Clippers rise to 132-111 win, win over Lakers of the season

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Reggie Jackson hit 12 of his 36 best points of the season in the fourth quarter while adding nine assists and eight rebounds, and the Los Angeles Clippers ended a four-game win of the season against the Los Angeles Lakers with a 132- . 111 victory Thursday night. Ivica Zubac had 19 points and nine rebounds for the Clippers, who took control of the win and their seventh straight win over the Lakers overall by scoring... (Author: Gardener)

Lakers of the seasonLos Angeles Clippers guard Terance Mann (14) reacts after making a 3-point basket during the first half of the team's NBA basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers Thursday, March 3, 2022 in Los Angeles. LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Reggie Jackson hit 12 of his 36 best points of the season in the fourth quarter while adding nine assists and eight rebounds, and the Los Angeles Clippers ended a four-game win of the season against the Los Angeles Lakers with a 132- . 111 victory Thursday night. Ivica Zubac had 19 points and nine rebounds for the Clippers, who took control of the win and their seventh straight win over the Lakers overall by scoring 23 straight points in the first six minutes of the third quarter. The Clippers beat their Cross-Hallway rivals 37-10 late in the third before driving to their fifth straight win in the last eight days, including two against the Lakers. The win was the latest in a hot period for the Clippers, who have won seven of their last eight without what are arguably their three most talented players: Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Norman Powell. Although none of the trio are believed to be close to returning, Jackson and a gritty supporting cast have kept the clips on track for another playoff spot with an increasing chance of avoiding the play-in tournament following this win, which she drew within a game of seventh place Minnesota. "We came out with a mission," Jackson said. "We wanted to close. We're still a hungry team. We feel like we are writing our own story. We're trying to do something special with this group. It's about this team to make our own history.” Los Angeles Clippers forward Robert Covington (23) celebrates his 3-point shot with guard Reggie Jackson (1) during the first half of the NBA basketball game teams against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, March 3, 2022 in Los Angeles. Jackson hit four 3-pointers and embarrassed a number of Lakers defensemen, particularly on a fourth-quarter show that had the Clippers' share of the crowd singing his name. "He loves it," Clippers coach Tyronn Lue said. He's a great player. It was a struggle when we first lost PG because the offense is mostly built around PG and Kawhi. But once we got a set rotation and figured out how to play, these guys got into it, and it starts with our veterans. That's the kind of team and the kind of culture we've built here (27-35). A proud franchise that started the season with championship aspirations is now two games ahead of Portland in 11th place and there's little reason to think the spiral will end any time soon. LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers dives against the Los Angeles Clippers during the first half of an NBA basketball game Thursday, March 3, 2022 in Los Angeles. "We had a neighborhood that killed us," James said. "It was the second quarter. Today it was the third quarter." After the Lakers scored 14 straight points to end the first half just three points behind, the Lakers oddly faltered early in the third after the umpires failed to give James a continuation foul and they were unable to contest the call, "We are just be persistent and keep at work," said Lakers coach Frank Vogel. We'll keep trying to find ways to win if Anthony (Davis) is out. Los Angeles Lakers guard Malik Monk (11) scores past Los Angeles Clippers forward Nicolas Batum (33) during the first half of an NBA basketball game Thursday, March 3, 2022, in Los Angeles. Lakers: Talen Horton-Tucker sat out Tuesday after spraining his ankle. He was deemed likely ahead of the game. The Lakers capitalized on their 31st starting lineup of the season as Dwight Howard pulled in alongside rookie Austin Reaves and Malik Monk Wenyen Gabriel hit a late 3-pointer Clippers on his Lakers debut: Nicolas Batum lue in his 900th NBA game of his career had no updates on injury recoveries from George, Leonard and Powell: “I don't know. Augustin had three points and six assists on his Lakers debut, signing the 14-year-old NBA veteran Tuesday to bolster their backcourt depth. The Lakers are Augustin's 11th NBA franchise; Houston waived him on February 11.


White House backs bill mandating mandatory cyber reporting to CISA amid Ukraine crisis

The White House supports Senate legislation mandating critical infrastructure for reporting major cyber incidents, despite reluctance from the FBI and Justice Department. (Author: Gardener)

White HouseThe White House has wholeheartedly supported legislation that would require hospitals, power plants, water utilities, airports and other critical infrastructure to report cyberattacks to the Department of Homeland Security within 72 hours. In a statement confirming the White House's support, a spokesman said the legislation is "part of the administration's broader effort to modernize America's cyber defenses and complements the president's efforts to improve cybersecurity." The White House stressed that the bill "will ensure the federal government has rapid intelligence on cyber incidents affecting critical infrastructure that provide the essential services Americans rely on" and will allow the government to "better combat cyberattacks." to investigate, mitigate and further prevent. However, in its statement, the White House left the door open to future changes, noting that it "remains committed to working with the House and exploring all options to ensure that legislation allows all relevant federal agencies to to receive and process these incident reports to carry out their cybersecurity missions as quickly as possible." The statement came after senior Justice Department officials claimed that not including the FBI in a bill requiring infrastructure companies to notify the government when they are hacked makes the country less secure, clashing with decisions by Democratic-run committees. Those criticisms have taken lawmakers and congressional staffers by surprise after months of work by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs with the FBI and Justice Department to draft cyber incident reporting legislation, according to Senate committee assistants. The bill passed Tuesday with rare unanimous support in the Senate, just 24 hours after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas urged lawmakers to act quickly amid an escalating Ukraine-Russia crisis as cyber threats loom over the US. Assistant Attorney General Lisa Monaco said the bill "leaves one of our best tools, the FBI, on the fringes in its stead, making us less secure at a time when we face unprecedented threats," adding that the bill with the right changes could be a game changer. "As it stands, it would make the public less secure from cyber threats — slowing down assistance to victims, making it harder to identify other companies targeted by the same attackers, and undermining disruption operations against cyber threats." Senate assistants have in recent Made more than a dozen changes weeks ago to address concerns from the FBI and DOJ. After FBI officials first objected to an earlier rerun of the bill in November, lawmakers added language requiring the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to report incidents "as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours." ' to share with other authorities upon receipt. Lawmakers also added a subsection to the bill that gives the president — or an appointee like the National Cyber ​​Director — the power to set a less than 24-hour time limit. According to a Senate adviser, this loophole could allow the FBI to simultaneously gain access to all reports CISA receives if the White House gives the go-ahead. In response to a request from the FBI and DOJ, committee members also mandated consulting agencies during the rulemaking process. Despite the concessions, the committee Wednesday received a second round of amendments from the DOJ and FBI following Tuesday's passage of the bill. "That's the direction Congress wants to go," a Senate committee adviser told CBS News. "These guys are undermining national security because of bureaucratic trench warfare," the aide added, referring to the FBI and DOJ. The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice all view legislation as critical to deterring cyberattacks. Authorities also want to protect companies from the discovery of their records through the Freedom of Information Act, which allows members of the public to request recordings. But in public hearings and behind closed doors, critical infrastructure operators and lawmakers alike have expressed confusion about where incidents should be reported in the event of a major cyber breach. Specifically, in May 2021, CISA Acting Director Brandon Wales told Ohio Senator Rob Portman during a public hearing that CISA was only notified of the Colonial Pipeline breach after the FBI brought it into the investigation. Passing the Cyber ​​Incident Reporting Bill by the Senate on Tuesday marks a long-awaited victory after several setbacks and is supported by Homeland Security Committee Chair Gary Peters of Michigan and Portman. On Monday night, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared before lawmakers at the confidential briefing for all senators on the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia. Pressured as to what Congress could do to support the federal government's ongoing efforts to protect the homeland, Mayorkas urged senators to pass the Cyber ​​Incident Reporting Act as companies and organizations anticipate the possibility of a Russian cyber - Prepare for aggression or retaliation. The statements by the Justice Department and FBI came as a shock to lawmakers and congressional aides after months of deliberations and amid an environment of heightened cyber threats. "The suggestion that passing the first requirement to report cyberattacks on critical infrastructure would make us less secure is dead wrong," Jay Bhargava, a spokesman for Chairman Peters, said in a statement to reporters. "The requirement created in this bill will ensure -- for the first time ever -- that the federal government receives timely information about significant cyberattacks so it can take swift action to mitigate the damage and prevent ripple effects that threaten our national and economic threat." Security.” The FBI and DOJ consulted for months, changes were made to the bill to address their concerns – and 100 senators convened and unanimously passed this bill to move forward with the most significant update to America’s cybersecurity defenses in our nation’s history, Bhargava added. Kylie Nolan, a spokeswoman for Portman, told CBS News that the bill "reflects changes by the Justice Department and the FBI, as well as many others, to maintain the broad support it currently enjoys in government and the private sector." A spokesperson said House Homeland Safety Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson told CBS News in a statement, "We have a problem with how the DOJ and FBI characterize the non-partisan bicameral AG." Legislation would ensure the federal government had timely access to cyber incident intelligence to identify malicious cyber campaigns early and improve situational awareness within government and the private sector in a way that protects privacy and civil rights, or civil liberties," added the spokesman. Congressman Andrew Garbarino, senior member of the subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection and Innovation of the House of Representatives, said that upcoming legislation to address cyber incident reporting "has been in the works for almost a year and offers many opportunities to raise concerns from public and private sector stakeholders." S. critical infrastructure sectors,” he added. Rob Silvers, DHS undersecretary for policy, has repeatedly called reporting cyber incidents the "top cybersecurity legislative priority for 2022" for the Biden administration.


Chris Noth is thrilled to be back on social media two months after the sexual assault scandal!

Chris Noth has returned to social media just two months after he was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. (Author: Gardener)

Chris NothChris Noth has returned to social media just two months after he was accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. The former Sex and the City star let his 475,000 followers know he's a family man. Last week, the embarrassed actor posted a photo of his eldest son Orion, 14, playing basketball. Noth captioned the photo, "SWISH. It's exciting to see his love of basketball blossoming." He also posted a shadowy photo of him with his youngest son, Keats, 2, wishing the little one a "Happy Birthday". Noth wrote alongside the picture: "18. February - Happy Birthday little Keats - you brought light and blue skies into our lives." Another wrote: "Supporting you Chris and welcome back to Instagram!!! Happy Birthday Keats and many more wonderful birthdays to come! "So happy that you are again sharing photos of your beautiful family. Last year, The Blast reported on the allegations against Noth, which went from two women's stories to four. Several other women began to question their interactions with the actor. Two women, whose identities were protected by pseudonyms, came forward with their stories of alleged sexual assaults involving Noth. It's important to note that these alleged incidents happened in two different locations and are over a decade apart. An incident reportedly occurred at a West Hollywood building in Los Angeles, California. The other alleged attack occurred in 2015 at his Greenwich Village apartment in New York City. Zoe, 41, claims she was sexually assaulted by Noth in 2004 and Lily, 31, claims he sexually assaulted her in 2015. Both women contacted THR at different times this year and claim not to know each other. Zoe and Lily said, "Promotions and press coverage of HBO Max's Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That, in which Noth reprises his role as Mr. Big, have brought back painful memories of incidents." Both women claim , Noth forced himself on them from behind and sexually assaulted them in front of a mirror. In a statement to THR, Noth said: "The allegations made against me by people I met years, even decades ago, are categorically false. These stories could have been 30 years ago or 30 days ago - no always means no - that's a line I haven't crossed. It's difficult not to question the timing of these stories' appearances. I don't know exactly why they're showing up now, but I do know one thing: I wasn't attacking those women." Zoe said she met Noth in 2014 while working at a high-profile firm where he and other celebrities had regular businesses . She claimed he would leave her voicemails on her work phone and that he invited her to his WeHo condo building to hang out by the pool. She committed, and coincidentally she had a friend who lived in the same building. Zoe claimed they went into the hot tub and Noth had a book with him. He asked her to take a look before he went out to take a call at his apartment. Before the call, Noth reportedly asked Zoe to take the book back to his apartment. Then the unthinkable happened. Zoe claims he kissed her without asking as she said, "Thanks, I'm going back to my girlfriend's." He pulled her towards him, pushed her to the bed, stripped off her shorts and bikini bottom, and began to rape her behind in front of a mirror. I said, 'Can you at least get a condom?' and he laughed at me," she recalled. Lily, on the other hand, reportedly met Noth while working at the now-defunct New York City nightclub No. 8. She recalled that he had asked her out with Il Cantinori for dinner; When she got there, however, the kitchen had already closed. The two drank wine and headed back to his apartment building, where he said they could have whiskey. "I was like, 'We're going to drink whiskey and talk about his acting career.' It sounds so silly," she said. Lily remembered Noth pulling his pants down and shoving his genitals into her mouth. I kind of cried when it happened," she revealed. When the attack was over, Lily said, "I went into the bathroom and put my skirt on. All my dreams with this star I loved for years were gone."


Lightning, Buccaneers WR Vincent Jackson team to help military families

The latest news, analysis and stories from, the official site of the National Hockey League (Author: Gardener)

Vincent JacksonThe Tampa Bay Lightning have partnered with Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson and his foundation, the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation, to help military families and related charities in the Bay Area attend today's game when the Bolts around 7:30 am The Winnipeg Jets are hosting pm (Sun Sports, 970 WFLA) at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Jackson will provide tickets for tonight's game to a number of groups including, but not limited to, MacDill Air Force Base 6th Air Mobility Wing, US Central Command/SOCENT, US Special Operations Command, USO, Army Reserve Medical Command and Support Our Troops. Of the guests of honor arriving at the game, courtesy of Jackson, a select few will ride the Sun Sports Lightning Fan Express from MacDill Air Force Base to the Times Forum in style. "I want to thank Lightning for her incredible support of the Jackson In Action 83 Foundation and our work with the children of military families who are experiencing deployments," Jackson said. An evening of fun with their families is greatly appreciated. "One of the joys of being in Tampa Bay is the level of teamwork and support we all share for vital causes. The Lightning supporting the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation is a perfect example." In addition to supporting military families and charities to get to the game for free, Jackson will perform on the Thunder Alley stage at West Court before the game. Fans at the Times Forum can also meet him and get autographs on the second break behind Section 112. The Jackson in Action 83 Foundation will be auctioning off a Jackson-signed Lightning jersey during the game. The Mission of the Jackson in Action 83 Foundation, Inc.


Stacey Abrams and Lara Hodgson on entrepreneurship and self-doubt

The three-time founders share their hard-earned lessons. (Author: Gardener)

Stacey AbramsStacey Abrams and Lara Hodgson on entrepreneurship and self-doubt In this interview with HBR's Women at Work team, entrepreneurs Stacey Abrams and Lara Hodgson share hard-won lessons from starting and running three companies together: first a consulting firm, then a manufacturer and finally a fintech. They were caught off guard by the cash flow and other systemic issues they encountered while attempting to scale a new but popular product. They reflect on why their longstanding partnership has worked well and how they understand and deal with self-doubt, guilt and the effects of underrepresentation. They also share tips on networking, hiring and retaining employees, learning finance, and when to leave the company you've built. Stacey Abrams met her business partner Lara Hodgson at a lunchtime conference. They struck up a conversation, became friends, and founded three companies together in professional services, manufacturing, and fintech. In their new book, Level Up: Rise Above the Hidden Forces Holding Your Business Back, they share countless hard-earned lessons. The Women at Work podcast team spoke to Lara and Stacey about their experiences and the advice they give other entrepreneurs on scaling, cash flow management, partnerships with clients, planning and work-life balance (which Stacey describes as " a lie from the abysses of hell"!). What were the key personal qualities that you brought to your entrepreneurship that made the difference in not only getting your business off the ground, but also growing it further? Lara Hodgson: Without a doubt I would say curiosity to learn and resilience/courage. Stacey Abrams: I'm not a risk taker, but I'm very risk tolerant. One thing that has always brought Lara and me together is curiosity: a love of learning new things, understanding how things work and making them better, what a solution might look like, what new information might add to the equation. Stacey, what would you tell our listeners about how you make business partnerships work? Abrams: Many partnerships start with long-standing friendships and develop into a business partnership. Lara and I were friends: we knew each other. When we started working together we had rules about how we would work, what we would expect from each other. Transparency means telling the truth before you have to. We don't wait for the difficult question. We don't wait for the error to be revealed. And that not only helps our business relationship, but also our personal relationship and our relationships with customers. Lara is one of the smartest people I've ever known. I trust their intellectual integrity, so even if we disagree about what's happening, let's not distrust the basic premise of the argument. We may not agree on the solution, but we don't doubt each other's understanding of the challenge. Hodgson: Stacey and I didn't go to the same church or have kids in the same school. So our normal week allowed us time together, but also time apart, which is important because it preserves the diversity of our thinking. Where many partners go astray, they spend so much time together that they actually lose their diversity of thought and start thinking alike. So Stacey and I have always had the ability to approach an issue, appreciate the different perspectives, and then continue to develop those different perspectives by allowing our lives to have some distance. Don't let your self-doubt get the better of you.” Can you talk about whether you faced this when you started your business and how you dealt with it? Hodgson: I deal with it every day. Women and underrepresented founders can ask themselves, “Am I good enough? Am I doing it right?” What's so valuable about our partnership is that it keeps us both grounded when we have these worries. Abrams: We are admonished, especially women in business, to be fearless. Lara and I face the fear. We don't ignore it. We don't pretend he doesn't exist. It's easier if you have a business partner and a friend, but it's even possible to do it alone. Do you feel that women have helped or hindered you in starting your business? Abrams: Yes, both. As a woman of color, I don't have the ability to move beyond the dimension of race when gender is also part of the conversation. In the book, Lara and I talk about how there are expectations that come with gender, or with race, or with both — and the challenge is understanding the -ism you're facing. But the opportunity is in understanding how to use the diversity and distinction of who you are to differentiate yourself. As women in business, we often see problems differently. The same goes for people of color. We bring different perspectives because we don't always have access to the traditional resources or standard opportunities that others take for granted. What people see won't change even if we close our eyes really tight and hope they don't notice. Instead, you must decide how to use it and prepare for when it is used against you. Hodgson: Very often, as you can imagine, I'm on FinTech panels where I'm the only woman. What I mean by that is that I will not try to fit in. I will say something bold that will make the audience uncomfortable and they will remember me. Abrams: Part of the opportunity when you face these challenges is to blend into the organizations that sustain them, and you don't go in and say, "I'm going to destroy you from the inside." You don't step in as a conqueror . You come in as an inquisitor and start effecting change from within. Sometimes we let the size and scale of the challenge overwhelm us, and we short-sightedly focus on the situational and exclude the systemic. But if we don't address the systemic issues, the system will only get tougher. You write in your book about the Net 30 payment system and how it hampers many small businesses. Do you think this is a systemic problem? Hodgson: Yes, I think it's absolutely institutional and it's an example of what Stacey mentioned. Most business owners think it's situational, and honestly, that's what we did the first time we came across it. A 30 net invoice is when you deliver your goods or service to your customer and give them an invoice stating you can pay within 30 days. When we set up our second business, our customers asked for 30 net, and Stacey and I were like, 'Sure, we can give you that.' And we went to our suppliers and we said, 'Well, if we have to wait 30 days to get paid then would you give us 60 days?” It seemed like a great solution. We walked away proud thinking we had this in the bag. And then that 30 net bill went unpaid for 60, 90, 120 days. This is often your first reaction as an entrepreneur: "I screwed up. I wasn't negotiating properly.” But when we started talking to other people, they said, “They just have a working capital problem. Everyone does.” Stacey and I were like, “Wait a minute. If everyone is having this problem then the existing solutions don't have to work very well.” What were some of the commonly accepted practices that caught you both off guard when you launched your first company and how did you deal with them? Abrams: As someone who didn't go to business school, it was all blind. My first company was a small consulting firm. So when I first sent out an invoice and got 30 days of silence, I was amazed. This was a big company and I expected that they would transfer the payment in a timely manner. And in our joint business, I was responsible for accounts receivable, so it was my job to find our money. Those big companies who absolutely had the resources to make payments wouldn't do so for want of a few pennies. I called them and they took the call which meant they had a member of staff whose job it was instead of shorting my check to tell me to wait. Hodgson: One piece of advice I would give is to find someone who can help you manage the finances of your business and, more importantly, explain things to you in common terms. Because finances can be scary, many people hire one person, usually a banker, and then hand off the finances to that person and assume they're covered. That's a big mistake. You don't need to become an expert, just get someone who can explain it to you in a way you understand. Abrams: And there's no shame in asking even the most basic questions. When Lara and I first started working together, I would create a running list of glossary terms, then call her up and ask her, "What does that mean?" We often don't ask [potential investors] questions because we're afraid that exposing our ignorance will expose ours chance of getting the money will diminish. If your idea is sound, asking thoughtful questions won't make your investment less likely. We have a question from a listener. She wants your help navigating customer relationships. Some of our customers, who we value and who have stayed with us from the start, have expressed disappointment at the higher prices. How do we maintain good customer relationships in the ups and downs of this economy?” Do you have any thoughts for Lauren? Abrams: I'm going back to transparency. If you are a small business owner, you are aware of the universe of challenges. As a customer, you only perceive the moment of interaction. So you could say on your menu, “I know our prices are higher because we face these supply chain issues. As soon as that gets better, we'll reward you.” Something that acknowledges the legitimacy of pain, provides an explanation so it doesn't seem like greed, and promises relief, even if you don't quite know what that looks like yet. This involves your customers and makes them a partner in your company. It is no longer an opposition relationship. What advice can you give our listeners about hiring and retaining employees at a moment like this, when we're having this war for talent and when your company is still in its infancy and you can't compete with the same kind of people? Advantages that the bigger players can offer? Abrams: I believe in nurturing talent and giving them opportunities that they might not get elsewhere. Titles matter, and sometimes in lieu of monetary capital, social capital, and influential capital work. Developing the talent you need means having tolerance for mistakes. If you are afraid to hire new or young or inexperienced people because you are afraid of making mistakes, then you will let your business stagnate. What I've found is that when you expand your talent, it's loyal, resilient, and forgiving. Hodgson: The other advice I would give is to hire slowly and fire quickly. If you hire quickly, you might find someone with great skills, but you haven't had a chance to gauge their mindset yet. There are very few things you can't teach someone, but you can't teach someone how to think. So hire slowly so you can gauge the mindset, then fire quickly if you find that mindset doesn't add up. In the book, you write about how daunting it can be to pick up the phone or send a cold email, but you can't let that hold you back when you're trying to start a business. So, in your experience, what kind of opening lines or frames typically lead to making the desired connection? Hodgson: As Stacey knows, I've never met anyone I wouldn't talk to. The mistake most people make is that when they get someone on the phone, they go with what they're selling, or what they're offering, or the solution they have. What I've found most successful is to start by stating the problem — the shared pain you know you have. If you can build that connection around a common problem or pain point, you can work together to find a solution. Abrams: We tend to throw ourselves out of the game before we've even started. I've got this other job and a life in politics where apparently you're supposed to say things out loud. I've learned not to worry too much about the reaction. So on Lara's point, don't start with you. Start with them. But don't become a stalker. It's not about reciting their lives like Wikipedia, it's about knowing enough to know if they're interested in what you're offering. Don't say, "I'll call you tomorrow" when you know you have two soccer games tomorrow, a Quidditch game, and something else. Instead, say, "I'd love to get in touch with you soon." Give yourself the space to fulfill your commitments, because this interaction will determine the longevity of the relationship you build. This first interaction is meant to get their attention, but to keep their attention and build trust, you need to live up to your commitments. Some women start their own businesses hoping to gain some flexibility or control over their own schedules. Abrams: I don't believe in work-life balance. Work-life balance is a lie from hell. I believe in work-life Jenga, where you acknowledge that you're trying to bring all those pieces together. When Lara and I started our company I was very honest with her about the flexibility I needed to be able to take on extra jobs at times because I didn't have the luxury of not having a steady income during times when we couldn't draw Salary. Don't pretend that suddenly things will be fine because you wake up at 8:00 am instead of 7:00 am and the world will be different because you are responsible for yourself. No, you're just shifting responsibility. Hodgson: Being a mother and wanting flexibility was what triggered me to start a business. But there is flexibility in how and when I work. For example, if I have a board meeting, I focus on that. I don't check my email. I don't report to work. I don't text. As women, we often burden ourselves with guilt for working when we think we should be with our children. Or I help my parents, but I should work. This guilt arises when we draw that line and then cross it or allow another person to cross it. If you intentionally know where your line is and hold that line, you will remove the blame, but it will also allow you to optimize your time. When do you think is the right time to start thinking about an exit strategy from a company? Abrams: Part of the exit strategy is being willing to leave when you know you've done your part and created your own insignificance. When you can no longer do what the company deserves, or when there is someone who can do a better job than you, it's time to move on. I no longer use NowAccount on a daily basis. I'm still a shareholder. I do consulting work for the company, but I'm not in the day-to-day business anymore, and that happened because I had this other life that took precedence. This story comes from the staff of the Harvard Business Review.


Harry Hiestand is back as Notre Dame Football coach - right where he belongs

Harry Hiestand is back at Notre Dame, where he coached numerous future NFL All-Pro offensive linemen from 2012-2017 (Author: Gardener)

Harry HiestandSOUTH BEND — Harry Hiestand had a hard time convincing anyone in his family that he would actually stay in retirement. As much as the newly hired Notre Dame offense coach enjoyed his two-year hiatus after retiring from his position with the Chicago Bears, Hiestand, 63, was never really able to leave football behind. "My mom [Terri] and I always thought he was coming back," Mark Hiestand, a junior offensive lineman in the Air Force, said by phone this week. "When I was at home he was always watching films and talking about football. That's not really something a retiree does, you know? Harry and Terri rented an apartment in Colorado Springs last fall, but haven't picked up any new hobbies to speak of. Instead, they were able to attend all of Mark's home games and many of Mike's eldest son, as the latter completed a three-year run with the NFL's Denver Broncos as an assistant defensive line coach. ► More on new coaches: Who's the new one? Plus, the phone was ringing with calls from Hiestand's many friends in the game, and the "retired" coach had so many former line students scattered across the NFL -- including former Ireland frontrunner Quenton Nelson, Mike McGlinchey, Ronnie Stanley and the Martins -Brothers, Zack and Nick - it seemed impossible for him to turn off the All 22 movie or redirect his mental energies. "It's easy to see," Hiestand said. At one point, Terri Hiestand, herself a former basketball and soccer coach, looked at her husband of more than three decades and asked him a serious question. "Why don't you just take one of those jobs?" she said. "I don't," said Hiestand in mild protest. "It was definitely nice to have him up here, but it always seemed more temporary," said Mark, 21 and the third of the four Hiestand children. His father would train again - officially. And then, in early January, Notre Dame called. For newly promoted coach Marcus Freeman and former Hiestand protégé Tommy Rees, former Ireland quarterback-turned-offensive coordinator, there was no other choice to replace Jeff Quinn. ► Questions and Answers: Notre Dame Football Writer Mike Berardino answers your questions in his first live chat Better yet, the Hiestands never sold their home in Niles, Mich., his second stint with the team (2018-19), which marks it and his younger sister Sarah, now a freshman soccer player in Illinois, to finish her preparatory career at Saint Joseph High School. "This just feels like the perfect place to come back to," said Mark Hiestand. We have long been embedded in the Notre Dame community. It feels like we honestly never left." During his first run at Notre Dame from 2012-2017, the well-travelled coach established a standard of excellence culminating in his unit winning the Joe Moore Award for Best Offensive Line in the College Football won. With spring training scheduled to begin on St. Patrick's Day, Notre Dame is counting on Hiestand to recalibrate a line that was far too porous and error-prone last season. Although early enrollers Joey Tanona and Billy Schrauth were Quinn recruits, it was no more than a few informal film sessions for the new freshmen to see the value of having Hiestand as their mentor. "I love the intensity Coach Hiestand brings," said Tanona, a product from Zionsville, Indiana. When he starts talking, he's someone you run through a wall for.” Schrauth, the four-star Wisconsin recruit who idolizes Nelson, is coming off foot surgery and won't be on the field this spring. But he's looking forward to being Harry-fied this fall. "I love him," Schrauth said of his new coaching position. I like to play physical and that's his ball style. He expects that from his players.” Only supersenior Josh Lugg knows what it's like playing for Hiestand under the current Notre Dame linemen, although player development director Hunter Bivin and offense assistant Chris Watt also have their stories to tell. ND Coaching Staff: Late father's example drives Chansi Stuckey as he takes on a new coaching role at Notre Dame. However, there is probably no point in getting a scouting report on Hiestand's coaching methods. "Only his overall intensity differs from what I've had with other coaches," said Schrauth. "I want to be pushed to limits that I don't know I'm capable of and I think he's going to be the guy that's going to get me and the group where we need to be. From what I've seen so far, he's a master motivator. Mark Hiestand, being briefed on the "Master Motivator" rating, gave a small chuckle. "That's high praise," said Mark. I'm sure the players can see his passion. I'm sure he shows up when he doesn't even have to. They probably see that and are motivated to put in extra work when he's not around.” This all-in mentality extends to the recruiting side of the job as well. After Hiestand's last return to the NFL, speculation circulated that it was the year-round recruiting efforts and associated travel that knocked Hiestand out of the collegiate game. When asked about it on February 16, when Freeman's revamped staff was unveiled to the media, Hiestand pushed the idea back. “Recruiting is fine; it wasn't the recruitment," Hiestand said. "Just do that every week for four weeks and you'll probably hit your limit," Hiestand said. "Just the things you come across -- getting to the airport -- that gets on your nerves." With an impressive resume that includes previous stints in East Stroudsburg, Penn, USC, Toledo, Cincinnati, Missouri, Illinois and Tennessee, Hiestand has gained a special appreciation for working with the quality of student athletes that Notre Dame typically attracts. "Meeting these young men that you can meet because you're in Notre Dame, you go to a high school in Seattle, and ten people want to meet you because you're from Notre Dame... that part of it isn't a problem," Histand said . “I think there are some decent players that I've brought here who would probably tell you that. But when you can recruit nationwide and you look at this kid in Florida or Seattle or (former Hiestand signee) Aaron Banks in Oakland, California, it's like, 'We have to go there.'" Hiestand has been doing it since coming back already completed a week-long, five-state recruiting round, from Rock Island, Illinois, through Boston to New Jersey and down to Charlotte, before reaching Cincinnati and returning home. He called her with the good news — "I don't know why, but I feel great" — while walking past the rocking chairs at Charlotte Airport. "I've always waited to be ready to explode," Hiestand said. I know how important (recruiting) is. The list of all-pro linemen who can vouch for Hiestand on the recruiting circuit is second to none. Think, for example, of the excitement that spread on the sidelines at the Air Force Academy when Nelson showed up at the Falcons' 2021 spring football game. In Denver for off-season practice, the 6-foot-5, 330-pound Nelson walked in with the elder Hiestand and predictably turned heads. "Everyone looked at me like, 'How did you get this guy?'" said Mark Hiestand. Nelson, who is expected to become the highest-paid guard in NFL history after signing his extension, has been as generous with his wisdom to Hiestand's youngest son as the coach has ever been to "Q." "When it comes to basics, I always go to my dad," Mark said. “But I definitely spoke to (Nelson) about the motivation. Not like a crazy crowd but he was definitely supportive. He knows what I'm doing here. It's always nice to have the support, especially from people who have done amazing things in the sport.” Seeing those connections form and the loyalty that has been built among his father's former students has inspired Mark to start a pursuing a career as a coach. Before moving to Acquisitions, he hopes to serve as an Air Force assistant, which would count toward his five-year commitment. That would make it three Hiestand men in the coaching business. "It's always cool to see how my dad influences these guys and inspires them to be better players and has a huge impact on their lives, especially the key guys like the Martins, McGlinchey, Stanley, Nelson," said Mark. "These guys are like relatives to me." Motivational quotes are a big part of the Hiestand method. Ahead of Mark's spring scrimmage last weekend, he received an email from his father with the following unattributed statement: "The depth to which you master the basics affects how well you understand everything you learn afterwards." Hiestand has his Trainer legend built on exactly this philosophy. Master the little things, and big things are sure to follow. He also loves quotes from military leaders, especially this one from General George S. Just wait until Schrauth and his fellow O-Linemen hear this for the first time. Notre Dame football writer Mike Berardino can be reached at [email protected] Marcus Freeman's first spring training session as Notre Dame soccer coach begins on St. Patrick's Day, Thursday, March 17, and concludes with the blue-gold game on Saturday, April 23. There will be a newly introduced draft process three days before the blue-gold game to select the teams. Pro Day for Notre Dame Draft hopes is March 25th.


How Giants Prospecting Wilson uses the lessons learned from Crawford

Will Wilson worked with Giants Big Leagues for a month before playing a minor league game with the organization. These lessons are still helping him as he progresses through the minors. (Author: Gardener)

WilsonThe pandemic has changed the path for every player who was in the minor leagues in March 2020, but few have taken a more tortuous path than Giants shortstop Will Wilson. Wilson was acquired three months before the sport closed this spring in a deal better suited to the Oklahoma City Thunder than an MLB offseason. The Giants essentially took an expiring contract to get a first-round talent, paid the $12 million left over from Zack Cozart's deal, and then fired him a month later. While Cozart was the highest-paid giant of 2020, Wilson made it to Oracle Park before ever playing in a minor league game for the organization. He was added to the player pool for the summer camp that ran ahead of the truncated season, which gave him an opportunity few prospects get in their first pro season: Wilson spent this month learning from the best defensive shortstop in the National League, and on this week's Giants Talk Podcast, he said that's what makes his unique big league month special. "The biggest thing that stuck in my mind that impacted success in the game is Craw's philosophy of catching, and that's keep moving your feet, keep the glove steady, catch everything with your feet," Wilson said. "That really impressed me and it kind of carried over and I feel like it shows in games when I'm just being smooth and quick and allowing myself to get more balls." After playing Brandon Crawford for a couple of weeks practice and simulation games for a long time, he spent the remainder of the summer at the alternate Sacramento location. Last season, he finally got to make his real-game debut for the Giants. The first full season in the minors was a mixed bag. He hit .837 OPS with 10 home runs in 49 games before being promoted, but the transition to a more pitcher-friendly Double-A league has been difficult. Wilson had a .587 OPS with five homers in Richmond, an experience that gave him a clear roadmap for the offseason. "I've spoken to a lot of people about the leaps they've made throughout their careers and they usually say this one (from A-ball to Double-A) and then obviously when you get into the big leagues, that's the two big ones," Wilson said. "Guys are just more accurate at whatever pitch they want to throw and they master it. Everything breaks the way they want it to and they master the breaking ball a lot more. Wilson has two important lessons taken from his months in doubles. One to focus on off the pitch and one for the games. He said he's learned the importance of preparing your body for a long season so you don't get caught in hitting a wall down center, and also that he needs to be better at staying at breaking balls from right-handed pitchers.When Wilson showed up to big league camp last spring, Gabe Kapler kept emphasizing how much work Wilson had to do in the offseason n on his body and said, "Looks amazing." To work on breaking balls, Wilson has adopted a virtual reality headset that other Giants - most notably Mike Yastrzemski - regularly use to improve their pitch recognition to improve. He called up the virtual versions of Jacob deGrom, Gerrit Cole and Justin on Verlander and others via fseason to see different pitch shapes. That work continues in Scottsdale this month, although most of the players Wilson worked with on his first visit to Oracle Park are locked out. Wilson is part of the minor-league camp that began last month at the organization's new facility near Papago Park, working toward a return to Double-A for the 23-year-old. The Giants have moved Wilson around the field a bit — he even played outfield in Fall League — but he's still mostly a shortstop, working daily on the habits he picked up over a month at Oracle Park, the his first visit of any kind was to San Francisco. He was assured that it was a huge benefit that the Giants were trying so hard to get him into their organization. "I just felt very welcome and then I came here and it felt like a really good fit," Wilson said.


The reason Lisa Bonet didn't attend the premiere of The Batman with Jason Momoa and family may surprise you

While Jason Momoa took his kids to the Batman premiere to support stepdaughter Zoe Kravitz, Lisa Bonet was absent from the event. (Author: Gardener)

Lisa BonetLast week, The Batman premiered in New York City, and many stars made their way to see the latest comic-based film about the Caped Crusader. Among those stars was 42-year-old actor Jason Momoa, who was out and about in NYC with his two children with Lisa Bonet. Also with them was Zoe Kravitz and boyfriend Channing Tatum for a family dinner. However, Momoa's wife, actress Lisa Bonet, was noticeably absent from the family outing to support her daughter at the premiere of The Batman, and many people wondered why she hadn't attended. The Batman is the talk of the town in Hollywood as it brings Matt Reeves' psychological thriller based on the DC Comics character to the big screen. Actor Robert Pattinson, known for his work in blockbusters such as Twilight, slips into the role of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. The film also stars well-known Batman characters, including The Riddler (Paul Dano), Penguin (Colin Farrell), and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz). The latter played a big role with her stepfather Jason Momoa and her boyfriend Channing Tatum attending the premiere to show their support. Earlier this week, Momoa shared a series of photos hanging out with Kravitz's beau while they were on an airport tarmac before heading to NYC for the premiere. I'm so incredibly proud of you @zoeisabellakrawitz," Momoa said in his caption. As previously mentioned, Momoa was spotted out with his kids in NYC with Lisa Bonet, 13-year-old son Nakoa-Wolf and 14-year-old daughter Lola. Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum were part of their dinner outing. While Momoa and his kids attended the film premiere, Lisa didn't, for a very good reason. According to Hollywood Life, a source said it was because Bonet didn't want to make unnecessary headlines that could spoil her daughter's moment in the spotlight. "Lisa didn't go to Batman for two reasons," the source told Hollywood Life. The event meant so much to Zoe and the last thing [Lisa and Jason] wanted to do was show her off by walking down a red carpet together." While Bonet wasn't at the premiere, that doesn't take away from that, how proud she is of her daughter. "They're so proud of her," the insider said of Zoe's mom and stepdad. She is comfortable being a home mom and wife at the moment. This was Zoe's time to shine and Lisa is more than okay with chilling at home and looking at the photos from her phone.” Momoa also opened up about his wife's absence from the event when asked by Entertainment Tonight . We're so excited to be here... It's still a family, you know?” he told ET. According to the Hollywood Life insider, his "family" comment referred to how he's still a big part of Zoe's life as her stepfather, and that his children with Bonet are considered Zoe's "brother and sister." Weeks ago, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet shocked some people by revealing that they were divorcing after many years together. During their time together, Bonet gave birth to their two children, Nakoa-Wolf and Lola. While the divorce appeared to be happening, things changed when Jason Momoa bought a $75,000 RV and, based on details from HL's source, parked it at Lisa Bonet's property. Inside sources suggested that Momoa and Bonet are trying to make things work. For now, the couple seems to be reconciling their marriage, but slowly. "Jason and Lisa are taking it one day at a time, but they're still determined to work it out," the insider told Hollywood Life. Based on insiders' reports, Lisa Bonet's absence had nothing to do with not wanting to be with Jason Momoa at the premiere of The Batman, but instead wanting to make sure her daughter gets the spotlight and attention she deserves.


Diva didn't even need to mention Daniel to get reamed for being all-around tough

At tonight's MAFS 2022 dinner party, Dion and Carolina continue to argue about the future of their relationship. Kate and Matt also rock. (Author: Gardener)

DivaEveryone gets ready and Princess Bogan proposes to Nice Guy to wear her flesh colored G-banger under his white pants. Selina says they are in the best spot they were during this experiment and I would be happier for them if that bar wasn't so low. Selina says she locked up her luggage and dumped it with the Titanic? Mr. Moneybags says he is "stunned" by Diva's behavior and puts on another fabulous (?) jacket. Diva still talks about Mr. Moneybag's lack of inclination to both eat breakfast and listen to rap music. She says they have no connection, although I also saw her wearing some pucky. Matt is helping his beautiful, amazing, phenomenal, best, stunning, one of a kind wife to cut a strand or something like that off her dress. When he pretends that he actually cut her dress, Kate says "not funny" because she's a robot fooling everyone with that perfectly straightened blonde wig. Matt gets her a present for her two-week anniversary. She is frustrated by this kindness and is keen to see if any of the other couples receive perfume they don't want. Bebe Al wants to dance with Sam at the dinner party. She wonders if that fits together, because spontaneity and fun are far too immature for her taste. Princess Bogan getting ready for her pre-party beauty vlog. Baby Seal dresses his smooth limbs and @badgalella shits on bricks he'll leave behind tonight for the slightest inconvenience. The couples are on their #sponno car rides where they lie to themselves. @badgalella and Baby Seal are the first. Ballarat Paris and Brent have arrived, only to find that if they can't grill Baby Seal, there really is nothing left to talk about. Ballarat Paris asks how their week was after discovering Baby Seal has the conversational skills of an infant. She says she's been hooking up with @badgalella since the commitment ceremony. He believes there are certain "egos" and "big voices" that look for arguments in groups, and he doesn't want to be asked what he doesn't want to answer. Princess Bogan has come to question baby seal with her voice and ego, but first she wants to gossip about everyone else. They are now discussing Jess leaving Daniel. My Moneybags says he's doing Celine Dion tonight and is on All By Himself. And a Dion (before I changed the name to Mr Moneybags on his birth certificate). I know it was a punishment but this opportunity for Selin Dion feels like a missed one. My Moneybags comes in alone and tells the group that Diva left him after he did everything for her. He brought the letter to dinner and that feels like an odd move to get everyone to believe his story. Mr Moneybags says Diva was worried about going to Bondi with him because she has more than 60,000 followers. I'm currently looking for Diva on the gram. Sad to report, her username is @carolinaschimidt and that's way too close to my last name for me to sleep well tonight. Kate says if Matt keeps acting "like this" (like? Nice?) then she doesn't even want to be his girlfriend. @badgalella and Selina talk to Matt about how nice he is to get Kate perfume because it's the last thing their absolute husbands would do for them. Meanwhile, Kate tells the girls how much she hates Matt and can't understand why he's being nice to her when she's being mean to him. Diva has arrived and Princess Bogan can't believe she's wearing white when she's the opposite of an angel. Diva addresses Dion, but then turns her back on him. Everything is fine as dinner is eaten until Jackson and Olivia do their usual thing and ask how everyone's relationships are going. Diva tells Mom and Dad that Mr. Moneybags doesn't eat breakfast and doesn't like to get friendly in the sand. He also doesn't like coffee, rap, EDM or the gym to name a few. @badgalella chimed in to ask what attributes Diva wants and I'm afraid Baby Seal will get mad at her for saying and doing things. Nice Guy asks Diva to show her someone who would make more sense for her as a husband, but Daniel is elsewhere on the elliptical. She's shattered, even though last time she asked Daniel to do just that and he set her free for Shooter McGavin. Diva says she's latina and wants passion. Alessandra says she uses the "feisty Latina thing" too loosely. Princess Bogan speaks. Not everyone in Bondi will know who you are if you take a walk with Dion," she says to the camera. Princess Bogan is now back at the table to announce that she is about to lose her shit because she is premenstrual. Nice Guy is trembling somewhere I'm sure, but @badgalella is glad the drama is being redirected. Princess Bogan calls out Diva for not going to Bondi. She asks how her exes have been. Diva tells the group her cheating ex-boyfriend has done for her everything she ever asked for. PRINCESS BOGAN HAS A POSITIVE IMPACT ON YOU. Diva says she can't connect emotionally with Mr Moneybags because he had a perfect upbringing and didn't have any issues. My poor Selin Dion. Resting John Face says he doesn't match people based on fights, which boggles my brain when I think of both Schmoliva and Schmackson and of Schmaniel and Scmess. @badgalella tells the cameras 127 times that she and baby Seal are doing great. At this point, I don't know if she's trying to convince her or herself. @badgalella laughs to Baby Seal that if she dropped the L-bomb he would leave her the next day. Princess Bogan uses force to keep from overwhelming Baby Seal. She didn't do very well because she tells Mitch that @badgalella spoke to her about his desire to leave. Baby Seal calmly tells Princess Bogan that he is struggling with this experiment. She listens but doesn't believe it. She tells the cameras she held back because she was afraid he would blow up, walk out and leave @badgalella sad. Matt has realized it takes two to tango and Kate hates the way he yawns topless in the mornings. She says she never wants to talk to him again "after tonight," and what the hell was cut out? Kate tells Matt that the attraction between them is on the wane. She thinks the only thing he did for her is give her a cup of tea. She thinks he's just pretending, even though she pretended her perfume didn't exist. Kate now tells Matt that she doesn't like his personality at the moment. Matt tells the camera that the Titanic hasn't sunk yet, but they hit an iceberg. He throws his blazer over Sam like she's in a strip club crowd, and she's not impressed. He threw it at Sam, who is slowly becoming a laundry basket. I'm not sure what that was, it was like a half strip and I feel robbed. Sam thinks she doesn't know who Babe Al is because he's a growing boy. She says she doesn't have the energy to carry him through this period of growth and she feels it's up to her to do it. Bebe Al tells Baby Seal and Brent that he told Sam's dad that he sits around and plays video games all day. Baby Seal tells him he should have lied, Brent tells him he should have come up with something better. In the meantime, Olivia keeps talking about "OG couples," which are very high school realms, and Ballarat Paris and Brent have decided to name their unborn child, who will have feet, Clover. Dion is convinced he's not doing enough and doesn't know what to do with Diva. Mr Moneybags says it hurts to feel underappreciated and wipes away tears. For obvious reasons I've tried to forget, it's a good thing he never dated Selin. He says he'll "fucking try" if she's willing to try. He asks her if she thinks they can do it. She says she's Latina again. "Are you kidding, Chica?" says Alessandra from under the stairs. Diva thinks Mr. Moneybags is playing a victim. He asks her again if she's willing to try. She said she didn't know and if she was still here that was a good sign. Lucky she's already hitting the gym, so it doesn't look suspicious if she's there seven times this week instead of five. He'll just wait until tomorrow night and hope for the best. On Sunday night we finally see Olivia and Princess Bogan start hating each other. You can tell her how much you hate those flashbacks on IG here.


"We thought the media was exaggerating and now we're refugees"

Tens of thousands of women and children in Ukraine have traveled to the neighboring country as the border crossing into Poland is overwhelmed by the crisis triggered by the Russian offensive (Author: Gardener)

UkraineThe border crossing between Romania and Ukraine. It took Natalya 20 minutes to decide how much of her life she could cram into a suitcase, not knowing if one day she could ever return to Kyiv. "[On Thursday] we woke up around 6 a.m. and saw on Facebook that the war had started," she explains. I picked my mom up, I grabbed my dog, we got in the car and we left. I hope we can return within three months to rebuild our country they are destroying.” The 29-year-old's face looks tired as she smokes at the border crossing in Siret, where she just entered Romania from Ukraine is. "We had a happy life," she says. We thought the media was exaggerating, but one person decided to do it," she continues, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking with a tone of not really sure if she's in a movie or in real life life lives. She is one of a group of women who have reached the border in three cars. They arrived in Romania in the early hours of Tuesday after spending two and a half days in their vehicles given the bottleneck that had formed at the Romanian border. "We just stopped [in the car] to take a four-hour nap," Eleanora Samburska explains from her side. Around 105,000 Ukrainians have entered Romania since the war began, according to Romanian border police late Tuesday evening, while just over 62,000 have left the country. In the past 18 hours, more than 7,000 people have entered through one of the four official crossing points along the more than 600-kilometer border the two countries share. In the same period, another 7,600 people entered Romania via Moldova. Almost all of them are women and children, as men under the age of 60 have been banned from leaving Ukraine under martial law enacted by Volodymyr Zelenskyy's government in response to the Russian invasion of his country. Romania is not usually a destination country, but a place that people pass through. Those arriving in Siret appear to be divided into three groups, they say: foreigners who have been ordered by their home countries to leave Ukraine; Ukrainians living in the south of the country for whom Moldova and Romania were simply the fastest escape from the war; and a more recent phenomenon, the residents of the shelled capital of Kyiv, who are seeking a "Plan B" against the never-ending traffic jams on the western exit routes. It is the people of Kyiv who – “for now”, as they often clarify – go to Poland because they have relatives and friends there, but have decided to take a longer route via another European Union country, around Ukraine so to leave as soon as possible. From Kyiv it is about the same distance to the Romanian border crossing at Siret as to the Polish border crossing at Dorohusk: between 500 and 600 kilometers. She has just arrived in Romania with her 15-year-old son. Her husband, she explains, stayed behind to “keep control” of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk (population 230,000) in south-western Ukraine, although he will not fight Russian forces directly. "Our first stop will be here, then maybe Poland... and we'll have to think about that later," she says as she waits for the police checkpoint light to turn green and continues her journey. In Siret, some images are repeated every now and then: mothers with diaper packs, children holding on to their favorite stuffed animal for the ride, cars with three generations of a family inside, and people with glassy faces as if trying to assimilate something that happened way too fast. Many people arrive with their vehicles. Others come as close as possible and then walk the last few kilometers through the traffic jam. Many of the arriving Ukrainian men have to turn around quickly and begin the return journey. The pair attempted to cross the border together, knowing full well that this would be next to impossible given that at 30 he is ripe for recruitment into the resistance forces. "Now he's here, I'm here ... I don't know what to do," she says tearfully. "I've spent the last few days in the emergency shelter we have in the basement of my building," she explains. "You watch and watch the news, trying to understand how to act." In the end, she was evacuated from Kyiv along with other employees of the IT company she works for. For the time being, the company will continue to operate from its building in Romania. Wrapped in a blanket, Darpan Vemra, 20, stands in line outside a hotel called Frontera in the early hours of the morning. He is one of around 20,000 young Indians studying in Ukraine, a more accessible country than others in Europe. "Last night we slept in an air raid shelter in Ukraine," explains Vemra. We'll wait a month or two... and then maybe we'll come back.” Another regular sight in Siret is the Romanians who have come to help. There are those who move alone, like the young man who wrote a sign in English and Ukrainian offering free accommodation for up to five people. Or Dana Miron, a resident of nearby Suceava, who has been waiting for a Ukrainian family to take her to her sister's house for five hours. She's 23 and coordinated the pickup through a Facebook page that sprang up after the invasion. Since then she has come every night. He drives the 100 kilometers a night that separates his house from the border post. "I would take a family member to my house, but it's a long way away and everyone wants to stay as close as possible," he explains. "If they arrive tired, they won't be able to drive 100 kilometers." Daniel Criham, 23, helps those arriving with their bags while Bogdan Oprea, 39 and a volunteer firefighter, staffs a table with free basic products. "They mainly ask for medication, especially paracetamol," he explains. "A woman who had just crossed the border asked me, 'Is this from the people of Romania?' I told her it was, and she burst into tears," he explains.