Lakers firing Frank Vogel would be shameful

The Los Angeles Lakers pulled off a big win last night, defeating the Utah Jazz at Arena, 101-95. One would think today's news would be filled with renewed confidence in the LeBron James-Russell Westbrook pairing and the team's ability to take it late against a good team. The news from the morning after the win... (Author: Gardener)

Frank VogelThe Los Angeles Lakers pulled off a big win last night, defeating the Utah Jazz at Arena, 101-95. It ended the Lakers' three-game losing streak and faced a top-four conference team. One would think today's news would be filled with renewed confidence in the LeBron James-Russell Westbrook pairing and the team's ability to take it late against a good team. The news from the morning after the victory concerns Frank Vogel's job security. The Athletic reports that Vogel nearly got fired after the Lakers' 37-point loss to the Denver Nuggets on Saturday and could have been canned if they didn't win last night's game against Utah. When the Lakers and Jazz tipped Monday night, Vogel was training for his job after narrowly avoiding being fired following the 37-point loss in Denver 48 hours earlier, sources said. Had such a scene been repeated against Jazz, many believed it would have been Vogel's last game. Vogel, who coached the Lakers to a championship in 2020 and whose contract runs through the 2022-23 season, is being evaluated game by game and risks being fired soon if progress doesn't hold up, sources said. The decision to fire or not fire Vogel game by game in January means things are going great, thanks for asking. But if the Lakers do fire Vogel, it would be a very transparent attempt to use him as a scapegoat. Vogel isn't a well-known coach, but he does know how to cobble together a good defense, as the Lakers' championship run a little over a year ago proved. The Lakers have had a terrible defense so far this year. But that's not the result of Vogel's ineptitude. It would be strange if he suddenly forgot how to train a defense after years of doing it for a living. The problems with this Lakers team have been well documented by this site and many others. Pelinka has cobbled together a cast of veteran All-Stars, relying on experience and skill rather than aptitude to make things work. That sometimes worked offensively, but it's always been difficult for the Lakers to be an elite defensive team after trading away their top two Three-and-D players (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Kyle Kuzma) and doing their best had ball defender (Alex Caruso) on foot. Russell Westbrook is many things, but he is not, and never has been, an elite defenseman. Los Angeles relied 100% on LeBron as wingstopper and Anthony Davis as Defensive Player of the Year to clean up the many mistakes on the fringe. Not because Vogel's scheme sucks, but because availability was a big issue. LeBron missed a portion of games in the season's opening stretch through injury. AD has not played since December 19 and his return is not imminent. Pelinka's backup plan for the very likely scenario of Davis going down for a period of time was DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard. Vogel resorted to starting the 37-year-old LeBron in the middle - which worked pretty well! Complicating matters are the COVID issues the Lakers have been dealing with. Of course, every other team has grappled with this as well, but this squad in particular would be more prone to a significant drop in play if there were no continuity. Not everyone is on the same page in January because everyone missed parts of games. It's Vogel's responsibility to set them on the right path, but there's only so much he can do. Firing him for not doing the impossible is a facade, sending a very clear message that Vogel is only being fired because someone has to, and it won't be Pelinka. The Lakers are 22-22. This is not where this team wanted to be. They're in win-now mode as long as LeBron adapts. That's the Lakers' record as Vogel himself missed six games in health and safety protocols. When Vogel is there, things don't go so well. Since returning, the team has won five of the last eight. Some of the losses were very bad, like the 37-point loss to Denver and a nine-point loss to the Thrashing Kings. Vogel has received a terrible helping hand from his bosses and will now bear the burden of the consequences. And there should be a lot of that when they fire Vogel mid-season.


Lakers defeat Jazz as reserve and Youngsters lead them to biggest win of the season

The Lakers came back from a double-digit deficit to beat Utah (Author: Gardener)

seasonIt wasn't LeBron James who saved the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday. No, in their biggest win of the season against a packed Utah Jazz team that topped the Western Conference for most of the season, the rally was led by the least accomplished Lakers. Frank Vogel used four reserves against the Jazz: an undrafted rookie (Austin Reaves), a 10-day contract (Stanley Johnson), a former lottery player playing for the minimum to change his career (Malik Monk), and a third -Year in Trade Rumors (Talen Horton-Tucker). All four of those players had plus-13 or better point spreads. They combined for 44 of the Lakers' 101 points, and in the 15 minutes the foursome spent on the court with James, they outscored the Jazz by 18 points. Perhaps not coincidentally, they were the four youngest players to speak for Los Angeles on Monday, and as Johnson noted, that energy made all the difference in the game. "I just wanted to put some energy into the game," Johnson said. Once the energy kicks in, you just say, 'I play with LeBron and Russ, they're easy to play with.' So it's like I just want to bring some energy with me. If I bring some energy, everything will be fine." That energy could be felt on the glass, where offensive rebounds from Reaves and Johnson in the fourth quarter kept the Lakers ahead and helped them finish the game, but Johnson's skills were just as important Johnson went four times in three minutes in the pick-and-roll against three-time Defensive Player of the Year Rudy Gobert in the fourth quarter Monday, and he scored on all four occasions on a 17-4 fourth-quarter run that ended the game "I think if you've looked at basketball over the past few years, some teams have had success attacking him off the jump with smaller guys," explained Johnson. James, one of the most prolific picks "LeBron's a smart player," joked Johnson."I know the types of players I like to play," James said after the win and on Monday, all four rese rves made a compelling case for bigger roles.Johnson has nu He has a 10-day contract and will need to continue contributing if he plans to be re-signed for the remainder of the season. Horton-Tucker and Monk both fight for minutes in a backcourt that only gets fuller when Kendrick Nunn returns. As the fourth highest paid player on the team, Horton-Tucker is a strong candidate for the trade if squeezed out. And in the team's biggest game of the season, all four made an appearance and helped lead the Lakers to victory.


The Jazz plays selfishly on offense and loses on defense against the Lakers' small lineups

Jazz's offense was selfish tonight, with Jordan Clarkson being the biggest offender. the clippers. (Author: Gardener)

LakersThree thoughts on the Utah Jazz's 101-95 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers from Salt Lake Tribune jazz beat writer Andy Larsen. Does this team want to win together? There were so many selfish moments in today's game where players were trying to go it alone instead of relying on their teammates. And the result was terrible offense against a team that was a hoop fire on defense -- in their last three games, the Lakers have given up 128 points per game and the Jazz have scored 95. The Jazz want to play the advantage offense: pick and roll , forcing the defense to move, then find the open man. But against both shifting and non-shifting defences, the Jazz's players chose to call their own number rather than find the open man - and that meant nothing but terrible shots. I looked at every single missed jazz shot. I've rounded up almost every instance where I thought the jazz had taken a bad shot, with three players being the culprits in the plays I've seen. Well, four players... we've removed one player's moves from the video. Jazz needs to recognize this fundamental truth: you're not good enough to win without trusting each other. Donovan Mitchell is a very good player and he can sometimes take over games on his own. But he's not an efficient player just doing that - If he did it every night, the Jazz would be a 40-win team. Bojan Bogdanovic is a very good player, and even he's had moments (okay, mostly against Denver, for some reason) where he took over games on his own. But he relies heavily on open threes generated by his teammates for his efficiency - he scores 0.73 points per possession in isolation situations. Rudy Gay used to be number one on a team and frankly his three-pointers were an effective attack with quick attacks. And yet I want him to recognize when jazz as a whole would benefit from directing something where multiple players get their hands on the ball. Neither of these players is James Harden. Neither of those players is Kevin Durant. You can't just try to score yourself and make it offensively efficient. You must work together to create valuable offense. Three-piece pull-ups are fine—if they're open. But at all times, the Jazzers have to think about how to pull off the kind of shots that have made them the league's No. 1 offensive line: catch-and-shoot three-pointers, dunks and layups around the rim and free- throws. When they don't have that and it just goes to my-turn-you-turn basketball, the Jazz are toast. There was a time early last season when I had a saying, "All Jordan-Clarkson shots are good shots." It was because he was throwing the dumbest shots — stepback threes, one-handed fadeaways from all over the place Square, incredibly hard scoop layups and so on, and he did it all at a speed high enough that the process didn't matter much. His bad shots don't go in. Gosh, check out this video - if this player wasn't wearing a Jazz jersey he would be mercilessly ridiculed by the Jazz fan base: After today's game when he shot 2-13 on some terrible looks he's on an effective field -Goal percentage down from 48.9 - he is at least 5% worse than everyone else on the team. He's also probably Jazz's least solid full-back. If Clarkson regains his form, you have the potential for 6th Man of the Year, a guy who can attack switches and score in the playoffs. But it's not so much potential that you might not consider trading it. There's also not that much potential to worry about benching him if he has a bad game. Personally, I felt that by the start of the fourth quarter it was really clear that Clarkson was having a bad game and that the Jazz would have benefited if they had played Gay or Ingles or Eric Paschall or Elijah Hughes or Denzel Valentine instead of Clarkson . Honestly, maybe 4v5 would have been better, at least on offense. Jazz has to be willing to adapt when its players play poorly. While I agree with the cap on Conley's minutes — even when he was jazz's finest player — it's good to keep the postseason perspective in mind. But not play against someone else? That was Snyder's worst decision of the season for me, Clarkson played so badly. Clarkson, when he's bad, she's actively losing games. The guy is the coolest person alive, but self-destruction can and should be avoided. The Jazz was outplayed by 22 points as LeBron James took center stage tonight. Here's how the Jazz defended the last time they were in Los Angeles - Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals. Yes, the offense was problematic in these lineups, see above. Defense was also poor: The Jazz had a 131 defense rating against the LeBron-at-center lineups. And frankly, it felt a lot like those Clippers series: The Lakers, even with average players around LeBron, just asked questions that the Jazz couldn't answer. I'm sorry, that's not an acceptable defense. Sorry for the downer, guys.


Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers live score and stats

Get real-time NBA basketball coverage and scores as the Utah Jazz take on the Los Angeles Lakers. We bring you the latest game previews, live stats and recaps on (Author: Gardener)

Utah Jazz vsLOS ANGELES (AP) LeBron James scored 25 points in the fourth quarter and Stanley Johnson had 10 of his 15 points to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to a 101-95 win over the Utah Jazz on Monday night. Russell Westbrook added 15 points and the Lakers broke a three-game losing streak, rebounding from an ugly 37-point loss to the Denver Nuggets two days earlier. Mike Conley had 20 points and Rudy Gobert had a double double with 19 points and 16 rebounds for the Jazz. Johnson, who had just landed another 10-day contract earlier in the day, scored six straight points in the fourth quarter. He leveled the game with a 15-foot pull-up jumper at 83 and later made a layup with a nice move around Rudy Gobert to give the Lakers an 89-87 lead. James had suggested the smaller Lakers lineup would attack Gobert and the basket. "I'm just trying to put everyone in a position to be successful and read the game while the game was going and I knew how we could be successful offensively," James said. "The guys reacted well to what I saw and Stanley had a great game." Austin Reaves had a tip-in basket from his own miss to put the Lakers four points ahead and Avery Bradley made an important 3-pointer corner after an assist from Johnson for a 95-89 lead. Johnson made 7 of 9 shots and also had seven rebounds. The Lakers picked up 44 points from their bench. None taller than 15 by Johnson, who grew up in Anaheim, played in Mater Dei in California and felt the love of Southern California. "It feels good to be doing what I came here to do," Johnson said. “I came here to bring energy and impact the game in different ways. It led to positive plays. James also had seven rebounds and seven assists after apologizing to Lakers Nation after that loss to the Nuggets. "Our effort and energy wasn't where it was needed in the Denver game, the second half of the Memphis game and the other game," James said. As the leader of that team, I took that on board and let Laker Nation know about it.” With Anthony Davis still out, the Jazz had a significant size advantage up front with 7-foot-1 Gobert. Gobert played back his second game after missing five games after testing positive for COVID-19. He didn't attempt his first shot until the 10:51 mark of the second quarter and still had a double double. A day earlier, Gobert had 18 points and 19 rebounds in a 125-102 Utah win over Denver. Utah scored just 17 points in the fourth quarter, shooting just 36.9 percent from the field. "I thought we had too many really difficult shots," said jazz coach Quin Snyder. "I think some of the shots are doable but we made it harder on ourselves than it needed to be to make better reads and move the ball faster and get some better shots. Westbrook dipped over Gobert late in the second quarter. Then he had a few words for Gobert. Westbrook was penalized for a technical foul. When told that some people might not believe he still had it, Westbrook said with a laugh, "That's people's problem. Davis, who is recovering from an MCL sprain to his left knee, was evaluated by doctors on Monday and cleared for full-court contact practice, Frank Vogel said. There is no timetable for his return yet. During the first quarter, Westbrook grabbed a mop and helped clean up a wet patch on the pitch floor after a fan spilled a drink. "I felt like I could do anything," Westbrook said. G/F Elijah Hughes (return to competitive reconditioning) was questionable. The players wore T-shirts with the slogan “Now is the time to make justice for all a reality” during the Martin Luther King Day warm-up. Lakers: F. Carmelo Anthony (low back strain) was out. Frank Vogel hopes to return on Wednesday. Antonio Brown, Dwyane Wade (minority owner of Jazz), and Sabrina Ionescu were some notable figures in the game.


Stanley Johnson, Lakers reserve rally past Jazz

LOS ANGELES – So far, Stanley Johnson has only been able to plan his future with the Lakers in 10-day stints. So far, the Lakers have been content to leave the 25-year-old former Mater Dei High on the roster on short-term contracts: he signed his third 10-day contract with the team on Monday morning. (Author: Gardener)

Stanley JohnsonLOS ANGELES – So far, Stanley Johnson has only been able to plan his future with the Lakers in 10-day stints. So far, the Lakers have been content to leave the 25-year-old former Mater Dei High on the roster on short-term contracts: he signed his third 10-day contract with the team on Monday morning. Later that night, Johnson gave the Lakers front office a lot to think about. Johnson's two-way effort exemplified the Lakers' comeback (22-22) against visiting Utah Jazz (29-15), a 101-95 win penned by some of the Lakers' best defensemen all season . The 6-foot-7 forward was key for the bench-driven unit that erased a nine-point lead from Jazz with a 19-6 rally in the fourth quarter and made consecutive field goals for the Lakers during the crucial stretch. "I think it feels good to do what I came here to do," said Johnson, who was transferred to the ministry at Christmas and has since become a fundamental role. "I think I came to bring energy and impact the game in different ways and be kind of a curveball to what teams are used to and what they've seen. And I feel like today was kind of the day I could do it.” On Sunday night, LeBron James apologized via Twitter for the Lakers' 37-point blowout loss to the Denver Nuggets last night and promised better performance. But it was hard even for the optimists to see a turnaround coming so quickly after the Lakers lost three straight games, dropping at least 125 points in each. James said he decided not to speak to the media after the worst loss of the season because "I didn't like what was going to come out of my mouth." But he wanted to tell fans he expected more from himself and the team . "We just weren't pushing our abilities and trying as hard as we could," he said. "So that starts with me being the leader of the team, so I just take charge and let Laker Nation know. Let them know I got that and it wouldn't happen again.” James was part of the solution, scoring the team's best 25 points with seven rebounds and seven assists. He pushed the group that brought the Lakers together back into the game: The Jazz hit just six field goals in the fourth quarter against lineups made up largely of the team's youngest players. A big key was that the Lakers pulled a lot more muscle from their bench (44 points) than they did Saturday in Denver when no reserves scored in double figures. The most impressive performance came from Johnson, who drove purposefully to the edge in the crucial fourth quarter: Johnson scored 10 of his 15 points in the quarter, all between the 8-minute and 5:35-minute mark. He credited James with tactical advice on how to attack 7-foot-1 Rudy Gobert, three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year. While he spent much of the night unsuccessfully wrestling the Utah big man for rebounds and trying to stop his own shots on goal, Johnson got his revenge in the fourth — not least because James put up bulldozer screens. 'Do that.' OK, I'll do it too," Johnson said. With two and a half minutes left, Johnson threw an assist to Avery Bradley for a 3-pointer that put the Lakers six points ahead, another key game down the line. Johnson, who came from the field 7-9 and also had seven rebounds, was one of three reserves to score in double digits, along with Malik Monk (14 points) and Talen Horton-Tucker (11 points). But he's the only one without a season spot the Lakers could give him when his last 10-day contract expires. Mike Conley had 20 points and Gobert had 19 points and 16 rebounds for the Jazz, but Utah shot just 36.9% from the floor, stunned late by the Lakers' switch-heavy scheme. "Our switching was much better tonight than in the game against Denver," said Lakers coach Frank Vogel. Russell Westbrook sat out most of the fourth quarter, but in the end he made an impression, especially with an and-one layup with 40 seconds left that sealed the win. Westbrook delivered one of the most dangerous highlights of the season when he rose over Gobert for a one-handed dunk. But the 33-year-old played it casual when asked about it, and when a reporter alluded to observers wondering if he still had the buoyancy in his legs for poster dunks, Westbrook chuckled, "That's their problem James lingered on the play for his teammate: "He didn't want a layup or a floater or anything besides attacking the shot blocker. Overall, Westbrook had another inefficient evening of shooting, going from the field 5 for 14 and hitting just one of his four 3-point attempts. Arguably his second best highlight came in the first quarter, when he wiped up a wet pitchside spot where Utah All-Star Donovan Mitchell had just slipped. Vogel said Westbrook's playful mood absorbed the energy of a team crushed by a three-game losing streak. "That was an example of, 'Hey, let's all let go of whatever we're feeling from a negative standpoint, and the clouds that come with losing and all that,'" Vogel said. "'Let's let that go and bring a positive spirit.'" The Lakers certainly have a lot more reason to feel positive after this game.


21 insights from 2021

The workplace is now… different, to say the least. If there's one phrase we've heard consistently over the last two years, it's that work will never be the same again. (Author: Gardener)

2021The workplace is now… different, to say the least. If there's one phrase we've heard consistently over the last two years, it's that work will never be the same again. In 2021 we expected to return to something more consistent, with more concrete answers than in 2020. We envisioned being back in offices and returning to meetings (albeit with more) for at least a few days a week hand sanitizer). . But for much of the workforce, things haven't panned out that way; If anything, 2021 has shown us that what will be “normal” in the workplace is an ever-moving target. Some of what we call "luck" is the macro result of thousands of micro actions. Your daily habits can put you in a position where you are more likely to get "lucky". Pessimists look to the future and see closed doors. Optimists look to the future and see the open doors - and are likely to kick in the closed doors as well. Surround yourself with optimists - those who think the future is bright will do so. Human brains cannot fathom the insane power of exponential growth. We constantly underestimate its impact. When you're on an exponential growth curve, stop trying to set specific goals. Most people aren't wired to work 9-5. Modern work culture is a holdover from the industrial age - long periods of steady, monotonous work. If your goal is to do inspired, creative work, you have to work like a lion. We overestimate what we can accomplish in a day and underestimate what we can accomplish in a year. To counteract this, focus on small daily actions that add up over the long term. Small things become big things. Everyone has some negative people around them. Eliminate this negativity from your life. It's a boat anchor that's holding you back from your true potential - cut the damn line. A high tolerance for uncertainty is a unique competitive advantage. It prevents you from settling down. When we fear uncertainty, we content ourselves with escaping its grip. Endure uncertainty a little longer - never settle for less than you deserve. It's easy to be on the sidelines. It's hard to enter the arena. It's scary to be out there, to expose yourself, to be vulnerable. But it makes the difference. Get off the sidelines. Be the man – or the woman! – in the arena. When you let your mind wander—in its truly natural state—good things happen. Life is short and fragile - you will never regret spending more time with your loved ones. In his 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech, Steve Jobs spoke of trusting the dots in your life to somehow connect. In 2021 I finally started to see my dots connecting. Not perfect, but the connections are slowly coming into view. It's a beautiful and encouraging thing. It's Darkest Before Dawn “It's always darkest before dawn” is a cliche, and believe me it's true. Learn to Say No The ability to say no is a superpower of very successful people. Think carefully about what you spend your time on - and with whom you spend it. Their growth should become a source of tremendous joy and pride. Work in Your Zone of Genius Your zone of genius is where your interests, passions, and skills align. Find yours and then slowly change your life to spend more time with it. Start playing games that you are uniquely good at winning. Small changes can of course happen. Big changes only happen with a massive, conscious push. You can't expect big changes to happen on their own. It's scary as shit. If you believe in something, close your eyes and jump. By the time you have to ask if it's time to delegate, it's already too late. Trust me, I learned this the hard way... When you're building and growing, delegating and outsourcing so early on, it feels awkward. Leverage is a beautiful thing. Show more gratitude to the people who mentored, supported, or helped you. Not just on special occasions – every day. Because it's true. i love to talk But as I continue to find myself in spaces where I'm overwhelmed, I've learned to talk less and listen more. Lesson: Go into these rooms. The internet has made it possible to instantly connect with people around the world. Use it to your advantage. Build new circles - positively summed, decentralized friend groups are force multipliers for your growth. · In the morning, a lot of water drink at least 30 minutes per day spend more time with things that you never regret - and less time with things you regret. Source: Article by Mr. Sahil Bloom in The Curiosity Chronicle (


More than 100,000 without power as winter storm Izzy Bites

The great winter storm caused widespread travel disruption and power outages over a bank holiday weekend. (Author: Gardener)

More than 100,000More than 4 inches of snow from Winter Storm Izzy has fallen, and more sleet and freezing rain is expected in the region for the remainder of the day. More than 100,000 power outages have been reported in the United States. More than 100,000 power outages were reported across the United States as Great Winter Storm Izzy swept through parts of the Southeast, bringing freezing temperatures, strong winds, inches of snow and ice. Storm Izzy, which triggered National Weather Service (NWS) winter storm warnings for several states on Sunday, has left more than 130,000 people in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Kentucky without power, according to North Carolina and South Carolina were particularly hard hit, with 34,566 and 31,922 reported outages, respectively. The remaining outages are in Georgia with 26,766 reported outages, Pennsylvania at 25,094 and Kentucky at 18,147 at the time of writing. The NWS warned on its website on Sunday: "A severe winter storm will impact the eastern U. Biggest icing is expected over the Carolinas this morning. Significant impacts on travel through these regions are expected," says a report. Up to 10 inches of snow fell in some parts of North Carolina, according to Brian Hurley, a meteorologist with the Weather Prediction Center, the Associated Press reported. "It's a very widespread storm," Hurley said. As of Sunday afternoon, the North Carolina Freeway Police had responded to 300 car crashes and nearly 800 calls for help, according to spokesman First Sgt. Christopher Knox. In Raleigh, the North Carolina capital, two 41-year-old South Carolina residents were killed when their vehicle went off the road and struck trees, Knox added. According to the NWS, a winter storm warning means that “significant amounts of snow, sleet and ice are expected or will occur. Those in regions where winter storm warnings have been issued are advised to travel only in emergencies and to prepare for potential power outages. Winter Storm Izzy also saw a large tornado with winds of 118 mph (190 km/h) near Naples, Fla., overturning a tractor-trailer truck on Interstate 75, the NWS said. According to WINK news, up to 200 people had to evacuate their The winter storm also disrupted weekend traffic, more than 3,000 flights within, to or from the United States were canceled on Sunday while over 1,500 flights were delayed, according to "This weekend's winter storm is expected to have a significant impact on our operations, particularly at Charlotte International Airport," American Airlines said in a statement. As the winter storm now moves northeast, New Yorkers have been warned to "prepare for the worst." Gov. Kath y Hochul said in a statement Sunday that the state is expected to experience "one of the biggest storms yet this winter." "Our crews are on full steam ahead preparing our roads and staging critical assets," Hochul said . She added, "With continued freezing temperatures and forecast heavy snowfall, I urge all New Yorkers to closely follow their local forecasts and avoid unnecessary travel during the duration of the storm." 20 inches of snow will bringVideo of couple on romantic break stranded by historic snowstorm goes viralAirlines are taking proactive steps in the face of severe winter weather by offering travel waiversWinter Storm Izzy forecast as heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures set to hit U.


Betty White honored on her 100th birthday

Stephanie Bernaba remembers the first time she saw Betty White on TV. (Author: Gardener)

Betty WhiteStephanie Bernaba remembers the first time she saw Betty White on TV. She was a young child living with her grandparents in Rhode Island, where they spent many evenings watching The Golden Girls, in which White played the endearingly goofy Rose Nylund. "We were laying on my grandmother's bed eating Planter's snacks out of a can," said Bernaba, 43, who owns a small media company, with a laugh. White's performance remained "a source of fond memories" for Bernaba for decades. She and her grandma watched reruns of "The Golden Girls" for many years whenever they were together and needed some solace on the small screen. Bernaba is one of many Betty White fans across the US who have been reflecting on the Emmy-winning television star's life since she died on December 31 at the age of 99, whether it's celebrating her career or attending virtual memorials. In about 900 theaters across the country, independent distributor Fathom Events screened “Betty White: A Celebration,” a 100-minute documentary filmed before her death. (The original subtitle was "100 Years Young - A Birthday Celebration.") "Throughout the many years we have worked with her, we have developed a great love and admiration for Betty as a person and as an accomplished entertainer," say the producers Steve Boettcher and Mike Trinklein said in a joint statement. The film chronicles White's productive work and personal life, including her tireless advocacy for animals. Leida Rosenberg, 72, and her husband Barry Spielvogel, 74, braved the cold and Covid risk on Monday to see an evening screening at AMC Kips Bay 15 in New York City - their first cinema visit since the pandemic began. We didn't want to miss that," says the retired teacher Rosenberg. "We've also been stuck at home for two years," added Spielvogel. Rosenberg said: "She showed us that you can still be active in old age. "As long as there is no Covid," added Spielvogel. In Oak Park, a Chicago suburb where White was born, fans were invited to pay their respects outside a movie theater over the weekend. The town's small shops also paid homage to NBC Chicago: a coffee shop served a Betty White Mocha, an Italian restaurant poured glasses of her favorite cocktail (martinis, for the record), and a bakery sold "Stay Golden" cookies. The Los Angeles Zoo invited guests to take a self-guided tour of White's favorite spots on the property, while other shelters displayed tributes. White "cared deeply about all living things -- including us," said Denise M. Verret, the CEO and director of the zoo, where White served on the board. The social media users behind the campaign called on White's fans to donate $5 to local animal shelters or rescues on her behalf on Monday. Google also recognized White. Anyone who searched for her name Monday was greeted with animated rose petals and a graphic that read, in part, "Thank you for being a friend" — a nod to the theme song, "The Golden Girls." The honors were a testament to White's reach Eric Seader, a technical consultant who works with law firms and grew up with "The Golden Girls," said he was particularly impressed by White's pro-animal activism at a time when many socialite figures are turning their backs "Some celebrities are committed to the cause, but few exude authenticity like they do," said Seader, 42, in a phone interview. "At a time when politicians and celebrities are making their public Adjusting utterances to current trends, Betty's messages of love, compassion and equality never wavered," he added. Barbara Sather, 70, who lives in suburban Minneapolis, put it more succinctly: "If you love animals that much, you must be a good person.


Cowboys face the same questions after another early playoff exit

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) - Mike McCarthy's future as coach of the Dallas Cowboys was nothing... (Author: Gardener)

ARLINGTONDallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs (7) leaves the field after an NFL wild card playoff football game against the San Francisco 49ers in Arlington, Texas Sunday January 16, 2022. Dallas Cowboys fans react during the second half of an NFL wild -Card playoff soccer game between the Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers in Arlington, Texas Sunday January 16, 2022. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott (4) reacts alongside Arik Armstead, center, and San Francisco 49ers cornerback Ambry Thomas (20) after the final game of an NFL wildcard playoff football game in Arlington, Texas, Sunday, January 16, 2022. Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy looks on from the sideline during the second half of an NFL wildcard playoff- soccer game against the San Francisco 49ers in Arlington, Texas Sunday January 16, 2022. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott speaks during a news conference following an NFL wildcard playoff soccer game against the San Francisco 49ers i n Arlington, Texas,Sunday, January 16, 2022. ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Mike McCarthy's future as manager of the Dallas Cowboys wasn't something Jerry Jones wanted to discuss after a wildcard loss that saw the owner say, 'I can don't remember" when asked if he had ever been more disappointed about a loss. Questions about McCarthy come in part because the Cowboys could lose both coordinators to take coaching jobs in Kellen Moore on offense and Dan Quinn on defense. Moore gets interviews for the second year in a row and Quinn led Atlanta to a Super Bowl in the role. Sunday's 23-17 loss to San Francisco was another uneven performance from franchise quarterback Dak Prescott and Moore's offense. It was punctuated by the hotly debated decision to center Prescott with 14 seconds remaining without a time-out, believing it was time to spike the ball and run another play. After it didn't work and McCarthy, Prescott and other Dallas players criticized the officials for running out of time, Jones flatly dismissed the alleged controversy with a dose of reality. "I think this is a time where you have to have success in bringing this combination of players together because we all know how the NFL works," Jones said after Sunday's game. "The whole thing is set up to take away from the best and add in to those that need improvement and staffingwise I think we have one of the best [teams]." The Cowboys have since winning the last of the five Super The franchise's 1995 Bowl title didn't even reach an NFC championship game. It's quite a drought for Jones, also the club's general manager, after Dallas won three championships in four years early in his tenure. Dallas had the No. 1 offense and an opportunistic defense that led the NFL to takeaways. Now Prescott has a 1-3 playoff record after the club's first wildcard loss since Tony Romo missed the snap late on in a potential go-ahead field goal in Seattle 15 years ago. Add the frantic failure to get one last snap to the growing list of playoff lowlights. "I don't know I've had a better chance or a better team than this in all my years," Prescott said. "It's hard to accept knowing every year that a team won't be the same, some of these guys aren't going to come back. The Cowboys hoped McCarthy's experience guiding Green Bay to four NFC title games in more than 12 seasons would help end the long drought. Instead, after the target sequence, he faces mounting questions about game management and a strange attempt to keep the punt team on the field for an offensive play after a successful deception. The Cowboys eventually got a game delay after the offense got back out. McCarthy won his Super Bowl 11 years ago in the Cowboys' homeland, and his last playoff win with the Packers came at AT&T Stadium during a standout rookie year for Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott in 2016. Losing to the 49ers gave the Cowboys a final 4-2 at home in the second year of McCarthy's five-year contract. "I have no concerns," McCarthy said when asked about his job security. I'm proud of my football team.” Dallas' offensive line was long considered elite in the Romo era and early in Prescott's six-year tenure. The Cowboys were shoved around from the running game in another poor performance, and Prescott was under constant pressure, though Nick Bosa missed half the game with a concussion. The group was prone to penalties, a big reason the Cowboys led the league in that category. Left guard Connor Williams was benched for mid-season penalties but Connor McGovern was not good enough to keep the job after replacing him. Injuries and age are growing questions for left tackle Tyron Smith, who was a questionable pick for his ninth Pro Bowl this season. The 31-year-old has missed at least three games in each of the last six seasons, including due to worrisome neck and back problems. Pre-order these COVID tests from Amazon now for shipping... I drank a gallon of water a day for a year. Poor Yankee Candle Ratings Could Predict Waves of Covid-19 "It's no secret," said right guard Zack Martin, the only Dallas lineman to qualify as Elite after his fifth All-Pro nod. The young playmakers on defense, led by NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year contestant Micah Parsons and League Interceptions Leader Trevon Diggs, are giving the Cowboys hope to get better on the side of the ball that held them back during the Romo years. Parsons' versatility as a linebacker gives Dallas a great building block. The Cowboys may have to make a salary cap decision with DeMarcus Lawrence, who missed ten games with a broken foot and hasn't made more than 6½ sacks in any of the three years since signing a five-year, $105 million contract. The popular star has created a rare PR hit with post-game comments about the inauguration. When asked about items, including water bottles, being thrown at Dallas players as they left the field, Prescott said it was "sad" that fans would do so. Given another opportunity to answer a question about fans throwing objects at officials, Prescott said: "I think that's why the umpires left so quickly. I think everyone was upset with how this thing turned out.” Dallas has the 24th pick in the draft alongside Lawrence and other salary cap decisions.


49ers' Shanahan reveals Garoppolo has a shoulder sprain but is optimistic QB, Bosa and Warner will play Packers

Jimmy Garoppolo played the second half against Dallas with a right shoulder sprain, Kyle Shanahan revealed Monday. (Author: Gardener)

ShanahanCoach Kyle Shanahan appeared optimistic Monday that the 49ers would have defensive end Nick Bosa and linebacker Fred Warner available for their division playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, as well as quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Bosa left a 23-17 wildcard win over Dallas late in the first half with a concussion, and Warner was eliminated much later with a sprained ankle. Garoppolo's inclusion on the 49ers' injury list with a right shoulder sprain came as a surprise as he played all four quarters and nothing was said about it after the game. "He made it through the second quarter, had to play through some pain and stuff, but ended up checking everything fine," Shanahan said on a conference call with Beat writers. "He should be good for practice." With the 49ers visiting Lambeau Stadium on Saturday, practice will begin on Tuesday without the usual rest day. Because he's on concussion protocol, his condition is being independently monitored, and whether or not he's cleared to play isn't up to the 49ers. Shanahan sounded hopeful that Bosa would face Green Bay. I've spoken to a number of people who have done this and our coaches," Shanahan said. I've seen that a few times and he seems to be in a pretty good position right now but I won't be the one to judge that." Bosa left the game after colliding with teammate D. He walked away under his own power and waved to the 49ers fans in the stands but was not cleared to return. The positive news from Warner, who briefly returned to the game after his injury and played a total of 59 snaps, is that the sprain was not high in the ankle. "We'll evaluate and see over the course of the week," Shanahan said. "The initial fear was that it might have been a high (sprain), so we got good news about it. "Sorry for the scare yesterday everyone, I appreciate everyone showing love and support for me and the boys. Huge win, on to the next one,” Warner tweeted. Sorry for the scare yesterday, I appreciate everyone showing love and support for me and the boys🙏🏾. we will go well we will go well Warner missed the second game in Seattle on December 5 with what Shanahan called a similar ankle sprain. Teammate Jordan Willis, who was one of the defenders who picked up the slack in Bosa's absence, was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain. Shanahan said he hopes linebacker Marcell Harris (Achilles tendonitis) and safety Talanoa Hufanga (knee) would be available for practice. In Week 18, the 49ers came back to beat the Rams without a left tackle for Trent Williams, who was out with an elbow injury. They did it again on the defensive front without Bosa, who left late in the first half and failed to return after suffering a concussion. His day ended after a season low of 23 snaps. Bosa and Samson Ekuban worked together for a sack against Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott on the Cowboys' opening drive to save a 10-yard loss on a third and 13. In the second half without Bosa, the 49ers were left without the comeback candidate 2021 Player of the Year who finished the regular season with 15 1/2 sacks, up the pressure. The 49ers were able to sack Prescott four times and got natural pressure from the front four as well as an occasional blitz from K'waun Williams and Jimmie Ward, who was called out by defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans. Defensive end Charles Omenihu, a season takeover from Houston, hadn't caught more than 20 snaps in a game with the 49ers but had 34 against Dallas. He led the 49ers with 1 1/2 sacks. Ekuban played 53 snaps, his highest total of the season. "Losing Nick, you know how big a challenge it is," Shanahan said. “The boys have risen enormously, just worked as a unit and got better at everything. You have to get off the ball and attack, so it's a bit messy in how you charge the quarterback, but to have some control over him. Putting two difficult road games behind him and having to play on Saturday means Shanahan will be taking a step back from training this week. Coaches will be working on the Green Bay game schedule Monday night and Tuesday morning, and practice will be later than usual. "I think the biggest thing about this week will be the recovery. So the more sleep we get, the slower we're going to do most things," Shanahan said. - Rookie corner Ambry Thomas had another solid game and Shanahan was particularly impressed with his physicality. "He came out early in the first quarter and was throwing his body around," Shanahan said. - Tight end George Kittle had an 18-yard catch against Dallas and hasn't broke 30 yards in his last four games. Kurtenbach: Kyle Shanahan's game management needs to improve for the 49ers to keep winning. The 49ers win does make for great television - as does the fourth playoff game against the 49ers McDonald: 49ers good enough to survive the reappearance of "Bad Jimmy" and hold up against Dallas "We got George a lot ( over the middle) and people know that, so they go to stop him there and we have to do it. It's better to find other ways to get him the ball," Shanahan said. "But I also know when he attracts coverage and things like that, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to get other people into good situations. He'll get his balls in the end.” — Shanahan and Green Bay coach Matt LaFleur shared a tense moment after Green Bay's 30-28 win over the 49ers in Week 3, which ended with a 51-yard field goal from Mason Crosby ended up at gunpoint. But Shanahan said everything was fine with LaFleur, who was quarterbacks coach with the Atlanta Falcons in 2015-16 when Shanahan was offensive coordinator. Matt and I are absolutely fine. I was pissed after that game how it just ended,” said Shanahan. But we are good. I talk to Matt a lot. He's done a damn good job this year.