Rams tie former Bears WR Allen Robinson to a 3-year deal

The former leader of NFL touchdown receptions reportedly agrees to a $46.5 million deal, adding to Rams QB Matthew Stafford's impressive range of targets. (Author: Gardener)

RamsWhen your offense is built around a star quarterback, you can't have too many talented pass receivers. The Rams announced Thursday that they have agreed to a three-year contract with former Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson, worth $46.5 million, of which $30.7 million is guaranteed. Robinson, 28, was a free agent after what was by his standards a disappointing season in 2021 when a hamstring injury limited the ex-Jacksonville Jaguars' second-round draft pick to 12 games, 38 catches, 410 yards and a touchdown. Before that bad year, he was ranked by his peers as the 87th best player in the league in the NFL Top 100 after catching 102 passes for 1,250 yards and six touchdowns for the Bears in 2020. In his best season, Robinson caught a league-leading 14 touchdown pass for the Jaguars in 2015 and was selected to the Pro Bowl. Now he'll be catching passes from Matthew Stafford, the best quarterback he's ever had. The Rams could have been expected to make their first acquisition of the NFL's free-agent signing period as an outside linebacker to replace Von Miller, who was signed by the Buffalo Bills Wednesday. Instead, they added a broad receiver corps that already includes NFL Offensive Player of the Year and Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Van Jefferson, as well as some promising younger players, and could have Odell Beckham Jr. when the Rams return. sign the free agent. That was a concern last year when the Rams signed DeSean Jackson in March and again when they pulled Beckham out of an unfortunate situation with the Cleveland Browns on Nov. 11. But Jackson only lasted seven games before the Rams waived him, and Beckham became not an extra play but a key addition when Woods suffered a season-ending knee injury on Nov. 13. Woods is expected to be ready for training camp while Beckham is expected to miss the first half of the regular season. They've played him whenever they've faced him in the past five seasons, which is unusual for a non-NFC West opponent. The Penn State product was a teammate to Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey with the Jaguars before joining the Bears in 2018 as a free agent on a three-year, $42 million contract. Before the Rams beat the Bears 34-14 on opening night in 2021 at SoFi Stadium, a game in which Robinson had six catches from Andy Dalton and Justin Fields for 35 yards, defensive coordinator Raheem Morris called him "a top receiver in that one." League for a long time." "He's a great isolation player. He's a great third-place player.


How can Rams replace Von Miller and Andrew Whitworth?

A lack of draft material and cap space leaves LA with skinny options for replacing the two Vets (Author: Gardener)

RamsOn Tuesday, left-starter Andrew Whitworth announced his retirement after a 16-year career and five seasons with the Rams. And following reports that "deep talks" were being held about an extension with LA, linebacker Von Miller spurned the champions on Wednesday and agreed to a six-year, $120 million deal with the Buffalo Bills. It obviously won't be easy replacing a former Super Bowl MVP along with 12 total Pro Bowl appearances and five first-team All-Pro selections. The Rams went into the offseason with little cap room but made steps to create some space ahead of Wednesday's cap deadline. One of those moves included linebacker Leonard Floyd's contract restructuring, freeing up $12 million for the team. Could he take Miller's place as LA's top rusher on the sidelines? Floyd, who is signed until 2025, played on the left side of the line last season but is more than capable of replacing Miller at right-back. Last season, Floyd had a career-high total tackles (70) while adding 9.5 sacks, one forced fumble and one interception. The Rams could also be looking to sign Packers linebacker Za'Darius Smith, who, according to reports Thursday, will not sign with the Baltimore Ravens after previously agreeing to a deal. That might be a little outside of the Rams' price range, but adding the two-time Pro Bowler on the other side of the defensive line could help LA repeat the 50 sacks the team posted last season, which was in the third-highest the NFL. LA general manager Les Snead gave out 12 draft picks before and throughout the 2021 season. As a result, the Rams' first pick for the 2022 draft will not come until the end of the third round at pick #104. PFF released its updated three-round mock draft Thursday, letting the Rams pick cornerback Marcus Jones for Houston. While adding talent at secondary LA would help offset corner Darious Williams' departure to the Jaguars, an offensive tackle could prove valuable with this pick, although nothing will replace Whitworth's performance and experience. PFF's sham has two tackles that will be picked in the third round before the Rams' first pick as UCLA's Sean Rhyan and Penn State's Rasheed Walker are projected to picks No. 82 and 84, respectively. Either one could slip a bit for the Rams to grab him, or Snead could cast some more magic and trade. Want the latest news and inside information about the Rams? Click here to join the Ram Digest message board community today!


"I will not forgive." Everything that's happened since that "nude photo scandal" on MAFS.

From Olivia's comments to Dom's reaction, everything that has happened since the Domenica nude photo scandal was leaked at Married at First Sight. (Author: Gardener)

MAFSReality TV "I will not forgive." Everything that's happened since that "nude photo scandal" on MAFS. Well, this season of Married At First Sight has really been a ride. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we've seen some serious drama over the past few weeks, and we've also seen the season's early fan favorite - Olivia Frazer - morph into one of the show's most controversial contestants. Ever since Domenica Calarco smashed a wine glass in response to Olivia's comment about her voice, everything with the group has basically been blown up. And the contestants on the show have been shown to be cruel, spiteful, and easily off-kilter. Which brings us to Domenica's OnlyFans photos scandal. Last night we saw a particularly violent story unfold on MAFS, where most attendees had seen a nude photo of Domenica before the dinner party. And Domenica had no idea. A post from Married At First Sight (@mafs) "If someone smacks you in the face with a wine glass, you google them," Olivia said, explaining how she found the photos. “It's so easy to find. I have no idea who in the group saw it, I just sent through the photos so my goodness bad but I don't care enough to think about it," she added. The drama unfolded quickly when one of the Boys said to Domenica: "We all saw a picture of you, pretty much naked on the couch."In an interview with 9Entertainment, Domenica opened up about yesterday's confrontation at the dinner party, calling it "disgusting". "I think it's disgusting. Me." find it disgraceful," she said to me, showing intent and malice, and if she [Olivia] can't see that, I don't know what the hell is wrong with her. "As I saw it and as I have done to this day see is that it was done 100 percent to cause me pain and cause tension between me and Jack in the relationship. Sounds like intentional?" She added, "It was really hard for me to sit there and people to to let me say 'because I put something on the internet, do I deserve it or should have expected it'. Post continues below *t-shamey reply, Domenica said she won't forgive her "Yes, you published it, so you kinda deserved it." "I won't forgive... The pain will always be there, because now I'm having to go through it all over again." Olivia told Nova's Fitzy and Wippa that she was "completely 'taken aback' by the drama. "I was totally blown away by the whole photo thing," she said on my phone. "I was with a group of people. And like, I did the wrong thing. Then I get to the cocktail party and everyone is talking about the photo.” Fitzy cut him off to confirm if Olivia or her friends had found the photo, at which point she half-evaded the question. "Yeah, I said something like, 'If someone smashes a glass in your face, you google them.' I don't know why I said that. Look, the photo popped up and I don't know..." He asked if the 27-year-old regretted sharing the photo with the group, and Olivia said she "didn't see what was wrong with it until recently “. I regretted it then. I definitely didn't see what was wrong with it until recently, just thinking "it's on the internet". I literally just thought, oh how good if [she] makes some extra money. That's fantastic.” On SAFM Adelaide's Bec, Cosi and Lehmo, Jack Millar, MAFS husband of Domenica Calcaro, continued to defend her for using OnlyFans to say about the group's confrontation. "I've seen a lot more on a beach, by any Australian ever. I just want to point out I still haven't seen that photo FYI," he added. "It was COVID, she was hospitality work and makeup work, both of which were the two industries that were hit the hardest. Power to the people." MAFS bride Ella Ding has some choice words for the nude photo post incident and admits she was "amazed" by Olivia's behavior and the other bride's actions that night.In an interview with HIT FM's Maz and Lakey, she said other brides came up to her and "wished" her "They all told me." "That situation at the dinner party, that was her time to shine and again no one spoke up before the dinner party," she told Maz Comp Tonne and Danny Lakey. It was really just how the group had dealt with it. Nobody really had them back." Ella agreed with both Jack and Domenica, who called the whole situation vicious, saying, "It was pretty clear it was gossip because everyone but me had seen it. There was obviously a reason why everyone but me saw it.” Regarding Olivia's behavior, she says it “staggered” her. and honestly? It's amazing," she explained, before later adding, "It must be exhausting being Olivia. It's easier to be nice!" Ella has taught how to treat other women and has been tough in her defense of her friend. But Olivia just moved on - into season, you'll see that everywhere - she just keeps finding things." She said that herself, she has a grudge against the people in preschool, it doesn't go against Dom, she tried Take that step forward. She says hi, she does whatever she's comfortable with, but Olivia just keeps making the snide comments — like, 'If you're missing, we won't send out a search party.'” Ella criticized also thanked groomsmen Cody for the "childish" decision to show Domenica's nude photo during the dinner party."If you think about dropping that bombshell at a dinner party, do you think it will make your relationship with Dom stronger?" she asked ." If anything, Dom will have even more against you.” It was childish. It was immature, and it was high school crap, and like I said, we all have choices. The way people handled it at the dinner party is immature." While Cody Bromley admitted he could have handled the nude photo situation better, he told Hit Network's Cliffo and Gabi that it was "frustrating." was to deal with Domenica. When asked why he confronted her during the dinner party, he said, "I thought [I know that] is going to be an issue, [I thought we had to address it in order to go home and get some sleep." ." But it was also very frustrating that it was about Dom again. We finally got the chance to make our own stays at home and enjoy our own space and when we came back it was just drama about Dom again. "Additionally, Cody admitted there was little sympathy for Dom, who was the focus. "Dom is very provocative... The sympathy isn't really there because we've seen her stirring the pot for so long," he said . "In retrospect, it obviously wasn't the right thing to do." Regarding how Olivia has become a clear villain on MAFS, Cody said that he prefers her company to Domenica's. "Liv is such a legend. Honestly, if most people had a conversation with Dom or Liv, they would get along better with Liv. She wasn't handling the situation as well as she could have. Every time "I see her, she asks how I'm doing. But she was really struggling to get along with Dom. So did I. Liv is portrayed as a villain, I think everyone can see that." Domenica apologizes for mentioning the photo during the dinner party."Obviously, now I understand why Dom is upset. I'm sorry, I told her that. It was a big talking point, and the company had to deal with it... It." creates a lot of awareness," he said. "A petition surfaced on overnight asking the eSafety Commissioner to take action against Olivia Frazer for image-based abuse of the person depicted". However, since this image was taken by Dom on a If the public Twitter account was also shared on Twitter, it doesn't technically meet the criteria. At the time of publication, the petition has garnered nearly 40,000 signatures and the creator, Pete Joyce, updated those who signed the petition that afternoon, saying: "The Office of the e-Safety Commissioner tweeted this morning and communicated 'that it can only investigate matters reported by the data subject or their nominated representative'. So Domenica needs to get in touch with them herself so that an investigation can begin. "...I have been fortunate to be able to contact Dom herself and she is aware of and supports this petition. She is currently in the process of seeking legal advice and has asked us to keep the petition and momentum going for the time being. "


The Tackle Dilemma, Watson Watch, Free Agency Philosophy and more

Tackling various issues on the minds of Miami Dolphins fans, from a new RB Chase Edmonds to whether Connor Williams can play tackle and what could make the difference in 2022 (Author: Gardener)

Watson WatchTackling various issues on the minds of Miami Dolphins fans, from a new RB Chase Edmonds to whether Connor Williams can play tackle and what could make the difference in 2022. Do you like the signing of Chase Edmonds? Considering I've believed all along that the Dolphins would continue their rotating running back pattern and it's a good scheme and improvement over the players at the position last year, yes I like that commitment, though I would caution against expecting him to break out and be a 1,000 yard rusher. Is there a pretty good chance Watson will have pulled the dolphins out of sight after the trading deadline? Couldn't the dolphins therefore have pursued him a second time? And this spring, there hasn't been a single word, report, or beep that Watson has taken the dolphins out of sight or that the dolphins have reached out to Texans again about him. So long answer short I think it's just a case where after last season the Dolphins decide to turn the page and forget the idea of ​​trying to make a trade for him. How unaware are the dolphins not to be in Watson now? Hey Adnas, I don't know if I would use the word 'ignorant' but it's amazing to me that they were all there last November when there was a possibility of criminal charges and now they've completely backed out of that possibility gone. What has changed since then? Have the final nine games of the 2021 regular season convinced you Tua Tagovailoa will become a Watson quarterback? Some will say, without question, that it was Brian Flores who drove the Watson trade train, but the whole organization could have squashed that idea at any point last autumn rather than let it smolder publicly, and they didn't - it was the whole team on board with it. I think Miami did a good job in FA. See them add a premium T and maybe a Myles Jack? Any news on Hollins or Duke Johnson. If Miami can add a C/T and maybe a player like Jack they will have their holes filled and can draft BPA any round including adding P. Hey Reza first let's note this question was sent, before Myles Jack agreed to the terms with the Steelers and Mack Hollins with the Raiders. As far as Duke Johnson is concerned, all has been quiet, although I would certainly expect him to find a team at some point. And yes, I think adding a center or tackle along with a playmaker at linebacker would be nice, although the Dolphins seem content to play it back with the same group of linebackers as last year after re-upping Roberts, Riley and Eguavoen. Is Connor Williams our new OT? Hey James, Williams played exclusively left guard for Dallas, and when he came to the NFL from Texas he just didn't think he had the length to play tackle at that level. I see no reason that that would have changed. Hey Eric, this still held true as of Thursday noon and the best guess here is that the Saints need to get a response from Deshaun Watson before making any decisions and/or making arrangements for other players like Terron Armstead. I would definitely expect him and other players to sign quickly once a Watson deal is made. Why is Miami holding on to players we don't need? Hey J, that's a fair question, but it comes down to the Dophins believing they're actually very close to fighting, which has an upside if you look closely at the rankings for the past two years, but also could be unrealistic given how they managed to get beat up at their two money games (2020 in Buffalo, 2021 in Tennessee). Hey my friend, it looks like the Dolphins are determined to return with a very similar team from last year. Hey Dana, you're right that the Dolphins seem determined to push it back, but there are factors that will come into play aside from coaching. One is the natural progression of players, with the Dolphins hoping everyone takes a step forward in 2022. But the downside to that is that the schedule certainly looks tougher than last season (playing AFC North is no picnic) and one can't help but wonder how much of 2021's defensive success goes to the long list of mediocre quarterbacks the Dolphins faced.


The NCAA bracket expert is dialing odds against the spreads in Thursday's first round games

A closer look at Thursday's first round games of the NCAA tournament (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayOfficially, the 2022 NCAA tournament began Tuesday in Dayton with two first-four games and two more first-four games on Wednesday. Unofficially, however, the real mayhem of March begins on Thursday and Friday, when first-round tournaments take place across the country. Between the two days, the field will be halved from 64 to 32 teams as the sport is scheduled to be (almost) sunrise to sunset. Getting some extra skin in the games can also be what gets you in the tournament spirit. Below, I've drawn on the expertise of the College Hoops team to glean some insight with picks direct and against the spread for some of the top games on Thursday's expanded list. Here, too, our expert brackets can help. While surviving and progressing is clearly the most important thing for most, we care about whether these teams are covering their spreads, and we've tracked the season since November to provide our own thoughts on each game. Stay with CBS Sports for the rest of the month for coverage of the NCAA tournaments until the end of the Final Four. Let's take a look at our expert picks when the first round matches kick off on Thursday. | CBS, March Madness Live: Losing starting point guard DeVante' Jones (concussion) for at least Michigan's first-round game against Colorado State is a significant one. He's the team's assist leader, third-top scorer and was big on the track. I can't imagine Colorado State stopping them consistently enough, although I expect Rams star David Roddy to keep this one pretty close. Choice: Michigan -1.5 | truTV, March Madness Live: Since 2010, the top 3-point shooting team in the field has advanced at least one round every year but two. That should bode well for the state of South Dakota, which ranks #1 in the state in terms of 3-point shooting percentage. Providence is no slouch — it won the Big East regular season and plays a physical style that will screw up this game — but I like to see the jackrabbits rise as underdogs. Selection: State of South Dakota +2 | truTV, March Madness Live: Iowa is arguably the hottest team in the country to compete in the NCAA tournament. After a Big Ten tournament title, the Hawkeyes have won 12 of their last 14 games and found a groove as Keegan Murray blossomed from star to superstar. Murray averaged 26 points per game as Iowa won four games in four days to clinch the conference tournament title, and this team looks battle-hardened and perfectly positioned to continue their incredible march with a dominant Round 1 win. Tip: Iowa -10.5 | TNT, March Madness Live: This is a big line to cover, even for the #1 overall seed Gonzaga. His season average was a whopping 22.5 points, and that factored in games against Duke, UCLA, Alabama, and other top schools. The Zags will roll, and I expect they will roll big. Selection: Gonzaga -23 | TNT, March Madness Live: I don't particularly like New Mexico State as an underdog on the money line on this one, but I think it can cover the range. The Aggies have gone 26-6 overall this season and half of those losses have been four points or fewer. Selection: State of New Mexico +6.5 | CBS, March Madness Live: San Francisco is a top-flight roster that has put up real fights all season, including beating Gonzaga in WCC play and MVC Tournament Champion Loyola-Chicago. But Murray State is a 30-2 club that hasn't lost since Dec. 22 and can hit you inside and out with good balance on either side of the ball. Pick: Murray State -1 Get every pick, play, surprise and fill in your bracket with our help! Visit SportsLine now to see which teams will make and break your bracket and who will make the nets, all from the model that has beaten over 92% of all CBS Sports brackets for the second time in three tournaments!


Tips for Day 3 of the Cheltenham Festival from Robbie Power

Galopin Des Champs and Bob Olinger clash in the first race of the day (Author: Gardener)

Day 3Galopin Des Champs and Bob Olinger face off in the first race of the day Want to get the day's sporting headlines straight to your inbox? It's so disappointing to see only four but we have an intriguing duel between Galopin Des Champs and Bob Olinger who both won last year's hurdles meeting. I think it's going to be a pretty easy race as Galopin Des Champs will be the winner and Bob Olinger will follow. They are two very good horses but I just think Bob Olinger will have more toes than Galopin Des Champs and will come out on top. Sire Du Berlais is a very interesting runner in the Pertemps as he is aiming for a hat trick in the race for Gordon Elliott and JP McManus. It's an open race and I think Gordon could win it again but it could be on the lower end of the handicap with a horse named Dunboyne. He was well supported for the race and out of the six runners Gordon has in the race he would be the best choice. At Ryanair, Allaho is likely to be one of Ireland's bankers of the week and will be very hard to beat. He was a very good three-mile winner on the last day at Newbury but it's very hard to compare Allaho to what he did at Cheltenham last season and what he has done so far this season. The Stayers is extremely competitive and I've picked about five different winners for it over the past few weeks, but as it gets closer I'm siding with Champ. He's in good course form, ok he didn't win the last day at Cheltenham after a very good performance at Ascot but I think he could be the one to beat here. The plate comes after the stayers and looks wide open. My only ride of the day is in the Mares' Novices' Hurdle where I work with Say Goodbye for Gordon Elliott and I think she has a great chance of winning at a tremendous price. She was just a length and a half behind Gordon's other mare Party Central at Leopardstown and will come for this run. He's probably one of the biggest fantasies to come out of Cullentra this week and should take a beating. His form is rock solid and he looks like the one they all have to beat. Get the latest sports headlines straight to your inbox by signing up for free email alerts


Russia deadlocked, Ukrainian cities blown up as war enters fourth week

Russian forces in Ukraine are blowing up towns and killing civilians but are making no more progress on the ground, Western countries said on Thursday, as a war it was believed Moscow hoped to win within days entered its fourth week. (Author: Gardener)

RussiaRussian forces in Ukraine are blowing up towns and killing civilians but are making no more progress on the ground, Western countries said on Thursday, as a war it was believed Moscow hoped to win within days entered its fourth week. Local officials said rescuers in the besieged southern port of Mariupol were combing the wreckage of a theater where women and children had taken refuge, which had been bombed by Russian forces the previous day. Russia denied hitting the theater, which commercial satellite imagery showed the word "children" was marked on the ground in front of it before it was blown up. Mariupol has suffered the worst humanitarian disaster of the war, with hundreds of thousands of civilians locked in basements for weeks without food, water or electricity. Russian forces this week began letting some people out in private cars but have prevented aid convoys from reaching the city. Viacheslav Chaus, governor of the region centered on the northern frontline city of Chernihiv, said 53 civilians had been killed there in the past 24 hours. In the capital Kyiv, a building in the Darnytsky district was severely damaged by debris from a rocket launched early in the morning, according to the authorities. Although both sides have indicated limited progress in peace talks this week, President Vladimir Putin, who ordered the Russian invasion on February 24, has shown little sign of backing down. In a televised speech, he railed against "traitors and scum" back home who helped the West, saying the Russian people spit them out like gnats. Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Putin's Security Council, said the United States had incited "disgusting" Russophobia to bring Russia to its knees: "It won't work — Russia has the power to put all our brazen enemies in their place." Kyiv and its Western allies believe Russia started the unprovoked war to subdue a neighbor Putin calls an artificial state. Moscow says it is conducting a 'special operation' to disarm and 'denazify' Ukraine Heavily outnumbered Ukrainian forces have so far prevented Moscow from seizing one of Ukraine's largest cities despite the biggest attack on a European state since World War II.More than 3 million Ukrainians have fled and thousands of civilians and combatants have died British military intelligence said in an update on Thursday that the invasion "to al fronts had largely stalled” and Russian forces suffered heavy casualties at the hands of a steadfast and well-coordinated Ukrainian resistance. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered a speech to the German Bundestag via video link, in which he did not hold back in a speech that invoked the Holocaust and the Berlin Wall and apparently aimed to smack pro-Russian politicians in Moscow's main energy consumer shame. "Every year politicians repeat 'never again,'" said Zelenskyy, who is of Jewish descent, citing a slogan used to commemorate the Holocaust. He accused Germany of building a new wall "in the middle of Europe between freedom and bondage" by isolating Ukraine with its business ties with Russia and its past support for the now-frozen Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Russia has attacked Ukraine from four directions, sending two massive columns into Kyiv from the northwest and northeast, advancing near the second-largest city of Kharkiv from the east, and spreading south from Crimea. The north-east and north-west suburbs of Kyiv have been reduced to rubble by heavy fighting, but the capital itself has held out under a curfew and faced deadly nighttime missile attacks. Amid the relentless fighting, both sides have spoken of progress in talks. Ukrainian officials have said they believe Russia is running out of troops to keep fighting and may soon come to terms with not toppling the Ukrainian government. Moscow has said it is close to agreeing on a formula that would keep Ukraine neutral, which has long been one of its demands. Moscow said peace talks resumed Thursday via video link for a fourth straight day and discussed military, political and humanitarian issues. A senior Zelenskyy adviser said Ukraine still maintains its core demand that it maintain sovereignty over areas occupied by Russian and pro-Russian forces since 2014.


UCP tries to privatize education

My question is why are public funds being used for charter or private schools? There is a publicly funded school. Should parents want to exit the public system and switch to a private system, they pay their own way. Is this another way to privatize our public system? Privatize everything and support it with public money. (Author: Gardener)

UCPAlberta Premier Jason Kenney visited a classroom at Aurora Academic Charter School in Edmonton on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 where he announced that the Alberta government will commit $25 million in operating funds over the next three years and $47 million in equity investments to support the public charter school expansions and college programs in the education system under the 2022 budget. My question is why are public funds going to charter or private schools? There is a publicly funded school. Should parents want to exit the public system and switch to a private system, they pay their own way. Is this another way to privatize our public system? Oh, that's the UCP way. Privatize everything and support it with public money. I think you probably get a complaint about Malcom Mayes on a daily basis or multiple times a day. I understand that editorial cartoons are sometimes meant to be provocative and always meant to be thought-provoking. Unfortunately, Mr. Mayes is fixated on Trudeau to the point of predictable boredom. Yes, he is a prime minister of questionable talent, but nowhere near as deaf as our pathetic prime minister. But Mr. Mayes intervenes in a bizarre world to negatively associate Trudeau with every event. His talent could be put to so much better use in thought provoking. Trudeau is a lazy and troublesome target. I am pleased that the Edmonton Journal has the privilege of printing Mr. Mayes' extraordinarily creative and insightful cartoons. Mr Hrdlicka seems to think that political cartoons should only reflect his particular bias, while the purpose of a political cartoon is to comment on current events and stimulate thought-provoking discussion. So far in Canada we are free to express our opinions even if they criticize our governments. I would encourage Mr Hrdlicka to investigate Justin Trudeau's numerous ethical scandals. Hopefully one day there will be an analysis of Trudeau's leadership during COVID. It's troubling when people demand that everyone reflect their respective views. I cannot agree with Mr Hrdlicka, but I am perfectly satisfied that he is expressing his opinion. They could help Ukraine by going there instead and joining the other legions of Canadian fighters. Or by making a financial contribution to Ukraine instead of spending that money on travel expenses and accommodation in Victoria. We invite you to write letters to the editor. Letters must include a first and last name or two initials and a last name, as well as an address and daytime phone number. All letters are subject to processing. We do not publish letters addressed to or sent to other publications. Email: [email protected]


Thunder Rosa wins the AEW Women's Champion.

This special St. Patrick's Day edition of AEW Dynamite pitted Thunder Rosa against Britt Baker in the main event for the AEW Women's Title in a Steel Cage. (Author: Gardener)

Thunder RosaThis special AEW Dynamite St. Patrick's Day Slam edition featured two major title matches, while we also saw a massive six-man tag team match featuring AEW World Champion Hangman Adam Page. Also, the Hardy Boyz were in action in their AEW in-ring debut. The match would begin with Adam Cole and Jungle Boy clashing, but almost immediately after the two lock, the mighty Luchasaurus is introduced to the fight, shifting the momentum in favor of the team of champions. As the game progressed, Hangman Adam Page would single-handedly obliterate his opponents with a series of suicide jumps, but before he could outrun the buck shot lariat fish. In the closing moments of the game, Jungle Boy hit both Cole and O'Reilly with a double doomsday device, but Fish was again able to save just in time. This left Jungle Boy in a three-on-one situation that resulted in him being dropped by a double team move by reDragon before being finished off with BOOM by Adam Cole. From the start, Moxley and Danielson incorporated a mix of wrestling styles to gain control of their opponents. Taylor would gain minimal momentum as Mox and Danielson's ring IQ would keep the momentum in their favor. A counterattack in Taylor's corner finally gives him enough space to get Yuta into the match. Yuta came out and dropped Mox with a combo of stiff lassos before hitting him from the hip with a German suplex. A brief distraction from Danielson allows Mox to pin Yuta down with a giant cutter. On the outside, Taylor would attempt to hit Moxley with a ram hammer, but a bite from Mox in the head would result in a sickening paradigm shift. In the final moments, a resilient Yuta is hit on the head with a series of stomps by Danielson before being choked by Jon Moxley. After the match, William Regal appears in the ring to congratulate Moxley and Danielson, who extend their record as a team to 2 and 0. As the best friends take to the stage, Yuta returns to the ring to confront Regal, Moxley, and Danielson and extends his hand to Regal before receiving a huge punch to the face. Jericho showed up to the ring along with the other members of the Jericho Appreciation Society to discuss how the group came to be and their intentions in AEW. Sky and Wardlow start the match with a faceoff that is stunned by Wardlow chants throughout the arena. Sky would use his speed to execute a series of punches at the big man in the corner. Sky exits the ring and as Wardlow follows him, he is confronted by new AEW signee and top American team member Page Van Zant and her husband Austin Vanderford. Wardlow grabs Vanderford and tries to powerbomb him from the outside but is hit by a baseball dropkick from the Champion. The momentum changes as the match progresses, as Wardlow drops Sky with a series of standing belly-to-belly suplexes before being confronted with a huge one-handed chokeslam. Wardlow would then begin the Powerbomb symphony, enjoying the sounds of the AEW fans singing once more. America's top team's numbers game proved imperative for Sky, however, as Dan Lambert would distract Wardlow and the referee. He then prepares a powerbomb outside before Chairman and former friend of Wardlow, Shawn Spears, would appear with two chairs. With the referee distracted by Spears, MJF stuns Wardlow by pressing his head against the ring post. Sky would capitalize on that and claim a huge win via a roll-up pin. After the game, American Top Team, MJF and Spears attack Wardlow. Wardlow would fight back and reach MJF, but a chair shot from Spears would drop the big man before being choked out by Vanderford. MJF then finished him off by breaking Wardlow between the eyes with the Dynamite Diamond Ring. After Private Party turned their backs on Matt Hardy to reunite with Andrade, Matt has been out for revenge ever since, and with the support of his brother Jeff, who recently signed with AEW, they also wanted their first win of their AEW day -Team achieve careers as the Hardy Boyz reunion. The Hardy's experience proved too much for Private Party, however, as they ended the match in classic Hardy Boys fashion when Jeff nailed Isiah Kassidy with a Swanton Bomb. After the match, it looked like the Hardys would fall victim to an AFO attack, but Darby Allin and Sting managed to even the odds. For the second year in a row, Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker go head-to-head in the St. Patrick's Day Slam. The last time these two women met at this event, they won PWI Match Of The Year for 2021, where Thunder Rosa emerged victorious. When she wanted to be the new AEW Women's Champion. The stipulation for this match was a steel cage due to the disruptions that had previously occurred in Britt Baker's title defense courtesy of Team DMD. Wanting to use the cage to her advantage from the start, Rosa scraped the champion's forehead against the steel. Baker would soon turn his back on the challenger, as an Irish whip into the cage wall would result in blood splattering on Rosa's forehead. In the final moments, with the referee incapacitated on the outside, Baker dropped Rosa onto a stack of chairs with an avalanche attack. Referee Aubrey Edwards' delay on her way to the ring gave the challenger just enough time to kick for two. Baker would try to follow him, this time hitting another avalanche on a stack of chairs, but a counterattack from Rosa would cause the champion to fall back-first through the stack. Baker miraculously exited and followed Rosa with a pinpoint superkick. Baker would then empty a bag full of thumbtacks over the ring. Rosa would be dropped on them first and would try to prepare for tetanus. Thunder would counter and escape before dropping Baker on the turns with a powerbomb before throwing a Blue Thunder rider on the turns to take the win and become the new AEW Women's Champion and the long-lived era of D.


Huge title change; Games announced for Rampage

AEW Dynamite: Major title changes and matches have been announced for the upcoming Rampage Card on Wednesday Night Show, taking place in San Antonio, Texas. (Author: Gardener)

GamesAs seen during the St. Patrick's Day Slam edition of AEW Dynamite, Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa pushed their limits during their steel cage match for the AEW Women's Title. Baker had blood on his face about halfway through the game, bringing non-PG vibes to TV. At the end of the game, Baker performed an aerial attack from the top rope, propelling Rosa through a large stack of steel chairs. Another big point of the game saw Rosa Baker push on another stack of chairs. The two women eventually brought out tacks to pay homage to their unsanctioned no-light match a year ago. Rosa then finished the match with a Thunder Driver on the tacks to secure the Pin Fall victory. Rosa failed to win the AEW Women's Championship at the March 6 Revolution pay-per-view. Then last week she defeated Leyla Hirsch to determine the number one contender for the AEW Women's World Championship. With this win in her hometown of San Antonio, Texas, Rosa began her first-ever AEW title reign. Over on AEW Dynamite, several games have been announced for AEW's second weekly show, Rampage. One of those matches will be between Keith Lee and Keith Lee. Last week Keith Lee defeated JD Drake in a singles competition while Christian Cage defeated Ethan Page in a Face of the Revolution qualifier. Aside from Keith Lee being in the headlining match, The House of Black will be featured in some tag team action. Also, Leyla Hirsch will get a chance to have some momentum in her corner when she faces Red Velvet. The full map for the March 18 episode of AEW Rampage (due to the NCAA basketball tournament, Rampage will air at 11:30pm EST instead of 10pm) is as follows: