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A widespread power outage in the East Bay early Thursday night plunged about... (Author: Gardener)

FridayA widespread power outage in the East Bay early Thursday evening plunged approximately 32,000 PG&E customers into darkness in an area roughly divided by much of the Oakland hills, much of the Piedmont and eastern Oakland neighborhoods south of Lake Merritt , is limited. A spokesman for PG&E said the outage was first reported at 6:13 p.m. At peak times, 32,000 customers were affected. At the peak of the outage, and according to PG&E's outage map on its website, portions of the Piedmont and much of the Oakland hills and neighborhoods south of Lake Merritt were affected. The outages were additionally reported by Piedmont Avenue to the north, Moraga Avenue and State Highway 13 to the east, Joaquin Miller Road and Skyline Boulevard in the Oakland Hills east of Interstate 580, Lincoln Avenue to the south, and MacArthur Boulevard to the west bounded in the area south of Lake Merritt roughly bounded by Fruitvale Avenue and International, MacArthur, and Park Boulevards. Alameda and Marin counties announced Thursday they will both join the state in lifting inner mask requirements for K-12 students after March 11. Masks are downgraded from a requirement to a strong recommendation while students are indoors in both counties and the city of Berkeley. Pupils are not required to wear masks outdoors. Individual school districts will still have the ability to implement their own mask requirements, while health officials in both counties said masks will remain an effective tool in containing the spread of COVID-19. Representatives from Valero and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District appeared before Benicia City Council Tuesday night after it was revealed the refinery had been emitting harmful, excessive levels of hazardous chemicals for nearly 16 years before BAAQMD said it became aware. The council and community members also criticized BAAQMD for not notifying the city of Benicia as soon as it learned of the 2018 emissions. Benicia's mayor and other city leaders said they were only briefed on the problem two months ago. Below the arrow was a slender, vertical tube that emitted smoke that the Air District claims they thought was just a fume vent. According to BAAQMD, Valero had released benzene, ethylbenzene and other organic compounds considered hazardous. County rules cap such emissions at 15 pounds per day and a maximum of 300 parts per million. What the district discovered was that Valero had emitted an average of 5,200 pounds a day and 19,148 parts per million. San Francisco police are investigating the shooting of two people in the Fillmore neighborhood Thursday night. Police said the shootings occurred in the area of ​​Laguna and Eddy streets. A 14-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of defacing a park in Petaluma with graffiti including racially derogatory messages last month, police said on Thursday. The vandalism was reported on the evening of February 17 at Leghorns Park on Sonoma Mountain Parkway, where a responding officer found about 25 marks of paint markers in the children's play area, the men's restroom and near the tennis courts, according to police. An officer found documentation at the scene that pointed to a possible suspect, and investigators later found surveillance footage from an adjacent mall that helped identify the 14-year-old as a suspected vandal, police said. He was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of vandalism and defacing property with intent to intimidate or threaten people based on their race or nationality and handed over to a parent. Maintenance crews spent hours cleaning up the graffiti at an estimated cost of $2,500, police said. Berkeley Police Department spending has skyrocketed in recent years, and the main reason is police overtime, a city auditor report released Thursday found. In 2020, police exceeded their overtime budget by $5.25 million, and police used overtime to keep an outdated minimum number of officers on the streets, City Auditor Jenny Wong said. According to the audit, the officials do not adhere to the limit on overtime. Twenty-one percent of Berkeley officers worked the department's overtime limit at least once in fiscal 2020. The limit is 44 hours of overtime per week. Wong specifically said excessive overtime can lead to burnout and impaired judgment. The report does not identify any errors that police may have made due to excessive overtime. One official worked 47 straight days without a day off, Wong said. The current minimum number of officers on patrol per day is based on a 2014 report by the Matrix Consulting Group in San Mateo. The minimum staffing is 60 sworn officers in seven teams covering 16 strikes at any time of the day. Though San Francisco will lift mask requirements for most facilities later this month in accordance with the state's latest guidelines, city officials said Thursday that masks inside city buildings are still strongly recommended. Earlier this week, state officials lifted indoor mask requirements for unvaccinated individuals and schools, and city officials followed suit, announcing that starting March 18, masks will no longer be required indoors at city facilities. Despite lifting mask requirements, the city will continue to strongly recommend that people continue to wear masks regardless of their immunization status to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect people who are vulnerable to the virus. Such public gatherings have only been open to the public virtually since the pandemic began, but the public will be able to attend in-person gatherings again starting next week, city officials said. A wind warning applies to coastal and bay areas during the day and evening. 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Christian Cage claims last place in the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

The main event of today's AEW Rampage was a seat in the Face of the Revolution ladder match at AEW Revolution between Christian Cage and Ethan Page, and it started with a barrage of punches. Page had the upper hand after hitting Cage several times in the corner, but Cage then got [...] (Author: Gardener)

Christian CageThe main event of today's AEW Rampage was a seat in the Face of the Revolution ladder match at AEW Revolution between Christian Cage and Ethan Page, and it started with a barrage of punches. Page had the upper hand after delivering multiple punches to Cage in the corner, but Cage retaliated and sent Page out of the ring and then hit a baseball dropkick to send Page to the ground. Cage remounted briefly, but Page continued the attack, pulling Cage off the turnbuckle and slamming him to the mat, followed by lifting him high in the air (with some bravado to impress the crowd) and then slamming him Boden slammed the mat on his back. Page tries to hold on, but Cage stands up and elbows Page. Page took him outside and was about to throw him against the steel steps, but Cage blocked them and slammed Page onto the floor. Cage delivered a few punches to Page in the corner and then threw him to the mat and followed up with a pin, but Page stepped out. Page got up briefly but was soon sent back to the mat. Page hit a cutter out of nowhere and went for the pin, but Cage kicked out. Page went for a shot but missed and Cage landed his head on the top rope. He hit a diving headbutt and went for the pin, but Page kicked out. Page got up and Cage charged, but Page caught him and slammed into him, but Cage kicked out of the pin attempt. Page picked Cage up and went for Ego's Edge, but Cage countered with a spear and went for a pin, but Page kicked out. Page then sent Cage into the corner and slammed Cage's shoulder against the post. Page picked Cage back up and went for Ego's Edge, but Cage flipped it and took the pin and the win, earning last place in the Face of the Revolution ladder match. Cage joins Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks, Wardlow, Keith Lee and Orange Cassidy, and whoever wins gets a shot at the TNT Championship. Face of the Revolution Ladder Match: Keith Lee vs Wardlow vs Powerhouse Hobbs vs Orange Cassidy vs Ricky Starks vs Christian Cage.


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from March 4th

Welcome to the Bleacher Report coverage and recap of AEW Rampage on March 4th. This was the last show before Sunday's Revolution PPV, so most of the segments related to games that will take place on Sunday... (Author: Gardener)

March 4thThis was the last show before Sunday's Revolution PPV, so most of the segments related to matches that will take place on Sunday. Keith Lee made his Rampage debut this week by beating The Wingmen's JD Drake. Christian Cage will face Lee in Sunday's Face of the Revolution ladder match. Serena Deeb held another five-minute Professor's Challenge, and Sammy Guevara defended the TNT Championship against Darby Allin and Andrade El Idolo. Let's take a look at everything that happened on Friday's episode of Rampage. The show opened with Andrade, Allin and Guevara already in the ring ready to start. With El Idolo out of the ring, Guevara and Allin walked in single file. The champion sat Allin on the top turnbuckle and slammed a fat knee in his face. Andrade came back and they hit an impressive Tower of Doom spot. We returned from a break to see Andrade hit his signature double moonsault on Guevara for a two count. Allin and Guevara briefly worked together against El Idolo, but a moment later they fought each other again. Guevara hit Andrade with a coast-to-coast dropkick and Allin pulled it out with a suicide dive. He and Guevara had a bit of a stare before engaging in an exchange of near falls. Andrade came back and almost got the pin before Guevara hit him with the GTH. Allin knocked the champion out of the ring and hit the coffin drop. Guevara came back at Allin with a flying senton. He covered Andrade and scored the win to retain the TNT title. These are three different types of wrestlers, but they all use speed as part of their offense, allowing them to put together an exciting match from start to finish. All three guys had a few different moments where they could shine, but it could be argued that Andrade was the best performer. Guevara had the coolest highlights, but El Idolo was the one who had to catch both of his opponents most of the time. There were a few moments when it felt like Guevara could actually lose, so their fake finishes were effective, to say the least. We returned from a break to see Lee land a big headbutt before Drake cornered him for a couple of chops. He hit The Limitless One with a running dropkick followed by a cannonball in the corner. Drake climbed up and hit a moonsault for a two count. Lee caught Drake in a crossbody and hoisted him onto his shoulders for a huge power slam to claim the win. The wingmen came out to attack Lee, but he easily fended off the entire group. This was a relatively short match with the commercial break in the middle, but it showcased Lee's power and versatility well for those who may not have seen him in WWE. Drake looked great as his opponent. After Lee had a fun debut with Kassidy, it was nice to see him face a heavyweight straight away so he could really show his strength. Leila Gray had a chance to take on the Professor's Five Minute Challenge, and she seemed to have a different strategy than her predecessors. She rolled out of the ring, forcing Deeb to pursue her. She positioned herself back in the ring and hit a brutal neckbreaker before hitting a front facelock for the submission win. This was hardly a match, but it worked well to make Serena look like she was not only good on the mat, but smart enough to counter someone else's plans. Seeing Hikaru Shida return to reignite was the best part. Two Ontario Canadians battled it out for last place in the Face of the Revolution ladder match at this week's Main Event in Orlando. Cage and Page started with a standard lockup but quickly upped the tempo as they traded counters. Cage hit a baseball slide dropkick to send us into a commercial. Page controlled the pace throughout the break. He held Cage in a vertical suplex for a long time before dropping him. Captain Charisma cornered him for a few mounted punches before hitting a nice sunset flip for a two count. Both men worked hard to take the win, but when the dust settled it was Cage who clinched the win to secure his place in the ranked match. Cage and Page worked well as opponents. This might have been the best match All Ego has had since joining AEW, and that speaks to Captain Charisma's skills. He can work with anyone and make them look good, but when he works with someone who is always good looking anyway, he ends up creating a little magic story with the condition. This was a decent Go Home episode of Rampage before Revolution this weekend.


AEW Rampage Results (3/4) – TNT Championship Match, Final Revolution Qualifier, Keith Lee Dominates

In the latest AEW Rampage before Revolution, it's a TNT Championship 3-Way between Sammy Guervara, Andrade El Idolo and Darby Allin. (Author: Gardener)

Final Revolution QualifierWelcome to our Live AEW Rampage Viewing Party. Here's what's in store for tonight for the final AEW Rampage before the Revolution: Face Of The Revolution Qualifier Ethan Page vs. Christian Cage TONIGHT on #AEWRampage LIVE at 10/9c on @tntdrama! - #TheProfessor @SerenaDeeb's 5 Minute Challenge The final pre-Revolution AEW rampage kicks off with a huge competition. The men try to get a feel for each other before Andrade rolls out of the ring. Darby and Sammy try to surround him but he rolls back. Darby gives Andrade an arm drag from the top rope. Sammy follows with a kick to Andrade's head. Darby hits Andrade with his destroyer move, but Sammy rolls him up for the attempted pin instead. Sammy takes control of the match and corners Darby. Sammy recovers and nails a rising knee in Darby's face. Sammy knees Darby in the face again, but Andrade returns to the ring. Andrade pulls out a powerbomb, which doubles as a suplex from Sammy to Darby. He tries for cover but Sammy kicks out. Andrade turns his attention to Darby and throws him into the ropes. Andrade then switches to Sammy and hits him with the belt. Andrade dominates both men throughout the commercial. Andrade kicks Sammy's midsection, pinning the champion to the mat. Andrade beats Sammy with two out of three amigos. Sammy tries to escape the third one, so Andrade corners him instead. Darby slaps Andrade in the face and sends him into the corner. Andrade catches Darby and drops him with a Uranagi backbreaker. Andre climbs up and attempts a moonsault at Darby, but he moves. Instead, Andrade hits Sammy. Andrade follows him on his knees to Darby's face in the corner. The double knees are not enough to win because Darby kicks out. Neither of the other two men can match Andrade's power play, so they team up to bring him down. Darby jumps off the ropes and gets caught by Andrade. Sammy parries but doesn't retain control for long before being thrown out of the ring. Darby tries another Coffin Splash but Andrade's knees save him. Andrade climbs onto the top rope but Darby pushes him. With Andrade stuck in the Tree of Sorrows, Sammy runs into Andrade's face from coast to coast. Sammy and Darby work together to take out Andrade outside. Darby is on the apron, but Sammy quickly grabs him and attempts a roll-up. Darby kicks out and the two men exchange pinfall attempts. Andrade returns to the ring and drives Sammy to the mat. Sammy knees Andrade in the face and Darby takes advantage. Darby runs to the top rope and hits the confine drop. Sammy finishes it out of nowhere with a senton from the top rope. That's all it takes to pin Andrade to retain his title. Winner (and STILL Champion): Sammy [email protected] with this COAST TO COAST DROPKICK on @AndradeElIdolo! Now don't miss another second of the action on #AEWRampage LIVE on @tntdrama! Pac and Penta Oscuro are in the ring after the commercial break. A match is being discussed for this Sunday and it looks like Erick Redbeard has joined forces with Pac and Penta against House of Black. This Sunday at AEW Revolution there will be a trio match between these six. #DeathTriangle leveled the playing field against #HouseOfBlack with @ErickRedBeard! Watch #AEWRampage LIVE on TNT now! The crowd basks in the glory of Keith Lee at the start of the game. Drake attempts to rake Lee in the chest early in the game, but he is quickly overpowered. Lee hits a shoulder tackle and sends Drake flying over the ring. All of Drake's attacks are easily repelled by Lee. Lee punches Drake outside the ring and headbutts him, knocking him to the ground. Lee tells the crowd to stay calm so he can double punch Drake in the chest. After the courtship, Drake chops Lee in the corner. Drake hits a running dropkick to Lee's head, followed by a cannonball. Drake climbs up and successfully lands a moonsault on Lee. He can only get one count as the Limitless One knocks out easily in this installment of AEW Rampage. Drake goes back to the top rope but Lee catches him. Keith Lee lands his finishing move and easily takes the win over Drake. Gray exits the ring to avoid Deeb. Deeb catches her and smashes her to the ground outside the ring. Deeb backstabs Gray and locks her in a chokehold maneuver to win the match. After the match, Deeb Gray attacks, but Hikaru Shida parries. Shida runs to the ring with a kendo stick and hits Deeb nearly a dozen times. Winner: Serena DeebIt's time for #TheProfessor @serenadeeb's 5 Minute Challenge! #AEWRampage is LIVE on @tntdrama right now! #AEWRampage is LIVE on @tntdrama right now! Face of the Revolution Qualifier Christian Cage vs. Ethan Page It's time to determine who will take the LAST spot in the AEW Revolution ranked match this Sunday. Page attacks Christian early in the match, but Christian hits a flying uppercut off the middle rope. Christian throws Page out of the ring and follows him out with a running dropkick to Page. During the commercial, Page brutalizes Christian with strikes. Page sent Christian to the mat after a delayed vertical suplex. Christian slams Page's face off the steel steps and hits the outside floor with a Tornado DDT. Back in the ring, Christian hits Page and lands a springboard sunset flip. Christian drops Page with an inverted DDT, but he only counts two. Christian climbs onto the top rope but Page rolls out of the ring. Page jumps through the ropes to pin Christian down with a beautiful cutter. Christian then takes control and hits a diving headbutt on Page. Christian tries a spear and gets a shoulder tackle from Page instead. Page prepares for a powerbomb, but Christian slides out and lands a spear. He can only count two, so this match goes on. Page sends Christian shoulder first into the unforgiving steel post. Page prepares for Ego's Edge, but Christian escapes and hits the kill switch. In the final Rampage before AEW Revolution, Cage walks away victorious.


WWE SmackDown brings rowdy wrestling superstar Charlotte Flair to the FTX Arena

WWE Friday Night SmackDown is back, in person, and better than ever. The kicks and punches will hurt some egos... (Author: Gardener)

WWE SmackDownWWE Friday Night SmackDown is back, in person, and better than ever. The kicks and punches will hurt some egos at Miami's FTX Arena, but not before Deco's Alex Miranda gets the shovel from wrestling legend Charlotte Flair. Live, Friday night, at Miami's FTX Arena, and aired here on 7 just after Deco. Charlotte Flair: “I go to Miami all the time. I love Miami!" Charlotte Flair: "I always have something up my sleeve." Charlotte Flair: "Some would say it's the most important time, the most exciting time." Charlotte Flair: "I think the best way to explain it , is that there is entertainment for all ages. There are all these different personalities and different storylines.” In other words, even Grandma will like it. Charlotte Flair: "You can literally take the whole family with you." Charlotte to Headline WrestleMania vs. You Know Who on April 2nd. Charlotte Flair: "Rousey vs. Flair is something I've dreamed of for a long time." Ronda Rousey, and let's just say they weren't always on the right track. Commentator: "Oh, a punch of flair! Handcuff Rousey! And in case you're looking for some self-defense tips... Charlotte Flair: "Don't try what we do on TV at home. Alex Miranda: "But we want to! It looks like so much fun!" Charlotte Flair: "I know for me, having my fiancé as a partner is like having someone there who motivates you to help." Charlotte Flair: "Swap soda for water. Like small steps.” But for Charlotte, winning in moderation is never better. Alex Miranda: "Does Ronda have a weakness you want to exploit?" Charlotte Flair holds up the "Queen of Everything" mug.


Johnny Knoxville helps Ricochet beat Sami Zayn

WWE SmackDown Results, Grades: Johnny Knoxville helps Ricochet beat Sami Zayn for the Intercontinental Title with WrestleMania implications. (Author: Gardener)

Johnny KnoxvilleJackass star Johnny Knoxville cost Sami Zayn the Intercontinental Championship on WWE SmackDown this week. The 50-year-old stuntman made his presence felt and helped Ricochet win while putting himself in the firing line for a grudge match at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, Texas next month. The title match was the first of the night, with the blue brand jumping straight into action after some quick backstage promos to spice up Friday's show. Zayn and Ricochet put on a hilarious show as the One And Only looked fantastic after gaining a newfound sense of purpose and momentum over the past few weeks. In the end, the Jackass theme rumbled around the arena as Knoxville walked down to the ring, creating a distraction that proved disastrous to Sami's IC title reign. Despite his big win airing two weeks ago, the conspiracy theorist now has another incident to deal with as the distraction allowed Ricochet to hit a Hurricanrana for the win. After a few backstage segments later in the night, he's now poised for a mighty match with Knoxville on the biggest stage of them all, while Ricochet is the perfect defending champion to claim the gold in a fast-paced, multi-man battle for Mania defend weekend. The rising star announced he will be taking on the former NFL player next month and slapped him in the face before heading backstage after making his presence felt. Naomi made quick work of Carmella in a preview of sorts as the pair — along with their respective partners Sasha Banks and Queen Zelina Vega — squared off for the women's tag team titles at WrestleMania. Unfortunately games like this don't really add much drama to the championship fight as it's already very difficult to see Carmella and Zelina keep the gold. The Usos attacked Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs during their performance, while Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman instead came out to the Bloodline to address Brock Lesnar and the big title vs. title unification match at WrestleMania. The Chieftain was at his typical best here as he continues to be at another level in the world of pro wrestling with fantastic promos and storytelling whether he's in a match or on the mic. Here, he vowed to beat the beast and keep both titles over his head, with Brock having no choice but to acknowledge him - while Roman seemed a little flustered here, suggesting his rival is getting under his skin has gone. Jimmy and Jey Uso retained the SmackDown Tag Team Titles in a terrific battle with The Viking Raiders, with Erik and Ivar looking like they might actually upset them on several occasions. However, it was The Usos who clinched the big win to retain their championships as WrestleMania fast approached as they hit the 1D - their version of The Dudley Boyz's legendary 3D move - for the win. The planned match between Big E and Sheamus never got off the ground as the Celtic Warrior and his sidekick Ridge Holland jumped on the one under attack and brutally beat up the former WWE Champion and his New Day partner Kofi Kingston. The Main Event saw Ronda Rousey make her first in-ring appearance on SmackDown when she took on rival Sonya Deville and defeated her in a dominating victory that would present the 2022 Royal Rumble winner. She ripped through her opponent and looked amazing doing it, before her WrestleMania opponent, Charlotte Flair, stepped into the ring after recently calling her a one-trick pony. She proved her rival wrong by putting her in the ankle lock and actually getting her on the potential new finishing move weeks before their in-ring clash for the SmackDown Women's Championship. WWE SmackDown airs Friday nights at 1am on BT Sport 1. WrestleMania 38 will air April 2 and 3 at 1 a.m. on WWE Network and BT Sport Box Office.


Ronda Rousey taps Sonya Deville and Charlotte Flair in Miami

Rousey grabs Deville's arm in the main event of SmackDown and twists Flair's ankle after the match (Author: Gardener)

Ronda RouseyRonda Rousey is in total control taking on Charlotte Flair in her WrestleMania 38 SmackDown Women's Championship Clash. Rousey got his hands on authority figure Sonya Deville on Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown, Rousey's first televised singles match in three years. Rousey, the former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion and Raw Women's Champion, returned after a three-year hiatus at the Royal Rumble event in January. Prior to Friday, Rousey had not competed in a televised one-on-one match since a "Beat the Clock" challenge against Sarah Logan on the March 25, 2019 episode of WWE Raw. After a successful performance alongside Naomi against Flair and Deville in the Elimination Chamber, Rousey entered the WWE ring solo on Friday. SmackDown also featured two championship fights: Sami Zayn vs. Ricochet for the Intercontinental Crown and SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos defending their stronghold against The Viking Raiders. Rousey took the fight to Deville from the start. Deville went up briefly thanks to a distraction from Flair. The UFC veteran put together some nice slams and corner kicks before planting Deville with the Piper's Pit. The match ended courtesy of Rousey's signature armbar. Flair, who served as guest commentator, dismissed Rousey's armbar and described the MMA star as having a one-trick pony. Rousey goaded Flair and lured her into the ring. Rousey slipped into a nice jumping sweep, laying Flair on the floor and chaining herself in an ankle lock. Flair tapped Rousey's new submission hold before scurrying out of the ring. The match was pretty straight forward and the ending was never really in doubt. Those concerned about Rousey's fitness and ring rust after a three-year absence should be relieved. The former Raw Women's Champion put on a solid performance in her first televised singles match in three years. This was a much better barometer of what Rousey vs. Flair will look like than their tag team match in the Elimination Chamber. Rousey had one arm tied behind her back in the Elimination Chamber event, severely limiting the offense she could execute. The main event of SmackDown sanely advanced the feud between Rousey and Flair. * SmackDown opened with scathing individual backstage promos from Paul Heyman, Ronda Rousey, Sonya Deville, The Viking Raiders, The Usos, Ricochet and Sami Zayn. * Ricochet def. Sami Zayn becomes the new WWE Intercontinental Champion via pinfall. Ricochet had many stunning attacks throughout the game. The finish came via a hurricanrana pinfall combo while Zayn was distracted by Jackass Forever star Johnny Knoxville. * Austin Theory said he would be Pat McAfee's WrestleMania 38 opponent. Vince McMahon offered McAfee a match at WrestleMania on his podcast last week. * Naomi (with Sasha Banks) defeated. Corbin at WrestleMania. * Drew McIntyre defeated. McIntyre then took over the mic and promised to beat Corbin at WWE's biggest annual event. * Roman Reigns promised to defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. He was flanked by Paul Heyman and The Usos during the promo. The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar) via pinfall to retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. The twin brothers hit Erik with the 1D to end the match. Big E Match.


WWE's Ronda Rousey wins SmackDown and takes sweet revenge on Charlotte Flair

Tonight was Ronda Rousey's first ever one-on-one match on SmackDown, and it was against none other than Sonya Deville. Of course Charlotte Flair had to come out and circle the ring to help Deville and early on she would use her pretense and give Deville a chance to hit a batting block [...] (Author: Gardener)

Charlotte FlairTonight was Ronda Rousey's first ever one-on-one match on SmackDown, and it was against none other than Sonya Deville. Of course, Charlotte Flair had to come out and circle the ring to help Deville, and early on she would use her pretense, giving Deville a chance to hit a chop block and keep Rousey grounded. Deville then continued the attack on Rousey with a running knee and then settled in the center of the ring and slammed Rousey to the mat. Deville then closed another hold around Rousey's neck and arm, but Rousey broke free and then locked Deville with her legs around the ropes and followed him with a kick and a running knee to the head. Rousey hit the stomach with large punches and then flipped Deville several times before lifting her up and hitting her with a Piper's Pit. Then Rousey lured in the armbar and it wasn't long before Deville folded and gave Rousey the win. Flair didn't seem impressed with either the win or the armbar, and after Rousey scoffed a bit, Flair got up and ran into the ring, but Rousey caught her and applied the ankle lock and Flair was in severe pain. Flair kept tapping, but Rousey wouldn't let go, and when she finally did, Flair continued to hold her ankle and hobbled around the ring. It seems that Flair has more to look out for than the armbar, while that's deadly enough, and perhaps this attack will make Flair reconsider her strategy against Rousey in the ring when they face off at WrestleMania 38. What did you think? of the game?


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from March 4th

Heading to WrestleMania and a showdown with Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women's Championship, Ronda Rousey made his in-ring debut for the blue brand, fighting Sonya Deville in a blockbuster main event... (Author: Gardener)

March 4thHeading to WrestleMania and a showdown with Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women's Championship, Ronda Rousey made his in-ring debut for the blue brand, fighting Sonya Deville in a blockbuster main event. That match kicked off a show that also included the Tag Team and Intercontinental Titles up for grabs and the latest from Universal Champion Roman Reigns ahead of his colossal Winner Takes All match against WWE Champion Brock Lesnar in Dallas and how did it impact the ongoing feuds and stories leading up to wrestling's most prestigious event? Find out now with this recap of Fox's March 4 broadcast. SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match: Viking Raiders vs. The Usos (c) After a flurry of interviews from Superstars involved in tonight's show, Sami Zayn opened the broadcast by defending the Intercontinental Championship against Ricochet. A half-and-half suplex from Zayn on the ring apron turned the tide in his favor as he came into the break. A cartwheel moonsault from the challenger over the top rope and onto Zayn on the floor staggered Ricochet. Zayn shoved Ricochet off the top rope and onto the floor. The Jackass theme played and Johnny Knoxville made his presence felt, creating a distraction that allowed Ricochet to score a hurricanrana for the pinfall win and the title. A stunned Zayn knelt in disbelief as Ricochet celebrated the championship win. It's damn time Ricochet got a chance to compete in the Intercontinental Championship after going three years with no real direction. He's too incredibly talented to be wasted in the way he was to see him take the title. Paying off weeks of momentum was more than welcome. Zayn is a great heel as he has a whole generation of young wrestlers who will one day study hoping to be even a third his size. He was great here, he sold the shock and awe of what was happening, and his backstage promo where he challenged Knoxville to a match at WrestleMania was even better. This accomplished two things, highlighted two big talents, and added the bonus of a mastery swap. Footage of Vince McMahon's appearance on The Pat McAfee Show aired before Austin Theory made his way to the ring and confronted the SmackDown color commentary. The selfish young star claimed the boss set McAfee up because the former NFL player's match at WrestleMania ... it's against him. Theory slapped McAfee and walked up the ramp to a chorus of boos. Given Theory's youth, desire to be great and seeing his star rise in WWE, expect the same of him. Theory as one of the real hidden gems of the whole weekend. Carmella and Queen Zelina will defend the women's tag team titles at WrestleMania against Naomi and Sasha Banks, but on Friday Carmella faced Naomi in the singles competition. Naomi took on the fight to become The Most Beautiful Woman in all of WWE, which faltered her early on. At ringside, Banks obliterated Zelina with a Meteora into the steel ring steps. Back in the ring, the babyface provided the back view for the pinfall win and gave the No. 1 contenders momentum ahead of their upcoming championship opportunity. Coupled with the nature of the feud itself, this was a rushed match that didn't give the competitors much time to demonstrate their skills. The match, if it happens at any point at WrestleMania, could be a boatload of fun given the talent involved, but WWE has yet to give us reason to believe the champions have a chance to assert themselves. Hopefully that will change in a few weeks until the event. Former 3MB brothers faced off in the next match of the night as Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal went one on one. Despite a spirited offense from a game of Modern-Day Maharaja, McIntyre rocked the former WWE Champion with the Glasgow Kiss and put him down with the Claymore for the pinfall win. After the match, he edited a menacing promo aimed at Happy Corbin, cheering their match on the main stage at WrestleMania. It would have been nice if the storyline between McIntyre and Mahal had been hyped up a bit, but this was still a fun sprint of a game that didn't overstep its welcome. Instead, it hyped The Scottish Warrior, giving him a chance to speak loud and clear to Corbin ahead of their showdown at WrestleMania. McIntyre looks like an absolute star, a guy way ahead of what he's had to do the past few months. This feud will provide a bridge back to the Main Event for one of today's truly great WWE Pros.


Late Friday greens at the Arnold Palmer Invitational remind Rory McIlroy of late Sunday

ORLANDO - Rory McIlroy strolled into goal, took a deep breath and said, "I can't wait to see what those greens look like on Sunday. Woooo!” McIlroy sighed, not a sigh of defeat but of a man who had run out of patience after two bogeys in the last four holes… (Author: Gardener)

Late FridayORLANDO - Rory McIlroy strolled into goal, took a deep breath and said, "I can't wait to see what those greens look like on Sunday. McIlroy sighed, not a sigh of defeat but of a man who had run out of patience after two bogeys in the last four holes made him do it, as he entered Bay Hill Lodge and Club on a day when the greens were getting firmer and firmer Achieving an even par 72 is glassy as the sun has baked them extra crispy. When asked how fiendish the putting surfaces have gotten compared to years past when just 4 under won titles in 2020, McIlroy said, “It's up there. I don't think it's maybe quite as fiendish as the weekend for the past few years because the fairways are kind of soft. But the greens have it – those are the greens you expect late on a Sunday, not late on a Friday.” A day after rocketing to the top of the leaderboard with a 65, McIlroy didn't feel like seven shots to have played worse. He opened with a bogey on the first hole, but rebounded with birdies on #4, 7, and 8, the latter of which he caught a 48-foot putt from the rim. "I told Harry that it was the first time the putter stayed still behind the ball because I was putting from the rim," he said. Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy reacts to a missed putt on the 13th green during the second round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard at the Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Golf Course on March 04, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. He didn't take advantage of the par 5 at the back and took three putts from 30 feet at 15 for the first of two bogeys en route to the clubhouse. (He would make another one at 17.) McIlroy missed a 4-foot comeback and stopped to look at the line again after tapping for bogey on his way to the 16th tee and chatting with caddy Harry Diamond about it would have. "It was a putt that went a bit right to left but I knew if I hit it outside the hole and on the top edge it just slid on me really lightly and didn't roll right away, it could just be up there." stay,” McIlroy explained. "I kind of had it right without giving away the hole and it just broke a little bit more than I thought it would." Although he missed a few putts on the high side, McIlroy said he enjoyed the challenge ahead of him of putting down fast, firm greens. "The challenge of putting them on is a little different because it can get a little — it gets inconsistent. The ball sometimes slips when breaking putts and doesn't take the break, and then it rolls pretty early and then breaks early,” he said. "So it becomes a guessing game when they get glassy like that. McIlroy goes into the weekend two strokes behind leader Viktor Hovland, who shot 66 on Friday and finished 9 under after the first 36 holes. When told Hovland only needed 23 putts, McIlroy said, "See how he does tomorrow." "Let's see how he does tomorrow," McIlroy repeated with a crooked grin. "It will be interesting to see where they go from here but it will be a good test over the weekend," he said. “I'm glad I got 18 holes in these conditions because the course has definitely changed a lot from yesterday morning to this afternoon. I'm a little better prepared for that tomorrow.” Saturday Start Times for the 2022 PGA Tour Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Ryan Brehm takes a 36-hole lead at the Puerto Rico Open Lynch toward his first PGA Tour win: He might be able to lead Europe's Ryder Cup hopes, but this rising star is getting a PGA Tour tutorial