Ed Sheeran's “Shape of You” is the first song ever to celebrate 3 billion streams on Spotify

"I'm really excited about it!" Sheeran said about the news (Author: Gardener)

Ed Sheeran'sOn Wednesday, Spotify announced that Sheeran's track "Shape of You" was the first song ever to hit 3 billion streams on the streaming platform. I just heard that 'Shape of You' hit 3 billion streams on Spotify which is absolutely crazy, ”said the singer, who recently released his album =, on his Instagram. It's the first song to hit 3 billion streams and I'm really excited about it! "The 30-year-old singer then thanked Spotify for working with us over the past 10 years. RELATED: Ed Sheeran Says Daughter Lyra, 15 Months, Has “Given Me Purpose” outside of music “This song wasn't really meant to be used to make the album,” Sheeran said, adding, “But when I finished the song, Ben Cook of my label was basically like, 'You put that on the album. He added, "We agreed we'd disagree and release both songs at the same time. Sheeran - who now holds the record for the most streamed song on the platform - follows closely The Weeknd with Binding Lights, which has 2.7 billion streams. Third is Tones and I's Dance Monkey with 2.4 billion, followed by Post Malone and Rockstar by 21 Savage with 2.3 billion Streams. Sheeran's tracks "Perfect", "Thinking Out Loud" and "Photograph" are also in the top 20 most streamed tracks on the platform. The new record is an early Christmas present for Sheeran, who recently unveiled his annual Christmas party. RELATED VIDEO: Ed Sheeran Says Elton John Calls Him 'Every Single Morning': 'Appreciate Him' At the iHeartRadio Holiday Pop Up Party, he announced that he and his friends attend what they do The 12th every Christmas Eve year Call it Pubs of Christmas, a riff from the classic "The Twelve Days of Christmas". a pint and it gets worse and worse and worse. I mean, 12 pints is a lot. "Sheeran said that he and his friends have been enjoying the tradition for 10 years - and that while enjoying his newfound fatherhood, 16-month-old Lyra isn't quite ready. Bring Antarctica to the fold.


Matthew McConaughey Talks Wild Turkey Bourbon and Five Years of Marketing "The Juice"

The actor and proud Texan reflects on whiskey, marketing, music and what he has learned as the creative director of the Kentucky Distillery. (Author: Gardener)

Matthew McConaughey Talks Wild TurkeyMatthew McConaughey talks about Wild Turkey Bourbon and five years of marketing "The Juice" Actor Matthew McConaughey has been Creative Director for Wild Turkey Bourbon since 2016. The actor and proud Texan reflects on whiskey, marketing, music and what he learned as a creative director at the Kentucky Distillery. If you want to get Matthew McConaughey to talk, ask him about whiskey. He describes the difference between a six and an eight year old or how a traditional distillery can be brought closer to a new population group becomes poetic. For the past 18 months, McConaughey has published his memoirs, starred in the animated film Sing 2, and even starred in a gubernatorial run in his home state of Texas. But for the past five years he has also dealt with Kentucky's most famous export: bourbon. McConaughey has been the spokesperson and creative director of Wild Turkey since 2016, working with the Campari-owned whiskey to write - and, of course, star in - a variety of ads. He has also participated in many other marketing activities, including virtual bourbon tastings, a Thanksgiving dinner for bartenders in London, and just last month partnered with Australian camping company Homecamp to raise funds for bushfire recreation. Early in his tenure, McConaughey even worked with Wild Turkey's master distillers to create his own whiskey, which he affectionately calls "juice". "I made it clear to them early on that I don't want to just be the defendant who comes in and uses my face and voice," he says. "It's worth something, but I wanted to be part of the creative team." McConaughey is no newbie when it comes to advertising campaigns. In 2014, he signed a multi-year deal with Lincoln Motor Company - in the same year Time named him one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World - and appeared in commercials for several of the automaker's brands. “We sell bourbon. This is not overly serious. And the role of celebrity creative director isn't new. Ryan Reynolds is perhaps one of the most famous creative directors for his work with Aviation Gin, which Diageo acquired for $ 610 million last year. Earlier this year, Drew Barrymore became Creative Officer at Garnier, followed by Kendall Jenner at FWRD, and a decade ago Lady Gaga helped Polaroid creative director design sunglasses with LCD displays. A recent story in the New York Times describes the trend as "a two-way validation system" for both a brand and the celebrity who endorsed it. Even so - and with the ever-growing list of celebrities including Peyton Manning, Andy Roddick, Vera Wang, Kate Hudson, Bill Murray, George Clooney, Michael Jordan, and Snoop Dogg, who put their names on alcohol brands - it's hard for many to articulate why they do like the brands they represent. But when McConaughey - better known for starring in films like Dazed and Confused and Dallas Buyers Club than for his undeclared copywriting - talks about Wild Turkey, he sounds less like a talkative pitchman and more like a brand strategist. He says the first ads he worked on were to reach out to new bourbon drinkers while encouraging an older generation to "dust off the bottle" and "look at it in a slightly different way." It's a story in three acts, he says, and the starting material is always the same: Wild Turkey's longtime Brenner family, the Russells. “We sell bourbon,” says McConaughey. “This is not overly serious. According to Kantar, the bourbon brand outperformed competitors during the pandemic with 19.2% volume growth compared to the broader whiskey category which saw 15% growth. Since McConaughey started working with Wild Turkey, its global portfolio has grown 14.6% - something the company attributes to its campaigns. Arthur Shapiro, former chief marketing officer of Seagrams Whiskey, says whiskey is "a product with history, romance and, perhaps most importantly, Americana." As an advisor, he adds that Bourbon in particular “has a mystique; it has history. ”“ It went from passive marketing to active marketing, ”says Shapiro. Despite modern advertising, Wild Turkey has a lot of history. Founded in 1891 by Thomas Riply, the distillery has changed hands several times since the prohibition period. Jimmy Russell became the third distiller in 1954, decades before his son Eddie Russell joined the company as an assistant in 1981. In 2000, Jimmy Russell was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame, and people familiar with the whiskey world consider the Russell family to be Bourbon royalty. But until recently nobody knew the master burners, says Eddie Russell. “I remember just going to liquor stores, signing bottles, and trying to tell our story. It went on for several years. ”In 2011, two years after Gruppo Campari acquired Wild Turkey from Pernod for $ 575 million, it ran a controversial campaign called“ Give 'em the Bird, ”the middle finger contained on their website and on social media as well as other content leading to a complaint being filed with the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. The trade organization ruled the ad was against their code of ethics and Wild Turkey withdrew the campaign. The signing with McConaughey was in part to expand Wild Turkey's demographics by attracting more women and a more upscale clientele. According to data from the Liquor Handbook 2021, women make up 36.5% of bourbon drinkers, and people who make more than $ 75,000 a year make up nearly 20%. And while some Kentucky distilleries like Buffalo Trace are better known for their collector's bottles, Wild Turkey has retained a reputation among enthusiasts for consistently balancing quality, accessibility, and price. When McConaughey first started working with Wild Turkey, they tried to dispel the perception that bourbon was "male, over 60, after work, on the porch" with a campaign where younger people socialize. Last year, a campaign called "Wonder What If" featured the actor alone in a field talking and asking questions about a bottle of bourbon. “We're not trying to dust off and re-show you a product that you may not have known about,” McConaughey told Forbes. “We say with confidence, now go forward. That's how the Russells came here. That's how Wild Turkey came here. ”Matthew McConaughey on the set of a 2018 promotional shoot for Wild Turkey Bourbon. Since McConaughey writes with a similar rhythm and rhythm to how he speaks, Josh Combs, Executive Creative Director of Wild Turkey, says he tries not to overwork the Interstellar star's words. Combs wrote a script for a recent campaign called "Trust Your Spirit", which McConaughey countered with another. Wild Turkey got some help from the burgeoning bourbon market. S.'s whiskey and bourbon industry has grown by an average of 6.1% since 2016 and will be around $ 4.8 billion in 2021, according to IBISWorld. Meanwhile, the United States' Distilled Spirits Council reported that total case volume for bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and rye whiskey increased 7% and sales increased 8.2% in 2020. The biggest change in the bourbon category in recent years has been the "thirst for knowledge," according to Combs. "There was that moment when it went from 'Hey, I would like an old-fashioned one' to 'I want my Bourbon on the Rocks'," he says. "And if I want my bourbon on the rocks, maybe I should have a different bourbon, so maybe I should understand why this one is spicier, oh that's because it has more rye in it." Like five years of tasting notes sound like Storytelling also played a role in McConaughey's own "juice". While he was making his Long Branch Rye whiskey, which launched in 2018, the Russells sent him a few samples at a time, and he shared feedback through nightly emails, phone calls, and voice messages. From what Russell says, if there were 44 samples (McConaughey recalls it was closer to 80), he tried one that "fits the story I was trying to tell". "Luckily Eddie understood what I was talking about," says McConaughey. I didn't have to change my nomenclature to communicate with Eddie about what I was looking for and liking, or what I was hoping for what turned out to be the Long Branch. ”McConaughey often uses music as a metaphor to describe his tasting notes by adding he compares tannins with highs and sweetness with lows. When asked to pair a bottle of Wild Turkey's signature 101 rye with a ribbon, McConaughey fluted. He paints a picture of a rock concert and says, “101 is coming up to you with a slightly stronger forearm” come over there. ”“ It still has a strong bass line, but you can feel it right away, ”he says. That's why bartenders love it because it can break through any drink you have in there and make it exposed and you know you're drinking a real bourbon. ”So, how does Long Branch sound? “Great storyteller,” says McConaughey. “You can still call it country, but there is some rock and roll elbow grease in it. And it's got a great rhythm with some very clever lyrics that make you say, 'Oh, I didn't see the story go like this, but I like the story I'm told. ""


5 takeaways from 49ers Loss to the Titans

The real Jimmy Garoppolo reappeared, plus four other takeaways from the Nashville 49ers' clunker. (Author: Gardener)

TitansThe 49ers stormed into Nashville with a methodical opening attack on Thursday night and went 7-0 early against the host Titans. Then the wheels fell off and Jimmy Garoppolo returned to his nervous form of quenching the 49ers' prime-time road win and putting their playoff hopes in a more precarious position. After Garoppolo threw two terrible interceptions on losing the road to Seattle, Garoppolo was credited with leading the 49ers on a drive that resulted in a turnover on downs at the 3-yard line. Sales were billed as an variance, and the narrative of Garoppolo as the comeback king came back to life, though the comeback never came to fruition. A week later, Garoppolo took his efficiency tour to Cincinnati, was again lauded for rides the YAC brothers got their YACs on, and avoids criticism for the all-pro security expert Jessie Bates' abandoning six end rule. It was billed as a variance again, the 49ers held out overtime, and Garoppolo earned a "Mic'd Up" montage on ESPN against Atlanta and was the talk of the town for every "I-did-I-already" - Apologists for the Run It Back narrative. When the 49ers brought home the humble Atlanta Falcons, Kyle Shanahan was in his pocket, averaging 7.1 yards per game behind a dominant offensive line, a crucial run by Jeff Wilson and the continuation of George Kittle as a downfield threat. After a great opening drive interrupted by a Jeff Wilson touchdown run, the 49ers were right back in the red zone on the following drive. Shanahan was in his pocket, playing short passes at Juszcyzk and Wilson, and Garoppolo found Kittle in a soft zone with no one within five meters of him. A minute later, Garoppolo pulled a ball in the end zone towards Kittle without pressure (more on that later), but it was intercepted by Janoris Jenkins, who ultimately looked like the intended receiver. After the game, Garoppolo explained it by saying, "Whenever you have a one-on-one interview with George in the red zone, I take it every day of the week." Obviously, that means even when it's completely covered. After the game, Garoppolo said the same thing but credited Jenkins for "making a good game". Three minutes later, Garoppolo sailed a ball over a wide-open Kyle Juszczyk in a leak play on the sideline. With no one within 10 meters of Juice and with absolutely no pressure on Garoppolo in their pockets, it would have been a running result to bring the 49ers 14-0 up. Later in the second quarter, Garoppolo almost tossed a Pick-6 back to Rashaan Evans as if he were the intended recipient, but Evans let it go right through his hands. On the very next move, Garoppolo got five seconds in a clean pocket, but then picked up a sack and almost fiddled with it, resulting in a punt from Mitch Wishnowsky. The 49ers got the ball back on another great defensive stance, only to toss Garoppolo almost his third interception of the night, thinking he had a free game (he didn't), throwing Jauan Jennings deep and just past the handle of Kevin Byard. It was more the same in the second half, when Garoppolo threw his second intercept of the night right (no pressure) at a Titans defender while trying to force him to the triple-capped Deebo Samuel and get them into the red zone and that Tie game 10-10 to clear the 49ers lead, a lead they would never give up. Later in the quarter, Garoppolo picked up another sack in 1st and 20th place, this time holding the ball in a clean pocket for a full six seconds. With the 49ers now 8-7 years old, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan face the reality that their attempt to roll back Garoppolo at the expense of Trey Lance's growth and financial rewards for building roster with a quarterback on a rookie contract , didn't work as you imagined. After the game, both Shanahan and Garoppolo failed to hold Garoppolo accountable and kicked the can down the street until the Niners hosted the sad Texans in Santa Clara on January 2nd. Given Garoppolo's problems, a fan reading the boxing score might assume that Garoppolo was under duress all night. PFF found that 76% of the snaps passing by Garoppolo had a clean bag, with all of his bags, interceptions, and "should-have" interceptions coming from a bag that was clean for at least five seconds. The 49ers didn't do badly in the run game against a rush defense, giving up just 3.9 yards per carry this season and just 43 yards in the past two weeks. In one of my "Keys to Victory" I talked about how Shanahan would be smart to give Garoppolo simple looks and try to neutralize the dangerous pass frenzy of the Titans of Harold Landry, Denico Autry and Jeffery Simmons. Shanahan did just that, and the offensive paralyzed Landry and his companions all night. For all the grief Tom Compton took as a pass guard in place of the injured Mike McGlinchey, he was phenomenal at every stage of the game on Thursday night. Compton routinely played into Landry's aggressive style of play, slipping him comfortably outside and behind his pocket, leaving Garoppolo an eternity to throw casual interceptions all night. 3. Ambry Thomas came to play but cornerback situation still Dicey Another player who has been a punching bag for the fans over the past few weeks is Ambry Thomas, the Michigan rookie cornerback who was struggling with playing time until recently to get. After going up and down in multiple games against Ja'Marr Chase and Kyle Pitts, Thomas did well on Thursday, making two PBUs against AJ Brown, one of which ended up crucially in the end zone. His only real snafu of the night was a 41-yard Brown pickup with a real "50-50" ball, in which Brown got away with a borderline offensive pass interference kick. The Titans made a big adjustment in the second half by moving AJ Brown to the left side of the line-up where he could enjoy Norman and put him in difficult one-off situations with isolated man marking. In many situations, Norman gave up his initial close cover, leaving Brown two to three yards of padded separation, resulting in a touchdown and a game-winning field goal. With the playoffs coming up and despite the excellent play from Jimmie Ward and Jaquiski Tartt lately, the cornerback situation remains the 49ers' biggest weakness outside of quarterback. The defense really came into play last night, but was often put in a difficult position by Garoppolo's ball losses and sacks. This discrepancy in offensive efficiency versus identical possession time was the result of the 49ers allowing the Titans to convert a first down on 60% of the Titans' third down plays. To make matters worse, these third downs were often third and long situations, with Tannehill converting 11 of 13 passes for 149 yards, with 82% of those completions resulting in first downs. That being said, despite the shaky cornerback play, it looks like this may be an abnormal performance by the 49ers in terms of third down efficiency. The only other game this season where the 49ers allowed over 50 percent third-down conversions was against Chicago on Halloween. My most important key to winning the game before the game was that the 49ers keep forcing the Titans to flip the ball. In the three previous losses the Titans had lost, they had given the ball away a whopping THIRTEEN times! In these games their opponents had no turnover. On Thursday night, Garoppolo threw two interceptions that earned the Titans seven points and took at least three points off the board for the 49ers (not to mention the remaining points on the board from huge misses against Juice and Aiyuk). This should have been a night where the 49ers feasted on third and long situations while the four of them hurried. Although they scored four sacks during the game, they didn't inflict the abuse many thought they would against inferior competition. Ryan Tannehill entered the game at the top of the NFL in interceptions. They didn't succeed last night, and along with Garoppolo's ruthless play, that was a recipe for disaster for a team that will try to get back to the Victory Column when it welcomes the Texans on January 2nd.


Five thoughts on Iowa State Football's fifth straight bowl game under Matt Campbell

The Iowa state super-seniors helped make Cyclones football nationally relevant. It is fair that their adventure together end in another postseason game. (Author: Gardener)

Iowa State Football'sImagine the emotion on the Iowa State sideline in the final seconds of the December 29th Cheez-It Bowl against Clemson. Culture-changing seniors will have played their fifth and final bowl game for a coach who recruited them only with the hope and dream of success. These seven returned for the super senior season when they could have moved on to the next phase of their lives. Allen, Uwazurike, and Hummel are believed to have played as the Cyclones in five bowl games. They will go down in Iowa's track and field history as the players who helped make Cyclones Football nationally relevant. It is fair that their adventure together end in another postseason game. More: While Breece Hall Goes To The NFL, Iowa State's Jirehl Brock Gets His Shot In The Cheez-It Bowl "For every bowl game, it's the trip to where the bowl location is," said Hummel. “Basically, I've come to a point where it's normal for me to spend Christmas in a hotel. Nice, actually. ”These seven spent Christmas together for the past four years in Memphis, San Antonio, Orlando, and Phoenix. "I wouldn't brag about that or anything, but in retrospect it's pretty cool and something I'm definitely proud of," said Hummel. “I was definitely blessed to come here by the time I did. It shows that all the work of the past four or five years pays off at the end of the season. ”The Cheez-It and the previous three bowls were expected. "I don't think anyone expected to get a bowl game this year," Hummel recalled. I never expected to play in five bowl games. If I had told myself this as a senior high school student, I would probably have thought I was lying. It was really cool. Here are four more thoughts a week before the Cyclones' fifth straight bowl game. The knee-jerk reaction when Iowa state soccer players started hitting the transfer portal was predictable. In fact, it's just the opposite. Because they feared that high-ranking recruits by 2022 could devour part of their playing time. If the feedback from starters Anthony Johnson (cornerback), Will McDonald (defensive end) and Xavier Hutchinson (recipient) resulted in a rush to the portal, that's fine. It's a win for the state of Iowa as loyalty has re-established itself. It's a win for the portal guys because they can look for places where they have more options. I go back to what Jirehl Brock said last spring when someone asked if he wanted to play behind Breece Hall but he chose to stay a Cyclone. “When I signed up to the state of Iowa, I signed up to the state of Iowa for the next four to five years,” he said. I didn't just commit to playing football. I advocated the team's culture here. Coach Campbell has built a culture here that is second to none. I'm a family person and I see that so much in Coach Campbell. It's not just with his family; it's with us as a team. "It's easier to trust someone like that than not." More: Peterson: Matt Campbell and Iowa State versus Clemson is a very fascinating bowl match. I heard this performance shortly after the bowl announcement, as the Tigers have played in the last six college football playoffs and won three of them. Sorry, but isn't Iowa State stepping down after winning a New Year's Six Bowl last season? "First of all, this is a great bowl," said Clemson trainer Dabo Swinney during a bowl-zoom conference. “This is not a lower level bowl. I think this is a great bowl and it is a great opportunity and experience for us as coaches and our staff and great student athletes. That was the 2019 Camping World game against Notre Dame, a game where some players had that deer-in-headlights look. The Cyclones lost two fumbles, had only 272 yards of attack, and were outplayed from start to finish. Iowa State also ended the regular season with four losses in their last six games. "I think we weren't ready to play against a team like Notre Dame at the time," said Hummel. “The interesting thing about being selected against a team of similar caliber is that we go into this game much more confidently and excitedly than we do the Notre Dame game - or maybe we were just naive about the Notre Dame game. We're definitely more confident in this game. ”Well, see, but think of it this way: the two-time Iowa State first-team all-American running back isn't playing. Clemson's rush defense is eighth nationwide, allowing 98.3 yards per game. Only one of the Tigers' last five opponents (Louisville at 223) stormed for more than 43 yards. Boston College, Wake Forest, and Pittsburgh passed for more than 300 yards. Purdy has completed 110 of his last 151 passes (72.8%) for 1,151 yards and six touchdowns, and that doesn't even include what he did when the Cyclones beat Oklahoma State: 27-for-33 for 307 yards and two touchdowns . "It's great for him to be able to play his best football when we need him, man," said Campbell, more than Brock Purdy. "More: Iowa State Football's top receiver Xavier Hutchinson returns for the season Back in 2022 Iowa State columnist Randy Peterson began his 50th year writing sports for the Des Moines Register in December 2021. This article originally appeared on Des Moines Register: 5 Thoughts As Iowa State Football Goes to the 2021 Cheez-It Bowl


New US Geological Survey Model reveals earthquake hazard for the Hawaiian Islands

The US Geological Survey has updated its soil tremor model, published online in Earthquake Spectra magazine, which shows a 90 percent chance that 345,000 people in the islands of Hawaii and Maui could experience harmful tremors over the next 100 years. (Author: Gardener)

New USHawaii is a seismically active state, where thousands of earthquakes are recorded by the USGS 'Hawaiian Volcano Observatory every year. Hawaii has experienced devastating ground tremors over the decades, with two 6.7 magnitude earthquakes in 2006 and 2018. Monitoring current volcanic activity - including the Kīlauea volcano eruption, which began in September. The updated US Geological Survey ground vibration model, published online in Earthquake Spectra magazine, shows a 90% chance that 345,000 people in the islands of Hawaii and Maui could experience harmful tremors over the next 100 years. A lesser but significant chance of harmful shaking is expected throughout O'ahu; In the southeastern part of the island, near Honolulu, there is a greater than 50% chance that harmful tremors will occur during this period. The vibration levels on the southernmost islands are comparable to the vibration levels expected in parts of the California coast. “The previous hazard model was developed over 20 years ago and since then we have seen several major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; and we have collected deformation, ground and high motion data that can be used to improve that prediction, ”said Mark Petersen, USGS research geophysicist and lead author of the paper. The new seismic hazard maps can be used to update building codes and other planning documents that should improve seismic safety across Hawaii. ”The map and publication include new earthquake catalogs, active fault activity assessments using geological and geodetic (GPS) surveys and evaluations of high-vibration data to define the ground vibration levels expected from earthquakes in the Hawaiian Islands. Near the active volcanoes Kīlauea and Mauna Loa in the southernmost part of the island of Hawaii, the ground tremors are predicted to be strongest. Here, igneous activity pushes the crust outward toward the ocean along a near-horizontal fault located about 10 km below the surface. These provided data that helped define the vibration levels predicted by the model. "Repeated collapses of the volcanic caldera may have caused harmful ground vibrations during the 2018 volcanic eruption, so a new model was developed to assess this risk," said Petersen. Although earthquake activity is still high today, it appears to have declined compared to the previous century, which could be related to lower volcanic activity on Mauna Loa. Variations in the earthquake activity are taken into account in the new models with the expectation that the earthquake activity could return to the previous level or continue at the current level. The predicted vibration levels on the islands northwest of Maui are lower, and noxious earthquakes are less common as this region is further from the magma source that is currently beneath the island of Hawaii. Earthquakes in this region result from the bending of the earth's crust due to the weight of the volcanoes above and from nearby oceanic fracture zones. Despite less frequent earthquake activity and a lower likelihood of harmful tremors, earthquakes in the North Island of Hawaii and Maui, Lānaʻi, Moloka'i, O'ahu, Kaui'i and Ni'ihau are still possible and can occur at depths as close as possible Surface ranging up to 25 miles. A major earthquake in 2006 occurred at a depth of approximately 30 km and was strongly felt in the northern part of the island of Hawaii and on Maui, causing significant damage and loss. A major earthquake in 1871 near Lāna‘i is believed to have breached an oceanic fracture zone, and a 1948 earthquake near O‘ahu caused minor damage to Honolulu. These earthquakes signal the lesser but significant risk for the northwestern part of the Hawaiian island chain.


The Chicago Bears made every effort to acquire Russell Wilson in the off-season. Would you - and Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy - be better off if the deal got closed?

In an alternate universe where the Chicago Bears struck a deal for Russell Wilson, would they fight for a playoff spot on Sunday when he returned to Seattle instead of worrying about a pink slip on their paycheck? It's interesting to ask what if the bears could have made a massive trade for Wilson in March and boy did they try to make that happen. Flashback to January ... (Author: Gardener)

Russell WilsonChicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields runs on the field on day one of the rookie minicamp at Halas Hall on May 14, 2021. In an alternate universe where the Chicago Bears made a deal for Russell Wilson, would they be fighting for a playoff spot on Sunday? on his return to Seattle instead of worrying about a pink slip on her paycheck? It's interesting to ask what if the bears could have made a massive trade for Wilson in March and boy did they try to make that happen. Flashback to January and the days after the Bears lost the playoffs in the New Orleans wildcard round. General Manager Ryan Pace and trainer Matt Nagy learned after meeting with Chairman George McCaskey that they would stay in place and search for the next quarterback around the clock. They were just as stunned as anyone when they found the Bears listed as one of four teams that Wilson, who has a full no-trade clause in his contract, would be adding to the list as soon as after At the Super Bowl it became clear that all was not going well in Seattle. The Cowboys were signed to Dak Prescott, the Raiders refused to pay a ransom for Wilson under contract with Derek Carr, and the Saints were trying to dig out of the hell of the salary cap. If a deal was struck, the Bears would be the ones to do it, and in early March the Wilson acquisition was the team's top priority, according to multiple sources. What exactly the Bears offered for Wilson remains unknown, but suffice it to say it was a package that contained three first-round picks and more. Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields hands the roster to Khalil Herbert's running back on day one of the rookie minicamp at Halas Hall on May 14, 2021, and was not inclined to go from a must-have to a have-nothing. As that door closed, the bears turned to the draft, knowing they had to find a way to move up from 20th place on lap 1 for a chance at a promising rookie. They signed veteran Andy Dalton on a $ 10 million one-year deal, and behind the scenes, the Bears made it clear that they had exhausted every possible corner in an effort to win Wilson over. The Bears sent the New York Giants two first-round picks, a 2020 five-round pick and a 2021 four-round pick to move up to 11th place and select Justin Fields. Fields studied Wilson's game while preparing for the NFL, and they have similar skills. "Russell is doing a great job of extending games, not just him, but also the receivers they have there," Fields said. “You have a lot of explosive plays-off scrambles. That's one thing you can take away from Russell's game. He's a great quarterback and a great person. ”The question arises, would the Bears be better off with Wilson or Fields? The Seahawks (5-9) will have their first losing season since 2011, the year before Wilson was drafted. Wilson had a tough season, missing three games due to finger surgery. The Seahawks had a season low of 214 yards in their 20:10 loss at the Los Angeles Rams on Tuesday evening. Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields, 1, warms up on the first day of the rookie minicamp at Halas Hall on May 14, 2021. "He still has a finger in his throwing hand that is currently on the upswing," Carroll told Seattle Media. But the fact remains, he has yet to deal with it. ”Quarterback Justin Fields throws a pass during the Chicago Bears rookie minicamp at Halas Hall on May 15, 2021. If you imagine a healthy Wilson, 33, with the Bears this season, it's easy to predict that the offensive will be a lot better. The Bears could have tackled Wilson's $ 19 million salary cap, though it would have required some maneuvers. There are an endless number of interrelated movements that would have influenced the Wilson acquisition. Perhaps that would have resulted in a long-term deal for wide receiver Allen Robinson, if only to lower his cap hit. Wilson's contract would require juggling forward, but that comes with territory when you have a franchise quarterback picked for seven Pro Bowls. Maybe Pace and Nagy's job statuses weren't being scrutinized at Wilson. Of course, without a first-round pick, the Bears would look ahead to the 2022 and 2023 drafts, and more would have been shipped to Seattle as part of the deal. "It just depends on how Nagy would train him if the bears got Wilson," said one seasoned scout. “Would he have been willing to adapt his offensive structure more closely to the instinctive characteristics of Russell Wilson? If he did, yes they would be better because they played a rookie and Andy Dalton. There are many factors that make this crime so poor. In a perfect world, Fields takes a big step forward next season when the Bears run low on draft funds. Fields has immense skills with greater mobility than Wilson, and he will have nearly a full season of experience by the end of this year. Bears QBs Justin Fields (1) and Andy Dalton (14) perform drills during the OTAs at Halas Hall on June 2nd, 2021. Fields has started 10 games this season but has an ankle injury. The Bears named Nick Foles for the starter Sunday against the Seahawks on Friday. Everything in Fields' game is under construction and will be guided by the coaching path chosen by the organization. With a quarterback on his first contract, the Bears will have more flexibility in building the squad around Fields. Wilson would almost certainly have made the offensive better now, but at a high price. This is the reality of the Bears, the quarterback position, and their never-ending search for a savior. DK Metcalf, 6-foot-4, 235 pounds, is in his third season after Seattle drafted him from Mississippi in the 2019 second round. Former Bears Guard's son Terrence Metcalf has 62 receptions for 805 yards (13.0 average) with eight touchdowns. Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) lines up for stretching during the OTAs at Halas Hall on June 9, 2021. It takes Metcalf 68 more yards to overtake Joey Galloway for the most yards in a player's first three seasons with the Seahawks (3,076) (3,076). 25 touchdowns in his career only Randy Moss, 36, and Odell Beckham Jr.Metcalf's production has declined since Russell Wilson was injured, and all of his eight touchdown receptions came in the first eight games. He has not received more than 60 yards in the last seven games. "You have many isolation routes to the border or from the split position as an external recipient," said the scout. “They do a lot of fade routes, verticals and stop routes and comebacks and really try to isolate him. I thought Shane Waldron's offensive - this is the first year - was going to see more staged things where they'd try to let him loose on in-breakers and crossers where he'd have the chance to hit one after being caught in the open field To manage production because it has such a great straight line speed. “What people at DK always talk about is the three-cone time on the combine (7.38 seconds) because you will always see it in your game. He has tension in his hips and it will be a while before he gets out of his breaks. But he's a really powerful athlete who can run in the low 4.4s or high 4.3s and stretch the defense vertically over the top. I think you've seen him develop a lot more nuances in the route tree since his rookie season. “There will always be parts of his game that show up because of the type of athlete he is and how he is built. They haven't maximized his ability in that passing game this season and that has been a big problem. The timing and rhythm with Russell Wilson sometimes wasn't there, and the Seahawks need to find ways to give him touch. They didn't do that well because it's the No. 1 wide receiver and a constant threat when used properly. "


Did John Mulaney and Olivia Munn have their baby?

COMEDIAN and former SNL star John Mulaney welcomed a child with actress Olivia Munn. The two announced their pregnancy in September 2021, stating that the baby will be sometime before the end ... (Author: Gardener)

John MulaneyThe two announced their pregnancy in September 2021 and said the baby will be born before the end of the year. John Mulaney and Olivia Munn reportedly welcomed their first child together, a son, on Nov. 24, TMZ reported. She reportedly gave birth to the baby in Los Angeles the day before Thanksgiving. The couple didn't publicly announce the birth of their child until December 24, 2021, when Munn shared a photo of the newborn on Instagram. "My baby gold ox. Happy Holidays," she captioned the photo shared on Christmas Eve. In September 2021, Mulaney publicly announced his relationship with Munn and the fact that the two are expecting. On October 23, 2021, unconfirmed rumors began to spread that Mulaney and Munn allegedly broke up. The anonymous gossip site Deuxmoi shared a blind article that said the two had gone their separate ways. The post said, “I recently heard from a fairly reliable source that this BC List celebrity and her baby daddy A List Comedian recently quit. but she heard they weren't trying to fake the relationship in public, but neither were they going to announce it. ”Although nothing has been publicly confirmed, people used Twitter to share their opinions. One user wrote: "'Olivia Munn and John Mulaney broke up!' It's almost like leaving your wife and jumping into a new relationship and the new girl getting pregnant less than 6 months after checking out of rehab where they definitely said this was a bad idea. All new thing I learn about Olivia Munn and John Mulaney, I learn against my will. "Mulaney filed for divorce from his seven-year-old wife Anna Marie Tendler in July 2021. Mulaney reportedly filed for divorce in February 2021. Tendler said at the time:" I am heartbroken that John decided to end our marriage after a 60 day rehab for Mulaney, who is recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. In September 2021, Mulaney appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where he became famous announced that he is with Olivia Munn and the two are expecting a child together. "I went to Los Angeles that spring and met a wonderful woman named Olivia - Olivia Munn," said he


The weird, weird last-second story between the Atlanta Falcons and the Detroit Lions

Regardless of the circumstances, the Falcons and Lions find ways to play close games, decided by bizarre, viral, and inexplicable endings. (Author: Gardener)

the Atlanta FalconsHe wasn't involved in any of the games he was asked about, not even as the head coach of the Falcons in Atlanta. But yes, he knows games with interesting endings. And how sometimes teams can play against each other and curiosities arise. Although he's never been with the Falcons when they played the Detroit Lions, which will be held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday, it has a story. He himself remembered being with Ole Miss and just knowing that when playing games with LSU, something always happened. In the NFL, it was the Falcons and the Lions. The last three games between the teams took place in three cities on two continents with five different head coaches. However, they all had one very bizarre, weird thing in common: all three games were decided after the final move and ended in some bizarre ways. "We can't let strange things happen, man," said Falcons linebacker Steven Means. Weird was the modus operandi for Atlanta and Detroit, two franchises that have seen significant amounts of in-game and end-game craziness. And maybe, just maybe, history can play a role. "It really shouldn't matter, in practical terms," ​​said Smith. "But strange things happen." In reality, this game shouldn't have been very close. The Falcons were on their last breath of the Mike Smith era. Detroit, under first-year head coach Jim Caldwell, was well on its way to its best season in decades. And a large part of the reasons this happened for the Lions was because of the events in London. Atlanta took a 21-0 lead in the first half. The Falcons, who had dominated the Lions for the first 30 minutes, would no longer score. Atlanta gave up 22 points in a row - at the time when the lost half-time lead was the biggest in team history at 21 points - but the last three got tough. Detroit got the ball back two points behind, 1:38 down the Lions' 7-yard line. Matthew Stafford drove the ball across the field to the Atlanta 25-yard line in preparation for a potentially game-winning field goal from Matt Prater. The Prater lined up to score a 43-yard field goal four seconds from time. Atlanta thought it won. Game delay. Since there was no playrun, no 10 second lap was enforced (remember that for later) and the Prater was given a second chance from 48 meters away (again, remember that). The Prater made an adjustment from its first kick to its second kick, and 5 yards back Prater kicked it, sending the Lions to 6-2 and continuing on its way to the playoffs. "That was tough," said Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. It was an early season matchup - both Atlanta and Detroit were 2-0 - and one between the quarterbacks who had become good friends, Ryan and Stafford. The game began with players from Atlanta and Detroit kneeling and others crossing their arms during the national anthem to protest then-President Donald Trump's comments that players should be fired for not standing for the national anthem. Then the game started and the Falcons took the lead 17-3. Detroit came back but was 30-26 behind when Stafford got the ball 2:33 to the left and needed a touchdown to win. The Lions drove to the Falcons' 1-yard line with 19 seconds remaining. After two incomplete passes, Stafford snapped 12 seconds to go. He threw a pass to Golden Tate, who initially signaled he was going to score a touchdown to give the Lions the lead with nine seconds on the clock. Except as with every valuation game, there is an automatic check. "It was weird because for a split second we thought we'd lost," said Falcon's left tackle Jake Matthews. The game ended before the end zone - essentially tackled at the goal line by Brian Poole. With Detroit playing a game and running out of timeouts, this time a 10-second run-off was introduced. Game over. "I don't think anyone on our sideline except maybe a few coaches knew there was going to be a 10-second round and the game was over," said Prater. The game was called correctly, even though the Lions defensive lineman Cornelius Washington thought Detroit was "hosed down by the umpires". They didn't, even if the piece taught a new rule to many, many fans. 2020: Lions 23, Falcons 22 (The Touchdown Nobody Wanted) In an inter-team game that went nowhere - Atlanta sacked head coach Dan Quinn; the Lions were still a month away from releasing Matt Patricia - excitement and a bit of madness still managed to show up. Atlanta looked like it could take its second straight win under interim head coach Raheem Morris. All the Hawks had to do was not score a touchdown. 16-14 behind, they just missed the goal line and Younghoe Koo would have a chip-shot field goal for a win. Then Todd Gurley got the ball. Lions defenders avoided it as best they could. Gurley tried to stop outside the end zone - and fell about 6 inches in, causing Detroit linebacker Jamie Collins to celebrate by raising his hands with a touchdown signal. Lions linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin pointed to the end zone to make sure the umpires saw him. It was strange for Gurley - he had a similar situation in his last game against the Lions when he was in Los Angeles - and it fell right. But "my swing picked me up." The touchdown and two-point conversion gave Atlanta a 22-16 lead with 1:03 to go. "You can always learn from this," said Falcons recipient Russell Gage. The Falcons gave Stafford another chance at the ball. "We knew Matt had only one chance," said Duron Harmon, then Lions, now Falcons Safety. He drove the ball across the field and found T. J. Hockenson in the end zone to equalize the game on the last play. An extra point from the Prater would win it. "I don't know if it was a TV break or something out there trying to figure out the penalties, and I felt like I was out for a long time before that kick," said Prater. “When the umpires started going up the stairs, I thought it was a 5 yard penalty. "And then they kept going and I was like, 'Wow, that makes it pretty interesting.'" -Game-assisted-game-winning field goal the same weekend seven years ago. Based on the last three meetings between the teams, you know anything can happen - but don't be surprised if it ends up with a bit whimsical. The last three games may have shown it for both teams. "I think it's just weird how many of these games ended in strange ways," said Ryan. "Apparently not every team that you thought would win ended up winning these games, really, since we played them in London.


Candace Parker announces marriage to wife, baby is on its way

The former Lady Vol All-American and two-time NCAA champion has crowned a full year on and off the court. (Author: Gardener)

NCAACandace Parker has gone from the NBA 2K video game cover to the debut of her signature shoe to a WNBA championship in her hometown of Chicago for a full year. However, the most personal message for the last month of 2021 saved her with the announcement that she and her wife Anna Petrakova are expecting a child. Parker and Petrakova wed two years ago in a private ceremony with family and friends - who kept it private - but the relationship between the two basketball players was obvious to anyone who followed them on Instagram. On Tuesday afternoon, Parker posted on Instagram that the family was growing and that their daughter Lailaa would become a big sister. 2 years ago I got to marry my best friend in front of our close family and friends. Thank you for always loving Lailaa as your own, my calm, my support, my voice of reason, my laughter, my cuddling, my dancing in the rain, my happiness, my home ... Thank you for constantly challenging me and telling me when i'm wrong ??. I LOVE YOU?? It took about five minutes for Candace Parker to get hip on Twitter, and the news immediately received national coverage, including People magazine, a reference to the celebrity that Parker won after a stellar career in Tennessee with two national titles in 2007 and became 2008. Candace Parker writes a warm anniversary message to her wife Anna announcing that the couple are expecting a baby. “I can't wait to start this next chapter in life with you.” Https:// - Annie Costabile (@AnnieCostabile) December 14, 2021 The day after Parker Tennessee played the late Pat Summitt's finale leading the national championship on April 8, 2008, she was drafted by the Los Angeles Sparks and named WNBA Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year, the only player to ever win both in the same season, returning to the Sparks in 2009 in Six Weeks after giving birth to Lailaa, averaging 18 points and 10.7 rebounds per game, helping the Sparks a place in the Western Conference finals, the former Lady Vol All-American won her first WNBA championship in 2016, less than four Months after Summitt passed away from Alzheimer's disease and burst into tears after the game, only managed to clutch the basketball and say, "This is for Pat." After 15 seasons with the Sparks, Parker signed with Chicago Sky last winter and helped lead the franchise to its first WNBA championship, and Lailaa, who will turn 13 in 2022, has been a constant presence by her mom throughout her basketball career - and made her seventh grade debut on Monday with 20 points and 22 rebounds. Parker played in Russia, Turkey and China overseas for 10 years in the offseason. Lailaa's father is Shelden Williams, a former Duke and NBA player who was married to Parker from 2008 to 2016. Parker and Williams share custody, and Lailaa is close to both parents. Petrakova, who is pregnant with Parker's second child, played for the Russian women's national basketball team, which finished fourth in the 2012 Summer Olympics last year.Parker played on the U.S. Olympic team and contributed to the United States to lead a goal medal Open SuperCup Women with UMMC Ekaterinburg. Now that @Candace_Parker has announced the news, please enjoy this video of Lailaa returning home trying to teach Anna a tiktok dance. Lailaa is about to be a great big sister - Cora Hall (@corahallll) December 14, 2021 Parker and Petrakova played together for UMMC Ekaterinburg, a team that also featured Chicago Sky's Courtney Vandersloot and Allie Quigley . We have always dreamed of growing our family ... it's surreal that now we have a baby on the way! Lailaa is pumped to be a big sister! Glowing as I understand I have to keep loving, kissing, and talking to your tummy AND yeah ... playing Jay-Z for the baby (Goose knows "Song Cry" by heart ??!) Can't wait to get started on this next one Chapter in life with you! "So I love you because the entire universe has conspired to help me find you." -Alchemist Congratulations @Candace_Parker ???? - WSLAM (@wslam) December 14, 2021 Parker returned to her alma mater in October, also accompanied by Petrakova and Lailaa, to serve as Grand Marshal of the Tennessee Homecoming Parade and was honored during the Vol Football game. The year 2021 was the world of Candace Parker.


Wizards resist Walker's big night, hitting curtseyes 124-117

NEW YORK (AP) - Washington’s Kyle Kuzma had the latest standout numbers from Kemba Walker ... (Author: Gardener)

WalkerWashington Wizards striker Kyle Kuzma (33) and teammate Spencer Dinwiddie gesture after Kuzma's 3-pointer during the second half of the team's NBA basketball game against the New York Knicks on Thursday, December 23, 2021, in New York. Washington Wizards forward Corey Kispert, 24, drives past New York Knicks security guard Evan Fournier, 13, during the first half of an NBA basketball game on Thursday, December 23, 2021 in New York. New York Knicks Guardian Kemba Walker (8) drives past Washington Wizards striker Deni Avdija during the second half of an NBA basketball game on Thursday, December 23, 2021 in New York. New York Knicks striker Julius Randle saves the ball during the second half of the team's NBA basketball game against the Washington Wizards in New York on Thursday, December 23, 2021. New York Knicks Guardian Kemba Walker (8) directs the ball around the Washington Wizards Center Montrezl Harrell (6) during the second half of an NBA basketball game in New York on Thursday, December 23, 2021. Washington Wizards Guard Spencer Dinwiddie (26) reacts after scoring a 3-point basket in the second half of the team's NBA basketball game against the New York Knicks on Thursday, December 23, 2021 in New York. Washington Wizards Guard Spencer Dinwiddie reacts during the second half of the team's NBA basketball game against the New York Knicks on Thursday, December 23, 2021, in New York. New York Knicks striker Julius Randle reacts to being called to a foul in the second half of the team's NBA basketball game against the Washington Wizards on Thursday, December 23, 2021 in New York. Washington Wizards center Daniel Gafford (21) dives over New York Knicks striker Jericho Sims (45) during the second half of an NBA basketball game on Thursday, December 23, 2021 in New York. New York Knicks manager Tom Thibodeau responds to a call during the second half of the team's NBA basketball game against the Washington Wizards on Thursday, December 23, 2021, in New York. NEW YORK (AP) - Washington's Kyle Kuzma had Kemba Walker's recent standout numbers in mind and wondered why the New York Guard had been buried at the end of the bank for nearly three weeks. Walker showed up on Thursday night and scored 44 points. But the Wizards held up to both his hot hand and a rally of the Knicks in the fourth quarter to beat New York 124-117. The Knicks had retreated to two points at 2:40 in the game, then Kuzma made consecutive 3-pointers to give Washington an insurmountable lead. "We just made big shots," said Kuzma. “They did a good job and just kept fighting, regardless of whether it was Kemba who obviously wore them for the whole game. ... We just did a good job taking their blows and hitting them back as well as making big shots in time. ”Spencer Dinwiddie had 21 points and 12 assists to lead the Wizards who were without All-Star Guardian Bradley Beal after coming forward The game was added to the league's list of COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Dinwiddie, who had intermittent problems in his first season in Washington after playing just three games in Brooklyn last year, came into the game with an average of 12.3 points and shot 37.8% off the field. "You have to understand that we all have jobs to do and I try to consistently do what is asked of me," said Dinwiddie. I want to take every shot. I want to play every defensive game. I want to get an average of 50 points and 20 assists and 30 rebounds. But it's just not like that. "Corey Kispert, the 15th overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft, filled in on his debut with a career high of 20 points. Kuzma added 18 points and 10 rebounds, Montrezl Harrell had 15 points and Deni Avdija chipped 14. All-Star striker Julius Randle had 23 points and Alec Burks added 20 for New York, which has lost 11 of 17 home games this season. Walker scored 28 of his 44 points in the second half. But I really wish we could have won, to be honest, "said Walker. He has averaged 31.3 points in his last three games after New York coach Tom Thibodeau pulled him out of rotation and seeded him nine games in a row." He played a monster game but we lost, "said Thibodeau." So it's a shame to waste so much effort on a game like this. "The Wizards took a 12-0 lead at the beginning of the third quarter and called 71: 66 in the lead, held New York in check for the entire fourth quarter, extending their lead to 109-102 after a 3-pointer from Dinwiddie. The Knicks got five points in a row, including a 3-pointer from Evan Fournier to reduce the gap to 109-107, 2:40. But Kuzma's 3s helped the Wizards win 118-111 with 58 seconds remaining. Wizard: Washington went 1-4 on its five game journey despite the fact that Tuesday's scheduled competition against the Nets was postponed because Brooklyn had too many people under the COVID-19 protocols. All five starters from Washington achieved double digits; Aaron Holiday had 16 points and Daniel Gafford had chips in 11. Knicks: F Obi Toppin returned to the line-up after missing the last five games for being on the list of health and safety protocols. ... New York had won their last three games against Washington before losing on Thursday night.