Reisig continues to take action against evidence-based practices in drug policy

By David M. Greenwald Editor-in-Chief Woodland, CA — For those who want to argue that the political landscape has been changing rapidly when it comes to crime and punishment, Jeff Reisig has spent most of his time doing this (Author: Gardener)

ReisigWoodland, California — For those who want to argue that the political landscape has been changing rapidly when it comes to crime and punishment, Jeff Reisig has spent most of the last year softening his image and getting between the hard-line crime planks places where he traditionally lived and the progressive prosecutors who have pushed for major reform of the criminal justice system. But despite trying to rebrand himself with a softer image, Reisig has largely stayed true to his form, and that came out last week when he spoke about decriminalizing possession of hard drugs during a discussion of Prop. 47 — as if he were one of Crime would escalate into a misdemeanor Possession was the equivalent of a speeding ticket. During his conversation with challenger Cynthia Rodriguez, he said, "What happened is that in 2014 California voters adopted an initiative called the Prop. And what they did was decriminalize possession of hard drugs — heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, fentanyl, ecstasy, whatever, from felonies to misdemeanors.” Reisig explained, “If someone before Prop. 47, for example, used methamphetamine was arrested he was arrested for a felony, brought to justice and the first thing we try to do is get him into drug treatment. 47 changed it from a felony to a misdemeanor, what we've seen across California is a rapid decline in people even wanting to enter treatment. Reisig clearly favors the heavy sticks treatment approach - where a person facing severe punishment is forced to go to treatment to clean themselves up. The problem with this approach is that most experts don't think it works very well. For example, last year Jeff Reisig worked with Rep. Kevin McCarty to support AB 1542 - which would have created a pilot program that would offer a "secure inpatient treatment program" for drug offenders with substance use disorder (SUD) who were convicted of drug-motivated offenses for SUD.” The bill would have empowered the court to “redirect an offender to a secure inpatient treatment facility if it finds that the crime was caused in whole or in part by that person's drug abuse.” "I have several concerns about this bill," Yolo County Public Defender Tracie Olson told the Vanguard last year. "Study after study shows that forced treatment doesn't work in the long run," she said. “Mandatory treatment results in twice as many opioid-related overdose deaths as voluntary drug treatment. Instead of spending millions of dollars each year to expand local jail bed capacity, we should invest in stable housing (the root of homelessness), employment, drug-assisted treatment, and assisted transition from voluntary drug treatment.” For the Drug Policy Alliance, a group , which seeks to reduce the role of criminalization in drug policy, this approach is a step in the wrong direction. "Forced treatment is not proven to be better than voluntary treatment, threatening people with incarceration or forcing them into a locked facility has no better outcomes," said Glenn Backes, social worker and public policy researcher at the Drug Policy Alliance. He also noted that the cost of such a program is much higher than a comparable voluntary program and he argues that we have not invested in adequate voluntary treatment. “It's much more cost-effective to invest in creating treatment options and community housing to get people off the streets and reduce their drug use, rather than threatening to put someone in jail if they don't do it. he said. "Putting someone in jail is not cost effective and is not scientifically sound." In July, DA candidate Cynthia Rodriguez wrote in a letter published in the Vanguard: "AB 1542 would enroll Yolo citizens with drug and alcohol addictions force a coerced treatment program that is no different from existing policies or more humane than those serving a medically vulnerable population.” In their view, “forced, incarcerated 'treatment'” is really no different from the current “failed inhumane policy of criminalizing substance use disorders that currently exists." She writes, "The best evidence from medical and rehabilitation professionals tells us that coercive programs are rarely followed by any increase in sobriety, and they will not alter the health status of a person who is coerced into the program participate as an 'alternative' to imprisonment ." In a letter to the congregation, they wrote: “It directly contradicts the principle of free and informed consent to mental health treatment, which is a cornerstone of the right to health. Mixing health treatment and incarceration, as provided for in AB 1542, carries the risk of significant human rights violations, is ineffective as treatment, and takes resources and policy focus away from initiatives that are far more likely to help people." "I understand the importance of it is to develop programs that can distract individuals from the criminal justice system, but coercive treatment for addiction is not the answer," Gov. Newsom wrote. He continued, "While this pilot project would give a person a choice between incarceration and treatment, I am concerned that this is an incorrect choice that will effectively result in involuntary treatment." such treatment, as evidence has shown that involuntary treatment impedes participants' long-term recovery from their substance use disorder." Had District Attorney Jeff Reisig worked with these groups to create a viable alternative to incarceration for drug offenses, he likely could have pushed through the legislation. Instead, he tried to go it alone, ignoring repeated criticism from community-based groups. His responses over the past week continue to show that he doesn't believe alternatives to incarceration can work without the threat of incarceration -- despite study after study showing the opposite, that people must come to the decision voluntarily for it to stand. According to a 2017 report by the US Sentencing Commission, more than three-quarters of all state drug offenders released from state prison were arrested again within five years. Additionally, a PEW study found "no association between drug incarceration rates and states' drug problems." "A major reason for sentencing an offender to prison is deterrence — conveying the message that losing one's liberty is worth nothing gained by committing a crime," wrote PEW. “The theory of deterrence, for example, would suggest that states with higher rates of drug incarceration would experience lower rates of drug use among their residents. “If incarceration were an effective deterrent to drug use and crime, then, all else being equal, the extent to which a state sends drug offenders to prison should correlate with specific drug-related problems in that state,” they wrote, but instead PEW found “none statistically significant relationship between drug incarceration and these indicators. In other words, higher rates of drug incarceration did not result in lower rates of drug use, arrests, or overdose deaths.” So the experts and the data tell us that the stick approach and coercive treatment aren't working. He said, "Increase funding for prevention, treatment, harm reduction and recovery." "We are grateful that the Biden-Harris administration is prioritizing [harm reduction] and is the first government to include it in its overall overdose prevention strategy," said Grant Smith, associate director of national affairs at the Drug Policy Alliance, told Filter. As Maya Schenwar and Victoria Law argue in Prison by Any Other Name, prescribed treatment and other prison-based addiction alternatives “ignore the realities of substance use in society: most people are made physically dependent on the substances they use, not debilitated, whether it be alcohol, caffeine, or heroin.” Furthermore, “involuntary and immediate cessation of use generally does not result in durable recovery—particularly when accompanied by surveillance and detention.” They cite a Boston Medical Study University in 2016, which found that "mandatory treatment is not effective in reducing drug use" and in fact "does more harm than good to forcing them to participate in medical programs they could not." otherwise agree.” But despite the setback in the le Last year, DA Reisig is still hitting the same note – even if research speaks against his approach.


Seattle re-signs free safety Quandre Diggs to a three-year deal

Follow us on as we keep you up to date on all the layoffs, recruitments and breaking news in the NFL (Author: Gardener)

SeattleWith the 2021 NFL season ending, the offseason begins with countless rumours, free agency speculation, coach movements and draft drama. MARCH 14 FREE SAFETY REMAINS IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST The Seattle Seahawks have agreed to a three-year, $40 million extension with free safety Quandre Diggs. Diggs has taken over as Earl Thomas' long-term replacement and will work alongside Jamal Adams, the strong Pro Bowl safety man. In Seattle, Diggs recorded 13 assaults, including five in each of the past two years. He suffered a season-ending leg injury in the final game of last season but is expected to be ready for Week 1. Diggs, 29, had two picks against Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford last season. He also recorded nine tackles and three abandoned passes in two games against Los Angeles. MARCH 14 FORMER #2 PICK GETS SECOND SHOT IN PITTSBURGH The Pittsburgh Steelers sign Mitchell Trubisky, former #2 pick, to a two-year contract. Trubisky last played for the Buffalo Bills and was originally drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2017. In four seasons with Chicago, Trubisky had a 29-21 record and threw for 10,652 yards, 64 touchdowns and 38 interceptions. Last season with the Bills, Trubisky completed 75 percent of his passing game and assisted Josh Allen. The Steelers are replacing 18-year veteran Ben Roethlisberger, who elected to retire after the 2021 season. Pittsburgh has not yet lost a season under Mike Tomlin, going into the postseason last fall 9-7-1. MARCH 14 NOTE-BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE The Rams are bringing back offensive tackle Joe Noteboom on a three-year, $40 million contract. Noteboom, 26, is expected to be the long-term left tackle option once Andrew Whitworth calls it a career definitive. Noteboom, a former TCU third-round pick, has played four different positions on offense. Last season, Noteboom filled in the left tackle after Whitworth was injured. Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady announced on social media that he is no longer retiring and is returning to the Bucs for his 23rd NFL season. Brady announced his retirement two months ago, but has indicated he's not ready to part with the game just yet. I'm coming back to Tampa for my 23rd season. MARCH 10 CHARGERS BOLT THE PASS RUSH The Chicago Bears trade Pro Bowl pass rusher Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers for Draft Capital. According to ESPN, the Bears will get Los Angeles' second-round pick (No. 48) and a sixth-round pick in 2023 pending a physical from Mack. Mack, 31, is coming off the worst of his career with Chicago but is still considered one of the best pass rushers in the game. Last season, he recorded 19 tackles, six tackles for loss and six sacks in seven games. Mack was placed on injured reserve after a season-ending foot injury that required surgery. With the addition of Mack, Chargers coach Brandon Staley will continue to lead his defense in a 3-4 approach with an emphasis on attacking the quarterback. Last season, the Chargers' standout player, Joey Bosa, totaled 51 tackles and 10.5 sacks. Los Angeles ended up in midfield with just 35 sacks. The Bears, now led by former Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus, will now have two second-round picks to build around second-year QB Justin Fields. MARCH 10 07:50 RAMS ADD LB HINES The Rams added some depth to their linebacker space Wednesday night by signing Anthony Hines on a reserve/futures contract. Hines was signed by the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent from Texas A&M last season. MARCH 8 12:47 The Rams NFC West rival Seattle Seahawks will have a new man in the middle in 2022. The Seahawks have been in the midst of negotiations with Wilson for weeks, with Wilson at the center of trade rumors surrounding the NFL. including with the Washington Commanders, Houston Texans and many more. Wilson is now the second major quarterback domino to fall Tuesday, after Aaron Rogers' Packers extension, which made him the highest-paid player in NFL history. Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford will likely be the next quarterback to earn a lucrative extension, while Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson could be the next celebrity signal callers moving across the trade market. MARCH 1 NEW RB COACH CANDIDATE? In a quest for a new running backs coach to fill the void left by recently promoted Thomas Brown, the Los Angeles Rams have begun targeting various names across the country, including two rising stars in college game in TCU's Ra'Shaad Samples, and most recently Memphis' Anthony Jones Jr. Jones has been with the Tigers since the 2017 season and has helped his team reach five straight bowl games during that time. During his tenure at Memphis, Jones has racked up some impressive honors, including selections for the AFCA 35 Under 35 Leadership Institute and the 2022 NCAA and NFL Coaches Academy. In his first two seasons as running back coach, the Tigers got off to an impressive start under his tutelage, rushing for 6,533 yards and 78 touchdowns. Jones has also played an important role in bringing its players to the NFL, including Darrell Henderson, Tony Pollard, Kenneth Gainwell and many more. 20 FEB COACH PHILLIPS Wes Phillips carries on a rich family football tradition. The grandson of Bum Phillips, son of Wade Phillips and a former assistant with the Dallas Cowboys, is now joining the Minnesota Vikings as the new offensive coordinator under head coach Kevin O'Connell. Phillips was on the Rams team, where McConnell was recently when Los Angeles won the Super Bowl. Wes, 42, a Houston native, served in a variety of roles at Dallas from 2007 to 2013, including while father Wade, now 74, was the Cowboys head coach. Grandpa Bum, of course, was a legendary former Houston Oilers coach. FINISHED FEB 19 FLORES The Steelers have named Brian Flores as their senior defensive assistant/linebackers coach. Flores was most recently the head coach of the Miami Dolphins and following his recent layoff -- and his unsuccessful interviews for head coaching positions, including in Houston -- he has filed a lawsuit against the NFL alleging racial injustice in the league's hiring practices. "I'm excited to have Brian Flores join our coaching staff because he was involved in developing and training defensive players during his time in the NFL," said Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Following Tuesday's news, the New Orleans Saints are entering talks for a new head coach. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, Sean Payton has informed the Benson family that he will be "retiring" from the team after 16 seasons. Football, Payton retires and is no longer interested in coaching at this point. Payton, 58, was hired in 2006 and became one of the two faces that transformed the Saints from one of the league's worst teams into a stable organization. Along with future Hall of Famer quarterback Drew Brees, the Saints became one of the NFC's top franchises, ending that span with nine 10+ win seasons and nine playoff appearances. Last season without Brees, the Saints finished 9-8, missing the postseason for the first time since 2016. Jameis Winston was scheduled to replace Brees, but a cruciate ligament tear in Week 8 cost him the remainder of the season and led New Orleans into the season playing four different quarterbacks over the 17-game span. Payton ends his stint with the Saints with a 152-89 record and a Super Bowl win in 2009. Multiple reports have suggested the Dallas Cowboys may be interested in firing Mike McCarthy to help Payton after an early loss in the wild card round to pick San Francisco 49ers earlier this month. Want the latest news and inside information about the Rams? Click here to join the Ram Digest message board community today!


Warriors should score plenty on Monday night

NBA Betting: Warriors Should Score Plenty Monday Night (Author: Gardener)

Monday nightThe federation gives us a nine-game list highlighted by the MVP candidates' potential clash as the Denver Nuggets take on the Philadelphia 76ers. I decided to forgo finding out which Philadelphia team will show up with much more valuable betting options on board. The Timberwolves are looking to finish in the top-6 to avoid the play-in tournament while the Spurs battle to enter. Minnesota pulled off a huge road win in Miami for their seventh win in eight games. The Timberwolves are 4-1 ATS in their last five road games and come up as home dogs against a Spurs team that is 6-12 this season. They're going to need strong defensive performance to cover that number on the road, and Minnesota have the answers on that end of the floor. They are the top 10 in defensive standings for the season and No. 1 in their last five games. Minnesota is one of the few teams that can walk on the ground with San Antonio, and I'm willing to bet those extra possessions will see them cover that stretch with another impressive road performance. Stephen Curry and the Warriors were expected to earn points on the NBA roster on Monday. They are 4-1 to over and have the seventh best offensive rating during this stretch. They face a Warriors team in a three-game heat that includes crucial victories over the Nuggets and defending champion Bucks. Klay Thompson has a season-high 38 points and should be enjoying Washington's defense. Saturday night's nine-point loss to a pathetic Portland team was a strong sign that the Wizards are already thinking about returning home. I'm willing to bet they won't put up a huge fight defensively on the fourth leg of their road trip in the Golden State. Washington's last five games have an average point total of 237.4, and I could see this game going just as high. The Sacramento Kings watch as their chances of qualifying for the play-in slowly diminish with each loss. Despite having five losses from the 10th set, point guard De'Aaron Fox has done everything in his power to keep this team competitive. Fox has 40+ points in two of his last four games while averaging 30 points in his last 10 games. Fox is allowed to go Monday night on a Chicago defense that has allowed 122.5 points per 100 possessions in the past five road contests. Alex Caruso gives Chicago a defensive upgrade at the perimeter, but Fox will use his explosiveness to get to the paint and stack buckets. When those two teams played last month, Fox seared Chicago for 33 while the Kings narrowed at 125-118.


United's Monday motivation

United's Monday motivation (Author: Gardener)

Monday'Most ridiculous thing I've ever seen' - check out Sciver's bizarre dismissal Watch Nat Sciver's bizarre dismissal as the England all-rounder manages to hit her to slip off her racquet and leave England 42-3.


Illinois' top-ranked men's basketball tumbles out of Big Ten tournament, falling to 9th-ranked Indiana

Illinois Indiana drew in the quarterfinal round of the 2022 Big Ten basketball tournament. "Hats to Indiana, they were really good," said head coach Brad Underwood. "It is difficult... (Author: Gardener)

IndianaTop-seeded men's basketball Illinois from Big Ten tournament falls to 9th place IndianaJunior Center Kofi Cockburn goes up for a defensive rebound during the Illinois-Indiana game at the Gamebridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Despite entering the competition with the top seeds, the Illini were unable to retain their tournament title, losing 65-63 to the Hoosiers. "Hats to Indiana, they were really good," said head coach Brad Underwood. "Sometimes it's hard playing against a team that's already played just to get a feel for the gym." Junior center Kofi Cockburn won the pick, and graduate student guard Alfonso Plummer gave the Illini three points on their first possession on the board . After Indiana junior forward Trayce Jackson-Davis hit the post, fifth-year senior guard Trent Frazier hit a three from the exact same spot as Plummer, giving Illinois an early 6-2 lead. Indiana then went on an 11-4 run. and the only Illinois points came on free throws from Cockburn. During this time, the Hoosiers spread the ball around, with each member of the five starters scoring a basket. With 13 minutes on the clock, Indiana was leading 13-9. The Illini found a way to stop the Hoosiers' offense with four straight possessions, but they missed the opportunity and scored just one point during that stretch. who caught it clean but missed the dunk. On the following possession, freshman guard RJ Melendez narrowly missed a contested floater, and on the next, sophomore guard Andre Curbelo was fouled but made one of two freebies. As Indiana head coach Mike Woodson benched his starters, the Hoosier offense began to inject. Cockburn made his first two field goals of the day around the nine-minute mark, but two quick buckets from Indiana's Trent Galloway gave them a 19-18 lead. Not content with a one-point lead, Indiana attacked the color on offense. He made both free throws and Indiana led 21-18. The Illini would control the next eight minutes of the game. Sophomore forward Coleman Hawkins dumped a three-pointer from the middle and leveled the game, and after two full minutes without possession for either team, Hawkins broke the tie with a put-back layup. The Jackson-Davis and senior guard Rob Phinisee duo wore the Hoosiers as they found ways to keep the score close. The Illini were leading 30-27 when senior guard Xavier Johnson intercepted a pass from Frazier that resulted in another basket for Phinisee. Illinois held a one-point lead with 55 seconds left in the half and slowed the pace allowing Frazier to find Hawkins in the corner for another three, his third of the half. The Hoosiers followed Illinois' lead, using shot clock every 30 seconds before Phinisee hit a floater in the paint. In the last game of the half, Hawkins was open for another three but missed. After 20 minutes, Illinois led 33-31 despite being without a field for over nine minutes in the first 10 minutes of the game. In the second half for Indiana, Johnson opened the scoring for the Hoosiers. At the other end, the Hoosiers faced Cockburn, who caught an entry pass but lost the ball with an open lane to the hoop. Frazier fired from the right wing for the basket and finished it with a left hand to regain the lead for Illinois. Cockburn and Jackson-Davis traded baskets of four direct possessions, all in the mail, all guarding each other and none missing. Illinois led, 39-38. With his team at one, fifth-year senior guard Da'Monte Williams found Frazier who knocked down his second three of the day, but 20 seconds later Indiana sniper Race Thompson hit Frazier with a three of his own. As Johnson drove to the paint to give Indiana the lead, Payne turned and blocked his shot, but Thompson would grab the rebound and be fouled while shooting. His free throws gave Indiana their first lead of the second half at 1:27 p.m. Johnson scored a basket that extended the lead to three. Jackson-Davis then spun around Cockburn and laid down in a reverse layup to give Indiana a 47-42 lead. After a media break, the Illini fed Cockburn back-to-back possessions. He scored both times, but between those baskets, Thompson hit another three and after that, Johnson hit two free throws. With nine minutes remaining, Indiana led by six. Illinois cut the lead to three when Hawkins hit his third treble of the night, followed by a defensive possession that saw Cockburn hit Thompson's swimmer like a fly. Cockburn then scored his 19th point of the day with three Hoosiers guarding him. Johnson scored again but Curbelo cut the lead to one again and sliced ​​to the hoop with a left scoop. Curbelo then ignited both sides of the crowd with a two-handed spin pass that covered more than half the length of the court below knee height before reaching Hawkins, who was fouled on the break. Hawkins hit a freebie and missed one, but after Plummer Johnson stole the ball, Hawkins hit his career-high with the night's fourth 3-pointer, a career-high that gave Illinois a 57-54 lead over Indiana. “I was very confident. "I just went with the flow of the game, took the open shots that came to me, and I had a pretty decent shooting night." As the clock ticked under five minutes, Jackson-Davis got to work. After Hawkins connected with two bonus free throws, Jackson-Davis scored again. Indiana took advantage and scored on his next possession as Galloway passed his defenseman to lay up. At 1:45 on the clock, Curbelo flipped the ball over to Galloway, who was the clearest shot ever seen, lost the ball off his foot and potentially saved Illinois' season. Illinois went to a Curbelo-Cockburn pick-n-roll with 41 seconds left, and Curbelo found his running mate in the paint before being fouled. Cockburn made both free throws, giving Illinois a one-point lead. But at the other end, Cockburn fouled Jackson-Davis as soon as he touched the ball off the post. With 26 seconds left, Curbelo put the ball on for Illinois and, after facing intense pressure from Johnson, almost lost the ball. "It's unacceptable, especially as a fifth-year starting guard." When Indiana brought the ball up, fouled Plummer Kopp despite missing the first free throw, giving Illinois a chance. After cutting through the defense and reaching the hoop, Curbelo missed the left-handed layup with four seconds remaining. Jackson-Davis would take his next three free throws as Illinois tried to stay alive but didn't have enough time. Indiana won 65-63. Cockburn led Illinois with 23 points and 10 rebounds on an efficient 8-13 shooting performance. Hawkins scored 18 points and Frazier had 11 with six assists. Curbelo only scored five points, but he had 10 rebounds, a career high. Jackson-Davis was the top scorer for Indiana with 21 points remaining with seven rebounds and three assists. Johnson scored 13 and Thompson 10 points. Illinois' top-ranked men's basketball tumbles out of Big Ten tournament, falling to 9th-ranked Indiana


The origins of The Dutton's 'Yellowstone' are revealed after its tragic ending

Taylor Sheridan's Paramount+ TV shows merged in the final episode of 1883 as the Dutton family made their way to Montana where we find them in Yellowstone. (Author: Gardener)

Dutton1883 came to an end on Paramount+ and with it the journey of the pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Episode 10, This Ain't Your Heaven, is sure to have viewers reaching for their tissues as our characters part ways for the final time. As we knew from the events of Episode 9, Elsa (Isabel May) is likely to die, but the Duttons find brief hope of her survival during the finale. While 1883 was always a Dutton family origin story, Taylor Sheridan's prequel series really connected the dots in the final installment, showing how Montana became the family home in Yellowstone. Elsa still proudly rides in the lead, but as we know from the conversation between James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret (Faith Hill) in Episode 9, her days are numbered. It is a blow to the travelers as they also need urgent medical attention for Josef (Marc Rissmann), whose snake bite is getting worse, and his wife Risa (Anna Fiamora), who has sustained a serious neck injury after falling off a horse. James and Shea (Sam Elliott) discuss their next move. Unfortunately they can't stay in the fort as it belongs to the "deputies" they killed in Episode 9. Instead, they agree to head north before moving on to Oregon in the spring. James draws Margaret in for a tough talk and again tells her that Elsa's days are numbered as she suffers from the arrow wound. James tells her they're going to Montana and wherever Elsa dies, that's where they stay. Margaret assures him that she will visit her daughter every day until she too dies. Shea announces the remaining group's new plan, but many of them are not on board and remain in the fort, telling them they will follow in their footsteps. Despite his serious injury, Josef wants to continue. As the wagon drives off with Elsa passed out, cowboys Wade (James Landry) and Colt (Noah le Gros) follow her to say goodbye after she wakes up. Their affection for one another is evident and although they are near death, Elsa brushes them off with a witty remark that makes them grin before they ride off. During a stop on the trail, James and Shea bond around the fire and Shea tells the story of how his wife saved his life during the war by pretending to leave him, but in reality she just wanted to pull him away upcoming fight. Sam Elliott as Shea and Tim McGraw as James in Episode 10 of the Paramount+ original series 1883 Emerson Miller/Paramount+ Thomas (LaMonica Garrett) takes a look at Josef's deteriorating leg. It's swollen, discolored, and full of marks that shouldn't be there - it's pretty obvious the leg needs to go, and Josef agrees. Elsa, who turns out to have been asleep for the past three days of the journey, comes out of the car looking a little more alert after the deed is done. Upon seeing Josef and his now severed leg, she quips, "Surely glad I didn't get shot in the leg." As our named characters advance north, we see the remaining immigrants in the group of bandits shot, raped, and killed will. As Elsa puts it in her voiceover, the tragedy is contagious, and sadly, there's more to come in Episode 10. When Elsa and the remaining wagon see a trio of Native Americans slowly riding their way, Elsa understandably begins to gallop away, but she collapses and falls off her horse. Shea approaches the Native Americans, who are now above Elsa. They dunk a shivering Elsa in a cold stream before placing her in a sweat lodge. For a while there is hope, but the Elder informs James that the Lakota people's arrows are dipped in manure and designed to be deadly. Graham Greene as Spotted Eagle and Tim McGraw as James from the Paramount+ original series 1883. Emerson Miller/Paramount+ Elsa realizes for the first time that she is going to die and collapses. Back at the campfire, Thomas and Noemi discuss what life together will be like when they finally reach their goal. Meanwhile, Josef, still reeling from his leg amputation, awakens to find his wife dead beside him. It's unclear what caused her death, but it stems from the neck injury she sustained at the same time Joseph was bitten by a snake. Shea and James once again have heart to heart, which proves eye-opening for viewers. At 75, Shea tells James that in the six months he's known Elsa, he can say she's lived, smiled and loved more than he has in her short time. James then realizes that he must get her before Margaret in order to get Elsa to Montana in time for her to choose her final resting place, which will remain with John and the wagon. James and Elsa share a horse and she tearfully bids goodbye to her mother and then to Shea, whom she says will one day meet at the beach. After traveling for a few days, James and Elsa stumble upon a piece of land that appears to be the exact location of what is now Yellowstone Ranch. They move on and Elsa announces that this is the place. Eventually, James hears Elsa speaking, and she says softly, "I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid, Dad.” That's when she dies in her father's arms at Yellowstone Ranch in Montana. We don't see the future of the Duttons, but we do see how the other surviving members of the Pioneers fare. Joseph, learning to live with only one leg, appears to have found a piece of land and sets about building something for himself. Thomas, Noemi and their children did the same and, as promised, looked for a place in a field not far from a stream. It also seems like Shea made it to the beach in Oregon, just like he mentioned to Elsa in Episode 6. As we know, he believes his wife can also experience the sea through his eyes, and he says, "Look at that, Helen." The camera moves away and from a distance we see Shea shooting himself, just as he threatened to do in the first episode in 1883. As we know from flashbacks in Yellowstone, they settle in Montana and have another child. We may see more of James, Margaret, John Sr. and their new child Spencer Dutton in a future season of 1883, confirmed by Paramount. In the final shot of the series, Elsa rides across the open prairie with her Comanche husband Sam (Martin Sensmeier). All ten episodes of 1883 are now available to watch on Paramount+. Taylor Sheridan with Sam Elliott behind the scenes of '1883' Emerson Miller/Paramount+ Smith Will Be Missing From the SAG Awards'1883' Episode 9 Recap: The Beginning of the End for Elsa Dutton 'Yellowstone' Spin-Off '1883' Expands ordered and new prequel announced


All-time top scorers in the Champions League

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are leading, but the race for third place is heating up. (Author: Gardener)

the Champions LeagueFirst played in 1992/93, the UEFA Champions League has become synonymous with the greatest strikers in world football history, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski scoring goals in UEFA club competitions that previous generations could only dream of . Ronaldo and Messi are the only players so far to have scored more than 100 goals in the competition and, like the remaining players in the all-time European Cup/UEFA Champions League top ten, neither was in the competition when it was European . This competition, first played in 1955/56, was all-knockout as there was no group stage, which meant players had fewer games per season in which to score. Real Madrid played just seven games when they won the first edition, while Chelsea, the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League winners, played 13. All-time European Cup goalscorer Alfredo Di Stéfano has achieved a rate per game in just 58 appearances in the competition that none of the modern greats can match. Cristiano Ronaldo is the all-time leading goalscorer in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA club competitions and the most successful in international senior football history. Not an absolute striker at first, he did not score during his first tenure at Manchester United until his 27th game in the UEFA Champions League. Ronaldo has won the competition once with United and four times with Real Madrid and is the only player to have scored in three UEFA Champions League finals. Like Messi, he has scored eight hat-tricks in the UEFA Champions League. Lionel Messi left Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2021 after scoring 120 goals for the Spanish club in the UEFA Champions League - a record even Cristiano Ronaldo failed to break with his 105 for Madrid, although the Portuguese phenom did it reached the 100 mark for his club first. The Argentine joined Barcelona in early 2001 aged just 13 and stayed with the team for the next 20 years. He won four UEFA Champions Leagues, as well as ten league titles, seven editions of the Copa del Rey and three UEFA Super Cups. He was the second player to score 100 goals in the UEFA Champions League (after Cristiano Ronaldo) and was top scorer (or joint top scorer) in six UEFA Champions League seasons, one season behind Ronaldo. Robert Lewandowski, a finalist with Borussia Dortmund against Bayern in 2013, eventually won the competition with Bayern in 2020 and despite failing to score in the crucial 1-0 win over Paris, he finished the season as top scorer for the first time with 15 goals. Messi or Ronaldo have been top scorer (or joint top scorer) in the previous 12 UEFA Champions League seasons. As the top foreign goalscorer in Bundesliga history, "Lewy" needed just 100 games to score 80 goals in the UEFA Champions League. It took Messi 102 games to reach the same mark and Ronaldo 116. Real Madrid won the first five editions, with Argentine-born striker Alfredo di Stéfano scoring 49 goals, a tally unmatched in the 37 seasons leading up to the competition was reinvented as the UEFA Champions League. The player who initially came closest to matching Di Stéfano's record was the Portuguese phenomenon Eusébio, the talented striker who scored 47 goals as his Benfica side temporarily surpassed Madrid as the pre-eminent force in world club football. He too could not equal the goals-per-game record set by Bayern star Gerd Muller in the 1970s, whose 34 European goals came from just 35 games - a rate of 0.97 per game unmatched by any player before or during of the UEFA Champions League era managed to emulate over a career of 20 games or more. In 2019/20 Bayern's Lewandowski ended a streak of 12 seasons in the UEFA Champions League in which either Ronaldo or Messi were the UEFA Champions League's top scorer (or joint top scorer). Overall, Haaland scored 20 goals in his first 24 European games; at a similar stage, Mbappé had scored 12 goals, Messi eight, Lewandowski six and Cristiano Ronaldo just one.


Everything Alabama Basketball's Nate Oats Said on Selection Sunday

Here's what Alabama had to say after securing the Crimson Tide an NCAA tournament spot for the second year in a row. (Author: Gardener)

Alabama Basketball's- Alabama basketball is on its way to consecutive NCAA tournaments for the first time since 2005-2006. The Crimson Tide is the committee's top-ranked 6-seed and heads west to play Friday against the winner of Tuesday's play-in game between 11-seeds Notre Dame and Rutgers. "Listen, we're really looking forward to playing the NCAA tournament. We had a good run last year, made a Sweet 16. I think our boys' heads are good. We practiced before the Selection Show not really knowing who we were going to get or what we would have but we had already given them two days off on Friday and Saturday. In my senior year in Buffalo, we tied the play-in game, so we had to do that earlier where we didn't know who we were playing until after Tuesday night in Dayton. The year we upset Arizona, we played Boise. We played Arizona State. They had to play the play-in game my senior year in Buffalo - they sent us to Tulsa this year. so West a bit. It makes it a little bit more difficult for your preparation because you are not only preparing for one team. But in a way, whoever wins between Rutgers and Notre Dame, they're going to play Tuesday night, I think when we played Arizona State, they played Tuesday night and they had to play Thursday. So this team will have an extra day, but you could say Arizona S Tate, when we played them before, was a bit more tired because they had to play on Tuesday night. So you have the advantage of not having to play on Tuesday night. They beat Iowa, who just won the Big 10 tournament, Illinois, Wisconsin, who won the Big 10 regular season. They've had some really good wins. "If you look at Notre Dame, they beat Kentucky, which is one of the best teams in our league and the best team in the country. So these two teams are more than capable of beating good teams. We showed that we are more than capable of beating good teams. Whoever we get in the end, it will be a bit different style.” Notre Dame obviously plays a little more openly, takes a lot of threes, is a little more offensive. Rutgers is much more defensive thinking, tougher, more tenacious. Ron Harper is obviously really good for Rutgers. Notre Dame has talented players. I've watched them both play a bit here and there on TV over the year without knowing we're playing them. But the beauty of the NCAA tournament is that you get to play against teams you haven't seen all year and against someone. It's someone else, out of their own league, where everyone knows everyone inside and out. So it will be good for us to get out of our league. “We talked to our guys in training today about the fact that we're really just trying to make things easy. I think if we take care of the ball, finish on the edge, take care of the ball, do layups and take free throws — things you're able to do, I think we played hard enough to beat Vanderbilt on defense , if we do those three things at a high level then of course fouling was also a big problem in defense but I thought our performance was really good. We have to show the same performance at the NCAA tournament on Friday. We just need to be a little smarter, play without fouling, take care of the ball, do layups and take our free throws." Whether that long break between games and heading west can be a fresh start for his players so we can sell these guys can if the winner of the play-in game makes a run. We have to be aware of who wins this game. But UCLA lost four straight going into the NCAA tournament and then they had to win, to win the game. in the game, Round of 64, Round of 32, Sweet 16 against us, Elite Eight. We lost three straight and proved that we are more than capable of playing with anyone. I mean two #1 seed we've beaten you know the #1 overall seed Gonzaga if you look at the 2 seeds Auburn and Kentucky I thought we played hard against them we proved we could with pretty much anyone in the country can play and beat them, so if we think right and I think we had a good training, we are good. Tell our guys it's a new season and I think we'll be fine.” But I think what we're trying to do is build their confidence with things they're good at if we just clean up a few little things be able. I told them that today we were going to run the stats from practice, we had some live stuff if we had finished on the edge in the game like we did in practice if we managed free throws in the game like in Training if we would have taken care of the ball. If we had taken care of any of those three things, we would have won the game. We're trying to show 'em where they are Well, pump 'em up. We've had a lot of games where the guys just kicked the ball well and finished well, so just let them know they're capable of that. "I think our guys need to be reminded of that. And I think people here need to be reminded that this has been an incredible season. I think it's the first time in 16 years, the last time that Alabama will go back on NCAA tournaments was '05-'06 While maybe we had really high expectations of winning the SEC last year and set the expectation even higher after you went to Seattle and beat Gonzaga and a week later beat Houston You know, we've had some really good wins outside of the conference, let's not forget that we're in a place that's changing the culture of men's basketball, and it's been 16 years since they've played NCAA tournaments again , and it's been 30 years since they've competed in tournaments at a 6 seed or higher in both NCAA tournaments these guys who played last year and are strong in the rotation now this year, t and things for Alabama basketball that haven't been done in 30 years. We have a chance to have a great run to end the year really well and that's what we're trying to do. "And I think, I think the guy's mind is in good positions. Quinerly's pace in training, you know, his pace in the game was good. He's had some casual turnovers that need to get better. We've had some unlucky fouls with some of them charges, and a kid who never really fouls out of play ends up ending. And Shackelford's a guy who also never gets in much trouble and gets into bad trouble. I thought these guys were both ready to play in the game. So let them know they're ready. We fouled too much, we didn't care about the ball, we have to take our free throws. "We were in a good position. Vanderbilt's a good team too. If you look at what Vanderbilt did against Kentucky the next night, it's not like we lost to a bad team. They're playing well. He's going to fouled more than anyone in the country. We've been trying to get our boys more disciplined when it comes to foul play, but it's not like we're not fouling a guy who hasn't been fouled all year." "I think it will depends a bit on how the practice is going that week and where the game is going.Sometimes you have a way in mind how you want to play a rotation that you want to continue with and then all of a sudden we had like you said , not planning to play 14 minutes against Jusaun but he played well in those minutes .We got in bad trouble, he played well and we played with him a bit longer.We were in bad trouble and we needed ei Few perimeter guys to play more minutes and he's done well. I think he's a guy that when we need him to come and play, he gives us minutes like that, he can come and give us minutes like that. "It's going to depend somewhat on who we're playing against with the matchups they have and who's playing well for us, who's staying out of bad trouble, who's in bad trouble, some of that. We played against 10 players rotation. "This will be the first time we've played a non-SEC team since we played Baylor. Hopefully we can get some of the confidence outside returning from the conference that we had, if you will. I think our best wins, Tennessee, are obviously a really good one, but I think some of our best wins are our non-conference wins — Gonzaga, Houston, Baylor." In the league you get to know each other a lot better. They know us better. The other teams have done a pretty good job of protecting us. We're playing against a team that's going to play on Tuesday night and then they have a Wednesday/Thursday, to prepare for us so they probably aren't going to train at full speed on any of those days they have the day right after and the day right before the game I think when we play someone who hasn't played us before, hopefully we'll be a bit harder to guard and do a slightly better job. “Obviously both teams will present their challenges. Notre Dame will probably put a little more strain on our defenses as they spread the ground and shoot at it. Rutgers will make it a lot harder to score with the way they protect, how hard they are and how physically they are in the Big 10. Whatever team we play will come with its own set of challenges, but I think we're playing against a team that hasn't seen us a lot and hasn't played us all. We haven't played either of those teams since I've been in Alabama, so hopefully that helps a little. I think we've had some better wins in non-conference games. What is the message to the guards and how much do they determine the team's success? "I mean, we'll go as our guards go. We kind of went like this all year long. I think the message to these guys is - one we have to take care of the ball. For example, we want to play fast and attacking, you want to play downhill, but we have to take care of the ball. So watch the ball, make great shots and be aggressive "I don't want them to think about turnovers so much that they're not aggressive. We have to play aggressively. That's how we play, but we can't have the sloppy turnovers, that we had. We told our guys... ...And 92% of the time we shot either a free throw on the edge or a three pointer, well the problem is we shot free throws badly 58% of the time, am Finished rand with 50% and shot a three 26% whatever it was against vandy we got the shots we wanted we just didn't convert them so let's keep running offensively how we run it. But we have to take care of the ball, make free throws, make layups, and then I don't think we have to shoot great out of three, but we have to shoot a decent percentage, an average percentage, if we play that hard w ie on defence, if we just eliminate fouling, I think we'll be good in that regard too. So we don't need big changes from these guys. Let's just snap in and do what we're capable of, but let's simplify it a bit. Let's take care of the ball. Let's take our free throws."


Kyrie Irving attends the Nets game with GF after being banned from playing due to a vaccination order

The NBA superstar attended his own team's game courtside and without a mask as fans freaked out via social media. (Author: Gardener)

Kyrie IrvingBrooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving caused quite a stir while attending his team's basketball game against the New York Knicks at the Barclays Center in New York City on Sunday (March 13). The Star Guard, who remains unable to play home games due to his unvaccinated status and the city's private sector immunization mandate, sat maskless on the sidelines with his fiancée, Marlene "Golden" Wilkerson. The pair were able to attend the game as spectators due to the city's new guidelines - but as a private employee of the arena, Kyrie is still barred from playing there. Kyrie's decision to cheer for his teammates, the day after he attended a Duke and Virginia Tech game at the Barclays Center, had sports commentators, fellow athletes and fans questioning the rationale behind the pandemic-related rules. Some questioned why he was allowed to move freely around the venue without a mask but still couldn't put on a jersey and play on the pitch. "Is there a reasonable/reasonable/choose your adjective to explain that the Nets' Kyrie Irving will be allowed to attend games on Saturday and Sunday as an unmasked courtside spectator, but not be allowed to play at the Barclays Center?" tweeted NBA- Correspondent Marc Stein, as sportswriter Clay Travis wrote, “He also went to Duke-Virginia Tech last night and sat on the sidelines. Is there any reasonable/reasonable/choose your adjective explanation for the Nets' Kyrie Irving being allowed to attend games on Saturday and Sunday as an unmasked pitchside spectator but not play at the Barclays Center? He also went to Duke-Virginia Tech last night and sat court. It's a freaking pandemic," shared one outraged fan. I don't care how stupid a particular Covid rule is, the only person stopping Kyrie Irving from playing basketball is Kyrie Irving. I don't care how stupid a particular Covid rule is, the only person stopping Kyrie Irving from playing basketball is Kyrie Irving. It's a damn pandemic. Kyrie's former teammate LeBron James chimed in after a supporter exposed the mandate's blatant hypocrisy on Twitter, saying the situation was "absolutely ridiculous on all levels of common sense". The NBA icon replied: "FACT FACT FACT!! It literally makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!!! It literally makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!!! They say that if common sense were common we would all have it. They say that if common sense were common we would all have it. #FreeKyrie Read below for more reactions to Kyrie's appearance at his own game. You can be pro-vaccine and also think that logic doesn't make sense here. We've reached the point where this mandate really doesn't make sense anymore. He can walk around freely and without a mask, but cannot play. It's so wild how Kyrie went from illogical refusal to vaccinate to illogical mask and vaccine rules and regulations #PoliticalTheater https:// The biggest detail of Kyrie's court loophole is that it weakens the legal standing of private employer vaccination mandates. It reveals the flaw in the mandate. By not freeing Kyrie, it threatens the entire Mandate. It's not stupid that he can't play. It's stupid that he can be there.


Michigan State feels good and feels 'anything is possible'

They wanted more and now they have it. The matchup, the madness, all of that — as long as they're going to have it. (Author: Gardener)

MichiganEast Lansing - They wanted more and now they have it. Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans are going wherever they go this time of year. Returning to the NCAA tournament for a 24th straight appearance and extending college basketball's second-longest active streak. And after Izzo and his team made it back to East Lansing this weekend after an extended stint in Indianapolis — where the Spartans won two Big Ten tournament games before running out of gas in the semifinals against Purdue — that was all that mattered . The Spartans are feeling good now and ready, as point guard A.J. Hoggard says, "to get another shot at March." It's something to appreciate, Izzo explained Sunday, although he admittedly had to remember it first before reminding his players in a team briefing Sunday before the NCAA tournament selection show. There's plenty of intrigue here for the seventh-ranked Spartans in the West Regional, from an opening-round matchup with Davidson and his old friend Foster Loyer on Friday in Greenville, South Carolina to a potential Sunday encounter with Duke, the Number 2 would give Izzo another hit against the retiring Mike Krzyzewski. But there's also something more fundamental at play, and Izzo took a minute to reflect on this Sunday and revisited what a roller-coaster ride this season has been for this Michigan State team. A group that lost seven of their last 10 regular-season games, but then seemed to find something -- a spark and maybe a little fire -- to build on in Indianapolis last week. "I think our players are excited," Izzo said. ... But I think the good news is, as the saying goes, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' Whenever you go through something uncomfortable, you either fall by the wayside or get back up.” And after he's seen As its Spartans rose in the last week, winning three of their last four and nearly beating Purdue less than 24 hours after beating Wisconsin in the Big Ten tournament, Michigan State's confidence is rising at just the right time. "They got up," Izzo said. And I'm proud of them for that.” The feeling seemed to be mutual as they packed their bags and headed home from Indy, which has always felt like a second home to the Spartans. J. Hoggard takes the reins, there's something for everyone in this late resurgence. And now, the message from Izzo is surprisingly simple: "Can you do your job?" That was the question he asked, and we'll find out on Friday if the Spartans have the right answer. Davidson is no easy target, especially the way they shoot the ball from three-point range, ranks in the top 10 nationally. But Michigan State defends the 3 well and they're also one of the best behind the arc of the Nation. The transfer point guard has been playing some of his best basketball games, averaging nearly 25 minutes, 11.7 points and 4.3 assists in his last 10 games while averaging nearly 25 minutes, 11.7 points and 4.3 assists while in the last 10 games shot 45% from three point range. But after falling to the ground early on Saturday, Walker won't be training for the next few days and Izzo wasn't sure he'll be ready to play on Friday, although he will at least have an extra day of rehab. Still, Hoggard appears to have taken charge, and he did so again in the second half against Purdue. "I felt like I had grown a lot," he said on Sunday. "I had the feeling that we had grown a lot." And the best part for Izzo, who has tied Krzyzewski for the most consecutive NCAA tournament trips by a head coach, is how familiar it all feels. "The only good thing about having experience, or being old, or whatever you want to call it, is that I've been here before," Izzo smiled, noting that he had a No. 7 seed in a final before Four — a nod to Michigan State's unlikely run in 2015. "So I'm a dreamer." But even a realist can look at the carnage we've seen in college basketball this year — not just the big Ten - and wondering what weirdness might be in store for us in the next few weeks. "From all those years it won't be a chalk," Izzo predicted in the Final Four. Certainly not like 2008 when all four No. 1 seeds made it. Or even those years when three of the top seeds rose. So go ahead and dream if you will, Michigan State fans. Izzo won't argue with you, and neither will his players.