Potential trade targets ahead of the 2022 NBA trade deadline

Check out some recent speculation about potential trade candidates for the Phoenix Suns ahead of the NBA trade deadline. (Author: Gardener)

NBANBA trade speculation surrounding the Phoenix Suns was rampant ahead of the Feb. 10 NBA trade deadline, with the team being linked to several NBA players in trade talks. But those aren't the only NBA players written about as potential trade targets for the Suns. Check out some other recent speculation about potential trade contenders for Phoenix from NBA writers. Could the Suns win any of these players before the deadline? Brett Siegel writes, "With Phoenix having no trading exemptions this season and being $7.3 million below the luxury tax threshold, Phoenix doesn't have many trading options heading into the deadline. However, Dario Saric's contract could be a means of adding something the Suns may need to win a title. With the Suns signing JaVale McGee in the offseason and also getting a ton of production from Bismack Biyombo, now is the time for Phoenix to try to squeeze their way out of the remaining $17.7 million in Dario Saric's contract. Could the Suns turn Dario Saric over for another perimeter scorer? Here are three shooters who could be chasing the Suns before the trade deadline." Greg Swartz writes, "Hart checks a lot of boxes for a competitor. He's a 6'5" winger who has 13.3 points, 7.5 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 1.0 steals with 51.5 percent shooting overall As the 2015 NBA champion with the Golden State Warriors, Barnes is averaging a career-high 41.5 percent of his three-pointers this season heats up for Phoenix Suns: Spurs big 'most likely' trader Greg Patuto writes, "Reggie Bullock isn't the kind of name that will excite many franchises, but the Phoenix Suns don't need another star. They're already one of the best teams in the franchise." League and may be interested in more depth, particularly on defense During his time in the league, Bullock has shown he is a strong three-point shooter and defensive stallion, Bullock has been breaking like in recent years spent a season with the New York Knicks and showed what he can do. Now he could have a chance to play for a competitor if a team like Phoenix are interested. Bullock would be a strong play off the bench, they can put down an open shot and create valuable minutes defensively. This is the kind of backup shooting guard the team behind Booker should be looking for. But Like will be a cheaper option, but for a win-now team like the Suns it might be an underestimated purchase." Collin Helwig writes, "The Suns arrive at a streak that fans have had their eyes on for some time . Since his father played his first six-and-a-half NBA seasons in the desert, this is something of a homecoming for him. His 5.5 points and 2.2 assists per game this year may not catch your eye, but his .414/.415/.868 slashes are all better than Payne and Payton's for the year. His presence as a veteran and his balance, especially in playoff time, can only help the Suns as well. The addition of Augustin is free for Phoenix and from all points of view resembles a home-grown addition no other wing in this squad can currently offer, and a role sorely missed with Saric sidelined... Batum has a US$3.3m player option Dollars for next year so he'd probably drop out, but even if Ibaka were likely to fail to maintain the Suns' price range beyond this season, Batum would be a sneaky good candidate to re-sign cheaply, especially with the rest of his year in Phoenix ran well... For the Suns, Schroeder's 16.1 points and 4.5 assists per game suggest a backup ball handler who could create for himself and for others. His 34.2 percent shot performance from long range allows for it to be desired, but maybe he could step up a few notches on a title contender and have his opponents keep chasing his bench up and down R ol. He wasn't quite the same for the Miami Heat last season when he sustained that devastating plantar fasciitis injury that sidelined him for most of the 2020 NBA Finals. But even then he did 37.3 percent of his 3s last year and was still averaging double digits." Matthew Coloma writes, "Alec Burks is a solid vet who can offer both shooting and a bit of playmaking off the bench. Burks isn't a bad defender either, with an above-average defensive rating of 109.0. Burks signed a three-year, $30 million contract with the Knicks last summer. Expect interest from teams that need bench scoring. More: Jalen Smith trade rumors, Phoenix Suns speculation heats up after NBA trade report


Phoenix Suns trade speculation includes shooters and frontcourt depth at NBA close

The Phoenix Suns have the best record in the NBA at 40-9. And they could be even better. (Author: Gardener)

NBAThe Phoenix Suns have the best record in the NBA at 40-9. These writers have speculated in recent stories about what needs the Suns need to address ahead of the 2022 NBA trade deadline on Feb. 10. More: Thaddeus Young Trade talk heats up for Phoenix Suns: Spurs on big 'most likely' trade candidate Phoenix Suns tips, predictions, odds: Who will win Tuesday's NBA game? Cameron Payne's declining shot counts open the door for an upgrade, and the memories of Antetokounmpo bulldozing their bench will certainly motivate the front office to seek frontcourt fixtures, but the Suns just had a Jan. 13-1, in which DeAndre Ayton only played four times. Spurs forward Thaddeus Young is the name to keep an eye on here. He's one of the few available defenders with a real track record of harassing Giannis, and Phoenix can easily compare his salary to Jalen Smith and Dario Saric. Until the Suns are linked with anyone else, Young should be viewed as their most likely trade pick. At 38-9, rumors are sweeping the desert that the reigning Western Conference champions have been in talks about adding another shooter to the bench track, with Landry Shamet shooting 37% off the ground in his first season as the Sun. The Suns' biggest need for the #NBA trade deadline? Yossi Gozlan writes, “The Phoenix Suns already have one of the deepest and most balanced rosters in the league. They have a great chance of making it back to the Finals with their current roster and still have a small step or two that could really separate them from the top of the Western Conference. It would affect one or both of Dario Saric, who is unlikely to play this season, and Jalen Smith, whose team option for next season has been rejected. Saric has a salary of $8.5 million this season and Smith has a salary of $4.45 million. Both players can be combined in one deal to return the Suns up to $18 million in incoming salary. Phoenix could use an extra scoring wing off the bench like Terrence Ross. They could also use a versatile forward who can be a small ball center like Robert Covington or Thaddeus Young. You should be able to acquire any of these players, with most of their picks available for trading. Phoenix could also become a player in the buyout market. Although exceptions are rarely used for midseason signings, the Suns have $4.1 million remaining from their mid-level exception as of Jan. 25. This could give the Suns an advantage to further deepen their bench with a top veteran who will be waived after the close." Michael Saenz writes, "The Phoenix Suns have been consistently the best team in the league for the past two seasons. They currently have the best record in the league and appear to be on track to make it back to the NBA Finals. However, if there's one thing the team should try and solidify on their way to the stretch run, it's the depth of the apron. The Suns should be looking for a power forward who could help them in the event of an injury. The Suns are one of the deepest teams in the league and have one of the best young stars in the game. Phoenix have as good a chance as any team in the West of reaching the Finals this season." Zachary Buckley writes, "Apart from the much-discussed Jalen Smith-Thaddeus Young trade, there isn't much for the Suns to do on deadline day . That is, unless they're at all concerned about the under-40 percent connection rates of reserve guards Cameron Payne and Landry Shamet. With both Dario Saric and Frank Kaminsky on the shelf, Phoenix has to get most of its reserve rating from Payne, Shamet and Cameron Johnson. If both Payne and Shamet lived up to expectations, that would be fine. But Payne's field goal percentage is down nearly nine points from last season (39.5 from 48.4). Shamet has his worst shooting seasons ever from the field (38.0) and from three (36.4). Grant Hughes writes, “Phoenix Suns center Deandre Ayton proved in last year's playoffs that he has the mobility and awareness to stay grounded against reduced opposing lineups. With JaVale McGee and Bismack Biyombo looking good as traditional backup bigs, the Suns could still use a smaller option down the middle just in case. Thaddeus Young is the obvious choice, but any playoff roster will be eyeing him for just that type of role. However, few can harness his talents better than the Suns, and none of them will offer his suitors a better chance at a ring. If the San Antonio Spurs want to get the veteran right, they will send him to Phoenix where his gifts will be put to the best use." Phil Watson writes, "The Suns have weathered Ayton's injuries fix a glaring weakness exploited by the Bucks in the NBA Finals.Plus, the team knows how to end tight games.Phoenix is ​​a top 17 in the NBA -3 in clutch situations (defined as the last five minutes with a score within out of five points) and has an absurd net rating of plus 43.6 in these situations.While keeping opponents at 35.6% shooting overall and 20.4% accuracy from 3-point range, the Suns achieved in crunch time 60.0% and 39.5%, respectively It's understandable if the Phoenix Suns want to make marginal adjustments to the roster ahead of the NBA trade deadline, but it's just as plausible for them to decide they have the best Te NBA leagues are already in, so why disrupt the flow? Being there 14 days after the deadline is an enviable position. This article originally appeared in Arizona Republic: Phoenix Suns trade speculation includes shooters, front court depth at NBA close


When an earthquake shook Augusta, everyone seemed to feel it

A series of earthquakes two centuries ago remains Augusta's worst. (Author: Gardener)

AugustaThis week two hundred and ten years ago there was quite a lot of shaking. It's commonly called the New Madrid earthquake (pronounced MAD-rid), and it was the largest earthquake that ever shook America, and shook our world most notably early in the morning of February 7, 1812. It even shook Augusta, what the oldest newspaper in the south made a report on the event that everyone was talking about. Despite the era's lack of experts and immediate analysis, The Chronicle editors accurately speculated that the tremors were linked to those felt a few weeks earlier. This series of earthquakes in late 1811 and early 1812 remains among the most violent in our continent's history. It has been estimated to have covered an area ten times larger than the better-known 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The good news was that much of what is now America's Central Southeast was sparsely populated. That, and log cabins are actually good at withstanding earthquakes, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The History Channel website describes the New Madrid earthquake as having at least four separate events beginning in December 1811 and going through March, with the strongest on February 7, 1812. It takes its name from the small town in Missouri Territory (still no state). New Madrid. "This was estimated to have an astounding magnitude of 8.8 and was probably one of the strongest tremors in human history," says the History Channel. In the Mississippi, the water turned brown and eddies suddenly formed from the depressions that had formed in the river bed. Waterfalls were created on the fly; In one report, 30 boats were thrown helplessly over falls, killing those on board. ... Great lakes such as Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee and Big Lake on the Arkansas-Missouri border were formed by the earthquake as river water flowed into new depressions." It is often said that the force of the upheaval caused the Mississippi to flow back The S Geological Survey says this could be a misinterpreted or confused observation. that there is a 7% to 10% chance that we could have another one in the next 50 years. Bill Kirby has been reporting, photographing, and commenting on life in Augusta and Georgia for 45 years. This article originally appeared in the Augusta Chronicle: An 1812 earthquake shook the Augusta region like nothing before or since


Spread & Over/Under predictions for Hornets at Celtics

Can the Hornets cover the spread? (Author: Gardener)

Spread & Over/Under© Provided by All Hornets on FanNation Can the Hornets cover the spread? The star ratings next to the game describe overall trust in that particular game. 1-Star Game on Celtics Coverage: The Celtics are 9-4 in their last 13 games, including a 30-point win over the Miami Heat just two nights ago. Kelly Oubre Jr. is likely for tonight's game but I wouldn't expect much from him. Boston will be in full strength so I'll lay the points and take on the Celtics tonight. 2-Star Game on the Under: The Hornets are hoping to get back on track after a miserable night of shooting Sunday against the Clippers, where they shot just 32% from the field. Unfortunately, they're up against the fourth-best defense in the league, which doesn't bode well if you don't have Hayward who can consistently make midfield jumpers. If the game is being played at Boston's pace, it shouldn't be a problem.


Line-ups, injury reports and broadcast info (2/2)

Everything you need to know for Wednesday's home game against the Hornets. (Author: Gardener)

2/2The 27-25 Boston Celtics will host the 28-23 Charlotte Hornets at TD Garden next Wednesday night as the Celtics hope to make it their third straight win and their fifth in six games. The Hornets are hoping to bounce back from a 115-90 home win over the Los Angeles Clippers by clinching a win on the road in Boston. If you happen to be looking for a way to catch the action live on cable TV or an online streaming service, read on as we update you on everything you need to know about the game. Let's start with who should be available to play. For Boston, the team listed Bol Bol (foot) and PJ Dozier (ACL) as scratches for the Celtics. For Charlotte, Gordon Hayward (reconditioning) and Jaden McDaniels (ankle) are headed against the Celtics, while Kelly Oubre Jr. (ankle) is listed as likely. Robert Williams III Al Horford Jayson Tatum Jaylen Brown Marcus Smart To watch the game, tune in to NBC Sports Boston


Will the Celtics make a trade deadline deal with Dennis Schröder? It's time to decide

He's a lot more valuable as a starter than off the bench but the latter is where he's been used the most lately. (Author: Gardener)

Dennis SchröderDennis Schröder (above) was someone Celtics coach Ime Udoka can count on in production, off the bench or as a starter. Now that the Celtics are finally healthy, coach Ime Udoka has been able to mostly refocus on his preferred rotations rather than trying to combine unusual groupings and hoping satisfactory results are achieved. The starting line-up of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, Robert Williams and Al Horford was excellent. After their strong performance in Monday night's 122-92 win over the under-seeded Heat, this group has outscored opponents by 27.7 points per 100 possessions combined in 17 games. Washburn: The Celtics' Dennis Schröder's dilemma: His value and potential are good; his inconsistency, not so much. But that means point guard Dennis Schroeder will continue to come off the bench — at least while he's in the roster — and the disparity between his stats as a starter and reserve is significant. In 25 games as a starter, Schröder averages 18.6 points while shooting 48.6 percent from the field and 38.1 percent from the 3-point line. In 20 games off the bench, he averages 9.5 points while shooting 34.2 percent from the field and 28.3 percent from off the arc. Boston has a net rating of plus 2.4 when Schroeder is a starter and minus 0.7 when he is a reserve. Of course, when Schröder starts, he's usually surrounded by better scorers like Tatum and Brown. When he comes off the bench the defense can attack him more, and when he later mixes with Boston's more talented players there are fewer opportunities. "But we still want him to be aggressive and pick his spots," Udoka said. “We know how important it is for him to come in and be the third threat off the bench. But he's really playing right, unselfishly and still trying to find his spots. More than anything, it's a lack of options when other guys are rolling. If the Celtics starters aren't available, at least Udoka knows he has a veteran to rely on. The Celtics are holding his non-bird rights this summer, essentially limiting them to offering him a deal worth no more than $7.2 million next season, and he expects to hit the open market to command more. By trading with Schroeder, it would also open up opportunities for young players like Payton Pritchard, who has slipped out of the rotation. On the other hand, the Celtics have won four of their last five games, with wins coming with an average of 30.5 points. Washburn: 'We're moving in the right direction': The Celtics still have work to do but a convincing win over the Heat showed further progress to have,” said Udoka. Despite their mediocre 27-25 record, the Celtics came into the Eastern Conference just 5½ games behind first place Tuesday night. In recent games, Udoka has mostly reduced his rotation to eight, with Schroeder coming off the bench alongside Grant Williams and Josh Richardson. Giving up Schroeder in a deal focused on a draft pick could hurt the Celtics' chances of a postseason run this year, slim as they may be.


Jaylen Brown might want out? Jazz interest in J-Rich?

With the 2022 NBA trade deadline less than two weeks away, Silly Season -- that time of year when you can't trust a trade rumor further than you can throw it -- has arrived. And with it new reports that Jaylen Brown might want out of the Boston (Author: Gardener)

Jaylen BrownWith the 2022 NBA trade deadline less than two weeks away, Silly Season — that time of year when you can't trust a trade rumor further than you can throw it — has arrived. And with that, fresh reports that Jaylen Brown might want to get out of the Boston Celtics if things don't improve as the team moves forward, and whispers that the Utah Jazz (led by former Celtics President Danny Ainge) are eyes for Josh Richardson could have trading market. What should the team's front office consider in terms of the players they have now should teams call? Are there any players Boston needs to buy before the February 10th deadline? So many questions and maybe we're just warming up with several staring contests between rival GMs that are already solidifying. For this week's CLNS Media "Celtics Lab" podcast, we're joined by Adam Kaufman, another CLNS alum, to talk about all things Celtics and the close of trade. Listen to the clip embedded above to keep up with the latest rumors and facts as the 2021-22 season player trade moratorium approaches. Report: Jaylen 'Brown could be the one to acknowledge the mix isn't right' if Boston's game doesn't improve WATCH: Boston's Jaylen Brown takes 29 points, 4 boards against Celtics' Jayson Tatum, who is reportedly planning to join Memphis coach Penny Hardaway offseason Stein: Boston's Dennis Schroder 'not in (Mavs) plans' ahead of 2022 NBA trade deadline Celtics injury update: Romeo Langford upgraded to available vs. Heat; Dennis Schroder probably with knee tendinopathy


Brown scores 29 points, Celtics pass Shorthanded Heat 122-92

BOSTON (AP) -- Jaylen Brown had 29 points, Jayson Tatum added 20 points and 12 rebounds and the Boston Celtics rolled past the Miami Heat 122-92 Monday night. Boston led by as many as 32 points en route to their fourth win in five games. (Author: Gardener)

29BOSTON (AP) -- Jaylen Brown had 29 points, Jayson Tatum added 20 points and 12 rebounds and the Boston Celtics rolled past the Miami Heat 122-92 Monday night. Boston led by as many as 32 points en route to their fourth win in five games. Marcus Smart added 16 points and seven assists. It was Brown's fourth straight game to score 25 or more, and Tatum has scored 20 or more points in his last six games. "We're still working on some things, but I'm very encouraged by the progress our group is making," said Celtics big man Al Horford, who contributed 14 points and nine rebounds. Miami has lost back-to-back and struggled mightily without several key players in the first of its six-game journey: Jimmy Butler (toe), P.J. Tucker (knee) and point guard Kyle Lowry, who missed his eighth straight game for personal reasons. Caleb Martin had 14 points and Bam Adebayo had 12 points, five rebounds and five assists. I'd like to just pack the rest in a garbage truck," said Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. The Celtics hit eight of their first eleven shots and took a 21-7 lead. Miami struggled for quality looks at the bottom of the floor, shooting just 29% (6 of 21) in the opening stages. The Heat settled down and started the second quarter on an 18-5 run to keep the game at 32. This prompted Celtics coach Ime Udoka to take time off. His team responded immediately with seven straight points to forge a 22-13 run to end the half. Udoka said the team heeded its message to limit the open looks for Miami's shooters. "We got our physicality back," said Udoka. They rebounded and finished half, then carried it over into the third quarter. Boston led 67-52 in the third when Adebayo was rated technical at the 8:38 mark and pulled out of the game by Spoelstra. By the time Adebayo returned with 2:04 left at halftime, Boston's lead had grown to 86-67. The Celtics went into fourth with a 94-70 lead and drove the rest of the way. Smart said he feels the team is finding its way after some rough patches early in the season. "I love it, especially with the adversity we've been dealing with this whole season — the ups and downs, not consistent," Smart said. "It's great for us that we're finally starting to walk this path in the right direction. It's coming at the right time for us.” Heat: Shot 39% (34 of 87) for the game. ... had five turnovers in the third quarter, resulting in 10 Boston points. ... topped the Heat by 40-25 points in the third quarter. In the second quarter, he shot just 5 of 12 from the free throw line. ... Recognized former players Eddie House (2007-10) and Brandon Bass (2011-15) in a continuation of their seasonal tribute to past Celtics as part of the NBA's 75th Anniversary season. House also played four seasons for the Heat. "That was probably the only highlight of the evening," said Spoelstra.


Celtics, Jaylen Brown Could Split In Offseason If Boston Doesn't Live Up To Potential (Report)

While the Celtics' recent winning streak and improved game have lifted the team's spirits, overall it's been a rocky season in Boston. This sets the course for the February 10 trading deadline, although earth-shattering steps are not expected until the off-season. The Celtics have committed to building around their under-25 stars Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. (Author: Gardener)

Jaylen BrownWhile the Celtics' recent winning streak and improved game have lifted the team's spirits, overall it's been a rocky season in Boston. This sets the course for the February 10 trading deadline, although earth-shattering steps are not expected until the off-season. The Celtics have committed to building around their under-25 stars Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. But if the team doesn't make noise on the track, Brown could look to part ways with Boston in the offseason, according to Heavy's Steve Bulpett. While Bulpett reported that Brown hasn't asked for any trades, he "might be the one acknowledging the mix isn't right and going for a move" until the C's don't improve. The Celtics have won nine of their last 13 games and improved their record to 27-25. Tatum is in the first year of its maximum renewal; He is signed for at least the 2024/25 season (he has a player option for the following year). Other pieces from Boston's core in Robert Williams III and Marcus Smart are also on long-term bans, giving the Celtics some clarity as to their key pieces. But this season there has been frustration amid COVID-19 disruptions, injuries and inconsistencies. As Brown's game continues to climb, the missed time will likely knock him off the All-Star talk this season. The recent winning streak -- and a strong defense -- was the best indicator Boston could be making noise in a tightly packed Eastern Conference this season. It's that frustration that could lead to a summer farewell between the Celtics and Brown. But Bulpett reports that the C's didn't buy Brown in that timeframe. Brown has been mentioned in trade rumors in previous seasons but the Celtics have resisted moving their young guard. (Brown was reportedly a name floating around for 76ers star Ben Simmons, but the Celtics' front office was quick to dismiss that possibility.) There's also no guarantee Brown will even seek a trade this offseason, even if Boston does continues to have problems. If the Celtics are looking to add a third star alongside Brown and Tatum, this offseason is a time for a big swing. Even if the Cs finish poorly and the surrounding roster pieces improve, Brown staying in Boston is another option as well. Boston President Brad Stevens will have to make some short-term decisions in the coming weeks. But in the long term, the Celtics want to build a title contender.


4.5 magnitude earthquake shakes Oklahoma and is felt in neighboring states

The United States Geological Survey reported the "remarkable" quake around 1 p.m. EST (Author: Gardener)

OklahomaA magnitude 4.5 (M) earthquake was recorded about five miles from the small town of Medford, Oklahoma. The United States Geological Survey reported the "remarkable" tremor at around 11:10 a.m. local time. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries, Madelline Wheeler, Grant County's chief of emergency management, told the Associated Press. The USGS Community Intensity Map included reports of severe shaking and light damage near the towns of Enid and Stillwater. Reports of seismic activity came from the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas. In addition to Arkansas, the quake was also felt across state lines in Wichita, Kansas and Great Bend. Medford, with a population of around 1,000, is about 120 miles north of Oklahoma City. On Sunday, USGS also reported a 4.0-M earthquake about three miles west of Palomar Observatory and 60 miles north of San Diego, California. The strongest Oklahoma earthquake was a magnitude 5.8, recorded near Pawnee in September 2016. Since 2009, Oklahoma has seen a spike in earthquake activity, the USGS said. State regulators have ordered several producers to shut down or reduce volumes from some wells following the recent tremors.