Gavi scores a brilliant solo goal in the win against Barcelona

Watch the highlights as Gavi's solo appearance and a late goal from Nico Gonzalez beat Barcelona 3-2 in La Liga against Elche. (Author: Gardener)

BarcelonaWatch the highlights as Gavi's solo appearance and a late goal from Nico Gonzalez beat Barcelona 3-2 in La Liga against Elche. Listen to the Euro Leagues podcast on BBC Sounds.


Barcelona striker Ousmane Dembele transfer development in the course of Liverpool and interested parties

Barcelona director Mateu Alemany has provided an update on the transfer status of the French international and Liverpool goal Ousmane Dembele. (Author: Gardener)

Ousmane DembeleBarcelona director Mateu Alemany has provided an update on the transfer status of the French international and Liverpool goal Ousmane Dembele. Barcelona director Mateu Alemany has provided an update on the transfer status of the French international and Liverpool goal Ousmane Dembele. The 24-year-old is out of contract at the end of the season and has been linked with a move from the club as it is claimed Liverpool made a huge offer to the player. Highly rated by Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, the player excelled at Borussia Dortmund before being signed by Barcelona in 2017 for a reported £ 120m transfer, hampered by injury problems. In the past few months there have been several reports suggesting that Dembele was interested in moving on and linking him to moving from Nou Camp, but it appears that he is now about to extend his stay. As reported by Fabrizio Romano, Alemany have suggested that Dembele have announced their intention to stay in Spain and the club expect to tie the player by the end of the year. "Barcelona director Mateu Alemany:" Ousmane Dembélé always told us that he wanted to stay here. We are at a crucial moment - we expect the situation to be resolved before the end of the year, ”he told Movistar.


Prayer was answered when the Colts defeated the disgusting patriots

That day we learned what \ (Author: Gardener)

PrayerINDIANAPOLIS - Jonathan Taylor sprints across the field, turns and looks at the New England defenses, wondering where the hell they are. On the sidelines, Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich is just glad he didn't tell his boys about church mode. Ever heard of church mode? Neither do I, but as Reich later told us, it will be game over. All you can do is kneel down - church mode, you see? - by kneeling two or three times until the clock runs out. The Colts were in church mode, or would have been if Reich had informed his players on the field. And after Taylor hit the end zone and sealed the Colts 27:17 win on Saturday night at the insane Lucas Oil Stadium, this is a good team. We've been wondering for weeks, haven't we? The Colts were terrible earlier this season, losing four of their first five games and then they started winning, but it was hard to believe what to believe. Yes, they won, but they beat most of the bad teams. There's no going back from that game, that 27-17 win over the hated New England Patriots and the gross Bill Belichick and the ridiculous Josh McDaniels. The Colts beat the Patriots with their offensive line and running game, blocked a punt for a touchdown and held the Patriots offensive in check until it was almost too late. And then, just as you started wondering again - what are we looking at? - the Colts gave us the answer. They performed 20-17 and it was almost church time, and someone on the Colts staff tried to tell Frank Reich that the first thing they did was get away from getting on their knees. In other words, there is no need to score a touchdown here. In fact, the employee tried to tell Reich that it is better not to score. If necessary, stop at the 1 yard line. It was runner-up and eighth, way back on Colts 33, and Reich considered calling a passing game. He wanted the final as first down, you see, and the Patriots invited themselves against the run. Reich discussed it with his staff, especially offensive coordinator Marcus Brady, and decided to call another running game for Jonathan Taylor. He didn't tell anyone in the field that it was church time. What is Taylor going to do anyway? Run 67 yards for a touchdown? The crowd sang MVP because it's true. There are other candidates for MVP - let's not be ridiculous and pretend the guy in our town is the only legitimate candidate in the league - but Taylor's case is compelling. He has run 100 yards in eight games. The Colts stand 8-0 in these games. He didn't run 100 yards in six games. Yes, the Colts are 0-6 in these games. Taylor ran 170 yards on Saturday's 29th carry for the worst run defense, trained by the best (if still hideous) coach in the league. The Colts were leading 20:10 when they got the ball 8:52 on the left and only tried to hold on after scoring the first 20 points of the game. The Patriots knew the Colts would run the ball to eat the clock, and yet the Colts ran eight times for 38 yards. Two were wentz runs totaling 2 yards. The rest was Taylor, who chewed on the clock helping the Colts score two first downs using more than five minutes of play time. And then, after the Patriots got the ball back and hit again at 20:17, the Colts had the ball left on their 31 at 2:16. They needed one more first down, just one, and it was church time. Second, Taylor gets the ball and it's gone. He uses the last 50 yards to look over the shoulder of cornerback J of the Patriots. On the sidelines of the Patriots, Belichick has a disgusted look on his face. You know how we feel every time we see him on TV. In a few minutes it will be game over and Frank Reich walks towards midfield trying not to smile. So he holds it back when Belichick approaches, and the Patriots trainer offers a hand but not a single word before heading out to be miserable elsewhere. This was the haughty end to a haughty game in which the Colts skipped the Patriots early and the Patriots responded with brute force. It was stupid little things, like £ 315 Patriots defensive tackle Lawrence Guy ripping the ball out of Taylor's hands as he stood up after a brief first-half win and tried to get into the running back's head , I think. It's Patriots pass rusher Matthew Judon approaching the Colts sideline after firing quarterback Carson Wentz and covering his mouth for just playing a game, even though the scoreboard showed the Colts 20- 0 lead and Wentz does not back down and Colts DeForest Buckner tackles defensively defusing the situation by standing between Judon and Wentz. It was Patriots safety that Kyle Dugger nearly pried the helmet off the head of Colts receiver Michael Pittman Jr., then slapped Pittman when the Colts receiver objected, and finally took the helmet off. The officials checked the skirmish and decided it was fair to disqualify both players as the officials were making mistakes, but now the Colts are without their # 1 receiver on a day Wentz has to fight (5-for -12 for 57 yards, a touchdown and one.) Interception). This game is starting to get ugly, the Patriots are acting like tyrants and the Colts are starting to choke - Mo Alie-Cox can't take a hard catch sitting down in third place, resulting in a field goal ... and Michael Badgley misses two-in Another FG tries even though he gets a second chance if he fails and converts - and when we have church time it will be to ask God why he keeps leaving our town for the (god) damn New England Patriots. But there's the MVP sprinting 67 yards and now we can relax and have another conversation. We don't have to wonder what the Colts got anymore. You have a dominant running game and a defense that wants the ball. The Colts added two more interceptions on Saturday, one from Darius Leonard (his 11th takeaway of the season) and another from diving linebacker Bobby Okereke. J. Speed ​​restored in the end zone for a touchdown. Buckner had a massive 15-yard sack to end a drive, and cornerback Kenny Moore tackled behind the line and cleared passes, including one in the end zone in the fourth quarter. The Colts can win with defense and ground attack, and Frank Reich is finally inclined to do so. The Colts passed for 58 yards and someone asked Reich how he felt about it and Reich said, “We have proven over the years that we can be dynamic in passing. What we have to prove is that we can win a game like this, with the defense and the run of the game. ”For two years, Reich has been criticized for failing to play the ball, especially in the devastating defeat to Tampa Bay on November 28, but now he gets it: He has such a good defense that he can't worry about the other team. And he has such a dangerous running game that he can stop letting the defense dictate what he's going to do. Fuck it, Reich said on Saturday, calling on Jonathan Taylor to do 29 runs - let's answer New England. "If you can keep pounding and pounding with the offensive line we have and the back we have," Reich said afterwards, "it just breaks." Taylor hit a speed on Saturday, according to next-gen statistics from the NFL of 22.13 mph, giving him three of the five fastest ball-feeding games this season. It makes sense to run Taylor. It's a deep pass, all alone. Michael Badgley, who beat Rodrigo Blankenship in kicker, missed two shots on Saturday - one didn't count for a penalty, but still - and he also missed a field goal in the previous game against Houston. Do the Colts see it now? He wasn't good on Saturday, his sixth or seven subpar game of the season. He's had some wonderful games too, but depending on how strictly you want to rate, he's suggested about 50:50 play good or bad this season. And a coin toss at the quarterback is not a good thing. Everyone loves how tough Pittman is with the ball in their hands - he runs angry like a bull - but he lost it on Saturday as he had to be pulled away by his teammates twice after the dugger swap. The second time, Colts receiver Zach Pascal Pittman had to pull away from the referees. This is not good. This Colts team is not perfect. But it also has the ability to crush anyone in their path, as it did on Saturday in New England, and as it can be when the calendar shifts from 2021 to 2022 and the playoffs begin. This Colts team can play in any weather with their running game and defense. And for the first time in what feels like an eternity, the Colts have just beaten the New England Patriots. Call it church time, call it a miracle, call it proof of God's existence. But the Patriots came to town and left a loser.


Colts vs. Patriots

After a dominant first half, the Indianapolis Colts had to hang late Saturday night to break the New England Patriots curse and clinched a much-needed 27-17 win when star running back Jonathan Taylor pleaded for MVP before a national crowd. (Author: Gardener)

PatriotsLate in the fourth quarter, in a score game, it looked like the same horror movie was going to come to the same painful end for the Indianapolis Colts. 67 meters later, Taylor crowned a much-needed 27:17 win against the New England Patriots on Saturday night in a noisy Lucas Oil Stadium, ending a 12-year streak of defeats against hated rivals from Boston. Behind a dominant ground attack with Taylor and a fantastic performance from the offensive as well as an enormous defensive performance and another blocked punt touchdown by EJ Speed ​​and the special teams, the Colts were able to put an end to the streak and the curse, keeping the Colts in the AFC playoffs in the mix. While everything else seemed to go right for the Colts on Saturday night, Carson Wentz was downright terrible during the night. Wentz finished just 5 for 12 passes for 57 yards, a touchdown and an interception, and was fired once. His touchdown pass was the easiest finish he will see all year, he took a handover from Taylor and flipped the ball forward to Nyheim Hines who did the rest of the work for the Colts' opening touchdown. The Colts quarterback just didn't have it that night. He attempted to spin the ball over a ton in the second half before throwing a rash pass into triple cover that Jamie Collins tapped and intercepted Devin McCourty, creating the Patriots second score. On a night when the Colts really didn't need him, Wentz almost gave the game away in the second half. He made a few moves with his legs, however, racking up three first downs on QB sneaks, and adding an 11 yard run on a scramble to avoid a sack in the first half. He also had a great throw of 23 yards on Zach Pascal in the first half, but otherwise he was simply not good enough. I'm running out of adjectives to describe Taylor. Against a stacked box in the second half, Taylor delivered hard yards and then saved his best in the end, causing Dont'a Hightower to miss the hole and deduct 67 yards to win the game. At Saturday's game, the Patriots knew what the Colts were going to do and they couldn't stop them. Taylor stormed for 170 yards and the touchdown at 29 carries. He also had an incredible lightning pickup on Wentz's 23 yard punch against Pascal which rounded off a fantastic day for the sophomore pro. The game script has a lot more to do with this note than anything, as the Colts keep ramming the ball down the Patriots' throats. Pascal made a great catch on his 23 yard pass from Wentz for his lone catch of the evening while TY Hilton made a great play on his 19 yard catch and ran over the middle after a punch from Wentz in the second half up one key down first. Michael Pittman Jr. pulled in a pass for just seven yards before being inexplicably ejected for his skirmish with the patriot's Kyle Dugger safety, in which Pittman received a cheap shot from Kyle Van Noy, then tore off his helmet and was hit by Dugger thrown before being piled up. Ashton Dulin did more of a job as a runner than anything, running twice for 39 yards, including a 37-yard win on a jet sweep in the game's second series that set the Colts on fire. The good news is, Pascal was a great run blocker, as was Dulin. Jack Doyle, Mo Alie-Cox, and Kylen Granson were really good run-blockers at night, and they had to be because the Colts were run-heavy. Alie-Cox failed to score a would-be touchdown in the first half with a play he normally makes, while Doyle's lone catch didn't win distance. That was a matter of course in the evening's passing game. Stepping in at the last minute for Ryan Kelly, who missed the game for personal reasons, Pinter was absolutely phenomenal against the strong Patriots front. He worked really well with Quenton Nelson on duo blocks and showed his soccer IQ on Taylor's game sealing run by picking up the lightning linebacker after he slipped off a block. Nelson was his typical elite self, he consistently climbed to the second level against the Patriots and shot several defenders on Taylor's game-winning run, as did Eric Fisher, who works best downhill in the running game. Braden Smith allowed the lonely sack of the night and was hit in a speed frenzy almost immediately after Matthew Judon's snapshot. That was really the only negative game that really stood out as the Colts offensive against the Patriots' physical front kept answering the bell. The Colts line of defense against Saturday night's run was very good, keeping the Patriots running backs at 14 carries to just 39 yards, keeping the Patriots out of the end zone on the ground. Overall, that's pretty impressive considering what the Patriots have been doing on site all season. DeForest Buckner started the game quickly and never really slowed down, picking up an early sack on Mac Jones and really disrupting the running game, just like Grover Stewart. If they are healthy and fit, good luck against these guys. Taylor Stallworth had a strong game in rotation reps as well, tying blockers to free Buckner for his sack and penetrating well against the barrel as well. Outside, I loved the way guys like Kwity Paye, Kemoko Turay, Al-Quadin Muhammad and Isaac Rochell played against the run. They set the edge well and really turned the Patriots off again and again. These guys didn't create a pass rush at all, however, combining only two quarterback hits (one each from Turay and Paye) in a night the Patriots threw the ball 45 times. Leonard continued his case for the League's Defensive Player of the Year award against the Patriots by picking up a Jones pass in the red zone and then putting a nasty stiff arm in the face of Patriots recipient Jakobi Meyers immediately after the election. "The Maniac" was spotted throughout the night, showing its speed and instinct for piercing gaps and stopping the patriots' hasty onslaught. Okereke was right with him, showing the kind of speed and athleticism the Colts have come to expect from him in this position. He's been good for the last few months or so and was great on Saturday, including his interception by Jones early in the second half, which set the Colts ready for another result. Zaire Franklin was struck off the Reserve / COVID-19 list ahead of the game and played well in limited reps, while EJ Speed ​​showed his bursting sideline to the sideline to stop the Patriots' attempts to get to the limit. Man, those Colts' secondary school - especially the cornerbacks - play great football on the track. Kenny Moore II had an impressive teach tape about his pass start on the field against Meyers, while Rock Ya-Sin broke the single pass on his side of the field during the night and forced a turnover on downs. Even in N'Keal Harry's 43-yard jump with Isaiah Rodgers for cover, the Colts cornerback was in a great position trying to play the ball. He does so much for the run defense as the Colts turn him in the box and flash him, giving them an extra defender. He was fantastic on the night despite dropping an interception. Andrew Sendejo is really bad at reporting, allowing a touchdown on an over route to Hunter Henry in the fourth quarter, but he's an absolute rocket going downhill. Hopefully he and Harry are fine after the monster hit Sendejo landed late in the game. You're probably reading this note and thinking about how a special team unit gets a B + on a night they block a punt for a touchdown? The fact is, however, the Colts' specialty teams weren't good overall, especially at the kicking game. Michael Badgley could get the boot (pun intended) after this week after missing a kick and being kicked out on a questionable offside penalty against the Colts, avoiding a second miss. The blocked punt ... man, what a game. Matthew Adams just beat his man, punted and blocked, and Speed ​​was the man who fell back on football. Do you have any thoughts on the position scores for the Colts-Patriots game?


What we learned from Colt's victory over the Patriots on Saturday night

The Indianapolis Colts kept their AFC South hopes alive with a 27-17 win over the New England Patriots on Saturday night. (Author: Gardener)

Saturday nightThe Colts did more than just block the punt and regain it for a touchdown, followed by two turnovers in the second and third quarters. The takeaways came as the product of a defense that flew around the field, laying the wood on several Patriots ball carriers to set the tone for the evening, and twice on two excellent plays by linebackers and intercepts. It wasn't that the Patriots weren't ready to play, but the Colts were certainly the more longing team, and the lead they built came from their greater intensity after kick-off. If the Colts tackle every remaining game as they did on Saturday night, it will be an extremely uphill battle for anyone who gets in their way. We didn't learn that Saturday night because he had already proven it with his game last calendar year, but by the time the game hit the last two minutes, anyone who saw those Colts knew there was exactly one possibility like this Game it could end appropriately: with a Taylor home run to seal the win. Taylor responded by coming out of break with a gallop to victory, missing two Patriots between tackles before breaking out of traffic into daylight (well, artificial lights since it was night) and the race into the end zone won. The 67-yard sprint made it a 170-yard night for the stud running back joining the elite with his season. He helped the Colts take a major victory on Saturday night. It took a while, but Mac Jones finally had a rookie night. Colt's Defensive Coordinator Matt Eberflus devised an excellent game plan for the prime-time affair, focusing on finishing the run and messing Jones with his athletic linebackers when he fell back to pass. The two interceptions came from this approach and swung the momentum clearly in favor of the Colts, who did not convert the takeaways into touchdowns, but were still able to score points on the board via field goals. Indianapolis' defensive efforts proved invaluable when Bill Belichick showed his hand by scoring a field goal while less than nine minutes from time, 13 points behind, in the hands of Jones, who struggled with it all night to make yourself comfortable. Jones deserves credit for his late comeback endeavor, which included a slap against, but his mistakes and lack of composure at the start of the game ultimately doomed New England. For a rookie who excelled in his first season, a game like this had to happen at some point. Carson Wentz is still Carson Wentz. Wentz's passing line was unremarkable at best, ending with 5 of 12 for 57 yards, a touchdown and an interception, and almost tossing another INT who luckily (for the Colts) had knocked the would-be pick out of his hands. Belichick's decision to score a field goal in fourth field was based on both his lack of confidence in Jones at a key point and his likely belief that Wentz would make another mistake at a crucial point because the Colts quarterback had no evidence had shown he would do anything else. After the pregame show spent some time showing how Frank Reich tried to build Wentz's confidence in film sessions (known to the world via Hard Knocks: In Season), Wentz proved that he was still not built enough to to win a prime. Time game for the Colts. Old habits tend to die hard. New England was struck from the horse; Now you have to prove that you can reassemble it. The Patriots hadn't lost a game since falling 4-2 in October and it looked like they wouldn't fall the rest of the way in one game if they could get past Indianapolis. The Colts had other plans, slapping the Patriots in the mouth in the first quarter, and it wasn't until the fourth quarter that New England recovered enough to get off the mat and counter. The old Patriots would shake off that kind of loss and go back to what they do best, but by 2021 we are on uncharted territory and could only rely so much on his defenses to fight back and get close to him. But the swagger they had built on their seven-game winning streak was hurt by that game. Now is the time to prove that they are more than just a long streak of victories. J. Speed ​​is the first player to have multiple punt block return touchdowns in a single season since Pro Football Hall of Famer Ed Reed did so with the Ravens in 2003. His first touchdown on punt block return came in week 10 against the Jaguars. Next-gen stats of the game: Jonathan Taylor carried the ball 18 times for 139 yards and touchdowns on rushes within the tackles, averaging 7.7 yards per attempt.


Oriol Bohigas, architect who helped shape Barcelona, ​​dies at the age of 95

He was a thought leader in the renovation of the city in preparation for the 1992 Summer Olympics, which helped make it a major tourist destination. (Author: Gardener)

Oriol BohigasMADRID - Oriol Bohigas, a Spanish architect and urban planner who helped make Barcelona, ​​his hometown, one of the main tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, died in his home there on November 30th. Mr. Bohigas worked for the Barcelona city government and was one of the masterminds behind the renovation of the city in preparation for the 1992 Olympics, particularly the redesign of the coast that had become an abandoned industrial area. The city rehabilitated nearly three miles of the coast as beaches, and the area became a popular residential area after the Games ended.


Jürgen Klopp asks Liverpool to prepare a € 100 million offer for Borussia Dortmund's Jude Bellingham, Barcelona regret not having signed players

According to a report, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp has asked the club to prepare a € 100 million offer for Borussia Dortmund's child prodigy Jude Bellingham. (Author: Gardener)

Jürgen KloppAccording to a report, Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp asked the club to prepare a € 100 million offer for Borussia Dortmund prodigy Jude Bellingham. However, Dortmund are determined to keep the player and feel safe as he is under contract until June 2025. El Nacional report that Klopp has asked the club to sign the player and fend off competition from other big clubs across Europe. It is said that Barcelona missed the opportunity to sign the England international after spending some time as a young player at Cornellá, described as "one of the most important teams in Catalonia". After excelling at Birmingham City thereafter, Bellingham was invited to check out the facilities in Barcelona but the club declined the opportunity to sign him for € 20m at the time as it was viewed as a "risk". It will be interesting to see how the Bellingham story unfolds, with Dortmund desperately trying to keep the player with the biggest clubs in Europe.


Barcelona leaves it too late to moose. to beat

Nico Gonzalez scores a late winner as Barcelona pass Elche while Atletico Madrid lose a third straight La Liga game. (Author: Gardener)

BarcelonaSubstitute Nico Gonzalez scored a late winner as Barcelona overtook Elche in La Liga and ended their three-game streak in all competitions without a win. Substitutes Tete Morente and Pere Milla then stunned the hosts when Elche scored twice in so many minutes to level. But Gonzalez stabbed the top corner five minutes from time to win. That means that Xavi's side are in seventh place, three points behind Champions League place and 15 behind leaders Real Madrid. They are only two points behind fifth-placed champions Atletico Madrid, who lost 2-1 to Sevilla. Barcelona had failed to win their last three games, with a 2-2 draw in Osasuna last Sunday after losing to Bayern Munich in the Champions League and Real Betis in La Liga. The formidable Gavi added a second three minutes later, tossing the ball through his legs on the corner and running straight for the defense before playing off the bottom corner. But Barcelona collapsed briefly in the second half, conceding twice in two minutes when Morente first shot into the top of the net and then headed Milla at the back post after the hosts dropped the ball. It was an inspired one-two substitution from coach Francisco Rodríguez, who saw the substitutes score within five minutes of coming on. Elche appeared to have earned a hard-fought point only to lose the ball to Gonzalez, which ended sly and earned Xavi's young team all three points. Second-placed Sevilla are five points behind leaders Real after defeating Atletico. This marks the first time in Diego Simeone's 10-year tenure that Atletico have lost three straight La Liga games. Lucas Ocampos scored the late winner after Thomas Delaney headed the crossbar.


La Liga Live Stream, TV Channel, Online Watch, News, Odds, Time

Barca have suffered a friendship defeat and want to get back on track (Author: Gardener)

La Liga Live StreamBarcelona are returning home from a trip to the Middle East to face Elche in La Liga on Saturday. Xavi's team started the game in eighth place and lost to Boca Juniors in the Maradona Cup. Elche, meanwhile, has just advanced in the weekday Copa del Rey but is just two points above the drop zone in the league and only won one of the last five. Barca: Xavi's side should be rested as hardly anyone played anything worth mentioning against Boca. But they have to find a way to get better results because that means six games without a win and a lot of fighting. The attack was so inconsistent, but they had spells in which they created opportunities for themselves. Expect Xavi to rely on speed in attacking to try and overcome a slow moose defense that is struggling with technical players. Would you like more coverage of the world game? Elche: The club has scored in five games in a row and are riding a wave of emotions that enter this game. In the 1-0 win over Unionistas in the Copa del Rey on Wednesday, they feel great about the result but far from that in terms of form. They were outplayed by the third division side and needed a last minute own goal to advance. With quality in the squad with people like Ivan Marcone and Dario Benedetto, the results should really be better. Here is your chance to get on the track.


Sevilla beat Atlético to suggest leaders; Gavi leads Barça. on

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) - Lucas Ocampos' late goal helped Sevilla beat Atlético Madrid 2-1 and kept pressure on Spanish league leaders Real Madrid on Saturday while Barcelona's young talents brought in the much-needed victory. (Author: Gardener)

SevillaBARCELONA, Spain (AP) - Lucas Ocampos' late goal helped Sevilla beat Atlético Madrid 2-1 and kept pressure on Spanish league leaders Real Madrid on Saturday while Barcelona's young talents brought in the much-needed victory. Runner-up Seville moved up to five points on Madrid before playing against Cádiz on Sunday without multiple virus-infected players. Barcelona haven't been fighting for the title in a long time, but their fans could at least believe in a better future for the team after 17-year-old Gavi Páez teamed up with two other teenagers to beat a resilient Elche 3-2 and to finish a three-game winning run. Ferrán Jutlgà and Gavi scored their first goals for Barcelona, ​​taking them to a 2-0 half-time lead. Elche scored two goals early in the second half, but Gavi assisted 19-year-old Nico González and scored the winning goal in the 85th minute. "The only thing I thought was that the ball had to go either way," said Nico of his winner. A Sevilla injured several players got off to a good start after Ivan Rakitic scored a striker from far outside the box seven minutes after kick-off. Atlético defender Felipe Augusto headed a corner kick from Thomas Lemar to equalize in 33rd place. Atlético had the better of Sevilla for most of the second half but couldn't advance. After Ocampos scored a goal from a corner against the flow of the game, João Félix almost stunned Sevilla in stoppage time with a long lifter that hit the bar. Diego Simeone's team fell back to fifth place - behind the surprising Rayo Vallecano in fourth place - 13 points behind Madrid. Jutlgà, 22, who made his Barcelona debut as a substitute in the last round, was a surprising choice by Xavi Hernández to start as the wrong nine instead of injured striker Memphis Depay. The choice paid off when Jutlgà headed a cross from Ousmane Dembelé after a corner in the 16th minute. Three minutes later, Gavi quickly doubled the lead with a dazzling evasive dribble. It was then that Gavi met substitute Nico. Gavi exchanged passes with Dembelé in the penalty area and found Nico with a cool shot. "I played here when I was 17 and I was scared," said Xavi. And Gavi, the way he plays, is priceless for the team. What he does makes the difference, hits and prepares another goal. Barcelona's first win in four games in all competitions put them in seventh place, still 15 points away from Madrid. Rayo held his top league home record after beating Alavés 2-0 for his eighth win this season at the Vallecás Stadium. Gerard Moreno scored two goals and set up another when Villarreal won their first league away win 3-1 at Real Sociedad.