A notorious stock market bear calling the dot-com bubble just warned that "dozen" internal indicators are showing "notable deterioration", showing unprecedented signs of a peak

"I've never seen so many historical signs that a market high is occurring at the same time," said John Hussman. (Author: Gardener)

dozenA trader works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) the day after the market closed for over three hours yesterday due to a "technical glitch" in New York City on July 9, 2015. * John Hussman says the indicators of a stock market high are beyond the dot-com bubble levels. * Hussman wrote an unscheduled "interim" notice to investors regarding the incident. * He shared some of the "dozen" bearish indicators he looks at. It is one thing when a single market indicator - even a few indicators - shows weakness. It is another matter when "dozen" indicators start to deteriorate at the same time. The development prompted Hussman to write an "interim" note to investors - one outside of his normal comments. "In four decades of work in the financial markets and over a century of historical data, I have never seen so many historical signs that a market high is occurring at the same time," wrote Hussman, calling the set of deteriorating indicators the "mother line." "Despite speculative highs in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq indices, our internal values ​​reflect the continued divergence here, with a notable deterioration in recent weeks," he continued of the most extreme valuations in history, coupled with already divergent market internals. "The first, indicated by the red bars, shows cases in which the S&P 500 is at highs through a series of metrics, but the number of stocks with 52-week Highs and lows is significant, and less than three-quarters of stocks are above their 200-day moving averages. Next is a simple list of technical indicators that tend to appear around market tops. The previous record was March 27, 2000 , the day after the tech bubble peaked. " The third is another list of indicators. It takes into account bullish sentiment, inflation, rising interest rates, valuations, declining participation, and deviant leadership. "Investors could say:" Yes, but the ISM is over 50 "or" Yes, but the yield curve is not inverted "or" Yes, but we are not in a recession "or" Yes, but earnings are expected to rise, " 'or a dozen other' yes, but 'considerations, "said Hussman. "The problem is that many of the things that investors associate with market losses don't appear until the market is down. While Hussman highlighted these indicators, he said he didn't necessarily call this the top, he just shared observations. He said, however, that he believes stocks are in a bubble and that returns will be bleak for the next 12 years. Hussman has long warned of overexertion and weak negative returns. In the past few weeks and months, those have become mainstream - Views on Wall Street changed. Barry Bannister, chief US equities strategist at Stifel, said earlier this week that stocks are in a bubble and that the Federal Reserve will continue to inflate them through loose monetary policy, but he is currently seeing no signs of the market peaking - instead, it sees the bubble burst in mid-2023. Bank of America has its wake The future returns of the S&P 500 have been further reduced. Earlier this year, Savita Subramanian, the bank's senior US equity strategist, said she expected the index to return 2% annually over the next decade. As valuations keep rising, she recently updated this to a -0.5% return and said the S&P 500 would hit 4,420 in 2031. And like Hussman, Subramanian also emphasized consensus on the indicators, emphasizing that 15 of the 20 scoring measures she observed are historically high. Both Bannister and Subramanian, who have tended to be some of the most bearish strategists on Wall Street of late, believe that investors are overestimating earnings trends and impending economic growth. Morgan Stanley economists have just updated their fourth quarter GDP projections from 3% to 8.7%, although their equity strategists are more cautious about future index returns. The strategists at Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo are growth-optimized and accordingly have higher price targets for the S&P 500. The economic recovery has gained momentum in recent weeks. Weekly jobless claims last week hit their lowest level since 1969, the US economy created more jobs than expected in October, and consumer spending remains unabashed. US consumers spent more in October than any month in the past. Perhaps the biggest hurdle for stocks in the New Year is how they will react to the US Federal Reserve cutting its bond purchases starting this month. The central bank is also expected to start rate hikes next year. For the uninitiated, Hussman has repeatedly made headlines by forecasting a stock market decline of over 60% and forecasting an entire decade of negative stock returns. And as the stock market continues to slide for the most part, it sticks to its doomsday calls. But before you dismiss Hussman as a wobbly permanent bear, think about his track record, which he recently summarized in a blog post. * He predicted tech stocks would plunge 83% in March 2000, then the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index "improbably accurate" lost 83% total returns over the 2000-2002 period, and it did. However, Hussman's recent returns have been less than superb. Still, the S&P 500 has returned more than 29.5% in the past 12 months. The amount of bearish evidence unearthed by Hussman continues to grow. Returns can certainly still be achieved in this market cycle, but when does the increasing crash risk become unbearable? That's a question that investors need to answer for themselves - and one that Hussman will clearly investigate further in the meantime.


Here's what Black Friday's carnage could mean for Monday's trading, analysts say

The rapidly spreading burden of coronavirus upset markets on Black Friday and gave cause for concern about how the economy and Wall Street could fare next week. (Author: Gardener)

Black Friday'sAnalysts say what the Black Friday carnage could mean for Monday's trading on how the economy and Wall Street could do in the coming week after a sell-off that wiped out November gains on the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq Composite made the Dow Jones Industrial Average the sharpest drop in a day since October 28, 2020. WHO said the variant of Omicron, discovered in Belgium, Israel and Hong Kong and first identified in southern parts of Africa, is more transferable than the currently prevalent worldwide delta strain and other variants. The emergence of the new tribe led the White House to announce travel restrictions for non-U states starting Monday. The sell-off in the market during the shortened Black Friday session, and the corresponding flight into assets that investors hope will perform better in the face of new mobility constraints, helped overshadow the usual focus on retail in a day, which was associated with high consumer spending before the Christmas holidays. Friday's downturn was also a crystal clear reminder that the path of the market and economy depends on how COVID unfolds. Omicron comes at a fragile time for bullish investors as bears point to high stock market valuations, concerns about inflation, and concerns about global economic growth as reasons behind a decline in stocks that have managed to avoid falling from a high of more than 5%. The Nasdaq posted its lowest volume of the year on Black Friday with 3.479 billion shares traded, well below the previous year's average of 5.099 billion. The total composite volume, including trading on the Intercontinental Exchange's NYSE platforms, was 8.760 billion, compared with an annual average of 11.196 billion, according to Dow Jones Market Data. Still, time will tell if the reaction to Omicron has been a textbook, a knee-jerk sell-out, or something more sinister. MarketWatch's Bill Watts, citing Friday research by Arbeter Investments' Mark Arbeter, wrote that the next level of support for the S&P 500 after closing at 4,594.62 on Friday is 4,570, the 50-day exponential average; 4,566, the 38.2% retracement of the rally; and 4,550, a previous high from early September. “It's too early to know how the new variant will affect economies and markets, and Friday's market moves were likely due to the reduced liquidity due to the US Thanksgiving Day and the risk of more bad news over the weekend emerge, tightened. ”writes Jonas Goltermann, Senior Market Economist at Capital Economics, in a research report on Friday. J.C. Parets of the All Star Charts blog writes that things could get dicey if the S&P 500 drops below 4,500 with little support below that. Well, nothing good happens in the S&P 500 under 4500, ”he writes in a Friday blog. "The fact that this variant appears to be spreading much faster than previous versions (including the Delta variant) needs to be monitored very carefully," wrote Michael Strobaek, Credit Suisse's global chief investment officer, in a research note. There are some questions about the effectiveness of existing Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines due to the number of mutations the Omicron variant carries on the spike protein. Analysts at Jefferies, led by analyst Sean Darby, note that risk appetite was already falling before Black Friday and the sell-off may have been a "tipping point" in favor of caution and risk mitigation. "The news of the spread of a new or not-so-new variant of COVID in southern Africa appears to have been the tipping point in changing risk appetite in the past 24 hours," the Jefferies analyst wrote. “However, there has been a profound shift in risk variables over the past month - and the imperceptible shift in US retail appetite that has apparently gone unnoticed. Positioning in global stocks is one of the most aggressive in US history, ”said Darby and colleagues. Research by Jefferies suggests that investors now expect the Federal Reserve, under newly appointed chairman Jerome Powell, to accelerate the pace of cuts in the central bank's asset purchases, which will result in tighter financial conditions that will prove unfavorable for risky assets could. Goldman Sachs expects the Fed to accelerate the cut from $ 15 billion to $ 30 billion per month and estimates that policy rates will rise from two to three in 2022. “Ultimately, the Sharpe ratio - a measure of return per unit of risk - is turning for global stocks. We expect the gap between the performance of risky and safe assets to narrow, ”Jefferies wrote. Strobaek wrote that "Risk assets like stocks are likely to return some strength, but we would see this as an opportunity in selected and specific areas". «At this point we repeat our assessment from the latest report by the Investment Committee, i. H. To keep stocks slightly overweighted in portfolios and underweighted government bonds, ”writes the CIO of Credit Suisse. Citigroup analysts also said that "we would buy in on any decline," noting that the bearish checklist shows no significant red flags. "Valuations look exaggerated, but other factors (credit spreads, fund flows) are not yet particularly widened," writes Citi, with 7.5 out of 18 red flags in their measurements of global markets, while the US raised 9.5 See of 18, CEO of AXS Investments in Port Chester, NY, says the sale at the end of the week may have resulted in a Black Friday sale for stock market investors. “Black Friday is usually the unofficial start of the annual Christmas shopping season. But we believe the real buying is in stocks that are weighed down by Covid infection spikes, inflation fears and supply chain issues but still have strong fundamentals that will drive their gains in the eventual reopening of the economy, "he wrote that said, Some Analysts point out that the lockdowns taking place in Europe and the spread of COVID, even before the Omicron statement, was a cause for caution as it will affect global growth prospects. Monday's trading will help determine if the upside continues or if a bearish phase is emerging. It will be a week focused on employment, with the U.S. employment report due in November by the end of the week, and Powell and others setting out their final thoughts ahead of a media blackout, which will precede the final meeting of the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee in 2021 starts on 14.-15. December. See: Fed inflation worries at last session left scope for faster bond buying slowdown What's on the economic calendar? A report of upcoming home sales at 10 a.m. Eastern Time S&P Case-Shiller House Price Index for September at 9 a.m. Chicago Purchasing Managers Index for November at 9:45 a.m. Consumer Confidence Index for November at 10 a.m. ISM Manufacturing Index for November at 10 a.m. ISM- November Services Report at 10am Fed Spokesman Fed Chairman Jerome Powell opens ET at 3:05 pm at Introducing the New York Innovation Center. Fed Gov. Michelle Bowman speaks at a virtual symposium on indigenous economies hosted by the Bank of Canada, the Tulo Center of Indigenous Economics and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand at 5:05 pm. Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will be giving a statement on the state of the US economy amid the COVID pandemic as part of the Cares Act at 10 a.m. to the Senate Banking Committee. Outgoing Fed vice chairman Richard Clarida will speak at 1 p.m. at a Federal Bank of Cleveland event. Outgoing Fed Governor Randal Quarles will be parting at an American Enterprise Institute at 11 a.m. has an apology to pause oil production spikes after the variant of COVID sparked the crude oil slump


Arkansas Football adds the Battle Line Rivalry trophy to the collection

Arkansas Football has completed trophy games this season, taking back the Battle Line Rivalry trophy for the first time since 2015. (Author: Gardener)

Arkansas FootballFAYETTEVILLE - Arkansas football ended the trophy games, winning back the 180-pound Battle Line Rivalry trophy for the first time since 2015 with a 34:17 win over Missouri on Friday. The Razorbacks beat Texas A&M and LSU earlier this season to win the Southwest Classic Trophy and Golden Shoe. The Arkansas offense broke out in the third quarter and the defense hampered Missouri (6-6, 3-5 SEC). Arkansas (8-4, 4-4) took eight wins for the first time since the same 2015 season. Here are five takeaways from the Arkansas regular season finale. In the third quarter, however, Arkansas changed the game to five games. Back-to-back drives lasted less than a minute and a half, but Arkansas won 113 yards and scored two touchdowns. The first drive consisted of three pieces, one of which was a 55 yard catch and was directed by De'Vion Warren. Trelon Smith knocked him out from 4 yards, giving Arkansas a 17-3 lead. On his next possession, Jefferson threw an incomplete pass before getting another chunk play, a 52-yard touchdown pass to Treylon Burks to make the 24-6. Missouri made two-goal, one-field-goal game late in the quarter, but those five games on two drives made all the difference for Arkansas. More: Testimonial: It's All A's For Arkansas Football Except Offensive Against Missouri More: Meet Christina Long, New Arkansas Razorbacks Beat Writer For The Southwest Times Record At the start of the second quarter, Missouri was driving. The Tigers were in Arkansas Territory, and in second and eighth place linebacker Hayden Henry beat the star, who led Tyler Badie back to score a loss. Arkansas held the Tigers on a field goal. He later set the program record for most games in a season with at least 100 yards with six. Burks finished with seven catches for 129 yards. Arkansas manager Sam Pittman knew the Razorbacks would have their hands full with Badie. He entered the game at 1,385 and led the SEC in rushing yards. Badie carried the ball 41 times, most from an Arkansas opponent since Travis Stephens of Tennessee 20 years ago. Penalty shootouts have been a hot topic in Arkansas' last three games. Arkansas was called to six penalties in last week's loss to Alabama, several of which raised questions from fans. Arkansas again had six penalties for 55 yards on Friday, but Missouri fared little better. Missouri's second drive of the game stalled due to penalties after both a hold and a block below the waist hit Missouri in the same play. Another costly game came when Badie knocked down a defender wearing the face mask, costing Missouri 15 yards in the Arkansas Territory. This article originally appeared on Fort Smith Times Record: Arkansas Football adds the Battle Line Rivalry trophy to collection by defeating Missouri


No. 25 Arkansas beats Missouri, best season since 2011

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. The Arkansas coach and his team had done something no one else had ever done. (Author: Gardener)

Arkansas- Sam Pittman was grinning almost the entire time of his post-game press conference on Friday night. The Arkansas coach and his team had done something no one else had ever done. The No. 25 Razorbacks crowned their regular season with a 34:17 win over Missouri and gave the Tigers a five-game losing streak. The win also held the Battle Line Trophy in Fayetteville and gave Arkansas a perfect 3-0 season in its trophy games. Arkansas (8-4, 4-4 Southeastern Conference) is just two seasons away from the worst two seasons in school history. In the past five seasons together, the Razorbacks hadn't won a trophy game once. "I know it's 8-4 and the world might see 8-4 as 8-4, but it's not here in Arkansas," said Pittman. KJ Jefferson, in his first season as a starter, was in the lead on Friday. He threw for 262 yards and a touchdown and ran for another 58 yards to crack the skid against Missouri. His best partner was wide receiver Treylon Burks, who had seven catches for 129 yards and the score. The junior also quarterbacked an option game on Arkansas' bottom line when he served to Rocket Sanders running back in the fourth quarter to give the Razorbacks the most regular season wins since 2011. Burks became only the fourth member of the 1,000-yard reception club in school history. He also broke the 100 yard barrier in a single game for the sixth time this season and set a school record. "He's a bad man," said Pittman. Arkansas scored four straight goals in the second half, converting a four point lead at halftime to a 27-point lead at 9:52. Missouri (6-6, 3-5), which ended the regular season at .500 for the third straight year, managed just 316 yards of total attack, of which 219 were from running Tyler Badie back on the ground. Badie scored Missouri's only touchdown with 1:25 left. The Tigers were largely defeated by the big game, which their offensive never reached. Arkansas averaged 8 yards per game to Missouris 4.2. But at some point you have to attack that and not sit there and say, 'We're scared,' "said Pittman." We're a running team. We want to be successful. On consecutive drives in the third quarter, Jefferson found wide receiver De'Vion Warren for a 55 yard win to set up the first half-time touchdown, then linked up with Burks over the top for a 52 yard score who broke that Play on. Missouri stiffened in the red zone on the third straight Arkansas scoring drive in the fourth quarter and kept the Razorbacks on a field goal. But Connor Bazelak's pass was intercepted on the next play before Warren's 32-yard end around Arkansas immediately returned to the 20-yard position. Sanders' 7-yard touchdown run topped the scoring. Bazelak finished 10 of 26 for 65 yards. He overtook Devin West for Missouri's single-season rushing record, finishing with 1,604 yards. Sanders ran for 21 yards and two touchdowns on eight carries for Arkansas. Trelon Smith had the other score, running 37 yards on seven carries. Arkansas last played in the postseason in 2016, squandering a 24-0 half-time lead against Virginia Tech when they lost the Belk Bowl 35:24. Pittman said he thought the Razorbacks deserved to play in one of the top SEC bowls this time around. Three of their four losses came to No. 1 Georgia, No. 3 Alabama, and No. 8 Ole Miss, which together are 30-3. "Well, in the losing streak of three games, we were beaten by Georgia and everyone else who played against them, too. We suddenly lost to Ole Miss," said Pittman. We came back and started running. "Arkansas defensive coordinator Barry Odom was Missouri's head coach before being sacked after four seasons in 2019. Pittman gave the ball to his senior defensive captains and they handed it over to Odom, who was celebrating his 45th birthday Friday with the win. Arkansas' most successful season in a decade is over, just two seasons away from the worst two seasons in school history. Arkansas: Will play bowl for the first time since 2016. Missouri: Probably bowl-tied for the first Times since 2018, although the Tigers are not guaranteed.


Arkansas vs. Missouri College Football odds, games and insights

In our betting preview for the college football game Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Missouri Tigers on November 26th, 2021 you will find odds, insights and more. (Author: Gardener)

ArkansasYou are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Check out the odds, insights and more in our betting preview for the college football game Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Missouri Tigers on November 26th, 2021. November 20, 2021; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA; Arkansas Razorbacks wide receiver Treylon Burks (16) catches a pass over Alabama Crimson Tide defensive back Brian Branch (14) in the second half at Bryant-Denny Stadium. The SEC enemies will fight when the No. 25 Arkansas Razorbacks (7-4, 0-0 SEC) face the Missouri Tigers (6-5, 0-0 SEC). For more great betting and fantasy insights, subscribe to the SI Winners Club newsletter. Ryan Tannehill Player Prop Betting for NFL Week 12 - Tennessee vs. New England Kendrick Bourne Player Prop Betting for NFL Week 12 - New England vs. Jakobi Meyers Player Prop Betting for NFL Week 12 - New England vs.


Arkansas Football gives Barry Odom a birthday present

Barry Odom, former Missouri soccer coach and current Arkansas defensive coordinator, celebrated his birthday with a trophy and a ball. (Author: Gardener)

Barry OdomFAYETTEVILLE - Arkansas Defense Coordinator Barry Odom's birthday present was the Battle Line Rivalry trophy. That and a cue ball from Arkansas's 34-17 win over Missouri on Friday. Arkansas coach Sam Pittman passed the ball to linebacker Grant Morgan and defensive back Joe Foucha. After the game, both players spoke to the team about Odom and what he meant to the Razorbacks. Then they handed him the cue ball. "He wanted this," linebacker Hayden Henry said of Odom. What he means to the University of Arkansas should never go unnoticed as he completely flipped a team and a defense. After the game, Pittman acknowledged Odom's story as Missouri's head coach and said he did not want to dwell on it. He didn't have to - Odom's defense spoke for itself. Arkansas gave up their only touchdown in the last two minutes of the game, keeping Missouri at 65 yards. REPORT CARD: It's All A for Arkansas Football except the Missouri offensive MORE: "We just didn't bond:" What coach Eli Drinkwitz said after Mizzou's loss to Arkansas TOPPMEYER: How the SEC should plan post-Texas football rivalry week kicks Oklahoma at? In the days leading up to the game, there was a lot of talk about the connections between rivals Arkansas (8-4, 4-4 SEC) and Missouri (6-6, 3-5). Odom and the two players who moved with him from Missouri, Markell Utsey and Tre Williams, are the obvious ones. When asked after the game what Odom means to the team, Henry echoed the opinion he had given earlier in the week. "He's a cold killer," said Henry. Senior linebackers Hayden Henry and Bumper Pool had double-digit tackles; Henry had 10 and Pool was 13. Pool is now in the top 10 career tackles for Arkansas at 344. Quarterback KJ Jefferson attributes Pool, Henry, and a third senior linebacker, Grant Morgan, as leaders of the team. "When I look up to these guys, they've given me knowledge," Jefferson said. Given that leadership, it makes sense that it was Pool who gathered the team together before the second half started. Arkansas were up 10-6 and the offense struggled to move the ball. The defense had held up well, but Pool had a message. "There was a lot of fire in me," said Pool after the game. "I didn't want to let (seniors) go and not be able to beat Missouri. And I just wanted everyone on the team to feel the same way." It wasn't surprising for a player like Pool to make such a statement, especially on a defense Henry said earlier this week would "go to war" for Odom. Pittman said that too. "Bumper is a fiery guy," he said. Thanks to Odom's defense and the linebacker leadership, there is a cardinal red appearance in the Battle Line Rivalry trophy for the first time since 2015. Christina Long covers the Arkansas Razorbacks. This article originally appeared on Fort Smith Times Record: Arkansas Football Wins Battle Line Rivalry, gives Barry Odom game ball


Alabama vs. Auburn Free Live Stream, Time, TV, Channel for SEC, College Football

Alabama faces Auburn at the Iron Bowl, an annual SEC, college football rivalry game, on Saturday, Jan. (Author: Gardener)

SECAlabama meets Auburn at the Iron Bowl, an annual SEC, college football rivalry game, on Saturday the 27. Fans can watch the game for free via a trial on fuboTV. Get the Best College Football Betting Offers Check out these deals from our best college football betting sites. How to Watch College Football in 2021 with ESPN Plus Runner-up Crimson Tide needed that kind of performance - and also every timely deep ball for Jameson Williams. Young passed a school record of 559 yards and five touchdowns and No. 2 Alabama secured a spot in the Southeastern Conference championship game with a 42-35 win on Saturday over No. 21 Arkansas. The Tide (10-1, 7-1, No. 2 CFP) won their 15th game in a row against the Razorbacks (7-4, 3-4), largely thanks to the deep bond between Young and Williams who continued the ultimate offensive rescue operation. "We left a lot of points on the board where we could have put the game away," said Tide coach Nick Saban. "And defensively we gave up a couple of big games, but the most important thing was that they had 10th out of 19th in third and fourth place. So when we got the chance to leave the field, we didn't get off the field." The Razorbacks had stayed alive with Raheim Sanders' 17-yard touchdown catch from K. Young Ball to Christian Leary for another touchdown when it appeared to be running. It was the second highest passing yards in SEC history, behind Mississippi State K. J. Costello, who threw 623 yards against LSU last season. Williams caught eight passes for 190 yards with touchdowns of 79, 32 and 40 yards. "When you have such a dynamic playmaker, you just have to throw the ball in the air and let it go under," said Young. John Metchie also won 173 yards on 10 catches with one touchdown. So Jefferson and Arkansas needed two scores in the final 5:39, but could only deliver one. Jefferson completed 22 of 30 passes for 326 yards and three touchdowns. Much of this damage was done by Treylon Burks, whose eight catches returned 179 yards and a pair of scores. "We felt we had a great chance of winning the game and of course we have," said Arkansas coach Sam Pittman. We certainly didn't play a perfect game. ”It was the 14th consecutive year that Alabama had double-digit wins, which was Florida State's 1987-2000 FBS record. Young cracked the school mark of 484 yards that Scott Hunter had set against Auburn in 1969, and exceeded it with 11 minutes of play.


Here are the trading hours for Black Friday

The US financial markets are closed on Thanksgiving Thursday and will close early on Black Friday. (Author: Gardener)

Black FridayFinancial markets are closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving and will close early on Black Friday. Financial markets are closed on Thursday for Thanksgiving and will close early on Black Friday. Black Friday, November 26th, marks the official start of the holiday shopping season with many retailers - including Macy's Inc. Black Friday, November 26th marks the official start of the holiday season with many retailers - including Macy's Inc.-owned New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq will close at 1 p.m. Easter Friday, while the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association recommends 2 p.m. Eastern close of trading for treasury markets such as B. those who trade 10 year treasury. However, on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, there is no early closing of the markets on the US stock exchanges NYSE, American Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, which were originally requested at 2 p.m. Eastern Close for the Friday after Thanksgiving in 1992, two hours earlier than the normal 4pm. Close the bell. But the following year, the exchanges opted for shutter markets three hours earlier, at 1:00 p.m. Overall, trading activity on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Friday thereafter is typically a fraction of normal non-holiday trading hours. The lack of volume around the holiday makes sense since Thanksgiving is typically the busiest travel day of the year, according to the US. On Black Friday, metals like gold are sold at 12:30 p.m. Eastern and US crude will be released at 1:30 p.m. How is the market developing this holiday season? The folks at Bespoke Investment Group say that stock markets like the S&P 500 index have done pretty well. However, some strategists are forecasting some level of volatility that could plunge the Nasdaq Composite from its record position and exacerbate a slump for the blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average


College football picks 2021, best model predictions for week 13

SportsLine's model just revealed its CFB picks and SEC best bets on Friday's CBS Missouri vs. Arkansas matchup (Author: Gardener)

2021The 25th place Arkansas Razorbacks continue their tough schedule at home in an SEC on CBS matchup against the Missouri Tigers on Friday. The Razorbacks (7-4) have faced six ranked teams, beating three of them, and now they face Missouri (6-5) in the burgeoning Battle Line rivalry. The teams from neighboring states have met 12 times since 1906, but have become regular rivals since Missouri joined the SEC in 2012 and resumed the series in 2014. Missouri is 9-3 in heads-to-head matches, but the Razorbacks have been tested this season and have a quarterback who makes a huge impact in KJ Jefferson. The kick-off is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. ET at Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville, Ark. Caesars Sportsbook lists the Razorbacks as a 14.5-point favorite in its latest Missouri vs. Arkansas odds, while the over-under for total score is 63.5. Missouri tips, be sure to check out the SportsLine projection model's college football predictions and betting tips. The SportsLine projection model simulates every FBS college football game 10,000 times. For the past over five years, the proprietary computer model has made a staggering profit of nearly $ 3,700 for $ 100 players with its top-rated college football picks against the spread. It also competes in all top-rated college football selections with a 39-25 run in week 13 of the 2021 season. Now the model has settled on Missouri vs. Arkansas and has just released its tips and predictions. You can now go to SportsLine to see the model's CFB picks. Here are the CFB odds and betting lines and trends for Arkansas vs. * MISS: It's 8-13 ATS in the last two seasons * ARK: It's 13-7-1 ATS since the start of last season Arkansas has lost to the top two teams in the nation, along with top 10 Ole Miss and Auburn. Missouri can't do better and the home team stand 9-1 against the distribution in their last 10 games. The Mizzou Defense allows almost 35 points per game (118th in FBS) and is 125th against Run, making 235 yards per competition. That will be a problem against an Arkansas offense led by Jefferson, who has scored 25 touchdowns this season. Burks also gets the occasional surrender, breaking a 49-yard TD earlier this season. Missouri has its own star in running back Tyler Badie, who has run 355 yards in the last two games and is fourth in the nation with 1,385 yards. He also has 335 yards and a total of 17 touchdowns. He was a backup last season when the teams met in Columbia, but he had 79 yards with just six carries in a 50-48 win. The teams combined more than 1,200 yards, with nearly half landing on the ground. The underdog is 4-1 ATS in the teams' last five games, and Missouri should be confident after consecutive SEC victories. Second QB Connor Bazelak has 2,483 passing yards and 16 TDs and completed more than 67 percent of his throws. The model sets in total and projects 60 combined points. It is also said that one side of the spread hits well over 50 percent of the time. You can only get the Arkansas vs. Missouri selection of the model from SportsLine. Arkansas Matchup? And which side of the spread hits well over 50 percent of the time? Missouri sprawled on Friday, all from the advanced model on a 39-25 run to its top-rated college football picks, and find out.


Arkansas Football vs. Missouri Scouting Report and Score Prediction

Arkansas Football closes the regular season in Fayetteville with the Battle Line Rivalry. (Author: Gardener)

Arkansas FootballFAYETTEVILLE - In its final game of the regular season, Arkansas football is looking for its first win against Missouri since 2015. The Razorbacks (7-4, 3-4 SEC) face the Tigers (6-5, 3-4) on Friday . (2:30 p.m. CT, CBS) at Reynolds Razorback Stadium. More: Arkansas Football Seniors aim to complete the Trophy trifecta in Battle Line Rivalry with a 43-6 loss to Georgia but beat South Carolina and Florida in each of the past two weeks. Last week's overtime thriller against Florida marked the sixth win for Missouri to qualify the Tigers Bowl in a year that didn't look promising. It was also the final straw for Florida coach Dan Mullen, who was fired the next day. "They're a hot team right now," said Arkansas coach Sam Pittman. We encourage everyone to have lots of turkey and come out on Friday and help us win. "Running back Tyler Badie was the story of Missouri's season. He picks up one of the program's best seasons for a running back. By at almost every measurement he is the best back at the conference; he leads SEC running backs in touchdowns (17), rushing yards per game (125.91), attempts (227), attempts per game (20.64), all-purpose yards (1,725) and all-purpose yards per game (156.8). But Badie is also a threat in passing. He leads the Tigers with 53 catches. Missouri mixed a bit at the quarterback towards the end of the season, but sophomore Connor Bazelak mostly has remained the starter and should be back against Arkansas, sustaining a soft tissue injury against Vanderbilt on October 30, and missing the following week against Georgia. He returned against South Carolina but after two interceptions Bazelak was beaten by Redshirt freshman B. In that game, Missouri coach Eliah Drinkwitz said Bazelak, Cook and freshman Tyler Macon would be in an open competition for the starting job against Florida. Bazelak won that fight, and Missouri won the game. Expect Bazelak to take off for Missouri, but don't be surprised if Cook or Macon show up. Missouri's defense was a major weakness to begin with. The Tigers fired defensive line coach Jethro Franklin after a 62-24 loss to Tennessee on October 2nd. Franklin's successor is Alfred Davis, a former defensive lineman from Arkansas. Missouri's defense has improved a lot in the last two games, especially running defense. Missouri held both South Carolina and Florida to less than 100 yards for the past two weeks. "You're moving forward more than in the past few weeks," said Pittman. "You've always played hard, but for me it's all about movement and depending on whether you have a running quarterback or not, some things that you surely took advantage of in your defense." Missouri fans will recognize some of the names on the Arkansas list, and vice versa. Fayetteville-based Akial Byers and Barrett Banister, both Redshirt seniors for Missouri, have been part of Battle Line Rivalry history for years. Arkansas Defensive Tackle Markell Utsey and Defensive End Tre Williams are transfers from Missouri who came to us when former Tigers coach Barry Odom became defensive coordinator for the Razorbacks. In high school, running back Dominique Johnson was originally engaged in Missouri before moving to Arkansas. But Missouri gives Arkansas seizures every year, especially years when it shouldn't. Badie will end the season strong and the Missouri defense will do their part, but the KJ Jefferson-Treylon Burks connection and home advantage will lead Arkansas to its eighth win. Christina Long covers the Arkansas Razorbacks.