Biden announces new sanctions against Russian banks, elites, but not yet against Putin himself

Biden announced fresh White House sanctions this afternoon as Russian forces continue a full-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine. (Author: Gardener)

RussianAfter weeks of warning of "heavy" sanctions if Russia invaded Ukraine, President Joe Biden addressed the nation and the world at the White House on Thursday at a pivotal moment of his presidency when President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale attack performed. Biden announced escalated sanctions to match escalating Russian aggression, but not the full economic punishment that Ukraine and others have been calling for, and none yet for Putin himself, although he said that option is "not a bluff." Putin chose this war. And now he and his country will face the consequences," Biden said. “Today I am approving additional tough sanctions and new restrictions on what can be exported to Russia. This will impose heavy costs on the Russian economy, both now and in the long term.” President Joe Biden speaks on February 24, 2022 in the East Room of the White House on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. D. Biden announced in Washington new sanctions against four major Russian banks, including VTB and SberBank, other Russian elites and family members , and applying limits on Russia's public debt to state-owned companies, which are companies whose assets are 1.4 exceed trillions of US dollars. MORE: Why Americans should care about Ukraine-Russia conflict However, Biden has not only stopped sanctioning Putin himself, he has also cut off Russia from the international SWIFT banking system. Pressed by reporters as to why not sanction Putin directly, Biden resisted. President Joe Biden delivers a remark on the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022 in the East Room of the White House. "Sir, the sanctions have clearly not been enough to deter Vladimir Putin to this point," said ABC News Chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega. "No one expected the sanctions to stop anything from happening," Biden replied. And so the people of Russia know what he did to them.” Overall, Biden estimated that the sanctions “would cut off more than half of Russia's high-tech imports,” Biden said in his prepared remarks. And it will be a major blow to Putin's long-term strategic ambitions." But it's still unclear whether the sanctions will change anything about what Putin overnight described as a "military special operation" in eastern Ukraine, which is proving to be much more widespread "For anyone who would consider outside interference if you do so, you will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history," Putin warned the world Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the nation at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia February 21, 2022. While it was also still unclear how far Putin would go beyond eastern Ukraine, Russian forces attacked near the capital Kiev - fueling new fears he would trying to overthrow the Ukrainian government S. forces will not fight the Russians on the ground, but announced that he will send additional US forces to deploy in D Germany as part of the NATO Response Force - including the 8,500 troops who were placed on "high alert" last month. "Our forces will not go to Europe to fight in Ukraine, but to defend our NATO allies and to reassure those allies in the East. Biden said, adding that the US is "prepared to take additional steps should they become necessary to protect our NATO allies and support the largest military alliance in world history." MORE: Biden has a chance to meet 'heavy' Russian sanctions: President also said NATO would call summit Friday The Biden administration had threatened further sanctions against major Russian financial institutions and banks and taken steps to limit Russian access to technology -- as it did on Thursday -- but it had also considered cutting off Russia from SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). . – which would impede Russia's participation in global markets and directly sanction Putin's inner circle – or the Russian president himself. When asked why Biden hadn't gone that far, he recalled that some decisions had to be made in unison with European allies. “The sanctions we are proposing against all their banks have the same consequence, maybe more consequence than SWIFT, number one. Number two, it's always an option, but right now that's not the position the rest of Europe wants, Biden MORE: Russia-Ukraine updates: Russian forces enter Chernobyl Exclusion Zone A map shows areas of Ukraine that may be affected on March 24 February 2022 were attacked by Russia. - a day after 8,500 American forces in the region were placed on "higher alert" - but those efforts didn't seem to deter the Russian leader, nor did the economic sanctions imposed by US and European allies this week, including halting certification of Nord Stream 2, a major natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany The government has begun imposing a "first tranche" of sanctions related to Russian banks, oligarchs and the Nordstr eam 2 natural gas pipeline as some lawmakers have criticized Biden that he did not go far enough on sanctions, which did not result in Russia changing course. MORE: What you should know about economic sanctions and how they will affect Russia With Thursday's announcement, the US targeted ten of Russia's largest financial institutions, which "hold nearly 80% of Russia's banking sector assets," the White House said . Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, at a press event in Kentucky ahead of Biden's comments, called on the government to "tighten sanctions to the max" against Russia. Every single hard sanction available should be applied and should be applied now," McConnell said. He said "we honestly don't know" whether sanctions would be enough to deter Putin, but argued stricter ones are still needed Riga International Airport upon their arrival in Latvia on February 24, 2022. Russian forces are already coming from three directions advanced - from south to north, from Belarus south to Kiev and from north-east Ukraine south - as Ukrainians has woken up to a nation at war. That's what this is about," Biden said. Intelligence believes these three axes "were destined to capture key population centers," a senior defense official said Thursday. The White House promised "united and resolute" sanctions, but it remains to be seen how the West can punish Putin, who appears determined to go ahead with his plans despite weeks of attempts at diplomacy by the international community and a raft of sanctions already imposed. As the Russian attack began overnight, within minutes Biden was on the phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who had contacted him after receiving "silence" on a phone call with Putin, he said. According to Zelenskyy's office, Russia has two tactical goals in Ukraine: conquering territories and overthrowing the Ukrainian leadership. Black smoke rises from a military airport in Chuhuiv, near Kharkiv, on February 24, 2022. After their call, Biden released a statement saying that Putin "has chosen a premeditated war that will result in catastrophic loss of life and human suffering." The US President has acknowledged that there will be "domestic consequences" - particularly in energy prices - as a result of the Russian invasion and subsequent sanctions, but pledged on Thursday to "do everything in my power to ease the pain of the American... At least three states have had average gas prices of $4 or more. MORE: "I don't think it's a bluff," Defense Secretary Austin says of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. Biden Addressing those concerns, saying the US is working with countries to increase collective releases from strategic petroleum reserves and that the US would release additional oil drums "when conditions warrant."He also warned American oil and Gas companies “not to take advantage of this moment for profit.” Protesters take part in front of the Russian Embassy on February 24, 2022 ft in Warsaw, Poland, took part in the protest against Russian aggression on Ukraine. Throughout the crisis, Biden has reminded Americans that the US has a responsibility to defend its NATO allies -- and democracy around the world. "America stands against bullies," Biden said Thursday. These forces are far more powerful than fear and oppression,” he said. "They cannot be wiped out by tyrants like Putin and his armies."


Putin's war is jeopardizing global security

WARSAW, Poland (AP) - It was the story of two Vladimirs - one noble, fierce and stubbornly open to peace; the other angry, menacing and belligerent - on a day that seemed to herald the demise of the security architecture, consensus and arrangements that have kept Europe and the world mostly stable and secure for three-quarters of a century. (Author: Gardener)

PutinWARSAW, Poland (AP) - It was the story of two Vladimirs - one noble, fierce and stubbornly open to peace; the other angry, menacing and belligerent - on a day that seemed to herald the demise of the security architecture, consensus and arrangements that have kept Europe and the world mostly stable and secure for three-quarters of a century. As missiles and a sense of tragedy rained down on the European grandeur early Thursday, remarks by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Russian President Vladimir Putin on the eve of war highlighted the starkly opposite poles of the conflict. Putin, wearing the same clothes and in the same seated position as in his landmark speech Monday night, increasing the likelihood that the remarks were prepared and recorded two days earlier, announced that Russia would launch a special military operation, ostensibly to Defending the two breakaway districts of Ukraine that his government recently declared sovereign. He did not say that he announced an attack on a neighboring country and unilaterally renounced the international agreement that national borders should not be altered by force. Instead, he insisted that Ukraine, the country he likes to call Little Russia, poses an existential threat to Greater Russia and is preparing to attack his country, which is three times its size and far better armed. And in a naked message to the rest of the world, he threatened any foreign country that tried to interfere with "consequences you've never seen". Not since the time of Nikita Khrushchev has a Russian leader waved Moscow's nuclear sword so brazenly. Putin's speech repeated a litany of accusations against the United States, which he called "an empire of lies" and included U. And he accused the Ukrainians of being a conglomeration of neo-Nazis and far-right nationalists, whom he claimed are pursuing nuclear weapons. (In fact, Ukraine voluntarily eliminated the portion of the Soviet nuclear arsenal it controlled along with Belarus and Kazakhstan in the 1990s.) Rather than a war of aggression, he said the operation was a defensive operation to save the people of the region known as Ukraine Donbass. Zelenskyy, who stood in front of a map of Ukraine in a tailored suit late Thursday, was not aggressive. Gracefully over Putin's head, he implored the Russian people in his own Russian language: Please stop this madness. It was unlikely that many Russians would see Zelenskyi's message. State broadcast media were captured long ago in Putin's Russia. The reality of Russia starting a war with unknown outcomes was reflected in a crash in the Russian stock market and queues at ATMs by Russians eager to withdraw cash from banks that were, or soon to be, sanctioned and cut off from the international financial network could become . He said he tried to call Putin directly on Wednesday. Instead, he switched from Ukrainian to Russian to address Russians directly. He said it was absurd that Ukrainians in the breakaway regions where he grew up and where his best friend lives hate their compatriots. Explaining to Russians, who may not know, that their shared 2,000-kilometer border with Ukraine is surrounded by nearly 200,000 Russian troops, he said no one needs a hot war, cold war or hybrid war. "The people of Ukraine and the government of Ukraine want peace," he said somberly, speaking in a mild tone with the ease and directness of a former television actor. He said Ukraine is ready for whatever is to come. “But if we are attacked, if we try to take our country, our freedom, our lives and the lives of our children, we will defend ourselves. If you attack us you will see our faces. Not our backs, but our faces," he said. Within hours, rockets and barrages began falling on military installations across Ukraine. Ironically, the forum created after World War II to resolve such conflict threats, the UN Security Council, is currently chaired by Russia, one of the five permanent members, which has veto power over any action. The emergency Security Council meeting, which was still taking place when Putin announced his intentions, soon broke up with angry words between the envoy of Ukraine and the envoy of Russia. Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia insisted it was not a war but a "special military operation". "Insane semantics," Ukrainian Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya replied outside the meeting. But on the first day of the attack on Ukraine, everyone seemed to reckon that the world could not return to the assured detente and balance of power that since 1945 have kept the European continent largely free of major wars between nations and made possible a long peace Millions of people are thriving and generations are growing up relatively unscathed by fears of a shattered future. For the West, the immediate response is to impose tough sanctions on Putin, his allies, and the Russian state. But such sanctions will impose economic costs on Americans, Europeans and people around the world. What follows next, while many Ukrainians flee the country in their vehicles and others wait to be handed out by their government and while NATO builds up forces in the countries now facing the direct Russian threat, from Estonia in the North to Romania in the south, as in all wars, is unpredictable. Governments are recalculating and intra-European disputes are being put aside for the time being to adjust to a new reality. Anna-Lena Lauren, a columnist for the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, predicted that the attack could spell the end of the aging Putin's near-absolute rule. “The Russian dictator will not survive his disastrously miscalculated decision in the long run. And history will not be kind," she said. “A war that will bring no results, lack popular support and lead to bloodshed for a peaceful neighbor to whom a large section of Russians are emotionally attached. EDITOR'S NOTE – John Daniszewski, an AP Vice President and former correspondent in Eastern Europe, has been writing on European affairs since the 1980s.


Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, the West must try to stop Putin - but how?

It is questionable how far the West will go to prevent Ukraine from being overwhelmed by invading Russian forces. (Author: Gardener)

UkraineThe big question for the West now is: Can Russia and President Vladimir Putin be stopped? Putin announced an attack on Ukraine early Thursday local time, declaring the start of a "military special operation" aimed at the so-called "demilitarization" of Ukraine. Other official and eyewitness accounts say that in addition to airstrikes, Russian tanks and troops crossed the Ukrainian border into various parts of the north, east and south of the country and Russian shelling continued at various locations, including government buildings. On Thursday morning, the Ukrainian military said Russia had attacked it with more than 30 attacks on civilian and military infrastructure, using Kalibr cruise missiles. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday that "in the coming days and weeks there will be more [soldiers] coming, so we will keep increasing and we are increasing our presence in the eastern part of the alliance," he told reporters, although he reiterated that NATO has no plans to send its troops to Ukraine.The Kremlin issued further statements Thursday morning saying Putin will decide how long the military operation will last "based on its progress and goals". No one is talking about the occupation of Ukraine," and that word was "unacceptable," he said, according to Reuters. The developments come as a shocking escalation after months of simmering tensions and concerns about Russia's intentions toward its neighbor, a claim that has been derided by many. Pundits and officials thought this could be a precursor to a broader invasion of Ukraine's eastern Donbass region e, but Thursday's attack is bigger and came quicker than many feared. Experts believe Moscow's likely goal in this military action is to force a change in Ukraine's political leadership and install a pro-Russian regime in Kiev. Severe scenario in which Russia launches major attacks across Ukraine, aiming to overthrow the Kiev government by military means," Henry Rome, director of global macro research at Eurasia Group, said in a note on Thursday. "Despite Putin's claims to the contrary, it is likely that this will involve the occupation of some areas by Russian forces." The attack is shaking global financial markets, causing European markets to tumble on the open Thursday as another military one hits their bottom conflict has broken out. and European officials had tried to deter Russia from attacking by promising a barrage of further sanctions. Earlier this week they imposed a series of punitive measures on Russian individuals, financial institutions and sovereign debt after Russia recognized separatist areas in eastern Ukraine. US President Joe Biden promised further measures to hit the Russian economy after the invasion began. The EU, which borders Ukraine to the west, will hold an emergency meeting on Thursday to discuss its response. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has described Russia's actions as a "dark day for Europe" and called on Moscow to stop military action immediately. Whether sanctions will be enough to deter Putin is uncertain, as a raft of measures imposed on Russia after the 2014 annexation of Crimea failed to discourage the president. There have also been some promises of more military hardware that Ukraine could use in self-defense, but how long it can withstand aggression from Russian forces is uncertain. Timothy Ash, Senior Emerging Markets Sovereign Strategist at BlueBay Asset Management, noted on Thursday that “Putin is laying a new iron curtain over emerging Europe. We're all less safe because of it.” “The West needs to sanction Russia like hell for this,” he added. Ukraine, for its part, is calling for urgent and immediate aid, with the country's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba tweeting a "to do" list for the West, calling for more weapons, financial and humanitarian aid. In another tweet, Kuleba pleaded with the world, Putin prevent further damage to Ukraine, saying: "The world can and must stop Putin. The time to act is now. “Western nations like the US and Britain have already provided Ukraine with financial aid and military equipment. While other European countries have offered military equipment to bolster NATO's operations in Eastern Europe, it is a member of the EU or NATO - the military alliance of North American and European nations - and therefore NATO is under no obligation to defend it. As such, there are question marks over how far the West will go to prevent Ukraine from being completely oppressed by Russia, and it is unclear whether the US and EU are prepared to respond with military means. Eurasia Group's Rome expects a sweeping package of sanctions to be announced shortly, designed to isolate Russia from the global financial system and severely damage its future." That includes the US adding many, if not all, of Russia's largest banks to the list of Specially Designated Nationals, impose new export restrictions on advanced technologies and broaden the scope of sanctions against oligarchs and members of the political elite,” he said. “The EU and UK will impose similar measures. Given the severity of Russia's actions, we expect Western politicians to go beyond their worst-case scenario plans, which brings into play Russia's ban from the SWIFT financial messaging system. The West is now under pressure to counter Russia's increasingly aggressive stance, particularly towards its neighbors and former Soviet states such as Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus. What makes Ukraine particularly significant is its position on the right flank of Europe – home to some of the world's largest and oldest democracies and economies, even writing a essay on the historical, cultural and linguistic ties between nations. On Monday, he declared that Ukraine emerged from Russian land and reiterated that the collapse of the USSR, which resulted in Ukraine becoming an independent country, was a mistake towards membership of both the EU and NATO . Russia has asked for legal assurances that Ukraine could never join NATO, which would bring the military alliance's border into Russian territory. This demand was rejected by the West, leading Russia to claim that its security concerns had been ignored. Eurasia Group's Rom said Russia's latest attack and Western sanctions would have "far-reaching implications for the global economy. The "Russian invasion will mark the start of a new Cold War between the US and Russia and create a rupture between Washington and Moscow , which makes anything but the most basic diplomacy extremely unlikely." Europe raising tensions between Russia and NATO countries from the Baltic States to the Black Sea countries The US and NATO face the risk of conflict spilling over into Poland, Hungary or Romania... Eventually threaten huge streams of refugees on the horizon,” he warned. At the moment it is unclear whether Russia has the military strength to occupy Ukraine's territory, especially in light of the expected strong local resistance," said Andrius Tursa, adviser for Central and Eastern Europe at Teneo Intelligence, in a note dated Wednesday evening. He said Moscow's likely goal is to force Ukraine to give in to Russia's demands. “Earlier this week, Putin formulated a new set of demands on Kiev, including (1) recognizing Crimea and Sevastopol as Russian territory; (2) abandonment of plans to join NATO; (3) demilitarization of the country; (4) Negotiations on the situation in Donbass,” Tursa noted. To further its goals, Russia could take a variety of measures, "including military action aimed at crippling the country's defense capabilities, inflicting significant casualties and damaging critical infrastructure in hopes of a quick surrender by the Ukrainian side." In short, Tursa said, Moscow may seek to use a variety of tactics to destabilize and demoralize Ukraine and other actions aimed at sowing chaos and increasing the country's ability and willingness to defend itself undermine."


Nick Kyrgios writes about 'suicidal thoughts', depression

Tennis pro Nick Kyrgios says he's had "suicidal thoughts" and has a history of dealing with depression and drug and alcohol abuse, the latest in a line of high-profile athletes speaking publicly and openly about their mental health. (Author: Gardener)

Nick KyrgiosTennis pro Nick Kyrgios says he's had "suicidal thoughts" and has a history of dealing with depression and drug and alcohol abuse, the latest in a line of high-profile athletes speaking publicly and openly about their mental health. The 26-year-old Australian, who ranks as high as 13th in singles and recently won the Australian Open men's doubles title, wrote in a message posted to his verified Instagram account on Thursday that he is now "proud of it , I've completely turned around and have a completely different perspective on everything." Kyrgios attached a photo of himself sitting on a tennis court, which he said was taken at the Australian Open three years ago. He called that time "one of my darkest times" and pointed out that his right arm in this photo shows what he described as evidence of "self-harm." "I was having suicidal thoughts and was literally struggling to get out of bed, let alone play in front of millions. I was lonely, depressed, negative, abusing alcohol, drugs, pushing away family and friends," Kyrgios wrote. That was the result of not opening up and refusing to lean on loved ones and just gradually push myself to be positive.” Kyrgios, currently ranked 137, is one of the most entertaining, enigmatic and most divisive athlete in his sport, simultaneously supremely talented and unconventional on the pitch, and someone who has never been afraid to speak his mind about it. “I know that daily life can seem extremely demanding and at times impossible. I understand that opening up makes you feel weak or anxious. I'm telling you now it's alright, you're not alone. I've been through these times where it seemed like those positive energetic vibes would never become a reality," Kyrgios wrote. "Please don't feel alone, if you feel like you have no one to talk to, I'm here, reach out to me." In January at Melbourne Park, Kyrgios and longtime friend Thanasi Kokkinakis became the first pair of Australians to win the since 1997 Men's doubles title at the Australian Open. For Kyrgios, this was only the fourth appearance as a pair in the main draw of a major tournament and Kokkinakis. In singles at the Australian Open, Kyrgios lost in the second round to eventual runner-up Daniil Medvedev. He's just as likely to attempt a shot between the legs as he is to hit a 100 mph forehand. He enjoys playing and interacting with crowds, even chatting with viewers between points to ask where to hit the ball. When he's at his best, Kyrgios can beat anyone. His Wimbledon debut in 2014 - ranked 144th as a teenager - included a win over Nadal en route to the quarterfinals. Kyrgios also made it to the quarterfinals at the 2015 Australian Open, but hasn't progressed past the fourth round of any Grand Slam tournament since. In 2019, he was placed on six months' probation by the ATP Tour after being fined $113,000 for eight offenses at the Western & Southern Open in Ohio, including insulting a chair umpire and leaving the court to smash a pair of racquets. Earlier this season he was disqualified from a match at the Italian Open after throwing a chair. In 2016, he was banned from the ATP for not trying to win and insulting fans during the Shanghai Masters.


"I never thought the situation would get this bad"

One student, Ananta Barvey, a third-year MBBS student at Kyiv's Bogomolets National Medical University, was sound asleep Thursday morning when her friends knocked on her door after hearing the sound of bombs. (Author: Gardener)

third-yearShivani Lonkar, a third-year MBBS student at Ukraine's Bogomolets National University, was packing her bags to catch her flight on February 24 when she heard loud bomb sounds. Shivani Lonkar, a third-year MBBS student at Ukraine's Bogomolets National University, was packing her bags to catch her flight on February 24 when she heard loud bomb sounds. "It was quite normal, then suddenly around 6 a.m., there were bombings near the airport, I could hear noises in my apartment and then we saw people leaving their houses with their luggage. Then we got a message that our flight was cancelled,” says Lonkar. Unsure of what to do next, Lonkar moved into a friend's apartment with her roommate after hearing local media reports that Kiev was the next target for Russian forces. We need information so we can act before it's too late," said Lonkar, who is about 20 kilometers from the airport. Another student, Ananta Barvey, who is also a third-year MBBS student at Bogomolets National Medical University in Kyiv, was fast asleep Thursday morning when her friends knocked on her door after hearing the sound of bombs. “They told me their windows were rattling and then we got calls from our friends who had left for the airport but had to return after what appeared to be bombing raids on the main Boryspil International Airport. At the same time, there were calls from my parents at home worried about our safety," said Barvey, who isn't sure things would get better until February 26, when her own flight is scheduled. Ananta pointed out that things were going smoothly until last night. “Life was normal up until last night and we wanted to sort out a few issues with our university before we left. We could hear the sirens for about five minutes in the morning," Ananta said. Unsure how long martial law would last and whether it would lead to a full lockdown of the city, Ananta, along with several other students, rushed to stock up on vegetables. But there are at least over 200 Indian students in the hostel and we are all here together," Ananta said. Another student, Khushali Ketan Kumar Parekh, who is from Vadodara in Gujrat, is also doing her third year at Bogomolets University. She is stuck in her apartment in Kiev with her roommate. According to Khushali, they had their regular lectures until yesterday and had been offline at the college on Tuesday, but it was not until Thursday morning that they received a message from their college's dean that the college would no longer hold lectures, both offline and online. “Our dean texted us this morning asking us to stay where we were. The same advice was also sent to us by our embassy, ​​where they asked us not to go outside. I stayed inside, but the streets outside are also deserted," said Khushali. Just last night at around 11pm, Khushali managed to book a ticket to India on a Qatar Airways flight due to depart on March 12, but is unsure how things would play out. "We have about 10 days of groceries left, I wanted to go outside to stock up on chips and biscuits in case we run out of gas and no way to refill things until things get back to normal, but both myself and my boyfriend were skeptical what we should be doing at least today outside with the advice of both our college and the message to stay inside,” says Khushali. Khushali has holed up in her Kiev apartment trying to keep in touch with other students who had set out from different parts of Ukraine, such as Lviv or Ternopil, to catch a flight from Kiev airport but were stuck after their flights were cancelled after the bombing. Since we were also in Kyiv, the capital with all the embassies, we were told that Russia will not bomb any embassies even if the situation gets out of control and we can take refuge there, but now we are not so sure . At best, we thought there would be a skirmish at the border, but not that air traffic would falter," Khushali said. Khushali herself has been sending messages to so many students stuck halfway to the airport to come to her flat in case they need a place to stay. "I've tried texting them but they're not getting my messages anymore. I just hope they are safe," Khushali said. Many, like Khushali and Ananta, fear the internet connection will be cut, which could pose a greater challenge in contacting their families in India. "My parents are concerned that if the internet lines go down, they won't be able to contact us or even send us money or other help," Ananta said.


Ron Harper Jr. and Cliff Omoruyi shine while the rest of the starters falter

The Scarlet Knights returned home with a similar result: a loss and a sense of missed opportunity that went with it. Rutgers (16-11, 10-7) fell to Michigan (15-11, 9-7) at the Crisler Center in Ann Arbor with a 71-62 loss that could come back to bite it on Selection... (Author: Gardener)

Ron Harper Jr.


Rebel Wilson shines in new Valentine's Day weekend photos

Between sharing her health journey and being slammed by critics, Rebel Wilson exuded confidence — and fans took notice this weekend. (Author: Gardener)

Rebel Wilson© Provided by Eat This, Not That! It's no secret that Rebel Wilson stole the show for the past year. Between publicly sharing her health journey and shutting down body critics, Wilson has embraced her newfound confidence — and fans took notice over the past weekend. On February 12, the actress celebrated Valentine's Day early by wearing a festive red Gucci dress with white accents at Michael Braun and Vas J. Alongside pop singer Rita Ora, Entertainment Tonight host Carly Steel and jewelry designer Ramona Agruma, Wilson posted a series of Instagram photos with the caption, "Lots of love to these folks 🥰 Thank you @michael @vasjmorgan ❤️ Happy everyone Valentine's Day.” Fans were quick to show Wilson some love, flooding her comments section with heart, fire, and hand clapping emojis. The Valentine's Day celebration came in the middle of Wilson's busy Super Bowl weekend. On February 10, Wilson rocked a mid-length black Gucci dress with mesh panels during the 11th annual NFL Honors event. With both arms outstretched in an animated Instagram boomerang with the caption, "Super Bowl Weekend! Let's go #gucci" Wilson received over 1.1 million views. Fans once again flocked to the post's comments section to compliment the star, with one Instagram user writing: "You look amazing!!! In addition to announcing Cincinnati Bengals' Joe Burrow as the winner of the Comeback Player of the Year award, Wilson shared some other highlights of the weekend with her 10.5 million Instagram followers, including meeting "some absolute legends" like the former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner and LA Rams offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth. Wilson's latest Instagram posts came shortly after she clapped back at body critics who said her comedy won't be as funny anymore because her physical appearance has changed. In an Instagram post, she announced that she will be hosting the upcoming EE British Academy Film Awards, Wilson wrote: "I am very honored to host the EE British Academy Film Awards in March, where Covid is no longer will exist because it will be clear e have been canceled by then. I don't want to put pressure on it - I know I won't be funny because I'm not fat anymore. Sign up for our newsletter and read the original article on Eat This, Not That!


Tom Izzo promises changes for Michigan State basketball. Here's what they could be

After five losses in their last six games, Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo said he plans to make changes. Who could switch roles and play more? (Author: Gardener)

Tom IzzoHe wouldn't reveal what they might be or who might lose or gain minutes or switch roles. But in Michigan State basketball's 86-60 loss Tuesday night in Iowa, it was clear something had to give way. And perhaps the biggest missing ingredient from the Spartans' 14-2 start to the season is one that only the players can fix: their confidence. "I think after you've lost five of our last six, that's what happens," said junior forward Malik Hall. Some people will have less confidence and things like that. But it's something I need to do better as captain to make sure everyone is focused and involved so we can get our swagger back.” BIG TEN BROUHAHA: Tom Izzo 'harassed' by incident with Juwan Howard; 'reminded me of Malice in the Palace' Could it start with another lineup change (or two) from Izzo? J. Hoggard, Max Christie, Gabe Brown, Marcus Bingham Jr. and Joey Hauser -- just 19 points combined in Tuesday's 9-for-35 shooting, missing all but one of 12 3-point attempts. Brown remained goalless for the second time in four games, missing all seven shot attempts. The 6-foot-8 senior captain has hit double digits twice in his last 10 games, averaging 6.6 points and shooting 31.9% overall and 22.2% (10 of 45) from 3-pointers range in this period of time. His 19 minutes was his least this season. Christie played less - a season low of 24 minutes - as his shooting problems continued. The 6-6 freshman went 2-for-11 for five points on Tuesday and has only hit double digits once in his last seven games (10 points in MSU's loss to Penn State on Feb. 15). During that span, he shoots just 28.3% overall and is 3-for-22 on 3-pointers; his lone hit from beyond the arc against Iowa was his first in five games. "We missed a lot of good shots," Izzo said against Iowa. Poor Max missed two layups. You're not going to win games like that.” Hauser's energy on the boards helped balance his up-and-down offense and occasional defensive struggles. The 6-9 elder forward scored two points on one of his two shots, grabbed two rebounds and was a minus-16 in over 17 minutes. ILLINI: MSU is making "some progress" from the 2nd-half rally against Hall, which showed improvement after underperforming against Penn State and Illinois to lead MSU by 17 points. The 6-7 junior captain could swap roles with Hauser or possibly even oust Brown down the wing thanks to his consistent 3-point shooting and willingness to attack the color from dribbling. Bingham remains an enigma, making four of seven shots for eight points with six rebounds. He made the first MSU baskets of both halves and had a big block 1:05 after halftime. However, the 7-foot senior also committed four turnovers, which was the worst team. Two came in sequence in the first half - a missed pass and then a rebound pulled off - but another happened early in the second half. Bingham attempted a Kevin Durant-style dribble drive but went at the top of the key; The flub infuriated Izzo and earned Bingham a spot on the bench. He played five of his 13 minutes in the second half, including the last more than ten minutes after Iowa took a 20 lead. Overall, Bingham averages 9.2 points and 6.1 rebounds in 19 minutes. But in the Big Ten game, he averaged just 7.9 points and 4.9 rebounds in 16.8 minutes. He has played 15 minutes or less in each of the last four games and has surpassed 20 minutes just three times since returning from a case of COVID-19 in late December. Bingham is 8-19 on 3 points in league games, but Izzo has questioned both his ability to play at the pole and his desire to float around the limit, while MSU (18-9, 9-7 Big Ten) is struggling with Find interior scoring and rebound. Conversely, Julius Marble continues to hold his own on the low blocks, gaining more confidence and minutes from Izzo. In his last four games, the 6-9 junior has averaged 9.3 points and 8.8 rebounds in 22 minutes while making 68% of his 25 shot attempts, none of them going past the arc. Marble's 245-pound frame allows him to play more like traditional Izzo low post players compared to the 230-pound Bingham, who continues to get knocked and bumped off the block when trying to post. And with 7-4 Zach Edey and 6-10 Trevion Williams visiting at Purdue No. 7 on Saturday (lunchtime/ESPN), it will be interesting to see whether or not Izzo makes the majority of Marble transfers on offense believes Bingham's length Defense is a better option. The dual-point guard look with Tyson Walker and A.J. Hoggard had 13 points on 5-for-15 shooting with 11 assists. Trading Hoggard in the starting group and getting Walker off the bench helped both, as did playing together more often. Playing Hoggard and Walker together for extended stretches would increase their overall minutes and likely detract from either Brown or Christie. "I thought we got a good game from both point guards," Izzo said in Iowa. I felt he managed our team pretty well...and (played) a pretty good defense. I thought Tyson Walker played pretty well too, I thought Malik Hall played pretty well, and I thought Julius Marble played pretty well. Jaden Akins' minutes continue to falter but the newcomer remains vital to the rotation off the bench. He had three points, four rebounds and three assists in over 16 minutes in Iowa, despite having three of MSU's 12 turnovers. Finally, Izzo - perhaps looking for toughness and energy, or perhaps to send a message to his team - surprisingly brought Keon Coleman, better known as a footballer, off the bench in the first half. The 6-4 freshman guard, who joined the Hoops team in January, played three minutes into that first stint as MSU assembled a 6-2 run. He only returned in the final two minutes, hitting his first 3-pointer and scoring a rebound long after the score was settled. The Spartans have averaged just 67.6 points in their last 11 games, a 4-7 run. Three of MSU's five lowest-scoring games this season have come in their five-loss-six-game stretch; a fourth, the 55, scored in Illinois on January 25, came just before that stretch. Players build relationships with teammates they play with most often. MSU's defense also gave up three of its four highest totals this season in February -- 86 at Iowa, 84 at Rutgers and 79 at home against the Illini. Four games remain in the final eight days of the regular season, beginning with the Boilermakers' visit on Saturday. It will be followed by road games in Michigan on Tuesday and No. 19 in Ohio State on Thursday before concluding at home to Maryland on March 6. That doesn't leave Izzo with much practice to tinker with different lineup combinations. Typically, this time of year, MSU is trending up and toward cohesion. This season remains one rollercoaster week after another in terms of effort, concentration and performance.


How Nightmare Alley Conjured True Occult Worship

The spiritual deceit at the heart of Guillermo del Toro's Nightmare Alley is based on a story of strange power and ties to the occult. (Author: Gardener)

Guillermo del Toro'sThe spiritual deceit at the heart of Guillermo del Toro's Nightmare Alley is based on a story of strange power and ties to the occult. This article contains spoilers for both versions of NIGHTMARE ALLEY. "Fear is the key to human nature," the Great Stanton learns in William Lindsay Gresham's Nightmare Alley. This 1946 novel was a hit when it came out despite being banned and censored. And its magic lasted so long that it was adapted in 2021 by Oscar-winning horror maestro Guillermo del Toro, with Bradley Cooper as the chilling medium. However, this most recent adaptation is only the second screen version to follow in the footsteps of a 1947 cult noir classic starring Tyrone Power. Both versions struggled at the box office, and yet both seem to find audiences that could speak to the strange allure of the original text over the decades. Occultists could not resist the appeal of the novel or the first film. Esoteric artists had traded fear for cash for almost as long as traditional religions had. The book accurately captured the mentalism tricks and serious study that went into her often dubious art. Occultists are drawn to Nightmare Alley because practitioners recognize its truths, unflattering as it portrays the ins and outs of the fortune telling trade. To paraphrase the novel, jerks are "either too shy to ask or too stupid to suspect," but modern magic began as a decoy and a switch. Offering an always elusive hope, the Spiritist movement pushed the envelope, while theosophists rigged their session chambers with gimmicks as frightening as pop-up fear in slasher flicks. Horror movies routinely invoke imagery of dark arcane arts to sell popcorn. Nightmare Alley uses it as an evasive maneuver, cheating, in a rags-to-riches to rags-to-riches story about sleight of hand. Gresham came up with the idea for the book while waiting to return home after fighting in the Spanish Civil War. A man named Joseph Daniel Halliday told him about a showman attraction called Geek, an alcoholic so addicted that the thought of a dry spell made him delirious. The book calls them "the horrors". The terrors could drive a drunk so deep he would bite the heads off chickens for money. The 1947 adaptation isn't a horror story, it's a failed prank in a long con. Power's rookie Carny Barker in the original film saves the ten-in-one show he's working on by tricking local law enforcement and posing as a poor country boy with the Scottish gift of second sight. He becomes "The Great Stanton," a spiritual headliner in black tuxedos and blindfolded who sells soft soap to suckers after death. Aside from Tod Browning's classic horror freaks, Nightmare Alley was the first glimpse mainstream cinema got of the chilling subculture. It was also an early taste of the mystical arts and how they can be used to grift fools. That was before Long Island media, real-life homemaker consultants, Madame Cleo, and ghost-hunting reality shows made talking to the dead commonplace. The rules of psychic analysis were almost codified in Gresham's novel. The phrase "cold reading," in which a subject is evaluated using visual evidence such as body language or the condition of one's shoes, first appeared in print in the fourth chapter of the novel. Stan gets it from Pete the Psychic's notebook, a secret code for divination, which also marks the print debut of the phrase "Spook Racket". The film captured the mystical feeling and attracted students of the hidden arts. The main reason Nightmare Alley is claimed by occultists and associated with his studies is Anton Szandor LaVey, born Howard Stanton Levey. This founder of the Church of Satan based his own mythology on the film and rearranged his life accordingly. In his written works, LaVey claimed that he dropped out of high school to join the circus and then moved into the carnival world, working with big cats and playing calliope. "Even as a teenager, when he first saw the original 1947 film Nightmare Alley, my father became quite obsessed with it," says Zeena, a tantric Buddhist yogini from Tibet and an iconic occult authority. Zeena is the daughter of LaVey and has disowned and distanced herself from her father and his teachings. Says Zeena, “He believed there was a 'magical connection' between the Stanton Carlisle character and himself, since his middle name was also Stanton and he seemed to bond with the cynical role model portrayed in the film at such a young age becomes, felt related. He also had a similar fixation on horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft for the same reason; because his first name was originally Howard before he changed it to Anton.” In the novel, the protagonist calls himself Rev. Stanton Carlisle, pastor of the Church of the Heavenly Message, as he rises to radio success and settles in New York. The writers of the Lower East Side comedy troupe The Bowery Boys, produced by Monogram Pictures, the icon of B-movie studios that sat in Hollywood's "poverty bank," regularly referenced the latest fads of then-supernatural chic. "I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Bowery Boys writers had backgrounds and associations similar to Gresham's," says Zeena. The author of Nightmare Alley had strong connections to the subject. The novelist delved deep into the hidden knowledge hidden in sideshows of haunted shows. A long-tormented and restless soul, Gresham was a firm believer in psychoanalysis, which he hoped could appease his inner demons, according to Nick Tosches' introduction to the New York Review Books edition of the novel. This changed when Gresham wrote Nightmare Alley and he became fascinated with the crooks, freaks, geeks and trust games of the showman world. He wrote a nonfiction book called Monster Midway, but was also drawn to the mystical arts performed in and around the tents. His character Stanton acknowledges the esoteric arts as the best evasion, everyone can say something about immortal realms and wondrous expanses in space. Gresham eventually traded the analyst couch for card reading and even wrote an introduction to Charles Williams' novel The Greater Trumps about the quest for the original tarot deck. Occultists note how Gresham used the tarot to structure Nightmare Alley. Each chapter begins with a map above its title. The NYRB edition of the novel uses the Waite-Smith deck, which sets the standard and is the most popular. The tarot deck consists of 56 cards divided into four sets of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles and 22 trump cards. Also known as the Major Arcana, 21 of these numbered cards are numbered, the Fool has no number. It is the first chapter of Nightmare Alley. The other unnamed card is Judgment, which illustrates the Resurrection of the Dead chapter. The chapter named CARD XVIII Time has the temperance card at the top, probably because alcohol is a character in the book. "What's interesting is that Zeena [played by Joan Blondell in the 1947 film and Toni Collette in the 2021 adaptation] emphasizes that these cards are absolutely magical as opposed to the deceit of the mentality," says Ashley Ryan, aka Pythian Priestess , a practicing occultist and host of the upcoming podcast The Occult Unveiled, who spoke with Den of Geek. "Your testimony tells us that there is magic and the occult science in Nightmare Alley, but only for those who can see." Gresham's shuffle draws the Hanged Man as the last card on the side. Tarot cards are used to anticipate Stanton's fate. The Hanged Man card represents a pause in the recipient's life due to being out of tune with the universe, causing misfortune, illness and nervous breakdown. When the hanged man is upside down, the recipient must find a new perspective.” In addition to the tarot, The Great Stanton also demonstrates knowledge of yoga, invoking chants of the original cosmic vibration “Hari Aum,” a Sanskrit mantra that practitioners associate with the universal consciousness, and refers to Ramakrishna, a 19th-century Indian Hindu mystic. Gresham even names "men of the caliber of Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Camille Flammarion and Sir William Crooke". Everyone known for bringing the Western world up to speed works on paranormal research, cult worship, and the "soft, greenish spark known as the psychic breeze." These were the first people to believe that many spiritual possessions were misdiagnosed as mental illness. Nightmare Alley has one of the greatest film noir endings in cinema Nightmare Alley (2021) vs Nightmare Alley (1947): what are the differences? On the surface, Gresham seems like Dr. Lilith Ritter, played by Helen Walker in 1947 and Cate Blanchett in 2021, was written as a vendetta against the growing science of the mind, making it seem like psychoanalysis is just another fraud. dr Knight is the one who tells Carlisle, "You were never made to play a spooky brawler solo." But the character of the consulting psychologist has another role in the book. The difference between dr. Knight and the "spook bat" is the difference between magic and magic. "I think everyone came back twice," she tells Stan. For occultists, Dr. Lilith Ritter is also the "superior woman" needed for Sexual Magic, as the 19th-century American occultist Paschal Beverly Randolph wrote. "The dark goddess Lilith is the first radical feminist in Jewish folklore," argues Rebecca Halladay, an occult writer, scholar, and witch. According to Jewish folklore "The Alphabet of Ben Sira," Adam's first mistake was to insist on the dominant position in sex, with him at the helm. “Adam's god then demonizes Lilith for not going through with his plan. The submissive Eve replaces the rebellious Lilith. Her skillful magic of giving Adam an apple and eating from the tree of knowledge resulted in her expulsion from the garden and her eternal damnation. The literary Rev. Stanton, pastor of the Church of the Heavenly Message, does not make the same mistake. In the novel, Dr. Ritter plays a very dominant role in his spiritual development, sexuality, and mental breakdown, occasionally within the same brushstroke. In Chapter CARD XII, The Star, Dr. Knight Stanton paints her toenails, and her admission of a traumatic sexual past triggers a childhood memory in him. Knight is also the character who stacks her bookshelves with volumes of arcane knowledge. In both films, it's Molly, played by Coleen Gray and Rooney Mara respectively, who seems to lead the currents as Mamzelle Electra, the girl who defies lightning. But it's Zeena who is the real draw for occultists who discovered the film. "It was uncanny how Zeena could pick things out just by looking at the person's face," the book says. Of all the people in the world he could hide something from, it had to be a mind reader.” Gresham sticks to old-school esotericism by casting a woman as the oracle and the man as her wand. In the American South, Zeena skips horoscopes and charts and peddles the root of John the Conqueror. In the 1947 film, Pete's death is a preordained accident predicted in the cards. Stan stows real moonshine in Zeena's stage case, but gives the inventor of the secret code an identical bottle of wood alcohol. It gives birth to the Great Stanton. "He always reminded me that he named me after the mentalist Zeena, in a similar reverential way that Catholics are probably told about their namesakes," says Zeena. "Years later, when my son was born, my father insisted the boy's name be Stanton. I figured it was just a connection to the same story my name came from because I never knew my father's maiden name until I left the Church of Satan. He had kept his birth name a secret until Lawrence Wright, in his 1991 exposé of my father "Sympathy for the Devil" for Rolling Stone, ordered his birth certificate and revealed that detail in the article." The 1947 film was a box-office failure, despite starring Darryl Q. The film gave Power, who fought for it, a chance to play something more than swashbuckler and bullfighter. It was written by Jules Furthman, a former newspaper man who wrote the screenplays for hard-hitting classics like The Docks of New York (1928), Mutiny on the Bounty (1935), To Have and Have Not (1944) and The Big Sleep (1946 ). Using naturalistic settings, black-and-white photography, mundane sets, and soft-focus edits as a visual metaphor, Nightmare Alley influenced films from Roger Corman's The Man With the X-Ray Eyes (1963) to David Lynch's The Elephant Man (1980). The film eventually found its audience and a cult formed that was just as rabid as that of Rev. Carlisle in the book. The film was a hit in the LaVey household. "He also kept a giant cinema poster for the film in our kitchen, and at least a few times a year we watched the film on celluloid on our home projector," Zeena tells us. "The story served as a kind of Dark Triad template for him, fueling a misanthropic passion for 'building a better mousetrap' and a mistaken belief that he could manage to 'blackmail the bad guys' in a way that the fictional Stanton had failed." In the novel, Carlisle gives Dr. Ritter admits that "I'm a hustler, goddamn it. Nothing matters in this damn insane asylum of a world but dough.” The notebook teaches that he “can control anyone by finding out what they're afraid of,” and he uses it to manipulate a house for séances. "I can move it from the basement to the attic," Stanton says in the book. Zeena points out that the head of the first satanic church had the same game plan. As stated in a 1980 FBI report on LaVey: "LaVey stated that he was well aware that most people associated with the Church of Satan were in fact "fanatics, cultists, and lunatics." from a monetary perspective.” Zeena explains, “The FBI report makes it clear that the founder of the Church of Satan never intended his new 'religion' to be anything more than a money-making scam, just as Stan Carlisle was a wily charlatan. The carnival is a traveling freak show, a world of curtains, shadows and garish marquee posters. In the book, Rev. Stanton says that if he cannot afford the spiritual solitude of the Himalayas, he can be content in the Catskills. Gresham's novel is not about crime and punishment, sin and retribution. “The geek was made out of fear. He was afraid of getting sober and getting the frights," the book says. Conflicting reports state that Goulding, the director of the original film, died either on the operating table or by suicide in 1959 after a lifetime of sexual adventure and the resulting public scandal. After publishing a Houdini biography that producers wanted to turn into a musical, Gresham checked into the same Times Square hotel room where he wrote the first draft of Nightmare Alley, swallowed a handful of sleeping pills, and died in September. Zeena adds that her father died exactly seven years to the day from a curse she put on him in response to his admitting that he had sent someone after her (intending to kill her). The doctor who was present at LaVey's death told Zeena that he "never saw a heart so thoroughly rotted and beyond rescue." In November 1947, the Nat "King" Cole Trio recorded a record entitled "The Geek," and Billboard's Carnival section ran ads with disclaimers such as "No Geek or Girl Shows." Goulding's Nightmare Alley originally ended with the same scene that concludes del Toro's adaptation of the novel. The geek is the final stage for showmen who mess with the occult, and Stanton will be a geek until he drinks himself to death. The studio insisted a new ending be attached to offer Power's Geek hope of redemption. The film's new closing lines satirized how the process marred the promise of what the film was trying to do. Movies The Occult Influences of The Devil Movies Sympathy Marvel Movies Ranking: The Best and Worst MCU Movies How Netflix brought the fascinating world of the Vikings: Valhalla to life


NASA is planning an update on the first flight of the moon rocket SLS

NASA plans another update Thursday on the space agency's progress on launching the first lunar rocket since the Apollo-era Saturn V behemoths. (Author: Gardener)

NASAAn illustration shows NASA's SLS lunar rocket just after liftoff from Florida as the boosters separate. ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 24 (UPI) -- NASA plans another update Thursday on the space agency's progress on launching the first lunar rocket since the Apollo-era Saturn V behemoths. The agency says that in mid-March at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Artemis engineers will conduct the first "final launch completion tasks as well as integrated tests before the rocket rolls to the pad." The Space Launch System rocket and Orion capsule will roll slowly from the Space Center's massive vehicle assembly building to Complex 39B, about four miles away. The rollout will mark the first time a NASA rocket this large -- 322 feet tall -- has moved onto a launch pad since Apollo 17's Saturn V rocket did so, before launching three astronauts to the moon in 1972 through April or May NASA officials provide update at 1:30 p.m. EST via conference call will be Tom Whitmeyer, Assistant Assistant Administrator for Exploration Systems Development; Mike Bolger, program manager for exploration ground systems; and Mike Sarafin, mission manager of Artemis I. Astronomers long ago interpreted the moon's dark spots as oceans. Explore the history of the discovery of water on the moon. The final test in March, known as the wet dress rehearsal, will see ground crews practice loading propellant into the rocket's tanks and performing a full launch countdown. After testing, NASA will roll the rocket back into the Vehicle Assembly Building for final checks. NASA intends to land the first woman and first person of color on the lunar surface in 2025, paving the way for a long-term lunar presence and eventually serving as a base to study manned missions to Mars. RELATED First lunar rovers in decades could explore the moon in 2022 NASA announced in February that its plan to launch the Artemis I SLS rocket on an unmanned voyage around the moon has been delayed from March to April or May. The space agency said it's not working on "big problems," saying engineers simply need more time to do final checks on the all-new launch system. These activities included testing the flight termination system, which would blow up the missile should it fail and deviate from course, which could pose a hazard. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also continued to cause delays due to employee illness or quarantine and supply chain issues, NASA officials said. The first lunar mission in decades will help NASA understand how the giant new rocket and Orion capsule work in preparation for a manned launch and eventual lunar landing. The unmanned rocket will transport mannequins in the Orion capsule, which will fly further by the moon than any manned spacecraft ever. A drug that has helped millions of men revitalize their sex lives appears to treat a rare but often fatal eating disorder in dogs, researchers say. ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 23 (UPI) -- The crisis surrounding Russia's Ukrainian aggression presents NASA and other space agencies with the most serious diplomatic burden in the 22-year history of the partnership with the International Space Station, experts said. FEBRUARY 22 (UPI) -- Scientists have discovered a lost continent they call Balkanatolia, sandwiched between Europe, Africa and Asia, that allowed mammals from Asia to colonize Europe earlier than initially thought. Feb. 22 (UPI) -- Researchers in Scotland said a fossil of a winged reptile found on one of the country's islands is a previously unknown species of pterosaur and the largest ever discovered from the Jurassic period. SpaceX successfully launched 46 of the company's Starlink broadband internet communications satellites from Florida on Monday. Ahead of moon rocket crash, astronomers call for better space debris tracking ORLANDO, Fla., February 21 (UPI) -- Confusion among leading astronomers about a rocket that will crash on the moon on March 4 has prompted calls for better debris Tracking of objects manufactured in deep space. BANGOR, Maine, Feb. 21 (UPI) -- Energy experts say the challenges of climate change justify a greener, smarter, and more decentralized power grid -- a grid better able to accommodate a variety of renewable energy sources. Mars rover Perseverance's second year on Mars focuses on rock samples, river delta ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 18 (UPI) -- Now that the Mars rover Perseverance has spent a year on the red planet, the robotic explorer is ready to test it to speed up Primary mission - drilling rock samples to be sent back to Earth.