Where the 49ers face the Rams clash

The 49ers have to throw the kitchen sink at the Rams on Monday evening. (Author: Gardener)

RamsAaron Rodgers is back, and so are the Green Bay Packers. Russell Wilson returned, and the Seattle Seahawks ... not so much. In Week 10 of the NFL season, the two Super Bowl contenders bounced back from horrific losses in Week 9 as the defending champions left their farewell week and made a mess on the carpet at FedEx Field and the Baltimore Ravens looked like they were with the South played beach flu on Thursday in Miami. The Los Angeles Rams lost a receiver and added another before heading to Levi's Stadium Monday night while the 49ers know they have to toss the kitchen sink at their division rivals to keep their season afloat. Every team is here after the action in week 10 on Sunday. New York Jets (2-7): Three years into Joe Douglas' tenure, the Jets roster is worse off in almost every position and the team is uncompetitive almost every week. Houston Texans (1-8): The Texans are historically incapable and there is no generation quarterback talent in the 2022 class. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-7): Trevor Lawrence missed the Jaguars' chance to piss off the Colts, but still the Duval Jungle Cats are not as bad as we thought. New York Giants (3-6): The Giants are leaving their farewell week to take on a pissed off Bucs team that has just faced Taylor Heinicke. Miami Dolphins (3-7): Miami botched its rebuilding in an almost historic way. Let's summarize: Draft Tua Tagovailoa against Justin Herbert, swap a top 5 selection from the first round against Jaylen Waddle via DeVonta Smith and swap Minkah Fitzpatrick for Austin Jackson. Chicago Bears (3-6): Justin Fields is improving every week. That's all that counts. It came just a week later than expected. Washington Football Team (3-6): Taylor Heinicke is just another QB when TB12 is on the other side. Philadelphia Eagles (4-6): The Eagles are arguably the best position of all teams at the bottom of this ranking. Philadelphia is said to have three first-round picks and a season or two to find out if Jalen Hurts is a franchise guy. San Francisco 49ers (3-5): While Mac Jones and Justin Fields continue to look like young stars, Trey Lance is getting more and more proficient with a Microsoft Surface. Sooner or later, the 49ers will have to see what they have in the anointed QB of the future. Seattle Seahawks (3-6): It seems Russell Wilson wasn't really ready to return. Atlanta Falcons (4-5): The Falcons tried to defend Dak Prescott and the Cowboys just as they did the Broncos last week. After a 45-3 back alley beatdown, the Falcons have a quick turn to face a fiery Patriots team. Carolina Panthers (5-5): The Panthers cut Cam Newton off to begin a rebuilding only to bring him back after Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold - whom they traded a second round selection for - proved ineffective. None of this matters. Cam is back, scoring two touchdowns on his first two snaps in Sunday's win against the Cardinals. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-3-1): They should have got the Steelers and Lions to stay on the field until someone scores a goal or the next ice age came. Minnesota Vikings (4-5): The Vikings play the same game every week. New Orleans Saints (5-4): The Saints outperformed the Titans on Sunday but two missed PATs and nine penalties won't get the job done. You can't beat yourself in the NFL. Indianapolis Colts (5-5): Carson Wentz is determined to complete a left-handed shovel pass and a backhand pass over his body in every game. Sunday was a bad day for everyone involved with the Browns, from Baker Mayfield to Ballboy. Cincinnati Bengals (5-4): It was a great week of farewell for the Bengals as the Ravens and Browns both lost while the Steelers couldn't avoid the Lions. But none of that matters if the Bengals haven't fixed what plagues them during their week off. Las Vegas Raiders (5-4): The Raiders are now 0-2 in November and it feels like they're heading for a cliff. After everything they've been through this season, it's hard to blame them when things fall apart. Los Angeles Chargers (5-4): Justin Herbert and the offense are out of sync and the Chargers defenses were slashed more than horny teenagers in an 80s slasher flick. Kansas City Chiefs (6-4): And that's exactly how the Chiefs are back in first place at AFC West. The Chargers, Raiders, and Broncos missed their opportunity to distance themselves from a fighting Goliath, and now it may be too late. 9. Baltimore Ravens (6-3): Blueprint to slow down the Ravens attack has been created. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens must find a way to constantly attack and hit zero or they won't hit their cap. 8. New England Patriots (6-4): Don't look now, but it's November and Bill Belichick's Patriots are taking shape. New England are one of the most even teams in the NFL, and Mac Jones is getting better every week. Does anyone want to play the Patriots in January? 7. Buffalo Bills (6-3): Beating the Jets after losing to the Jags is nothing special, but the Bills beat a bad team and reminded everyone why losing to the Jags was probably just a punch in the was road that leads to a deep playoff run. 6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3): Suddenly, the Bucs went from a team with a punishing defense and a damn perfect quarterback to a shaky defending champion who is constantly beating himself. 5. Dallas Cowboys (7-2): Dak Prescott and the Cowboys came out on Sunday and made a final statement with a 40 point win over the Falcons. As long as Mike McCarthy is out of his way, the cowboys are among the best in the NFC. 4. Tennessee Titans (8-2): Tennessee just keeps winning. I don't know why and I don't think it will last, but the Titans deserve this spot. 3. Los Angeles Rams (7-2): Thanos Sean McVay added another Infinity Stone to his glove with the low-risk signing of the overrated OBJ. While most teams focus on draft capital and cheap, young players, the Rams just want stars and more stars. 2. Arizona Cardinals (8-2): Getting good games in a row from Colt McCoy was probably too much to ask. 1. Green Bay Packers (8-2): The Green Bay defense has made life difficult for the Cardinals, Chiefs and Seahawks for consecutive weeks. An improved defense combined with Aaron Rodgers and a good running game make the Packers one of the NFC favorites right now.


Raiders embarrassed by chiefs, 41-14

The Las Vegas Raiders were embarrassed at home tonight against their rival Kansas City Chiefs 41-14. (Author: Gardener)

41After a poor start to the season, the Kansas City Chiefs showed why they had been the dominant team at AFC West for the past five years. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes passed 406 yards and five touchdowns as the Chiefs dominated a 41-14 win for the Las Vegas Raiders in front of 65,000 fans at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday night. The Chiefs (6-4) won for the fourth time in their last five games, taking the Denver Broncos as sole first place in the division ahead of the Raiders (5-4) and the Los Angeles Chargers (5-4). (5-5) in last place. The Raiders, who lost for the fourth time in six games after a 3-0 start, were in the game after Derek Carr's six-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Hunter Renfrow. Harrison Butker hit a 40-yard field goal to put Kansas City in the lead 10-7, and Mahomes hit Hill with another one-yard shot on goal 1:39 in the first half, and it was 17-7. Mahomes completed 21 of 28 passes for 198 yards and the two touchdowns in the first half when the Chiefs rolled 241 offensive yards to just 92 for the Raiders. And things got ugly in the second half when Mahomes threw a one-yard touchdown pass to Noah Gray, a 38-yard score for Darrel Williams' running back, and a 22-yard scoring pass to wide receiver Byron Pringle to it 41. to make -14 with 7:39 remainder in the game. "I wanted to crawl but I saw (Williams) leave so I just heaved it for him and he made a great catch," Mahomes said. "He always tells me he's a pass catch wide receiver and he proved it tonight." It was billed as a game with the two best tight ends in football, but the Chiefs 'Travis Kelce made eight receptions for 119 yards while the Raiders' Darren Waller only made four catches for 24 yards. Hill caught seven passes for 83 yards and the two touchdowns. Mahomes made 25 of 50 passes without interception to amass his 406 yards, while Williams caught nine passes for 101 yards and stormed an additional 11 times for 43 yards as the Chiefs defeated the Raiders 516-299. The Raiders didn't fire Mahomes and only had two quarterback hits. Carr completed 25-of-35-yards for 261 with one interception and two touchdowns, including a 37-yard scoring pass to wide receiver Bryan Edwards, who had three catches for 88 yards in the third quarter. Renfrow made seven holds for 46 yards. The Chiefs limited Josh Jacobs to 16 yards on seven carries, and Kenyan Drake also had 16 yards on four rushs, while Carr led the Raiders to rush 18 yards on three carries. The Raiders lost more than one game as starting full-back Alec Ingold appeared to have a serious left knee injury when he covered a punt in the second quarter and was taken to the locker room. Would you like to talk about it? Would you like to have your opinion on anything pertaining to Las Vegas Raiders? Join our 100% FREE Message Board, a brand new option when you CLICK HERE. MAKE SURE YOU LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE WHEN CLICKING HERE. Would you like to receive the latest news from Las Vegas Raiders direct to your email for FREE? Sign up for the DAILY Raiders Nation newsletter by CLICKING the FOLLOW button on the main page. Don't miss any of the latest updates for your Las Vegas Raiders by following @HondoCarpenter on Twitter


Black veterans remember Colin Powell and offer him one final greeting for the ages

The former foreign minister offered an extraordinary idea of ​​what leadership could be: firm, but also with consideration and great character. (Author: Gardener)

Colin PowellTen days before I boarded a plane to Afghanistan in January 2015, I wore my Army Dress Blues to my grandmother's funeral. The last time she saw me in my dress blues, I graduated from West Point after serving as class representative. My grandmother, Shirley Berry, believed I would be America's next Colin Powell, the man who had been their "hope and change" long before the nation heard the name Barack Obama. She was the mother of three, and Powell was a role model, a godly man whose character was rooted in humility, discipline, and reserve. Because I loved her, Powell became my role model too. I thought of her when I heard of Powell's death. And I thought of black veterans like Michael A. McCoy, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer who inspired that effort along with the Black Veterans Project: We'd connect with other veterans so that we wouldn't just remember what Powell was meant for the nation, but also what he meant specifically for us. General Clara Adams-Ender knew Powell as a colleague and friend. The daughter of a North Carolina tenant, Adams-Ender served in the United States for 34 years. She started as a private and rose to brigadier general and became chief of the US Army Nursing Corps. Powell and Adams-Ender regularly attended ROCKS meetings together. ROCKS was founded in the mid-1960s and is named after Brig. General Roscoe Cartwright, who founded the group as an informal network for black military officers. Adams-Ender pondered Powell's ability to defuse any situation and the reason he was chosen by high-ranking military leaders and US presidents for his many roles. "I think every now and then someone gets picked and General Colin was one of the ones who got picked ... In the general's world we used to say Colin Powell could tell you to go to hell so smoothly and enjoy the ride ", She recalls. Powell's political disagreements with administrative officials were well known throughout his career, from former Secretary of State Madeliene Albright to former Vice President Dick Cheney. Retired General Larry OS Air Force, who went from aviator to four-star general." He remembered a visit from then General Powell to Scott Air Force Base in St. Clair County, Illinois, then Major, Spencer was the executive officer who was expected to keep the coffee hot and the ink was wet when his Air Force commander - also a general - gathered to meet Gen. Powell, who was the national security adviser at the time he was from President Ronald Reagan. When Spencer opened the door to greet Powell, the general, to everyone's surprise, began chatting to Spencer and asking about his life and career. "Watch the way he was acting," recalled Spencer. Staff Sgt. Joni Jackson was inspired by Powell's ability to overcome internal service rivalries. Jackson attended her ROTC program at Morgan State University, a historically black college in Baltimore. For a black ROTC cadet like Jackson, Powell was the epitome of leadership. A military brotherhood named after Army General John J. Pershing, a man who disapproves of black military men mingling with white women in Europe for fear of backlash at home during World War I. Jackson remembered seeing Powell at one of the conventions. "He made me feel like I can achieve bigger things than I thought I had the potential to do," she said. S. Army-Veteran, who is currently Assistant Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs in the Department of Veterans Affairs, recalls reading Powell's book when he was at the ROTC. “You know, it was especially important for me as a young leader to read My American Journey as a ROTC cadet and later pursue his career when I started my own career as an Army officer and to know that we are not infallible and that we sometimes make mistakes on the world stage and that you can stand by them. "Powell was a strong choice for President George W. Bush when he made him Secretary of State. When Bush asked him to invade Iraq at the United Nations Powell said yes. It was a disastrous foreign policy decision that Powell would later admit was "an eyesore on my file," as he described it in an interview with Al Jazeera in 2011. Powell was one of the few senior administrators Blaming himself for his role in the war, Powell famously said, "If you break it, it's yours," Powell gave yet another example of how leaders make their mistakes he should admit. When I boarded this plane and flew to Afghanistan after my grandmother's funeral, I met a soldier who was to become a good friend, Cpt. Hisham Yousif. He was a first generation American raised by Sudanese parents. S-Army, his parents, shaken by the destruction in Iraq, refused to apply for him to West Point. However, they did allow him to attend the Virginia Military Institute. He watched Powell on NBC's 2008 Meet the Press and endorsed Obama. Powell said, “I'm also concerned - not what Senator McCain is saying - but what members of the party are saying, and it is allowed to be said. Things like, 'Well, you know Mr. Obama is a Muslim.' Well the correct answer is, he's not a Muslim, he's a Christian. But the really correct answer is, 'What if it is him?' Isn't it true to be a Muslim in this country? Isn't it true that a 7-year-old Muslim American child believes he or she could be president? "Kpt. Yousif is now a graduate student at the University of Chicago and will be part of the military faculty that teaches political science at West Point." Colin Powell spoke wise words the moment the war on terror almost cut me out of the American picture, "he said." He made me feel like I was included in the mosaic of the American project. "Carlton Shelley graduated from West Point and became the first in his family to serve in the military. Shelley was a member of the Boys and Girls Club when he learned he was going to meet Colin Powell. Shelley was 15 when he was met him in 2006. Shelley, nervous and surprised by Powell's size, asked Powell if he would ever run for political office, a question Powell had considered years ago. Powell turned to the future armaments lieutenant and said, “I wouldn't. It let Shelley ponder what could have been, but Powell was confident of his role and leadership. Dana Pittard first met General Powell when Pittard was a young captain in Germany. He saw Powell several times, including at the 1992 inauguration of the Buffalo Soldier Monument the Old West. Colin Powell was a brigadier general. While jogging around Fort Leavenworth, he found that there was no mention, memorial, or nothing to honor the excellent service of the Buffalo Soldiers. "Well, what is consistent is that he's a leader that people trust," said Pittard. Powell has nurtured and inspired veterans of all kinds, and so many who have never served. Greetings to Colin Powell on Veteran's Day.


Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Clippers

The Miami Heat (7-4) play against the Los Angeles Clippers (4-4) at the STAPLES Center Game Time: 10:30 p.m. EST on Thursday, November 11, 2021 Miami Heat 0, Los Angeles Clippers 0 (10:30 p.m. ET )) What's the buzz on Twitter? Miami Heat @ Miami HEAT ... (Author: Gardener)

Miami HeatThe Miami Heat (7-4) are playing against the Los Angeles Clippers (4-4) at the STAPLES Center #HEATTwitter, are you all still up there? Game 2 in LA starts now. - 10:30 p.m. Kamenetzky Brothers @KamBrothers ICYMI, Thursdays @LockedOnLakers Podcast! We're collapsing a huge win over the heat, with big nights from AD, Westbrook and Monk! The Lakers still have tons of shit to sort out, but they seem to be back on track at least mentally. @LockedOnNetwork @LockedOnNBAPods… - 10:11 p.m. And yes. Heat announces that Max Strus can play tonight too. Usual starters for the Clippers tonight against Miami: PG, Batum, Zubac, Bledsoe, Jackson. Agua Caliente 101, Ignite 93 finals. 23 for the Clippers Brandon Boston. To the airport! Wes Goldberg @wcgoldberg Tyler Herro will start tonight instead of Jimmy Butler. Max Strus is also expected to be available from the bank. Better fourth quarter from Ibaka as it seemed a little more relaxed physically. Still hardly astonishing (13 points, 3 vines), but that's what rehab games are for. Tyler Herro starts tonight to replace the injured Jimmy Butler… - 10:01 p.m. Tyler Herro starts instead of the retired Jimmy Butler. The rest of the starters are Adebayo, Tucker, Robinson and Lowry. I have to take this #HEATCulture to court tonight. - 10:00 pm The most important player for Miami tonight: Max Strus Max Strus Not necessarily hitting a bunch of threesomes or scoring a ton, just being out there would have no Strus meant KZ or tonight extended UD minutes and it's a drain when another bad Duncan game occurs - 9:58 p.m. ICYMI: Kyle Lowry is still the only Miami athlete who can open receivers deep over the middle.… - 9:49 PM Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz Kudos to Dolphins for six consecutive dynamic defense quarters. 6-3 Miami halfway. Did the Lakers & Russell Westbrook turn things around by defeating Heat? - 21:44 PM Heat two-way player Marcus Garrett with 14 points, 15 rebounds and 7 assists in the G League loss tonight. This season there were two 3-3 games at halftime. We're 1:47 of a possibly third, and when it happens the Miami Dolphins will have been in two of them. Clippers. What that could mean for Tyler Herro… - 9:28 PM Clippers first round player Keon Johnson just fell on Kevin Murphy's foot and challenged a jumper and rolled his ankle. Just now. The fact that Johnson landed from a great height probably didn't help. I hate being that guy, but these Serge Ibaka minutes are…. Erik Spoelstra names PJ Tucker one of the best screeners of the era - 9:11 pm In the house for Clippers vs Heat tonight !! Erik Spoelstra on Paul George: “He's a great player with a big impact, and that's exactly what you can see him doing now.” - 9:07 pm Spoelstra on PG: “He was always a guy who was able to be a leader Type to be for a franchise. This is the Paul George We Know ”in Miami. Erik Spoelstra said he spent a lot of time with Justise Winslow while at The Heat. "We really enjoyed our time with him," said Spoelstra. Winslow is one of nine players available to Clippers tonight. Erik Spoelstra said Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro and Max Strus are warming up with the intention of playing tonight. Brady Hawk @ BradyHawk305 Erik Spoelstra says Tyler Herro, Bam Adebayo and Max Strus are all warming up with the intention of playing - 9:03 p.m. heat tonight, all listed as questionable: Adebayo: available Herro: available Strus: available - 9:03 pm Ty Lue on ex-heat assistant Dan Craig, who is Clippers' defensive coordinator: "He was phenomenal." - 8:51 pm Ty Lue on Dan Craig's defensive emphasis: “DC did a great job last year and did a great job this year. Losing a guy like Kawhi and still having top 3-4 on the defensive says a lot about the foundation, ”he states. Andrew Greif @AndrewGreif Clippers trainer Tyronn Lue said that regarding Kawhi Leonard, who has reportedly transitioned to boxing jumps, "just seeing him active and jumping and moving forward as he is" as a good sign of his recovery is valued. Justin Tucker missed a field goal. It was far, right ... hey, isn't it Miami FSU week? Bam Adebayo is going through a full pregame workout, which is certainly a good sign. Serge Ibaka started the game Agua Caliente Clippers against G League Ignite tonight and nailed a baseline jumper. So yeah, this assignment wasn't just for practice. John Hollinger @johnhollinger John Hollinger @johnhollinger John Hollinger @johnhollinger Serge Ibaka is starting a rehab for Agua Caliente this evening…. Accepting Heat questions for this week's mailbag. Tweet them or email them to [email protected] Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT Miami Heat @MiamiHEAT Another night of HEAT Game & Chill on Deck and the Clippers - 7:47 p.m. Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat If Jimmy Butler was absent, it would be not surprised if PJ Tucker took the first defensive turn against Paul George, maybe Bam Adebayo take a turn. Duncan Robinson on Nicolas Batum seems to make more sense if the lineup of Butler without Heat makes sense. CBS NBA @CBSSportsNBA Jimmy Butler Injury Update: Heat Star on Thursday against Clippers with sprained right ankle banned from Clippers game. Max Strus (knee) is listed as questionable. Jimmy Butler is out for today's game against Jimmy Butler for today's game against Clippers, which means that Tyler Herro has even more offensive responsibility ... when he plays ... Adebayo, Herro among those on that Heat's injury report for tonight - 4:43 p.m. Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang Anthony Chiang @Anthony_Chiang Jimmy Butler (ankle), Markieff Morris (whiplash), Marcus Garrett (G League) and Victor Oladipo (knee) are for Heat vs. Questionable tonight : Bam Adebayo (knee contusion), Tyler Herro (back tension) and Max Strus (knee sprain).


A new Ben Simmons blockbuster plus 3 fresh NBA trading ideas

The NBA trade winds are brewing. It may just take a little longer for them to sweep the world of basketball hoops, but if it does, they could reshape the basketball landscape ... (Author: Gardener)

NBAWith Portland off to a slow start and Dallas facing massive regression (a solid 7-4 but only 21st in net efficiency), teams may have to hunt outside of their locker rooms for the figures they can push over the Mavs need another shot creator to liven up their offensive in 23rd place and to reduce the burden on Luka Doncic (league-leading 35.2 usage percentage). He can control an offensive attack with slippery scoring moves and skilled table setting, while his deadly long-range shooting easily suits him to a more ball-dominant star with constant pressure on the opposing defenses. That would also dump Kristaps Porzingis to the third option, which could allow him to focus more energy on defense and make him more efficient on offense as he is more selective as he blends in with the setup that is better, McCollum turning on the wings for size, defense and depth, and the incoming first-rounder could be reinvested in the trading market to meet another need. Tim Hardaway Jr. would give Damian Lillard a taller, more athletic backcourt partner who still throws three-balls frequently and efficiently. Reggie Bullock would meet a long-standing need for a three-and-D grand piano in Portland, and the Blazers could perhaps better balance their roster by starting it and pulling 6'3 "Norman Powell off the bench to be their fiery sixth man The Knicks seem to be able to maintain last season's success, but to build on that it might require seeking outside help. You could get rid of that itch with this exchange, and it would Forcing her to use up her asset collection reflect in part that Jerami Grant has never been an All-Star and his production slumped since last season; however, he was a star RPG before that and his statistical slip could do a lot with all of those Inexperienced, inefficient young people have gamblers around him rebuilding Pistons. New York doesn't need to be too resourceful to introduce itself how Grant makes a huge difference on both ends; on offense, he could line up behind Julius Randle and share support scoring duties with RJ Barrett as he used her gravity and vision to enhance his performance as an off-ball Boost cutter and spot-up shooter. Defensively, Green could take on the best forward assignment and use his length and athleticism to create a mess off the ball. For the Pistons, this exchange would be about accepting the reality and the seriousness of their situation. Grant, 27, is one of the few exceptions, and with a free agency waiting for him in 2023, it could get a lot more expensive before this core gets going. Cashing in with that purse would mean adding: a recent lottery pick Obi Toppin, a 22-year-old former lottery pick in Kevin Knox II, a plug-and-play vet who is a trading chip across the board in Alec Burks could be a slightly protected first round pick and a future second round this club has previously acted. For an eight-year veteran with a career average of 10.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 1.3 assists, that's a considerable sum. Warriors look for strength in numbers, kings have the foresight While warriors want to win now and win later, it is best to choose a timeline and allocate their resources accordingly. If you've seen some of the gems Stephen Curry invented this season - a 50-point, 10-assist masterpiece last time - it's pretty obvious that Golden State should prioritize the present. The Dubs could do this by sharing their best swap chips, though The Athletic's Anthony Slater said on the HoopsHype podcast it would take "some kind of home run" for the Warriors to part ways with James Wiseman, 2020's second pick, Hin - and return flight, as there would be no all-star going into the bay. However, Golden State could get just as much (if not more) from bringing in three high-profile role-players who can now make a meaningful contribution. Harrison Barnes has already won a championship in this system, which values ​​his place. Sniper and defensive versatility. Buddy Hield would meet the need for assistance shooting around Curry by pairing him with the only other player who splashed four plus three per night. (Imagine what could happen to Klay Thompson in that trio.) Tyrese Haliburton was able to adapt his skills as glue to different roles on different evenings it could have the fourth, fifth, and sixth player in its rotation. That's a lot of useful protocols, and the collective impact could be huge. Sacramento, meanwhile, would realize the formula was still not quite right and would take the opportunity to add youth and buoyancy to the mix. James Wiseman is the crown jewel, as a blue-chip prospect with a droolable mix of size, skill, and natural tools. After all, this season and next, the Kings would have to see if Andrew Wiggins is worth staying around or more valuable as a trading chip, perhaps as a 2022-23 contract expiring. This would be the blockbuster to end all blockbusters. A single swap would end the Ben Simmons saga, answer the question of whether Karl-Anthony Towns would stay or go, and resolve one of the best wing combinations in basketball (Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown). There's a lot to do here as we unpack, so let's dive in. Boston’s motivation here is simple: to walk away with the best player on the deal, or at least the one who best compliments Tatum. As good as Brown is - and he's pounding on the door to greatness - there's a lot of overlap between him and Tatum, and there aren't many ways they can help each other. Cities, on the other hand, could play countless picking games with Tatum and empty the arsenal with rollers to the edge, pops on the perimeter or quick kicks to open shooters. Philadelphia would go a similar route by getting the fit of Joel Embiids Co star. Brown, whose name popped up in the Simmons 'trade talks, can do a little (or much) of anything that would make coexistence with the Sixers' star center easy. Brown plays both sides, finds shots for himself and his teammates, impresses with three-point volume and efficiency, and earns more and more trips to the foul line. Also helpful, this trading package wouldn't torpedo Philly's defense like an all-in for Damian Lillard or Bradley Beal, perhaps. Brown can check every wing he comes across, and Patrick Beverley is a nuisance on the ball. Minnesota may already have enough data at the time of this deal - Robert Williams III won't be traded until late January - to know the Towns-D pairing 'Angelo Russell is not working. That deal would offset Minnesota's top-heavy roster while adding a quartet of talent under 25 who could all grow along with 2020 top pick Anthony Edwards. Simmons' game design could help bring this group together, and in the open he would work wonders with Edwards. Williams could slip to Towns' former place and bring in the middle with defensive versatility and underrated distribution. Matisse Thybulle would give the Wolves one of the most disruptive wing defenders in the association, while Jaden Springer and the draft pick would give the franchise a few long-term wildcards. There is win-win-win potential here, as it should be with three all-stars.


Was Kyle Rittenhouse a patriot or a kid over his head? Judgment will likely "move the window to the acceptable"

After roughly a two-week trial, a jury will soon be debating whether Rittenhouse is guilty of charges, including murder, which could put him in prison for life. (Author: Gardener)

Kyle RittenhouseVerdict will likely "move the window to the acceptable" FILE - Kyle Rittenhouse is walking down Sheridan Road in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in this August 25, 2020 file photo. Before midnight, he was using his Smith & Wesson semi-automatic AR art around three people shoot and kill two. (Adam Rogan / The Journal Times via AP, File) APKyle Rittenhouse walked the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, a rifle slung around his chest and shoulder. But that night in August 2020, Rittenhouse said he took the Smith & Wesson AR-style semi-automatic with him when he volunteered to protect damaged property during protests the night before. Before midnight he shot three people and killed two with it. After roughly a two-week trial, a jury will soon be debating whether Rittenhouse is guilty of charges, including murder, which could put him in prison for life. Or did Rittenhouse - the only person in a well-armed crowd who shot someone - provoke people with his gun and incite the bloodshed, as the prosecution argues? protests such as in Kenosha over the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man, by a white police officer, or in other cities over pandemic restrictions. Others see an irresponsible child above their head who is in love with wielding a gun, or someone looking for trouble or people to shoot. That night on the streets of Kenosha, Rittenhouse was known to some for his apparent youthfulness. But for a while he was just another person with a gun. The Kenosha protest was one of many this year that attracted armed militias or counter-demonstrators. Protesters were also armed, Kenosha policeman Pep Moretta and others testified in the United States and three months after the murder of George Floyd, a black man, by a white policeman in Minneapolis, triggered protests - some of them violent - in cities and towns . The election between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden heated up, with an increase in murders and calls for "police discovery" at the center. All of these factors, experts say, have led to a historic increase in the number of background checks to buy or own a firearm, an important barometer of gun sales. In 2020, the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System database reported nearly 39.7 million background checks for gun purchases - more than double the 14.4 million in 2010. Rittenhouse wasn't old enough to buy a firearm. But in May 2020, he gave money to his sister's boyfriend, Dominick Black, with whom he was filming in northern Wisconsin, and Black bought him Smith & Wesson. The gun should remain in a safe in Black's stepfather's house, Black testified. Then, on August 23, a white Kenosha police officer responding to a domestic disturbance phone call shot and killed Blake, who investigators said he was armed with a knife. The shooting sparked the protests in which people damaged buildings and started fires, at one point over 100 vehicles were burned in the parking lot of a car dealership. FILE - Men carry assault rifles in front of a crowd of several hundred people file photo on August 25, 2020 Kenosha, Wisconsin (Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel via AP, File) APBlack said his stepfather pulled the guns out of his garage safe and brought them inside. On August 25, Rittenhouse traveled to Kenosha from his Illinois home . He and Black helped clean up riot-damaged shops and then headed back to Black's house. When they returned to the scene of the protests, they both took their guns. Richie McGinniss, the chief video director of The Daily Caller, a conservative news site, arrived in Kenosha after working on other protests across the country. This protest was different because Wisconsin law allows some people to openly bear guns, and he testified as he followed Rittenhouse through the night he sensed that something bad could happen. Ryan Balch said he carried an AR-style rifle that night and wore body armor to protect himself from armed protesters. The former army infantryman said he was patrolling the streets with Rittenhouse, who told Balch he was 19 years old and a paramedic, thinking he seemed "a young and formidable kid and" a little underequipped and inexperienced ". carried a loaded pistol. As a proponent of the 2nd Amendment to carry weapons, he said it was like any other day: "There are keys, telephone, wallet, weapon." That night, Großkreutz became the third person to be shot by Rittenhouse. He testified that he drew his gun because he believed that Rittenhouse, who had previously fatally shot Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, was an active marksman. He said Rittenhouse shot him in the arm after Grosskreutz inadvertently pointed his pistol at the 17-year-old nothing was wrong and defended himself when he fired his rifle. Prosecutors say the former police youth cadet who enjoyed playing video games brought these fantasies to the streets. For many people, Rittenhouse is the face of gun owners in America, said David Yamane, a sociology professor at Wake Forest University who studies gun culture. FILE - Authorities disperse protesters from a park in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in this file photo dated Aug. 25, 2020 that evening Kyle Rittenhouse used his Smith & Wesson semi-automatic AR art to shoot three people and kill two. (AP Photo / Morry Gash, File) AP But that's a misconception, he said. The more typical gun owner in Kenosha was the father, who fetched guns from a safe during riots, or Großkreutz, who of course carried a hidden pistol with him. a much larger group of gun owners "is somewhere in between," said Yamane. While they support Rittenhouse's right to defend himself at the moment, they also believe that he has no business there and that "two people died for no good reason and one person was injured". to the gun security group Giffords, Rittenhouse calls the "avatar" of a customer to whom the NRA and gun manufacturers turn, among other things through the marketing and sale of products with names like the Ultimate Arms Warmonger. Is Rittenhouse guilty in society? or not guilty, no one will change their minds about guns, he said. "The dangerous thing is that he becomes a mascot or a martyr," added Busse.


Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers meet the Seattle Seahawks

The game between the Packers and Seahawks is the first for quarterback Aaron Rodgers since testing positive for Covid-19 and confirming he is not vaccinated. (Author: Gardener)

Aaron RodgersThe Green Bay Packers compete against the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field. The game is the first for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers since testing positive for Covid-19 and confirming he is not vaccinated. Rodgers appeared on The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday and took "full responsibility" for his comments on his vaccination status. Only two minutes left, the Packers milking a 10-0 lead. Green Bay has the ball deep in Seattle territory and is looking to extend their lead. Things look pretty grim for the Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson on his return to the field. Green Bay finds the end zone, leads 10-0 in the 4th quarter Green Bay running back A.J. Dillon brought the ball into the end zone from three yards to round off an 11-game, 62-yard drive by the Packers. The Packers extend their lead to 10-0 over the Seahawks in the fourth quarter. (Stacy Revere / Getty Images) We're in the third quarter in Green Bay and the Packers are still 3-0 up against the Seattle Seahawks. None of the quarterbacks looked sharp in the first half and that trend has continued. The Packers were forced to poke half of their own 13-yard line on their first possession, which allowed the Seahawks to take over with a good field position at their 38-yard line. Russell Wilson led Seattle on a 9-game, 50 yard drive deep into Packer's territory. But in third place, with the ball on the Green Bay 12 yard line, Wilson climbed out of trouble and tried to find DK Metcalf in the end zone. His pass was intercepted by Packers cornerback Kevin King for a touchback. Green Bay took over and Aaron Rodgers proceeded to march the Packers across the field. In 3rd and 6th place off the Seahawks' 15-yard line, Rodgers escaped a sack but then threw one at the tight end of Josiah Deguara. His passport was intercepted. The game is approaching the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. The second half begins at Lambeau Field. Packers are 3-0 ahead of the Seahawks. Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay managed to score just three points against Seattle in the first half, which the 29th at Lambeau Field in Green Bay has been a defensive affair so far. The home side scored the only points of the first half thanks to a field goal from Mason Crosby in the second quarter. Crosby missed another field goal attempt earlier in the game. The story that entered this competition was the return of the two notable quarterbacks - Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. Rodgers missed last week's game against Kansas City after testing positive for Covid-19. The Green Bay quarterback was quarantined for 10 days before being released to play on Saturday. Wilson missed the last three games with a finger injury on his throwing hand that needed surgery. He has also been sacked twice. Two-minute warning in the first half It's the two-minute warning in Green Bay. The Packers lead the Seahawks 3-0 and have the ball on their own 40-yard line. The Packers hit the end zone first at Lambeau Field in the second quarter, with placekicker Mason Crosby, who missed a field goal earlier in the game, shot through the post from 27 yards. The home team leads 3-0. Goalless after a quarter of Green BayPackers wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling runs to Seattle cornerback D.J. Reed in the first quarter. (Matt Ludtke / AP) The Packers and Seahawks are 0-0 at the end of the first quarter. So far it has been a defensive fight. Green Bay put together a neat opening drive with QB Aaron Rodgers who joins Marquez Valdes-Scantling in a 41-yard passing game. But a stopping penalty stopped the Packers' progress before space kicker Mason Crosby sent a 42-yard field goal attempt to the far right. Seattle looked like they were going to get going with their second possession of the game. But a botched flea flicker and a Whitney Mercilus sack QB Russell Wilson stopped the Seahawks' drive and forced their second punt of the game. The Green Bay Packers exit the tunnel ahead of their game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. (Todd Rosenberg / AP) We're headed to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Seattle's Russell Wilson missed the last three games with an injured finger on his throwing hand that needed surgery. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers returns after testing positive for Covid-19 and confirming he is not vaccinated. He was just released for play on Saturday and hasn't trained with the team this week. One context: The Seahawks haven't beaten the Packers at Lambeau in over two decades.


Chicago Bulls at Los Angeles Clippers odds, tips and predictions

Chicago Bulls at Los Angeles Clippers odds, tips and predictions (Author: Gardener)

Chicago BullsThe Los Angeles Clippers (8-4) host the Chicago Bulls (8-4) at the Staples Center on Sunday at 9:30 p.m. ET. Crop odds and lines and hit our NBA expert tips, predictions and bets. Chicago was routed by the Golden State Warriors 119-93 on Friday as a 5.5-point road loser. It was a "Burn the Tapes" game for the Bulls, who sank seven fewer 3-pointers, snapped nine fewer boards, made four more turns, and were surpassed in color 52-38 and transition 18-7. The bulls are 8-4 ATS and 5-7 O / U with the seventh best net rating (plus-4.5). However, the Clippers' only win over a team with a track record of success came at home against. The Clippers are 7-5 ATS and 6-6 O / U with the fourth best net rating in the NBA (up 5/9). ). Chicago last year but only covered in one of those games. Tipico Sportsbook odds; Access USA TODAY Sports betting odds for a complete list. PASS with a slight "Lean" to the Clippers (-180) because it's on the edge of my price range for a regular season NBA favorite. A. is a little overpriced considering how good Chicago has looked so far, and it's a buy-low spot for the Bulls (+145) who have just been embarrassingly crushed by the Warriors. BET the CLIPPERS -4.5 (-107) for 1 unit because LA has the best coverage rate in the second game of a meeting since the start of last season and Bull's second top scorer DeMar DeRozan was terrible against the Clippers last season. In addition, DeRozan averaged 16.0 points per game at 46.4% true shooting (.391 / .000 / .923) with a net rating of minus 32 against the Clippers in three games last season with the San Antonio Spurs. A. How this game started with the Clippers, which scored 3.5 points in most stores but was subdued to the current number. After all, with the incredible momentum built in last year's postseason, this Clippers team has come into this season and the Bulls are still a new team figuring out everyone's roles. A. will put this game in garbage time with a few minutes left on the fourth. Slightly "LEAN" to UNDER 216.5 (-108) for a small mission, if at all, because there is a "backward movement" on the overall heading south. According to, more than three-quarters of the action is on the over, but the Bulls-Clippers total has been reduced from the opening number of 218.5 points. Even so, both teams shoot off the field very well and the Clippers are one of the fastest teams in the federation so I would go easily if I bet UNDER 216.5 (-108). If you're looking for more sports betting tips and tips, access all of our content on and BetFTW. Please play responsibly. Follow SportsbookWire on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Gannett may earn income from Tipico for referring viewers to betting services. General terms and conditions can be found on Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER (NJ), 1-800-522-4700 (CO), 1-800-BETS-OFF (IA).


Golden State Warriors vs. Charlotte Hornets Tips, Prediction and Preview

The Golden State Warriors are taking a cross-country trip to the Spectrum Center in beautiful North Carolina on Friday night for an inter-conference battle with the Charlotte Hornets. The Warriors (11-1) have got off to a brilliant start, they have won 10 of their first 11 games and are at the top of the Western Conference. (Author: Gardener)

Golden State WarriorsThe Golden State Warriors are taking a cross-country trip to the Spectrum Center in beautiful North Carolina on Friday night for an inter-conference battle with the Charlotte Hornets. The Warriors (11-1) have got off to a brilliant start, they have won 10 of their first 11 games and are at the top of the Western Conference. The Hornets (7: 7) play promising basketball, but fight on the defensive through 14 games. Golden State opens this matchup as a street favorite. At Basketball Insiders, we get all of our game series and information from the best betting sites. Golden State remains without superstar Klay Thompson, who is expected to be out at least until Christmas. Draymond Green was out there against Chicago on Friday so he should be ready to roll for that matchup. James Wiseman (knee) suffered a setback and will be out until November 21st. The 33-year-old plays like a 23-year-old with an average of 27.4 points and 6.5 cents. He had to carry most of the offensive load with Klay Thompson and James Wiseman on the sidelines, but Andrew Wiggins made some punch. As a team, the Warriors lead the NBA in points per game, assists and steals. In addition to their offense, Golden State played elite-level defense for the first 12 games of the year. You lead the association in the defensive standings and are happy about the development of Jordan Poole in the defensive area from last year. Miles Bridges lost 24 points and made a handful of soaring dunks when the Hornets defeated the Knicks 104-96 two nights ago. LaMelo Ball added 17 career-high rebounds to go with 12 points for the big home win. This is only the second win in Charlotte's last five games after a strong start. Although Charlotte had impressive offensive statistics, she was lackluster on the defensive of the ball and finished 28th in the defensive standings for two weeks. They got pushed around on the glass, ranked penultimate in rebound percentage, and gave up the worst 118 points per game. It can be safely assumed that both extremes develop on average over the course of the year. Are the Hornets that bad defensively? Probably not, but they won't finish second in points per game for long in the NBA either. Steph and the Warriors stand 6-0-1 against the spread in their last seven games and have won a total of seven. At the beginning of the year, the Hornets scored an average of 114.5 points per game at 45% shooting. At the beginning of the year, the Hornets scored an average of 114.5 points per game at 45% shooting. Miles Bridges has seen a career boom in its third season. Miles Bridges has seen a career boom in its third season. Michigan State's product averages 21.3 points and 7.5 boards in 15 games. Michigan State's product averages 21.3 points and 7.5 boards in 15 games. Other than that, Draymond Green has the job of closing the youngster and he plays D at an extremely high level. With Bridges, a little regression should be expected over the next month and that starts with this home matchup. The Warriors have won 11 of their last 15 games against the Hornets. Draymond proved himself in the Chicago Bulls massacre in Golden State on Friday, so he should be out there for that road slope. Take the Warriors to win easily and cover the number.


Everton 1-1 Manchester United

Minute-by-minute report: Manchester United want to move into the top four of the WSL by defeating Everton. Join Daniel Harris (Author: Gardener)

EvertonPlease use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Simone Magill, center, celebrates with Kenza Dali and Grace Clinton after Everton's equalizer. Minute-by-minute report: Manchester United want to move into the top four of the WSL by defeating Everton. Marc Skinner looks upset when he talks to his players and he could too. This game was there for his team, but a passive second half cost them. United remains fifth in the table, one point behind Brighton in fourth and two behind Spurs in third; Everton moves up to ninth place via Reading. United, on the other hand, will go wild with the inability to build on a fantastic opening goal and the equalizer they brought. 90 + 3 min. Here comes United again - they have been better in the last few minutes - and Galton is doing well, back in goal to put a pass in the way of Blundell. But MacIver is awake and conveniently collecting her cross, and that looks like it. 90 + 1 minute Sue Smith gives Dali the player of the game, which I think is fair enough - she was crucial in pulling Everton back into the game. I would probably have picked Toone, who was the best player on the field through the 90s, but like I said, she was better in the first half than the second. 90 min Toone played well today, even if she had a quiet second half, and with the game in balance, she skilfully meanders the space just outside the box and takes another great shot in which MacIver flies over the goal to leave him behind. Another good cross from Dali puts United in, and when Magill pulls the ball back and sends an even better one into the box, Duggan watches him down to their shoelaces only to stroke a weak shot straight at Earps. 88 min Dali looks a lot more dangerous since she pulled far and she teases Blundell down the line and rolls studs over the ball. 87 mi Bludell drives off the left back and into the field - she was a threat if she walks forward - but she cannot decide whether to find Hanson and is eventually ousted. But perhaps plagued by an injury, Earps is slow and indecisive, getting his hands on the ball but not tight, so Magill reaches around Thorisdottir to poke through her legs! Simone Magill celebrates the equalization. 86 min. Duggan finds Dali in the lower right and she throws another decent ball over, but this time Thorisdottir takes no chances and clears her lines immediately. 84 min. But here comes United with their first attack for a while. Toone does really well to make room on the right before putting a cross on Zelem in the middle. She gets up well, but cannot put a meaningful header on the ball, which is falling behind. 83 min. But in the meantime it's Everton with the initiative, Dali hits from 20 meters. 82 min United have been struggling to get Russo on the ball this half - I'd love to see her when she has the 10 minutes down the middle because she looks more likely than Galton and Hanson to make a difference. Another move for Everton, Emslie, who was good in the first half but has been quiet since the break, is replaced by Bennison. 81 min That goal changed everything - suddenly Everton are playing with confidence and togetherness, although United may be able to counter it. 80 min. Dali finds Duggan in the lower right corner and Earps would do well to come and confidently claim her flank, considering what has just happened. 78 min Earps thought she had both hands on the ball and she did, but it was out of control and I would say Magill's touch came as she clutched. 76 min Earps appears to be injured, so the physical therapist comes to treat her, but she'll be fine. 74 min Have a look what we have for you when we're done here! 73 min The more time goes by, the more nervous United gets. They gave in late last week, unsure whether to hold onto what to have or look for more. 72 min Hanson looks lively though, even if she then shows Turner too much ball and tries to sneak around her outside, only to be easily robbed. 71 min Turner advances to find Duggan in the lower left, but Hanson is wise to steal the ball and drive forward only to waste a decent situation with a shot directly at MacIver. 70 min Awarded by Galton, George rushes and rushes, wins the ball ... 69 min Ah, here comes the Everton changes, Clinton and Magill replace Graham and Gauvin. 68 min Nice of Galton, dashing infield and Russo, who pushes it back to Toone ... 67 min On the other hand, these are good, proactive changes from Skinner: United is still at the top, but it will be something else do ask various questions to Everton and can help them find the mastermind. 67 min I'm surprised that Vesseur hasn't made any changes because his team is still the second best. 66 min double substitution for United, Staniforth replacing Boe Risa and Hanson replacing Thomas. 64 min Maier finds herself on the right wing and after a tussle with Zelem the United captain is punished - she has to be careful. Meanwhile, Dali sends a cross from the right just outside the box, but George can only head high. 62 mins. That's better from Everton finding Duggan at the far post pulling away and then aiming exactly at what is now near. But Batile deflects the shot from behind and United takes the corner away. 61.Min. United sees the free kick away, but perhaps for the first time in the game, Everton catches it and Dali crosses well from the right, Thorisdottir extends a knee to send the ball into the net. 60 min Now it is Sevecke's turn to step forward and be encouraged to eat the grass, Zelem pulls her back and then arranges the trip. 59 mins. As Dali dawdles on the ball, Blundell robbed her and ran over halfway, so Sevecke put her on the lawn and was cautioned. 58 min. Christiansen was really calm today, and when Dali finds her, her attempted fainting attempt on Graham, bottom right, is too much on it. 56 min. Nice by United, Toone thinks Galton, who takes a loving note from George. You can't make anything out of it, but keep the attack going, Batile loots Turner on the side and then ambushes Thomas, who turns her shot over the bar at close range. 54 min United allow a rare counterattack, Dali finds Turner, who crosses right into Earps' diaphragm. 53 min Toone moves so skillfully with the ball, a touch brings her into the void and lets her wave past Dali and Graham. Then she feeds Thomas, who tries to hide a flank on Russo but collects MacIver. 52 min. So far, the second half looks very similar to the first, United are the more determined team, but Everton remain in the game. And there they come again, Blundell finds Galton at the bottom right, whose cross is flying behind him. 50 mins Better from Everton, Graham sends Dali away on the left and I actually think her cross is deflected by Blundell but the referee gives a goal kick. 49 min. Russo picks up a loose ball and finds Batile, then takes it back and pulls out Zelem, who tries a clever pass behind it that no one else reads. 47 min United attacked on the right with Russo, and finally the ball landed at Batile, who crossed the far post for Blundell ... Then the flag goes up for offside, but she didn't know that, so the intervention was just as brave as it looked . 46 min. No changes for both sides, but Everton has to do something stylistically - the gaps between midfield and defense as well as midfield and attack are too big. It also continues: United countered quickly, a great pass from Blundell sends Russo away. She makes big bottoms and then finds Thomas, who dips into George and then hits Toone, who opens her body from the edge of the box to get a gorgeous finish within the post halfway up. Ella Toone opens the classification with a wonderful stroke. Photo: John Peters / Manchester United / Getty Images Ella Toone celebrates the opener for Manchester United. Related: Australian Institute of Sport Launches 44m Pregnancy Impact Study Emslie has looked the player Everton is most likely to drag Everton back into this, but they rely on single moments while United sees a well-rehearsed team. Everton's Claire Emslie takes on Manchester United's Aoife Mannion. United were a much better team but they didn't create much so there is a way back into the game for Everton. The thing is, the more they try to throw the players forward, the more they open up the counterattack. 43 min And there Emslie comes back, picks up the ball in a central position, drives forward, then a rasp rattles that screeches over Earps' dive ... 42 min Emslie has had a decent half and she knocks down the left and hits then over a cross that Gauvin attacks, but her blow is right on Earps. Graham does a great job, she romps to the right of Blundell and has Gauvin in the middle! She looks extremely dissatisfied with herself, and rightly so - you have to score and all. 38 min. Zelem goes to Thomas for a moment when Everton shuts down and when the return arrives she looks for Thorisdottir at the back post. 37 min. Batile moves forward again and wins a corner to the right ... 35 min. United has Everton's measure here, Zelem and Boe Risa clean up every time they are under pressure in central areas. And as I type that, Galton wanders into the field to smear Graham, who looked like he'd found his place. 33 min. And Zelem sends a decent ball to the near post, Thomas runs over Gauvin at the near post to hit hard, and in the distance Mannion tries with his back to the goal to help him into the long outer netting behind her. But an unfortunate posture will cause the ball to just miss, and while Mannion is annoyed with himself, it was a good try. 32 min. So far, Duggan has only touched five times, the fewest of all 22 players. Conversely, Russo had the most and looks best on the pitch. She won a corner from Turner as I type this, her cross blocked from behind. 30 min. Batile plays a one-two from Russo, runs for the return and cuts a cross at Thomas, who dislocates himself to his head but can only send the ball far away. Min.29 Everton have had more possession in the final minutes, but United still look like the most likely goalscorers - after all, they have the better offensive players. And here they are again, Zelem calls outside the box before Galton's cross runs after him. 28 min. Maier moves down to the right and crosses flat, but Mannion is there and actually does it very well to let the ball run - I didn't think I'd have to sort that out. 27 min If United win today, they'll be just five points behind the leaders after yesterday's derby in north London. Spurs will be sick of taking a late equalizer - as United scored one last week - but their improvement has been significant. It's more of an even game now, but Everton are still struggling to threaten - although as I write this Turner is spinning a luscious ball around Batile and Emslie, who sees the most likely source of something good for the home side, on it rages. Her clubs aren't bad either, except that no one is playing who runs over the near post, which allows Earps to rally under pressure. 23 min. Sevecke is looking for Duggan, but Mannion is also awake and pushing her out. 23 min. Everton just can't get anything going, but if Thorisdottir goes in Gauvin's back, they'll ram you into the box ... 21 min ... but tries to find Russo, who loosens himself at the far post she too much on her cross. 19 mins Marc Skinner and his staff seem to have done a pretty decent job of conveying the way United are supposed to play. They push in unison and move the ball around nicely, making good angles to each other. Anyway, a frustrated Christiansen lets you down Galton and Zelem will curve the free kick into the box ... 18 min United makes it really difficult for Everton to play, Dali and Turner argue as they close again. But then Emslie aims a high ball at Gauvin and pinches Batile to make room, but Earps rushes out to punch. 17 min. Everton were better in the final minutes but the goal showed United are a serious threat on the counterattack. And as I type that, Russo brings the ball away again and pumps a cross towards the back post, which MacIver collects well. 15 min And now they come! Dali grabs a terrific pass from behind - Thorisdottir should really cut it, but Emslie runs on it and she's in! 13 min United are looking for a second here, and rightly so - Everton won't be that tepid the full 90. 11 min United deserves it. They started the game with confidence and pace, forcing Everton to chase. 10 min. Better from Everton, Emslie runs on Batile, then loosens the infield and throws a great cross at Duggan, but Mannion is ready to clear. 8 min. A bit of possession for Everton but United have the measure right now, taking it back slightly and quickly moving it through midfield. Toone seems to be in control of this area - she finds space so well. 7 min. And here is Thomas on the right, the gymnast skipping and crossing low, but to no one. When United regained the ball, Boe Risa took a low shot just outside the box. The teams have laid wreaths and now the last post is played, after which there is a minute's silence. 6 min I'm a little surprised that Russo is on the flank - she's playing so well right now that I don't want to switch her, but want to include her as often as possible. 5 min. Everton looks to be playing from behind, but United is pushing - words that look written down, that look strange - so George heaves down the line. Duggan wins the flick-on but no one is chasing after and United cleans up easily enough. 4 min. United again down right, Batile finds Russo ... 3 min But here comes United again, Thomas - who plays through the middle today, with Russo on the right - crosses low but no one is there to finish. It's a good start for United. 2 min. United quickly wins a free kick from the right when Thomas is fouled, but Zelem drills the free kick at the nearest defender. 1 minute before the game, they played Grand Old Team, the Everton anthem. 1 min away we go! At United, Ladd and Hanson are out - I think the former is injured from not sitting on the bench - with Boa Rise and Thomas making their first start to the season. United brought a decent contingent to Spurs over the past weekend, and Manchester's appetite for football means audience numbers should steadily increase. United, on the other hand, was weak at the back this season and conceded ten times in six league games. They have tons of offensive threats - Russo in particular is a player - and I think they're going to find a way out today. I'm also interested in how Toni Duggan is doing today. I totally understand why Everton re-signed them, but I can't help but wonder if the game has overtaken them a little. Of course she can still play, but I would be scared if I could count on her to score as many goals as Everton is likely to hope for. At the studio, Stephen Warnock says he wants to see players chase after, not just get past the ball, and Karen Carney identifies Emslie as the player Everton needs to create for them. I'm also looking forward to seeing Gauvin make her first league start of the season - hopefully she's fully fit. Either way, Vesseur tells Sky that he is looking for his best team and formation, but only after the game does he know if he made the right decision. Marc Skinner, meanwhile, says he brought Thomas with him as she has really good forward instincts - he has wonderful creators but wants someone to ruin the opportunities they create. He also likes Boe Risa's passing game in midfield and plans to build an attractive, sustainable and successful team that represents the fans and the city of Manchester. As you'd expect, Vasseur is making changes as he gets to know his squad. Björn is replaced by Maier in the back; Graham replaces Galli in midfield, while Bennison is also out; and up front Anvegard loses her place to Gauvin, while Emslie also plays. It was a difficult start to the season for United, who recently made so much progress under the brilliant Casey Stoney. Unfortunately, the club has not given her or her team the support she and women's football in general deserve, the Champions League place is in their field. And as if that wasn't enough, they seemed to have held on to a pivotal away win at third-placed Spurs last week, only to get equalized in the 95th minute, the kind of weekly annihilator that can be hard to shake off. Everton, on the other hand, dreamed of finishing in the top three after adding Toni Duggan to a squad that already had a decent attacking talent. But they got off to a miserable start on the offer and suffered bad blows from Manchester City - twice - Chelsea and Arsenal, so they switched coaches and replaced Willie Kirk with Jean-Luc Vasseur. But the start he made has been an unfortunate start and the weekend's home loss to Brighton will have hurt a lot, which means they, like United, are desperate for a result this afternoon.