Finding hope in the face of global uncertainty

The war in Ukraine is fueling even more concern and concern for many who have navigated the two years of the pandemic. Jully Black offers advice to help with this week's Monday motivation to reset, be empowered and find hope for the future. (Author: Gardener)

UkraineYou are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. The war in Ukraine is fueling even more concern and concern for many who have navigated the two years of the pandemic. Jully Black offers advice to help with this week's Monday motivation to reset, be empowered and find hope for the future. Faouzia's new track "Puppet" was inspired by Tim Burton Monday's motivation: Finding hope amid global uncertainty Monday's motivation: Finding hope amid global uncertainty Monday's motivation: Finding hope amid global uncertainty Ukraine and Russia will hold another round of talks Cautious optimism for the future of the pandemic in Canada Cautious optimism for the future of the pandemic in Canada Way to help people in conflict zones Inventive new way to help people in conflict zones Discovery of unmarked graves in Alberta fuels accountability Russia-Ukraine conflict: UN says that the refugee crisis in Europe is the fastest growing since World War II Russia-Ukraine Conflict: U. Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Lviv is becoming a hub for Ukrainians fleeing the war


Motivational Monday: Kindness

Join us for Motivation Monday when New Orleans Saints yoga instructor Jessica Huneycutt shares the motivation behind being kind to yourself and others. (Author: Gardener)

MondayWith the Saints taking on the New York Jets in Week 14, we're offering a recipe to take your road trip tailgate to the next level. This week Theo Mitchell and our Saints Live Well crew are in the kitchen preparing New Jersey Salmon courtesy of HelloFresh.


Working or studying outside of working hours can damage your motivation and enthusiasm for work

The traditional 9-to-5 work week has in many cases been replaced by hybrid working hours that fit your needs - but at what cost if you work too much? But working an unconventional schedule and checking in any time of the day, night or weekend is […] (Author: Gardener)

working hoursGood News Good Conversations Are You Using Your 8 Forms of Capital? From the social to the spiritual and intellectual, capital is more than money Good Gifts The heartwarming feel-good book we all need Getting in the way of your motivation and enthusiasm for work Working or studying in your “free” hours can hurt your motivation and enthusiasm at a cost if you work too much? However, according to a new Cornell study, working to an unconventional schedule and checking in any time of the day, night or weekend is not necessarily beneficial for the modern workforce. "Even if you're still working 40 hours a week, you're working during a time that you've mentally coded as free time or time that should be for a vacation - and that can make you suddenly feel that your job is less enjoyable," said Kaitlin Woolley, Cornells SC Johnson College of Business. "We felt that being able to work when we wanted could sometimes influence our attitude towards our work, too," Woolley said. So she and Laura Giurge, Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the London School of Economics, set out to study the impact of working (or studying) outside of work hours on job satisfaction and motivation. In one study, researchers approached Cornell students studying in a campus library on President's Day. They reminded half of the participants that they were studying during a federal holiday; the other half did not receive this reminder. They then measured students' intrinsic motivation for their schoolwork and asked them how enjoyable, engaging, interesting, and fun they found their materials. Students who were reminded that the day was a public holiday reported that their work was 15% less fun. RELATED: 56% of small business owners believe remote work has made them better leaders, a survey says. They found that working on a holiday Monday was 9% less enjoyable compared to a typical Monday, even though they engaged in similar work-related activities on both days. In the third study, participants were interviewed on a Tuesday, without being reminded that it was a typical workday, then again on a Saturday. Some participants were reminded that it was Saturday, "a weekend day," while others received no reminder. Both groups reported lower job satisfaction on weekend days, although the effect was stronger in the memory group. Woolley and Giurge believe that part of this discrepancy has to do with the idea of ​​"collective free time" - having free time when friends and family are also free. "The real benefit of having a weekend or holiday off is that not only do I have time off, but so do my family and friends," Woolley told the Cornell Chronicle. "And that's why we're suggesting managers set up a 'weekend shift,' so people feel like they're working with others?" The idea of ​​"work-life balance" — setting boundaries between work and "play" times — has recently been a priority for many employers and employees. Woolley said it can be difficult for workers who feel pressured to commit to striking that balance. "Sometimes it's difficult for workers who don't hold positions of power, while I think managers have a responsibility to create that environment for their employees," she said. "I think people are becoming more aware of the importance of this and are shaping their jobs and their life choices to make it possible." Their findings were published Feb. 26 in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, entitled "Working While Non- Standard Work Time Undermines Intrinsic Motivation”. SHARE your thoughts on working after hours by posting this on social media... Quote of the Day


Monday morning news recap

The Automobile Association of America released new average gasoline prices this weekend for... (Author: Gardener)

MondayThe Automobile Association of America released new average gas prices for each state this weekend, and California's average price for a gallon of gas is the highest in the United States. According to the AAA, the national average for a gallon of gasoline on Sunday is $4,009. Topping the nation is California, which has the highest average prices for regular, mid-size, premium, and diesel, according to the AAA. For regular gas in the Golden State, the state's average gas price today is $5,288. The mid-range average is $5,420, the premium is $5,564 and the diesel is $5,598. A missing college student from the University of San Francisco was found dead in Fresno County on Sunday, according to the local sheriff's department. 21-year-old Chris Liang was found dead in his vehicle, a rented Tesla, overturned in a ditch near Panoche Road and Interstate 5 in western Fresno County. The California Highway Patrol received a report of a fatal accident Saturday. He was reported missing on February 28 after embarking on a road trip from the Bay Area to Irvine, Orange County. The University of San Francisco student rented a 2020 Tesla Model 3. Its location was last tracked at a Tesla charging station in Firebaugh, a small town in Fresno County just east of Interstate 5. A lack of affordable day care drove women out of the labor market when COVID -19 hit. S compared to 1.6 million men since the pandemic began, according to an economic study by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute, which focuses on economic and political issues. During the pandemic, more than 300 daycare centers in Santa Clara County have been closed due to "unprecedented economic pressure" from COVID, said Sarah Foy, spokeswoman for the Santa Clara County Office of Education. The high cost of childcare has become an additional barrier to re-entering the labor market, particularly for low-income families. San Jose police are investigating a shooting Sunday afternoon that left one man injured. The incident happened just after 2 p.m. near Felipe Avenue and Olinder Court, north of Story Road and close to Interstate Highways 280 and 680 and U interchange. According to police, the man's condition has stabilized in recent hours and he is now expected to survive his injuries. One of the Caldecott Tunnel wells will be closed for maintenance from Monday evening until early Tuesday morning, according to a Caltrans spokesman. The best Target Circle deals are available for purchase this week starting at 10pm in the 4th bore of State Route 24's Caldecott Tunnel. Monday to 4:30 a.m. Tuesday. Caltrans spokesman Marcus Wagner said the other wells in each direction during the west drive no. Reversible electronic signage will be put up to help motorists traveling to the area. Drivers are advised to anticipate delays and allow for additional travel time. The University of California, Berkeley will ask some incoming freshmen to attend online only this fall and will rebook students to postpone their enrollment until January 2023 to avoid hitting the number of students it will be allowing this spring , is significantly reduced. Thanks to those actions, Berkeley now says it can accommodate almost the same number of transfer and freshman students as it was a year ago, despite a court order requiring the campus to freeze enrollments at 2020-21 levels, according to Berkeleyside. Berkeley officials said Thursday they must reduce their enrollment by 3,050 students to comply with the court order upheld by the California Supreme Court. To reach that number, Berkeley had planned to allow 5,100 fewer incoming freshmen and transfers admission. The northbound lanes of State Route 17 south of El Rancho Drive in Scotts Valley reopened Sunday afternoon after one person was killed when their BMW went off the road and entered a ravine. The California Highway Patrol responded to the accident just before 1 p.m. The car was reportedly traveling at 65 mph when it lost control and went off the road, hitting two traffic signs and a tree. According to the National Weather Service, Monday is set for a nice, sunny day. The San Francisco Bay Area will bask under mostly sunny skies today, with highs expected to hit the mid to high 60's. The region begins a warming trend through the end of the week, with mostly sunny skies remaining. Copyright © 2022 Bay City News, Inc. Republication, retransmission, or redistribution is prohibited without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. Bay City News is a 24/7 news service covering the greater Bay Area. Copyright © 2022 by Bay City News, Inc. Republication, redistribution, or other reuse without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. is prohibited.


"People's Convoy" plans to circumnavigate the Capital Beltway Monday morning, organizers say

The "People's Convoy," a group of hundreds of trucks, cars and SUVs protesting the government's response to the pandemic, plans to exit Hagerstown Speedway around 9:30 a.m. Monday for a second day of demonstrations to drive the Capital Beltway. (Author: Gardener)

MondayA protester waves an American flag as trucks travel southbound on I-495 as they circumnavigate the Washington Beltway during The People's Convoy event in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. The “People's Convoy,” a group of hundreds of trucks, cars and SUVs protesting the government's response to the pandemic, plans to leave Hagerstown Speedway around 9:30 a.m. Monday and head for a second day of demonstrations in DC area to the Capital Beltway, an organizer said. Organizer Brian Brase said the group, which circumnavigated the Beltway twice on Sunday, is aiming to complete a lap on Monday. He said the group plans to use two lanes instead of one as an "escalation." Motorists in the group will drive at the legal speed limit, he said. C. Region monitored the group and warned drivers of possible traffic problems in the coming days. Some officials have encouraged drivers to avoid the Beltway whenever possible. The group plans to stay at the speedway until "at least" Saturday, Brase said, adding that "hopefully it'll all be over by Wednesday." He didn't reveal the group's plans for the remainder of the week. Many of the protesters in Hagerstown, Md., had made a 2,500-mile journey from Southern California Saturday, while others joined the effort along the way. A non-profit organization claims to have raised over $1.5 million for a truck convoy to the D.C. area. The group says it wants to hold lawmakers accountable for the government's pandemic responses. "Freedom Convoy" spinoff rallies in MD. with about 1,000 vehicles and plans to drive around the Capital Beltway Sunday night, Brase mentioned meeting with "members of both the House and Senate," but he declined to answer questions about whether those plans were confirmed with whom they would meet or where those meetings would take place. "I am confident that we are having a fruitful dialogue with congressmen and senators to help ensure what we are seeking is enforced in a timely manner," said Brase, a 37-year-old truck driver from northwest Ohio . Brase again said the group was coordinating with local law enforcement to avoid obstructing traffic, acknowledging that "there is obviously a natural disturbance." On Sunday the convoy circumnavigated the Beltway twice. Brase called it a "success" and claimed the group stretched the entire Beltway. "Our leading truck hit the last vehicle," said Brase. It didn't look like that on the Beltway, a 64-mile highway. Although the convoy began in a formation stretching some 30 miles, it was interspersed with normal traffic. Brase said the group still has no plans to go to D.C. or stop driving on the Beltway. He added, "We don't want to impede traffic any more than is necessary to get our message across." The convoy vehicles were more organized Sunday night, with large rigs lined up in rows near the entrance to the speedway. After that came RVs and RVs, RVs, and then cars and pickup trucks. That will allow convoy motorists to stay closer together during their drive on Monday, he said. “The problem today was because of the way we got in last time everyone was mixed up. So you had people who couldn't get up and walk," Brase said. The group expects another convoy of about 500 vehicles from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to join them overnight at the speedway, he said.


A 10-fold thought process in product management

Over this beautiful weekend I heard some great talks from Ken Norton and Marty Cagan on the principles of 10x growth and product management. It's a pleasure to listen to both of them. (Author: Gardener)

10-foldOver this beautiful weekend I heard some great talks from Ken Norton and Marty Cagan on the principles of 10x growth and product management. Believe me, there is a driver for me that I will look at next Monday and take on new challenges in my everyday work, these are these conversations. Jokes aside, while watching these videos, a thought occurred to me: Am I even close to thinking about the aspects of growing 10x or trying to be a good product manager? Because listening to these great lectures and not doing anything about it is a complete waste of time. In the shared links, Ken talks about the difference between 10% growth and 10x growth, and Marty talks about the classic Pareto Principle with amazing real-life examples. These thoughts prompted me to look back into my past and see how I and my team are faring at work when it comes to adopting these principles. And as a person in technology, when you need to assess your past and measure the scope of work, what do you do? But before I reflect on what I measured and what conclusion I came to, let me fill you in on the scope of work I've applied this litmus test to. At Innovaccer, our job looks very simple from a bird's-eye view - collecting different types of data for patients - from their clinical records, vital signs, vaccination histories, demographics, claims, etc. - and running different analytical models to define metrics in terms of value - based care, identifying gaps in care, cost utilization, and identifying chronic issues and risks across diverse patient demographics. Apart from that, you will also go through many requirement discussions with physicians, quality managers and patient care managers to further develop the existing suite of products to capture the vulnerabilities, problems and business impacts in day-to-day operations and work preventively on healthcare delivery through data and analytics. If you're a student of database administration and analysis, these lines will surely help you understand the various subtleties involved when pulling the numbers from multiple streams of data, some of which are real-time, some of which lag the information by months and some that come from static sources. Despite the fact that cloud computing has grown like everything else and various tools are available to extract meaningful insights from the data when it comes to patient health data, extreme care should be taken to read the data closely and derive various metrics from it create the basis of correct standardized methods and models in healthcare. Therefore, in the process of data collection and metric calculation, there is a great deal of room for discussion, continuous technical and data audits, and error resolution due to errors in logic, software, or incorrect data entry from the hospital reception desks. So I think the scale of 10x growth here is huge, but what are the levers we need to pursue to propel our teams in this direction? I believe that when we think of product thinking and product operations as a unit working together, a framework for defining the right levers emerges. It is an accepted fact that through an appropriate product operations framework, we derive appropriate qualitative and quantitative insights to drive the scope of product development that maintains the scope of the business objective. This translation of the business through the lens of product operations enhances the aspect of product management and therefore needs to be pursued. This prompts me to talk about some analysis of the JIRA tool that we as product managers could do to derive the scope of 10x engineering. But how do we derive a concrete goal for daily product operation? For a company like Innovaccer that wants to scale at a 100% J-O-J growth rate, simply deriving any metric is not an easy task as a lot of user research is either in the exploration or growth phase. But of course, having a North Star metric to derive regular product usage and product improvements can help scale things up. But what is this North Star metric? How do we start thinking about the real things we need to fully track from day-to-day operations to product delivery? The simplest place to start is - tracking day-to-day workload versus available bandwidth. To see how we as a team of developers and analysts are doing with our results, I was just doing reports on the JIRAs we were creating for each sprint, and you know what? The image above shows the amount of work required to deliver to the customer based on their requirements and how the team (a constant team of say 10 members) managed to achieve this through efficient planning. As you can see, from October 2020 to March 2022, the scope of work has increased many times, and the range of work already done has also increased, which shows efficiency and stability in the deployment process, both from the point of view of implementation and improvement. To further investigate what has changed and what has led to this growth in on-time delivery, I also wanted to measure the way work was done as a team. For this simple metric I started tracking (of course this is a self-created metric) - total story points in a sprint for regular work / total epics in a sprint for regular results. I call this the efficiency metric. For example, only a few tasks are repeated in each product life cycle - for us it is the regular data collection and ensuring that the data is properly converted into the system. This metric is simply a measure of quality output versus bandwidth. It simply tells you how many different stakeholders you were able to please with the same amount of bandwidth for regular results. The reason this metric sounds important to me is that it shows you the direct business impact your team is trying to make, rather than falling back on day-to-day work falling back on bandwidth issues. I believe that tracking work and solving bandwidth issues is best approached with data and that's what I was looking for. So this dummy report (shown below) will show you the total work done versus the effort taken by the team (10 members) over the last 6 months for regular results: if you see, here was first the effort required is 50% less than the amount of work (roughly) and it suddenly shot up and then has a steep drop. 1) Work Done vs. Effort – Whenever you see the work done/effort (you can easily calculate this from the JIRA board) skyrocketing, you need to step back and figure out the drivers that are doing your work increase. As you can see in the graph above, work skyrocketed around sprint 10. It was a time when we were dealing with many bugs reported by our customers related to wrong data outputs, wrong metrics and slowness of the platform. It was time to rethink the way the results from the data sources we receive are delivered. At this point, we have developed few strategies to solve many problems right at the point of data collection. As engineers, analysts, and product managers, we all know how to automate, but we rarely fail to automate things at the right time. In the sprint period, moving above 10th to 14th place, we saw the pitfalls of slowness - mainly related to data collection, which the team automated with appropriate planning methods. This gave a significant boost to faster delivery to customers. But where did the next increase in efficiency come from? 3) Read through historical customer tickets, identify recurring pain points and resolve them early in further development Pain points are just so easy to extract from there. Customer-reported tickets are a goldmine for identifying pain points and developing the logic to resolve them. Over the 10-12 sprint timeline of the chart above, our team went through all of the historical tickets and developed scripts that check data gaps to fix those issues before they're even visible to the eyes of manual QA testing. I assume that the rest of the 50% more efficiency we got from the results is due to this aspect. This hypothesis is still being tested, but with each sprint I see that fixing the data-related bugs from earlier tickets makes delivery more efficient and also paves a path to new feature discovery. I mean, in those 23 sprints, we specifically worked on arranging the existing data sources, defining appropriate data quality checks, and our output improved by 75% (as shown in the dummy report above). Prioritizing the real problems (that you deduce from the 3 points above is therefore essential and can lead to a good success rate). These 4 key points were the result of intense experimentation that defined processes to reduce bandwidth in day-to-day work to allow us time to deploy new things, improve the customer's experience and not just meet their basic expectations. I can honestly say that over the last quarter we have improved the efficiency of our day-to-day operations to reduce regular customer errors and daily ingestion of real-time data by 75%. Only because of these improvements have we been able to add more flavor to our products and make patient control metrics more accurate. And as the great people I mentioned at the beginning of this article said, 10x growth and the 80-20 principle is not something you just do. This story I bring to you is a saga of multiple overnight failures, winning from experience, developing necessary controls, and dreaming the magnitude of 10x growth.


The case of the Kobe Bryant crash photos is entering a new phase after a delay in the trial

Kobe Bryant's widow recently delayed her trial over accident photos, prompting renewed questions about what to expect from her lawsuit. (Author: Gardener)

Kobe BryantIn early February, a federal judge asked a question that continues to play a big role in the lawsuit between Kobe Bryant's widow and Los Angeles County. "What are you asking about?" the judge asked Vanessa Bryant's attorney. "What do you want to ask the jury?" Instead, he said the NBA legend's widow wanted "accountability" in her lawsuit against the county. Bryant is suing the county for invasion of privacy and negligence, accusing county fire department and sheriff's department employees of improperly taking and sharing photos of the bodies of her husband and daughter after they died in a helicopter crash in January 2020 to have. The judge noted that in terms of "accountability," neither he nor the jury could terminate the employment of county employees who engaged in such conduct. In response to the controversy, the state of California even passed a new law criminalizing first responders for taking unauthorized photographs of the dead at the scene of an accident or crime. "I really urge the attorney to seriously consider resolving this case," U. Walter said in a pretrial video conference on Feb. 4, according to the transcript. "I understand that there is a -- it's a difficult case to settle, but unfortunately, as we discussed, there is nothing the jury or this court can do to satisfy Mrs. Bryant's problem of accountability. The case was scheduled to go to trial on February 22, but Walter delayed it, citing a backlog of cases due to the pandemic. He ordered the parties to engage in further settlement talks by April 11, saying a trial would "certainly not be conducive to the mental well-being of the plaintiffs in this case." The county's outside attorney, Skip Miller, told the judge the county was prepared to settle the case and avoid a jury trial. "We would also like to come to an agreement," Miller said. However, Bryant has not previously indicated that she was interested in settling this case, even after two other families who lost loved ones in the same crash agreed to accept $1.25 million from the county to fund their own to settle similar lawsuits over photos of crash scenes. Bryant is one of two remaining plaintiffs who have not settled such lawsuits, the other is Chris Chester, whose wife and daughter died in the crash. The judge asked Chester's attorney the same question. What does he want from the jury? The county wants separate trials for the Bryant case and the Chester case, although they cover much of the same territory with similar allegations about county defendants who improperly took and shared photos of bodies from the crash site. "I don't think it would be fair to us for Mr. Chester's case to obscure and benefit from Ms. Bryant's fame," Miller told the judge. Miller also said he didn't think there was "evidence of pictures of" Chester's wife and daughter. The county wanted to split the case into two parts in court, but the judge said he wouldn't do that. At the county's suggestion, he wanted the trial to first determine whether the photos were publicly distributed to the standard required by law for such a case. The county's argument is that the photos were not distributed beyond county staff, except to a bartender two days after the crash. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said in a pretrial testimony that an internal investigation found that images of the crash site went to "28 devices" owned by Sheriff's Department personnel. The judge determined that there was a "void" in Bryant's evidence because that evidence was deleted, leaving a lack of evidence as to what the photos showed and what was shared. Bryant's attorneys want to make up for this by letting the judge advise the jury that it may conclude that the evidence destroyed was unfavorable to the county. In response, the county noted that Villanueva's suggestion to delete photos was aimed at preventing the photos from being publicly distributed -- not to cover up wrongdoing by destroying evidence. "I actually think the most important thing is that the sheriff's directive or order to delete the photos appears to have succeeded in large part because it's now so many years after the fact and we hadn't ... the flood of these images being circulated." ' said the judge. Bryant's attorney Li then said his client lived in fear that such photos would one day reappear somewhere, adding to the emotional distress she allegedly suffered in the case. He said she needs to "turn off her internet" and use online direct messaging capabilities "so she doesn't receive pictures like this" of the remains of her husband or daughter. "Every day for the rest of her life, she's going to have this fear that either the photos will be exposed or the kids -- she has a constant fear that her kids will be exposed to these photos, maybe on her graduation day, or maybe on Kobe Bryant's birthday." , said Li. "But every day the likelihood of that happening is getting smaller," said Judge Walter. "I just don't think that's right," Li said, noting that old photos have resurfaced to harm other celebrities or politicians. "I see what you're saying," the judge said. Li then said: "When Ms. Bryant learns that the county has fired everyone involved, she may have a completely different view of the matter. "And the jury won't be able to do that," Judge Walter said. "So now we're going to ask the jury for an amount of money because the county didn't do that," the judge said. Bryant and other families who lost loved ones in the crash previously reached an undisclosed settlement with the operator of the doomed helicopter after suing the company for wrongful death. Judge Walter asked how Bryant and Chester could distinguish between the emotional distress they suffered as a result of the loss of their family members and the emotional distress they suffered as a result of the photos taken and shared. Attorneys for Bryant and Chester said it will depend on testimonies and the jury's decision. The judge indicated that he would have liked to have settled it beforehand. "In terms of the concept of accountability, I don't know what your respective clients think a jury can give them more than that," Walter said. "Accountability in this context means an amount of money, and that's the question I always ask plaintiffs' attorneys: what are you going to ask for?" "I understand, Your Honor," Li said Able to say what Mrs. Bryant would ask.”


Andy Cohen reveals the RHOBH star he wants to bring back

The Bravo host revealed which O.F. he'd like to bring it back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Author: Gardener)

Andy CohenAndy Cohen has seen many women come and go on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but there is one veteran he would like to see make a comeback. During an "Ask Andy" segment ahead of the February 25 episode of "Watch What Happens Live," the Bravo host answered a fan question about which housewife he'd like to see back on RHOBH. Without missing a beat, Cohen replied, "Oh. Well, Kim,” he said, referring to original cast member Kim Richards. Richards, 57, was a lead actor for the first five seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2010-15) before transitioning to friend of and cameo status as she focuses on her family and her sobriety focused. Richards did not appear in the show's 11th season, which aired from May to November 2021. This season featured Kathy Hilton, her older half-sister, for the first time. Kim's younger sister Kyle is the only RHOBH cast member to appear in all 11 seasons of the show. Cohen's announcement that he would like to see Kim Richards back on RHOBH comes a few weeks after Richard admitted she had already spoken to him about the possibility. In a February 2022 fan Q&A, Richards told fans that she had spoken to Cohen about her future on the show. "I had a call," Richards said in a clip shared by #NoFilter With Zack Peter on Feb. 10. "Andy Cohen called me last week so maybe that could be one of our discussions. He said, you know, a lot of people have asked me to come back, and he said he thought, "I'm going to go straight to the source." He did. He is great. Richard's upbeat outlook contrasted with her comments in a September 2021 interview with Radar Online, in which she said she would "probably not" consider returning to RHOBH. Even though Kim Richards doesn't agree to returning to Bravo, there's a long list of previous cast members who could return. Original cast member Lisa Vanderpump left RHOBH in 2019 after nine seasons, according to People. But Vanderpump teased in October 2021 that she would consider returning to "RHOBH" if producers cleaned up the cast. She told Entertainment Tonight that it would be "impossible" for her to consider returning to RHOBH if Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna and Dorit Kemsley were still in the cast, but said she wouldn't rule out having some of the show's newer cast. "I hear Garcelle [Beauvais] is very nice and I hear Sutton [Stracke] is doing a good job," said Vanderpump. It would be great. Denise Richards appeared in seasons 9 and 10 of RHOBH before dropping out before the season 10 reunion. According to Page Six, during an August 2021 appearance on "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," RHOBH star Garcelle Beauvais teased that Denise would consider coming back, but "someone has to go." "People think that she didn't want to come back and that it's because she got 'bad girls' [from other cast members]," the source said of Denise. “The truth is she wanted to come back but [Bravo] wouldn't pay her what she asked for. Other high-profile performers who gave up their RHOBH Diamonds include Camille Grammer, Eileen Davidson, Brandi Glanville and Yolanda Hadid. READ MORE: Kim Richards unrecognizable in new photo with sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton


Colby Covington vs. Khamzat Chimaev, Jorge Masvidal vs.

Covington and Masvidal are going in very different directions, but both have worthwhile games on the horizon (Author: Gardener)

Khamzat ChimaevUFC 272 did little to crush the beef between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal, but one man stood above the other. Covington pulled off a solid win over his rival and now both welterweights need to look up the rankings. Covington faces a smorgasbord of opponents; from more dramatic grudge matches to clashes of the top contenders. Chaos calls for a match against former teammate Dustin Poirier, but that's not his only option. Masvidal is on the worst losing streak of his career, but those losses go to the division's top two rivals, and "Gamebred" has continued star power. Let's take a look at possible next matchups for Saturday's headliners, as well as main ticket winners Rafael dos Anjos and Bryce Mitchell. Winner Khamzat Chiamev: UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman is set to face Leon Edwards sometime this year. That leaves a potential chance for the winner of Burns vs. If Burns throws back the fast-rising star, pairing Burns with Covington makes all the sense in the world. If Chimaev beats Burns, there's a case to speed him up to a title shot against Usman. However, depending on the champion's schedule, the UFC may be forced to book a title eliminator between Covington and Chimaev, potentially with an interim title on the line. Dustin Poirier: Covington settled his grudges with America's top team with Masvidal, but he has another former teammate in his sights. Covington has resorted to lowbrow digging into Dustin Poirier's family for a fight against the former UFC interim lightweight champion. I'm far from convinced that Poirier, a former featherweight, will make Covington happy by moving up to welterweight. Leon Edwards: Let's be clear, Edwards is long overdue for a title shot. He has been repeatedly upset and it's time to book Usman vs. In a world where Edward's bad luck continues, perhaps due to Usman's recovery from surgery, you could pair Covington and Edwards. It's not the hottest matchup, but there's some excitement and you can always beat a tentative title over it. McGregor and Masvidal are fortunate in that their attraction covers their active UFC runs. The UFC can couple their star power, the action is sure to deliver and one of them is bound to win. Nate Diaz: The outcome of the first fight between Masvidal and Diaz was clear enough to justify not booking the rematch. The Diaz fight will always sell. Diaz wants retribution and there's a good chance for Masvidal to bounce back after tough high-profile losses to Usman and Covington. Sean Brady: At the other end of the scale is a duel that could act as a welcome party for an up-and-coming challenger. Brady is a perfect 15-0 with five wins in the UFC. After a significant win over Michael Chiesa, the UFC could hedge their bets by booking Masvidal against Masvidal. Either Masvidal is changing the direction of his swing or serving as a testing ground for a potential young star. UFC fans may be quick to suggest that a dos Anjos vs. RDA rebooking will take time to recover and Fiziev should actively seek to book a fight. Tsarukyan recently competed and is overdue for a big match. Dos Anjos might be looking for a top five opponent, but the rest of the division is pretty tied. If the schedules work, run dos Anjos and Fiziev. No. 6 featherweight ranked Josh Emmett presents an interesting conundrum for Mitchell. He is a featherweight fire engine with great strength and strong wrestling. That being said, Emmett is on a four-fight win streak and should be moving up the division. Top five featherweights Yair Rodriguez and Calvin Kattar could also be viable opponents depending on who Emmett draws next.


New employees in Oklahoma had a "difficult decision" but wanted to train with Brent Venables at OU

The allure of coaching a college football blueblood was strong, but not as strong as working under the Sooners' new head coach. (Author: Gardener)

OklahomaThe allure of coaching a college football blueblood was strong, but not as strong as working under the Sooners' new head coach. College football coaches probably don't have to think twice about taking a staff job in Oklahoma. One of the game's true blue bloods, OU offers the rare combination of job security, career advancement, a rewarding salary, and a chance to chase the championship flag from the top of the mountain. In the case of Brent Venable's first staff as head coach, six of his 10 assistants - defensive tackles coach Todd Bates, defensive ends coach Miguel Chavis, safety coach Brandon Hall, linebackers coach and defensive coordinator Ted Roof, and cornerbacks coach Jay Valai. plus quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby — had to be persuaded to leave a place where they were comfortable and happy and join him as he tries to improve the Sooner program. "Tell you what, it's one of those blue-blooded programs with tradition oozing out of their ears." "It was a difficult decision," said Bates. Bates, 38, was already an established coach and successful recruiter at Clemson and worked for a legend in Dabo Swinney. The Tigers have played in four national championship games — and won two — since OU was last in one in 2008. "I was with Coach Venables every day," Bates said. “I just saw how he treated players and how he pushed the staff forward. Chavis, a former Clemson player and support staffer who likely would have had a coaching gig for Swinney had he stayed, couldn't either. But he also came to Venables and stepped out of his comfort zone to face the challenge of personal growth in a whole new place. "We were really pleasantly surprised," said Chavis. "The only thing I know about Oklahoma is that they won a lot of games and everything Coach V said about it. We came here just excited and ready to go. Chavis, 33, is a young coach whose last season as a Clemson player lasted a year before Venables arrived as Swinney's defensive coordinator. He went to seminary before returning to his alma mater in 2017 and was only in the game for five years before Venables offered him the D-Ends job at OU. "Working for Coach V is very demanding, but man, it's so fulfilling. "It was something with Coach V again," Chavis said. "When you spend time with him, you will realize what a unique person he is. It was very humbling that the University of Oklahoma's head football coach asked me to be his positional coach. "But I have a lot to do. The job and the expectations, the standard. I've known him for five years. Just because I wear crimson and cream doesn't mean the standard is higher or lower. Working for Coach V is very demanding, but man, it's so fulfilling. "When this opportunity presented itself to me, I couldn't say yes fast enough," Roof said. "So excited, humbled, grateful to be here under the stewardship of Coach Venables and the tremendous history and tradition that the University of Oklahoma is known for across the country." Wallis' perspective was not much different. A native of Euless, TX, he had previously worked in Georgia, Texas and Alabama — "Grey Poupon," he called his path, meaning the best of the best — and even had two stints in the NFL. He was working for the Philadelphia Eagles when "the GOAT" called, he said. That would be Nick Saban wanting him to train curves for the Crimson Tide. "He's just a special guy," Valai said. Because what kind of guy he is and what passion he has for talking to the guy. But God brought me here for a reason, with coach Venables and Oklahoma and close to home. The Valais' magnetic personality makes him popular with recruits. He smiles a lot, he insists on knowing your first name and he is open when he speaks. That's one of the reasons his career seems to be going fast. Valai, 34, played in Wisconsin in 2010 and has worked in schools that show the commitment it takes to be among football's elite programs - from the fanbase to administration, the coaching staff and those who make it happen decide to put on the uniform. It is the basis of the greatness of each blue blood. "This is a great program and it was a great program, but you want to be an elite program." "You have to have that in modern football," said Valai. “Coach Venables has been pushing that since he's been here. This is a great program and it was a great program but you want to be an elite program like the rest of these guys and win like that because of the details. That's what coach Venables did. "Being in Georgia and Alabama and seeing the minds behind it, seeing that stuff, and of course with Coach Venables, who's from Clemson, who's done it too, seeing the crazy stuff in Texas, I've seen all that too . It helps a lot. We're doing it now and it's going to pay off hugely for Sooner Nation and what we believe in.” Hall is another young, magnetic personality, but his perspective is slightly different. Hall has worked at OU and Auburn as a quality control coach, but he has also worked at Northern Iowa and Broken Arrow High School, as well as Central Oklahoma and Jacksonville State and Troy. He's been the defensive coordinator for the Trojans for the last three years so naturally he jumped at the chance to be at OU - where he grew up cheering for Cale Gundy and OU as a kid from Newcastle, Okay, where he got his master's degree , where worked for Venables and Bob Stoops as a research assistant and support staff and proudly led the OU's scout team at the practice. But Hall, 46, has explained exactly why he returned to Oklahoma — and it wasn't like he could train blue blood and make a bunch of money. "I'm not here because it's Oklahoma, I promise you," he said. "...I came back because the only thing Brent has done for me in my life is he set the bar very high. The standard is so high. And I will do whatever it takes to make this place what I believe is possible. But at the end of the day I came here because I want to be uncomfortable and it will make me feel better.” Hall said he “never thought that was a possibility when I left here 9-10 years ago” because he's been "doing my own thing" for so long. But, he said, aside from the structural and fundamental changes across the campus since his departure, "This place is different. I was raised as a Sooner fan.” “I watched and understood the landscape of college football,” Chavis said. "When I thought about the pinnacle of college football and that premier league, I couldn't stop thinking about Oklahoma. "When I thought about the pinnacle of college football and that premier league, I couldn't stop thinking about Oklahoma. One of five teams to win 100 games in the last 10 years. One of four teams to have four CFPs or more since the College Football Playoffs began. "Regardless of what anyone thought or my ignorance of the place or place, we're all in the thick of it. Everyone is a national recruit to us. I knew you had the Clemsons, Alabama, Ohio States and Oklahoma. Bates agreed. He started at Clemson, but he also knew what was possible in Oklahoma. "Tell you what, it's one of those blue-blooded programs with tradition oozing out of their ears," Bates said. “You talk about the 50 conference championships. They speak of winning 239 ball games since 2000. Three different coaches during that time... on top, they just kept it going. Oklahoma has always been a special place.” Bates was a linebacker from Alabama when Dennis Franchione brought the Crimson Tide to Norman in 2002. He saw firsthand 20 years ago how special Oklahoma can be. “I was fortunate to play at this stadium during my time as a player in Alabama. Playing here in this stadium to see what it's all about," he said. For those of you who remember 2002, Oklahoma won that ballgame.” Bates saw it again when he was with the Tennessee Titans in 2005-06, and was reminded of it by former Sooners Rocky Calmus and Andre Woolfolk and Jason White . "You can just see the pride they took in the way they played and it just carried on," Bates said. "So I'm delighted to have the opportunity to be under coach Venables and to continue that process of pouring into the players and making sure they know what they're involved with.