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By the early 1990s, India had launched spacecraft and rockets, but it had no car to call its own - a car that had been designed, developed and produced in the country. Would India ever have this car worthy of its national stature and pride? Ratan Tata, Chairman of Ta (Author: Gardener)

MondayBy the early 1990s, India had launched spacecraft and rockets, but it had no car to call its own - a car that had been designed, developed and produced in the country. Would India ever have this car worthy of its national stature and pride? Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Group and Tata Motors, stood up in 1995 to express his ambitions for the nation. But Mr. Tata was determined; he and his team continued with the Tata Indica. In fact, the name of this car, Indica, meant pride in the nation. In many ways, this bold decision was reminiscent of Jamsetji Tata's determination more than a century ago to build India's first integrated steel mill. Back then he had to defy the cynical reaction of the British who thought Indians could never make their own steel. If the indica was to be world class, its design had to be on par with the best. Experienced and passionate engineers from Tata Motors Engineering Research Center, Pune, took on this exciting challenge in collaboration with Turin-based design house I.D.E.A. The car had to be futuristic and sleek in its design, but it also had to meet Ratan Tata's challenge of providing enough space for an Indian family. Developed entirely in-house, the transmission system added new possibilities to a company that had no experience with cars. When the design for the Tata Indica was finally unveiled, reactions to it were euphoric. It was very distinctive compared to the other cars of the time and had an unmistakable international appeal. "This was groundbreaking styling and we knew it as soon as we saw it!" was the spontaneous reaction of many workshop engineers such as Tata Motors. Then there was the question of the car factory itself. A new production unit could have cost more than $2 billion at this point, a tremendous sum that could have made the project a non-starter. Again, Ratan Tata and his team at Tata Motors took a less traveled route that made all the difference in the end. Engineers from Tata Motors meticulously dismantled this facility brick by brick, carried it across the seas and reassembled it in Pune. The Tata Indica was not only made with technological precision, but also with a lot of pride and love. Ratan Tata used to visit the indica production sites quite often. On one such early visit, he noticed the operator manually repairing the car's rear brace. The operator would have to bend down 600 times to perform this operation on 300 cars a day. Ratan Tata immediately called the managers. We need to provide an automation solution as a priority.” Rising to the challenge, the engineering department quickly came up with a device to semi-automate the process. So when humility can intertwine with ambition, it paves the way to the great quality of "HUMBITION". Humiliation © = ambition + humility.


Prince Charles pays tribute to 'inspiration' Jamal Edwards after his death aged 31

Music pioneer Jamal Edwards, who is also the son of Loose Women star Brenda, died over the weekend after a short illness (Author: Gardener)

Jamal EdwardsPrince Charles pays tribute to Jamal Edwards and 'inspirational' work for Prince's Trust Music pioneer Jamal Edwards, who is also the son of Loose Women star Brenda, died over the weekend after a short illness tours straight to your inboxSomething went wrong please try again later. Thank you for subscribing!We have more newslettersShow mePrince Charles has paid tribute to Jamal Edwards, calling him an 'inspiration' after the music pioneer passed away at the age of 31. Jamal Edwards was the founder of the music platform SBTV and has also been a supporter of many charitable causes and works with the Prince's Trust as a youth ambassador. Stars from across the entertainment industry have paid tribute to the entrepreneur who helped launch the careers of the likes of Ed Sheeran, Dave and Jessie J. Prince Charles is among the latest to pay tribute to Jamal, whom he met through his ambassadorial work with young people. Charles wrote on the Clarence House Instagram: "Thinking of Jamal Edwards' family today. His work in music but also as an ambassador for a new generation, including his work for The Prince's Trust, has been an inspiration to so many." The official Prince's Trust Instagram account added, "An incredible innovator and entrepreneur, Jamal has been Edwards MBE an inspiration to so many young people through our work and beyond. Prince Charles met Jamal Edwards through his work as a youth ambassador for the Prince's Trust. Get the daily newsletter from OK! exclusive celebrity stories and fabulous photoshoots straight to your inbox with heartbreaking Monday morning messages. The statement, read on Good Morning Britain, read: "It is with the deepest sadness that I confirm that my beautiful son Jamal Edwards passed away yesterday morning after a sudden illness. "Myself, his sister Tanisha and the rest of his family and friends are completely devastated. He was the center of our world." Brenda continued, "As we come to terms with his passing, we ask for privacy to mourn this unimaginable loss." I want to thank everyone for their messages of love and support. Long live Jamal Edwards MBE, MBA, PHD." Brenda's co-stars sent their condolences, and Andrea McLean wrote on Instagram, "Jamal Edwards MBE was everything a mother could want in a son. His legacy, and it is a legacy in every sense of the word, will continue as he works to support young people in the UK. "Then he WhatsApped me her laughing, screaming voicemail and told him to leave her friends alone! It was fun and silly and beautiful, just what a son would do." She finished her message, "My heart hurts today. Jamal is gone. I'm so sorry Brenda. I'm so sorry." Denise Welch wrote, "My heart aches for my friend Brenda. Jamal Edwards was a wonderful son and brother." Another of Brenda's co-stars, Charlene White, wrote, "Your light shone so bright it touched so many of us, impacted the lives of many others and affected the game forever changes. And you are my Brenda's son. There are no words to describe her heartbreak, our heartbreak, now that your light is gone. Sometimes life is terribly unfair." Ruth Langsford wrote, "My heart breaks for my friend @brendaedwardsglobal after the loss of her amazing son Jamal yesterday. Grief is the price we pay for love. My condolences and love to you, my dear friend, Tanisha and all your family. RIP Jamal." For the latest updates on your favorite stars, subscribe to OK!'s daily celebrity newsletter.


Disha Patani sends cuteness alert as she puts a furry spin on her Monday motivation; See PICS

Disha Patani often draws attention for the stunning and gorgeous images she posts on her social media. With her bikini pictures, she has always set the internet on fire and often left her fans speechless. But today, the actress took to her Instagram stories to share some sweet moments where she's seen spending time with her... (Author: Gardener)

PataniYou are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Disha Patani sends cuteness alert as she puts a furry spin on her Monday motivation; See PICS Disha Patani often attracts attention for the stunning and beautiful pictures she posts on her social media. But today, the actress took to her Instagram stories to share some sweet moments where she's seen spending time with her dog. In the series of images, Disha wears a loose fitting olive crop top paired with cream pants. Her two dogs lie in front of him and she captioned it "@bellagokuchichijasminekeety." As soon as she shared the pictures, fans dropped heart emojis in the comments. Her dog's name has a small connection to Dragon Ball Z since Goku was the protagonist and one of the Z warriors of the animated series. Disha will also appear in Ekta Kapoor's KTina, and she is now preparing to star alongside Arjun Kapoor and John Abraham in Ek Villain Returns, a sequel to the 2014 action thriller starring Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor. Check Out The Post Here :      She Also Has Yodha Where She Wants To Feature With Sidharth Malhotra And Raashii Khanna Also Read: Malang Watches 2 Years: Adventure Sports By Aditya Roy Kapur, Disha Patani Leading Actor You Must Try On


Kehlani noted that Cassie has a poster of them on the show

On her Instagram Story, Kehlani noted that Cassie from 'Euphoria' is a fan of her music on the show. (Author: Gardener)

CassieSeason 2, Episode 6 of Euphoria, titled "A Thousand Little Trees of Blood," premiered on HBO on February 13. Euphoria stars Zendaya as Rue, Jacob Elordi as Nate, Hunter Schafer as Jules, Sydney Sweeney as Cassie, Alexa Demie as Maddy, Angus Cloud as Fezco, and Maude Apatow as Lexi. The day after A Thousand Little Tress of Blood premiered, Kehlani noted that Sweeney's Euphoria character Cassie is a fan of her music on the show. Much of A Thousand Little Trees of Blood follows Cassie spiraling after Maddy finds out Cassie slept with her ex-boyfriend Nate. In Euphoria, Lexi and Cassie are sisters and share a room. During "A Thousand Little Trees of Blood," Cassie sits on her bed while on the phone with Nate. On her Instagram story, Kehlani shared a screenshot of the Euphoria scene because they noticed a poster in Cassie's room. Heal Girl HEAL,” Kehlani wrote on her Instagram story. Those who don't see Euphoria may be wondering why Kehlani reacted so strongly to Cassie being a fan of her music. RELATED: 'Euphoria': Fezco Was Slated to Die in Season 1 During season 2 of Euphoria, Cassie repeatedly made controversial choices, including sleeping with her best friend's ex-boyfriend. Because of the drama surrounding Cassie on the show, Kehlani joked that Cassie may have been influenced to make bad decisions because of her music. In a second post on her Instagram story on Feb. 14, Kehlani joked about quitting music because of Cassie. "Oh my god she loves me since I got out," Kehlani wrote. Because of Cassie's decision-making at Euphoria, even Sweeney admitted in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that she worries about her character. But I'm scared of the decisions she makes because sometimes she doesn't think everything through," Sweeney said. RELATED: 'Euphoria': Jacob Elordi thinks Nate and Cassie is like 'a romance movie,' while Nate and Maddy are 'like a drama' In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Sweeney admitted she thinks Cassie is strong of sadder Music influences because of the book that made it. So your book feels very youthful and tries to glorify something that's broken," Sweeney said. Going forward, Sweeney hopes Cassie will make better choices in Season 3 of Euphoria. "I don't think so, because obviously I want Cassie to make the right decisions and hopefully come out on the better side; But even as an actor, I love the stuff that's juicy.” Euphoria airs new episodes every Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO. ET.


We asked a therapist what she would tell Maddy, Nate and Cassie about their toxic love triangle on Euphoria.

Cassie broke Maddy's trust, so it's up to her to fix the relationship, even if she didn't want to hurt Maddy, therapist Kristie Overstreet said. (Author: Gardener)

Maddy* In "Euphoria," Cassie forms a secret relationship with Nate, her best friend Maddy's ex. *Cassie broke Maddy's trust, so it's up to her to fix the relationship, even if she didn't want to hurt Maddy, therapist Kristie Overstreet said. In HBO's hit drama Euphoria, a longtime friendship between characters Maddy Perez and Cassie Howard imploded when Maddy found out Cassie was having sex with Nate, her ex. The tense TV moment became internet fodder as people jokingly mused, "Maddy or Cassie?" and likened the former best friends' feud to the Super Bowl. According to therapist Kristie Overstreet, it's common for friendships to end after a situation like Cassie and Maddy's because it's a sign of a lack of trust. While sleeping with a best friend's ex isn't cheating, it can feel like a similar betrayal, said Terri Orbuch, distinguished professor at Oakland University in Michigan and author of "5 Simple Steps to Make Your Marriage Good." too great to make," told Insider. Most people assume that their close friendships come with mutual support and respect, which could include talking about romantic relationships or being there for each other after a breakup. When someone you believe is part of your support system becomes intimate with a person you're grieving, it can feel like your friend doesn't really support you, Orbuch said. No matter how much time has passed since the breakup or the terms under which it ended, it's best to assume that your boyfriend doesn't want you to associate with his ex, Overstreet said. If Cassie is ever going to mend her friendship with Maddy, she'll have to take the initiative, Overstreet said. Although Cassie had no intention of harming Maddy when she decided to start dating Nate, her actions have repercussions and she should take responsibility, according to Overstreet. "It's not often that the person is like, 'Oh, I'm just going to go after her man.' It's more of a person's individual struggle that they come to terms with," Overstreet said. In "Euphoria," Cassie reeled from her own breakup and struggled with confidence. Her inner turmoil and closeness with Nate likely influenced her actions, said "Overstreet. Ultimately, it's up to Maddy to decide if she wants to rekindle her friendship with Cassie, she said. If that's the case, Cassie needs to apologize and earn Maddy's trust back, which Overstreet says will take time and consistency. Nonetheless, Cassie will Betrayal is likely to carry more weight than Nate's due to the nature of their future relationships."A lot of the time the guy escapes the situation because so much of the disorder has happened around the two friends and there isn't a lot of responsibility or accountability on his part." , Overstreet said It's possible for a friendship to bounce back after breaking a friend with the ex-Liebh but another slept, but that's rare, Overstreet said. Because of this, Overstreet suggests you think twice before getting close to a friend's ex. But as an adult, it's important to ask yourself, "Am I willing to lose this friendship?" If you're considering a move like Cassie's, take responsibility for your decision, Overstreet said.


Fez fails to make Lexi's game & Cassie faces her karma

Fezco fails to make Lexi's play, while Nate breaks up with Cassie mid-play during the all-new "Euphoria." (Author: Gardener)

LexiThe debut of Lexi's play is here. Lexi goes to the back of the house to see Rue. Lexi finds her snorting drugs. Lexi reads a poem to Rue. In the play, Lexi reads the same poem in a setting that eerily resembles Rue's room. Lexi admits she soon realized drugs were a "greater comfort" to Rue than she could ever be. Rue is in the audience, her first major performance since her intervention. She looks over the audience to Jules. Jules looks back after Rue turns away. Rue admits she used to think she and Jules were meant to be together, but it "feels like ages ago." Lexi's play is titled Our Life. Maddy, Cassie, Kate, Rue, Nate and more are all recreated in the piece. Lexi plays herself, of course. Before the play, Lexi talked to Fezco every day. Lexi doubts herself and fears that people will be mad at her for dealing with real people. Ultimately, the play is about friendship. Fez supports her, but he's always brutally honest. Lexi reveals that a pivotal moment in her youth was when Cassie hit puberty. Lexi was sure that she would look just like her sister. However, when that didn't happen, Lexi realized she didn't want to be known for her body or have the issues that came with it. Before the game, Fez goes all-in to prepare for Lexi. Custer stops by unannounced while Fez prepares. Faye knows Custer is up to something, but she doesn't say a word to Fez. Custer later tells Faye to "be cool" and whispers something else in her ear. During the game, Lexi looks at Fez's empty seat. She confesses that she always feels like "something terrible" is going to happen in her life. Rue and Leslie have an honest conversation after her intervention. "You destroyed me. I give up," Leslie tells her daughter. Leslie has come to the conclusion that if Rue wants to kill herself by continuing to use drugs, then go ahead. "I can't convince you that your life matters," Leslie says. She will focus on Gia now. Rue thinks Gia is fine, but Leslie tells Rue that Gia is struggling. "You only ever think about yourself," Leslie continues .She admits to Rue that she will fight to save Gia when it comes down to it.Lexi's play explores Maddy and Cassie's friendship and how close they really were.She knows she ruined her friendship with Maddy, which was once was unbreakable. The night Maddy found out about Nate, Cassie refused to speak to Maddy. Maddy knocked on the bathroom door, and Cassie only. "I would never have done that to you," Maddy cried. Cassie stands up during the play and walks out. He first sees himself in a room with Maddy, but it is Jules who walks over to him. Then Cal starts having sex with Cassie just like he did with Jules in the motel room. When Cal bends down to Cassie, Nate is there instead. Suddenly Nate wakes up in bed with Cassie comforting him. Could this nightmare allude to Cal abusing Nate when he was younger? Cassie returns to the play. Lexi learns that Fez never came to collect his tickets. Back at Fez before the play started, Ashtray grabs a knife and sits next to Custer. Ashtray gives Custer the death glare. "Do you think other people will think I'm good looking?" Fez asks Faye. Fez grabs his flowers and wants to go. He gets a text from Lexi: "I got you the best seat in the house." He asks everyone, "Is everything alright?" Here we end up with Fez, Ash, Faye, and Custer. After watching a very intense gym number with Ethan as the fictional Nate, Nate storms out of the auditorium and Cassie follows him. "I'm freaking exhausted," Nate says to Cassie, breaking things off again. Cassie cries - again - and goes back to the auditorium.


3 questions for Joe Byerly and Cassie Crosby about My Green Notebook

Self-development requires constant effort and can often be a frustrating endeavor. While there are many digital tools that aim to make this more efficient and productive, there's also a significant appeal to writing things down. (Author: Gardener)

JoeWe've seen this in the rise in popularity of journaling and list making, and also in books/tools like Ryder Carroll's The Bullet Journal Method and Rachel Wilkerson Miller's Dot Journaling - A Practical Guide. Now there's a new book by Joe Byerly and Cassie Crosby, My Green Notebook: Know Thyself Before Changing Jobs, which has military roots. Joe is a serving Army officer and Non-Resident Fellow at the Modern War Institute and the founder of From the Green Notebook. Cassie is a retired Army officer and leadership trainer with extensive experience leading high-performing, multi-functional teams in dynamic and complex environments. and is the founder of the leadership coaching and consulting firm Iterata Solutions. Joe's organization's website describes the origin of the name: "Enter any organization in our military and I guarantee you'll find one on a desk or in a cargo bag: a small, green, government-issued one." Notebook. I recently asked Joe and Cassie to discuss their new book in more detail and describe the importance of reading for people with time problems. and how their co-authoring worked in practice. My Green Notebook: Know Yourself Before You Change Jobs appears to be an action-oriented book. Can you describe one or two of the key takeaways you would like readers to take away from reading, with perhaps a tip on how to make the most of it? Cassie: We want readers to understand that leadership is a state of becoming rather than a state of being. As such, we need to constantly evolve and deepen our learning through reading, writing, and reflection. This book focuses on the reflective aspect of our development. This book is an opportunity for leaders to think about a different aspect of their leadership in just 30 days and then create a plan for where they want to go next. In the book, we present a model that helps leaders recognize meaning by looking inward and carving out their unique stories so they can observe and better understand them. We hope this experience will help leaders gain greater confidence and continue to grow, no matter where they are in their development. 2. Joe's writing/blogging in particular has a strong emphasis on reading books and being serious and conscious about them. Especially for people who feel time-stretched reading, can you talk about the role of reading books/articles/blogs/newsletters and such in your book? and being a semi-serious reader? When I read a book about Tesla, I start noticing Teslas on the road as I drive to work. Similarly, when I read a book about empathy, decision making, or ego, I begin to pay attention to those areas of my life. Reading expands the boundaries of our experiences. Many people think that they need to devote large chunks of their time to reading. I usually dedicate 15-20 minutes a day during the workweek, but those small time investments add up, and before I know it I've read almost five books in one month. 3. Can you describe the decision to become a co-author and some information on how the co-authoring process worked in practice and in everyday life? Joe: We met a few years ago when Cassie was helping me edit a project I was working on. Our writing usually begins with one of us bringing the other a new breakthrough or idea. We swap the idea back and forth, challenging each other's thinking until it becomes a well-developed idea. Throughout the writing process, our goal is to eliminate the ego and emotions and just focus on sharing our hard-earned lessons with others so they can avoid the same mistakes we made. Cassie: Joe and I are both very creative and are always talking and working on concepts that we want to write about. Our co-writing works well on a day to day basis because we both understand our strengths and weaknesses in the writing process and our individual role in creating a prime time concept. This post originally appeared on my Living in More Than One World blog: before-the-job-change/


I think of Cassie Howard

Over the course of the first four episodes, creator/writer Sam Levinson loses touch with some of his beloved characters, most clearly explored through the character of Cassie Howard. (Author: Gardener)

Cassie HowardCassie no longer has the complexity and thus relatability of earlier depictions of her. Since the release of the first episode, "Euphoria" has captivated young audiences with its stunning cinematography, complex characters and interwoven storylines. However, over the course of the first four episodes, creator/writer Sam Levinson loses touch with some of his beloved characters, most clearly explored through the character of Cassie Howard, played by Sydney Sweeney. In the first season, Cassie is overly romantic and ridiculously naïve — but she's not one-dimensional either. In times of crisis, Cassie collects herself, makes tough decisions, and is brave even in the face of harsh consequences. However, during season two, Cassie is hysterical, impulsive, and unable to accept the consequences of her own actions, such as secretly sleeping with Nate, her best friend's abusive ex-boyfriend, played by Jacob Elordi. Cassie's flaws are exaggerated to the point of melodrama, while her more positive traits - like her nervousness - are eliminated. Cassie's struggle to overcome her tendency to seek approval from men was easily relatable to young female viewers of last season, a habit many women struggle to unlearn early in life. Indeed, viewers watch as she struggles to remain faithful to her boyfriend in the face of another man's attention, showing that her desperation to be validated by her male peers isn't neutralized by acquiring a significant other. But in season two, Levinson takes that notion to the extreme with Cassie, as she performs the most ridiculous actions to get even a whiff of attention from Nate. Cassie even decides to layer her edges to look more like Maddy, her best friend and Nate's ex-girlfriend, and is delighted by a split-second look Nate gives her in the school hallway. Once again, she is portrayed as more of a caricature of the woman she was before, desperate to do anything for a man's attention. Levinson's portrayal of Cassie in season two also teetered on the verge of pornography for the first few episodes, another way in which he lost control of the character. Compared to Season 2, Cassie's occasional nudity and sexualization wasn't as annoying or uncomfortable in Season 1. Instead, her sexualization was used as a tool to uncover Cassie's vision of self-worth and to examine how Cassie valued herself only insofar as she physically appealed to the men around her. Partially undressed moments revealed Cassie's quest for validation and acceptance, as seen in videos of her reluctant to let her ex-boyfriends film her having sex. Her nude scenes were almost always the result of subtle manipulation by a friend - she would expose herself because she felt it necessary to keep her lover's attention. There seems to be an exponential increase in scenes where Cassie is nude in season two, particularly in the first three episodes. But the nudity no longer feels like a tool to reveal more aspects of her character — it seems more unnecessary and to the benefit of the show's male viewers. Cassie's numerous nude scenes don't seem so unjustified, if only slightly outdone by her co-star Jacob Elordi's nudity. Cassie's constant nudity feels unjustified. Levinson's decision to delay Cassie's development in this way makes her character seem unrealistic and disconnected, as her hysteria and emotional state are inconsistent with her former self. He has moved away from the more nuanced portrayal of a woman figuring out how to decenter men on their journey of self-discovery. Instead, Levinson has transformed her into an overly dramatic version of her former self, with no redeeming qualities and no comment on the challenges young women face. Cassie is no longer complex or relatable.


Ex-Bronco, Super Bowl champion Demaryius Thomas dies aged 33

He managed to shine as a receiver on Georgia Tech's run-oriented offense. By the time his NFL career ended, he had won five straight Pro Bowl honors and a Super Bowl ring with the Denver Broncos. (Author: Gardener)

Super BowlHe managed to shine as a receiver on Georgia Tech's run-oriented offense. By the time his NFL career ended, he had won five straight Pro Bowl honors and a Super Bowl ring with the Denver Broncos. The football world mourned the loss of Thomas on Friday, who died at his home in suburban Atlanta at the age of 33 - less than six months after he officially announced his retirement from the NFL. Tim Tebow, who delivered perhaps the most famous pass of Thomas' career, wrote on Twitter that he "woke up and saw the really devastating news about my teammate and friend." "So many will remember him for his athletic ability," Tebow said, "but I will remember him for his kindness, his smile that lights up a room, and the love he had for the people in his life." Remember.” Thomas was found dead at his home Thursday night, said Officer Tim Lupo, the Roswell, Georgia Police Department's public information officer. "Preliminary information indicates his death resulted from a medical issue and our investigators have no reason to believe otherwise at this time," Lupo said early Friday. LaTonya Bonseigneur, a first cousin who grew up with Thomas, told The Associated Press the family believes he died of a seizure. "He's had seizures for over a year and we think he had a seizure while showering," Bonseigneur said in a phone interview. "He was alone and a friend couldn't reach him, so he called his driver, who has a key because of these seizures, and he went into his house and found him in the shower." Thomas last played in the NFL in 2019, kicking in 11 games from 10 starts for the New York Jets. He announced his retirement last June in a video posted to the Broncos' Twitter account. "I'm just happy to say I'm done and it's been good for me," said Thomas. The Broncos said they were "devastated and heartbroken" over the death of one of their greatest players, which carried them to two Super Bowls and a championship during the 2015 season. His contributions to the Denver community went beyond the field, the team said, citing his work with the Broncos Boys and Girls Club, hospital visits and its annual soccer camp. "We were very much looking forward to celebrating Demaryius as one of the greatest players in franchise history for years to come," the team said in a statement. "The humility, warmth, kindness, and infectious smile of Demaryius will always be remembered by those who knew and loved him." Born in the tiny town of Montrose, southeast Georgia, Thomas thrived even after his mother and grandmother died went to prison for selling drugs. When Thomas was 11, officers burst into the family home and allowed his mother to accompany her son and his two younger sisters to the school bus before picking them up. While he was putting up big numbers after the Broncos signed quarterback Peyton Manning in 2012, Thomas made his most famous catch last season, his sophomore year in the league. In the first overtime in an AFC wildcard playoff game, he broke down the middle and grabbed an 80-yard touchdown from Tebow to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. "Every time I see it, every time I look at it, I still get goosebumps because it was just crazy," Thomas said in his retirement video. Towards the end of his career, Thomas got a chance to work briefly with Tom Brady after signing with the New England Patriots. Thomas was cut before they played a regular season game together. "I'm so sad to wake up this morning and hear of the passing of my friend Demariyus Thomas," Brady wrote. Thomas, nicknamed "Bay Bay" as a child after the animated film Bébé's Kids, managed to make a name for himself as a receiver at Georgia Tech — even after the school hired Paul Johnson to succeed Chan Gailey as coach in 2008 would have. Johnson installed a run-oriented options scheme, greatly reducing the number of passing plays. But Thomas was often left in one-on-one coverage and managed to display the skills that would see the Broncos pick him with the No. 22 pick in the 2010 draft. "He was such a talent with a big heart for helping others," Johnson said. Current Georgia Tech coach Geoff Collins was on Gailey's staff during Thomas' freshman year at the school in 2006. The former player visited Collins' team in August during their preseason camp. "I'll always remember how exciting it was for our players when he could stop by and spend some time with us," Collins said. Thomas finished his Georgia Tech career with 120 receptions for 2,339 yards and 14 touchdowns in three seasons. Working with Manning, Thomas came up with much glaring numbers for the Broncos, starting with a scintillating 2012 season — 94 catches for 1,434 yards and 10 touchdowns — that led to the first of those five straight Pro Bowl selections. He twice had 100-plus catches in a season, highlighted by career-bests of 111 catches and 1,619 yards in 2014 -- both remaining team records. Thomas had five consecutive 1,000-yard rushing seasons. In Manning's final year, the Broncos defeated Carolina 24-10 in the Super Bowl to conclude the 2015 season. Thomas had just one catch for 8 yards as Denver relied mostly on their defense and running game to secure their first title in 17 years. The Broncos also reached the Super Bowl in the 2013 season, amassing the greatest offensive numbers in NFL history. But they went down with a whimper in the title game, which was routed by the Seattle Seahawks 43-8, despite Thomas averaging a then-Super Bowl record with 13 receptions and 118 total yards. "If we all played like he did, we would have won," groaned Denver general manager John Elway. During the four seasons that Manning and Thomas were together, the Broncos went 55-17. When Denver capped that amazing run with another Super Bowl appearance, Thomas' mother, Katina Smith, got the chance to see him in person instead of on prison TV. Katina Smith was sentenced to 20 years in prison after declining a reduced sentence in exchange for testifying against her mother, Minnie Pearl Thomas, who ended up receiving a life sentence. "I think that's what drives me more, knowing they're there and watching me," Thomas said ahead of his first Super Bowl. "I'm trying to go out there and do my best because they're going to talk to the people in jail about it." Smith was released in time to sit in the stands and watch her son win a Super Bowl championship. After Manning retired, Thomas' production began to dwindle as the Broncos struggled to agree on a quarterback. He only managed 23 catches in seven games with his new team and was released after that short tenure. Thomas signed with the Patriots but was cut before their opener. In 143 career games, Thomas had 724 catches for 9,763 yards and 63 touchdowns. According to Bonseigneur, Thomas was not married and had no children. After his mother went to prison, he lived with an aunt and uncle, Shirley and James Brown. James Brown was a Baptist minister who helped instill Thomas's humble demeanor. "It made me a stronger and better man just to be in that atmosphere, to work harder and to know that nothing is going to be easy," Thomas once said. "Demaryius was a great guy," Bonseigneur said. He was just a kid who loved to play football."


At the end of Olympic, Salt Lake's Nathan Chen helps bid farewell to the Beijing Games

Gold medalist Nathan Chen was back on the ice for this weekend's figure skating gala. He will leave Beijing with an uncertain future, but his legacy is secure. (Author: Gardener)

Nathan ChenBeijing • Nathan Chen spun across the ice, a swirl of motion amid swirls of red light. His tuxedo performance at Sunday's figure skating gala as part of the celebratory "Caravan" didn't steal the show between a "Rocky"-themed number and the graceful rendition of "Ave Maria" by women's gold medalist Anna Shcherbakova of Russia. By the time he skated at the traditional merry Winter Games wrap-up, Chen had already secured a place of honor in his sport. None other than Yuzuru Hanyu, the Japanese skater who won the previous two gold medals and is one of Chen's greatest rivals and a close friend, put the Salt Lake City skater on a pedestal. "He's such a great figure skater," Hanyu, who finished fourth in Beijing, said through an interpreter on Sunday. "I think he has all the good qualities that you can attribute to a figure skater. I admire him because he can always make a high, perfect jump and it's difficult for me to finish as perfectly as he does. Chen went to those Olympics with all eyes on him — and not just because he seemed to be on TV during every commercial break. Figure skating fans wondered which skater would show up at Capital Indoor Stadium: the one who stumbled through his short program to drop from favorite to 17th place during the PyeongChang 2018 Olympics, or the one whose long program that same year so ​​a showstopper it brought him back to the brink of an Olympic medal. Hungry by lack and confident by his comeback, Chen's performances in the team event and men's singles were sensational, even record-breaking. And when it was all over, he had secured the gold medal, the only piece of jewelry missing from his trophy case. "I've achieved almost every goal I set out to achieve in skating," Chen told The Salt Lake Tribune a day after his golden triumph. In order to. It's hard to say whether I want to continue or not.” To be clear, Chen hasn't said he plans to retire. However, after completing the Stars on Ice exhibition tour, he plans to return to Yale in the fall. He took two years off school to prepare for the Olympics and told The Salt Lake Tribune he has no plans to train while he's there. "I'm really proud of what I've already achieved," said the 22-year-old. "I'm glad I got those opportunities and, you know, really grateful for all the support I've received to get those opportunities and try to make the best of those opportunities, and I think that is all that really matters to me." (Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Nathan Chen performs at the Figure Skating Exhibition Gala at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on Sunday, February 20, 2022. (Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Nathan Chen performs in the Figure Skating Exhibition Gala at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on Sunday, February 20, 2022. Chen won two medals in Beijing but he will only leave with one.The International Olympic Committee said there will be none Allow medal ceremony for team figure skating event until case is solved by Kamila Valieva, the 15-year-old announced the day after she helped the Russian team win gold nt reported a positive doping test. The American team, including Chen, protested the IOC's decision not to hold a ceremony. It's unclear when they will receive their medals or if they will be silver or gold. "We're obviously disappointed by that," Chen said of the CAS decision. “And having had the opportunity to watch it with teammates and also to be on the podium for myself, I know how special this moment is. A team ceremony was planned for February 8 at the medal court but did not take place. The IOC later announced that on December 25 Valieva tested positive for the banned substance trimetazidine, which improves blood flow to the heart. The positive test became known the day after the end of the team run and she was immediately given a provisional ban by the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA). This suspension was lifted a day later by that organization's Disciplinary Anti-Doping Panel. CAS then allowed Valieva to continue competing despite complaints from the IOC, the World Anti-Doping Agency and the International Skating Union. She finished fourth in the women's individual competition, removing all controversy over a medal ceremony for that competition. Chen said he felt a mixture of anger and injustice at the US team being denied their celebration. “I wanted to do my part to support the team and everyone ran just phenomenal. We all stood our ground, we all did what we had to do," he said. “Coming here, competing here, of course, but also everything that leads to the Olympics.