LBJ, the CIA and Eartha Kitt

A recreation of Eartha Kitt's brief speech at a White House event is the exciting dramatic centerpiece of playwright/performer Dierdra McDowell's excellent solo Down To Eartha. (Author: Gardener)

LBJOne of the things I appreciate about living in New York... ...and regularly attending the massive output of live theater productions, is that you never know when you'll find yourself in a tiny solitude A place where the People drop a small amount of money on tickets and see a modestly funded show that even most people in the theater community have never heard of, and which offers a moment of utterly suspenseful drama. And one of the things I appreciate about this public platform at BroadwayWorld is the ability to tell people about it. By 1968, with her successful recording of Santa Baby, numerous TV variety show appearances, and a couple of appearances as Catwoman on the popular Batman series, Eartha Kitt was known almost across the country as this comical seductress with the purring voice. It is not surprising, then, that in January 1968 most of the country was shocked to see headlines reporting her remarks at a White House luncheon discussing the issue of crime and juvenile delinquency, made by First Lady Lady Bird Johnson was held. When asked to speak, Kitt cited her experiences with organizations like Rebels With A Cause to point out how a generation of young men had turned to crime and violence because they saw no future for themselves other than being drafted and killing and Vietnam to be eventually sent to die. A recreation of Eartha Kitt's brief speech at the White House event is the exciting dramatic centerpiece of playwright/performer Dierdra McDowell's excellent solo play Down To Eartha, which concludes its current performance at the Gene Frankel Theater this afternoon. After being treated to delicious samples of Kitt's acting talent, she was so captivating that Orson Wells, who gave her an early break by casting her as Helen of Troy, called her "the most exciting woman alive". led McDowell through Marishka S. Addressing the first lady directly, McDowell reveals Kitt as passionate but respectfully reserved, perhaps overwhelmed by the history of her surroundings and the power of her hosts, but determined to make her voice heard. Watching this moment makes you proud to live in a country where the First Amendment supports such freedom of speech, admiration for the courage of a black woman in 1968 who openly spoke about the President's policies toward the First Lady criticized and afraid of knowing what will happen next. perfectly captures the power of Eartha Kitt as we see the star in a more comfortable setting singing her signature tune C'est si bon while performing in Europe. The scene is punctuated by a lengthy sequence in which McDowell gets close to flirt with onlookers and joins in with Kitts' big, happy smile to relieve tension when things get too hot. Down To Eartha only lasts an hour, a length that makes it suitable for cabaret nights and festival slots, but I wanted more. If the writer/performer wishes, the play can be expanded to explore Kitt's career and activism, and in particular her comeback to Broadway in the 1970s. But even in its current state, it's worth a visit if McDowell decides to bring her play back. In many ways, Theodora Skipitares' Grand Panorama is exactly the kind of show that people come to La MaMa for; ...runs through March 6th, with presale tickets priced at $25 ($20 for students/seniors), the fascinating and educational piece is inspired by the lyrics of speeches given by Frederick Douglass on the subject of photography. The most photographed subject of the 19th century, Douglass saw photography as a great leveler, allowing, for example, a maid earning a modest living to have an inexpensive, quickly made portrait of herself that was a more accurate representation than the expensive painting of her wealthy employer devoted many hours to sitting. And in relation to the enslaved people of the time, Douglass pointed out how photography enabled objective, truthful representations to combat the racism of demeaning caricature drawings. For the first half of Grand Panorama, Skipitares teams with actor Jayson Kerr, who narrates in the words of the great orator, while the rest of the play space is populated by an ensemble of dancers and puppeteers using contemporary art forms such as panorama and magic lantern, Shadow Theater and the Weird to not only dramatize Douglass' statements about his own experiences, but also to tell how freedom fighter Sojourner Truth became one of the first public figures to make a living selling photos of himself , and like Nate Biddle who became the first casualty of the Civil War when northerners reacted with outrage at seeing a black man wearing their country's uniform. "Looked at correctly, the whole human soul is a kind of picture gallery, a grandiose panorama." But the new century also brings scientific advances that favor the characteristics of white subjects and allow for greater artistic processing. As illustrated by hand-held clippings, most people in 21st-century America carry a camera in their pocket that allows them to capture truthful images and then customize their appearance to suit their personal tastes. Fun and thought-provoking, the Grand Panorama is recommended for ages 10+; a great choice for family sightseeing as well as a conversation starter for a night on the town.


News summary on Sunday morning

The final environmental impact report for the section of the California... (Author: Gardener)

Sunday morningThe final environmental impact report for the portion of the California high-speed rail project that would run between San Jose and Merced is now complete. The report, released Friday by the California High-Speed ​​Rail Authority, is the final environmental impact report and environmental statement for the 90-mile section of the project between Silicon Valley and the Central Valley. The Authority's Board will review the final document for approval during its two-day Board meeting on April 20-21 in conjunction with the proposed approval of the preferred alternative orientation. If approval is granted, this phase of the project will be closer to "shovel-ready" as pre-construction and construction financing becomes available, according to Anthony Lopez, spokesman for the high-speed rail project. Half-staffed flags are now being flown at all municipal buildings throughout Monterey County to commemorate a Salinas police officer who was killed on duty while conducting a traffic stop late Friday night. Salinas Police Officer Jorge David Alvarado was shot and killed on duty at around 10:45 p.m. Friday near Griffin and East Market streets, according to Salinas Police Chief Roberto Filice, who was speaking at a news conference on Saturday. The Monterey County District Attorney's Office is leading an investigation into the shooting, District Attorney Jeannine Pacioni said during the news conference. Alvarado, who was 30, was a five-year veteran of the police department. And that is exactly the intention behind the Black Joy Parade - a free event proudly showcasing Black experiences, history and culture - starting at 12:30 p.m. Sunday. The Black Joy Parade has had to resort to virtual options and various small satellite events in 2021 because of the pandemic, rather than one large in-person event. The Black Joy Parade went virtual and took place on a smaller scale in 2021. Last year, however, it took place in person, just before the pandemic shutdown of large gatherings. When she came across Killing My Lobster in 2008, she envisioned herself as the type of writer and performer whose gifts were reserved solely for "serious drama." Cut to 2022 and Trowbridge is not only a member of the San Francisco sketch comedy troupe, which dates back a quarter of a century, but also proudly defends sketch as an art form. Valentine's Day officially marked KML's 25th anniversary, which the company used to announce their 2022 season. When this season kicks off on April 7, it will be the company's first in-person show since February 2020. Three firefighters from the Oakland Fire Department were discharged from hospital Saturday night after suffering injuries of varying degrees when their fire truck crashed into a building en route to an early afternoon building fire. The announcement of the release of the firefighters was made at 10:51 p.m. Tweet from the department. Marin County health officials said this week that a new analysis of recent COVID-19 deaths reinforces the need for renewed attention to medical care and recovery treatment, along with a broader rollout of COVID-19 booster shots. On Friday, the county health department's weekly COVID-19 casualty report revealed 15 more deaths, resulting in a total of 24 residents who died from COVID-19 complications between January and February 12. A former Pacific Grove police officer has filed a complaint in the US District Court for Northern California in San Jose, naming the city of Pacific Grove, its police chief and its city manager as defendants in the lawsuit. According to a city press release, Michael Gonzalez, a former Pacific Grove police officer, filed the complaint, naming the City of Pacific Grove, Police Commissioner Cathy Madalone, and City Manager Ben Harvey as defendants for "retaliation for exercising First Amendment rights." The city is reviewing the 30-page complaint and subpoena. Pacific Grove City Council will consider the complaint during its closed agenda during the March 2 city council meeting. Seven people and their dog were displaced when their Santa Rosa home caught fire Saturday night. Matthew Dahl, a spokesman for the Santa Rosa Fire Department, said a birthday party was being held at the residence when residents noticed smoke coming from the attic and were evacuated around 7 p.m. Upon arrival, firefighters entered the home and extinguished the flames within 15 minutes. A fire investigator determined the incident was accidental and had started in the electrical wiring in the attic. An apartment fire with an alarm in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood sent four residents to the hospital. A spokesman for the San Francisco Fire Department said another four people were injured but did not require hospitalization. Another seven residents were rescued unharmed. The fire broke out around 2 p.m. in a four-story building on the 1000 block of Howard Street. A surfer stranded in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Francisco was rescued by firefighters late Saturday afternoon. A spokesman for the San Francisco Fire Department said the rescue came after the surfer was overwhelmed by strong ocean currents just off Land's End, near the city's historic Cliff House. The fire department spokesman said the surfer was being examined by paramedics but was expected to be fine. Oakland Homicide detectives need the public's help to locate the suspect responsible for the fatal shooting of a San Leandro resident late Friday night. Oakland Police spokeswoman Candace Keas said Saturday afternoon the shooting happened just before 10 p.m. Friday near the 1400 block of 104th Avenue. Oakland Police Department dispatchers received reports of a group of people engaged in an altercation at the location. When officers arrived, they found an adult with obvious gunshot wounds. The victim was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead. The National Weather Service's forecast for Sunday for the San Francisco Bay Area calls for mostly sunny skies after a cloudy morning. Sunday highs range from the low 60s near the coast to the high 60s inland. Copyright © 2022 Bay City News, Inc. Republication, retransmission, or redistribution is prohibited without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. Bay City News is a 24/7 news service covering the greater Bay Area. Copyright © 2022 by Bay City News, Inc. Republication, redistribution, or other reuse without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. is prohibited.


Jaylen Clark on Russell Westbrook Comparisons, David Singleton on UCLA Future

The Bruins' burgeoning second year follows in the footsteps of the program's final breakout guard, who wears the No. 0. (Author: Gardener)

Jaylen ClarkJaylen Clark and David Singleton, the UCLA men's basketball guards, spoke to reporters ahead of Wednesday morning's practice. Clark addressed fans who compared him to Russell Westbrook and detailed how he plays mind games with opponents on defense, while Singleton was asked about his plans for next season and what the Bruins need to do in order to bond with Oregon on Thursday revenge. What makes your defense so good? When I go in front of someone in person, I don't feel like someone should be able to score against me, that's just how I feel. So when I step in front of someone, I give 110% on defense. For example, we're playing Arizona State and the kid ran away very quickly and I kind of pulled his arm and then I hit the ball and now he's worried that I'll catch him, so he goes to the umpires and complains , instead of just playing his game and he tries to make sure he shows the referee how I grab him but then I won't touch him for the next few games. Then when the umpires turn around I'll probably tug on his arm again just to make him worry about fouls and all that other stuff they can't see. I feel like just trust nothing has really changed. Like I did everything in practice, so I finally got the recordings and played like I play in practice. How do you feel after missing five games and now being back for five? I feel great. It feels good to play without dealing with head injuries or sitting out or anything, just trying to keep the ball going. More offensive responsibility in the event of team injuries? We all play the same and our offense is very free flowing. I think you can tell from Tyger going away, to Johnny, to Jaime. We have a lot of people who can just bolt any night. Any player who makes a lot of money playing basketball is great. Realistically, it's only three games at the moment. I try to keep the ball going. But I'm trying to get it to the point where I can eventually be compared to him, like a Russell Westbrook, or a Norman Powell, or Darren Collison, or just another great UCLA security guard who got through this program. I just live my life very differently. I can afford to live somewhere nicer, bought a new car and stuff like that. As far as the season goes, not much really changes. For example, maybe for recruiting coaches because they can convince people to come to LA, there are more opportunities here. But for me personally as a player, not much has changed on the pitch. We're still hungry to get out here and get wins and stuff like that with or without the extra cash from NIL. I'm not sure yet if I'll come back next season. I know it's an option. Everyone knows I'll be glad to have the opportunity to do it. But right now I'm just worried about Thursday's game. He doesn't need to be told to play hard. He knows his role. And he knows his stuff, he's really studying defense and the game of basketball. I want to make sure the guys are mentally and physically ready. So whatever pre-game speeches I need to make them work, I'm ready to deliver them. Or sometimes I might have to say minimal things because I see them included. I can always tell exactly then and there when the scrum continues. Don't get me wrong, they are an excellent team. Whatever fights, I have a feeling they don't have it. Especially when they play against us. You are a great team. When I go into the game, I just feel like we just have to lock ourselves in and take care of business. I just have the feeling that we have to play harder. Run harder, play harder. How has NIL changed the season? How has NIL changed the season? With academics and NIL I just feel like we're getting closer to the pros than.... We know we can benefit now, we carry ourselves in a certain way and care even more about our image. It's really great for us, I feel like it sets us up for people who want to go pro or are ready for the next level: 'That's how you gotta carry yourself. You have to take care of brands. Be careful what brands you contact and everything. So I feel like there's definitely a difference in how we carry ourselves and our images. Follow All Bruins on Twitter at @SI_AllBruins. Like All Bruins on Facebook at @SI. Subscribe to All Bruins on YouTube. Read More UCLA Stories: UCLA Bruins on Sports Illustrated Read More UCLA Men's Basketball Stories: UCLA Men's Basketball on Sports Illustrated


Nick Cannon's Eatertainment venue tops list of new restaurant openings

Also in this week's Local Restaurant Report, updates on The Melt, Sweetgreen, Chef Jeff Jackson, Torsap Thai, The Pie Hole and more (Author: Gardener)

Nick Cannon'sTV host Nick Cannon will open the first location of his new "eatertainment" concept, Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out, at 11 a.m. today in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter. The two-story location at Sixth Avenue and G Street includes a restaurant serving American sports pub fare, a gym and a 40-seat bar. The menu features a brunch skillet, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, salads, baby back ribs, rotisserie chicken and more. Cannon will be hosting a grand opening party and red carpet event tonight with the cast of "Wild 'N Out" at the restaurant at 701 Sixth Ave., San Diego. Visit Twenty-two years after becoming executive chef at The Lodge at Torrey Pines and a leader in San Diego's farm-to-table culinary movement, Jeff Jackson is stepping down from his job to take on the newly created role of culinary management consultant. Replacing Jackson is Kelli Crosson, who joined the lodge in 2009 and has served as Jackson's executive chef at A, the lodge's signature restaurant. In his new role, Jackson will help recruit and mentor kitchen staff, be involved with on-site events and assist with culinary endeavors at Evans' other hotel restaurants. The Melt, a San Francisco-based fast-casual restaurant chain known for its Angus-Wagyu blend MeltBurgers, opened its second San Diego County location in the Gaslamp Quarter on February 6. Melt's menu includes burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac 'n' cheese, soups, salads, milkshakes and more. The new location is in a historic 1920's building at 635 Fifth Ave., San Diego. Visit Sweetgreen, a Los Angeles-based fast-casual salad-centric restaurant chain, opened its first San Diego County location Tuesday in Carlsbad. Sweetgreen's menu includes hot and cold salads and grain bowls including Shroomami, Kale Caesar, Guacamole Greens, Chicken Pesto Parm, Seafood Bowls and more. The new location, seating 30 indoors and 30 on the terrace, features artwork by local painter Sarah Marlowe Hall. Sweetgreen is located in The Beacon Shopping Center at 7750 El Camino Real, Suite A, Carlsbad. Visit Cheese has reopened its redesigned, family-friendly pizzeria and arcade at 1126 W. New site features include an interactive dance floor with programmed lights and music, and a large format video wall. The company plans to remodel all of its sites over the next three years. Visit for more information. Bronx Pizza, the 25-year-old Hillcrest pizzeria known for its authentic New York-style thin-crust pies, was named one of the top 100 pizza places in the country by Bronx Pizza was the only San Diego venue to make the list, which was published in alphabetical order, rather than in rank order. Bronx Pizza is a multi-year honoree on local "Best Pizza" lists, including Travel Magazine's 2021 list of "Top 10 Pizza Places on the West Coast". Brenae Leary, a spokeswoman for the crowdsourcing website for restaurant reviews, said the list was created considering the overall volume of consumer reviews and ratings for U. On Yelp, Bronx Pizza at 111 Washington Street in San Diego ranks 4.5 out of 5 stars based on nearly 4,000 reviews on Yelp. Visit The Pie Hole, a Los Angeles-based comfort food and coffee shop, plans to open three Pie Hole stores in three Gelson supermarkets in San Diego County in the coming months. Stores will open in the spring at Gelson's at 2707 Via de la Valle, Del Mar and 730 Turquoise St. in Pacific Beach. Visit for details. Torsap Thai Kitchen, a Thai restaurant company in the Bay Area town of Walnut Creek, will open its third location this spring in the former WR Kitchen space at The Square at Bressi Ranch Center in Carlsbad. According to Location Matters' Mike Spilky, who represented the tenant, Torsap Thai has signed a 10-year, $2.4 million deal for the 3,990-square-foot restaurant with an outdoor patio. The restaurant will open in April at 2688 Gateway Road, Carlsbad. Visit Pam Hals writes about San Diego County restaurants for the San Diego Union-Tribune. Email her at [email protected]


Is it okay to admit that I already like Amy Schumer?

Hating Amy Schumer is so 2017. (Author: Gardener)

Amy SchumerThere was a time when you couldn't even open your browser without inadvertently seeing someone hates Amy Schumer. In fact, the controversial stand-up comedian is said to be the reason Netflix is ​​no longer rating stars. When The Leather Special (which received a one-star audience rating at the time) came out in 2017, many viewers called it the worst stand-up set in history. I'll never forget when, after watching the show (which I found pretty humorous, at least), I decided to see what other videos of Schumer I could find online. You make disgusting jokes beyond stupid," I heard a YouTuber rant in her All Wrong With Amy Schumer compilation video. That evening I found many videos like this, and I couldn't help but think, Really? The Leather Special wasn't the funniest, best-written, or in any way most sophisticated watch; I liked it anyway as it covered some avenues of general sex life in a way that I felt was quite fresh at the time. If we are to believe the critical YouTube videos, Schumer's bad reputation stems largely from her vulgar and blatant jokes about vaginas, sex, and weight (as opposed to legitimate criticism of her racist jokes). Whether she's talking about bleeding into her underwear or passing out at the end of a night of drinking, there are legions of people waiting to take her footage on screen and turn it into another "worst of all time" compilation to transform. Is joking about the least glamorous functions of our bodies automatically a scary feast? Self-deprecation is one of comedy's most popular genres, so why is Schumer's case so different? As someone who enjoys Schumer's work and appreciates and understands most of the criticisms, there is a significant group of people who despise her comedy. The others probably just jumped on the hate train without knowing where it was leading. Hate trends are like avalanches. Check out the top videos that come up after searching for Schumer on YouTube. Most of them contain negative comments from years ago that are liked by hundreds of people. However, it's so myopic to look at a performer through the lens of his most critically acclaimed work from years ago. Hating Amy Schumer is so 2017. Her comedy is much more than a collection of poorly executed chick jokes and unnecessary noise. Her 2019 Netflix special Growing is a perfect example of Schumer trying to take criticism seriously. Her jokes about drinking wine while pregnant put me and my hard-to-please Scottish partner in real pangs. I'm not saying the special didn't have any eyebrow-raising moments at all, but 99% of them do. Again, hordes of online commentators apparently didn't find Growing funny, although critics praised the special. Schumer's attempts at self-deprecating humor don't seem to go down well with much of the public. I always thought self-mockery was the way to go, especially at the beginning of your career. People don't like those who feel superior and think too highly of themselves. Don't we all black out sometimes and wake up with an oven pizza on our laps? It's hard for me not to conclude that much of Schumer's criticism is rooted in misogyny. A Grindr connection (in true Schumer fashion, I know!) from the US once told me, "It's just distasteful for a woman to make jokes like that." Oh, the irony! As a gay man, I identify with many of the themes in Schumer's comedy. Even when she talks about unrealistic ideals of beauty for women, the hypersexuality that straight men demand of their partners, or the general misery of sex, I can identify with much of her material. Being at a party as a naïve 18-year-old holding a champagne flute like it's literally too heavy? Always pretending sex is my number one priority in life, because you know, "gay lifestyle"? Not to mention all the preparation before each date (detachable shower head, anyone?) which she's often fond of joking about. Is Trevor Noah gross for telling the audience he spat blood after a night out in Scotland? I'm not trying to say that everyone should find Amy Schumer funny. But in 2022 we should at least keep them on the same level as other comedians. You think their comedy is garbage? If so, I don't think it's their comedy that you have a problem with. you just hate her Tomasz Lesniara is a freelance writer based in Scotland, originally from Poland.


Willie Garson's son pays heartwarming tribute to his late father's 58th birthday

The son of the late Sex And The City actor Willie Garson, Nathen shares a heartwarming throwback to his father's 58th birthday. (Author: Gardener)

Willie Garson'sWillie Garson's son Nathen has paid a poignant tribute to his father on his 58th birthday. The Sex And The City star - best known as Stanford Blatch on the series - adopted Nathen in 2009 when he was just seven years old, and the 21-year-old remembered his late father over the weekend, five months after his death from pancreatic cancer. On Sunday, he shared an updated photo of them together and simply wrote, "Happy birthday dad. Miss you ton and love you (sic).' It comes a week after Nathen paid tribute to his girlfriend Lexie on Instagram to celebrate Valentine's Day and admitted his dad would have 'loved' her. He said at the time: "Happy Valentine's Day and a happy 5 months. I'm so glad to call you mine and I can't wait to see you again soon. I love you more than you know and I can't wait to spend many more months with you. My father would have loved you. I love you endlessly (sic)' Following his death in September 2021, Nathen shared a series of snaps of his late father, thanking him for sharing 'his love' with him. The sophomore wrote: "Love you so much dad. Rest in Peace and I'm so glad you got to share all your adventures with me and have been able to achieve so much. I will always love you, but I think it's time you embarked on an adventure of your own. "I love you more than you will ever know and I'm glad you can be at peace now. I'm glad you shared your love with me. Garson has often posted pictures of his son on social media, and in July he penned a sweet birthday message that read, "Happy birthday to my little devil, grown up now, more than any concept of son I could have imagined." , with the best heart I know. May this next year of college be the stepping stone to your future and know that I and many others are with you always. I adore you, @nathen_garson." Garson officially became Nathen's father in January 2010, more than a year after first seeing him at a Los Angeles adoption fair in October 2008. "I fell in love with Nathen." Garson had hoped to to marry and start a family, but decided to adopt three years before he met Nathen when he realized he was no closer to finding the woman of his dreams but desperately wanted a child. MORE : Sex And The City's Mario Cantone on 'terrible' moment Willie Garson told him about cancer: 'I thought he was joking' MORE : And Just Like That: Stanford Blatch originally had a much bigger story before dying by Willie Garson


Powerball Results Winning Numbers for 02/23/22

The last Powerball lottery had $45 million up for grabs. Here are the results of that draw that took place on Wednesday 23rd February. (Author: Gardener)

02/23/22A $45 million jackpot was up for grabs in Wednesday's Powerball lottery, with a $30.1 million cash value option. In terms of lucky numbers, the regular white balls were drawn as 06, 17, 21, 35, 64 while the power red ball was 18. A 2X multiplier was in effect, meaning winners here had a chance to potentially double their win. The information for each draw is presented in its own dedicated table, which breaks down how many people won each prize and whether any of them chose to use the Power Play Multiplier Bonus. When it comes to February 23rd, no one has managed to correctly guess all five white balls and the red Powerball in a single ticket. This means the $45 million jackpot has not been claimed and the prize pool will now roll over to the next draw on Sunday February 27th. Even with the non-jackpot prizes, not a single player guessed all five white balls correctly. Five people managed to guess four of the white balls and the red Powerball (worth $50,000). One of them also went for the Power Play multiplier, doubling his earnings to $100,000. 158 lottery entrants matched four white balls alone, earning them $100 each. 62 people from this group used the power play option. Another 422 players won $100 each by getting three white balls and the red Powerball. 152 of them used the Power Play option. As for the lower prizes, on February 23 a total of 20,114 people claimed a $7 prize by winning either three white balls or a combination of two white balls and the red Powerball. Finally, 225,893 players received a $4 prize by combining the red Powerball (either alone or with a single white ball). Powerball lottery tickets cost $2 and can be used in 45 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U. When you decide to purchase a ticket you must choose six lucky numbers, five of which are for the regular white balls (and can be anything between 1 and 69), while the other is for the red Powerball (between 1 and 26). As well as picking your numbers, you also have the option to pay an extra $1 for the Power Play multiplier. With this bonus you can increase your winnings by a factor of two, three, four, five or even 10 (the effect of this multiplier is randomly determined before each draw). While all other prizes are fixed amounts of money, the value of the Powerball jackpot fluctuates depending on how many tickets were sold and when the last person won like in the Mega Millions lottery, should you be lucky, z is enough to win the grand prize here, then you can choose to pay it as a lump sum or in annuity payments want to accept, spread over 29 years. The next Powerball lottery will be drawn at 11:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, February 27. Missing Woman's $532,000 Lottery Ticket Found Just Before It ExpireMega Millions Numbers 02/22/22 Results: Did Anyone Win Tuesday's $75 Million Jackpot? "Just play!": man bought over 200 lottery tickets and they were all winners


Liverpool John Lennon Airport Jobs You Can Apply Now

Jobs available at the airport include roles at Premier Inn, Boots and Subway (Author: Gardener)

Liverpool John Lennon Airport Jobs You Can Apply NowThere are a number of positions available at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. There are a number of jobs available at Liverpool John Lennon Airport for different companies. Over 3,000 people work at the airport in its various operational areas, including trading, marketing and terminal operations. Positions are currently being offered working for the airport itself and for companies based both in and around it. READ MORE: Jobs at Jet2 you can apply for now Below we list the jobs currently available at the airport. The job posting reads: “As a work supervisor, you are responsible for ensuring that your team consistently meets our high cleaning standards, that cleaning schedules and planned procedures are implemented throughout the airport premises, while ensuring the safety of our passengers and our colleagues. “The successful candidate will work as part of a team throughout the airport campus, covering the public terminal areas, airport offices, outside car parks, various retail units and outside offices. “The tasks include, among other things; Planning and assigning daily tasks, staff training, internal audits, maintaining accurate record keeping, becoming an expert on all equipment used on site, inventory/unit monitoring/ordering and managing supplies, evaluating performance of colleagues, managing team rosters/annual leave and liaising with both internal and external stakeholders. This is a fast-paced environment and can be a physically demanding role at times." The job posting states, "You will be at the center of ensuring every guest has the best possible experience by preparing, cooking and serving delicious meals with every order present.” “If you have the following skills and qualities, we want to hear from you. * Confidence in speaking to guests and collaborating with your team. * Passionate about delivering an amazing experience for our guests.” To learn more about the position and to apply, click here. The job posting lists the daily responsibilities as follows: “Listen to our customers, it's the first step in providing a great experience and we love how passionate our customers are about our brand. Her genuinely personable approach will keep our customers coming back. "Create a great shopping environment for our customers by making sure our stores are clean, tidy and attractive, and provide a store we can be truly proud of." It adds, "Make our customers feel really good." give - it's about more than just answering their questions, it's about giving our customers a really great experience. You let them know you're here to help - it's the little things that make a big difference. “Get to know and promote our in-store promotions and programs – the more information we can give our customers the better. Such a difference to the way we do things.” For more information about this role and to apply click here. For more information about this role and to apply click here A strong, hands-on work ethic, able to work at pace to ensure every guest receives excellent service from you and the team.” * Strong communication skills and passion, to ensure an amazing guest experience is consistently delivered. * Problem solving skills to assist with questions or complaints and ensure guests are fully satisfied with the outcome. To learn more about the role and to apply, click here. According to the job posting, "Supervisors play an essential role in ensuring businesses run efficiently and service is at the heart of every shift. They are the face of our dynamic and fun business, bringing the brand to life and ensuring that our customers receive the service and quality food they expect.” “With a great attitude and a love of customer service, you will enjoy making fresh, quality sandwiches for your customers and motivating your team to do the same.” You "You will use your initiative to make decisions and enjoy this fast-paced food environment. You will enjoy overseeing and managing a team on your shift and actively managing customers. Customer satisfaction, product quality and overall store performance." To read the job and for information on how to apply, click Her job description states: “You do not need any previous hotel experience to work in this position with us Fast-paced environment * Passion and natural flair for outstanding customer service and dealing with a variety of people Click for more information about the job and how to apply You here.


RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 8 Recap

The Queens appear in '60s-inspired girl groups in Season 14, Episode 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race. Which group shone the brightest? Read our review to find out (Author: Gardener)

RuPaulGirl group challenges can be such a fun time. Dancing, singing and uncomfortable tensions between the queens; it's a spark for plenty of drama in the workroom. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 8 was no exception! Following a recent trend from RuPaul's Best Friend Race, it was a nice change to bring some fire back into the competition. And "'60s Girl Groups" had a good balance of shadows and gimmicks. Case in point: the "Reading is fundamental!" Challenge. Are there drag race fans who hate this mini challenge? It's a must-have and a mainstay of any drag race season, so I was thrilled it was coming back. Surprisingly, each queen did a great job with their reads. Typically some queens fail to land a joke and get the awkward silence, but every queen on this round has accomplished a hit with her zingers. The Queens of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 could be the season of the reads. Some seasons have fashion queens, comedy queens, or lip-sync queens, but shades and reading might be this batch's forte. The top 3 best readings came from Bosco, Lady Camden and Jorgeous. Lady Camden, who called Jorgeous "a waste of time," was a clever play on words that hit the spot. Jorgeous's reading of Jasmine Kennedie was the one that impressed RuPaul the most. You could see it on RuPaul's face; She could hardly breathe because the remark was so sharp. Little Miss Jorgeous. Permalink: Little Miss Jorgeous. Ugh, the tinniest little waste of... time. Ugh, the tinniest little waste of... time. Jorgeous might not be strong at acting and singing (we'll get to that later), but she can throw shade with the best of them. And in Bosco's case, she deservedly won the Mini Challenge. All her readings have it all. She called herself the villain, but according to her pallbearer joke, she was a murderer based on how she killed him during the challenge. The 1960's girl group maxi challenge is a risky challenge competition for the queens. RuPaul loves her references, especially anything related to Diana Ross and the past music scene. She ripped Aja a new one after messing up some Studio 54 references in Season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars. This queen would not have survived to make it to lip sync. As we went into rehearsals and recording, it became clear that the jury would be keeping an extra close eye on everything the queens did. Any little slip could land someone at the bottom. Group #1 (The Shang-Ru-Las) had the best performance and team unity among the "60's Girl Groups". Not only did they have the best song, their choreography and lyrics matched the tone of the track. And Bosco, Daya Betty and Willow Pill all danced seamlessly together while performing their characters. They also impressed Michelle Visage and the other queens with how strong their rehearsals got. If this challenge was based on a group scoring, they would all have won easily and would have been safe together. Daya walked away with the win and was well deserved; She made the best of the group and her ensemble shone on the catwalk. It would have been frustrating if someone from The Shang-Ru-Las hadn't won; This was her lap to snag a win as her performance was impeccable. Group #2 (The Rupremes) had a good safe bet. Before I even sang, I had a feeling they were going to get extra RuPaul points just because The Supremes inspired them; RuPaul will always love her favorite group. The Rupremes had strong singing, but they were the worst dancers. The lack of challenging dance moves prevented her from leading the group. If they could have done more, I can imagine RuPaul giving them the win. Kerri could have avoided the bottom if she worked more with the song's melody and dance moves. This is how you could let her down on the runway one last time. Permalink: This is how you could let her down on the runway one last time. And since Angeria Paris has VanMichael's experience lip-synching with Diana Ross, those skills would be the icing on the cake. Shockingly, she didn't win the "'60s girl groups," even though she gave RuPaul everything she wanted from a Diana Ross performance. Sometimes even the judges can surprise us with their final decision. Group #3 (The Runettes) was the worst of the girl groups. They had the best dancing talent, but they were the worst singers. If they could focus on selling the performance with their facial expressions and movements, all three would have been deemed safe. Shockingly, Jorgeous didn't end up at the bottom. She should thank fate that Jasmine was focusing too much on being perfect. Jasmine needs to let go and trust the process. My favorite ensembles came from Daya Betty and Bosco. Some queens had outstanding looks that made them shine, while most were dull, messy, and safe. Daya Betty's neon cyberpunk offered a color change to the runway's red, pink and white outfits. Her futuristic design looked creative and it felt like she could wear it at a rave in the future. Jasmine Kennedie why do you look so old but you are so young? Permalink: You are the definition of "White Do Crack". The white dress made her look sophisticated and beautiful while her bum added that sassy Bosco charm. The vampire dress let out a loud "Try to look away from me if you can!" Energy. Jasmine Kennedie and Kerri Colby's lip-syncing to Toni Braxton's "Un-Break My Heart (Remix)" didn't blow it out of the water. There was nothing special that would keep this performance in our memories as unforgettable lip-synching for years to come. Jasmine served up emotion with her face and movements, while Kerri adjusted the tone with her facial expressions. An evenly timed lip sync, with Jasmine just making a little more effort to show the sadness of the lyrics. [All the queens laugh] Willow Pill: Jorgeous, we know you're skinny and you need to eat. Also, she broke the curse of queens losing their shoes during lip-synching home. As I said above, the judges may surprise us with their final decision. She was better at lip syncing, so it's good that she gets to kill another tag. Daya Betty creates a lot of drama, like her fight with Jasmine. Now that she's landed her win at the Maxi Challenge, is she perhaps bringing out her full villain side? I'm here for all of Lady Camden's love for the Spice Girls. Now to you drag race fans. What do you think of "60s girl groups"? What was your favorite girl group? What reading made you laugh the most?


Purdue, Kentucky, Auburn fall as Big Ten, SEC races heat up

Here are the winners and losers from a busy final Saturday in college basketball (Author: Gardener)

KentuckyMarch is still a few days away, but the madness came early on College Basketball Saturday, when three teams in the top 6 of the AP Top 25 poll lost thrilling games that will impact the conference's title races. No. 4 Purdue fell first, but No. 6 Kentucky and No. 3 Auburn soon followed in an afternoon that showed how fluid NCAA tournament seeding scenarios remain with just over two weeks left until selection Sunday. The Boilermakers' 68-65 loss at Michigan State knocked them out of a tie for first place in the Big Ten as Wisconsin seized sole possession of the top spot with a win over Rutgers. There was turmoil in the SEC as well, with No. 18 Arkansas maintaining its winning streak with a 75-73 win over No. 6 Kentucky. It marks 13 wins in the last 14 games for the Razorbacks, who are now just one game behind first place in the conference after No. 17 Tennessee's 67-62 win over Auburn. The Tigers have now lost three of their last six and are clinging to a one-game lead over Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee as they enter the final week of the SEC regular season. Auburn can still win the conference outright by beating Mississippi State and South Carolina next week. As the regular season nears its home stretch and conference tournaments draw closer, the stakes are high across the country. With the loss of Purdue, No. 13 Wisconsin only had to beat Rutgers to claim solo possession of first place in the Big Ten. The Scarlet Knights had defeated Illinois, Ohio State and Michigan State in their last three home games before Saturday's showdown. Rutgers rebounded from an 11-point deficit early in the second half to briefly take a late lead. It's been a revolving door at the top of the Big Ten this season, and Wisconsin hosts none other than Purdue on Tuesday. Is Bud Walton Arena the toughest place to play in the country? The Hogs have beaten Auburn, Tennessee and Kentucky in their last three home games and are now in contention for the SEC title with those three. Arkansas was fortunate to only play Auburn and Kentucky once in the regular season, playing both at home. But planning for luck aside, it's clear the Razorbacks will make their move and be a threat again in the NCAA tournament after making the Elite Eight last season. It was looking like a great bet until Kentucky's TyTy Washington took a three-point shot to make it 75-73. TCU, a predicted No. 10 seed in CBS Sports Bracketology pundit Jerry Palm's bracket but on the bladder, notched up a huge 69-66 win at home against No. 9 Texas Tech, which for its big chances was only the job could do. It's a significant one for the Horned Frogs with a grueling late game that could have gotten ugly, but the win over the Red Raiders - led by Mike Miles Jr.'s 26 points - might just be the win that unofficially puts them in Kansas ( twice) and West Virginia on deck to wrap up the regular season certainly looks less daunting and less punchy with this win. Michigan State was on a three-game losing streak and had lost five of its last six as it prepares to host Purdue No. 4 on Saturday. The Spartans were on a worrying tailspin from the Big Ten title fight, highlighted by an 86-60 loss in Iowa on Tuesday. But Saturday was a different story when the Spartans forced 17 turnovers, including 10 in the second half when MSU coach Tom Izzo beat former Indiana coach Bob Knight for most wins among Big Ten coaches (662) at the The Spartans' 68-65 win after that tied a must-see clutch 3-pointer from Tyson Walker. One of WAC's worst teams defeated WAC's best team in a stunning game on Saturday as Chicago State -- 6:22 over the weekend and on a nine-game losing streak -- beat New Mexico State 61-59. On January 11, West Virginia was 13-2 overall, 2-1 in the Big 12 game and, by all appearances, on course for another NCAA tournament appearance under the awesome coaching of Bob Huggins. The Mountaineers have lost 13 of their last 14 games since then, and Saturday was another one-possession loss - their second this week - in an 82-81 home loss to Texas. "We got up at 10 a.m. and then we did some stupid things," Huggins said after the game. Without the services of star Johnny Juzang, UCLA's No. 12 destroyed Pac-12 foe Oregon State 94-55 in their biggest win of the season. The Bruins - who lost to Oregon earlier in the week - were favored by just 12.5 points but went out on 13-of-20 from 3-point range and 34-of-58 to bounce emphatically in the win column . Miami entered Saturday as the predicted No. 11 in the NCAA tournament, according to Palm's Bracketology, and appeared to be on course for a nice win over Virginia Tech when disaster struck. The error resulted in a 3-pointer from Virginia Tech's Darius Maddox that led the Hokies to a 71-70 win. It's the first Quad 1 win of the season for the Hokies, who have won eight of their last nine to keep their hopes of being at large from fading completely. No. 19 Murray State needed just one more win to end an 18-0 run through the Ohio Valley Conference. But the Racers were 12 points behind Southeast Missouri State with six minutes to go and were in danger of adding an ugly Quad-4 loss to an otherwise great resume. Murray State closed on a 20-6 run to end its regular season 28-2. The résumé of the racers is strong enough that even if they don't win the OVC tournament, they should do the big dance. Florida state guard Matthew Cleveland buried a deep 3-pointer on the buzzer to lead the Seminoles to a 64-63 victory over Virginia. The result should end any remaining hope of a general NCAA tournament bid for the Cavaliers, who are now 17-12 (11-8 ACC). It's been a rough year for FSU, who have lost eight of their last nine by the time they came into play. No. 17 Tennessee has now defeated three teams in the top 6 of the AP Top 25 rankings after recovering from an 11-point deficit and beating No. 3 Auburn 67-62. With victories over Arizona and Kentucky as well, the Volunteers have a clean record with no losses outside of Quad 1. With the win, the Vols also stayed in the mix for a share of the SEC title. If Arkansas can keep winning, it wouldn't be a shock to see each of the SEC's top four teams finish 4th or better in the NCAA tournament. Xavier lost his fourth straight game, losing at home to Seton Hall 82-66. The Musketeers (17-11, 7-10 Big East) entered Palms Bracketology as the predicted No. 9 but may want to stop sliding soon.