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The Los Angeles Lakers played their second NBA preseason game on Wednesday night, losing 117-105 in a street matchup to the Phoenix Suns ... (Author: Gardener)

The Los Angeles Lakers played their second game of the NBA preseason on Wednesday night and lost 117-105 in a road matchup against the Phoenix Suns. Now there are only three games left on the preseason schedule before the Lakers start the regular season. Considering that LeBron James and Russell Westbrook haven't played a game yet, we still haven't seen what Los Angeles will actually look like when the regular season kicks off. But we've seen some of the Lakers' off-season acquisitions for the first time in purple and gold. Los Angeles' next preseason matchup will take place on Friday when it hits the streets to face the Golden State Warriors. It's going to be another tweak for the kick-off of the 2021-22 regular season slated for October 19th against the Warriors at the Staples Center. Here's some of the top news from the Lakers' latest preseason competition for LeBron, Westbrook to Take CourtJames and Westbrook have yet to play in a preseason game, but they will have some time before the regular season kicks off in a little less than two weeks. On Wednesday, Lakers head coach Frank Vogel told reporters that James and Westbrook will each be competing in "at least two" preseason competitions. After taking on the Golden State on Friday, Los Angeles will host the Suns on Sunday, the Warriors on Tuesday and en route to the Sacramento Kings next Thursday. However, according to Vogel, it has not yet been decided which games James and Westbrook will play in. Whenever Westbrook gets into preseason action, it will be the first time he plays a game in a Lakers uniform. It will be interesting to see how the Los Angeles offense works with him, James and Anthony Davis on the court simultaneously along with some of the other veteran scoring options on the Lakers list. Unsurprisingly, James and Westbrook haven't stepped onto the pitch as they're both seasoned players with plenty of NBA experience. But it'll still be exciting to see them in action if they do sometime in the next week. However, one of them won't be operational when the season kicks off at the end of this month. On Wednesday the team announced that striker Trevor Ariza had undergone arthroscopic debridement on his right ankle. Although a full recovery is expected for the 36-year-old, he won't be re-evaluated by the team doctors for about eight weeks, then the Lakers will provide another update. $ 2.6 million deal with Los Angeles in August. He has played for 10 different teams in his 17-year NBA career and spent the 2020-21 season at the Miami Heat. Once Ariza is healthy, he should be a valuable banker RPG player. Until then, Los Angeles will have to rely on some of the other veterans it signed during Free Agency as it will prove the value of its depth in the first two months of the season - Carmelo, AD Take Court Together for First TimeCarmelo Anthony is out to play in Los Angeles with a few new players. The 37-year-old forward is entering his 19th NBA season but this will be his first with the Lakers and many of his new teammates won't be all that familiar to him. Among them is Davis, who is in his third season in Los Angeles and wants to win his second NBA title with the Lakers. On Wednesday night, Anthony and Davis played together for the first time. Anthony had eight points and two rebounds in 17 minutes while Davis had 14 points and eight rebounds in 25 minutes is between new teammates. "We both hesitated a little," said Davis via Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times. And now that he's played alongside Davis, he's got to team up with James for the first time in Los Angeles.


The Lakers go all in

Already a title contender with two superstars, the Lakers added a third in the mercury Russell Westbrook as well as a number of new fill-ins. Will this gamble pay off? (Author: Gardener)

The 2021/22 NBA season kicks off on October 19, and by then the crossover staff will analyze all of the major storylines before it promises to be a memorable campaign. You can find our NBA preview stories here. It's the biggest question. Perhaps the only question is: why? Just last October the Lakers celebrated their 17th NBA championship. If Anthony Davis hadn't pinched his groin in Game 4 of the Los Angeles first-round series against the Suns this spring, the Lakers might have sent the battered nuggets and clippers on their way to the final. A. Fly with the bones of a title team into 10 new bodies, including one of the NBA's most polarizing stars? Why should a franchise with seemingly so few questions about the roster construct an outdated one with many questions? Rob Pelinka pauses to ponder the question. "One of the things that get lost when putting together a roster is that talent is the most important thing, but we work in a system that includes taxes and fines within a collective agreement," says the Lakers CEO. It explains the loss of Alex Caruso, a key reserve guard who signed a four-year $ 37 million deal with the Bulls after the Lakers decided to keep him, would drive them too far into luxury tax territory. This explains why Dennis Schröder, who turned down a four-year $ 84 million extension last season, signed a one-year contract with the Celtics in the off-season after that longer contract was taken off the table. It doesn't explain why Pelinka shipped the remnants of L.A.'s trading assets - including 26-year-old striker Kyle Kuzma and last June's first-round pick - to Washington for Russell Westbrook. LeBron James has acted de facto as point guard for the past two seasons; In 2019/20 he led the NBA with 10.2 assists per game. Pelinka envisions Westbrook as someone who takes LeBron's pressure on playmaking while creating easy opportunities for Davis. James, notes Pelinka, has won titles with strong lead guards. Westbrook, still a blur in transition at 32, should hasten the attack (the Lakers were 16th in pace). To help with recovery, the Lakers brought back Dwight Howard, a key reserve player on the 2020 championship team, and signed DeAndre Jordan. "Two years ago we were a great running team," says coach Frank Vogel. “We took a step back last year. I think [Westbrook] will make us one of the best again. ”He remains a stats stuffer - 22.2 points, 11.5 rebounds and 11.7 assists last season, the fourth time that he averaged a triple double. But the Lakers will be his fourth team in as many years; the Rockets and Wizards each unloaded it after a year. He has the second highest usage rate in NBA history (32.5%, just behind Michael Jordan 33.2%) and joins a team of two players (James and Davis) who ranked in the top 25 last season . However, Pelinka says he has seen an evolution in Westbrook's game in recent years. "He's playing with more empathy now," says Pelinka. Vogel believes Westbrook's Houston season - where he worked with James Harden, another ball dominant player - will make it easier for him to bond with James and Davis: “He's ready to do whatever we ask him to to help this team build a championship. It's the only thing that matters to him. The key to the Lakers' success in the Westbrook era will be distance. Davis hit just 26.0% of his threesomes and Westbrook 31.5% last season. So Pelinka signed deep threats: Guardians Wayne Ellington (42.2% of three last season for the Pistons) and Malik Monk (40.1% for the Hornets) and Swingman Kent Bazemore (40.8% for the Warriors) . Guardian Kendrick Nunn showed the ability to create his own shot with the Heat over two seasons, while the Lakers hope James and Westbrook will get some more catch-and-shoot jumpers out of Carmelo Anthony. A. is optimistic about Talen Horton-Tucker, the aspiring third-year Guardian, who signed a three-year deal for $ 32 million this off-season. “There's nothing that doesn't have to stop Talen from becoming an elite player,” says Pelinka. Vogel plans to use more small lineups, with Davis in the middle, to get more shooting on the ground. “We got away from that last year,” says Vogel. We have the kind of team that we can really open the floor for. ”But will the Lakers still be able to defend? They had the top ranked D in the NBA last season. A. lost with Caruso and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as well as Kuzma two important perimeter defenders. Vogel has challenged Horton-Tucker to play a more prominent role on the defensive and the Lakers will use a combination of Bazemore, Monk and veteran striker Trevor Ariza to force opposing perimeter threats to settle for jump shots and them away to keep from feasting on the color. “These guys will have to learn from each other,” says Vogel. The Lakers still have James, who remains one of the top players in the league in his 19th season and two months after his 37th birthday. In anticipation of a faster offensive this season, he reported that he was leaner than in previous years. He has a close relationship with Westbrook - James and Davis were “enthusiastic” about the deal, Pelinka says - and posted photos of the two working together in the off-season. The "competitive spirit" of Westbrook, said Vogel, will give the squad new energy. “I think the question is, what will this team's collective mindset be? “Says Pelinka. If a star player wants to play alone, be the only all star, put crazy numbers on a mediocre team, all right. It's not for these guys. ”A motivation magnet, James has found some criticism of the Lakers roster overhaul. "I don't think this will work," James posted sarcastically under a picture of him at the gym with Westbrook. He has taken note of the criticism of the older squad. He says the Lakers "recalibrated" after a four-month offseason that followed a historically brief 71-day hiatus after exiting the NBA bubble a year ago. "The big ones, they enjoy being counted or doubted," says Vogel. "And I think he hears the whispers about these things with our team." Two years ago, the Lakers came to camp with a new star - Davis - and a revamped roster. This team won a championship. More NBA Coverage: • Karl-Anthony Towns Talks About His Mourning Season • The Lakers' biggest concern is age, not fit


Clint Eastwood wins $ 6.1 million lawsuit against Lithuanian CBD sellers

Clint Eastwood, 91, has been awarded $ 6 million in damages, $ 95,000 to cover legal fees, and an injunction against a California judge's future use of his name or image. (Author: Gardener)

Clint Eastwood won a $ 6.1 million lawsuit after suing a Lithuanian CBD seller for mistakenly using his name and image to promote his products. Eastwood, 91, and Garrapata, the company that owns the rights to his likeness, received $ 6 million in damages, $ 95,000 to cover legal fees, and an injunction against future use of his name or image. In July last year, he filed two lawsuits seeking millions in damages from several CBD manufacturers and marketers who falsely claimed he supported their goods. The Oscar-winning actor and director filed an amended lawsuit in February against Mediatonas UAB, the company that owns websites posting fake interviews with Eastwood advocating the CBD products. The 91-year-old actor said in one of the lawsuits that several CBD companies used photos of him, used fraudulent items, and attributed quotes to him to promote and sell cannabidiol (CBD) products. "In truth, Mr. Eastwood has no connection with CBD products and has never given such an interview," said the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles federal court in July 2020 alleging defamation. "Mr. Eastwood seeks to hold accountable the persons and entities that wrongly created this plan, spread false and malicious allegations of fact about him, and illegally profited from his name and likeness," the file reads. The three CBD companies accused of developing the wrong items that first appeared last year have been named Sera Labs Inc, Greendios, and For Our Vets LLC. The lawsuit also alleges that three companies sent spam emails with the subject "Clint Eastwood Reveals a Shocking Secret Today". The email included a picture of Eastwood from an actual appearance on the show and links to buy the company's CBD products. The second lawsuit was against ten companies and individuals in the United States alleged to have used programming code to insert his name into hidden meta tags to direct online searches to their website. "By using Mr. Eastwood's name in hidden meta tags, Defendants figuratively placed a sign with Mr. Eastwood's brand in front of their online store to attract customers and led consumers to believe that Mr. Eastwood was with the Defendants associated and / or supported. " "CBD products, when in fact there is no such link," the court document pointed out. The father of eight stated in both lawsuits that he would not allow his name or image to be used to sell CBD products. He is not alone in targeting fake celeb endorsements that have also misappropriated likenesses of George Clooney, Oprah and Tom Hanks. "My client is not someone who can stand idly by as the defendants use his good name to lure customers into buying products with which he has no connection," Eastwood's attorney Nolan Heimann told Deadline at the time. He added, "While the purpose of these lawsuits is to stop and fix ongoing libel and embezzlement violations, they should also remind customers to be careful about making a too good to be true celebrity endorsement see."


Sora from "Kingdom Hearts" is the final addition to the "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" roster

It's the end of an era. The 89th and final fighter to join the cast of Super Smash Bros. (Author: Gardener)

Sora, the protagonist of Kingdom Hearts, is the final playable character for Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. The 89th and final fighter to join the cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Sora, the protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The announcement came from a pre-recorded presentation by Smash director Masahiro Sakurai on Tuesday morning, who also provided a 40-minute breakdown of Sora's background and movements. Kingdom Hearts is a popular line of action RPGs that crosses characters from Disney franchises - Goofy and Donald Duck are Sora's sidekicks for many of his adventures - and Square Enix ’Final Fantasy. Sora herself is an original character tasked with defending various worlds, many of which are explicitly based on popular Disney franchises like The Little Mermaid and Toy Story, from incursions by malicious creatures called Heartless. While the Kingdom Hearts series began on the PlayStation 2 in 2002, several side games such as Dream Drop Distance from 2012 were released on Nintendo wearable devices such as the 3DS. To date, the only Kingdom Hearts game on the Nintendo Switch was the rhythm-based spin-off Melody of Memory from 2020. However, Sakurai announced during the Sora presentation that the first three games would be played at an unspecified time in the future Switch, with Kingdom Hearts 3 slated to be released via cloud games for 2019. Of course, due to Disney's involvement, the inclusion of Sora in Smash presented some unique licensing difficulties for Nintendo, with Sakurai finding that Sora required "more coordination" than other characters. There's a rather noticeable lack of direct references to Disney characters in Smash, despite having an important role in the actual Kingdom Hearts series, suggesting that there were some legal workarounds here. Sora in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a light, floating character who is intentionally easy to use, unlike some of the more complicated DLC fighters like Pyra / Mythra. While he's technically fighter # 82 on the official list, the inclusion of various "Echo Fighters" - characters who play the same but look different, like Ryu and Ken - means the final list for Ultimate is 89 characters. Many of Sora's moves are based on his appearance in the original Kingdom Hearts, such as a 3-hit ground combo. His special moves include a multidirectional airdash called Sonic Blade, a counterattack that allows him to block incoming hits and defend himself against him, and three offensive spells, Firaga, Thundaga and Blizzaga, whose availability rotates in that order when Sora casts one. As with every character in Smash, Sora comes with eight different color variations, as a single Smash game could theoretically have up to eight players using Sora at the same time. Sakurai noted during the presentation that Sora's special variations are the most elaborate of all characters in Ultimate, as each represents a specific version of the character from his home series. In particular, Sora's P5 variant comes from the Timeless River world in Kingdom Hearts II, which is visually based on "Steamboat Willie" from 1928, the short cartoon that Mickey Mouse originally introduced to the world. Hence, P5 Sora in Smash is black and white, with a unique set of simplified facial animations that make it look like an early 20th century cartoon. Players who purchase Sora will also receive its unique Hollow Bastion character level; a new Spirit Board featuring eight other original Kingdom Hearts characters, including Kairi and Riku; and nine of the original, non-Disney-affiliated songs from the KH series soundtrack. Players who have Melody of Memory save data on their switches will also unlock a tenth track, a "hand in hand" swing arrangement also used as Sora's winning theme. The Hollow Bastion stage in Smash is a simple floating platform that features Maleficent's Castle from the original Kingdom Hearts in the background. However, when a fight in Hollow Bastion nears its end, the stage moves into a new area, Dive into the Heart, a darkened arena with special character art from KH in the background. At the start of the presentation, Sakurai also announced the eleventh and final round of special paid costumes for player-created Mii fighters. This is a relatively small wave that includes two special character hats from Nintendo's Splatoon series, but also marks the introduction of a full character costume based on the Slayer, the protagonist of the Doom video game series. The Doom Slayer outfit for Mii Gunners is based on his appearance in Doom in 2016. While it's hard to say if this was intentional given that the Doom Slayer was one of the most requested characters for Smash, his appearance as a Mii costume follows also one of the funnier running jokes of early 2020. When it was announced that Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons was coming out on the same day as Bethesda's Doom Eternal, the internet suddenly decided that this meant the Slayer would be the Animal Crossing's best friend. Isabelle's character. Now the Slayers and Isabelle can hang out pseudo-canonically in Smash. A new wave of smash amiibos is also planned for next year. Minecraft's Steve and Alex will be released as collectible toys next spring, while Sephiroth, Pyra, Mythra and Kazuya will all be released after that. According to Sakurai, today's revelations will be the last downloadable content Nintendo will release for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in three and a half years. Since its release in late 2018, Ultimate has become the third best-selling game on the Switch, with 24.77 million copies this June. Once Sora is released, a full version of Ultimate will feature 89 fighters, 116 unique stages, 140 Mii fighter costumes, cameos from over 450 games, and a soundtrack of over 1,100 songs. Sora and the new Mii fighters will be available on October 18th. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Owners who purchased the Second Fighter Pack will automatically receive Sora at no additional cost, but Sora can be purchased individually for $ 5.99.


Andrew Yang founds a new political party. Thanks i hate it.

Andrew Yang has formed a new party hoping to disrupt Democratic and Republican control over the political system. But will anyone care? (Author: Gardener)

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang announced on Tuesday his new effort to help Americans break out of a stagnant two-party duopoly: a new political party he calls the Forward Party. But unfortunately it is not clear where this party is going or what problem it would solve. In his announcement video, Yang condemned the scourge of polarization, which he described as the product of incentives in our media and political systems - particularly gerrymandering and the way primaries encourage politicians to serve their grassroots over voters in the middle - and proposed a new party is necessary to disrupt an anti-competitive political order. He also cited unrelated poll statistics on how most Americans are dissatisfied with Congress and want a third party. Yang is right that there is widespread disillusionment with Congress and our main political institutions. But his diagnosis of the problems that plague us is superficial: our polarization crisis is being driven by far more than primarily induced partisanship and uncompetitive districts. And there is little reason to believe that its proposed solution - a third party with no clear political vision other than a universal basic income and a wide range of incremental democratic reforms - could have a market or inspire the kind of mass movement that a third party would need to become viable. Yang's rise as an American political celebrity was quick and surprising. A former entrepreneur and political freshman, he ran a surprisingly popular campaign during the 2019 Democratic presidential primaries race. This sparked a large political debate and earned him goodwill; Yang was never a candidate with any real chance of winning the state, but his single-minded focus on UBI was respected by voters and earned him cult status online. But when he plugged that surge in popularity into a New York mayoral campaign earlier this year, Yang looked less impressive. And Yang's new political project seems more to fit into the confused ideological sensitivity and inattention to the political pulse we saw during this race. First, Yang's diagnosis of the polarization problem is simple. While looking at primary elections and uncompetitive districts, he doesn't mention that political scientists and journalists have consistently documented the asymmetrical polarization in Washington. This is not a problem, as Yang said, that both sides are simply forced not to like each other because of our nomination of politicians, but the result of a radical right-wing movement and an anti-government party. Yang also fell victim to a widespread analytical error regarding the nature of polarization when he pointed out in his video that more people identify as independents than Democrats or Republicans - and that is a sign that there is a hunger for one alternative party there. The problem with this mindset is that the overwhelming majority of independents are consistently leaning towards a party, and that “true independents” make up around 10 percent of the electorate. Note that in 2016, a race between the big party's two most unpopular candidates for president in the modern political era resulted in only 6 percent of voters voting for long-established third parties. Yang also doesn't seem interested in engaging in the broader ideological struggles that underpin the Democratic-Republican divide today. The two parties may be incentivized badly by voting cues, but they are also embroiled in existential battles over the nature of our republic, with major differences of opinion about how democratic the country should be, how multicultural it should be, and what should be rich The people and the government owe every citizen. Yang's Forward Party does not offer serious reckoning on these important questions about the American social contract or the issues that conflict with red America and blue America. The intent is not to sound ideological and solution-oriented, but the reality is that Yang has no discernible theory about how society works and what needs to be done to change it. The new Forward Party website doesn't offer much more light. Yang's vision remains strikingly vague, and most of the additional policies listed are experimental but downright small-scale democracy reform goals, such as restricting lobbying and convening “citizen juries” to influence policymakers. None of what Yang suggests sounds unreasonable, but little of it seems in any way appropriate to our nation's crises, from a warming climate to white nationalist politics to exploding inequality. And it is noteworthy that a party program designed to disrupt our political system and make it more democratic has nothing to say about the anti-majoritarian features of our democracy, including the filibuster and the electoral college. Many of the reforms Yang is proposing would be inconspicuous for a Democratic candidate to campaign in a local or congressional election. Ultimately, if Yang has some causes to focus on - say UBI and democracy reform - history suggests that he is better off creating a movement within the Democratic Party than walking alone. A third party candidate has never been elected president, and third parties also tend to do poorly at the state and local levels during this era. There are structural reasons for this, including our first-past-the-post and non-representative system, the extreme administrative barriers to third party access to ballot papers, and the fact that many American voters view third parties as spoilers. But movements like the Tea Party and the Democratic Socialists of America, as well as anti-establishment candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, have shown that it is possible to disrupt the party system much more easily from within than from without. The size of Yang's online following and his acceptance of the UBI, which has historically resonated across the ideological spectrum, means we cannot rule out the possibility that the Forward Party might attract a non-trivial number of supporters. But it is safe to say that most voters will realize that Yang is no serious way out of our political plight. Yang deserves credit for bringing serious talk about UBI into the mainstream in 2020.


Battlefield 2042 beta hands-on - flying into the tornado

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi played the Battlefield 2042 beta in a preview session. It's a sometimes crazy experience played on giant maps. (Author: Gardener)

During one silly moment on my Battlefield 2042 demo, I really felt like I was enjoying it. A tornado had appeared on the map, leaving destruction in its path. I jumped off a building and opened my parachute. But instead of dodging the spinning tornado, I flew in just to see what would happen. As publisher Electronic Arts says in its marketing, this was one of those “only in Battlefield” moments, and DICE developers hope to differentiate Battlefield 2042 from Call of Duty: Vanguard in the Christmas sales season this year. The tornado that you can see in the embedded videos was one of the hallmarks of playing the beta for the latest installment in the Battlefield franchise, released on November 19th by DICE and Electronic Arts on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. It's a sometimes crazy experience played on huge maps with up to 128 players and a destructible environment with dynamic events. Early access to the Open Beta begins today for players who have pre-ordered or are members of the EA Play subscription service. Full access to the beta begins on Friday October 8th and runs through Sunday October 10th. You will hear a lot of hoots and yelling from the people in your home playing the beta. We only played Conquest mode on the orbital map. The fight revolves around control of a missile site that is imminent for launch. And every now and then, as we've found out, a storm can hit the map, followed by a tornado. The center of the map has a wide, open, hilly space where vehicles can dominate the game. On a huge rocket launch pad, you can use an almost rope to climb a high platform on the rocket launch tower. You can also parachute to the top of the rocket tower. And towers with ziplines allow you to zip and shoot at the same time. There are cryogenic tanks for fuel in nearby building complexes. Other locations on the maps include an assembly building and a huge crawlerway (the wide path they use to move missiles to the launch pad). Buildings can take a lot of damage, especially from attack helicopter attacks from above or from tank attacks. The missile can launch a launch sequence that begins with refueling. During these six minutes, the missile is prone to damage. After that, the start begins and it will take off. This is the all-out warfare mode with more than 128 players at the same time on the map on PC (or 64 players on PS4 or Xbox One). I played through Origin on PC with a couple of seasoned streamers who were pretty good at getting me excited about the gameplay. The map was so big that we had to travel a long distance to get into the action. But you could be in chaos at any moment if another squad or sniper starts an ambush. If you are killed, there will be a short delay before you can re-join the action by spawning on your teammate. If they are in combat, you will not be able to spawn on them. In this case, you can spawn in key locations that you control on the map. Usually, it's hard to stay alive when you're a cog in a 64v64 multiplayer battle. Since this is a Battlefield game, you can jump in quads, humvees, tanks, attack helicopters, transport helicopters, and jets. You can also use drones or robotic attack dogs with some very threatening weapons. You can choose between four specialists: Casper the reconnaissance soldier, whose specialty is a reconnaissance drone and a motion sensor. Mackay is an assault soldier with a grapple pistol and a nimble ability that allows him to move when aiming. Then you have Boris, the engineer with a sentry pistol. When I first logged in as an assault soldier, I did not have a weapon in my hand. I logged in again and suddenly had a gun. The assault rifle felt good, but for some reason the sniper rifle didn't even have a telescopic sight. Others clearly figured out how to shoot with riflescopes as I was often shot from a distance. But I didn't have time to find out. So I went back to the trusty assault rifle that came with a grappling hook. While we were playing the weather started to change. It started out sunny. Then it started to rain and we noticed how realistic it looked. Then the rain came sideways as the wind started blowing things around. It took a while, but eventually we noticed the tornado in the distance. We jumped off a building and screamed when we flew in. It really changed the battlefield and distracted us all from shooting the enemy. As you can see from the cheer in the video, I had more fun with my partners who were Twitch streamers in the Battlefield 2042 Beta than the Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta. But we'll see how these games end after they cross the finish line and finally arrive. Call of Duty first hits November 5th, while Battlefield 2042 hits two weeks later. There will be some interesting battles ahead of us as both publishers vie for our attention.


Seahawks Cover 3 Coverage Bust vs. 49ers Explained

Matty F. Brown explains what happened when the Seahawks freed 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel for a 76-yard touchdown in their eventual 28-21 win. (Author: Gardener)

Seattle's fourth week defense survived a shaky opening move and lack of complementary football from a stagnant offensive and was run to get off the field. The defensive bankruptcy was therefore an anomaly and not the rule, as had been mistakes the previous week. The current flaw is important, but the reporting flaw indicates the challenges a newbie to the defense poses rather than a deeper, more problematic subject. Sidney Jones, acquired by the Jaguars late in the offseason in exchange for a sixth round pick, got his first start as a left cornerback. The “one big touchdown” scheme was cover-3 pass defense. Jones, for the slot, multi-receiver look, should have gone straight into a "zebra" mindset, adjusting his depths 1/3 to play more like a pure zone, targeting the middle of the two incoming threats looked and 60-40 to. Receiver played # 2. Whether or not Jones had those "zebra" intentions prior to snapping, his expectation in defense of Cover 3 seemed to be that the flat full-back was beneath the space defender - which was Seattle one Calling "Buzz" Technique - Would Be Responsible for this Take the bike route from receiver # 2 up and through its zone and adjust it on the field. Strong Security Jamal Adams was the buzz defender in this game. However, he stopped seeing the # 2 receiver, Deebo Samuel, as soon as he expanded, and instead walked off the bike route with the utmost confidence while maintaining the quarterback view. After the play, Adams was frustrated that Jones didn't switch to Samuel. Jones probably defaulted to the general Cover 3 rules and didn't register the full picture of the game. Meanwhile, Adams likely didn't check with Jones to make sure he was aware of the task, assuming Jones was tied to the game plan. "I think just feeling everything moving and your teammates and all the little details and communication that goes with it," said Jones in his post-game press conference about the biggest challenge joining a new team. "It's one thing to have a playbook, it's another thing to go out with other people, 11 other men - 10 other men - and do it all together." After the win, the free security of Quandre Diggs refused to play the game assign individual blame. Diggs took individual responsibility for the play, however, as he stood on the sidelines and left Marquise Blair in free safety. "Communication" was mentioned again. "I feel like if I was there the communication would have been a little better," said Diggs. Repeated communication, to the point of exaggeration, is key to avoiding basic service failures. When asked about working with Jones on defense, Diggs reiterated his emphasis on communication. “I think it's just a matter of continuing to communicate with [Jones] for us. So when we get into the heat of the moment he knows exactly what he's doing and we can't get him into the positions he doesn't. ”Free post-game security stated. "So, I think over time we'll get better communication and I think he'll play a lot better and I'm happy to have him, you know?" So why shouldn't Seattle have Adams wear the bike route in this game, an "indicator" they use in their defense to match the route with that defender? "That depends on the situation and the reputation," Carroll replied on Monday when asked if the curl flat defender should run a bike route. “We have different ways of doing that. And you know, some teams may always do it the same way, we don't. They lined up in a pair tight-end nub 2x2 look with 21 people who quickly switched them to a weak gun-offset formation - a two-back look that put full-back Kyle Juszczyk alongside Adams. "I think the way the defense works, everything works together," said Jones after the bankruptcy. "We have to go into the movie room and find out, and I have to do a better part of my job to see the formation and the game and to clean that up." That meant he had to play all-zebra 1/3, midpoint technique and received no help with the bike route from Adams. "You know, we knew what quarterback Lance was and we knew what Jimmy was," Adams said afterwards. Seattle's game plan and defense matched well with the varying style of attack by 49ers rookie quarterback Trey Lance, where Lance's mobility is an important factor in the running game. "When they made the move we obviously wanted to feel what they were doing and obviously they started reading a lot of Zone and getting into two defenders as well, Ball," Adams continued. Adams ’mention of" Two-Back "applies here. And while Diggs refused to whistle on a teammate, his response to playing Lance revealed an illuminating detail. "I mean, we talked about it for the week," Diggs revealed, planning for Lance. “So our coaches had prepared us well for this and it's up to me, Bobby [Wagner], Jamal, 'Big Al' [Woods] and Poona [Ford] to pass it on through the rest of the defense and just let the guys know that we have different seizures when he comes into play and more of a college style offensive when he comes into play. ”Using Lance in the running game as a runner creates another additional void for defense to consider. Meanwhile, the 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan will be adding routes to the running games to create more space. If Adams had matched the bike route against this formation and Lance in a running game, there would have been no player for Lance. Given Lance's threat as a scrambler, it makes even more sense that the Seahawks didn't want their lower layers to look away from the quarterback - especially on the edge of their defense. You can see pre-snap that Adams, in deep security, checked with Blair to warn him that he would not match a bike route from the # 2 receiver. With the free security role of stopping seam and post routes, Blair only faced a seam route threat to the 2x1 receiver distribution. Hence, he was able to focus his focus on that side of the field and free Adams and Jones to play purer zone principles. Adams checked with Diggs against a similar two-backed look. In this piece, you can see Adams gesturing with his hand before snapping to make sure Diggs is aware of the threat of lonely seam and Adams' technique. With Seattle in their sub-zone X family, Jordyn Brooks stacked the C-gap and Wagner the A-gap - which in turn meant that Adams was badly needed as a reliable, present plus-one defender in the running fit. In contrast to this two-back pistol formation, Adams tried to maintain the inner leverage of the No. 2 receiver and play in running fit. Finally, here is a situation where Adams stepped in on defense under zone x due to the 22-person pair of offense. In the past, when doing this type of cover-3 rotation to a slot two-back formation, Seattle has checked "Mix" (two read pass coverage with three defensive backs) to ensure the strong security in the Keep your run still in good shape Get three defenders over the two threats while protecting yourself against the No. 2 recipient bubble. The strong security plays with the internal leverage of the slot receiver. The cornerback probes and mirrors the slot receiver and skips the route if it is outside within two meters. And the free security keys fit the slot receiver, match its clearance and move to cover the outer receiver when the slot is outside within the five yard mark. Back to the coverage bust, Jones’s bug should be fixed quickly. The Seahawks defense should pay attention to Diggs and Jones' comments, however.


New video shows Miya Marcano's family confronting the "main suspect"

A newly released video shows Miya Marcano's family confronting the man whom authorities identified as the prime suspect in her murder shortly after her disappearance. (Author: Gardener)

A newly released video shows Miya Marcano's family confronting the man whom authorities identified as the prime suspect in their murder shortly after they disappeared in Orlando and before he killed himself. The video was released by the Marcano family's attorney on Wednesday as new details emerged about the discovery of her body and the suspicious things family members found in her apartment. At a press conference Wednesday night, Orange County Sheriff John Mina said that Marcano's mouth was taped and she was taped around her wrists and feet when her body was discovered in a wooded area in central Florida on Saturday. Authorities said the 19-year-old disappeared the same day a maintenance man improperly used a master key fob to enter her home. Mina previously said Armando Caballero, a maintenance worker at the apartment complex where Marcano lived and worked, is considered the "prime suspect". Caballero, 27, apparently killed himself; his body was found three days after Marcano's last look. Detectives spoke to Caballero after the Valencia College student was reported missing but had no evidence at the time to arrest him. The new video shows family members confronting Caballero shortly after they disappeared. "There are signs of obsession, something you're intrigued by Miya," says a family member when Caballero speaks to a deputy. "Until we find out what's going on, don't beat me up," Caballero replies. You placed yourself in the middle of it all, you brought yourself here, ”says another family member in the video. At his press conference on Wednesday, Mina commented on the new video. "At the time the video was recorded, there was no basis for our deputies to arrest or arrest Armando Caballero," Mina said. "Unfortunately, Caballero would have been arrested at 4:30 a.m., nothing to change the fact that Caballero left her body in the Tymber Skan apartments between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. the night before, a full eight hours before this video was recorded, and in fact it was before the sheriff's office was even called to check Miya’s welfare. ”On Wednesday, Daryl Washington, lawyer for the Marcano family, told WESH-TV that several suspects were found at a social check-up after Marcano went missing Found things in her apartment, including a rigged window and a small dresser blocking access to the door to her bedroom that didn't belong to Marcano in her apartment, Washington said. Washington also said Caballero had Marcano's blanket and backpack in his car Cell phone recordings from Caballero led investigators to the apartment complex near the place where Marcano was found, and showed that he was a victim He was there about 20 minutes the night she was reported missing, Sheriff Mina said. Caballero once lived in this apartment complex before. "Nothing in the records suggests he ever went back there before he killed himself," he said, adding that MPs are not looking for other suspects. "The person responsible for Miya's death is Armando Caballero. Although the investigation is still ongoing, he is the only one responsible for her death, "Mina said. Mina said investigators are still waiting for the cause of death and the coroner's cause, but he hopes the Marcano family will get more answers about it what happened to her. "They want answers and unfortunately the two people who have the most answers in this case, Armando Caballero and Miya Marcano, are not with us and we can't get some of those answers right now," said he.


Powerball numbers for 6/21/10, Wednesday jackpot was $ 20 million

The Powerball jackpot on Wednesday night, 10/6/21 was valued at $ 20 million, with a cash option valued at $ 14.2 million. Here are the numbers. (Author: Gardener)

The Powerball jackpot on 6/10/21 was $ 20 million, and here are the winning numbers from the Wednesday night drawing. The Powerball jackpot on Wednesday night, 10/6/21 was valued at $ 20 million, with a cash option valued at $ 14.2 million. The jackpot on Monday, 10/4/21 had these winning numbers for the price of 699.8 million US dollars: six tickets were sold for the Monday drawing, the five white balls and minus the red Powerball for the second prize of the game corresponded. One of those second prize tickets sold in Tennessee is worth $ 2 million as they spent an extra dollar on the power play. The other five tickets for second prize - sold in Arizona, Florida, Massachusetts (2), and Virginia - are each worth $ 1 million as they did not purchase the Power Play. Powerball had three jackpot winners in four drawings nine months ago. A ticket sold in Maryland hit the jackpot of $ 731.1 million on Wednesday, January 20th, 21st. The game was reset to the minimum of $ 20 million won on Saturday, 1/23/21, and then another jackpot was hit on 1/30/21. The previous Powerball Grand Prize Winner won a jackpot of $ 286 million on Saturday, June 21st. This ticket was sold in a Circle K convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida. The previous Powerball Grand Price winner was 3/27/21 for a $ 238 million draw. Ahead of the final four winners, the final winning Powerball ticket went on sale in Maryland for the jackpot of $ 730 million on Wednesday, January 20, 2021. The previous winning ticket was sold back on August 12, 2020 for a jackpot worth $ 169 million. This ticket was sold in Florida. The previous winning ticket was sold on June 10, 2020. The previous winning ticket sold was purchased in New Jersey for the 4/8/2020 jackpot valued at $ 190 million. The previous grand prize previously won was $ 70 million in the 2/12/2020 drawing for a ticket purchased in Michigan. The main winner before that was on 01/29/2020. This ticket was sold in a 7-Eleven store in Bonita Springs, Florida for the grand prize of $ 394 million that had a cash option of $ 274.6 million. The odds of hitting the top prize jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338 regardless of the jackpot size - according to the Powerball website. Powerball is a multi-state lottery played every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and one of the two largest lottery jackpot games in America. Powerball jackpots start at $ 20 million and other prizes are paid out between $ 1 million and $ 2 million on a Power Play. You can check the numbers for tonight or any previous winning numbers on the official Powerball website. Simply getting the Powerball with no other numbers pays out $ 4, and even more if the Powerplay is purchased for an additional dollar. If all five white, numbered balls are selected but the red Powerball is incorrect, the payout is $ 1 million, with an even higher payout if the powerplay is chosen. The other multi-state lottery is Mega Millions, which is played on Tuesdays and Fridays. As with Powerball, the jackpot resets to $ 20 million after a jackpot is won and a line of numbers is $ 2, with an option of $ 1 to multiply your winnings by a Megaplier. Here is the Mega Millions website for more information or to check possible past numbers. Here are the best Powerball jackpot prizes ever. Two winning tickets were drawn - one each in Missouri and Arizona


The 16 biggest jackpots in American lottery history

These payouts are unreal! (Author: Gardener)

Who are the biggest lottery winners of all time? Pop into a grocery store or gas station and spend a few dollars on a handful of Powerball or Mega Millions tickets. Here's a look at the 16 biggest lottery jackpots in Powerball and Mega Millions history. A group of 11 office workers in California shared the winning ticket and went for the $ 320 million lump sum payment. New Hampshire law required the names of lottery winners to be published, but the woman who won that jackpot went to court to protect her identity and won. The winners from Arizona and Missouri both opted for the cash payment of $ 192 million. Gloria Mackenzie was 84 years old when she won the drawing, becoming the oldest Powerball winner in history. It was also the largest jackpot in Powerball history at the time, and Mackenzie decided to pay $ 278 million after tax. The two winning tickets were bought in California and Georgia. The jackpot of $ 656 million was a record back then. The winner has not yet come forward, but the ticket was reportedly sold in Morro Bay, California. The winning tickets were sold in New York and Iowa. All the talk about big lottery wins comes from the Powerball ticket sold in Morro Bay, California with all five winning numbers - the odds are 1 in 293 million! Now the lucky winner has a dream scenario decision: accept a lump sum payment of 496 million US dollars or opt for payouts in the next 29 years. Both Powerball and Mega Millions had jackpots in excess of $ 700 million at the time of this drawing. The unknown Powerball winner was from Maryland. Winner Mavis Wanczyk from Chicopee, Massachusetts opted for the lump sum payment of $ 480 million. Wisconsin's Manuel Franco became the greatest single Powerball winner of all time at the age of just 24. The winning ticket was redeemed at a lottery club in Oakland County, Michigan. An unidentified winner from South Carolina became the world's biggest single ticket winner. The biggest lottery win of all time was won by three different groups of people. All three winners opted for a flat-rate payout of $ 327.8 million after tax.