How LSU's new soccer coordinator Matt House plans to shape the Tigers' defense

LSU's new defense coordinator, Matt House, spoke to the media for the first time since he was hired. (Author: Gardener)

Matt HouseBATON ROUGE -- Matt House had little time to prepare for his new job. LSU's new defense coordinator only had a week to prepare for the gig. The Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Cincinnati Bengals on Jan. 30, meaning the reigning AFC champion's time as linebacker coach was suddenly over. "Coach (Brian) Kelly said, 'Hey, you can get the whole video on the iPad,' so I basically had the rest of the week and showed up the following Monday," House said. Brian Polian, special teams coordinator and recruiting director, understood House's predicament. Polian was an assistant head coach at Notre Dame before following Kelly to Baton Rouge. "I felt terrible for him," Polian said. And then, you know, two days later you take an aptitude test. ORGERON WILL NEVER COACH BAMA: Former LSU football coach Ed Orgeron says he will "never" coach for Nick Saban, Alabama. Luckily for House, the chaos has subsided. On Wednesday, House met with the media that covered LSU for the first time. He was introduced along with the rest of the defense staff and Polian by Kelly, who was in a media environment for the first time since his December 5 induction press conference. LSU has done a lot of work on the defense side since House's hiring was announced on Dec. 28. The Tigers added three cornerbacks with Power 5 starting experience after losing four key contributors to the NFL draft and transfer portal. They also brought in two potential starters at Linebacker and bolstered the strength of the defensive line. But with House still working for the Chiefs through much of the reorganization, LSU had to build its defense in Baton Rouge without its coordinator. "It was incredibly difficult," said Polian. "I think between Coach Kelly's vision, Coach House's vision, and our execution, we were able to try to meet some of the specific needs that he was looking for in terms of staffing." House made no statements as to which players or position groups so far are stuck out. But he shared the four pillars of what he defines as "good defensive football". "A cornerback at the back when he's making a playoff could cost you a touchdown." 2. Using the football to be in the right position or angle to make a play. Aside from those four qualities, Kelly valued House as a candidate because of his coordination experience -- particularly his time with the SEC. Before spending three seasons with the Chiefs, House served as defensive coordinator for the Kentucky, Pittsburgh and Florida International for two seasons. House also has experience coaching any positional group on defense. "Matt has a proven track record of inspiring others and developing players and coaches alike," said Kelly. But House said he's grown since those experiences and after his time in the NFL. He points to the value of how coordinator Steve Spagnuolo taught Kansas City's defense - presenting concepts complex for opposing offense but simple enough for his players to "play fast" on defense - and that he wanted to replicate that kind of philosophy at LSU. I think (I'm) probably a better teacher," House said. "The only thing you're compelled to do in the NFL is be better prepared to give them something every day. "From a prep perspective, I'm definitely a better coach coming from Kansas City." A lot can still change in the LSU roster before the season opener in September. The Tigers have four roster spots left and spring practice doesn't start until March 24. Perception and reality might change," Polian said. So House takes everything one day at a time." "We're still going through that process of learning and getting to know our boys," House said.


Nine orders issued to stay away from 'desperate' former stars

Channel Nine and Endemol Shine, the company that produces MAFS, have warned this year's contestants to stay away from stars from previous seasons (Author: Gardener)

NineThe new season of Married At First Sight has got off to a good and right start. And as the cast settle into their 15 minutes of fame, Daily Mail Australia can reveal they've received a strict order from network bosses. Channel Nine and Endemol Shine, the company that produces MAFS, have warned this year's contestants to stay away from stars from previous seasons. "The cast were told that the stars of the past few years are all desperate to stay famous and will be reaching out to them," a source said. You don't want them to distract from the new season and hijack it. Nine and Endemol Shine are reportedly "terrified" of the 2022 cast, who speaks to Bryce Ruthven, who had a "horrible experience" on the show last year and knows how to use the media effectively to "show your side of the story." bring out". . While Nine may be hoping for the former MAFS stars to quietly disappear, the likes of Bryce still make good money from media and sponsorship deals. The warning comes just days after former bride Alana Lister was spotted partying with Al Perkins and Brent Vitiello in Sydney's Double Bay - which would no doubt have infuriated the network's publicists. According to several this year's season attendees, alarms were raised when one groom accused another of talking to Bryce while filming the cast's reunion. The producers had to step in and make it clear that no one should be speaking to anyone from previous seasons of MAFS. "We were told to stay away from last year's cast and it was almost certain they would try to befriend us and encourage us to work with them in one way or another," a cast member told Daily Mail Australia . It comes after Woman's Day reported that some contestants were secretly hiring former cast members as "fame consultants." "Once things heated up during filming, the majority of this year's attendees reached out to former cast members for advice on how to get the most airtime and stay relevant after filming wrapped," said an insider. Ella Ding is also reportedly hell-bent on emulating the post-show success of former star Martha Kalifatidis, and has even reached out to her for career advice. It comes after Married At First Sight's executive producer admitted some of the cast aren't "100 percent real". Married At First Sight continues Sunday at 7pm on Channel Nine and 9Now


Bryan Danielson responds to Jon Moxley's challenge on AEW Dynamite

After Jon Moxley told Bryan they needed to bleed together before considering forming a team, Bryan accepted that challenge. (Author: Gardener)

Bryan DanielsonSince his return to AEW, Jon Moxley has been on fire with a 4-0 winning streak in his matches. And someone who in some ways had a career similar to Mox's, Bryan Danielson, took note of Jon's success in All Elite Wrestling. Danielson and Mox's story in AEW began when they crossed paths on Rampage a few weeks ago. When they first exchanged words, Bryan made it clear that he would rather form a dominant stable with Jon Moxley than be rivals. Although Mox expressed interest in the idea, he explained that the two men would have to "bleed together" before they could hook up. On tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite, Bryan defeated Daniel Garcia in the main event. But after his win, Garcia's friends, Team 2point0, ran in to attack Bryan, resulting in Mox running to the ring to save. As Bryan grabbed the microphone, the crowd chanted "This is great!". Danielson told Jon Moxley: "So if we're going to fight together, we have to bleed together? You want a match at Revolution, you got it! But don't be surprised if you're the only person bleeding." The show went off the air, and the two men stared at each other. Bryan and Mox were scheduled to compete in the finals of the AEW World Title tournament last November, but Moxley underwent alcohol rehabilitation during the time of the pay-per-view. This will be her first singles match in All Elite Wrestling. Below is the updated map for AEW Revolution: TRIPLE THREAT FOR AEW WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES Winner of a 3/2 Casino Tag Royale vs. ReDRagon vs. Jurassic Express (c) FACE OF THE REVOLUTION LADDER MATCH Keith Lee vs. Winner earned a future title fight from AEW TNT Champion Sammy Guevara. Trios Match Sting, Darby Allin and TNT Champion Sammy Guevara "Hangman" Page, Adam Cole, Casino Battle Royale and more announced for AEW Dynamite


Dynamite Results Live Blog

One of Jurassic Express' PPV challengers is determined, House of Black might add a member, and Chris Jericho & Eddie Kingston will have a convo! Follow everything that's going on in the February 23 map right here! (Author: Gardener)

Jurassic Express'Here's a place to check out the results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite airing tonight at 8 p.m. ET on TBS. One of Jurassic Express' challengers at Revolution PPV on March 6 will be decided as a tag battle royal featuring all of AEW's top teams. Bryan Danielson takes on Daniel Garcia! Come right back here at 8:00 p.m. ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TBS. Chaotic brawls begin like all battle royals, Blade eliminates Reynolds and Silver eliminates him in turn! Ortiz drops Austin Gunn and then Colten follows to eliminate Ass Boys! Butcher takes out both bucks, best friends take out Williams after a hug! Private Party is eliminated despite Matt Hardy personally saving Isiah Kassidy! The teams eliminated left and right as the scrum finally clears and the Bucks and FTR meet, but reDRagon attacks the Pinnacle boys from behind! Bucks transfers to Best Friends, and then FTR manages to dump Nick Jackson! Santana slams Matt from behind and gets to work on him while reDRagon hits the DDT/wheelbarrow suplex combo on Trent! Orange Cassidy gives his girlfriend Beretta a piggyback ride and saves him from extinction! O'Reilly goes for a guillotine, Trent hits a suplex, big lariat in the corner sets up a Tornado DDT! Trent eliminates Fish and stops Dax from eliminating him as we go on break. Back from the commercial, Wheeler is eliminated by John Silver! No more full teams in the match, Silver is joined by Trent, Harwood, O'Reilly, Santana and Matt Jackson! They all pair up and move around to try and pull off some eliminations, and Beretta and Santana end up square and trading forearms in the middle of the ring! Discus Lariat knocks Trent off his feet, a boot sends him onto the apron, Beretta pushes Santana over with him, they battle for position and both end up with a Stereo-Boot hit, Jackson and KOR shoot them off the apron! Matt tries to take out the Raw Dog while Kyle kicks Dax! Silver hangs for his life with a headscissors, O'Reilly takes Harwood to the apron and grabs an armbar off the apron! Trading Kicks, Fish returns and knocks Harwood off the apron, eliminating FTR! Jackson asks Kyle to help him take care of Silver and O'Reilly goes along, but the Meat Man overpowers them both! Running hots with lassos, big back body drop and he's fired up! Basement Dropkick sets up a pump kick, he brings mate for a spin out powerbomb! Scoop lift for Kyle, Jackson busts out with a superkick and they hit Chasing the Dragon! KOR favors his shoulder, Matt eliminates Silver, but Kyle is right there with him... reDRagon win, last eliminating Matt Jackson to become #1 contender for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. He goes in the ring and beats up ALL of Adam Cole's friends! Cole slides after him but Page blocks a kick and drops it with two huge right hands to set up mounted punches! At the apron he attacks Buckshot, but reDRagon pulls her buddy out of the fire! John Silver fires a cannonball from the apron to take out Fish and O'Reilly! Hangman sets up a chair and asks who's ready for story time. Seated with the world title belt, he says our story begins in 2008 with Adam Cole's entry into the world of pro wrestling. He won world titles everywhere, but when he could see the writing on the wall and feel his world crumble around him, he climbed back to his old friends and came in for the AEW World Championship. But what he didn't see was that he was getting closer and closer to a six-foot hole in the ground, and as he entered Revolution thinking he was going to be world champion again, he stepped too close to his grave, the better, Adam laid him and the world listened to the sound of his body hitting the dirt from a freshly cocked shotgun, and that sound was... He says he's really impressed with Daniel Garcia, and it reminds him of a younger version of himself He's technically impressive and vicious on the mat but the difference is he doesn't have a great mentor like William Regal, he's with these idiots in 2.0 and he's going to show him the difference tonight. Last week Jon Moxley said they need to bleed together before they fight together and he will address that after his match tonight. His eyes are bloodshot and he generally looks kind of grumpy as he requests that his music be cut en route to the ring. He says he gets it, he used to love CM punk too and he knows we want to boo him and he's not the most likeable person in the world but he just wants an opportunity here. Punk showed us a photo last week and said it was just another Friday, but for him it wasn't. He knows it's easy to believe he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, but the fact of the matter is that at one point in his life he only got out of bed because he was professional wrestling, and just like us, he loves he pros wrestling and AEW. Dating back to 2007, he's 11 years old with a whole litany of learning disabilities, severe ADD, and every day at school was hell but the only thing he was good at was soccer. He started out as a middle linebacker and that meant everything because for once he thought he belonged. The next day he walks out into the hallway and his teammates come up to him and he's excited because for once he thinks he'll make friends, but they look angry and they're holding rolls of quarters. He went home and cried and cried and stopped because he realized that today was Friday and that meant he was meeting his hero, CM Punk, at an autograph session. That day meant everything and when he returned home, he promised himself that he would be just like CM Punk and become the best in the world. A few years later, he wants to train as a wrestler, study tape until his eyes bleed, and practice promos until his voice is hoarse, just because he wants to be punk, just like CM. In January 2014, punk left him and all of us, and that's when he realized if the best in the world don't make it, what chance does a five-foot-tall Jew boy have. So he went to school and buried his dreams until he happened upon a photo of CM Punk shaking hands with Bryan Danielson. CM Punk the guy who left him when he needed him the most, he was angry and he promised himself that despite CM Punk he would be the best in the world. He promised that whatever kind of outcast was being bullied and only had him on his TV screen, he wouldn't walk like that cowardly coward CM Punk. He asks if what he said is true and Max says it's true, tears streaming down his face. MJF turns and leaves and we go on break. Jeff Parker says they walked through those doors together and now Bryan Danielson wants to storm in and mentor Garcia? Matt Lee says if he wants a taste, he gets a taste, and Garcia says he doesn't need a lesson in violence and tonight he's going to teach Bryan the lesson. He briefly keeps Black isolated but he's subbed off and Brody lassos PAC as we go on break!


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from February 23rd

The road to revolution passed through Bridgeport, Connecticut on Wednesday as AEW with an episode of Dynamite featuring a blockbuster tag team match, a TBS championship... (Author: Gardener)

February 23rdThe path to revolution passed through Bridgeport, Connecticut on Wednesday as AEW hit the TBS airwaves with an episode of Dynamite featuring a blockbuster tag team match, a TBS championship defense, a high-stakes battle royal and the latest from Bryan Danielson included. Who emerged from the March 6 pay-per-view extravaganza with momentum on their side? Find out with this recap of this week's explosive show. Penta El Zero Miedo and Pac vs. Malakai Black and Brody KingFace of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Pres10 Vance vs. Ricky Starks Teams Involved: Gunn Club, FTR, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish, 2point0, The Young Bucks, The Butcher and The Blade, Best Friends, Santana and Ortiz, Private Party and The Dark Order (John Silver and Alex Reynolds)AEW's top tag teams competed for the right to advance to Revolution and Jurassic Express on Sunday, March 6th to challenge the tag team titles. One of the first notable events was Matt Hardy's departure from Private Party, reinforcing the division that had existed in the Hardy Family Office of late. Santana dropped both members of 2point0, FTR dropped Nick Jackson from the Bucks and Red Dragon's O'Reilly and Fish teeted off Best Friends' Trent Berreta. Matt Jackson and O'Reilly eliminated Santana and Beretta, ending their championship bid. After Jackson, O'Reilly, Silver and Dax Harwood left, the crowd came alive with "Johnny Hungee" chants, which obviously favored the jacked underdog of The Dark Order. Jackson and O'Reilly teamed up with Silver and knocked him to the ground. O'Reilly quickly betrayed Jackson, sending him to the ground and slapping both him and Fish's ticket to Revolution. The Bucks walked out and refused to help O'Reilly and Fish. Adam Cole entered the ring and quickly found himself in danger. His buddies saved him while the Bucks looked on, and Silver sent O'Reilly back in the ring to eat a buckshot lariat. Once the match was reduced to about six teams, this improved exponentially. The biggest takeaway was the current disagreement between Red Dragon and the Young Bucks, a relationship that doesn't exist without Adam Cole bridging the gap between them. That's when O'Reilly got the chance to stab Matt in the back and win the match for his benefit, he did. It was minor character work that will later be recalled when the Bucks find themselves in a war for supremacy on opposite sides of Cole and Red Dragon, with no long-term impact on the plot. The AEW Champion is a great babyface promo, seen here in all its glory. MJF got in the ring to a chorus of boos and proceeded to edit a promo expressing his love for professional wrestling and AEW. He recalled a childhood of learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and bullying by his own teammates on his high school football team. He said there was one person he looked up to: CM Punk. He recalled training and watching tapes on his journey to become a wrestler. He has vowed to never stop at a young kid who looks up to him like punk did to him. Punk went to the ring and asked MJF if his promo was real. A strike that drew boos from a skeptical audience. This is exceptional promo work by MJF, whose time spent cutting promos in front of a mirror in the same fashion as punk has clearly paid off. A constant dark cloud of impending doom awaits anyone who falls into their trap, and that was the case here. The question is where is this going? Will punk allow itself to fall prey to the inevitable, or will it shrug off the obvious mind games and beating we're all expecting of it on March 6th? We'll find out sooner rather than later. Death Triangle vs. The Knights of the Black Throne Malakai Black and Brody King from The Knights of the Black Throne make their way to the square circle for a showdown with Pac and Penta El Zero Miedo. Now Penta Oscuro, he entered with a heaping dose of theatrics, rising from the afterlife after Black sprayed him with black mist during their last encounter. The death triangle started hot, wiping out Black and King, but the heels took control of the fight and went into the commercial break. They continued to set the tone, overwhelming opponents and proving that offbeat performances couldn't negate King's fury. Until Oscuro and Pac took the big man out of the equation. Penta scored the pinfall win over Black in what was considered an upset. After the match, King overpowered the victors, hitting the masked luchador and threatening to damage him with a shovel. The lights went out and when they came back on, Buddy Matthews was making his AEW debut. Matthews obliterated Pac, then Penta while King obliterated security details. At Black's urging, Matthews propelled Penta face first into a steel chair and stood, the newest member of the suddenly stronger House of Black. The Death Triangle defeated the Knights of the Black Throne. There's definitely an argument that Black shouldn't eat pinfalls in meaningless tag team matches that will later become just a footnote in a larger story. Still, he prevailed in a moment of weakness thanks to the arrival of Buddy Matthews. Having Black deposed to this degree was a great thing as he was fully aware of why his right eye is damaged and discolored to the extent it is. Black's explanation for the relationship should make for fascinating television viewing. Kudos to Tony Khan for continuing to present King like a champ. He looks badass, works like one and the creative has backed it up to this point. The tension between Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston spilled over into a back-and-forth of voice that saw The Demo God put down Kingston as a jobber while supporting Kingston reminisced about his many major events and world titles. Kingston said he's been real his entire career and isn't about cutting boys' legs from under them. If he does, when Kingston hits Jericho, he'll look him in the eye, shake his hand, and show his respect for the beloved babyface. Kingston told his rival to bring the Jericho, who was the first world champion to turn WCW upside down and pissed off at Levesque (Triple H) in WWE. Le Champion reiterated that Kingston cannot win the big win and walked out. This was expert publicity work by two of the era's finest speakers, the belief that has made him incredibly popular with AEW. Their match will be as emotionally intense as anything on the Revolution map, and what they lack in leaps and raw athleticism, they'll make up for with the youngest, brightest stars with storytelling skills we only wish they could replicate. The promos that precede it. After a narrow loss to World Champion contender Adam Cole, The Dark Order's Pres10 Vance looked to redeem his ticket to the Face of the Revolution ladder match. To do that, he would need to defeat FTW World Champion “Absolute” Ricky Starks, who was joined to the ring by massive powerhouse Hobbs. Starks controlled the action through the picture-in-picture commercial break only for Vance to use his Full Nelson brand. Starks tried to fight back, so Vance evened him out with a discus clothesline. A wary Starks grabbed the mask, halted his momentum, and delivered a javelin for victory. There was nothing inherently wrong with this one, but it never felt like Vance had much of a chance of winning this one. Sure, he controlled late, but Starks outsmarted him to win in a fairly one-dimensional match. The win gives Team Taz two entries into the upcoming ranked match. Considering the aforementioned Hobbs, Keith Lee and Wardlow had already qualified for the match, it was time to add a smaller competitor to compete for them. Starks is that guy, but he's resilient and cunning enough to win despite his small size. Phenomenal TBS champion Jade Cargill, previously 27-0 in AEW, defended her title against The Bunny on Wednesday night. Cargill showed off their unrivaled athleticism early on, but Bunny fought back and edited them out during the commercial break. To the surprise of the commentary team, she continued to keep the champion off guard, but a spinebuster from Cargill turned the tide in her favor. Matt Hardy, head of the Hardy Family Office, tossed Bunny brass knuckles. Cargill used the TBS title introduced by Smart Mark Sterling before both managers were eliminated. Cargill responded and countered Down the Rabbit Hole with Jaded for the win and successful title defense. After the match, Tay Conti emerged from the locker room as the next challenger for the TBS Championship. As she was knocked out by the heels, Anna Jay charged into the ring with a steel chair and chased her away. This was a fun way to sidestep the heel-to-heel nature of the fight, only with Hardy and Sterling interfering with getting knocked off the ring and making way for the fight to end. Cargill looked impressive, as she does every time she steps in the ring, and Bunny's experience helped propel her into one of her better televised fights. Introducing Tay Conti in The Cover Photo is an interesting choice given her limited television exposure of late, but she's a breakout star for the company and one of the more pleasant surprises of 2021. Whether she's experienced and good enough to Getting a PPV quality match out of Cargill is the question. Expect a tag match pitting Cargill and Bunny against TayJay at some point in the near future. In this week's Main Event, Bryan Danielson faced off against one of the men he feels he should side-by-side with he and Jon M Oxley, Daniel García. Mat wrestling dominated early on as Danielson grounded and punished his young opponent, highlighting why he is considered by many to be the best wrestler in the world. An alert Garcia neutralized his opponent's ability to outsmart him by wrapping his right leg around the ring post and taking control of the fight during the time-out. He added a Dragon Screw Legwhip to further damage the American Dragon's knee. Danielson fought through the pain and delivered a tiger suplex, then floated over to Cattle Mutilation. With hands clasped, opponents unlocked their forearms and punished each other. Danielson countered another dragon screw and stomped on his opponent's face. 2point0's Matt Lee and Jeff Parker attacked Danielson until Jon Moxley made the save and chased the heels off. Garcia teased him with a steel chair, but Danielson stopped him and paradigm shifted him down. Danielson, chair in hand, challenged Moxley to a match at Revolution. "Don't be surprised if you're the only person bleeding," he said before facing the former world champion. A fantastic pro wrestling match headlined this show, with Danielson and Garcia beating the eternal hell out of each other. It was certainly hampered by time pressures like the segment as a whole, but it still managed to live up to the high expectations. The Danielson-Moxley match at Revolution will be fantastic, a physical battle between two guys whose long-term history has plans will depend on what happens in the much-anticipated clash. A scenario where they fight 2point0 and Garcia along the way shouldn't be counted as the heel trio provides high quality Mega Powers style tandem competition.


El Salvador unexpectedly benefits from Bitcoin adoption

El Salvador began accepting Bitcoin as legal tender in September. (Author: Gardener)

El SalvadorNearly six months after El Salvador introduced bitcoin as legal tender in the country, tourism has exploded, rebounding from pandemic lows and bringing the country a windfall. El Salvador was the first country to adopt cryptocurrency as legal tender as the government “wanted to make as many people financially free as possible.” Since the decision, bitcoin prices have experienced their characteristic volatility, with the cryptocurrency trading at nearly $49,000 as of September and peaking at $69,000 in November before currently settling around $37,000. Despite the volatility, El Salvador says its decision has paid off in ways unrelated to Bitcoin's price. “The adoption of Bitcoin has benefited the sector. More tourists have come to see how cryptocurrency works,” said Morena Valdes, the head of the Ministry of Tourism. The tourism sector grew by more than 30% in November and December.” Outside interest in El Salvador's economy now that bitcoin is being adopted has forced the government to launch a bitcoin trainer program for community leaders. This action follows One Central American University's poll showing that a majority of citizens don't want bitcoin, with 9 in 10 Salvadorans not understanding what the cryptocurrency is and 8 in 10 saying they don't trust bitcoin went earlier this week El Salvador President Nayib Bukele took to Twitter to tout the country's gross domestic product growth of 10.3% in 2021 while saying that exports, a key driver of economic growth, rose 13% in January .While El Salvador has not released the final tourist data for 2021, the country saw a record 707,000 total tourists in 2020, ranking 113th in the world according to WorldData Info. The $1.66 billion generated by tourism represented almost 7% of the GDP of the country. And remember that 2020 was a bad year for tourism due to Covid. El Salvador is a firm believer in bitcoin and sees the cryptocurrency's recent troubles as an opportunity to buy more at a bargain price. On Jan. 22, El Salvador bought 410 bitcoin as prices fell below $37,000, a price it hadn't seen since last July. The purchase cost around $15 million, which President Bukele celebrated as a coup for the country of 6.5 million people. El Salvador has acquired more than 1,800 bitcoin over the past four months on price declines. Since the announcement of the move to bitcoin, the country's credit rating has quadrupled: "El Salvador now has the world's most distressed sovereign debt and that's because of the bitcoin craze," said Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University. said fortune.


Hear the clip of Dolly Parton's new song "Run" along with excerpts from her new book "Run, Rose, Run".

Run, Rose, Run, which Dolly Parton wrote with James Patterson, hits shelves March 7 with an accompanying album (Author: Gardener)

Dolly Parton'sHear the clip of Dolly Parton's new song "Run" along with excerpts from her new book Run, Rose, Run Run, Rose, Run, which Dolly Parton co-wrote with James Patterson, is out on 7 Author James Patterson, nicknamed Run, Rose , Run, will hit shelves next month, and a new bookcast offers an early look at the book and its accompanying soundtrack, written by Parton. In the first of two bookcasts released on Spotify Wednesday, listeners can hear an excerpt from Chapter 32, which focuses on AnnieLee's trip to Nashville and her friendship with country legend Ruthanna Ryder. In the clip, Ryder is voiced by Parton herself as she reflects on life on the road and performs her signature song, "Big Dreams and Faded Jeans." RELATED: Dolly Parton and James Patterson's thriller stars a singer with a 'dangerous' past — read an excerpt! The song is one of 12 that the 76-year-old Parton recorded for an album that will serve as a sort of soundtrack to accompany the book. The second bookcast, meanwhile, features an excerpt from the heartbreaking prologue, which offers more insight into AnnieLee's mysterious past and also features the first listen to "Run," another song included on the soundtrack. Run, Rose, Run, which hits shelves March 7th, follows AnnieLee's move to Nashville where she dreams of becoming a star. After Ruthanna takes her under her wing, the new spotlight means AnnieLee is in danger of being caught up in her past. Parton told PEOPLE last month that while she's been a long-time fan of Patterson's work, she wasn't exactly thrilled when he first suggested they work together. "He said, 'No, I think that would be a good thing!' So I was like, 'Well, why not? I'll do everything else.'" The "Jolene" singer said that although she's written many hits over the years, the songwriting process was a little bit different this time." It's like writing for a Broadway show or something where you know who the characters are," she said. He sent pages and I was like, 'Oh wow, that would make a great song' if something came up was said a certain way." To help, she leaned on Patterson, 74, and the two - who Parton said are "Very similar in the fact that we like to have a good time and work doesn't take them so seriously that we can't enjoy them" — exchanged ideas Similar": "We like having a good time" "I got good title ideas from some of the things he wrote and then I wrote something about them and the situation, and then he expanded on the characters and more of the story," she said. "He says it w ar really beneficial for him, and it was beneficial for me because we got together and put all these things together, cleaned up our mess and then started again." Here you can read an exclusive excerpt from Run, Rose, Run published in PEOPLE.


The Kanye West in Jeen-yuhs on Netflix starts with the Chicago Kanye - already arrogant, discontented, hard at work making music

CHICAGO – A filmmaker plays Fly on the Wall to the world's biggest pop stars. And so, for myriad reasons, it goes unnoticed for many, many years. That's true of Peter Jackson's The Beatles: Get Back, which debuted in November and was composed of hours of footage filmed by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg in early 1969... (Author: Gardener)

Jeen-yuhsKanye West pays tribute to the audience during one of his two headlining shows at the House of Blues in Chicago February 2004. CHICAGO - A filmmaker performs Fly on the Wall to the world's biggest pop stars. That's true of Peter Jackson's The Beatles: Get Back, which debuted in November and was composed of hours of footage filmed by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg in early 1969, including both the recording of Let It Be and the fragmentation of the Gruppe held on for themselves. But so does jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, which spans three episodes on Netflix this month. It consists of years of footage that Chicago filmmaker Clarence Simmons - with directing partner Chike Ozah, known as Coodie & Chike - collected of Kanye West in the early days of his career. If "Get Back" documents a time of uneasiness, dissolution and pain, "jeen-yuhs" is a time of promise and pain. But mostly these are films about creation. These aren't films about personalities or internal disputes or the cost of fame or hollow claims of greatness, but rather about what it takes to sit down and make something. The grind, the hard part, the daily ups and downs it took to create the music of the Beatles and Kanye West. Both films are debated for years for endless reasons, but their value has less to do with breakups, breakups, or biographical insights and more to do with a forensic patience, a willingness to watch and keep watching, that most mysterious of qualities - creativity. That means both films are long. But because watching creative people actually make something – it's rarely fast, inspiring, pretty, obvious. I had a friend who taught at a film school. For years, his newcomer had to be the first to watch "Ed Wood," Tim Burton's beautiful 1994 portrayal of the worst director in history. He did so because it was a reminder that vision and talent are just part of being creative. Does creativity only belong to the successful? The truly creative soldier and the Ed Wood in this film (played by Johnny Depp with boundless optimism) are all on fire, even as those who work with him sigh, groan and doubt. In Quincy Jones' forthcoming memoir, 12 Notes: On Life and Creativity, he recalls growing up on the South Side and routinely climbing through a recreation center window to play the piano. But when I ran out of tunes to remember, I resorted to playing what I felt.” Remembered in Bob Odenkirk's Comedy, Comedy, Comedy, Drama, another upcoming locally influenced memoir a former girlfriend remembered the time he was writing comedy and putting on a touring show from Chicago to Los Angeles, which his single-minded "super focus" didn't help build a relationship." Let's not confuse obsession and drive with creativity, but they live in same dead end. I swear, in the first three hours of jeen-yuhs, Kanye West is never shown relaxed, just laid back. He's always restless, moving, crouching in chairs, at mixers, at home, t-shirts and lunch boxes scattered about because he's just working, to the eventual (and notorious) detriment of everything in his life. Yet in some of the film's most charming moments, before he's even recorded an album, he's shown speeding through record labels, dumping CDs on the nearest tray and knocking for whoever happens to be in the room. It's not just that he's a man who needs a stage, but in a more pragmatic sense he's testing new material on everyone around him - he's fine-tuning. Kanye West in Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy. I have a thing for it, for art that captures the boring stuff about art. Nevertheless, I like to see the coming together, I like to watch how the sausage is made. Some of the most popular videos on TikTok and YouTube are basically industrial films – assembly line tourism, a box being built, a candy cane being forged. The salacious, heated stuff that's usually bundled into showbiz memoirs, Oscar biopics, and narrative works about the making of art and the rise of great artists—I like that, too. (Yes, I plan to see Pam & Tommy.) But that's a different breed. I'm talking about movies and books that approach creativity, such as Take Your Audience to Work Day. Which, of course, requires a certain level of prestige and hubris to expect any attention at all. Lillian Ross' Picture, her classic 1952 nonfiction account of the making of The Red Badge of Courage, would not have been possible had John Huston not been in a historical role - Maltese Falcon, Treasure of the Sierra “. Madre", "Asphalt Jungle", boom, boom, boom - and beg for documentation. Popular podcast Song Exploder is at its best when examining the boring, hands-on decision-making of the artists who paper our world — Common, U2, Metallica. All That Jazz, Bob Fosse's semi-autobiographical 1979 film, is not about inevitable success, but about make-up tests, rehearsals, writing, thinking; only afterwards is it also a dramatization of Fosse editing the film "Lenny" while directing the play "Chicago". "Get Back" takes this to a logical extreme: if you could spend hours in the studio just to watch any recording act in history, the Beatles would be a lot of people's first choice. What even the Beatles knew when they gave a filmmaker permission not to capture much: Songs endlessly retooling, late-day exhaustion, piano plinks becoming classics, Paul strolling into work in the morning, everyone asks what's for lunch and many, many thousand-yard gazes that (from what we know today) look like the earliest glimmers of "Band on the Run," "Imagine," and "All Things Must Pass" appearance. Like any historical document, "Get Back" seems to contain the past and the future at the same time. Jackson's film is perhaps the most intimate portrait of creativity we have because it's so willing not to present us with much at all. Just this boring struggle to create something. In jeen-yuhs, Kanye West - whose name has just been legally changed to Ye - is so sure of his creative significance that it's a constant joke among friends that Coodie follows him before anyone knows him. But Kanye has good instincts here. So does Coodie - a Chicago stand-up with aspirations of getting a music industry to adopt "Hoop Dreams." He records dentist appointments. He finds Kanye at parties where everyone is socializing, but Kanye is alone, focused, and working on his record. Chances were good that Coodie would gather material for a Hoop Dreams-esque portrait of disappointment. About halfway through jeen-yuhs, the footage changes and the story feels more familiar. So, inevitably, there's success that threatens Peak Kanye's creep, and so we look again at the kind of material that will eventually find its way into an Oscar biopic one day. For nearly three hours, "jeen-yuhs" avoids the worst of Kanye West by avoiding the downfall that films about artists ultimately turn to. But neither does it ever become a cheap barrage of headlines and a poetic montage of dramatic films about artists. Even after the craziness takes center stage, Kanye is rarely shown getting anything done. He's always the one leaning in, finishing a song, going over a design for his clothing line, sketching out ideas for artist Takashi Murakami to work on new album covers. Towards the end of the documentary, there's a Fellini-esque whirlwind at Kanye's ranch in Wyoming, a large warehouse akin to a recording studio, not dissimilar to that in Get Back. Justin Bieber is recording a chorus in the next room. A Kurosawa film is projected behind them. Meanwhile, Kanye is on the phone with producer Rick Rubin and discusses a visit to sculptor Tina Frey's studio. By this point in the film, however, Kanye is so popular and impenetrable that Coodie no longer has the access he once had. And access is key to many great works about making art. I often recommend friends read Julie Salamon's The Devil's Candy, a tedious 1992 book about the disastrous making of Brian De Palma's Bonfire of the Vanities, but I always add a sad reminder that the access she about this production was also remarkable in the early 90s. As much as Hollywood loves to sell the stuff of the dream factory, a film like Robert Altman's The Player is so blunt about how sausage is actually made—"It's 'Out of Africa' meets 'Pretty Woman!'"—there's a protectiveness about it to stay out of the cheap flood of headlines and poetic montages. Coodie tells us in the narration that when Kanye picks up, he asks Coodie to back off. He tells the filmmaker that he's in a role now, and all that earlier stuff, it's too real. Ironically, it is now a humanizing portrait of an artist who could use redemption from caricature and persecution - self-inflicted and not. You want to know what it's like to be an artist? Watch as Kanye stands on the street in front of a record label trying to catch a second with an executive. Hear an A&R guy, with hint of mockery, asking how Kanye's record is going. Kanye wasn't an artist then, but a producer who had a reputation for being meticulous, arrogant, and self-doubting. "It's never going to be finished," Kanye said softly. We watch him revise lines, beats, cadences, adjust phrasing, bow his head, bury himself in the work for a long time, and adjust again. He describes the recording process of Jay-Z like this: A bunch of rappers come into the studio, a week later the guy leaves the studio with a new record. The second of the three films begins with his 2002 car crash in Los Angeles and six weeks later finds Kanye in a hotel room, jaw almost wired, still operating, the room a dump full of recording equipment, song sketches, half-eaten meals. Among the many things "jeen-yuhs" says about creativity is the need for spiritual and other support, and for a long time his mother spearheads this task. One of the film's most touching scenes is a late-night visit to Donda West's Chicago apartment. Kanye is obsessed with being a genius. Not for you to say, they say Kanye. To which Kanye says... There are scenes in "Jeen-yuhs" where more famous rappers fall silent and are intimidated by his startling promise. Not a surprise, but one in which Coodie & Chike find room for a more poignant conclusion: Whatever genius there is, whatever work he creates, it's inseparable from Kanye, good and bad, arrogant or honest. Speaking of Fellini, it's almost a salute to "8 1/2," itself a portrait of artistic sausage-making. Marcello Mastroianni plays a great director whose film falls apart until he realizes it's nothing without those who love it.


Bill's QB Josh Allen's honest assessment of Mitch Trubisky as a starter

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen offers his opinion on whether backup Mitchell Trubisky is ready to be a starter for the 2022 NFL season. (Author: Gardener)

BillBuffalo Bills backup quarterback Mitchell Trubiksy is expected to make multiple offers to become a starter for the 2022 NFL season, and after a year in the shadows, interested teams will need to speak to his teammates and coaches for a full assessment of his current situation receive value ethics and talent. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler had a head start on scouting and spoke to several members of the Bills franchise, including quarterback Josh Allen, to get what they think of the 27-year-old former Chicago Bears starter and what it was like spending the day with him to work in and out. ALL Bills news straight to your inbox! During a preseason game against the Bears, Trubisky completed 20 of 28 passes for 221 yards and a touchdown. But throughout the regular season while Allen remained healthy, Trubisky was used sparingly, completing a total of 6 of 8 passes for 75 yards with one interception, along with 24 rushing yards and a touchdown, according to NBC Sports. Fowler wrote that Allen was "eager" to talk about Trubisky as he was "absolutely in love with the guy." The Bills star could only admire how Trubisky managed to go from Chicago's first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, a Pro Bowl pick in his sophomore year, to finally being benched in Year 4 by then-coach Matt Nagy . "No. 2 Pick, how he dealt with being a pro, getting into a situation where you never thought you'd get into that situation, it's not easy. "The guy's an athlete," Allen continued, giving Trubisky an A+ rating. "I don't think people really understand that. According to Trubisky, a pay cut for joining the Bills list as a backup — he signed a one-year, $2.5 million contract last spring — has fully paid off. Having worked under Allen alongside coaches Brian Daboll and Ken Dorsey, "I'm in a confident zone," Trubisky told Fowler. "Going to Buffalo was really eye-opening," Trubisky continued. "After four years in Chicago, all I knew was how to do things. In Buffalo and another way of doing things, you learn what's possible. Bill's general manager Brandon Beane believes Trubisky is ready to become a starter, especially after receiving an arsenal of information from Allen. "One thing that Josh [Trubisky] showed is that it's okay to do a little bit of freelancing, use your athleticism and use your instincts," Beane told Fowler. "I think he'll take that with him." While at least 11 teams are scrambling for a new starting quarterback, a few teams are standing out as ideal landing spots for Trubisky. Fowler suggests that Trubisky would be a good fit for the Washington Commanders or the Carolina Panthers, but other analysts might see him ending up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pittsburgh Steelers or the Denver Broncos. However, Fowler also believes there is a strong possibility that Trubisky, who is now the head coach of the New York Giants, will follow to the Meadowlands. It was Daboll who convinced Trubisky to take the pay cut and go to Buffalo, and while the coach has strongly endorsed Daniel Jones as the team's quarterback, bringing Trubisky on board would remove much-needed insurance on the position and Trubisky offer the chance to compete for the starting role. An AFC executive told Fowler he predicts Trubisky will be offered a contract with a team where he has a chance of earning the starting spot. "I could imagine him coming into a situation where he can be a starting option and the team drafts a quarterback," said an AFC executive. Discover more from Heavy on Bills↓Unlock the latest Buffalo Bills news, rumors and exclusives — straight to your inbox.


Tom Cruise's first manager claims the actor was obsessed with his looks and had 'a terrible temper'; threw an album in her face

Eileen Berlin claimed Tom Cruise's anger issues stemmed from the days when he was bullied by his father, Thomas Cruise Mapother III. (Author: Gardener)

Tom Cruise'sUS actor Tom Cruise last year while filming Mission Impossible: Lybra in Rome. Eileen Berlin, Tom Cruise's first manager, has given details of the actor's alleged tantrums in the early stages of his career, in which he threw an album at her. Eileen worked with the Mission Impossible star early in his career when he was 18. half a year when she worked with him. She explained that the actor was so insecure about his looks that he spent a whole day experimenting with poses for his first public headshot. Eileen, who nicknamed the actor Tommy, recalled from the photoshoot: "There's contempt, arrogance, frustration, charming sadness. What I've never seen is a real display of happiness in Tommy." Eileen noted that Tom's now infamous 2020 tirade in which he yelled at Mission Impossible 7 set crew members for going against the norms breaching Covid-19 social distancing was a reflection of his temper issues, which she first experienced when he was a teenager. The shooting of the seventh and eighth part of the action film series had already been postponed several times due to the pandemic. According to Eileen, the staff's breaking of Covid restrictions was particularly triggering for the actor, as he didn't want filming to be further delayed due to insecurity about his appearance, which may be exacerbated as he approaches his 60th birthday. birthday is approaching. "Tommy had a terrible temper. He harbored a lot of anger towards his biological father (Thomas Cruise Mapother III). I put it down to his insecurity," she said. The world's most famous Scientologist lashed out at his Mission Impossible crew for not adhering to COVID protocols. This tirade exposes Tom Cruise's infamous control mania and messianic complex, but I totally agree with him on that. #TomCruise #wednesdaythought - Wordle Guru (@Rantaramic) December 16, 2020 Eileen recalled one such incident which reflected Tom's temper when he threw her birthday present right in her face. She said: "I gave him an album for his 19th birthday with all his teenage magazine promotional items. He threw the album hard at me and it hit me on the cheek." Also Read: Celebs Respond to Tom Cruise's Swear Words, George Clooney Says 'It's Not My Style But I Understand Why He Did It' Eileen's professional relationship with Tom ended when he moved to Los Angeles, but they are remained touch in subsequent years. As for Tom's romantic relationships, she was "shocked" that he's had three marriages (Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes) and that they lasted as long as her. But I don't think he loves people. He loves what he does. As long as he can work and do his kind of films, he'll be fine. What's going to happen if he ever can't do that, I don't know," she said. Sign up to read the HT ePaper at