A former "Bachelorette" star says many of the contestants are rich girls "funded by their parents."

Desiree Hartsock — who was "The Bachelorette" in 2013 — wouldn't go on the show today because she "would be picked because she didn't have the right clothes." (Author: Gardener)

The BacheloretteFormer "Bachelorette" star Desiree Hartsock told Insider that she would never appear in the franchise the way she is today. Craig Sjodin/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images * Desiree Hartsock was "The Bachelorette" in 2013, but told Insiders she wouldn't be appearing on the show today. * Hartsock believes she "would be picked because she didn't have the right clothes, the right makeup, the right look." * Recent 'Bachelor' contestants have revealed they'll shell out up to $8,000 to appear in the franchise. Desiree Hartsock remains one of "The Bachelorette's" few enduring success stories, having found love with its 2013 winner, Chris Siegfried, on the show. But Hartsock told Insider that she wasn't going to "The Bachelorette" today because of the pressure to look and dress a certain way to fit in with the other attendees. "Because you know then you'd be singled out because you don't have the right clothes, the right makeup, the right look — and that's pretty unfortunate, to be honest." Hartsock with her winner, Chris Siegfried, in 2013 Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images When Hartsock signed on for Sean Lowe's season of "The Bachelor," which aired in 2013, she had huge credit card debt and couldn't afford to buy a new dress for the very first night, an experience , which she describes in her memoir The Road to Roses. Hartsock, who now works as a wedding dress designer, describes how she packed all the clothes she owned — some sundresses and "work pants from the sales department of Ross Dress For Less and Marshalls" — into a large holdall for the show. She also worked tirelessly to sew her own first night gown, writing that she felt "like Cinderella getting ready to go to the prom — only without seamstress mice and bird friends to help." Hartsock via Sean Lowe's season of "The Bachelor" in 2013. Rick Rowell/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images Hartsock, who notes that nothing is provided to the show's contestants, also describes how she used drugstore makeup worth Bought $20 before setting out on the famous "Bachelor" mansion. The future 'Bachelorette' star told Insider that she was confident as she stepped out of the limousine to meet Lowe in her handmade dress, even if it looked a little different from everyone else's dresses. "I've always wanted to design clothes, and having the opportunity to design my own was once in a lifetime," she said. "It didn't bother me as I stepped out and my dress was a little bit different, not as glamorous or sparkly. With the rise of social media and many Bachelor Nation grads now working as Instagram influencers, the authenticity of the Show changed — which is one of the reasons she doesn't think she could appear in the franchise today. "You don't get paid on the show as a contestant," she said. Previous contestants have been open about how much they spent appearing on the show, with figures ranging from $1,800 to $8,000 in recent years. Current "Bachelor" star Clayton Echard with his contestants. Daria Rose, who appeared on the final season of The Bachelor, told Insider that she spent about $4,400 on dresses, shoes, makeup and hair to meet Clayton Echard. Hartsock believes one of them There are so few successful couples from the "Bachelor" franchise that it can now bring so much "celebrity and fame to them," she told Insider.


The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer says he would never "allow himself" to love 3 women

The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer reflected on Clayton Echard's journey. Here's what he said about never finding himself in Clayton's position. (Author: Gardener)

Jesse PalmerClayton Echard's season of The Bachelor is unlike any season before him. Now, as The Bachelor Fantasy Suites approaches, fans are wondering what's happening, as the promos show Echard telling his last three wives that he's in love with all of them. Host Jesse Palmer reflected on Echard's season so far and how the show's star fell in love with three women. Here's what Palmer said about how he would handle the situation. Before stepping in as host of The Bachelor, Jesse Palmer was the lead in 2004. Life & Style reports that Palmer chose Jessica Bowlin as his finalist, but they didn't get engaged. He hoped they could find themselves off the show and date without the pressure of an engagement. With Chris Harrison no longer a part of Bachelor Nation, Palmer stepped in to host Clayton Echard's season. He told Variety if he would be back as a host for more seasons after Echard. Clayton Echard found himself in the worst possible position when he joined The Bachelor Fantasy Suites. Susie Evans, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey are Echard's three best wives - and the preview sees him telling all three he's in love with her. So what does Jesse Palmer think of Echard's situation? The host told Glamor he would not find himself in Clayton's position under any circumstances. "We know he's in love with all three women, which is still very difficult to understand," says Palmer. "When I was a bachelor, I was never anywhere near in that position. This is certainly not a place I think Clayton was expecting, but he's here and he needs to find his way around.” Palmer then said who he thinks the two best women are. "If I'd been someone watching up to this point, I'd say Susie and Rachel are probably a little further ahead than he is with Gabby, but it's hard to say because things change so quickly," added the moderator added. As Jesse Palmer follows Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor, fans want to know Palmer's relationship status. Is Jesse Palmer married in 2022? The two got engaged in 2019 after dating since 2017 and they had a wedding in June 2020. Daily Mail reports that they met while attending a group boxing class in New York City. "I was so in love, so in love with this woman and it only grew," Palmer told the Daily Mail. The Bachelor Fantasy Suites will air Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. RELATED: 'The Bachelor' star Rachel Recchia tells Susie Evans and Gabby Windey 'I'm really sorry, in advance' regarding fantasy suite date


Clayton eliminates Susie after a tense battle over his intimacy with 2 other women

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans have a tense argument during their fantasy suite date on The Bachelor. (Author: Gardener)

ClaytonClayton Echard had his fantasy suite dates with his last three wives - Gabby Windey, Rachel Recchia and Susie Evans - on the March 8 episode of The Bachelor. At the beginning of the episode, Clayton admitted he was "in love" with Gabby and Rachel and said that he may already be "in love" with Susie. Clayton spent the night with Gabby and Rachel on their dates. The morning after his date with Rachel, he told her he was in love with her. In Gabby, he told her he was falling in love. This was something Susie feared even before their date, and she got emotional before their one-on-one meeting. If I find out that he's in love with other women or has become physically intimate with another woman, that would be devastating." Susie flatly said that if he told her that, she would have a "hard time moving forward with Clayton." he might see her at the end... but she also slept with another woman. Meanwhile, after his first two dates, Clayton was getting restless too. I just don't want to hurt anyone, but I wanted to fall in love, I just didn't want to fall in love with multiple people. During their date's dinner, Clayton told Susie that he was in love with her, leading her to question where he was with Gabby and Rachel and if he had slept with them. "There are things I feel like I can't compromise on," Susie told Clayton. "If I shared your love with someone else, I don't think I would feel comfortable." "The big thing I'm shocked about is that you said you should investigate the relationships," Clayton said. "I thought when we were talking it was you who said, 'I want you to explore and I don't want to end up being the standard, I want you to choose me for me.'" To your question too answer yes . And yes, I did express feelings to someone else about falling in love.” Susie told Clayton that she didn't want to give him an ultimatum about not sleeping with other women. Clayton told Susie he was "more in love" with her than anyone and asked her not to talk about it and not to walk away. Hearing that made things worse for Susie. "You have validated my ability to know that there are good men out there," Susie said through tears. "I've had some bad experiences, but it's a very big thing for me and I don't think I can get past those things. I just don't think I can.” “I'm sorry it turned out like this,” she said to Clayton. "I really want you to know that this was real to me. I know you don't want to hear anything at this point and I can tell you that at this point you probably hate me and I'm sincerely sorry for the pain I've caused you. I promise you every ounce of this was real and genuine and I really feel awful about how this turned out.


Clayton Echard reveals 'I never thought this would happen' in response to shocking finale

'The Bachelor' Clayton Echard has some thoughts on what is happening in his season's shocking finale in regards to his time with the final three women. (Author: Gardener)

Clayton EchardThis season of The Bachelor, starring Clayton Echard, is coming to a close, and as it hits the home stretch with the remaining three women, it doesn't look like the dramatic moments are slowing down anytime soon. Clayton has handled all the backlash after the Women Tell All episode as well as could be expected, but even he's expecting more from fans in the coming weeks. In recently revealed spoilers from Reality Steve, the blogger hints that Clayton seems shaken by the end of the season. [Warning: This article contains spoilers from Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor.] Spoilers related to this season of The Bachelor starring Clayton Echard were few and far between. Normally, Reality Steve knows who received the last rose before the season started, but not this time. The reality blogger previously revealed that while he had his own ideas about how Clayton Echard's The Bachelor would play out, he couldn't confirm anything with certainty. After "Women Tell All," however, he felt more confident about sharing his knowledge. Ultra-reliable Instagram accounts that have never spoiled anything in their life officially reported that Clayton was dating Rachel. I have no idea why they reported this, I have no idea where that Rachel ending came from, and I was never told throughout the season that Rachel had anything to do with the ending (except for the first month or so, when I heard everyone's name without proof), so yeah, it's kinda funny to laugh about. Sorry," Reality Steve wrote. The blogger continued, "Not only did Susie not eliminate herself from the final 3, but she's doing something we've never seen in the show's 45 previous seasons: rejecting the lead man's proposal. So yes I would say the narrative will change this season now as this will be the new big talking point that everyone will be discussing," Reality Steve wrote. Fans of "The Bachelor" watched clips teasing the moment Clayton confesses to being intimate with two of the last three women. However, fans did not know the identity of the two women until recently. Regardless, it looks like Clayton's decision cost him his wife-to-be because Susie turned down his proposal. After confessing his feelings, Susie explained that there are some things she just can't compromise on. One was whether Clayton had slept with any of the other women during her time on The Bachelor. Ultimately, when Clayton proposed, Susie said no. Clayton evaded his disappointment during "The Bachelor" "Women Tell All." Host Jesse Palmer asked Clayton whether or not he was happy with his current situation. Thanks to a special two-night event, the Bachelor episode focusing on the Fantasy Suites will air tonight, March 8, 2022. With Women Tell All airing on the usual Monday night, fans Clayton, Susie, Gabby Windey, and Rachel Recchia can travel to Iceland to spend more time together ahead of the season's final rose ceremony. RELATED: 3 women from Clayton Echard's season of 'The Bachelor' who would be perfect for 'The Bachelorette.'


Susie doesn't tell Clayton she loves him in the New Fantasy Suites promo

The Bachelor fantasy suites are finally here for Clayton Echard. And a new promo shows Susie Evans not telling Clayton she loves him. (Author: Gardener)

ClaytonThe Bachelor Fantasy Suites always serves as a fan-favorite episode — but Clayton Echard's situation looks set to be filled with drama. Since the beginning of the season, the promo has featured Clayton telling his last three wives that he's in love with all of them. He also tells the women that he was "intimate" with two of them. But Susie's new promo may hint at her exit as she doesn't tell him she loves him. [Spoiler alert: The Bachelor spoilers at the end regarding what happens to Clayton's final three wives.] Rachel Recchia, Susie Evans, and Gabby Windey are the three women who go to The Bachelor Fantasy Suites in Clayton Echard's season. Clayton has maintained close, loving relationships with all three women - and it's clear that Rachel, Susie and Gabby are already falling in love. The new promo on The Bachelor Instagram and Twitter shows Clayton standing in front of all three women with just two roses left to give. He tells the women that he is in love with all of them. Another shot shows the women dispersing, crying and seemingly angry after Clayton also said he was "intimate" with two of them. "I just want to make sure once again that at the end of all this, nobody's blind, there's no drama," Clayton tells People. I said, "Please don't let there be any drama." And yes, as people saw in promos and the like, I found a way to get right into all the drama. The new promo, released by Bachelor Productions on March 8, 2022, features footage of Susie's date first, followed by Rachel's date and Gabby's date. Given the other promos released by the Bachelor production, it's likely that Rachel's date will come first and Gabby's date next. This is the key to understanding Susie's Fantasy Suites date promo, which was released much later than Rachel and Gabby's date promo. Another new promo features Susie's solo date. In the promo, Clayton tells Susie he's in love with her - and she seems shocked by his admission. She asks Clayton, "Have you slept with another woman?" This suggests that Gabby and Rachel had their dates ahead of them. She also seems nervous to ask if he's in love with the other two ladies too. Another sign that could point to Susie's departure is her language. When Clayton tells Susie he loves her, this time she doesn't say it back. "Well, I appreciate you," she tells him. Susie's promo from The Bachelor Fantasy Suites shows her telling Clayton that she would have a hard time accepting an engagement if he slept with other women. And promos throughout the season show Clayton saying he's been "intimate" with two women — presumably Gabby and Rachel. Does she win the season or does she retire herself after hearing the news? Reality Steve has new spoilers for The Bachelor. According to the spoiler guru, Clayton gets on one knee for Susie, but Susie refuses the engagement. "Not only has Susie not eliminated herself for the past three seasons, but she's also doing something we've never seen in the show's 45 previous seasons: turning down the lead proposal," wrote Reality Steve. "So yes, I would say the narrative this season will change going forward as that will be the new big talking point that everyone will be discussing." The Bachelor Fantasy Suites airs Tuesday, March 8 at 8 p.m clock aired. EST on ABC.


Is Clayton Echard the biggest fuckboy in Bachelor history?

Our bachelor's top pick just sent himself home after finding out he's in love with all three of his contestants. He tried to get her to stay - and it didn't go well. (Author: Gardener)

Clayton EchardCredit where it's due for The Bachelor and its producers: The decision to air Tuesday's episode on International Women's Day is the best gag this show has pulled in years. We've known how Clayton Echard's journey would end since the start of the season - and now it's finally happened. Our emotionally open bachelor has told not one, not two, but all three of his most recent contestants that he's in love with her. Things went well enough for him the first two times, but when Clayton got on his third date of the week, Susie Evans, things came crashing down and burning in spectacular fashion. The episode ended with Susie sending herself home — but only after an irritated tirade from the Bachelor, who may have just become one of the most hated leads in franchise history. "Tonight at dinner I'm going to tell Susie I'm in love with her," Clayton said as he prepared dinner for the two's fantasy date. Mind you, this was Clayton's third Fantasy Suites date of the week. And he'd already said the same thing to Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. So you can imagine his face falling when Susie said over dinner that it would be "impossible" for her to get engaged to him if he had confessed similar feelings to someone else. You could see the wheels turning as our bachelor tried to figure out how to talk his way out of trouble. "I understand that thought process," he said. "I think the big thing I'm shocked about is that you said we should explore relationships. I thought as we chatted it was about saying, 'I want you to explore it, and I don't want to end up being the standard.'” After some stammering, with an extremely tense expression on his face, Clayton finally came out and said it: "To answer your question, yes." Just a few years ago, Peter Weber was trying to smooth things over with Madison Prewett, his rumored top pick, after ignoring her desire for him to turn it down with others candidates to be “intimate”. Susie never actually asked Clayton to refrain from making love to (or sleeping with) other women — a detail that seemed to bother our bachelors the most during their tense conversation. But as she explained, she hadn't realized how deeply he felt about her or the other candidates and didn't want to give him an ultimatum. "I didn't go into it assuming it would be me by the end of this week or even this week," Susie told Clayton. I hope it's Susie, I was hoping you'd protect me in the process." Clayton insisted that he was "most" in love with Susie — a distinction he had previously failed to make when speaking during the episode confessed his love for the other women. He also repeatedly told Susie that he would have behaved differently had he known that this was her line in the sand. "I beg your pardon because I don't want to throw anything away that I'm so sure of... However, as the conversation dragged on, Clayton's face grew angrier and angrier - as did his words." When an increasingly disgruntled Susie got up and left the table to speak to a producer, he mimicked Colton Underwood's infamous fence jump with his own offended exit from the night's set, stormed into the cool Icelandic night air, and ranted, "I don't believe in anything more. Jesse Palmer, who stepped in as presenter this season after Chris Harrison's departure last year, stopped by to comfort Clayton while Susie tearfully spoke to the producer. "I don't even know who I'm looking at anymore," Clayton said. As the exes walked through the snow to the breakup car, Susie kept trying to smooth things over - but Clayton walked several feet in front of her and opened the car door as she spoke. Rough splits are a hallmark of the Bachelor franchise, but even by the usual standards, this one was rough. Clayton said several times as the episode blew up that that was exactly his fear - that he would fall in love with The One just to see her go. But if that's the case, and he's already decided that Susie is the one, it's hard not to wonder why he had so much trouble distinguishing the strength of that connection from the other two before heading home sent. In other words, how much did Clayton really have to "explore" with the other two women when, as he now points out, Susie was the only one for him the entire time? The bachelor was playing the greatest hits as Susie rode into the sunset. ("It's Over," along with old standby "I'm Done"). Susie, meanwhile, seemed surprised that Clayton was so angry. "I just thought he might have had more compassion for me by the end, to be honest," she said. "Regardless of the type of love at the time, I just thought we would have been better at having that conversation friendly." From the teasers we've seen throughout the season, neither of Clayton's other two contestants responds to his antics much better than Susie. Is there a chance that our bachelor will end up alone in Iceland? After tonight's episode, the question ousted contestant Sierra Jackson asked Clayton after his season ended makes a lot more sense. "I want to know exactly who you want to behave a certain way and treat these women a certain way and expose them to your behavior," she told him Monday night during an unusually fiery Women Tell All reunion.


Clayton Says "I Love You" 3 Times Before His Most Dramatic Breakup Yet

The Fantasy Suites spawned a devastating split. (Author: Gardener)

ClaytonClayton Echard narrowed it down to his last two wives. On Tuesday night's episode of The Bachelor, the lead actor traveled to Iceland to go on dates with Rachel, Gabby and Susie with the Fantasy Suite, which ET breaks down in the synopsis below. Clayton went into the week believing he "could fall in love with all three of these women, and I could already fall in love with Susie," and his love for all three women grew even more as the episode progressed. He went deep with Rachel, had a dune buggy date with Gabby and enjoyed a swimsuit adventure with Susie, but one woman called it quits after revealing her biggest deal breaker. Rachel ended up on the first date of the week, leaving Susie simmering with insecurity as Susie told the cameras, "If I find out he's in love with other women or has become physically intimate with another woman, that would be destructive." Rachel left meanwhile, was nervous about the date after she called her name during last week's rose ceremony. The pair embarked on a scenic helicopter ride full of PDAs when Clayton admitted he and Rachel have "the strongest physical connection" of his remaining wives. In a confessional, after opening up about their "really good" hometown date, Rachel expressed frustration that Clayton hadn't voiced his feelings yet: "I really, really feel like I've been the whole time." I've done nothing but be vulnerable and I need him to just give back a little bit," she said, adding that she "Clayton loves" and "can definitely see that he's my husband-to-be." Over dinner, Rachel opened up about how she was "really scared" during the meal. the last rose ceremony. Though it worked out in her favor, Rachel told Clayton that she "cried the whole drive to the hotel because I was like, 'I don't know where he is.'" Clayton allayed her fears, telling her, "I'm falling in love me into you I realize I've probably been feeling this way for a few weeks, if not longer. Part of me was scared because I hadn't felt those feelings in over five or six years since we were last together, so thanks for being patient with me." With that, the two set off on a fantasy journey with Rachel's plans Suite "being very physically intimate." "If Clayton ended up thinking it was me and then ended up sleeping with another woman anyway, I would have a really hard time moving forward with him," Susie said.Rachel and Clayton woke up smiling and kissed in bed, with Clayton telling the cameras it was "a near-perfect night," and Rachel saying in her confessional that their relationship "is on a whole new level now, yous," before Clayton headed back to his hotel , where the seriousness of the situation first hit him."If it was just [Rachel], I'd bounce off the walls and be so excited to see what would happen next to us, but it's not just her," he said in a confessional. "I w I didn't want to say I was in love with Rachel, but I meant it. That's why I said it. There are two other women I could wake up to the same way because I just don't know what's going to happen over the next two nights. There's potential to be in love with all three, and it's like, so what? Gabby got the next date and was looking forward to driving a dune buggy on the beach with Clayton. The couple had an incredible time during their adventurous date, as Clayton told cameras he "loves so many things about 'Gabby'," and the nurse said in a confessional that they "see each other for the rest of my time with Clayton." After their dune buggy ride ended, Clayton gushed to Gabby about how he had "so much fun" meeting her family. Gabby agreed, but admitted she was "very emotional" afterwards, once she realized the seriousness of their relationship. "I'm ready," Gabby told her date to move forward. Clayton seemed to feel the same way, telling the cameras, "I'm falling in love with her." It's a feeling he has Gabby directly across from at dinner, telling her, "I've come to realize that I'm falling in love with you. I had these feelings. I just didn't allow myself to admit it because I was so scared of my previous relationship." As the couple headed to the Igloo Fantasy Suite, Susie continued to "spin emotionally." However, Gabby and Clayton had a night to remember, as Gabby told the cameras: "It didn't feel like my first time with anyone new. It just feels like everything is going to fall into place." While they had breakfast in bed, Clayton told Gabby, "It's easy to fall in love with you," adding in a confession that he "falls in love with every moment that we have, fall in love with her more." When Clayton reached the car that was going to take him away, he turned back to Gabby and yelled, "I'm falling in love and it feels so good!" Once again, Clayton has come to terms with his actions in hindsight. “Last night it felt like a dream. All night did, the morning did, and then all of a sudden it all fell apart again," he said through tears. "I now realize I've told two women I'm in love with them. I also know that Susie could make me feel that way. And now I'm 1,000 percent going to smash someone. "I don't want to hurt anyone, but I will." When Susie finally got her turn, Clayton told the cameras that the wedding filmmaker "was really the first person I started feeling love for." Although Susie was "in a situation was dark place" and "struggling emotionally," she enjoyed her date, which saw them put on bathing suits and run from hot to cold rooms. "Finally seeing Clayton and feeling his energy, this guy I'm falling in love with, I just feel like I'm so comforted in my connection to him and how strongly I feel for him," Susie said in a confessional. I could see Clayton as someone to start a family and spend a life with ... At this point, I'm so all in with Clayton." Clayton returned those sentiments, telling cameras that his love for Susie "is on a different level lies," he expressed to her over dinner that night. "It's not about me falling in love with you anymore," he said. While Susie Clayton said she "adores" him, she also noted, that "there are things I feel like I can't compromise on," before asking him, "I know you just told me you feel in love with me, but do you feel the same way." someone else?” If he answered “yes,” Susie said, “it would be impossible to move toward an engagement.” Clayton expressed confusion at Susie's question, noting that she had encouraged him to pursue other relationships explore. Nevertheless, he was honest and told her : “To answer your question, yes, I slept here with someone else. And yes, I did express feelings to someone else about falling in love.” “If you feel like you're in love with me, then there's no point in me sleeping with anyone else,” Susie replied. I thought that surely if he knows or hopes he has an inkling of a feeling like 'I hope it's Susie' I was hoping you would protect me through it." "They say hearing that Not knowing if you can move on is the worst thing I've heard," Clayton said. I can tell you that right now I love you the most. I really felt like this could be it.” Susie struggled, telling Clayton that she “really didn't want to give an ultimatum... I don't think I can get past these things. I just don't think I can do it." Clayton went on to question why Susie hadn't brought this up sooner, telling her, "Had I known how important that was to you, that it was literally a deal breaker, I would do it. I've changed my approach to things because I know what we have." "I'm sorry I did that. I beg your pardon because I don't want to throw anything away that we have that I'm so sure about," he said. Next, he defended his decision to sleep with someone else, before admitting that it was actually two others he became intimate with. "I slept with both of them because I kind of fell in love with three women and it doesn't make sense to me," he said. It scares me, but at the same time I find what I'm looking for here and as I continue to push the relationships I have, I'm going to walk out of here with one person because they were the best person for me." Susie didn't move and Clayton told her that the situation "shook him up. After everything we've been through, after all the feelings, the experiences we've had, how can you just say straight out, 'I can't go on after all this ?'" he asked before Susie tearfully walked away. As the pair worked their conversation apart, Susie told one producer, "I understand everything he says and I believe him. I don't know what to do." , while Clayton was furious: "That's exactly what I was afraid of. I don't believe in anything anymore. They eventually met again and Susie said, 'I probably should have had this conversation earlier about what sex means to me, but I didn't know you were h feel so strongly... I feel like I just screwed everything up. I don't know how I could have done better, but I just know I feel awful about this whole thing." Clayton got angry at this point, telling Susie that she "just nullified everything we had ', adding, 'I don't even know who I'm looking at anymore...I don't agree at all with how you did it. I think it's BS. After an apology for raising his voice, Clayton began leading Susie out and she apologized herself. "I'm really so sorry for the pain I've caused you," she said. I feel really terrible about how tonight went in every way." "Because of my beliefs, I believe everything happens for a reason and I'm just going to take that and move forward in my life and realize that I had to to get through this,” he said in response. In the car, a crying Susie said: "I thought he would have had more sympathy for me by the end, to be honest no matter what kind of love at that point, I just thought he would have been better at having that conversation kindly." ." Meanwhile, a distraught Clayton told the cameras: "It's all invalid for me at this point. Clayton Echard's season of The Bachelor will air its two-part finale on Monday March 14th and Tuesday March 15th. ET brings you all of our bachelor content throughout the season of Clayton.


These are the best passes of Aaron Rodgers' career with the Green Bay Packers

From the iconic to the technical marvels, these are the best passes Aaron Rodgers has uncorked as a member of the Green Bay Packers. (Author: Gardener)

the Green Bay PackersWhen you picture Aaron Rodgers in a Green Bay Packers uniform, what pass springs to mind? These are the best passes of Aaron Rodgers' career, including 10 that resulted in a touchdown and top five that didn't. Greg Jennings came on straight from a Jarrett Bush interception and snapped at the 21-yard line against Pittsburgh linebacker James Farrior, and Rodgers stepped forward for a pass that narrowly missed safety Ryan Clark's outstretched hand and into the Arms from Jennings, who absorbed a hit from Troy Polamalu but got up in time to put an invisible ring on his index finger. The Packers had just taken a 21-3 lead in the Super Bowl en route to a championship. Rodgers was somehow able to keep the Packers alive in the closing moments of the divisional round, finding Jeff Janis in fourth and 20th for a 60-yard completion that recorded a first down with 30 seconds remaining. That was the quick follow-up, both in terms of great throws and in Hail Marys -- Rodgers had made a famous one against Detroit earlier in the year. Rodgers felt the pressure immediately, pivoted and rolled to the left, and he was 15 yards past the line of scrimmage when he threw the ball in his face with an Arizona defender. The Packers forced overtime before the story took a turn for the worse; Larry Fitzgerald's 75-yard catch and run set up a game-winning touchdown to eliminate the Packers. It's a game that wouldn't have happened at all if Detroit hadn't been flagged for a face mask on the page-heavy latest regulation snap, giving Green Bay an ill-timed outage. Once in the clear, he got his momentum forward and sent a pass from Green Bay's 35-yard line, almost scraping the rafters at Ford Field. The throw landed in Richard Rodgers' fists right in front of a crowd of defenders in the end zone for the game-winning touchdown. It was a de facto playoff game, a battle for victory between the Bears and the Packers for the NFC North title in the last game of the season. The Packers, lucky enough to be in that position even after Rodgers lost most of the year to a collarbone injury, faced a fourth and an 8 from Chicago's 48-yard line and were 28-27 at 46 remaining seconds before the end of regulation time. A key block from John Kuhn against Julius Peppers helped Rodgers buy just enough time down his left to see Randall Cobb zooming past defenseman Chris Conte. From there, it was pitch-and-catch for the go-ahead touchdown to send the Packers into the postseason and eliminate the Bears. Rodgers, who was tied at 17 against the mighty Chiefs early in the fourth quarter, somehow found himself running back Jamaal Williams at the back of the endzone for an absurd result on Sunday Night Football. Rodgers kept the ball off the 17-yard line as two Chiefs rushers came off, but Rodgers was able to intercept a backfoot pass at the last second before they came together. NBC announcer Al Michaels didn't know what to make of the game when Williams landed in the back corner of the end zone with a scuba sling. More: Twitter reacts to Aaron Rodgers' insane touchdown pass to Jamaal Williams vs. the Chiefs Davante Adams certainly belongs somewhere on the list, and the season opener against Jacksonville might not spring to mind. But when Jalen pulled Ramsey Rodgers down from behind, the quarterback turned a ball down to Adams, who rolled it in despite a defender draped over him. What she lacks in stakes, she makes up for in improbability. The Packers were 21-20 behind Dallas, with a 9-17 in the fourth quarter and the ball at the Dallas 13-yard line where it was 1-10. Aaron Rodgers, playing with a strain and partial tear in his calf, felt the bag begin to collapse and stepped forward and brushed off a one-armed hold from a Dallas rusher. There was just enough time to pass a pass to Richard Rodgers in a narrow window between two crisscrossing defenders near the back of the end zone, 26 yards away. The third in Rodgers' Hail Mary trinity came in the closing moments of the first half of a playoff fight at Lambeau Field. A little over 2 minutes after another absurd touchdown pass to Davante Adams, Green Bay had the ball at New York's 42 with 6 seconds to play. Rodgers rolled a few steps to the right and uncorked a pass toward the end zone. Four Giants were in the area, but it fell straight over hands to Randall Cobb just before the end line to close the half. It was a damn good introduction to the new starter in Green Bay. For the first time since September 1992, a man other than Brett Favre started as quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. With just over 10 minutes left in the second quarter, his first touchdown as a starter came on a third and goal pass from the 1. Rodgers faked a handoff to running back Ryan Grant, who grounded Jared Allen on defense. With Allen rolling to his feet and pressure in his face, Rodgers fired a pass at Korey Hall from an odd angle. From the field-level end zone camera perspective, it's a game that looks like it has nothing to do with it. But, as he would many times, Rodgers fitted the throw to a spot where there was little to no room for error. This was a win-and-in fight to end the season as the Packers sought a playoff berth in their run-the-table finish in the six-game straight season. With nothing open at first, Rodgers rolled to his left, juketing an oncoming rusher to generate an eternity of time to throw, and then released a low dart towards the back end of the endzone for Geronimo Allison. In third and 20th place from the Packers' 32-yard line, Rodgers rolled out of the pocket and found Jared Cook for a 36-yard finish down the touchline, with Cook's feet touching the ground within limits before hitting the touchline fell to stop the clock with 3 seconds left. Mason Crosby drilled a game-winning field goal from there, and the Packers knocked out the top-seeded Cowboys in the divisional round 34-31. In third and tenth place as the Packers led 28-25 and with 6 minutes left in Super Bowl XLV, Rodgers took a snap of the Green Bay 25 and fired a flawless shot down the middle at Greg Jennings, who 31 yards for yards before being brought down by Hall of Famer safety Troy Polamalu. The Packers capped the drive with a field goal, cutting the clock to 2:10 en route to a 31-25 win. All hope seemed lost when Rodgers snapped a fourth and 20 in the last minute near his own end zone, and he immediately rolled left to avoid Calais Campbell, who chased him back to the goal line, where Rodgers set and uncorked Pass the sidelines for speedy Jeff Janis. Janis had a step on Justin Bethel and pulled him in, setting the stage for a Hail Mary touchdown to tie the game in the final snap. Finishing third and 11th in a 27-tie game, the Packers needed to create some late magic in a must-win at Soldier Field. Rodgers took the snap at his own 26 with 36 seconds on the clock, then he heaved a rainbow down the middle that fell right into Jody Nelson's breadbasket 60 yards down against LeBlanc defenseman Cre'. The Packers raced down to spike the football with 3 seconds left and Mason Crosby kicked the game winner. Green Bay won 30-27, all part of a six-game "run the table" winning streak to end the year. Rodgers was firing in and out of Bears Rushers at Soldier Field, and just as his feet were taken away on a hit from Lamarr Houston from beneath him, Rodgers found Davante Adams in the end zone, dodging double cover. The Packers were up 21-17 in the third quarter. Mason Crosby ended the drive with a field goal instead and Green Bay won 38-17.


Randle posts a career best at 46, Knicks sweeps past Kings 131-115

Julius Randle hit eight 3-pointers and scored 17 of his career-best 46 points in the third quarter as the New Yorker... (Author: Gardener)

46(AP) -- Julius Randle hit eight 3-pointers and scored 17 of his career-high 46 points in the third quarter as the New York Knicks recovered from a 20-point deficit and defeated the Sacramento Kings 131-115 Monday night . One night after beating the Los Angeles Clippers in a win largely driven by New York's younger players, Randle rallied the Knicks with a phenomenal second-half shooting performance. "Julius got going and it was pretty awesome what he did," said Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau. He attacked the basket, he shot the 3, he made frantic plays. It was a great all-around game from him in so many ways.” RJ Barrett had 29 points, eight rebounds and six assists to help the Knicks to their second straight win after seven straight losses. Domantas Sabonis had 19 points and 13 rebounds for the Kings before being knocked out on double technicals in the fourth quarter. "It was just a frustrating game," said Sabonis. "We keep getting those leads to play right and we just can't come out and keep it going in the second half." The Knicks, held at 48 points in the first half, almost doubled their performance in the third quarter as they outscored the Kings 44-24. Randle opened the period with a 3-pointer and then made two more to give New York its first lead. Quickley scored four straight points, Fournier added two free throws, and Randle had two free throws and a layup to give New York a 92-87 lead. The Kings went 96-94 early in the fourth before Quickley made a 3-pointer and hit Barrett with a layup. "No doubts," Randle said. Sacramento plays a really high tempo and we had to fix our transition, get stops and get our rhythm. The Knicks had lost 11 of 13. "You're 17, 18 points up, you can't have a couple of possessions that are bad possessions," Kings caretaker coach Alvin Gentry said. “There are a lot of teams that have lost 20 points in the last few days. New York lost four games when they were 20. The way everything is played, 20 just isn't that much." The game was halted in the third quarter when Cam Reddish crashed down hard on the court with his right shoulder and was taken to the dressing room, further exhausting an already shortened Knicks roster . Thibodeau said Reddish will be evaluated after the game. The Kings became the fourth team in the last 25 seasons to lose a game by 16 or more points after leading by 16 or more after the first quarter, joining the Bulls (2019), Timberwolves (2003) and Clippers (2000) Knicks: Evan Fournier had 15 points and made three 3-pointers to give him 187 this season, the third-most in franchise history. ... Taj Gibson had five points and eight rebounds after being sidelined Sunday. ... Obi Toppin (torn left hamstring) played a third game in a row. Kings: Alvin Gentry was booed in the second quarter for his first technical foul of the season. Knicks: Continue their seven-game journey against the Mavericks on Wednesday. New York has won four times in a row in Dallas. Denver is 3-0 against Sacramento this season.


Novak Djokovic on the list to play in Indian Wells in March

Djokovic is listed on the entry list to take part in the tournament, which he has won five times following his deportation from Australia over the country's COVID vaccine mandate (Author: Gardener)

DjokovicFive-time BNP Paribas Open champion Novak Djokovic is expected to play at the Indian Wells tournament in March, it was announced on Wednesday when the event's entry list was released. Djokovic's name is on the list after weeks of speculation about whether the world's top tennis player would attempt to play in California, challenging the vaccination mandate for those flying to the United States after he was deported from Australia last month. Although the tours will not require players to be vaccinated against COVID-19, Djokovic's ability to fly to the country was a cause for concern. Citizens, permanent residents, and those traveling on an immigrant visa do not need to be fully vaccinated to fly into the country, but visitors must be fully vaccinated to travel to the States by air. Djokovic had not been vaccinated last month. More: BNP Paribas Open: Rafael Nadal, Ash Barty among big names to headline March tournament Daniel Muksch, Djokovic's biographer, recently said Djokovic was likely to receive the vaccine after years of post-Australian Open protest. He hasn't played at Indian Wells since he was upset by Philipp Kohlschreiber in the 2019 round of 32. He is expected to play in Dubai later this month. Djokovic can still withdraw from Indian Wells, which will be played from March 7th to 20th at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. The 20-time Grand Slam singles champion has held the No. 1 ranking as of August 24, 2020 and has now held the top spot for 359 weeks, more than anyone in men's tennis history. After the best year of his career, winning three of the four Slams, Djokovic appeared ready to pick up where he left off this season. Djokovic, 34, was initially allowed into Melbourne to defend his Australian Open title and in hopes of securing a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam singles title despite not being vaccinated against COVID-19. The tournament, for which players had to be vaccinated, had given Djokovic a medical exemption. But following a January 15 judge's decision that the country's immigration minister had the authority to revoke Djokovic's visa, the Serbian tennis star was ordered to leave the country as he could pose a threat to public health and order. Djokovic flew home to Belgrade, Serbia after a layover in Dubai. Rafael Nadal, who has been linked with Djokovic and Roger Federer for 20 Grand Slam titles, instead won the Australian Open to take the 21-20-20 career lead over Djokovic and Federer. At least one report states that Nadal's win had prompted Djokovic to receive the vaccine to avoid further problems flying to countries and winning major tournaments. Indian Wells is one of them. The BNP Paribas Open is the fifth largest tournament in the world and an inability to play here could mean a problem playing at another major tournament in Miami at the end of March and the U. Djokovic could defend his Roland Garros title in May , according to the latest COVID-19 rules adopted in France, even if he remained unvaccinated until the start of the clay court slam. For one thing, Djokovic hasn't played at Indian Wells in three years and another year with him wouldn't be ideal for the tournament. He's been a huge draw at Indian Wells for the past decade. Whether or not Djokovic plays is also notable because it raises questions about how the world's top-ranked player will steer the rest of the tour schedule. Some countries do not allow unvaccinated foreigners to fly into their countries without a COVID-19 vaccine. Some players have spoken out against Djokovic's stance, or at least his approach of playing on the tour while defying vaccination regulations. If he comes to a country and plays a tournament, how well is he received? Djokovic is set to play in Dubai later this month. If he does play it will be the first time he has been in the spotlight on the courts since he was in Melbourne.