What is behind the post-celebratory burglary? A little more than "Blue Monday"

Managing mood is key to staying motivated as the Covid disorder celebrates its second anniversary (Author: Gardener)

CovidNext Monday, January 17th, is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. New Year's resolutions have been made and broken, the weather can be grim, payday is still a long way off and Covid remains a significant threat. Seasonal Affective Disorder (Sad), which debilitates millions of people worldwide and causes low spirits and depression, is also at its peak in the fall and winter, with an estimated 10 to 20 percent of recurrent depression cases following a seasonal pattern. More important than the new working year, however, is not to get caught up in the hype of a specific day, but to delve a little deeper into the causes of the post-Christmas slump. Typically, much of this has to do with personal and business sentiment as the clock approaches two years of significant disruption from Covid. "What's your mood is usually my opening line these days, because mood is critical to the success of any business, the health of any relationship, and our own mental health and well-being," says life and business coach Neil O'Brien of Time To Fly. "However, it has become much more difficult to read how people are feeling because in many cases, as remote work continues, no one is physically 'on site' anymore." O'Brien says that the basic mood of most people, even the best times, lies in the middle. "Fatigue is a low mood, it happens. But it's likely that most people will spend most of their time in the gray area between the two," he says. When someone is in a medium mood, say five out of ten, they can be pulled down or up. Thus, a prevailing mood in a team can affect how its members feel. “Moods are emotions, so there is no such thing as a confident or motivated person. Everyone loses confidence from time to time and motivation and moods come and go very quickly. "You can be really assertive and feel like you've cracked it one day and then be totally insane the next. Moods follow action, so taking action can trigger a mood shift that seems more effective than trying to get ourselves to do something.” However, some of these fixes don't last very long, and replacing them with more consistent actions is a better way to deal with the moody blues, says O'Brien. “Ironically it turns out that motivation and willpower are just moods too. This means we cannot rely on them to structure or control our moods in a consistent way. However, there is a more effective solution which is to use habits and daily disciplines to regulate rather than control our moods. Specifically, there are four areas of daily activity that we can use to do this: exercise (more exercise), eat (make better food choices), rest (get more sleep), and tidy up (get more organized). Any improvement in these areas will tend to improve our mood.” O'Brien suggests making two micro-changes per week in each area over a four-week period in January/February. “These should be small changes that don’t require a lot of willpower or motivation. Don't worry about any resolutions, plans, goals, or aspirations for the new year just yet. Work on mood regulation first. Then as we go into February see how you're feeling and what plans you're trying to make," he says. Karan Sonpar, Professor of Organizational Behavior at University College Dublin's School of Business, is particularly interested in how groups can be influenced by mood. "I remember from my time as a military officer that individual instances of anxiety, stress or panic can have a disproportionate impact on a group, spreading like wildfire and leading to an overall feeling of 'learned helplessness,'" he says. According to Sonpar, leaders must maintain constant awareness of the mood, understand and recognize the risks of "emotional contagion," and be quick to offer support to those who show signs of trouble. This is critical to group cohesion and performance,” he says. “Of course misery loves company, to avoid this individuals can take positive action, for example by surrounding themselves with others who are optimistic and choosing activities that create a sense of normalcy for them. Just as our mood can affect our actions, our actions can affect our mood.”


Winners and losers of the New York Knicks 'Trade for Atlanta Hawks' Cam Reddish

The New York Knicks were falling fast, the Atlanta Hawks not far behind. And the deal they made, like most deals, had its share of winners and losers ... (Author: Gardener)

the New York Knicks 'Trade for Atlanta Hawks'And the deal they made, like most deals, had its share of winners and losers. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Hawks sent Cam Reddish, Solomon Hill and a 2025 second round pick for Kevin Knox II and a protected first round of 2022 (via Charlotte) to the New York Knicks on Thursday. Here's a look at who was at the top, who wasn't, and what that trade means for two franchises that made a promise a year ago that they would be among the better teams this season. Instead, they both looked more like game fodder that was rolled over by a top-notch team from the Eastern Conference (Brooklyn, Miami or the reigning NBA champion Milwaukee) and turned into basketball roadkill. Reddish joins a .500 Knicks team that desperately needs a player with special skills as a goalscorer. It was clear that Reddish's influence with the Hawks wasn't going to be significant - not just this season, but well into the future, both as a starter and as a key reserve. Reddish is starting a fresh start with the Knicks, which will give him ample opportunities to play a bigger role or at least position himself better to attract suitors in the summer of 2023 if he has the limited free hand, Hawks head coach Nate McMillan said on challenges this season to get Reddish the kind of playtime the 22-year-old was looking for. It's really hard, "McMillan told Bleacher Report." We're a team that has gone from developing last year to this year's competition. I was told a long time ago by [former Temple head coach] John Chaney that when you develop, you lose. They want to develop, but ... it's really difficult to do that when expectations of the organization have changed, the guys who helped take them to unexpected heights a year ago, and lightning bolts during Reddish in the playoffs That could make a difference, he wasn't a player they could count on this season to make a huge scenario that would have worked for Knox before the trading deadline. If he had stayed in New York, it wouldn't have been because the Knicks wanted him or saw that he had value. And now that he's moved the chances are he'll play decent minutes is even lower than Reddish and Hill. While Knox is relatively young enough to be on someone's roster next season, his future in the NBA - not just with the Hawks but in the league as a whole - is very big up in the air. Knox, who was drafted ninth pick by the Knicks in 2018, never fulfilled the promise and potential that so many have seen in him from Kentucky. The inability to develop Reddish was a driving force behind the 22-year-old's move. If the Hawks couldn't find a place for Reddish to grow and develop, can Knox have more luck with the team in that regard? Because the need for him to play and develop is even greater than for Reddish. Kemba Walker's struggles this season, combined with the inconsistent scoring of Evan Fournier and Derrick Rose's injury problems, made the need for New York to add a goalscorer like Reddish essential for New York to match last season's strong performance improve, or at least solidify his position as the playoff team this year, Immanuel Quickley has shown growth this season but don't be surprised if Reddish's arrival finally cuts his playing time. Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau has worn the first (and second and third and ...) brand of basketball on his teams of the past, with signs that it is now. But with the addition of Hill, who has proven to be a solid team defender, as well as Reddish's shooting power, the Knicks became a deeper, more talented team by addressing two areas of need: perimeter defense and scoring from any league manager expected of you, it gets tough to find something of value for him. Not only were the Hawks able to move Reddish and get a first-round pick for him, but they were also able to terminate Hill's contract. Though Hill's $ 2.4 million deal wasn't a huge drag on the Hawks, they still have at least one player (DeAndre Hunter) due for overtime, players they believe will be their core. Hunter's deal is complicated to some extent as he sustained a lot of injuries in his fledgling NBA career. But its worth to this team compared to Reddish is beyond dispute. While Reddish's goals showed potential, Hunter's proven work - when he's healthy - is one of the many reasons the Hawks believe his versatility as both an elite defender and another goal option is part of Atlanta's continued growth into a major player in the is of vital importance in the east for the years to come. Not a single player on their roster was involved, but you can bet that the Get Zion to New York move will now be full steam ahead. It's been out there ever since the Knicks were one of the really bad teams that hoped Williamson would fall into their lap on draft night. Instead, they met up with one of Williamson's teammates at Duke, RJ Barrett. And now that the Knicks have traded in for Reddish, the stars - at least in the eyes of Knicks fans and the franchise's front office - look to Williamson to be very appealing. New Orleans did everything possible to please Anthony Davis, but the mounting losses in the small market town made Davis' departure inevitable. Plus ... there was peer pressure from other stars in the league (Hust, LeBron James!) Urging him not to waste some of his best basketball years on a team that was going nowhere. So Davis forced his way out of New Orleans and won an NBA title in Los Angeles. Will Zion try to do the same and force its way to New York? Regardless of how real the Pelicans see New York in luring Zion away, he'll at least think about the possibility of playing with Barrett and Reddish. And that would turn the organization's dream of landing Zion on Draft Night 2019 into a full blown nightmare. He has only appeared in 13 games for the Hawks that season, so the chances of his role expanding from then on are minimal. Widely considered to be one of the better locker room types. In fact, Reddish is one of Hill's biggest fans. Because when Reddish went through his rehab last season, no voice among the players was in his ear as often as Hill's. "Solo [Solomon Hill] kept telling me, 'Just stand by.'" Earlier this year. "I didn't necessarily think they'd need me then. But in the end they needed me [in the playoffs] and I was ready." Having Hill around is sure to help Reddish move to New York. And for the Knicks, he provides another voice in the locker room with experience, guidance and perhaps most importantly, someone the players trust with their word.


What the Chiefs must do to defeat the Steelers

The Kansas City Chiefs are big favorites this weekend when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers. What do the Chiefs have to do to win? (Author: Gardener)

SteelersLike the other AFC wildcard games, the Sunday night affair between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs is a replay of a game from the previous season. In Week 16, the Chiefs throttled the Steelers with a final score of 36-10. The loss extended a winning streak from seven games for Kansas City to eight and at the same time depressed Pittsburgh's playoff hopes. But thanks to an overtime win on the last weekend of the season - and an overtime win by the Las Vegas Raiders in the last game of the season - the Steelers are in and the rematch is on. This week, Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger commented that the Steelers were "likely 20-point underdogs" while Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said Pittsburgh was "like a seed". So who will win the last AFC game of the weekend? Here's what the Chiefs must do to defeat the Steelers. In October, the Kansas City Chiefs were the bottom of the AFC West. Many were on the defensive side of football as this unit looked like a real burden. But defense concerns poured into the offensive as Patrick Mahomes and his companions appeared to have a serious problem. The teams played against them with double security, whether Cover 2, Cover 4 (quarter), or Cover 6 (quarter-quarter-half), forcing the Chiefs to either try to look deeply at those looks to be content with options below give, or even run the soccer ball. Since then, the Chiefs have begun figuring out how to attack these defenses. Still, the chiefs' offense against this reporting must remain patient. In that Week 16 meeting, the Steelers played 17 games with those split safety looks, and Mahomes showed the patience he'll need while taking advantage of some of their weaknesses. In this early third-down conversion, the Steelers play cover 4, and Mahomes takes the curl route to Tyreek Hill for the first down: Kansas City must also show a willingness to compete against these looks. Of course, you'll want to include the number 15 as much as possible, and with the throwing of the football the Chiefs will win games, but the more you can force Pittsburgh to put a safe in the box, the greater the chances of getting cheap matchups on the outside in the passing game: In this game, the Steelers find with two deep safeguards and the Chiefs are able to take eight yards on the ground against that look, turning 1st and 10 into 2nd and 2. Be Patient Against These Looks It will be critical to the Chiefs' success on the offense to take what the defense gives them and turn to the floor game every now and then. When you get into this game it should come as no surprise what the Steelers want to do when they have the soccer ball. Aside from discussions about where Roethlisberger currently stands as a passer - although more on that in a moment - the Steelers have been more efficient at running than at throwing this season. By looking at their passing and rushing efficiency this season, through the lens of Expected Points Added, you can see how the Steelers compare to the rest of the league: on this graph, the lower left quadrant is where you don't want to because you are below the league average in both running and passing games. So the Steelers will want to play football with Najee Harris, keep Mahomes on the sidelines and turn him into a spectator and crush the game. If the Chiefs can stop the run, they will be able to put the load on Pittsburgh and force Roethlisberger to win by the air. In week 16, the game script went away from the Steelers early as they were three points behind in the middle of the second quarter. Pittsburgh was still trying to get its hasty attack going in that game and ended up winning 130 yards with 25 carries. But if the Chiefs can slow down Harris and the running game, they'll pressurize Roethlisberger to win in the air. So you can probably expect a lot of looks like this game, with the Chiefs playing with a single high safety and letting go of either Juan Thornhill or Bully Mathieu downstairs to stop the run: if Kansas City can stack games like this, then they're going put the game in Roethlisberger's hands. One of my favorite books and related films is "For Love of the Game". The book, written by Michael Shaara, and the film with Kevin Costner, both tell the story of Billy Chapel, an aging pitcher for the Detroit Tigers (the Atlanta Hawks in the book) who turned in on a final fall evening in. his career came to an end at Yankee Stadium as he pursued a perfect game in what may be his final game. The book - and the movie - capture the beauty of the aging athlete, his battle against the fading sun as he struggles to fend off Father Time, who in the end comes for us all. Now he will step onto the pitch for what may be the last time, against a defense that will try to put the game in his hands. Try to force him to hit the "scholarship throws". A phrase borrowed from Karl Scott, the Minnesota Vikings Defense Coordinator. Forces Roethlisberger to hit on the deep-out routes, the shot plays downfield. Here is Roethlisberger's pass chart from the Steelers' week 17 win against the Cleveland Browns: Here's the same chart from week 18 against the Baltimore Ravens: In his last two games, only one throw was caught more than 20 yards downfield. During the season, Roethlisberger completed 19 of 63 passes of 20 yards or more for 651 yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions. According to the Pro Football Focus chart, his Adjusted Completion Percentage for these throws is 36.5%. Conversely, this year Roethlisberger achieved an ACP of 78.7% for throws between zero and nine yards downfield, which was the second best in the league. He completed 73.9% of those passes for 1,841 yards and eight touchdowns, against just three interceptions, according to the PFF charts. Given that, you can expect the Chiefs to try to bend everything underneath, be it in man or zone coverage, forcing Roethlisberger to try to beat them over the top. The Chiefs sit in cover 1 in this game and collapse on everything below. Roethlisberger tries to hit Ray-Ray McCloud on a fast hitch route, but L’Jarius Sneed interrupts the throw and the Steelers have to poke. Can Roethlisberger have his Billy Chapel moment? Can he hit the deeper throws downfield? Can the aging quarterback put Father Time off for another week? If he can, like the Yankees in the movie, the Chiefs will be forced to just tip their hats on. But if the Chiefs let him get into a rhythm downstairs, then they've played into the hands of the Steelers.


Earthquake hits northwest China and damages part of the Great Wall

Earthquake hits northwest China and damages part of the Great Wall (Author: Gardener)

the Great WallOn January 8, an earthquake in China damaged part of the Great Wall and stopped a bullet train, while lightning that lit the sky shortly before the earthquake sparked speculation that the quake was made. A two-meter-wide section of the Great Wall of China in Shandan County in northwestern Gansu Province collapsed around 1:50 a.m. on January 8 after a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the region, China's state-run Global Times wrote on Monday . The collapse occurred 114 kilometers from the epicenter in Menyuan District, Haibei Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, traffic on some parts of a high-speed line from Lanzhou in Gansu province to Xinjiang region has been suspended due to damage to several underpasses. Some other links between Qinghai and Tibet were also cut when investigation teams were dispatched to inspect the route. The magnitude 6.9 quake occurred in Menyuan County, Qinghai Province, 10 kilometers underground. Its shock waves reached neighboring Gansu Province, where they destroyed a section of the Great Wall that dates back to the Imperial Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). A total of nine people were injured on Sunday afternoon. Eight of them have been released from the hospital and one has been held for medical observation, the provincial authorities said on Sunday, Xinhua News reported. It was discovered in Xining, the provincial capital 140 kilometers southeast, where it surprised people while they were sleeping. A total of around 5,831 people were affected in the province. In addition, 65 people had to be relocated from 16 apartments. The ministry and China's earthquake agency sent a team to Qinghai to investigate the situation and relocate affected citizens. Rescue workers and fire brigades in Qinghai and the neighboring province of Gansu sent around 500 rescue workers to the epicenter, and another 2,260 rescuers from surrounding regions on standby, the Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management announced in an online briefing.


Why it's a wildcard weekend for the Celtics too

The Patriots aren't the only team in town facing a crucial weekend. Chris Forsberg explains why it's a bit of a wildcard weekend for the Celtics with two games against quality opponents. (Author: Gardener)

PatriotsThe NBA may only be in the middle of the 2021-22 season, but with borrowing from the local soccer squad, it feels like a wildcard weekend for the Boston Celtics as well. After hobbling across the finish line in calendar 2021, the Celtics won five of their last seven games - and that could be a flawless stretch if not a couple of head blows against the Spurs and Knicks - and gave Brad Stevens, president of the basketball division at the first year, a reason to think about the future of the team. A clash with the Sixers - a team that won seven in a row to move up to fifth in the East before stumbling into the Hornets on Wednesday night - and the Bulls who lead the conference will tell us a lot more about it whether the Celtics have made honest progress, or whether the recent stretch, aided by a poor schedule, has been a fool. It feels like the Celtics are forever waiting for full health and a chance to really start with this group. Plus, get the Suns victory on New Years Eve, and there isn't exactly a signature win at a time when the Celtics needed a feverish late game rally to beat basement-based Magic in overtime then rescued by a Jayson Tatum turns the late game into an overtime win against the Pacers earlier this week. Getting overrun by the Sixers and / or Bulls would only confirm that this team needs to be focused on the future and embraced the reality that they haven't played with the consistency that suggests it's from the end of the playoffs in the east can make any noise bracket. Most Encouragingly, Boston's offensive rating climbs to 114.1 over this period, a remarkable increase for a team ranked 22nd overall this season with 108.6 points per 100 possessions. In the midst of the "Blow it up!" Tale, which gained traction after the Celtics drove a 25-point lead in New York, the Jays apparently found inspiration in suggesting not to bring Boston forward together. Jaylen Brown is in the middle of a phase that has seen him: He scored 50 points to trigger the comeback in Orlando, distributed the best 11 assists of his career in a victory over the Knicks and got the best 15 of his career rebounds in rock fight on Monday with the Pacers. The icing on the cake: Brown and Tatum scored 67 points on matching 11v19 lines of fire with 11 3-pointers in their 119-100 triumph over the Pacers on Wednesday. Aside from venting the gas a little late in the second quarter, it was Boston's best offensive performance. Mix in Robert Williams' best section of his professional career and it's okay to be a little excited about what we've seen lately. Ime Udoka relied a little too heavily on playoff-caliber rotation but also made some subtle adjustments to the staff that helped alleviate some of Boston's late game problems. But it was Brown who famously remarked after the Magic game, "We just had to win." The Celtics fought their way back to .500 but are still 10th in the east (and with the Knicks at 21-21 overall). is also after this route. He has repeatedly stated that he will not overreact to individual games. Udoka has noted that despite Boston's many furious breakdowns, he finds solace in the fact that the team have been competitive in all but a small handful of games. We've suggested at this point that given the team's inconsistencies, it might be better for the Celtics to focus on a future focus. That would mean trading veterans for assets and opening up time to better examine the youngsters on this list, aiming to best position the team to add talent this summer and kick off the 2022-23 season. If you think there isn't much of a difference between being the 18th or 12th in draft you'd prefer Stevens' Looking for the low-budget shooting upgrades this team so desperately needs, keep some of the veteran pieces and keep your fingers crossed that things will eventually be okay. There should always be hesitation in poking around at any time of the year when Tatum and Brown are healthy. But the bottom line is that it feels like the Friday and Saturday games mean something. We were hoping to have a definite feel for this team in December, but the NBA's COVID issues and the team's roller coaster rides didn't help pave that path. It's probably better to give up when there's another leap ahead because we can all queue up for the next attraction.


If you believe January can predict market returns for 2022, you will love these other 3 months

“January Barometer” has been wrong more often than right in recent years. (Author: Gardener)

JanuaryS. Börse is losing ground so far this month. S. Börse is losing ground so far this month. Should you be concerned? Should you be concerned? If your answer is yes, you will likely be fixated on an indicator known as the January barometer, which uses the direction of the market in January to predict the direction for the rest of the year. If your answer is yes, you will likely be fixated on an indicator known as the January barometer, which uses the direction of the market in January to predict the direction for the rest of the year. My advice is to ignore the January barometer. Stocks fell in January 2021, with the S&P 500 down 1.1% for the month. From then until the end of the year, as the January barometer predicted, the S&P 500 gained a staggering 28.1% instead. This indicator isn't always that wrong, but it has been wrong more often than right in the past few years. For example, over the past two decades, it was correct 45% of the time - less than a coin toss. The January barometer was developed by Yale Hirsch in 1972. In the 1973 edition of his Stock Trader’s Almanac, Hirsch examined the historical correlation between market developments in January and the rest of the year. "We doubt that any technique or indicator has ever been as remarkably accurate as the January barometer," he wrote. "The barometer ... has proven to be correct in 20 of the last 24 years ... Very few stock market indicators show such an accuracy of 83.3 percent even for short periods of time." When assessing an indicator like the January barometer, the gold standard is how it works after its discovery. Only if it continues to work in real-time tests can we be confident that it is real and not based on a false correlation. To illustrate this, imagine someone claiming that stocks whose names begin with “G” and “T” outperform the market. For example, GameStop shares have gained more than 500% over the past five years, while Tesla is up over 2,300%. As you can easily guess, it would be justified to give this supposed pattern the time of day only if it worked many years into the future. In fact, the January Barometer passes real-time tests with a 95% confidence level that statisticians often use to determine if a pattern is real. Interestingly, since 1972, three months apart from January have jumped this statistical hurdle: February; April and July. Anyone does a better job than January at predicting the direction of the market over the next 11 months. This analyst, who only focuses on the past 50 years, would never think of making a January barometer, but he could highlight the success of the February barometer, April barometer, and July barometer. None of these three barometers would have more legitimacy than the January barometer 50 years ago. My prediction: 50 years from now, it will be a few other months that seem to predict the direction of the market for the next 11 months. Mark Hulbert is a regular contributor to MarketWatch. His Hulbert ratings track investment newsletters that pay a flat fee for testing. Plus: worried about a bubble? S. shares this year, according to Goldman Sachs


The terrible sex scene from Eternals is kind of clever the second time around

Sometimes the chemistry just isn't right (Author: Gardener)

EternalsDirector Chloé Zhao's Marvel’s Eternals was a multi-premiere film for the studio, but it would be a bit inaccurate to say that it featured the MCU's first sex scene, as many people seem to believe. Daredevil and the rest of the Netflix / Marvel gang spent seasons getting the cinematic universe behind them, and these shows laid the groundwork for Eternals' much tamer approach to superpowered sex. The Eternals sex scene might not technically be Marvel's first or particularly "funny," but it's one of the movie's smarter ways to say the obvious about how its story will end. In Eternals, an emotionally lazy foray into the cosmic origins of Marvel's cinematic universe, there are several moments designed to show you how the Eternals love humanity, even in the thousands of years they have lived in varying degrees on Earth and identified with it secrecy. Since there are only but so many deviants - cosmically empowered monsters - the Eternals must hunt down over the millennia, it doesn't take long for the Eternals to have enough downtime to develop an interest in the world ... other things like reading, Agriculture, learning new languages. In addition to these activities, however, some heroes of the Eternals are also drawn and want to get to know each other in the biblical sense, an idea that the film especially with Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden). While Eternals doesn't specifically state that romance and physical intimacy were things the Eternals learned from people-watching, the much-touted sex scene of Sersi and Ikaris makes more than just seem like that might have been the case, considering how uncomfortable the moment is. Shortly after the Eternals are led to believe for the first time that they finally have the freedom to realize their own dreams, Ikaris, the flying building block of the team with laser vision, takes courage to tell Sersi, a quiet-speaking mediator with transmutational powers, that he loves her very much, always was and always will be. Though the Eternals are extraterrestrial beings with their own way of life, Seri and Ikaris make love in the most human way possible when the two set off together at the beginning of the film and end up naked on a sand dune that is best known as a Including the dune to be described superficially is Sex Congress. Although Ikaris and Sersi's relationship plays an important role in the course of the Eternals story, Madden and Chan's lack of on-screen chemistry makes the characters' interpersonal dynamics one of the most unconvincing aspects of the film, given the importance of the scene for Zhao was and how much real chemistry there is on the screen between other Eternals like Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) and Druig (Barry Keoghan) and Thena (Angelina Jolie) and Gilgamesh (Don Lee). While Sersi and the others all manage to find happiness in their new life and let go of their past selves, Ikaris remains steadfast in his commitment to their true mission, which initially only he and Prime Eternal Ajak (Salma Hayek) are privy to. With Eternals being such a busy film, some of its ideas, such as how to balance power and authority in the actual team, get a little mixed up, but when a dying Ajak picks Sersi to become the new Prime Eternal, the story bumps into them Broadside of something interesting. While neither Sersi nor Ikaris can initially understand why Ajak would make them the next Prime Eternal, their reasoning is pretty easy to understand just by watching one of Eternals' trailers. When Sersi begins to figure out how and why she is the new Prime Eternal, Eternals feels most confident in its ability to bring something new to the pantheon of Marvel's big-screen eyeglasses: a feature about a woman doing an advertisement. As the world is on the verge of destruction in the final act of Eternals, Sersi and Ikaris appear to be left behind as if they are about to fight tearfully, and the film is cut into a montage to make you feel what feel them again. In Eternals' defense, flashbacks to a sex scene during a major superhero fight might not go down so well with the audience, which is why it is unlikely to reappear on screen while Ikaris and Sersi ponder their story together. It feels revealing, however, that the two come across as very good friends rather than people who have seen each other naked while battling over the fate of the earth. By the time Eternals got to this part of its story, the film is already so engrossed in barely-explained cosmic lore and aggressive special effects that none of its emotional beats really work. What works, especially when you go back and take a closer look at Eternals, is the idea that Sersi somehow knew that her romantic involvement with Ikaris wasn't going to last.


VP Will McClay signs new contract to remain in Dallas

Follow for all off-season hires and layoffs (Author: Gardener)

Will McClayWith the end of the 2021 NFL season, Black Monday is on the rise. The Dallas Cowboys go into the postseason in Year 2 under Mike McCarthy, but other teams could head out in a new direction. Follow for the latest information on who is hiring a new coach for the new year. Jan 13th McCLAY TRUTHS - by Fish Das will keep coming up every off season. And one day it might even come true. But Will McClay's commitment to the Jones family is rock solid, based on loyalty, but also on authority (without the title "GM", since Will is a "Vice President") and, as I understand it, currently without the salary of a GM - although that changes almost every off-season when another team is even toying with luring McClay out of Dallas. McClay has a new deal to stay with The Star. More than just a former player and a former coach and a former scout and now a manager: McClay is "The Unifier," a unique channel that works seamlessly with the Jones, the scouting department, the coaching staff and even with the locker room . It's a family and I want to be part of building a number of successful championship teams. One of my goals is to be part of something that will help Mr. Jones win a Super Bowl here really soon. My video from earlier this week - in the run-up to the sudden clap threshold from New York - breaks it down in great detail. What if the McClay / Jones bond ever changes? JAN 12. JAGS PROBLEM We are told that three of the "top candidates" are '' in this head coach search cycle will turn down offers to accept the job with the Jaguars if that organization continues to keep General Manager Trent Baalke. There's a thought that the Jacksonville owners will come to this realization and make a change. But for the time being, Baalkes will remain in office and help with conducting interviews. And no, we haven't been specifically informed that the GM is the reason Dallas Defense Coordinator Dan Quinn - the "hottest" of them all - has declined an invitation from the Jags so far. In what appears to be a reversal of plans, the New York Giants have fired head coach Joe Judge after just two seasons on the job. Judge, 40, walked his two seasons between 10 and 23 while overseeing a program that made it all the more outrageous when he identified Washington, a rival of NFC East, as a "clown." "JAN 11 MORE QUINN The Bears made a request to interview Dallas Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn for her position as head coach. Also on Chicago's list: sacked Dolphins coach Brian Flores and former Dallas assistant Matt Eberflus, now Indy defensive coordinator. Eberflus is also scheduled for a Jags interview, according to the NFL Network. By the way, we have NFL people who think the Broncos are targeting Quinn as head coach, Quinn's Denver coordinators. Add the dolphins to the list of teams that would like to visit Quinn ... January 10: GIANTS KEEP JUDGES? The job of the New York trainer Joe Judge is safe, reports Josina Anderson - despite a record - and his quotes, which make him seem rather silly. JANUARY 10: FLORES DEALED WITH DOLPHINS The Miami Dolphins sacked head coach Brian Flores after beating the New England Patriots on Sunday. Miami ended the 2021 season with a 9-8 record after starting the year at 1-7. Flores, 40, has spent the past few seasons at the helm of the Dolphins, setting a record 24-25. Last season Miami finished 10-6 but failed to make the playoffs. The Dolphins were expected to be big players in the Deshaun Watson Sweepstakes this off-season, but perhaps that will change with Flores' sacking. The Chicago Bears have sacked both head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace. The news was first reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter. Nagy, 43, won the NFL Coach of the Year award after his first season in 2018 when he led the Bears to a 12-4 record and made the playoffs for the first time in eight years. After a hot start, he was unable to maintain this success in the following three seasons. Nagy finished his four year run in Chicago with a 34-31 record. With three different quarterbacks in 2021, the Bears stumbled onto a 6-11 record and finished third in the NFC North. JANUARY 10: VIKINGS NIX TOP TWO NAMES The Minnesota Vikings sacked head coach Mike Zimmer and general manager Rick Spielman after the 2021 season. The news was first reported by Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network. Zimmer, 65, has been the Vikings' coach since 2014. During his eight-year career, Minnesota posted a record of 71: 56-1 and made it into the postseason three times with an appearance in the NFC Championship in 2018. Since the 2018 season, the Vikings have failed to win the NFC North. Zimmer has set a 33-31-1 record with only two winning seasons. Minnesota finished 8-9 in 2021 despite high expectations under the NFL Free Agency and NFL Draft in 2021. Spielman, 59, was hired as the team's GM in 2012. Prior to serving as head of the Front Office, Spielman was Vice President of Minnesota Player's Staff from 2006 to 2011. JANUARY 9: MO 'PROBLEM? Kellen Moore is only 33 years old, but he is already well-versed as the Cowboys' offensive coordinator. Dan Quinn, 51, is the Dallas Defensive Coordinator and is more involved. Perhaps that is why, as reported on the national ESPN television show on Saturday, Quinn gave Moore some interview advice before Kellen's ZOOM visit to the Jaguars on Friday. (In other words, Quinn, who will soon be interviewing himself, didn't need Kellen's guidance. But an NFL source - who is a fan of Moore's - cites a problem with Kellen's candidacy that he is' young 'and maybe' too young, 'the source said. "So you're going to want to see Kellen' command a room 'strength - how is he going to' command a room 'on ZOOM?" JANUARY 9: TEXANS AND McDANIELS? Sources by TexansDaily .com have hinted the Houston organization tends to keep head coach David Culley on, NFL sources have told us to keep an eye on the Patriots' offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels for the Texans should the in-depth investigation into the work of Culley through the club to make a change. JAN 9: BRONCOS DEALED WITH FANGIO The Denver Broncos split from Vic Fangio Fangio, 63, a senior defensive coordinator for the past two decades before hiring in 2019 e. Fangio took over Vance Joseph and finished with a 19-30 record. Denver's best season under his direction was 2019 with a 7-9 record. "This morning George and I informed Vic of the decision to leave him as head coach of the Denver Broncos," President and CEO Joe Ellis said in a statement. "For the past three seasons, Vic has put his heart and soul into coaching the Broncos. I would like to thank Manager Fangio for giving his maximum to our organization since the day he was hired. The dismissal of Fangio now makes Denver the third open position . " This off-season. Both the Las Vegas Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars have started their searches following the resignation of Jon Gruden and the sacking of Urban Meyer. Incidentally, the search of the Jags will include a visit to former Texas boss Bill OBrien. Fangio will be one of the most sought-after coordinators for his success with the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, and other teams this off-season. The Carolina Panthers will keep Matt Rhule as their head coach for the 2022 season. In two years with the Queen City franchise, Rhule posted a 10-22 round before Sunday's season finale against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rhule's first job this off-season will be to find the Panthers' next offensive coordinator. The team fired Joe Brady to ring his goodbye week. Best known for his time with Joe Burrow during the 2019 national championship season with LSU, Brady never wanted to commit to the running game, which Rhule viewed as an issue. Panthers owner David Tepper gave Rhule a seven-year $ 62 million deal after Ron Rivera was laid off. In addition, Tepper pledged to pay $ 6 million to buy Rhule's deal with Baylor. JANUARY 8: QUINN IN? NFL sources tell that Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn will be a "top candidate" in Denver if Fangio moves on. JANUARY 7: BOB BACK? Sources tell us the Jaguars are serious about including Bill O'Brien in their search for. include a new head coach to replace the disgraced Urban Meyer. O'Brien is the offensive coordinator in Alabama, with the title game on Monday night, and will be interviewing the Jags after that game. Jan 7: KELLEN VISITS Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore conducted a two-hour Zoom interview in Philadelphia on Friday for the hunt job, Sources tell us Bucs coordinator Byron Leftwich might have the inside track.


What the Steelers must do to defeat the Chiefs

As Ben Roethlisberger noted, the Steelers are big underdogs this weekend. What does Pittsburgh have to do to end the excitement? (Author: Gardener)

Ben RoethlisbergerLike the other AFC wildcard games, the Sunday night affair between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs is a replay of a game from the previous season. In Week 16, the Chiefs throttled the Steelers with a final score of 36-10. The loss extended a winning streak from seven games for Kansas City to eight and at the same time depressed Pittsburgh's playoff hopes. But thanks to an overtime win on the last weekend of the season - and an overtime win by the Las Vegas Raiders in the last game of the season - the Steelers are in and the rematch is on. This week, Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger commented that the Steelers were "likely 20-point underdogs" while Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said Pittsburgh was "like a seed". So who will win the last AFC game of the weekend? How can the Steelers get the surprise? Here's what the Steelers must do to defeat the Chiefs. If you look at his game on the field and study the data after each game, it becomes clear that Roethlisberger is no longer the quarterback he once was. The speed has dropped steeply, it is becoming more difficult to challenge smaller throwing windows, and there is almost no fault tolerance in the passing game, especially in the downfield. In the companion piece to this article, which examined what the Chiefs must do to win this game, it was argued that Kansas City must force Roethlisberger to face the "scholarship throws." Fits downfield in tight windows, the kind of throws he's had trouble connecting this season. If you look at the Pro Football Focus chart data, you can see that Roethlisberger has an Adjusted Completion Percentage of only 36.5% for throws of 20 yards or more downfield this season, ranking him 22nd out of 27 quarterbacks, the 50% of their team's attempts have attempted deep throws. His passing spray charts also tell a similar story to the one from Pittsburgh's season finale: when you combine these factors with the potential for Kansas City to box a safety in most games to stop the run, a path to success in passing arises. Connect on the vertical routes for individual coverage. On this 1st and 10th the Bengals have security, Jesse Bates III lurks in the box before he pops out just before the snap. Roethlisberger takes the deep shot on the right side and his receiver can make the game on the vertical route. Something else special about Roethlisberger in the last few seasons, also this year: His time to throw numbers. This season, Roethlisberger's average throwing time of just 2.26 seconds was by far the fastest in the league. Sometimes you even see Roethlisberger transforming vertical routes into quick back-shoulder throws, moves that look more like a sight correction than anything else: In this game against the Baltimore Ravens, Roethlisberger snaps and after faking a fast run, he jumps his feet back to the right and quickly tosses Diontae Johnson with a vertical release. If the Chiefs try to stop Najee Harris and the running game by putting one of their collateral in the box, it will lead to some one-on-one matches for Claypool and Johnson. Roethlisberger will have to hit some of them, whether deep down the field or faster down, to give the Steelers a chance. The week 16 loss to the Chiefs? Kansas City was without Travis Kelce, who was paused due to COVID-19 logs. The tight end is back this week, and it brings an extra component to the Chiefs offensive that the Steelers defense needs to consider. The Steelers haven't faced Kelce since the 2018 season when the close end exploded for seven receptions, 109 yards, and a pair of touchdowns. In this second week competition, as the football world began to realize how dangerous the Chiefs could be with Patrick Mahomes, Kelce found a space for attacks between the collateral in two deep coverage such as this: When teams try to come up with two deep collateral, to protect against the big moves below Tyreek Hill, Kelce's ability to work in the middle of the field is a tremendous asset to the Chiefs. Find a pole runner, often a linebacker, who can match routes like this from slot receivers and tight ends and make that throw more difficult for the quarterback. Often in Week 16, Spillane was the pole runner, as he did in this example of the Steelers who ran this coverage: Another aspect of trying to slow down Kelce is to deny him a free layoff. Check out this game against the Cincinnati Bengals as the Chiefs are lined up in a Y-iso alignment with Kelce as the only receiver on the right: Bengals pass rushers Sam Hubbard go outside for these 3rd and 9th games of the tackle box and brings it into a wide orientation. Right now he's getting a traffic jam on Kelce before turning his attention to rushing the passerby. That prevents Kelce from getting on his route, which makes Cornerback Tre Flowers' job a bit easier. If the Steelers can contain Kelce in the middle of the field with those double glances and deny him as much free releases as possible, they have a chance to slow this passing game down a bit. Well, maybe they need something else to come true, to end the fuss. Sometimes it comes down to figuring out how a team can create a surprise: the kind that swings the game in the blink of an eye? Well, needing sales - and actually finding a way to create one - are two completely different things. Despite all of the wrestling of hands over the Kansas City offensive this season, Mahomes has done quite well this year when the going gets tough. Pro Football Focus forced Mahomes to chart this season with an adjusted graduation percentage of 78.3%, second only to Joe Burrow. Mahomes has throws for 37 touchdowns against 13 interceptions, and when you study those 13 interceptions, some of them show a bit of bad luck. Still, some pressure on Mahomes might create one of those losing streaks - style points don't matter, after all - and with potential Defensive Player of the Year TJ Watt going over the edge, the Steelers could put some pressure on Mahomes Sunday night. The Steelers could also try throwing some unexpected wrinkles at the Chiefs. Several different defensive looks that force Mahomes to adapt on the fly. In this piece, Mahomes opens to his right to read a Flat-7-Smash concept, with Clyde Edwards-Helaire walking back in the Flat and Byron Pringle walking back on the Quick Corner Route. The reason Mahomes deviated from this concept? The Steelers drop Watt off the line and take cover, and he and Terrell Edmunds secure the running back. Cornerback Joe Haden is in a good position above the receiver so Mahomes is pushed to the rear by his initial reads. But you sometimes have to do the unexpected to beat great quarterbacks. Of course there is also this knowledge from Chris Vasseur, a brilliant defensive spirit and presenter of the essential “Make Defense Great Again” podcast: “Every now and then you can drop a great pass rusher. Another player who can help with this endeavor is Cam Heyward, the talented inside pass rusher. If he can get inside quickly and push Mahomes out of his seat while the defense does something unexpected outside and / or on the secondary, there is a chance of making that big move. To be honest, even such moves can be rated as a good result for the Steelers: Heyward gets pressure on this fast stick concept and forces Baker Mayfield to make a quick throw under duress. Jarvis Landry makes the catch, but the Steelers deny him any additional distance after intercepting him. Force quick throws due to the internal pressure, limit the damage, and hope that you can create the mistake. Or here's another way you can make the big game, as my colleague Doug Farrar explains to me: “Basically, clone Cam Heyward five times and let one of the Heywards cams run back, keep another of the Heywards cams tight play at the end, and the rest helps to rush the passerby. "


Las Vegas Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals - odds, tips and predictions

Analyze the odds and lines of the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday at Cincinnati Bengals AFC Wild Card with expert tips, predictions and best bets. (Author: Gardener)

Las Vegas RaidersThe 5th seeded Las Vegas Raiders will open the NFL playoffs on Saturday when they visit the fourth seeded Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium in the AFC Wild Card round. Bengals odds and lines and make our best NFL tips, predictions and bets. Las Vegas earned its playoff spot by pissing the Los Angeles Chargers 35-32 in overtime at Sunday Night Football in Week 18 as a 3-point home underdog. According to Football Outsiders, the Raiders are 8-9 against the spread (ATS) and 8-9 Over / Under (O / U) with the eighth toughest schedule. Cincy won the AFC North in Week 17 after beating the Kansas City Chiefs 34:31 as a 3.5 point home underdog. The Bengals did deals against the Raiders 32-13 as 2.5 point street underdogs in week 11. Burrow only passed 148 yards with an INT ratio of 1 TD / 0, while Las Vegas QB Derek Carr made 19 of 27 passes for 215 yards with an INT ratio of 1 TD / 1. Cincy overtook Las Vegas by 159-72 yards, however, and Bengals RB Joe Mixon won 123 yards on 30 carries with 2 TDs. Tipico Sportsbook odds; Access the USA TODAY Sports Scores and Sports Betting Odds hub for a complete list. Raiders +190 (bet $ 100 to win $ 190) | Bengals -240 (bet $ 240 to win $ 100) Raiders +5.5 (-108) | Bengals -5.5 (-112) PLAY: Try our new free daily Pick'em Challenge and win. Place your legal sports bets online in New Jersey and Colorado with Tipico Sportsbook, a trusted global leader in sports betting. New Customer Offer: Deposit $ 10 or more and get $ 100 instant bets! SPRINKLE on the RAIDERS (+190) with a plan to bet more on their spread. This number is based on the results of the first Raiders Bengals meeting of the season at Las Vegas Week 11. Cincy won that game 32-13, but the result is misleading. The Bengals led only 13-6 after three quarters and finished the game just 10 yards more than the Raiders. Las Vegas lost costly penalties and poor execution on the third down due to a meltdown in the fourth quarter - beaten 19-7. The Raiders took seven penalties for 77 yards and were 1-on-7 on third down attempts. Penalties and third down conversion rates are, to some extent, very different statistics that can greatly affect games. In addition, Las Vegas Pass-Rush vs. The Bengals have the fifth worst pass protection rating when the pass blocking classes from Pro Football Focus (PFF) and ESPN are combined, according to Ben Baldwin of The Athletic. Cincy's poor pass protection is facing a pass frenzy in Las Vegas, which flashes at the lowest rate in the league, but his line of defense has the highest pressure rate in the NFL, according to PFF. Finally, Vegas has a couple of offensive advantages over Cincy. Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow versus Bengals Secondary School is the biggest WR / CB Mismatch (PFF). Cincy's defense ranks 26th on fantasy points. Again, if at all, only SPRINKLE on the RAIDERS (+190) because we hit their spread much harder. BET RAIDERS +5.5 (-108) for 1.5 units based on the reasons above and because the Las Vegas spread is the smarter bet. J. Bell's Dream Preview Podcast, teams with the tougher schedule in the wildcard round have been 48-22-2 ATS since 2002. Additionally, the underdogs in the wildcard round are 15-7 ATS (10-12 total) for the last five seasons. LAS VEGAS +5.5 (-108) is my favorite bet. If you want to bet the Las Vegas money line too, be sure to set the spread higher. LEAN on UNDER 48.5 (-110) for a quarter unit just because I prefer the Las Vegas sides more than the total here. The Las Vegas Defense limits big-pass games (it ranks fifth in allowed explosive pass games) and Cincy's offense thrives on big-pass games (it ranks second in explosive pass games), according to Sharp Football Stats. Las Vegas, on the other hand, is struggling to convert on third downs and in the red. Bet legally online with a trustworthy partner: Tipico Sportsbook, Sportsbook Wire's official sports betting partner in CO, NJ and soon also in IA. If you're looking for more sports betting tips and tips, access all of our content on and BetFTW. Please play responsibly. Follow SportsbookWire on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Gannett may earn income from Tipico for referring viewers to betting services. Tipico has no influence on this income and is in no way dependent on or connected to the newsrooms or reporting. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER (NJ), 1-800-522-4700 (CO), 1-800-BETS-OFF (IA).