Is it important to reach the top of the Premier League this Christmas?

Although a gap of just three points is hard to beat, the omens are not good for clubs trying to prevent Man City from winning the title. (Author: Gardener)

the Premier LeagueManchester City secured pole position in the Premier League title hunt this weekend with another sweeping win, this time against fighting Newcastle on Sunday afternoon. Pep Guardiola's side scored their eleventh unresponsive goal in just two games as they galloped to a 4-0 win at St. James' Park just days after Leeds United were knocked out 7-0 at Etihad. City are three points ahead of Liverpool, who drew just 2-2 against Tottenham, and six ahead of Chelsea in third place, meaning the reigning champions will be at the top of the tree on Christmas Day. Although a gap of just three points is hard to beat, the omens are not good for the Reds as they try to make up ground on their rivals in the second half of the campaign. The leaders on December 25th won the title 53.5% of the time - in 15 of the previous 28 seasons since the Premier League was founded in 1992-93. But twice in the last three seasons, the top team failed to sew the title at Christmas. Both times it was Liverpool that surrendered - first there was a four point lead in 2018-19 and then a five point lead in 2020-21, both of which was overtaken by City in the New Year . Liverpool topped the Premier League table six times since 1992-93 on December 25, but have only managed to win the title from that position once: 2019-20. Only one club topped the table more than the Reds on Christmas Day and that is Manchester United, who have maintained the festive superiority of the Premier League seven times - although the last time United were at the top at Christmas was the last time was that they won the title (2012-13.) Man City were at the top twice at Christmas and were crowned champions both times (2011-12 and 2017-18). Incredible, Chelsea topped the table five times on Christmas Day and went on to win the title in all five instances, most recently in 2016-17 under Antonio Conte. To defy the trend, Liverpool may want to seek seasonal inspiration from striker Mohamed Salah who has once again reached an incredibly rich streak for the Reds. The Egyptian international couldn't find the net against Spurs, but at least he's sure to go into the Christmas season, knowing that he was decisive for Jürgen Klopp's team this year. 24 - Mohamed Salah has been directly involved in 24 Premier League goals (15 goals, 9 assists) this season, with only Alan Shearer having any further goals for his team before Christmas Day in 1994-95 (16 goals, 9 assists) Premier League season.— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) December 19, 2021 In fact, only one player in Premier League history has been directly involved in more goals for his team in the first half of the season: Alan Shearer, the all-time scorer the league that led Blackburn Rovers to an unlikely title with 16 goals and nine assists in 1994-95. City can boast some new and pretty impressive records as the Guardiola juggernaut rolls on. With the win over Newcastle, City recorded their 34th win of calendar year 2021, more than any club in the English top division and a record that Liverpool had held for almost 40 years. 📊 @ManCity has set a new top league record of 3️⃣4️⃣ wins in a calendar year 2021 Man City 34 1960 Tottenham 31— Sky Sports Statto (@SkySportsStatto) December 19, 2021 As if that wasn't it It's one Premonition enough that Guardiola's prolific side have now also scored more goals (106) in a single calendar year than any other team in Premier League history. With 17 goals scored in the last five games, it is hardly surprising that City has already clearly broken the 100-goal mark for 2021, surpassing a record they set themselves for Christmas winning the 2017-18 title. From today's perspective, City's lead is relatively small and the standings could change over the course of a weekend if the results go to Liverpool. This is the Premier League, however, and being at the top of the running order on Christmas Day still has a strong motivational power.


Jürgen Klopp is annoyed by referee decisions after Liverpool's entertaining draw against Tottenham

The apparent inconsistency in using VAR over the weekend has raised questions about the standard of governance in the English Premier League. (Author: Gardener)

Jürgen KloppJürgen Klopp complained about the referee after the tie against Tottenham. The apparent inconsistency in using VAR over the weekend has raised questions about the standard of governance in the English Premier League. Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp was furious with the match officials after his team's 2-2 action-packed draw against Tottenham on Sunday. The 54-year-old used his post-game press conference to complain about referee Paul Tierney, who he believes made two important decisions in the game wrong. Above all, Klopp says that the English captain Harry Kane should have been sent off after a false duel against Andy Robertson. Immediately after the game, Kane said he thought he got the ball, but replay showed Spurs striker Robertson, who was no stranger to a tough challenge himself, got hit on the shin by the cleats. Klopp was furious that VAR was not helping Tierney make what he believed was the right decision. "That's a clear, absolutely 100% red card. Very often you can't see clearly or whatever, but in this situation, when Andy Robertson's foot is on the ground, his leg is broken," Klopp told reporters. after he had verbally abused the referee. Time. "I think we all agree. Tierney initially showed a yellow card, but rightly upgraded it to a red card after the VAR was involved." This is proof that the VAR was there today because previously thought we, he couldn't be in his office. ", added Klopp, who had shown the yellow card in the first half of Tierney because of his protests from the sideline." I was a little more emotional in the game, but he gave me a yellow card Card, but it can't be in a situation like that? He comes over and gives me a yellow card, but I would have preferred the right decisions on the pitch. " Former Newcastle United striker and England international Alan Shearer also criticized former referee Mike Riley, general manager of Professional Games Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) for failing to explain why decisions were being made. Klopp berates referee Paul Tierney as he tries to leave the pitch full-time. Also questioning Tierney's decisions and VAR's use in Tottenham's game against Liverpool, Shearer said Newcastle should have received a penalty after Ryan Fraser went down in the penalty area after a foul by Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson. "If Mike Riley is watching these decisions, he can't come out and say the system is working fine. Just come out and say, 'You were wrong.' I never hear anyone say, "I got it wrong," Shearer told BBC's Match of the Day 2. Klopp also wanted a penalty after Diogo Jota was clumsily knocked down in the box, but Tierney kept waving. The relays showed that Emerson was out of contact with the ball and Klopp was less than pleased with Tierney's obvious explanation as to why Liverpool didn't get a spot kick. "Mr Tierney told me he thought Diogo Jota had purposely stopped, he wanted to be hit" "said Klopp. Impressive. Obviously two wrong decisions of his, I would say, and one right - all three against us." Robertson's header, and Son Heung-min equalized for Tottenham, but there was even more controversy over how Liverpool originally took the lead Neither d he referees nor the VAR have decided to refuse because there was a clear handball from Salah, "said Spurs manager Antonio Conte after the game. "I don't think it's good that we have to talk about referee decisions at the end of the day. I don't think that's good for anyone." As a result of the draw, Liverpool lost in the title race against Manchester City, which defeated Newcastle 4-0 and are now three points behind the leaders to secure the Champions League for next year. Meanwhile, Spurs have been eliminated from the UEFA Europa Conference League after the European football government decided on Monday that the English club would have to give up their last group game against Rennes. The game was originally supposed to continue playing Thursday 9 December but has been postponed after 13 positive Covid-19 cases among players and staff at the English club. Rennes had already reached the round of 16 as group winners, the Dutch club Vitesse Arnhem was now confirmed in second place.


Exclusive: The men behind the Anfield agenda

YouTube is growing in popularity in the football world - and there's nothing more remarkable in the Liverpool area than Anfield Agenda. (Author: Gardener)

AnfieldYouTube is growing in popularity in the football world - and there's nothing more remarkable in the Liverpool area than Anfield Agenda. The channel now has an astonishing 128,000 subscribers, with an ever-growing group of contributors improving the quality and quantity of its content. Craig Houlden and Conor Crosbie, both Irish, are co-owners of the brand who focus on watchalongs and celebrate and empathize with fans in moments of pure emotion. The LFC Transfer Room team, in this case Ritchie Slack and Chris Stonadge, who work with Craig and Conor, sat down for an in-depth interview on their story so far. Craig: "I've never really heard Conor's side of the story - I'd be very intrigued to hear it. But I did a podcast on my part and it was fine. But podcasts need artwork, and artwork you need creativity. Creativity isn't something I'm blessed with. "I went on Twitter to ask for help - a couple of people replied, and Conor was the second to reply. "I said to him look, I have to try the first guy and if he flakes off I'll give you a chance. He did it and Conor did it and sent it over very quickly. Conor: “I never knew anything about the tweet which was crazy, but I sent a message to every account that followed me with over 10,000 followers asking if I could do a design for them. "Luckily Craig answered and I never knew he was only about an hour away from me, which is crazy." Our two brands were built on social media. Craig, you posted that you'd never be seen on Twitter again - are you ever going to come back to this or are you very clear about it? Craig: “I'm pretty sure! I'm really insecure - I have this theory that a lot of us who create content are insecure because we want to feel some kind of confirmation that what we are doing is good. ”There you can be very strongly convinced that the Twitter environment is the real world. "For someone like me, who doesn't go outside much anyway, that's a recipe for disaster. I don't think it's necessary for what we're doing. I never wanted it to be about me, it should go the Anfield Agenda. " Conor, you saw Craig go through what he did so being behind the scenes is probably a good idea! How is your experience with social media? Conor: “Like Craig said, it's poisonous. I'm not posting myself because I don't want to be out there. Craig: “I think I'm extremely confrontational as a person too. "Conor and I saved massive amounts of money and went to Orlando a few years ago. We went and met a few Liverpool supporters while we were there. It was picked up and posted on social media - my wife called me." She's crying on the phone. “I just thought - why am I so judged by people I don't know? People accuse you of wrong information and then you have this terrible dilemma. "Am I facing the wrong information and correcting the people who might be feeding the trolls? It's very difficult and I'm not sure people are realizing the effects it can have." People who abuse me. "" I may have spoken about it once or twice - to tell people that I misread information. “What is said at the end is that I used autism as an excuse for my actions. I love to share with people and when it turns against you it almost makes you question your belief in humanity. ”Another thing that is aimed at you is that you may not want Liverpool because of that Traction wins you get. Craig: “It's one of several [allegations] thrown against every content creator in and around the football world.” It's factual - and other content creators may be trying to fake it - that you're getting more views . The worse your team is doing, the better your channel will do. "But I never want to go through another season like last time - never again. I want the Barcelona moments to share those moments with people." Conor: “It's just a terrible feeling to know this fact too. We saw our Aston Villa reaction video get over 500,000 views and it was brilliant because it was so funny but we knew why it got views It's fun to support your club but rival fans come to see it too see. ”As Craig says - it's a fact, but it's a very sad fact players openly realize that it might affect them? Craig: "I don't care to criticize the players, to be honest - look, there is a line, but I'm a fan who adores these players." That's our job and right as fans. "There are 50 other occasions where I would have been singing the praises of the players on the question, so I'm not worried. Conor: "It's weird because there is an Instagram page that posts clips from Craig and we know full well that Neco Williams follows her so he definitely saw her. We are fans who speak openly about the players - like everyone else. "Craig:" I will limit that by saying that I am not encouraging it for young players who may have more contact and may be more delicate at the beginning of their careers . "" There's another side that we haven't touched on, namely the players "become friends with content creators and therefore don't criticize this player because they may not receive their signed jersey." I never ask for access to players , Managers or employees - for that reason alone. I don't think fan channels should have a symbiotic relationship with the mainstream because we "calm down" when we should be free to say what we want. " Is there a limit that you and your fan channels shouldn't cross when it comes to criticism or access? Craig: “I can only speak for my own beliefs and not for others. There are different types of content creators, for example Redmen TV, who create content for audiences other than us. ”Her goal from day one could have been to have this relationship with the club and to show that they are doing things very professionally doing what's great - for me our line is if we can't speak freely we won't. Conor: "I don't think there's a solid line either. People will do what they want. If people criticize them, don't look at them! Don't give them the attention they want - when people do go too far, people will stop watching so it will die out. " "I think public opinion determines where the line is." The community feeling and the easy contact with Anfield Agenda is much freer than with many channels. Conor: “It was always so important to us - even when we had four people in the chat, we made sure that Craig read every single comment to get that community feel - 70% of every stream with Craig reads comments. “I think that's why people enjoy what we're doing. We have to get everyone's opinions because we're a fan community - like you said people can just access us on Discord and through DMs, that's what we really want to keep. ”How important is that community feeling to obtain? Craig: “The hardest thing as we grow is to keep this interactive character. I came to YouTube without knowing what fan channels are doing - and it may sound untrue, but I'd say there are 2-3000 people we know a little bit about. “Community is at the heart of everything we do.” If we thought we were anything but normal, we would be defeated by ourselves very quickly. If we don't like the way they interact with our community, they won't be tolerated. "Conor:" When I try to open our blacklist, my laptop freezes! "Craig:" I think it helps that I am a parent , as good. I understand that a lot of the audience are younger so I make sure our community cares about them and doesn't undermine their opinion. "How hard is it for you not to overdo it when Liverpool lose a game? Is that A rarity today and not a common practice? Conor: "I suppose because we don't lose a lot of games, they hurt more - if you lose every third or fourth game, it doesn't hurt. "We have to realize how spoiled we really are - and try not to lose our heads." Craig: "For me, it's about the context of the game. I've tried to make sure I give them that credit, but the context is always important." What does the future hold for Anfield Agenda? Conor: “At the moment we're just trying to make it more concrete. Now it's time to bring in more faces as for the most part only Craig has been a mainstay on every platform for the past few years. Craig: "I'm ruthless when it comes to getting rid of people, too." We have Chris, Paddy Murphy, James Redmond, Steve Bland and Kyle MacFarlane - it's great to have all of those voices - maybe we could add one in the future feminine, but that won't bother anything. “We want to change people's lives - I'm surprised there is a way.” People don't see the seven years it's free. We put £ 35,000 of our own money into it - we're going to move on and I can't wait for the future. ”We look forward to partnering with the Anfield Agenda channel for the foreseeable future with all of their brilliant content on https: // anfieldagenda. com /


Chelsea concern over N'Golo Kante forced to play Wolves

There are concerns around Chelsea that N'Golo Kante may have inflicted some damage on his side's game against the Wolves on Sunday afternoon after reportedly having no choice but to play. (Author: Gardener)

N'Golo KanteThere are concerns around Chelsea that N'Golo Kante may have inflicted some damage on his side's game against the Wolves on Sunday afternoon after reportedly having no choice but to play. Due to a small Covid-19 outbreak affecting the Chelsea squad, the Blues were forced to play with limited numbers in Sunday's 0-0 draw against Wolves. With Ben Chilwell, Romelu Lukaku, Timo Werner and Callum Hudson-Odoi out due to Covid-19, Kante had to move up despite his recently recovered injury. As Tariq Panja reports, Chelsea's N'Golo Kante may have done some harm during the game after being forced to play over a string of positive Covid-19 cases. The French midfielder had only returned to training this week after injuring himself in his team's 4-0 win over Juventus and being sidelined for around a month. Thomas Tuchel was at a loss in the game because Jorginho had tested both positive and negative for Covid-19 and was therefore removed from the squad as a precaution. Mateo Kovacic, who recently recovered from Covid-19, was back in the squad and played as a replacement for Hakim Ziyech in the second half. Tuchel thought it was "unfair" to start both Kante and Kovacic as both were absent in the past few weeks. Chelsea's next game will be against Brentford on Wednesday night. However, whether the game will take place or not will be confirmed in the coming days.


Player ratings: Wolves 0-0 Chelsea

Chelsea have played for the second year in a row after a goalless draw with Wolves in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon. (Author: Gardener)

ChelseaChelsea have played for the second year in a row after a goalless draw with Wolves in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon. It wasn't the nicest performance by a tired blues team at Molineux, but they scored a point in difficult circumstances after their request to postpone the game was denied. Thomas Tuchel was forced to make two changes to his team, which moved to Everton after confirming seven positive Covid-19 cases on the roster, adding to their injury problems. They were weak on Sunday afternoon, almost trailing within 15 minutes when Daniel Podence pocketed the back post, but the flag saved Chelsea when Raul Jimenez compromised play from an offside position. Chelsea had a brilliant chance on Christian Pulisic in the twelfth minute but Jose Sa parried with a brilliant save to ensure the points were shared in the final league game before Christmas. This is how the Chelsea players showed themselves on Sunday afternoon in the West Midlands: Didn't have much to do between the sticks as wolves rarely threatened. He got the ball out of the net after Daniel Podence's goal was marked in chalk, but kept a free Leander Dendoncker off with a good save. Chelsea's first goal in six games without so he will be satisfied. Marcal caused problems for the Spaniard in the first half, but got better as the game progressed. Rear very well raised, which underlines the quality of his position awareness on the pitch. That was the highlight of his afternoon. This was out of the question for Daniel Podence's opening game before he was caught in two heads when Dendoncker found himself free in the penalty area. Although he wasn't quite fit, the 30-year-old proved his legitimacy and importance for Tuchel's team. The 22-year-old was brought into midfield to deal with Chelsea's midfield injury problems. But he added to the problems when he was sent off for Saul at halftime after continuing his strike in the first 45. Like the rest of the team, worked his way up to cope with the many absences, but couldn't shape the game. The USMNT star struggled in the first half when Chelsea tried to hoof direct balls into his feet, which repeatedly failed. With 12 minutes left, he had a huge chance to give the visitors the lead, but Jose Sa made a good stop to make sure the score stayed level. A recap of the Chelsea attack at Molineux. Under pressure from heavy criticism mid-week, Saul hasn't done much wrong at Molineux. A much improved performance for Chelsea when he was substituted on at half time. Almost gave Wölfen the chance to hit the penalty area with a bad pass.


Real Madrid close as Rudiger leaves Chelsea

Antonio Rudiger approaches Chelsea's departure with reports that Madrid will step up talks this week. Transfer Talk has the latest. (Author: Gardener)

ChelseaThe summer transfer window was unlike any other. Check out all the major deals and see how we rated the biggest signings. And just because the window is closed until January doesn't mean the rumors are getting stuck. Antonio Rüdiger is approaching the Stamford Bridge exit with reports that Real Madrid will step up talks and approve the 28-year-old center-back's signing over the next few weeks. According to Sport Italia, which writes that the LaLiga club are preparing a pre-contractual agreement that will result in the German international being put on paper in the January transfer window before the move becomes official at the end of the season when his contract expires. Chelsea have been keen to resolve Rüdiger's precarious contract position for the last few months but with the terms not being agreed it now looks like he will be leaving London after over three years in the Premier League. - ESPN FC 100: Ranking of the world's best players by position 11/9 GMT: ICYMI - Retired Real Madrid and Brazil striker Ronaldo has acquired a controlling stake in his former club Cruzeiro, the player and club announced on Saturday. Ronaldo, who played for Cruzeiro as a teenager in the early 1990s before becoming one of the most successful center-forwards in football history, made the deal with the help of Brazilian investment bank XP. The transaction, which was conducted through Ronaldo's Tara Sports Company and is still tied to what the bank calls "a set of conditions", calls for the 45-year-old to earn 400 million reais ($ 70 million) in Belo Horizonte's club has been investing in Brazil's second division for two years. "I am so happy to have completed this operation," said Ronaldo on a video posted by the President of Cruzeiro, adding, while holding one of the club's blue jerseys, that he "wants to return Cruzeiro and take it there where they deserve ". 08:51 GMT: Flamengo Vice President Marcos Braz has confirmed that Benfica manager Jorge Jesus is a "natural option" to fill the vacant Flamengo coaching position. Flamengo sacked Renato Gaucho on November 30th after the club lost to Brazilian rivals Palmeiras in the Copa Libertadores final. Braz and other Flamengo club executives have traveled to Portugal to hold meetings with several candidates, including Jorge Jesus. Jorge Jesus returned to Benfica in the summer of 2020 after a successful stint at Flamengo. Under the Portuguese tactician, Flamengo won the Brazilian first division title, the Copa Libertadores and the Rio de Janeiro national championship in his 14-month tenure. "I have a personal relationship with Jorge and I like him a lot," Braz said after arriving in Lisbon Reporters: "When I came here in 2019, he believed in me and the athletic project I was presenting to him has put. I've kept the promises I made to him and Jorge will always be a natural option despite the contract. "The chances that Jorge Jesus will return to Flamengo next year are slim, with the 67-year-old at Benfica until June 2023 Benfica have qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League, where they face Ajax in February 08.30 GMT: PSG sporting director Leonardo believes his team will have a chance beyond next summer to become "the best player in the world" Real Madrid target Kylian Mbappe will be free to negotiate with another club over the next few weeks as his contract with PSG expires at the end of the season amid attempts by the French club to get the 22-year-old to sign a new deal "It's a very special situation because we're talking about the best player in the world who loses his contract," said Leonardo to Europe 1. When asked if the situation surrounding Mbappe's contract affects the French international, Leonardo said: "Kylian is so comfortable with the role of the best player in the world that nothing around him has a real impact on his performance, has his life and mood. West Ham chief David Moyes is ready to start talks with Jonathan David on Ekrem Konur. The 21-year-old forward has been on the radar of a number of clubs following his strong form for Lille over the past two seasons and West Ham are now poised to move ahead with negotiations on a possible deal in January, which has 14 goals in 20 startups this season There are fears in San Siro that Barcelona could lure the 25-year-old Onana to Camp Nou, despite positive talks in recent months, if his contract expires and the Fiorentina goalkeeper is on their shortlist. Dragowski, 24, has only played five Serie A games this season. - Youcef Belaili will continue to be offered to Ligue 1 clubs, according to Foot Mercato. The 29-year-old midfielder has reportedly been rejected by Marseille, Lyon and Stade Rennais but is currently in negotiations with Montpellier. The Algerian international recently left Qatar SC to join Europe, although he may have to lower his salary claims to get a deal. - TalkSPORT writes that Newcastle United will sign Kieran Trippier, making him their highest paid player in a £ 25m deal. The 31-year-old right-back has been linked with a return to England throughout the season with Manchester United interested in his signature as well, but now it looks like he's headed to St James' Park, with reports that the move is now "almost as good as finished". He played 13 times for Atletico Madrid this season. - Nicolo Schira writes that Amin Younes will leave Eintracht Frankfurt in January. The 28-year-old attacking midfielder has yet to start one game this season after making just one substitute appearance in August. And despite rumors of a return to Napoli, Genoa is said to have started loan negotiations with the option to make the move permanent.


Liverpool lack serenity amid the COVID chaos

Liverpool had to do without Virgil van Dijk and Fabinho, both out with COVID, and their consistent presence was missed in a frustrating tie at Tottenham. (Author: Gardener)

COVIDLONDON - Liverpool needed some rest amidst the chaos. The Premier League's fight to continue amid rising COVID-19 cases across the UK has added a heightened sense of unpredictability to any game, and Sunday's 2-2 draw at Tottenham Hotspur was perhaps the most anarchic example yet. Usually it is Virgil van Dijk and Fabinho who give Liverpool the serenity of play on such occasions. Along with Thiago Alcantara and Curtis Jones, the couple have tested positive for COVID in the past few days and it continues to worsen. While the absentee list also included Jordan Henderson, who was sent home with a cold, that didn't force Klopp to hand 19-year-old Academy graduate Tyler Morton his full league debut as anchor for midfield as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain named among the deputies. Morton looked smart in possession and clearly has promises, but he was sometimes overwhelmed when Spurs took Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min up front in 5-3-2 form to catch Liverpool on the counterattack. Even without Van Dijk at the center of defense, Liverpool looked alarmingly vulnerable to the pace and movements of Tottenham's front two. There were times when Kane and Son didn't look like a fair fight against Joel Matip and Ibrahima Konate. While Liverpool threatened with typical intent and demeanor at one end, Spurs raced forward with intoxicating intensity and danger at the other end. - ESPN + guide: LaLiga, Bundesliga, MLS, FA Cup, more (U. - You don't have ESPN? "The challenge today was that we played against Tottenham, who set up a 5-3-2 and won the ball stepped so deep into their own half, they just kicked it as far as possible and Kane and Son were on their bikes, "explained Klopp. There are some fights, so we had to reorganize our protection a little better in the second half. "It doesn't make sense that Konate is involved in our offensive passing game and Tyler Morton is the one against Harry Kane. Kane could easily have been sent off. Andy Robertson was Dele after an awkward duel between Emerson Royal and Diogo Jota Alli received a penalty. Dele Alli later said he should have had a penalty before the visitors' second goal. This was neither the best hour for referee Paul Tierney nor the current VAR system. Managers demand right steady consistency, and those 90 minutes featured two inci dents that distill that argument perfectly. Kane rattled Robertson after 20 minutes and was booked. Robertson went late and high on Emerson Royal 15 minutes from time and was booked. Tierney was only asked to review the second decision and move up to a red card when a hostile home crowd vied for Robertson's dismissal. "The game would have been very different with two key decisions in the first half," said Klopp. We have now seen it again and yes, you can give a red card there. Before we thought he couldn't be in his office because of the other two situations, we all agreed that Harry Kane should have seen a red card and he didn't. If Andy Robertson's foot is still on the ground, his leg is broken. "The penalty situation, Mr. Tierney told me he thought Diogo Jota had stopped on purpose. It was a very quick decision. Wow. Those are obviously two wrong decisions, I would say, and one right. Klopp later added in a separate TV interview. " : "I have no idea what [Tierney's] problem is with me." It passed to Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson, who is so often unwavering, but here, among about half a dozen great saves, he made a terrible mistake in the 74th minute that ultimately cost his team three points. Liverpool dominated the first few encounters with Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold, both of whom were close, before Spurs took the lead in one of those flashes of lightning that worried the Reds all day. Harry Winks, consistently excellent, won the ball in the Liverpool half before Tanguy Ndombele played an exquisite through pass for Kane, who twisted his body superbly to both stay on the side and dodge Konate before hitting Alisson with a low finish at me in 788 minutes of play, a run that spanned eight games. Spurs suddenly started breaking through Liverpool at will. Kane fed Son, but the South Korean international failed to turn his shot on target. After Kane got away with a yellow card because of the dangerous duel with Robertson, Son played in Alli for a golden chance to double Tottenham's advantage. Alisson read his intentions to flip the ball wide brilliantly, but Alli should never have given him a chance to make such a beautiful save. Spurs regretted her waste 10 minutes before the break. Robertson stood a cross, which Jota nodded past Spurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris for his tenth league goal of the season. Only Everton's Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Crystal Palace's Christian Benteke have scored more headed goals than his six since the start of last season. Two minutes later, Jota was denied a penalty, which brought an already excited Klopp over the edge. He was booked and television cameras caught Klopp protesting with Tierney when the players reappeared for the second half. Kane had two more chances to bring Spurs back into the lead before Robertson struck and stooped to bring Alexander-Arnold's driven flank home. Liverpool's lead lasted just five minutes as Alisson cleared Winks' forward pass, just missed the ball and Son rolled to equalize. Robertson then saw red after Tierney reviewed his original yellow card decision, but Spurs failed to take the numerical advantage in the final 13 minutes. This was an encouraging performance for coach Antonio Conte trying to add intensity to a Spurs side that has stagnated under Jose Mourinho and Nuno Espirito Santo. Tottenham are trying to get out of their own COVID-19 crisis immediately, which resulted in the postponement of two league games and the UEFA Conference League tie against Stade Rennais. Liverpool's own journey through similar challenges continues, three points behind Manchester City, which will be at the top by three points on Christmas Day. To prevent this from happening, Liverpool need to rediscover their stance.


Covid-19-beaten Chelsea held by wolves

Chelsea are further behind leaders Manchester City in the title race as Wolverhampton Wanderers held them in a goalless draw. (Author: Gardener)

ChelseaCovid-19-ridden Chelsea slipped further behind leaders Manchester City in the Premier League title race when they tied goalless at Wolverhampton Wanderers. Daniel Podence had ruled out an early goal for offside as Wolves enjoyed the better half of the first season, but chances were few and far between in foggy conditions. Leander Dendoncker's header just before the break was confidently held by Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy, while Wolves colleague Jose Sa did it well to fend off Christian Pulisic late from close range. The result, coupled with a 4-0 Manchester City win over Newcastle on Sunday, means Chelsea are six points behind Pep Guardiola. Wolves, meanwhile, remain eighth, but with 25 points are on par with seventh-placed Tottenham. Chelsea boss Tuchel had argued before the game that this game should not have taken place - and the quality of the football shown would certainly have justified this decision - after he revealed that his team was without multiple players due to positive Covid-19 tests. Jorginho, Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Kai Havertz and the injured Andreas Christensen were all absent from the roster, and Tuchel was not ready to accept U23 players as they train in a separate bubble. Six of the 10 Premier League games of the weekend had already been postponed due to Covid-19 outbreaks in clubs, so Tuchel probably had good reason to be worried, especially since his team worked on a result that does little to help their title ambitions. Even if the coronavirus situation didn't help, Tuchel was still able to name a decent team that should have offered more than their lackluster performance. After failing to get a shot on goal in a dreary first half, they had a golden chance of scooping all three points when Pulisic got behind the defense but was denied by Sa at close range. Wolves, the Premier League's worst scorers at home, struggled to worry Mendy but the result was even more damaging for Chelsea, who have now won just one of their last four league games. * Our coverage of your Premier League club is bigger and better than ever - everything you need to know is here to make sure you don't miss a moment


Thomas Tuchel reveals the extent of Chelsea's recent Covid-19 battles

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel has revealed the extent of his team's recent Covid-19 mayhem. (Author: Gardener)

Thomas TuchelChelsea coach Thomas Tuchel has revealed the extent of his team's recent Covid-19 mayhem. The Blues were able to pick just 17 players from their roster for their 0-0 draw with the Wolves on Sunday, with the club seeing a surge in Covid-19 cases adding to its list of injuries. Speaking to the media after the game, Tuchel revealed how badly his team had been affected by their recent outbreak, with four cases already confirmed earlier in the week. "There are seven players plus staff." When asked if that was the total number, he could not confirm this because he added: "I don't know. There are of course some numbers in the staff, and they are not on the training grounds." Chelsea requested the Premier League to postpone the game at Molineux but were refused to postpone today's game for reasons of player health and safety Club is still taking place. "We are exposing us to an enormous health and safety risk, physically and not just through Covid. That was the decision and that was it, of course."


Man City takes advantage of slip-ups from Chelsea and Liverpool

LONDON (AP) - Chelsea complained about playing with a coronavirus-exhausted squad ... (Author: Gardener)

Man CityRaheem Sterling of Manchester City scores his team's fourth goal during the English Premier League football match between Newcastle and Manchester City at St James' Park, Newcastle, England, Sunday 19th December 2021. Tottenham Hotspur's son Heung-min, left, celebrates his team's third goal during the English Premier League football match between Tottenham Hotspur and Norwich City at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, Sunday 5th December 2021. Fog envelops the field during the English Premier League football match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Chelsea at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton, England, Sunday 19th December 2021. Tottenham's Harry Kane celebrates after scoring his first goal during the English Premier League soccer match between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on Sunday December Team scored 19., 2021. LONDON (AP) - Chelsea complained that he was at the draw in Wolverhampton had to play with a squad exhausted from coronavirus. Liverpool grumbled at the referees being held by Tottenham. And Manchester City only sauntered forward at the top of the Premier League. Pep Guardiola's side advanced three points ahead of Liverpool, who drew 2-2 at Tottenham after defender Andrew Robertson was sent off and angry that opposing striker Harry Kane didn't see red. Liverpool had already conceded the last time - Son Heung-min's equalizer in the 74th minute - when Robertson was sent off three minutes later for a wild kick against Emerson Royal. Kane had already given Tottenham the lead - after snapping through Tanguy Ndombele's through ball - for only the second league goal of the season in his 15th game for the striker. "We can give Robbo a red card, it's not the smartest challenge of his life, but that (from Kane) is definitely a red card," said Klopp. Harry can't tell, if Robbo's leg is on the floor, it's a broken leg. ”Liverpool took the lead, Diogo Jota equalized in the 35th and Robertson nodded from close range in the 69th. But Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker missed an attempt to clear Harry Winks' long ball, which gave Son a chance to grab the ball "It was an exciting game and we created many, many opportunities," said Tottenham coach Antonio Conte. “We must be a little disappointed with the draw. But Liverpool are losing ground to City to recapture the trophy. City defender Ciaran Clark started their eighth league win in a row, enabling Ruben Dias to lead the opening game in Newcastle before Joao Cancelo struck powerfully. Riyad Mahrez's 50th league goal since joining City in 2018 scored the 63rd goal before Raheem Sterling scored a fourth in the 86th goal. It was City's 34th league win in 2021, beating the previous calendar year record in England set by Liverpool in 1982. "Newcastle were penultimate, nearing half-time, underscoring the need for the new Saudi ownership to join the squad in January - Reinforce transfer window. Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel criticized the league for failing to postpone the trip to Wolverhampton, which ended 0-0 in a weekend when six of the 10 games were canceled due to coronavirus cases. Chelsea were seven missing Player with COVID-19 and Jorginho at Molineux was not at risk of health and safety for the players, not only because of COVID but also physically, after inconclusive test results, "said Tuchel. “I am not sure if I will get COVID. Chelsea fell to six points behind City.