No winners in the Powerball draw as the jackpot climbs to $ 610 million

There was no winner in the Powerball drawing of an estimated $ 522 million on Monday night. (Author: Gardener)

PowerballSkip to main content Stay logged in to skip the polls. No Powerball Draw Winners as Jackpot Grows to $ 610 Million No Powerball Draw Winners if Jackpot Increases to $ 610 Million Monday night's Powerball draw with an estimated $ 522 million there were no winners. Monday's winning numbers were 02, 13, 32, 33, 48 and Powerball 22. The new estimated jackpot was revised up Tuesday from $ 575 million to $ 610 million for Wednesday's drawing, making it the ninth largest Jackpot in the history of the game goes to the game operator. It has been almost three months since anyone hit the Powerball jackpot. A single ticket in California brought in a grand prize of $ 699.8 million on October 4, the seventh largest in US lottery history. Since then, there have been 39 draws in a row without a jackpot winner, the game operator said. Parson says he believes prosecutors will indict the post-dispatch case, a win is 1 in 24.9, the odds of winning the jackpot 1 in 292.2 million, according to Powerball. Tickets are $ 2 and draws take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 10:59 p.m. ET. In 2015, Powerball changed the odds of its game to make it more difficult to win the jackpot. Get Local News in Your Inbox! News in Brief Tonight: Top January 4th Stories Get the latest news straight to your device.


Powerball jackpot rises to $ 575 million after Monday's numbers are unmatched

No ticket matched all of Monday's Powerball draw numbers, bringing the estimated jackpot to $ 575 million for January 5, 2022. (Author: Gardener)

MondayNo ticket matched all of the numbers in Monday's Powerball drawing, which increased the estimated jackpot to $ 575 million. The January 3rd Powerball numbers were 2-13-32-33-48, with Powerball 22 and Power Play 2. The next drawing will be on Wednesday. The Powerball website estimates the jackpot at $ 575 million with a cash payout of $ 409.3 million. The Powerball jackpot winner was last drawn on October 4th. Here's what you need to know about the Powerball: The numbers for the Saturday 1st January drawing were 6, 12, 39, 48 and 50, and the Powerball was 7. The Power play was 2. The double play - Numbers for Saturday January 1st were 4, 6, 7, 10 and 30; the Powerball was 9. Powerball draws take place three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Videos of the latest Powerball drawing can be viewed live at 10:59 p.m. at SUMMERTIME. * South Bend - WNDU16, every Monday and Wednesday between 11:09 PM and 11:13 PM EDT and every Saturday between 11:20 PM and 11:28 PM. SUMMERTIME. Powerball tickets are $ 2 each. Make power play for $ 1 and your non-jackpot winnings can be multiplied up to five times. Players can multiply non-jackpot winnings up to 10 times if the jackpot is $ 150 million or less. For an additional $ 1, you can enter your numbers in a second drawing that will take place after the main jackpot drawing. Entrants can win prizes between $ 7 million and $ 10 million. The Hoosier Lottery also has an instructional video on how to play Powerball: Powerball can be played in 45 states in Washington D. The cut-off time for purchasing a Powerball ticket varies by jurisdiction. In Indiana, tickets must be purchased by 9:58 PM. SUMMERTIME. In Kentucky, tickets must be purchased by 10:00 PM. EUROPEAN SUMMER TIME. In Illinois, tickets must be purchased by 9:59 pm. CT. Approximately 1 in 24.87 Powerball tickets sold are winners. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338. The last Powerball jackpot winner was October 4, 2021. One lucky California winner won the $ 699.8 million prize ticket. Here's a rundown of all of the Powerball jackpot winners in 2021. Here's a look at the number of winners by location: This article originally appeared on Indianapolis Star: Powerball Jackpot Raises $ 575 Million After the Numbers Dated Monday were not reached


Powerball climbs to the seventh largest jackpot in the history of the game

More than 1.8 million tickets won cash prizes in Monday's drawing, but none hit the jackpot, which is now over $ 610 million. (Author: Gardener)

seventhThere were more than 1.8 million tickets that won a cash prize in the Powerball drawing on Monday night, but none of them hit the jackpot. Powerball has moved up to the top 10, with the drawing expected to be $ 610 million on Wednesday. That alone is already the seventh highest in the history of the game and the largest since a ticket hit a jackpot of $ 699.8 million in California in October 2021. In fact, this was the last time the Powerball jackpot was won. An increased jackpot to $ 610 million likely means a much larger pool of tickets sold for the Wednesday May 1st, 22nd drawing. That could result in an even bigger jackpot before 11pm. Drawing. May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery and chairman of the Powerball product group, said those who played the game on Monday should check their tickets even if they didn't win the grand prize. "We're excited to be able to offer players a jackpot that hit the $ 600 million mark," said Reardon. "Although no one hit the jackpot, we had more than 1.8 million tickets last night that won a cash prize. Players should check their tickets for one of the nine ways to win." Here are the winning numbers for Monday night's drawing. The Powerball jackpot on Monday night, 1/3/22, was worth $ 540 million, with a cash value option worth $ 384.3 million. There was no grand prize winner on Monday, but three tickets were sold corresponding to the first five white balls and minus the red Powerball for the game's second prize. Two of these second prize tickets sold - one each in Connecticut and Texas - are valued at $ 1 million each. The other ticket sold in Montana is worth $ 2 million as the Power Play was purchased for an additional $ 1. The odds of hitting the top prize jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338 regardless of the jackpot size - according to the Powerball website. Simply getting the Powerball with no other numbers pays out $ 4, and even more if the Powerplay is purchased for an additional dollar. Powerball jackpots start at $ 20 million and other prizes are paid out between $ 1 million and $ 2 million on a Power Play. You can check Monday numbers or past winning numbers on the Powerball official website. Here are the top 10 Powerball jackpot prizes of all time. Two tickets were drawn - one each in Iowa and New York. Two tickets were drawn - one each in Missouri and Arizona


Of the 10 biggest lottery jackpots of all time, 3 were won in January

Lucky lottery? Of the top 10 biggest lottery jackpot prizes of all time, three were won in January - sometimes days apart. (Author: Gardener)

JanuaryPowerball and Mega Millions lottery jackpots are increasing. The Powerball drawing resumed Monday night, with the grand prize estimated at $ 575 million or $ 409.3 million in cash value. Tonight the Mega Millions drawing will take place at 11:00 p.m. This jackpot is $ 244 million with a cash option of $ 172.5 million. While no one heralded the New Year as the grand prize winner of recent Powerball and Mega Millions draws, three players voted five numbers in the Powerball New Year's Day draw, which has a grand prize of $ 1 million, and one lucky winner voted five with that Power play option that doubles the price. Powerball drawings are Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Who won the top 10 biggest lottery jackpot prizes of all time? List of Powerball, Mega Millions Winners Powerball, Mega Millions: These are apparently the happiest states for jackpot winners Coincidentally, of the top 10 biggest lottery jackpot prizes of all time, three were won in January - sometimes days apart. The sixth largest lottery jackpot of all time - $ 731 million - was hit in January 2021. An anonymous group from Maryland won the $ 731.1 million Powerball jackpot - the largest lottery win in Maryland Lottery history. The winners called themselves "The Power Pack" and bought a single ticket on January 20th at the Coney Market in Lonaconing, Maryland. Then, two days later, the third largest lottery jackpot of all time - $ 1.05 billion - was hit by a small lottery club in Michigan. A four-member lottery club in suburban Detroit won the Mega Millions jackpot of $ 1.05 billion on January 22, 2021. The biggest lottery jackpot ever - $ 1.59 billion - was won on January 13, 2016. Three winners claimed the Powerball Prize, which was the biggest jackpot in history - $ 1.586 billion, split in three directions. Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt of Melbourne Beach, Florida; Marvin and Mae Acosta from California; and John and Lisa Robinson of Tennessee claimed the three tickets, each with a cash value of $ 327.8 million. Click here for the top 10 list of the biggest lottery jackpots of all time. For those wondering, three more draws were claimed from the "Top 10 Biggest Lottery Jackpots Of All Time" list in October. On October 23, 2018, a single ticket purchased in South Carolina won the $ 1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot, the second largest jackpot ever. This win holds the record for the largest jackpot for a single ticket and the largest cash value for a single ticket. Then, four days later, on October 27, 2018, two Powerball players from Iowa and New York voted all the numbers and won $ 687.8 million, the eighth largest lottery jackpot of all time. On October 4, 2021, a single ticket purchased in California won the $ 699.8 million Powerball drawing, the seventh largest lottery jackpot ever. According to its website, Powerball players have a 1 in 24.9 chance of winning a prize regardless of whether the jackpot is $ 40 million or $ 1 billion. "Even if more tickets are sold in a particular drawing," the website says, "your chances of winning are the same." According to its website, Mega Millions players have a 1 in 302,575,350 chance of winning a prize. This article originally appeared on Florida Today: Powerball Lottery Jackpot Prizes total $ 819 million in winning numbers


Miami Dolphins are tackling a new problem that has worsened for Tua. And staff notes.

A somewhat problematic issue for Tua Tagovailoa turned into a major issue on Sunday when the Dolphins' quarterback fumbled three times against Tennessee after fumbling once in each of the previous two games. The wet, cold weather in Nashville may have contributed to Sunday's mistakes. That gave Tagovailoa nine fumbles for the season; only seven NFL quarterbacks fumbled more, led by Dak ... (Author: Gardener)

Miami DolphinsA somewhat problematic issue for Tua Tagovailoa turned into a major issue on Sunday when the Dolphins' quarterback fumbled three times against Tennessee after fumbling once in each of the previous two games. That gave Tagovailoa nine fumbles for the season; only seven NFL quarterbacks have fumbled more, led by Dak Prescotts 14. And there's this, aside from Chicago rookie Justin Fields, no NFL quarterback who has thrown fewer than 370 passes has fumbled more this season than Tagovailoa. The numbers are surprising, because Tagovailoa only fumbled once as a rookie. Quarterback trainer Charlie Frye suggested it and gave a thoughtful explanation of why this is happening. "Sometimes when the bag collapses and you have to move, the first reaction is to part your hands," Frye said Tuesday. This is where most of the fiddling happens, the hands are broken. When it happens during the games, Frye says the quarterback thinks, “This guy is coming to hurt me, to attack me. When there is contact, when you feel this coming - put your body between the ball and the defender. You're trying to drill through everything that happens in the game. ”Some have cited the size of Tagovailoa's hands as a factor in the fiddling, but the dolphins aren't bothered by it. On the NFL Combine, his left (throwing) hand was measured at 10 inches, compared to 9 ⅞ for his right hand. Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow's throwing hand was measured 9 inches and he plays at an elite level. By comparison, Burrow has fumbled five times this season and Justin Herbert only fumbled once. Frye said Tagovailoa experimented with wearing a glove last week - in anticipation of the cold, wet conditions in Tennessee - but decided not to use it in the game. Tagovailoa only lost one of his nine fumbles. "Tua is a perfectionist," said Frye. He prepares tirelessly for the things that will come up in the game. ”In the last assistant coach availability until the summer, offensive coach Lemuel Jeanpierre made it clear that he would not play one of his linemen, most of whom had problems this season would judge. Overall, he praised the “mental strength” of his group, but said: “We have to improve the consistency. Our techniques have gotten better, but we have to be consistent in this league. ”When asked if Michael Deiter showed enough to convince the Dolphins that he was a capable NFL center, Jeanpierre said there weren't enough Data to answer this question. ▪ Among other things, the Dolphins have to consider: whether they can make progress with the most important starters Jaylen Waddle and Jevon Holland as returnees or find a specialist for the role. Waddle and Holland - who excelled in their positions as rookies - were excellent returnees in college, but their production in that role in the NFL was below par. When asked if he hopes Waddle and Holland get another chance to prove themselves as NFL returnees, special teams coordinator Danny Crossman said Tuesday, "I don't have [answer] right now. National Football League squad management is a huge puzzle. How this puzzle fits together we will have a long time to find out ... If you have a dynamic guy back there, you want that guy. ”On Sunday, the Dolphins played against Tennessee Phillip Lindsay - not Holland - on two kickoff returns . Waddle handled a punt return after Tommylee Lewis took on those duties in New Orleans from an end-of-season injury. ▪ Neither Jason Sanders nor Michael Palardy had the season Miami envisioned. "I have no doubt Jason will be fine," said Crossman. Palardy is 22nd on the punt average and 18th on the net average. When asked to rate Palardy's game, Crossman said, “We have to get better at everything. We need to be more consistent. "Next season marks the first year of Sanders’s five-year $ 22 million extension. ▪ Crossman identified Mack Hollins, Clayton Fejedelem, Duke Riley and Cethan Carter as the Dolphins' best special teams players this season.


Peter King pays tribute to John Madden's legendary influence on the NFL

Recalling the rapid 3,000-mile bus ride John Madden took with him in 1990, Peter King pays tribute to the soccer pioneer's sacred legacy. (Author: Gardener)

Peter KingI was lucky when I started my sophomore year at Sports Illustrated in 1990. John Madden agreed to take me on his bus, his Hyatt suite on wheels, from his home in the East Bay near Oakland to his apartment in Dakota. to accompany in New York City. He had already won five Sports Emmys for best color analyst in sport, was the game's biggest commercial pitchman, hosted Saturday Night Live, and was the best CBS NFL team alongside Pat Summerall in his 10th season. I had a few conversations (and another bus ride with him) with him when his fame went mega, but this was the best time I've had with him. When you've been together for 55 hours, trapped in a convenient silver tube, it leads to interesting conversations. With Madden's death the other day, I thought a lot about those three days on the bus - and of course all the things we didn't talk about. We left his house around noon on an autumn Tuesday and I was told the basic rules: Don't complain about the temperature; Madden liked it cold, around 60, and if you couldn't hack it, put on a coat. There were 50-ounce bottles of spring water on the bus; if you opened one, you had to finish it - without placing it on cluttered tables or on the floor. And never leave the drivers and Madden waiting after stopping on the road. Madden wasn't pleased. Looking back, 31 years later, it's easy to see why he was great at three things in life: soccer coach (a Hall of Famer after just 10 seasons, retired at 42), radio (recognized as possibly the best color analyst in the American sports). History) and video game innovations with the Madden game grossing over $ 7 billion. Who is great at three things? How many people die and it is no exaggeration to say that they were among the best ever to do three things? That's the size of the tall man. When the trip was over, one of my magazine friends asked me what Madden was like. On a bright afternoon in the middle of Nebraska on I-80, Madden said to Driver Willie Yarbrough, “Hey Willie. Drive to the side. "Madden noticed a field of bright red / purple wildflowers. He pulled Wildflowers Across America out of a drawer, got out, walked over to the flowers, and flipped through the softcover book." I'm getting millions of readers in Sports Illustrated say you love wildflowers and your reputation will be ruined! "I said to him. He loved soccer and could tap the microscopic coaching points he would use on TV; I was until 1:30 Watched him in Wyoming (first) and western Iowa (second) preparing for the Cowboys Giants in the Meadowlands that Sunday. We talked those nights and the long drive through Pennsylvania towards the end. I did Didn't do many interviews on the trip. There was a lot more talk. I made two or three pages of notes early on about his love for John Steinbeck, especially his book Travels with Charley. Steinbeck wrote about one America road trip in 1960 with his standard poodle Charley, and when Madden read this he just had to do it at some point in his life. People sometimes talk of claustrophobia as crippling and terrible, and for Madden, the soccer coach, it was. But as he said before we stopped for dinner on the first night in Elko, Nevada, “If the claustrophobia hadn't happened, I wouldn't know what this country is or what these people are like. I would have been like everyone else: run, run, run. I wouldn't have found time to see things the way I see them now. ”On our second day, which was I-80 through Utah and Wyoming (mostly at night) just above Colorado, then every 455 miles from west -Nebraska to the Iowa border, we watched the Giants Dolphins gametape last Sunday. Out of the blue he said, with untied sneakers on the edge of a table, “We really saw a lot today, didn't we? Think of all the things we saw that we wouldn't see on an airplane. ”Deer, antelopes, rabbits, wildflowers all over America, spotted knapweed, a strange llama that looked like it was on steroids, a fun steakhouse in Kearney, Neb. called Grandpa's, and a nice family he met in Kearney, the Kerry Kimple clan. who told Madden what life was like in Nebraska. Four or five times on the trip, Madden marveled at how the people of Kearney loved living there and the people in the cities who loved living there. "It makes you feel better about America," he said. "That thing works." He said that this is how all people who wanted to work in public life should see the country. That was Madden. He was an observer of human existence and liked what he saw. Me too, and I'm grateful that he took me with him. Four people whose lives were changed in different ways by Madden: “There was an NFL explosion in England in the early 1980s and I was a 10 year old radio nerd who grew up in Leicester. At first we only had an hour-long show a week, and John Madden was the voice of the game of the week. When you heard his voice you knew this game was great. He changed the direction of the sporting life of the people here. “It's interesting - now we have the same evangelical role in football in the US that John had in football in England. I wanted to do a game in Man City a few years ago and posted on Twitter: Where do you watch the game? I came back: on a tractor in Montana ... watching the sunrise in Honolulu ... just back from a night in New York City. I realized what responsibility we have when I hear this and when I hear people say, 'You were the soundtrack of my youth' now. John did a lot of that with us in England years ago. ”Getting more women into football“ I remember John Madden being part of our Sunday childhood in Horsham, Pennsylvania. We turned on the TV and it was on and I listened. He always got my attention. He was this super fun character, almost like the guy from SNL Matt Foley talking about football. But he could have talked about anything - the weather, local news - and I would have found it interesting and smart. “I think it's completely fair to say that he brought so many women to football. My father worked, and it was more like my mother and I who sat around and watched the games. John Madden was a huge part of those moments with my mother and me. “The trip I ended up on makes it really interesting I think. I owe him so much that he played such a big role in it. I never really got to know him or anything. But I feel like I know him. That was the magic of John Madden for so many people, and I know for so many women like me. ”“ I seriously don't think I'd be an NFL agent without John Madden's influence. As a child, I had a very difficult time in San Antonio in 1993 and '94. Then we got a Sega Genesis for Christmas from "Santa Claus", who my father later told us that he was going to church. The only problem was that it only contained one video game that neither of us wanted to play. So I took the public bus to a Walmart where I literally stole the new Madden 93 or 94 video game. My older brother is the most straightforward person on the planet. When he found out I had stolen the game we went back and he paid for it with his lawnmower money. “The Madden game was a total game changer. It was all to us: babysitters, racers and consultants, when we played it all of our daily troubles were gone. We drew tournament series, kept scores and statistics. For me, it was the beginning of my fascination with cadres, NFL staff, understanding schemes, and play-calling. “I was certified as an NFL agent in 2005, but after a few years I was broke with $ 150,000 in student loans that was eating me up. It's brutal competition to be an agent. So I drove past the team hotel in Dallas a day or two before a Cowboys game and saw Madden's bus outside. Finally he went through and I shook his hand and told him how the game changed my childhood. I told him I was an NFL agent and he gave me the stereotype line about "Do what you love and you won't work a day in your life". . Hearing this from a true legend like him while everyone else in my life was trying to convince me to 'go into something profitable' like working full time as a lawyer was huge for me. ”The game through that Teaching Madden Game to Young Gamers “I grew up playing his video game in Pennsylvania. It allowed me to have a real understanding of the game - how different formations worked, how route concepts worked, knowing where each player should be, how to beat zone coverage, where the weaknesses were in certain coverage. I could really understand football playing Madden. As I progressed in football, much of it was instinct for me, but I learned so much about the techniques and schemes from the game. It has helped me throughout football. “I mourn John. I'm a soccer player, but a lot of people should mourn him. Everyone can learn from Madden - YouTubers, musicians, people in different companies. “I've never met him, but if I had I would probably have asked him if I could be on the cover one day. And I would ask, 'Why did you love the game so much? He seemed such an interesting person. ”Read more in Peter King's Full Football Morning in America Column Peter King Pays tribute to John Madden's legendary NFL influence, originally published on


DeRozan does it again, Bulls beat Wizards

The Bulls had gone a lot wrong in Washington DC on Saturday night, but at the end of the night another DeMar DeRozan Summer Beater pushed them past the Wizards. (Author: Gardener)

DeRozanFor the second year in a row - not game, night - DeMar DeRozan the Chicago Bulls won a game with a 3-pointer to the buzzer. "Thank god we have DeMar DeRozan on our team," said Zach LaVine aptly after the game. Here are 10 observations from the Bulls' seventh straight win, which catapulted them to 24-10 and took first place in the Eastern Conference alone: ​​the ball, stand up, make sure his feet are behind the 3- Dots line are located and pump wrongly to shake the defender in his grill before you shoot and whiz. It was tough playing against each other, I felt it throughout the game and I just knew on that last shot, just put my legs under me and just give him a chance. ”DeRozan started the game by making five of his first six shots missed and ended the first half only 4 to 10 from the ground (2 to 6 from middle distance). But he scored eight points in the third quarter and nine points in the fourth to end up with 28 points, nine rebounds and five assists - and for the second time in a row (and for the tenth time this season) he visited the foul line- Double digit times, make seven out of 10 attempts. The Bulls are now 17-2 in the season when DeRozan scores more than 25 points. 2. After a rare night of filming in Indiana, LaVine went straight to work on a setback against the Wizards. He scored 15 points in the first quarter, mostly on a diet with difficult jump throws, and led half of all scorers with 23 points, making five of seven 3-point attempts. Like DeRozan, LaVine scored nine out of his later 35 points in the fourth quarter - and everyone was on time. At 9:35 a.m. of the period he hit a stepback jumper in the middle from a time-out that prevented the Wizards from going 6-0 (which increased their lead to 96:88). A minute and a half later he generated two free throws with a strong drive to keep the Bulls behind to two. And with 1:43 remaining, he buried a pick-and-pop 3-pointer (assisted by DeRozan) that put the Bulls 115-114 in the lead. 3. Registered Wizards play the best crunch time team in the NBA with a staggering 14-2 record in “clutch” games, the competitions by five points and playing time five minutes or less defined (the Bulls are now 11-6 in such games). In the final 1 minute and 28 seconds of play, Bradley Beal free throws created by a drive on Coby White put Wizards 116-115 ahead and an icy Kyle Kuzma 3-pointer jumped them 3.3 inches forward 119-117 seconds left. 4. The reigning Bulls head coach Chris Fleming, who has steered the ship for the team's last five wins, fought the above-mentioned block foul against White with 88 seconds of playing time without success. That comes a night after Fleming said he would not require a review of a ball that appeared to ricochet off Torrey Craig's leg in the final seconds of victory over the Pacers. Wizards coach Wes Unseld Jr. also used his challenge in the final seconds of Saturday to try to undo Deni Avdija's disqualifying sixth foul that granted DeRozan free throws to put the Bulls 117-116 ahead. Avdija played well but was the victim of DeRozan's foul-drawing championship for much of the evening. 5. Had the cops lost this game, their defensive battles would have been the headline. The Wizards achieved a Bulls opponent season high of 72 points in the color and shot a total of 52.9 percent out of the field. While the old friend Daniel Gafford collected 19 points with almost perfect 9-on-10 shooting, it was the guards and wings of the Wizards who did the most damage with free drives and cuts in the basket. Kuzma scored 18 points in suit, Beal scored 10 and Avdija eight. 6. In this respect - with dribbling penetration - the Bulls missed Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso, who have now each missed the team's last five games. During this period, the Bulls are now 18th. In the 29 games before these two were eliminated, they finished 10th in the defensive standings, which allowed for 107.5. Additionally, while the Bulls scored a respectable 14 points on 12 Wizards sales, they only took four steals and didn't score any Fastbreak points, which are crucial for this group when they're buzzing. 7. The Bulls in the meantime only scored 30 points in the color and were relatively reliant on jump shots throughout the offensive. Their 17-on-34 line out of 3-point range (up to the Wizards' 6-on-22) was an equalizer, and for the game, 59 of the Bulls were 84 field goal attempts (25 medium-range jump shots, 34 3-point tests) the paint came from the outside. Another 21 came from the floater range, so the Bulls only left four attempts in the restricted area. 8. So it was good to see Nikola Vučević drilling his way against smaller Washington lineups by seven points in the fourth quarter - two on post-up hooks, one on one, and one putback from a missed DeRozan free throw that knotted Game 112 -112 to play with 2:07. He also choked off a layup attempt by Avdija a moment later that spawned a sequence that resulted in DeRozan free throws that gave the cops a head start. Vučević finished with 22 points and 12 rebounds, his fifth double-double in a row and the 17th of the season. He averaged 18.4 points, 14.1 rebounds, three assists and 1.6 blocks with 50.5 / 38.1 / 75 percent shooting splits during the Bulls' seven-game winning streak. 9. Coby White's most recent strong game also continued with 20 points, five assists and 4-on-8 shooting from 3-point range - his fourth 20-point game of the campaign. That line includes two threes in the first half and a third quarter with eight points (which the Bulls won 34:24 to turn the game around after falling back by 12 at half time), a transitional pull-up 3 and one fancy dribble move to hit included by Corey Kispert for a layup and a confident, contested 3-point corner. He also flew in, 3:16 to play in the fourth, to steal a beal pass and stop a Wizards fastbreak chance; DeRozan made a layup on the following possession to reduce the Bulls gap to 108-107. White has been a nail polish since halfway through the first Hawks game on December 27th. In the team's last four games, he averaged 18.5 points, 5.3 assists and 1.5 steals, shooting 50 percent from the field and 51.6 percent from the 3-point range. Ball at the starting point guard able to fill out. He's increased his season average to 10.4 points and a 3-point percentage of 35.4. LaVine (35), DeRozan (28), Vučević (22) and White (20) together scored 105 of the bulls' 120 points. It wasn't until the 4:19 mark in the third quarter when Troy Brown Jr. brought home a layup after a broken play for every bull but these four players to score. Combine this with an intermittently porous defense and poor ball safety (15 ball losses) and it's a win where the Bulls haven't done their best.


Raiders shock Chargers to secure the playoff spot, Colts crush Jaguars, Rams beat 49ers

Wondering which NFL teams will win in week 18? You are in the right place to find out (Author: Gardener)

ChargersAny other year we'd be talking about the playoffs, but the NFL decided to add an 18th week to the schedule this year, so now you get an extra week of regular season selections. And as you are now probably wondering, yes, I get a bonus for writing an extra week of tips, but it turns out that I also lose 10% of that bonus for every wrong tip, and now I say I do that out loud I will probably have to fire my agent, which could actually be a bit uncomfortable as I would have to fire myself. Listen, if you lose your job, you might as well do it shirtlessly walking off a soccer field. I have no idea what's next for Antonio Brown, but I know what's next for us and these are this week's picks so let's get started with that. Before we get into week 18 picks, here's a quick reminder that you can check out the weekly picks from any NFL expert by clicking here. The reason you should click this week is because a close race is brewing for the title of best straight-up picker for the 2021 season. After racing 14-2 in Week 17, I'm now clinging to a two-game lead into the final week of the season, and as long as I don't collapse like a FedEx Field guardrail, I think I'll take the title with me Can take home. If you've never seen a FedEx Field guardrail collapse, this is what it looks like. Oh, and just to warn you if I miss every pick this week, it's because the last week of the season is always the hardest to predict and that's mostly because I have no idea who's playing for any of the teams will. I have no idea which teams will put their starters on the bench, I have no idea if bad teams have mentally checked out, and I have no idea why the Colts haven't won Jacksonville since 2014. If the Chiefs want a chance to earn the best overall set in the AFC, they have to win this game. Denver, on the flip side, has nothing to do other than maybe save Vic Fangio's job, but based on how the Broncos have gone this season so far, I'd say that probably won't be enough motivation for them. Patrick Mahomes has never lost to the Broncos and the Chiefs have won 12 straight games against Denver. I've made a lot of bad decisions in my life, but winning the Broncos won't be one of them. Week 17 game selection is basically a drunk crap and if you need proof just check out this game. I have no idea if the Eagles will rest their starters and I have no idea if the Cowboys will rest their starters, which means I have no idea who will win. Also, I have no idea why the NFL put this game on the Saturday prime-time slot. I don't want to spend my Saturday night watching a glorious preseason game while playing a drunken game of boggle. If the Eagles win, they could move up to sixth place in the NFC, but there is no guarantee of that as they only move up if the 49ers lose too. However, while I can't read his mind, I think the Eagles will rest their starters in the end. The Cowboys currently sit fourth in the NFC and even if they win, they would only move up if the Buccaneers or Rams lose. If the cowboys win and one of those teams loses, Dallas will bet on three, and if both lose, the cowboys will bet on two. Based on some calculations I just made in my head, I would say that there is a 50% chance that one team will lose and a 5% chance that both will lose. Don't be surprised when the cowboys rest their appetizers. That being said, the cowboys were in an offensive crisis and I think they might try to play their way out in the end. With that in mind, I expect the Cowboys to rest all of their injured players. To be clear, I think that means we'll see a lot of starters play, but the cowboys will rest anyone who's nuts (based on last week's injury report, that would be guys like Ezekiel Elliott, Tyron Smith and Demarcus Lawrence) . Anyway, I've just been talking my way around in circles to find out who will win this game and after that I'm still not even sure who to pick. If the Chiefs win on Saturday, the Bengals have no chance of top seeding in the AFC and when that happens I have to think they will rest their starters and that's mainly because no quarterback has been beaten up this season as Joe Burrow. I mean, the guy got hit against the Chiefs so many times that his nameplate didn't even survive the game and let me just say that losing a nameplate in an NFL game isn't easy. I'm pretty sure more NFL players lost teeth than nameplates. During the 17 weeks, Burrow was discharged 51 times with NFL highs. If you're wondering why I'm mentioning this, it's because I think the Bengals would be absolutely crazy to play Burrow in this game. If Burrow plays I don't think he's going to be on the field longer than a quarter or two, which will open the door for the Browns to end the season in a win. Knowing the Browns, they'll try to close the door on themselves, but I still think they'll win. No game confused me more in week 18 than this one. The Packers have already fought their way to first place in the NFC and home advantage in the playoffs, which means they literally have nothing to play for in this game. I have no idea if that's actually going to happen, however, and that's because Aaron Rodgers said he expected to play. If he were to sit out week 18 it would mean he wouldn't be back on the field for the divisional round until January 15 or 16, which means he would spend THREE WEEKS between games. Of course, if the Packers starters play I will choose Green Bay, but there is no guarantee that they will end up playing the entire game. If they are drawn I have to choose a winner in a game between the Lions STARTERS and the Packers BACKUPS, which makes this selection much more difficult than it should be. I can't remember the last time I picked the Lions to beat the Packers, and I've decided I won't start now. On paper this game seems like a total discrepancy, but when there is a team, the Colts always seem to fight the Jaguars. For one, the Colts haven't won a game in Jacksonville since 2014. Also, let's not forget that the Jaguars have played in their last 33 games: there are a lot of teams out there who campaign for the Jags to piss off the Colts here. For one, losing the Colts would give the Ravens and Steelers hope for the season finale. One reason I hate picking games of the week 18 is because every year there always seems to be one crazy surprise that no one saw coming. However, I don't think we'll see that excitement in this game. If you haven't paid any attention to the Texans this season, which most people almost certainly describe, the most surprising thing about them is that they actually played OK football. Playing OK football isn't exactly a compliment to most teams, but if most people thought you were going to be the worst team in the NFL, then playing OK football is definitely a good thing. By week 18, Tyrod Taylor and Davis Mills won as many games together as Dehaun Watson last season. Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that I think Texans are better than you think and will likely be able to stay that close. However, the Titans will get top seeds in the AFC with a win, and no team needs the top seeds more than the Titans (it gives them an extra week to get Derrick Henry healthy) so I'll have to take Tennessee. The Saints still have an outside shot in the playoffs so they definitely have something to play for, but the Falcons are a fierce rival and I have to think that there's nothing anyone in Atlanta would love more than Officially eliminating the Saints from the playoff dispute. The Saints offensive has been utterly miserable the past few weeks and I hate picking abysmal offensives to win games, so I'm rolling in with THE FALCONS in a surprise. If both teams were perfectly healthy in this game, I'd probably pick the 49ers here, and that's because Kyle Shanahan was utterly dominant against Sean McVay. The 49ers have won five in a row in that series, including a 31:10 win in November. The other reason to like the 49ers is because this is basically a playoff game for them: if they lose it could mean the end of their season. That being said, the Rams have a lot to offer too, because if they win they'll claim the NFC West title and a home game in the first round in the playoffs. For this game, they either have to start someone with an injured thumb (Jimmy Garoppolo) or a QB who has only made two career starts (Trey Lance). We saw what Jimmy did against the Titans with his injured thumb and it wasn't nice: he started throwing passes at the other team. The Rams are better than the Texans and I think they'll be three points better than the 49ers on Sunday. The Cardinals have been one of the best teams in the NFL this year, except when they play at home. In seven home games the cards are only 3-4, which doesn't make sense to me unless everyone on the team hates Phoenix, but that's not possible because nobody hates Phoenix. If the Cardinals win this game, combined with losing the Rams, they would end up winning NFC West, which would give them a home game in the playoffs, but the irony is that if there is a team in the NFL, it may not wanting a home game in the playoffs, it is the Cardinals who are 8-1 this year. I think what I'm saying is that I'm not even sure the Cardinals want to win. This could be Russell Wilson's last game ever with the Seahawks and if it goes anything like his first 157 starts with the team it means this game is going completely insane and although I usually pick the Seahawks to win their insane games , this just hasn't been her year. The last time these two teams met came back in Week 1 when Mac Jones made his first career start and in that game the Patriots had a limited offensive schedule. Even during their seven-game winning streak, the Dolphins struggled to score, and when they finally played against a good Titans team in week 17, they couldn't score at all (they lost 34-3). I think they'll get more than three points in this game, but not much. The Jets are playing against the Bills so I'm not going to waste too much time here because I think we all know who I'm going to choose to win this game. The Bills will get the AFC East title with a win and if you have the chance to take something like this, the Jets are definitely the team you want to play against. We're only getting one winner-take-all game in week 18 and that's it! In fact, that's not entirely true, and that's because there is a small chance that this game won't end up being the winner. In a nightmare scenario for the NFL, both the Raiders and Chargers could make the playoffs if the Colts lose to the Jaguars. While the Colts may sound unlikely to lose, let's pretend it does. That's right, a tie would be the best scenario for both teams in this game. Basically, if the Raiders and Chargers agreed to spend four quarters on their knees every game, the game would end in a 0-0 draw and both teams would advance to the playoffs. Of course, if it doesn't happen that means that I actually have to make a choice in this game, so I'll go ahead and do that. The Raiders have been one of the hottest teams in the NFL for the past month. Not only should you be able to run on the Chargers, but you should probably get Darren Waller back too, which would be a huge boost to a Raiders offensive that only topped 23 points ONCE since October 25th, largest NFL game ever in Las Vegas and as we all know in Vegas the house always wins and that is played in the house of the Raiders so I'll take them. If there are more Raiders players in trouble this week, I may have to change my picks. Best Choice: Last week I predicted the Bengals would win the AFC North by pissing off the Chiefs 34-31 and guess what? The Bengals won the AFC North by pissing off the Chiefs 34-31. That's right, I CHOOSE THE EXACT GAME END PLASTER and decided that I'll celebrate that by only eating Skyline Chili, Graeter's Ice Cream, and LaRosa's Pizza for the rest of the year. Worst picks: I played 14-2 last week so I thought about removing the worst pick but I'm not going to because I have to make fun of myself for changing one of the wrong picks. When I was writing my picks last week, I predicted the Raiders would beat the Colts 23-20 and EXACTLY that happened, only I wasn't credited with the win because I CHANGED MY CHOICE. After Carson Wentz was struck off the COVID list on Saturday, I chose the Colts to win 23-20 instead of the Raiders, and I've never been so upset about a selection in my life. I'll never pick the Colts to win again, well, except this week because there's no way I'm going to pick them to lose to the Jaguars. If you've ever wondered which teams I'm good at picking, here's a quick look: Teams I was best at picking this year: Texans (13-3), Jaguars (13-3), Dolphins (13-3) 3), Packers (13-3), Steelers (12-3-1). Longest current streak in correctly selecting a team's games: Jets, Ravens and Packers (six games in a row correctly selected) Teams I was worst in selecting this year: Cardinals (6-10), Titans (7-9) ), Saints (7-9), Washington (7-9), Raiders (7-9).


Cavaliers land Rondo from Lakers to the loss of Rubio. balance

CLEVELAND (AP) - After Ricky Rubio was lost for the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers knew ... (Author: Gardener)

RondoFILE - Los Angeles Lakers Guard Rajon Rondo (4) stands during the first half of a preseason NBA basketball game against the Golden State Warriors in Los Angeles, Tuesday October 12, 2021. FILE - Los Angeles Lakers Guard Rajon Rondo (4) dribbles the ball across the court against the Sacramento Kings during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, October 14, 2021. FILE - Los Angeles Lakers Guard Rajon Rondo goes to the basket against the Golden State Warriors during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Los Angeles, Tuesday October 19, 2021. Cleveland completed the takeover of 35-year-old Rondo on Monday November 3, 2021 January 25th, 2021, and closed the deal with the Los Angeles Lakers in what became a three-team deal that also included the New York Knicks. Cleveland completed the acquisition of 35-year-old Rondo on Monday, January 3, 2021, closing a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers and a three-team deal that included the New York Knicks. Cleveland completed the acquisition of 35-year-old Rondo on Monday, January 3, 2021, closing a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers and a three-team deal that included the New York Knicks. CLEVELAND (AP) - After Ricky Rubio was lost for the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers knew it would take someone special to take his place. They needed a playmaker with experience, intelligence and competitive strength. Cleveland completed the acquisition of 35-year-old Rondo on Monday and closed its deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, which eventually turned into a three-team deal with the New York Knicks. In the exchange, the Knicks guard Denzel Valentine will receive from the Cavaliers along with the draft rights to the international interested parties Wang Zhelin and Brad Newley and cash from the Lakers. Los Angeles receives the draft rights to Louis Labeyrie from New York. A four-time All-Star and two-time NBA Champion, Rondo, who barely played for the Lakers, joins an upgraded Cleveland team that rose from doormat to playoff contender. The Cavs are 21-15 and fifth in the Eastern Conference after hitting 22-50 last season. "He's excited," said Cleveland coach J. B. Bickerstaff of Rondo, who averaged 9.3 minutes per game in LA. “Our boys have been causing a stir in the league and people are seeing our boys growing and playing style and he's looking forward to it, wants to help this team and he wants to compete so he's not satisfied with not playing. He wants to get to the point and he wants to help our team become a better team. ”Rondo was recently marginalized after a positive COVID-19 test but has approved the NBA health and safety protocols. Cleveland will host Memphis on Tuesday before embarking on a nine-day, six-game, nine-day trip to Portland on Thursday. The 31-year-old's influence in less than half a season at Cleveland has been profound, be it as a mentor to young launch guard Darius Garland or as his solid leadership on and off the floor. Rondo has many of these attributes - and a similar game - to Rubios, and Bickerstaff believes that if it becomes overwhelming, its addition will make up for the loss. "He can make everyone better on the floor around him," said Bickerstaff. "And that's what excites us, his ability to play with all of our boys - from Darius to our big boys - he can make all their jobs easier for them and that's what we need." Rockets' Kevin Porter is leaving Arena after reportedly being prevented from pursuing coaches. A big part of the Cavaliers' success this season has been their intensity. They just played harder and teams are working out to get an advantage. “Anytime you add a guy who's as competitive as he is, that'll be good for us. Obviously he can do a lot of other things besides competing, so it's good to add such a competitive, intelligent player. ”Rondo has averaged 9.8 points, 8.0 assists and 4.6 rebounds in over 16 seasons with eight teams achieved. He has led the league three times with assists, was in the selection of the all-defensive team four times and started in 105 playoff games. "He's one of those guys that you have a lot of respect for and what you respect most is his mind," said Bickerstaff. “As a basketball fan you watch a guy orchestrate a game, that's what you like best. When you talk about your lead and level of competition, these are the guys you value and respect most. ”Okoro, who sidelined earlier this season with an Achilles tendon injury and was recently on the league's health and safety protocols, was injured. when he encountered a screen of Pacer's Big Man Domantas Sabonis in the first half, averaging 9.0 points and 3.6 rebounds in 27 games.


Malik Monk's interesting reason for not having a tattoo on his right arm

A hilarious response from Malik here. (Author: Gardener)

Malik Monk's© Provided by All Lakers on FanNation Lakers fans have likely missed the character who was Nick Young. When he joined the Lakers in 2013, he immediately brought an energy the team had lacked, and it carried over to Kobe Bryant's retirement from professional basketball. It also came at a time when the Lakers weren't very good. They won only 27 games that season, but Young kept fans by the wayside with his unique style of play and hilarious commentary in front of and behind the camera. This year we have another Lakers player taking a page out of the Nick Young Playbook. Malik Monk spoke out about some of his tattoos after a workout this week, revealing that Young is one reason his right arm has no tattoos. Monk quipped that his right arm was "bucket only," something Young had said earlier. He apparently took this to heart, and the Lakers Guard has no plans to do any work on this arm. Monk has been one of the pleasant surprises for the Lakers so far this year. He scored over 11 points per game and shot 37 percent out of three-point range. Let's hope, however, that he can have more success with the Lakers than Nick Young.