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With a weekend of NFL action, the Chiefs could face any number of opponents in the first week of the playoffs. (Author: Gardener)

NFLWith a weekend of NFL action, the Chiefs could face any number of opponents in the first week of the playoffs. Now as we enter the final week of the 2021 regular season, the very first week 18, the playoffs are approaching and the scenarios are finally starting to narrow down to something understandable. There are still a lot of different things that can happen as eight different games this week can affect the Chiefs seeding and potential wildcard opponent. Let's take a look at the most likely and wildest scenarios for the Chiefs over the next week! Images and statistics from the ESPN Playoff Machine and the New York Times Interactive Playoff Picture. The outcomes that should occur are the most likely: the Chiefs win against the Broncos, the Titans win against the Texans, the Colts win against the Jaguars, and the Bills win the AFC East with a Bills win over the Jets or the Patriots lose against the dolphins. This is also one of the toughest scenarios for the Chiefs as I consider the Chargers to be one of the top three threats to the Chiefs in the AFC with the Bengals and Bills. The Chiefs and Chargers can also face each other in a 3/6 match, but that would require a less likely scenario including the Broncos beating the Chiefs, the Browns the Bengals, the Bills the Jets and the Jaguars the Colts. This would be an incredible matchup to kick off the playoffs, with two of the NFL's top quarterbacks dueling for the third time this season after splitting the first two games. Then one more result is all it takes for the Chiefs to return to the AFC one-seed and playoff bye, which sounds great until you remember the Houston Texans would have to beat the Tennessee Titans with a possible return from Derrick Henry. Your potential opponents as a threesome would be the Colts (39% chance of being the six), Raiders (25%), Patriots (20%), Chargers (15%) and Bills (2%). Your potential opponents as a foursome would be the Patriots (56% chance of being the five), Raiders (23%), Colts (20%), Chargers (1%), and Bills (the simplest scenario, aside from the chance of getting to the third Competing one time against the Raiders finally shows up for the Chiefs in the scenario in which they get the two-seeds%), Patriots (15%), Steelers (8%), Bills (7%), Raiders (6%) and Ravens (3%). The Steelers, who dominated the Chiefs just in Week 16, have an 8% chance of making the playoffs and finishing seventh. For the Steelers to reach the playoffs, they need a win against the Ravens and a loss for the Colts against the Jaguars. Oh, and the Chargers and Raiders wouldn't have to be a tie Chargers and Raiders would be a tie, the Steelers are out The Raiders have a 55% chance of entering the playoffs in week 18, which seems wild considering they are currently outside of the Playoff picture kick into the week and a is an underdog. But even if they lose to the Chargers, they have an 11% chance of making the playoffs. If they lost, the Raiders would need a Ravens win against the Steelers and a Jaguars win against the Colts. Obviously the second result seems unlikely, but on any Sunday ... Since the Raiders are one of the two teams with a high probability of getting either the five- or six-seeds, there's a real chance the Chiefs will against next week the Raiders play if you end up losing to the Broncos and they could still play Vegas if they win. Scenario 5: who can still get the one-seed? Currently, three big-name teams are still in a solid position to be the one-seed in the game, with the Titans needing to win, the Chiefs needing a win and a Titans losing, and the Bengals needing a win along with a loss Chiefs and a loss to the Titans. However, there is another team that can take the top spot: the 10-6 New England Patriots. With a win against the Dolphins, a loss for Bills to the Jets, a loss for the Chiefs to the Broncos, and a loss for the Titans to the Texans, the Patriots would jump from five to one in the last week of the regular season, even if the Bengals win their game against the Browns. In this scenario, depending on the Bengals' outcome, the Chiefs would be either three or four seated and would likely play the Chargers / Raiders winner or the Colts, with the Bills dropping from four to seven. Seeds unless the jaguars beat the colts. Given that the Chiefs have already won AFC West, the lowest seed the Chiefs can fall on is the four-man, and they currently have a 15% chance of this happening. If the Chiefs lose and the Bengals win, those odds go up to 94%, and it only takes the AFC East Division winner to win, lose the Bills, and lose the Colts in Week 18. Just be amazed how terrible a tie would be: KC gets the Chargers led by Herbert and Brandon Staley in the wildcard round, likely Derrick Henry and the Titans in Nashville in the divisional round, and then if they make it to the AFC Championship likely street fight against one of two high performing young quarterbacks, one of whom would likely be snowy and against a great defense. In total, there are four different seeds the Chiefs can be in and six different opponents they can face next week. There are more scenarios out there, but these are the most likely when we look at the Chiefs' next playoff campaign; pictures and stats via the ESPN Playoff Machine and the New York Times Interactive Playoff Picture.


Antetokounmpo, Middleton and Portis make it big in Brooklyn

The defeated Milwaukee Bucks crossed a 121-109 win over the Brooklyn Nets on Friday night. (Author: Gardener)

MiddletonBucks striker Giannis Antetokounmpo drives past Nets striker Nic Claxton in the first quarter on Friday evening. NEW YORK - The last time the Milwaukee Bucks stood on the pitch for a game at the Barclays Center, they celebrated a thrilling overtime win in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, a game in which the Bucks enjoyed a phenomenal individual performance by Nets -Star Kevin Durant and put her on track to win the NBA championship. And the last time the powers that be in the Eastern Conference met was at the opening game of the regular season at the Fiserv Forum, which was a dominant win for the Bucks on their championship ring night. The Bucks have now won four straight season games over the Nets. Milwaukee was leading the entire time, increasing their lead up to 24 when the starters were on the field and looked confident throughout, though the Nets cut it to 13 early in the fourth quarter. Both teams were without their Star Point Guards as Milwaukee's Jrue Holiday was added to the league's health and safety protocol on Thursday and Brooklyn's Kyrie Irving is not allowed to play home games due to his vaccination status. Assistant Darvin Ham was again the reigning head coach of the Bucks as Mike Budenholzer stayed in the league's health and safety protocol and he had a backcourt without starters Holiday and Grayson Allen along with the reserves Donte DiVincenzo, George Hill and. Pat Connaughton had to manage. To make up for this loss of talent in the backcourt, the Bucks added guards Langston Galloway and Jeff Dowtin with 10-day hardship contracts ahead of the game. It was also the first game the Bucks played since DeMarcus Cousins' release. Despite these staffing challenges, star power persisted for Milwaukee when Giannis Antetokounmpo returned from an illness-related absence from a game to mate with Khris Middleton, and the duo shone brighter than the pair Durant and James Harden to help the Bucks, to improve to 26. 15 in total. The next time the two teams will meet on February 26th in Milwaukee and Irving will be able to play. Despite initial foul problems, Antetokounmpo finished with 31 points, nine assists and seven rebounds, while Middleton heated up with 20 points after a slow start. Middleton, who also took on the job of defending Harden and had more responsibility for handling the ball, added six rebounds and five assists. "It took me back to my high school days playing point guard," said Middleton with a smile. “I'm just trying to organize the team, make sure everyone is in the right places, just to make sure we get a good shot. "Giannis and I joked during the game that this was the slowest game in a long time, at least for us out there, because we just knew we'd lost a few bodies, we had to make sure we were always right." Spots and everyone was organized. Sometimes we just had to slow it down, put our set together, just make sure everyone was in the right places so we could play and execute. ”Durant had to contend with fouls too, but scored 29 points on 10 out of 19. Claxton had 14 Points and Cam Thomas added 14 from the bench for Brooklyn. Bobby Portis gave a huge boost with 25 points and 12 rebounds in 9 of 16 shoots by notching his 13th double-double of the season. Wesley Matthews, who drew Durant's role most of the time together on the pitch, added 12 points and seven rebounds. Second year winger Jordan Nwora started for the seventh time adding 13 points. Portis didn't score until after 6 minutes 59 seconds remained in the second half, but it was a three-pointer that pushed the Bucks 'lead to 110-90 and crowned a 9-0 run that ended all of the Nets' comeback hopes, after they closed down to 13. That forced Nets head coach Steve Nash on time out, and he pulled his appetizers out to bottom him. Ham kept Antetokounmpo, Portis, Matthews and Nwora in the game as the Bucks struggled with some difficulty closing teams after building large leads, but the Bank of the Nets couldn't make a comeback. Brooklyn hit 68-59 with 9:19 remaining before Antetokounmpo and Middleton scored 16 points in a row to bring the Bucks to 87-63. The run began with Antetokounmpo converting a three-point game and causing Durant's fourth foul. Durant didn't shy away from the next possession when he tied Antetokounmpo on his next drive - but Antetokounmpo won the jump ball, resulting in a four-point game by Middleton. Antetokounmpo then went into a transitional three-pointer to force the Nets on time out. Claxton finished the 10-0 run but Middleton and Antetokounmpo kept the pressure on. "I think I heard very good advice when I got foul from Wes," said Antetokounmpo. So come out in the second half and play hard, be aggressive, play the right game. I know I got into foul problems but at the end of the day I tried to enjoy the game as much as possible. I knew I had to come in the second half and try to be in the moment as much as possible, enjoy it, be aggressive and stay out of foul which I think I didn't have another foul in the second half . “Despite fouls for Antetokounmpo and a bumpy shooting start for Middleton, the Bucks went 60:49 into halftime thanks to Portis and an enormous final straight on the bench. Portis scored 20 points on 7 of 12 shootings and had nine rebounds to lead. The Bucks offense and defense limited the Nets to 39.1% of the shooting. "I just have fun, play with swag, play with confidence, let the game come," Portis said of his first half. "Giannis got three fouls early so I had to come in and be a little more aggressive than I normally would be." Middleton and Portis helped Harden get 2 out of 10 shoots and co-starters Duke Jr., Claxton and Mills together scored 11 points That left Durant doing much of the heavy lifting for the Nets as he scored 19 points on 6 of 11. But his solo performance wasn't enough to balance the Bucks' team play, particularly as Antetokounmpo 9:24 in the The Bucks were leading 34-30 when he sat down for his third foul, Portis then scored seven points to increase the lead to 41-32 and a Middleton three made it 47 -36, Middleton and Matthews were substituted at 4:24, and then Nwora and Hood gave the Bucks a 13-point lead with 3:46 to go, and Portis was swapped for rookie Sandro Mamukelashvili soon after, leaving Nwora with Hood, Galloway, Thanasis Antetokounmpo and Mamukelashvili the only starter remained. For almost three minutes this group played almost even the Nets, with Durant and Harden on the court. Brooklyn barely dented that lead, shortening it to eight at one point, but still lagging 58-47 when Middleton returned to finish the final 56 seconds of half. Mamukelashvili then ended the scoring with a putback after a miss from Nwora to give the Bucks an 11-point lead at halftime. "It was huge," said Middleton of the group that held the lead. "Everyone who played tonight played a huge role, the lead and the win. I mean, it was obvious that me and Giannis would be the focus, but what these guys did, even Langston came in the first few hours with us and he's playing a game we had to win, everyone was huge just moving the ball getting the best shot available for the team and not just for himself. "It was great to have these guys played well and kept that lead to us. "Although Giannis Antetokounmpo only played 11 minutes, he had 12 points and three assists. Middleton had five points from 9-2 when he pulled Harden on defensive. Nwora added eight Thomas had nine points for Brooklyn in the first game Milwaukee got 10 points each from Portis and Antetokounmpo in the first quarter, only to rise to 29:21 after a quarter Antetokounmpo was resting, Portis scored eight d in this period he 10 points the bucks. Brooklyn never led in the first half and the game was only drawn twice. Subscribe to our Milwaukee Bucks newsletter for updates on the team. This article originally appeared on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Bucks 121, Nets 109: Antetokounmpo, Middleton, and Portis are big hits in Brooklyn


Here are the Milwaukee Bucks Midseason Awards and Highlights

The Milwaukee Bucks made their 41st game mid-season on Friday. Here are awards and highlights from the first half of 2021-22. (Author: Gardener)

the Milwaukee BucksThe Milwaukee Bucks haven't played a full 82-game schedule since the 2018/19 season, and despite their proportion of injuries and illnesses, they completed the first half of their 2021-22 schedule without postponement. In fact, the Bucks and Sacramento Kings are the only two teams in the NBA to have played 41 games at this point in the season. While the All-Star hiatus is scheduled for February 18-25, we thought we should take a moment to look back at the true first half of this season for the defending champions. Of the Big Three, Holiday has played the most games (34) and has been asked to take on different offensive roles depending on who else is on the pitch. He could seamlessly evolve from a "supportive" offensive piece, albeit Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton, to more control of the game when they are not. He seems much more comfortable on the ball this season, with Antetokounmpo both directing and finding his positions to get his way. Brook Lopez played a game which means the 2019-20 Defensive Player of the Year had to be the anchor in the middle of the Bucks defense. He's not the same type of rim protector as Lopez, and although at the beginning of Lopez's absence he admitted that he didn't particularly enjoy playing the "five" night on and off, Antetokounmpo has adjusted and has been an impressive defensive streak. This is also not to neglect the times when he took on guards and wings defensively, but his role as the primary rim protector was important to this evolving Bucks defense. Pat Connaughton is one of only 32 players in the league who shoot 40.3% over 40% from a distance. The 29-year-old Swiss Army Knife of the Bucks squad was once again a linchpin for head coach Mike Budenholzer, who played 39 games in a row at the beginning of the season, started 15 times and held a large number of positions. He is one of only 32 players in the league with 40.3% shooting over 40% from a distance. In his last three seasons with the Bucks, he shot 33% (2018-19), 33.1% (2019-20) and 37.1% (2020-21). Last season was his best since becoming a volume three-point shooter the next year (210 tries). He also has a chance of 180 threesomes which would also destroy his previous career high of 101. Of course, things like that can't be controlled - but it's fair to ask what would have been for the Bucks if it wasn't for Lopez's back to sideline him after the season opener on October 19th. The defending champions rolled over Brooklyn that evening, and it's the only time this season that the team had their scheduled start of five together. Lopez's injury meant offense and defensive changes had to be made, and it has sent General Manager Jon Horst on the hunt for great man depth. Giannis Antetokounmpo will play a close defense against Charlotte Hornets Guard LaMelo Ball during their game on December 1, 2021 at the Fiserv Forum. It will be some time before the Bucks' 127-125 victory over Charlotte is topped on December 1 at the Fiserv Forum. The game featured a 40-point performance from Giannis Antetokounmpo and a 36-point performance from LaMelo Ball, plus a rousing ending sequence in which Antetokounmpo answered a deep three from Ball to win the game with an unlikely right-handed layup from the lower left corner of the glass. The win was also the eighth in a row for the Bucks, which set a season highlight. The Bucks have had some mishaps this season, such as a 42-point loss to Miami on October 21st and a 20-point loss to Atlanta on November 14th, but a 115-106 loss to Detroit on January 3rd the honor since it ended a three-year winning streak over the Pistons. The Big Three of the Bucks were playing, and at the start of the game the Pistons had the worst record in the NBA, missing four key players. President Joe Biden receives a jersey from Milwaukee Bucks owner Marc Lasry, while Giannis Antetokounmpo watches at the White House on November 8, 2021 are hard to beat, but the Bucks' trip to the White House was without a doubt the highlight of the first half of the season. Antetokounmpo did just that on October 27 against Minnesota on his way to 40 points in a 113-108 loss. Records don't fall often, and Khris Middleton's first win on November 19 against Oklahoma City at the Fiserv Forum cracked a big one - the three -Points brand of Bucks of all time. Middleton's first three of the game broke Hall of Famer Ray Allen's franchise mark by 1,051. A fire alarm went off on the FedExForum in Memphis during the Bucks' first preseason game on October 5th. The teams had to leave the pitch and the fans were evacuated, and after a short while the Bucks took off their uniforms and packed their things. Coach Mike Budenholzer rolled his luggage across the field, signaling that the team was ready for the night before the game was officially interrupted. Mike Budenholzer was rolling his suitcase across the square and said "Time to go home". 😂😂😂 - Jessica Benson (@jessbensontv) October 6, 2021 However, the Bucks made sure they grabbed the postgame edition and put a buffet line in the loading dock before the NBA finally did the released crew go home. - Jessica Benson (@jessbensontv) October 6, 2021 Bucks President Peter Feigin attended a pre-game press conference on December 4 to surprise long-time broadcaster Jim Paschke with a dedication from the Fiserv Forum Interrogation room in his honor. General Manager Jon Horst, trainer Mike Budenholzer and Pashke's former broadcast partners Jon McGlocklin and Marques Johnson attended the inauguration. The #Bucks have just dedicated the interview room to Jim Paschke (@Paschketball). Peter Feigin said head coach Mike Budenholzer was a big driver of the honor. Paschke's longtime partner Jon McGlocklin is in the house as well as many team members to see this.— Jim Owczarski (@JimOwczarski) December 4, 2021 Giannis Antetokounmpo joined the Milwaukee Brewers group as the first person in the 17 years of Mark Attanasio's leadership. The Bucks have made a handful of deals this season, from acquiring Grayson Allen to signing DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Wesley Matthews - and they all have paid off to date. Giannis Antetokounmpo's change of ownership at the end of August is hard to beat. Antetokounmpo said he has the opportunity to buy into a football club but plans to join in Milwaukee. Contact Jim Owczarski at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat at @JimOwczarski or Facebook at Please consider supporting local journalism by subscribing to Journal Sentinel at


Winners, grades, reactions and highlights from January 5th

The first episode of AEW Dynamite on TBS kicked off the championship week and featured the highly anticipated continuation of one of the best games of recent times ... (Author: Gardener)

January 5thThe first episode of AEW Dynamite on TBS kicked off championship week and featured the much anticipated sequel to one of the best games of recent times. "Hangman" Adam Page defended his AEW world title against Bryan Danielson, the Lucha Bros put their tag titles on-line against Jurassic Express, and the first TBS champion was crowned when Ruby Soho battled Jade Cargill in a tournament final. Who emerged from the matches with the highest stakes with gold around their hips and what does that mean for AEW entering in 2022? Find out now with this recap of the January 5th broadcast. "Hangman" Adam Page competed as AEW world champion. Bryan Danielson came up with a flawless win-loss record. Their second encounter within a month for the company's grand prize kicked off the broadcast. Danielson hesitated just enough to induce Page into a tope suicida attempt. The challenger countered and sent Page into the guardrail, injuring his arm and creating a target on which to focus his attack. Page weathered the storm and rocked Danielson with a springboard clothesline, then added one from the top rope for two. A blind attack from the champion enabled Danielson to send him face first into the ring steps, open his forehead, and put him on the defensive. Page fought back with a German suplex, but Danielson defeated him again and sent him face first into the ring post. Executioner returned the favor, his face wearing the crimson mask and bringing The American Dragon into the ring post three times. Page marked his own chest with his opponent's blood, a badge of honor, as he tried to keep his title. He was preparing for the Buckshot Lariat, but an exhausted Danielson fell before he could begin the train. Danielson used the lebell lock to search for the task, but Hangman refused to type. Page responded by countering a running knee with a power bomb, only to have Danielson trap him with a triangle choke. A moment later, Page finally shook off the pain, agony, frustration, and blood-caked face to buckshot Danielson for the win, and it was exactly five days for AEW to lead the field with a Match of the Year contestant, thanks the best wrestler in the world and a courageous world champion who showed his strengths in every performance. This was a great, physical, bloody, dramatic wrestling match that teased the fans with another 60 minute tie, but resulted in a definitive ending with Hangman coming back in December. The credibility and title he has gained through the two games with Danielson and tonight's win is immeasurable. He's absolutely a better champion at both, and that is seldom said of a competitor in any of the major promotions, testament to the work everyone has done on that feud. MJF was making his way to the ring for a match with Captain Shawn Dean when CM Punk showed up and knocked the scarf-wearing heel to the ground. Up here he shot Dean in the middle with a boot and a Go To Sleep, which disqualified his opponent. If he's not treated better soon, he'll also be Main Eventing Mania. "If you think the grass is this greener on the other side, be my guest - free extravaganza and then be released faster than you were last in the poke," said Punk. A cheered heel accepted Punk's challenge for a match next week. It would be the Straight Edge Savior against… Wardlow next week. Punk cost MJF the win, was a great booking and something AEW could probably have played out over a couple of weeks. As it is, we got another great back and forth on the mic from the rivals, intensifying with every single line insult. You could probably ditch the WWE credentials at this point, but the inevitable match between the competitors will be exceptional, even if it's just from a heat perspective. Punk's match with Wardlow is going to be a big moment for the big man. It will be interesting to see how AEW books the match and whether the big man inflicts his first company defeat on punk. Daniel Garcia interfered in the fight, attacking Jericho in a 3-on-1 until Eddie Kingston and Ortiz made the parade. A moment later, Wardlow met Shawn Spears in the ring. Antonio Zambrano was his overwhelmed opponent. Spears attacked in front of the bell and put him on the ground with a Death Valley driver. Wardlow went on to wipe out Zambrano with five power bombs for undisputed victory. The Wardlow stuff is fun, but we could have done without the Demolition derby for a week, especially after the punk announcement a little earlier. Let people want it to destroy the competition instead of waiting for it and risking compromising their reception. The Jericho segment was fine, got a solid reaction from the fans and set up a match for Rampage. Much more can not be asked of a set of teeth that has perhaps five minutes of television time. Ruby Soho sustained a shoulder injury in the final of the TBS championship tournament against Jade Cargill and the rookie phenomenon wasted little time aiming for it. When Mercedes Martinez tried to interfere, Donner fought Rosa in the back. When Smart Mark Sterling tried to meddle for his client, he was thrown out of the ring area. In the end, Cargill didn't need to achieve her championship dreams Dull to write her name in the history books. It was clear from the start that this was Cargills' tournament to be won. There's nothing wrong with that, especially since AEW is building on the future and trying to improve a women's department full of talent. With that in mind, Cargill will learn as you work. She has that kind of star power. The in-ring game is going to have to get better, and it should be, the more she can work with the Ruby Sohos of the world. A vengeful Brian Pillman Jr. faced Malakai Black in the next match of the night. The second-generation competitor tried to avenge the black mist that sprayed Julia Hart in the eyes and hit Griff Garrison two weeks earlier. Black, on the other hand, tried to make it 2-0 against the Varsity Blondes. Black dominated the action before taking advantage of an ugly stepping stone mistake by Pillman and flattening him for victory with Black Mass. After the match, he teased Hart before AEW tag champions Penta El Cero Miedo and Rey Fenix ​​hit the ring. The arena darkened and Black appeared on the ramp, retreating, leaving the champions to check on Pillman and Hart. And so the countdown to the arrival of Brody King begins later. The addition of Lucha Bros to the program suggests that Black will be looking to debut The House of Black's newest member, and a feud with the Tag Champions should result in some standout content in the ring. If Black's feud with the Varsity Blondes was an introduction to the tag team division, it certainly makes sense. Whether or not this is the best use for a talent the size and skill of Black is another question, although it is not a bad consolation to work with a longtime friend against one of the best teams in the world. The AEW Tag Team Championship was at stake in this week's main event when the Lucha Bros defended themselves against Jurassic Express' Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus on the commercial and worked on Jungle Boy. A hot day for Luchasaurus triggered a comeback and electrified the fans. Eventually the arena darkened, the latest tease for Black, before the champions delivered the fear factor combination for a dramatic two-count. Alex Abrahantes set up a table by the ring, but Christian Cage chased him backwards. Lucasaurus got Fenix ​​through a table with a chokeslam, leaving Penta with Jungle Boy curling him up to claim the titles. After the match, the entire tag team division streamed onto the stage while cameras watched Santana and Ortiz, Aleister Black, Chris Jericho, and others from skyboxes. Fenix ​​took an ugly bump and severely injured his arm. One can only hope that sooner rather than later he can recover and recover from this, because at his best, he's one of the best players in the business before these two teams. Lucha Bros, who worked as de facto heels and dropped the titles after the Black Tease, was an interesting decision, but it wasn't time for Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus to lift the titles. They had got too close too often, and yet another defeat threatened to affect their ability to have the moment their story deserved. The Tag Division is so incredibly stacked at the moment that almost any team could believably fight for the title and win it any given week. Make sure Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish are the first team to pose a legitimate threat to gold.


How cowboys mother CB Trevon Diggs challenged Nick Saban after moving to Alabama

When Nick Saban Trevon Diggs switched to cornerback, the longtime recipient cried. His mother wanted a statement from the Alabama coach. (Author: Gardener)

Alabama"I didn't think he was going to call me back," she told USA TODAY Sports. From NFL games to college sports scores, all of the top sports news you need to know every day. Stephanie's son Trevon was a sophomore on Alabama's football roster. He expected more opportunities at the receiver after his freshman campaign included 11 catches for 88 yards and a touchdown. But Saban, Alabama's legendary coach, who had already won five of his now seven national titles, had other plans. Saban called Trevon a full-time cornerback. Trevon cried when he called his brother Stefon, an NFL receiver. Trevon called his mother who heard the energy drain from his voice. That is, until Saban accepted the offer and Stephanie was too nervous to pick up the phone. "I said, 'You're changing Trevon's positions, what do you think?" "Stephanie recalled. "I didn't want him not to get stuck in one position, be everywhere and (not) concentrate on being a cornerback or a wide receiver." Mother asked coach: "Do you think he can do it?" After a rookie year with three interceptions and 14 passes, Trevon leads all NFL players with 11 interceptions and ranks second with 21 passes. He has made more interceptions than the league has seen in a single season from a single player in nearly 40 years. In just one game, he made it to the Cowboys Hall of Fame Everson Walls' 1981 franchise record collection of 11. "When the opportunity presents itself, I will take full advantage of it." Trevon has a deep understanding of route concepts and has taken into account which formations prefer which routes and how to use the opponent's tendencies at the break or at the point of catch. Cowboys coaches encourage their players to play instead of creating plays, but still understand the risk of their aggressive style of play. Now Trevon thanks Saban for the random reassignment. He also thanks Stefon for the continuous support. Stefon remembers that fateful day in 2017 as "tough" for his brother. He comforted his colleague, five years his junior, whom Stefon had looked after like a father after her actual father died of congestive heart failure in 2008. Stefon had pleaded with Trevon to train harder and longer in the following teenage years in order to run another route before Trevon grabbed his skateboard and hugged the competition fire. The brothers competed in Uno and Monopoly, trivia games, to name all 50 states, and knee football (the goal: to get a provisional touchdown while standing on your knees). Trevon was delighted with the deep route and attacked the ball like it was the next Randy Moss. He admired how Stefon pursued receiver dreams from college to the NFL. But a future on the offensive suddenly faded when college football's best coach came into its own. "It's up to the player to listen to him," said Cowboys recipient Amari Cooper, a 2015 first-round draft pick from Alabama, of Saban. “I'm sure when he told Trevon to take the corner, he saw his ball skills or how good his hips were or (something). Saban said in October that he "doesn't make the boys move" and that he believes Diggs is a "really good receiver" but offers more value on defense. Saban cited a track record in transitioning eventual NFL cornerback Corey Webster from receiver at LSU to Cyrus Jones in Alabama. "His skills, he had great ball skills, really good hands, really athletic," said Saban. "It was his final decision to do it, (but) I said, 'Look, I think you have a better future than defensive." "Before he could imagine a future, Trevon was disturbed in the present. Stefan was compassionate. "Suppose you've been reporting all your life and someone told you to go to construction," Stefon told reporters. “We've played wide receivers all our lives. Then Stefon reminded Trevon that the same work ethic that earned him a scholarship for a multi-year championship candidate would fuel his growth in a new position. The length that gave him an advantage at 50-50 balls would still translate. The ball skills would give him an advantage. “A lot of DBs that you see with good feet can run but not catch,” Stefon told Trevon. It'll be tough at first, but I'm pretty sure it's still football. Trevon did. He broke three passes in his debut year as a full-time defender and six more the following year, including one interception, before missing the time with a broken foot. In Trevon's 2019 senior season, he broke eleven passes and intercepted three, including one where he returned 84 yards for a touchdown against the Cowboys. Coaches saw the potential and coveted the ball skills. She was delighted with the physical ability to follow the ball and maintain balance after contact with the receiver. But his ball-proof way of thinking was also noticeable. Cowboys second coach Joe Whitt said defenders often think of tackling first, then interrupting a pass, and finally intercepting a ball when the opportunity presents itself. Trevon works backwards. That fits in with the cowboys who encourage their players to make games instead of creating them, but still understand the risk of their aggression. "I was really upset because I felt like I was one of the better guys in our draft class," said Trevon. “I always think highly of myself and want to go out there and prove it. Stephanie Diggs has forgiven Saban and is hoping to spend her birthday weekend cheering for her sons at the Pro Bowl. Trevon tells Stefon he hopes to "fight for the confetti". "I said, 'Look, if someone has the recipe, I have the recipe.' We have this little thing called little brother syndrome." Trevon claims the syndrome gives Stefon the edge in video games, but the cowboys do -Ecke will bet on itself in live sports. Stefon asked him again: Do you really think you can hit me? "Little brother syndrome doesn't apply here," joked Trevon, to which Stefon replied, "I think time will tell." This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: "What do you think?": Like the mother of cowboys CB Trevon Diggs challenged Nick Saban after changing positions in Alabama


Kamala Harris hires new head of communications after the wave of departures

Former Harris communications director Ashley Etienne left last year to "look into other options." (Author: Gardener)

Kamala HarrisVice President Kamala Harris has hired a new communications director, veteran Democratic advisor Jamal Simmons, to try to correct her office's news in 2022 after a string of stumbles and downfalls over the past year. Simmons, 50, has nearly three decades of political and media experience. Former Harris Communications Director Ashley Etienne left last year to "explore other opportunities." Etienne previously worked for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California). But he does come on board amid reported tension between Harris allies and West Wing employees - as well as reports that Harris is a difficult boss who has kept staff turnover high throughout her career. Symone Sanders, who served as Harris advisor and chief spokesperson, also recently left without announcing a new position. Simmons will bring bad press control experience after working for unsuccessful 2004 presidential nominees Wesley Clark and Bob Graham. He also served on the Clinton White House advance team and as assistant communications director for Al Gore's 2000 campaign. For the past several years he has worked as a contributor for The Hill and CBS News. Harris faced a spate of bad press during her freshman year as vice president, undermining her potential bid to become the first female president. According to reports, veep staff are frustrated that President Biden has taken on their difficult duties like reducing illegal immigration from Central America. Harris also needed heat because she waited three months to visit the US-Mexico border after Biden tapped it to address the "root causes" of the ongoing migrant crisis. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) recently told the New York Times that he has given up working with Harris after arrests for illegal border crossings soared to a 35-year high. "She got this job, it doesn't look like she's very interested in it so we'll move on to other people working on this." But Harris defense attorneys have accused Biden's key White House staff of insufficient support and possibly racist interests because they were allegedly more intent on defending Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who was on paternity leave amid a port crisis. "It's hard to overlook the specific energy the White House brings to defending a white man, as Kamala Harris spent nearly a year enduring many of the hits that the west wing itself didn't want to take," a former Harris Aide told CNN in November. Harris would be the front runner in the 2024 Democratic nomination if Biden didn't run, according to a poll published last month by Politico and Morning Consult. A poll published by The Hill and HarrisX in late November found that Harris supported 13 percent of the hypothetical Democratic candidates, followed by former first lady Michelle Obama with 10 percent. All other candidates were below 5 percent in this survey. Harris told the Wall Street Journal in a recent interview that she and Biden have never spoken about their election plans for 2024 as uncertainty about Biden's intentions is fueling tension between Democratic factions.


Preview of the soccer team giants

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) Ron Rivera and Joe Judge exceeded expectations in their first year running their new clubs last season. (Author: Gardener)

EAST RUTHERFORDJ. (AP) Ron Rivera and Joe Judge exceeded expectations last season in their first year running their new clubs. Rivera took Washington to the playoffs for the first time in five years, beating injuries and a pandemic to win NFC East with a 7-9 record. Judge and the Giants were in the running until the last night of the season, finishing second with a 6-10 mark. While many were expecting more, this season has been a disappointment for both Washington (6-10) and the Giants (4-12), especially on the injury front. Rivera said Washington was lucky enough to win the division last year. They played hard, got hot at the right time, and things got their money's worth. "I think this year is a bit more of what I expected," he said. Expectations have risen faster here than it should have been. I think we've developed our football team and the things we've done are going in that direction. Rivera is well positioned for the next season. The judge has to hope that Giants co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch believe he laid a foundation that has provided a first post-season berth since 2016 - SOON. The judge appeared to be making a passionate 11-minute plea against the bears after losing last weekend, telling the reporter and anyone who would read their stories or watch his video clip that the Giants had laid a foundation for the now five years consecutive double digits lose seasons. With starter Daniel Jones (neck) and backup Mike Glennon (wrist), the second professional Jake Fromm will have his second start. The Georgia product got its first day after Christmas and was 6 of 17 for 25 yards before being replaced by Glennon in a 34-10 loss to the playoff-tied Eagles. They move on and try to do better next time, ”Fromm said this week. The replacement is expected to be the practice team quarterback Brian Lewerke, who has never snapped a photo in an NFL game. Since Washington will announce its new name on February 2nd, this will be the last game the team will know as the Washington Football Team. The tentative name lasted two seasons. "For me it's the Washington Redskins because I've been watching them since I was a kid," said the rookie, who grew up in the area. But it's kind of cool to get a new name. Somehow I like to just step into a new era. ”This was a miserable season for the Giants wide receivers. The group has caught four touchdown passes in 16 games. The last was a 5 yard catch by Dante Pettis against Carolina on October 24th. The receivers' other three TD catches were Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton and John Ross. Of the team's 14 TD catches, tight end Evan Engram has a team high-three. Kenny Gollaway, who signed a $ 72 million contract to make big games, has no TD catch. When Taylor Heinicke ran out of football in the fall of 2020 and was taking college classes online, he never expected a deal as Washington's quarantine quarterback would lead to it. He started in Washington's playoff game against Tampa Bay, received a two-year contract and replaced the injured veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick at the season opener this year. The Giants game is slated to be its 17th NFL start. His first was in 2018 with Carolina under Rivera, the rest have come to Washington since then. Heinicke has thrown 3,299 yards, 20 touchdowns and 15 interceptions this season. He and backup Kyle Allen are likely to be battling for a spot next season, even if Washington rates a QB prospect in the draft. Giants linebackers Azeez Ojulari and Lorenzo Carter were the main playmakers in defense. Ojulari, a draft pick in the second round at the end of April, ranks third among the rookies with eight sacks. Carter, who struggled with a string of injuries over his four seasons with New York, has finally started to show his talent lately. He has sacks in three straight games, along with two forced fumbles and three passes defended. "I told him yesterday I would call him Mr. Carter," Defense coordinator Pat Graham said Tuesday. I know he works hard; he works really hard during the week and I'm happy for him that it's starting to fit together and get some success. ''


Bitcoin Dividend News puts BTCS stock in the spotlight. 8 things to know.

InvestorPlace - Stock News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips Last year was an exciting time for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular ... (Author: Gardener)

BTCSThe last year has been an exciting time for cryptocurrencies and especially for Bitcoin (CCC: BTC-USD). Celebrity and institutional investors jumped on board, and large corporations made crypto payments possible. The release of the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (NYSEARCA: BITO) led the cryptocurrency to a record high of just under $ 70,000. While BTC has fallen since then, it is clear that we are in a new era for crypto. BTCS stock was in the spotlight this week after the company announced it would offer investors the option to receive a Bitcoin dividend. Following his most recent election, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that he would take his first three paychecks in bitcoin in response to a similar decree from Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. Even with prominent voices predicting a bright future for Bitcoin prices, not everyone agrees with BTCS. Shares rose more than 40% after the announcement, but questions remain. Let's look at the Bitcoin dividend for BTCS shareholders from a broader perspective. According to BTCS CEO Charles Allen, the motivation for the company's decision is to highlight the "disruptive nature of blockchain technology". The S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing stated that the company "intends to pay $ 0.05 per share in Bitcoin, based on the Bitcoin price on the ex-dividend day." Investors who decide against the dividend receive 5 cents per share in cash. How do you get the bidder? As BTCS notes, shareholders must follow an opt-in process. BTCS says it will pay out the dividend as soon as possible after that deadline. The company is currently reviewing future dividend payments. Delancey Wealth Management's Ivory Johnson told CNBC that buying Bitcoin directly is a better strategy than buying BTCS stock just for that type of dividend. That sentiment was shared by Bone Fide Wealth's Bitcoin investor Douglas Boneparth, who supported the idea behind the bidder but agreed to Johnson. He says the dividend alone is not a reason to buy BTCS stock. BTCS shareholders who choose to receive the dividend must provide and secure their own Bitcoin wallet. This can be a deal breaker for investors with no prior experience with crypto investing. It's also worth noting that anyone who opts for the bividend will have to fill out an SEC form asking not only for their Bitcoin wallet address, but also their social security number. On penny stocks and low-volume stocks, with only the rarest of exceptions, InvestorPlace does not post comments on companies that have a market capitalization of less than $ 100 million or trade fewer than 100,000 stocks daily. Should we ever post comments on a low volume stock that may be affected by our comment, we request that the authors of disclose that fact and warn readers of the risks. Read more: Penny Stocks - How to Profit Without Getting Scammed At the time of writing, Samuel O'Brient had no positions (either directly or indirectly) in any of the stocks mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and are subject to's posting guidelines. The Post Bitcoin Dividend News puts the BTCS stock in the spotlight. first appeared on InvestorPlace.


Expert predictions for the game of NFL week 18 as the Saints attempt to sneak into the playoffs

Check out odds, expert picks, and storylines for the Week 18 game between the Saints and the Hawks. (Author: Gardener)

SaintsThe Saints battled elimination last week with an 18-10 comeback win over the Panthers. New Orleans were down 10-3 in the second quarter before losing their last 15 points of the game. New Orleans needs one more win to stand a chance at the playoffs, coupled with a loss for the 49ers. Anything but that combination would end the Saints stretch of four consecutive playoffs. New Orleans is 5-3 down the street and has 9.8 points last month. But the offense only exceeded 20 points once in the last six weeks. Nevertheless, the odds makers had opened the Saints as 4.5-point favorites with the Falcons. New Orleans has covered the spread in the last four games by favoring it. Atlanta's postseason chances ended last week in a 29:15 loss to the Bills. The Falcons were leading in half and managed to intercept Josh Allen on three consecutive drives but had no answer for the run game either. All odds from BetMGM. Odds updated at 4:00 p.m. ET Friday. Click here for live odds. * The Saints are 5-1 ATS in their last 6 games against the Falcons on the road * The Saints are 18-5 on the street in their last 23 games * The Saints are 6-2 ATS against the Falcons in their last 8 games * The Saints are 17-6 ATS in their last 23 games * The Over is 0-6 in Saints games in their last 6 games * The Falcons are 1-3-1 ATS in their last 5 games * The Falcons are 1 -6 ATS at home in the last 7 games * The Over is 1-7 in Falcons games in the last 8 games


For 18 seasons, Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger has been the Ravens' most consistent rival

On his first visit, they treated him like the neophyte he was. The Ravens, led by a top-notch Ray Lewis and a fast-rising Ed Reed, would end this season with the league's sixth best defense. Ben Roethlisberger was a 22-year-old rookie who replaced starter Tommy Maddox in the third quarter. (Author: Gardener)

Ben RoethlisbergerRavens cornerback Jimmy Smith (right) tries to defend Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger as he lines up at the wide receiver. The Ravens, led by a top-notch Ray Lewis and a fast-rising Ed Reed, would end this season with the league's sixth best defense. Ben Roethlisberger was a 22-year-old rookie who replaced starter Tommy Maddox in the third quarter. Despite the lumps he took in his first dose of NFL action, Roethlisberger threw two touchdown passes in the fourth quarter. In the years since that first encounter in 2004, the Ravens have faced Roethlisberger 25 times in the regular season and three times in the playoffs. His Steelers have won 18 of these meetings, which include some of the most brutal, unpredictable, and invigorating action of this NFL century. If Sunday's game at M&T Bank Stadium is Roethlisberger's last arc in the regular season - as he said it likely will be - he couldn't end in a more appropriate location as both teams cling to playoff hopes. The Ravens' Haloti Ngata, not pictured, broke the nose of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, but Pittsburgh took a 13-10 win at M&T Bank Stadium on Dec. 5, 2010. In his heyday, Roethlisberger was a horror film bogeyman in a No. 7 jersey, the character who couldn't be dragged onto the lawn at the crucial moments of the game. The "Big Ben" the Ravens see on Sunday won't be the quarterback who chased them a decade ago, but he beat them earlier this season and twice last year. "The game with this guy is never over until the final whistle blows," said Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith, who has been playing against Roethlisberger since 2011. Like most longtime Ravens, Smith has moments he'll cherish - the December 2015 win, intercepting Roethlisberger and reclaiming a 101-yard six on offside - that he'd rather forget. "He just kicked our butts countless times," said Smith. It is striking how clearly experienced defenders remember their first and best games against Roethlisberger. Outside linebacker Pernell McPhee recovered a fumble on his NFL debut, which happened to be a 28-point blowout by the Steelers. But he will always cherish the second meeting of the 2011 season. McPhee responded with a half-sack the next day when the Ravens won after a last-minute touchdown catch from Torrey Smith. This is partly why McPhee remembers so clearly that Roethlisberger was a unique, significant opponent. Older teammates told him to make sure he was angry when he reached # 7 to "leave your raven sticker on his jersey". "He was like a huge tight end playing quarterback," said McPhee. “You had to know how to release him when you can get hold of him by nailing both arms down. ... That made him so great, it's crazy to say, but his escape from the sack. Defensive coordinator Don "Wink" Martindale watched Roethlisberger rise from the dead to lead so many comebacks that he questioned whether the 39-year-old quarterback would actually retire. "Who knows about Ben?" Said Martindale. Think about the history of that game and that rivalry, how many times it was met. What they just don't show is that he gets up and plays the next piece or plays the next series. If there's a Ring of Fame for this game, he's definitely in. ”He noted that even that version of Roethlisberger, which relied on quick-release buckles rather than zombie game add-ons, earned the Steelers more points in the fourth quarter than all other teams except for one other. Seventeen of those came in Pittsburgh's Week 13 win over the Ravens. Comb through Roethlisberger's story against the Ravens and you will find all kinds of games. The Ravens gained the upper hand on other occasions: two interceptions and nine sacks in a 2006 shutout, three interceptions and four sacks in a 35-7 blowout early in the 2011 season, two interceptions and five sacks in a 2015 playoff win in Pittsburgh. They were more similar to the December 2010 game, when Roethlisberger threw an interception in the second quarter, picked up three sacks and broke his nose from an accidental blow from Raven's defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, but was still leading two hits in the second half to win a 13:10 comeback win. When asked to name his favorite hit at his 2019 retirement press conference, Ngata said, “Break Ben's nose.” When the audience was filled with laughter, he quickly added, “I didn't do it on purpose, but it is just happened. " Steelers trainer Mike Tomlin recalled the same moment he was speaking to Pittsburgh reporters about the rivalry: “I often tell young boys a story about the time [Ben] broke his nose in Baltimore and he during the Time out came on the sidelines and said, 'How do I look?' It's just what it is. ”So it went in the never-ending battle between a proud defensive and a quarterback who is 6-foot-5,240 pounds was built more like a linebacker. "Make no mistake, this series is special because of the men who played in it," said Tomlin. “Guys like Ben measure his ability against [Terrell] Suggs, guys like Hines [Ward] measure his ability against Ed Reed. … It's the story of men, these guys with golden jackets, these guys who have a unique talent, but it goes beyond their unique talent. ”If Roethlisberger had a generational counterpart at the Ravens, it was Suggs who did Year before he entered the league. It is no coincidence that the Ravens asked their former defensive leader to return to Baltimore for the final match on Sunday as the "Legend of the Game". Suggs had a sack in Roethlisberger's first game, but it was on Maddox. He eventually produced some signature games against his archenemy: two sacks at the 27-0 shutout in November 2006, three at the 35-7 beatdown to kick off the 2011 season. He was also seething with frustration after Roethlisberger slipped out of his grasp for bone-breaking Citing comebacks. “They knew each other like brothers or cousins,” he said. He caught two picks on him, one in 2011 and one in 2014 - the one he got caught between his legs - and that was just him who knew 'Big Ben', the way he changed his calls, the Plays he liked to attend in third place. ”In later years, both men characterized their rivalry in respectful terms. When the Steelers quarterback criticized his own game headed for a 2017 matchup, Suggs jokingly accused him of trying "Jedi ghost tricks" on the Ravens. The two swapped signed jerseys after the Ravens defeated the Steelers in Pittsburgh in 2018, Suggs with the Ravens last season. Roethlisberger called Suggs, who sacked him more than any other opponent, "one of the best I have ever played against." Will the Ravens-Steelers rivalry enter another era as Roethlisberger is expected to retire to Suggs after this season? Smith, who may also retire after this season, thinks so. "There are only a few guys that Ben has played against on our squad multiple times," he said. "I wouldn't say it's the end of the rivalry era, but it's definitely the end of these big names and it has to start over."