Shannen Doherty believes she is a "better actor than ever" after being diagnosed with cancer

"As an actor, I now have so many emotions that I can use and use in my acting," said Shannen Doherty (Author: Gardener)

Shannen Doherty talks about how her cancer diagnosis shaped her career. While guesting on the Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, the 50-year-old actress - who revealed last year that her breast cancer had returned as stage four after reaching remission in 2017 - chatted about how the disease was diagnosed has enabled her to develop a whole new level of performance. Doherty said she doesn't believe in the mentality that being diagnosed with stage four cancer means her journey is over. "Level four people are written off immediately," she said. "You're being written off by insurance companies, written off by doctors, written off by your boss - and the truth is, if this happens to you, I think you will probably work even harder than you ever have been," she continued. "And for me as As an actor, I now have such a wealth of emotions that I can use and develop for my acting. "" As an actor, I now have so many emotions that I can use and use for my acting, "said Shannen Doherty certainly helps", added Doherty. RELATED: Shannen Doherty Focuses On Working Amid Cancer In The 4th Money. "Finally, she explained," Many level four people have families who depend on them and need the paycheck. "" So all of a sudden, to say, hey, this person is level four so they can't work anymore, you're making a living, "she said." level four folks have a hell of a lot of life in them. "RELATED VIDEO: Shannen Doherty Shares" real "photos of her cancer journey "I hope we all find humor in the impossible" Also during her interview with Kelly Clarkson, Doherty explained the overall impact of her cancer diagnosis. you live for today 'and I am actually the opposite, "she explained." Now I am very focused on the future and yes, I do everything I can now, but I do not live as if today is my last day or tomorrow my last day Doherty continued. I will be the fourth-stage cancer person who lives the longest. Doherty added that her diagnosis "doesn't stay in the foreground of my brain," Doherty said, that she only really thinks about the disease at certain points, such as when she is on her medication or when she does blood tests or scans. "But other than these times, I just try to act normal and believe that life is, you know, you just keep going," she said. "You just stay positive and live life as usual, maybe you take care of yourself a little better."


Shannen Doherty talks about fighting cancer, SAG-AFTRA “broken” health system

Doherty spoke to Variety about why it was important to her to keep trading and how difficult it was to keep her SAG-AFTRA health insurance. (Author: Gardener)

Shannen Doherty has been fighting stage 4 metastatic cancer since 2019.She went public with her diagnosis in February 2020 and has continued to work on various television and movie sets throughout her treatment plan. In addition to directing Lifetime's annual “Stop Breast Cancer for Life” campaign, Doherty also broadcast two Lifetime films this weekend, “Dying to Belong” and “List of a Lifetime”. The 50-year-old star spoke to Variety about why she cared about continuing to act and how difficult it was to keep her SAG-AFTRA health insurance. SHANNEN DOHERTY OPENS UP ABOUT LIVING WITH CANCER Stage 4 cancer, it doesn't mean the end of your life, "Doherty said. The Charmed alum emphasized how much" harder "it was for them to have cancer because" we have so much more ". to prove." Shannen Doherty shared why it was important to her to keep acting and how difficult it was to keep her SAG-AFTRA health insurance. Weiss Eubanks / NBCUniversal / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images So I'm not going to complain about 16 hours a day. I'm not going to complain about 16 takes if we got it on the third take, "she admitted. Doherty was also brutally honest about the fight she's had with her actors union, SAG-AFTRA, over good health insurance SHANNEN DOHERTY UPDATES FANS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH TRAVEL DURING FIGHT 4 BREAST CANCER "There are a lot of unions where you get your health insurance based on points. So I've been in the union for 40 years, I've been paying extra for 40 years. And those The fact that if I don't work for a year, my insurance will be downgraded and the price will be very high, "she said, referring to post-diagnosis time off. "And then that lower tier just lasts, I don't know, a year or two maybe. Doherty went public with her stage 4 metastatic cancer diagnosis in February 2020. LISA O'CONNOR / AFP via Getty Images Doherty admitted she constantly concerned about working enough to maintain their health status. "It's something I naturally worry about like," Oh my god, I have to make sure I make a certain amount of money every year to get insurance . " If you just look at my 40 year subscription and pension and all that the producers pay in for me, you'd think my insurance would be covered for the rest of my life. SHANNEN DOHERTY SAYS THAT SHE'S "FIGHTING" UNDER CANCER DIAGNOSIS: "STRESS IS A SUPPORT" Doherty started taking a pill for her cancer this month. "I take one of these every day and will do it for the rest of my life. She hopes her 'body will respond to the treatment" because she finds acting and directing very creative. Doherty praised her inner circle of family and friends for that they have helped to keep their lives normal. "Nobody in my immediate environment looks at me differently. It's just me, "she said." I think it's important to be normal in your life when you're dealing with something that's abnormal. "Meanwhile, the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan Variety said in a statement that "health insurance is not dependent on it" or otherwise related to membership dues and that the health plan and the union themselves are separate entities. "


7 quarterbacks Seahawks should consider in the absence of Russell Wilson

As a result, Geno Smith will be tasked with keeping the Seahawks in the race until his return. But should Seattle consider other options? (Author: Gardener)

This coming weekend, the Seahawks will start with a new quarterback who is not Russell Wilson. Seattle is expected to be without Wilson until at least mid-November after undergoing surgery to repair the torn middle finger tendon in his throwing hand. But Smith's track record leaves much to be desired, so could the Seahawks be looking for an upgrade? Let's start right here: Geno Smith will be the starter for at least the next few weeks. Even if Seattle got a new quarterback tomorrow, it would be hard to justify starting them over Smith, who has learned the game book from Offensive Coordinator Shane Walrdon for the past nine months. But even if Smith is better than the new QB, Seattle will still need a backup if something happens to him. The former Super Bowl-winning quarterback currently ranks third on the Bears' depth chart and has all the experience a team could ask for. Foles is likely a slight upgrade over Smith, but comes with big salary caps this year and next, though the team will likely drop him after the season. If Chicago wanted to send money with Foles to win back a round seven pick, Seattle might be interested, but it's just not likely. Foles' teammate Andy Dalton might actually make more sense. The Bears have just named Justin Fields as their starter, and while Dalton may not be a sexy choice, he is certainly the most experienced QB likely to be available. Dalton is a classic game manager at his best who knows his limits and knows how to play with them. It's not exciting, but it's only entitled to about $ 2 million for the remainder of this season and it serves as a sizable upgrade for Smith. Dalton's veteran presence might mean something to the bears, but with Foles still in town the position is well filled. Dalton for a late pick makes a lot of sense for both Chicago and Seattle. It is not often that a player is traded twice in the same season. Philadelphia still has Joe Flacco (who might make sense too) and Minshew was always a bit of a luxury for the Eagles anyway. The former Washington state standout is the perfect game manager who has advantages that Smith just doesn't have. Additionally, he'll be under contract until next season, giving the Seahawks an option should the Wilson rumors flare up again. Not being just a short-term option, Minshew could cost Seattle the extra round four election in 2022, but it could be very well worth it if the deal keeps the team's post-season hopes alive. But he does understand the offense and has some equity in the building, which makes him a pretty obvious candidate to return. He's purely a backup quarterback, so his return has very little benefit. Bortles is experienced with Waldron's style of attack and has the experience that makes him an option worth considering. He's not special, but he's also experienced in a Shanahan-style offensive. It is worth mentioning Newton, but not much fits him on this list. Ultimately, very few options make more sense than Smith, although Seattle absolutely needs to add another quarterback to its 53-man roster. But it's unlikely that Pete Carroll and John Schneider won't try to stay afloat until Wilson can return.


If Russell Wilson is out due to injury, what's next for the Seattle Seahawks, Geno Smith?

For the first time since joining the NFL in 2012, Wilson will miss a game due to injury. How does that affect the Seahawks this season and beyond? (Author: Gardener)

Mina Kimes discusses how the Seahawks will fare, while Russell Wilson is out for four to eight weeks with a finger injury. Mina Kimes discusses how the Seahawks will fare, while Russell Wilson is out for four to eight weeks with a finger injury. - Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson underwent surgery on Friday to repair a torn tendon and a fracture in the middle finger of his throwing hand. Sources tell ESPN's Jeremy Fowler that the team is prepared for Wilson to be out for four to eight weeks. It seriously jeopardizes Seattle's playoff hopes and further tarnishes the picture of Wilson's future in Seattle. Because Wilson's availability has been the most consistent aspect of Seahawks football for the past decade. Not only has he not missed a game since joining the NFL in 2012, he's been tough enough that he hasn't even missed a workout with an injury in his nine-plus seasons - not even when he sprained his right ankle (when Ndamukong Suh stepped on it) and his left knee (when it was awkwardly bent by a 49ers defender) over a period of 14 days in 2016. The only two exercises Wilson missed in his career were participation at funerals. He routinely emerges from seemingly devastating hits (like the blindside shot at Clay Matthews' jaw in the NFC championship game) as if nothing had happened. With that in mind, it's surprising that Wilson will be missing out on time. In that sense, it's not: Research from ESPN Stats & Information says he's been hit 1,556 times in his career, the most by any quarterback since 2012. There's no question whether Wilson was hit at the earlier end of the four-to-one. eight-week schedule. Smith is 12-19 in his career as a starter, although this was mostly for mediocre to poor New York Jets teams. He could be one of the league's better backups, and he played well enough Thursday night to give Seattle a chance to win. Smith went 5 for 5 and showed nice agility on the 98 yard drive, which he finished with a touchdown pass to DK Metcalf, although the Rams may have taken some under throws to prevent a quick score. If Wilson missed, say, five games, that would mean Smith would start with the Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3) against the Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4), with the Green Bay Packers (3-1) after Seattle's Bye and vs The Steelers game is winnable when Ben Roethlisberger looks broken down, and Seattle might even be at home against favorites that Wilson can come back in four weeks rather than eight. A strong run game would take the strain off Smith, but here's another problem: Chris Carson is battling a neck injury that prevented him against the Rams. • Witnesses Recall Dak's “Surreal” Injury For the second year in a row, the Seahawks are injured at a historic rate. You have allowed at least 450 yards in four games in a row. According to ESPN Stats & Information Research, this is the longest streak in team history and the longest in NFL history. Her passing rush was expected to be strong enough to take some pressure off her dodgy group of cornerbacks, but she has underperformed and has yet to take a sack from Jamal Adams. Her defensive turnaround last year was triggered by her pass rush. They have just as much firepower there this year, which gives hope that they can improve. But if they don't, it doesn't matter who is quarterback. Wilson and the Seahawks are in a better place since he voiced his frustrations at the start of the off-season, which led both sides to flirt with the idea of ​​a breakup. But the situation was by no means permanently resolved. Wilson shifted his concerns with a plan to re-examine them at the end of the season. It seemed logical that, to be satisfied at the end of the season, Wilson would have to feel that his pass protection had improved, he would have to like the offensive of new coordinator Shane Waldron, and the Seahawks would have at least their playoff hump in the Overcome divisional round. But that equation seems a lot less straightforward now, as Wilson is going to miss the time and Seattle could miss the playoffs as a result. The Seahawks' offensive has been up and down in five games, despite Wilson being a Waldron fan and backing him for the job. Seattle has performed about the same as it did last season in terms of pass block win rate, quarterback contact percentage, and sacks per dropback. But it doesn't go well with Wilson that the pass rusher who injured him, Aaron Donald, is the same one who gave him the most seizures over the years.


Steph Curry has a lot to say about LeBron James

Steph Curry talks about LeBron James and how he set the standard to be great. (Author: Gardener)

© Provided by All Lakers on FanNation Steph Curry talks about LeBron James and how he "set the standard to be great". The NBA is known for its familiar faces like LeBron James and Steph Curry. These two players have been around for a long time (one longer than the other) and it is only right that they should appreciate the greatness each of them brings to the table. In a recent article by Nick Friedell for ESPN, Steph Curry spoke about LeBron James and his reputation in the league. "He set the standard for it," Curry said, according to ESPN. What is he at his 18th year? Your vision is to keep your flowering period going for as long as possible by reimagining what that looks like. Curry, who has made a lot of history himself, knows what it takes to be in a position like LeBron James. The way each player can admire each other is a reminder that this is not just a game. These players go out of their way to make sure they are there for their teammates and their fans. Curry went on talking about his memories of James. "It's a strange prospect to me just because I still remember my college days and he was just getting his best days in the league," said Curry came to a game my junior year. So it's kind of weird to think about what has happened in the last 13, 14 years. "Even before Steph Curry was in the league, LeBron James had a huge impact on his life. It's nothing new to these players, against incredible ones With that in mind, Friday night's game against the Warriors will only be a sneak preview of the first regular season game for the Lakers.


Talen Horton-Tucker is going to have a big season

Talen Horton-Tucker made great strides last year and Lakers GM Rob Pelinka thinks the cap is higher. (Author: Gardener)

Talen Horton-Tucker made great strides last year and Lakers GM Rob Pelinka thinks the cap is higher. With all the “old” jokes about the Lakers roster, a Lakers player is still “the kid”. For any concern about the Lakers' age and any concern about energy, a Laker is a cannonball. Talen Horton-Tucker is entering his third season and he's still not at the limit, especially according to Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. Pelinka really believes that Horton-Tucker is an elite player just waiting to break out. “There's nothing that doesn't have to stop Talen from being an elite player.” Horton-Tucker posted 9.0 PPG, 2.6 RPG and 2.8 APG last year. Horton-Tucker worked with former NBA three-point specialist Ben Gordon offseason, so the Lakers are hoping he will improve this part of his game. The other strategy that could help Horton-Tucker is with the Lakers playing small lineups. Rob Pelinka alluded to this idea too. "We got away with it last year." . He'll play more in the middle. You may also see some centerless lineups. The Lakers have actually been confusingly unclear about the style of play when it comes to large or small lineups. This would spread the ground and give the Lakers an edge on a unique run-and-gun style of play. Anyway, if THT's shooting goes up a few notches and he keeps the face-off ball style of piercing the paint, Horton-Tucker is going to have a great year.


USA Today Panel publishes the top 75 NBA players, number one is shocking

LeBron James listed in the top 3 but who was number 1? (Author: Gardener)

LeBron James listed in the top 3 but who was number 1? The “Who's the best NBA player of all time?” Leaderboard is everyone's favorite thing to do when they want to get angry. That said, the US had a panel of voters today draw up their list of the 75 best NBA players of all time and averaged the votes to create a penultimate list. Lots of Lakers on this list, what's to be expected of what is arguably the (definitely) biggest NBA franchise out there. Listed number one player is sure to ruffle some feathers. Lebron James. It's 2021 and someone has finally dumped Michael Jordan as the greatest NBA player of all time. James has certainly cemented his name in the top three with his career, and if you make it into the top three, does it really matter if a group of people over 1-3 argue? Other Lakers on the list include Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at 3, Magic Johnson at 5, Shaquille O'Neal at 7, Kobe Bryant at 8, Russell Westbrook at 39, Anthony Davis at 44, Carmelo Anthony at 58 and Dwight Howard at 75. To view the list in full, click here. Even before his retirement, Michael Jordan was considered the greatest basketball player of all time. It is a turning point for James to be ranked above him. Whether or not you agree with the choice here, the fact that everyone is ready to make this statement puts James in legendary status. He's been an icon since the beginning of his career, and his work certainly makes him worth discussing. It's worth noting that four of the Lakers Potentials starting five all made this list.


Lakers fall in the sun in the preseason

Lakers move to 0-2 in the preseason after losing 105-117 to the Suns (Author: Gardener)

While LeBron James and Russell Westbrook watched in street attire for a second straight preseason game, the Lakers left an affair to the Suns on Wednesday afternoon, 117-105. Anthony Davis started the game in the middle, playing for 25 minutes on 14 points, eight boards, two blocks and two steals, while Carmelo Anthony made his Lakers preseason debut with eight points in his 17 minutes. Malik Monk had an impressive game off the bench for a second straight fight, scoring 7 of 11 shots and four of seven 3-pointers towards a game high of 18 points and three assists in 22 minutes. Bringing back most of their squad from the group that won the West last season, the Suns played against everyone but Devin Booker and were led by Chris Paul's 11 assists plus 14 points and 10 boards from DeAndre Ayton. Austin Reaves, who originally had a two-way deal that the team turned into a full contract, scored 10 points with three assists to take the lead. The Lakers hit 12 triples to 11 from the Suns while the Suns made 18 free throws against the 15 from LA. Kendrick Nunn and Talen Horton-Tucker, both products from the Simeon Career Academy in Chicago, scored 11 points each in their respective starting roles, with Wayne Ellington adding five points and six boards. While no Lakers were injured in the first two games, the team announced it will be without Trevor Ariza for at least eight weeks. From Lakers' press release: "Trevor Ariza had an arthroscopic debridement on his right ankle today. Team doctors will reevaluate Ariza in approximately 8 weeks and an update will be provided at that time." - Mike Trudell (@LakersReporter) October 7, 2021 Meanwhile, Frank Vogel said they had yet to decide whether LeBron or Westbrook would be available for Friday's game at the Golden State at 7 p.m. tip on Spectrum SportsNet.


How Carmelo Anthony can help the Lakers

What can Carmelo Anthony bring to Los Angeles? (Author: Gardener)

After LeBron James lost in the first round of the NBA playoffs for the first time in his career last season, the Los Angeles Lakers were facing big changes. But Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo also returned to the team on year-long contracts after contributing to L.A.'s 2020 title run, and all three will spell and support the star duo of James and Anthony Davis. But this crowd of drivers and tall men needs some perimeter firepower. The 18-year-old veteran starts this season in 10th place all-time in the league standings and is ready to strengthen the Lakers' second unit with his catch-and-shoot game. Last season the Portland Trail Blazers had a low-career average of 13.4 points per game, but he also had the best 3-point overall percentage of his long career (40.9). The Lakers have lacked that range - they haven't ranked better than 21 since James came to town. Including the playoffs, James averaged 13.6 drives per game on his way to his fourth ring two seasons ago, but that number fell in the last Year to 10.2. Davis' regular season average last year (21.8) was his lowest since the 2013-14 season, his second as a professional. A.'s 2020 postseason run, Davis kept the defense honest by shooting 45 percent at Springer. That number fell to 24 percent in his 2021 playoffs, which were overshadowed by a groin injury. The Lakers' collective field goal percentage among jumpers in the last postseason fell from 37 percent during their 2020 title run to 29 percent. Anthony, who starts this season with the highest scoring of any NBA player without making it to the finals, has given thoughtful thought to helping his new team get back to championship form. "Every year we all say we want to win a championship," he said at the NBA media day last week. I think we all know this is the only thing I am missing. I want to experience the ups and downs of a championship team and a championship season. ”Moving to a bench role, Anthony has gone from being an iso-strong scorer to a solid 3-point catch-and-shoot threat in recent years. His efficiency with such shots in the final regular season and in the playoffs (41.7 percent shooting) was better than the Lakers brand in 25th place as a team (35.8). James, Westbrook and Rondo are all in the top 14 of the league's list of all-time assists. In the past five seasons, including the playoffs, only James Harden has helped with more catch-and-shoot 3-pointers (931) than James (848) and Westbrook (844). In the style of knocking down catch-and-shoot threesomes, Anthony can help his team by maximizing possession without dominating the ball. Out of 195 players with at least 2,000 touches in the last regular season and in the playoffs, he finished 39th in points per chance (1.058), but 105th in average length of touch (2.86 seconds). In Game 5 of Portland's first-round series against Denver, he demonstrated this ability by dodging Markus Howard just in time to avoid Austin River's defense. In the following game, CJ McCollum split a doubles team of Nuggets before finding Anthony and his Quick Release in the corner, where he got a higher 3 point percentage (39.8) than Stephen Curry (39.3) and Tim Hardaway Jr probably took some time to figure out Anthony's specific role on the team. With Westbrook in the league, James will likely be able to rest more during the regular season, and head coach Frank Vogel will have the opportunity to gauge which line-ups will best balance ball movement, two-way indoor presence and open views from the depths. The Lakers used 12 regular-season starting lineups on their way to their 2020 championship, but that number rose to 25 during their title defense. While the Lakers' collective age and great personalities worry some observers, Anthony is confident that clarity about roles and expectations will make the team a cohesive unit. "I think we are all ready to take on the roles that are needed," he said. "I think people at the end of the day forget that it's all about basketball, people have to be able to play basketball and we all know what we're here for."


Nike opens the LeBron James Innovation Center

LeBron James is always at the forefront of Nike innovation. (Author: Gardener)

LeBron James is always at the forefront of Nike innovation. Nike opened the LeBron James Innovation Center at its global headquarters. The monster room is 750,000 square feet and includes an NBA-sized court, soccer field, and track. It also includes 400 motion capture cameras. 84,000 square meters for sports research. James talked about what it felt like to have named a place after him. “In the course of my career and my time here at Nike, it's surreal that all of this should come together. Having my name in the innovation building feels very apt because I am always trying to find ways that I can continue to innovate and keep breaking the timeline of what they call your prime. ”The center also uses 100 % renewable electricity. It's, of course, located at Nike's headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. The equipment used is so state-of-the-art that Nike can start working on a prototype immediately after the assessment. Via Complex, Matt Nurse, Vice President of the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab, was happy to have LeBron James on board from the start. “We hosted it at the time in the NSRL. We started showing him our skills, we took some basic measurements on him at the time. James now joins Serena Williams and Michael Jordan as athletes with their own building at Nike headquarters.