Rodriguez wins while Ortega retires injured

Yair Rodriguez and Amanda Lemos clinched big wins on Saturday. Here's everything that happened on Long Island. (Author: Gardener)

OrtegaY. - A highly anticipated featherweight main event between Yair Rodriguez and Brian Ortega sadly ended on Saturday when Ortega was unable to continue after apparently dislocating his right shoulder. The injury occurred at 4 minutes, 11 seconds of the opening round. Ortega had just brought Rodriguez to the ground and pulled his right arm away from an armbar attempt, which Rodriguez threw off his back. The submission wasn't tight at all and Ortega didn't seem to be in any danger, but the movement with which he pulled his arm back seemed to cause the obvious dislocation. The fight, which headlined UFC Fight Night at UBS Arena, saw high stakes in the 145-pound division. An impressive win by Rodriguez (14-3) or Ortega (15-3) against Alexander Volkanovski could have set them in contention for the title. Lemos skipped a guillotine choke in the second round and Waterson-Gomez knocked out — on the opposite side of referee Kevin MacDonald, who didn't see the rooster. Lemos stopped gagging, although MacDonald didn't step in to stop the fight. But Waterson-Gomez admitted she tapped, and MacDonald called the fight via submission at 1:48 of the second. "She bows her head a lot and I'm taller," Lemos said in her post-fight interview. When ESPN came in, Lemos was ranked 9th in the world at 115 pounds and Waterson-Gomez ranked 10th. Considering Waterson-Gomez's name, this was arguably the biggest win of Lemos' career. Lemos landed some hard right hands in the first round while Waterson-Gomez pulled in a takedown late in the round. In the second, Lemos landed good right hands again until another takedown attempt from Waterson-Gomez. This time, Lemos darned the attempt and choked onto Waterson-Gomez's neck. Lemos, 35, has won six of her last seven fights. The Brazilian fighter suffered a loss to former strawweight champion Jessica Andrade in April. Waterson-Gomez, a 36-year-old New Mexico resident, has lost four out of five. Li's first win in 18 months came in force when he knocked out Salikhov 4:38 with two straight rights in the second round. The fight was close to the finish. Salikhov got a takedown in the first round but couldn't control Li on the floor. It turned into a difficult struggle to score until Li tucked it away. He slipped a left hand to Salikhov and returned with a nice counterattack right. After Salikhov returned to the fence, Li dropped another right hand on the chin, leading to the goal. The Chinese welterweight has alternated wins and losses in his last five bouts. Meanwhile, Salikhov suffered his first loss in the UFC since 2017. Sumudaerji shot him with a nice straight left hand, putting him on shaky legs several times. Quickly, Sumudaerji put a backfoot combo, landed a takedown, and went into the mount. Seconds later, he wrapped Sumudaerji in a triangle choke for a submission finish at 4:24 of round two. "I think he got tired from hitting me and I was able to capitalize on that," Schnell said in his post-fight interview. Sumudaerji had Schnell in big trouble up until that takedown. But Schnell mounted and destroyed Sumudaerji with elbows and punches from that dominant position. Sumudaerji, a bloody mess by this point, managed to sweep into the top position, but Schnell countered that with the triangle and Sumudaerji was choked unconscious. "A lot of people exclude me, but I'm a bad person," Schnell said. Sumudaerji injured Schnell with those left hands and some sharp right elbows. He dropped Schnell twice in the second round until Schnell's incredible comeback. On one occasion, Schnell almost got an Omoplata submission, but Sumudaerji slammed him to the canvas. Schnell, 32, has suffered just one defeat in his last four fights. Sumudaerji, a 26-year-old Chinese fighter, had a three-fight win streak. Burgos, of Bronx, New York, came out with a majority decision over Jourdain in a hilarious back-and-forth battle. Burgos is known for his entertaining shot, but he did his best on the ground against Jourdain. He took down the Canadian fighter and took his back in the first and second rounds. In the second he came close to securing a rear naked choke. He defended against Burgos' takedown attempts and got him back on his feet with box combinations, kicks and elbow clinches. He seemed to hurt Burgos with an excitement with about a minute left. According to UFC stats, Jourdain landed outside of Burgos with a total of 169 strikes to 78, but still took the loss. Burgos, who said Saturday's event was the last fight of his current UFC contract, improves to 8-3 in the Octagon. One of the most popular fighters in women's MMA, Tate was poised to secure a potential title shot with a win in her new division. Murphy damaged Tate, the former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, in every round and defended all of her takedowns with a unanimous win (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) in the UFC Long Island main card opener. By the end of the fight, Tate had a nosebleed and a nasty hematoma under her left eye. ESPN had ranked Murphy No. 4 in the world in the women's flyweight and defended her spot admirably. "Moments like this are what I've dreamed of my entire career," Murphy said. Murphy set the tone early by dodging Tate's takedown attempts and looking strong in the clinch. Murphy defeated Tate in the second round, landing hard elbows in the clinch, plus some ground-and-pound. The offense left Tate with severe swelling under her left eye, although Tate landed a huge elbow in the clinch late in the round. In the third, Murphy landed more elbows in the clinch and again defended Tate's takedowns. Murphy declared the winner of a fight scheduled for September at UFC Paris between Jessica Andrade and Manon Fiorot. Murphy, 38, was recovering from a fourth-round TKO loss to champion Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 266 last September. The Alaskan-born, Texas resident has won seven of her last nine fights. "It's going to take more than a little ass scream to keep me out of the championship," Murphy said of her loss to Shevchenko. Tate, 35, went flyweight for this fight after falling to Keteln Vieira at bantamweight last November. Tate was the 2016 UFC women's bantamweight champion, beating Holly Holm. Coming out for Round 2 against a compromised Lungiambula, Soriano wasted no time before ending the fight by dropping the South African fighter with a straight left hand and showering him with punches before referee Dan Miragliotta stopped him at 28 seconds. But after the round ended in a wrestling match, Lungiambula went back to his corner while holding the right side of his torso as his rib cage was visibly damaged. Lungiambula started the second round with a headbutt, but Soriano blocked it and returned with a left hand that quickly ended the fight and allowed the 29-year-old Hawaiian to fight out of Las Vegas to end a two-fight losing streak. Lungiambula, 34, has three fights in a row and has lost four of his last five. Simon clinched his fifth straight win and handed Shore his first loss of his career. After a tight lap 1, Simon delivered several game-changing highlights in the second lap. After failing his first seven takedown attempts, he scored two of them early in the round, the second a loud slam to the canvas. Shore worked his way back to his feet, but in an exchange of blows near the cage, Simon landed a straight right hand that wobbled his opponent. Simon brought the fight back to the canvas and ended it at 3:28 of the round with a head-arm triangle. 29-year-old Simon, from Vancouver, Washington, has had a finish in three of his last four fights. Shore, a 27-year-old from Wales, had won his first five UFC fights. Algeo survived several submission attempts from Burns en route to a goal at 1:50 of the second round. The fight almost ended between the first and second rounds as Burns slowly worked his way back into his corner and appeared to be telling his older brother, UFC welterweight Gilbert Burns, that he didn't want to continue. Burns eventually made it for the second round but he looked hurt and exhausted and quickly tried to guard Algeo. It was a nice win for Algeo as he was forced to work his way out of a tight triangle choke in Burns' opening minutes. As Algeo worked out of the threat, he dominated from the top position, injuring Burns with punches and elbows. The win improves Algeo's UFC record to 3-2. Denver's Jacoby scored a right-handed knockout over Jung at the 3:13 mark of the opening round. Up to this point the fight had been competitive in standup, but it only took Jacoby a right hand down center to score the 11th knockout of his career. Jacoby went into the fight as the No. 15 UFC light heavyweight. He is unbeaten in seven UFC games with a record of 6-0-1. This was his second win of 2022. Stoltzfus eventually clinched his first win in the UFC with a dominant three-round performance. All three judges scored the fight for Stoltzfus 29-28. It is Stoltzfus' first win in four appearances in the Octagon. He got off to a somewhat slow start as both he and Grant looked for range in the opening round. However, Stoltzfus got going in the second frame when he brought Grant down and threatened a rear naked choke. The third round was full of pride. He picked Grant up, led him to the center of the cage and forcefully slammed him onto the canvas where he controlled Grant for the rest of the fight. Grant, 37, has lost three in a row and four of his last five. Ducote, 28, looked impressive in her UFC debut, posting Penne on the judges' scorecards at 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28. Ducote worked early on with kicks on Penne's lead leg and maintained it throughout the fight. She fought her way through but lost the final loop clearly and was even shaken by a right hand at one point. She was unsuccessful on all eight takedown attempts, according to UFC Stats data. Penne, 39, sees a two-fight win streak broken. It was her first winning streak in the UFC. Ducote has now won three in a row, two of them at Invicta FC.


Austin Pets Live! is hosting an adoption event on Saturday

is hosting its Caturday Adoption and Foster Event on Saturday, July 16th at Domain NORTHSIDE. Nearly 20 adorable adoptable cats and kittens will be available to attendees. Cats are fully screened, spayed or neutered and have updated vaccines and microchipped. Best of all, there are no adoption fees. "We're trying to encourage a care-centric model so there are fewer kittens and cats in shelters and more in foster care... (Author: Gardener)

Austin Pets Liveis hosting its Caturday Adoption and Foster Event on Saturday, July 16th at Domain NORTHSIDE. Nearly 20 adorable adoptable cats and kittens will be available to attendees. Best of all, there are no adoption fees. “We're trying to encourage a care-centric model so there are fewer kittens and cats in shelters and more in foster homes. That being said, it's harder for them to be seen when they're in a comfortable home and not in a shelter, so these events allow us to make our foster cats visible and help our foster families bring more cats into their homes once these cats are adopted," said Halle Hamilton, cat adoption manager at Austin Pets Alive!. Austin Pets Live! Austin Pets Live! has two cat adoption locations: the Town Lake Animal Center on West Cesar Chavez Street and the Tarrytown Cat Adoption Center on Windsor Road.


Saturday morning news summary

A man has been arrested for questioning in San Francisco after a chaotic Friday night... (Author: Gardener)

SaturdayA man has been arrested for questioning after a chaotic Friday night at San Francisco International Airport during which a bomb threat led police officers to locate a suspicious package in the international terminal. Officials eventually found a suspicious package and immediately evacuated the international terminal. A Napa County freeway interchange construction project originally scheduled to begin Monday is being delayed by Caltrans due to bird nesting in the area. Caltrans officials have delayed the Soscol Junction Interchange Project in southern Napa County -- at the intersection of State Highways 12, 29 and 221 -- until the birds' juvenile cycle. The three-year project will replace the signaled intersection of State Route 12/29, State Route 221 and Soscol Ferry Road with an intersection consisting of an overpass and two roundabouts, a configuration that smooths traffic flow, reduces congestion and improves traffic safety Improved bicycle traffic and pedestrian access. Caltrans will build 1,200 feet of Class I bicycle and pedestrian lanes as part of the project. Police in San Mateo arrested a man on Wednesday for allegedly defrauding elderly residents of hundreds of thousands of dollars through fake home maintenance repairs. Ricardo Sandoval, 44, of Newman, was arrested on suspicion of three counts of financial elder abuse and three counts of unlicensed contracts, according to the San Mateo Police Department. Police said the unlicensed stove installer exploited older customers by misrepresenting repairs and installations. He has billed customers more than $250,000 since 2019, police said. Sandoval turned himself in on a warrant at the San Mateo County Jail on Wednesday. Police said Sandoval was targeting established clients of his employer by offering services on the side at a lower cost and then charging high fees and doing little or no work. Police began investigating Sandoval in August 2021 for financial elder abuse after concerned family members of one of the victims came forward. As the police announced, the project extended to several cities in the district. Detectives and the Contractors State License Board conducted a forensic financial audit and inspected the homes of some victims and confirmed they were either paid grossly inflated fees or that the work had not been done, police said. Fairfield police have arrested a suspect on suspicion of an armed robbery that occurred last week. Omari Garland, 30, of Fairfield, was arrested on suspicion of robbery, according to the Fairfield Police Department. Police said Garland assaulted a 70-year-old man on July 7 and stole the man's cell phone at gunpoint at the man's home on the 1500 block of Gulf Drive. The robbery was caught on home video, according to police. An Oakland man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for sending bombs intended to kill or injure Bay Area law enforcement officials he sought revenge on, federal prosecutors said Thursday. In the fall of 2017, Ross Laverty, 61, sent two improvised explosive devices that prosecutors said injured a man with the same name as one of his targets and the wife of a police officer who arrested Laverty in 2013. The explosion of the first device left the man with bleeding hands and blisters on his stomach, prosecutors said. According to prosecutors, the victim still suffers from ringing in his ears, hand cramps and difficulty concentrating. The explosion of the second device injured the police officer's wife. She suffered head injuries after opening the package containing the bomb, prosecutors said. According to prosecutors, the woman is still suffering from pain and ringing in the ears. "Not only did Ross Laverty injure the victims, he put mail carriers and workers and scores of others at risk of serious injury and death." According to prosecutors, a jury convicted Laverty on Oct. 14, 2020 of two counts of sending explosives with intent to hit the targets to kill or injure. Prosecutors said during the trial that an expert testified that the explosives were victim-activated devices designed to detonate when the victim opened the package. Laverty sent the first package to get revenge on a correctional officer for searching Laverty in the San Mateo County jail in 2014, prosecutors said, citing evidence from the trial. The second package Laverty sent went to the home of an Alameda police officer who conducted a parole search of Laverty's home in 2013 that led to Laverty's arrest, prosecutors said, citing evidence. But the first package ended up at the home of an East Palo Alto man who was a grocery store clerk at Whole Foods Market, according to prosecutors. Prosecutors said the victim opened the package in his backyard on October 19, 2017. According to prosecutors, the wife of the Alameda police officer opened the package addressed to her husband on November 24, 2017. The return addresses on both packages were jewelry stores, according to prosecutors. The National Weather Service forecast for Saturday for the San Francisco Bay Area calls for high pressure to continue the build-up over California, causing temperatures in the inland valleys to warm to the 80s and 90s, with 60s along the coast and 70's and low 80's around the bay. Saturday morning overnight lows are mostly in the 50s. Republication, retransmission, or redistribution without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. is prohibited. Bay City News is a 24/7 news service covering the greater Bay Area. Copyright © 2022 by Bay City News, Inc. Republication, redistribution, or other reuse without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. is prohibited.


Twitter backup after global crash on Thursday morning

About 62% of the reported issues occurred in Twitter's mobile app, while 30% occurred on the website and 8% were reported as server connections. (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayTwitter is back online, just over an hour after reported outages skyrocketed from zero to 55,000 in minutes on Thursday, the first service failure since February, and a few days after social media, according to tech site Downdetector site had filed a lawsuit against billionaire Elon Musk who is trying to break away from a deal to buy the site. Reported outages dropped to 1,481 just after 9:30 a.m. ET, according to Downdetector, having peaked at 8:16 a.m. About 62% of the reported issues occurred in Twitter's mobile app, while 30% occurred on the website and 8% were reported as server connections. According to Statista, around 79.6 million people use Twitter in the USA – the most of any country. About 58.95 million people use Twitter in Japan, followed by India (23.6 million), Brazil (19.05 million), Indonesia (18.45 million) and the United Kingdom (18.4 million). Twitter did not immediately respond to a request from Forbes. The service issues come after the social media giant filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk on Tuesday, asking a Delaware judge to order the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla to complete the purchase of the company. Musk tried to roll back his plan to buy Twitter last week, largely over concerns about the proliferation of fake accounts. A company spokesman, in an interview with The Verge in February, described the previous outage as a "technical glitch that briefly impacted tweet loading." It was the second outage in just over a week. Twitter is suing Elon Musk for trying to call off the acquisition (Forbes)


Gresham vs. Moriarty ROH World Title Fight

Private Party will take on the Lucha Brothers at Rampage on Friday. (Author: Gardener)

GreshamAhead of next Saturday's Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view, ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham will defend the title against Lee Moriarty on Friday's Fyter Fest edition of AEW Rampage. Gresham and Moriarty teamed against Tully Blanchard's Gates of Agony last week, but Gresham never substituted and eventually emerged as one of Blanchard's new stablemates. Private Party takes on the Lucha Brothers in tag team action for the first time since October 2019. After issuing a challenge during Wednesday's Dynamite, Dark Order's Alex Reynolds & John Silver face off against Brody King & Malakai Black of the House of Black. Athena & Kris Statlander will team up against a team announced as a build for a match against TBS Champion Jade Cargill and The Baddies. The Gunn Club will also explain why they tuned in to The Acclaimed last week. This is the 50th episode of AEW Rampage along with Fyter Fest, night two of week one. Kings of the Black Throne is the name used by Malakai Black and Brody King in PWG while teaming up. When Brody King and Silver came in, Silver was able to knock down King after three flying shoulder tackles. It only took one tackle from King to bring down Silver. Silver and Reynolds used double team moves to floor both king and black. When Reynolds attempted to jump onto King on the ground, King caught him and propelled him into the ring apron. The House of Black was in control as the show went on a split-screen hiatus. Reynolds ducked a kick from Black and got the tag to Silver, who brought Black down with a flying uppercut. Silver got a near fall after an angle slam. Reynolds tagged back and ate a boot from Black and a lasso from King for a near fall. Silver saved Reynolds from the Gonzo Bomb, and Silver and Black doubled as King. Reynolds got a near fall with a jackknife after a German suplex from Silver to King. Black came up from the front with a dropkick to break the fall. Silver went to the Spin Doctor on Black, who escaped and missed the Black Mass Kick on Silver, sending him out of the ring. Black and King hit Dante's Inferno on Reynolds for the pinfall. As the House of Black went backwards after the match, Darby Allin flew off the top of the entrance tunnel at Brody King. Sting came out and stared at Black on the front stage (what Excalibur called a "chess match") while Allin and King brawled through the crowd. ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham (w/ Tully Blanchard and Tully Blanchard Enterprises) defeated Lee Moriarty (w/ Matt Sydal) to retain the title (9:01 aired). This match had a ROH presentation with Bobby Cruise as the ring announcer and Caprice Coleman on commentary. Moriarty knocked Gresham down twice and followed him on the second time to ringside brawl. Back in the ring, Gresham tried to take control by working over the arm, but when the referee turned his back on him, Gresham hit Moriarty low to take control. Gresham defeated Moriarty multiple times with a side headlock and the show went on another split-screen break. Moriarty got a nice throw/suplex from an armbar. Moriarty hit a great dropkick and got a single underhook suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Moriarty nearly fell off a cradle again, but Gresham caught him in an octopus and stretched him for submission. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviewed Gresham, who promised to be at AEW Rampage every week. Claudio Castagnoli (who has never held a World Cup) came out and taunted Gresham from the stage. - Christopher Daniels called out Jay Lethal in defense of Samoa Joe. That's probably a Rampage match next week. Athena and Statlander both hit with drop kicks in front of the bell. Athena and Statlander codebreakered Robyn out of a power chair drop, and then Athena hit Charlette with the "O-Face" (her top rope cutter) for the pinfall. After the match, Leila Gray (who had been watching from ringside with other baddies) confronted Athena. It seemed that this was "the plan" Stokely Hathaway had in mind for Grey; She basically sacrificed herself so Cargill and Hogan could make the leap to the babyfaces. – Lexi Nair interviewed Lee Moriarty after his defeat. Sydal made a match for Moriarty against Dante Martin for next week. I hope you both hit up Sydal next week. (JR's disinterested "yo." "listen." to comments always makes me laugh.) Billy tried to get the celebratee to "shave" him again, but Bowens superkicked Billy instead. The Acclaimed knocked out the Gunn Club with a clothesline and Max Caster ranted about Billy Gunn being "hung like a tadpole". Bowens challenged the Gunns to a match "now," but the Gunns declined. - Lee Moriarty vs. Dante Martin has been announced for next Friday's Rampage. - ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defending against Claudio Castagnoli has been announced for Death Before Dishonor. In the pre-match promo, Private Party revealed that they had a hard time reaching Andrade, but they saw pictures from the wedding. Private Party tried to double up on Penta early on, but Fenix ​​and Penta came back with a series of superkicks. Private Party got back at the Lucha Bros with two drop kicks and stereo dives out of the ring. Quen wanted the 450 splash against Fenix, but he avoided it and hit a cutter for a near miss. Private Party caught Penta with the silly String Spinning DDT, then Kassidy hit Fenix ​​with a springboard cutter to knock him off the ring apron. After a split-screen pause, Penta hit with a slingblade and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker to take control. He got the tag to Fenix, who threw Isiah Kassidy into an inverted powerbomb while simultaneously leg-legging Marq Quen. Kassidy hit Fenix ​​with a crossbody while he was on Quen's shoulders for a near fall. Private Party landed an Atom Drop in Enziguri. Penta attempted to crossbody off the top ropes but slipped badly. Penta hit Kassidy in the corner with a Gamengiri, then sent a Death Valley Driver to send Quen into Kassidy in the corner. Penta had a near fall on Quen after the Made in Japan for a near fall. Jose jumped onto the ring apron to distract Penta, but Abrahantes pulled him off the apron and they started fighting. Penta superkicked Andrade off the ring apron. Rush ran in and tried to attack Penta behind the referee's back. Fenix ​​then hit the Black Fire Driver on Quen and got the pinfall. After the match, Andrade, Rush, and Private Party had disagreements. It didn't feel like Private Party and the Lucha Bros were on the same page during the Main Event. The four-minute commercial break midway through this game didn't help, and the ending was a mess. The Gresham/Moriarty match also didn't do much to get me excited about the ROH pay-per-view. Excalibur strongly emphasized that Castagnoli has never been world champion, which makes him likely to be the favorite in next Saturday's game. Rampage felt a lot like a B show this week.


SmackDown Scores Live Blog

Follow this week's episode of SmackDown with Liv Morgan vs. Madcap Moss and more! (Author: Gardener)

SmackDown Scores Live BlogWWE SmackDown returns to our lives tonight (July 15, 2022) with a live show from the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla., showcasing the latest builds of the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for later is month in Nashville, Tennessee. Announced for tonight: SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan goes head-to-head with Natalya in a Championship Contender's match, Madcap Moss has a one-on-one match with Theory and has threatened to stuff the Money in the Bank briefcase down his throat, which is Lacey Evans it now a heel and more! Come right back here at 8:00 p.m. ET when the SmackDown Live Blog kicks off once the show starts on FOX. It will be here under this line. He welcomes Pat McAfee back and gets a grand entrance. Pat sits down at the mic and greets us before apologizing for not being there last week and letting us hear Corey Graves for two hours and that asshole Corbin for seventeen minutes. He repeats Happy Corbin's attack that knocked him out and says that it turned out his neck wasn't broken, it was just bruised, so he's out here to let us know that he knew Corbin long before we did . So at SummerSlam, he's going to beat up Happy and humiliate him back into a good member of society. Corbin appears on the tron ​​and says he's a fighter and Pat just runs his mouth and used to shoot soccer balls. He'd like to kick his ass right now, but he's caught something nasty and has a rash all over his forearm. So he's staying far away for now, but he'll see McAfee at SummerSlam. Pat says it's not monkeypox, it's just that Corbin is allergic to being awesome. Natalya corners her, flurry of palms, Morgan comes back with wild punches, takes her to the ground with a side headlock, gets back up, Nattie with a nasty punch, off the ropes, scrambles for position, huge dropkick from Liv sends Neidhart to the apron, cover for two! A victory roll pin for two, another hard dropkick, whip into the corner, slingshot atomic drop into the running stomp, but Morgan dodges the dropkick in the basement. She trades near falls, to the apron, front kick with Nattie on the ropes, she looks for the sharpshooter but finally decides to catapult into the ring post as we go to break. Back from the commercial, Morgan is on her comeback, Fireman's carry into a pin, blocks discuslariat, inverted surfboard stomps into a backsplash, Natalya catches her and lands a release German suplex, cover... MORGAN KICKS OUT! Ankle lock by Nattie, Morgan throws her face first against the post, the reverse codebreaker sets it up... She says you can call her whatever you want, but she's still your SmackDown Women's Champion. He tries to convince him that Roman Reigns is a bad idea and how much better a scheduled title match on pay-per-view would be. Austin makes an overture about maybe hiring Heyman as his own special counsel and walks away. New Day comes out with the Viking Raiders intro and dressed like Vikings and we break the promise of the New Raid. Back from the commercial, the comment fuels the unveiling of the Special Guest Referee for the SmackDown Tag Title Match at SummerSlam. New Day breathes heavily in the ring before introducing themselves as Erik the Gross and Ivar the Ugly. No, just kidding, it's your boys' new day, and it feels like a millennium since they sailed the seven seas. Kofi Kingston stops Xavier Woods for sounding like a pirate and not a Viking. Woods apologizes for slipping his accent and corrects. Kingston has a more Swedish accent, and Xavier says they've played a lot of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and seen all the Thor movies, but resorted to sneaky tactics like shoddy makeup. They say New Day will be shredded and broken after they're done, and Woods asks if those are the only words they know. Kofi suggests disgusting, vile, deplorable and Xavier calls them ugly. Jinder Mahal and Shanky run in and attack the Vikings, and New Day jumps off the top and finishes them off! Kaiser apologizes and GUNTHER makes him open his jacket so he can hack him and yells at him in German. Aliyah enters and we take a break. Back from the commercial we get a video package from Lacey Evans. Lacey sits down at the mic and says that maybe she's no better than anyone else in this arena, but we sure as hell are no better than her. She talks about serving her country and risking her life. She tries to apologize to everyone she has offended and only gets more boos for her troubles. Drew McIntyre makes his entrance for a do-over and we go on break. Back from the commercial, Sheamus bait and switch again, and it's Ridge Holland in the match. Pete Dunne gets the timer's ring bell and hammer and sets us in motion. McIntyre goes through the gates hard, Holland hits his Emerald Flowsion but Drew kicks out! He grinds him with a reverse chinlock, McIntyre stands up, trades chops with Ridge and drops him with big lariats! Drew bring it up, White Noise! Drew McIntyre wins by pinfall with the claymore. Austin Theory performs and we go on break.


WWE Smackdown Results (07/15) - Championship Contender's Match, Theory Vs. Madcap Moss

These are the official results from Wrestling INC. for "Smackdown" on July 15, 2022 with a Championship Contender's Match! (Author: Gardener)

07/15The show begins with Michael Cole in the ring. He introduces Pat McAfee and comes out to the ring as Cole takes his position for comment. He apologizes to the WWE Universe for making them hear Corey Graves and Happy Corbin as comments last week. He then points to a package of videos showing Corbin attacking him on "Money in the Bank," which of course caused him to miss last week's show. He says he remembers being humble, but as soon as he came to WWE he became an "arrogant jerk." He says at the "Summerslam" that he will humiliate him to become a good man again. He says he's coming to the ring, then shows the bruises on his arm and says he doesn't want to hurt himself anymore. He says he's staying far away now and he'll see McAfee at Summerslam. McAfee says the real reason he's not coming to the ring is because he's actually scared, then introduces Liv Morgan. Back from the break, Natalya comes to the ring. The bell rings and Natalya walks straight towards Morgan. She kicks them and starts ruling with her right hand. Morgan pulls her to the ring with a side headlock but Natalya counters it. Natalya punches her and Morgan fires back with a dropkick. She wants a pin, but Natalya kicks out. Morgan hits another dropkick but Natalya kicks her in the neck. Morgan hits Natalya in the face with a kick and then looks for the Oblivion, but Natalya counters and slams her face into the ring post first. Back off the break, Morgan delivers a rocket drop kick from the top rope. Morgan knocks her out with his right hand and then hits a Step Up Insiguri. She sends Natalya on the ropes and then rolls them up, but Natalya kicks out. Morgan hits a backstabber, followed by a splash. Natalya sends Morgan into the corner and then climbs onto the top rope. Morgan pulls her to the ground, but Natalya fires back with a sit out powerbomb. She wants a pin, but Morgan kicks out. She wants a pin, but Morgan kicks out. Natalya lures an ankle lock, but Morgan escapes and sends her into the center buckle. After the match, Kayla Braxton joins Morgan in the ring. She says she noticed that her win tonight wasn't as dominant as her win over Rousey last week. We're going backstage to McKenzie Mitchell and Theory. He says it's hard to be him, and with great power comes great responsibility. He shakes Theory's hand and says it doesn't make economic sense for him to cash in on his contract with Roman Reigns. He invites him to work with him instead, saying he'll give him a title shot if he doesn't cash his briefcase. The theory goes that he still plans to cash in on his contract at Summerslam no matter what. Back at the ring the music of The Viking Raiders sounds. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston come to the ring dressed as Raiders. Back from the commercial break, there's a video showing the events of the past week between New Day and the Viking Raiders. The Viking Raiders music plays and this time the Raiders are at the top of the ramp. Erik says they are still vicious while Ivar tells them they will maul them. Woods asks if those are the only two words they know and calls the Raiders "ugly". The Raiders go to the ring and Woods blows his horn. Shanky and Jinder Mahal come to the ring. She points to a video of the past week's events following Kaiser's fight with Shinsuke Nakamura, then asks why Gunther attacked Kaiser. Gunther says that's because there's no room for error. Back at ringside, Aliyah comes out and we go on a commercial. Back from break, here's a video showing the highlights of Lacey Evans' promo on last week's "Smackdown." Evans then comes to the ring as the fans boo her. Evans grabs a mic and says she may not be better than anyone else in this arena, but she's "damn sure better than any of the fans." She calls herself an American heroine and says she's an example of everything fans can't be. She says if fans don't accept her apology, they can go to hell. Evans then gets out of the ring and goes to the back. Drew McIntyre comes to the ring as we head into a commercial break. Back from the break, Sheamus enters the ring alongside Butch and Ridge Holland. Ridge Holland for a WWE Undisputed Championship Match at "Clash of the Castle" Butch grabs the timer bell and rings it. McIntyre defeats Holland and delivers the Ten Beats while Sheamus (his originally planned opponent) looks on. Holland hits a power slam, then a pin, but McIntyre kicks out. McIntyre hits a neckbreaker but Holland fires back with a headbutt. McIntyre hits the White Noise while staring at Sheamus. He provides the claymore kick for the win. The theory comes into the ring, then it goes into advertising. Back from hiatus is a video pack that recaps the events between Brock Lesnar, Theory and Alpha Academy in last week's Raw. McKenzie Mitchell stands by with Madcap Moss and she asks him about his strategy in his match with Theory. Moss says he plans to flatten his big head. Paul Heyman walks in and says he'll give him an undisputed title match against Roman Reigns if he takes out Theory before Summerslam. Moss tells him he really has to worry about Theory busting the Summerslam and then goes to the ring. Moss sends him down with a waist lock takedown, but Theory fires back with a shoulder block. Moss takes Theory on his shoulders, but Theory escapes. Moss hits Theory with a shoulder tackle followed by a fallaway slam. Moss hits a forearm, but Theory fires back with a chinlock. Moss escapes and Theory sends him face first into the upper turning buckle. He does it again, but Moss stops him and sends him in instead. He knocks Theory out of the ring and sends him face first into the apron. Moss charges at Theory, but Theory moves out of the way and Moss goes face first into the ring steps. Back from the break, Theory still has the upper hand. He hits a double stomp, then goes for a pin, but Moss kicks out. Moss fires back with a clothesline, followed by a shoulder to midsection. Moss hits a spine buster and then a pin but Theory gets out. Theory knocks Moss down and sends Moss' head off the top rope. Moss hits a shoulder tackle that sends Theory up the apron and then knocks Theory down. Theory goes to the timer area and hits Moss with the "Money in the Bank" briefcase. After the match, Theory says he doesn't care as he's still Mr. Money in the Bank and the soon-to-be undisputed WWE Champion. Sami Zayn comes to the ring and tells Theory that he disrespects the Bloodline and that there are serious consequences for those who do so. Zayn stands at the top of the ramp and says that as a representative of the Bloodline, he should apologize. Theory asks Zayn what he's going to do with an arm, and Uso's music plays. Theory backs down as they come to the ring. He collides with Madcap Moss and throws him against the ring post. Back from break, the commentary comments on the map for next week's "Smackdown," including Brock Lesnar's return to the Blue Brand. The doorbell rings and the two lock up. The doorbell rings and the two lock up. Uso hits a Samoan Drop, but Dawkins fires back with a forearm. Uso kicks Dawkins out of the ring, but Dawkins sends Uso over the barricade into the timekeeper's area. Back from the break, Uso has the upper hand. He delivers a hip attack and Dawkins fires back with a right hand. He wants a pin, but Uso kicks out. Dawkins hits a corkscrew. Dawkins rolls up Uso, but no one can count the needle. Uso hits a superkick and then attempts a pin, but it has yet to be counted. Dawkins hits an energy bomb as the referee comes to. He pins Uso for the win, but it should be noted that one of Uso's shoulders is up, making the ending controversial. Adam Pearce comes to the ring and says he understands why both teams are upset that their Undisputed Tag Team Championship match at Summerslam needs a guest referee. He points to The Titan Tron and a video pack plays to reveal Jeff Jarrett as the guest referee. Referees come to the ring to separate them, but the two teams carry on as the show goes off the air.


WWE SmackDown Live Scores

SummerSlam build-up continues in Orlando. (Author: Gardener)

SummerSlamEn route to SummerSlam, SmackDown is taking place tonight at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns held a promo ahead of his title defense against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam last week. The theory emerged to tease that he will cash the Money in the Bank briefcase after Reign and Lesnar's Last Man Standing match. SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan takes on Natalya in a no-contender match tonight. Morgan was celebrating winning the title last week until Natalya interrupted. Natalya pointed out that she hurt Ronda Rousey at Money in the Bank and Morgan took advantage of it. Eventually Rousey came out and hit Natalya with the ankle lock. A singles match between Angelo Dawkins and Jimmy Uso is also scheduled for tonight. The Usos defend their undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles against The Street Profits at SummerSlam. This game will have a special guest referee - and we're going to find out who that referee will be tonight. Michael Cole was in the ring to start SmackDown. Cole mentioned that McAfee recently signed a multi-year extension. McAfee came to the ring without a neck brace. He apologized to fans for having to listen to Corey Graves last week about his injury. They showed footage of Happy Corbin attacking McAfee after Money in the Bank. Last week, Corbin and Graves mocked McAfee by dancing to Shinsuke Nakamura's music. McAfee mentioned that he knew Corbin before they joined WWE. He promised to beat Corbin at SummerSlam. Corbin added that he is a fighter and McAfee used to throw soccer balls. He claimed he got a rash from sitting to comment last week or from the fans. Corbin is staying away from McAfee until SummerSlam because of his rash. McAfee said Corbin faked monkeypox. McAfee felt it was time to move on and introduced SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan. Natalya and Morgan had a good match. It was rough in some places and they seemed to be on different sides. Morgan took over with a dropkick on Natalya and hit a series of near falls. Natalya fought back and went to the sniper on the apron. Morgan escaped and went into oblivion, but Natalya blocked it. She then slingshot Morgan into the ring post. Back from the break, Natalya had Morgan in a backbreaker submission. Morgan broke free and hit a rocket dropkick. Morgan did a kick-up and ran wildly at Natalya. Natalya recovered and hit a release German suplex for a close near fall. Natalya got back on her feet and hit a sit-out powerbomb for a near miss. She locked the ankle clasp, but Morgan freed himself. She then met Oblivion for the win. After the match, Kayla Braxton interviewed Morgan in the ring. Braxton noted that Rousey had a more dominant win over Natalya last week. Morgan admitted she's the underdog at SummerSlam but vowed to keep the title. In the background, Megan interviewed Morant Theory. The theory admitted he has many enemies, including Bobby Lashley and Dolph Ziggler. Heyman pointed out that he was responsible for the biggest break in Theory's career. Heyman tried to convince Theory not to concede at SummerSlam. Instead, Heyman wants to work with Theory. He wants to schedule a title match with Roman Reigns at a later date. Heyman added that all Theory has to do is not concede and let him handle everything. Theory thanked Heyman, but he conceded at SummerSlam against either Reigns or Brock Lesnar. New Day, Shanky and Jinder Mahal set a trap for the Raiders. New Day was good in this segment. Viking Raiders music was a hit, but instead The New Day came out. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods came out dressed as the Viking Raiders. Back from the break they recap The Viking Raiders who defeated Jinder Mahal, Shanky and The New Day last week. New Day made fun of the Raiders. The music hit by the New Vicious Viking Raiders and they took the stage. The Viking Raiders heard enough and went to the ring. Suddenly, Mahal and Shanky jumped onto The Raiders. The Viking Raiders took off as New Day and Shanky danced in the ring around Mahal. Cole claimed the Raiders fell for the trap set by New Day, Mahal and Shanky. In the background, Kayla Braxton interviewed Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser. They lost Kaiser to Shinsuke Nakamura last week and Gunther hacked Kaiser. Braxton announced that Kaiser will face Nakamura in a rematch next week. Gunther then gave Kaiser a vicious swipe that shocked Braxton. They repeated Lacey Evans' heel turn from last week. Evans and Aliyah didn't have a match. Evans instead clipped a promo and walked out. Evans got a lot of boos, but also a "what" chant. The fans booed Evans loudly. Evans took the mic and said she was better than the fans. Evans mentioned that she served her county, and fans erupted in loud "You suck" chants. Evans called herself an American hero, and fans began with a "What" chant. Evans claimed she felt terrible for offending fans. She tried to apologize, but the fans didn't accept it. She then told them to go to hell and left the ring. McIntrye and Holland had a good match. When Sheamus entered, Samantha Irvin announced Ridge Holland instead. Cole and McAfee were confused. The match became McIntyre vs. McIntyre had control early on and hit the then beats of Bodhran. Cole yelled that McIntyre did better than Sheamus. Sheamus created a distraction and Holland pinned McIntyre to the ring post. McIntyre broke free and ran wild. McIntyre recovered and hit white noise while looking at Sheamus. McIntyre then hit the Claymore for the win. Theory went to the ring for his match with Madcap Moss. Back from break, they recap Brock Lesnar's performance on last Monday's Raw. In the background, Megan Morant was interviewing Madcap Moss behind the curtain. Heyman pointed out that he was responsible for the biggest break in Moss' career. He added that it would be bad for business if Theory cashed at SummerSlam. Heyman noted that Moss injured Happy Corbin a few weeks ago. He tried to convince Moss to hurt Theory tonight. Heyman promised Moss a planned title fight against Roman Reigns if Theory got injured. Moss responded that Heyman seems very concerned that Theory could make money at SummerSlam. Moss entered and they went to another commercial. Back from break they showed a video package from Maximum Male Models. Moss and Theory had a good match until the weak end. Commenting, Cole emphasized that this is a match between the future of WWE. Theory was briefly in control with a shoulder tackle. He wanted to leapfrog, but Moss caught him in mid-air. This place was almost a disaster. Moss caught Theory but almost dropped him on his head. Moss regained his balance and hit a fallaway slam. Moss crashed hard into the ring steps. Back off the break, Theory hit a near fall with a rolling drop kick. Theory took over with a chin lock to slow the pace. Moss fought back and rocked Theory with a shoulder tackle. Theory tried to fight back, but Moss hit a spine buster for a close near fall. Theory stomped on Moss' leg and hit a back suplex for a two count. Fans erupted in a "Theory sucks" chant. Theory went for another rolling dropkick. Moss fought back and rocked Theory with a shoulder tackle sending him out of the ring. Moss investigated the theory. Theory grabbed the briefcase and punched Moss for disqualification. After the match, Theory pledged to become the next WWE Undisputed Universal Champion. Zayn noted that Theory insulted The Bloodline by claiming he would win the title. Zayn demanded an apology from Theory. Theory taunted Zayn, pointing out that he had his arm in a sling. Suddenly, the music of The Usos got a big response. Theory ran back to the ring but Moss jumped at him and sent him into the ring post. They announced Jeff Jarrett as the special referee at SummerSlam for The Usos vs. Street Profits title match. Dawkins and Jimmy had a good match. They pulled off another controversial finish when Jimmy held up a shoulder, but the referee didn't see it. Jimmy had the brief advantage and sent Dawkins to the ring. Jimmy prepared a suicide dive, but Dawkins interrupted him. Then Dawkins grabbed Jimmy over the barricade. Back from the break, Jimmy was in control and hit the rikishi splash. Dawkins recovered quickly, cradling Jimmy with his right hand. Dawkins fired and hit a flying elbow. Dawkins rolled Jimmy and had won the match, but the ref was down. Jimmy hit a super kick and won the match, but Charles Robinson was still down. Jimmy yelled at Robinson to get up. Dawkins recovered and hit a sit-out powerbomb for the win. It was a contentious finish as one of Jimmy's shoulders wasn't down for the count. Pearce then announced Jeff Jarrett as the special umpire at SummerSlam. Next week: Brock Lesnar returns to SmackDown. Also, Ronda Rousey and Liv Morgan face off. Ludwig Kaiser takes on Shinsuke Nakamura.


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from July 15th

As WWE continues its march to SummerSlam on July 30 in Nashville, the company hosted an episode of SmackDown on Friday night that introduced new women's champions... (Author: Gardener)

July 15thAs WWE continues its march to SummerSlam on July 30 in Nashville, the company hosted a Friday night episode of SmackDown that pitted new Women's Champion Liv Morgan against the ever-tough Natalya in singles competition. The blue-branded underdog titlist's first in-ring appearance was just an announced segment for a show that also featured the latest The Street Profits vs. The Usos rivalry for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships as well as Mr. Money in the Bank, Theory, and Madcap Moss, one of the competitors he defeated for the honor. Uso's SummerSlam MatchAfter Pat McAfee missed last week's broadcast following a sneak attack from Happy Corbin at Money in the Bank, Pat McAfee kicked off Friday's broadcast with an in-ring promo detailing the storyline between him and Corbin His normal, vivacious and charismatic self, McAfee sucked audiences into his promo and almost set off a "Douchebag Corbin" chant before the former King of the Ring interrupted the A-Show to greet new SmackDown Women's Champion Liv to introduce Morgan for her match with Natalya. The Queen of Harts put the titleholder on the defensive, forcing her to fight from below if she wanted to claim the win. She did so, overcoming a late German suplex and a sit-out powerbomb to give ObLIVion the pinfall win - the perfect opponent for Morgan at this point. She can get along well with anyone, and that was the case here, but she's also incredibly knowledgeable and the kind of seasoned competitor a young star would want to work with as she finds her footing in a new role. Morgan is always evolving and growing and evolving as a performer, and performances like this will only earn her management's trust. Whether that trust will be earned quickly enough for those in power to resist the urge to give Rousey her title back remains to be seen, but Morgan got it right early in that title run and became an insufferable jerk who would do anything for a dollar!" McAfee said of his former Indianapolis Colts teammate, "That's not monkeypox. That's Happy Corbin being allergic to being great," McAfee said in response to his rival's apology for not going in the ring with him." You know, you're doing a great job. Better than Kayla," Paul Heyman said as he interrupted Megan Morant's backstage interview with the youngest Mr. Money in the bank in WWE history, Theory. "You know, and I know I'm responsible for the biggest career break," Heyman told Theory, recalling his days as head of creative on Raw and briefly propelling the young star into the main roster . New Day's Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods answered two weeks of ass whipping by the NEW, VICIOUS Viking Raiders, coming into the ring dressed like the heels and wasting little time poking fun at them. This understandably brought Erik and Ivar out and after a short, dull promo, they marched to the square circle for the third consecutive attack by the popular tandem. Until Jinder Mahal and Shanky lunged at her, determined to take revenge for a punch that also left her. Erik and Ivar jumped to the ground and the Babyfaces (and Mahal) stood up to close the segment. That was...okay, but none of it was better than what we've already seen. The Viking Raiders are new and vicious, but seem even more struggling with engaging with audiences as generic brutes than they did a year or two ago when they were enjoying themselves as part of the 24/7 Championship nonsense . None of this really helps anyone involved, with the exception of Mahal, who in a month's time when he finally drops his guard and dances with Shanky might be the most cocky babyface on the list. Until then, you can expect more "meh" from this program. Backstage, Kayla caught up with Braxton with Gunther cutting a promo denouncing the idea of ​​failing and hacking Ludwig Kaiser again for losing to Shinsuke Nakamura last week. Gunther hacking fools will always be an asset. Woods, who kept the continuity of being terrible at accents, was much appreciated. The cameraman photographed Gunther from an angle to make him look even taller than he is. She repeated much of the same rhetoric from a week ago before heading to her scheduled match with Aliyah, this time with no physical interaction between them. It was okay and Evans is clearly a better heel than she is a baby face so there is certainly potential for her to establish herself as a force on Friday night. This, like so many of the blue brand shows in its entirety, felt more like a repeat than anything new or interesting. Hopefully the creative team resists the urge to do this again next Friday, because if they don't, fans will begin to resent and the sneers that greet Evans won't be the result of her great heel work, but rather her indifference against the same, the same. Speaking of replays, Drew McIntyre hit the ring for his match with Sheamus with a shot on the line for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash at the Castle. Like last week, The Celtic Warrior delivered another bait and switch. McIntyre did not catch McIntyre off guard as the Scottish Warrior survived a brief offensive from Holland and carried him to victory with the Claymore. More of that here. McIntyre won to set up the inevitable showdown with Sheamus, but the match was dull at best. The repetitive nature of it all overshadows some damn good matches between McIntyre and Sheamus a few weeks ago, and that's unfortunate. C for the whole thing. "She's a special kind of specimen," McAfee said of Evans has never heard a military veteran talk about his history on duty just for fans to chant "fuck you." "I have no idea what's happening but I'm glad to be out here," McAfee echoed sentiments across the WWE Universe. McIntyre taunted Sheamus and delivered White Noise to Holland to set up the Claymore finish During the match between Madcap Moss and Theory, Paul Heyman again tried to get young talent to act in the best interests of the undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns by he approached the former and teased the idea of ​​Moss vs. The Tribal Chief. Moss declined the Special Counsel and entered the ring for the match with Money in the Bank's current briefcase holder. A hard-fought match came to an unsatisfactory end when a desperate Theory on the receiving end of a billowing Moss used said briefcase to blast the Babyface. Repeated gunfire ensued before ring announcer Samantha Irvin Moss announced the winner. "Who cares?!" exclaimed Theory before proclaiming himself the next Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. This brought out Sami Zayn and the Usos who forced Theory back into the ring area where Moss propelled him into the break. This was a surprisingly good match, highlighting two cast members on the brink of fame. The theory is obvious. He's won Money in the Bank, shared the ring with Steve Austin at WrestleMania, and worked with Mr. McMahon all year. He's the new chosen one and will be consistently in the main event sooner rather than later. However, Moss has gradually evolved into a red hot babyface who wins over the crowds and has them firmly in his corner by the end of the game. His power, intensity, and aggression is exactly what you're looking for in a top star of the future, and he hasn't disappointed since breaking free from Happy Corbin and starting this run, even if WWE Creative didn't necessarily have his back. Indeed, one could argue that Moss was more impressive than the guy with the briefcase here, and to those who are paying attention, that's not particularly surprising. Cole and McAfee were repeatedly impressed by Moss' strength, which helped keep the viewer interested and compelled him to sit up and pay attention. The theory of dismissing the game's ending while simultaneously addressing the future as if it were preordained is just great work from a tainted heel and exactly what fans will ridicule him well into the future. "Honorary Uce" Sami Zayn joined Michael Cole and Pat McAfee at the commentary position for the evening's main event, a showdown between The Street Profits' Angelo Dawkins and Jimmy Uso. Montez Ford and Jey Uso accompanied their respective partners. In the relatively rushed match, Dawkins benefited from a referee jab and the resulting dazed Charles Robinson, who scored the pinfall win after the sky high, although Uso's right shoulder was off the mat at the time after the match and recent referee controversy appeared Adam Pearce and announced that the special referee for the SummerSlam match between the two teams will be none other than Hall of Famer and six-time Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett.A Brawl closed the show, but nothing could match the over-brilliant announcement by Making up for Jarrett's role at SummerSlam in Nashville. Jarrett and Nashville go hand in hand as he grew up in Tennessee and founded Impact Wrestling in the city. His career is so intertwined there and he has absolutely earned the right to appear on that stage and be part of a match with the very real possibility of being the best of the weekend. The referee nonsense was a bit much for a game that only had a few minutes to play anyway, but it got us to the Jarrett announcement before ending the show with a wild brawl, so it can largely be forgiven. Props on Zayn, who was phenomenal in his comments and helped create some fun, engaging banter with McAfee, who he plays very well against. C for the match, Double A for ensuring Double J comes on the SummerSlam broadcast " I have a history of shoulder injuries, I know something about shoulders, and that shoulder blade was about a foot off the mat," Zayn said in a great line.


A priceless addition

The Ability Center of Greater Toledo is recruiting for a new litter of service dogs (Author: Gardener)

The Ability Center of Greater ToledoTOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The month of July marks the arrival of a litter of puppies with an important life purpose. Eventually, if all goes well, they will become service dogs that will be matched with new families by the Ability Center of Greater Toledo. Allison Leatherman first met her service dog, Taylor, three years ago, three years after the car accident that left her in a wheelchair. "At first everyone was like, 'You should get a companion animal,' but I was like 'No.' But eventually Leatherman accepted that none of those things were true. That's why everything changed when she brought Taylor to her house. She gave me purpose," Leatherman said. About three months after the new puppies are born, the Ability Center needs new foster families, or "puppy raisers." The organization's public relations manager, Mallory Crooks, said it was a challenge. So people are not sure about the opportunity because they are not sure how well it will fit into their life plan," Crooks said. All of the caregivers and volunteers throughout our organization don't pay a dime for anything.” Currently, the Ability Center has about 70 dogs in its program, and each one requires an investment of about $70,000 to raise and train. In addition to volunteering for a caregiver, you can donate money or buy items from an Amazon Wishlist online. Click here to submit an idea for Feel Good Friday with Sashem Brey. Please include the title when you click here to report it.