Lewis Hamilton finally opens up on Abu Dhabi heartbreak with defiant F1 vow

Lewis Hamilton secured a sensational podium in a rough Silverstone during a dramatic British Grand Prix - and the Brit opened the controversial finale of the 2021 season (Author: Gardener)

Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton finally opens Abu Dhabi heartbreak with a defiant F1 oath Lewis Hamilton secured a sensational podium at a rough Silverstone during a dramatic British Grand Prix - and the Brit opened the controversial finale of the 2021 season. Thank you for subscribing ! We have more NewsletterShow meMercedes star Lewis Hamilton has declared he will "rise again" as the seven-time world champion finally addressed the absurd end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that decided the epic battle for the 2021 Formula One World Championship. Hamilton looked certain of winning a record-breaking eighth world championship, moving away from the seven he currently owns alongside F1 icon Michael Schumacher. However, that all changed after Williams' Nicholas Latifi crashed, resulting in a safety car with just laps to go. Former race director Michael Masi made the stunning decision to only allow the lapped cars between Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Hamilton to pass the safety car, allowing for a single lap of dramatic racing. The move was clearly motivated to ensure that one of the greatest seasons in F1 history ended in a race. As a result, with Verstappen on fresh, soft tires, Hamilton was a sitting duck as the Dutchman retired at turn five to clinch his maiden title. Hamilton, like fans around the world, was in disbelief and said over the radio: "It was rigged." Finally, Hamilton addressed the disappointment experienced in the championship final. "My father gave me the value of never giving up and the easiest thing is to give up," Hamilton told Sky Sports. Lewis Hamilton was heartbroken after Max Verstappen accidentally came out on top at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, winning the world championship in the process. The eight-time world champions struggled with severe shocks as their cars rattled uncontrollably under the new regulations and car designs introduced for the 2022 season, leaving Mercedes uncompetitive in the fight for victories. Hamilton remains optimistic and was philosophical when discussing the challenges of 2022. He said: "I came back into a season and I've been struggling all year and I don't know why that's the case this year. Winning is everything, work towards winning. And so anything but felt like a failure at times. Success and everything is a beautiful thing, but you learn much, much more when you stumble and fall. “I used to think about things for so long, but now I can go ahead and just try harder next time. Work harder, dig deeper, learn more – whatever it is.” Lewis Hamilton secured a superb third place finish at the British Grand Prix, sending the home fans home happy. Do you think Lewis Hamilton will win a race in 2022? Hamilton secured a place on the podium at his home British Grand Prix, a race he has won a record eight times, while Ferrari star Carlos Sainz celebrated his maiden win at Silverstone. Championship leader Verstappen suffered damage to his car and only finished seventh. However, Hamilton felt he could have recorded a stunning ninth win at Silverstone had luck been on his side. A slow pit stop saw him fail to undercut Sainz and Charles Leclerc in the closing stages, while battling admirably against Red Bull's Sergio Perez but was narrowly edged to second place by the Mexican. "I was doing good times and catching them up and had a really good, long stint and I really thought maybe we could fight for the win but unfortunately the gaps were a bit too big and the pit stop wasn't very good," said Hamilton completed. “In the end I had problems with the warm-up and lost to two cars. It was so tough today.” The 22-race F1 2022 campaign continues on July 10 with the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring.


Formula 1 can learn from Zhou's crash, says Russell

According to Mercedes driver George Russell, Formula 1 can learn an important safety lesson from Chinese driver Guanyu Zhou's serious accident at the British Grand Prix. (Author: Gardener)

ZhouFormula One F1 - British Grand Prix - Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain - July 3, 2022 Alfa Romeo's Guanyu Zhou crashes at the start of the race REUTERS/Molly Darlington Formula One F1 - British Grand Prix - Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone, Britain - July 3, 2022 July 4, 2022 Alfa Romeo's Guanyu Zhou crashes at the start of the race REUTERS/Molly Darlington LONDON, July 4 (Reuters) - Formula One can learn an important safety lesson from the major crash of Chinese driver Guanyu Zhou at the British Grand Prix, according to Mercedes Driver George Russell. The Briton was involved in the accident on the first lap that saw Zhou's sparkling Alfa Romeo slide headfirst across the track before flying over the tire barriers and becoming wedged sideways in a gap between the safety fence and barrier. The newcomer later said his life was saved by the titanium Halo head protection system. "It was awful, he was stuck in that position, (there was) nothing he could have done," Russell, who was there quickly after jumping out of his battered car, told reporters at Silverstone. "We have to think to avoid a car getting stuck in such a narrow gap," added the director of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association (GPDA). "The space between the barriers and the metal fence and he was just stuck there, nowhere to go. Had the car caught fire, as was the case with Romain Grosjeans Haas, who broke through the metal barriers in Bahrain with the Frenchman in 2020." If he freed himself quickly, there would have been no escape. In the first lap, the Alfa's tank would have caught more than 100 kg of fuel. Former racer Anthony Davidson, now a Sky Sports pundit, questioned why there was a gap between the fence and the barrier and questioned the apparent failure of the Alfa's roll bar structure. "There are photos I've seen of the aftermath of the accident where the actual roll bar appears to be missing," Davidson said. "The roll bar was supposed to be as strong as the halo that stayed intact at all times, protecting the driver's head from impact, and it didn't. "We sometimes criticize the (ruling) FIA, but in these cases you have to show them how a lot they helped us," said the Spaniard, who also highlighted how the halo had worked in a major Formula 2 crash on Sunday morning. "What happened to the halo today, it probably saved two lives," he added added.


Smooth or medium?

Codemasters presents their annual update of their F1 franchise with the new car designs and circuits, but is there enough else to justify a purchase? (Author: Gardener)

annualDespite impeccable TV coverage, a gluttonous budget for yachts and cars that cost as much to develop as a small country's GDP, actually racing on the Formula 1 circuit is a grim, sordid affair. High winds, shocking in-car temperatures, debris and bits of rubber fouling the tracks, and crystallized excretions from drivers' diapers all conspire to create a fetid and sweaty asphalt swamp not dissimilar to Milton Keynes in mid-August. Meanwhile, Codemasters has held the F1 license since 2008 and has managed to refine its product into such a fine art of customizable simulation that they've covered both the sim and arcade demographics while being powered by EA, the giant of the game makers, were swallowed up. The upshot of all this is that every year Codemasters throws out a shiny new version of Formula 1, wriggling for new ideas and missing a trick in the process - bringing the real spit and sawdust of F1 to the drivers and players on the track. New for 2022 is "F1 Life", an attempt to infuse players with the personal wealth and narcissism of F1 drivers, allowing you to buy branded clothing and boring supercars with your vast fortune while participating in the normal racing season. This brainstorm, no doubt an uninspired decision after a particularly lengthy board meeting at EA Sports, manages to miss the point of an F1 game altogether while ignoring the shocking economic woes afflicting the majority of consumers. Escapism is well and good for most video games, but rubbing our noses at the massive disposable incomes of F1 drivers in a licensed product seems wanton and Thatchereqsue, especially in the current economic climate. In addition to branded clothing and furnishings for your immaculately unassuming apartment, F1 Life features a garage that can house up to four supercars. These can also be driven in a selection of challenges across all F1 tracks, but I'm not sure why you'd want to do this as they behave like a bunch of British Leyland sedans compared to the F1 cars of the 80's. You can use real money to buy "pitcoin" (yawn) to replenish your avatar's wardrobe/apartment/dildo collection, but why on earth anyone in their right mind would choose to do so is beyond me. It just belittles what a solid arcade/sim is and has replaced the story mode and classic F1 cars as "bonus" content, which was both relevant and great fun to race. The 2022 F1 season features cars that are heavier, wheels that are 5″ larger, enforced designs are simpler, cup holders are banned and “ground effect” designs are now an integral part of the downforce that cars use to land on the Tracks can grab fast speed. The latter has caused major problems for Mercedes in the first half of the 2022 season, with both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell complaining of severe back pain as the cars 'swim' on the straights, along with the inconvenience of having nowhere to put their cappuccino anywhere during of the race. Codemasters has dutifully updated the specs on the cars, so the handling is noticeably different from the 2021 iteration, and the noticeable weight and steering response have been expertly simulated. Understandably, Codemasters wants to play it safe, and undoubtedly the license agreement states that any problem encountered by a single manufacturer should not be exploited by a video game simulation. Which brings me to collisions and accidents, an integral part of the sport that adds to the excitement of racing and shows the bravery of drivers regularly exceeding 200mph during a race, not to mention the G-forces. Delving into F1 2022's options, the maximum collision damage and simulation levels just don't seem to illustrate how cars collide and shatter during a real F1 event. There is a limitation in the way the game was programmed that negates the potential for spectacular crashes and how a number of other factors miss the essential spirit of the sport. The cold, dead eyes and weird mouths (which seem to offer a glimpse into the void) tend to break disbelief, and compared to the graphical accuracy on the track, it suggests that Codemasters put some budget into improving it must redirect the driver's faces. But calling out a multi-million pound license for its foibles is quite important considering that despite various bells and whistles, there's a cash cow here ready to be milked. But despite all of the above, the real excitement of racing and insane sense of speed from Codemasters continues to be delivered admirably. The above customization options are aimed at players looking to immerse themselves in arcade-style racing, or at the other end of the spectrum, technical devotees looking to experience the unforgiving nature of F1 as a full simulation. Research and development of your team's auto-returns, allowing for judicious use of funds to iron out any deficiencies as the season progresses, and points can be earned during pre-race training sessions, either at the track or as an automatic option that takes you straight to can jump qualification. Attending at least one of the practice sessions is highly recommended just to learn how the new cars behave on each track. F1 2022 works incredibly well no matter what level you're racing at, and if you can manage to strike a balance between the challenge of competition and the handling for you, it's hugely compulsive and, most importantly, fun. Despite the updated tracks and cars, I'd rather recommend either F1 2021 (which lacks story mode from 2022) or F1 2020 (featuring a variety of classic F1 cars). There is a negligible difference in the quality of the races in both games and all aspects of management are present and correct, and most importantly, "F1 Life" and its microtransactions are just a wink for an EA manager. Any avid F1 fan keen to experience the latest cars and circuits will not be disappointed with the racing quality and attention to detail. Just stay away from "F1 Life" which will hopefully be jettisoned for 2023.


The great first half of NASCAR, Tyler Reddick's victory and Formula 1's Silverstone race

The first half of NASCAR feels like the "best season ever", Tyler Reddick finally gets his first win and more in this week's top 5. (Author: Gardener)

NASCARFive thoughts after this weekend's NASCAR race at Road America and the Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone... The first half of the NASCAR Cup Series schedule is complete, and it's hard to imagine how it would have been can walk better. It seemed like there was something for everyone in the opening 18-point races, even for those who have wildly different standards of what makes a good season. They have an amazing five first-time Cup Series race winners already this season, including all three road courses plus the Daytona 500. There have been a few Cup Series seasons in recent history (2012, 2013 and 2015 to name a few) with zero first-time winners. In the first 18 races there were already 13 different race winners; 2013 saw only 13 winners throughout the year. On top of that nobody has more than two wins in the first 18 races - apparently the first time ever. do you like good races Eleven races in the "Was it a good race?" have ratings of 80 percent or more - which is on track to break last year's record of 15 (this is the seventh season of the poll). Three seasons (2016, 2017 and 2020) didn't even have 10 races that scored 80 percent or more over the 38-race schedule. Do you like wrecks and yellow flags? In mid-June, NBC's Dustin Long noted that crash and spin warnings were up 72.7 percent this season. Then you may have enjoyed seeing the sudden success of Trackhouse Racing, who have become a steadfast contender and may even be able to challenge for the championship this fall. But from what we've seen so far, Fox just seems to have been a year early. If the first half was any indication, 2022 could be NASCAR's best season yet. Through Sunday, Reddick had five second-place finishes in the NASCAR Cup Series without a win. And that doesn't even count other close encounters and disappointments, like the February race at Fontana when he led for 90 laps but finished 24th. "There's a lot of things I could have done differently in those five second places when I could have won the race, so I'm trying to look back and learn from that," Reddick said. "Hopefully I don't make the same mistakes when I'm in a position to win a race again." He certainly didn't make those mistakes at Road America. If there was ever a time for a rider to fold or choke, it would have been Sunday. There was Reddick, who led the race on the final laps after passing the current top NASCAR street racer in Chase Elliott, with a playoff spot in his sights. The seemingly endless laps around the Wisconsin Circuit - 14 corners, more than four miles - would give a driver ample opportunity to screw up a corner or go off the track. But Reddick didn't. And as he put together the best ride of his Cup Series career, the Richard Childress Racing driver finally began to see the potential that everyone had long known was there. It's not like Reddick has been under the radar and victory has crept up on everyone. His groundbreaking driving style has garnered attention in the NASCAR world since he has won back-to-back Xfinity Series titles. The runners-up and close finishes gave off a similar vibe to Kasey Kahne, Kyle Larson and Elliott - riders whose talent was obvious but who first suffered through the fasts and what-ifs before they hit the winning lane for the first time. That's why Reddick was more relieved than anything on Sunday. Even in preseason testing, Reddick had heard other riders say this was going to be his breakout season and he felt the same way. When he fell out of the playoff picture with just two top-15 finishes in his last eight races, the frustration and pressure started to mount. But winning fixes everything, and Reddick ticked that box. A winner of the NASCAR Cup Series, he's secured a spot in the playoffs and at the age of 26 he can focus on realizing the tremendous potential he seems to possess. In the midst of what should be a career season, Leclerc becomes F1's Charlie Brown instead; Every time it looks like he's going to kick (American) football, Ferrari does something to pull him away. Check out the latest example from Sunday's British Grand Prix at Silverstone, when Leclerc led the race and a safety car came out. Ferrari had a free pit stop for one of its drivers: either Leclerc, who was leading the race and had more pace than teammate Carlos Sainz (as has been the case all season) - or Sainz, who was running second but well behind Leclerc in the championship standings . It hit Sainz, who then used fresh, soft tires to overtake Leclerc on older, hard tires and headed away to his first career F1 win. While that's great for Sainz, it's not great for the team. If anyone from Ferrari has a chance of winning the championship this year - if Max Verstappen and Red Bull collapse - it's Leclerc, who has won two of the first three races of the season and has six poles. Leclerc and Sainz started the year on equal footing, but Leclerc's early success coupled with Sainz's struggles should have made it clear who the team's No. 1 driver was. And yet, with Leclerc stuck behind Sainz early in the race and Lewis Hamilton winning on both, Leclerc's request to have Ferrari swap positions was denied for too long. Saying later to stay out on old tires while Sainz got the fresh rubber was nonsensical, especially as Verstappen was having a bad day. Had Ferrari pitted Leclerc and he won the race, it would have put him 19 points clear of Verstappen (who finished seventh). Instead, Leclerc struggled to hold onto fourth place, gaining just six points over Verstappen and actually losing ground to second in the standings as Sergio Perez landed on the podium. It wouldn't be such a problem if this was an isolated incident, but Leclerc seems to suffer from disappointments and heartbreak on a weekly basis - whether it's from Ferrari's head-scratching strategy calls or reliability issues that have thwarted their fast cars. One would think Leclerc's speed this season might even things out at some point as he beats the Red Bull cars and finishes on top of the podium several more times. But he could use a little more help from his own team if that's going to happen. As a race umpire, NASCAR officials have a whistle when drivers cross the finish line. It's about time they took advantage of it. When an enraged Noah Gragson blatantly dumped Sage Karam during Saturday's Xfinity Series race at Road America, it sparked a 13-car pile-up that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in destroyed equipment and left one driver gasping for breath let. NASCAR officials decided to do nothing about Gragson, who continued and finished eighth. NASCAR has a responsibility to draw a line somewhere — and if Gragson's stride hasn't risen to that level, then what has? A serious accident during the @NASCAR_Xfinity Series race at @RoadAmerica. To be clear, this is not a personal attack on Gragson who is good for the sport as a whole and has plenty to talk about for NASCAR fans with his aggressive driving, over-the-top celebrations, unique style and fan-friendly demeanor. NASCAR just can't leave its competitors that far out of bounds without some sort of reaction as it will lead to worse wrecks on the road. A post-race chat with a rider is not enough; Officials must issue at least one multi-lap penalty, if not, park the offending driver for the remainder of the race (and drivers have certainly been parked for much less in the past). Yes, it's true, NASCAR built its brand on full-contact incidents and uses them as a promotional tool. A well-played Xfinity series commercial features Gragson throwing punches. It's easy to be tempted to think differently, but racing remains a dangerous sport. The cars may be safer than ever, but one driver shouldn't be allowed to test the safety advances of the entire field by losing his nerve and dropping someone down the straight at full speed. At one end of the busy paddock at the Miami Grand Prix in May, people snapped photos of the driver most often dubbed the Next American in Formula One: Colton Herta, who currently races in IndyCar. But at the other end, at a glass-topped table in front of Williams Racing's hospitality area, sat the driver who might have gotten there first. Meet 21-year-old Logan Sargeant, who became the first American to win a Formula 2 race with a win at Silverstone on Sunday (IndyCar's Alexander Rossi won a race in the series in 2013, when it was still known as GP2). Sargeant, a member of the Williams Driver Academy, won the race from pole position and moved up to third place overall for a series known as the launchpad for Formula One. "I don't mind if I'm first or second or whatever, as long as I can make it there," Sargeant had said in Miami when the subject of American F1 drivers was raised. "That's all that matters. Wearing a dark blue Williams team shirt and light blue shorts, Sargeant squinted in the sun of his native South Florida and appeared relaxed as he discussed his career path and future. He decided to move to Europe because The F1 ranking system gave him the best opportunity to prepare - he could race on the same Pirelli tyres, familiarize himself with the same circuits that F1 uses and adjust to a similar lifestyle, albeit older brother Dalton ended up on the NASCAR path (he won four ARCA races as a teenager and started 22 Truck Series races), Logan found that chasing the best competition from his youth karting days steered him down the open-wheel route just had fun and wanted to keep racing," said Logan. Sargeant now lives in the heart of London and spends his days going to the gym and on the simulator at Williams and Carlin (who uses his F2 car) to work. Although his first driver coach was George Russell - the former Williams driver who now drives for Mercedes in F1 - Sargeant has no illusions about the difficulties he will have to actually make the next step into F1. A win like Sunday helps, but he needs a lot more. "It's all performance-based," Sargeant said. “Nothing really matters except the results. It's a ruthless sport.


How to build your own and become a pro

Here's what all values ​​do and why you shouldn't just use Jarno Opmeer's setups. (Author: Gardener)

OpmeerSetting up a Formula 1 car has long been the scariest and most rewarding aspect of sim racing. It's an intimidating array of menus for anyone new to Vehicle Engineering 101, but the rewards are plentiful. Not only do you get a car that's faster and finally clears that ghost you've been driving at P113.654 on the leaderboard for the last hour, you get a car that's tuned to your personal driving style and it's just as much easier to manage is control as a result. In the former, you can enter a very rough set of values ​​for a given track that could give you a speed advantage over the AI, e.g. E.g. maximum downforce in Monaco or maximum top speed in Baku. However, they're not granular enough to give you truly customized setups per circuit, and if you want to compete for online ranked podiums and high ranked positions, you need something more tailored to each circuit. You can also download setups through Steam Workshop, although you'll have to do this outside of the game - awkwardly, you can't browse them without going back to the Steam level, downloading the setups you want, and then updating your list of Steam Workshop settings in-game. Find the most downloaded and top rated setups for the track you want. Don't worry too much about the custom car the creator used, that matters much less than the requirements of the track. It's worth downloading two or three setups per track from the workshop at the same time and trying them all out. You'll find that they all require slightly different driving styles - lower downforce setups require smooth, deliberate steering and modulated brake and throttle inputs, while higher downforce setups require high corner exit speed to offset their increased drag on straights. You'll invariably find that you'll go faster with one than the other, so it's worth spending a little time with several and discovering your Goldilocks setup. You can also copy setups directly from other racers on the Time Trial leaderboards. Simply highlight the driver profile on the leaderboard and select "Set as Rival" and then compete in a time trial. Now go into the setup options once you're in the pits by clicking on "Session Info", navigate to the leaderboard again, tag your competitor again - who should now have a green tick next to their name - and click Load Setup. the dropdown menu. However, what you'll probably find is that by copying these setups, you won't magically end up going as fast as the best sim racing esports drivers in the world. (Or, wait a minute - is it me who found this?) These drivers are incredibly precise on inputs, timings and modulation, and their setups are built around that alien-animal driving style. If you can't match their inputs, you'll probably find they're not making you faster. To the right of the times on the leaderboard you'll see icons showing the assists the riders used to set their time. The top times usually feature zero assists. Ultimately, it's fastest to ride without assists, but of course that comes with an increased challenge. Only you know your riding style, your control method and your support level, so only you can adjust a setup accordingly. Maximum payload also changes your car's behavior, increasing braking distances and causing understeer from all the weight you're lugging around. In Time Trial mode, fuel and tire wear are turned off, so you can add minimal fuel and forget about it. Setting higher wing values ​​creates more downforce and therefore more aero grip when cornering. This allows you to turn quicker and reach the apex of a corner, but also introduces oversteer, where the sudden change of direction throws the car off balance and the rear pops out, and increases drag on straights, lowering your top speed. Lower wing values ​​increase top speed on a straight line, but result in less quick turn-in and therefore more understeer. In general you want as little downforce as possible since you will be spending most of your time on straights. The balance here is to keep the car predictable and driveable and not lose straight line speed or create too much understeer. Setting the front wing a little higher than the rear wing helps keep the car on the ground, and low downforce setups are usually easier for gamepad players to maintain control. Wheel players can smooth these inputs on high downforce setups to compensate for oversteer. Many of the faster F1 22 setups to date prefer relatively open values ​​as the cars are so choppy under traction this year. A higher lockup ratio would give you better acceleration if you could handle the slippery behavior out of corners. Unlocked is best for pad players with less travel on their throttle axis, Locked may be easier to control for wheel players whose pedals offer a lot more travel and therefore modulation. In all honesty, only Adrian Newey probably understands why tiny changes in angle in the wheels produce different cornering behavior, but many setups in F1 22 so far hit camber to the maximum and toe to the minimum. This would increase tire wear outside of time trial mode and may need to be changed in career mode races, but these values ​​will give you grippier cornering due to the amount of tires making contact with the track surface. Higher negative camber helps on tracks with long, high-speed corners like COTA or Jeddah. In Monaco or Montreal, most corners are so slow that it can be quicker to prioritize longitudinal traction by driving less negative camber. There are values ​​here for front and rear suspension, anti-roll and ride height. These are particularly important values ​​this year considering that the cars generate so much downforce from their floors. Softer suspension setups corner and follow furniture like apexes more flexibly, lean into corners and engulf rumble strips, but they also mean the car wobbles around more vertically. This creates variable levels of airflow under the car, and increasing the distance from the subfloor to the track surface causes more air to flow underneath, which destabilizes the car. The trick is that stiffer suspension setups do the same thing – if your springs aren't absorbing the uneven surface of a curb, you're also creating variable subfloor-to-track clearance, which negatively impacts your downforce. As with aero downforce, you're usually looking for the stiffest setup you can get away with while still cruising the track. Softer setups are usually easier to ride but lose time, so the sweet spot is in a stiff set of values ​​that won't trip you up. Yes, they slow you down, but you're going to need them for the turns and stuff. In time trials, this is easy for anyone using anti-lock braking assistant: just set it to max. Shorter braking distances, no worries about overheating or increased wear. In career mode, however, you'll need to consider these latter points even with ABS, so beat them a touchdown of max. You can change your brake bias on the fly during a lap, but these setup options also give you the ability to have different front and rear values enter brake pressure. Well, if you're constantly feeling understeer when braking through all the corners of a circuit, setting higher front brake pressure can alleviate that. Reverse this process to alleviate jerky steering under braking and shift balance backwards. While you could set them all differently if you wanted to, being consistent is almost always a better idea. PSI doesn't change a car's behavior dramatically, but softer tires may feel more grippy at lower speeds. Conversely, a high PSI value can result in lower rolling resistance and smoother behavior in really fast corners. This is often used as a compensator for another setting, e.g. B. Stiff suspension but low PSI or vice versa. Each value you change affects all others. Aero affects traction, which changes suspension behavior, which affects braking. Knowing how to balance your setup is the real trick, and it takes a lot of trial and error. However, you can learn how it's done by studying the setups used by pro racers.


Sky F1 commentator accuses Lineker of 'encouraging reckless behaviour'

Gary Lineker has been urged by Sky F1 commentator Martin Brundle to "not encourage reckless behaviour" after the BBC pundit tweeted his support for the Silverstone circuit's climate protest (Author: Gardener)

LinekerGary Lineker today supported eco-idiots who stormed the British Grand Prix and brushed aside claims that their stunt could have 'cut into 100 pieces' and killed a driver, fan or marshal. The Match of the Day presenter, 61, who is paid £1.36million a year by the BBC, has been accused of encouraging "reckless behaviour" and disregarding the company's impartiality rules after declaring: "The story will look back very positively on these people'. He also said it was "ridiculous" to suggest that drivers continued to drive on the track while protesters blocked Silverstone's Wellington Straight. One critic, in response to Mr Lineker, said: "BBC impartiality rules obviously don't apply". Lewis Hamilton has also thrown his support behind climate activists by declaring: "Big up the protestors". Police arrested seven people after they ran through the trackside fence and onto the track following a horror accident involving Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu, prompting the race to be immediately red flagged. This ensured the cars returned to the pit lane at a reduced speed and prevented fatalities as the marshals quickly dragged the protesters off the track. Climate activist group Just Stop Oil claimed responsibility for the protest, which was widely condemned, and Lineker has now applauded the eco-fanatics' efforts. Sky F1 commentator Martin Brundle is among those who have accused Gary Lineker of irresponsibly using his platform as a BBC presenter with 8.5million Twitter followers to support their action. Mr Brundle said: "Gary, please do not encourage this inconsiderate behaviour. "They would have been cut into 100 pieces and fans, marshals and drivers would have been at full risk of injury and death. I fully support freedom of speech and expression, but do it responsibly.' But Mr Lineker hit back: "The risk of death from climate change is far greater for everyone than trying to delay a car race". And he denied there was a safety issue, tweeting another critic: "So you think they're racing with people on the track? This morning, in response to an appearance by James Skeet, a spokesman for Just Stop Oil, on Good Morning Britain, Match of the Day host Lineker tweeted: "Unless it's already too late, the story is going to be very positive on this one people look back. This sparked the reaction of Martin Brundle, a former F1 driver and now a prominent figure as a commentator on Sky Sports F1, who was quick to take issue with Lineker's 8.5million followers supporting the protesters. Just Stop Oil tweeted following their recent protest: "A group of Just Stop Oil supporters stormed the track at #BritishGP2022. We are demanding that the Government halt new oil and gas projects in the UK immediately and we will continue to pause sport, cultural events and oil until that demand is met. "How many young people have to come forward before the government listens?" Lineker is a priority when it comes to climate change. He added: “Right, I'm done with the wearisome, misinformed climate change deniers. Northamptonshire Police issued a pre-race appeal, urging would-be protesters not to risk lives protesting at the track, but that plea fell on deaf ears during the group's recent defiance at a sporting event. A string of Premier League games over a week in mid-March were all targeted by the group. A 20-year-old student who is a member of the group ran onto the pitch during the Arsenal v Liverpool game, briefly bringing the game to a standstill. Further protests took place during Wolves v Leeds and West Ham v Tottenham, raising the profile of the protesting group. Without the race being abandoned on lap one after Zhou's horrific accident, in which he luckily escaped unharmed, the demonstrators would have encountered oncoming traffic at almost 300 km/h. Event Commander Chief Inspector Tom Thompson said after the track safety breach: “I'm really disappointed that this group of people ignored our pre-race day warnings and made the incredibly dangerous decision to take to the track. “We offered to host a peaceful event at the circuit, but instead they chose to risk the lives of the drivers, marshals and volunteers. It's incredibly disappointing that anyone would make the decision to do this. "Luckily we had plans for such an event and the group was quickly removed and arrested by our officers. “Finally, I would like to thank all officers and staff, as well as our partners, who have worked tirelessly on this police operation. Just Stop Oil is a coalition of groups wanting to ensure the government commits to ending the licensing and production of new fossil fuels. On its website, the group vowed to attack Britain's oil and gas infrastructure with non-violent direct action if the government did not end fossil fuel licensing and production by March 14, 2022.


US basketball star Brittney Griner stands trial in Moscow

The arrest and jailing of Brittney Griner on drug charges has dismayed supporters who believe the WNBA star is a pawn in US-Russia relations. (Author: Gardener)

USAmerican basketball star Brittney Griner was tried in Russia on Friday, 4½ months after her arrest for possession of cannabis oil, when she returned to play for a Russian team in a case amid strained relations between Moscow and Moscow Washington played. The first session of the trial, adjourned to Thursday, featured the fullest public interaction between Griner and reporters since the Phoenix Mercury Center and two-time U. Griner, 31, were escorted into the courtroom in the Moscow suburb of Khimki, during which handcuffed, was carrying a water bottle and what appeared to be a magazine, and was wearing a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt. Police said she was carrying vape canisters of cannabis oil when she was arrested at the airport. If convicted of large-scale drug trafficking, she faces up to ten years in prison. The state news agency Tass quoted Griner in court as saying that she understood the allegations against her. At a later date,” according to Mediazona, an independent Russian news site known for its coverage of high-profile court cases. Less than 1% of defendants in Russian criminal cases are acquitted, and unlike in U. Two witnesses were questioned by prosecutors: an airport customs officer who spoke in open court and an unidentified witness in a closed court, according to the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti. The trial was then adjourned, the agency said, when two more witnesses failed to appear. Alexander Boykov, a lawyer for Griner, said outside the court that he did not want to comment "on the details of the case and the charges against him" because it was too early. Boykov also told RIA-Novosti that she does sports and goes for walks in the detention area. Russian website Business FM said Griner, who sometimes smiled at reporters, said she wishes she could exercise more and that she struggles because she doesn't understand Russian. Alongside Mercury of the WNBA, she played in Russia for UMMC Ekaterinburg. S. Chargé d'Affaires in Moscow, was in court and said she spoke to Griner, who is "doing as well as can be expected in these difficult circumstances." "The Russian Federation wrongly arrested Brittney Griner," Rood said. The S. government is "working hard at the highest level to bring Brittney and all wrongfully detained US citizens home safely." At a closed-door preliminary hearing on Monday, Griner's detention was extended by six months to December 20. Griner was arrested less than a week before Russia invaded Ukraine, adding to already high tensions between the two countries. The US then imposed sweeping sanctions on Moscow, and Russia condemned the US for supplying arms to Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday denied that politics played a role in Griner's detention and prosecution. "The fact is that the famous athlete was arrested in possession of banned drugs containing narcotics," Peskov told reporters. "Given what I said, it can't be politically motivated." Griner's supporters had held off hoping for a quiet resolution until May, when the State Department deemed them wrongly imprisoned and assigned oversight of their case to the President's Special Envoy for Hostage Affairs, who is in fact U. Griner's wife. Cherelle, has urged President Biden to secure her release, calling her a "political pawn". Every time she is reminded that her teammate, her boyfriend, is unjustly imprisoned in another country," Phoenix Mercury coach Vanessa Nygaard said Monday. Griner's supporters have sponsored a prisoner swap like the one in April that brought home Navy veteran Trevor Reed in exchange for a Russian pilot convicted of drug trafficking conspiracy. Russian news media have repeatedly raised speculation that Griner could be swapped out for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, nicknamed the "Dealer of Death," who is serving a 25-year sentence for conspiring to murder U. Russia has campaigned for Bout's release for years. But the wide discrepancy between Griner's case - which involves alleged possession of vape cartridges containing cannabis oil - and Bout's global trade in lethal weapons could make such a swap uncomfortable for the US. Others have suggested she could be traded alongside Paul Whelan. a former Navy and Security director serving a 16-year sentence on a spying conviction that the U.


Phoenix Mercury's Brittney Griner trial begins in Russian court

WNBA star Brittney Griner was put on trial Friday, 4 1/2 months after being arrested at a Russian airport. Her next court date is scheduled for July 7th. (Author: Gardener)

Brittney GrinerMOSCOW - American basketball star Brittney Griner was put on trial on Friday, 4 1/2 months after her arrest for possession of cannabis oil, when she returned to play for a Russian team in a case amid strained relations between the two Moscow and Washington played. S.'s Olympic champion was arrested at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport in February after police said she had vape canisters of cannabis oil with her. If convicted of large-scale drug trafficking, she faces up to ten years in prison. Griner, 31, was escorted to the courtroom in the Moscow suburb of Khimki in handcuffs and wearing a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt. At a closed-door preliminary hearing on Monday, her detention was extended by a further six months, to December 20, and her next court hearing was set for July 7. Her case comes at an extraordinary low point in Moscow-Washington relations. Griner was arrested less than a week before Russia sent troops to Ukraine, adding to already high tensions between the two countries. S. then imposed far-reaching sanctions on Moscow, and Russia condemned the United States for supplying arms to Ukraine. S. Chargé d'Affaires in Moscow, was in court and said she spoke to Griner, who is "doing as well as can be expected in these difficult circumstances." "The Russian Federation wrongly arrested Brittney Griner," Rood said. The S. government "is working hard to bring Brittney and all wrongfully detained US citizens home safely." Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Friday denied that politics played a role in Griner's arrest and prosecution. "The fact is that the famous athlete was arrested in possession of banned drugs containing narcotics," Peskov told reporters. "Given what I said, it can't be politically motivated," he added. What you should know: After 4 months in prison, Brittney Griner is scheduled to begin the Russian trial in July. Griner's supporters had remained silent, hoping for a quiet solution, until May, when the State Department ruled they were wrongly imprisoned and shifted oversight of their case to his President's Special Envoy for Hostage Affairs — in fact, U. Griner's wife, Cherelle , urged President Joe Biden to secure her release and called her "a political pawn". Every time she is reminded that her teammate, her boyfriend, is unjustly imprisoned in another country," Phoenix Mercury coach Vanessa Nygaard said Monday. The coach hoped Biden would "take the steps to make sure she got home." Griner's supporters have sponsored a prisoner swap like the one in April that brought home Navy veteran Trevor Reed in exchange for a Russian pilot convicted of drug trafficking conspiracy. Phoenix Mercury: Public rally for Brittney Griner at Footprint Center on July 6 Russian news media have repeatedly raised speculation that she could be traded for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, nicknamed "Dealer of Death," who is serving a 25-year sentence for Conspiracy to Murder U. Somers: Brittney Griner's situation is simple; Bringing her home is anything but Russia, which has been lobbying for Bout's release for years. But the wide discrepancy between Griner's case - which involves alleged possession of vape cartridges containing cannabis oil - and Bout's global trade in lethal weapons could make such a swap uncomfortable for the US. Others have suggested she could be traded alongside Paul Whelan. a former Navy and Security director serving a 16-year sentence on a spying conviction that the United States has repeatedly called fraud. Secretary of State Antony Blinken dodged the question when asked on CNN on Sunday whether a joint swap of Griner and Whelan for Bout was being considered. I have no higher priority than making sure Americans who are illegally detained in one way or another around the world come home," he said. But he said he "can't comment in detail on what we're doing other than to say it's an absolute priority".


WNBA star Brittney Griner's trial begins in Russia

The cannabis oil possession trial in Moscow against WNBA player Brittney Griner began Friday, with Griner facing a possible sentence of up to 10 years in a Russian prison if convicted. (Author: Gardener)

Brittney Griner'sJULY 1 (UPI) - The cannabis oil possession trial in Moscow against WNBA player Brittney Griner began Friday, with Griner facing a possible sentence of up to 10 years in a Russian prison if convicted. Griner, 31, appeared in court Friday wearing a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt and handcuffs. She faces drug transport charges after Russian officials allegedly found cannabis oil in vape cartridges in her luggage in February. A prosecutor told the court Friday that Griner transported less than a gram of cannabis oil in two cartridges for personal use, CNN reported. Cannabis oil is classified as a narcotic in Russia, Russian radio BFM reported. Griner's attorney, Alexander Boikov, told reporters Friday after the trial was adjourned that a customs officer who searched Griner's bag gave evidence and Griner had not commented on the charges. The trial will resume on July 7 when more witnesses are due to present their evidence. Griner has been detained in Russia since February 17 and her detention was extended by six months during the trial. S. Olympic gold medalist and Phoenix Mercury player playing WNBA off-season in Russia. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said earlier this week that Griner was "wrongly and wrongly imprisoned, and we have clarified that as an official US government finding." Griner's wife, Cherelle Griner, wants President Joe Biden to intervene directly to try to free Brittney Griner. Chargé d'Affaires Elizabeth Rood said in an email statement to the Washington Post that US diplomats were very sensitive to Griner's case and were able to speak with her in the courtroom on Friday. "She is doing as well as can be expected in these difficult circumstances," Rood said. RELATED Wife of Jailed WNBA Star Brittney Griner Urges Biden to 'Get Her'


ESPN insider calls Russian trial of Brittney Griner a 'sham'

According to ESPN, Brittney Griner's fate was reportedly decided before her trial in Russia began (Author: Gardener)

ESPNFor Baylor Bears and current WNBA superstar, Brittney Griner has been in detention in Russia for over 130 days after being arrested at Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport. Griner was allegedly found in possession of cannabis oil vape cartridges and faces charges of large-scale drug transportation. Griner could face up to 10 years in a Russian prison if convicted. According to ESPN insider T.J. Quinn, Griner's trial, which began July 1, is a "sham trial" that offers the Russian government nothing but drama. "There was no public evidence of guilt or innocence," Quinn tweeted. It is a sham process aimed at creating room for negotiation. And how do we know it's a sham trial? Because Russia offered to trade them. Once you negotiate someone, they are no longer a defendant but a hostage. Quinn also believes that the outcome of the trial has already been decided and that the only question is when, not if, Griner will be found guilty. The Russian government is also said to want to use Griner as a negotiating tactic in a prisoner exchange. According to Quinn, however, she is not the only American in Russian custody who is being used in this mansion. "There's an American named Paul Whelan who was arrested in 2018," Quinn said. Whelan was arrested in Moscow on espionage charges. Want the latest breaking news and insider news for the Baylor Bears?