How (and why) the Cleveland Rams moved west

The Rams had just won the 1945 NFL Championship (Author: Gardener)

Cleveland RamsThe city of Cleveland has had numerous professional football teams. The Cleveland Tigers were charter members of the American Professional Football Association two years before it was renamed the National Football League. The Rams were born in the 1936 American Football League. It was an eight-team NFL rival league that lasted only two seasons. It was also home to the very first West Coast club called the Los Angeles Bulldogs. Most AFL teams had rosters pillaged from NFL rosters promising huge paydays that never materialized. Prior to the formation of the league, there were 15 ownership groups competing for a franchise, to which Cleveland was awarded one. The majority owner was Homer Marshman and he named his club the Rams because he was a huge Fordham Rams fan and he thought the short name would fit well in any newspaper headline. The official name was Cleveland Rams Football Club, Inc. The 1936 Rams finished 5-2-2 just behind the Boston Shamrocks, who were declared league champions. Four of the eight teams were on good footing and performing well, but several franchises went under over the course of the season, leading to unstable paydays. Often times a club would arrive to play a game only to find that the competition had been cancelled. After one season, Marshman and his minority owners were fed up with unpaid guarantees, empty stands and empty promises. They had now completed a full season in the NFL with just nine clubs for the second year in a row. An odd number of clubs was not favorable for many reasons, one of which was an uneven schedule with one team not playing each week. And so, after 1936, NFL owners decided to add another franchise for the sake of balance. At a December meeting in Chicago, three ownership groups from Houston, Los Angeles and Marshman of Cleveland arrived at NFL offices to introduce their franchise as the league's 10th club. Marshman was ordered to wait in the conference room with the other owners while the other two groups took turns giving their presentations. Once both groups were excused, a motion was filed to give the franchise to Cleveland, although Marshman said not a word about Cleveland. It appears the owners had already pre-selected Cleveland on the premise that they wanted the league to stay in the East and Midwest. Already one season underway, the Rams were the geographic favorite, playing at the 71,000-seat Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Marshman was thrilled to be part of the well-oiled machinery known as the NFL. And the city of Cleveland was once again back in the folds of the established league. NFL teams already had a solid following, and many stadiums in Chicago, New York, and Washington drew large crowds. In their freshman year, the Rams had the upper hand, finishing 1-10-0 and struggling on goal. This continued for the next few seasons as the best place for the Rams was third place. With annual financial losses, Marshman eventually decided to sell. In June 1941 negotiations began with Frederick Levy, Jr. and Dan Reeves. Reeves owned a chain of grocery stores that his father and uncle founded and grew into a 750-store financial empire before selling to Safeway Stores. The Rams were sold to Reeves for $140,000. First, it was announced that the Rams would stay in Cleveland for one more season and then move to Boston, as viewership had never been favorable up to that point. Levy had ties to the California film industry, and he and Reeves occasionally visited the area. The 1941 season ended in a 2-9-0 for the Rams. The following year, with a 5-6-0 record, the Rams' highest scoring for a home game was 23,850 against the mighty Chicago Bears. At the end of the season, the franchise was the last viewer, with an average viewership per game of just 15,242. The 1942 season ended with Cleveland winning three of their last four games, including the 27–7 win over Detroit in front of their home crowd. Shortly after the final, the club raised $4,000 in advance tickets. Reeves was brought into service and with only a few players left, he made the decision to shut down the franchise for a year. Upon his return in 1943, there were rumors the Rams might be sold or relocated to Cincinnati, Boston, or Baltimore. Reeves issued a statement that the Rams would remain in Cleveland but would play all games at the 22,500-seat League Park, the former home of baseball's Indians. Reeves then bought out Levy and the other minority owners to become the sole owner. The Rams got back their 11 players who had been redistributed to the other clubs when the NFL reinstated the franchise. Reeves had lost just over $100,000 since owning the Rams, but a move to Boston was now over as another NFL club, the Boston Yanks, had been granted a franchise. First, the NFL wanted Cleveland to play all of its games on the road since it closed. But in the end, Cleveland were only allowed three home games for the 1944 season. All of this angered Reeves, and he felt the league was going to punish him for shutting down for a year. Reeves had a roster to fill and only had 11 players plus the athletes selected in the NFL draft. He searched for lesser-known names of men who played college football and returned from the war as free agents and was able to sign 14 players. After a 3-0 start, the 1944 Rams finished 4-6-0. Most of their home games have been 17,166 draws. During this time, it was announced that a new pro football league called the All-American Football Conference would be formed beginning in 1945. Of the announced cities, Cleveland was one of them. Reeves informed the other owners that he wanted to move his Rams to California after failing to develop a good fan base in Cleveland, losses mounting and Coach Brown's new team moving in. The Chicago Tribune ran a story on the possibility of the Rams moving west. It was discovered that the new Cleveland AAFC club had already leased Cleveland Municipal Stadium, meaning the new team would play at the city's largest venue, while the established Rams would be regulated to operate out of the much smaller League Park . Simply put, the Rams would no longer have the Cleveland market to themselves. The 1945 Rams started undefeated, just like the year before, this time 4-0. In the NFL Championship Game in Cleveland, the Rams defeated the Washington Redskins 15-14 in sub-zero temperatures. In 1945, the Cleveland Rams were NFL champions. Next in Part 2, the Rams are leaving the NFL.


Baker Mayfield goes to Carolina; Can the former Browns QB revive his career? Terry Pluto

CLEVELAND, Ohio — "There's no downside to Carolina." That's what Ellis Williams told me about the Browns sending Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers for a future fourth-round or fifth-round pick. Williams should be a familiar name to many readers. (Author: Gardener)

Baker MayfieldBaker Mayfield and Sam Darnold hug after the game in 2020. That's what Ellis Williams told me about the Browns sending Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers for a future fourth-round or fifth-round pick. Williams should be a familiar name to many readers. The Panthers hitter was part of our Browns coverage team for two years before taking a job with the Charlotte Observer early last season. Here's how Williams saw Mayfield in Cleveland and the Panthers in 2021. For the past three seasons, the Panthers have been 5-12, 5-11, and 5-11. They've gone through four QBs: Sam Darnold, Teddy Bridgewater, Kyle Allen and Cam Newton. Carolina head coach Matt Ruhle is fighting for his job after 10 wins in his first two seasons with the Panthers. Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield walks off the field after their loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. The Panthers have hired several former Browns assistant coaches: James Campen (offensive line), Chris Tabor (special teams), Al Holcomb (linebackers) and Steve Wilks (defensive backs). New offensive coordinator is Ben McAdoo, a former head coach of the New York Giants. And yes, old friend and Baker Buddy Rashard Higgins is in Carolina. There's an element of desperation in Carolina. As a former Baylor head coach, Ruhle needs to at least get close to the playoffs. None of this should be new to Mayfield, who joined the Browns after they were 4-44 the last three seasons. "How many head coaches did Baker have?" Williams asked me. "That's five in five years," I said. "He used to have to learn new attacks quickly," Williams said. "The team says it's an open competition between Darnold and Baker," Williams said. "But I expect Baker to start. He's better than Darnold.” The Panthers are also counting on Mayfield, otherwise why trade for him with training camp just weeks away? Mayfield was the No. 1 pick in the 2018 draft. Darnold was the Jets' No. 3 pick. Darnold was never able to achieve much in his career. Meanwhile, two of Mayfield's four seasons in Cleveland have been good. The Panthers also have rookie Matt Corral, a third-round pick from Mississippi. But the Panthers are counting on a highly motivated Mayfield in the final season of his contract to revitalize the franchise. As for Darnold, he has a 6-17 record as a starter in his last two seasons. That's why the Panthers made the deal. I heard the two teams agreed the terms of the deal weeks ago, with the Browns paying $10.5 million out of Mayfield's $18.8 million salary. The last part was Carolina revised Mayfield's contract. He has a chance to win this back in incentives based on games played. Carolina Mayfield ended up acquiring for a mid-round draft pick and paying just $4.8 million of his salary. "It's a good deal for the Panthers," Williams said. "The team has some talent," Williams said. The offensive line is better. This isn't Jacksonville (the Jags were 3-14 last season)." The Panthers ranked 30th in total offense last season and 29th in points scored (17.9 per game). McCaffrey has only played 10 games over the past two seasons. In 2018-19, he averaged 1,245 rushing yards and caught an average of 110 passes per season. That's right, a running back who catches 100+ balls in a season. The Panthers have invested in their offensive line. They made left tackle Ikem Ekwonu of North Carolina State the No. 6 draft pick. Yes, this is the same Corbett who was voted second round leader by former Browns GM John Dorsey in 2018. As a rookie, he played little. The Browns gave up on him a year later and sold Corbett to the Rams. He became an instant starter at Guard and played on a Super Bowl-winning team. "The offensive line isn't going to be as good as Baker in Cleveland," Williams said. The Browns line was hit hard by injuries in the tackles against Jack Conklin and Jedrick Wills Jr. last season. Mayfield has been sacked a career-high 43 times. "That's why most of the fans here are excited," Williams said. "You know, if Baker improves offense, the Panthers have a chance to be a much better team." Why all the love for Baker Mayfield? Browns need to be serious about adding another quarterback. Do Browns fans have a soft spot for Baker Mayfield? Would Brown's brass have been in the hot seat if Mayfield had stayed? What I hear about Guardians ownership: Six years before Blitzer takes over


"Rise" - the story of Giannis Antetokounmpo's journey into the NBA - a gripping tale of family and perseverance

Sport is a vehicle for action for the Antetokounmpo family, who strive to rise above poverty for a better life. The film is mostly about family. (Author: Gardener)

Giannis Antetokounmpo'sWILLOUGHBY, OHIO - A few years from now, fans in Milwaukee and those of Giannis Antetokounmpo worldwide could look back on the Bucks superstar's career and say it never got better than in Game 6 of the 2021 NBA Finals. A few weeks earlier, Antetokounmpo suffered in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Hawks suffered a seemingly gruesome knee injury. Antetokounmpo's knee buckled backwards from the injury and it seemed his leg could still break a couple of centimetres. Somehow Antetokounmpo returned for the final. For Antetokounmpo and his family, Hollywood called. That's because Antetokounmpo's return from injury probably doesn't seem that unlikely given what it took for Antetokounmpo and his family just to get to the United States. 'Rise' - a film about the struggles Antetokounmpo and his family faced while trying to make a better life for themselves - debuted June 24 on Disney+. In many ways, Antetokounmpo is a modern day "Rocky". The film's slogan - "His whole life was a million-to-one shot" - applies to Antetokounmpo. Rise is about basketball, but it's about so much more. Sport is a vehicle for action for the Antetokounmpo family, who strive to rise above poverty for a better life. The film is mostly about family. The Antetokounmpos had problems that far outweighed these. For more than two decades, beginning in 1990, the Antetokounmpos were forced to hide in Greece after fleeing Nigeria in search of better opportunities. Unable to get visas due to the country's political climate, the frustration in Greece continued. Antetokounmpo's father, Charles, tries to get paperwork, and in one scene, frustration boils over. Giannis (played by Dayo Okeniyi) and his brothers Thanasis - his brother's oldest and current teammate with the Bucks - Kostas and Alexandros were born in Greece but are not granted legal citizenship due to strict laws. To make ends meet, the family sells jewelry on the streets of Greece. Giannis and his younger brothers sleep in one bed. There is also a fifth brother - Francis - but he was born before her parents fled to Greece. Francis and his grandmother stayed in Nigeria, and it was 25 years before Francis reunited the rest of his family. That's where Giannis' rise as an NBA draft nominee in 2013 — the same year the Cavaliers picked Anthony Bennett for the No. 1 pick overall — turned the tide of the family. Those wanting an in-depth look at how Giannis rose from one of the most obscure draft picks in NBA history to a two-time MVP and NBA champion will be disappointed. Very little of his time in Milwaukee is included in the film. Still, there's plenty of basketball in Rise to satisfy a basketball junkie. For those unfamiliar with Giannis' basketball resume, it might seem shocking how raw he was as a player. Thanasis was the more natural player and better NBA prospect. Eventually, Giannis improves and becomes a touted prospect. This is where the odds against Giannis and his family seem really stacked. A team in Spain is showing interest in Giannis, but he is reluctant to join the team, fearing that if he goes to another country he will not see his family again. Agent Paris Eleftheriou works out a deal for Giannis to be with the Spanish team. This is the only way Giannis is eligible for the draft. Giannis outperforms, but there's a catch. If Giannis is not drafted, he will have to leave his family and sign up to play for the Spanish team. Conscription in New York City around Giannis goes up and down. Eventually, the Bucks choose "The Greek Freak" in 15th place overall and the family moves to America. There's one scene in "Rise" that's worth the 113 minute runtime. At a meeting with a Nike official with Thanasis and his agent, Giannis is asked why Nike should sign him. "I used to borrow my brother's sneakers because we couldn't afford another pair," Giannis said, a tear rolling down his cheek. From the outside in - to the land we were born in... Those words sum up Rise perfectly - a story of family and endurance not to be missed.


Bette Midler and Macy Gray hit back at inclusive phrasing

Women in Hollywood have hit back at the inclusive language of trans men and nonbinary people in discussions about abortion and women's rights. (Author: Gardener)

Bette MidlerThe fall of Roe v. Wade through the Supreme Court has sparked more heated discussions about women's bodies, but they affect a broader spectrum of people than just cisgender women. Bette Midler expressed her displeasure with language that includes all people who can become pregnant instead of simplifying the definition for women. Her comments echo those of Macy Gray and J.K. Rowling, who have been accused of being transphobic, in claiming that women other than cisgender do not belong to the same classification. While Midler, Gray, and Rowling have all expressed support for the women's rights movement, it was not intersectional. Both Midler and Gray have clarified their stance following the backlash, stating that they support transgender people. Here's everything they said and why it was considered transphobic. K. Rowling is one called? "WOMEN OF THE WORLD! We are being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even our names! They no longer call us 'women'; they call us 'birth people' or 'menstruators' and even 'people with vaginas'!" Midler tweeted Monday. The "Hocus Pocus" star added, "Don't get erased!" Don't fall for the fake nonsense of the anti- Trans panic in. Nobody is wiping out women," replied Irish drag queen and gay rights activist Panti Bliss. "In some small healthcare cases, they may use trans-inclusive language." Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay added, "Nobody trying to erase women with inclusive language about people who need abortion treatment.” Wade subversion: 'Full House' star Jodie Sweetin shoved by police at protest were in response to a New York Times comment suggesting that Both right-wing and left-wing politics devalue women."In a world of chosen gender identities, women do not exist as a biological category," writes columnist Pamela Paul Mid ler defended her post. “There was no intent of anything exclusionary or transphobic in what I said; it wasn't about that," she tweeted. Midler also stated that she "loves all marginalized people" and "has fought for marginalized people for as long as I can remember." "I'm trying to save everything, democracy for ALL PEOPLE," she added. They gave birth to their children and love them. And they want to remind you that "not all pregnant women are women." Gray and Piers Morgan spoke Monday on his show Uncensored about trans women competing in women's sports. You're a woman, sorry," the I Try singer said. said: "There is no greater admirer (of) the LGBT community" than she. Just like "man," Gray continued. "There are a lot of women who aren't women yet, and every girl gets that." In a statement to USA TODA, the singer said she "has nothing but love for the LGBTQ+ and transgender community and has been one since day one supporter". "My statement to Piers Morgan was grossly misconstrued," she added. I respect everyone's right to be comfortable in their body and to live their own truth." Rowling, who has also faced controversy over trans exclusionary language while discussing women's rights, supported Gray on Twitter. "Today feels like a good day to make sure I bought the entire back catalog from @MacyGraysLife," wrote the Harry Potter author. Stars spoke out in favor of abortion rights: Roe v. not saved A consultant who trains medical professionals on LGBTQ inclusion told USA TODAY in May 2021. Several state bills enacted in 2019 use gender-neutral language. And the pandemic has prompted some states to critically review health care-related laws and update terminology," Reese said. The Affordable Care Act, passed in 2010, did not use gender-neutral language but outlawed sex discrimination, which the Obama -Government interpreted broadly. In April 2021, the Biden a The U.S. government announced it would reverse Trump-era policies and once again protect transgender people from gender discrimination in healthcare it is for people outside of cisgender women to get the right treatment they need — including during pregnancy and abortion.Both Midler and Gray's narrower definition of women and who should benefit from women's rights is transphobic, as it has real-world consequences for the Survivability of a person Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD, says that "recent anti-transgender rhetoric" from public figures like Midler and Gray "contributes to the dangerous and grossly inaccurate narrative that trans people somehow violate the universal rights of cisgender women." threaten". "Women and trans people are fighting together for physical autonomy and the right to privacy," Ellis said in a statement to USA TODAY. "Cisgender women, trans people and non-binary people must stand together against those who are trying to divide us." 'Wonderwoman' star Lynda Carter said similarly on Tuesday: "I can't think of anything to do with women's rights less helps than blaming trans women.” Leave her alone and focus on the real war on women. Rowling, Midler, and Gray have been labeled TERFs for their comments distinguishing who belongs to womanhood. TERF is an acronym that stands for Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminists. The term describes transphobic feminists. While some people labeled TERF say the word is derogatory, LGBTQ advocates say those who hold such views deny transgender people their full humanity and go against what the medical community now accepts as scientific fact Regarding sex and sex accepted. TERF views "deny the validity of transgender people and transgender identities," Sarah McBride, national press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign, told USA TODAY. McBride noted that these views are opposed not only by most US feminists and supporters of LGBTQ rights, but also by the mainstream medical community. GLAAD Responds: Ricky Gervais Faces Jokes About Transgender People In New Netflix Special


BTS' Jung Kook joins Blackpink's Lisa and CL for certain performance on the Hot 100 charts

Jungkook is only the fifth KPop soloist to have made the Hot 100 more than once. (Author: Gardener)

BTSJung Kook is back on the Hot 100 this week, but not with another BTS smash. Instead, he returns as a solo artist, joining Charlie Puth on the instantly successful "Left And Right". Chosen as the third official single from pop singer Charlie's forthcoming album, this tune starts at number 22 on the current edition's list of the most competitive songs in the US, and once it arrived, Jung Kook soared in an all-time ranking and met several of the most popular acts from his home country. "Left And Right" is Jung Kook's second solo hit on the Hot 100, and to date, very few South Korean musicians working alone (or at least recognized as such) have managed to chart more than one track send. Jung Kook first hit the Hot 100 without his BTS bandmates in February 2022 with his single "Stay Alive." The tune only climbed to number 95 and only managed one frame on the chart, but that was still enough to make it into a relatively small group of South Korean solo musicians and land somewhere on the list. Now, with a second win to his name, he has taken on several others in a remarkable show of popularity. With two Hot 100 hits, Jung Kook is now on par with CL and Lisa, better known as one of the four vocalists of K-pop girl group Blackpink. CL first made the Hot 100 alongside Psy with "Daddy," which spent a single week at #97 in 2015. Lisa managed her two hit singles in 2021 when "Lalisa" rose for one frame to No. 84, and a few months later "Money" stayed on the charts twice as long but stagnated at No. 90. Leading among South Koreans solo musicians, at least if you look at most of the hits in the Hot 100, Psy. So far he has achieved five rankings, including a new one just a few months ago. Psy's Hot 100 wins are: "Gangnam Style" (#2), "Gentleman" (#5), "Hangover" with Snoop Dogg (#26), "That That" with Suga (more on that in a moment). ) and "Daddy" with CL (No. 97). Behind Psy comes Suga, another BTS band member. He has made the Hot 100 three times, albeit under two different names. This ranking is likely to change slightly again in a few days as another BTS star, J-Hope, is expected to return to the Hot 100. The singer's new single 'More', taken from his forthcoming album Jack in the Box, easily charted and gave him his second outing. BTS fills every single dot on a Billboard chart and makes it their own (again).


Shohei Ohtani will make All-Star Game history again and Novak Djokovic is still unbeatable at Wimbledon

Who made it to this year's Midsummer Classic and who didn't... but should have? (Author: Gardener)

Shohei OhtaniThe MLB All-Star Game starters were announced Friday and the reserves were revealed last night as the game is now just eight days away. Starters were chosen by the fans, while reserves were determined via player voting and the commissioner's office. Overall, the Yankees lead with six players (Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Trevino, Gerrit Cole, Nestor Cortes, Clay Holmes) while the Astros have five. It's always fun to see your favorite team's players being chosen - every team gets at least one All-Star - but that also leaves some snubs... AND ALSO GOOD MORNING TO NOVAK DJOKOVIC AND ELENA RYBAKINA Good luck quitting Novak Djokovic in space England club. The Serbian superstar clinched his seventh career Wimbledon title - and fourth straight - with a thoroughly entertaining 4-6 6-3 6-4 7-6 (7-3) win yesterday morning about Nick Kyrgios. * Djokovic's great defense and groundplay was particularly evident in the last three sets as he hit 38 winners compared to just 12 unforced errors. * Despite Kyrgios producing 30 aces - twice as many as Djokovic - Djokovic won 83% of his first serve points compared to 70% for Kyrgios. * It's Djokovic's 21st Major win of his career, one behind Rafael Nadal's 22nd for most all-time by a man. However, Djokovic may not be able to chase after Slam number 22 for a while. He remains unvaccinated against COVID-19, which prevented him from playing the Australian Open (which Nadal won) and may prevent him from playing the upcoming US Open. The next major after that is the Australian Open 2023. Djokovic said he has no plans to get vaccinated. Elena Rybakina came back after falling behind in a set against Ons Jabeur with 3: 6, 6: 2, 6: 2. Rybakina, who was born in Russia but has represented Kazakhstan since 2018, is the first player to represent Kazakhstan to win a major. She is also the first woman to win the Wimbledon final by one set since Amelie Mauresmo in 2006. The best thing about All Star games is all the guys that make it. Our MLB expert Matt Snyder listed 19 snubs from this year's competition, including ... was an overstuffed position, compounded by the Rockies needing a representative and C.J. Cron was their best choice. Freeman has made each of the last three All-Star Games, and while he could still be picked to replace Harper, he's a snub for now. * No. 7 overall Shaedon Sharpe will miss the rest of Summer League with a minor labrum tear. Ace sniper Kelsey Plum scored a WNBA All-Star Game record with 30 points to lead Team Wilson 134-112 over Team Stewart to cap a busy WNBA All-Star weekend. * Plum's 30 points made 2015's Maya Moore the most of all time. * In the second half, all players on both teams support Mercury star Brittney Griner, who is on drug charges. * On Saturday, Allie Quigley made history by becoming the first player in NBA or WNBA history to win four 3-point contests. Sabrina Ionescu won the Skills Challenge alongside high school student Zoe Brooks. Perhaps most importantly yesterday, league commissioner Cathy Engelbert addressed the media with several updates including... * The 2023 season will grow to a record 40 games. * The league hopes to expand by up to two teams by 2025 at the latest. Two of the NBA's biggest stars are being paid -- one significantly less than he was before. Damian Lillard signed a 2-year, $122 million extension tying him to Portland through at least 2025-26, with a player option for 2026-27. Lillard, 31, was drafted by Portland in 2012 and has played with the Trail Blazers ever since. He is a six-time All-NBA selection, second in franchise history in points and minutes played, and first in 3-point rounds. Even so, the Blazers have never reached the Finals — and have only made one Western Conference Finals — with Lillard in town. Lillard said "it wouldn't be as fulfilling" to win a title anywhere else. Also hoping for his first title is Sixers star James Harden, who decided against a $47.3 million player option to take significantly less money. Although the deal is not yet finalized, it will be finalized soon and is expected to last about $32 million per year for 2 years. Harden struggled with the 76ers after being acquired by the Nets, and Harden's self-initiated pay cut is good business for both sides, writes our NBA pundit Michael Kaskey-Blomain. * Kaskey-Blomain: "Harden, 32, brought financial flexibility to the Sixers this summer — flexibility the team used to expand the roster with newcomers like P.J. To strengthen Tucker and Daniel House. Sure, [Harden] loses money in the short term, but he secured more overall income over the life of the contract if he exercises his option for the 23-24 campaign. If he comes out and has a stellar season and shows his ability doesn't wane, he'll put himself in a position to secure another big payday for himself next summer." Xander Schauffele has added another impressive win to his recent string of outstanding games. Now he's hoping to add his first major in six days. Schauffele blew , recaptured his lead and then maintained it to win the Scottish Open by a margin over Kurt Kitayama.* Schauffele has won consecutive PGA Tour starts after winning the Travelers Championship just over two weeks ago. Along with Teammate Patrick Cantlay also won the Zurich Classic in April, making it Schauffele's seventh PGA Tour siege overall g in his career. * That win came just days after he won the two-day JP McManus Pro-Am (a DP World Tour event) played last Monday and Tuesday. * Schauffele is the only player, along with Scottie Scheffler, to have won consecutive starts this season. He will be a popular pick for this week's Open Championship at St Andrews, notes golf expert Dean Straka. Meanwhile, Trey Mullinax won the Barbasol Championship. Not only is it his first win on the PGA Tour, but it also earns him a spot at The Open, which begins Thursday.


WWE's McMahon paid $12 million to 4 women

According to a Wall Street Journal report, WWE's Vince McMahon paid a total of $12 million to four women over the past 16 years to quash allegations of sexual misconduct. (Author: Gardener)

$12 millionVince McMahon, the longtime leader of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), allegedly paid millions of dollars in hush money to a former wrestler with whom he had a forced sexual relationship and who was allegedly not brought back to WWE after she rejected further sexual advances from the executive . That's according to a report published in the Wall Street Journal on Friday. McMahon reportedly paid out $7.5 million to the former wrestler, who claimed McMahon forced her to give him oral sex, downgraded her, and then decided not to renew her contract in 2005 after resisting further sexual encounters with him , according to the Journal report. The wrestler and her attorney reportedly negotiated a non-disclosure agreement with McMahon in 2018. The Journal's report cites a total of $12 million allegedly paid to four women over the past 16 years to quash allegations of sexual misconduct by 76-year-old McMahon. Last month, The Wall Street Journal reported that the WWE Board of Directors is investigating a secret $3 million payout by McMahon to a former employee, a paralegal, over an alleged affair. Following that news, WWE announced that McMahon would be stepping down from his duties as chairman and CEO -- since replaced by his daughter Stephanie -- although he would retain his role as head of creative. Sources told ESPN at the time that this was largely a visual game and McMahon was still running the company alongside WWE President Nick Khan. In Friday's new report, the Journal, citing documents and people familiar with the business, said McMahon paid the former wrestler $7.5 million for her silence. Additionally, McMahon allegedly sent unsolicited nude photos of himself to a WWE contractor and sexually harassed her at work, leading to a roughly $1 million non-disclosure agreement in 2008. In a 2006 agreement, a former WWE executive was paid $1 million to keep quiet about McMahon entering into a sexual relationship with her. The WWE Board of Directors is continuing its investigation, which includes allegations that WWE manager John Laurinaitis had a sexual relationship with the same former paralegal involved in the alleged $3 million payment, according to the Journal. Laurinaitis is also under investigation over an alleged $1.5 million non-disclosure agreement with an employee alleging sexual misconduct in 2012. The company takes the allegations seriously. On June 27, two weeks after The Wall Street Journal's initial report, New York Magazine ran a story featuring interviews with former WWE referee Rita Chatterton and former WWE wrestler Leonard Inzitari, alleging that McMahon had Chatterton sexually assaulted in 1986. McMahon has been in the public eye more than usual since the first Journal report on June 15. A day after its release and hours after it was announced that he would be stepping down from his duties as CEO and Chairman, McMahon surfaced on WWE's "SmackDown" programming. Three days later, he appeared on WWE Raw. And last Saturday, McMahon was in attendance at UFC 276 in Las Vegas, a rare public appearance outside of WWE for pro wrestling's most influential man.


Backstage messages on talent response to Vince McMahon allegations

A new report has revealed the manner in which WWE Talents have reacted to Vince McMahon's recent allegations. (Author: Gardener)

Vince McMahonAfter the Wall Street Journal reported that Vince McMahon paid over $12 million in "hush money," there was a mixed reaction backstage from the talent, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. The allegation claimed McMahon paid for three other women with whom he had allegedly been sexually involved, one of whom was a former wrestler who claimed to have been forced to perform oral sex, while another was sent unsolicited nude photos of him. Meltzer heard from several different wrestlers who have been on WWE SmackDown, and they have spoken to varying degrees about the latest allegations surrounding McMahon. It was believed that people knew what they were getting themselves into when they got into the wrestling business. Another talent revealed McMahon isn't selling anything at the moment, and no one is speaking about the situation backstage as they believe there's a chance of getting in trouble if you do what nobody needs right now. Then a third person gave a very different opinion as they were said to be very concerned about the situation. They believe it's one thing for him to pay money to cover up an affair, which was the first allegation leveled against him, but it's another when it becomes coercion, as they see it as a view worrying situation . McMahon was backstage on WWE SmackDown this week, although unlike when the allegation was first leveled against him, he did not appear on television this time. The original report against McMahon was on June 12, alleging that he paid a former paralegal for an affair they were having.


How Vince McMahon reacted to the latest round of allegations

The Wall Street Journal on Friday published a second report on Vince McMahon, this time revealing through uncovered non-disclosure agreements that he allegedly paid four former employees $12 million to keep his sexual misconduct secret. After the first report of the WSJ, which only confirmed [...] (Author: Gardener)

Vince McMahonThe Wall Street Journal on Friday published a second report on Vince McMahon, this time revealing through uncovered non-disclosure agreements that he allegedly paid four former employees $12 million to keep his sexual misconduct secret. After the WSJ's initial report, which confirmed only one of McMahon's alleged affairs, McMahon chose to step down temporarily as CEO and Chairman, but continued to serve as Head of Creative at WWE Television Tapings. Reports of him defiantly "F— em!" backstage after making a brief appearance on SmackDown the same day he resigned when the CEO recently showed up. As for how he handled the last report, McMahon's demeanor was reportedly unchanged. According to PWInsider, the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown was "100%" dictated by McMahon, including the decision to scrap previously announced blue brand games. "We were also told that McMahon, who arrived later than usual, did not address or sell the latest Wall Street Journal article about him, his NDAs, etc.," Mike Johnson wrote. McMahon has never addressed the allegations publicly, WWE has declined to comment in any official capacity other than to confirm that the company will fully comply with the ongoing investigation by board member John Laurinaitis (who was also implicated in the initial report). Administrative leave and Stephanie has said nothing beyond her initial statement that she will be taking on her interim roles. “I love this company and am committed to working with the independent directors to strengthen our culture and our company; it's extremely important to me that we have a safe and collaborative workplace," Stephanie said in her announcement. "I have committed to doing everything in my power to assist the select committee in completing its work, including the collaboration of the entire company to support the completion of the investigation and implement its findings."


Chris Jericho comments on Vince McMahon's ongoing investigation

Chris Jericho was a recent guest on the True Geordie Podcast and gave his two cents on the ongoing investigation into Vince McMahon by the WWE Board of Directors. The interview appears to have been conducted prior to the Wall Street Journal's second report, since Jericho was always [...] (Author: Gardener)

Chris JerichoChris Jericho was a recent guest on the True Geordie Podcast and gave his two cents on the ongoing investigation into Vince McMahon by the WWE Board of Directors. The interview appears to have preceded the Wall Street Journal's second report, as Jericho only refers to the initial allegation that McMahon paid a former employee $3 million to keep her from an alleged affair. Since then, new information has surfaced alleging that McMahon allegedly coerced a former wrestler into sexual acts and then punished her when she turned down future advances, sexually harassed a contractor and secretly had another affair with an employee who had been with the company for 10 years held. Up until now, it has been reported that McMahon has paid more than $12 million to keep these four incidents secret until now. Jericho admitted he wasn't surprised by the first report, but didn't think either one alone would cause McMahon to face long-term consequences. He had an affair, paid the lady not to say anything, and moved on," Jericho said. "It's almost like 'Okay, so what?' People want to jump on it, but there's still an undertone of "it's wrestling." Oh, it's just wrestling.” If you watch, that story came out with a bang, and then you really haven't heard from it since. "Either bang me or you don't get the lead." That's never been said in Vince's case. It was a mutual admission of the affair, he paid the lady not to say anything and she took the money. I know Vince really well and it sucks that this happened, it sucks that he did it, but will it really come to anything? Jericho later admitted he could be wrong in six months. Stay tuned for more updates on the McMahon investigation as they become available.