Penn needs to do more to honor Lunar New Year

Columnist Tony Zhou argues that Penn should put more emphasis on the recognition of the lunar new year in recognition of Penn's Asian community, which currently celebrates it. (Author: Gardener)

PennKeep up to date with this daily newsletter with Penn, which rounds up all the top news stories from the top news stories from DP, 34th Street and Under the Button. 34th Street Magazine's "Toast" to Dear Old Penn is a Sunday morning newsletter with the latest information on the culture and arts scene on the Penn campus. Penn, Unbuttoned is Penn's only intentionally satirical newsletter, bringing you your weekly dose of Under the Button comedy. The week's top stories from DP and beyond, meticulously curated for parents and alumni and delivered to your inbox every Sunday morning. Quaker Nation is the Daily Pennsylvanian's weekly sports newsletter, bringing you the latest on all things Penn-Sports. Receive it in your inbox every Tuesday. Toni Zhou | Penn needs to do more to get Lunar New Year Toner's Groaner | Penn should do more to recognize the minority of students who celebrate cultural holidays like the Lunar New Year. Being an international student since high school, I celebrated the Lunar New Year without my family for the fifth year in a row. Like all other Quakers celebrating this holiday, I was trapped on campus, embraced by a bizarre and complicated sense of jubilation, homesickness, and stress. Unlike Western holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, which stretch over longer pauses and give people ample time to go home to celebrate with their families, Lunar New Year can be a uniquely emotional experience for Penn's Asian community . The Lunar New Year marks the turning point in the lunar calendar and is a holiday widely celebrated in East and Southeast Asia. Although different families may have different traditions, the underlying theme is reunion with loved ones. Unlike most western holidays, where it is customary but not necessary to celebrate with the entire extended family, the most important aspect of the Lunar New Year is that people return home reunited with their families. No matter where they are, millions of people travel every year in the harsh winter, sometimes thousands of miles, to see their family, if only for one night. With Lunar New Year's Eve falling on a Monday this year, even most domestic students couldn't make travel plans to celebrate with their families. However, many students managed to adapt to the situation. College first-grader Nicole Zhao recalled her experience of the holidays, noting that "thankfully I was still able to talk to my family and see their faces now that video calling is available in this day and age." For many Asian students, this experience of separation, along with other shared traditions, can be a powerful bonding tool that brings community closer. But just as the physical separation of close family members during the pandemic testifies to the limits to which the internet can replace physical interaction, celebrating a cultural holiday remotely with family will always be different than celebrating in person. Nonetheless, students celebrating the Lunar New Year organize events with other members of their community during this festive period. Alan Zhang, a first-grader at the college, recalled his experience, describing, "For the first time ever, I spent [the Lunar New Year] with friends on campus, away from my family members, eating stew." Self-organized celebrations like a hot dinner were on common on campus. And celebrating with people coming from different cultures is important for the Asian community itself to recognize the Lunar New Year as a holiday celebrated by many different communities, rather than a homogeneous one. SEE MORE BY TONY ZHOU: For many students, celebrating the Lunar New Year on campus seems odd because it's only recognized by the few in the Asian community who celebrate it. It is surprising that the university itself has never sent out a message or announcement recognizing the holiday. College first-grader Joanna Xiang was overwhelmed by the university's lack of recognition, stating, "I'm quite disappointed that the school really didn't put a lot of effort into promoting the cultural holiday." While certain Asian advocacy groups last week hosted events like Lion dance performances in several dining halls promoted the holiday, Penn's decision to remain silent during this holiday or other cultural holidays undermines the mission of cultural inclusivity and makes minority students feel more likely to be alienated. Ideally, like any major holiday, celebrating the Lunar New Year means having fun and not thinking about the next half term or project that's coming up the following week. Many students celebrating the holiday experience struggle to complete their homework during Lunar New Year week, making the experience stressful. While some other universities have professors offering deadline extensions for students celebrating Lunar New Year, most Penn students in the Asian community had to work through their work for the next day of school, disrupting preparations for the holiday. Following Congresswoman Grace Meng's recent bill to make the Lunar New Year a federal holiday, Penn should at a minimum offer housing to students whose celebrations interfere with their academic work, and such action may be the first step in earning Penn's respect to show people's observance of this holiday. The Lunar New Year is a special occasion that is central to many Asian students at Penn. But it's important to realize that unlike traditional American holidays, many students had to celebrate this holiday while attending school. Penn needs to take more responsibility for promoting holidays like the Lunar New Year as part of its mission of inclusion. TONY ZHOU is a college freshman from Zhejiang, China.


Here you can finally play Elden Ring in the United States

"Elden Ring," the long-awaited collaboration between FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin, will be released this week. Here's when it will unlock in the US (Author: Gardener)

Elden RingAfter years of waiting, the launch of Elden Ring is just around the corner and we now have a confirmed release time for the highly anticipated role-playing game (RPG). Developed by FromSoftware (the team behind the notoriously punitive Dark Souls franchise), Elden Ring was first announced at E3 2019. With creative input from Game of Thrones writer George R. There weren't any specific details about its story or its mechanics, and were there any in-game footage to reference. There was a long period of radio silence following this momentous reveal, and we didn't hear anything tangible about Elden Ring development for several years. That was until the project made a triumphant (if overdue) comeback at Summer Game Fest in 2021. While retaining much of the core gameplay of Dark Souls - including its emphasis on stamina bar management, the online summoning feature, and the general combat system (not to mention it even recycles a few animations from older games) - it's also crucially evolved further developed on the formula. For example, Elden Ring introduces horseback exploration and mounted combat into the mix. Differences aside, Elden Ring is guaranteed to still offer that signature FromSoftware challenge that we've all developed a love-hate relationship with by now. With that in mind, you'll have to invest a ton of hours to master this game and learn its various intricacies. Luckily, you can get off to a rough start with this grind if you preload Elden Ring early before launch. Publisher Bandai Namco has unveiled a graphic on Twitter detailing when the Elden Ring will be released in each global territory. While the game is technically scheduled for release on Friday February 25th, some players will be able to get it a bit earlier. The console version of Elden Ring unlocks at midnight on Friday, regardless of where you live. This means some countries will inevitably get it a bit earlier than others, as time zone differences mean Australia and Europe reach 12am ahead of North America. If you're on Xbox, you can trick the system by setting your computer's internal clock to use New Zealand Daylight Saving Time. For those in ET zones, you can then arrive after midnight 18 hours earlier than necessary. You can perform a similar cheat on PlayStation, but you'll need to set up a New Zealand PSN account for this to work. While the console version of Elden Ring unlocks at midnight local time, the launch of the PC edition is synchronized globally. Setting your computer's clock doesn't make a difference, although you'll still get the game early since it comes out at 11pm on PC. UTC on Thursday February 24th. To be clear, Elden Ring is unlocking in the United States at this point: you can preload Elden Ring so it's ready to play as soon as it unlocks in your designated time zone. For PC and PlayStation owners, the option to do so will be available 48 hours before the game's official release. Here's where to preload Elden Ring in the US:


Snoop Dogg celebrates 4-20 at Lincoln

What better way to celebrate 4-20 than with a Snoop Dogg concert? That's what's going to happen when the iconic weed-loving rapper joins the ranks of rising country star Koe Wetzel (Author: Gardener)

LincolnSkip to main contentSkip to main content Enjoy unlimited items at one of our lowest prices ever. You have permission to edit this article. What better way to celebrate 4-20 than with a Snoop Dogg concert? That's what will happen when the iconic weed-loving rapper is joined by rising country star Koe Wetzel on April 20 at Pinnacle Bank Arena. The show, just one of two announced for the pairing, was put together by Mammoth Inc., the Lawrence, Kansas promoter who books shows at the Pinewood Bowl and sometimes the Arena. "They're the ones who brought us Cardi B," Lorenz said. “They worked with the management of Snoop and put this together. The idea was to do a 4-20 event and use the synergy of the Super Bowl halftime show.” During the Feb. 13 show, Snoop Dogg started with a PG version of his hit song “The Next Episode” and then closed dr Dre, the producer who launched Snoop's career in the early '90s, on "California Love" and at the end of the 15-minute show with Dre, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar for "Still DRE" Considered one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows of all time, this show aimed squarely at Generation X, the 40- to 55-year-old audience who embraced Snoop Doggy Dogg's "Doggystyle" and the hits "Gin and Juice." and "Who I Am (What's My Name?)" and made him the biggest star of West Coast hip-hop in the early '90s. The 4-20 show will be Snoop Dogg's third Lincoln appearance. In 2001 the Pershing Auditorium was sold out. But when he returned three years later, the show was moved to the Pershing basement as Snoop's popularity had plummeted. However, over the past decade, Snoop Dogg has regained prominence for his laconic notoriety, movies, TV shows, and commercials like his music. "He really came back," Lorenz said. "Now maybe people know more about him from his Corona commercials and as Martha Stewart's sidekick. But his audience has come back, especially after the Super Bowl.” Snoop Dogg is doing so well now, Lorenz said, that the BOK Center in Tulsa put a second show up for sale when his first announced concert there sold out. Koe Wetzel is among the hottest new country artists. Known for mixing rock, even some grunge, with his country, the Texas-born singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer has become a touring phenomenon, selling more than 120,000 tickets in COVID-stricken 2021, enough, to propel him to the top of Pollstar's worldwide touring list for the second year in a row. Tickets for the Lincoln show range from $45 to $125 with all seats reserved. Tickets go on public sale Friday at 10:00 a.m. at You can reach the author at 402-473-7244 or [email protected] Receive the latest local entertainment news in your inbox weekly! Get the latest news straight to your device.


The UPSC toppers are very active on social media

IAS Tina Dabi is one of the most socially active IAS officers in the country. Ria Dabi, her sister, is now also an IAS and very active on Instagram and Twitter. (Author: Gardener)

IAS Tina DabiIAS Tina Dabi is one of the most socially active IAS officers in the country. IAS Tina Dabi is one of the most socially active IAS officers in the country. Ria Dabi, her sister, is now also an IAS and very active on Instagram and Twitter. Ria Dabi, her sister, is now also an IAS and very active on Instagram and Twitter. Check out her latest tweets and Instagram posts below. Check out her latest tweets and Instagram posts below. UPSC Civil Services is tempted by millions each year. Tina Dabi is one of the most famous UPSC toppers of all time. She is also extremely active on social media and has many fans. Check out her latest Twitter and Instagram posts that never fail to inspire students. She also has a sister, Ria Dabi, who was AIR 15 in UPSC CSE 2020. Check out the Dabi Sisters activity on social media for inspiration to UPSC aspirants below. Check out her latest post below. Tina and Ria Dabi the Dabi sisters are one of the famous duo who are IAS officers. It was in 2015 that Tina Dabi cracked the civil service at the age of 22 and was followed by her sister Ria Dabi who also became one of the UPSC toppers in 2020 at the age of 23. Always inspiring those around them, the sisters have spoken in many interviews about the motivation required for candidates to qualify for CSE. Tina Dabi shares various tweets like the ones listed below Tina Dabi was born on November 9th, 1993 and is currently 27 years old. She became an IAS officer at the age of 22. She was married to Athar Amir Khan, also an IAS officer.


Give your diet a spring clean with Tuesday Foods

The basalt-based startup delivers the plant-based lifestyle to your doorstep. (Author: Gardener)

TuesdayInside the reusable, eco-friendly, recycled paper tote bag was a complete 5 Day Fall Reset cleaning from Good Clean Food Delivered, the basalt-based meal service (recently rebranded Tuesday Foods). When I felt the effects of "languishing" caused by the pandemic — a term the New York Times later defined as "a feeling of stagnation and emptiness" — I didn't eat as healthily or stay as active as I normally would do, and was looking for something that could inspire me to make a big shift. My diet has never been restrictive, but with a sudden boom in the plant-based lifestyle and all the benefits that come with it, a cleanse was the perfect way to start a change. Tuesday Foods' easy-to-follow directions and on-call service included in its signature glass container package promise, "In just three days, you'll start feeling more energy, less bloating, less cravings, more radiant skin, stable moods, and rejuvenated sleep." , clearer thinking and increased motivation.” While day three was the hardest for my system (and for most participants), by day four I was won over. Mistakenly believing that cleanses were too extreme for my hungry self, Tuesday Foods has dedicated itself to nutrition, offering a full day of nourishment anchored with a matcha latte, a superfood smoothie, a detox salad and a filling soup - with Lots of snacks to keep you full in between, like moisturizing raw vegetables, nut milks, mineral broths and hearty tahini bars. After completing my cleanse, I was not only proud of the accomplishment, but also lighter and more radiant overall (my waistline and skin also got a noticeable boost). Tuesday Foods also makes it easy to stay on track with the foundation of its business in the form of plant-based prepared meals that are delivered every Tuesday and stay fresh through Saturday. Founded in 2019 by certified health coach and vegan chef Kelly Hollins and Lisa Cohen, an accredited nutritionist and weight loss expert, Tuesday Foods has experienced explosive growth over the past year. "We started with a handful of (our collective) clients and we will never know what our path would have been without the pandemic," Cohen said in a phone interview earlier this month. "It brought so many things to the fore... people were afraid to go to the grocery store... they were more interested in their health and immune system support... and they stopped eating out." So when you're stuck at home and have to cook three meals a day for yourself or for your family, that got really difficult. The two longtime locals and friends, who first met in the mid-2000s while taking yoga classes with Aaron King, have embraced a once-down-to-earth business idea — cooking healthy meals and cleaning regimens in their own kitchens, all in Cohen's Garage packing and spitting deliveries in the Roaring Fork Valley - is now a 10 person team with a commercial kitchen in Willits and a satellite operation in Boulder to serve Front Range customers. Tuesday Foods was originally based on a custom, regular cleaning schedule—with a blueprint for clean eating in between. [Lisa and I] love doing cleanses and really crave it, but there really wasn't anything we wanted to buy, so we created our own," Hollins said. “There is no decision making – it is all planned. You don't have to think about what you're going to cook or buy... it's already done for you. "Whether you eat with us each week, which actually cleans itself, or follow a program, we provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to support your gut microbiome," added Cohen. “We know it's important to eat a plant-based diet, but variety matters. Research recommends eating at least 30 different plant-based foods per week, and our rotating menus can serve up to 100 different plants in one shipment alone. Instead of counting calories, we measure protein, fat, and carbs to ensure a balanced diet of good, clean foods.” With a cleanse under my now-loose belt, I've been leaning towards Tuesday Foods for the past three months — alternating with weekly deliveries and utilizing the many resources available on his DIY site.


Top storylines, surprises, trends, more

Also, highlights from the final night of the regular season for the Central Coast Section teams. (Author: Gardener)

the final nightWith 22 wins in 26 games during the regular season, Moreau Catholic wasn't expecting to see a five next to his name when the North Coast Section playoff brackets came out on Sunday. "We have motivation in the locker room," said coach Frank Knight after the fifth-seeded Mariners rolled past Castro Valley 70-33 past No. 12 at home in Hayward on Tuesday night in the first round of the Division I playoffs. “The team feels like they are not fivers. They're taking it personally.” Moreau held Castro Valley to four points in the first quarter and five in the second to end the game at halftime. Trey Knight had 19 points and seven steals and Kellen Hampton added 15 points and six rebounds to lead the Mariners. "We're starting to click," Knight said. We are excited. I'm looking forward to the defense. Our defense is solid.” Moreau reached the quarterfinals at Liberty on Friday, a 64-37 victor over Irvington in the opening round. Monte Vista Boys: Mustangs Hold On This Time In their last game before the playoffs, Monte Vista led Dublin by 12 points with three minutes remaining. On Tuesday, Monte Vista held a 14-point lead over California in the second half. The sixth-placed Grizzlies roared back to cut the deficit to one with the final 30 seconds. This time, the No. 11 seeded Monte Vista made the clutch free throws and defensive stop he needed to win on the road 65-62. The Mustangs play third-place Bishop O'Dowd in the NCS Division I Quarterfinals Friday night at Laney College in Oakland. Brandon McGautha sank four 3-pointers to finish with 19 points to lead Monte Vista. O'Dowd extended his winning streak to 13 games on Tuesday with a 73-38 win over 14th seed James Logan. There were several upsets in Tuesday night's first round of the NCS playoffs, split fairly evenly between boys and girls games. There were three games in which both teams were from EBAL - two boys, one girl - and in all three cases the lower seedling was victorious. In the boys, No. 11 seeded Monte Vista squeezed past California 65-62 in an upset that was predicted by many. In another EBAL boys' matchup, tenth-placed Foothill defeated Amador Valley No. 7 55-33. On the girls' side, No. 12 Dublin rolled past fifth-seeded Granada 51-32. Other surprises Tuesday included No. 12 set Hayward, who managed Pinole Valley 63-54, and No. 11 Encinal, who surprised No. 6 Piner 48-44 in two Division III games. The two most important excitements could concern the girls. Clayton Valley Charter, who entered the Division I as No. 13 with a less than brilliant 10-16 record, stunned fourth-place Freedom with 57-41. The Eagles surpassed Freedom 33-15 in the second half. But this season, they fought their way out of goal at 1-6 before going the rest of the way at 12-7 to finish 13-13. Miramonte regained some of that old mojo on Tuesday night. Next up for the Matadors on Saturday is No. 2 seed James Logan. The Colts sped past Pittsburgh 85-27 in the first round. Tuesday marked the final night of the regular season in the Central Coast Section. The playoff seeding meeting takes place on Wednesday, with the opening round on Friday and Saturday. - In the West Catholic Athletic League, Serra won his Jungle Game rivalry against St. Ignatius 64-56 behind 26 points from Miles Klapper and 19 from Brady Smith. The Padres (15-8, 7-7) finished fourth in the WCAL. St. Ignatius (18-6, 9-5) finished third in the league. - Achilles Woodson's 3-pointer on the buzzer propelled Archbishop Riordan to a 62-59 victory over Sacred Heart Cathedral and secured second place in the WCAL behind champion Archbishop Mitty. King-Njhsanni Wilhite led Riordan with 23 points. In 14 league games, Wilhite averaged 22.86 points to break Dwayne Fontana's school record of 22.67, set in 1989-90, according to team statistician Patrick Segurson. — St. Francis withstood a rally from Bellarmine to defeat his on-road rival 64-58. Theoren Brouillette, Nick Corbett and Brody Pearson each scored 10 points for Bellarmine. - Palo Alto defeated Los Altos 49-43 to earn a share of the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League's De Anza Division title with Mountain View. Both went into the league 10-2. Los Altos finished 9-3. - Fremont-Sunnyvale held off Gunn 45-40 to take part in the SCVAL El Camino Division title with Los Gatos. Both ended the league with 9:3. - The Palo Alto girls won the SCVAL De Anza division overall title with a 51-33 win over Los Altos. Palo Alto went 11-1 in league play. Second-placed Los Gatos finished the game 10-2.


Fans are more confident than ever that Cody Rhodes is returning to WWE following Raw allusions

Fans are more confident than ever that Cody Rhodes is returning to WWE after multiple teases were made on WWE Raw regarding his arrival (Author: Gardener)

Cody RhodesAfter you register, we use the email address you provided to send you the newsletter. After you register, we use the email address you provided to send you the newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter email. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter email. After several teasers were dropped on yesterday's episode of Monday Night Raw, fans are certain that Cody Rhodes will return to WWE. After that, reports suggested Rhodes was in talks with WWE about a surprise return to the company, which many believe will happen ahead of WrestleMania in April. And now, after yesterday's episode of WWE Raw, fans are more confident than ever that Cody will be back working for Vince McMahon. Several teases were dropped on yesterday's episode of WWE Raw, suggesting that Cody will be coming to WWE sooner rather than later. However, The Miz teased that it would be Cody before introducing Logan to Paul, saying his partner is "smart" and comes from a "family of fighters" who all line up with Rhodes. For those who don't know, Cody was briefly referred to as "Dashing" Cody Rhodes during his run with WWE that ended in 2016. That wasn't the only reference to Cody Rhodes on the show, as WWE Hall of Famer Edge also alluded to the former AEW executive during his promo on the show. While urging members of the WWE roster to stand before a WrestleMania match, Edge said he wanted to stand up to someone who was "undeniable." During his debut year with AEW, Cody spoke of going from "undesirable to undeniable," leading many people to think that Edge's line during his promo was a nod to the former WWE star. That's not all though, as Edge also alluded to Damian Priest, AJ Styles and Finn Balor during his promo on yesterday's show. There's no smoke or mirrors about it... @EdgeRatedR is poised to make more #WrestleMania magic this year! #WWERaw - WWE (@WWE) February 22, 2022 - WWE (@WWE) February 22, 2022 As seen above, WWE's social media account also referenced Edge during its promo on Cody Rhodes, with a callback to his old opening theme, "Smoke and Mirrors". As you'd expect, fans have been talking about the banter online since last night's WWE Raw, and as you can see below, many are now more convinced than ever that Cody is coming to WWE now. Cody is coming or they wouldn't be teasing it like that - (Philly4LiFe)North🙏🏾🅿️ (@philly215bull) February 22, 2022 - Danis Cunci† (@DaniCunci) February 22, 2022 Yeah, they wouldn't if he didn't come to WWE - Gavin (@gavinwainio) February 22, 2022 As previously mentioned, many people are expecting Cody Rhodes to return to WWE ahead of WrestleMania 38, possibly as early as next week's episode of Monday Night Raw.


Brock Lesnar appears as Logan Paul prepares for the WrestleMania match

Coming off the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, it was another busy night for WWE Raw with just six weeks to go and WrestleMania 38 (Author: Gardener)

WrestleManiaYou can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter email. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter email. The duo of Seth "Freakin" Rollins and Kevin Owens managed to turn the upcoming WWE Raw Tag Team Championship rematch between Alpha Academy and RK-Bro into a massive Triple Threat match. Also, Edge returned with an open WrestleMania challenge, Bianca Belair made a big statement, and more! The Beast marched back to Raw as the WWE Champion, but before he could really get his celebration going, his former attorney, Paul Heyman, showed up with some interesting news. Heyman informed Brock Lesnar that before he faces Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a Winner Take All Title vs. Title match at WrestleMania 38, he must defend his WWE Championship next Saturday when WWE returns live to Madison Square Garden! The Beast also learned that Bobby Lashley is set to get his championship rematch that night if he's able to clear the concussion protocol, but Heyman assured Lesnar he'll make sure there's a championship opponent in the lineup, whatever what is happening. The Beast Incarnate responded by letting Heyman know he will be rolling to SmackDown this Friday to confront The Head of the Table at The Road to WrestleMania. Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford wanted all the smoke they could get from Raw Tag Team Champions Otis & Chad Gable, but they may have gotten more than they bargained for. The Street Profits put up a good fight against the Champions, but it all culminated when Ford shocked the WWE Universe by picking up Otis for a big scoop slam. However, the weight of the log was too great as Otis fell down on Ford for the pinfall win with help from Gable, who kept Ford's foot on the mat from the ring. It was an eventful night for former NXT champions as Tommaso Ciampa brought Finn Bálor back to Raw for a tag team showdown against The Dirty Dawgs, just one night before Ciampa was set to face Dolph Ziggler on NXT 2.0. The Miz & Logan Paul challenged Rey & Dominik Mysterio to a match at WrestleMania 38. After promising to enlist a global superstar to fight Rey & Dominik Mysterio, The Miz made good on his vow by welcoming social media megastar Logan Paul back to Roh. Miz actually challenged The Mysterios to a tag team match at WrestleMania 38 before Rey & Dominik even knew who The A-Lister was referring to, and that prompted Paul to celebrate his triumphant return to Raw. After Paul completely disregarded The Master of the 619, Dominik quickly accepted the challenge before Miz and his new partner brutally attacked the father and son. Miz dropped Rey with a skull crushing finale before Logan showed Paul one of his own at Dominik's expense. Rhea Ripley, who had a very impressive performance in the Gauntlet Match and a strong performance in the Elimination Chamber last week, wanted to put up a strong fight against her former friend Nikki A. After the match, Priest claimed that this would defend his United States Title again next week and urged everyone to get on the plate. This drew the wrath of Finn Bálor, who accepted the challenge and set the stage for a massive title match on next week's Raw. Feeling bad about what happened at the end of their Valentine's Day date, 24/7 Champion Reggie got into the ring and invited Dana Brooke to put on a real match against him for the title. However, Reggie tricked Dana and stepped out of her numerous attempts until Brooke decided to give the champion a big hickey, distracting him enough for the referee to count to three and crown Dana the new 24/7 champion. WWE's EST was in high gear following her win in the Elimination Chamber match, but it wasn't long before Bianca Belair faced her WrestleMania 38 opponent, Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch. The two exchanged some heated words before Big Time Becks took her place at the Raw announcement table to witness Belair's fight against Doudrop, and Lynch was devastated to see The EST emerge victorious after collapsing with an impressive K .teamed up to earn their way to RK-Bros Raw Tag Team Championship rematch against Alpha Academy in two weeks time was the name of the game for Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Kevin Owens and they have their goal achieved. Determined to find their own way to WrestleMania 38, Rollins and Owens gave Randy Orton & Riddle everything they had in this exciting main event, and the action ended when Riddle fell victim to a stunner stomp combo from Rollins and Owens became. Gave them victory and set them firmly in the hunt for the Raw Tag Team Championship. You can watch WWE Raw live here in the UK on BT Sport every week.


Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens fight their way to the title match

WWE Raw scores, grades as Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens battle it out in a huge title match, Logan Paul attacks Rey Mysterio and more. (Author: Gardener)

Seth RollinsWWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens earned a shot at the Raw Tag Team Championships after a great Monday night Main Event. This week's show ended with the duo enjoying a massive win over Randy Orton and Riddle as they will now join RK-Bro themselves in a triple threat with challengers Alpha Academy for the gold. Earlier in the night, KO and the Visionary played up their chance, noting that if they win the titles in two weeks, they could defend them at WrestleMania 38 - or even face SmackDown Champions The Usos. In a nice move, Owens kept firing in Dallas, Texas amid rumors of a huge dream match with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. They'll face tough challengers, however, with Alpha Academy gaining some momentum in the opening match of the night as Chad Gable and Otis defeat The Street Profits together. All four men did a good job while Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins continue to make an exciting duo, but it's true that Alpha Academy took the win here. They've already earned a title fight against RK-Bro after a string of recent academic challenges, but they won't get a direct tag match against Owens and Rollins has been included in the fight. The latter pair did so in a fantastic main event against Riddle and Orton, each contributing to an exciting fight that ended with a turnbuckle bomb, stunner, and stomp in quick succession being enough to knock out the Original Bro for a three count. The show began with newly-crowned WWE Champion Brock Lesnar coming out to celebrate his big win at Elimination Chamber over the weekend, in which he dominated AJ Styles, Riddle, Seth Rollins and Austin Theory to victory after Bobby Lashley mid was removed in the match to injuries. The Beast was quickly interrupted by Paul Heyman, who set up Roman Reigns ahead of the pair's title-versus-title match at WrestleMania 38 while revealing that Lesnar would be defending his title at the Garden next month. Tommaso Ciampa later teamed with a returning Finn Balor to defeat the Dirty Dawgs, continuing Ciampa's NXT 2.0 feud with Dolph Ziggler. It was a great match and it's wonderful to see the former NXT champ getting some attention on the red mark while he and the Raw veteran remain at odds. On this week's episode of Miz TV, the host railed against Rey Mysterio and his win at Elimination Chamber, which came after his son Dominik got involved. After some back-and-forth with the father/son duo at the mic, Miz teased his new tag team partner - brilliantly calling him "dashy" and a member of a struggling family, in reference to Cody Rhodes - before rolling out Logan Paul. with the villains beating the fan favorites to stand tall with a massive match set for WrestleMania 38. In a similarly short - but very hilarious - match, Damian Priest beat Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match before issuing an open challenge for his United State Championship, which Finn Balor planned to accept for next week. The champion stayed on commenting as Belair defeated Doudrop in another strong match between the two, showing off her incredible strength with the K. Edge came out to give WrestleMania an open challenge and adroitly recalled his memories of The Show of Shows as referring to AJ Styles, Cody Rhodes and Damian Priest when he challenged someone to step up. The Phenomenal One has made no secret of his desire to take on the Rated R superstar, and the idea of ​​Styles and Edge clashing is a dream match for fans.


Edge returns to WWE Raw and releases Open Challenge for WrestleMania 38

The Hall of Famer gives the gauntlet to someone who levels up, "lives forever" and fights them. (Author: Gardener)

WWE RawThe Hall of Famer gives the gauntlet to someone who levels up, "lives forever" and fights them. The Hall of Famer gives the gauntlet to someone who levels up, "lives forever" and fights them. Edge returned to Raw Monday night for the first time since Royal Rumble, and presented WrestleMania 38 with an unusual challenge. Edge said he needed WrestleMania, but Mania needed him too. Edge then challenged the dressing room, urging someone - anyone - to come forward and fight him at Mania. The rumor mill has brought up AJ Styles and Austin Theory as potential opponents for Edge. Both would be interesting for different reasons as AJ/Edge would be sort of a fantasy booking and Theory would be the proverbial climber challenging a legend. But then there's Edge's choice of words, which says that whoever fights him "will live forever." That catchphrase has been used by Damian Priest for quite a while, and coincidentally, the US Champion ran a Monday night promo specifically asking for "champion-caliber" opponents because it's WrestleMania season. These two promos, combined with a brief backstage encounter between Edge and Priest a while back, could show where things are headed. Both men issued open challenges on Monday night so it may only be a matter of time before one accepts the other's offer.