Where the 49ers stand after losing to Seahawks

The 49ers took a huge step backwards after a crushing loss to the Seahawks. (Author: Gardener)

SeahawksJust when you thought the 49ers were back, they fell back to earth in a breathtaking manner in Seattle on Sunday. After winning four of the last five games, Kyle Shanahan's team arrived in the Pacific Northwest with the chance to rescue the sliding Seahawks from their misery. Instead, the 49ers flipped the ball three times, got marked 10 times, and were a complete circus for special teams in a 30:23 loss at Lumen Field. Fortunately for the 6-6 49ers, NFC is a melting pot of mediocrity. The Minnesota Vikings went full Viking on Sunday and lost to Captain Kneecaps and the Detroit Lions, Taysom Hill wasn't the answer for the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons still can't stop Thomas Edward Patrick Brady. All of this means the 49ers would still deserve a wildcard spot right now, but the Washington Football Team and Philadelphia Eagles are hot on their heels. In the AFC, Justin Herbert and the Chargers are back, Lamar Jackson can't always save the deceitful Ravens and, don't look now, but the New England Patriots are number 1 again in the AFC. Every team is here after the action in week 13 on Sunday. Houston Texans (2-10): Record, damn it, the Texans are the worst team in the NFL and it's nowhere near that. Detroit Lions (1-10-1): Win, lose or tie, Dan Campbell surely has seen enough Jared Goff to last a lifetime. New York Jets (3-9): C. J. Moseley says the teams don't respect the Jets. Can't blame them. Have you seen the Jets play defense? New York Giants (4-8): I find it hard to believe the Giants couldn't find a better replacement quarterback than Mike Glennon. On the other hand, this is the same team that employed Jason Garrett up until a week ago, so talent rating may not be their forte. 26: Carolina Panthers (5-7): Fate comes for the LSU Tigers 2019. Ed Orgeron and former Panthers OC Joe Brady are out of work, and Joe Burrow dislocated his little finger on Sunday. Justin Jefferson cannot believe fate, however. Atlanta Falcons (5-7): Less than 24 hours after Alabama defeated Georgia, Tom Brady let the Falcons slowly bleed to death on their home turf. Seattle Seahawks (4-8): Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll had to beat the 49ers at least one more time before Seattle likely blows everything up this off-season. New Orleans Saints (5-7): Taysom Hill must blackmail Sean Payton. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5-1): Big Ben reportedly tells teammates this will be his final season. His game told me it should have been last season. Washington Football Team (6-6): The WFT are the NFL's cockroaches - impossible to kill. Philadelphia Eagles (6-7): Whether in Philadelphia or anywhere, Gardner Minshew deserves a QB next season. San Francisco 49ers (6-6): Point your finger at Jimmy Garoppolo if you want, but the 49ers deservedly lost Sunday in Seattle. They were undisciplined, sloppy, flipped the ball and made some terrible mistakes by the special teams. They're not a bad team, but they're not a good one either. Cleveland Browns (6-6): Cleveland is very much alive at AFC North, but every run depends on Baker Mayfield's past week Indianapolis Colts (7-6): Look up Overkill in the dictionary and you will see Jonathan Taylor gets 32 carries against the Texans. This is not a place where you want to find yourself again. Cincinnati Bengals (7-5): Every time I praise the Bengals, they turn around and vomit for the next week. The loss to the Chargers on Sunday should have come. Los Angeles Chargers (7: 5): The Bolts left Justin Herbert and Justin Herbert saved their Sunday of the season in Cincinnati. With 7-5 and a possible matchup with Jake Fromm this coming weekend, the Chargers should be in a good position to reach the playoffs. 9. Baltimore Ravens (8-4): Lamar Jackson is great, but the Ravens are a severely flawed team and a deceitful contender destined for a quick playoff exit. 8. Buffalo Bills (7-4): The Bills thought they would rule the AFC East with the Brady Belichick run in New England. 7. Los Angeles Rams (8-4): Rams took a page out of the SEC's book by making a cupcake outside of conference near the end of the season. 6. Kansas City Chiefs (8-4): The Kansas City defense turned things around, but Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are still looking for their fastball. At this point, I'm not sure if they'll find it this season. 5. Dallas Cowboys (8-4): I can't prove the Cowboys benefited from not having Mike McCarthy on the sidelines in New Orleans. But neither can I prove they didn't. 4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-3): Tom Brady has thrown 644 yards and nine touchdowns in two games against the Falcons. 3. New England Patriots (8-4): As the Patriots advance, the nation shudders at the thought of a Bill Belichick vs. Tom Brady Super Bowl. 2. Green Bay Packers (9-3): Why would Aaron Rodgers ever want to leave NFC North? Pretty, pretty good.


Rating of the offense of the 49ers, defense in heavy loss to Seahawks

The 49ers made too many mistakes in a disappointing loss to the Low Seahawks on Sunday. (Author: Gardener)

SeahawksSEATTLE - The 49ers didn't need a perfect game on Sunday to beat the Seattle Seahawks. But they had way too many mistakes in all phases - especially in the special teams and on the offensive - to escape Seattle with the win. "Yeah, we definitely screwed it up," said Nick Bosa, the defensive end of the 49ers, after the 49ers lost 30:23 in Week 13. The Seahawks broke off the 49ers' three-game winning streak. Here's the 49ers' testimony of their Week 13 defeat: The Seahawks have one of the toughest defenses to play the ball, and it showed on Sunday. The Seahawks came into play, allowing only 3.9 yards per rushing attempt (third in the NFL). And they could slow down Elijah Mitchell and the 49ers floor game. Mitchell carried the ball 22 yards for just 66 yards and a touchdown. The 49ers averaged 2.8 yards and had only six first downs in the game. Tight end George Kittle had a huge game with nine receptions for 181 yards and two touchdowns. But the Seahawks did a good job with the game in forcing the 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to take the ball elsewhere. The 49ers succeeded in passing as they averaged 9.5 yards per pass attempt. Garoppolo was only fired once for 5 yards, but it was a safety issue. The 49ers did not do well on the third downs as they only succeeded in three of their 10 attempts. Official statistics show the 49ers gave up 146 yards in 27 attempts. But half of those rushing yards came against the specialty teams of the 49ers (see below). Newly recruited running back veteran Adrian Peterson won 16 yards in 11 rushing attempts. He had a 1 yard touchdown run. In the 26 attempts to run against the 49ers' defense, the Seahawks only managed 73 yards, or 2.8 yards per carry. The 49ers had lost six tackles, including two from nose tackle D. Cornerback Emmanuel Moseley left the game in the first half with an ankle injury. This caused some problems with the 49ers' pass defense. He was benched early in the second half, and veteran Dontae Johnson took over. Even so, the 49ers' pass defense allowed only 4.4 yards per pass attempt by the Seahawks. The four sacks of the 49ers contributed to that low average for minus 50 yards. Nick Bosa had a 23 yard sack. Arik Armstead and Jordan Willis each had a sack, while Arden Key and Azeez Al-Shaair shared a sack. The pass defense of the 49ers forced three ball losses. Azeez Al-Shaair and D. J. Jones forced fumbles from tight end Gerald Everett, while Moseley and Johnson restore the fumbles. K’Waun Williams had intercepted a pass that Everett did not process at the goal line. The worst pass defense sequence came at the end of the first half when Key and Charles Omenihu fired shots at the passer that left the Seahawks 30 yards on penalties. All in all, the 49ers can point to many other areas when defending the Seahawks' passing game. The 49ers' mishaps in special teams were the main reasons the team failed in both losses to the Seahawks this season. Problems started early when Seattle surprised the 49ers with a false punt after an impressive start on defense. Travis Homer took a direct snap and took it untouched for a 73-yard touchdown. Seattle scored a touchdown late in the second quarter after taking the 35 position on a kick return. Returnees Travis Benjamin opened the second half with a lost fumble. On the offensive and defensive, the 49ers looked well prepared for this game from the start. The game plan looked particularly good on the defensive, where it looked like DeMeco Ryans, defensive coordinator, had prepared his club for whatever Seattle tried. The 49ers succeeded in passing as it would be difficult to move the ball on the ground against Seattle. The Seattle Seahawks are not a good team. But they are the Seattle Seahawks, and they will always cause problems for the 49ers. Blame the umpires if you want, but 10 penalties for 86 yards is way too much to beat - especially for the Seattle 49ers.


Seahawks overcome red zone miscues, grind out 30-23 win over 49ers

With nine points behind in the first half, the Seahawks seemed doomed to another disappointing performance in front of their home fans two minutes before the end of the game. But a two-minute drill orchestrated by Russell Wilson and a second-half shutout performed by the defense paved the way for a 49ers win of the season. (Author: Gardener)

the first halfWith nine points behind in the first half, the Seahawks seemed doomed to another disappointing performance in front of their home fans two minutes before the end of the game. But a two-minute drill orchestrated by Russell Wilson and a second-half shutout performed by the defense paved the way for a 49ers win of the season. Though leaving a ton of points on the field in an exciting one-game train wreck, the Seahawks found a way to hold their own late in regulation and take a streak of three games with a 30:23 win over the 49ers that the Season ended their rivals' momentum. Russell Wilson made his best outing since returning from finger surgery last month, doing 30 of 37 passes for 231 yards and two touchdowns to Dee Eskridge and Tyler Lockett. Defensively, Bobby Wagner and Quandre Diggs beat Jimmy Garoppolo and Carlos Dunlap secured victory with a fourth distraction on the downpass 22 seconds before the end of the game. The quarterback ran for his life during the early walk, taking a pair of sacks on the first three drives, including fumbling the ball on a strip sack owned by Nick Bosa, who ended up losing 23 yards after Wagner intercepted them with fabulous field position was granted. Moments later, Jason Myers missed a 56 yard field goal after the team tried to crawl out of a second and 43 scenario. But from then on, Wilson turned for Seattle and distributed the ball to a total of nine receivers, mainly with the fast passing game. While San Francisco led 17-7, 9:48 to go in the second quarter, the star quarterback promptly led a 65-yard nine-game scoring drive that resulted in 3rd and 14th completion for DK Metcalf for 33 Yards included. Adrian Peterson scored a goal two games later from a meter away, making Jim Brown the 10th most touchdowns in NFL history. After the 49ers responded with a touchdown of their own, Wilson led another scoring drive, aided by two roughs from the Passer Penalties that culminated in a 7-yard touchdown against Eskridge, cutting the lead to 23-21. While the game was tied together at 23 in the middle of the third quarter, shortly after Diggs' pick, he dropped Lockett a beautiful 12-yard touchdown in the far right corner of the end zone, which turned out to be the game winner. While the Seahawks were winning, they didn't have to worry about orchestrating a goal-line stand in the closing minutes. They had the football at the 49ers' 31 yard line or better on three separate occasions and failed to score on those occasions, including twice within the 5 yard line. Aside from Wilson's unfortunate fumble on Bosa's Stripsack which resulted in a difficult field goal attempt by Myers, the team failed to benefit from a forced fumble caused by linebacker Nick Bellore in the third quarter opener. Starting at the 49ers' 26-yard line, they drove up to the five before Gerald Everett had a touchdown pass from his grip on the goal line. The pass failed, the ball bounced in the air, and K'Wuan Williams intercepted it. Seattle went back empty-handed. Then, in the fourth quarter, Wilson marched the Seahawks on a long, methodical voyage of more than six minutes. After Rashaad caught Penny 27 yards on a third down screen, Travis Homer plowed forward in 4th and 1st place and they had 1st and the gate on the one-yard line for the 49ers. Peterson was stuffed into the next two games and then to 3rd and goal, Everett caught a shovel pass on the goal line and fumbled, allowing Dontae Johnson corner to fall on it for a devastating turn-around. It was a game to be forgotten for the fifth year tight end who also lost a fumble in the first quarter that resulted in a 24 yard touchdown pass from Garoppolo to George Kittle. 3. Kittle turned out to be a nightmare for the Hawks defense breaking tackles and scoring touchdowns. But historically, the Seahawks actually did a pretty decent job of defending him in the passing game, including limiting it to four receptions for 40 yards in Week 4. He had never touched them in eight previous matchups and got into that game by his standards in the middle of a down season. Then, after the two-minute warning, he showed incredible athleticism and balance for his size, roping on the sideline and breaking a tackle attempt by Wagner after catching a short drag route and eventually racing into the end zone for a spectacular 48 Yard score. Though the performance was unsuccessful, he set fire to Seattle with nine receptions for 181 yards, an average of 20.1 yards per reception, and two scores. En route to Sunday's rematch, the 49ers had torn apart their opponents in a winning streak of three games on the ground, averaging nearly 180 yards per game behind rookie Elijah Mitchell's stellar game. While Mitchell scored a two-yard touchdown in the second quarter, he was largely kept in check, storming 22 times for 66 yards and only 3.0 yards per carry, and the team sorely missed the versatility of star receiver Deebo Samuel as a ball carrier. At the forefront of this outstanding performance for the Seahawks was the second linebacker Jordyn Brooks, who led the team with 11 tackles and also brought down Mitchell in the first quarter with a tackle. After the quarterback executed a play fake at 8:42 in the first quarter at a first down throw, Wagner fell back into cover and the wired passport came in his bread basket for an early Christmas present from Santa Jimmy. Later in the third quarter, the quarterback sent a first down throw attempting to get the ball under cover with Kittle and ended up straight into Diggs' hands for his team-leading fourth interception of the season. In addition to Travis Homer's special team fumble recovery, Seattle achieved the top three turnovers of the season and also forced end-of-game turnovers on downs after Dunlap's pass diversion. Long before Wilson found his groove in the past two-plus quarters, the Seahawks' offensive remained stuck in quicksand, as in the last three games. Identifying an ideal defensive look for a fake punt in fourth and sixth place, Homer called his own number on a direct snap from the Seahawks' 27 yard line. With the 49ers not taking the edge, the third grader found a huge crease and then cut back for Bellore to lay a block of keys for him, eventually finding the end zone for an exhilarating 73 yard score. In the second half, Seattle continued to shine in the third phase of the game. In one of those games early in the fourth quarter, cornerback John Reid and receiver Penny Hart flew across the field and formed a tag team to catch returnees Brandon Aiyuk for a four-yard loss way back at the 8-yard line from San Francisco to bring down. Three games later, the 49ers were forced to poke deep into their own territory.


Seahawks hold out late for a wild 30-23 win over the 49ers

SEATTLE (AP) - Russell Wilson played his best game since returning from finger surgery with 231 yards and two touchdowns, and the Seattle Seahawks made a late score to beat the San Francisco 49ers by 30:23 on Sunday. Seattle (4-8) had a three-game losing streak but it wasn't easy as a series of mistakes in the last few moments gave the 49ers a chance for a binding touchdown. (Author: Gardener)

SEATTLESeattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson plans to pass the San Francisco 49ers in the second half of an NFL football game on Sunday, December 5, 2021 in Seattle. SEATTLE (AP) - Russell Wilson played his best game since returning from finger surgery with 231 yards and two touchdowns, and the Seattle Seahawks made a late score to beat the San Francisco 49ers by 30:23 on Sunday. Seattle (4-8) had a three-game losing streak but it wasn't easy as a series of mistakes in the last few moments gave the 49ers a chance for a binding touchdown. Jimmy Garoppolo led the 49ers 95 yards to Seattle 3rd Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett reacts after scoring a touchdown against the San Francisco 49ers in the second half of an NFL football game in Seattle on Sunday, December 5, 2021 . It was Dunlap's second big game, who sacked Garoppolo for security at the beginning of the third quarter. Newly signed running back Adrian Peterson and Jim Brown drew 126 touchdowns in his career to 10th San Francisco 49ers Kyle Shanahan (left) stands during the first half of an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, December 5th 2021, in Seattle on the sidelines. Travis Homer also ran 73 yards for a touchdown on a fake punt on the game's inaugural possession for Seattle. San Francisco (6-6) saw its winning streak burst after three games and was swept by Seattle this season. As in the past few weeks, the 49ers were unable to get their running game going, with Elijah Mitchell whizzing 66 yards with 22 carries. Garoppolo threw for 299 yards and two TDs, but had also grabbed a pair of interceptions, the second from Quandre Diggs, and set Seattle's go-ahead for the start. George Kittle had nine catches for 181 yards and two touchdowns but was knocked out in the second half by the final drive. Seattle Seahawks Free Safety Quandre Diggs runs with the ball after intercepting a pass against the San Francisco 49ers in the second half of an NFL football game on Sunday, December 5, 2021 in Seattle. On that final trip, it took San Francisco five games to hit the Seattle 30, including completions for Kittle of 29 and 14 yards. Brandon Aiyuk's 11-yard catch brought the 49ers to the Seattle 7, Mitchell's two runs resulted in only 4 yards, and Garoppolo failed to join on his last two throws. Seattle Seahawks defensive end Carlos Dunlap (8) dismisses San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) in the end zone to play in the second half of an NFL football game on Sunday, December 5, 2021 in Seattle to secure. San Francisco Reserve running back Trenton Cannon was taken off the field on a backboard after a terrifying collision in the opener against Seattle. Kittle was only the second tight end in the last five seasons with at least 100 yards and two touchdowns in the first half. Kittle had five catches for 121 yards and two TDs in the first half. San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle, right, runs in front of Seattle Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner (54) and Ryan Neal (26) during the first half of an NFL football game in Seattle on Sunday, December 5, 2021. (AP Photo / John Froschauer) (AP Photo / John Froschauer) (AP Photo / John Froschauer) (AP Photo / John Froschauer) Seattle lost its safety Jamal Adams due to a shoulder injury towards the end of the first half. San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle (85) celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks in the first half of an NFL football game in Seattle on Sunday, December 5, 2021. (AP Photo / Elaine Thompson) (AP Photo / Elaine Thompson) (AP Photo / Elaine Thompson) 49ers: San Francisco is in Cincinnati next Sunday. Seahawks: Seattle plays in Houston next Sunday.


Observations of a major loss for the 49ers to Seahawks

Observations of the 49ers' 30-23 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. (Author: Gardener)

SeahawksThe performance of the 49ers in Seattle was as bad as it gets. Turnovers, penalties and zero points in the second half marked the end of their three-game winning streak when the Seahawks beat them 30:23 at Lumen Field on Sunday. - Playing for the 49ers with a disastrous special team for two weeks in a row. A fake punt in Seattle's first series went for a touchdown and that's the kind of catastrophic mistake the 49ers can't afford against a bad Seattle team. San Francisco looked completely unprepared. Put that right on the special team coordinator Richard Hightower. - A threesome for the 49ers. San Francisco looks totally weird. Two runs went nowhere and Garoppolo had nowhere to go in 3rd and 10th place. Just a disastrous start for the 49ers. - Tremendous two plays from defensive lineman DJ Jones after the punt. He stuffed RB Adrian Peterson for a loss on first down and then forced a fumble on a screen pass on second down. That's exactly what the 49ers needed. - One game later, it's a 24-yard touchdown pass from Garoppolo to George Kittle. Incredible turnaround and a great job from Garoppolo at meeting his tight end when he had all day to throw. - After a three-and-off by the Seahawks offensive, Garoppolo fired an interception directly at linebacker Bobby Wagner. Arik Armstead was there right after Bosa. Good news for the 49ers that their line of defense was in the QB's face on his first deep drop of the game. - So the Seahawks tried a 56-yard field goal and missed, giving the 49ers a fantastic field position. San Francisco has to profit with points. - When in doubt, Garoppolo looks for Kittle. That is a key to this game. He plowed 28 yards with a short throw on third-and-2 to bring the 49ers to Seattle's 8. - Arik Armstead and the 49ers indoor DL ​​are having a great day. He came with a sack to get the Seahawks behind the sticks immediately after San Francisco's green TD. - The Seahawks are really bad. - The Seahawks' first first-down comes 8:52 minutes behind in the first half. - A deep shot for Tyler Lockett in a one-two is incomplete. The 49ers had sniffed this game from the jump. - The first ball thrown at Lenoir is overtaken by DK Metcalf for 33 yards to bring Seattle into the 5. This is a brutal matchup for the rookie. The 49ers can't withstand that. - Now Lenoir is shown in the end zone for interfering with Freddie Swain. That's the problem with this 49ers squad. An injury at the cornerback makes them a miserable pass defense. Adrian Peterson came one game later for a touchdown to make it 17-14. - Screen for Brandon Aiyuk dropped. That is a terrible mistake in his first goal. Kittle brought up the 49ers in what was perhaps the most impressive game of his career at 23-14. He caught a short throw and turned it into a 49-yard touchdown with a tightrope on the sidelines. - Abyssal drive for the 49ers defense after the touchdown. This is a horrific Seahawks crime, and they are dismantling San Francisco. That's as bad a drive as the year-round 49ers defense and was aided by two undisciplined roughing of passer-by calls. - Another mistake by the Special Team when Travis Benjamin fumbled the kick-off in the second half. It's as bad as the 49ers haven't looked in a long time. - Lenoir is out of the game. - Well, an interception of K’Waun Williams in the end zone helps. TE Gerald Everett dropped a slight touchdown and it surfaced directly on Williams. This game is crazy. - A security ties the game at 23. San Francisco just doesn't have enough good players with all the injuries. - A sack from Arden Key pushed the Seahawks out of field goal range. This is his biggest game as a 49er. - And Garoppolo returns with his second interception of the day. Just sailed a litter for Kittle. It's brutal. - Josh Norman was beaten for a touchdown by Tyler Lockett. This secondary is so bad. 30-23, sea hawks. - Fourth and one is stuffed a Garoppolo run, but Alex Mack had an illegal snapshot that allowed San Francisco to poke. Nothing goes right with the 49ers. - Aiyuk almost made a nice jump on a third-and-8, but he dropped it after falling to the ground. Dontae Johnson was marked for a 15-yard penalty after a third down stop by the 49ers. It is unforgivable. - A 27-yard catch-and-run from Rashaad Penny brings the 49ers into the red zone should it freeze. Gerald Everett fumbled at the goal line again. Dontae Johnson put a hat on football and it came out. That's the third revenue Everett is responsible for. - Cycle route to Kittle on First-and-10 of the 2 and Garoppolo tossed a dime for 29 yards. - Another cent from Garoppolo to Aiyuk on a first and a 20. Floated a nice throw outside the numbers on the right sideline. - Trent Sherfield was ambushed on a third and incomplete goal. - ball game. Fourth-and-goal pass is tipped on the line.


Seahawks take a streak of bad luck with goal-line score vs. 49ers

The best highlights from week 13 are here (Author: Gardener)

SeahawksIt's the 13th Sunday of the 2021 NFL season, and we'll keep you updated on the action and the biggest storylines all day. The 49ers had absolutely no chance of tying or defeating the Seahawks in the last few moments. Seattle was literally two feet away from two touchdowns - and even if it had scored a field goal, it would have had two possession - with about four minutes to go. The 49ers responded and drove 95 yards to score first and goal from the 7-yard line, 38 seconds back, but Seattle stuffed two runs and then forced two incompleteness to end their three-game losing streak. In the battle on Sunday, the Ravens responded to the Steelers' touchdown in the last two minutes with their own score with just a few seconds before the end of the game. But instead of shooting the extra point to send the game into overtime, John Harbaugh opted for the two-point conversion in an attempt to beat their league rivals in a thrilling way. The play-call was perfect as Mark Andrews had a walk-in touchdown to the right free running. Lamar Jackson's pass was a little too far, however, and Andrews tipped his fingers off and fell on the grass to give Pittsburgh a possible win of the season. 57 minutes and 12 seconds behind, the Steelers took their first lead in a 5-yard touchdown from Ben Roethlisberger to Diontae Johnson, who tripped before he got his feet under him, caught his eye and jumped over the goal line. The circumstances: 41 seconds left, one behind and 48 yards separating Washington from potentially winning its fourth game in a row. The kick looked like it would go wide at first before sneaking straight into the post to win the game. Make those two touchdowns in as many games for Odell Beckham Jr., who took down a jump ball for a 1-yard touchdown to crown the Rams' explosive offensive performance against the Jaguars. Gerald Everett owes Carlos Dunlap plenty of time as the veteran pass rusher responded to Everett's brutal goal-line bobble (see below) by sacking Jimmy Garoppolo in the end zone to tie the game at 23. After a disappointing season, Gerald Everett scored two possible touchdowns, the second time causing the ball to blow up into the air and into the hands of K'Waun Williams, a game-changing turnaround for Seattle. But George Kittle isn't one of most NFL players, and he made his best stuntman impression when someone kept their feet on the field as he pounded down the left sideline for a 48-yard touchdown, his second that afternoon. Cooper Kupp went tied for the NFL lead with 10 touchdowns on Sunday, despite failing to find the end zone in the past three weeks. He ended that drought in Sunday's third quarter, hitting his defender on a smooth sloping route and charging into the end zone for the 29-yard score to expand the Rams' advantage. DK Metcalf is one of the best young wide receivers in the NFL, but he's been a non-factor for the Seahawks in their last three games (eight receptions for 70 yards combined). However, he made a huge game on Sunday when he caught a deep ball from Russell Wilson for a 33 yard win on the third and 14th. Two games later, newly acquired Adrian Peterson rumbled to his 120th A turnover and George Kittle - that's the combination that allowed the 49ers to tie the game in the first quarter on Sunday. First, Gerald Everett fumbled the ball, which Emmanuel Moseley regained, and on the next play, Jimmy Garoppolo found Kittle in the middle of the end zone open to the 24-yard score. The Seahawks have nothing to lose having lost six of their last seven, and they play the 49ers so early. Instead of kicking the ball back to the 49ers on fourth and six, Travis Homer took the direct snap from Seattle's 27 yards, ran around the left end, and sprinted untouched into the end zone. The previously 0-10-1 Lions have finally won a game and in a dramatic way. 27:23 behind, 1:50 ahead of the game, Jared Goff led Detroit down the field on a 14-game, 75-yard drive with no timeouts. And in the final game, a fourth and two from the Vikings' 11-yard line, Goff found Amon-Ra St. Brown for the score that will ensure there are no winless NFL teams during the 2021 campaign. In what appeared to be the most Vikings Lions game of all time, Minnesota saw Detroit a 14-point half-time lead before methodically closing the gap and then delivering another dagger at Motor City in less than two minutes with Justin Jefferson's green touchdown. The Bengals-Chargers game apparently has it all and adds a fumble return for a touchdown to the list. Within the Chargers' 35-yard line, the Bengals seemed well placed to make up for the 24-point deficit in full until Joe Mixon fumbled and Tevaughn Campbell allowed it to be picked up and returned for the easy score. Looking for their fifth straight win after starting 1-7, the Dolphins are well on their way to beating the Giants. Tua Tagovailoa's brief touchdown pass to Isaiah Ford early in the fourth quarter put Miami in 11th place, which seems pretty insurmountable the way New York looked with backup quarterback Mike Glennon. Make those 90 career touchdown passes from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski - second most of all combos in NFL history in regular season behind Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison, 112. Their last encounter came against the Falcons towards the end of the third quarter, when Gronk was clear enough from his defender and Brady got the ball exactly where it needed to be for the 11-yard score. Grant ended up winning 34 yards, which triggered a Bears touchdown to reduce the lead against the Cardinals to 24-14. It was a great throw from Carson Wentz and an even better dig from Dulin for the two yard score. Tom Brady had been great at Atlanta so far, but his last throw before halftime was AWESOME. With Tampa Bay behind him and just 25 seconds of play in the second quarter, Brady choreographed the check-down pass for Leonard Fournette and paid the price when defensive Marlon Davidson secured what was almost certainly the easiest pick-six in his life. To say the Giants-Dolphins game was uninteresting would be an understatement, but the Dolphins provided some exciting action at the end of the half. In a game of three points, Miami went on a 14-game, 89-yard drive, which Tua Tagovailoa finished with a 5-yard touchdown pass, which Mack Hollins first juggled before catching up with him when his swing hit him catapulted out of bounds. He has completed 20 of his first 26 passes for 216 yards, three touchdowns, and a quarterback rating of 139.3. The enigmatic Vikings are back, falling back against the winless Lions in the first half of Sunday. Detroit extended their lead to 14-6 with a neat throw from Goff to Brock Wright for the 23-yard score. Still looking for their first win of the season, the Lions are off to a great start (for their standards). With a touchdown pass from Jared Goff to T. J. Hockenson, Detroit has the lead over Minnesota in the second quarter. The duo combined 69 yards of rushing in the first quarter alone, with Patterson breaking off a 39-yard run against the Buccaneers and Davis racing from 17 yards into the end zone. Do you remember Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins - one of the best quarterback-wide receiver duo out with injuries since week 8? On the 4th and 2nd, Murray raised the ball for Hopkins, who made the controversial catch, while somehow putting both feet within limits for the 21-yard score. He wasted little time reminding the football world of his talents when his first possession resulted in a 36-yard touchdown against Dallas Goedert. Leonard Fournette can't stop scoring touchdowns. He took four in the Bucs' exciting come-from-behind win against the Colts last week, and added fifth in the sweet one-handed dig in the opening possession against the Falcons. It's December, and that means there will inevitably be NFL games hit by adverse weather conditions. There are some in week 13 that can get difficult to throw the ball. It starts in Chicago, where Kyler Murray is back in action just in time for the rain and wind. Things shouldn't start too ugly -'s weather forecast calls for a 37% chance of showers and 23 km / h wind at 1:00 p.m. ET kick-off - but that increases to a rain probability of 47% by 2:00 p.m. And there is a chance of up to 80% until 3:00 p.m. for the second half. Elsewhere, the Chargers-Bengals and Ravens-Steelers games aren't looking as bad as initially assumed, with only a 15% chance of rain during the entire game in Cincy and only wind in Pittsburgh.


Devonta Freemans TD finishes Raven's 99 yard drive

Baltimore Ravens running back Devonta Freeman rushes for a touchdown that limits a 10-minute drive of 99 yards. (Author: Gardener)

RavenLamar Jackson's game-defining pass goes out of reach for Mark Andrews Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson throws a game-defining two-point pass that is just out of reach for Mark Andrews. Check out all of the highlights between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams from their matchup in week 13 of the 2021 NFL regular season. Check out all of the highlights of the week 13 matchup between the Washington Football Team and the Las Vegas Raiders. Check out every catch from Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp from his 129-yard game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 13 of the 2021 NFL regular season. Rashaad Penny rumbles 27 yards in elusive catch and run Seattle Seahawks running back Rashaad Penny rumbles 27 yards in elusive catch and run. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson shows off his distance running skills in a 5 yard touchdown catch. Watch as all of the Los Angeles Rams retrace Sony Michel's best games from his 129-yard game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 13 of the 2021 NFL regular season. Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon downsizes to interrupt a pass for Mark Andrews to reach the narrow end of the Baltimore Ravens. Kyle Juszczyk twists at the last moment to secure Garoppolo's narrow window pass San Francisco 49ers defender Kyle Juszczyk twists at the last moment to secure the pass of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Kicker Daniel Carlson puts the Las Vegas Raiders in the lead with a 37-yard field goal. Los Angeles Rams cornerback Robert Rochell's spectacular special teams nail the Jacksonville Jaguars to their own 1-yard line. Washington Football Team's kicker Brian Johnson hits a 48-yard field goal to give his team a 17-15 lead. Los Angeles Rams Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald is a human wrecking ball on his combination bag with Rams outside linebacker Leonard Floyd. Diontae Johnson slips out of the tackle in the 25-yard catch-and-run. Josh Jacobs gets MAJOR air on hurdle to move chains Las Vegas Raiders running back Josh Jacobs gets big air to hurdle his way to a first down. Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs secures an interception for Washington Football Team quarterback Taylor Heinicke. The browser you are using is no longer supported on this page. It is highly recommended that you use the latest versions of a supported browser for the best viewing experience. The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and higher), Firefox and Safari.


Warriors take revenge, grab Suns' 18-game winning streak with defense, energy, and playoff-level adjustments

The budding Warriors-Suns rivalry added its latest edition on Friday night (Author: Gardener)

SunsSAN FRANCISCO - Steph Curry's famous pre-game shooting routine took a little longer than usual on Friday night. Halfway through a row of 3-pointers, his former teammate and current Phoenix Suns assistant coach, Jarrett Jack, stopped by to exchange courtesies. A few minutes later, Curry approached the sideline to chat with his former head coach, Mark Jackson, who was part of the ESPN broadcast team. Before heading down the plaza for his final tunnel shot, Curry stopped to take a selfie with a young fan. All of this to say that this wasn't a normal regular season game in early December. The Chase Center was near full capacity long before the Golden State Warriors' 118-96 win against the Phoenix Suns kicked off, ending Phoenix's winning streak with 18 games and taking revenge for a Golden State Warriors defeat in their first match three nights before. With the win, the Warriors improved to a league-top 19-3 and slipped half a game before the Suns, as both teams continue to separate from the rest of the Western Conference. But after attending dozens of Warriors playoff games at the Oracle Arena over the past few years, I'm confident that, if this wasn't exactly a postseason setting, this has been as close as it gets in the regular season. "You don't want them to come into your building and keep that streak going," Curry said after the game. We have a really good home record and a nice streak here in this building. Friday's win against the Suns marked Golden State's eleventh straight home win with 13 points or more, setting the NBA record of an earlier iteration of the Warriors in the 2014-15 season. The playoff atmosphere doesn't just come from a noisy crowd - which prevailed on Friday night - or the execution of the two teams - which was precise. It comes from the hustle and bustle in the arena, the additional cameras on the baselines during the pregame, the number of reporters walking on the sidelines. And once the game starts, there have to be signature flashing moments like the one Juan Toscano-Anderson delivered through Sun's center JaVale McGee towards the end of the first quarter. "It's the best dunk I've ever had in the game. The two best teams in the league. Play for the Warriors," said Toscano-Anderson after the game. It's a damn good picture, man. It's a great picture, man. "Curry went 6 for 11 from 3-point range to 23, while Chris stunned Paul with his unique ball handling and passing sense, even in a relatively sub-par performance. Deandre Ayton, the Suns' breakout star of her trip to the NBA Finals a few months ago put up 23 points, six rebounds and two blocks in defeat, but just like in the playoffs, the game depended on RPG. The old saying goes that they did play better at home, and that was certainly the case for the Warriors on Friday. In addition to his unforgettable dunk, Toscano-Anderson finished with 17 points, five rebounds and five assists. Bay Area's newest fan favorite, Gary Payton II, poured in 19 points in 3-on-5 3-point shooting on his suffocating defense. Stretch-Five Nemanja Bjelica stuffed the statistics with eight points, six rebounds, two blocks and two 3-pointers in 15 minutes. And then there is that "A" word that accompanies every playoff series - adjustments. The Warriors made a few schematic changes after Tuesday's loss, namely putting Andrew Wiggins against Paul for most of the game - a move made possible by Booker's absence. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said Wiggins set the tone early on with his defense, which allowed the Warriors to build an early lead along with the momentum. He's the one who gets everyone involved and can control the pace of the game, "said Wiggins of guarding Paul. There was another benefit of having Wiggins in charge of guarding Paul's. It gave Draymond Green the freedom to be free security mess which resulted in one of his best games of an already excellent defensive season. Green finished with a season high, six steals, three blocks, and nine rebounds while guarding everyone from point guard to center, as we've seen so many times Green's offense is fueled by his defensive position as he scored nine points, including a 3-pointer and a middle-distance jumper, in addition to his nine high-score assists. Green wasn't happy with his performance in Tuesday's loss in the first match between the Warriors and the Suns when he made as many turns (five) as assists, Kerr felt like his leader was in the rematch on Friday ag could come out with a sense of urgency and he put in a classic performance. "It's impressive man. [Green] is what Steph is offensive. It's just not sexy," said Toscano-Anderson after the game. You only have to look back a season or two to confirm that Green only brings that level of defensive activity and focus when he thinks it's warranted. He's been doing it almost all of the season that tells you how far he thinks this team can go, and he's now made it against the Suns, which shows you how much he see them as a potential, if not likely, playoff Respected opponents. While the game didn't take place on Friday in the postseason, there was certainly a little extra from both sides - let's call it a warm-up for what's to come. Last but not least, the last two games between the Warriors and Suns have proven without a doubt that "We are currently the best teams in the league and a playoff series between the two would be absolutely captivating. Not the other way around," said Kerr after the game Suns. "We know they are the best team in the west until someone else gets them out of the way.


Seahawks vs. 49ers odds, line, watch, live stream

SportsLine's model just revealed its NFL picks for 49ers vs. Seahawks on Paramount + (Author: Gardener)

SeahawksThe San Francisco 49ers have won their last three games and hold one of the NFC wildcard spots but will have to fend off the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Seattle has struggled since leaving in Week 9, but beat San Francisco earlier this season on October 3. San Francisco will be without top playmaker Deebo Samuel, and you can see if the Seahawks can take advantage of it if you stream the game on Paramount +. San Francisco is preferred to three points in the latest Seahawks. In selected markets, the matchup can be followed live on CBS on Sunday and streamed live on Paramount + with their indispensable premium plan. Paramount + now has membership levels so you can watch your local NFL at CBS matches and more. The premium plan costs $ 9.99 per month and you can watch your local CBS livestream, including many sports such as SEC on CBS, NFL on CBS, and the PGA Tour, with no ads, on-demand, and with the ability to take episodes offline - download playback. Both plans include a free week to start the NFL on CBS. So register here now. Seahawks picks, you need to see the model's NFL predictions over at SportsLine. The model, which simulates every NFL game 10,000 times, has increased by nearly $ 7,100 since its inception more than six years ago for $ 100 players on top-rated NFL picks. The model competes in week 13 of the 2021 season with an incredible 131 to 94 run on top-rated NFL picks that date back to the 2017 season. The model also ranked in the top 10 NFL picks on NFLickWatch for the past five years, beating more than 94 percent of CBS Sports Football Pick'em players four times in that time. 49ers, the model predicts Seattle will cover the three-point range at home. The 49ers have been favorites on the road seven times since 2020 and have covered five times during the stretch, but the final two games of this run were against the dysfunctional Jacksonville Jaguars and a team from the Chicago Bears that found themselves in the middle of a five game found streak of bad luck. Much of Seattle's problem on the offensive lately has been its ineffective running game. In six career games against the 49ers, Peterson has 445 yards and faces a Niners defense that misses All-Pro LB Fred Warner (thigh). Meanwhile, Brandon Aiyuk resumes his role as the top receiver in the 49ers' passing game without Samuel. The SportsLine model predicts Aiyuk will finish at 65 yards, but the Seahawks have allowed opposing wide receivers the fifth fewest yards this season. Seattle should be able to control the pace of the game at home and keep things within a few points to cover on Sunday. The model projects a one-point game and features the Seahawks (+3) in over 50 percent of the simulations. Now that you know what to choose, watch your local live NFL at CBS games on Paramount + on any device you want. Visit Paramount + now to live stream your local CBS sporting events, including the NFL, SEC on CBS and more.


Women's FA Cup Final - Live Response!

Minute-by-minute updates on the delayed finals of the 2020-21 season. Rob Smith has the latest (Author: Gardener)

2020-21 seasonPlease use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Chelsea players celebrate after winning the FA Cup Final at Wembley. Fran Kirby: “It's incredible. We held back a little more in the second half, but I think we especially blew them away in the first half. My goal calmed our nerves a little. When you're through with a goal it's a stressful situation, but I managed to stay calm and bring it in, but it was a great performance from everyone - to be clean in the final is amazing. Overall, I think we deserved the win and could have scored a few more goals. It's a great day for women's football. Hopefully the performance today made everyone proud and hopefully more people want to get involved in women's football. "And here is Emma Hayes:" I'm very proud of everyone in our organization. It's the best performance I've seen from Fran [Kirby], she ran the show. The midfield was set up to do a job and allow Fran and Sam [Kerr] to play. It's a chelsea day. I said to the girls before the game: Today we play for everyone who has made women's football what it is. Women's football is our livelihood, but it's also our passion and today it was a win for every woman who has been involved in women's football in this country. ”The last one is Magdalena Eriksson, who collects the trophy and joins her teammates in the group , lifts him up and is immediately immersed in a tidal wave of champagne. Chelsea with the FA Cup trophy. Photo: Harriet Lander / Chelsea FC / Getty Images And Chelsea return to the pitch for their medals. Sam Kerr speaks: “I think we deserve it. Me and Fran scored, but the defense was fantastic, it was a team effort and we'll enjoy it. We felt like we dominated but they defended well in the first half and we couldn't miss some easy chances so we knew we had to score again to bring the game to bed and we did we done. Arsenal put their bodies on the line, but if we keep pushing we knew we were going to win, and at Wembley in front of a huge crowd - it couldn't be better. We haven't conceded many goals and scored a lot in the last few games - I think we're the best team in England. ”Sam Kerr tops the heights with an exquisite finish! CHELSEA WIN THE DOMESTIC TRIBLE FOR THE FIRST TIME! Full time: Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea Peep peep! Three is the magic number for Chelsea: three goals, the third FA Cup win and the first home triple. Fran Kirby's third-minute goal set the tone and Chelsea could have been out of sight long before Sam Kerr's double goal in the second half - the second a delicious chip. It's been a humiliating day for Arsenal, whose next game is against European champions Barcelona. It's a great day for Chelsea, one of their greatest. 90 + 4 min Another late change for Chelsea: Aniek Nouwen changes for the indefatigable Sophie Ingle. 🤯 @ samkerr1 with an incredible chip about Zinsberger 🍟 @ ChelseaFCW #WomensFACupFinal— Vitality Women's FA Cup (@VitalityWFACup) December 5, 2021 88 min McCabe, who has already been booked, is very lucky not to run for a high tackle on Spence. It's been a miserable day for McCabe, who played more like herself of the 2020-21 than this season's star. 87 min And a change for Arsenal: Lotte Wubben-Moy gone, Simone Boye Sorensen on. 86 min Triple change for Chelsea: Drew Spence, Beth England and Ji replace a beaming Sam Kerr, a beaming Melanie Leupolz and a beaming Guro riding. It's a nice gesture from Emma Hayes to involve as many players as possible, even if it's only for a few minutes. 85 Min. Foord hits Cuthbert and lifts a dangerous cross, which is cleared by, yes, Jess Carter. A few moments later, Miedema heads wide after a cross from McCabe. What a majestic finish from Sam Kerr. Maanum rolled over the ball in midfield and was expropriated by Leupolz, who pulled forward and brought Kerr on goal in the right inner channel. It took Kerr two ball contacts to stand up, and then, with Zinsberger at the six-yard line, the ball chipped slowly, teasingly, over her and into the net. 83 min. Parris tries to outsmart Carter and soon realizes the pointlessness of this particular gesture. 81.Min. Nikita Parris replaces Frida Maanum and is cautioned immediately after a foul on riding. 80 mins Kerr and Kirby stole the show and no one would displease them, but all of Chelsea's spines - Carter and Leupolz in particular - were great. 79.Min. Mead's deflected shot goes behind for a corner. 76th min .: Another parade from Zinsberger! Harder dances Wubben-Moy away in the penalty area, but takes the ball a little too far and can only take one shot, which is comfortably blocked by Zinsberger. 74 min. A very dangerous cross from Little is left behind by Cuthbert, an important stop with Foord waiting behind her. 72nd min: Kirby hits the post! What a tremendous achievement from the best player on the pitch. She received the ball from Kerr from 40 yards and ran straight towards the receding Wubben-Moy. Kirby got to the D, then slid the ball onto her left foot and banged it off the post. 71 minutes McCabe has switched to left-back, Catley moves into the center of the defense. 70 min. Jonas Eidevall won't be surprised: he brought in Caitlin Foord, a striker, for center-back Jen Beattie. Kerr scores for Chelsea. 69 min. Kirby is also down after being challenged by Wubben-Moy. 68.Min. Catley's cross is missed by Berger, who was relieved that there were no Arsenal players behind her. There is a pause in the game when Berger is being treated for a spasm, which is a bit strange considering how little she had to do today. 65 minutes McCabe's corner is beheaded at the near post. Chelsea Break and McCabe are cautioned for cynical foul on Kirby. On 64 minutes, McCabe's dangerous low cross is cleared by Cuthbert, who collides with Bright. Corner against Arsenal ... 64 min As this is last season's competition, it's easy to forget that Chelsea are 26 minutes away from their first home triple. 61.Min. Ingle hisses a pass on riding, whose low-hanging flank heads over again. There are no Chelsea players in the middle, however, and Arsenal have time to sort out. 61.Min change for Arsenal in midfield: Lia Walti is replaced by Mana Iwabuchi. 60 min This was a master class from Emma Hayes whose move to 4-2-3-1 left Arsenal confused. Kirby drew a long pass across the line to Kerr, who made an excellent run from center to left. Kerr fit into Wubben-Moy, shot across the goal, then pulled a low shot past Zinsberger past the near post. Zinsberger was already determined to move to the left and could not change direction. 56 min. Arsenal now dominate possession, although Chelsea appear to be enough at break. 40th Minute: Big penalty appeal from Arsenal! Mead runs up to Cuthbert nearby, then turns back onto her right foot. Cuthbert, who is already engaged in a duel, slips into the ball and hits her arm. Arsenal's Beth Mead complains to referee Helen Conley. Photo: Tom Jenkins / The Guardian 55 min Zinsberger comfortably parries after Kerr's header. It was a tough chance with a Cuthbert cross just behind Kerr. 54 min. Eriksson's deep, driven flank is beheaded by the bent Catley behind him while Fleming waits behind her. The resulting corner is beheaded by Lia Walti. 28 min Another chance for Chelsea! Kirby, having a storm, breaks out forward and plays in riding to her left. She moves into the box but then the ball gets stuck under her feet and Arsenal's defenders can come over. The pitch saved Arsenal there. Riding cannot quite control the ball. Photo: Ben Stansall / AFP / Getty Images 51 min. Mead brilliantly turns Eriksson on the edge of the box and is about to shoot when Carter makes a decisive tackle. 7 min: Big parade by Zinsberger! Kerr, back on the field, plays a smooth one-two with Kirby, pulls through on goal, but then shoots too close to Zinsberger. That was such a good chance for Sam Kerr. Kerr shoots on goal. Photo: Harriet Lander - Chelsea FC / Chelsea FC / Getty Images 50 min. It was a quieter start to the second half for Arsenal, who have a more even share of the game. 48.Min. Miedema pushes the ball into the penalty area towards Little, but Carter reads the game well and takes cover. Little gets the ball first, but can only push it far over the nearby post on the track. 46th min. Beth Mead, who ended half time strong on the left, moved back to the right wing at the start of the second half. Chelsea start the second half with no changes on either side. "I suppose if the Arsenal team has a sports psychologist in the locker room, they can explain why the players' technique seems to have let them down," says Charles Antaki. “Has this team ever had half an hour full of bad controls, bad passes, futile lunges and general confusion? I suppose Chelsea are in so much trouble, but it kind of seems that the Arsenal players just managed to scare themselves into incompetence. "I don't think the pitch will help. Chelsea handled it a lot better, mostly by being more direct at times. Chelsea lead at Wembley thanks to Fran Kirby's early goal. You should already be out of sight: Kirby hit the post *, Sam Kerr hit the crossbar and Manuela Zinsberger parried some important saves. The good news for Arsenal is that they were much better in the last 10 minutes of the first half and it is only 1-0. * I wasn't aware of that at the time, but her shot in the 19th minute was pushed against the post by Zinsberger. At the time I thought she had just left it behind for a corner. Next: Lesley Lloyd: "It's an honor to have won the first Women's FA Cup" 19 min: Beautiful parade by Zinsberger! Kerr runs onto a long pass to the right of Cuthbert and moves into the area. She cuts the ball back to Kirby and a split second later is knocked out by the sliding Beattie. The game continues and Kirby hits a rising drive, which is pushed onto the outside of the short post by Zinsberger. That should have been a penalty for Chelsea but there is no VAR today. Not like it's a big game or anything. 45 + 2 min. Chelsea break three on three just for Kirby to overtake her pass on Kerr. That was another chance and an unusually sloppy ball from Kirby. 45 + 1 min. Three minutes of stoppage time. Cuthbert was cautioned for the foul on Mead. 45 min Cuthbert fouls Mead and injures himself. I think she is fine but there is a stoppage of play during treatment. 42 min. McCabe is fouled by Leupolz from 25 meters. Either way, Arsenal are having their first good phase of the game and this is a good opportunity ... 39 mins "Hi Rob," says Dan in Kennington. "When does Arsenal start? Chelsea is currently playing alone. Great things from them. ”The trouble is, if Chelsea are 1-0 at half time, Jonas Eidevall will be the happier coach. 38 min Arsenal have finally changed their wingers; I'm surprised they didn't do it 20 minutes ago. Mead, now on the left, runs towards Cuthbert and wins a corner. 36 min: Kerr hits the bar! Kerr runs on a long poke forward, muscles Wubben-Moy from the ball - Arsenal thought it was a foul - and lifts a shot from eight meters to the crossbar. It was another great opportunity for Kerr, whose conclusion today was strangely undecided. 33 min Bright, ready for a set piece, volley shot from 20 meters at the target. 29.Min. Leupolz now serves Kirby, whose shot is deflected backwards from the edge of the penalty area. Zinsberger keeps Arsenal there. Another parade from Kirby. I don't think she or Kerr will be missing again if they continue to get that much space.— Tim Stillman (@Stillberto) Dec 5, 2021 27 min McCabe is fortunate enough to not get booked after hitting a Chelsea goalkeeper Ann-Katrin Berger has left. 25th minute: Another nice parade from Zinsberger! Riding pulls down left and pushes the ball into the infield to Kerr on the edge of the box. She lets it run to Kirby, who opens her body and shapes a curler to the bottom corner. Zinsberger cleverly leans to the left to leave it behind, and then hits the post in frustration at how much work she has to do. 26 min. Cuthbert's corner heads Eriksson past the far post, another great chance for Chelsea! Without exaggeration, this could be 5-0 for Chelsea. 23 min. After a snappy pass from Arsenal, Miedema shoots up and far from 20 meters. 23 min Chelsea have been the much better team so far. 21 min. Emma Hayes is understandably angry about the penalty awarded. 17 min. Zinsberger makes another save from Kerr at close range, although this would not have counted as it was just offside. 15 min Arsenal starts to gain a foothold. A complicated move by McCabe, Miedema and Little leads to their first corner ... 13 min. Half chance for Kerr, who winds away from Beattie on the right in the penalty area but cannot find Kirby in the middle. I'm surprised she didn't get a shot - the angle was tight but not prohibitive, and the ball fell well for her. 11 mins. Chelsea play a 4-2-3-1 with Cuthbert A and Eriksson as orthodox full-backs. It's a bit of a surprise, but it has worked out fine so far - Kirby, playing as number 10, scored the goal and almost gave Kerr a second chance. Kirby scores Chelsea’s first goal. Photo: Andrew Boyers / Action Images / Reuters Kirby celebrates after scoring. Photo: Chris Lee - Chelsea FC / Chelsea FC / Getty Images Chelsea fans show their support. Photo: Tom Dulat - The FA / The FA / Getty Images 10 min Arsenal has not gained momentum as an attacking force. The pitch helps neither side; it's so slow. Out of nowhere, Fran Kirby gave Chelsea the lead. The ball bounced off some players 35 yards from the Arsenal goal and rebounded favorably for Kirby. She rushed straight through the middle, pulled Zinsberger and quietly wedged the ball into the corner. 8 min Beth Mead is booked for a very awkward duel against Eriksson. 8 min The course is not in good condition, by the way. 6 mins. There is a break in play while Sam Kerr is treated. I think she injured herself building up on goal. 4 min There was so much room for Kirby to walk into. Wubben-Moy was pulled over to challenge Fleming (I think) and Maritz didn't have time to cover from right-back. Arsenal could play a 4-2-3-1 with Kim Little number 10. The players on both teams will be introduced to Lesley Lloyd, captain of the 1971 Southampton Cup winners, and then it's time for the national anthem. It's a cold, drizzly day, not exactly the cup final, and the players really want to get down to business. Lesley Lloyd and Elsie Cook, the two captains of the women's first FA Cup final, pose for a picture. Photo: Naomi Baker - The FA / The FA / Getty Images 1 min Peep peep! 1 min. Peep-beep! After the players hit the knee, Arsenal begin right to left. “Both teams were indeed rusty for the league game, but Arsenal had had a few European games to warm up; things will be more balanced now, ”says Charles Antaki. And the bench looks great - Iwabuchi, Nobbs, Foord - so a kind of Arsenal-style positive anticipation that is highly qualified… "One reason the FA Cup final from last season of last season is being played today, is that the tournament was postponed due to Covid last season. But the FA made a special decision today because it marks the 100th anniversary of the ban on women's football, which has lasted for 50 years. - Tim Stillman (@Stillberto) December 5, 2021 This is a lovely piece on the 1971 finale, including some notable details about the condition of the pitch and nutrition. Related: Lesley Lloyd: "It's an honor to have won the first women's FA Cup" These teams met once in the 2021/22 season, a 3-2 win for Arsenal on the opening weekend. See also: Eidevall hopes the women's FA Cup final will land luck on Arsenal's side | Suzanne Wrack No surprises at Arsenal's side, unchanged since they beat Manchester United 2-0 a fortnight ago. “I saw Beth Mead talk about the goals of the season so far: some belts. Play it up! "What's your favorite 2021/22 goal so far? 🔥Take it away, @ BMeado9 😎— Arsenal Women (@ArsenalWFC) December 1, 2021 In fact, six of the top 11 of this year's Ballon d'Or are involved today: Sam Kerr, Vivianne Miedema, Pernille Harder, Jessie Fleming, Fran Kirby and Magda Eriksson. Emma Hayes makes a change from Chelsea's last game, a 5-0 WSL win against Birmingham before the international break. 🙌 # CFCW #WomensFACupFinal pic.twitter .com / T3rGngeUvk - Chelsea FC Women (@ChelseaFCW) December 5th, 2021 Sunday May 9th, 1971 was a big day in the Bolton and District Cricket Association League, I know because the results of that league were in the Guardian the next day Also the results of the Cross Cup and the Glossop League and the Shettleston Marathon and the North of England Lacrosse League and the Longwood 10 Mile Road Race, and I'm really not making up any of them Absence noticed: the opening final of the women's FA Cup. (Southampton defeated Stewarton Thistle 4-1, with Pat Davies scoring a hat trick.) The world has changed since DCI Gene Hunt's heyday, and it's not just the Guardian who are devoted to women's football. Today's Arsenal-Chelsea final celebrates 50 years of the FA Cup and how good the sport has become. The sheer quality of both teams makes this final a perfect one. It's also a mystery of the future: In what season did the country's two best teams clash in the FA Cup final after finishing first and third in the league? That game belongs to last season when Arsenal finished behind Chelsea and Manchester City and will now be played because of the backlog caused by Covid. Arsenal have replaced City as Chelsea's main rivals this season, whatever Emma Hayes says publicly, and the two are embroiled in an exciting race for the title. Either Arsenal wins the FA Cup for the record 15th time or Chelsea for the third time - and, more importantly, the first domestic triple.