Robin Roberts is "grateful" for the time she had to "charge" after Amber Laign completed radiation treatment

Last week, the Good Morning America host shared a video of Amber Laign ringing a bell to announce the end of her radiation treatment for breast cancer (Author: Gardener)

Amber LaignNEW YORK, NY - APRIL 14: Amber Laign and Robin Roberts celebrate Robin Roberts' 20th 'GMA' Anniversary outside of 'Good Morning America' on April 14, 2022 in New York City. NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 14: Amber Laign and Robin Roberts celebrate Robin Roberts' 20th 'GMA' Anniversary outside of 'Good Morning America' on April 14, 2022 in New York City. The 61-year-old news anchor returned to Good Morning America Monday morning after celebrating the end of her partner Amber Laign's radiation treatment for breast cancer. On Sunday night, Roberts posted a picture of her dog LuKas, a Tibetan Spaniel Papillion mix, to Instagram and wrote, "It's time to leave our happy place and as you can see @lil_man_lukas isn't too happy about it." Adding: "Sweet Amber and I are grateful for the time we've had to reflect, recharge and rejoice! See you Monday morning on @gma.#sundayvibes ❤️." RELATED: Robin Roberts on Faith, Love and the Power of Visibility: "We Can All Be Random, Random Activists" Roberts began Monday morning with another post featuring her "glam fam," as she dropped some words of wisdom. "We feel like we're being left out and we need to make a difference. Some people feel like they have to compromise themselves to maintain a relationship or get a position.” “What God has given your name goes to no one else,” added Roberts. She captioned the video: "Good morning! Bridgerton graduate Regé-Jean Page appeared alongside Roberts on Monday's GMA episode to talk about his latest project 'The Gray Man' in which he stars with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas and Julia Butters, among other things. The news anchor announced in February that she would "stay away from GMA from time to time" while her long-term partner was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. RELATED VIDEOS: Robin Roberts on the support she received when she became public: "I'm so happy I did it"


Robin Roberts & wife Amber Laign 'reflect' and 'recharge' after radiation treatment

Robin Roberts returned to Good Morning America Monday morning after her partner Amber Laign's radiation treatment ended (Author: Gardener)

Robin Roberts & wifeRobin Roberts has returned to her seat! The 61-year-old returned to Good Morning America Monday morning after her partner Amber Laign's radiation treatment for breast cancer ended. On Sunday, July 24, Roberts posted to Instagram a cute photo of her dog, LuKas, sticking out his pink tongue while staring intensely at the camera. The television personality used the image tagged Key West, Florida, to reveal they were leaving their "happy place," much to LuKas' disappointment. She continued, "Sweet Amber and I are grateful for the time we've had to reflect, recharge and rejoice!" Roberts finished the caption with, "See you Monday morning on @gma. Happy fans quickly flooded the comments section with excitement and anticipation for Monday's show. One person exclaimed that they were "so happy" that Roberts and loved ones are doing well, and another expressed delight at her return to GMA. A third fan wrote: "Glad you and Amber were able to rest, relax and recharge. But I'm glad to see you back at GMA. Upon her return, Roberts filmed a video with her "glam fam" in the dressing room and uploaded it to Instagram. In the clip, the Walter Cronkite Award winner shared some words of wisdom with fans, saying: "Part of the reason we rush and make bad decisions is because we think we're falling behind. We feel left out and need to make a difference. Some people feel like they have to compromise themselves to maintain a relationship or get a position." The "Danger!" innkeeper added, "What God has given your name goes to no one else." Roberts explained that what belonged to one person would not go to another. Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page joined Roberts in Monday's episode to discuss his latest film project, The Gray Man. Roberts' prolonged absence from GMA came years after a string of sick leave following her breast cancer diagnosis in 2007. Earlier this month, The Blast reported that Roberts and Laign have remained strong despite the latter's breast cancer battle. It was with joy and a sign of relief, therefore, that they received the news that Laign's radiation had ended. Roberts announced the completion of her partner's treatment with a short clip of Laign ringing the ceremonial cancer bell at the hospital. In the video uploaded to Instagram, the massage therapist wore a chic off-duty outfit that included a black tank top, baggy black-and-white striped pants, and a white hat that was intricately designed with brown detailing. Laign stood in front of a plaque on the hospital wall, next to the ceremonial bell, and read, "My treatment is complete, the course is complete and I'm on my way." She then rang the bell three times before removing her hat for a celebratory dance, waving her hands excitedly to the sounds of people in the background cheering and clapping. Roberts told fans in the caption that finishing radiation was "a very important phase" of "Sweet Amber's" treatment. She thanked her fans for the "well wishes and prayers" they were sending to her and her lover at this challenging time. The former ESPN sports reporter mentioned how proud she is of Laign and "all the other Thrivers" for their "courage and grace at a challenging time." This is indeed my #MondayMotivation [praying hands emoji].”


A few showers and storms on Sunday, but no washout

Meteorologist Daniel Johnson has the latest forecast. (Author: Gardener)

SundayYou are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. Top political issues among Millennials and Gen Z voters Andrew Yang and colleagues are preparing to launch the political party Forward Democrats are working to get a new climate deal across the finish line to help prepare JCPS students for the new school year Nationale Organization helping mothers who lost children to violence or addiction comes to Louisville Downtown Louisville business slump caught on video; LMPD tries to identify suspect Louisville doctors and urges people to dress up as CVOID-19 levels rise Wall of water floods Arizona streets Floods hit St. Louis area for 2nd time in a week Fair weather for Sports across the country on Friday Fair weather for many sporting events across the country on July 28 Another body found in Lake Mead as water levels continue to fall 'Harbingers of Doom': Anchor slams weather forecasters in over heatwave reports Heatwaves threaten transportation, food sources and lives around the world Above-average temperatures for the Central Plains and storms for the Midwest Heat remains in the South while severe storms hit the Northeast. A severe risk of storms persists in the south and west. Warming in Sou Mai as storms develop for parts of the Ohio Valley. Severe storm risk and sweltering heat for much of the central and eastern US. Heavy rain in parts of the South as Atlantic tropics intensify. Heat continues to dominate the Southeast while severe storms are a possibility for the Plains CNN Climate crisis correspondent Bill Weir is in New Orleans, where extreme heat of over 100 degrees has been felt


3 things we learned at Chicago Bears training camp, including David Montgomery's newfound motivation

Chicago Bears rookie Jaquan Brisker continues to earn the trust of coaches with his feel for the game and talent for making plays. (Author: Gardener)

ChicagoThe Chicago Bears completed their third practice session at Lake Forest training camp on Friday, with many notable moments on the field and in the press conferences that followed. When Kyler Gordon, a rookie defender, intercepted a pass from Justin Fields in the red zone at practice's first team rep, Brisker made a mental note. "Yeah," Brisker said with a big smile, "I'll be careful. When he got the first one, I was like, 'I've got to get one now. Brisker later hit a red zone pick of his own, disguised his cover and then grabbed a crucial break on a Fields pass to tight end Cole Kmet near the goal line. "Cole crossed my face," Brisker said. I made sure I caught the ball and just carried it into the field. "I felt like I was back in high school," he said. "I just wanted to get my hands on the ball again." [ [Don't Miss] Chicago Bears Rookie Report: Learning Curves for Kyler Gordon, Jaquan Brisker, Velus Jones and Others in Boot Camp ] After an impressive spring, Brisker continues to gain his trust coach with his flair for the game and talent for plays. Bears coach Matt Eberflus has made it clear that Brisker will be a week one starter and is confident that practice production of safety will carry over into games. "You can just see it," said Eberflus. "I'm a guy who looks at 'gear changes' where he can really accelerate and then [shows] body control after doing that to make plays. Some guys are fast but they don't know how to control their body to make the games. Montgomery voluntarily shared that information Friday, citing it as added motivation for him to continue pushing to be the best in himself throughout his NFL journey. "I'm looking forward to being a father," he said. "So it's just about making sure I'm the best version of myself to my girl and also being prepared to be the best dad I can be too." Montgomery is entering senior year of his rookie contract, ending a 2021 season in which he contributed with seven touchdowns for 1,150 yards from scrimmage. Still, Montgomery appears to have an important role to play up front and is preparing as usual, unperturbed by the new coaching staff's continued praise for his professionalism. "It's definitely good that someone recognizes it," Montgomery said. "At the same time, it's all about being a professional and that's exactly what I'm supposed to do. You don't get treats or coupons for being a pro. Either you're a pro or you're out of the NFL. I think I want to choose to be a pro." [ [Don't miss] Justin Fields makes progress on Luke Getsy's new Chicago Bears offense, but, "We still have a long way to go"] Montgomery said, Eberflus ' Constant emphasis on rush and intensity was welcome, but that personally , he also has other means of dodging complacency. "I remember not having many (scholarship) offers from high school," he said. I remember when I entered college I wasn't supposed to play as a freshman. And I remember when I came out in the draft, I got passed over a couple of times. Any concerns about getting his second contract? "I have a firm belief that God will take care of whatever He is asked to take care of," Montgomery said. Eberflus conceded center Lucas Patrick will be out indefinitely with a right hand injury. This is a first look at the coach's handling of injury information - foot on the accelerator on the freeways of the Evasive Highway. [ [Don't miss it] Chicago Bears center Lucas Patrick is expected to have right-hand surgery ] Offensive tackle Teven Jenkins, for example, missed his second straight practice session on Friday, and Eberflus declined to say whether the absence was due to injury or Illness was related or something else entirely. "He's working through something with the coaches," said Eberflus. Eberflus was similarly elusive about cornerback Thomas Graham, who is yet to be on the practice field this week. "He falls into the same category," said Eberflus. "We will not comment on the injury or anything like that." "I don't want people in our division and I don't want people in the league to look at our roster and say, 'Hey, they're going to do this and that' with injuries," he said. "If you don't have to report an injury now...why would you? In the case of Jenkins, Eberflus was reminded that the offensive tackle sophomore missed all of training camp and the first 11 games of last season after suffering a back injury that required surgery. "I understand the concern," said Eberflus.


Sunny and almost 90F Thursday

Another warm summer day is expected in the Twin Cities on Thursday under sunny skies. - DJ Kayser (Author: Gardener)

ThursdayThere won't be much to complain about across the state on Thursday, other than maybe the warm temperatures. Predominantly sunny skies are expected across the region, with highs typically in the 70's and 80's. In some areas of southern Minnesota, elevations could exceed the 90 F degree mark. Looking around the Twin Cities throughout the day, morning temperatures start out at around 70°F, with highs rising into the upper 80s at 90°F. Temperatures will climb even higher on Friday, hitting mid-90s lows in the Twin Cities before we see a cooling trend into the weekend behind a cold front that will stretch into Saturday. Sunday's highs will be in the mid-80s. Taking a closer look Friday and weekend, we'll see a slight chance of showers (and maybe a thunder roll or two) in southern Minnesota from the Twin Cities south. There is a slightly better chance of thunder rolling in the Twin Cities on Saturday before dry weather is expected on Sunday. While we could take advantage of the rainfall across the subway — and we could see some in the Friday-Saturday time frame — less than a quarter of an inch is expected to fall. Heavier rainfall levels are possible into far southeastern Minnesota with a potential of over an inch through Monday morning. Some of the storms south of the subway on both Friday and Saturday could be on the strong side, with marginal risk (threat level 1 out of 5) on Friday and the equivalent of slight risk (2 out of 5) on Saturday. Hail and wind will be the main threats from strong storms on both days, but a stronger wind threat could emerge on Saturday. Meanwhile, the state may be in for a whiff of a mixed temperature forecast as we near the end of the month. The 6-10 day temperature outlook, covering the period July 25-29, shows chances of above average temperatures in southern Minnesota but below average temperatures in the arrowhead. Something to keep an eye on - and at least there is a part of the state you could drive to if you want to cool off a bit as the forecast highs for that period in Duluth (up by the airport) may not be as high as the 70s ! Leave it to the meteorologists to make you feel worse than you thought possible. heat storms. The heat spike that swept Europe with all-time records and temperatures 30-40F above average came suddenly, like a traditional storm. Extreme heat, gusty winds and low humidity ignited wildfires. Power outages compounded the sauna-like misery, bringing back memories of the 2021 Pacific Northwest heat storm and a similar event that killed 730 Chicagoans in 1995. We're getting a glimpse of our new normal: dangerous, superheated bubbles of air unusually far north, compounded by a warming climate. Expect a comfortable Thursday (dew points in the 50s) with less wind before returning to the low 90s on Friday. The Twin Cities National Weather Service shows a 30-50% rainfall deficit over the southern half of Minnesota since late May. We need 5-6" of rain over a month to emerge from the drought. Best chance of rain comes Saturday and Tuesday, enough to settle the dust with 80's next week. THURSDAY: Sunny and windy. FRIDAY: Early thunder, then muggier Sunshine SATURDAY: Showers and T-gales likely SUNDAY: Partly sunny and less humid TUESDAY: Some showers and T-gales High 81 High 81 High 81 High 81 High 81 High 81 Winds NW 10-20 mph. Wind NW 10-20 mph. Wind NW 10-20 mph. Wind NW 10-20 mph. *Length of day: 15 hours 4 minutes and 57 seconds *Daylight lost since yesterday: 1 minute and 56 seconds *When do we drop below 15 Hours of daylight?: July 24 (14 hours, 58 minutes, 52 seconds) * When does the sun rise at/after 6 am?: August 3 (6:00 am) * When does the sun rise at/before Start of setting 8:30 PM?: August 8 (8:29 PM) 2002: Dew points reach 84 degrees in Madison, Morris and Olivia. This is the highest dew point t of all time in Minnesota, as recorded by the State Bureau of Climatology in 1934: Extreme heat hits western Minnesota, and the temperature peaked at 113 in Milan. Some cold fronts will drop south and east across the central and eastern United States on Thursday and bring the possibility of showers and thunderstorms. Record highs will still be possible in parts of Texas. While most areas of the nation will see less than 3 inches of rain by the end of the week, some of the heaviest rains could fall on parts of the Southeast. Google and Oracle data centers melt in UK heatwave More from Protocol: “Google and Oracle data centers in the UK struggled to function on Tuesday as record temperatures continue to heat Europe. According to Google Cloud's Service Health page, as of Tuesday morning, one of its London buildings hosting cloud services for one of its Western European regions was experiencing a "cooling-related outage." The company shut down services in part of that region to fix the problem. Meanwhile, Oracle faces similar problems. The Service Health page says it is working to fix the cooling system at its London data center and has shut down some of its services to "prevent uncontrolled hardware failures". Oracle said it expects service to be restored today.” Extreme rains will be worse and more frequent than we thought, according to new studies The supervisor told him a story about Queen Victoria, the monarch who ruled the British Empire for the most part of the 19th century ruled. The Queen was walking the grounds of one of her palaces, accompanied by a scientific adviser, when she noticed that it was raining heavily in one corner of her garden but not at all in another corner. "Since then, Imperial meteorologists have been trying to figure out why extreme rainfall can vary so much," said Studholme, who is now a researcher at Yale University. "Only now are we really getting the technology to answer that question." Earlier this month, Studholme and three colleagues at Yale published a study that seeks to refine our understanding of extreme precipitation now and in the future. She and other researchers suspect that the trick to accurately determining the magnitude and frequency of extreme rainfall isn't just measuring and tracking rain; it also depends on how researchers model climate change.” NYC subway floods show our transportation systems aren't climate change ready More from Gizmodo: “Torrential rains swept over New York City yesterday, inundating streets, highways and subway stations. Areas of the city saw record rainfall of about 3 inches in an hour, and Central Park recorded its most rain on any July 18 since records began in 1869, NY1 reported. The Bronx was one of the hardest-hit areas of the city, and the A train did not run for several hours while MTA crew members worked to clear water from the train's tracks, NBC4 News reported. America's public transportation systems are not prepared for the climate crisis. C. flooded several subway stations and streets, flooded platforms with water and tumbled down escalators." Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@dkayserwx) and like me on Facebook (Meteorologist D.


AEW Rampage Results (07/29) – Lee Moriarty Vs Matt Sydal, Ethan Page vs Leon Rufin

These are the official results from Wrestling INC. for "AEW Rampage" on July 29, 2022 with a teacher vs. student match. (Author: Gardener)

AEW Rampage ResultsWelcome to our Live “AEW Rampage” Viewing Party! Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt come out followed by Orange Cassidy and Best Friends. Jay Lethal, Satnam Singh, and Sonjay Dutt vs. Orange Cassidy and Best Friends (Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor) He points to Singh and calls him out, but Lethal switches to Dutt (who wrestles in a suit) instead. Cassidy delivers his signature kicks, but Dutt switches in mid-Singh. Cassidy tries to take out Singh with a dropkick, but Singh knocks him out. Lethal tags in and hits a series of stomps on Cassidy in the corner. Lethal bounces Cassidy off the top gym buckle and then hits a massive chop. He delivers a few more stomps, followed by a kick. Cassidy tagged in to Taylor and he defeated Lethal with three clotheslines. He delivers a belly to belly suplex and Beretta switches in. The two deliver the Soul Food Half anf Half combo and want their signature hug, but Singh stops them from doing so. Cassidy comes in and takes care of Lethal. Dutt walks in and taunts Cassidy's signature kicks. Cassidy grabs the pencil from Dutt's ear and breaks it off. After the match, Singh knocks out the Best Friends before Lethal hits Cassidy with the Lethal Injection. Wardlow's music blares to massive cheers and he comes to the ring. They compete against each other before Singh, Lethal, and Dutt retire. We go to a recap of the 2 of 3 tag team match between the Briscoes and FTR at Death Before Dishonor. Back from the break, Ethan Page comes to the ring with Leon Ruffin already waiting inside. The doorbell rings and Page walks right behind Ruffin. He sends him into the corner and delivers a few kicks. Page hits a shoulder tackle and then rams it into the top turn buckle. We cut to Stokley Hathaway and Leila Gray continuing to follow the game. Page delivers a right hand to Ruffin and hits the Ego's Edge for the win. He says he's been hanging out with the wrong people and offers him a spot at the factory. Back at ringside, Lee Moriarty comes out followed by Matt Sydal. The bell rings and Moriarty taunts Sydal. The two shake hands, but before Sydal lets go, Moriarty delivers a headbutt. He delivers a front chancery but Sydal fires back with a knee kick. Sydal kicked Moriarty in the face followed by a low drop kick. He delivers a standing moonsault, then attempts a pin but Moriarty kicks out. Moriarty slides outside but Sydal hits a baseball dropkick followed by a top rope moonsault. Moriarty comes back and sends Sydal back to the barricade first. Moriarty hits him in the face with a boot and then throws him back in the ring. Sydal hits Moriarty's thigh with a kick, but Moriarty fires back with a kick of his own. Sydal hits a round house kick but Moriarty lassos. Moriarty knees Sydal in the head, but Sydal fires back with a question mark kick. Sydal hits the Lightning Spiral, then goes for a pin but Moriarty kicks out. Stokley Hathaway comes to the ring and watches. He wants a pin but Moriarty steps out. Moriarty secures victory on Sydal in the Border City Stretch. After the match, Moriarty locks up the submission a little longer. Hathaway gets in the ring and offers him his card again. Moriarty takes the card and poses. She says it's wise for Rosa to keep Storm by her side because deep down she knows Storm can beat her. Back at ringside, Tony Schiavone introduces Claudio Castagnoli along with William Regal. We hear from new ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli as the crowd chants "You deserve it" before Schiavone asks how it feels to be the new ROH World Champion. Castagnoli thanks the fans and says they were always there for him through everything. He says it's an honor to be the new champion and says it's just the beginning. He leads Wheeler Yuta into the ring and Yuta comes down. Chris Jericho exits commentary saying he can't hear the crowd cheering for them. He says they deserve a boot up the ass, but Yuta interrupts him and tells him to shut up. Yuta completes his sentence saying that his match against Garcia helped build his confidence and he's pretty sure he can beat Jericho too. Jericho almost laughs at him, saying he can't hit him. Yuta says he's scared and nervous while Regal and Castagnoli say Yuta can hit him. Jericho challenges Yuta on "Dynamite" and Yuta refuses the challenge, saying he already knows he can beat him. Jericho grows more and more angry and says he is so confident that he can beat him that he will jeopardize his title shot at Quake on the Lake. Yuta says it's his turn and the match is set. Back from break, the acclaimed premiere celebrates her new music video. A Dumpster match for Dynamite is announced between the two teams. Anna Jay comes out followed by Ruby Soho with a bang. The doorbell rings and the two lock up. Jay sends Soho down and kicks her in the face. Soho comes back with a shoulder tackle followed by some chops. Soho takes a knee to Jay's face, followed by a back elbow. Jay kicks Soho's injured hand, followed by a kick to her head. Jay continues her attack on Soho and then stomps her in the chest. She goes after a pin, but Soho kicks out. Jay forearms Soho and then sends her straight to the mat. Jay elbows Soho then attempts a pin but Soho kicks out. Jay goes after Soho's arm and pulls off the brace. Soho fires back with some forearms, but Jay hits a thrust kick. Soho delivers a series of quick headbutts followed by a kick to the side of Jay's head. Soho hits a back heel trip, then goes for a pin but Jay kicks out. Soho escapes and encounters No Future. She wants a pin but Jay steps out. Soho tells Jay she made the wrong choice and then climbs to the top turning buckle. Soho escapes, but Jay grabs Soho's splint while the referee is distracted and imprisons the Queen Slayer again, putting her to sleep for the win.


2 dead, 2 injured in shootings in Baltimore Saturday morning

WBAL Radio 1090 AM - 2 dead, 2 injured in Baltimore shooting Saturday morning (Author: Gardener)

morningTwo people died and two others were injured in four shootings in Baltimore City on Saturday morning. Police said they responded to the 1700 block of East Oliver Street around 12:30 p.m. to receive a ShotSpotter alert. Upon arrival, officers said they found a 19-year-old man and a 21-year-old man, both suffering from gunshot wounds. Anyone with information is asked to call the detectives at 410-396-2100 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7Lockup. Officials said they responded to the 1600 block of West North Avenue shortly after 8:30 a.m. to receive a ShotSpotter alert. Upon arrival, police searched the area and said they found a 58-year-old man with obvious gunshot wounds on the 1800 block of North Mount Street. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, officials said. Anyone with information is asked to call the police at 410-396-2477 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7Lockup. The latest shooting on Saturday occurred just after 11:10 a.m. in northwest Baltimore. Police said they responded to a shot spotter alert at Block 1800 of Gwynns Falls Parkway. Upon arrival, officers said they located an 18-year-old man who had been shot. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later died, police said. Homicide investigators are asking anyone with information to call them at 410-396-2100 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7Lockup.


How to be more productive on social media

Save time and money by using these tools to discover and manage social media... (Author: Gardener)

Anyone who has invested time managing and building a social media following knows that it can create a time vacuum. Social media marketing is an important part of customer acquisition and sales strategies. You need to focus on running your business and minimizing the time spent distributing content until you can afford to hire someone to manage it all. How can you save time managing your social media? Social media admins can save time by managing their channels with third-party apps. You may find that one app works for Facebook, but you prefer another for Twitter. The right apps will help you organize content and stop wasting time on motivation Monday through Saturday! Below are some of the apps that can minimize distractions and make you more productive. Price points are low - from free to under $300 per month - depending on the number of users and accounts. The first social media management tool is Hootsuite Pro. This app can handle multiple social networks including Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ and can even post to YouTube. Hootsuite offers a free version that's perfect for businesses just starting out. Hootsuite Pro can upload spreadsheet posts in bulk. Teams can save draft posts to keep for approval or to reuse later. Related: How to choose the best social media marketing tool for your business Google Alerts has been my go-to app for years for keeping me up to date on tech news and finding content to share on social channels. It's a free and easy way to find content for your social media channels, but there are better apps that can keep everything organized and productive. Feedly is a website that organizes content from RSS feeds and podcasts. Content can be grouped into folders to reduce clutter in your inbox. I use it to organize posts to read later and to find interesting content to share. The app also ranks content based on popularity, letting readers know what's trending. One of Feedly's handy features is that it can also pull YouTube feeds into folders. An annual subscription gives users access to all integrations, including Hootsuite and two other tools, IFTTT and Buffer. Buffer is a direct competitor to Hootsuite, which queues social media posts across multiple social channels. Hootsuite is a little easier to learn than Buffer. Both are relatively easy to use once you get the hang of them. Related: Why You're Not Getting Customers From Social Media For those just starting to build an Instagram following, a free and simple app called Followers Insight can help. It's very easy to use and has few features, including who follows an account or not. Iconosquare is far more robust than either of the above two apps. I'm very active on Twitter and have some Twitter management tools running. Who. Unfollowed.Me lets me know who's playing the follow-then-unfollow game to increase their vanity counts. Another app, UnTweeps, sorts out inactive Twitter accounts. TweetDeck is a must for keeping up with fast-paced Twitter chats, although Hootsuite can be used for chats too. Also See: 3 Ways to Grow Your Business With Free Social Media Analytics SEMRush is another online tool I use. It's positioned as a keyword research tool, but it also has some social media tools. SEMRush's social media tool monitors and evaluates the engagement, activity and growth of your social media account and that of your competitors. On one of my projects, a competitor gained an amazing 30,000 followers in a month! The app reported which content was responsible for the surge in follower growth. If you need to write an article or blog post, use keyword research along with your website and social media analytics to get inspiration from your followers. If your site is an e-commerce site, this data can help you know what your customers are viewing and buying. If This Then That, is an easy-to-use site with thousands of "recipes" for productivity, lifehacks, billing customers, connect-to-home automations, and social media management. I use it for recording specific hashtags in a Google doc, auto-tweeting from Feedly, and sending tweets to Google+ or sometimes Instagram. Your hashtag strategy is important on Instagram. A free site,, generates related hashtags based on a seed word. The next time you're stuck on Instagram after your boyfriend's road trip across the country, think to yourself, "This is great, but what should I really be working on?" Then select some of the apps and start being more productive be! Related Topics: How to Use YouTube Credits, Annotations, and Cards in Your Videos DE works with hundreds of the top YouTube channels in the industry, offering partner distribution on and our apps on Amazon Fire, Roku, and apple tv Click here to join this growing video network. How to Be More Productive on Social Media 3 Social Media Tools Business Owners Should Be Using Every Day


Complete the upcoming Shelters Adoption Program

TAVARES - The Lake County Animal Shelter is going to great lengths in August to find homes for the animals who are now being placed in their shelter as they host the special Clear The Shelters Adoption Program throughout the month. Starting Monday, the shelter is partnering with NBCUniversal Local for this pet adoption campaign, which runs through […] (Author: Gardener)

Shelters Adoption ProgramTAVARES - The Lake County Animal Shelter is going to great lengths in August to find homes for the animals who are now being placed in their shelter as they host the special Clear The Shelters Adoption Program throughout the month. Beginning Monday, the shelter is partnering with NBCUniversal Local for this pet adoption campaign, which runs through Aug. 31. The Lake County Animal Shelter is located at 12280 County Road 448 in Tavares. As the shelter noted in a press release, "Residents and visitors interested in our wonderful pets are encouraged to make an appointment online by visiting this link."* and, as the shelter noted, "a lifetime of love “. "We have so many amazing pets waiting for homes," said Whitney Boylston, director of the Lake County Animal Shelter. So far in 2022, the Lake County Animal Shelter has seen a 17% year-to-date increase in admissions compared to 2021, which it says is an industry-wide trend. In Lake County, this has resulted in more than 3,500 pet adoptions so far this year. By participating in the Clear the Shelters adoption campaign, the shelter hopes to "continue the momentum of positive results throughout the summer, which is the busiest time of the year." The shelter also encourages residents who are unable to adopt pets to help in a variety of ways, including by: * or donating supplies from the shelter's Amazon wish list: In January 2019, Lake County broke ground on a larger and far more modern animal shelter than the one that had housed stray animals for decades. The Lake County Animal Shelter built this new shelter to have the space needed to temporarily house hundreds of dogs, cats, and other pets while they await adoption, and the building doubled the size of the older building to 31,000 square feet. In response, the Lake County Commission voted to authorize construction of a new animal shelter funded by a 1-cent sales tax, which voters reapproved in 2015. The commission also made the need for a new animal shelter more urgent by passing a no-kill policy for Lake County, meaning animals can only be euthanized if they are too sick or too aggressive to be adopted. Instead, the county has pushed for a strong adoption program to find homes for stray cats and dogs, and the shelter has responded with special adoption programs throughout the year, including ongoing Saturday Special Adoptions. Shelter officials say the no-kill policy has worked and the county has sheltered more than 3,700 pets in recent years.


ITV James Martin under fire on Saturday morning as fans feel ill following the chef's actions

Viewers at home felt "sick," they said. (Author: Gardener)

ITVITV James Martin Saturday Morning fans were left furious at the actions of a guest on the show today. Viewers at home felt "sick," they said. Brian Turner was on the show with James on July 30th. "It's like cooking with your dad, it's amazing," James told the famed Ready Steady Cook star. But fans were left furious when Brian cooked, taking a sip of chicken broth with a utensil - before then putting the same spoon back into the pan. Jamal wrote: "Watch James Martin's Saturday morning cooking show. Guest Chef Brian Turner. Why do cooks stick the same spoon that goes in their mouth to put back in the pan.” Today on James Martin's Saturday morning show, Brian Turner sampled Bij. Sarah said, "Brian Turner just double-dipped with the spoon." "Brian Turner tested the sauce, put it in his mouth, and then used the same spoon to stir the sauce — gross!!" Sean said. Gold Star wrote: "Could be wrong but it looked like Brian Turner double dipped a spoon in there." James Martin's 'Saturday Morning' next airs on ITV on Saturday August 6 at 9.25am.