DA demands bail increase after man posts bail hours after mass shooting

Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey asked the court to increase Tory Johnson's bail to $2 million and order Johnson's "immediate arrest." (Author: Gardener)

Montgomery County DistrictThe man charged with murder and six counts of assault in Sunday morning's mass shooting at Bama Lanes off Atlanta Highway was released from prison hours after his arrest. Tory Johnson, 23, posted bonds totaling $270,000 on Sunday, court filings show. He faces one murder charge and six assault charges in connection with the shooting, which police said took place around 1 a.m. at the bowling alley, killing Jeffery Reed, 21, and injuring six others. On Monday, Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey said in a filing that the $270,000 bail was "woefully inadequate to protect the public from this dangerous and violent criminal." He asked the court to increase Johnson's bail to $2 million and order Johnson's "immediate arrest." "A review of court records shows that no response to Bailey's application had been filed as of 5 p.m. Monday. In his request for higher bail, Bailey argued that Johnson illegally owned a gun and was the only person armed when he shot at least six times inside, but one of the seven people shot was a verbal one, according to Bailey's request Engaged in an altercation with the alleged gunman, and that person was unarmed and attempting to de-escalate the situation Captured on video allegedly shows Johnson was the only man armed and the only one who fired shots, according to the application. Johnson could not be reached for comment Monday and court records showed no attorney on his behalf. "There was no court yesterday (Sunday)," Bailey told the Advertiser. "When a defendant is arrested by law enforcement, he appears before (a) a judge and the judge determines whether there is probable cause to issue a warrant for the Alabama Supreme Court." The judge noted that in the case probable cause existed, and issued the warrants, he said. "Once a warrant is signed, it's sent to our office for prosecution, and we review the case and file applications as necessary," Bailey said. "In this case today (monday) we received the paperwork and made requests for bail increases as i believe bail is insufficient Jeffery Reed was found in the bowling alley with a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead before being taken to a Ordinary people doing the extraordinary: Chief Harris applauds citizens after bowling alley owner Steve Landers shot and killed Bama Lanes h at, declined to comment until the police investigation is complete.Police said all were shot during a bowling altercation in an alley. Interim Montgomery Police Commissioner Ramona Harris praised onlookers who helped the injured after the shooting. In the first nine days of the new year, the Montgomery Police Department classified five deaths as homicides or a death investigation. Police have referred to Sunday's shooting in Bama Lanes as an isolated incident rather than a mass shooting, but the Advertiser and the National Gun Violence Archive both define a mass shooting as one involving at least four people, excluding the accused, approximately are killed or injured by gun violence at the same time and in the same place. In his request for higher bail, the prosecutor also described the incident as a mass shooting. In 2021, Montgomery police investigated 76 murders, eight more than the year before. Half of those killed were reportedly under the age of 30, while three quarters of those accused in the murder investigation were under the age of 30. Mayor Steven Reed said in a statement Sunday night that "thoughts and prayers are not enough" to stem the killing tide of gun violence in Montgomery. He mentioned the city's new Office for Violence Prevention and other community-based programs, as well as plans to hire more officers, increase patrols and expand law enforcement technology. This article originally appeared on Montgomery Advertiser: Bama Lanes Shoots Suspicious Tory Johnson Bonds Out of Montgomery Prison


Ahmaud Arbery's "Southern hospitality" murder shows don't always apply to blacks

It first appeared on The Conversation. The idea... (Author: Gardener)

Ahmaud Arbery'sThe idea of ​​community and who belongs and doesn't belong was a common theme in the sentencing hearing of three white men convicted of the January 7, 2022 murder of Ahmaud Arbery. "They targeted my son because they didn't want him in their community," Arbery's mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, said during the hearing. Arbery was the 25-year-old unarmed black man who was shot dead on February 23, 2020 while jogging through a predominantly white, middle-class neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia. Race was largely unspoken throughout the process, but the idea of ​​belonging was clearly drawn in black and white. As a professor of sociology and criminal justice at Clark and Atlanta University, I witnessed and studied superficial Southern ways, often referred to as Southern "gentility" and Southern "hospitality." These "Southern" ways of knowing and being are presented as niceties, but they often serve to maintain the racial order of the past. At first glance, these shared rituals — like waving at neighbors and strangers — paint the Southerner as gentler and kinder than others, closer to God, and perhaps even more patriotic. As a practice, the actions bind people not only to the country but to a culture. And the death of Ahmaud Arbery is a striking example of how that gentility can mask deadly discrimination. In a nation still reeling from the killing of George Floyd and other violent attacks on people of color, many breathed a sigh of relief after Greg McMichael and his son Travis were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for Arbery's murder had been convicted. McMichaels' neighbor William "Roddie" Bryan was sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole. Before sentencing, Judge Timothy Walmsley observed a minute's silence, which he later explained represented a fraction of the five minutes Arbery spent fleeing the three white men who were chasing him in pickup trucks that Sunday afternoon. "At the very least," Walmsley said, "the death of Ahmaud Arbery should compel us to consider expanding our definition of what a neighbor can be and how we treat them." I contend that a neighbor is perhaps more than the people who only own property around your home. Judge Timothy Walmsley observed the trial of three white men convicted of the murder of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery last November. In a way, Walmsley urged those gathered in the courtroom and on television to slip into Arbery's running shoes and imagine the sheer shock of discovering that Southern hospitality had a violent reality. Or the respectful and deferential "Yes, Ma'am," "No, Sir," or other courtesy titles customarily given to whites and withheld from blacks, regardless of age. NETWORK. Du Bois referred to this latter practice as "the public and psychological rewards of whiteness." Du Bois suggested that even among white low-wage earners, the racial identity of being white pays dividends that people of color could not. Simple Southern practices like waving at strangers are imbued with ambiguities that help perpetuate a de facto segregation. Consider this: there is an expected order of action-interaction indeed, speaking or otherwise gesturing with strangers. Arbery didn't hire the men or play the game of deference. In How Ingrained Racism Became Invisible, I explain where and where people belong, and with whom they are part of an often unspoken broader US racial structure that positions whites at the top and blacks at the bottom. In my larger body of research, I contend that despite advances made by racial and ethnic minorities and other disadvantaged groups, traces of this American Jim Crow belief system still operate in society. This racial ideology may be more pronounced in some parts of the nation, like the southern US, but my research shows that this racial order is present above, below, and above the Mason-Dixon lineage. Kara Cebulko, a sociologist and global studies scholar, explains how racial privilege allows whites and those deemed white to “navigate public space without being stopped, questioned, arrested, detained, and/or deported.” This was clearly not the case with Arbery, who was Black and could not claim that privilege. At the sentencing hearing, the defense attorney also emphasized that the defendants had good intentions and simply wanted to support their community. In this telling of the story, the defendants were portrayed as good neighbors - hardworking individuals who just looked out for one another. It was painted as the southern way, and they were simply concerned with southern hospitality. But in Study the South magazine, Betsie Garner writes that Southern hospitality employs language and practices whose very purpose is to "exclude minorities and perpetuate their marginalized status in the community." "The politics of belonging in Southern communities continue to be determined in large part by the practice of Southern hospitality," says Garner. If the McMichaels and Bryan's actions that day were meant to help their community, Arbery didn't belong in that community. Before his son Travis fired the shots that killed Arbery, defendant Greg McMichael told the 911 emergency call center the reason for his call: "I'm out here in Satilla Shores. There's a black man walking down the street." During cross-examination by the prosecutor at her trial, defendant Travis McMichael stated, "I wouldn't say [I] ordered [Arbery to stop running], I asked him ... [to] keep the situation calm." But soon after the murder, Senior McMichael told police, "We had him like a rat." Travis McMichael argued that he felt threatened by Arbery and feared for his own life, until he drew his shotgun and fired at him. Ahmaud Arbery's sister didn't mince words when she said she believes race - not self-defense - played a role in her brother's shooting. He had thick, curly hair and would like to rotate it often," Jasmine Arbery said at the sentencing hearing. These are the qualities that led these men to believe that Ahmaud was a dangerous criminal.” By all accounts, Arbery was not a dangerous criminal. But in the eyes of the three white law enforcement officers, Arbery was clearly not their neighbor. Barbara Harris Combs is Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Clark Atlanta University. This article was republished by The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.


"I said yes... and then we drank each other's blood"

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are engaged! Watch a video of her special moment and a photo of Fox's ring. (Author: Gardener)

Megan FoxTheir love for one another — and each other's blood — keeps Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's bond impenetrable. Fox and MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, announced their engagement on social media on Wednesday after about a year and a half of dating. Fox, 35, wrote that the pair sat under a banyan tree "asking for magic" in July 2020, the same month the couple first went public with their relationship. "We were unaware of the pain we would endure together in such a short, hectic time," Fox wrote. "Unaware of the work and sacrifices the relationship would require of us, but intoxicated with love. In a video posted by Fox, the two are seen kneeling in front of each other on a stairway outside. Fox wears a sultry black dress with cut outs and MGK, 31, in a sparkly white and black top Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's relationship timeline: See how it all began The couple's relationship through the years Fox is seen in the video he looks over the moon as MGK appears to make a big question with the ring in hand." According to Fox's Instagram caption, the two got engaged to marry him on Jan. 11," she continued. "And as in every life before this and as in every life that will follow, I said yes." And then, Fox wrote, "we drank each other's blood." More: Megan Fox shouts "ridiculous" criticism Remembering her age difference with Machine Gun Kelly Selena Gomez and 'Hotel Transylvania' co-stars in the franchise's final film (Exclusive) Woman dedicated her single life to helping families - and then she found her own: 'I Have My People Now' Heidi Klum on Snoop Dogg Collab for New Song (Exclusive) Jordan and Lori Harvey Share Rare PDA in Sweet Birthday Tribute Jordan has a sweet message for his girlfriend Lori Harvey on her birthday! The actor shared a video on Instagram to celebrate the SKN by LH founder on Thursday, in which the pair enjoy a soccer win at the beach! Terry Bradshaw's HUGE Honor: RECAP (S2, E11) The mayor of Terry Bradshaw's hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana offers him the key to the city! It's time for a road trip with the lovely family. PEOPLE Pop Quiz: The Righteous Gemstones MGK posted on his own Instagram account and shared a close-up of the stunning ring, two pear-shaped stones - one emerald, one diamond - together on a band. Explaining the design, the rapper said that "the emerald (her birthstone) and diamond (my birthstone) sit atop two magnetic bands of thorns that contract as two halves of the same soul, forming the obscure heart that is our love," he wrote, "Yes, in this life and in every life," MGK repeated in his post, adding, "Under the same branches that we fell in love under, I brought her back to ask her to marry me." Fox and MGK made their first appearance together on the red carpet arm in arm at the American Music Awards in November 2020. Before the rapper took the stage that night, he was introduced by Fox as she gushed about the new beau, saying , said the world had fallen on his "magic" since his music debut in 2012. Their engagement also isn't the first time blood has been involved in their eccentric relationship, for their first Valentine's Day together in 20 21, MGK revealed on Instagram that he's wearing some of Fox's blood in a necklace. "I wear your blood around my neck," he captioned his post at the time. Fox said at the time: “Our souls have chosen this, desperate to confront our shadow selves; to face things about ourselves that we didn't want to know we were trying to push away." MGK added that their relationship was "intended to be easy, but we also go to hell together." "I don't want people to think that we're perfect. Fox was married to actor Brian Austin Green from 2010 to 2021. It's the first marriage for MGK, who has a daughter, Casie, 12, from a previous relationship. Daughters night out: Machine Gun Kelly rocks another red carpet with 12-year-old daughter Casie, not Megan Fox 'Blood Each Other'


Delaware man befriends Antonio Brown and gains followers on Instagram. Tom Brady offers him a job

How did a Delaware man get a job offer from Tom Brady? Here's everything you need to know. (Author: Gardener)

Tom BradyMagnolia native Cameron Corbett, 25, forged a unique relationship with the star quarterback and the team the Philadelphia Eagles face in Sunday's first round of the playoffs. Some of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers players are following Corbett on Instagram. That includes star receiver and former Buc Antonio Brown, who has 6.2 million followers and recently posted a photo of him with Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West. Corbett formed a connection with the Buccaneers during training camp last summer when he interned as an athletic coach. "I have to see Tom Brady getting better every day," Corbett said. "I need to see Delaware's Chris Godwin show me he's one of the best players to ever come out of Delaware. The Caesar Rodney High School graduate recalled the time star tight end Rob Gronkowski stole his phone in the Bucs locker room last summer. "He said, 'That's how I remember you; you look familiar You're Duron's cousin,'" Corbett recalled. He had shown Gronk a photo of himself with his cousin Duron Harmon, who played for the Patriots. "He took my phone and ran all over the dressing room. He showed off some of the defensive players. DELAWARE-NATIVE: Bucs suffers from injury to Chris Godwin and what Eagles missed by not drafting him in '17 HURTS' TAKE ON BRADY: Jason Kelce, Kobe Bryant Share Key to Eagles Success From that point forward, Corbett said he and Gronk gelled. Gronk's big kid persona is as real as it appears in his television commercials, Corbett said. During the internship, he did not experience any negative interaction with any of his teammates, he said. "He'll laugh. He'll say something to me and move on, and I'll say something back to him, and we'll laugh," Corbett said. “He was actually a human being with all his heart. He spoke to me like he cared, like he knew me.” Corbett grew up a fan of Tom Brady. The 25-year-old was keen to prove himself during the internship and knew he would get there by working his ass off and treating the athletes like normal people. One day he was in the feeding room with another intern when Brady walked in. "[Brady] said, 'Hey, how are you?' I said, 'I'm fine,'" said Corbett, who earned his master's degree in athletic training from West Chester University in 2021. "I said : 'Hey, do you know my relative?' [Brady] said, 'Who's your relative?' I said, 'Duron Harmon' and he said, 'Oh, you – I love you. He said: "This is a really good guy. Whenever we passed or saw each other, it always clicked.” HOW BRADY OWNS THE EAGLES: Aside from one “Philly Special” night, Dr. West Chester University medical school chair Katherine Morrison unsurprised that stars on the Bucs were linked to Corbett. "It makes me smile because that's exactly what I saw in him. I mean, Cam was just so wonderful," Morrison said. Harmon, who is now with the Atlanta Falcons, said his cousin made a good impression at Tampa Bay because he put in the work. "I think as a teammate with Tom, Gronk and Antonio [Brown], I had very little to do with how they felt about Cam," Harmon said this week, a day after the Falcons' season ended. "At the end of the day, when you're in the National Football League, it's a business and everything is evaluated: how do you do your job? I think Cameron did his job at an extremely high level. He said it doesn't hurt that his cousin has a special quality. "He also has the personality," Harmon said. “He is a very humble being. With 6.2 million followers on Instagram, Antonio Brown is only followed by 459 people. One of them is Corbett. Brown has been in the news lately, mostly for leaving the field during a game. Corbett said he saw a different side of Brown. “[Brown] has been a good mentor to me. He definitely helped me, a young black guy from Delaware.” He said Brown helped him network with TB12, Tom Brady's wellness brand, over the summer. FIRST STATE GREATS: Meet Chris Godwin and some acquaintances Graduates from every high school in Delaware Corbett received a job offer as an athletic coach at TB12 that fall. He said AB shared the news with him via Facetime. During Corbett's internship with the Bucs, he was assigned to work with the team's running backs in the scorching Florida heat. He worked seven days a week and his day started at 5 a.m. and would normally " He didn't end until 7 p.m. During preseason games, he said, his day might not end until 2 or 3 a.m. He rushed the Bringing players gear and water bottles.At one point, Brady asked if Corbett could get him another bracelet because he was so sweaty he couldn't read his playbook."It didn't even take me a minute to run to come back, me." sprinted," he told D. "This is Tom Brady. Morrison said that kind of determination from Corbett was how he won her over at West Chester. "I've never questioned his work ethic or his motivation," said she." He knew how to grind, and that's how work is sometimes. Corbett said he sends some of the guys motivational texts and messages before games, just like he does with his cousin Harmon, the three-time Super Bowl winner." . He hopes to pass his certification exam as soon as possible so he can start working with TB12. SPORT: Who are Delaware's 100 most successful athletes of all time? Harmon, who worked with TB12 during his Patriot days, said Corbett would be in good hands in Tampa. "They did a good job of helping me continue to stay healthy and get on the field and play at a high level," Harmon said. "I'm definitely looking forward to Cam and it would be a good starting point for him to continue learning and mastering his craft. So that he can be the best sports coach he can be," his cousin said. Meanwhile, Corbett said it's a no-brainer who he'll be rooting for when the Bucs play the Eagles in Tampa on Sunday. "I'll be cheering for the Bucs for hiring me [over the summer]. And I've always been a Tom Brady fan, maybe because of Duron.” The NFL wild card game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be televised on FOX at 1 p.m. Sunday. Andre Lamar is the features/lifestyle reporter. If you have an interesting story idea, email Andre Lamar at [email protected] This article originally appeared in the Delaware News Journal: Rob Gronkowski stole Delaware man's phone. Tom Brady offered him a job.


A winter storm could blanket 70 million Americans in snow over MLK weekend

Nashville could see another half foot of snow, with more than a foot in the Appalachian Mountains. (Author: Gardener)

winterThe American GFS model simulates how much snow can fall with the upcoming system. Winter storm observations and warnings cover a 1,700-mile swath across the central and eastern United States, heralding the approach of a major storm system that could blanket 70 million Americans. A chaotic transition to mixed precipitation and rain will bring a number of major cities along the Interstate 95 corridor to an undesirable surge, impeding travel and causing major disruption over the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. Snow was falling across the upper Midwest and the corn belt as early as Friday morning, with snowfall rates exceeding an inch per hour in some locations. Parts of the Mid-South and Tennessee Valley are next in line, with cities like St. Louis and Nashville at risk from snowplow. D.C. Area Forecast: Late Sunday winter storm brings snow, ice and rain, and dangerous roads. The storm then shifts to the east coast on Sunday, delivering a mixed bag of precipitation to the coast and a deposit of heavy, wet snow inland. After the storm clears late Monday, much colder air will accumulate in the mid-Atlantic and northeast. Some areas may experience rain or mixed precipitation that turns back to snow. The National Weather Service's forecast of how much snow is likely to fall in the Tennessee Valley. * Kansas City, Mo.: Winter Weather Guide. Rain arrives around dinner Friday and will turn to snow when temperature fields collapse in the south around 10 or 11 p.m. The snow lasts until 4 or 5am before easing and moving south and east. Generally 0 to 2 inches west of the city, 1 to 3 inches in the city and 2 to 4 inches in the eastern suburbs. * Jonesboro, Ark: Winter Storm Clock. Rain will begin at dawn on Saturday, with intermittent showers and downpours before moving into heavy wet snow and scattered thunder in the evening. Cold air will take control of the region and help shed 1 to 3 inches before the snow emerges around 4 or 5 a.m. Sunday. * Memphis: Winter storm clock. The rain begins just before noon on Saturday, turns to snow on Saturday evening and lasts for several hours as the storm's cool wraparound pivots north and east. Clusters of 2 to 4 inches with locally higher amounts. * Nashville: Winter storm clock. The rain will begin Saturday night and turn to snow as cold air sweeps into the region overnight. Extremely uncertain prognosis; The best moisture axis may be south of Music City, delivering more snow to southern Tennessee and northern parts of Mississippi and Alabama. * Tupelo, Miss.: Rain on Saturday afternoon with a dose of snow early Sunday. Little to no accumulation expected, but up to a 2-inch outside chance as the storm continues to trend south. * Huntsville, Alabama: Rain in the "warm sector" of the storm between Saturday noon and Sunday morning. Accumulations uncertain, but an inch or more possible. * Atlanta: Primarily a cold rain Saturday night through Sunday, with some flakes possible, particularly north of the city and outside the perimeter Sunday afternoon as the storm flies away. * Asheville, NC: Winter Storm Watch. Snow comes Saturday night and lasts most of Sunday. Clumps from 6 to 10 inches in town, up to 18 inches in mountains over 4,000 feet. * Charlotte: Winter Storm Watch. Showers and/or snow turning to snow, sleet and freezing rain Saturday night. A squishy, ​​messy half inch or inch of snow and/or sleet with maybe a quarter inch of frosting. More icing is possible east of the Queen City at Monroe, Rock Hill and Albemarle. * Roanoke: Winter Storm Clock. Snow starts Saturday evening and lasts much of Sunday until the drying slot swings through. Clumps from 5 to 9 inches with isolated 11 inch flocks; a light ice glaze possible. * Pittsburgh: Winter Storm Watch. Snow showers Sunday afternoon/evening becoming steady overnight through Monday with likely accumulations of 4 to 9 inches. * Washington, D.C.: Snow on Sunday afternoon and evening turns into a messy wintry mix overnight and turns to rain. A muddy 1 to 3 inches, with 2 to 5 inches west of town prior to conversion. A light ice glaze possible. Significantly higher volumes west of the nation's capital, with double-digit totals not unlikely in the Maryland Panhandle and along Interstate 81. * New York City: Rain on Sunday evening with initially a few snowflakes. The rain will continue into Monday, with highs in the low 40s and windy conditions before easing in the afternoon. * Boston: An inch or two of snow Sunday night before it quickly turns to rain and the fallen snow erodes. Highs rise to mid 40s Monday with rain. * Portland, Maine: Light snow on Sunday evening, turning to rain on Monday, ending with a dose of snow on Monday evening. Snow began to fall in North Dakota Thursday evening. Sisseton in northeast South Dakota had 3.5 inches on the ground. The North Dakota Department of Transportation briefly issued a "travel ban warning" for Minot and surrounding areas "due to near-zero visibility and snow-covered roads." That has since been rescinded. Snow will settle across the Dakotas and southwest Minnesota between noon in northern areas and Friday night in the south. The storm will intensify as it stomps through Iowa, dropping 5 to 8 inches wide with localized double-digit totals. The American GFS model simulates a severe winter storm sweeping across much of the Lower 48. The storm dips southeast over Missouri and Arkansas into the night hours and early Saturday. Rain will turn to heavy, wet snow in places like St. Louis at dawn Saturday and Jonesboro and Memphis by Saturday night. Ground temperatures above freezing make it difficult to encourage accumulation on surfaces other than grassy ones, although the Ozarks might see as much as 3 or 4 inches. From there, the system turns east on Saturday night. A slug of moisture will orbit counterclockwise around the center of low pressure, spiraling into colder air entrenched over Tennessee and Kentucky. Most of Tennessee will see snow for half a day Sunday, as will eastern Kentucky. In the south and east, there will be mostly rain in the Deep South as the "warm nose" and conveyor belt of moisture pours in from the south, but falling temperatures in the storm's comma-head "envelope" may bring some snow to northern Mississippi. Alabama and Georgia as the storm moves west to east on Sunday. To the east, the swirling low will pull a gust of warm, humid air north, resulting primarily in rain. Heavy, wet snow will fall west of the track of the depression. Areas below the low will experience a front-end blow Sunday afternoon and evening, which can result in snowfall rates in the range of 1 to 2 inches per hour. The warm nose, or mild layer, attracted by the ocean about 5,000 feet above the ground will result in rain. Overall sizes of 6 to 10 inches with some 10 to 14 inches are possible along the Interstate 81 corridor in Virginia, the Maryland Panhandle, and south-central Pennsylvania. There may be a sharp disruption to the west due to the ingress of dry air entering the storm. Most of West Virginia, western Pennsylvania, and upstate New York will see more than half a foot of ploughable snowfall. In southern New England, most snow is confined to the interior and maximized in the higher elevations of the Worcester Hills and Berkshires. The American GFS model simulates low-pressure trips along the coast. That could mean less snow for places like Nashville and significantly less in Kentucky, and more for Kansas City, northern Mississippi and northern Alabama. There's also a growing concern about some frosting in western Virginia as the warm nose moves overhead on Sunday night. Parts of the Carolinas will experience significant glaciation as cold air drains from the Appalachians and milder, moisture-laden air flows on and over it, causing liquid rain to freeze on the surface.


The Chargers fire special teams coordinator Derius Swinton II after one season

The move comes as a surprise after Swinton made improvements to a unit that was struggling last season. (Author: Gardener)

ChargersThe Chargers fired Derius Swinton II as special teams coordinator after one season. Chargers coach Brandon Staley informed Swinton of his decision on Thursday. The Chargers also fired special team assistant coach Mayur Chaudhari. The changes came as a surprise after Swinton made improvements to a unit that was struggling badly last season. The Chargers' special teams got off to a rocky start to the 2021 season with many rookies filling key roles, but made progress in the second half of the season following the arrival of kick returner Andre Roberts and kicker Dustin Hopkins. "I think it's like on defense, it's a work in progress," Staley said of the special teams in his season-ending press conference this week. I think there is a lot to do to be a consistent team and to be the kind of team that we expect. "I think like you said, a lot of it is about teaching and developing, putting people in the right roles and establishing the depth you need in teams to be successful. I think it's in the works. I think we've definitely made improvements in trying to create a culture there, but there's still work to be done." According to analytics website Football Outsiders, which gives a good indication of where with its DVOA metric Standing teams in certain areas, Swinton has made strides in many areas, having inherited a special teams unit from the previous coaching regime that was historically poor in 2020. Last season, the Chargers finished last in special teams DVOA (-11.8%) and weighted DVOA (-12.4%). This season, under Swinton's leadership, the Chargers improved to 28th on the Special Teams DVOA (-2.6%) and 18th on the weighted DVOA (0.5%). The Chargers started the 2021 season with poor punt coverage, stagnant returns, and problems kicking in. Kicker Tristan Vizcaino missed five extra point attempts in the first six games of the season before being replaced by Hopkins. Hopkins made 18 of 20 field goal attempts and 30 of 32 extra point attempts in 11 games with the Chargers. Roberts also had a costly error in Las Vegas with a lost fumble on a punt return in the first quarter, but his arrival in bye week gave special teams a jolt in several areas. Roberts recorded the team's first kickoff return touchdown in nearly 10 years against the Denver Broncos in Week 17 and was named to the Associated Press All-Pro Second team as a kick returner. The Chargers pushed through the first half of the season with an inexperienced group but saw progress from rookies Nick Niemann, Amen Ogbongbemiga, Chris Rumph II and a handful of other young players who formed special teams for most of the year. One area where the Chargers didn't see much progress was with punter Ty Long and his coverage team. The team finished the season in last place in the DVOA Specialty Team Punt category with a -14.7. Swinton will likely see other options after building a Special Teams unit from the ground floor. Rookie left tackle Rashawn Slater, center Corey Linsley and Roberts were named to the Associated Press 2021 NFL All-Pro Second Team on Friday. Slater, the Chargers' 13th pick in the draft, finished second with two All-Pro votes behind San Francisco's Trent Williams, who received 46 of the 50 votes. Linsley, the Chargers' treasured free-agent acquisition from Green Bay, was named an All-Pro for the second year in a row. Roberts, who joined the Chargers after being cut by the Houston Texans, received 13 votes, trailing the Jets' Braxton Berrios, who had 27 votes. Roberts was also named an All-Pro last season and in 2018 with the Bills and Jets. Surprisingly, Chargers star safety Derwin James was not one of the five safeties named for the two All-Pro teams.


La Liga leaders ahead of Supercopa final after extra time win

Real Madrid needed extra time to defeat a rejuvenated Barcelona who were neck and neck with the La Liga leaders. (Author: Gardener)

La LigaBarcelona are slowly finding their feet again, but Real Madrid have even more quality. That was the verdict of the first El Clasico of the calendar year in a Supercopa semi-final, from which Real Madrid won 3-2 in extra time. Substitute Federico Valverde scored the decisive goal in extra time, ending a fatal breakaway and making Madrid stay. Strikers Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior gave Real Madrid twice the lead in regulation time with quality goals, only for Barcelona to bounce back with seven minutes remaining thanks to a lucky deflection from Luuk de Jong and a header from Ansu Fati. Real Madrid advance to Sunday's Supercopa final in Saudi Arabia, where the La Liga leaders meet either Atletico Madrid or Athletic Bilbao. Real Madrid continue to march under coach Carlo Ancelotti in what has been a dominant season so far. They have a five-point lead in La Liga - 17 points ahead of Barcelona - and the Merengues are also in the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League and the last 16 of the Copa del Rey. They hope to walk away with the first part of the cutlery of the season in Sunday's Supercopa final. Barcelona will leave Saudi Arabia content with their display as they continue to make strides under Xavi Hernandez. The team showed character to bounce back and gained confidence as the minutes went by. Ousmane Dembele and Luuk de Jong made solid contributions in attack and Ansu Fati had another magic moment. Ferran Torres made his debut for Barcelona as a starter in the game but he had a quiet first half as he played on the right wing of a three-man front. Two key players returned for the Blaugrana: rising star Pedri played his first game since September and Ansu Fati was back for his first action since November 6. "In the first 20 minutes we showed a complex from the last time, but we got rid of those complexes and went on," said Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez. It was a game that was a coin toss and it ended that way, but it could have we could have done it differently. I'm leaving sad and angry because we could have won the game. We left after the game, we risked a lot. If we play like this, we [Barcelona] can start winning and fight for titles ." Real Madrid's top scorer Valverde was impressed by what he saw from the opponents: "They are still Barcelona, ​​even if the results weren't there yet. We could have ended the game earlier. 121min. : Barcelona almost equalized in added time, then Real Madrid had a chance to counterattack That should be the end of the game 110min: SUB - Abde comes out, 22-year-old Jutgla comes in. Abde with the shot, who goes wide of the far post.Min.106: Running the last 15 minutes.Min.101: What a cracker from Dembele!He has an effort on goal and keeper Thibault Courtois just smashes it away.Barcelona still have life and 15 minutes left Extra time coming They broke into a 4v2 break and Rodrygo clipped the ball back to Fede Valverde in the box and he took a touch and ended the game Valverde puts Madrid ahead in El Clasico extra time! 🔥 – ESPN FC ( @ESPNFC) 12th January 2022 min91: Substitution – Real Madrid use their extra time substitution with Lucas Vazquez replacing Dani Carvajal at right-back. 93 minutes: Extension is announced. 90 minutes: We are threatened with two minutes of overtime and overtime. 86 min: What a stop from Thibaut Courtois! A through ball for Ansu Fati and Courtois comes out to squash the chance. Barcelona with a touch of confidence in those final minutes. 83 mins: Ansu Fati scores! Jordi Alba crosses from the left and Ansu Fati gets the close-range header that beats Thibaut Courtois. 82 mins: SUB - Fede Valverde replaces Real Madrid's Luka Modric. 77 mins: SUB - Memphis Depay and Nico for Dani Alves and Gavi. This is the Real Madrid kitchen sink mentioned above. 75 mins: CAUTION - Casemiro gets a card for beating Gavi. Barcelona are preparing to throw the kitchen sink at it with fifteen minutes to go. 72 mins: Benzema scores! His first shot on target was saved by Ter Stegen but the ball goes straight to Dani Carvajal who sends it back into the mixer and Benzema completes. Real Madrid supported. Real Madrid supported. Benzema puts Madrid ahead in El Clasico! 💪 — ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) Jan 12, 2022 min 69: Post! Karim Benzema dances around Ronald Araujo and puts in a left footed shot at the foot of the far left post. Benzema can always come up with a magic moment. Min68: SUB – Real Madrid counterattack, Rodrygo replacing Marco Asensio, who was not a factor in the second half. 66 mins: SUB - Luuk de Jong pulls away and Ansu Fati arrives. We'll see who can get Barcelona goals out of the game in Ferran Torres and Luuk de Jong. 54 min: Dembele has another shot at goal, but that shot goes wide to the right. 50 min: Great start from Barcelona. Luuk de Jong gets a headshot from Dembele and that could have taken a dangerous deflection. Barcelona came out with a jump in his step. 49 min: What a chance for Pedri! 46 minutes: SUBS – EZ Abde comes on for Ferran Torres, Pedri comes on for Frenkie de Jong. Quiet debut for Ferran Torres who had half a chance and not much else. Half-time: It was all Real Madrid to start and it looked like it was only a matter of time before Los Blancos scored, especially with Barcelona giving away the ball cheaply. And it was Vinicius Junior who scored the goal and showed a real connection with fellow striker Karim Benzema. But after the goal, Real Madrid pulled out and let Barcelona back into the game. The Blaugrana threatened with a couple of headers from Luuk de Jong and then the Dutchman scored a lucky goal but he was rewarded for his hard work to put the defender under pressure. Xavi Hernandez has stayed with him as a striker and De Jong has scored three goals in his last three games; He plays the center forward position like no other Barca player. 3 – Since arriving in Spain, Luuk de Jong 🇳🇱 has scored for the first time in three straight games in all competitions and is one of five LaLiga players to have scored the most goals in all competitions in 2021 (three). — OptaJose (@OptaJose) January 12, 2022 42min: Barcelona equalize! Real Madrid defender Eder Militao tries to clear a Dembele cross and it's off Luuk de Jong, off the post and in! — ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) January 12, 2022 39 min: Real Madrid's Marco Asensio tries again with his left foot from outside the box. 32 min: Another header from Luuk de Jong, which slams straight into Courtois. 30 min: What a chance for Barcelona! 30 min: What a chance for Barcelona! Dembele's easy cross from the left and Luuk de Jong heads straight at goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. Barca haven't created much in attack and can't let too many of them go to waste. 25 mins: Goal Real Madrid! 25 mins: Goal Real Madrid! Karim Benzema slides the ball away from Sergio Busquets in midfield and then feeds Vinicius Junior who breaks in from behind Barca's defense and the lights are out. Madrid in the lead. Vinicius Junior's season: 15th goal of the season in his 27th game. 23 min: CAUTION - Ferran Torres gets his first yellow card for pulling Ferland Mendy's shirt. Barcelona push high but it's not very effective in winning the ball or causing much trouble. Real Madrid players get past it quite effectively. Ferran Torres' 23rd-minute booking is his first yellow card in all competitions in over a year - he was last carded in Man City's league game against Tottenham on 21 November 2020. #ElClasico — SofaScore (@SofaScoreINT) 12th January 2022 20th min: Real Madrid's Vinicius Junior has started this match. He goes into a sprint after the second Barcelona corner and feeds Asensio, who circles another wide. 19 min: Two corners for Barcelona. It's Ferran Torres who took one and Dembele the other. 12 min: Vinicius Junior's turn to aim. Barcelona's Ronald Araujo followed Vini from behind. Barcelona's attack is non-existent as of now. 11 min: Ferran Torres is on the right flank, Dembele on the left and Luuk de Jong in the centre. Ferran Torres is trying a little too hard to start his Barcelona career. 8 min: Now it's Marco Asensio with space for a left-footed shot that goes high into the goal. Real Madrid are coming up fast and based on what we've seen so far, Ancelotti's men are the most likely to score. Barcelona just give the ball away. 3 min: It's Karim Benzema with the first try of the day after a misplaced attempt and a turnover from Dani Alves. The shot goes up and Barcelona easily get away with it. Benzema is hot (22 goals in 25 games) and he's bound to score when he gets looks like that. 1 min: We're leaving. We'll see where Ferran Torres lines up for Barcelona. : New Barcelona signing Ferran Torres is ready for his debut and it's coming in El Clasico anyway. 1.25pm: Dani Alves will be highly motivated to face Real Madrid for the first time since his return. The last time Dani Alves played in El Clasico, Barca's top three were Neymar, Suarez and Messi. - ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) January 12, 2022 A day after being officially approved for registration with the club, new signing Ferran Torres will face Real Madrid in his Barcelona debut. He recovered from a positive COVID-19 test in time to travel to Saudi Arabia alongside young midfielder Pedri, who starts on the bench. Luuk de Jong gets the start over Dutchman Memphis Depay, who will be a sub. Meanwhile, Ansu Fati is on the bench but American Sergino Dest, who was the subject of transfer rumors in January, is not. Real Madrid reportedly had a fit squad for the event but David Alaba felt muscle pain after training the day before the game and was dismissed while Nacho took his place in defence. Manager Carlo Ancelotti opted for Dani Carvajal over Lucas Vazquez on the right flank and Marco Asensio over Rodrygo on the right wing. Wednesday's Supercopa de Espana semi-final between Barcelona and Real Madrid in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will be broadcast on ESPN and ESPN Deportes and streamed on ESPN+ (subscribers) and WatchESPN (requires authentication).


Here are the Arkansas football players in the transfer portal and where they ended up

With the end of the regular season, the NCAA transfer portal is open for business, including the Arkansas Razorbacks football team. (Author: Gardener)

ArkansasWith the conclusion of the regular season, players from programs across the country are looking for new opportunities, and Arkansas is no exception. Here are the Arkansas players who have entered the portal since the start of the regular season. In perhaps the most significant and surprising transfer announcement, backup quarterback Malik Hornsby entered the portal on January 7th. Hornsby appeared in seven games, including in the Outback Bowl against Penn State, mostly running or passing the ball. Hornsby was a four-star recruit at Fort Bend Marshall High School in Missouri City, Texas. He was the No. 5 dual-threat quarterback in his class and No. 14 in Texas. Junior defender Jalen Williams entered the transfer portal on January 7. He was a junior college transfer from Jones College in Mississippi but did not play for the Razorbacks that season. A few days after catching an interception in the Outback Bowl against Penn State, Arkansas defenseman Greg Brooks Jr. announced he will enter the transfer portal with two playing entitlements remaining. He finished the season with a total of 48 tackles and finished seventh on the team. Brooks Jr. was a four-star candidate at West Jefferson High School in Harvey, Louisiana. ESPN ranked him the No. 35 defenseman in the country and the No. 18 player in Louisiana after high school. The first player with significant experience to enter the transfer portal was safety Joe Foucha. He announced his decision to transfer on Jan. 5 after appearing in 34 games in four seasons at Arkansas. "To Coach Pittman and his staff, thank you for your continued support and development," the New Orleans native wrote in a statement on Twitter. Redshirt senior Kendall Catalon, brother of Arkansas safety Jalen Catalon, entered the transfer portal on Jan. 3. Catalon appeared in three games for Arkansas in 2021, none after October. He transferred to Arkansas from Southern University in 2019. Redshirt freshman Nick Turner joined the transfer portal Jan. 3, becoming the ninth player from Arkansas since November. The New Orleans native, a former 3-star Brother Martin High School player, played mostly on special teams this season. Curry Jr.'s name appeared on the transfer portal on Tuesday. The redshirt freshman from Memphis did not appear in any games for the Razorbacks. Former four-star recruit Jalen St. John entered the transfer portal on Dec. 20 after Pittman said St. John didn't show up for the day's practice and he wasn't sure why. The redshirt freshman from St. Louis appeared in two games this year, played just over 20 snaps and had to deal with a wrist injury midseason. Where He Landed: Just a day after entering the portal, St. John withdrew his name. He will stay in Arkansas for a third year. Redshirt newcomer Darin Turner's name appeared on the transfer portal on December 16. Turner, a former four-star nominee at Central High School in Memphis, saw no action for Arkansas and fell behind other recipients on the depth chart. Under a new NCAA rule, schools can sign up to seven additional players to replace transfers, but only those who leave the program on or after the last day of the fall semester or December 15. Turner's transfer opens that seventh spot. Newcomer Jermain Hamilton-Jordan entered the transfer portal on December 15. A Kansas City native, Hamilton-Jordan was a 3-star prospect and No. 8 in Missouri when he signed with Arkansas. T. Towers entered the transfer portal on December 15, opening a scholarship slot for Arkansas. Towers, a redshirt freshman, was a three-star nominee from Joe T. Robinson High School. He didn't see the field for Arkansas after redshirting in 2020. Redshirt freshman Andy Boykin entered the transfer portal on Dec. 15, becoming the first transfer to grant a scholarship spot for the Class of 2022 under a year-long waiver by the NCAA earlier this year. Boykin was a 3-star recruit from Troup County High School in LaGrange, Georgia. He did not appear in any games for Arkansas and did not appear on the travel list or the two-deep depth chart. Sophomore kicker Vito Calvaruso announced his decision to transfer on December 7th. The Missouri product has not attempted a field goal or extra point for the Razorbacks this season and has trailed freshman Cam Little all year. Coming out of high school, Calvaruso was rated a five-star kicker, four-star punter, and the #20 total kicker in the nation by Kohl's Kicking. Wright entered the transfer portal on November 30. The 6-0, 295-pound Oklahoma native has been a true freshman this season but saw no action for the Razorbacks. Under this new NCAA rule, Wright's transfer opens up a scholarship spot for Arkansas, but due to the schedule, that spot isn't available until the Class of 2023. Little Rock native McIntosh entered the portal on November 10th. He was preferred Walk-On or Arkansas, not a fellow. Because he was a walk-on, his departure does not open up Arkansas scholarship availability. Like Wright, his departure opens up a scholarship, but not for the 2022 class, as he entered the portal on November 10. He entered the transfer portal in October. This article originally appeared on Fort Smith Times Record: Which Arkansas Football Players are on the NCAA Transfer Portal?


5 takeaways from Suns' win over Pacers behind 1-2 punches from Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton

Devin Booker hit 22 of his best 35 in the game in the second quarter, and Deandre Ayton bet on 27 and 12 boards in Sun's Friday night win over Pacers. (Author: Gardener)

Devin BookerI don't know what the hell was wrong with me.” — Deandre Ayton on his one-rebound during the first half of Tuesday in Toronto. Book called me out. Three nights later, Ayton responded with 21 points and eight rebounds -- in the first half of Phoenix's 112-94 win over Indiana on Friday night in front of 14,019 fans at Gainbridge Fieldhouse to go 2-0 up on a five-game road trip. in the first half and a comeback from Indiana (15-28) in the third quarter to prevail. Devin Booker broke out for 22 points in the third quarter and hit a game-high 35 as he hit a career-high for made 3s at six me wonder where the dinosaur mascot with the "Am I a distraction" sign went after the first quarter as a jab on Booker, who feuded with the "Raptor" mascot in Toronto on late free throws at the crazy 99-95 Tuesday's win grappled a herd of real, or "live," dinosaurs in an attempt to stop Booker. Here are five takeaways from Friday's game as the Suns pl A Sunday afternoon in Detroit (9-31). 1. Book-zilla went nuclear in the third The Suns needed him to do it too.Phoenix wasted a 14-point lead in the third to a 73-70 deficit but went 80-76 behind Booker's third-quarter explosion.The Suns are proud of their team ball, thoughBooker put on a one-man show in the third game before a sizable contingent of Kentucky fans attended. Booker accounted for 70.6% of Phoenix's points in the third quarter (22 points, an assist that led to two points). Booker played the entire quarter, shooting 8 of 12 from the field, 4 of 6 of 3 in the third. Pacers had no answer for Booker. 2. Staying on topic, Booker's 22 points in the third wasn't even a career-high for points in a quarter. He has twice a career-best and franchise-record 28 in a quarter during the regular season. Booker now has 16 20-point quarters. Only Stephen Curry, James Harden and Damian Lillard have more since Booker joined the league in 2015. He only scored a point in the fourth - but everyone else went to work. Chris Paul scored 10 of his 12 in the fourth. He hit a fadeaway over the taller defenseman left at 5:32 to set the Suns 102-83 and started a parade of Pacers fans who left the arena. Payne had five of his 11 in the quarter and Crowder hit back-to-back 3s to send the rest of the Pacers fans to the exits and give Phoenix an 18-point lead at 1:19. Crowder made his way back and got high fives from pretty much everyone on the team who was on the court and lined up back to the bench. 3. Phoenix opened the fourth quarter with a 16-2 run and took a 96-78 lead with 8:06 of the game. Payne scored those five points that run while Landry Shamet had six. Same goes for Payne, but those two delivered on a 16-2 run. At the same time, there's a reason Indiana is under .500 for 13 games. Pacers sought to close quarters. Then, as they took the lead to overcome a poor first half, the Pacers had no answer for Booker. 4. In selecting Jalen Smith for 10th overall in the 2020 draft, Suns general manager James Jones said he wanted to see Smith and Ayton on the court together. Had a good fill this Friday night as Jae Crowder struggled with nasty troubles. Worked against the Pacers, who play two bigs with Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner. Smith and Ayton each snagged 12 rebounds, but Smith still looks away from playing on the fringes all the way up on offense. Now Smith has earned minutes but got them in part on Friday because Crowder fouled and Cam Johnson missed a second straight game with a left ankle sprain. Keep saying things will change when everyone comes back, but don't think there will be a unified squad between COVID-19 and injuries. 5. Finally, the Suns talk about wearing down teams and playing physically. The two go hand in hand and it played a big part in this win. After hitting an outrebound in his last two games with 22 offensive rebounds, Phoenix responded with a 51-42 win in the rebound fight, giving up just nine offensive rebounds. Jae Crowder tipped the boards in Phoenix's favor by grabbing 11 rebounds. Here, too, the Suns have a formula for success. The latter two, along with Booker and Ayton, proved too much for Indiana. Do you have an opinion on the current state of the suns?


SEC Soccer by the Numbers

Recap of the Crimson Tide football season in 10 numbers. (Author: Gardener)

SECAlabama posted a 13-2 record, won its 29th SEC championship, won the Cotton Bowl and played in the CFP national title game that season. 0 coaches who have worked at least 200 games at a school have a better on-field win ratio than Nick Saban's .880. Saban reached 200 games in Alabama on October 16 in a 49-9 win over Mississippi State. With a season-ending 183-25 record in the Crimson Tide, Saban surpassed Tom Osborne, who had a .836 win rate in Nebraska, setting a 255-49-3 record from 1973 through 1997. Best in the SEC among coaches with 200 games at one school was Paul “Bear” Bryant's .824 win rate with a 232-46-9 record at Alabama 1958–82. During the 2021 season, Saban also became the fourth SEC coach to record 100 conference games at a only school won when the Flood defeated Florida 31-29 in September. Saban has a 106-16 record in Alabama regular-season league games. Bryant had a 137-28-5 record at Alabama from 1958-1982, Johnny Vaught had a 106-41-10 record at Ole Miss from 1947-1970, and in 1973 Vince Dooley had a 105-41-4 record at Georgia 1964 to 1988 in SEC regular season games. 2 kickoffs were returned for touchdowns by Alabama WR Jameson Williams in the Crimson Tide's 63-14 win over Southern Miss in September. 10 wins for Alabama against the No. 1 team in the AP poll, more than any other program. The Crimson Tide achieved their 10th win over the No. 1 team in the SEC championship game where they defeated Georgia 41-24 on December 4. Alabama had the most wins against the US top team with Miami (Fla.) and Notre Dame. Alabama has a 10-5 record, including a 7-2 mark under coach Nick Saban when playing the No. 1 team. 13 receptions for 150 yards for Alabama WR John Metchie in a 24-22 win in four overtime against Auburn on Nov. 27 for most catches by a Crimson Tide player in the Iron Bowl. WR Amari Cooper caught 13 passes for 224 yards and three TDs in Alabama's 55-44 win at the 2014 Iron Bowl. Metchie's game stats don't include his two 2-point receptions in the third and fourth overtime, although they don't look like a normal one 2 point conversion to TDs followed. Metchie's performance allowed him to surpass the 2021 1,000-yard milestone and give the Tide two 1,000-yard receivers for the second time in its history, following DeVonta Smith and Jerry Jeudy in 2019. Metchie had 96 receptions for 1,142 yards and eight TDs and WR Jameson Williams had 79 receptions for 1,572 yards and 15 TDs in 2021, though both ended the season with knee injuries, with Metchie eliminated in the SEC championship game and Williams going down in the CFP title shot. 14 straight seasons with at least 10 wins for Alabama after the Crimson Tide posted a 13-2 record for the 2021 season. Alabama equaled the major college record for consecutive seasons with double-digit Florida State wins from 1987 to 2000. Alabama last failed to win 10 games in a season in 2007, when it went 7-6. The Tide also extended the longest streak of 11 wins in NCAA FBS history to 11 in 2021. 34 straight games with at least 30 points for Alabama, the longest streak of its kind in major college football history. The series spanned the first eight games of the 2021 season and ended on November 6 in a 20-14 win over LSU. The Tide broke the record of 31 consecutive games with 30 or more points set by UCF in 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons in its 41-38 loss to Texas A&M on Oct. 9. The Tide also had an SEC-record streak of 40 straight games with at least 20 points, spanning the first 14 games of the 2021 season, ending in a 33-18 loss to Georgia in the CFP Championship game on Jan. 10. In its 59-3 win over New Mexico State on Nov. 13, Alabama broke the SEC record of 35 straight games with 20 or more points set by Tide in a streak that started the 2011 season and moved on continued into the 2014 campaign. 34.5 tackles for loss and 17.5 sacks for Alabama LB Will Anderson this season, both numbers being the nation's best. Anderson's tackles-for-loss total was 12.5 more than any other player in the nation in 2021 and ranks second on the Crimson Tide's single-season list behind Derrick Thomas 39 in 1988. 100 straight wins of Alabama over unranked teams — the longest such streak in NCAA FBS history since the AP poll began in 1936 — between a 17-10 loss to Auburn on Nov. 24, 2007 and a 41-38 loss to Texas A&M on October 9, 2021. Alabama broke a record of 72 consecutive wins over unranked teams. Miami (Fla.) defeated 72 consecutive unranked opponents between a 47–45 loss to Boston College on November 23, 1984 and a 31–8 loss to UCLA on September. Florida defeated 72 consecutive unranked opponents between a 34-7 loss to Washington in the Freedom Bowl on December 30, 1989 and a 47-35 loss to Mississippi State on September 559. Passing yards for QB Bryce Young at Alabama's 42- 35 win over Arkansas on November 20 to set a school single-game record. Young completed 31 of 40 passes with five TDs and no interceptions against the Razorbacks, surpassing the 484 passing yards compiled by the Crimson Tide's Scott Hunter in a 49-26 loss to Auburn on November 29, 1969. Young's yardage ranks second in SEC history behind Mississippi State QB KJ Costello's 623 passing yards in a 44-34 win over LSU in September. The record was one of several set by Young when he became Alabama's fourth Heisman Trophy winner while also receiving the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award, Maxwell Award and Walter Camp Award. Young set school records for completions, yards and TD passes in a single season when he completed 367 of 548 passes for 4,872 yards with 47 TD passes and seven interceptions. Alabama has been ranked 841 times, including No. 1 137 times. By ranking first in seven polls this season, Alabama extended its streak of No. 1 seasons to 14, an accomplishment twice as long as any other other school.