played the second- and third-best re bounding teams, Tennessee and South Carolina, four times this season with mixed success. "I thought she was really coming out, really had a tremendous amount of energy. This article originally appeared in Tuscaloosa News: Alabama Women's Basketball Beats Troy in WNIT first round