How Giants Prospecting Wilson uses the lessons learned from Crawford

Will Wilson worked with Giants Big Leagues for a month before playing a minor league game with the organization. These lessons are still helping him as he progresses through the minors. (Author: Gardener)

WilsonThe pandemic has changed the path for every player who was in the minor leagues in March 2020, but few have taken a more tortuous path than Giants shortstop Will Wilson. Wilson was acquired three months before the sport closed this spring in a deal better suited to the Oklahoma City Thunder than an MLB offseason. The Giants essentially took an expiring contract to get a first-round talent, paid the $12 million left over from Zack Cozart's deal, and then fired him a month later. While Cozart was the highest-paid giant of 2020, Wilson made it to Oracle Park before ever playing in a minor league game for the organization. He was added to the player pool for the summer camp that ran ahead of the truncated season, which gave him an opportunity few prospects get in their first pro season: Wilson spent this month learning from the best defensive shortstop in the National League, and on this week's Giants Talk Podcast, he said that's what makes his unique big league month special. "The biggest thing that stuck in my mind that impacted success in the game is Craw's philosophy of catching, and that's keep moving your feet, keep the glove steady, catch everything with your feet," Wilson said. "That really impressed me and it kind of carried over and I feel like it shows in games when I'm just being smooth and quick and allowing myself to get more balls." After playing Brandon Crawford for a couple of weeks practice and simulation games for a long time, he spent the remainder of the summer at the alternate Sacramento location. Last season, he finally got to make his real-game debut for the Giants. The first full season in the minors was a mixed bag. He hit .837 OPS with 10 home runs in 49 games before being promoted, but the transition to a more pitcher-friendly Double-A league has been difficult. Wilson had a .587 OPS with five homers in Richmond, an experience that gave him a clear roadmap for the offseason. "I've spoken to a lot of people about the leaps they've made throughout their careers and they usually say this one (from A-ball to Double-A) and then obviously when you get into the big leagues, that's the two big ones," Wilson said. "Guys are just more accurate at whatever pitch they want to throw and they master it. Everything breaks the way they want it to and they master the breaking ball a lot more. Wilson has two important lessons taken from his months in doubles. One to focus on off the pitch and one for the games. He said he's learned the importance of preparing your body for a long season so you don't get caught in hitting a wall down center, and also that he needs to be better at staying at breaking balls from right-handed pitchers.When Wilson showed up to big league camp last spring, Gabe Kapler kept emphasizing how much work Wilson had to do in the offseason n on his body and said, "Looks amazing." To work on breaking balls, Wilson has adopted a virtual reality headset that other Giants - most notably Mike Yastrzemski - regularly use to improve their pitch recognition to improve. He called up the virtual versions of Jacob deGrom, Gerrit Cole and Justin on Verlander and others via fseason to see different pitch shapes. That work continues in Scottsdale this month, although most of the players Wilson worked with on his first visit to Oracle Park are locked out. Wilson is part of the minor-league camp that began last month at the organization's new facility near Papago Park, working toward a return to Double-A for the 23-year-old. The Giants have moved Wilson around the field a bit — he even played outfield in Fall League — but he's still mostly a shortstop, working daily on the habits he picked up over a month at Oracle Park, the his first visit of any kind was to San Francisco. He was assured that it was a huge benefit that the Giants were trying so hard to get him into their organization. "I just felt very welcome and then I came here and it felt like a really good fit," Wilson said.


The reason Lisa Bonet didn't attend the premiere of The Batman with Jason Momoa and family may surprise you

While Jason Momoa took his kids to the Batman premiere to support stepdaughter Zoe Kravitz, Lisa Bonet was absent from the event. (Author: Gardener)

Lisa BonetLast week, The Batman premiered in New York City, and many stars made their way to see the latest comic-based film about the Caped Crusader. Among those stars was 42-year-old actor Jason Momoa, who was out and about in NYC with his two children with Lisa Bonet. Also with them was Zoe Kravitz and boyfriend Channing Tatum for a family dinner. However, Momoa's wife, actress Lisa Bonet, was noticeably absent from the family outing to support her daughter at the premiere of The Batman, and many people wondered why she hadn't attended. The Batman is the talk of the town in Hollywood as it brings Matt Reeves' psychological thriller based on the DC Comics character to the big screen. Actor Robert Pattinson, known for his work in blockbusters such as Twilight, slips into the role of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. The film also stars well-known Batman characters, including The Riddler (Paul Dano), Penguin (Colin Farrell), and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz). The latter played a big role with her stepfather Jason Momoa and her boyfriend Channing Tatum attending the premiere to show their support. Earlier this week, Momoa shared a series of photos hanging out with Kravitz's beau while they were on an airport tarmac before heading to NYC for the premiere. I'm so incredibly proud of you @zoeisabellakrawitz," Momoa said in his caption. As previously mentioned, Momoa was spotted out with his kids in NYC with Lisa Bonet, 13-year-old son Nakoa-Wolf and 14-year-old daughter Lola. Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum were part of their dinner outing. While Momoa and his kids attended the film premiere, Lisa didn't, for a very good reason. According to Hollywood Life, a source said it was because Bonet didn't want to make unnecessary headlines that could spoil her daughter's moment in the spotlight. "Lisa didn't go to Batman for two reasons," the source told Hollywood Life. The event meant so much to Zoe and the last thing [Lisa and Jason] wanted to do was show her off by walking down a red carpet together." While Bonet wasn't at the premiere, that doesn't take away from that, how proud she is of her daughter. "They're so proud of her," the insider said of Zoe's mom and stepdad. She is comfortable being a home mom and wife at the moment. This was Zoe's time to shine and Lisa is more than okay with chilling at home and looking at the photos from her phone.” Momoa also opened up about his wife's absence from the event when asked by Entertainment Tonight . We're so excited to be here... It's still a family, you know?” he told ET. According to the Hollywood Life insider, his "family" comment referred to how he's still a big part of Zoe's life as her stepfather, and that his children with Bonet are considered Zoe's "brother and sister." Weeks ago, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet shocked some people by revealing that they were divorcing after many years together. During their time together, Bonet gave birth to their two children, Nakoa-Wolf and Lola. While the divorce appeared to be happening, things changed when Jason Momoa bought a $75,000 RV and, based on details from HL's source, parked it at Lisa Bonet's property. Inside sources suggested that Momoa and Bonet are trying to make things work. For now, the couple seems to be reconciling their marriage, but slowly. "Jason and Lisa are taking it one day at a time, but they're still determined to work it out," the insider told Hollywood Life. Based on insiders' reports, Lisa Bonet's absence had nothing to do with not wanting to be with Jason Momoa at the premiere of The Batman, but instead wanting to make sure her daughter gets the spotlight and attention she deserves.


Diva didn't even need to mention Daniel to get reamed for being all-around tough

At tonight's MAFS 2022 dinner party, Dion and Carolina continue to argue about the future of their relationship. Kate and Matt also rock. (Author: Gardener)

DivaEveryone gets ready and Princess Bogan proposes to Nice Guy to wear her flesh colored G-banger under his white pants. Selina says they are in the best spot they were during this experiment and I would be happier for them if that bar wasn't so low. Selina says she locked up her luggage and dumped it with the Titanic? Mr. Moneybags says he is "stunned" by Diva's behavior and puts on another fabulous (?) jacket. Diva still talks about Mr. Moneybag's lack of inclination to both eat breakfast and listen to rap music. She says they have no connection, although I also saw her wearing some pucky. Matt is helping his beautiful, amazing, phenomenal, best, stunning, one of a kind wife to cut a strand or something like that off her dress. When he pretends that he actually cut her dress, Kate says "not funny" because she's a robot fooling everyone with that perfectly straightened blonde wig. Matt gets her a present for her two-week anniversary. She is frustrated by this kindness and is keen to see if any of the other couples receive perfume they don't want. Bebe Al wants to dance with Sam at the dinner party. She wonders if that fits together, because spontaneity and fun are far too immature for her taste. Princess Bogan getting ready for her pre-party beauty vlog. Baby Seal dresses his smooth limbs and @badgalella shits on bricks he'll leave behind tonight for the slightest inconvenience. The couples are on their #sponno car rides where they lie to themselves. @badgalella and Baby Seal are the first. Ballarat Paris and Brent have arrived, only to find that if they can't grill Baby Seal, there really is nothing left to talk about. Ballarat Paris asks how their week was after discovering Baby Seal has the conversational skills of an infant. She says she's been hooking up with @badgalella since the commitment ceremony. He believes there are certain "egos" and "big voices" that look for arguments in groups, and he doesn't want to be asked what he doesn't want to answer. Princess Bogan has come to question baby seal with her voice and ego, but first she wants to gossip about everyone else. They are now discussing Jess leaving Daniel. My Moneybags says he's doing Celine Dion tonight and is on All By Himself. And a Dion (before I changed the name to Mr Moneybags on his birth certificate). I know it was a punishment but this opportunity for Selin Dion feels like a missed one. My Moneybags comes in alone and tells the group that Diva left him after he did everything for her. He brought the letter to dinner and that feels like an odd move to get everyone to believe his story. Mr Moneybags says Diva was worried about going to Bondi with him because she has more than 60,000 followers. I'm currently looking for Diva on the gram. Sad to report, her username is @carolinaschimidt and that's way too close to my last name for me to sleep well tonight. Kate says if Matt keeps acting "like this" (like? Nice?) then she doesn't even want to be his girlfriend. @badgalella and Selina talk to Matt about how nice he is to get Kate perfume because it's the last thing their absolute husbands would do for them. Meanwhile, Kate tells the girls how much she hates Matt and can't understand why he's being nice to her when she's being mean to him. Diva has arrived and Princess Bogan can't believe she's wearing white when she's the opposite of an angel. Diva addresses Dion, but then turns her back on him. Everything is fine as dinner is eaten until Jackson and Olivia do their usual thing and ask how everyone's relationships are going. Diva tells Mom and Dad that Mr. Moneybags doesn't eat breakfast and doesn't like to get friendly in the sand. He also doesn't like coffee, rap, EDM or the gym to name a few. @badgalella chimed in to ask what attributes Diva wants and I'm afraid Baby Seal will get mad at her for saying and doing things. Nice Guy asks Diva to show her someone who would make more sense for her as a husband, but Daniel is elsewhere on the elliptical. She's shattered, even though last time she asked Daniel to do just that and he set her free for Shooter McGavin. Diva says she's latina and wants passion. Alessandra says she uses the "feisty Latina thing" too loosely. Princess Bogan speaks. Not everyone in Bondi will know who you are if you take a walk with Dion," she says to the camera. Princess Bogan is now back at the table to announce that she is about to lose her shit because she is premenstrual. Nice Guy is trembling somewhere I'm sure, but @badgalella is glad the drama is being redirected. Princess Bogan calls out Diva for not going to Bondi. She asks how her exes have been. Diva tells the group her cheating ex-boyfriend has done for her everything she ever asked for. PRINCESS BOGAN HAS A POSITIVE IMPACT ON YOU. Diva says she can't connect emotionally with Mr Moneybags because he had a perfect upbringing and didn't have any issues. My poor Selin Dion. Resting John Face says he doesn't match people based on fights, which boggles my brain when I think of both Schmoliva and Schmackson and of Schmaniel and Scmess. @badgalella tells the cameras 127 times that she and baby Seal are doing great. At this point, I don't know if she's trying to convince her or herself. @badgalella laughs to Baby Seal that if she dropped the L-bomb he would leave her the next day. Princess Bogan uses force to keep from overwhelming Baby Seal. She didn't do very well because she tells Mitch that @badgalella spoke to her about his desire to leave. Baby Seal calmly tells Princess Bogan that he is struggling with this experiment. She listens but doesn't believe it. She tells the cameras she held back because she was afraid he would blow up, walk out and leave @badgalella sad. Matt has realized it takes two to tango and Kate hates the way he yawns topless in the mornings. She says she never wants to talk to him again "after tonight," and what the hell was cut out? Kate tells Matt that the attraction between them is on the wane. She thinks the only thing he did for her is give her a cup of tea. She thinks he's just pretending, even though she pretended her perfume didn't exist. Kate now tells Matt that she doesn't like his personality at the moment. Matt tells the camera that the Titanic hasn't sunk yet, but they hit an iceberg. He throws his blazer over Sam like she's in a strip club crowd, and she's not impressed. He threw it at Sam, who is slowly becoming a laundry basket. I'm not sure what that was, it was like a half strip and I feel robbed. Sam thinks she doesn't know who Babe Al is because he's a growing boy. She says she doesn't have the energy to carry him through this period of growth and she feels it's up to her to do it. Bebe Al tells Baby Seal and Brent that he told Sam's dad that he sits around and plays video games all day. Baby Seal tells him he should have lied, Brent tells him he should have come up with something better. In the meantime, Olivia keeps talking about "OG couples," which are very high school realms, and Ballarat Paris and Brent have decided to name their unborn child, who will have feet, Clover. Dion is convinced he's not doing enough and doesn't know what to do with Diva. Mr Moneybags says it hurts to feel underappreciated and wipes away tears. For obvious reasons I've tried to forget, it's a good thing he never dated Selin. He says he'll "fucking try" if she's willing to try. He asks her if she thinks they can do it. She says she's Latina again. "Are you kidding, Chica?" says Alessandra from under the stairs. Diva thinks Mr. Moneybags is playing a victim. He asks her again if she's willing to try. She said she didn't know and if she was still here that was a good sign. Lucky she's already hitting the gym, so it doesn't look suspicious if she's there seven times this week instead of five. He'll just wait until tomorrow night and hope for the best. On Sunday night we finally see Olivia and Princess Bogan start hating each other. You can tell her how much you hate those flashbacks on IG here.


"We thought the media was exaggerating and now we're refugees"

Tens of thousands of women and children in Ukraine have traveled to the neighboring country as the border crossing into Poland is overwhelmed by the crisis triggered by the Russian offensive (Author: Gardener)

UkraineThe border crossing between Romania and Ukraine. It took Natalya 20 minutes to decide how much of her life she could cram into a suitcase, not knowing if one day she could ever return to Kyiv. "[On Thursday] we woke up around 6 a.m. and saw on Facebook that the war had started," she explains. I picked my mom up, I grabbed my dog, we got in the car and we left. I hope we can return within three months to rebuild our country they are destroying.” The 29-year-old's face looks tired as she smokes at the border crossing in Siret, where she just entered Romania from Ukraine is. "We had a happy life," she says. We thought the media was exaggerating, but one person decided to do it," she continues, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking with a tone of not really sure if she's in a movie or in real life life lives. She is one of a group of women who have reached the border in three cars. They arrived in Romania in the early hours of Tuesday after spending two and a half days in their vehicles given the bottleneck that had formed at the Romanian border. "We just stopped [in the car] to take a four-hour nap," Eleanora Samburska explains from her side. Around 105,000 Ukrainians have entered Romania since the war began, according to Romanian border police late Tuesday evening, while just over 62,000 have left the country. In the past 18 hours, more than 7,000 people have entered through one of the four official crossing points along the more than 600-kilometer border the two countries share. In the same period, another 7,600 people entered Romania via Moldova. Almost all of them are women and children, as men under the age of 60 have been banned from leaving Ukraine under martial law enacted by Volodymyr Zelenskyy's government in response to the Russian invasion of his country. Romania is not usually a destination country, but a place that people pass through. Those arriving in Siret appear to be divided into three groups, they say: foreigners who have been ordered by their home countries to leave Ukraine; Ukrainians living in the south of the country for whom Moldova and Romania were simply the fastest escape from the war; and a more recent phenomenon, the residents of the shelled capital of Kyiv, who are seeking a "Plan B" against the never-ending traffic jams on the western exit routes. It is the people of Kyiv who – “for now”, as they often clarify – go to Poland because they have relatives and friends there, but have decided to take a longer route via another European Union country, around Ukraine so to leave as soon as possible. From Kyiv it is about the same distance to the Romanian border crossing at Siret as to the Polish border crossing at Dorohusk: between 500 and 600 kilometers. She has just arrived in Romania with her 15-year-old son. Her husband, she explains, stayed behind to “keep control” of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk (population 230,000) in south-western Ukraine, although he will not fight Russian forces directly. "Our first stop will be here, then maybe Poland... and we'll have to think about that later," she says as she waits for the police checkpoint light to turn green and continues her journey. In Siret, some images are repeated every now and then: mothers with diaper packs, children holding on to their favorite stuffed animal for the ride, cars with three generations of a family inside, and people with glassy faces as if trying to assimilate something that happened way too fast. Many people arrive with their vehicles. Others come as close as possible and then walk the last few kilometers through the traffic jam. Many of the arriving Ukrainian men have to turn around quickly and begin the return journey. The pair attempted to cross the border together, knowing full well that this would be next to impossible given that at 30 he is ripe for recruitment into the resistance forces. "Now he's here, I'm here ... I don't know what to do," she says tearfully. "I've spent the last few days in the emergency shelter we have in the basement of my building," she explains. "You watch and watch the news, trying to understand how to act." In the end, she was evacuated from Kyiv along with other employees of the IT company she works for. For the time being, the company will continue to operate from its building in Romania. Wrapped in a blanket, Darpan Vemra, 20, stands in line outside a hotel called Frontera in the early hours of the morning. He is one of around 20,000 young Indians studying in Ukraine, a more accessible country than others in Europe. "Last night we slept in an air raid shelter in Ukraine," explains Vemra. We'll wait a month or two... and then maybe we'll come back.” Another regular sight in Siret is the Romanians who have come to help. There are those who move alone, like the young man who wrote a sign in English and Ukrainian offering free accommodation for up to five people. Or Dana Miron, a resident of nearby Suceava, who has been waiting for a Ukrainian family to take her to her sister's house for five hours. She's 23 and coordinated the pickup through a Facebook page that sprang up after the invasion. Since then she has come every night. He drives the 100 kilometers a night that separates his house from the border post. "I would take a family member to my house, but it's a long way away and everyone wants to stay as close as possible," he explains. "If they arrive tired, they won't be able to drive 100 kilometers." Daniel Criham, 23, helps those arriving with their bags while Bogdan Oprea, 39 and a volunteer firefighter, staffs a table with free basic products. "They mainly ask for medication, especially paracetamol," he explains. "A woman who had just crossed the border asked me, 'Is this from the people of Romania?' I told her it was, and she burst into tears," he explains.


The Thursday Leadership Insight; 12 Presidential Thoughts on Character as a Core Component of Leadership

"I consider the character of an honest man to be the most enviable of titles." George Washington, 1st President of the United States This Monday we celebrated Presidents' Day to honor the service of our Presidents over the past two centuries. (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayThe presidency is a challenging position at this time and at any time. S. Constitution since 1789, 45 men have occupied the White House as President of the United States. Our presidents have all led in difficult times. Times ranging from wars, political, economic and social disruptions to pandemics trying to overthrow elections challenged leadership. They left a legacy of leadership lessons that apply to the leader of any organization today. This Thursday's Leadership Insight shares 12 Presidents' thoughts on character as the core of leadership in any organization. These presidents have all shown that context can change; However, the leadership at its core is constant. Leadership is then a matter of a core of choices, purpose, mindset and character with evolving leadership content of skills and practices to lead in the context of a time, situation or challenge. A leader's core, particularly their character, is the guiding reference point for all actions, decisions, and practices that a leader follows. It not only defines their leadership character, but also that of their organization. John Maxwell, the world's most published leadership expert, often says, "Character is at the core of leadership." Leadership character is the foundation of any organization. The character of the leader influences everything an organization does. A leader's character then defines the organization and, in the case of US Presidents, the country. In times of challenge, a leader's actions take the spotlight. That has certainly been the case for Presidential leadership in our 233-year history of constitutional government. defines character as the set of traits and qualities that make up the individual nature of a person or thing. Such a feature or characteristic; characteristic. Several sources have argued that certain character traits are paramount in any leader's leadership practice. The five highest-rated qualities despite party affiliation are; A July 2020 Yahoo News poll of voters found that Democrats and Republicans have three top qualities for each candidate. These traits were demonstrated in survey data collected by Kouzes and Posner for each of their six editions of their Leadership Challenge. CAL) surveyed six times from 1987-2017. Our Presidents have understood the power of character to be at the core of their leadership practice. The thoughts of twelve past Presidents are provided below as lessons for the leader of any organization leading a Character 1 leadership practice. George Washington saw honesty as an essential character trait of leaders 2. John Adams understood that the importance of a position was not one of privilege and demanded moral authority and character to lead. 4. John Quincy Adams understood that leadership must be defined by specific actions and not limited to titles. 5. Andrew Jackson, a tough leader, also understood the character trait of being humble.” 6. Abraham Lincoln, whose leadership reunited a country divided by four years of civil war, understood that character was more important than reputation. 7. Theodore Roosevelt understood that patriotic loyalty to the country was a character trait, not political affiliation or personality. 8. Franklin Delano Roosevelt understood that truth was an essential trait in leadership, especially in challenging times like a Great Depression or WW9. Harry Truman understood that the character of a leader requires tough decisions, keeping a placard on his desk telling him and those sitting in front of him that “The Buck Stops Here.” Dwight Eisenhower, the Allied Supreme Military Commander Armed Forces of World War II, President of Columbia College, and President of the United States, understood that integrity is a core trait of leadership. John F. Kennedy understood that a trait of Every leader was curious, learned and said, “Leadership and learning are inseparable from each other. He also clearly understood that reaching out to serve and reach people is a quality. Barack Obama understood that the courage to move forward despite fear is a crucial character trait. Over the past 233 years, our presidents have faced internal and external threats to the American system and its ideals. The character traits of the manager acting in each case dictated their leadership practice as failure or success. Each of our Presidents has demonstrated different leadership practices during their tenure. The clear constant was their character traits as demonstrated by their actions. We are in another time of testing and leadership is being challenged. The enemies of the United States have always understood the importance of the American character. Leaders are now in a time of change and challenge in every organization from resignations, vaccines, masks, inflation, social issues and an impending war. A leader's actions are based on their character and affect all they lead and serve. 1. What are the characteristics of your leadership? 2. How do you select the leadership traits to best serve and lead?


Adam Cole and reDragon victorious in huge Main Event.

This edition of Dynamite saw a huge main event featuring both AEW World Champion Adam Page and No. 1 contender Adam Cole. (Author: Gardener)

Adam ColeThe go-home Dynamite before Revolution featured a stacked map that pitted figures like Bryan Danielson against a returning Christopher Daniels for the first time in 20 years, and a massive six-man tag main window that featured the AEW World Champion and the Number 1 occurred contenders. Also, we saw a huge announcement from AEW President Tony Khan. The night started with Tony Schiavone in the ring alongside Tony Khan. He eventually revealed the deal was nothing more than the purchase of legendary wrestling company Ring Of Honor, aka ROH. Khan would talk about what the future holds for AEW and ROH and he expressed his excitement for Ring Of Honor's rebirth and gave fans a little something to remember and appreciate what ROH has done for the industry , and can do a match right after to follow between two of the three men who directed the first ROH show. Bryan Danielson def. Christopher Daniels – The two veterans made a small nod to their ROH roots and showed pre-match honor with both men shaking hands. Danielson and Daniels would scout and brag about each other, flaunting and taunting each other at various moments in the game. In the game's closing moments, Daniels attempts to finish off Danielson and hit him with the best moonsault ever, but The American Dragon discovers this and catches him in the Triangle Choke, putting Daniels to sleep, earning him another victory on the road to revolution . After the match, Danielson and Moxley have one last confrontation before their big fight at Revolution, but just as they try to clash, Danielson backs out of the situation. Casino Tag Team Battle Royale Winner Advances to Contend for AEW Tag Titles. The 15-team battle royale begins with FTR taking on the returning Top Flight. As the game progresses, the ring fills up with tag teams, with 2.0 being the last team in the group. However, in the closing moments of the game, a duel ensues between the last three teams. These are The Young Bucks, FTR and Top Flight. With the support of reDragon, FTR will be eliminated from the game. This left the returning Darius Martin in a 2-on-1 situation with both members of The Young Bucks. Martin shockingly eliminates Nick Jackson, but just when it looks like he's about to end the fuss, Matt Jackson low-blows Martin before blowing him a kiss and superkicking him out of the match and the Young Bucks ticket for one AEW Tag Team Title Match Booked at Revolution. Punk enters the ring to discuss what MJF said on Dynamite last week. He invites MJF into the ring and Punk shows sincerity by holding out his hand. MJF embraces punk and it seems the two were on the same page. MJF snaps and blows Punk deep before cracking him with the Dynamite Diamond Ring and splitting CM Punk open. The match begins with Baker and Martinez colliding. As the match progressed, it looked like a series of double-team moves could spell the end for Martinez in this fight, but she manages to dig deep and tag Thunder Rosa. Rosa and Baker collide and Rosa shockingly pins Baker in the center of the ring. Send a huge statement for this Sunday at Revolution. Wardlow has been on a warpath for the last few months and that was not to change tonight as immediately after the bell rang Wardlow managed to get Bononi up and dropping him with a Powerbomb symphony and an impressive quick win to gain. As Wardlow absorbs and enjoys his victory, Shawn Spears attempts to take it from him by hitting Bononi with a chair, but Wardlow prevents this. Adam Cole and reDragon defeated AEW World Champion Hangman Adam Page, as well as The Dark Order's John Silver and Alex Reynolds – Throughout the match, reDragon utilized the ability to dissect his opponents and implement assists when the referee was distracted. As the match progresses, all six men brawl in the center of the ring, with Cole and Page eventually clashing and Hangman gaining the upper hand, dropping Cole with a giant lasso. Cole then switches momentum and kicks Page in his corner, allowing Reynolds to tag in. Reynolds attempts to fight back and bring the momentum back in his team's favour, but ultimately fails to do so, having previously been dropped by Adam Cole courtesy of the BOOM, earning a major win for himself and reDragon. After the game, Cole and reDragon see Page taped to the ropes before brutally beating up his Dark Order friends in front of his eyes. Cole poses with the AEW World Championship in front of a fallen page.


AEW Wrestler returns to Dynamite for the first time in a year

Who returned to AEW Dynamite last night after a long battle with injuries? (Author: Gardener)

AEWDarius Martin returned to AEW Television last night for the first time in over a year and reunited with brother Dante as Top Flight entered the show's Casino Tag Team Royale. Dante and Darius were the second team to enter the match after FTR. Although Dante was eliminated before the end, Darius made it to the final two after eliminating Nick Jackson. It came down to the top flight man and Matt Jackson in the end, but while the layout teased Martin's win with a well-crafted sequence of exchanges, Nick eventually dropped him, benefiting from reDRagon and Brandon Cutler's ringside presence. The Young Bucks' victory means they advance to Revolution 2022, where they and reDRagon will battle it out in a three-way battle for the Jurassic Express AEW World Tag Team Titles. A cruciate ligament tear had put Darius out of action since February 2021 when he played his last match. The same applies to Top Flight as a tandem before Darius was injured.


AEW Makes Los Angeles Debut In June, Broadcasting "Dynamite" From The Forum (EXCLUSIVE)

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is finally making its long-awaited debut in Los Angeles, Variety has exclusively learned. (Author: Gardener)

AEWAll Elite Wrestling (AEW) is finally making its long-awaited debut in Los Angeles, Variety has exclusively learned. The professional wrestling promotion will broadcast its weekly TBS show “Dynamite” from The Forum in Inglewood on Wednesday, June 1st which is a great venue,” said Tony Khan, AEW President, CEO, General Manager and Head of Creative . "It's been a long time coming for AEW, which is consistently one of the most watched cable programs in America, to bring our show to LA, which is a top media market and has so many great wrestling fans and a great history of pro wrestling." The Airing of "Dynamite" on June 1 follows AEW's three Las Vegas shows on May 25, 27 and 29, with May 29 being the company's flagship pay-per-view event, "Double or Nothing will be." According to AEW, the show at The Forum will be the first professional wrestling event of any kind to be held at the venue since 2015. In the early days of COVID, AEW previously hosted shows exclusively at the Daily's Place in Jacksonville, FL for months Returning to a packed touring schedule in July 2021. "I think that means we're back in full swing with a coast-to-coast national tour and finally hitting the fans across the United States," Khan said s AEW programming is consistently ranked among the top shows on cable television in the key 18-49 age group. The final episode of "Dynamite" on February 23 was the number three cable show of the night, earning a 0.4 rating in the demo along with 1.01 million viewers.


Shane McMahon Name-Dropped on AEW Dynamite

AEW President Tony Khan dubbed Shane McMahon during his AEW Dynamite segment to announce the purchase of ROH. (Author: Gardener)

Shane McMahonAs previously mentioned, AEW President Tony Khan opened up AEW Dynamite this week by announcing AEW's acquisition of the Ring of Honor. During his in-ring segment, Khan would call Shane McMahon. "When we started AEW, it was out in the parking lot [of Daily's Place]. A lot of you were there from the start, for which I'm grateful," Khan began. "It's been 17 years since another wrestling company was formed, a company that I've been a fan of for a very long time. So you can imagine why I'm excited because I just became the new owner of ROH!" The reference was a callback to the last episode of WCW Nitro where Shane McMahon interrupted Vince McMahon to announce himself as the new owner of to reveal WCW. Earlier this year, after reports surfaced that WWE's Shane McMahon was being "quietly fired," Tony Khan was asked if he had approached Shane about joining AEW. "I would definitely take the call [from Shane]," Khan told Sports Illustrated. "I'm sure he would be an interesting person to talk to about wrestling. I'm not sure if it would fit. Shane McMahon has recently been spotted at several NHL games. Last month, McMcMahon was also spotted with the owner of a South African rugby team to discuss a partnership with WWE. Shane McMahon inside as Tony Khan dropped his name: "The name on the contract is Khan...YES GOD DAMN HE HAS TONY KHAN" NOT SHANE MCMAHON, HAHAHAHA. @BRWrestling @AEW "Today I signed a contract...I just became the new owner of Ring of Honor. tony khan #AEW #AEWDynamite #RingOfHonor #ShaneMcMahon #TonyKhan CM Punk makes several WWE references to AEW Dynamite


Everything we know about Tony Khan's upcoming announcement for Tonight's AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan makes yet another big announcement for this week's AEW Dynamite. But unlike last month, which saw the signing of New Japan's Jay White and former NXT champion Keith Lee, he has stated in multiple interviews that this will not be a talent acquisition. (Author: Gardener)

AEW DynamiteTony Khan makes yet another big announcement for this week's AEW Dynamite. He began cheering the news on February 18, telling Busted Open Radio, "I'm working on something pretty big. I don't know if that's what anyone would expect or think, but it would be a big thing in pro wrestling. I look forward to hopefully making it a reality. Hopefully I'll make it and have more to announce soon." Then last week it was confirmed that Khan would have the announcement ready for tonight's AEW Dynamite (March 2nd) in Jacksonville. The first is that it's sort of a deal could trade with Ring of Honor, which plans to return from WrestleMania weekend's hiatus with Supercard of Honor XV and operate as an independent promotion without stars being tied to exclusive contracts Fightful Select released a report Tuesday night that several companies in the have made "announcements" about a potential sale or partnership over the last two years Sean Ross Sapp wrote: "When we inquired within ROH we received no official comment but were told there were 'many more bidders than expected ' and that several wrestling companies and some media companies were involved in some discussions period." The asking price for the company ranged from $40 million to $60 million. That library could help land AEW a streaming deal with WarnerMedia's HBO Max, which is the other big rumor going into Wednesday night. Andrew Zarian of The Mat Men Podcast posted a report on this via Twitter Wednesday morning, potentially pointing to the HBO Max and Ring of Honor library. Lots of chatter about Tony's big announcement tonight. I spoke to someone this morning and was told that "it is believed in many quarters that AEW and HBO Max have agreed to a deal." In addition, the aforementioned AEW has secured access to an "International Pro Wrestling Promotions Catalogue". Khan was asked several times about the announcement during a media conference on Wednesday afternoon. He said it "is going to have an impact on pro wrestling and I think it's going to be great news for the fans and a lot of the wrestlers." When asked specifically about an HBO Max deal, Khan said, "I did today and asked several times in the past week. It's absolutely something we want to do, I can't say much more about it at the moment.