The problem with Emily Ratajkowski's "My Body"

The new essay book by the model and actor is a fascinating solipsistic portrait of the tension between empowerment and objectification. (Author: Gardener)

Emily Ratajkowski'sWatching the music video for "Blurred Lines", the totemic Robin Thicke song, again is an interesting project. In 2013, when it was released, the song spawned a new microeconomy of commentary denouncing it as a distillation of the rape culture or worrying about whether it was justifiable to enjoy its brisk hook. ("I know you want it," Thicke presumably sang over and over, although to be honest, no, I don't want it at all.) In the video directed by veteran Diane Martel, three models in transparent thongs, peacock and pose with a mind-boggling array of props (a lamb, a banjo, a bicycle, a four-foot replica of a syringe), while Thicke, the producer and one of the co-authors Pharrell Williams, and the rapper T. As worked on his artifact Time, it's a remarkably jaded and nonsensical thing. But what surprises me most now is how pitiful the men seem who pull the models' hair and play the air guitars to get attention, less musical superstars than jejune fathers who don't know exactly what to do with women supposed to start naked for whom they paid for. That is the raw power of the female body, and yet what kind of power is it really? At some point, Thicke seems to be pushing model Emily Ratajkowski against a wall and yelling in her ear as she looks away from him, an image of barely suppressed contempt. "Blurred Lines" immediately made Ratajkowski a star. She dominates the video in both the PG-13 and the unrated version like a supernova, a vortex of pulchritude and screen presence and sticky red lip gloss. “You were the talent; we were more like props, ”writes Ratajkowski in her new book My Body about men, and yet women are the ones the audience can't look away from. They are so casual in their nudity, so serene, so unimpressed by the antics of the men who objectify them. Her sexuality somehow seems to exist outside of the camera's field of view, outside of the atmosphere of mortal men. In My Body, a collection of essays in which Ratajkowski questions the blessings and curse of her physical self, she writes that Thicke groped her during filming that day and that she said nothing; the incident was, in their eyes, a reminder of "how limited a woman's power is, if she survives and is even successful in the world as a thing to watch". (Thicke has not commented publicly on the allegations.) This book is Ratajkowski's attempt to grapple with her existence as a person who, in the words of Derek Zoolander, is really, really ridiculously handsome. This experience, she knows, is particularly stressful for women and girls. Even in middle school, writes Ratajkowski, she received mixed messages about her body - whether it aroused insult or pleasure, was too big or too small, made her strong or vulnerable. She writes, “All women are objectified and sexualized to some extent, I thought, so I might as well do it on my own terms. My body sits on the borderline between reassessment and self-defense. Ratajkowski admits in her introduction that her awakening is still a half-finished one and that the purpose of the book was not to “find answers” ​​to the contradictions of selling one's own image as a model, actor and Instagram influencer to 28.5 million followers but rather to “look at the different mirrors in which I have seen myself”. She may sense that she is trapped in an ancient swamp (what scholar Sandra Bartky called "the disciplinary project of femininity"), but not that her fame and self-expression make her potentially complicit in the things she criticizes. For Ratajkowski, writing seems to make her claim the fullness of her personality and inwardness, a rejection of the world's determination to make her an object. But the narrowness of her focus - essentially her physical self and all that it means to her - is limiting. Even her title, My Body, suggests contradicting things: possession and depersonalization. What do you do when the subject you know best, the subject you are the ultimate authority on, is the same trap that you are trying to write your way out of? The day I read most of this book was also the day Ratajkowski uploaded a series of photos from French magazine M to Instagram. The headline of the shoot reads: La Feminité à l'Offensive, with faux cils et ongles longs in a small type, just to make it clear that the aesthetics for the revolution are false eyelashes and long fingernails. She has the right to find these images, this self-expression, empowering. (“I love these pictures so much!” It says in their caption.) But we as observers also have the right to interpret them - to ask ourselves whether we are dealing with archaic tropes of female sexuality and the “tyranny of slimness”. deal, as Bartky say, is actually good for everyone else. In the epigraph of her book, Ratajkowski draws a quote about vanity from John Berger's Ways of Seeing, a groundbreaking BBC series and a book that, among other things, pinpoints the bond between women as objects in which they find themselves. The M-picture made me think of another Berger argument: portraits are organized to reinforce the hierarchical status quo, and the women in them are arranged, he wrote, “to satisfy an appetite, not to have one of their own”. Whose appetite is lollipop feeding? Ratajkowski doesn't say much in the book about how women and girls might react to pictures of her. This nearsightedness is frustrating because it is so astute about how their bodies are interpreted by men. The project that became My Body began as an essay published in New York last year. In Buying Myself Back, the magazine's best-read story of 2020 (not exactly a quiet news year), Ratajkowski wrote about being sued by a paparazzo who photographed her on the street after she posted the photo on her Instagram posted. and bought half a Richard Prince “Instagram painting” based on a picture of himself. She also claimed to have been sexually abused by a photographer who later published a book of nude photos of her without her consent. (The photographer denied the New York allegations, saying, "You know who we're talking about, don't you? That's the girl who was naked in Treats! Magazine and who was hopping around naked in the Robin Thicke video at the time learned that my image, my reflection, is not my own, "writes Ratajkowski. If Marx were still alive, he could refer you to his theory of alienation: under capitalism, Ratajkowski has essentially lost control of the work she produces, and you Self-esteem as a result shatters the audacity of Prince, who is charging $ 80,000 for a picture he ripped straight off Instagram and only modified it with his own sleazy comment.) Understandable but burn off ah It's hard to know that you are still very much inside, which is why so much of the rest of my body may feel impotent. It is less a call for structural change than a sober series of observations from someone who still sees itself primarily as a commodity. In the essay “Bc Hello Halle Berry”, the author got a headache while staying at a luxury resort in the Maldives that a Qatari billionaire paid for (in return for some Instagram uploads). When she posts a photo of herself in a bikini of her own line, which is only slightly appeased by the hundreds of thousands of likes it receives in less than an hour, she ponders the ethic of using her body for profit. “Money means power,” she thinks. “And by taking advantage of my sexuality, I have money. It seems unkind to point out that she draws a false dichotomy - that there are options between swapping pictures of yourself for free vacations and starving in the streets. The problem that haunted me as I read it was that Ratajkowski so clearly wants everything: ultimate control over the sale of her picture; Energy; Money, yes; But also kudos for being more than an object, being able to clearly communicate how much she suffered from a toxic system - and still suffer from her continued participation. To her credit, Ratajkowski seems to occasionally sense the innate hypocrisy of her desires, her impulse to "have my Instagram buzz, sell bikinis and whatever, while also being respected for my ideas and politics and everything but my body. " In the essay “Beauty Lessons”, a reminder of how her priorities and self-esteem were partly shaped by a mother with her own internalized misogyny, Ratajkowski remembers learning as a child that suffering attractive women were in the hands of Enduring the world ”was actually a good thing, a consequence of being beautiful and having access to male attention.” She states that the world “is not kind to women who are overlooked by men”. When she first started modeling, she can't remember ever really enjoying the process, but she does enjoy the money she can make and the things she can buy. But industry and its nebulous edges also offer new compromises. In the essay "Transactions", Ratajkowski writes about paying US $ 25,000 in 2014 to go to the Super Bowl with a Malaysian financier, a deal brokered by her then manager. She is concerned about the "unspoken job I was hired to do: entertain the men who paid me to be there." To be a beautiful woman, she seems to conclude, means to exist in the hustle and bustle between obligation and power, this special “spectrum of compromises”. However, writing a book that is effectively a literary portrait of your own physical self is to reinforce any prejudice anyone has ever had about you. Ratajkowski is a graceful and thoughtful writer, and when I read her book I longed for her to look outward, to write an essay on marriage plans, or coffee, or landscape architecture, or Scooby-Doo. Or beyond that, I wanted her to risk fully accusing modeling as a paradigm - not just to notice that her career began after she lost 10 pounds from the stomach flu and held the weight, but to investigate what she did Looking at pictures of so many skinny bodies all day, girls do as delicate and unformed as their own teenage self. Not just wondering how the inherently flawed modeling harmed you, but how it harms everyone. Taking the risk of having something felt or revealed that could be a catalyst not only for observation but also for transformation. In her last essay “Releases”, Ratajkowski writes about how she resisted anger for a long time because she felt that anger makes women physically repulsive. “I try to make everything that reminds of anger appear brave, charming and sexy,” she writes. I use my most reliable trick - projecting sadness - something vulnerable and tender, something welcoming, something to take care of. ”Thinking that women's emotions are modulated by the primacy of remaining sexy is not just new, but still terrifying. If Ratajkowski can't even get angry in writing for fear of sacrificing her power, uncomfortably angry, what about the rest of us?


Dean Stockwell of 'Quantum Leap', 'Blue Velvet' dies aged 85

NEW YORK (AP) - Dean Stockwell, a top Hollywood child actor turning to new hits in ... (Author: Gardener)

Dean StockwellFILE - Actor Dean Stockwell poses in an undisclosed location in February 1989. FILE - Actor Dean Stockwell is shown Dec 1959. FILE - Actor Dean Stockwell is shown Dec 1959. FILE - Actor Dean Stockwell poses with his Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in "Quantum Leap" at the 47th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles on January 20, 1990. FILE - Actor Dean Stockwell poses with his Best Supporting Actor Award for his role in "Quantum Leap" at the 47th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles on January 20, 1990. Stockwell, A top Hollywood child actor who achieved new hits in middle age and received an Oscar nomination for "Married to the Mob" and Emmy nominations for "Quantum Leap," died of natural causes on Sunday, November 7th, 2021 at his house, Stockwell, a top Hollywood child actor who enjoyed middle-aged successes and an Academy Award nomination for "Married to the Mob" and Emmy nominations for "Quantum Leap," see p died of natural causes at his home on Sunday, November 7th. 2021. Stockwell, a top Hollywood child actor who achieved new hits in middle age, even who received an Oscar nomination for "Married to the Mob" and Emmy nominations for "Quantum Leap," died on Sunday the 7th. November 2021, at his home of natural causes. Stockwell, a top Hollywood child actor who achieved new middle-aged hits that earned an Oscar nomination for "Married to the Mob" and Emmy nominations for "Quantum Leap," died on Sunday, November 7th, 2021, in his home of natural causes. Stockwell, a top Hollywood child actor who celebrated new hits in the middle of ages and received an Oscar nomination for "Married to the Mob" and Emmy nominations for "Quantum Leap," died on Sunday, November 7th, 2021, in his home of natural causes. NEW YORK (AP) - Dean Stockwell, a top Hollywood child actor who, while middle-aged, enjoyed recent success in the science fiction series "Quantum Leap" and a number of indelible film performances, including David Lynch's "Blue Velvet," Wim Wenders 'Paris, Texas' and Jonathan Demmes 'Married to the Mob' have died. Jay Schwartz, a family spokesman, said Stockwell died of natural causes at home on Sunday. Stockwell was nominated for an Oscar for his comic mafia kingpin in "Married to the Mob" and was four times Emmy-nominee for "Quantum Leap". But in a career spanning seven decades, Stockwell was a formidable character actor, whose appearances lip-sync Roy Orbison in a nightmarish party scene in "Blue Velvet," a desperate agent in Robert Altman's "The Player," Howard Hughes in Francis Ford Coppolas "Tucker: The Man and His Dream" - didn't have to be lengthy to be fascinating. Stockwell's own relationship with acting, which began on Broadway at the age of 7, was complicated. He quit show business several times in a touring career, including at the age of 16 and again in the 1980s when he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to sell real estate. "Dean spent his life yodelling between fame and anonymity," his family said in a statement. Dark-haired Stockwell was a Hollywood veteran when he was a teenager. In his twenties he starred on Broadway as a young killer in the play "Zwang" and in prestigious films such as "Sons and Lovers". He was twice named best actor at the Cannes Film Festival, in 1959 for the theatrical version of "Compulsion" and in 1962 for Sidney Lumet's adaptation of Eugene O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey Into Night". While his career had some lean times, he reached its fullest in the 1980s: "The way I work is still the same as it was when I started - totally intuitive and instinctive," he told The New York Times in 1987 As You Live Your Life, Collect so many millions of experiences and information that you become a richer vessel as a person. His Oscar-nominated role as Tony "The Tiger" Russo, a flamboyant gangster in the 1988 hit "Married to the Mob" led to his the following year most notable television role in the NBC science fiction series "Quantum Leap". Both roles had strong comic elements: "It's the first time someone offers me a show and the first time I've ever wanted to do one," he said in 1989. Scott Bakula starred as Scientist with Stockwell on Quantum Leap , who takes on different identities in different epochs after a time travel experiment, goes wrong. When his colleague "The Observer" helps Stockwell, but can only be seen on a holographic computer image called him on the golf course and told him we were ready to take him to work, "recalled Bakula in a statement on Tuesday Rauch, who penetrates behind him), with a roar: "The fun begins now!" Truer words were never spoken. "He played roles in movies and on television, large and small, even in the 21st century, including a regular role in another science- Fiction series, "Battlestar Galactica." Stockwell was an actor at a young age. His father Harry Stockwell starred as Prince Charming in Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and appeared in several Broadway musicals. At the age of 7 Dean made his show business debut on the 1943 Broadway show "The Innocent Voyage," the story of orphaned children entangled with pirates, and his first significant role was as the nephew of K. athryn Grayson in the 1945 musical "Anchors Aweigh" with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. Over the next several years Stockwell starred in films such as the Oscar-winning anti-Semitism drama "Gentlemen's Agreement" with Gregory Peck and "Song of the Thin Man," the last of the William Powell-Myrna Loy mystery series, in Stockwell He played the title roles in the 1948 anti-war film, The Boy With Green Hair, about a war orphan whose hair changes color, and "Kim," the 1950s version of the Rudyard Kipling story starring Errol Flynn. His youth films also included "Down to the Sea in Ships", with Lionel Barrymore; "The Secret Garden" with Margaret O'Brien; and "Stars in My Crown" with Joel McCrea. "I was very fortunate to have a loving, caring, and compassionate mother, not a stage mother," he told the Associated Press in 1989. Still, he insisted it wasn't always easy and he left the business when he was 16. "I never really wanted to be an actor," he said. It wasn't fun. "It wasn't the only time he got out. But he said," I came back every time because I had no other education. "After reviving his career after five years, Stockwell returned to New York, where he starred with Roddy McDowall on Broadway in "Compulsion," a 1957 drama based on the infamous Leopold-Loeb murder case in which two college students thrill a 14-year-old boy. Orson Welles starred in the film version. Stockwell had two other prestigious film roles in the early 1960s: H. Lawrence's "Sons and Lovers" - an Oscar nominee for Best Picture - and the sensitive younger brother in "Long Day's Journey Into Night." "With Ralph Richardson and Katharine Hepburn. In 1960, Stockwell married Millie Perkins, best known for her role as Anne in the 1959 film" The Diary of Anne Frank. "The marriage ended after just two Divorced years ago. Stockwell left Hollywood in the mid-1960s and made a regular presence in the hippie enclave of Topanga Canyon. After Dennis Hopper's encouragement, Stockwell wrote a script that was never produced, but inspired Neil Young's 1970 album "After the Gold Rush," which took its name from Stockwell's script. When his career stalled, Stockwell decided to bring his family to New Mexico. As soon as he left Hollywood, the filmmakers called again. He was featured as Harry Dean Stanton's driving brother in Wim Wenders' critically acclaimed 1984 film "Paris, Texas" and the evil Dr. Yueh occupied in Lynch's "Dune". He called his success from the 1980s his "third career". As for the Oscar nomination, he told the AP in 1989 that it was “something I've dreamed of for years. It's just one of the best feelings I've ever had. ”Like his longtime friend Hopper, a well-known photographer and actor, Stockwell was involved in the visual arts. He often used his full name, Robert Dean Stockwell, in his art projects. His brother, Guy Stockwell, also became a prolific film and television actor, and even made guest appearances on Quantum Leap. He died in 2002 at the age of 68. This story has been updated to correct the spelling of the movie "Anchors Aweigh".


The 49ers' lead Russian Elijah Mitchell breaks his finger, status unknown at Jaguars for Sunday

Running back Elijah Mitchell had surgery on a broken finger on Tuesday after the 49ers beat the Rams and his status is due to be determined this week. (Author: Gardener)

RussianSANTA CLARA - Running back Elijah Mitchell has certainly taken his lumps off one breakout rookie season, and his latest injury is a broken finger that threatens his status for Sunday's 49ers game in Jacksonville. "I'm not sure yet, so I don't want to give you too much guidance," coach Kyle Shanahan told a media conference on Tuesday. “But it sounded like they were pretty optimistic that he would be fine. Little did Shanahan know when Mitchell was injured in Sunday's 31:10 win over the Los Angeles Rams, and the 49ers' last nine offensive snaps showed Mitchell runs to kill the clock and cap their 44-carry ground attack. Mitchell posted a total of 27 carries - most by a 49er since Frank Gore in 2011 - for 91 yards, and he's run 560 yards this season since replacing injured Raheem Mostert as the post-season opener surprise starter. When Mitchell needs rest, Jeff Wilson Jr., who made his season debut against the Rams as both spot runner (10 carries, 28 yards) and lead blocker, is ready. “He came out clean. Great to have him out there, ”Shanahan said of Wilson. He's one of the most popular guys on the team. Same goes for Mitchell, whom Shanahan hopes could even train on Wednesday, reflecting the pain tolerance the rookie has shown during a busy but successful start to his NFL career. Mitchell suffered adductor (groin) stress in training camp, which he failed in the first two preseason games. Then came a shoulder injury in Week 2 that kept him from losing the 49ers to Green Bay and Seattle. Next came a rib injury on October 31, which he suffered in the last two games. Mitchell was the last 49ers draft pick, won in the sixth round and No. 194 overall from Louisiana. "Since he's been here, he's shown in every aspect that he has what it takes to be an NFL running back," said Shanahan. You can see the hardness and how hard he runs, but also the hardship of playing through it all. ”Shanahan compared Mitchell's love of the game to that of Frank Gore, the 49ers' all-time rushing leader, who happened to admire Monday's win . He's a good back, "Gore said Tuesday on KNBR 680-AM. Under Shanahan, the 49ers are 23-5 if they rush at least 30 times in a game. Even better, they're 16-1 since 2019, including the NFC -Playoff wins this season against Minnesota (47 carry, 186 yards) and Green Bay (42 carries, 285 yards). How the 49ers reacted to Shanahan ordering a 40-carry game plan last week? "All of our offense was at the bottom of it "said George Kittle." The only way you can run 44 times is to control the ball, convert thirds and make plays. "They're 7-0 when they hit the 40-carry mark under Shanahan. But such a workload has only been repeated twice this season: a Philadelphia week 2 win and Monday night's masterpiece. In last weekend's 31:17 home loss to Arizona, the 49ers had only 11 carries, the fewest since 2009. It is 60 years ago that coach Red Hickey launched the Shotg un formation with the 49ers revealed. It is certain that it has worked for Jimmy Garoppolo in the last three games. He stands at 89 of 93 dropbacks (96 percent) in this formation, compared to a 66 percent rate from his previous 49er starts, according to the NFL's Next Gen Stats. Shanahan said while the shotgun formation is easier for any quarterback to read defenses and get the ball out of it quickly, the 49ers' approach is dictated by matchups and their run game development on a weekly basis. Jimmy Garoppolo finished with only one play action dropback (career low) and one dropback below the middle (tied for career low). Garoppolo has leveled 89 of 93 shotgun dropbacks since week 8 (96%), compared to a rate of 66% for the rest of his career at SF. # LARvsSF | #FTTB Deebo Samuel emerged unscathed from his big night with 133 all-purpose yards, two touchdowns and, as Shanahan reported on Tuesday, a shin injury that Samuel will list as everyday life this week. Nobody has accumulated more yards after the catch than Samuel since joining the NFL in 2019. Samuel's 40-yard, four-and-6 touchdown catch spanned 29 yards after catching Garoppolo's pass in the crotch over the middle in a game that, according to Next Gen Stats, had a 0.6 chance Percent on a goal. Samuel leads all NFL receivers this season in yards per route (3.46), yards after the catch (518), YAC per reception (9.6) and most missed tackles (13; tied with Chris Godwin of Bucs) pro Football Focus. Samuel's 979 yards are the second highest in the 49ers' history in 10 games, behind Jerry Rice's 1,006 yards in 1990. Yes, all eight rookies in this year's Draft Class matched for the first time, but with limited or no action. Quarterback Trey Lance failed to snap the fourth game in a row, dated its debut October 10th in Arizona last month. Lance never donned his helmet for a possible replacement role Monday night, and although Shanahan said packages were available for him, he saw no need for them. Shanahan also said that Lance was up to date when needed, adding, “Trey has the whole playbook in his head. It's about going at full speed, play time pace, with lightning bolts when you need to get out of something when you go to the No. 44 choice in the progression. The starting grid consisted of three rookies: Mitchell (36 offensive snaps; 53 percent), Safety Talanoa Hufanga (55 defensive snaps, 100 percent) and Jaylon Moore, who started with the right tackle, but after the first drive with a knee injury that proved its worth , left Monday to have no major structural damage, Shanahan said. Limited to special team action were Guardian Aaron Banks (four snaps in his NFL debut), running back Trey Sermon (11 snaps) and cornerbacks Ambry Thomas (12 snaps) and Deommodore Lenoir (eight snaps). You may have seen Jimmie Ward's reward when he hit the 49ers bench after his first interception. Surely you and the world have noticed Samuel's equal prize after his 40 yard touchdown catch. "The necklace is from JV," said Samuel, referring to injured cornerback Jason Verrett. "He got it for the team and whenever you play a game you put it on." Ward said the chain debuted last month when cornerback Josh Norman first wore it after forcing a fumble against the Indianapolis Colts. A picture of Samuel posing with the playmaker award graced the NFL's post-game Twitter header. See: # 49ers Deebo Samuel on TD and playmaker chain Jason Verrett got them Robbie Gould's 50-yard field goal and four points after the kick gave him 506 points in his 49ers career since 2017. Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick was fired a day after he failed to dress due to an ankle injury apparently incurred in the previous game's loss to Arizona.


Ontario's government transfers billions of workers compensation funds to bosses

Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board plans to remit billions of dollars in employee compensation to employers. The board has claimed the funds are excess savings - but they were obtained through neoliberal cost cuts. (Author: Gardener)

OntarioThe Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) plans to transfer billions of so-called surplus funds into employers' pockets. While this is sure to be a boon to business, it is a severe blow to injured workers across the province. This is because most of the surplus that the provincial government had earmarked for the economy was generated through cuts in critical employee benefits. Ontario's government is effectively distributing billions of dollars from workers to bosses. Last month, the Minister of Labor, Education and Skills Development announced that the government would allow the board to pay surplus money to certain employers across the province when 115 percent of the WSIB's expected future costs are accumulated. The board chose this number because it is the amount of money they must have available to pay out any future benefits for existing employee compensation claims. The proposed change will also require the WSIB to return a portion of the surplus to employers if it can raise 125 percent of the expected cost. The bonuses that employers pay to WSIB and investments made by the Board of Management finance the remuneration system. However, it is likely that the money could be used to give employers bonus perks and vacations. The roots of compensation systems for provincial workers across Canada lie in a "historic compromise" reached around the turn of the century. In exchange for a public compensation scheme funded by employers' rewards, workers waived the right to sue their employer for accidents at work. The decision on the payment of benefits was then left to an independent body - the WSIB. Despite the importance of the compromise, workers in the past have still come off badly in managing the compensation system. The surplus that the provincial government wants to return to employers is in large part due to the tough austerity measures the WSIB has implemented over the past two decades. In 1998 the Conservative government of Ontario introduced a series of benefit cuts. These cuts included a reduction in the loss of earnings an employee could claim - from 90 percent of their net income to 85 percent. In 2010, under a liberal government, the board was fixated on the idea of ​​getting rid of its uncovered liability. In the case of the WSIB, the uncovered liability is the difference between the projected future cost of all benefits injured workers are entitled to and the amount of money the board has in their accounts. This meant the board of directors was fully funded - a triumph in financial thrift that had serious consequences. The notion that the compensation system must be fully funded is a concept imported straight from the for-profit insurance industry. It is unsuitable for a public income support program like workers' compensation insurance, which shouldn't function like a private insurance program. The employee compensation was originally set on a pay-as-you-go basis. She raised enough money to meet expected claims for the year while maintaining a modest reserve fund for unexpected expenses. Unlike private insurance companies, which can stop operating at any time, workers' compensation insurance will last as long as there is industry in the province. The prevailing idea, however, is that the board should always have at least the full amount of all future payments in its financial reserves. This requires that the board of directors either increase the employer bonuses or reduce employee benefits. But the same voices calling for the abolition of uncovered liability are ardent supporters of lowering employer premiums. The move from a pay-as-you-go financing model to a full financing model has contrasted the financial interests of employers with those of injured employees. The result is that the amount WSIB pays injured workers annually has decreased dramatically. In 2010, the WSIB paid out $ 4.8 billion in benefits, compared with $ 2.5 billion in 2020. This decrease is largely due to practices and policies that prevent workers from accessing financial and health services make more difficult. For example, while the WSIB recognizes that chronic mental stress injuries require coverage through the employee compensation scheme, the WSIB has a grim record of actually approving such claims - 94 percent of them deny them. Workers must demonstrate that the physical injuries sustained at work contributed “significantly” to their impairment; However, in the case of chronic psychological stress, workers must demonstrate that their work was the "predominant cause". Since everyone is exposed to a multitude of physical and psychological stresses in their daily life, it can be easy to determine that an accident at work is a major contributing factor to disability, but it can be difficult to prove that stress at work is a predominant cause of mental illness is. Despite the serious long-term consequences of this type of occupational disease, the agency has a high rate of rejection of many applications for occupational diseases. The main reason for this is that the panel requires workers to meet very high standards to demonstrate that their illness was caused by exposure in the workplace. The problem is that many occupational diseases take decades to fully manifest, making timely diagnosis difficult. They then have to navigate complex systems to get the support they need - they often waste rehabilitation time, which past work exposure proves to be the cause of the disease. Some workers wait years to receive benefits from the WSIB. They are forced to rely on the health system and other sources of taxpayer-funded financial assistance if they are to be compensated from the outset through the employee compensation system. The board of directors has not invested enough resources to stop the practice of debt suppression. Employers often use intimidation to actively discourage employees from making claims on WSIB. For example, an employer could threaten a person's job directly by filing an application with the WSIB, or pressure an employee to tell the hospital that the injury occurred at home and not at work. Employers will also convince workers to use their sick leave without informing them of their rights under employee compensation laws. Fewer harm suppression tests can mean employers will not be penalized for using such tactics. While damage suppression is difficult to quantify, it has been recognized as a real problem in the WSIB's reviews. The WSIB must allocate additional resources to investigate and respond to suppression claims. Otherwise employers will continue to have financial incentives to suppress employee claims. Experience reports partly determine the WSIB's calculations of the premiums an employer has to pay. Essentially, the employer's contribution rate is based on the cost of claims for damages by its employees. When an employer has fewer WSIB claims, they have lower claim costs. Lower claims costs mean lower premiums. In order to really promote healthier and safer workplaces, the WSIB should abolish empirical ratings as a method of calculating premiums - using such ratings increases damage rejection. Workers' Compensation, which was the first slice of Canada's social safety net, is essential income support for workers across the country. Increasingly, workers have borne the brunt of measures and cuts that limit their access to key benefits and benefits - employers have now suffered significant financial losses.


Military veterans receive free food, coffee, and other discounts on Thursday

Free food and meal options are on the Veterans Day menu in restaurants across the country, including Hooters, Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Golden Corral. (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayWhen you've served your country, the restaurants will be available to you on Veterans Day. They are offering free meals, treats, and special discounts on Thursday to show their appreciation for veterans and service members. Veterans Day marks the date that Germany and the Allies signed an agreement to end the hostilities of World War I in 1918. The fighting ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. There are online store discounts for veterinarians and military and other offers are only available in store. Proof of service, such as a military ID, is usually required, and some companies allow uniforms to be worn as a form of identification. However, some exclusions apply and offers may vary by location. Check with your nearest location to confirm attendance as not all restaurants offer specials. Most discounts are only valid on Federal Day at participating locations across the country, with most being for veterans and active military personnel. Most discounts are only valid on Federal Day at participating locations across the country, with most being for veterans and active military personnel. ►Veteran's Day Discounts 2021: Offers at Walgreens, Kohl's, Staples; plus a free haircut and car wash ►Online discounts for veterinarians: 40 retailers give veterans and active military discounts on Veterans Day IHOP is giving away free pancakes to all military veterans on Thursday with a choice of two time-limited menu items. Veterans can get free red, white, and blue pancakes, or a pancake combo, between 7am and 7pm. Thursday at dinner in the restaurant. Military ID or proof of service required. Buffalo Wild Wings is giving former and current armed soldiers a complimentary order of 10 boneless wings and fries. This offer is available for dinner or take away and proof of service is required. Outback Steakhouse is giving military veterans and active staff a free Bloomin ’Onion and Coca-Cola product on Thursday. The chain also offers a "Daily Heroes Discount," which gives service members, police officers, firefighters, and first responders with a valid state or federal ID card a 10% discount on entire checks. Texas Roadhouse will be handing out meal vouchers to veterans and active service members in restaurant parking lots on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. USA TODAY confirmed with a "drive-thru only" event. Proof of service is required and includes military or VA card or discharge papers. The vouchers can be redeemed when the restaurant opens for dinner on Thursday and are valid until May 30, 2022. They can be redeemed for one of 10 selected dishes and include all Coca-Cola products, sweet or iced tea or coffee. Olive Garden announced to USA TODAY that it will be providing veterans and active military personnel with a free appetizer from a select menu on Thursday. Proof of military service is required on the S. Department of Veterans Affairs website and entrees include breadsticks and a selection of soup or house salad. Dunkin 'is giving veterans and active members of the military a free donut of their choice on Thursday at participating restaurants across the country. No purchase is required and the freebie is only available in store. ►'All I Want for Christmas ... 'is food ?: Mariah Carey and McDonald's present' Mariah Menu 'with 12 days of free food for Christmas Krispy Kreme has two freebies for veterans on Thursday. You will receive a free donut of your choice and a free small brewed coffee, iced or hot. Starbucks will be hosting its annual Veterans Day Thursday for veterans, service members, and military spouses. You can get a free large 12-ounce hot brewed coffee in participating U. The coffee giant says it will donate 25 cents for every cup of hot brewed coffee sold nationwide on Thursday to the military nonprofits Team Red, White & Blue and Headstrong to help support military communities' mental health and wellbeing for the military . Wawa's annual Veterans Day Freebie is Thursday for veterans, active service members and their families: Free hot coffee of all sizes. The convenience store chain has more than 940 locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida and Washington DC. Every Tuesday through the end of the year, Wawa is also giving away free coffee to its award members. * Biggby Coffee: Complimentary 16-ounce beverage of choice for all active and retired military personnel with ID. * Caribou Coffee: Free small cup of hot brewed coffee for veterans, active service members, and their spouses on Thursdays. * Casey's General Store: All service members, past and current, will receive a free cup of coffee on Thursday. No Proof of Service is required and Casey has advised USA TODAY that this deal will be awarded through the honor system. * EG America: Free coffee of any size (hot or frozen) for active military and veterans in all locations including Cumberland Farms, Tom Thumb, Turkey Hill, Quik Stop, Kwik Stop, Minit Mart, Certified Oil, Fastrac Café, and Loaf N Jug . No purchase is required. Denny's Veterans Day offer is Thursday from 5am to 12pm. Active and inactive military personnel can only have a free Build Your Own Grand Slam meal with dinner with a valid military ID or DD 214. Denny's also said it will hold its second annual Heroes Tour to deliver free hot meals to veterans and active military personnel through its Mobile Relief Diner. For the 14th year, Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar is offering active military, veterans, reservists, and the National Guard a free meal from a special menu on Thursday with proof of military service. This offer is only available for dinner in 1,500+ restaurants across the country, and opening times vary by location. The chain said in a press release that it will also give "those special guests" a $ 5 bounce-back card that they can redeem for food, to-go, or delivery within three weeks. According to the small print of the promotion, drinks and tips are not included and there is a limit of one meal per U.S. veteran or active military officer. Wendy's offers veterans and active military service a free breakfast combo from 6:30 am to 10:30 am on Thursdays, but opening times may vary based on location. Valid military identification or Veterans Advantage card is required. The offer can be redeemed in restaurants or when passing through. Sheetz has some Veterans Day offers for veterans and active military personnel on Thursday. You can get a free half turkey or ham sub and a regular fountain drink at any of the chain's 633 locations with a military ID or proof of service. Sheetz stores with car washes also offer free car washes to veterans and active military personnel. Some of the largest chains in the country told USA TODAY that they have no nationwide deals planned for Veterans Day. However, discounts may be available at some Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, and McDonald's locations. Taco Bell told USA TODAY that customers should call local restaurants to see if they have a deal. For the past several years, participating Ohio McDonald's have been among the restaurants offering veterans a free meal over the holidays. Chipotle, Burger King, and Subway are also among the big chains that didn't share nationwide Veterans Day deals with USA TODAY. The following offers are available on Thursdays unless otherwise stated. Most are for dinner only, and some require a mobile app. Almost all of them require proof of military service and are available while stocks last. Arby's RBA locations: Free classic roast beef sandwich for veterans and active service members at Arby's largest franchisee, RB American (RBA), a subsidiary of Flynn Restaurant Group. Au Bon Pain: Free small cup of soup of your choice for veterans and active service members. Bertucci's: Free entry for veterans and active U. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse: Free meal from a selected menu and a Dr. Pepper drink for all current and former military personnel. Bonefish Grill: 10% discount daily for service members, veterans and first responders. California Pizza Kitchen: Complimentary meal and drinks from a special dinner menu for veterans only. Veterans who dine on Thursday will also receive a BOGO offer to redeem from November 12th to 20th. Carrabba's Italian Grill: 10% discount daily for service members, veterans and first aiders. Chicken Salad Chick: Free Chick Special and drink for veterans and active people. Chili's Grill & Bar: Free meal from a special menu for veterans and active military personnel. Cotton Patch Cafe: Free Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken Fried Chicken with proof of military service at all locations. Cracker Barrel: Free slice of Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake for veterans on Thursday when purchased in-store or online. D'Angelo Grilled Sandwiches: 50% off entire Thursday order for retired and active military personnel for both food and takeaway orders. Dickey's Barbecue Pit: Free Pulled Pork Sandwich for veterans with the code VETFREE for in-store and online orders for take-away and pick-up. Bagels: Free hot or iced coffee of any size with purchase for veterans. Famous Dave's: Free Lunch Georgia Chopped Pork Sandwich with Side Dish for active, inactive and retired military personnel. Farmer Boys: Free Big Cheese for active, former or retired service members. Fogo de Chão: 50% discount on meals for veterans and active staff plus 10% discount on meals for up to three guests. Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers: Free combo menu cards for veterans and active military personnel attending Freddy's Thursday. Cards are valid until November 30th and no purchase is "required to receive or redeem the card," the chain said. Golden Chick: Ongoing 10% discount for veterans and active members of the military with ID. Golden Corral: Free evening buffets and drinks from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday for "active duty, military personnel, retirees, National Guard, reserves, and veterans of all branches". Hard Rock Cafe: Free original iconic steak burger for active or retired military personnel. Military members can take advantage of the chain's 15% military discount on other items. Hooters: Complimentary meal from a special menu with proof of service and purchase of a drink to go with your meal. Insomnia Cookies: Free six-pack cookies for active military and veterans with one purchase. Juice It Up !: Free Classic 20 Ounce Smoothie for Veterans and Active Military Service. Kolache Factory: Free Kolache and a cup of coffee for veterans and active members of the military. Ledo Pizza: Active military and veterans receive $ 5 off orders over $ 20 with valid ID. Little Caesars: Free lunch combo between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Thursday for veterans and active service members. Love's Travel Stops: With the purchase of a roll grill item, veterans and active members of the military receive an additional roll grill item along with a free fountain drink or hot coffee. Metro Diner: 50% discount for active and retired military personnel with a valid military ID and 10% all year round. Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub: Complimentary meal from a special Veterans Day menu with additional meal purchase and proof of service from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Thursday. O'Charley's Restaurant + Bar: Complimentary meal from the special menu for veterans and active staff. Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom: Free Appetizer up to $ 11.99 with Veteran Appetizer purchase. Papa Gino's: 50% discount on whole pizzas to eat and take away for retired and active members of the military. Does not apply to online orders. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery: Complimentary Magnificent Seven breakfast meal for active service members and veterans. Pilot Flying J: All active and retired military personnel can receive free $ 10 meal credit with more than 750 U. Pollo Tropical attending. Qdoba Mexican Eats: 50% off all appetizers in store for active military and veterans. Red Lobster: Free appetizer or dessert for veterans, active servicemen and reservists. Red Robin: Through November 14th, Red Robin Military Royalty members will receive a free Red's Tavern Double Burger, which is available to eat or take away. To get this deal, veterans and active service members had to register for the military designation loyalty program by November 1st. The first 50 to redeem the offer at participating locations will receive a $ 5 reward voucher that you can use towards future purchases. Smoothie King: Free 20-ounce smoothie of your choice for all veterans and military personnel on active duty. Sonny's BBQ: Free pork big deal combo for veterans and active military to eat or take away. Stewart's Shops: The chain will have 50-cent ice cream cones for everyone on Thursday. Taco John's: Free Small Beef Combo Meal when veterans use code VETERAN on the mobile app. TGI Fridays: Free choice of meal from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Torchy's Tacos: Free taco and soft drink for veterans to eat and pick up. America's Travel Centers: Complimentary meals for veterans at participating restaurants in TA, Petro, and TA Express. Twin Peaks: Free meal from a special meal menu for active and retired military personnel. WaBa Grill: The chain has a buy-one-get-one offer for all WaBa dishes online and in-store for veterans and active military Thursdays. Wienerschnitzel: Free Chili Dog, Small Fries and Small Pepsi for Veterans and Active Military to Show U. This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Veterans Day 2021 Deals, Free Food: Olive Garden, Dunkin and much more


Observations of Clemson's convincing but twitching win over UConn

Follow here for live updates as Clemson Football hosts UConn at Memorial Stadium in Clemson, days after the Huskies hired a new coach. (Author: Gardener)

UConnClemson improved to 7-3 to 7-3 with a 44-7 win over UConn at Memorial Stadium on Military Appreciation Day, but the Tigers may have left the field with more concerns than they did at the opening game. The offensive stuttered for much of the first half - coach Dabo Swinney described it as "sloppy, sloppy" during a half-time interview on the ACC Network - and an injury-ridden season added more painful moments. How quickly the Tigers heal and recover will be a factor against No.13 Wake Forest, which beat No. 13 on Saturday night. 19 N comes into play. Regardless of the outcome of that game, Clemson's game against the Demon Deacons next week is a must-have for the Tigers' hopes of winning their seventh consecutive conference championship. In the fourth quarter, Clemson turned the game over to the walk-ons, rarely using reserves, and they made for a late-night thrill. Walk-on quarterback Billy Wiles topped the game with a towering 25-yard pass to Jake Briningstool, a 6-foot-6 freshman tight end who skipped a defensive back for a touchdown. Injuries have ravaged the Clemson offensive this season and Saturday's game didn't change that bad luck. Wide receiver Justyn Ross and backup quarterback Taisun Phommachanh ran out during the UConn game, and running backs Will Shipley and Kobe Pace sat nursing previous injuries. J. Uiagalelei played despite favoring his injured right knee and reserve running back Darien Rencher briefly went to the sidelines. But at the end of the third quarter, the defense suffered a setback in injury. With UConn stacking his defenses near the line in the first half, Clemson only managed 37 yards with 17 carries. In the second half, the Tigers opened by committing to their running game, or at least their return. Phil Mafah, who started with Will Shipley and Kobe Pace through injury and extended his playing time, touched the ball eight times in Clemson's 11-play drive. He ran six times for 28 yards and had two receptions for 26 yards, including a 2-yard touchdown run. The Tigers began possession at UConns 46 after the Huskies attempted an unsuccessful onside kickoff to open half. Clemson lead halfway with a comfortable 23 points despite another uneven performance and some worrying offensive injuries. UConn's only points were scored on a return to the opening prelude. The Huskies have a total offensive of 41 yards, including minus 49 yards of rushing. The Tigers have six sacks of Jack Zergiotis for minus 44 yards. Clemson stormed just 37 yards with 17 carries. Uiagalelei, who played on an injured right knee, did not play well despite finishing the halftime strong. He was 4-for-6 pass for all 88 yards in the drive, including a 32-yard touchdown to Beaux Collins. They are 3 to 3 in fourth place, all on the first possession of the game. But in addition to Uiagalelei's obvious knee restrictions, star receiver Justyn Ross is on crutches and a boot on the sideline after an injury in the first quarter and replacement quarterback Taisun Phommachanh injured his right shoulder in the second quarter. Running backs Will Shipley and Kobe Pace and wide receiver Ajou Ajou did not play. Uiagalelei returned to Clemson's lineup after Taisun Phommachanh led the Tigers to a touchdown while spelling the starter, but it wasn't exactly sharp. His second passport was intercepted. Clemson's defense stopped UConn at Downs, and on next possession, Uiagalelei had a 31-yard pass over the center to tight end Jake Briningstool and a 12-yard swing pass to Darien Rencher, but he was also called for deliberate grounding when he couldn't pull it out of his pocket under pressure. The Tigers earned points from the series when B. T. Potter hit his second 49-yard field goal of the game. Potter converted another field goal - this one from 30 yards - on the next possession, which was established by an interception from Mario Goodrich and returned to the quarterback by Taisun Phommachanh. Potter is 3 for 3 in the game. After three games of Clemson's third series, Connecticut native Taisun Phommachanh entered the game as quarterback. J. Uiagalelei, but looked very unwell a week after the sprain of the posterior cruciate ligament on her right knee. He was over 9-for-17 for 90 yards and hadn't tried a run. Phommachanh continued on each of his first two snaps, winning 13 yards and a first down before the quarter ended. He also became Clemson's lead rusher with the two carries. In the first game of the second quarter, Phommachanh completed a 33-yard pass to Dacari Collins - Phommachanh's longest finish of the season - and followed with a 3-yard touchdown run. Clemson's running game struggled and Justyn Ross hobbled away after a 25-yard catch and run. Potter lined up for a 23 yard field goal attempt, but keeper Will Swinney took the snapshot and ran from the left guard for the touchdown. It should be noted that neither Will Shipley nor Kobe Pace played a snapshot in two series. Phil Mafah and Darien Rencher, who haven't had a carry since the S. C. State game, combined for eight carries for 11 yards. Clemson responded to UConn's touchdown return of the opening opener with a season-best 49-yard field goal from B. The Tigers converted three times on the fourth down, including a 5-yard encroachment on the Huskies to move 34 yards. J. Uiagalelei, who played after a right knee sprain last week, is not moving well. I'm not sure how many viewers expected Clemson to be 15 seconds behind in the game. UConn's Brian Brewton failed at the opening start, which apparently messed up the timing of the Tigers' coverage. Bruton picked up the ball on 2, cut to the left, and except perhaps a jump at his legs, no one touched him as he ran down the sideline. He had the time and space to switch to a high-five with teammate Tui Faumuina-Brown about 10 meters from the goal line. This article originally appeared in Greenville News: Gaming Blog: Observations of Clemson's Easy, But Painful Victory vs.


Alabama jumps Cincinnati in second place behind Georgia

Alabama jumped Cincinnati second behind Georgia in The Associated Press college football poll on Sunday, and Oklahoma dropped eight spots to 12th after losing for the first time this season. (Author: Gardener)

GeorgiaAlabama jumped Cincinnati second behind Georgia in The Associated Press college football poll on Sunday, and Oklahoma dropped eight spots to 12th after losing for the first time this season. Georgia ranks unanimously # 1 on the AP Top 25 for the sixth straight week, presented by Regions Bank, and the Southeastern Conference has the top two teams in the poll for the sixth time this season. Alabama and Georgia flopped 1st and 2nd for five weeks in September and early October. Moving from Cincinnati to Alabama in second place was more about the Bearcats than the Crimson Tide, which closed the gap to UC to four points last week. Alabama took care of business against the overwhelmed state of New Mexico on Saturday. Cincinnati remained unbeaten after winning in South Florida at 45:28 on Friday night. It was the fourth straight week that the Bearcats played against a losing record and found themselves in a competitive game in the second half. That resulted in a few more voters dropping Cincinnati. Behind the Bearcats, No. 4 Oregon, No. 5 Ohio State, No. 6 Notre Dame, No. 7 Michigan State, No. 8 Michigan, and No. 9 Oklahoma State all moved up one place after Oklahoma fell. Alabama has the longest current run of top five appearances in the AP Top 25 at 29. Georgia is runner-up after running to 12 this week. Cincinnati ranks third with seven polls in a row. Oklahoma had next started the race by five in a row this weekend, but with this snapshot, Oregon is the second-best top five streak with two polls in a row. Alabama holds the all-time record for top five appearances at 68 from 2015-19. The three teams entering the leaderboard this week were all there at the start of the season. The Razorbacks had a five-week run in the top 25 and finished 8th before being kicked out of the race after three consecutive losses. They are back three wins in a row. - # 23 San Diego State returned after winning a crucial Mountain West game against Nevada. - # 24 Utah was preseason leaderboard, dropped out after week 2 of the regular season, and was back and forth a couple of times. - Auburn was eliminated after losing a 28-3 lead against Mississippi State to drop to 6-4. - Penn State is out for the first time this season after losing to Michigan at home, the Nittany Lions' fourth loss in their last five games. - Coastal Carolina is doing this for the first time this season and has a 22-week run in the leaderboard. The Chanticleers lost to Georgia State for the second time this season with injured quarterback Grayson McCall from the line-up. No. 21 Arkansas at No. 2 Alabama.


Ranking of all Premier League clubs after their record signing

Here we have assessed the current record transfer of each individual Premier League club and whether this player has repaid the trust or not. (Author: Gardener)

Premier LeagueIt feels like record transfer fees are rising with each season, especially in the Premier League. In fact, England broke the nine-digit fee limit for the first time a few months ago when Manchester City closed its £ 100m deal to bring Aston Villa's Jack Grealish on board. As the cost of signing players continues to rise, it's likely that top clubs will have to spend more to stay competitive - but are they getting value for their investment? Here we have assessed the current record transfer of each individual Premier League club and whether this player has offered the required money for the money or not. The amount of the contribution, your basic performance and the success in the club from this point on are taken into account. All statistics refer to the time at which the player in question made his permanent transfer to the club. You will almost certainly disagree with the position of at least one player / club here, but don't worry, next year this list could look very different around this time. Record (in all competitions): 91 games, 10 goals, 8 assists On paper it looked like a fit: a muscular, well-trained Brazilian goalkeeper with a respectable goalscoring record in German football, almost made for the rigors of the Premier League. Unfortunately, Joelinton has shown an annoying disappointment at St. James' Park, only scoring six goals in 79 Premier League games. Gibson is still Burnley's all-time newcomer, despite not having played a single game for the team since August 2019 (90 minutes against Sunderland in the second round of the Carabao Cup, his only appearance this season). Overall, the central defender only played 62 minutes in the Premier League for Sean Dyche's team, although in fairness he scored a goal in his lonely appearance in the first division and thus technically holds a 100 percent goalscorer record. Since then, Gibson has spent the last two seasons in Norwich City, having initially been on loan for the 2020-21 championship campaign before finalizing the move last summer for a reported £ 8m fee following the Canary Islands promotion. Haller often appeared awkward and unsure of his exact role, but he never quite got by with the Hammers, despite arriving in East London on a recording contract and ending his tenure with a decent, if unspectacular, record. Haller was born in January 2021 with a loss of 25million.He played a pivotal role in the second half of the club's two-time 2020/21 season, and during that tenure he continued his scoring frenzy with four goals in a Champions League game . West Ham are third in the Premier League table after beating Liverpool 3-2 last time. Tzolis has had little chance of playing for Norwich since arriving from the Greek league and has only completed a full 90 minutes (against Bournemouth in the Carabao Cup second round) since becoming the most expensive player to ever hit Carrow Road has changed. The left winger, who played for PAOK with 16 goals and 10 assists in 46 games last season, has only played 21 minutes of league football since the end of September. Perhaps the recent departure of head coach Daniel Farke could mark a fresh start for Tzolis under new coach Dean Smith, but from today's perspective, everything in his first three months as a canary was decidedly disappointing. Wolves was only 18 years old at the time and signed Silva, although the youngster had only played 12 games in the A-League in his career. However, with added pressure on his shoulders with a head injury following Raul Jimenez's long absence last season, even his most enthusiastic supporters would hardly describe his presence as "peripheral" to Wolves. There is still a lot of time - after all, Silva has signed a five-year contract - but the striker still has a long way to go. Buendia has become a major creative force for Norwich over the past few years of yo-yo between the championship and the Premier League, although the Argentine has not yet fully submerged since arriving at Villa to plug the hole that Grealish's departure left . The attacking midfielder has only found the net once and just as Villa has struggled to tread water himself so far this season, the club's record signing has lagged well behind the breakneck form he saw last season in the second division has shown. Ajer, a steadfast presence in the background, appeared to be handling the stresses of the Premier League pretty well since joining promoted Brentford south of the border last summer. He will miss Norway's World Cup qualification in November. Coach Stale Solbakken speculates that Ajer hamstring problem could incapacitate him for months instead of weeks after a secondary assessment. Mwepu didn't have to prove his skills for long, but the versatile Zambian international has performed well in various midfield roles for the Seagulls since arriving from Salzburg in the summer. The 23-year-old even opened his goalscorer account with a fantastic long-range shot to spark his side's most recent comeback against Liverpool - a 25-yard attempt that saw his side draw 2-2 at Anfield and he won too Brighton's Gate of the Month Award for October. Rodrigo was lightning-fast, scoring seven Premier League goals for Leeds in his debut season for the then-promoted player, four of which were scored in the last four games of the campaign. Although the 30-year-old Spanish international had a strong result last time, he was rather sporadic in 2021-22, scoring just two goals in 10 league games so far. Sarr was Watford's top scorer at 13 in 39 games when they regained promotion to the Premier League after a year in the championship last season. In fact, the 23-year-old Senegalese striker tops the Hornets charts again this season after scoring four goals in his first eleven top games. He's hardly a regular on Palace's top scorers, but Benteke has proven himself to be a reliable leader of the Eagles over the past five years. The Belgian battering ram has spent 358 days in 2018 and 2019 without scoring a single goal for Palace, only to then play another 34 Premier League games between 2019 and 2020 without finding the net from former coach Jose Mourinho open to his allegedly criticized poor fitness and its lack of adaptation to the level required in the Premier League. The French midfielder found himself back on the team under Mourinho, although he gave brief guest appearances to glimpse his abilities as a combative ball carrier. Tending to come in fits and starts, Pepe has amassed decent numbers since joining Arsenal without ever fully winning his doubters in the ranks. The talented Ivory Coast winger scored eight goals in 42 games in his debut season, then doubled that to 16 of 47 when he finished as the Gunners' second-top scorer in all competitions in his second season in England. Still prone to hiding games, at 26 it is probably time for Pepe to deliver a little more consistency if he really wants to convince people that he deserves such a gigantic effort. Richarlison originally moved on a $ 40m deal. The Brazil international has been playing well at Goodison for three years and has signed a new and improved deal during that time, both of which are likely to have fulfilled several of those clauses. Chelsea weren't afraid to spend a lot of money and broke their transfer record for the fourth time in five seasons when they signed Inter Milan's Lukaku that summer. The Belgian international began his second appearance at Stamford Bridge by looting three goals in his first three games, but the situation has slowed dramatically since then. A sprained ankle has put him out of action in the past few weeks. Although Chelsea have got on well without him so far, coach Thomas Tuchel will thwart everything that Lukaku returns from his injury break with his physical condition and his eye for goal. A young Pogba played a handful of games for United in 2011-12 before moving to Juventus, where he quickly became one of the most sought-after central midfielders in world football alongside Andrea Pirlo. The France international returned to Old Trafford in a world-record transfer that was accompanied by a cacophony of hype in 2016 to settle in a five-year groove that was equally fantastic and frustrating. Able to dominate midfield and his supreme technique, Pogba can often be a passenger for United despite his obvious talent, but there have also been many highs in expensive signing in British football history. So it is perhaps fair to say that City fans have not yet seen the attacking midfielder in his fluid, creative best form. Let's hope that his debut goal in the Champions League against RB Leipzig - a typical cut-in and curling finish - is a sign of the future. After suffering injuries at Liverpool, Ings moved to Southampton for one season for the 2018-19 season and proved to be an instant hit with the fans as he rediscovered his scoring power. Ings chose to make the move permanent, becoming the Saints' record signatory in the process. In the two following seasons he added another 38 goals to his record and even played his way back to the English competition. The 29-year-old then ended his stint on the South Coast abruptly in August 2021 when he agreed to a shock move to Aston Villa for about £ 30million in nine Premier Leagues as part of the Birmingham club's post-Grealish recruitment -Games scored three goals. Tielemans first came to Leicester on loan in January 2019, before moving to King Power Stadium six months later on a record-breaking deal. The 24-year-old Belgian international (third on this list) has established himself as a regular in Brendan Rodgers' squad thanks to his versatile midfield skills, which include a healthy range of goals and assists. Tielemans will be remembered forever for scoring the goal that won the FA Cup final against Chelsea in 2021. Few could argue that Liverpool was exceptionally good value for money because of their record signing. Van Dijk proved to be an integral part of a team that won the Premier League, the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup under Jürgen Klopp. Van Dijk may not have been quite the same player since he sustained his anterior cruciate ligament injury last season that ruled him out for nine months, but at 30 he still has plenty of time to regain his best form and Liverpool several years to do more service. Given that the Premier League clubs combined burned nearly £ 890m (£ 889.17m) on their record signings, it may be a little staggering how little real star quality we have in the rankings. In fact, it could be argued that around half of the players on this list haven't even started proving themselves at the club level - although some of course still have time on their side in that regard. Some record signatures came and went on the fly, others lingered, but a disturbingly high number objectively fell short when it came to realizing their potential.


4 teams already aiming for an offseason trade for Deshaun Watson

Instead, they were open to trading with their former franchise quarterback. There were many interested teams ahead of the NFL trading deadline, but no one pulled [...] (Author: Gardener)

Deshaun WatsonThe Houston Texans haven't seen a single snap of Deshaun Watson this season and it seems unlikely he will play at this point. Instead, they were open to trading with their former franchise quarterback. There were many interested teams before the NFL trading deadline, but in the end no one pulled the trigger for a deal for him. He is still grappling with some off-field issues that need to be resolved before he can resume his playing career. However, it is expected that there will be a large trading market for him in the off-season. Last season, Watson played in all 16 games for Houston. Watson also accumulated 444 yards and three touchdowns on the ground. Needless to say, Watson is one of the best quarterbacks in the game when he's healthy and having no issues off the field. That kind of talent and potential would force many teams to show interest despite the question marks Watson has around him outside of the game. After all of this, let's dive in and take a look at four teams that should already be aiming for an offseason trade for Watson. Let's face it, there are very few teams in the NFL that could use a new starting quarterback than the Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger is old and this should be his last season in the league. Replacing Roethlisberger with Watson would immediately put the Steelers back on the map in the AFC. Pittsburgh must seriously consider changing quarterback this off-season. Watson would give them that seasoned quarterback while also offering them a long-term option. The Vikings currently have Kirk Cousins ​​as their starters and designed Kellen Mond in the 2021 NFL draft. However, you need to upgrade to the quarterback position to become real threats in NFC. Outside of the quarterback position, the Vikings are a very good all-round football team. With Watson, the Vikings could instantly become a legitimate contender in the NFC. Deshaun Watson would be a massive upgrade for the Vikings and give them a quarterback game they haven't had in years. Quite simply, replacing cousins ​​would be a massive addition in and of itself, despite being a solid quarterback himself. A star quarterback would make all the difference to Minnesota and they should consider the option of acting for Watson. One of the teams mentioned as a potential trading target for Watson in the off-season was the Broncos. They ended up buying Teddy Bridgewater from the Carolina Panthers to replace Drew Lock as their starter. The opportunity to acquire Watson is one the Broncos should seize if it arises. Denver is a star quarterback who is far from getting back into the running at AFC West. Deshaun Watson is Bridgewater and Lock is a vastly superior quarterback. If the Broncos are to return to serious fighting again, John Elway should look no further than acting for Watson. Prior to the NFL trading deadline, the Dolphins were a team that many thought could spark a deal for Deshaun Watson. In fact, they were very interested in getting something done, but nothing came off. Visiting a potential trade again in the off-season seems like a very good option for both parties. Tua Tagovailoa has shown signs of being a potential franchise quarterback for Miami, but he's had consistency issues. A trade for Watson could help them get there next season. Deshaun Watson could step in and change everything we currently know about the dolphin crime. They're a unit with a lot of individual potential, but the quarterback play has limited them. Adding Watson to this group of talent could make it one of the league's most dangerous offenses.


Ed Sheeran wins Best Artist on MTV Europe Music Awards return to live format

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran won best artist and best song for "Bad Habits", while K-pop stars BTS received four awards at MTV's Europe Music Awards, which after a virtual 2020 edition due to the pandemic as personal event returned. (Author: Gardener)

Ed SheeranBUDAPEST, Nov. 14 (Reuters) - English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran was named best artist and best song for "Bad Habits," while K-pop stars BTS received four awards at MTV's Europe Music Awards, which thereafter as a personal event returned a virtual edition 2020 due to the pandemic. MTV said the EMAs held in Budapest on Sunday would show solidarity with the Hungarian LGBTQ + community following a June law banning "displaying and promoting homosexuality" under 18s. The 2021 EMAs, held at the Papp Laszlo Budapest Sport Arena, were said to be "a global celebration of music for all audiences around the world". I think the censorship of any kind of love sucks, and that's some kind of resistance to it, "said international pop star Kim Petras, the first transgender performer at the EMAs, on the red carpet. Some gay couples who were on the show arrived, kissed on the red carpet and others wore rainbow colored clothing to support LGBTQ + people. Lil Nas X was named Best Video for MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name), while Korean band BTS won most awards with four including Best Pop, Best K-Pop, Best Group and Biggest Fans. First EMA winner Måneskin took home the best rock, while show host and performer Saweetie won the best new one. MTV for the first time EMA Generation Change Award "" The winners were honored during the main EMA exhibition, which honored five young people who campaign for equality and at the same time against the anti-LGBTQ + -Politics fight. Viktoria Radvanyi, a Hungarian board member of Budapest Pride, accepted the award on behalf of the winners. Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who faces a tough case in the 2022 elections, the June law is said to aim at protecting children. The heads of state and government of the European Union say it discriminates against gays and transgender people and violates the values ​​of the EU. The law has raised concern in the LGBT community under the Orban administration, which has stepped up its campaign against LGBT people ahead of next year's vote. As Budapest was preparing to host the EMAs, Orban was re-elected unopposed as chairman of the ruling Fidesz party. The anti-LGBT line was high on the agenda at his party congress, and several speakers pledged to protect what they saw as traditional Christian values ​​in Hungary. Orban's opposition challenger Peter Marki-Zay, a staunch political outsider, has said he would abolish the anti-LGBTQ law if elected. He said that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry and should deserve equal rights. Grammy-winning Sheeran opened the night surrounded by neon graffiti to perform his latest single, "Overpass Graffiti". He later played his chart top hit "Shivers". Imagine if Dragons returned to the EMAs for the debut of their new single "Enemy". Bathed in laser light, the bestselling band rocked the stage together with Grammy-nominated rapper and artist J. The multi-instrumental singer-songwriter and winner of the Best Alternative Award YUNGBLUD ended the night with a pyrotechnic performance of his latest single "fleabag". .