Seth Rollins qualifies for Money in the Bank

Seth Rollins clinched a much-needed victory on Monday's Raw. What's next for Rollins with Cody Rhodes sidelined? (Author: Gardener)

Seth RollinsSeth Rollins joins Money in the Bank after qualifying for this week's match on WWE Raw. Welcome back to my Raw Roundup, this time on the June 13th edition of the show featuring the qualifiers of Money in the Bank, the sequel to The Judgment Day and a big announcement from Zeke. SCH. via pinfall to qualify for Women's Money in the Bank Match - Riddle def. Ciampa via pinfall after an RKO match of the night: Seth Rollins vs. As you'd expect from these two stole that match everyone the show Rollins has a lot of Heat after attacking Cody Rhodes and it was a good idea to carry that over to the Money in the Bank match. The question now is, is it good for him to win the Money in the Bank briefcase, or would this title fight better serve someone else. On the one hand, this could basically be a bookmark for his history with Rhodes that can be reopened when Cody is cleared to wrestle. Something like Rollins successfully clinching Roman Reigns for just the WWE Championship, not both titles, and Cody reappearing after fighting for the belt at WrestleMania. In my opinion, however, the money-in-the-bank deal is best when given to a rising star who's willing to make a name for himself with it. I wish that for this year's game as well. Seth and Cody are fed up with their own story. The music world thought they were getting a surprise Beyonce album this week, but instead they got something even better: a confirmed return date for Elias! I'm just kidding.) Other than that, I'm very excited to see how they pull through next week. Riddle continues to show fire in his promos related to The Bloodline. The Undisputed Universal Title Match between Riddle and Roman Reigns this Friday on SmackDown is not to be missed. Reigns is obviously the favourite, but the added stipulation that Riddle can no longer challenge Reigns for the titles if he loses certainly spices things up between them. Remaining Questions: Was this promo a good follow-up to last week's The Judgment Day? This should help all three in the long run (if followed). Want to hear more of my thoughts on this week's Raw? Listen to the FIRST Raw Roundup in audio for a recap of segments of the show not included in this article. Don't forget to follow all your favorite WWE Superstars and shows on the FOX Sports app for notifications on what they're up to and more. Ryan Satin is a WWE Analyst for FOX Sports. Satin previously starred in FS1's "WWE Backstage" and founded Pro Wrestling Sheet, where he was the editor in chief, breaking the news.


Davis must solve this problem next - but which one?

Greenwald Executive Editor DAVIS, CA - One of the commenters made an interesting point by asking what "problem" it was actually trying to solve. That got me thinking that one of the rea (Author: Gardener)

DavisDAVIS, CA - One of the commenters made an interesting point by asking what "problem" it was actually trying to solve. One has personally correctly said that the goal is that "everyone who works in Davis should be able to find a home in Davis and be able to afford a home if they want one." They recognized that the target was not actually achievable, "but we still have a lot of room to grow." We can never offer something close to home for everyone who wants to live here, but if we do it a percentage better, this means fewer commuters clogging up the freeways trying to commute. The downside to this problem is that so many people who live in Davis cannot find jobs in the city. Gradually reducing these numbers will improve things like traffic impact while reducing our VMT and our GHG emissions. Another issue that needs to be addressed is better capturing our technology transfer from UC Davis. As with the imbalance between jobs and housing, there are multiple perspectives here. One of them is that the city currently lacks the space even for small startups. People like Tim Keller, who work on creating startup and incubator spaces, have pointed out that the city lacks space for labs and other small startups. He has already occupied a large part of the ready-to-move-in space that such startups can accommodate. The other problem is more obvious, and is captured by the Studio 30 report from a decade ago - there aren't really big rooms anymore. The city was able to accommodate Mori Seiki a decade ago. The city was eventually able to find the space for Schilling to stay in the city, but as Dan Ramos noted, they really don't have big spaces now. Larger companies that have employees and jobs and generate tax revenue for the city don't have the premises to settle in and they definitely don't have the space to grow into, which means that small companies that grow eventually die have to leave the city, which costs jobs and tax revenue. This is another issue DiSC wanted to address - the city's revenue shortfalls and inability to generate the revenue needed to maintain its infrastructure and service levels. The problem, of course, was larger than a 100-acre tech park it would address, but it would have cost some of the deficit. Ultimately sane people might argue that maybe DiSC was trying to solve too many problems at once. One suggestion was to separate the problem of job-home balance from the need to generate revenue and jobs overall. In a way that's how Measure J works, DiSC was in a no-win position here. The project took a middle ground on housing – it provided housing for some employees, but not every employee would be housed on-site. This has been criticized by those who argued DiSC would exacerbate the housing shortage problem. While I think the EIR did indeed do a good job of explaining the problem and the conundrum, a middle ground was vulnerable on both sides of the issue - by those complaining that this was meant to be a commercial project, and by those who complained about it has created more demand for housing at a time of real estate crisis. But that was a no-win issue for the project. If housing were abolished, those who say they oppose it because it was a housing project and not a commercial project would have fodder ready - the impact on traffic would have been worse, VMT would have gone up, CO2 footprint has been larger. Personally, I would have preferred more on-site housing to meet overall housing needs and further reduce the impact of traffic and greenhouse gases, but would the community have supported an 800-, 1500-, or 2000-unit housing project along with a million square feet of R&D space? In the end, they settled on a middle ground that was probably justifiable on several levels, including the likely number of people who would actually live on-site and the fact that no matter how many housing units you build, some people would live elsewhere . Following the defeat of DiSC, the city faces a large number of issues - perhaps the best approach is to try to address fewer issues with smaller projects, but that also doesn't lend itself very well to the cost and uncertainty of the Measure-J- process.


Lakers, Knicks interested in All-Star as contract talks with Nets deadlock, report says

Irving may become a free agent on July 1st (Author: Gardener)

KnicksKyrie Irving has made it clear he would prefer to stay with the Nets in Brooklyn at every turn. When the Nets were eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics, Irving repeated his plans. But as free agency nears, it's becoming less likely that Irving will stay with the team he signed with the last time he had freedom of movement in 2019. Contract talks between Irving and the Nets have reached an impasse and that has forced Irving to consider other potential targets, according to The Athletic. Irving has a player option he can use to become a free agent in July, and that gives him significant leverage on the Nets in terms of landing a preferred target. According to Shams Charania, the Lakers, Clippers and Knicks would all be interested in Irving if he becomes available. The Knicks are probably the most important team involved in this proceeding because, unlike the Lakers and the Clippers, they have at least somewhat plausible ways to limit space. While the Knicks are about capped for next season, they have a range of reasonably mobile salaries that could yield by attaching draft capital. This is so important because none of the major-chapter spot teams are likely to be contenders next season. If the Nets only had to compete with teams like Magic and Pacers, they probably wouldn't worry. If the Nets don't cooperate and send Irving on a deal to his chosen destination, he can threaten to just go to the Knicks for free. The Lakers and Clippers can't create the cap space needed to fully sign Irving, but both would certainly be interested in adding the star point guard through a trade. Such a trade would depend on Irving opting for last year and $36.3 million for his deal, as sign-and-trade deals create a hard cap on the luxury tax apron that neither team can handle . The Lakers would likely need to build their package around Russell Westbrook as a matching salary with such a deal. Westbrook also has a player option this offseason and will cost more than $47 million if he inevitably picks it up. Brooklyn's interest in Westbrook may be low. In all likelihood, the Nets would prefer to send Westbrook to a third team. What should interest the networks in such a deal would be the two unprotected first-round picks the Lakers can offer deep into the future in 2027 and 2029. James and Irving won a championship together in Cleveland and may relish the opportunity to reunite. The Clippers have a similar connection to Irving through head coach Ty Lue, who worked with both Irving and James at Cleveland when they won the title in 2016. Unlike the Lakers, the Clippers only have a single first-round pick (2028). However, her salary ballast is much more palatable since, unlike Westbrook, he's tied to valuable role players like Norman Powell, Luke Kennard, and Reggie Jackson. As Charania notes, the Clippers have young players like Terance Mann and Brandon Boston to include in a potential deal. If Irving does leave Brooklyn, the Nets could easily fall out of the championship race.


Could Kyrie Irving Reunite With LeBron James At Lakers?

Nets star Kyrie Irving could be out and about this off-season. Could he end up in Los Angeles with former teammate LeBron James? (Author: Gardener)

LeBron James At LakersLess than a week after the Golden State Warriors won the NBA title and just days until the 2022 draft, off-season chatter is heating up around some of the league's biggest stars. The Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers -- two teams with gargantuan payrolls that haven't lived up to expectations -- are the focus of the latest Free Agency reports. One potential big-name free agent is Kyrie Irving, who has a June 29 deadline for his $36.9 million player option for the 2022-23 season. Could we really see the seven-time All-Star playing anywhere else next season? One idea is gaining momentum — reuniting with former teammate LeBron James at the Lakers. Irving and James played with the Cleveland Cavaliers from 2014-17, reached three NBA Finals and defeated the Golden State Warriors to capture the NBA title in 2015-16. In those three seasons alongside James, Irving averaged 22.2 points, 3.1 rebounds and 5.2 assists per game. A potential departure of Irving would be a challenge for Brooklyn given their limited ability to replace him. A. is seriously interested in acquiring the 30-year-old star, Irving would most likely have to agree to make a deal possible as the Lakers cannot free up enough Cap space to sign him themselves, according to sources. In addition to the Lakers, the New York Knicks and the LA Clippers are also considered potential targets for Irving. Whether Irving would be a good fit with the Lakers is an open question, but Nick Wright isn't surprised by the chatter, and he said it on "First Things First." Do you think the people of Brooklyn have enjoyed the last few years? ... I think a Kyrie-LeBron reunion would be fun. I think it would be fun to see Kyrie go over the bridge and play for the team in New York that has fans and I think a Kyrie-Kawhi Leonard dressing room would be amazing." And Shannon Sharpe said in Undisputed "I see the Lakers are pursuing Kyrie, but I don't know if they have the assets to acquire him." They want AD and LeBron keep and pair with Kyrie These people." Skip Bayless also chimed in, saying that Irving "became the worst story in the NBA this season because he completely undermined the unity of this team." Because of this, Bayless wondered if the Lakers should even want him. Are you sure his head is in the right position to be LeBron's co-star?" In 2017, Irving was traded to Boston, where he sat out his freshman year with the Celtics with a knee injury. He returned for another season, before joining Kevin Durant and the Nets as a free agent in 2019. Irving only played 20 games in his debut season in Brooklyn due to a shoulder injury that later required season-ending surgery 3-point line (.402) and the free-throw line (.922) Last season, his third with Brooklyn, Irving played just 29 games and missed most of the season's home games due to his decision to override New York City's COVID-19 immunization mandate Despite playing just 103 of 216 regular-season games (47.7%) since arriving in Brooklyn, Irving said he intends to return to the Nets and move on with Durant and newcomers build up Ben Simmons. "I don't really plan to do anything where," he previously said.


Lakers, Knicks among five potential targets for Nets all-star point guard

The Athletic reported that Irving and the Nets are struggling to agree to a contract (Author: Gardener)

KnicksKyrie Irving, without exaggeration, may well be the most complicated tradesman in NBA history. He vowed not to retire last season confident would an acquisition team be that he's keeping his word? Trading for Irving would require a full organizational buy-in. He will say bizarre things. And he'll make the biggest shots of your season. This is what makes finding a reasonable trade so difficult. Irving is the rare player who might actually be good enough to warrant this kind of dysfunction, and the Nets know it. Given the risk he poses, there's simply no way a team taking him would give the Nets back fair value in a deal. With that in mind, the Nets should probably just keep Irving. He has a $36 million player option and fairly limited leverage to force a trade on it. The only teams with enough cap room to realistically pursue him in the free hand are so far from the championship that he never wants to play for them in the first place. The Indiana Pacers will not sign Kyrie Irving this offseason. That's probably why he'll stay with the Nets. He can't force his way to his preferred destination and you can't exchange him for their preferred package because its value is so low that such a package is unlikely to exist. But with The Athletic's Shams Charania reporting the two sides are at an impasse in contract negotiations, it's worth investigating who might actually be able to strike a deal for Irving. A deal must probably meet all or most of the following conditions to be viable given the risks it would pose to all parties involved: * The goal must prove acceptable to Irving. He's just not worth the headache if he doesn't want to be somewhere. * The returned packet must keep the networks at least remotely competitive. This isn't a rebuild deal, and the Nets need to make sure they don't alienate Kevin Durant. * The networks cannot realistically take back free agents in a sign-and-trade in 2022, as that would trigger a hard cap that they will almost certainly exceed. With that in mind, we're assuming Irving will sign on and expand with his new team rather than develop a sign-and-trade of his own to avoid this complication of team acquisitions. With those parameters in mind, here are the five teams that make the most sense for Irving. The Nets won't be interested in Russell Westbrook. Durant has hinted (accidentally) via social media that he didn't want to continue playing with Westbrook after leaving Oklahoma City. Even if they would be interested in a reunion, Westbrook doesn't make sense alongside Ben Simmons. So we're going to bury the idea of ​​a direct Westbrook for Irving swap for now. If the Lakers get Kyrie, it will happen in one of two other ways. The more likely path would be a three-team deal, with a third party accepting Westbrook's expiring contract along with whatever meager value the Lakers can muster (their unprotected first-round picks in 2027 and 2029, Austin Reaves, maybe Talen Horton-Tucker ) and sends her own fortune to Brooklyn. Maybe Indiana could send the Nets Malcolm Brogdon and Buddy Hield. Maybe Charlotte would give up a combination of Gordon Hayward, Terry Rozier, Kelly Oubre and P. Heck, maybe there's a bigger deal here with John Wall and the Rockets. If the Lakers are willing to give up multiple picks, they may be able to push the Rockets for roleplayers like Eric Gordon (reportedly on the block for a first-rounder) and Jae'Sean Tate. Among these deals, Charlotte is probably the most logical. Hayward is the closest thing Brooklyn could muster to a star in this kind of deal, and the Hornets have the depth to potentially send him to the Nets. Of course, this construction ranks pretty low among the offers the Nets are likely to get. The Lakers could immediately jump to the top of the list by offering Anthony Davis. Both Irving and Davis are injury-prone, but Davis has more team control, is more reliable off the field and just plain a better player. Perhaps the Nets could sweeten the pot here with roleplayers like Seth Curry and Joe Harris, but they have no way of replacing the defense the Lakers would lose in Davis without also giving up Ben Simmons. They could potentially go nuts in a multi-team construction, but right now any Lakers hopes of actually landing Irving rest on his interest in going to Los Angeles. They just won't offer the best package. The Clippers, like the Nets, could now strike a deal by offering their second star. Paul George for Kyrie Irving is an interesting construction for both sides, as George would satisfy Brooklyn's need for more full-back and allow Simmons to play full-time point guard, while Irving would instantly be the best point guard on a team with an almost endless supply of wings. The Clippers have spent years accumulating these wings for a reason. They have a very clear roster building philosophy and swapping George for Irving just doesn't fit with that. But if the networks are open to a "four-quarters-for-a-dollar" trade setup, the Clippers can make a pretty compelling offer. A combination of Robert Covington, Marcus Morris and Norman Powell could give the Nets a set of versatile wings to pair with Durant and Simmons. Terance Mann and Brandon Boston are both doing reasonably well, and the Nets are short on young talent after giving up most of their fortune for James Harden. The Clippers might even throw in their unprotected first-rounder of 2028 for an extra dose of long-term upside. If Durant signs a package without a clear star, the Clippers could fully bolster the rest of Brooklyn's roster. Adding Irving and dropping Paul or Kawhi Leonard would make the Clippers the instant championship favorite. They could potentially give enough of their middle salaries to the cap space teams to sign Irving directly as a free agent. If they can convince the networks that they have a way to do it, they may be able to convince Brooklyn to work together on a tastier deal. Evan Fournier, Kemba Walker and Nerlens Noel won't get Irving unless they're hanging from a mountain of draft picks. Perhaps the Nets could flip that pick elsewhere, but on the surface, this deal does very little for Brooklyn. Would Brooklyn consider Julius Randle a star or something? He would have been a better fit prior to the Harden-to-Simmons trade, but even with his regression last season, he offers more as a shooter than most big men. He would add inner strength that this team has been lacking since the deal with Jarrett Allen. The nets would have to be pretty high for Randle for this kind of deal to make sense, but crazier things have happened. Remember, Randle made the Second Team All-NBA just one season ago when neither net made it. When Irving asked the Cavaliers for a trade in 2018, he reportedly had four teams on his wish list: the Knicks, the Spurs, the Timberwolves and the Heat. As fun as a D'Angelo Russell-Nets reunion might be, Brooklyn probably wouldn't be too keen on such a demotion. Pat Riley subtly shot at Tyler Herro's defense as he emphasized the importance of two-way players at his season-ending press conference. Irving isn't great on defense, but he's an upgrade for Herro, who is unplayable at times. He also fits Miami's star-chasing profile, and after their half-court offense against Boston faltered, he could give them the scoring they need to make it back to the finals. Herro would be the most important young man returning to Brooklyn, and despite his poor performance in the playoffs, he finished sixth Man of the Year for a reason and could one day develop into one of the NBA's better guards. Kyle Lowry would likely join him as a backup point guard for Brooklyn. The Heat also opened up some more draft flexibility at the close by changing the protection of a pick they owe Oklahoma City. That could allow them to give up a first-round pick or two to sweeten the pot here. In terms of realistic value, it's hard to imagine the Nets outperforming the Miami package. Here we enter the realm of speculation. The Lakers, Clippers and Knicks have solid coverage from Charania. Irving has a history of interest in the Heat, has a known relationship with Butler, and fits in with their typical roster-building philosophy. What they have is a 37-year-old point guard nearing the end of his career. Chris Paul was a fringe MVP candidate during the regular season. Maybe it was an injury. Maybe it was the COVID outbreak reported by the team. Irving could be their only chance to swap Paul out for a younger star point guard and potentially keep that core in contention for the foreseeable future even if DeAndre Ayton leaves. The networks would trade one set of risks for another. Paul is a full pro, but at his age there's just no guarantee he'll be healthy. He would pair beautifully with Durant, who can play with just about anyone, and Simmons, who needs to have quite a bit of possession, which suits Paul well given his shooting. If Durant wants a star back for Irving, he'll probably have to accept that it'll be a risky star like Paul back. Paul is so important to Phoenix culture that he almost certainly won't be on the table. But like I said, this is speculation. This kind of deal is logical on both sides, even if neither would be particularly enthusiastic about it.


Below Deck Med's Jessica More shows off plenty of cleavage for motivational messages

Below Deck Mediterranean's Jessica More shares her assets for putting meditation and motivation in the spotlight. (Author: Gardener)

JessicaBelow Deck Mediterranean alum Jessica More flaunted her luscious cleavage for motivational messages. Jessica was an A and was done with Below Deck Med only appearing in Season 5. The brunette beauty turned heads with her tense boatmance with Robert Westergaard and tension with Aesha Scott. Robert and Jessica's romance went south after the season, but their feelings for Aesha are still genuine. Jessica recently shared that the Below Deck Down Under star didn't treat her very well. Though she's no longer on reality TV, Jessica continues to make waves on social media with her smoking hot body and intriguing posts. Life has changed a lot for Jessica since her Below Deck Mediterranean days. Jessica has traded the sailing life for a more relaxed, less stressful life that includes sharing motivational messages with her Instagram followers. She recently posted a Monday motivational message which consisted of her glaring at the camera, spilling out her cleavage. In another IG post, Jessica wore a sheer black lace bra that perfectly accentuated her bust. Jessica chose a tranquil setting to promote turning brokenness into beauty. The Below Deck Med beauty wore a loose fitting cropped summer dress with a plunging neckline reaching to her navel. While Jessica certainly delivers juicy content to her followers on social media all the time, it turns out she has more to offer. No, Jessica didn't follow in the footsteps of Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Ashley Marti and joined OnlyFans. Instead, she chose to create her own website with exclusive content. Jessica used her fortune to drive people to her subscription platform. It's unclear what kind of content she posts as details on More Jessica Please are very vague unless you are a subscriber. Jessica More's reality TV days are behind her, but she's kept busy via social media, mediation, and even yoga. Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 will premiere on Bravo in Summer 2022.


Stream Colorado Avalanche vs Tampa Bay Lightning online for free

Game 3 is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. EST in Tampa Bay (Author: Gardener)

TampaAfter a dominant home performance by the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday night, in which they defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 7-0, the Avalanche will now travel and seek their third win of the championship series. Game 3 of the series takes place Monday at 8 p.m. at the Amalie Arena in Tampa. Viewers can stream the game for free via fuboTV or DirecTV Stream. The Avalanche have shown great offensive pressure in the first two games of the series, scoring 11 goals in total. In Game 1, the Lightning equalized a two-goal deficit in the second half to send the game into overtime, but Andre Burakovsky put an end to that and scored the overtime winner for the Avalanche. Game 2 was very different, with Colorado dictating the pace of play from the opening minutes, scoring seven goals off the Andrei Vasilevskiy glove. The Avalanche lead the series 2-0 in Game 3. How to Watch Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Colorado Avalanche (Game 3 | Stanley Cup Finals 2022) What time does the game start? Monday's Stanley Cup Finals game begins at 8 p.m. EST in Tampa. Here's the full schedule on how to watch each game of the Stanley Cup Finals * Monday, June 20 at 8 p.m. ET at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla. on or free on DirecTV and fuboTV * Wednesday, June 22 at 8 p.m. ET at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla. on or free on DirecTV and fuboTV * Friday, June 24 at 8 p.m ET at the Ball Arena in Denver Colorado on or free on DirecTV and fuboTV * Sunday, June 26 at 8 p.m. ET at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla. on or free on DirecTV and fuboTV * Tuesday, June 28 at 8 p.m. ET at the Ball Arena in Denver Colorado on or free with DirecTV and fuboTV DENVER (AP) -- Marinate on it for a brief moment: Colorado has scored 11 goals in the Stanley Cup Finals so far, and not one from star forward Nathan MacKinnon. Always pushing the tempo, the Avalanche are clicking on all cylinders, even with MacKinnon's shot on goal held in check and Nazem Kadri sidelined with a thumb injury. At the same time, they have a 2-0 lead over Tampa Bay in the best-of-seven series, with Game 3 in Tampa Monday night. "Definitely the fastest team we've played against," said Tampa Bay forward Steven Stamkos. "It's no secret that they're a very fast team." Colorado has scored at least seven goals four times in this playoff run, most recently a 7-0 win in Game 2. They are one of only seven NHL teams to have scored that many games with seven or more goals in a postseason. Additionally, the Avalanche became the first NHL team to score 11 or more goals in two games of the Finals since they achieved that feat in 1996. Coach Jared Bednar attributes the offensive fireworks to one big reason - calm. While the Lightning struggled through a tough six-game streak with the New York Rangers, the Avalanche got an extended breather after beating Edmonton. Our team just seems really focused, they're dialed in and they're hungry and want to win.” Also, each game has a different player to face the situation. Like Andre Burakovsky who scored the OT winner in Game 1. Or Valeri Nichushkin and Cale Makar, who each scored two goals in Game 2. They found a way to score early and often with Tampa Bay's Andrei Vasilevskiy, who is one of the best goalies on the planet. "We think we have to beat them like this," Avalanche defenseman Josh Manson said of the pace. "For us, we can't believe we're under their skin. We can't think like that. We just have to keep going and have this mentality that doesn't stop.” Take Darren Helm, for example: he leads the playoffs with 84 goals, including 22 in the finals. He also had a goal in Game 2, his second of the postseason. "A beast," Makar said of the Veterans Center. He joined Patrick Roy as the Avalanche goaltender who recorded a shutout in the Stanley Cup Finals (Roy pulled off the feat in 1996 and twice in 2001 when Colorado won both of its Stanley Cup trophies). "They're playing at an elite level right now," said Lightning coach Jon Cooper. MacKinnon has two assists in the series so far. He's realized that he can't always play the lead role. However, he can star in whatever role he finds himself in. In this case, it's all about winning faceoffs, throwing hard punches, and being such an offensive force that Tampa Bay has to keep a constant eye on him. "He doesn't care about goals," Manson said. "Mac scores or not, he drives the game, he wears the boys down, he checks, he's above pucks. He's playing amazing.” That matches Quebec/Colorado's franchise record in a playoff year, which NHL stats show was set by Nordique's great Peter Stastny in 1982 and equaled by MacKinnon in 2020. "We know as a team that we'll be rewarded offensively if we play our best game defensively," said Makar, whose side are 7-0 up in the playoffs so far. “It just comes to that kind of realization every night. They are obviously a great team. “They will throw everything they have at us in the next game.


Avalanche center Nazem Kadri skates and shoots in Tampa before Game 3 against the Lightning

Injured Avalanche center Nazem Kadri trained with skills coach Shawn Allard after the entire squad's morning ice skate ahead of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals Monday morning. (Author: Gardener)

Game 3-- Injured Avalanche center Nazem Kadri trained with skills coach Shawn Allard after the entire squad's morning ice skate ahead of Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals Monday morning. Kadri, who is recovering from a surgically repaired fractured right thumb, was stick handling and light shooting. He is not expected to play the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 3, but is ruled "day-to-day" by coach Jared Bednar. Kadri broke his thumb in Game 3 against Edmonton in the Western Conference Finals. Burakowski injured his right hand or wrist in Game 2 of Colorado's 7-0 win on Saturday at the Ball Arena. Burakovsky did not travel here with the team on Sunday, but was out on Monday during the team's morning skating session.


Colorado Avalanche-Tampa Bay Lightning Betting Tips and Tips

Betting Preview and Tips for Game 3 of Monday night's Stanley Cup Finals between Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning. (Author: Gardener)

ColoradoThe Stanley Cup finals take place in Tampa Bay on Monday night as the two-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning looks to avoid a 3-0 straight hole. Well, Western Conference champion Colorado Avalanche won Game 2 by a soccer score of 7-0. But first, let's look at our betting insiders' top picks. This was a hit in the first two games of the series in Denver. The low price here is due to the Lightning not having a first home period since Game 3 against the Panthers. Overall, in three of eight home games, they only went over in the first. The Avalanche have passed in the first of 10 of 16 games, although that's somewhat exaggerated by the four wins they had against the Predators in the first round. They've only transitioned into four road games. However, given their offensive role and the Lightning's desperation, it's a recipe for eliminating that total in the first game, especially when things go sideways for Tampa Bay for a third straight season. Colorado is just too good. We see complete dominance, especially in Game 2. Colorado is three-seven on power plays and an impressive six-six on penalties in this series. Fatigue should be a factor for the Lightning considering their streak has lasted longer and they've had to contend with the thin air in Denver in the last two games. I expect Andrei Vasilevskiy to play better at home (5 goals in last 5 home games), but Tampa will still struggle to deflect shots (only 29 shots in Game 2 (16 at net). The unsung winger should with Steven Stamkos and Nikita Kucherov running into Game 3. With the Lightning having the last line change, they might be able to pull this trio off the Avalanche's top line that they rolled in the first two games. Palat has points in all eight Lightning home games and is a tie for fourth in home shots on goal. Tampa Bay's lack of offense will still be an issue Monday night. Having only 29 shots in Game 2 and only 16 at the net is a Indicative of how great Colorado's defense is playing. The Lightning's 28% puck possession, coupled with the Avalanche's relentless defense, tells me Kuemper won't get much work tonight, it's going to be hot, Bolt s will be motivated not to miss it.


Who will start pitchers for Mets on Monday?

If David Peterson gets on the paternity list, Trevor Williams expects to be nominated for the series finale. (Author: Gardener)

MetsThere were two concerns for Buck Showalter ahead of the Mets' 6-2 loss to Miami at Citi Field on Sunday, and they both revolved around Monday. "Right now I'm like, is [David] Peterson's wife going to go into labor before he starts tomorrow?" the manager said. #2: "We know we have to go to 13 pitchers," Showalter said of MLB's decree for the 14 cut Monday. "We know we have some steps to take." Right-hander Trevor Williams could be a candidate for Peterson in the series finale if the left-hander has to go on the paternity list. Williams has appeared in 12 games, five of which are starting. He's 1-2 with a 4.50 ERA in a starting role versus 0-1 with a 2.30 ERA in a relief role. If the paternity list comes into play, it would take up to three days before the decision would have to be made as to which pitcher needs to go. Tommy Hunter has been through a lot in the past year. His Mets season was basically over in May. There were six herniated discs in his lower back, causing severe pain. "I've had four epidurals, nerve blocks, nerve abrasions and the one laminectomy-discectomy that showed it all," Hunter said. But that wasn't the end for the 35-year-old right-hander. The Mets brought him to Tampa Bay last July while he was on the injured list, and he re-signed with them in April going to Triple-A. He was called up by Syracuse on Friday and made his major league debut of the season on Sunday. Hunter worked 1 2⁄3 innings for relief and was charged with an unearned run. "It felt good to be back here," he said. "Obviously that's why we're playing. Hunter wanted to be on a big league field and pick one up with the youngest of his three sons, his 1-year-old. His wife Ellen had mentioned aiming for a comeback and taking the picture after he was out of pain. 'We got one the other day,' Hunter said. My wife really wanted to smile. The Marlins' Jerar Encarnacion became the first player since at least 1901 to have a grand slam and an outfield assist on his major league debut. Jeff McNeil has a .455/.556/.682 slash line in his seven-game hit streak. James McCann (wrist) caught and went with a walk 2-for-4 in his third rehab game with Double-A Binghamton. Showalter declined to say how long the rehab stint will last.