Travis Scott announces $5 million plan for 'actionable change' after deadly Astroworld concert

Travis Scott pledges $5 million to \ (Author: Gardener)

Travis ScottFour months after the deadly Astroworld tragedy that claimed the lives of ten concert-goers, rapper Travis Scott announced a $5 million initiative called "Project HEAL," which he says is a "catalyst for real Changes” will be to heal the consequences. Scott, 30, on Tuesday detailed a four-pronged project that includes solutions to address "the challenges facing today's youth, especially those from marginalized and vulnerable communities": $1 million in academic scholarships for historically black colleges and universities, free resources for mental health, a creative design education program, and a new technology-driven event security solution. "Over the past few months I have taken the time and space to grieve, reflect and do my part to heal my community," he wrote in an Instagram post. “My team and I created Project HEAL to take much-needed action to support real solutions that make all events the safest places they can be. I will always honor the victims of the Astroworld tragedy who remain in my heart forever.” On November 5, Scott's Astroworld music festival turned deadly after a crowd that gathered shortly after he took the stage began grabbing headlines do. Scott and the festival organizers have since been heavily criticized for shoddy security plans and for Scott's history of inciting rioting crowds. Scott gave his first interview about the tragedy a month after the festival, denying he knew anything while performing and vowing to "fix it for the future." show because it's my festival and I am who I am and maybe there isn't much understanding," Scott said in an interview with Charlamagne Tha God published December 9. Hundreds of lawsuits were subsequently filed, which were discussed at Astroworld's first legal hearing in Houston last week. Attorney Robert Hilliard - who, along with Ben Crump, represents more than 700 victims, including th The father of Ezra Blount, the 9-year-old who died after attending the show, criticized Scott's announcement, which came days after a judge denounced the Case participants had told them to refrain from interviews or media announcements that could influence the opinion of the public or the jury. "As well-intentioned as Mr. Scott's belated generosity may or may not be, there seems to be no reason to issue a press release or announce the specific part of the initiative relating to putting money into concert safety and ensuring that." fans are safe at shows, except to improperly influence potential jurors with the message, "Look at me, I'm a good guy," Hilliard said in a statement. More: Travis Scott 'didn't know what was going on', Astroworld was 'systemic collapse', says Scott's attorney 'Technological device currently under development.' The solutions were developed through input from "key experts from the technology sector, government, emergency response experts, events management, health and public safety experts," the press release said, adding that "this will be the first time all these stakeholders work together to most effectively address the security challenges of future major events, culminating in a comprehensive report with recommendations. "HEAL will work toward having this report serve as the new safety plan for all festivals and major events," the press release reads. Scott's academic fellowships -- named for his grandfather, Waymon Webster, a Prairie View A&M University graduate and former educator -- each award $10,000 to 100 college students who have an average GPA of 3.5 or above but risk not graduating from a "last-minute challenge of financial adversity in their sophomore senior year." The rapper did also pledged "seven figures" for mental health services, per a press release, funding digital counseling, telephone hotlines and other free programs with licensed professional counselors and social workers that focus on "much-needed resources to support services for young people in low-income communities of color." n focus, many of which have few available, accessible, affordable mental health options." Travis Scott gives first interview since Astroworld: "My heart wasn't there to be a villain" And Scott's Cactus Jack Foundation is also working with Houston-based nonprofit Makerspace Youth Design Center for a "seven-figure sum." Expanding" to install a new creative design education program for the center, "through a strategic online partnership with a historically black college or university." "Giving back to youth and creating opportunity is something I've always done have and will continue to do while I have the chance," Scott added on Instagram. "This program will be a catalyst for real change and I can't wait to share the rest of the technology and ideas we've been working on. More: Toro Y Moi, Roddy Ricch donate Astroworld proceeds to victims; Drake speaks deaths afterwards


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights

En route to Stand & Deliver during Wrestlemania 38 weekend, NXT 2.0 stopped by Roadblock for a show that included major title fights and the ending of a longstanding rivalry... (Author: Gardener)

Stand & DeliverEn route to Stand & Deliver during Wrestlemania 38 weekend, NXT 2.0 stopped at Roadblock for a show that included major title fights and the ending of a long-standing rivalry. Dolph Ziggler goaded Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa into giving him an NXT Championship Shot in a Triple Threat match where he was able to pin The Blackheart to win the title. This match had what it takes to be an early 2022 classic. The Creed Brothers won the 2022 Men's Dusty Tag Team Classic to earn a shot at Imperium for the NXT Tag Team Championships. The dangerous Diamond Mine duo would jump at that chance Tuesday night. After months of taunts and sneak attacks, LA Knight was done sticking to Grayson Waller's rules and demanded a Last Man Standing match against the Loudmouth heel. The women's Dusty Classic continued to heat up with its two semi-finals. Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray would face off against the longtime team of Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro, while Raquel Gonzalez and Cora Jade would team up against the odd pairing of Dakota Kai and Wendy Choo. This show had the potential to really make NXT 2.0 work in WWE's most important season. Each win had the chance to change the face of WrestleMania weekend. Dakota Kai and Wendy Choo isolated Cora Jade in their corner and knocked her down while keeping Raquel Gonzalez out of the action. Toxic Attraction attacked Big Mami Cool behind the referee's back and slammed her left knee into the steel post to ensure she couldn't help her partner. Jade fought back against Choo and put her in the corner. Kai tagged in and suffered a hard punch that allowed Gonzalez to get a tag on. The Team Kick captain hit a backstabber and went for the Kaio kick. However, Kai hesitated. In the end, Kai hit her second try at the Kaio Kick. Choo hit a Vader Bomb followed by a double kick from Kai to win. Big Mommy Cool was then taken to the trainer's room. Kai and Choo def. Gonzalez and Jade by pinfall to advance to the finals of the women's Dusty Classic. This was a surprising result of a good match. Because of the Toxic Attraction move, Gonzalez never really got much to do here. Choo, which featured two interesting performers who are still learning their craft. Kai and Choo have an interesting dynamic, but not one that should dominate the women's Dusty Classic. Briggs and Jensen accused Legado del Fantasma of attacking The Creed Brothers, but the group laughed at the idea before leaving. Later that night, Stratton promised to break Sarray's face next week. Stratton remains a work in progress, so their matches will not consist of. It was still a surprise when she won but hopefully it's a sign she'll get a serious chance in the women's division aside from helping Briggs and Jensen. Sarray used to be billed as the quintessential babyface, but she wasn't just a distraction for Stratton. She also shot her rival on the cheap after just one backstage clash, which seemed very uncharacteristic. Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams spoke from The Barber about his plan for Stand & Deliver on April 2, where the former aims to prove he's the greatest by defeating four men in a ladder match. LA Knight caught Grayson Waller at the entrance and the two fought to the ring. The Million Dollar Megastar nearly won a Superplex and BFT, but Waller escaped to the outside. Knight pushed Waller off the ramp thinking it was over. Sanga saved his employer and got involved in the action. Waller eyed Knight to escape the BFT and then went to the slitter, but Knight caught him and sent him out of the ring through a table. An enraged million dollar megastar caught Waller in a trash can and repeatedly hit him with steel -chair shots, which Sanga also received a few. Waller caught Knight with a blackjack and then hit a diving elbow drop through the announcer table. He climbed onto Sanga while Knight couldn't get up and claimed the win. This was by far the best match between Knight and Waller. The camera didn't always capture the best angles, but the pace was consistent in a match type that can often be awkward. It was the right move for the loudmouth to eke out the win. He'll likely stay with NXT 2.0 for a while longer, and Knight will head to Raw after WrestleMania. While Waller won by a narrow margin, he won clean by the rules of the game. Nikkita Lyons joined Lash Legend at Lashing Out. The hostess berated her guest for becoming relevant just because of her looks, which led to a big argument. Tony D'Angelo spent some time eating and promised to get his big moment at NXT Stand & Deliver. The cohesive partnership and athletic speed of Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter were hard for Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai to match. Meanwhile, Malik Blade and Edris Enofe found their way to the Toxic Attraction Lounge with Mandy Rose. Catanzaro and Carter hit an impressively boosted Poisonrana for a near miss that The Genius of the Sky cleared. Ray hit the KLR bomb followed by an over-the-moonsault by Shirai on Catanzaro to win. Cora Jade attacked Rose in the lounge until Blade and Enofe finished them off. Carter and Catanzaro by Pinfall. Catanzaro and Carter are WWE's best women's tag team, but it's a shame they're underused. As the rare established team in a division that threw several tandems together at the last minute, the two should have stood a better chance than she did. However, similar to the main roster, NXT tends to prioritize individual talent over tag team cohesion. Shirai and KLR are great individual wrestlers, although as a team they still have work to do. The Genius of the Sky and KLR appear to be the most likely to win the Women's Dusty Tag Team Classic at this point. It would add another distinction to the legacy of one of the brand's greatest, Shirai, and build a simple story for Stand & Deliver. Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta argued backstage while Duke Hudson looked on. Indi challenged her friend to a match to decide who was really better. Cameras found the Creed Brothers in the parking lot, but Imperium refused to admit attacking them. MSK challenged Imperium to a match, believing the brothers could not leave. Imperium defeated Wes Lee and Nash Carter early on, but MSK beat his stride, rolling over Fabian Aichner and Marcel Bartel. They attacked both teams and stood tall. Imperium vs. MSK goes to a no-contest; Imperium retains the NXT Tag Team Championships. Empire vs. The two teams took the opportunity to show themselves, but this was a half match. No matter who attacked Julius and Brutus, the story builds into a triple threat in Stand & Deliver. This could have been a better and more complete match, but it made sense that it served more as a preview of something bigger. NXT Championship: Bron Breakker (c) vs. Dolph ZigglerTommaso Ciampa cut an impassioned promo about his love for NXT 2.0 and his need to be the best. Dolph Ziggler promised to screw up WrestleMania weekend. The blackheart came out, but Breakker responded with a pair of clotheslines and a double suplex to both men. All three men shot each other sharply. Ziggler took advantage of his opponents' exhaustion to finally make his shot, and nearly took the three away with a Zig Zag on Ciampa. Ciampa hit The Showoff with the Fairy Tale ending for a nearfall of his own. Breakker hit Ziggler with the Military Press powerslam, but Robert Roode saved his partner. Roode saved Breakker from a running knee by Ciampa and gave The Blackheart a superkick from Ziggler before being counted out. defeated Ziggler. Ciampa and Breakker were pinned to become the new NXT champions. This was a way to draw fan attention to NXT. Ziggler's victory came as a shock, but a big moment for the brand. He managed to manipulate himself into the perfect situation where Roode could help him steal the NXT Championship from Breakker without pinning him. This comes out as the full invasion of NXT that The Showoff promised. He beat the best in NXT and clinched his first singles gold in years. He may not be on the WrestleMania card, but he's guaranteed to be at Stand & Deliver. The competition was really good throughout and showed what Ziggler can do with both men. Breakker will likely do everything in his power to reclaim the NXT title and it's likely he will do it at Stand & Deliver, no matter what Ciampa has to say about it.


The Bachelor reunion Women Tell All had Real Housewives-level drama

Maybe it happened when one contestant called another a "narcissistic, gas-lit bitch" — or maybe when host Jesse Palmer failed (for the second or third time) to regain control of the room. Sometime early during this week's Bachelors, it became clear that this "Women Tell All" deviated from the norm. I dare say it could actually be the most! Dramatic! Ye!? Yes, they say that every year - but this time, it's said that... (Author: Gardener)

Women Tell AllMaybe it happened when one contestant called another a "narcissistic, gas-lit bitch" — or maybe when host Jesse Palmer failed (for the second or third time) to regain control of the room. Sometime early during this week's Bachelors, it became clear that this "Women Tell All" deviated from the norm. Yes, they say that every year - but this time there were supposed DM slides and screenshots! On Friday, Netflix debuted the Love Is Blind reunion, with both contestants and hosts berating Season 2's Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee. Vanessa Lachey, usually a mild force on the show, even got in touch with the troubled contestant in a clip that went instantly viral. But the naming and explosive resentment displayed during Monday's Bachelors was the next level. As well as digging in on each other, the women made sure to eviscerate their ex, Bachelor Clayton Echard. Some of Monday's mess was entertaining reality drama, and some got a little ugly. The first big question of the evening: are women required to finish things with all FWBs before appearing on The Bachelor? That's the philosophical dilemma surrounding the night's contestants' first target, Cassidy Timbrooks -- a villain who showed up early this season by putting her foot in her mouth and also making out with Clayton more than the other women would have liked . As Cassidy's competitor Sierra Jackson revealed to Clayton during the season, Cassidy had a welfare girlfriend at home — who she hadn't exactly broken up with before leaving for the show. do we care Given that 30 women performed that season and only one could ever be engaged, I have to admit that I don't. Jesse Palmer, this season's replacement for Chris Harrison, did his best to keep the room in order, but at several points, women yelled over him even as he tried to throw into the commercial break. Eventually, the room found its next subject: Shanae Ankney, who called Sierra a "narcissistic, gaslit bitch." If the treatment Cassidy received was harsh, what Shanae received was downright brutal — though viewers will no doubt remember and dutifully recap as highlight films, the anger she radiated was not without reason. It's more than #shrimpgate, one of the silliest bits of bachelor drama in recent memory. Aside from the more petty game strategies typically used by "bad guys" on this show to monopolize attention, Shanae was also called out for capable mistreatment of a competitor. Although Clayton has since apologized to Elizabeth, the contestant, for not knowing exactly what was going on in the house, Shanae accused another contestant, Genevieve Parisi, of being an actress, although she openly admitted that she runs her own show performed for her fiancé-to-be, rubbed people the wrong way. A fellow contestant called her a "reasonably priced Meryl Streep" Monday night.) When Shanae and Genevieve sat down across from Jesse Palmer for a two-on-one interview, things got even more intense. While Genevieve tried to ride the tidal wave against Shanae, her competitor tried to throw her off course by claiming Genevieve hooked up with another member of Bachelor Nation after she went home. (Again, I have to ask: Why are we concerned with who these women are sleeping with off-show?! But aside from her behavior toward certain individuals, what seemed to liven up the room against Shanae was her sheer, all-encompassing, unrepentant villainy . I mean, this is the woman who once crashed a group date to throw a trophy in a pond — an action Clayton himself called "unjustifiable" on Monday night. when asked for even a hint of remorse, she whispered "no." Did I mention that Clayton was one of the biggest villains of the night? When he spoke to Palmer about the experience of "looking back at things," in show parlance, he admitted our bachelor admits he might have made just a few (several) mistakes."I wish I would have done things differently," he said. "But as for regrets, I've got everything g in those moments." etan what I thought was best... That statement didn't sit well with Clayton's ex, who understandably wanted to know why he kept Shanae round despite repeated warnings from multiple attendees. "I'm not approaching you or anything," Sierra said. "Just one true question: why neglect all the words you hear from all these wonderful women... We all tell you that Shanae is toxic and hurts the whole house and she makes this one false excuse. She lies constantly, and you believe." you still above us all. Lyndsey Windham added: "Numerous of us have said it and I don't know, it's just frustrating to sit here and see you say that. I wish you would sit and admit that you had a better connection to Shanae than any of us. "I took care of you," Sierra told The Bachelor. "I said, 'I don't want him to make a stupid decision,' you know? I think you're confusing love and lust. And finally, one point of contention: Did the Bachelor cry on his first date with Sarah Hamrick? Bachelor presenter Jesse Palmer and Clayton Echard Craig Sjodin/ABC After the women had finished gorging on Clayton for a while, Sarah tried to garner some goodwill, despite several attendees insisting she was a lying gamer. She told Clayton it was "ironic" that he finally sent her home, accusing her of being disingenuous "because it feels like you did this to me... I've already done my best to get through the drama." to navigate … because I took care of you and our relationship. It feels like the person who kept putting me back in and stirring the pot was you.” Ultimately, the room wasn't on Sarah's side. But fun fact: you and Genevieve appear to have showed up in the same dress! But the final item on the agenda (after the requisite blooper roles) landed Clayton back in the hot seat when Sierra confronted him with one final question. She and other contestants shared that they already know how this season ends — including how often teased that Clayton tells three women he's in love with them. "I want to know exactly who you are to behave a certain way and treat these women a certain way and expose them to your behavior," she said. Teddi Wright posed a gentler but even more menacing question on the same subject: "Are you...


Wardlow Calls NXT Stars Joining AEW "Added Motivation to Planting Those Powerbombs"

Wardlow talks NXT stars in AEW and AEW wins the Wednesday Night War. (Author: Gardener)

NXTWardlow talks NXT stars in AEW and AEW wins the Wednesday Night War. Wardlow is one of a handful of superstars that AEW considers homegrown. In the company's three years of existence, there are far more competitors with ties to WWE and other brands on the roster than domestic names. Some of the names, including Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish and Keith Lee, were at the helm of NXT at a time when they were directly competing with AEW on Wednesday night. In a speech on Wrestling Inc. Daily, Wardlow noted that Keith Lee is now with AEW, saying that he is now just another name on the list and The War Dog will walk through him. I know he's done great things elsewhere, but he's here now, so I don't care what your name is, I don't care where you're from, you're in my world now. If he can attract some new fans to the product, great. But things are a little different at AEW," Wardlow said of Keith Lee. Wardlow went on to talk about the overall idea of ​​having multiple top NXT Superstars coming to AEW. "You know, winning someone like Adam Cole is huge for us. well i will say since i am an AEW original these guys come from the other side and do spots it's something that just gives me a little extra motivation when i plant these powerbombs to remind everyone whose house it really is. Speaking about Wednesday night's 2019-2021 ratings competition between AEW and NXT, Wardlow reflected on growing up as a Monday Night War fan and said it meant a lot to him to be a part of something similar. "It hit me so hard at the time," he said. "Growing up it was Peak Wrestling, it was the Monday Night Wars. What a time to be alive. What a time to be a fan. To finally be in the business that I've been clawing and clawing for so long and it's just about time I'm part of a New Age Wednesday Night War, it's just - manifestation is very real. If you use any of the above citations, please credit the original source with an H/T and link back to Fightful for the transcription.


Martin Compston was inspired by Dermot O'Leary for his role in Line of Duty

Line Of Duty actor Martin Compston has revealed he took inspiration from a very unexpected person when trying to perfect his role as Steve Arnott in the BBC drama (Author: Gardener)

Martin CompstonLine Of Duty actor Martin Compston has revealed he took inspiration from a very unexpected person when trying to perfect his role as Steve Arnott on the BBC drama. Martin Compston has revealed he was inspired by Dermot O'Leary for his famous Line Of Duty role. The actor, who is currently starring in new ITV drama 'Our House' alongside Tuppence Middleton, plays Steve Arnott in the hit BBC drama series alongside Vicky McClure as Kate Fleming and Adrian Dunbar as Ted Hastings. While giving up his Scottish accent for the role on Line Of Duty, he admitted it can be difficult to perfect his English accent for the popular BBC show - so he turned to Dermot to help him to find the right voice. Martin Compston and Vicky McClure as Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming "I can say that I really did push myself with certain words in those moments, and looking back I think my performance in the first one was pretty flat," he said in a new episode of The Table Manners Podcast by Jessie and Lennie Ware. "I've been trying to get back into the accent and I've started listening to people and Dermot is a really good sounding board for the accent. Fans of the drama series are dying to know if there will be another series after Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells' blunderingly exposed himself as H - something viewers divided. Dermot was Martin's inspiration for his character. Insiders have claimed the show will return one day - but it may be years away. This is the news millions of fans have been hoping for. Co-star Vicky has teased that the show might return someday, too. When asked if the show will make a spectacular return, she told The Guardian: "I don't know! I don't know, there isn't a word about it. I think we were all very honest and said if that happens we're all in. Martin is starring in new ITV drama 'Our House' so I think when it comes to an end it will be a natural conclusion for us all." started and now we're the biggest drama on TV and it's all because of the fans," he said. "We really don't take that for granted and who knows, maybe we'll come back."


10 motivational quotes to kick the habit

The day aims to reach out to friends or family members suffering from nicotine addiction. (Author: Gardener)

10The day aims to reach out to friends or family members suffering from nicotine addiction. On this day, raise awareness about smoking and urge your loved ones to quit smoking, which causes not only lung infections but also cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco kills more than 8 million people each year, and more than 7 million of those deaths are due to direct tobacco use. “Tobacco use has fallen significantly since 2000,” but “the reduction is not enough to meet globally agreed targets aimed at keeping people from dying and suffering from cardiovascular and other noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). protect,” said the WHO. 1. "The true colors of smoking are sickness, death and horror - not the glamor and sophistication that the pioneers in the tobacco industry try to portray." — David Byrne 2. "Tobacco is the only industry that makes products to consume huge Making profits while damaging health and killing their consumers.” — Margaret Chan 3. “Culture is about moving to a place where tobacco and smoking are not part of normal life: people meet it's not normal for him, they don't see it in their big supermarkets, they don't see it, people who smoke in public places don't see vending machines." — Andrew Lansley 4. "I've decided to make it clear to women, especially young women, that Tobacco is not glamorous – it is addictive and smoking is bad for your health.” – Mena Suvari 5. “Cigars, cigarettes and hookah tobacco are all smoking tobacco – addictive and deadly. We need effective measures to protect our children from a lifelong addiction to nicotine." — Tom Frieden 6. "Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that weaken the body's immune system, making it more susceptible to disease and impairing its ability to destroy cancer cells." — Michael Greger 7th Cigarette: A fire at one end, a fool at the other, and a bit of tobacco in between. 8. If we lose the fight against tobacco, we will lose the fight against cancer. 9. "It takes a lot of dedication to quit smoking, and whether you give up for good on the first try or have to try a few times — just keep going and you'll succeed." — Harmon Killebrew Get Your Life From The tobacco companies back.


WEDNESDAY, March 9th

Cade Cunningham and the Rookie of the Year hunt and which college star will join him on next season's Pistons roster get us going in this... (Author: Gardener)

WEDNESDAY, March 9thDETROIT, MI - MARCH 7: Cade Cunningham #2 of the Detroit Pistons walks off after the game against the Atlanta Hawks on March 7, 2022 at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2022 NBAE (Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images) Cade Cunningham and the Rookie of the Year chase and which college star will join him in next season's Pistons roster brings us to the this week's issue of Pistons for running mailbag. Langlois: If he strings together a string of games like he's had so far in March - he's averaging 22.5 points, 9.0 rebounds, 5.8 assists and 1.3 steals in four games, which is quite a limit, let alone for a rookie – it will make it incredibly interesting. Evan Mobley built a pretty big lead early on, and the fact that he was instrumental in Cleveland being the surprise team of the NBA season still puts him at the front of the pack. In the long run, of course, it won't affect where Cunningham's career goes or how far he takes the Pistons. But it's always nice to win trophies. Phil (Auburn Hills, Mich.): Any chance of Saben Lee, Luka Garza, Jamorko Pickett and Chris Smith seeing the NBA floor? Also, shouldn't we try to rate these players now instead of next season when we might actually be playing against competitors? Langlois: Yes, they will get a chance. It could be the last week or 10 days of the season, something like that, but Dwane Casey mentioned it a few times. Finally, let's try to get Pickett and Smith up to see where they are in these last few games. I think they're pretty sure where Lee and Garza are based on Lee's 407 minutes played and Garza's 340 minutes this season, plus the year they had with Lee last season. Pickett and Smith on bilateral deals is another matter. Again, I'm not exactly expecting to see Pickett or Smith this week or next. They have 17 games left and it feels like they've only really put their team in one place recently and in the eight games since beating Boston on the eve of the All-Star break, which may be the first game was, won 6-2 All season, not only did they have Cade Cunningham, Jerami Grant and Kelly Olynyk available, they also failed to recover from injury or illness. There's significant value in being competitive and learning what the final five minutes of tight games look like against quality opponents and that's the experience they're gaining now. But the last handful of games, yes, I would expect a little more experimentation. Old Flannel (@TheOldFlannel): I expect the Pistons to lose a top 3 draft pick — and all my hopes and dreams for 2023-24 in that process. Langlois: As there is no sarcasm font on Twitter , I can only assume your tongue was firmly planted in your cheek as you wrote. Now they are showing some clear signs of progress and promise as much of the impetus for the recent surge has been the play of Cade Cunningham, Saddiq Bey and Isaiah Stewart making their move and there is hand wringing over winning too much and a to jeopardize top 4 pick. (Remember that the new lottery, with its flattened odds, now determines the top four picks, as opposed to the top three it once determined.) Langlois: How healthy they stay will go a long way in determining whether yours intuition is confirmed. You can't lose key players like Jerami Grant and Kelly Olynyk for a third or more of the season and not feel the impact when you're a team with so little veteran influence and so many players in the early stages of their NBA timelines. But yes, Cade Cunningham will be a thousand times better prepared to lead an NBA team's offense next season than he was this season, given the preseason ankle injury that affected his ability to spread his wings the way we did understand him now, clearly disabled can. The overwhelming significance of the 2021-22 season for the Pistons is that they got it absolutely right by picking No. 1 Cunningham. Cunningham has displayed these qualities while still learning about the league's staff and the ins and outs of the professional game. Surround him now with teammates who are also growing up and figuring it out, bring in some more talent with another lottery pick and maybe an Impact veteran through trade or free agency made possible by an enviable cap situation, and the possibilities are intriguing . Troy Weaver has shown both determination and patience so far, so I don't think he'll make a move to bag the Pistons this offseason unless it's a clear long-term win. That's another way of saying he might wait another off-season for a bolder move, but regardless of what happens on that front, it's fair to say expectations are higher for the start of the 2022-23 season be considered this season. Langlois: It's a bruised bone in my right knee. Stewart will take a week to recover and then be re-evaluated. Bone bruises are painful, but that was about the best possible result considering how things looked in the second quarter on Monday as he struggled to hobble onto the bench and into the dressing room immediately after rolling up. While the Pistons are playing cautiously and giving Stewart most of the rest of the season to recuperate -- with 17 games remaining in the next 33 days -- the bottom line shouldn't be an impact on his offseason if he ' I will again have an ambitious program to come back as a better player. Stewart was averaging 9.9 points and 10.5 rebounds per game in his last 16 games before Monday's injury, and the eye test showed the Pistons were mostly a better team with him on the ground. Dodging a bullet with a long-term injury was very welcome news for their 20-year-old center, who is loved by teammates, coaches and staff. Langlois: Not decided yet is the simple answer. Now is the time to gather as much information and impressions as possible, then sort them by the end of college season and drill down during the pre-draft evaluation process. A team's individual board may differ slightly or significantly from the consensus, and each team will have a player they like more than the collective opinion. But pretty much every team will have the familiar names you see — Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith, Paolo Banchero, Jaden Ivy — somewhere in the top five, six, seven or ten. Pistons Rebuild 2.22 (@GMwanttobe): Best available shooting guard as we move down the lottery odds on the big three? Langlois: Purdue's Jaden Ivy is widely regarded as the best guard available. You'll get differing opinions on this, but when it comes to the Pistons, the presence of Cade Cunningham will make most prospects' pairing fairly easy. Cunningham's size and versatility give Troy Weaver great latitude to build a roster and Dwane Casey the flexibility to mix and match lineups. He doesn't make many 3-point shots (less than a quarter of his attempts) and he doesn't shoot them very well (33 percent). Everyone is wondering whether or not Kentucky's Shaedon Sharpe, who hasn't played at all this season and won't, will enter the NBA draft. It would be unusual for a proposed top-10 pick to return to college, but so far Kentucky and Sharpe say that's the plan. If your question implies that the Pistons will target a shooting guard if they can't pick one of the big three men expected to leave early - Chet Holmgren, Jabari Smith and Paolo Banchero - I don't think so Troy Weaver thinks so. @liamgunny/IG: Given a choice, which position would you ideally draft for - center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard, or point guard? This is especially true for a team in the relatively early stages of a rebuild, and doubly so for a team making high to medium lottery picks. The mission is to get your predicted player to have the greatest impact over the course of their career - or at least over the course of the first five years, which is the rookie contract term. Specifically for the Pistons, the presence of Cade Cunningham - as I detailed above - gives them real rostering flexibility. Take the best player, regardless of his position knowing they would all be working with the current young core. I think Holmgren could be the biggest joker - the tallest ceiling with his slim stature giving him some chance of not getting traction to reach it. Smith could have the highest floor as a shot punch like he has on a 6ft 10 sports frame makes it pretty hard to go wrong. I'm pretty sure if Troy Weaver could be guaranteed the #3 pick in the June draft, he'd be sleeping pretty well until then. Yeah, Buddy (@Meeeshigan): Assuming Troy Weaver wants to re-sign Marvin Bagley, does $8-10 million for a couple of years sound about right with a few exceptions? Langlois: The median exception for next season is estimated at $10.3 million. Relevant because deals are usually made when walking through. On the surface, the Pistons have motivation to quickly strike a deal with Bagley to get a cheaper number on their cap sheet than his cap hold, which is suitably high given his status as a former No. 2 overall pick. Bagley's reality is that there are very few cap-ranked teams this offseason, so the MLE is the tool that would be most readily available to interested teams. The MLE seems like at least a good starting point for two sides with room to go either way. Bagley is 22 despite being a four-year veteran, he's an athletic big man whose traditional scoring stats - goals and rebounds - are pretty impressive, and he's expressed his gratitude to the Pistons for chasing him and getting him out of one situation that had proved tiring for him. Troy Weaver and Dwane Casey have been pretty transparent about Bagley's potential. So I'm not sure where that number will come in, but I'm betting that the Pistons and Bagley will find a mutually acceptable number fairly quickly once free agency opens. @twerks_for_jesus/IG: Do you think Bagley is giving the Pistons that part to move them forward? Langlois: I would say at least “one” piece. Bagley brings a mix of size and athleticism to the Pistons that they lacked, and we're already seeing its impact with the lob threat he offers. There are a lot of factors that go into the Pistons when they see their pointing average up about eight points a game over the past eight games, but Bagley has been a part of it. He makes them better now and gives them an increased chance of significant improvement in the future. The trick is figuring out the right value in a long-term contract offer this summer.


Your daily horoscope for Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

Midweek motivation. (Author: Gardener)

dailyWith the week halfway through and only halfway to go, it's time to use the stars for a quick boost in the middle. A strong focus on a private and spiritual realm offers an opportunity to reflect on life and your future. With three planets in Pisces, you'll find it easier to talk about your feelings. And as Mercury moves into this zone, you will become aware of your mindset and whether it is helping you. Here's everything you need to know about being an Aries. Your social life might shine even brighter as of today, as articulated Mercury urges you to enjoy some downtime. You may be interested in making new friends and moving in circles that could be related to one of your passions. Here's everything you need to know about being a Taurus. You will continue to be in demand and nurture everything that is great about you. With a lively lineup in your Ambition Sector, the desire to get ahead can push you to try harder. Don't be afraid to connect with those who can help you on your journey. Here's everything you need to know about being twins. If aspects of your life remain intense, then lively Mercury's movement into your travel sector and wide horizons could allow you to see the bigger picture. An optimistic focus on this zone can open up new opportunities for you to plan with enthusiasm for the long term. Here's everything you need to know about being a Cancer. If others notice that you're not saying much, it could be because you're on a journey to locate and release emotional blocks. Here's everything you need to know about life as a lion. As Mercury invades your relationship zone, you may be ready to try again. This time, you might find it easier to understand where they're coming from and why you've been struggling. Here's everything you need to know about being a Virgo. The presence of Mercury in Pisces could encourage you to take on more work. Fancy a wholesome diet? Cooking nourishing recipes or trying out diet plans can help increase energy levels. This is a good time to improve a skill or learn a new one. Here's everything you need to know about living as a Libra. A desire to express yourself and unleash your talents could inspire your entrepreneurial side. As wise Mercury transitions into Pisces, inspiration and imagination can make you eager to try new things. You will find it easier to adjust to the opinions of others. Here's everything you need to know about being a Scorpio. Are you fighting the desire to enjoy some me-time? When Mercury enters Pisces and your home zone, it inspires you to get organized, so take advantage of this. Here's everything you need to know about the presence of a Sagittarius-Mercury in your communication area to put it right. Once you can clearly see where you are going, getting there will be much easier. Here's everything you need to know about being a Capricorn. When Mercury Mercury enters Pisces and your money zone, they will be eager to collect the numbers associated with your money for you. When you're ready, it will help you feel more in control and plan ahead. Here's everything you need to know about being an Aquarius. As Mercury moves into your sign, you will be more willing to try. If you want to solve a problem, find the right person and utter these charming words. Here's everything you need to know about being a Pisces. Your daily horoscope is here every morning, seven days a week (yes, weekends too!). To check your forecast, visit our dedicated horoscope page. To order your unique personal horoscope based on your birth time, date and place visit


Wednesday Football Tips Betfair Cheat Sheet

Get the best bets on Wednesday's action in a big Champions League night with Man City v Sporting and Real Madrid v PSG in the second leg (Author: Gardener)

WednesdayMan City demolished Sporting Lisbon in the first leg but our previewer believes the Portuguese side can score at Etihad. Jamie Pacheco says: “There's no shame in looking back on losing bets. Before the first leg I tipped both teams to score and the truth is Sporting probably should have scored.” A reminder that their not scoring was the first time in 27 games they hadn't goal and they have scored in each of their five games since then. “I think they can do what they couldn't do at home and get one here considering City have come up against Tottenham (2-3) and Man Utd (4-4) in each of their last two home games in the league. 1) conceded a goal ). "Both teams' goal is a very decent 2.447/5 but I think we can do even better. "They might get one but City should win anyway and with Guardiola unlikely to play his best men in the Storm is playing, I don't think there will be a bloodbath. In a strange game that's hard to predict, that looks like the bet." Dan Fitch also anticipates a comfortable night for City as he recommends the first of two Champions League Bet Builder bets on Wednesday... Dan says : "Even with Manchester City weakened, it's hard to see Sporting finding the motivation to really compete when a comeback is all but impossible. Sporting beat Arouca 2-0 at home at the weekend which puts them second in the Primeira Liga table, six points behind leaders Porto. "City should win this game so we have to" I start assisting them at 1/8 and add over 2.5 goals at 2/5 which has landed in six of their seven Champions League games. In six of City's last seven home games, goals have been scored in both halves, which is available at 4/11. “Sterling looks set to start the game and there are all sorts of options we could take to include him which would further increase the odds. The most cautious punt is Sterling having just one or more shots on target at a cost of 1/6. The tie is yet to come, the French lead 1-0 while PSG travel to the Bernabeu in the second leg to face Real Madrid. .. They showed an organised, committed and coherent performance and pressed for much of the game a Real Madrid side who - perhaps influenced by the abolition of the away goals rule - were more defensive than usual. But Real will have to attack at some point this time: They must hit at least once or they are out of contention. This necessary approach will eventually give Paris a clear view of Real Madrid's goal. Dan talks about French strikers on both sides as he recommends his second bet on the Champions League Bet Builder on Wednesday for PSG in the Spanish capital... Dan says: "Madr id won each of their three games after losing to PSG and on Celebrated a 4-1 home win over four closest rivals Real Sociedad at the weekend."Karim Benzema has scored in all three games and will be the man Madrid will rely on in their comeback. The French forward has scored five goals in six Champions League games this season while averaging four shots per game." We'll start the bet builder with Benzema to have two or more shots on target on 8/11 have.His France international teammate Mbappe was the star of the first game and has 1/6 to have a shot or more on target."With only one goal scored in the second half see less than 4.5 goals at 2/11 as safe Bet out We also have a Europa League tie between Real Betis and Eintracht Frankfurt Paul Higham has picked a bet builder to follow... "Frankfurt's Croatian midfielder Kristijan Jakic has been booked seven times this season, including twice in his last three games." He came back from suspension for his last game and came out unscathed, but in the atmosphere of this Europa League game he's a prime candidate to pick h er to be booked. "For the hosts, you have to look at Guido Rodriguez after his 10 bookings this season for Betis. "Rodriguez was booked in both his last Europa League game and in the Sevilla derby against Sevilla, so he showed he could play in the bigger games can let the opportunity sink in."


A former "Bachelorette" star says many of the contestants are rich girls "funded by their parents."

Desiree Hartsock — who was "The Bachelorette" in 2013 — wouldn't go on the show today because she "would be picked because she didn't have the right clothes." (Author: Gardener)

The BacheloretteFormer "Bachelorette" star Desiree Hartsock told Insider that she would never appear in the franchise the way she is today. Craig Sjodin/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images * Desiree Hartsock was "The Bachelorette" in 2013, but told Insiders she wouldn't be appearing on the show today. * Hartsock believes she "would be picked because she didn't have the right clothes, the right makeup, the right look." * Recent 'Bachelor' contestants have revealed they'll shell out up to $8,000 to appear in the franchise. Desiree Hartsock remains one of "The Bachelorette's" few enduring success stories, having found love with its 2013 winner, Chris Siegfried, on the show. But Hartsock told Insider that she wasn't going to "The Bachelorette" today because of the pressure to look and dress a certain way to fit in with the other attendees. "Because you know then you'd be singled out because you don't have the right clothes, the right makeup, the right look — and that's pretty unfortunate, to be honest." Hartsock with her winner, Chris Siegfried, in 2013 Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images When Hartsock signed on for Sean Lowe's season of "The Bachelor," which aired in 2013, she had huge credit card debt and couldn't afford to buy a new dress for the very first night, an experience , which she describes in her memoir The Road to Roses. Hartsock, who now works as a wedding dress designer, describes how she packed all the clothes she owned — some sundresses and "work pants from the sales department of Ross Dress For Less and Marshalls" — into a large holdall for the show. She also worked tirelessly to sew her own first night gown, writing that she felt "like Cinderella getting ready to go to the prom — only without seamstress mice and bird friends to help." Hartsock via Sean Lowe's season of "The Bachelor" in 2013. Rick Rowell/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images Hartsock, who notes that nothing is provided to the show's contestants, also describes how she used drugstore makeup worth Bought $20 before setting out on the famous "Bachelor" mansion. The future 'Bachelorette' star told Insider that she was confident as she stepped out of the limousine to meet Lowe in her handmade dress, even if it looked a little different from everyone else's dresses. "I've always wanted to design clothes, and having the opportunity to design my own was once in a lifetime," she said. "It didn't bother me as I stepped out and my dress was a little bit different, not as glamorous or sparkly. With the rise of social media and many Bachelor Nation grads now working as Instagram influencers, the authenticity of the Show changed — which is one of the reasons she doesn't think she could appear in the franchise today. "You don't get paid on the show as a contestant," she said. Previous contestants have been open about how much they spent appearing on the show, with figures ranging from $1,800 to $8,000 in recent years. Current "Bachelor" star Clayton Echard with his contestants. Daria Rose, who appeared on the final season of The Bachelor, told Insider that she spent about $4,400 on dresses, shoes, makeup and hair to meet Clayton Echard. Hartsock believes one of them There are so few successful couples from the "Bachelor" franchise that it can now bring so much "celebrity and fame to them," she told Insider.